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2023.03.31 18:12 LlamaGaga Caring for emotionally scarred children following a natural tragedy

Our town was hit by a tornado in 2021. As a collective, we refer to this as "December 10th" or "Quad-State." We are not in Mayfield, KY, but we are about 30 minutes away, and the tornado ripped through 4 states, so a lot of places were hit. Although, admittedly, it wiped out Mayfield.
We were weather aware and prepared, but when we were woken up by the sound of the wind slicing through the air like a train, all we could do was run to the children (4&6 now, 3&5 then), throw them into the closet, and while I pinned them to the floor and covered their heads, my husband held the closet door shut with all of his strength. We were running on adrenaline. Miraculously, not even our toys in the yard were blown over. Half of our town looked like a bomb was dropped on us. Houses and power lines covered the streets. We didn't have electricity or running water for days, and it was December. We stayed with family out of state for a week following.
We're in tornado alley, so this is a year-round threat but especially during Spring. We try to stay prepared, even before then, but our house is tiny and fragile, and at-home shelters are thousands of dollars (we're saving for one). Anyway, so today, we've got some nasty weather rolling in. I have to travel for work in the early morning, so my husband is taking the kids to a family members home. School is letting out early, and the kids are terrified. The whole Heartland is extremely weather anxious now. Every time it rains hard, there is mass panic. People are scared all the time now. My daughter (6) came to me before school today and said, "Mrs. [Teacher's name] said there could be a tornado today." My son (4) asked if we will have to hide from the storm in the closet again.
All we can do is be prepared, be smart, and comfort them. This is just a general discussion about supporting young ones after they've experienced something truly terrifying and they see the adults around them are shaking over it. We don't discuss the seriousness around them at this age, but they see it and they know.
In an abundance of caution, we are packing their favorite stuffies today, the family documents, and the cat, and staying with family. They don't know I need a hug just as badly as they do.
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2023.03.31 18:10 tpatmaho CHAOS RATINGS, GULFSTREAM, APRIL 1 (LATE RACES)

I think I spelled chaos right this time. In any event ...
RACE EIGHT (chaos 84/ depth 5) The Orchid
Four wins in Europe motivates Christophe to bring #5 Amazing Grace for a Florida vacation, hoping, of course, that she'll pay her way.
RACE NINE (130/5) The Sir Shackleton
#1 Dean Delivers rarely misses the board at this, his home park. Here he drops in from graded competition.
RACE TEN (101/7) The Sand Springs.
#3 Jouza is done beating the merde out of French horses, and now tries America under the urging of Mssrs. Motion and Rosario.
RACE ELEVEN (143/6) The Sanibel Island
#10 Metaphysical damn near scored at 58/1 last time and has been firing bullets since.
RACE TWELVE (106/5) The Gulfstream Oaks
The second horse on this list, #8 Dorth Vader, comes off a 46/1 shocker in the Davona Dale. But this time he’s 4/1.
RACE THIRTEEN (128/9) The Appleton
It’s the Delgado/Sutherland team on #7 Winfromwithin, and they've been doing well lately.
RACE FOURTEEN (103/4) The Florida Derby
Can’t make much in the win pool on #11 Forte, so naturally, some clever exotic is the way to go. Saffie Joseph is running four, yes four in here, the #2,5,6,8. None seem likely to do anything but pick up participation awards — which in a $1 million race, can be considerable.
CHAOS RATING: The average race scores 100. A race rated under 90 is chalk-biased, and in these races the short-priced horses win more than their share. At 120 or more, the longshot bias is strong, and short-priced horses don't pay their backers.
DEPTH: The number of likely contenders.
THE LIST: This is not an attempt to pick obvious winners but to find hidden longshot value. There is no “best bet” because that depends on the tote board.
CLASS: A rating derived from the performance and class in the last similar race, with speed as a secondary factor. The most likely winners will be within 7 points of the leader.
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2023.03.31 18:09 urmumsadopted Sick of bad days

I'm tired, I'm always sick or in pain from my job. When I get home I have no patience or energy to be a good father to my daughter and have no idea how I'm going to be an example for my son. I live in a system that wants me and my prodegeny dumb broke and renting untill we drop dead at work. I live in a country that would rather bail out banks than build homeless shelters. I live on a planet that is being destroyed by the same people that want me and my family dumb and broke.
Just sick of bad days. Don't know how to make it better without making it worse and honestly I'm not sure I could sink lower and be OK.
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2023.03.31 18:06 zbzb1995 My wife (28F) and I (28M) have started long distance and she's not communicating

My wife (28F) and I (28M) got married over three years ago now.
We met in our home country, and then left together to a country in Europe with the aim of progressing in our careers and building a family together somewhere new.
Basically, I was able to pass all my qualifying exams and started working 2 years ago without any issues. My wife on the other hand failed the exams 4 times and as of January, was no longer eligible to qualify to work in her field here.
During these last two years we went through a difficult time. She became clinically depressed and had to go on anti depressants. I basically devoted my life to her, working days, nights, weekends, and all the free time I had I would devote to keeping her company and trying my best to help relieve her of her depression. I genuinely supported her the best I could. I never went out with colleagues when offered, never really socialized because I worried she wouldn't be okay on her own at home.
When we got the news in January we had a very frank discussion and we decided that she would go back to our home country and start working there for the time being until she figures a way to come back and work here.
It was a difficult decision for both of us as we'd become very close, best friends really. And now we live miles apart.
Since she's started working back home, she's becoming increasingly distant, doesn't feel the need to communicate with me as often, goes out every day with colleagues and friends and just slips me into her day for a quick ten minute call before she goes to sleep.
She's also been going out with groups of people of both genders, and over the last two years I haven't been able to do that because she would get very jealous if she knew there were any women going. So I just wouldn't go, to avoid the problems.
I must admit, although I'm really genuinely happy that she's finally in a much better mindset and has self satisfaction from being able to work on her career again, I feel a bit betrayed.. all the times I ditched on going out with friends (who no longer talk to me), missed out on studying for my own career and investing in my own growth.. it's so easy for her to pick right up and crack on with things, when these last two years I was expected to drop everything and spend all my time with her.
I appreciate this is probably all my fault and I should have set boundaries from the start, but I guess when you love and care for someone you just want to do whatever you can to make them happy and not hurt them... Even if it means living apart for years. I'm doing the best I can to support her - paying her rent, sending her pocket money every month..etc. (I earn around 10x the amount she does as we come from a poor country).
I just wanted to do a bit of venting honestly.. but keen to hear your thoughts on how I can make this work for the better.
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2023.03.31 18:03 Wide-Raspberry-322 I don’t want to go home and I need advice

So I am an 18 year old female I will be 19 in a few months and i recently have been staying with my 21 year old boyfriend this week for spring break and my family is not happy about it they kicked me out and then called me back saying that I was gonna stay with them no matter what and finish school and this is my second time getting kicked out by my family the first time I was 17 and my mom got mad at me because I was tried and was complaining about watching my baby brother everyday so i left and went to my grand parents house and now they want me out but they also want me to stay and finish school but I can’t do it anymore I have spent my whole life making them happy and I am not i have every bad depression and anxiety and my grandma is the one who is making everything worse she didn’t start it but she won’t let it leave because she always has some negative to say about me weither it be how many tattoos and piercings I have or how short I cut my hair or my weight or how I dress she always talks about me and I don’t think I will live long enough to see 19 staying with them I know my bf will let me stay with him but I don’t have a car and I don’t wanna be a burden on him either so what should I do? Go home and suffer because they don’t listen and i can’t say how I really feel about something or just text them I’m not coming home and stop contact for a few months until I get everything together (and I still will be going to school)
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2023.03.31 18:03 Alexander22441 AITA for wanting to move out?

Ok so I really don’t know to post this here or not and I just really need to rant.And this might be all over the place and I’m sorry for that. I’ll try to answer any questions someone might have
I’m 15 nb, so this week has been hell for me. I don’t know if I caught a bug or something but I have been throwing up all week. This morning me and my mom was talking and she told me just to stay home and I quote “don’t cross me” I have no fing idea what that meant but it’s whatever. But here’s the thing I have really bad attendance at school to which I’m trying to fix. I woke back up this morning to a text from our family gc. My stepmom basically said that if they have to go to work sick then I have to go to school sick and that they don’t have time to care if I’m sick bc they need to find money for rent and that she’s not letting her wife go to jail when she might have cancer while I stay home and be sick. I understand that bc she’s my mom. This entire month has been us fighting bc they are stressed that we might be kicked out and me being sick don’t help. I have to give up all my money for Aprils rent, I sell my shit so we can have money I almost always pay for the groceries when I do have money and also fill up the car. I can’t get a job bc no one will hire a 15yr old. And ig it Just hurts when my mom will completely ignore me and what I have to say but she’ll drop everything for my step mom. Another thing to mention (idk if this matters or not) but when I was younger I had cps in and out of my life but I had to lie to them multiple times so my mom can keep my siblings in her life and they wouldn’t go to jail. But now I feel like all this shit is my fault and everyone is just mad at me. And me and her don’t always get along we have fights almost every day and I’m so sick of it almost everything I do at home or at school piss’s her off and I don’t know why. She will act like she loves me then a minute later will be yelling at me. So am I the bad guy for wanting to leave?
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2023.03.31 18:03 ThatDoodch Setlist: March 31, 2023 - Public House, Crested Butte, CO

A Stevie Lew opener set the table for a wonderfully crafted one-set night in Steamboat Springs. Seven name-themed songs and tons of cool transitions. A fitting FTP of Steamboat Whistle Blues from John Hartford's classic Aereo-Plain album. Stadium Rave encore to send everyone home raging.
The guys will continue their Colorado Takeover as they head five hours south to the beautiful destination ski town Crested Butte. Follow along live!
Crested Butte live setlist
Poster (for entire CO run)
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2023.03.31 18:03 literallymoist Need help interpreting data on MysolarEdge App

Need help interpreting data on MysolarEdge App
Our recent PV install is finally online - trying to make sense of the data in the app now that it's been up a few days.
It has been intermittently cloudy, and is still March so I understand why the numbers vary from day to day and are not the projected peak output.
Why is our self-consumption so high, and shouldn't we see at least a bit of export % in the afternoon when no one is home and no appliances are running in addition to baseline needs like fridge?
The estimated 40kwh daily consumption represented by the red portion of the graph seems high for a 1900 sq ft home in California in the spring when no AC is running (heat system uses gas).
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2023.03.31 18:02 transwinnie changing name “out of state”?

i’m from illinois, but i go to school in iowa. i’ve been living in the dorms, but i’ll start to pay my own rent here starting august 2023. i’m curious if i can go through iowa’s court systems to change my legal name? my schools offering a workshop to help with the process for legal name change through iowa but i’m not sure how different it will be from illinois.
basically, can i change my legal name in a state i’m temporarily living in for college or does it have to be in my home state where my parents are since i’m their dependent and still rely on them financially?
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2023.03.31 18:01 DelTheBlueJay Questionable Energy usage

Heya sorry for a dumb question but just got first home in cbus, used to rent around town a 900sqft apartments energy usage was around 1300kwh a month with electric everything and three gaming computers so wasn't out of the ordinary. New place is 1300sqft and we came out at 2900kwh with only periodic use of a the electric heater since it hasn't been horribly cold most days. Bill is almost 450 which was quite a shock.
Obvious different homes, appliances, usage and such will cause a differencen but for anyone living in a house of similar size is this silly high like I'm thinking or is that within reason. We had electric panel replace and I have no clue if that could cause errors with the metering.
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2023.03.31 18:00 Ancient-Guide I'm disappointed that I won't get to watch his life fall apart

An ex partner and ex friend who asked for so much emotionally and financially of my entire friend group. We considered him a close friend for years and supported him without question. If he needed something we helped - letting him barrow cars for months at a time, finding him jobs after he'd lose his last one, paying for surgeries, giving him places to stay, paying his rent when he was short, taking him on trips with the group even when he couldn't pay, including him in activities because we considered him our friend. I don't regret helping him, and I know all of us would have done those things for anyone else in the friend group - We take care of our friends.
We all moved in together, and he kept picking fights with everyone in the group, ignoring house rules, and generally causing tension in our home. We went to him as friends, had constructive conversations that he seemed to take well, but at some point he decided we were bad friends and that he didn't want to live with us or continue friendships. He called the police on us, accused one of us of assault, and has played the victim card to the extreme. He's made the last 6 months absolutely miserable.
We've all cut contact, and I'm so glad he's out of my life, I only wish I could watch his life crash and burn. And I won't have to lift a finger for karma to come crashing in. I'm confident he won't be able to hold a job long term, and his current position will catch him with a drug test sooner or later anyway. When he loses his job he'll lose his car, his apartment, his dog. He's never been able to save money, he literally spends every cent on weed. He'll have to move back home to a family he hates and a state he hates more. He's going to be miserable, he killed all of his friendships in one blow and I hope he lives a long time to suffer the consequences of his actions for once.
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2023.03.31 18:00 Left_Strike_2575 I lived in a Haunted House in Austin, Texas

My husband (at the time) and I had been married about a year when one of his friends told us they were buying a house. Their rental house would be available and the rent was very reasonable. His wife’s parents knew the owner of the house, and he was fine with us moving in. We said yes, since we were happy to leave our small apartment. Husband told me the house was pretty nice; he and his friend’s band practiced there all the time.
Weird stuff started happening right away. I worked and went to school during the day, while husband was a working musician, so was gone until late. I woke up in bed one night, and heard the front screen door springs squeak open. “Husband’s home,” I thought. He put the key in the lock, opened the door, and quietly let the screen door shut. I was still in bed as I heard him walking across the living room, so I called out hello to him and told him he doesn’t need to be quiet because I’m awake.
He didn’t answer. I called out again. The house was quiet. I looked at my cat, who was in bed with me, and she was on high alert sitting straight up, eyes wide, staring at the bedroom door.
I don’t know how long we hid out on the bed, but some time later, the screen opened again (it was all louder) and the door unlocked, by husband this time. These events happened quite a few times, but sometimes it was just footsteps.
There were often crashing sounds in the house, like a broom handle hitting the floor. Cabinet doors would be open, and small appliances turned on, for no good reason. (We started unplugging everything when not using it.) Guests and later, roommates also experienced these things. The house also had a reputation with the neighbors, who called it “Tragedy House.”
Once, I was sitting at the table in the kitchen, and a tall black thing (figure?) flew from the wall behind me on my left, through the kitchen, and out the outside wall. It happened in a second, but I remember thinking it would hit the wall; it just went through.
The houses’ owneour landlord told me his wife had died while they were on vacation years earlier. She fell down some stairs, leaving him with 3 small children. He said, that she loved this house, and “I can still feel her here when come in.” You and me both, buddy.
I’m happy to answer questions. This was a long time ago, but it’s not something you forget.
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2023.03.31 18:00 LabB0T Weekly r/homelabsales Summary - 2023-03-31

The last weeks [For Sale] posts in homelabsales
Posts that have not met the rules of HLS or have completed are not shown.
Bot Feedback? - Checkout the pinned post in my profile







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2023.03.31 17:53 maggiesbrother Porta potties at events

I am a volunteer and have been running events for my council 15 years. I have just been told that I have to add one potty for every 30 participants to my budget.
We are under new management so this is new to me. In the past camp latrines and the restrooms at the dining hall have always been more than adequate for the 300 or so people I get at my spring event. At my fall event where I get 800 we have rented 4 or 5 to reduce strain on the DH septic system. Under the new rule this would mean renting 27 potties and our profit would rip to zero after spending $4000 on this item.
Has anyone else run into the 1:30 rule at events.?
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2023.03.31 17:53 Taysune Claiming Home Expenses with t2200s - Two jobs, claim rent on both?

As title says I'm currently filling out my home expenses form with wealthsimple and it's much more advantageous to do complex as I'm a renter.
I've had one full-time job from April on, all at home. I've had a part time job the whole year. Both are eligible and issuing t2200s. For the fulltime I claimed the rent for the 8 months I worked there, do I claim the full year again for the part time job? Can't find a clear answer
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2023.03.31 17:52 Savagesavi21 Sexually Harassed at work

I (23F) work at a hotel and last Sunday was sexually harassed by two young men (around my age). They asked me to show them a room late at night and in the time span of walking down the hall, getting to the elevator, and getting to the room; I was asked numerous forceful sexual questions.
“Do you have a boyfriend?” I have a husband
“Can I have you phone number?” I don’t think that’s appropriate
“Why not?” Because I’m married
“He doesn’t have to know, I can give you the best 10 minutes of your life.” “We can go into the room and it can be an hour if you want or I can take you to my car.”
“I’ll give you money if you want it.” I don’t want your money and no that’s not happening
“Listen we all need a little bit of fun in our lives and you spend 10 minutes with us, it’ll be the best time you’ve ever had.” No not happening
Going back down after showing the room and not going in with these guys after these comment were said, when we headed back in the elevator they kept asking me for my number and if I wanted 10 minutes with them. When we go into the hallway I was stopped by them and they kept trying with these sexual advances.
One guy said “I’ll give you money.” Which I told him I don’t want your money “Yeah look at her she doesn’t want our money she’s not some broad off the street.” The guy saying this beings rubbing my arm and telling me; “Listen you tell me no then no (I’ve already said no 5+ times) but if you want I’m sure I can give you the best 10 minutes of your life with both of us and no one has to know.” I pull back, scared for my life at this point. I say no again and we continue walking which they stop me again before we get the front desk and they say, “You let me know before we leave, it’ll be amazing, I promise.”
At this point I’m freaking out inside since this has never happened. One of the guys puts his phone down on the desk which I tell him no I don’t want it and he forcefully put it’s in my hand. I type my husbands phone number which has no network and they call it right then and there (freaking weirdos) I finish checking them in (yes I realize I should have just called the cops I have never been in a situation like this so my mind was exploding and I wasn’t sure what to do) and they had the audacity to say in front of my manager might I add, “Can you show us the room one more time, take us up and show us where it is.” Which I told them no you can find it yourself I already showed you.
I tell my manger what happened and she’s not happy. She tells me to wait in the back office and don’t come out since my shift is ending soon anyways. They come back down and ask my manager where I went and stared into the back room looking for me. She told them I left and in this time I called my husband. These guys go to the gas station we have right down the street and when they come back they look into the office once again trying you see if I’m there. I end up going home ASAP. Get back the next day and apparently everyone that works there knows because my manager told everyone. I didn’t even get the opportunity to explain to my general managers who are also the owners about situation and when they see me all they could say was wow people are wild.
Another front desk employee was talking with my manger and my manger said to the general managers we are putting them on the do not rent list right? Which the other fd person says no they’ve never even stayed here before and my manger said yes they have they just stayed her last night and messed with our staff. And both the fd agent and the general managers decided not to put them on the list. So I took it upon myself to ask since no one knows my side of the story but everyone knows apparently and I still have yet to get a response which they usually take less than 5 minutes to text back.
I was told these guys came back by my manager yesterday and was told I don’t have to serve them and can just call the cops when this can be prevented by putting them on the do not rent list so not only myself but other workers aren’t asked this as well as guest.
This hotel has been proven to be unsafe we call the cops maybe once a week due to guest. And my general managers have shown me they don’t care about me even though I have been a major asset to the company for 7 months now and have taken on other task that front desk agents don’t have permission to do. I’m already in the process of quitting just have to do it. But I needed a general opinion am I tripping to much about this and the lack of my safety that is being shown or am I valid in thinking this is bull and I should just quit to put my safety first since my managers won’t?
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2023.03.31 17:52 depressoexpresso8008 I'm thinking of ending my relationship of 3 years...because of my friends

Before i start, i just wanna prefise two things. First, english isn't my first language. And second, I was very scared of posting this and it ending up on a tiktok subway surfers video, since my gf watches those. For that reason I've changed some minor details. Hope you all understand.
I (21 F) and my girlfriend (21 F ; lets call her L) have been together for over 3 years, we're highschool sweethearts. We've had a very rocky relationship so far. Before i met L, i had two best friends since childhood, M and E (both 22 F). Tho E and I are still in contact, we kinnda fell apart due the fact shes kinnda homophobic. M on the other hand was always supportive. Id dare say i was closer with M, but not segnificantly.
The first problem in my relationship started at the very begining, when L asked me to go no contact with M and E. L was my first love, i was never in a relationship before her, nor was i interested in having one. L is my one exeption. I consider myself demisexual/romantic. I never even had a real crush before L, and if it wasnt for her, Id NEVER be in a relationship. I was young and stupid, so i went along with her request. At least for a while.
The reason she asked that of me, is because when i was 12, i had my gay awakening, and it was M. But i wouldnt even call it a crush, just taught she was kinnda cute. I never taught of her in any way, specialy because we found out soon after that we were distantly related. I told M few years later, but ofc we just laughed it off. It changed nothing, M, E and I were still like sisters.
During our first year of dating, M and E were ocasionly responding to my ig stories, sending memes in goup chat etc. L couldnt stand that. After some time, i stoped respong to them or going out with them. I taught that was the right thing to do, since your partner should come first.
I wasnt happy about it tho. For the next year, there were other instances that i guess i should have seen as red flags. However, biggest one was last spring. M moved to another country a year ago at that point. That spring she was comming back for a few days, because of the holidays. She wanted to meet since we didnt see eachother in ages. I told L and she was pissed. For context, every time I mention M or ask to chat with them, L starts saying stuff like „you can, but then Im leaving you“, „you're probably fucking her on the side“, „am I not importnat enaugh for you to fuck her off“, she even says how im looking at her breasts. Its disgusting. Thers more, but its honestly too gross for me to write it.
Thers also the fact that L lies a lot. For example, one time we were arguing trough text, and she went for a walk. She told me she randomly saw a mutual friend while walking, and that they went togather. Later I found out that the moment we started fighting, L asked the friend to come hang out, and they didnt randomly meet. I dont know why she didnt just say she asked the friend, rather then lie how „oh i guess our friend is here out of nowhere“. Not like it would bother me. Shed also lie about how she doesnt smoke.
None of those things would be a problem my themselves, only when they keep piling up. And also the fact that if i did any of those things, L would be fuming.
So last spring i had enaugh and decided to break up. At that point (and still to this day) me and L were living in a small rental apartment. When i told L ...lets just say lots of things happend. I dont wanna get into too much details, since i still havent completely gotten over it, but lest just say it got physical on her side. I ran out of the apartment for my own safety. I came back, hours later... too see that L tried to take her own life. I will always partialy blame myself for this, since she always sayid thats what shed do if i broke up. I was just dumb enaugh to think wed never break up and that shes just blufing.
She was in hospital for few days, but came back . After few months, we were togather again. However, same problems happend again. I was supposed to go out with my college friends (wich i had a hard time making since im very anxcious, and i am so happy i have them now) at a party. After the party, we were supposed to go sleep at one of those friends apartment, so wed go togather, rather then risk walking alone at night. L ofc wasnt on board, but didnt speak much of it. Not to me at least.
The morning before the party, L was leaving to go to college. She was in the bathrom and didnt hear me get up. I walked into the kitchen, to find her phone open with a messenger chat on. Note : we never hid phones from eachother, she could always chaeck my messages, and i could see hers, it functioned more as if we were sharing two phones, i know some people arent on board with that, but it worked for us. In that chat, she was talking to her friend, N. N was the only friend she had at a time. I higly encouraged L making friends, and i was very happy for her when she started hanging out with N.
I went to look at the messages (yes yes i know, im very aware its not okay to do that) couse they cought my attention since the message L sent was a whole ass essay. It was about me. Saying how horrible i am, how im „going into strangers home for a sleepover“, how ill probably cheat at that party, insoulting my friends (who L hadnt even met) and making up lies about them. I scrolled to see old messages. Most of them were about me. L was saying how i „cheated“ with M, and N kept calling me manipulative and toxic. I went back to bed, waited until L left, and cryed my guts out. I felt like trash. Not to mention the fact that the messages had some... flirtatious tones.
That night, me and L had a fight trought text. I didnt sleep at my friends apartment. L and I made up a day or two afterwards. But later things got bad again. L ended up sending pics of her to N, not nudes, but her favourite sexy suit with heels, wich wouldnt be a problem, if L hadnt told me she never did it.
L and i are both in college. She always complains how that means im with my freinds more then with her (since my friends are all at the same college as me), and asks me to come see her on every break i have, rather then go to coffee with them. One time, one of my cleasses was cancled, and i saw L had a 5 min break, so i tought id surprise her by comming to her at her college, even tho she didnt expect me to. She was with N, and was mad at the fact I came. She ended up walking away with N.
Around christmas, N gave L a little gift. A small plushie. L told me N was giving bunch of them to their classmates. N got them from a woman who is hand sewing them, and wanted to give bunch of them to get clout. Later i found out, from one of Ls classmates, that only L got the plushie. And tbh the plushie doesnt look hand sewed. I confronted L and she claimed she had no idea N gave it just to her. I taught it was a bit suspicious. L later talked to her cousins about it, who also tought it was weird. L told me she wont talk to N again.
Ofc she lied. And after that i had enaugh. We broke up in january. Constant fighting over the fact she doesnt alowe me to go out, even just for coffee, the fact i have to spend every second just with her, that she talks about me as if im just an object, love booming me, the realisation that i fucked off my bffs for her, lieing and so much more stuff just got too much. I also think its unfair that she acuses me of chaeting with every person i come in contact with even tho im demi/ace . We both still act as if we're togather. I dont like that, but she is begging me, and i dont know what to do anymore. I still love her. She had such a hard life, and im the only person she has. Shes in therapy, but is still unviling to change. Im also aware im not perfect either, and i made many mistakes too, id just dare say none were anything close to this.
All this has taken a toll on my mental health. I dont even smile anymore. She means so much to me, and yet im not willing to give up my friends for her. And im scared what she'll do to herself if we completely break up. But I cant have friends if i stay with her. I dont know what to think anymore. I need advice.
I rly hope this doesnt turn into a tiktok sound
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2023.03.31 17:51 Delmer9713 SPC will also issue a *High* Risk in their 1630z Update for the Mid-South

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2023.03.31 17:49 jeyhix PDS watch on top of a High Risk…today is gonna be something.

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2023.03.31 17:48 the4bestgame [Online] [GMT] [CofD] [CTL] [Voice] An Autumnal murder in Spring's court.

Heyall! I'm running a changeling the lost 1E campaign at 6PM on Mondays. We currently have 2 players confirmed with a 3rd player who will be dropping in and out, looking for one or two more!
Set in earth on the 20th of March 2023, we meet our motley in a freehold in the united kingdom. After the leader of the Autumn court is assassinated, falling over dead in the middle of a meeting. This threatens to cause a civil war inside the freehold in the attempt to find who stuck down the elder wizened weakening the freehold enough for its foes to snatch away the changelings made vulnerable without the protection of the freehold. The choice of what to do from this point is yours. Do you aspire to rise up and lead the freehold though these dark times, will you flee the dangers to come, shall you strike down those who act against you, or will you enforce order through fear to protect your home?
Yall are starting in a sleepy seaside holiday town in the UK called Budleigh Salterton in east Devon. You've been out of the hedge for anywhere from a few days to a few months but haven't really had a chance to do much yet. The freehold you are in had a leader for Dusk, Autumn, Winter and Summer, there is a small spring and dawn court but they don't have enough pull to have a true leader.
The way the balance of power between the courts works is that Summer, Winter and Autumn each control the freehold during their respective season, whilst Dusk is perpetually second in command. This changes if the freehold is ever in crisis where Dusk takes over until the threat is done. During Spring the courts all have to vote on decisions for anything the pass, with Dusk being the tie breaker.
The campaign takes place at the start of spring, the leaders where in a meeting when all of a sudden Autumn fell over dead with no sign of what killed them. Everyone started pointing fingers and from there everyone starts telling their own stories that You'll need to learn in character, this is a brief overview of the rumours you'll almost certainly have heard though.
Spring: This is an act of the Wyrd itself, the other courts have been taking our spot for too long and the Wyrd has punished them for not letting us rule during our rightful season.
Summer: This is obviously an attack from outside, they took out Autumn first because they'd see right through shitty fear tactics like this. Shut up, stop fighting and lets work together to fucking crush them.
Autumn: We know who did this and we are coming for you. Watch your back.
Winter: This is all moving too fast, we need time to morn and not rush into anything, investigate each court and find whos guilty, starting with Dusk, they have the most to gain.
Dusk: We're under attack and being framed. Let us take the lead and protect us.
Dawn: Dusk did this as a power grab, kick them out and replace them with us so we can all flourish.
If you're interested please DM me, we'll be playing on roll 20 over discord!
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2023.03.31 17:48 jasonw_ray01 Not sure where to start

Hello internet strangers. I (38m) am feeling overwhelmed today. My step-dad who has been the most amazing human being and father figure for over 30 years of my life, was diagnosed with renal cancer 2 years ago, had one kidney removed, radiation and immunotherapy. Over the last 2 years, it has been a Rollercoaster of treatments, more tumors. Initial prognosis of 2-5 years, and we are basically at the 2 year mark.
At Christmas he had a spinal fusion of his vertebrae because he had tumor pressing on his spine (plus removing the tumor), then 6 weeks later the tumor had grown back, basically encapsulating his spine so they did another back surgery to clear up 75% of that. Due to the compression on his spine, he now has limited feeling and control of his lower extremities and may not get it back.
Since February's surgery, he has been in a hospital and/or rehab facility to try working up his strength. Today, learned he will be released next week to go home, pending any medical setbacks. I should be overjoyed but I'm so....overwhelmed, nervous, scared, so many emotions hitting all at once. I don't think he's ready to go home, but I'm also afraid he has reached his limit of what he will recover.
When he goes home, he'll have a hospital bed in home, need help moving around, wheelchair to get around, help with his bodily functions because while he can FEEL he needs to go, can't always control the going, bathing assistance including a transfer bench. He has a drainage tube where fluid is building up around a cancer spot that will need to be drained regularly.
So here I am, instead of doing my job I'm trying to think of all the supplies we'll need to buy so we can do what needs to be done. Our minds are racing and we are having trouble thinking of the things we need to do and supplies we need to buy.
I really just needed to vent and scream to nobody and everybody, but also ask for help, guidance. I don't even know where to start on how to start caring for him. I will be effectively moving back in with my parents to help care for and assist, but I don't know where to start the prep work to make his transition home a safe and successful one.
If anyone has ever gone through similar with a loved one, I'd love any suggestions you might have. If you have not, I'd appreciate any prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes, anything else you can give us. We have a big hill to climb and I'm scared of the journey. If you stayed this long, thank you for reading/listening.
As a final thought, f*** cancer
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2023.03.31 17:47 Mediocre-Picture1663 How to find a path in mid life (or later lol) when you feel you're running out of time?

I have worked as a secretary or customer support for many years (I'm 52). I have found it VERY difficult to get a job making a "living wage" (for example, in my city in Canada it is hard to afford rent unless you make around $24/hour...I have 2 kids in school here and moving isn't currently an option). Stats:
- Single, rent an apartment with my 2 teens
-Community college business diploma (from the early 90s)
-30 years of experience working secretarial positions (kept up to date with things like excel, canva, etc)
So yeah, it's not looking great. I have had a string of "crappy" jobs over the last 7 years. 2 of them were in a call center, and the current one is a secretarial job. I've not made above $21/hour in these positions but thankfully I have been able to cut down on other expenses to make it work.
My current position involves fairly long hours plus a commute, but I can't imagine doing it long-term for several reasons. 90% of the job could be easily done at home but they prefer having someone in-office, it's extremely isolated and a very depressing environment. There is also no room for growth and while I'm doing it for now, I'm afraid of wasting too much precious time stagnating here, no work-life balance, not much money....while I could be focusing on something that will provide me with a better future. At 52 I don't have a lot of time to play around or waste on the wrong thing.

I don't have any real retirement plan. No pension. A little bit of savings ($35,000). I assume I'll be working until I'm 70 at this rate (which is fine), but I am trying to figure out a path forward that will allow me to work remotely (I can imagine ageism will become more pronounced in the workplace as I get older...I had been thinking of stopping dying my long hair and letting the natural silver show, but I got scared that it would make me look OLD which isn't a good thing at work) and will pay enough for me to be able to afford life (and I already live very frugally).

At this point in my life obviously I don't have a lot of time to spend on mistakes (ex: going back to school for a couple of years only to discover it hasn't helped my situation). So I'm turning to you guys hoping for some guidance. I'm motivated and willing to learn or go to school or get a certificate or whatever is needed. I just to know where to focus. I've had several ideas and every time I try to do a deep dive into research I'm always disappointed to find that it probably won't be as much help as I had hoped (ex: CAD, Salesforce, Quickbooks....I even thought of becoming a waxer and renting a small room in a salon). Any help is SO appreciated.
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