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2023.02.13 03:25 jackux1257 Como saber si el clima es buena para nadar en rincon?

Pues yo aveces trato de ir a la playa tres palmas/escalones en rincon. Hace como una semana yo chequie el oleaje en swellinfo.com y decia que estaba todo bien ese dia, pero cuando fui para allá estaban todos los surfers ahi gozandoze las olas gigantes que habia ese dia. Todavia me pregunto como ellos sabian que habia olas si normalmente esa playa no es asi y pues no decia que el oleaje estaba malo.
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2022.10.17 00:44 favgameisundertale sands under nail

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2021.05.19 05:06 Kal__ Swellinfo and MSW showing very different surf forecast...

I'm a northeast kook, usually track swells/forecasts with swellinfo or MSW cuse I'm cheap and don't wanna pay for stuff. I'm looking at the forecast this week for Ocean City, LBI, Asbury areas in Jerz, and the two sites are showing very different forecasts. Anyone else noticing this? Is this a known thing, and I'm just late to the game?
Seems like swellinfo's forecast has been more accurate to the actual surf conditions from yesterday and today. But I've seen it before where swellinfo wasn't super accurate, and MSW was closer. I know the easiest thing to do would be to just check the cams to see what it's actually doing out there, but sometimes I just want a quick check and can't pull the cams up and watch a few sets while I'm at work.
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2020.11.28 19:38 outofbort outofbort's Crabbing at Ocean Beach, SF, CA

For two years now, I've been casting crab snares at Ocean Beach and have hauled in dozens of crabs. I'm not an expert by any means but here's what I've learned:
It can be done!
Baker Beach is the more popular local beach for crabbing, and rightfully so. Smaller waves, very short surf zone, somewhat sheltered from the wind. However, it's often *very* crowded at the beginning of the season, and I happen to live near Ocean Beach, so that's my preferred spot.
This season so far I've caught 11 Dungeness crabs at Ocean Beach in 4 trips. First week of the season I was literally picking up keepers with my bare hands! Second week I got skunked once, but then had two more productive trips. So they are definitely there in good numbers, and there is no competition!
Enemy #1 is the lateral current.
During the ebb tide -- from high to low tide -- the SF Bay is disgorging *billions* of gallons of water out of the narrow Golden Gate, which creates a crazy strong current running north to south along the beach. Even with a ridiculous 10 ounces of weight, I watched my snare merrily tumbling down the shore until it washed up on the beach. For that reason, incoming tide is generally better, although even then I still sometimes encounter strong currents.
Enemy #2 are dogs.
Fuckin' dogs off-leash everywhere with absent-minded owners. If you're not careful, they'll snag your bait, eat your lunch, shit where you're walking, and piss on your stuff. Keep one eye on the waves and one eye on the dogs.
Enemy #3 are surfers.
Actually, they've generally been surprisingly nice. But entanglements will happen. I am absolutely bewildered at the number of times someone will think "hey, this spot right between two fishing poles is a great place for me to swim out/come ashore!" and then catch my line or block my target casting spot. But other than those mishaps, everyone has been cool about sharing.
Enemy #4 is everything else.
It does seem like Ocean Beach conspires to be unfishable! First, you need to find mild tide changes because the crabs don't scavenge in fast-moving water. Then you need good weather, because it can get miserable AF there. The surf needs to be chill. The water quality has to be good (especially important to check for sewage discharges after a big rain). And of course no health advisories.
And only once each and every one of those is checked off and you happen to have the free time, then and only then can you go crabbing at Ocean Beach with any chance of success.
Other Tips
Happy crabbing, and let me know if you have any Qs and I'll do my best to answer them!
NOTE: Edited with more details.
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2020.05.15 03:08 CoffeeQID Did swellinfo stop working again?

Usually it updates and the first day will say today followed by the rest of the week.
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2020.02.13 15:39 surfingbaer Swellinfo glitchy again?

Noticed wind is missing on the SwellInfo app. Everyone else seeing this? Really bummed we can’t rely on it for a quick long range forecast. *surfline takes to long to load each spot so I only use on the final day before a swell.
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2019.12.11 03:43 surfingbaer SWELLINFO is Back!

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2019.12.05 21:57 Rumpole_of_The_Motte Looks like Swellinfo is working again

At least the forecasts for Hawaii look right again.
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2019.11.13 14:50 JohnnyYukon Swellinfo back online?

Looks like the forecast is working again. Only took 6 months too.
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2019.09.11 15:37 surfingbaer Swell Info UPDATE, contact made!

Just got this email from Global Surf Industries which sponsors the Swell Info app:
Hi Bill,
Just an update -
After your email yesterday I contacted the guys that run the Swellinfo App (again) and they are checking on progress of a fix. I will let you know when I find out more.
Have a great day.
Tess Kelly Media Director Global Surf Industries - Life is Better When you Surf ®
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2019.08.29 13:44 American-Omar Probably Sick of these but... Any update on swellinfo?

The last post I've seen regarding swell info was 2-3 months ago. up till today, it still isn't showing information properly. It will have information for 2-3 days out, but then from present -2 days, it will say None/ No Info.
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2019.08.25 17:11 bigaltheterp Is it me or has swellinfo.com been down or less accurate/updated than normal recently?

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2019.07.22 18:24 Minitrader Swellinfo going down is the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

Gray like my soul. Sad.
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2019.06.26 20:36 TheNewStreet SwellInfo Containment Thread

Conspiracy theorists rejoice. I heard a shark got a hold of the wind data
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2019.06.24 15:05 okg8869 What is wrong with SwellInfo?

For over a week now the whole forecast is greyed out. Anyone know whats going on?


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2019.06.19 18:08 impossiblewallfish Mid Atlantic (easy coast us) commiseration

I’m not good at swell forecasting and mostly rely on cookie cutter sites like swellinfo, some Surfline, and checking my local cams...but been looking at weather systems out there lately and damn it looks like we have nothing coming our way for a long time :(
Anyone seeing anything different? What are the chances of some magic weather happening and we get something soon?
I’m dying for something chest high or better and at least semi clean. Gotta find a way to make way more money with way more time off lol
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2019.05.03 01:22 Mahimah WTF is going on with Swellinfo? Anyone? I haven’t been able to access it for days :(

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2019.05.02 18:21 Groundswell17 Swellinfo let their cert expire. haahaa

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2018.12.05 02:30 TheHoundsOFLove Some surf report links

MSW SwellInfo SurfForcast Marineweather Windfinder
I'm certainly not an expert, please feel free to update with better links!
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2018.09.29 01:25 Minitrader East coast/nj guys...whats going on with swellinfo and surfline???

Seems like one of the forecasts are way off. Swellinfo calling for knee high tomorrow...surfline calling for head high?? All week lots of disagreement
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2018.09.15 04:55 genescientist swellinfo is sucking with Florance

Cancelled my trip to MD/Delaware today b/c there was supposed to be chop (20+MPH winds), it never got over 8. I usually love swellinfo, what happened?
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2018.07.13 21:16 joenottoast New layout kind of sucks, come here for zero moderation and discuss whatever you want. Misspell anything you want, and correctly spell any profanity you like.

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