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Credit to u/bluefishcake for writing the original SSB story and building the sandbox for us to play in.
And a big thanks to the authors and their stories that inspired to get off my ass and put fingers to keyboard. RandomTinkerer (City Slickers and Hayseeds), Punnynfunny (Denied Operations), CompassWithHat (Top Lasgun), Rhion-618 (Just One Drop), UncleCieling(Going Native), RobotStatic (Far Away), Kazevenikov (The Cryptid Chronicle).
Super thank to SmolDs1337(Convenient Narrative) he was a massive help in editing this chapter and Grey_bit how has been a big help as well.
Fair warring this is a long one, Enjoy,
as always comments, complaints and suggestion are welcome.

On the morning of the third day a six-person naval security team came into Robert’s cell, with a set of leg and wrist chains and a hood. The smallest of the team of guards held the restraints, she ordered him to spread his legs and present his hands & not to resist. Her voice was calm but cold. Robert fought his sense of growing panic as he complied, spreading his legs and holding his hands out in front of him. The ankle restraints clicked into place, then the wrist restraints. As the first wrist restraint snapped into place true panic started to take over, his hands started to shake, his jaw was quivering, and his breath quickened and became erratic, making it difficult to restrain his left hand.
One of the guards blocking the cell door spoke up “Oh what a little cutie isn’t he just adorable quivering with anticipation I bet he likes it rough! Maybe we should pat him down once he's secure to make sure there's not any contraband hidden away.”
The guard securing his restraints forcefully retorted. “Kaynigne shut he fuck up, you are not being helpful.” “Keitrin don’t get your panties in a knot! I'm just having some fun, besides these little sex monkeys’ only think about fucking at this age, I bet he could take care of all our needs and still have juice leftover.” Kaynigne laughed.
Another guard spoke up as Keitrin secured his left hand and began to connect the ankle restraints to the wrist restraints, “Kaynigne, you slimily clam licking sand smasher, it is shit talking like that, that keeps you from getting a date.”
Closing his eyes, 'Stay calm, let me out' the voice said.
The guard wrapped the restraint belt around his waist, in his mind he was shaking in fear “No…” he whimpered.
The guard attached the chain 'Stay calm, I can make it safe, now let me out. ‘the voice demanded calmly.
Kaynigne felt his eyes on her in a way that curved her tongue. 'They will hurt me like the others, I need to get to safety' Before finally losing himself to the panic.
Calmly the voice replied, 'I will be safe, I will not be hurt, I will stay calm.' The guard opened the hood and placed it over Robert’s head. Kaynigne looked into the boy’s eyes as the hood came over him, she shivered but did not know why.
The hood was attached front and back to the belt around his waist. He slowed his breathing, forcing the panic down deep into his mind, not banished but subdued. The hood had a thin mesh material where his mouth and nose were, allowing him to breath but not see or hear well.
“All right the subject is secure. Let's get him on the transport and get him to the research site.” a voice he thought belonged to the guard that had chained him said, before the other voices became only muffled noise.
His voice calmed 'Breath, stay aware, stay calm' he thought, 'count, start the count in beats'. Felling his heartbeat slow
347 beats from cell to sit down.
1413 beats from sit down to stand up.
757 beats from standup to hood removed.
2517 beats later the hood was removed, the belt and connecting chains came away. He was made to sit in a metal office chair with four legs, behind a metal table. His wrist restraints were attached to an eighteen-inch chain welded to the table. His palms were flat on the table as the guards made the vile small talk, liberty shel. Ironic. They talk of liberty while they chain him to a table, locked in a twelve-by-twelve room. They left him alone, motionless in an off-white-colored room, he had been disappeared he thought.
Dr Norroe, Commander naval intelligence asset profiler, had been studying the subject for three days. Or at least his documented history, medical records, psych profile and most intriguing his drawing and some notes connected to what looked like math equations. Chasing gremlin was a common note in many places but the one that had caught her attention was about challenging the demon in the void. Opening the door to the interview room, Dr Norroe was pleased with the subject, patiently waiting, right up until she sat down. She tried to talk to him, only to stop before she uttered a word. Wordlessly she got up and left the interview room. Crossing the threshold into the “WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE GODDESS DAMMED TRANSPORT GAURDS?! I WANT THEM IN MY OFFICE IN NOW!”
Governess Seskie dismissed her aides from the conference room and closed the door, everyone who were connected to this were ten people in all. She flipped open a keyboard sized and punched in her security code to seal the room from external surveillance. “The room is secure, we should be able to speak freely. Advocate Listian, the floor is yours.”
Sitting forward in her chair Advocate Listian took a deep breath, folded her hands on the tabletop and began,” In the ride up from the detention facility we did some research on the strategic asset label. This designation can be applied to many types of things including people. People that have been designated are usually high-ranking military officers, admirals, generals, that level. Non-military persons are usually limited to personal doctors, advocates and accounts for the members of the imperial family. Now this is in our favor, because all these people can refuse to serve the imperial family. This is very similar to personal service contracts for corporate officers tied to noble families. Now the problem is, there is precedent to force this on an individual, but it has not been done since the Generation of Woe, over one hundred years ago.”
Nanorix broke in, “So the admiral wants to make Robert a personal servant to the imperial family?”
Advocate Listian shook her head, “No, it is more akin to the geneticist and doctors forced to work to find a cure to save hundreds of millions young Shil’vita boys from dying a horrible death.”
Advocate Listian paused waiting for any other questions, when none came, she continued,” The fact that this has not been done in over a century and he is still a minor and does not have legal agency a high court might block it, but I doubt it. So given that he is of value, capable of producing value or has already produced something of value for the Empire, this means we have to exploit the value proposition, so we need to incorporate him. In this case a corporation would have more rights than an individual. This is especially true for intellectual property.”
Max broke in, “What intellectual property?”
Advocate Listian smiled, “According to the receipts that Nanorix was given by the navy, Robert produced over six thousand pages of notes, drawings, diagrams calculation and other items, the flying car being the most obvious example.”
Opening her data slate Advocate Listian “I am going to add a couple of our associates to this meeting. Advocate Hevlyn Spenigna and advocate Mirka Roskin'' Activating the conference screen two new Shil’vati were added to the meeting, “To the right Advocate Spenigna, specializing corporate structures and trusts, to the left Advocate Roskin, specializing in intellectual property.”
Tommy looked at the two new advocates on screen and couldn't help but think of them as characters from some melodrama that his mom loved to watch. Speaking up, “So do Garquile and I need to be here? This seems like-“raising his hands in air quotes “-adult stuff.”
Advocate Spenigna, responded while trying not to sound condescending “Yes, both of you should be here, unless you do not care what is being done to protect your futures.”
Slumping into his chair, “I guess I don't understand how this affects either of us, we do not know anything of value, I couldn't even attempt to explain any of it and Garquile knows even less, no offense Gee”
Garquile smiled at his friend, “We’re good, mostly I am hanging out & hiding from my sisters or using Tommy and Robert as taste testers for my latest attempt at cooking.”
Advocate Spenigna suppressed a chuckle of mirth only thinking ‘Boys’ “You both provided material resources and time. That means you both have a vested interest. If not addressed now, it will cause problems in the future. Understand, property law favors the family matriarchs in cases where a minor has assets in their name. What we are proposing is the creation of a corporation and a jointly owned subsidiary. The subsidiary will have ownership of the flying car and related assets. All other assets will be solely Roberts, held by the parent entity. This is required because there has been no identified material resource contributed to those elements. The individual trusts will hold their individual portions of the corporate entities.”
Garquile had heard this type of talk before when his father explained the basic difference between personal assets and family assets.” So who are the trustee’s and when do we attain agency?”
Advocate Spenigna nodded to acknowledge the question.” You will get partial agency when you are legally an adult then full agency within six years, or ten years for a human. We recommend a parent or guardian and an administrator that manages the trust and protects the interest of the minors.”
It was Advocate Listian’s turn to jump in. “While they are working on the corporations and trusts, we will be working on getting Nanorix visitation access. It will take about a week to complete and file the paperwork and allow the entities to come into existence. Once that happens, they cannot deny you access to Robert.”
Advocate Roskin waited patiently to let the discussion of the corporate details complete. "Now for the difficult part, protecting what Robert has. Fortunately, he wrote everything down and nothing is device accessible yet. This has already made some local news, we need to make sure it does not go any further. We need to obscure the importance of his existence to the navy. Once the High nobility gets a hint of this, they will do anything and everything to steal it.”
After the meeting ended Nanorix unsilenced her data slate to check her messages. There was only one.
DogGroomer: Did you forget your appointment for Rufus? I still have an open slot?
Nanorix: Yes, I did forget. Thank you for the reminder. How does six pm work for you?
DogGroomer: Perfect, see you then.
Driving home gave Nanorix a chance to think about what the advocates had told her and the plan they had come up with. It wasn't enough. She had thought about reaching out to her old pod mates that were still on Earth but that would mean doing something really stupid and she needed to be smart. But she did send out a "How are you?" message to her pod sisters just in case. Rufus was waiting for her in his normal spot, stretched out on the tiled floor, just inside the front door.
Rufus was a five-year-old fifty-pound gray and black dog. The DogGroomer had given him to Robert because Rufus needed a friend. At that time Rufus had been about 4 months old and was an adorable little furball. Now he was a much larger furball whose presents in her home required her vacuum every other day, as his fur got everywhere. “Rufus Truck” was all she had to say for Rufus to get up and run and jump into the back seat of her old Dodge Ram pickup.
George the dog groomer waited for Rufus and Nanorix. He was getting old, too much time playing soldier and spy in his youth. While he was not a special-forces-badass, he still did some crazy shit in his youth. s greatest attribute was that he was average. So average that he almost never seemed out of place in many parts of the world. Most of his work was low level extraction and courier duty. He had gotten out of the game long before the invasion and had started working with rescue dogs to deal with his demons. The Barneys had pulled him out of retirement for a time, but after three years, he was spent and the survivors in his cell were as spent as he was. Whenamnesty was offered, they were not the first group to take up the offer, but they were not the last and were able to avoid prison. He had even facilitated the stand down of other groups which bought him a lot of good will in some areas.
The good will had been put to good use, over the years helping the governess cleanup corruption. By helping take the worst of the local ‘barneys’ meant he had contacts in the active resistance. When the boys had been taken, he reached out, mainly to keep the peace and provide intel to both sides. There was a great deal of things going on. The big piece of information was that Nanorix’s son, Robert had been moved to a new hangar out at the old Luke Air force Base. The other useful piece of information was that at least five different shil’vita noble families had moved assets to figure out what had triggered a planetary defensive information scrub. The same families that had major stakes in the pre-invasion defense contractors. None of them had great reputations.
Nanorix arrived with Rufus in tow. He was happy to see George and when Nanorix opened the truck door Rufus rushed over to greet him, rolling onto his belly begging for tummy scratches. He exchanged pleasantries with Nanorix and commented that Rufus looked good. After giving the tummy scratches George commanded. “Rufus Table” Rufus responded by getting up and jumping onto the grooming table. George made small talk with Nanorix as he brushed out Rufus and trimmed his nails. Thirty minutes passed, but when he returned her credit chit, he palmed her a small flash drive and asked if she wanted to set up the next appointment in two months’ time. She said yes, he confirmed the data, and she collected Rufus and left.
Nanorix suffered through George’s nattering, engaging in the small talk as he worked on Rufus. Rufus for his part enjoyed the attention. George, in spite of almost killing her when they first met, trusted and respected him. He was an honorable enemy, and his information was always good. The drive home seemed to take longer than usual. When they got home Rufus excitedly ran to Robert’s room and came back dejected finding it empty. Nanorix sat on the couch and was joined by Rufus, laying down with his head on her lap. Rufus’s presence helping her deal with this shit, he was a goddess sent. He was an anchor for her, not that she would ever admit it to anybody other than Rufus. Giving Rufus an absentminded ear scratch, she opened the data file on her slate and dug in.
There was a great deal of intel. There was Robert’s movement timeline, sixty plus pictures with limited basic information attached, name, rank and current assignment. George never failed to impress her with the completeness of the information provided. The pictures of Robert in full body restraints and a head bag hurt. Rufus picked up on this and did his best to distract her, forcing her to put down her data slate. She would get this to the advocates and governess in the morning.

Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch1 : Sexyspacebabes (reddit.com)
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Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 2 : Sexyspacebabes (reddit.com)
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Archeological digs involving The Builders are always risky.
Will you discover an autonomous factory complex, missing only some parts production? Will you just find another one of the strange orbs they seemed to worship? Will you be killed by their automated death systems?
Or will you just discover an empty facility with KILROY WAS HERE and genitalia scrawled on the walls?
Every Builders dig should be approached with trepidation.
The Builders hated everyone and their works show it. - Archeology Student Lecture, 2381 Current Era
It's frustrating. We know what The Builders looked like. We have found plenty of remains.
There are species who existed when the Builders existed, and archeological evidence shows that at one time they were allied with or at least knew of The Builders.
But none of them will speak of them.
Yes, the Builders have been gone for tens of thousands of years, but what manner of beings were they that even today the reclusive Treana'ad and Telkan refuse to speak of them? What manner of beings were they that the Lanaktallan refuse to answer questions regarding The Builders.
What happened?
And who did The Builders hate so much that they created such terrible works? - Thoughts of Previous Galactic Eras, 1738 Current Era
If your archeological dig involving the Treana'ad, Telkan, Lanaktallan, or other mostly peaceful Forerunner races ever finds evidence of The Builders I have one and only one piece of advice for you.
Run. - Archeology Student Lecture, 1862 Current Era
What the researchers and archeologists will not tell you is simple: the ruins and relics of the Forerunner race The Builders are of vital interest to every star nation.
Their weaponry was esoteric and strange. Somehow they made obsolete kinetic weaponry viable on the battlefield against such things as the Precursor Autonomous War Machines. They were militarily overwhelmingly powerful.
Superweapons that have ended entire wars that had raged for centuries have been unearthed in Builder ruins. These were semi-functional weapon systems, of limited use, that required vast resources just to move into position, power up, and deploy.
Yet their great power ended wars.
Those weapons should be used, deployed, to protect existing star nations. To ensure their primacy in this galaxy now and forever!
The faint-hearted and cowardly researchers, scientists, and archeologists warn every being to stay away from the ruins of the Forerunner race The Builders.
What secrets, what power, are they keeping for themselves? - Extract from the mobilization to the Dust Wars, 2273 Current Era
The horror.
The horror. - Last transmission. The Dust War. 2281 Current Era
(❂‿❂) Doki Doki Doki (❂‿❂) - Garbled Transmission, 2279 Current Era
The Atrekna forces reeled back from the onslaught as even more aerospace fighters crested the horizon, crazily piloted at less than a hundred meters above the ground. They dropped their stealth, the battlescreens erupting to full power and exploding the tops of trees. Weapon pods deployed and phasic seeking warheads slashed out at the Atrekna forces.
gitcha gitcha gitcha gitcha crackled and snarled along phasic frequencies as the missiles's warbois jumped up and down and shrieked in glee.
Atrekna servitor positions were hammered by the rockets, the point defense systems already down and destroyed. The servitors huddled down in their trenches, foxholes, and bunkers, holding tight to their weapons and hoping they'd survive the rocket attack.
The stealth fighters swept over the Atrekna lines and long cigar-shaped munitions dropped from the bottom.
Tesseract-compressed spooky particle FOOF enhanced napalm erupted in a long line, filling trenches and foxholes, covering bunkers, reinforced command emplacements, and fortifications. The FOOF-N devoured all the oxygen, ripping it out of the bunkers and emplacements, the heat spiking into astronomical temperatures hot enough to slag even battlesteel.
The stealth fighters engaged their systems and vanished even as the Atrekna leadership caste shrieked at them.
Two of the stealth fighters didn't turn back on their stealth, just suddenly spinning and dropping from the sky, hitting the ground and exploding.
The ones in stealth, one suddenly dropped from the sky, exploding when it impacted the ground.
The Atrekna knew that they had not caused it.
Well, not really.
The effects of the De-Evolutionary Regression Attack were still moving through the Mad Lemurs of Terra.
Not that it was happening fast enough to help.
A trio of Atrekna turned as another Atrekna stumbled from the wreckage the trio was hiding in. It was holding its stomach and the others could see purple blood on its robe. It made a keening noise, the psychic emanations from it nothing but pain, fear, and agony.
It stumbled over to them, two of the trio eagerly looking forward to dragging the wounded one off and implanting larva in it.
Once it reached them it looked up.
Its eye fell out, revealing a red lensed camera.
"Fuck you, asshole," it said, it's psychic 'voice' heavily accented.
And exploded.
On the plains, the armored vehicles that the Atrekna had sent their servitors out in were being destroyed by a combination of close air support, enemy armored vehicles, artillery support, and infantry support. The enemy forces swept aside the Atrekna forces with no more effort than it took them to reload their weapons.
Across the super-continent, it was a disaster.
There had been weeks, months of quiet, during which the Atrekna that had fled a losing fight against the Mad Lemurs had counselled the others in just what kind of forces that Mad Lemurs could build out of seemingly nothing.
Most of them had been ignored. A fifth of them had been assassinated with half of those actually used to host larvae. Very few had listened to the survivors of what had been a terrible battle for possession of a planet.
During those weeks, the Atrekna built up their forces for a counter-attack. Replicating their troops over and over.
It had started suddenly.
A massive Ohm class slavespawn had slowly crawled from a damaged gate. The gate had been online since the Attack of the Living Dead Lemurs and the machinery to shut it down had been chronoshifted to be slightly out of synch.
Unfortunately, the Atrekna crew had brought a single Lemur imprint with them.
It had killed them all.
Now, the controls were just out of reach for the rest of the Atrekna. They couldn't shut down the portal, but they could alter its vibrational frequency just a little bit to make it unappealing.
Then the Ohm Class Slavespawn had moved through the gate, which had collapsed with the crack of displaced air. The mass of the slavespawn had proved too much for the damaged and unmonitored mechanisms, which had failed. The slavespawn had the coloration of a lost section of the Second Spoked Offensive, and it showed its age by its size and the strange crystal growths down its back and on its head, just above its multiple eyes.
The Atrekna knew now that the Ohm Class Slavespawn crossing reality and onto the planet had been the real start of what was happening now.
The slavespawn had moved to a large herd, slowly munching its way across the huge supercontinent. Once in a while a smaller slavespawn, still immature, would break away from the herd and hunker down, slowly munching away.
The Atrekna now knew those were not slavespawn.
They had been small lemur outposts.
Finally, the herd had reached the mountain chain that made an X across the supercontinent. They had, one at a time, pushed forward and into the huge stagnant fresh-water inland sea.
Except for the one with the crystalline growths.
It had stopped at the edge, munching on the algae and flora at the edge of the inland sea sized forested swamp.
Smaller slavespawn kept surfacing from the water and crawling out of the inland sea to cluster near the ancient Ohm class slavespawn.
The Atrekna noticed it had not moved in some time and sent a trio of Atrekna out to encourage it to move, since the crystalline growths seemed to interfere with Atrekna commands to its dim mind.
When the Atrekna reached it was when everything came apart on everyone.
The Ohm class slavespawn flickered and vanished to reveal a low, sloped wall armored building of Substance-W. The smaller ones flickered and vanished, revealing other buildings, including fusion generators pulling fuel from the inland sea's mineral rich water.
The three Atrekna had time to scream before the point defense systems ripped them apart.
The smaller Ohm class slavespawn that had peeled away from the herd flickered and revealed themselves to be more facilities.
Every facility put out strobing flashes of chronotron jamming. Hidden temporal stabilizers spun up to full power.
Missiles launched from hidden launchpads and concealed mobile launchers. Jets launched from buildings. Lemur troops crawled out of heavily armored and armed bunkers to attack Atrekna positions. Armored vehicles and warmeks left buildings to attack Atrekna forces.
In less than 24 hours the entire super-continent was engaged in warfare.
By hour 51 the Atrekna realized something they had never thought possible.
They were losing.
They stepped up their temporal replication and concentrated on eliminating the annoyingly effective lemur temporal jammers.
At first it looked like it was working.
Then the lemur's tactics revealed another strategy.
Atrekna that returned from failed missions, always wounded, would suddenly explode or have spinning and howling sawblades and knives erupt from their flesh as they attacked other Atrekna. Examination showed that the Atrekna corpses had been filled with robotics and strange lemur devices.
The second time the bodies erupted into even smaller robots, all armed with sawing knives and spinning sawblades, making a loud screeching noise, the Atrekna would stand off and destroy the fake Atrekna with explosives.
Then the fake Atrekna would just explode. Or release a cloud of poison gas. Or open its mouth and breathe out a cloud of stinging insects that would then nest in the body of any paralyzed Atrekna. Within a week, the insect attacked Atrekna would get up and start staggering around, the yellow and black insects crawling in and out of sores, looking for more Atrekna to breathe bees on.
The Atrekna could do nothing but shriek STOP DOING THAT, LEMUR! and try to come up with a counter.
Except, every counter, the bedamned lemur just added new tactics to its arsenal.
Within a week, the lemur owned nearly 22% of the supercontinent, not counting the X of the mountain ranges. Possession of the mountain ranges let the lemurs cut off each section of the X from one another.
With horror, the Atrekna realized that while the lemur was attacking the entire front, it was pushing hard on the smallest section of the X, tasking the majority of its forces into pushing back the Atrekna in that location.
The lemur intended on owning part of the X where it could operate with impunity.
The Atrekna responded by boosting their efforts to reinforce that region. All of the other regions began putting more and more resources into defending that X.
That's when the attack from the massive planet-spanning ocean came. Fast attack craft, amphibious landings of tens of thousands of lemurs, offshore bombardment by wet-water naval ships that just seemed to be a buoyant shell wrapped around more guns than was reasonable.
The Atrekna were getting a master level class on combined arms.
They weren't liking it.
They weren't doing well either.
There wouldn't be any 'see me after class' for the Atrekna, and they knew it.
The Atrekna ordered their space vessels in to provide orbital support.
The damnable lemur launched space capable craft from the middle of the massive ocean, on the opposite side of the planet from the Atrekna.
The lemurs held the high orbitals. Made landings on both orbital bodies and dug in hard.
Then counter-attacked the space forces.
One group of Atrekna, tasked with examining wreckage and bodies of the lemurs noted something strange.
They were fighting the same thirty lemurs.
Yes, there was slight differences. A few scars, some tattoos, maybe hair and eye color, but deep level phasic examination showed that the bodies were the same lemurs.
Over and over and over.
But they could not detect any temporal replication.
The other Atrekna scoffed at the idea.
The Atrekna were wrong.
It wasn't thirty different lemurs.
It was one.
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Processing gif uawjhrt6wzqa1...
“Well any girl who is into nice guys that are hung and sensitive in bed would be lucky to have you. As for me it’s all about the money and currently I need to finish buying my Dad a present,” Aly says standing up from the table,” next time I’ll give you a discount.”
“How about some chill-out music?”
“Yes, do I know you?”
As fast as I can I throw her bound wrists up and over the hook. I can see how hard it is for her to breath. Shes at perfect height so I put her legs over my arms and find that back door again. She bites her lip and tells me she's right there, I tell her I am too and now nothing can stop me. The door rocks back and forth in its notch. She goes silent and breathless again. I ram her kneecaps against the door on either side of her and I can feel my calves start to cramp. My teeth clentch my eyelids make fits of themselves in front of my eyes. I let out some sound from the depths of my soul that I never knew I could make. She turns her head to one side and tenses up so tight she could have frozen time. I see her abs flex and her legs spasm against the door.
"Ron," she said, "shut up, okay?" Before he could reply, a very dreamier-than-usual Luna meandered over and gracefully looped an arm through Ron's, dragging him off. The two disappeared and left Hermione with a very mute Harry, who still couldn't think of anything to say.
"Yeah, I was meant to be having a date. But he never
I took lead and replied “After we provided cover to the other survivors we encountered a large amount of zombies. I told my squad to flank towards the woods. When we arrived we had lost those three.”
But before I get into it, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m 25, blond hair and brown eyes, 5’3” and 115lbs… I think my tits are too small, they barely fill a B-cup, and I think my butt is a little too big, but….. I’ve always been very sexual. I remember my mom always slapping my hands when she caught me with them down my pants… and I remember how much I loved getting hugs and kisses from my daddy! It didn’t happen a whole lot, but when he did pick me up and love on me, I’ll never forget how it would make me feel. All warm and tingly. I felt so safe being wrapped up in his big, strong arms. And I loved the way he smelled, especially if he hadn’t showered in a while… I also had an uncle, my dad’s younger brother, who would give me big hugs that made me feel the same way. But there was something different about his hugs and the way he smelled… I don’t know why but I liked my uncle’s hugs better than daddy’s… though, I still LOVED daddy’s….
"Sweetie, can I ask you something?"
I may have to tell her about this whole thing.
Since my mom wasn’t coming home till later, I decided to write her a note telling her I was going over to a friend’s house (didn’t specify) and to call the cell if she needed me.
I shrugged. “I’m just your math guy, I’m not a dictionary too,” I pointed out. She chuckled. “I think I get what you mean.”
That was so frikin hot!!! I think you did a tremendously good job. It had me hard in no time and I really had to pace myself to make it clear to the end. WOW!!!
We walked up to school and found, to our surprise, Joe was not alone in waiting for us. He was deep in conversation with Belle, one of Jessica’s closest friends. They were laughing together and standing much closer than they needed to for a friendly chat. Kayla and I grinned at each other and I called, “Yo, Joe!”
There is just something about a girl smiling at you. It’s that moment you seem to become theirs. Of course, her eyes. I just cannot resist her eyes. Women are strange creatures, they can make you do insane things in their presence that you would never normally do. I just couldn't resist the look in her eyes and the way they pleaded to me. Just the innocence in them, the gleam and sparkle they had, the temptation of her bright, blue eyes and smooth skin was all too much. I kissed her. Her lips were so soft and moist. My hand went upon her warm, smooth check. It felt so amazing. Immediately, I pulled back.
Nina looked to Lucius.
“But I don’t know how!” Sophie replied, a little desperately.
I said, “ok, sounds good. 7?”
Without warning, shocking cold water flooded the room and soaked us from the direction of the front door. "If you're going to act like dogs, I'll treat you like dogs." Mr. Palnasus hollered, directing a torrent from the garden hose in his hands.
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“I love it,” she said, bouncing a little in her seat, “Absolutely. I can’t wait!”
At almost eighteen, Sam was already over six feet tall, very athletic, and the bulge in the front of his jeans led me to think he was well endowed too.
Instead of speeding up, however, she pulled me out of her mouth, and with a wicked grin asked me a question I never thought I’d hear my older sister ask.
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I was finishing up my breakfast and saving my dishes when my phone finally buzzed. My dishes clattered in the sink as I dropped them to get to my phone. It was Kayla.
"Yeah the clamps were insane. Like, probably the most painful part." she said, "I was so happy when you took them off for like, half a second, and then I thought you were burning me or something."
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"Ms Kallis?" I said, raising my hand.
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“I've been playing online for fun.”
"You don't know?"
Two ambulances were not very far behind.
“Are...are you...” he spoke against her lips, capable of even less thought than before. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah does sound fun” I tell her.
2015-10-04 20:58:34
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“Dare this time, gimme a good one”
“Are you okay?” He asked, breathless.
"So what did he say?" I asked, standing up.
trembled really, envisioning the hard bulge. When she sat up straight, it crushed her sensitive pussy and her lips spread.
“It’s fine, go crazy remember? It’s not often everyone’s in one place like this. Hell if the food comes back as good as the appetizers I might take some to go too,” Mr. Jennings said.
He held her tighter against his chest as he sighed. Would Riley be able to handle this life style? She was only sixteen, with a boyfriend who was pretty much never going to be around because he was a Marine.
There she was lying on the makeshift bed covered with a sheet saying, “I found some freesia scented conditioner in the bathroom. It smells nice and is very slippery for rubbing on skin. I’m sure Jess or Karen won’t mind if you use some on me. I warmed it in the microwave, so it should be just the right temperature.” “Damn!” My mind was racing. “Warm lotion; that must mean she’s naked under that sheet.”
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“Me too, Derek, me too. But what the hell are we going to do about...him? We can’t have this held over our heads.”
"Thanks." She said taking it and laying it over her hyperactive legs.
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“I’m so sorry Mr. Henderson, I should have waited for you to answer!”
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He nodded slowly. “Okay.” He said, then softened up a little. “Relax, buddy. You look like you’re going to have a heart attack.”
Elsie rolled her eyes. “Damn, I guess we’ll have to close it up, then.”
“Bye Scott,” she said in a girly voice, smiling.
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I took lead and replied “After we provided cover to the other survivors we encountered a large amount of zombies. I told my squad to flank towards the woods. When we arrived we had lost those three.”
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"Why?" she is getting nervous.
He’s got a point on a couple things and it looks like swallowing my pain and soldiering on is the current order of business. We talk a little more and Gwen pulls me back in so three of us can talk and go over some of the missing history pieces but all through it I can tell we’re thinking the same thing. We need Guy here to help us as much as him.
Aaron does not know how to respond. If she were simply his girlfriend he might have dumped her just for suggesting this. On the other hand he may not even care as much if she were some other girl. He is positive he loves her as much as he does because she is his sister as well as his girlfriend. However, he has done some pretty horrible things to her. It might be time he lets her do something horrible to him.
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threw the trousers aside, then peeled off his underwear. As he did so, his
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Beth clamped her hand over her mouth, she didn't mean to blurt it out so loud. She had a fire in her hips and was breathing hard. She waited shaking for Kevin to speak.
“The fucking one that Craig Johnson is fucking throwing. Dude you gotta fucking get out more.” Sam said as if I was dumb as rocks. I sighed, little did he know, little did he know.
"Kevin, hi! Have you seen Darryl tonight?"
"Maybe two or three, I don't know. I've never had sex with a boy." Max just about died.
Casey stared at Doctor Pace. There was nothing else he could do. She almost felt a little sorry for him. But she knew there was more she could do.
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It was as if a button had been switched on in my body. Electric was running through me. It was only a kiss on the hand... but it was a kiss..
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2023.03.31 03:36 bird1434 My Africa Character Rankings/Analysis

Finally finished with my Africa rewatch, which was broken up by a move, so it's time to put these character rankings out. Just a reminder — these rankings are based solely on entertainment and value to the story. Impressive play often goes hand in hand with entertainment for me, but I’m not going to always rank better players higher. I also am basing these rankings solely on the season in question, so returnee appearances have no effect.
16. Jesse Camacho (15th)
When the most memorable aspect of a character is how nasty their chapped lips looked… that’s not a good sign for their ranking.
15. Diane Ogden (16th)
Diane doesn’t do much besides pass out and eat beans but she also has a really funny looking fall in the hike to camp, so that gives her a plus-one in memorability.
14. Carl Bilancione (14th)
Even if Frank is more of a curmudgeon, Carl is the voice of the old people’s alliance on Samburu. Some of his “kids these days” confessionals really lay out the us vs. them mentality that made Samburu so entertaining. The “Carl is rich” storyline isn’t all that interesting but he’s a fun enough early boot. Still, for TV sake, I’m glad the young Samburus picked Carl instead of the other three.
13. Kim Powers (6th)
She brings a really fun and positive energy to the scenes she's in, but it doesn’t help that I can’t really remember much of any actual thing Kim did on the season.
12. Kim Johnson (2nd)
Kim Johnson is a tough nut to crack. She’s likable, has some funny lines and has a much better arch than I remember. The 56-year-old grandmother went from almost being voted out as a challenge liability to beating three strong, athletic men in the final two challenges. Still for some reason, she doesn’t capture me. I certainly wouldn’t call her boring, but she really does fall into the crowd among this cast.
11. Silas Gaither (12th)
10. Brandon Quinton (8th)
I know he makes one of the dumbest decisions in Survivor history (JUST WORK WITH FRANK FOR ONE VOTE) but I still think Brandon shows off some impressive chops as a game player early on in the season. He’s the logical voice of the decidedly illogical young Boran alliance, and he also has some underrated funny moments.
9. Linda Spencer (13th)
Mother Africa’s guidance led me to place Linda in 9th.
8. Clarence Black (10th)
The man who never recovered from eating one can of beans, Clarence is someone I would have liked to see play again. He’s strong physically, likable and absolutely hilarious. Too bad he ate those damn beans on day three and never recovered.
7. Frank Garrison (7th)
After absolutely loathing him on my first watch of Africa, my opinion has done a total 180 over the years. Sure, the NRA stuff is really unflattering, and he seems like a total pain in the ass to live with, but I think Frank provides more small memorable moments than anyone else on this cast, and that’s saying something. He’s almost never a key player in the game or a driving narrator for the story, but Frank is so unique to anyone we’d seen on the show up to this point, and he provides for some really fun TV.
6. Kelly Goldsmith (9th)
One of the more beloved random old school players, and for good reason. The original robbed goddess brings a lot of sass and bite to the season with several memorably cutting confessionals. Kelly could’ve been as infamous as Jerri, but she has a lot of charm to offset her sass, and she doesn’t stick out as much in a cast that already has plenty of rough edges.
5. Ethan Zohn (1st)
In the wise words of Teresa Cooper, “What can you say that’s bad about Ethan? Nothin!” He may not make for the most electric television, but damn it is Ethan fun to root for. He’s so incredibly likable and he plays one of the best “clean” games in Survivor history. He stuck with his alliance to the end, stayed out of the limelight while Lex took bullets for him and developed strong relationships with the people he needed to. Even if he’s not the most entertaining, Ethan is a truly satisfying winner.
4. Lindsey Richter (11th)
If I could describe Lindsey in one word, it would be intense. Everything she does is so passionate and turned up to 100, and honestly, I love her for it. I get why she was hated at the time—and she is very fun to root against—but there’s just something about Lindsey that I really feel is somewhat admirable? Her intensity also makes for fucking great television, and while I really enjoy Africa all the way through, the season loses some juice when she's gone.
3. “Big” Tom Buchanon (4th)
There are a lot of things you can say about Big Tom, but you can’t say he doesn’t make the season a ton better. The way he handles beangate is really ugly, the way he treats the women is uncomfortable at best and the way the editors tried to shove him down our throats wears on me (did we need two minutes about his boil?). But as much as I tried to see reasons to put him lower, there’s no denying that Tom provides a lot of humor and entertainment to a season that could’ve become as dry as the players’ surroundings.
2. Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper (5th)
What an absolute delight T-Bird is to watch. Not only is she extremely lovable and unexpectedly funny, but I’m also a massive fan of how hard she plays. I know the chips hardly fall her way, but I’ll take T-Bird’s gameplay over any non-winner in the first three seasons not named Colby. Shame on all the voters that kept this absolute gem off of our screens during Cambodia.
  1. Lex van den Berghe (3rd)
As part of a series where many characters can fall neatly into certain archetypes, Lex stands out as one of Survivor’s hardest players to categorize. He’s definitely not a villain, he’s extremely caring and fiercely loyal to his family and friends, but he’s definitely not a hero either—just ask Kelly Goldsmith and her metaphorically cut throat. I would classify Lex as a one of the few Survivor anti-heroes, and if that doesn’t make him interesting enough, he happens to be maybe the most engaging narrator in the show’s history.
Overall Thoughts
I think doing these rankings really made me realize how solid this cast was. If we were ranking all characters from the first three seasons, Lex would probably be the only Africa player to make the top 10, so it doesn't have the top-end characters. But I would say everyone besides Jesse adds something positive to the show, and I would maybe even see everyone from the Kim's down is an above average character. There are a few players I really enjoy watching that were surprisingly low because this cast is just very solid.
The season as a whole has a really strong stretch of episodes from 5-9, and while it's pretty average beyond that, Africa stands out as a super solid season that I think flies under the radar nowadays.
I just said solid like 40 times in that last writeup, so I'll say that's the one word I would use to describe Africa, lol.
Dates watched: 2/23/23-3/27/23
Best episode: 3.5 — "The Twist" // Worst episode: 3.10 — "Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal"
Current season rank: 2/3
Previous Post: Australian Outback rankings
submitted by bird1434 to survivor [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 03:36 FLUFFCAT13 Captain's Collapse: Part 17

well, this is it. the last part of CC that I'll be posting for the next 3 weeks. I have a lot coming up very soon, but I'll be back after the holidays to finish this off. as for New Smith, part 3 will be out on the weekend, but I'll be taking a shorter break from it too.
this time, everything is starting to come together. the Scions are out of their battle honeymmon now, with causalties stacking up and an arms race coming to a head, so they're in big trouble, but it looks like there are some skeletons in the closet as well. oh, and Orvin and Flick are off for a little trip to Axiom 5 for some fun away from all those responsibilities, but there will be a short chapter on their misadventures when I come back.
and, as always, enjoy this absolute mess
Subject Memory Transcription: Orvin, Venlil Civilian
Breaking into a shipyard and “reacquiring” my ship. It sounded easy on paper, but in practice, as these things always are, it was a daunting task.
Focus. You have a job to do, so don’t get distracted
I stalked along the chain link fenceline, until I found the spot. I stopped, and let my claws cleave through the barrier like it was made of wet paper. I traced a second line down to the ground, then bent the cutaway upwards, making a clean entrance.
“Least you could do is wait for me. I mean, I know this isn’t supposed to be drawn out, but I haven’t got the stamina to just keep walking for so long” Flick leaned on the fence to catch his breath. This might be a problem. “Pass the water please.”
I fished inside my satchel, and tossed the water bottle I brought over to him. He caught it effortlessly, took a swig, and passed it back. “Look, if it’s that bad, you carry the bag and I’ll carry you, alright? We really haven’t got the time for this.” I scanned the area again, and there was still no sign of movement.
He grinned, and I could see those flat teeth glimmer under the faint ultraviolet of the moonlight. We had picked the best time to break in, as his tidally locked planet only had actual nighttime darkness for a short time every few weeks. “Sounds good. As the humans say, giddy up horsey.” I shook my head and chuckled. “Say that again and I strap you to the roof of the ship, Ini-shu gelta
My Venlil was coming along in leaps and bounds. I barely needed my external translator anymore, and was even able to speak fairly fluently in a more casual version of the language. The writing was still a bit difficult for me, but that was more a matter of adjusting to the angular characters over the curves I was used to rather than a language barrier. Of course, none of this would be possible without that part of my brain that was custom-engineered for learning new languages quickly with the help of a second, delayed translator to feed the meaning in just after the word. But it didn’t really matter, as the main reason I was so dedicated to learning was because his face always lit up when I spoke in his native tongue, even if it was only to call him a fluffy goblin.
He gave me a gentle punch in the arm as he passed, and we kept moving. Once past the fence, we started working our way through the wide array of small spacecraft, searching for mine. When a flashlight illuminated the ground ahead, we hauled ourselves onto the wing of one of the larger crafts and waited in silence as footsteps went by. It was absolutely thrilling, this misadventure into such a heavily patrolled area.
Once the Terran guard had passed by, I dropped down silently, and caught him when he came after me, taking care not to let my high-traction boots slide on the gravel. But then, as I stepped forward, the ground crunched under me, and the Terran spun on his heels
Time to haul ass
I didn’t wait for the hairless, armoured brute to react. She stood at least a foot taller than me, and significantly wider, but I knew I could easily outrun her. I took Flick’s paw, he nodded at me, and we sprinted full-tilt down the row. The Terran yelled something from behind us, but we were rapidly putting distance between us and her. Until I ran headfirst into another one, knocking us both over. He struggled upright, but two more guards came to his aid, surrounding us.
Well, shit
But Flick stepped forward and held out a sheet of paper. The tallest of the three took it, read it, and passed it back, before saying something I couldn’t decipher into his radio and nodding at us.
“Come on, lets move. We need to find that ship.”
Flick was panting after our sudden frenzied sprint, but he somehow acted calm and collected, as if this nothing had happened.
“No, hang on, why did they just leave us alone? I don’t have my translator in, so I didn’t understand a word of what they said.” He just shook his head and laughed. “You know, bureaucracy isn’t always your enemy. Sometimes, you just need to go through the right channels to do something.”
That little shit
I was being very, very patient here with his nonsense. “So you’re telling me that we are legally allowed to be here doing this, that we could have just waltzed in through the front desk and straight up to my ship, and you just… didn’t tell me?” But he just dismissed it. “Look, we could have gone in the easy way, but you were enjoying planning our little adventure, so I opted to let you have your fun. Come on, this is the fun way.”
Then, I saw it. Those purple hand painted flames on the silver hull, and the small lumps dotted across the armour, each one showing the position of a shield generator. There it was, in all its glory, the SkyBreaker.
Subject Memory Transcription: Commander Yek’ta, Scion Gunship Etemar
Fighting a melee battle against an Arxur horde was something every Scion dreamed of. It was exhilarating, cutting down opponents one after the other with huge blades whirling like ribbons in my massive paws. Shots ricocheted off my plate armour and sparks flew as the reptiles launched every round they had at me, but I simply pushed on.
One of them tripped as he backed away firing, and almost instinctively I swung one arm around and let go, sending three hundred kilograms of titanium straight through his chest and into the ground. A rocket burst on my back, but I shook the impact off, threw myself forward, tore the blade out from the soil and brick, and swung it around in a wide arc, tearing half a dozen Arxur in half as the razor edge sliced effortlessly through their thin body armour and snapped their bones as it passed. Nothing could defend against the sheer force of my blade, and that was evident when I brought it overhead and downwards onto one Arxur with a gigantic shield and shotgun.
The satisfying crunch of arxur being smeared and splattered like rotten fruit was enough to keep my bloodlust moving, and I slowly carved a path through the huge horde and towards my target. Nothing could stop me, nothing could get in my way. Nothing.
And then, the radio crackle.
It was just a buzz, but got louder and louder until it was a scream across every frequency. A light sprung from the upper atmosphere like a second sun, as the Etemar unloaded half of its core into the Arxur fleet above, signalling the end of the battle. The remaining reptiles fled at the sight of it, taking pot-shots as they ran, but orbital precision strikes rained down across the field like a hailstorm of nuclear wrath, tearing up the ground and reducing Arxur to atoms.
And that was it. It was so anticlimactic. I had hoped for a real fight when I was told I was being deployed as a scout team leader, but instead all I got were more targets with no satisfaction from slaying them. Of course, my team were cheering and waving their new weapons as our pickups dropped from above.
Was this really necessary for a weapons test?
Looking around at the carnage now that the adrenalin rush was over, I saw corpses in various states of mutilation scattered and splattered across the wide field that was once a blood-camp. Some of them were only hatchlings, sent in with the biggest weapons they could carry, and then smeared across rock and soil by a hurricane of bullets when they came up against us.
I shook off my sudden urge to kneel and pay respects to the fallen, and instead headed to a transport craft, which had me onboard my own ship within minutes.
“Commander, good to see you’re not injured. I thought that burster shot would have torn your armour to shreds, but I guess I was wrong.” the friendly squeaks of my new Venlil officer told me he shared no such guilt about attacking the Arxur, and I really couldn’t blame him. They had terrorised his world for centuries, and then burned his home colony to the ground once they grew bored of tormenting the defenceless fluffballs. He wanted them dead, because it was his war. We wanted them dead because…
Because what? Because you don’t like what they’re doing? Is this somehow supposed to atone for the countless atrocities your precursors committed? Is this supposed to bring some sort of cosmic forgiveness, for all the species your race tore to shreds? Or is this supposed to be your apology for what they did the the Fa’Ree
I was drifting, and the crash brought on from the sudden lack of adrenalin was making it so much worse. I could feel my whole body growing weightless, and sounds became muffled and distant as memories came back again to haunt me. I remembered those tapes we were shown in school, the ones on Scion history. Our educators used them to explain why we left behind everyone, why our home burned. But the one that stuck with me was footage of a massive Scion commander, wearing a cap almost identical to the one I wore when at the helm, tormenting a defenceless fluffy rodent that was barely a fifth of his size. It was horrifying to watch, but it cemented into my brain the idea, no, knowledge, that the old Scion ways were unforgivable crimes against all life.
The pinprick of tiny claws sinking into my forearm snapped me back to reality.
“Commander, hello, are you listening?” the Admiral was clearly frustrated, but all I could do was nod dumbly as twisted images and foggy memories swirled in my half-awake mind. “As I was saying, our tests have yielded some great results. Some fine tuning on the new rifles will be necessary, but they are very effective at reducing opponents to fine grey paste. As for ammunition, lowering the rate of fire will be necessary, as even the back-mounted belt feed can’t keep that thing running for very long, and reloading is so slow that just swapping rifles is faster, so we need more sustain. Other than that, this has been a massive success, and we’re one step closer to beating back the Arxur once and for all.”
I finally managed to force words out through my dry mouth, and croaked that I was going to go to my quarters, before passing him my helmet with the sensor data in it and heading back to my room.
I stripped the plate armour off piece by piece under the steaming water, taking care to scrub every inch clean of stains, before placing them in the bathtub of resin to seal up any scratches and reapply the coating that protected against electricity. It was a slow process, but it kept my paws and mind busy and away from the pressing questions. Finally, once the last of the heavy titanium plates was thoroughly cleansed, I let it sink in the amber goo and washed the grime and gore from my own fur. There wasn’t much to clean, as the armour gave almost complete coverage of my body, but it was still important as I didn’t want to track blood or other fluids across my room.
But as the steam and boiling water washed the filth away, those memories came back. Of that poor little creature from the tapes, played with like a toy until the commander grew bored and tossed it aside. Of my brutality with the Arxur, and how I tore a captured one to shreds with my bare paws because he laughed when I mentioned the Venlil. Of the mighty war machine that was being awakened after centuries of dormancy and brought into a galaxy utterly unprepared for it. But most of all, of the secret that the Captain could never know.
When I learned of the Federation’s crimes, I was shocked beyond belief. They tortured their own children for showing signs of a boogyman disease. They wiped entire cultures out simply for daring to eat meat. They had started this whole war, and had committed crimes just as cruel and unspeakable as any of the Arxur’s or even our own. But I could never tell anyone.
If word of such things reached the Captain, he would declare war on our supporters as well. He had no respect for diplomacy of any kind, but what scared me was that we could likely win such a pointless fight. Even without the advantage of disposable equipment, we still had the supplies to invade hundreds of worlds, and the firepower to reduce any we couldn’t reach to stardust. If the Captain knew, he would have us wipe out the whole galaxy, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
I had one option, but it wasn’t a good one.
But there’s only so long you can keep this hidden. If you strike now, you can still set this right. Wait any longer, and the Captain will stop you.
I cut the water, dried off, picked up my holopad from the table, and made the call
Lets hope she picks up
Subject Memory Transcription: First Mate Reyna, Scion City-Fleet
When the call came through, I was trying to unwind after a trying day. The Captain had been onboard this morning, and had dismembered an unfortunate security officer who had blocked his access to the bridge. He had all but thrown a tantrum once he got to the helm, and put two chairs through the rear wall when he found out I had reorganised the fleet into production arrangements rather than ordering raids all the time. He had even gone as far as to break the arm of the poor sap who was reading the casualty reports when he learned we lost over a hundred soldiers in our most recent battle.
So much for don’t shoot the messenger
With every passing day, Denver grew more unstable and more impulsive. His last order before leaving with his squadron again was to “always have a world burning”, and demanded so under threat of being fed to the Ahk-Venra if we disobeyed. Even his most loyal supporters were tired of this, and very sick of being under constant threat of injury or death when he was on deck.
And, through all of it, he still played favourites with me, as if he hadn’t left me to do all the work and run off to live out his fantasies. Maybe I would have taken his offer of leaving his door open last night if it was two months ago when I was new, but now I only was repulsed by the idea of spending any unnecessary time with that…
That monster
So, when one of the Commanders contacted me asking for the floor plan of the Captain’s ship and the whereabouts of our old Captain, I was more than happy to oblige. I knew exactly what he was doing this for, and decided to make an offer.
“Here’s the deal Commander; I give you all the supplies you need, and cover your ass if things go south, on one condition. I get to kill the Captain, without interference.”
He was more than happy to take the offer, and even gave me the option of using his personal favourite ripper blade for the job, which I happily took, as my own had been “borrowed” by Denver and likely lost somewhere onboard a cattle ship. It was time for some revenge.
I got to work planning my next meeting with Denver the moment he hung up, and had a complete plan before the clock on my wall read midnight.
Now all I need to do is wait
Subject Memory Transcription: Captain Denver, Scion City-Fleet
The Zurulian medical fleet was hovering just off in the distance as I scanned the battlefield, searching for any survivors.
The Arxur had attacked a large shipment of medical supplies and personnel, but were too slow in disabling comms, which alerted us to their distress signals. Of course, it was a trap, but a trap set for Federation ships, not ours. In fact, these reptiles had probably never even seen our ships before, judging by the way they floundered when we dropped in.
FTL disruptors had left their energy bubbles across the system, and a million smoke trails formed a spiderweb of missile paths and railgun shots. None of it mattered though. The Arxur assault ships had been reduced to smouldering wrecks when my personal light gunship, the Eternus, had dropped out of its jump with cannons already charged, and our fighters made swift work of any remaining frigates and bombers. When the second, larger ambush fleet had arrived, however, we found trouble. They had brought an array of huge energy weapons I had never seen before. Every Arxur ship unloaded their cannons into one satellite ship, which then redirected all of that energy in a continuous beam that was strong enough to break shields.
We had lost the Eternus to that weapon. Its beam had broken through the shielding array and split the hull. Thankfully, it missed the core, so there was no detonation, but it had hit the bridge, life support, and engines as the beam slowly passed along the hull. A dozen Scion fighters lay in ruins around the satellite, unfortunate enough to get caught in the beam as they went in for the killing blow.
It was that moment that every Arxur had learned what a Scion’s wrath truly looked like. I had led a fighter sweep across their fleet and reduced them to nuclear smears across the fabric of spacetime, making sure to cut down every single escape ship as they left. We had sent huge boarding parties onto every Zurulian ship and hunted every last reptile with the same brutal ferocity that they showed to their prey.
Of course, the fleet was extremely grateful for their salvation, regarding our losses as minimal, as it was a fairly small ship that was lost. They had given us one of their transport frigates to carry our wounded fighters home, as well as medical supplies galore to patch our wounds. But I knew that nothing could replace this loss.
While most species could simply create a new ship to replace lost ones, Scions had no such advantage. Every fighter, every frigate, every gunship, was an irreplaceable relic from an age long gone, the knowledge of their workings destroyed three centuries ago. Losing even the Eternus was a crippling blow, as that meant thousands of lives and hundreds of invaluable parts were now gone, snuffed out by a weapon that the Arxur could easily rebuild and spread across the galaxy.
I brought the communications link up between my ship and the Solaris, which was sitting a few hundred lightyears away on the surface of a cleansed world. Reyna answered, looking as tired as ever. “Yes, Captain? I assume you’re calling to tell me that it was just another Arxur attack?” she was very tired of being the replacement Captain while I was gone, but there was always something that needed my personal attention. “No,” I replied, much to her surprise. “I’m calling to announce the loss of the Eternus. The Arxur made a weapon that can break our shields and armour, and tore open the ship from nose to tail, thankfully not hitting the core. We’re returning in a commandeered Zurulian frigate, so hold your fire when you see us in orbit. While I’m on my way, I need you to gather every commander for a meeting in my quarters.”
She was staring slack-jawed, so I cut the transmission and prepped our engines for the next jump. Of course, I had to overheat my core to generate a warp bubble large enough to cover our makeshift fleet, but it was nothing my ship couldn’t handle with a bit of coaxing.
When we arrived in orbit, the gunship Riori took the frigate onboard, while I broke atmosphere and made a landing in the starboard hangar on the Solaris. It was only a short trip from there to my quarters, and then I was seated at the large round table surrounded by commanders.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here to report a very concerning development in the Arxur arsenal. They appear to have created a sort of focusing device to turn ion volleys from a full fleet into a single concentrated beam. They used this against us in an ambush attack, which caused the loss of the gunship Eternus.”
There was a chorus of gasps and muttered curses as I put my ship’s nose cam footage onto a large screen on the wall. As the video played, a single orange pinprick hit the very tip of the Eternus, causing the shields to glow as they resisted the damage. Then, a pulse as the beam widened into its full power, and there was a shimmer across the impact area as shields gave out. The beam moved slowly across the side of the ship, hitting gun emplacements and launch tubes alike and causing smaller explosions all across the surface, until finally it stopped as the focusing lens was destroyed by a nuclear warhead knocking it out of position and into the path of a missile barrage.
“Everyone, this is no longer a leisure battle. Now, we can’t just send in small assault teams to burn outposts and disable ships. We need to stop all of our small assaults and end this war, together. I have gathered you here today, not to ask for your cooperation, not to request ships, but to instruct all of you to prepare for a full fleet assault tomorrow morning. In 23 hours, we will jump to the Arxur forge-world of Nitanka, and destroy it. No more capturing prisoners, no more mercy. We are going to send a clear message to every reptile in the galaxy, that we are not playing games anymore.” I took a deep breath as the commanders began their muttering and arguing again, before continuing.
“Every single one of you is commanding a ship that can scorch an entire system and reduce fleets to rubble, and it’s about time we made use of them. From this day forward, we work as one fleet. The Scion fleet.”
One of them stood up and slammed her fist on the table. I Recognised this commander due to her size as Mra’sha, a skilled logistics expert and true hardened warrior from our many farm-world raids. She had always been firmly with me on anything involving the Arxur, until now. “Captain, this is absurd. We lost one light gunship, and now you’re demanding we all pull back and just let the Arxur reclaim those worlds we fought tooth and claw for?” even though she was the only one saying it, I could tell that this was the general feeling of a lot of my commanders, and it needed to be addressed.
“No. I’m saying we regroup, and put an end to the Arxur once and for all. They can’t make a move on our liberated territories if we cut their command and their supply lines off. This isn’t a question of who does what, this is now a race against time. If the enemy can build enough weapons before we kill them all, it’s over for us, and probably for the Federation as well. So we’re not abandoning worlds, we’re pushing forward and finishing what we started.”
It took hours of endless debating before every commander was with me. The only one missing from the meeting was Yek’ta, who was currently on a deployment to an Arxur blood-camp in a weapons test, but I would brief him on the situation when he returned. For now, we could go without the Etemar’s support. 27 heavy gunships and 14 cargo carriers should be more than enough to cover the Solaris while we charged up cannons. Of course, I didn’t tell Reyna about any of this. Despite how hard she worked, I could tell she despised me for all my absence, and would likely kill me on the spot if I told her what I was planning.
Despite everything that had happened to us recently, the Scion fleet was mostly untouched. In fact, only around three hundred losses had been sustained across all of our infantry deployments. But that was all about to change now that the enemy could do real damage to us.
Subject Memory Transcription: Commander Yek’ta, Scion Gunship Etemar
I couldn’t sleep that night, so instead I spent hours endlessly browsing our archives. Every major ship in the fleet had a data core holding all of the knowledge that we escaped with, and being the commander of this one, I had unrestricted access to all of it. Of course, huge amounts were lost or deleted in the first generation of our journey, but there was still most of our history in here.
I dug and dug, going through endless security checks, before eventually I found what I was looking for: the file on the Fa’Ree. Before opening it, I double checked the room for any spyware, and ran a full diagnostic on my holopad just in case someone had been tracing me. Nothing came up though, so I continued.
Species Name: Fa’Ree
Home World: A380N6K “Mik’Raka”
Description: small, furred rodents. Average height of 108cm, average weight of 34kg. Extremely flexible, cold resistant, and resilient, with high pain tolerance.
Nature: Submissive, docile, easily intimidated. Often willing to risk injury to please superior beings. Revere Scions as god-like powers.
History: The Fa’Ree were a race founded in the 4th genesis fleet’s sweep across sector L in 96457. Life began as small reptiles, before Fa’Ree emerged from subterranean tunnel networks to hunt said reptiles once their planet stabilised. Once contacted by Scion diplomats and properly uplifted, the Fa’Ree were able to use advanced decryption knowledge to unlock salvaged Scion data core C-457-L, and discovered their true origins. Immediately after this, a cultural revolution brought a religious institute to power, which then began the later widespread practice of Scion worship. Following this, large colonies were established on Scion 2, before a mass migration of 97% of Fa’Ree population to Scion 1 & 2.
Following the mass migration, Scion officials discovered the extreme flexibility and resilience of Fa’Ree in a medical study, which led to them being implemented as servants across Scion fleets. Most Fa’Ree were used as cooking and repair personnel, or in other less popular roles generally considered dull. Across the Scion empire, approximately 200 Fa’Ree worlds were established, yielding a total of over 3.7 trillion servants.
Of particular note on the Fa’Ree is their cultural hierarchy post-migration. Fa’Ree culture was reorganised around the worship and servitude of Scions, with large facilities being constructed for the sole purpose of finding the most suitable roles for individuals. Fa’Ree were noted to be very obedient and respectful, as well as very dismissive of any injuries sustained during service. Higher ranking Fa’Ree would often have just 1 to 2 offspring per family unit, and send their young into temporary servitude once they came of age before allowing them to become leaders. This was generally considered to be a test of sorts, and only those who returned strong would be allowed to wear the traditional ruby studded robes given to royalty.
There was a photo attached of a Scion diplomat standing with a trio of well-dressed Fa’Ree, with a fourth sitting on his shoulders in what looked to be a polyoxide synthetic dress, which even in the height of the empire’s technological prowess, would have cost a small fortune to manufacture. Looking closer, I could see the collar on the dress-wearing rodent’s wrist, which had a faint green glow to it. That would be the depleted uranium bracelet that was so infamous as a sign of servitude.
I felt sick just looking at the picture. Everyone looked so happy, even the poor slave that was returning from 2 years of servitude. Seeing such a vulnerable species so brainwashed, so helpless, made me want to smash this screen and never look again. But I knew this wasn’t just a history lesson. Knowing that the Scions had done such horrific cultural genocide before was one thing, but with how easily manipulated federation species were, it would likely become a repeating pattern. I couldn’t bring myself to finish the species dossier.
I flicked the screen off and closed my eyes, letting the low hum of our engines lull me into a deep sleep free from nightmares of not too long gone demons.
while you're here, why not check out my other work?
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2023.03.31 02:09 RafaelHelft Did r/survivor censor the David Bloomberg post?

There was a post yesterday criticizing David Bloomberg's Twitter post about race, and his racist analogy to a homeless person vs a millionaire, and now I can't find it. Any chance the mods deleted it?
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2023.03.31 01:52 Gozii55 Other Impacts Near the WTC on 9/11

I have been randomly interested in relearning about 9/11, and it hit me that I didn't know much about what happened in the surrounding area at the time. I figured I'd just write a few things that you may or may not have known about other buildings in the area as well as some random lesser known facts. None of this is secret insight and can be found easily, but hey maybe someone will read through and learn stuff they didn't know. I won't talk about towers 1 and 2, because they have been discussed quite a bit of course.
At the time, the WTC had seven total buildings, a plaza in the middle and an underground mall. 2,606 total people died that day.
  1. WTC building 3- This was a building that was on the outside corners of towers 1 and 2. It was a Marriott Hotel. Most people evacuated after the first plane hit because a piece of the tower landed on the roof, but still some stayed and died and others were hit by debris when they fell or were killed by the smoke.
  2. WTC buildings 4-6- These were very similar smaller buildings with 8-9 floors. While they also collapsed in places, their smaller heights allowed for some of the buildings to remain standing, but just barely.
  3. WTC building 7- This was a 47 story building, and the front of it was hammered with debris when the towers fell, and shortly after it also fell.
  4. Mall- The underground mall was also completely destroyed and the people there crushed.
  5. Subway- The subway line is another aspect that some people might not think of, but that was also destroyed in the nearby area. It was noted to be very busy at the time of the attack, and the station was obviously shut down for a while. Surprisingly enough, the rest of the subway system kept operating after around 10:20. Dust was swept underground after the attacks too.
  6. Fiterman Hall- of the Borough of Manhattan Community College was a small building that was also hit badly, but wasn't demolished until 2009.
  7. St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was a 150 year old church that was destroyed by the attack.
  8. Deutsche Bank- This large building got slashed in the front by a big piece of debris and was eventually torn down as well
Other random facts
  1. Fires- The heat created from the collapses was incredible. Many people nearby were badly burned and first responders continued to get burned for days after the attack. The fires continued until December! And even in 2002, new fires started randomly due to delayed issues.
  2. Health Effects- This is where things get really rough. The health effects still impact many people to this day. In the ash and debris there was asbestos, silica, metal, concrete, glass, toxic chemicals, waste, human debris, and the list goes on and on. Some of the conditions caused by this included emphysema, acute physical trauma, asthma, GERD, sleep apnea, cancer, and more. Treatment programs and long term health benefits were provided, but still many survivors have not been able to get the care they need and continue to die from their conditions even in 2023.
  3. Michael Jackson was supposed to have a meeting at the WTC on 9/11 but he slept in late after a show at MSG and missed it.
  4. The last person to be rescued was pulled from the wreckage 27 hours after the attack.
  5. Investor Bank, Cantor Fitzgerald, lost 658 of it's 960 employees that day cutting the company by two thirds. The CEO was taking his son to school that morning and survived.
  6. 9/11 marked the first time in US history that all flights were grounded at one time.
  7. The evacuation of Manhattan marked the biggest maritime rescue in history.
  8. Only 60% of the victims have been identified.
  9. The attacks likely cost $3.3 trillion in damages and other financial impacts.
  10. Over 10,000 artifacts were collected from the attacks. About 10% of them are in the 9/11 memorial museum. Also, you can record your own story about 9/11 by microphone when you visit the museum. All of the recordings have been stored there.
R.I.P. to all those lost, thanks for reading!
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2023.03.31 01:36 ProgressiveDemocrats Dear Friends, DAV Supports H.R. 1529 and S. 777, the Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Act of 2023. This would increase VA compensation benefit rates for veterans and those in receipt of Dependents Indemnity Compensation (DIC).

Dear Friends, DAV Supports H.R. 1529 and S. 777, the Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Act of 2023. This would increase VA compensation benefit rates for veterans and those in receipt of Dependents Indemnity Compensation (DIC).
Without annual COLAs, many disabled veterans, who sacrificed their own health and family life for the good of our nation, may not be able to maintain the quality of life they deserve. Consistent with DAV Resolution No. 102, we support H.R. 1529 and S. 777. We must ensure that veterans’ benefits keep pace for the many veterans and survivors who are on fixed incomes and largely rely on their compensation payments for basic necessities.
Please contact your Senators and representatives and urge them to co-sponsor and support the Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2023. Thank you for standing with DAV to provide a cost-of-living increase for our nation’s service-disabled veterans, their families, and survivors.
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2023.03.31 01:29 Trick_Gur_897 Yalls Top 25 list is ass ngl mines is better... N the fact that survivor Aint on yalls list whoeva cosigns that bullshit needa be banned n sent to r/chiraqology.

Yalls Top 25 list is ass ngl mines is better... N the fact that survivor Aint on yalls list whoeva cosigns that bullshit needa be banned n sent to chiraqology. submitted by Trick_Gur_897 to NBAYoungboy [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 01:21 Friendly-Scarecrow r/CraftySurvivors Lounge

A place for members of CraftySurvivors to chat with each other
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2023.03.31 00:45 valarmorghulissy Genuine Idea for an Anti-Tunnel Mechanic

My idea is for a new survivor status called Ethereal that they receive for 60 seconds after they're unhooked, replacing base-kit BT entirely.
Lore wise you could say the survivors temporarily enter the spirit world, like the wraith when Cloaked, after being temporarily freed from the entity's grasp. Essentially; the survivor, for the duration of the status, exists outside of the reality of the trial.
While Ethereal, survivors lose all collision with the killer and other survivors and they cannot be hit by killer attacks or be affected by killer perks/powers, their aura cannot be seen by survivors or killers, they leave no scratch marks or blood pools, their grunts of pain are silent. During this time the survivor gains a %7 haste boost but is also afflicted with the blindness status.
Much like BT or OtR, if the survivor performs any conspicuous actions during the 60 seconds (healing, repairing, interacting with killer objects, unhooking, cleansing totems, etc.) they lose Ethereal. If another survivor goes down or is hooked during the 60 seconds, this also removes Ethereal from any affected survivors to prevent a survivor from just hiding for the duration while their team needs help or using Ethereal for a free unhook. If an affected survivor is healed by a teammate, they lose Ethereal since they are not being tunneled if they can be healed safely. Ethereal also no longer triggers/is lost once exit gates are powered or if the hatch is open.
My idea with this is it will seriously discourage killers from tunneling off the hook as they will be forced to chase a survivor for at least one minute before even being able to down them again, wasting a ton of time, allowing other survivors to reset and/or work on gens. It allows survivors to escape the hook and find a safe spot to try resetting. The lack of collision will also make it so these survivors will not be able to abuse the safety to protect other survivors, defeating the purpose of the anti-tunnel mechanic and protecting non-tunneling killers. So no more BT body blocking and no more aggro DS plays.
Current anti-tunnel perks could be reworked to still provide benefit along with this mechanic:
Borrowed Time could change the base-kit Ethereal %7 haste to %12 haste, allowing the affected survivors to make even more distance to reset and even outrun some killers that could tunnel with projectiles.
Off the Record could add an additional 30 seconds to the base-kit 60 seconds of Ethereal, as well as making it so that being healed by another survivor doesn't remove Ethereal as it normally would. As well as silencing all grunts of pain for the 90 seconds after the unhook even if Ethereal is lost during that time.
Decisive Strike could be changed to become active for 30 seconds after Ethereal expires if no conditions are met that would have ended it, allowing for an extra 30 seconds of safety if a killer is truly determined to tunnel.
I would love to hear any feedback and constructive criticism! Obviously the balance of this would have to be thoroughly reviewed and tested but I think it could be a very effective method of preventing tunneling or at least making it far less effective, while also not punishing killers who don't tunnel which seems to be a common theme with previous anti-tunnel mechanics and perks.
Thank you for reading! <3
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2023.03.30 23:31 iwinyoufail (selling) Tons of New 4K & HD Codes Vudu, Movies Anywhere, Itunes, funimation and apple tv

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In case you aren't subscribed, music_survivor is voting on favorite CT albums this week. Here's a link to Round 1.
Get your votes in!
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2023.03.30 22:01 InotiaKing Wow that's going to be a tough decision

Wow that's going to be a tough decision

What's up guys! It's your friendly Genshin overthinker Inotia King. As always before we begin I just want to make sure new readers have checked out my first topic which is the basis for all my theories. So if you haven't checked that out yet please click here.
We all know the decision Kaeya will have to make will be big and it won't be fun. Mona had made the statement a long time ago that
At this stage I really have no idea what the right choice would be. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Kaeya was told by his father on one rainy day when he left him in Mondstadt that he was their "last hope." We're never told what that means so the theories ran wild that Kaeya might have been the last surviving member of Khaenri'ahn royalty. Actually I believed that too more because his surname Alberich is a German gnome in folklore whose name means the ruler of magical creatures. Usually it's the elves but in some interpretations this is what the Germans call Oberon the King of the Fae.
We were eventually told that Khaenri'ah's last king was Irmin with other potential connotations. Now thanks to this last Dainsleif Quest we also know that the Alberichs were nobility not royalty.
So who is Kaeya really?
Actually the quest might have answered a few things. For example Kaeya's name is either an Indian name meaning "monsoon flower" or a Turkish surname. As we all know Sumeru covers the history of the territorial bounds of Achaemenid Persia. So Turkey and India (well northwest India) are included in the package. Because of his eyes and surname though most people dismissed this since he's decidedly Khaenri'ahn. We don't have to do that anymore.
The quest is set in Sumeru where Chlothar traveled to figure out a way to save his son from Celestia's curse. While his methods and the outcome are still subject to debate (it seems some people are taking Chlothar's word for it that it succeeded but I'm not buying it) it is very likely he does eventually beat the curse. The ending of the quest presents itself as an important new development. Dainsleif is shocked by it and our MC is convinced we've unearthed Chlothar's remains with evidence presented in Caribert's scarf in his possession. There's also an emphasis on pure blood Khaenri'ahns which Kaeya identifies Dainsleif to be while Kaeya himself is not.
So what if the timeline of events is this:
Chlothar comes out of the quest to eventually establish the Abyss Order in Sumeru. (I would imagine the sibling did not join at this time as Dainsleif would have opposed it.) But as time goes on the order becomes more radical and Chlothar ends up disillusioned by his previous fascination with the Sinner. Somehow he finds a way to break the curse on himself but doesn't use it on the rest of the Abyss. It could be that they are too far gone by then having become dependent on the Void. With the curse broken Chlothar decides to live out his life. He falls in love again this time with a woman from Sumeru. (Maybe he never really left. What if the reason why Kaeya thought Khaenri'ah was near Sumeru is because the Abyss Order - composed of Khaenri'ah's survivors - was established and headquartered in Sumeru during Chlothar's reign?) Anyway he has a child with this woman who is either Kaeya himself or an ancestor depending on how long ago it was when the curse broke. For now I think Chlothar being Kaeya's father works better and so Kaeya's name comes from his Sumeran mother. Before his death Chlothar realizes Kaeya's potential so he takes him to Mondstadt to survive. After he died he was buried back where it all started and next to his first wife. Who buried him, why and what happened to Kaeya's mother is still up in the air. In my head canon the answers are the sibling, to show respect and she died in childbirth. But at this point anything is possible.
So the first question is why the sibling and respect were they showing? We know that they will eventually join the Abyss. I theorized that they might have joined out of guilt for the part they played in this quest. While Celestia's curse wasn't their fault the fanaticism the Khaenri'ahns developed for the Void Realm came from these events. This is also why Dainsleif disagrees with them and they stopped traveling together. Guilt pushed them to join and lead the Abyss in the vain hope of breaking the curse while they and the Abyss are still fixated on vengeance against Celestia. As Dainsleif said it's folly. The rift between them might have widened when the sibling found out that Chlothar had figured out how to break the curse while Dainsleif only has at the end of this quest. The sibling might believe that only by going down the path of the Abyss, retracing Chlothar's steps, can they figure out a new solution that'll work for everybody. When Chlothar died the sibling finds them and remembering how they met and what happened since, they decide to take him back to be with his wife. They make a promise to save the Khaenri'ahns from the evils of Celestia and that has sealed their fate ever since.
Now the more important question is Kaeya. What exactly is his potential? Why can't he escape his past? What is this important decision he'll have to make? I think whatever Chlothar did to himself that broke the curse was also inherited by Kaeya. Now Kaeya is the key to their salvation but it comes at an irreversible cost.
We saw how far Chlothar was willing to go to break the curse. He bowed his head and begged for Rukkhadevata's help. If it wasn't for the Sinner he would have likely continued. What if what it finally took to break the curse was unabashed supplication to Celestia? And we all know Celestia demands that humanity follow its Heavenly Principles. Based on my theory which seems to keep being reinforced by each successive quest it'll be defying the principles that allows humanity to ascend. Even if it's just to ascend out of Celestia's fake sky they'll still need to reject the principles first and maybe Chlothar only broke the curse by swearing that path away.
So what does that actually mean? Well on the one hand Kaeya serves as a "blueprint" for all Khaenri'ahns to follow Chlothar's path. Kaeya could give himself to them and break the curse on the Abyss, hilichurls and any surviving pure bloods that didn't join a side. But then they would all never leave the fake sky. It'd be trading one curse for another. On the other hand he can maybe cleanse himself of his limited Khaenri'ahn blood and that would remove the blueprint from him. Without it though the Abyss who have been fueled by the Void for so long can never be saved.
What'll it be? Save all of your people and all those innocent lives by subjugating them all to Celestia forever? They'll be restored to humanity and be able to live their lives again but are thenceforth doomed to the fake sky under Celestia's rule. Or reject it. Those who aren't polluted by the Void can continue to fight against the Heavenly Principles and find their way to ascension. (as they are though meaning hilichurls stay hilichurls) But all the Khaenri'ahns who chose to join the Abyss - including any that only joined in desperation because of the pain and suffering they already endured - are permanently lost.
Of course it feels like this wouldn't be a hard choice for Kaeya to make. He's stated plainly that he doesn't care for Khaenri'ah and he doesn't present himself like someone who'd ever offer himself up. But it's one thing to say you don't care; it's very different when you actually do hold people's fates in your hands.
Now miHoYo hasn't made Genshin anywhere near dark enough for a plot like this. But let's not forget how they got their start. Honkai throws plots like this at players every patch. It's not too much of a stretch to think they'd give Kaeya such a sadistic choice.
  • Kaeya's name suggests a link to Sumeru and we find Chlothar working on the curse problem in Sumeru. Maybe Kaeya is Chlothar's son with a Sumeru woman after he breaks the curse on himself.
  • The method he used to free himself can't work on the Abyss Order because they've relied too much on the Void. (the "forbidden knowledge" if you will)
  • This is why our twin is hard at work continuing the Loom of Fate operation. They think they can retrace Chlothar's steps to figure out a method that'll also work on the Abyss.
  • It'll turn out that Kaeya is a solution to their problem but it'll come at a great cost. If he goes for it the Khaenri'ahns get rid of the curse but they'll be stuck under the Heavenly Principles forever. If Kaeya doesn't go for it then the MC might still be able to honestly break the curse but they can't save the Abyss Order at all and it's still not easy to reclaim your humanity after becoming a hilichurl.
  • The choice will be who Kaeya chooses to save with innocent lives on both sides.
So what do you guys think? Also what would you choose if you were in Kaeya's place? I want to see where we'd lean.
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2023.03.30 22:00 InotiaKing Wow that's going to be a tough decision

Wow that's going to be a tough decision

What's up guys! It's your friendly Genshin overthinker Inotia King. As always before we begin I just want to make sure new readers have checked out my first topic which is the basis for all my theories. So if you haven't checked that out yet please click here.
We all know the decision Kaeya will have to make will be big and it won't be fun. Mona had made the statement a long time ago that
At this stage I really have no idea what the right choice would be. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Kaeya was told by his father on one rainy day when he left him in Mondstadt that he was their "last hope." We're never told what that means so the theories ran wild that Kaeya might have been the last surviving member of Khaenri'ahn royalty. Actually I believed that too more because his surname Alberich is a German gnome in folklore whose name means the ruler of magical creatures. Usually it's the elves but in some interpretations this is what the Germans call Oberon the King of the Fae.
We were eventually told that Khaenri'ah's last king was Irmin with other potential connotations. Now thanks to this last Dainsleif Quest we also know that the Alberichs were nobility not royalty.
So who is Kaeya really?
Actually the quest might have answered a few things. For example Kaeya's name is either an Indian name meaning "monsoon flower" or a Turkish surname. As we all know Sumeru covers the history of the territorial bounds of Achaemenid Persia. So Turkey and India (well northwest India) are included in the package. Because of his eyes and surname though most people dismissed this since he's decidedly Khaenri'ahn. We don't have to do that anymore.
The quest is set in Sumeru where Chlothar traveled to figure out a way to save his son from Celestia's curse. While his methods and the outcome are still subject to debate (it seems some people are taking Chlothar's word for it that it succeeded but I'm not buying it) it is very likely he does eventually beat the curse. The ending of the quest presents itself as an important new development. Dainsleif is shocked by it and our MC is convinced we've unearthed Chlothar's remains with evidence presented in Caribert's scarf in his possession. There's also an emphasis on pure blood Khaenri'ahns which Kaeya identifies Dainsleif to be while Kaeya himself is not.
So what if the timeline of events is this:
Chlothar comes out of the quest to eventually establish the Abyss Order in Sumeru. (I would imagine the sibling did not join at this time as Dainsleif would have opposed it.) But as time goes on the order becomes more radical and Chlothar ends up disillusioned by his previous fascination with the Sinner. Somehow he finds a way to break the curse on himself but doesn't use it on the rest of the Abyss. It could be that they are too far gone by then having become dependent on the Void. With the curse broken Chlothar decides to live out his life. He falls in love again this time with a woman from Sumeru. (Maybe he never really left. What if the reason why Kaeya thought Khaenri'ah was near Sumeru is because the Abyss Order - composed of Khaenri'ah's survivors - was established and headquartered in Sumeru during Chlothar's reign?) Anyway he has a child with this woman who is either Kaeya himself or an ancestor depending on how long ago it was when the curse broke. For now I think Chlothar being Kaeya's father works better and so Kaeya's name comes from his Sumeran mother. Before his death Chlothar realizes Kaeya's potential so he takes him to Mondstadt to survive. After he died he was buried back where it all started and next to his first wife. Who buried him, why and what happened to Kaeya's mother is still up in the air. In my head canon the answers are the sibling, to show respect and she died in childbirth. But at this point anything is possible.
So the first question is why the sibling and respect were they showing? We know that they will eventually join the Abyss. I theorized that they might have joined out of guilt for the part they played in this quest. While Celestia's curse wasn't their fault the fanaticism the Khaenri'ahns developed for the Void Realm came from these events. This is also why Dainsleif disagrees with them and they stopped traveling together. Guilt pushed them to join and lead the Abyss in the vain hope of breaking the curse while they and the Abyss are still fixated on vengeance against Celestia. As Dainsleif said it's folly. The rift between them might have widened when the sibling found out that Chlothar had figured out how to break the curse while Dainsleif only has at the end of this quest. The sibling might believe that only by going down the path of the Abyss, retracing Chlothar's steps, can they figure out a new solution that'll work for everybody. When Chlothar died the sibling finds them and remembering how they met and what happened since, they decide to take him back to be with his wife. They make a promise to save the Khaenri'ahns from the evils of Celestia and that has sealed their fate ever since.
Now the more important question is Kaeya. What exactly is his potential? Why can't he escape his past? What is this important decision he'll have to make? I think whatever Chlothar did to himself that broke the curse was also inherited by Kaeya. Now Kaeya is the key to their salvation but it comes at an irreversible cost.
We saw how far Chlothar was willing to go to break the curse. He bowed his head and begged for Rukkhadevata's help. If it wasn't for the Sinner he would have likely continued. What if what it finally took to break the curse was unabashed supplication to Celestia? And we all know Celestia demands that humanity follow its Heavenly Principles. Based on my theory which seems to keep being reinforced by each successive quest it'll be defying the principles that allows humanity to ascend. Even if it's just to ascend out of Celestia's fake sky they'll still need to reject the principles first and maybe Chlothar only broke the curse by swearing that path away.
So what does that actually mean? Well on the one hand Kaeya serves as a "blueprint" for all Khaenri'ahns to follow Chlothar's path. Kaeya could give himself to them and break the curse on the Abyss, hilichurls and any surviving pure bloods that didn't join a side. But then they would all never leave the fake sky. It'd be trading one curse for another. On the other hand he can maybe cleanse himself of his limited Khaenri'ahn blood and that would remove the blueprint from him. Without it though the Abyss who have been fueled by the Void for so long can never be saved.
What'll it be? Save all of your people and all those innocent lives by subjugating them all to Celestia forever? They'll be restored to humanity and be able to live their lives again but are thenceforth doomed to the fake sky under Celestia's rule. Or reject it. Those who aren't polluted by the Void can continue to fight against the Heavenly Principles and find their way to ascension. (as they are though meaning hilichurls stay hilichurls) But all the Khaenri'ahns who chose to join the Abyss - including any that only joined in desperation because of the pain and suffering they already endured - are permanently lost.
Of course it feels like this wouldn't be a hard choice for Kaeya to make. He's stated plainly that he doesn't care for Khaenri'ah and he doesn't present himself like someone who'd ever offer himself up. But it's one thing to say you don't care; it's very different when you actually do hold people's fates in your hands.
Now miHoYo hasn't made Genshin anywhere near dark enough for a plot like this. But let's not forget how they got their start. Honkai throws plots like this at players every patch. It's not too much of a stretch to think they'd give Kaeya such a sadistic choice.
  • Kaeya's name suggests a link to Sumeru and we find Chlothar working on the curse problem in Sumeru. Maybe Kaeya is Chlothar's son with a Sumeru woman after he breaks the curse on himself.
  • The method he used to free himself can't work on the Abyss Order because they've relied too much on the Void. (the "forbidden knowledge" if you will)
  • This is why our twin is hard at work continuing the Loom of Fate operation. They think they can retrace Chlothar's steps to figure out a method that'll also work on the Abyss.
  • It'll turn out that Kaeya is a solution to their problem but it'll come at a great cost. If he goes for it the Khaenri'ahns get rid of the curse but they'll be stuck under the Heavenly Principles forever. If Kaeya doesn't go for it then the MC might still be able to honestly break the curse but they can't save the Abyss Order at all and it's still not easy to reclaim your humanity after becoming a hilichurl.
  • The choice will be who Kaeya chooses to save with innocent lives on both sides.
So what do you guys think? Also what would you choose if you were in Kaeya's place? I want to see where we'd lean.
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2023.03.30 21:06 Inception_025 Movie of the Year 2022 Survivor Round 1 of 9

My dear friends, my beautiful disruptors, my closest inner circle. You are cordially invited to eliminate the first film from this competition! Travel details to come, please forward any dietary restrictions. Love and all my kisses, u/Inception_025.
Reminder that you must have seen ALL films remaining in order to vote.
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Pregame Polls
PREVIOUS MOVIE OF THE YEAR WINNERS (click to view full event)
2005: Brokeback Mountain (d. Ang Lee)
2006: Children of Men (d. Alfonso Cuarón)
2007: There Will Be Blood (d. Paul Thomas Anderson)
2008: WALL-E (d. Andrew Stanton)
2009: Inglourious Basterds (d. Quentin Tarantino)
2010: The Social Network (d. David Fincher)
2011: A Separation (d. Asghar Farhadi)
2012: Moonrise Kingdom (d. Wes Anderson)
2013: Her (d. Spike Jonze)
2014: Whiplash (d. Damien Chazelle)
2015: Mad Max: Fury Road (d. George Miller)
2016: Arrival (d. Denis Villeneuve)
2017: Get Out (d. Jordan Peele)
2018: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (d. Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti & Rodney Rothman)
2019: Parasite (d. Bong Joon-Ho)
2020: The Father (d. Florian Zeller)
2021: The Worst Person in the World (d. Joachim Trier)
PREVIOUS MOVIE OF THE DECADE WINNERS (click to view full event)
Oscar Ineligible of the 2010s: It's Such a Beautiful Day (d. Don Hertzfeldt)
2010s: Parasite (d. Bong Joon-Ho)
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