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2023.05.28 07:41 Still_Banana_6445 I broke up with my boyfriend (M-28) who I still love and I (F-23) don’t know what to do. How do I get over him?

I was in a relationship with my ex for a year and a half. He is the perfect man on paper and I do have feelings for him. But I have future goals that I feel like he was preventing me from achieving. I need to prioritize my goals but I wanted to put in an effort into a relationship as well. The pressure to achieve my goals was too much and I ended up breaking up with him. I felt like I wasn’t meeting his needs and there is too much at stake for me right now to make a compromise. He also put more effort into the relationship than I ever did, and I felt that was unfair to him. I believe he loved me more than I did him despite how much I loved him. I also have terrible mental health and he made it better when we were together, but I also didn’t want to be dependent on him for my happiness. Now that we are broken up, I feel lost and empty and it is taking everything in me not to reach out to him. We spoke on the phone the other night and I can see how broken he is too. And it is killed me inside to see how much pain he was in. I feel like I’ll never meet someone like him and he told me the same. I just am not in the right place to be in a relationship right now. How do I move on?
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2023.05.28 07:40 zavierowen Trezors

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2023.05.28 07:37 Same_Criticism9969 After Graduation

Hi guys, I am thinking of finalizing USYD and as an intl student I will be paying 40% of the fees and for the rest, I'll be taking a loan. So, does anybody have any idea what might be the starting salary of a Comp. Science/ Data Science graduate (after undergrad) so that I have a rough idea as to how long it will take for me to repay the loan. Also, on average, how much is a student paid during internships?
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2023.05.28 07:28 SpecialImportant1910 Admission

Hi, I applied for HKU in the bachelor of science. I applied in the late round, May 9th. How long does it take for the admission team to process my application?
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2023.05.28 07:28 twelve-lights I confronted my controlling behavior to my LDR girlfriend.

I don't know where to begin to heal. For months now, Im convinced im a control freak in the sense that I get very jealous whenever she goes out to do things with friends. Jealous that I can't be there with her. The last few days have been rough for both of us and I just wanted to spend time with her, but I told her basically what I'm going to write here: I think that I've unintentionally manipulated or convinced her to stay home and talk to me instead of hanging out with her friends. It's become a major issue and I think it's something I really need to work on.
My issue now is: How do I work on this? I don't even know where to begin. Tomorrow ,(or today) she and I are taking a break until shes ready to talk to me about it again. She's scared of me and I'm scared of me. Please help me.
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2023.05.28 07:13 straight2bidness Corded Andis T-outliner vs Gamma absolute hitter

Hi all, Shopping for a new pair of trimmers to do my lineups. I’ve previously used the wahl 5 star detailer and that always cut my skin/ left red marks regardless of how I adjusted the blade or how soft I tried laying the lines
Apparently the andis t outliner are good for sensitive skin and based on online reviews the corded andis are a better option than the new cordless version because the old one has the magnetic motor.
From your experience which pair are better for lineups? Here in Australia they are around the same price. I’d rather not change the blade/ customisation if it’s not necessary as well.
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2023.05.28 07:07 Fancy_Sky6302 How to layout this room

We’re moving into a new space this week and I need some advice. I do most of my work from home via videoconference and I’m struggling with where to place my desk. Ideally, I’d like to face the front window so that I can see the view and also not have the large French door or the closet door in the view of my camera. The desk is 48” x 24” x 30” (orange). The room will also have a queen size sleeper sofa (78” x 40 “ x 34” -yellow) in it and at least one book shelf (navy blue). Where would you place them? Thank you all so much in advance for your input and energy.
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2023.05.28 07:03 fancysweatpants40 Meet Millhouse or Mouse still calling him both names😂

Meet Millhouse or Mouse still calling him both names😂
This is our new little baby. We got him a few days ago for my 11 year old son and I can’t believe how much we love him. I never thought I could love a little critter but we are obsessed with him. We just want him to be happy and heathy. We ordered the omelet cage which is really cute and modern but now I’m worried it’s too small for our guy. I just ordered him a dust bath and some other toys but we would love any tips. He already comes to the front of the cage when we come in the room and climbs into our hands to let us hold him. He also hasn’t bit us. He’s such a good boy🥰
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2023.05.28 07:03 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (latest)

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2023.05.28 07:01 AutoModerator Sunday Check-in Posted at 12:00 AM CST (GMT -05:00)

Welcome to the Sunday 24 hour pledge!

I am pledging to not drink today and invite you to do the same.
This is that magical place where we pledge to not drink just for today. It doesn't matter if you just woke up to yet another hangover wondering how you got home last night or if you've been sober for years. Let's all gather here and not drink together today.
This is the place where we state our intent to get through this day Alcohol Free. With eight simple words, we make a commitment to stay sober just for today. With the commitment we make to not drink alcohol today we find the power to make it true and the power to encourage others to do the same.
And if we fail? We get another chance tomorrow. And limitless chances thereafter.
I Will Not Drink With You Today.
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2023.05.28 06:57 LORD__Okami Little Quote About How I Feel

I just wanna cry my feelings away, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to cry. The loneliness I feel, it won’t subside
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2023.05.28 06:53 Garbear119 24, kinda lost as to what to do.

Heyyo so, bit of backstory first.
In 2018, I started going to uni for Computer Science. Pandemic rolls around and I lose my job, lose my apartment, and have to move back with my parents about an hour away in the middle of nowhere. I've been here since and had to drop out ontop of that since we didn't really have internet out here when I had to move back in.
Finding a viable job / career out here is impossible. I can't work fast food jobs, which are the majority here (Can't be around hot / sharp objects with my Tourettes. Dont wanna lose any fingers or limbs). Everything else here is part time retail jobs that pay pretty shitty. I've survived because I live with my parents and I managed to find a seasonal job that pays pretty well, but I was recently told that my department is being cut and I'm being moved to a new one for only 16-20 hours a week. I've applied to several different jobs with the company and have spoken to managers to no luck.
I've been looking at WFH jobs and haven't had any luck either. I practice speed typing (record 163wpm, average 135) so I've been trying to apply for any Data Entry jobs I can come across. Haven't had any luck with that sadly either. Doesn't help that 99% of the jobs I come across on Linkedin / Indeed are those weird shady job board sites like Talentify.
I'm kinda just lost as to what I should do. College isn't really an option as I now have a car that I've still gotta pay off. Even if I could go back, I wouldn't go back to my original uni as it really sucked ass as a school. It's also roughly an hour drive back there so that's not much of an option to begin with. I'm not really sure how much employable skills I really have for a WFH option either tbh. I make animations but I cannot make art to save my life, I just animate premade puppets essentially. I also know a basic amount of premiere editing. I also owned / managed a fairly sizeable animation community for about 5 years too but I still don't know where I could begin looking for something that could utilize that.
Iunno man, sorry about the ranty-ish nature of this post. Kinda just frustrated with how little I've moved in life the past few years and don't really know how to move forward.
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2023.05.28 06:44 Educational-Ad6237 Centurion 7/1

Hi all, I'm not a huge fan of light/medium tanks but I wanted to try one. I like armoured tanks and I was supposing that the centurion line could be OK. In my opinion it's paper based, nobody have fully upgraded to the 4202 and can explain me how to use tier 9 and 10 tanks? I will drop it for sometimes, too disappointed. Thank you all.
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2023.05.28 06:43 ilaylow Truthfully, we need to make sure we stick with it and believe in our team as a fan base.

I know there are a bunch of y’all struggling right now with how to feel at the moment, but try and look at it from a pure basketball perspective. It was honestly an incredible end to such a difficult game to watch. We have a chance to truly bounce back from the darkest depths of basketball fandom.
When you look back at this game, think about how absolutely terrible we played offensively. How many times the ball bounced the other way. How many shots we missed at the end to take a lead. How many calls went the other way. And despite all of that, we still are up 1 with 3 seconds to go. This team showed something tonight, and that is a lesson on how to grind through hell itself. And just when you get to that lowest point, now we get to see exactly what we are made of. There’s a reason why nobody has ever blown a 3-0 lead. Have faith in our boys, have faith that we will bounce back, stick together, call up your homies and make sure they good, and get ready to get rowdy on Memorial Day Monday night when Caleb fucking Martin brings back that Larry Bird trophy…
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2023.05.28 06:42 arink12 CS (in BA combination with Psychology)

I’m going into first year in September and I want to switch to just computer science without the double major. Is that possible? How would I do that?
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2023.05.28 06:41 SqueegeBeckenheim Take my 'Rubbish'

Hey Chaps,
To make it easy peasy lemon squeezy....comment below if you want a pocketful of random.
You will come. I will set a 3 minute timer. When the timer runs out, it's time to fly out. Fill your pockets or don't, up to you. These aren't amazing items (most) by any stretch of the imagination. Thing is? I don't need the bells so selling them is a waste. Fill your pockets and sell every single thing if you wish. It's free bells for you and it's storage space for me.
Rules and simple notes: - No wetsuits obviously - Leave via airport - If you don't know how to use a warp pipe, walk up to it and press A. - Oh my stars ignore my hot mess island (is it ever gunna be finished? Nah lol)
Cheers and have a great and safe weekend!
((Whatever two people have commented I can't see it. Please read the rules of this sub))
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2023.05.28 06:40 zavierowen Satoshi Labs Trezor

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2023.05.28 06:37 Kyonikos Biden, GOP Reach Tentative Deal To Raise Debt Ceiling, Avoid Calamitous US Default

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2023.05.28 06:37 TerrytheMerry [Spoilers up to Ep. 5] Can we take a moment to appreciate the true beauty of the Magic’s theme song?

Every single episode of this series has used the magic theme song at least once. It’s the sorrowful melody that is mainly played on strings and horns that comes on whenever Emma gets pushed down and Melinda’s magic is used to its destructive potential. Each time it rolls sadness, pain, and tragedy are sure to be present or follow.
As you can see each of these are either physically or emotionally damaging to mostly the Emma half of the pair, with the presumably numbed Melinda’s pain coming from what we saw of her past in the last episode. I’ve pulled up these scenes multiple times just to hear that mournful theme. Then the theme changed in the most lovely way.
Throughout the show so far we’ve seen the back and forth between Emma and Melinda as they both vie for control of Emma’s body. The emotionally hardened Melinda doesn’t have room for Emma or any other collateral in the face of the perceived great “evil” and Emma can’t wrap her head around the royal indifference to civilians that all of the warriors seem to have. That all changes in episode 5 when Emma gets to witness first hand a small fraction of Melinda’s past.
Up until this point Emma has been pulling away from or getting smothered by Melinda. Even when the magic is eventually used in Episode 3 it is 100% against her wishes, she never once approaches it voluntarily. Then Copernicus get broken/killed.
Even though Melinda is furious with Emma, Emma is finally able to empathize with her thanks to seeing her past. Then when they both witness Copernicus being shattered they both are finally able to instinctively unite on the matter, calling upon the enveloped form together. This is where both the character design and the theme changes.
While the design showing Emma’s willing participation in the magic through her white core is very cool, I just love how we get an optimistic twist on the magic theme. Where once there was dragging stringing and the pitiful moans of horns now there is a choir and drums joining in, quickening the tempo, reviving the wailing melody into something powerfully triumphant. Finally they have found common ground together making them more powerful than they ever were alone.
I know Tartakovsky’s visuals are one of the biggest draws with his shows, but I’ve just been in love with this particular theme since the first episode and wanted to talk about it.
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2023.05.28 06:36 That_Man_112358 Thoughts on Book 2

Back with another write up since we're now on to Book 3.
Book 2 - Spoken on the Song Wind (6 players through most of it)
So far I think Book 2 is the weakest of the six as it required the most plate spinning to help it make sense. My players still enjoyed it and think I did a good job of keeping everything flowing, so I’ll accept it as a success.
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2023.05.28 06:32 GeorginaBL Open Commissions

Open Commissions
Hello~ How are you? Commissions Open 🍭With colours ●Headshot 5 USD ●Halfbody 8 USD ●Fullbody 11 USD
•PNG, high resolution.
■ Anime, character, fanart, kpop, cartoons, NSFW and more.
♡ PayPal Only ♡ 
It is necessary to pay 50% in advance
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2023.05.28 06:32 EconomyCaregiver how do i (21NB) help ex (20M) whose grandfather (95M) is dying?

hi all. first apologies on formatting as im using mobile. english is my first language but i suck at it so my apologies for that too lol.
close friend of mine’s grandfather is really not doing well right now. hes in his mid 90s and while relatively doing okay for his age previously, he recently had covid + a uti and (to be blunt) is nearing the end of his time. friends grandmother is also not doing well as she also had covid and recently took a fall and broke a few bones so she is unable to assist with his care besides the fact that she is similar in age, albeit much more active.
i know my friends mother has hired a caretaker for the grandfather since he needs assistance walking, using the restroom, etc. but mom spends every weekend’s driving several hours to their house to take care of them while said caretaker is off (on top of taking care of the family + work). i know this has taken a big toll on her since she’s extremely close to her parents. on the other hand, my friend seems to be in some sort of denial about the situation since i tried to ask if they’d like to talk about it recently and they seem genuinely confused on why i would be concerned/there was absolutely nothing wrong w their grandparents.
i know this probably more details than necessary but anyways, ive gotten very close to the entire family after dating friend for a while and ive remained close to them after breaking up. their mom is a a mom figure to me since my parents are far away, and quite honestly she is such an amazing and lovely person that i’m certain she is a second mom to many of her kids friends.
she recently told me about how much this whole situation was weighing on her and i felt awful since i really didn’t have much to say besides i was sorry/ask if there was anything i could do, which i know can be a pretty unhelpful phrase when people are dealing with grief. i was wondering if you guys had any good suggestions on how to really be of assistance to their family during this time? i love them a lot and while obviously not trying to make it about me, it definitely is hard to see them hurting and id like to be there for them and ease things even in a tiny way since im a college student. we’re all jewish so im thinking making a kugel or some other food? i’m really not sure. thanks for any replies in advance :)
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