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Technology (6-3-22) – Fikkle Fame

2022.06.04 16:17 Obewyn Technology (6-3-22) – Fikkle Fame

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2019.06.19 03:01 jaysjep2 Recap of Ken Jennings in final round of today's "Best Ever Trivia Show"

Here's the recap, courtesy of Fikkle Fame. This represents the first loss by any of the experts since last Monday's debut episode.
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2019.06.15 02:10 jaysjep2 "Best Ever Trivia Show" recaps

I'd like to give a plug for Fikkle Fame's nightly recaps of GSN's "Best Trivia Show Ever". These are perfect for people who just want the trivia without having to sit through the sluggishly-paced show, or who don't get GSN.
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