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2023.03.21 21:09 PimpMasterE 'How do you know the sky isnt actually green?!'

For anyone that struggles understanding narcissism or just how far a narc will go to provoke a fight with you I present to you this inrteraction with my father. For those of you who have a narc parent maybe you can get a laugh out of this.
Im just sitting there drinking coffee looking at stocks minding my own business, MO. My narc father goes, 'Man Im really worried about climate change.' He recently discovered who Extinction Rebelion is and is now convinced were a few years away from the planet blowing up and everyone dying.
I respond saying 'Yeah I'm not too worried about it. Climate changes all the time throughout history and people always adapt to it. Some times rapid period of warming are followed by periods of cooling so who knows. Just ethicaly consume and dont be wasteful you know, vote with your dollar.'
This really set him off and he proceeds to try and push back on what I said. He resorts to name calling. Called me a pseudo intelectual for saying that humans survived the last ice age around 12,000 years ago or for even suggesting that the Sahara was once actually tropical and fertile. He straw mans my facts by saying he shouldnt believe me because I dont know the exact name of the scientist who made this discovery.
I came back and said 'I dont need to know the name of the scientist who discovered why sky looks blue to know that the sky looks blue.'
And this is where we get the brilliant reply 'How do you know the sky isnt actually green?!'
At this point I decide to say Im done with this conversation and go to walk upstairs. This of course enrages him so he tries to continue the argument.
I proceed to tell him 'You just have to get the last word in dont you. I know how this is gonna end youre gonna end the convo on your terms and then when I agree youre still gonna get another word in.'
And, of course, that is exactly what happens. 'Im done.... Youre a miserable person'. Very classy and adult of you 'dad.'
This conversation of course ends with him threating to kick me out of the house and driving away to hide in shame.
Sad thing is that this is just s normal Tuesday for me. God luck to all you out there that deal with this daily. Take the high road, set boundaries, and stay resilient.
This road is hard to walk down but it is our road and we will reach our destination. Because we are asked to walk through the forest dark, treacherous, and filled with monsters. Our reward is nectar and ambrosia and the fields of Elysium. And it will be that much sweeter.
I leave you with this, (and sorry for rambling Im high and blood sugar is KO'd) Dont stare too long into the abyss and rage against the dying of the light.
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2023.03.21 21:09 handipad Can change of food immediately help diabetes?

Our 10-year-old tuxedo was peeing a lot. We also saw some dry skin, put the pieces together, and got a diagnosis last week.
We immediately switched to only good-quality wet food (no starchy gravy). Previously he got mostly Acana and some wet. And we read the lady’s doc and some other vet advice on the topic. I’m familiar with human diabetes from family.
From just this one change, he already looks better. Urination back to normal. We haven’t even had our injection and monitoring training from the vet!
I know feline diabetes can often go into remission from diet control alone. But this seems very fast.
So I wanted to ask - is this normal in people’s experience to see results this fast?
(Don’t worry. We’re still going to go to the vet to get trained.)
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2023.03.21 21:08 littlenife [WTS] Hinderer XM-24 Swedged Spear [Timestamp/Vid]
Hinderer XM-24 Swedged Spear Stonewash - $540 Or Best Offer
Had my fun flicking around this horsecock, but now it's just sitting in my drawer, so take it, I've literally never used it 💁🏽‍♂️ 2nd owner, but the lockside and blade is clean, no scratches, and black G10 scale is brand new and installed by me. I'll ship the stock green G10 scale in the package. Edge is factory aside from me polishing it. I didn't change the angle so it is still the stock 25° bevel. PayPal F&F please : ) Will ship with USPS Priority
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2023.03.21 21:08 digamymagadisg88 Monitoring BriaCell Therapeutics (BCTX) in the medical sector

I'm currently exploring investment opportunities that have a promising future, and I've stumbled upon BriaCell Therapeutics. This company is working on a breast cancer treatment and is currently in the midst of phase 2 clinical trials.
This progress is definitely worth investigating further. If they advance to phase 3, it could be a game-changer for the medical community, potentially helping countless people affected by breast cancer—a condition that has persisted for far too long.
At the moment, I'm still holding off as I'd like to see more results before incorporating them into my portfolio. However, if you believe that now is the right time to invest, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Feel free to check them out for yourself:
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2023.03.21 21:08 sweepyingot What is Sex Like in your Mind?

Not all the suspected sticky details, but the idea of what it’s like mentally. Why we want it. What your sexual mindset is. Why do the normies, that you are attracted to, do it. How you think it’s supposed to go etc.
I only ask as I got a comment that “most of the FAs are just looking for someone to feel sorry for them enough and offer them sex, they aren’t looking for love”.
It’s stuck in my mind and clouded me with doubt.
After the youth fairytale assumptions that sex was about love, and friendship and making babies, I’ve settled on the the idea that sex is pretty much transactional.
People seem to need it and use it like it were money to by food, to stay alive.
Sex buys you attention, credibility, confidence, security, experience, and reputation.
Sex costs you energy, self-esteem, safety, freedom from autonomous responsibility, reputation, and innocence.
Sex is pushed in our faces, constantly reminding us all that we’re supposed to be having it, supposed to be trying to get it, supposed to be in constant need of it.
A stranger approached me for sex last week, I’m still freaked out by it, but I’m more freaked out by reaction to it. I was completely stumped as to what to do and just coward in panicked shock.
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2023.03.21 21:07 xvirisk My first year of college has caused me more pain than ever imaginable

I was happy coming into college and i met a girl who fit me perfectly the first day of college and we set off great, had a fun friend group and did everything together, i started to become a little obsessed over my girlfriend and it started causing fights about how i wanted her to clean up some of her unhealthy habits and i wanted her to communicate with me better about things, it started to seem that even the rest of the group didn’t keep me in the loop about things and i always found out last second and i didn’t like that, about a month later my roommate started to get mad at me but wouldn’t say why then there was more tension between my gf and i had a little anger outburst when at one of the friends house, i just screamed to myself a few times outside but they all heard me and it caused my gf to cut herself and then they all stopped talking to me, she broke up with me and i was in love with her and wanted to fix things but she would get drunk and yell at me for being an awful person which made me suicidal and i started to cut myself, i was gonna jump one night but i decided to slit my wrists when one of the old friends stopped me and told me my ex was losing her mind and it wasn’t my fault, we made up a few weeks later and got back together but i still had this sadness and didn’t know what to do. A little while after i tried to talk to her that i didn’t feel loved and she got mad at me and i asked her how she loved so i could see it more and she just went off that i was stupid and that it’s my own fault i don’t feel loved, a few months later i then got too stressed with school and felt like my major was wrong and i lost faith in god (i’m very religious) and didn’t feel like he was there and she tried to be there for me but then broke up after just a day of the sadness and said i’ve been depressed for a while when i couldn’t understand why since the last month i felt sorta happy, ever since then we would talk every couple weeks and they usually ended kinda good but one time she said she led the relationship to failure and that she wasn’t the gf she could’ve been or the one i deserved and i felt heartbroken, i had people pray for me and i started to finally feel better and then she drunk texted me asking for help so i did and she would say the worst things to me about how she hated that she knew me and i should’ve left a long time ago cause she’s a mess or something and then the next morning said she doesn’t remember any of that and was probably roofied and she apologized for it then this last talk we had she said everything had been my fault and that i’m childish and need to grow up a lot and how everything is my fault when she did so much for me and now i’m just constantly crying and i even went to the point of writing suicide notes and i’m abt to mail them and end it cause i have no more hope, i don’t look forward to anything and i just feel alone. i don’t wanna make anyone sad cause i’ve always been known to keep a positive outlook on everything but i’m so sad now.
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2023.03.21 21:07 accountant_at_a_big4 Question on Chemo Treatment

  1. After one cycle, my HCGb level went from 530 to 14.8. Doctor said it might even be undetectable now, but wants to continue with the plan of 3x bep.
  2. My lymph node grew about 2.2MM, will the chemo destroy the tumogrowth?
  3. I’m still growing facial hair during chemo treatment. I had some hair fall out, but nothing noticeable (Currently in my 2nd cycle). Is this normal? Thought chemo stopped hair growth?
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2023.03.21 21:07 flatbushz7 People who are passengers in the car when a driver gets arrested for a dui should also be issued a citation (not a criminal one but a ticket)

Maybe just an infraction ticket, at least something because they are knowingly letting a drunk drive a car, which even tho it is not as bad as being the drunk driver, it’s still kind of bad letting it happen, you are both putting other peoples lives at risk. I was a passenger a couple years ago when my buddy got arrested for dui in front of me. The cop was like what kind of friend are you for letting him drive. His parents also told me the same thing. Surreal experience seeing your friend having to go through that.
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2023.03.21 21:07 Advanced-Pattern-266 How do I get her to move forward with divorce

I've been dating my gf almost a year. When I met her she was very newly separated from her ex husband, but still living in the same house. Just a couple months ago I finally got her to move out and in with me. The problem is he's still a HUGE part of daily life. She hasn't told her parents she's separated yet so they're still pretending to be together to family and friends. They have to do regular video calls with both sets of parents to keep up the lie. He calls and msgs constantly for various things. Etc. It's all extremely hard to stomach. But I'm in this bc I love her, alot. And I believe she is very much worth it. Our relationship is worth it. I just don't understand why we are at a standstill. Neither of them have even mentioned going to file for divorce. Even tho they've been broken up for over a year, and now living apart. I've never seen anyone in my experience wait this long to start the process. Watching her have to act as his wife is horribly painful. And it doesn't seem healthy for her either. She just came out and left a straight lifestyle, something that took a lot of courage and involved a lot of confusion and all the things we all know comes with that kind of decision., continuing it in these ways seems very unhealthy for progress in her journey. And although I may be secondary in the grand scheme of things, it's very unhealthy for building a healthy relationship with me as well. It just, to me, seems so so counterproductive. I've asked her to tell me a timeline she sees. To give me just one goal for now and that'll be enough. Say, tell me in two months time you're goal is to have filed for divorce at the courthouse. Or say in one month your goal is to tell your parents you're separated. Anything, any goal. But she says she just doesn't know. And that asking for a timeline is pressuring her. In a way it is pressure..but I don't feel like it's premature pressure either. It is time for these things. Its easy to sit and ignore things bc it doesn't seem all that necessary but is necessary. She can't see that. How do I get her to see that?
I am very much in this and any comments negative towards her or a long the lines of "screw that you should leave" won't do any good. I'm asking how to help her.
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2023.03.21 21:07 mijia08 23F Is this Normal for Labyrinthitis ?

Hi Docs,
I’ve been suffering from other issues for quite some time now but aside from that developed severe dizziness 2 days ago. Now I’m not so dizzy but my head feels like off balance (kinda like in space). I’ve been taking methylprednisolone, meclizine and a nasal spray on my urgent care PRN’s prescription. I’m still extremely off balance and have to go back to work tomorrow. I cannot drive in my state. I’m missing so much class because of my double illnesses too. Is it normal for it to last outside of the first few days? I’ve had inner ear infections coupled with dizziness before and it has gone away after first dosage of antibiotics, I’ve gotten corticosteroids this time so idk maybe that’s why?
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2023.03.21 21:07 PeanutMom2 Potty Training, Where Am I Going Wrong?

Hi everyone, I am at a loss here and hoping to get some advice from other parents.
My LO showed signs of being ready to potty train at her second birthday. I waited a bit just to be sure then we went for it. Everything was going very well, we had almost no accidents so I moved to cloth training pants. Again good for a couple days then boom, total back peddle. Didn’t want to use the potty and when we did was holding it. Soiling the diapers and didn’t seem to care that it was in her clothes and this is strange because she’s so clean.
It’s been a month and I can’t get back on track. My LO will hold it while on the potty until back in a pull-up and use it. I’ve tried everything and I know for sure that she is doing this on purpose. Today I was extra vigilant and she got a 15 minute window between potty breaks and still, soiling the diapers not using the potty.
I’m going to wait until the weather gets warm and just go bare, pull up all my rugs and runners. It’s the only thing I can think of.
I was never pushy or punishing I really can’t understand why this happened. Should I just quit? She is ready but fighting hard. What do I do!?
Thank you for taking the time to read and any advice you might have.
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2023.03.21 21:07 Spicy-Prawn I was able to finish a project on time, under pressure, and without my life going to shit in the process

I was diagnosed after graduating school and like many of you have always wondered what could have been. Looking back I struggled with deadlines and only managed to complete projects within 24 hours of them being due, no matter my interest in the project or how much lead time I was given to prepare.
Over time this resulted in me over compensating by just…. Working all the time. If I am always working then there is no way I can be behind in meeting my deadlines right? (Wrong, because even if I am always working it doesn’t mean I can prioritize which tasks should be done or keep track of time 🙃) Needless to say I struggled, and for the past year have been actually treating my ADHD rather than the conditions that resulted from not treating it.
My SO threw a Pokémon themed party recently, except he realized he wouldn’t be able to get any costume pieces from online in time. No big deal, I can make them! I had a little under a week but managed to make three sets of ears for him, myself, and his friend. They look pretty good, I wasn’t rushing or panicking making them, and I still managed to keep up with daily life tasks like laundry, my job, and showering. I honestly would never have been able to do this prior to treating my ADHD. Something in the house of cards would have fallen.
On one hand I am a little sad since now I have an answer somewhat for how my education could have gone if I was actually treated. On the other, I am so proud of myself for coming this far. It makes me excited knowing that my future could actually be more bright than I once thought. 🥲
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2023.03.21 21:07 sdancy Will I ever want to have fun again?

My son, Nolan, died 6 weeks ago from a concealed placenta abruption at 32 weeks.
People have started the last couple of weeks to invite us to fun activities (my husband and I just turned 27) like the St. Paddy’s Day parade, house parties, and birthday celebrations. Most of these events involve a lot of drinking and partying—none of our friends have kids and are young, so I get it. I’ve been able to make excuses for not going to a few of them, but I went to a friend’s house party over the weekend to support my husband and just sat in the corner keeping to myself. One person made an insensitive comment about my husband and I having kids one day and I had to remind them we already had a baby—he’s just dead.
My college friend/old roommate is celebrating her birthday this Friday and wants to go out dancing. I can’t pretend to be happy and don’t want to go. Going out dancing seems like a lot and I’ll need to sleep over my friend’s place. I can’t even sleep at my own house because I get flashbacks from waking up in the middle of the night and going to the hospital.
I already went through grieving my old, care-free life when I was pregnant. I was so excited to be a mom. How am I supposed to just act like my life is back to how it was before my baby died? I feel like if I go to these things people will forget that I’m still hurting or forget about my son. It feels like everyone wants me to move on and “get over it.” I feel like I’m a completely different person and can’t go back to my fun and laid back self. I don’t think it’s fair to Nolan or to me.
Thank you to everyone in this community. It’s so hard losing my son, but it’s helpful to have people that understand. I don’t know how I would have survived the last few weeks without reading people’s posts and talking with you all.
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2023.03.21 21:07 SaviousMT My review of the Diablo II Open Beta

Hello, I have been playing Diablo I since 1997 and am here to review the open beta for Diablo II.
I started the download before I went to bed last night, as the beta was a beefy 150 MB and as excited as I was to check it out, I didnt want to get the download interrupted by my mom picking up the phone, and my 56K US Robotics modem maxes out at 5.4 KBps.
The download went through, and I was able to install the beta without issue. I considered starting before I left for school, but that would just entice me to play hooky for the day and I have a biology test that I dont want to have to make up.
As soon as I got home from school, I immediately connected to the internet and went to jump in. Unfortunately, many other people had the same idea and I couldnt get in.
After a few hours though, I finally got in, and was able to make a Barbarian, as that is the only class available for the open beta. I was most excited to make a Paladin, but that will have to wait.
I stepped out into the Blood Moor with a few other barbarians, some who were already level 3! My first quest was to kill the Den of Evil. This was not as easy as it sounded, as there were several monsters that revived other monsters, and I kept having to kill them. Hopefully these get nerfed in the full game, as it was extremely tedious to have to keep fighting them over and over.
Eventually, I made it to the final boss of the Den of Evil, Corpsefire, a zombie with a pack of minions. I died to Corpsefire and his cronies at least 5 times, although I lost track and almost quit in frustration. He is definitely overtuned, his elemental damage is deadly. I had to ask for help from one of the higher level characters in the game to help me kill Corpsefire, and then when he finally succumbed, his body exploded killing me again. For the first quest of the game this seems way too difficult.
I eventually made my way through the rest of the Blood Moor and found the next area, the Cold Plains. I was very disappointed to find that it had the exact same tileset as the Blood Moor. Just more boring green grass and stone walls. Its a little disappointing that Blizz took the lazy route and just reused the same graphics for an entirely new area, and I think players will eventually get bored of looking at the same thing over and over.
Additionally, there was a "Waypoint" at the entrance to the Cold Plains, which allowed me to teleport back to town without using a town portal. This is clearly catering to newer players as a "save point", which is also very disappointing. Not having to run back to continue your fight against evil kind of takes away from the point of going back to town to rest unless you are using a town portal.
The cold plains had a dungeon called "Caves" which seemed very uninspired, and was the exact same tileset as the Den of Evil, just a cave with a bunch of monsters in it. The Cave had two floors to it though, and the second floor was much smaller and filled with a ton of powerful monsters. After many more deaths and struggling with mana issues, I was able to open the magic chest that contained a "chipped sapphire". I was able to socket this in my helm and increase my mana significantly, which helped me use bash 3 more times before I ran out of mana, greatly increasing my damage output.
I continued my adventures through the Cold Plains and found "The Burial Grounds". Within the Burial Grounds was an absolutely unkillable boss named Blood Raven. This monstrosity raised zombies from the ground to protect her, and ran so fast I could never actually get an attack off on her. After many many futile attempts at killing her, I simply left and made a new game titled "Blood Raven". Some level 7(!) characters joined the game and we all used the waypoint to the cold plains and rushed to find the Burial Grounds.
On the way, we found a Gem Shrine, which one of the higher level barbarians clicked and out popped a Ruby. I asked them what that was and they said it upgrades a gem in your inventory to the next level. I assume this is what the end game will consist of, as these gem shrines seem to be quite rare, and only finding chipped gems (I had found a couple more in my adventures) means it takes several gem shrines to upgrade a gem fully. I am curious to see how much power the gems provide, as they seem to be the focus of items.
These high level barbarians quickly dispatched Blood Raven for me, and a yellow hand axe popped out, which I wasnt even able to loot because they took it. I felt a little miffed because I had spent a lot of time trying to kill Blood Raven, only to have my reward taken by someone else.
I asked the other players what was next, and they replied "ng" and all left the game. Confused, I ran around the Burial Grounds and found no exit, so I went back to the Cold Plains to explore some more. The Cave was still there, but still scuffed from my last adventure into the Cave, I chose to explore more of the Cold Plains. After about 15 minutes I had discovered the whole area and killed all the monsters, only to find there was no exit.
I went back to the cave and was able to clear it out without too many deaths this time, and even found some better items to help, including a yellow quilted armor tha tgave me 2 strength. I also found a LOT of blue items, it seems like they hand out those like candy. Some of them seem super over powered, I found a belt that increased my stamina by 5 which is the most important stat if you are looking for speed, as youll spend all your gold on stamina potions otherwise.
I felt comfortable enough now that I could start farming, so I made a new game and looked for gem shrines. I gained another level getting my bash to level 4, and looked at the rest of the skills. Many of them seem uninteresting. There is a shout called battle orders which increases your life by a %, but my life is only 150 and getting a % increase to life seems to not be worth all the points it would take to get to unlock battle orders. There is a skill in one of the trees called Increased Stamina though, which is probably the best skill, as running out of stamina constantly is a pain. Unfortunately it is level 18 and I dont think its possible to get that high, even when the game is released, as my XP gain really started to taper off after getting to level 6. Only the most dedicated players will make it to that high of a level.
I played for another 15 hours or so over the next few days, farming for gem shrines, which was pretty boring. Eventually I got a Flawless Ruby, but the level requirement on it was level 12 and I wasnt even level 10. I tried the PvP out, and that was really uninteresting, it basically came down to you and your opponent standing their clicking each other until one of you died.
I have to say, after Diablo 1, I was expecting a lot more from Blizzard. Gem Shrines are cool to find, but they are so rare I am not sure how they can classify gem farming as an end game experience. The levels all looked the same, either grass and rocks or a cave. Blood Raven is still too difficult, even at my high level I struggle to track her down and kill her, but she drops good loot, sometimes a yellow item, and I am still trying to beat one of the other barbarians in a duel.
Im not holding my breath on this one, the end game seems boring and repetitive and I am tired of seeing green grass.
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2023.03.21 21:07 SkiGames Realm updating to 1.20

1.20 is around the corner and I just wanted to make sure that realms on bedrock updating to 1.20 work like Java. I know that in Java updating your world means that the unloaded chunks will be generated using the new update generation. Does it work the same with bedrock realms? I want to make sure that I can still be able to find cherry blossoms and open chests that have armor trim templates. Furthermore this may sound like a dumb question but if I don’t open a chest in a loaded chunk before updating, can I get armor trims or is the loot predetermined.
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2023.03.21 21:06 lucky_luknia How do I deal with dysphoria

I'm pretty sure I just realised I'm trans and I came out to my friend a few days ago. She was very supportive and said to write to her if my dysphoria became too much to handle. She is unavailable right now so I'm alone with my thoughts again. I'm still in a limbo where I started to accept my feelings but thinking about it too long brings anxiety and a lot of shame, guilt. My friends and family are asking about my mental health but I still haven't come out yet so I have to lie about just being generally depressed. Btw I live far away from close friends and family and coming out over the phone is a big no (I have 0 clue what their reaction will be because I live in a very transphobic country and I think I would feel weird meeting with them in person afterwards). So my question is, how do I deal with this myself if me thinking about my identity brings crippling anxiety and I can't stop thinking about it (I really wanna just have a break from questioning).
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2023.03.21 21:06 boo-hooo 24[M4F] Oklahoma/ USA - Looking for something genuine and real

This is a great time to live in but its still a mess. People are living isolated lives now more than ever. I wish we all could do something about it and make it balanced. But its just too much to comprehend ig. I feel that too much of anything is always overwhelming. I always had hard time choosing or deciding. Even when it comes to dating, there are so many women I feel like I am compatible with but there are so many other parameters and sometimes it sucks on both ends.
I guess I am trying to say is that it ain't easy sometimes but I guess its okay?
All I am looking for is a wonderful journey filled with ups and downs, lows and highs, an adventure and make us special.
Few random things about me -
- I am a currently doing my thesis
- I am an INTJ. I don't know if you believe in personality types or not but it does give you some information.
- I LOVE music. Sometimes I feel like thats one of the only reasons for me to be alive. I am currently learning instruments and maybe wanna play live music one day. I listen to most of the genres but mostly into rock n roll and house music.
- I am curious on most days. I love talking about almost anything and dissecting it. I love to talk about psychology, philosophy, goals, psychedelics, mythology - just about anything
- I am currently listening to The Nietzsche Podcast on Spotify.
- I like to read books. It keeps me away from this world, atleast for that time being.
Few random things about you-
- I hope you are curious minded too
- I wish that you embrace flaws and appreciate the dark side (Cuz everybody has got one)
- I wish you are a genuine to the core
- Someone who isn't perfect at all but loves to improve every single day.
Even though I don't believe in soul mates or "the One", I hope that there are certain type of people for everyone. The biggest challenge is to find them at the right time. Timing could be a bitch. I am hopefully looking for someone to share, talk, vent and spend time eventually with them. I truly believe in going with the flow, so I try no to have any kind of expectations. So feel free to ping me up if you just wanna have a chat or think we have some things to talk about.
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2023.03.21 21:06 Much-Presentation974 Trade In experiences with repaired phones

I've got the back and inner screen of my Fold 2 broken and a repair would cost 555€. I've looked up Trade In values for the S23U. A Fold 1 would still get you 300€. I guess the price will be likely the same, when I want to Trade In my Fold 2 for the Fold 5.
My questions are: Are they really paying these prices, if the phone isn't broken? And if yes, do repaired by Samsung phones also count for these prices? Is this financially a smart choice to still repair it instead of living with a "broken" phone for another five months?
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2023.03.21 21:06 Raines1819 Married for 28 years, DB for about 25 years, I WOKE UP recently and I'm now at a loss on what to do

I (58M) and wife (65) have been married for 28 years.
Our sex life did a nose dive not long after the birth of our youngest (27M). At this time they are still living with us (2 boys 27 and 28).
I am as much to blame in regard to the DB as my wife. After our youngest was born, my wife started to refuse intimacy more and more, and since I snore (I can wake the dead) I started to sleep on the couch because she couldn't get any sleep. Other then that we are rather solid with each other.
In October my wife turned 65 and opted to retire, her last day was November 4 2023. I also have to add that she had an option to continue work, but the company wouldn't increase her pay to cover the added costs (some of the extended benefits not covered after 65)
About the time my wife started talking about retiring, I "woke up" after reflecting on our life after retirement. Without the distraction of our jobs (I will probably retire at 60) and the kids moving out, what will we have (or more accurately, what will I have)
  1. No sex (this was stated by her)
  2. Roommate living conditions
  3. Only way I can sleep in our bed, is if I use a C-pap machine (not bue to apnea, just soft pallet) (and I also look like a Teletubby with the thing strapped to my head) I hate the thing.
  4. little or no physical touch (my love language) (hers are words of affirmation)
In October I thought that I could spice things up in the bedroom, just like switching a switch. Was I wrong.
I tried to give her a passionate kiss. That was met with her pushing me away. I lost it and went on a very long walk to try and come to terms with what just happened.
I tried to talk to her (that was when she stated that she wasn't interested in sex anymore) and is just fine with how our relationship is now. I went to IC and came to the conclusion that I have a few choices
  1. Live with the fact that I will never have physical contact with the person that I am married to (not just sexual, but little contact in general)
  2. Open the relationship (Not going to happen)
  3. Divorce and take my chances on finding someone that I can love and show me the same. At 58, slim I think.
We are having a hard time trying to talk to each other, as both of our frustration levels peek and we go nowhere. We are roommates that share a bank account and house duties.
I love my wife, and our life (as much as I can seeing that we are roommates) I just don't know what to do. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I can possible do other than MC? (scheduled for next month)
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2023.03.21 21:06 Russian_p1ge0n69 preferred style of anime

the way i see it there a 2 types of beyblade anime fantasy unrealistic spectacle eye candy and dramatised but realistic to real beyblades. i am formly in the realism camp i think that the action is at its best when it feels real but still hype like in tge early seasons of burst as opised to metal fight which had tornados and flying beyblades but im interested in hearing others thoughts because im curious as to why people like specific styles i like realistic battles because they dont feal detatched from reality it feels like they could happen youre never sure whos going to win because of the lower stakes and you can actually replicate the moves like i cant do star blast attack irl but i can do rush shoot because its real. im also not that fond of avatars i think having the avatar appear on its own isnt that bad but when the 2 avatars are fighting it takes away from the bey action for me
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2023.03.21 21:06 WildNectarine2079 Troubleshooting use of FlashGBX

I have a reproduction copy of Ruby in which I grew attached my team, and would like to backup the save data so I can trade the pokemon to my legit copy of Fire Red and put them in Pal Park, Bank, ect. My problem is finding the correct save data backup type, because everything I try to back up save data, it backs up an empty .save file and when I put it in the ROM there is no data. I have tested today and the data remains when used on my DS Lite. I have used the gbx_cart_play_using_cart_v1.7.c to dump the rom file and automatically backup the save, but same thing. The tool let me know that it detected 512kb SRAM and the rom was 32 megabytes. So, I changed the settings to such in flashGBX and... still nothing. Is there a way to detect/backup the save data outside of the tools I am using? Thank you :)
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2023.03.21 21:06 Mems137 Can I help my Betta?

Can I help my Betta?
Was away in another country for a while andleft my tank in my family's care. About 4 months ago they told me Wyatt, my Betta was dying, that she could hardly swim and they expected her to pass. Now, 4 months later, I'm home and she's still alive, though has a very hard time getting around and spends most of her time in hiding. What's wrong with her? Is there anything I can do to help her? Is she just getting old? She is about 3 years old and was with me through my fishkeeping learning curve so I wouldn't be surprised if her initial environment before I learned what I was doing took time off her lifespan. Tank is 10 gallons, established a little over 2 years. Tank mates are 5 lamb chop/harlequin rasbora, 4 panda cories (added recently), and assorted aquatic snails. Everyone else in the tank is happy and healthy. Is there anything I can do for Wyatt?
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