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Warm, fuzzy, sometimes tangled.

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2023.03.31 08:01 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023 Download Course on

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023 Download Course on
Get the course here:
[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

It’s All About Pattern Recognition!
There is a pattern for success – a blueprint – even in times like these. Tony has spent his entire 44-year career studying these patterns. He is a student of history , learning from those who have been through this before.
When you know these patterns, you can USE them, too.
The world has faced inflation and recession before. So we know the patterns that will lead to pain, and the ones that will provide us with certainty and an ability to find a strong center even when all hell is breaking loose in the world.
During the free Become Unshakeable Challenge, Tony is going to condense decades of expertise into 5 days so that you can fast-track your path to utilizing these patterns in your own life.
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.03.31 07:52 nbang HIRE ME TO SAVE THE COMPANY!

Being in the field of e-commerce, with several years of experience in growing and managing my online business, I am constantly searching for ways to expand my e-commerce venture.
And I would like to offer my expertise on possible growth, especially during times like this.
Here are my results from 3/20/2021-3/20/2023:
2021-2023 Earnings
I understand that displaying this may come across negatively to some, but I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to being taken seriously.
Onto the main topic:
Hear me out!
Using stardust instead of passes for raids is an interesting idea that could potentially improve the Pokemon Go raid experience/overall experience. Currently, players need to use a Raid Pass or Premium Raid Pass to participate in a raid, and at the time of this writing, players obtain one free pass per day. This can be frustrating for players who want to participate in more raids but are limited by the number of passes they have.
Using stardust instead of passes for raids could offer an alternative way for players to participate in raids without having to worry about pass limitations. This would allow players to use their stardust, which is a resource that can be earned through various gameplay activities to join raids.
To implement this idea, Niantic could introduce a stardust cost for each raid, with the cost increasing depending on the difficulty or level of the raid. For example, a low-level raid might require 1000 stardust to participate, while a higher-level raid could require 5000 stardust or more.
While there are potential benefits to using stardust instead of passes for raids, there are also potential downsides to consider. For example, using stardust could make it more difficult for newer players to participate in raids, as they may not have as much stardust to spend but that only incentivizes them to catch more Pokémon, do some research, etc.
That’s crazy, then how would Niantic make money?
If Niantic were to replace raid passes with stardust as the main source of entry to raids, they would need to come up with new revenue streams to make up for the loss of income from selling raid passes.
  1. Universal Currency (IAP): Niantic could offer players the option to purchase stardust directly with real money. People are already willing to pay and will continue to pay. This would allow players to skip the process of earning stardust through gameplay and get instant access to raids. By offering this option, players who don't wish to grind for stardust can purchase it, while non-paying players can still have an opportunity to participate.
  2. Premium Membership: Niantic could introduce a premium membership program that offers exclusive benefits and features to players who pay a monthly fee. Premium members could gain access to features such as increased stardust gains per catch, rewards, and candies. This could also include exclusive field studies to community days so players won’t have to spend extra into getting them.
  3. Cosmetic items (which they are already doing): Niantic could offer more/much better cosmetic items such as skins, outfits, or accessories for players to purchase with real money. These items would not affect gameplay but would allow players to customize their characters and show off their personal style.
  4. Advertising: Niantic could introduce in-game advertising that players would see during gameplay. I’m not talking about those annoying banners that you see at the bottom of your screen when you play those indie games from the App Store, but instead, replace Pokestop images with sponsored ads from campaigns who pays Niantic to advertise for them. This can range from how wide companies want their ads to be shown to how often it can be shown. These ads could be targeted based on player location and could promote local businesses or products.
Spoofing refers to the practice of using unauthorized software or methods to manipulate a player's GPS location and gain an unfair advantage in Pokémon Go.
To address this issue, Niantic could implement several measures to detect and prevent spoofing. Here are a few potential strategies:
  1. IP address verification: Niantic could track the IP address of the device used to earn stardust and participate in raids. If a player earns stardust from a location that is significantly far away from their typical location, it could raise a red flag and prompt further investigation.
  2. Geolocation tracking: Niantic could track the physical location of a player's device and compare it to the location where stardust was earned or raids were participated in. If there is a significant discrepancy between the two, it could indicate spoofing.
  3. Machine learning algorithms: Niantic could use machine learning algorithms to detect abnormal player behavior and identify potential spoofers. This could include looking for patterns such as rapid location changes, unusual raid participation frequency, or unusual stardust earning activity.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
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2023.03.31 07:52 Visual_Put990 IETSAT-2023 Scholarship: An Opportunity to Fulfill Your Dreams

IETSAT-2023 Scholarship: An Opportunity to Fulfill Your Dreams
The IETSAT-2023 scholarship is an offline Scholarship Aptitude Test conducted by TEMPL Group of Institutions. It is an award given to students to aid their education in all Institutes affiliated with TEMPL Group of Institutions.
We all know that financial problems can often come in the way of achieving our dreams, and that is where the IETSAT scholarship test helps. It provides financial assistance to students who wish to contribute towards the expenses of their education and reduce the financial load on their parents.
By taking the IETSAT scholarship test, you can achieve financial independence and concentrate on your studies, thereby fulfilling your dreams. It also protects you from unnecessary debts, leading to a stress-free life.
The eligibility criteria for the IETSAT scholarship test is that you must have passed or appeared in the 10+2 examination. The examination pattern is based on objective type questions, with a total of 90 questions carrying 90 marks, and there is no negative marking. The exam duration is 2 hours. The syllabus includes General Awareness, Logical Reasoning, English Language Proficiency, and Hindi Language Proficiency.
Registration for the IETSAT-2023 scholarship test started on 10th February 2023 and will end on 28th April 2023. The exam will be held on Sunday, 30th April 2023. The exam fee is nil, and only offline mode of examination is available. Hall tickets containing candidate details and examination centre will be sent to all applicants through Mail/WhatsApp. Applicants can also download their hall ticket from the official website or collect it physically from the Institute for Education and Technical-sciences.
In conclusion, the IETSAT-2023 scholarship test is a great opportunity for students to fulfill their dreams and achieve financial independence. Stay updated by frequently visiting the official website for any updates or changes.

To know more kindly visit:-
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2023.03.31 07:44 notalegalkat Advice for Grad Student

Hi! I’m new to this sub and could use some tips.
I tried keto for the first time three weeks ago to lose some weight before vacation. I lost 5 pounds in two weeks (which was my goal — 131.5 to 126.5 as a 5’6 F). I chose to eat whatever I wanted on vacation, but I think I’d like to go back to keto. Before keto, I’d eat carbs almost every meal. I’d also often eat late at night and feel terrible and bloated the next morning. That never happened to me during my two short weeks on keto.
My struggle is that I’m currently a grad student and it’s difficult to restrict what I eat during the weekdays. For example, I’ll go to a lunchtime talk that serves pizza or sandwiches. It’s definitely “weird” of me to refuse free food and spend additional money on meals before or after an event. Other times there are special conferences with wine and beer.
Is anyone else in a similar boat? Can I have a sandwich here and there (e.g. once per week during lunch) and still try to stick to keto? During my two weeks on keto I’d feel hungry sometimes trying to avoid food during events or spend extra money going to Chipotle at random times. I also avoided going out to eat with friends because I knew they were interested in carb-heavy restaurants. It definitely felt like a logistical hassle (although I didn’t mind the discipline part).
I’d really appreciate guidance from anyone in a similar position. Maybe keto isn’t possible for me and I just need a relatively low carb diet? I’m happy around 126, so this would more so be to avoid feeling bloated and to promote my overall health.
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2023.03.31 07:38 mialg The Link Between Premature Ejaculation and Depression

The Link Between Premature Ejaculation and Depression
Premature ejaculation and depression are two medical conditions that can affect men's physical and mental health. While these conditions may seem unrelated, recent research suggests that they are often linked.
In this article, we will explore the connection between premature ejaculation and depression, discussing potential causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation:

Premature ejaculation is a common problem among men, affecting up to 30% of males at some point in their lives. The causes of premature ejaculation are not fully understood but may include psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as physical factors such as hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and nerve damage. Premature ejaculation can also be a side effect of certain medications, and lifestyle factors such as alcohol and drug use.

Symptoms of Depression:

Depression is a mood disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. The symptoms of depression can vary but may include feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness, as well as changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and energy levels. Depression can also cause physical symptoms such as headaches, back pain, and stomach problems.

The link between Premature Ejaculation and Depression:

Recent research suggests that there may be a link between premature ejaculation and depression. Men with premature ejaculation may experience feelings of frustration, embarrassment, and low self-esteem, which can contribute to the development of depression. Conversely, men with depression may experience sexual dysfunction, including premature ejaculation. The two conditions may also be linked through shared risk factors such as stress, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances.

Treatment Options:

Treatment options for premature ejaculation and depression may vary depending on the individual's specific symptoms and underlying causes. For premature ejaculation, treatments may include behavioral therapies, medications, and lifestyle changes. For depression, treatments may include therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes such as exercise and healthy eating.
We talk a lot about this issue and so much more in this FREE eBook, "Supercharging Your Ejaculatory Control". We hope you will pick up a copy for yourself.


Premature ejaculation and depression are two medical conditions that can significantly impact men's physical and mental health. While they may seem unrelated, recent research suggests that they are often linked. By understanding the connection between these conditions and seeking professional help when needed, men can take steps to improve their overall well-being and quality of life.
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2023.03.31 07:38 Annom1313 Drank Until 10 Weeks Pregnant, Terrified and Looking for Reassurance

I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and feel terrible about the drinking I've done. I found out around 3-4 weeks and had been more reliant on alcohol than I'd like to admit. If I stopped I wouldn't have withdrawals or anything but I certainly liked my drinks. I found out right after my vacation ended and did everything under the sun in those first 3-4 weeks that are no-nos. Plenty of drinking, sushi, loaded caffeine drinks. After finding out I told myself that a drink or two wouldn't hurt here and there after a quick Google search and I grabbed a couple 99 single shooters and had four? I think? In the span of 6 hours at around 5 weeks, and a beer on st Patty's day and a single beer after a couple stressful days. What I am truly scared about is that recently, about 9w4d in I went out with friends for the day and grabbed two more shots of the 99 single shooters, had the first (on a full stomach) then the second about 2 hours later. Then had a 9% abv (from what I could google) fat Tuesday drink consumed over 2-3 hrs (about another 1.5 hrs after the second shot) and then about 3 hours later I had a single 5% beer over the course of 3 hours. It wasn't until that night in bed that I realized just how much I drank and didn't know about the risks of shots versus slow low abv drinking until after I stressed googled. I thought I'd be able to enjoy a drink here and there while pregnant but am beginning to realize that while some women can and are comfortable, I am truly not. The guilt is truly wracking my brain and I am so so worried I've hurt them without knowing about the full risks :/ From what I find it seems the 1st trimester is the worst for exposure whereas I thought it was the least. Please do not judge me, I am doing my best and made mistakes early but am resigned to stop now for the rest of the pregnancy. I simply cannot handle the guilt, even over a simple beer or glass of wine. At 7w5d weeks my ob said she wasn't worried about these previous consumptions and really didnt show much concern over my vaping habit as well (which I still do but am tapering down with a goal to quit by 12 weeks) but that was before my recent, irresponsible escapade. Just looking for anything judgement free to ease my mind a bit more and some anecdotal stories to help. Any studies found or advice given by midwives/obs are absolutely welcome as well. Also, I have read expecting better by Emily Oster but am still worrying to death :/ Thank you in advance.
Edit: I am 27, have been taking prenatals and iron supplements since I found out at 3 weeks, try to keep a healthy diet consisting of high iron foods, protein, grains, and veggies/fruit, and participate in moderate exercise daily as I work in retail as well. I am classified as overweight being 5' tall at 165 lbs (which I was trying to improve before pregnancy as well and will continue to do after they are here).
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2023.03.31 07:37 Counter-Potential Question about new patterns

Hello everyone. Correct me if I'm wrong but why the new pattern cards that have been recently released can only be found in free packs and not in paid packs too ? This makes them really rare to find and quite hard to complete the sets
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2023.03.31 07:04 Proletlariet MCU Cap Backup

Respect Captain America

Name: Steve Rogers
Alias: Captain America, Captain Rogers, Cap, Capsicle, America's New Hope, The First Avenger, The Star Spangled Man with a Plan, The Captain, The Soldier, The Super Soldier, The Living Legend, The Man Out of Time, The Sentinel of Liberty, The Running Man, The Greatest Soldier in History, Big Guy, The Old Man, The World's First Super Hero, God's Righteous Man, Flag-Waver
Appearance: Pre-serum, post-serum, Show suit, Soldier suit, First Avenger suit, Avengers suit, Winter Soldier suit, Age of Ultron suit, Civil War suit, Infinity War suit, Endgame suit, with Mjolnir
Born in Brooklyn, Steve was the son of a WW1 veteran. He grew to be sickly, weak, and physically unimpressive; but he still persevered and tried to do the right thing even if it meant physical harm. He tried multiple times to get into the military because he couldn't stand others fighting while he just did nothing. Seeing his inner goodness, Dr. Abraham Erskine gave him the super soldier serum believing that he would do the right thing and wouldn't be corrupted by it. Transformed into Captain America, Steve Rogers fights for freedom and what he believes is right.
All WebMs, Streamables, and Gifs are credited to iwasAfookenLegend All Thumbs.gifs are credited to Biencarlo
[CA] = Captain America: The First Avenger
[AV] = Avengers
[WS] = Captain America: The Winter Soldier
[AU] = Avengers: Age of Ultron
[CW] = Captain America: Civil War
[IW] = Avengers: Infinity War
[EG] = Avengers: Endgame
[1] = Captain America: First Vengeance
[2] = Captain America: Winter Soldier Infinite Comic
[3] = Captain America: Homecoming
[4] = Captain America: Road To War
[5] = Captain America & Thor: Avengers!


Super Soldier Serum


Shield Throwing
Striking w/Shield


Blunt Force






In the fight fight with Thanos, Captain America lifted and used Mjolnir. As stated by Odin in Thor, whoever is worthy of Mjolnir shall possess the power of Thor. Now since the hammer comes from Thor: The Dark World I would recommend only using stuff from Thor up to that point. Or in other words, for scaling purposes I wouldn't personally recommend using later showings.
WW2 Bike
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2023.03.31 07:02 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023 Download Course on

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023 Download Course on
Get the course here:
[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

It’s All About Pattern Recognition!
There is a pattern for success – a blueprint – even in times like these. Tony has spent his entire 44-year career studying these patterns. He is a student of history , learning from those who have been through this before.
When you know these patterns, you can USE them, too.
The world has faced inflation and recession before. So we know the patterns that will lead to pain, and the ones that will provide us with certainty and an ability to find a strong center even when all hell is breaking loose in the world.
During the free Become Unshakeable Challenge, Tony is going to condense decades of expertise into 5 days so that you can fast-track your path to utilizing these patterns in your own life.
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.03.31 06:56 Harper_182 Skies above

A felled log lay across the rutted mud trail which twisted up into the woods. It was green with moss, and the soggy, rotten wood sank under our boots, first Sam’s, then mine. The woods breathed around us. They arched overhead, completing a green ceiling that let in beams of hot sunlight, which clung to rising steam. Arms reached out from the trees, snatching at our clothes and skin. The mud was red and thick.
“Smells like a campfire!” Sam called back.
He walked ahead as usual. Birds called out in warning, and leaves russled as squirrels, alarmed by our intrusion, scattered frantically for the safety of higher limbs.
“We should go camping soon,” Sam said, “or hiking. Let’s do the Appalachian!”
“What does this feel like to you then?” I asked.
“This is just a walk in the woods.” He said, “I mean a real hike.”
A mosquito brushed my neck, and I swatted at it. A cool wave settled onto my hot skin. The air here was still, suspended. A dark spider hung in the void above us, wrapping a struggling moth in her deadly blanket.
Sam slipped in the rut and rose with a handful of the red clay, tossing it back playfully. The birds, seeing no imminent danger, turned to singing songs. Melodies rang out around us as we twisted and climbed further. A monarch, large and silent, danced with us as we went.
“Where would we go?” I asked.
Sam paused and looked back wistfully.
“Somewhere with a river.” He smiled, “we could bring fishing poles, and beers.”
“So who’d carry the cooler of beers on this imaginary trip?”
“We’ll bring them in our backpacks, and leave them in the river to cool as we fish.”
He started back up the trail.
“We’ll catch fish for dinner, so we don’t need to bring food. And we’ll take tents and cook our catch by the fire while drinking beers with the stars.”
We came to a curve in the red trail, that broke off in a fork. The smaller off-shoot led down the mountain.
“Which way do you think?” I asked.
“Probably need the road more travelled in this case.” Sam said, and kept hiking up.
“You have a place in mind?” I asked.
“Colorado.” He said, looking ahead. “They have stars in Colorado.”
The red clay pulled at our boots with every step. Sweat started to roll down my back. Little gnats and mosquitos buzzed around my eyes and ears. As the beams through the canopy started changing shades of orange, the trail started to level.
“I heard Colorado has clean rivers, full of trout.” Sam said. “And skies with millions of stars.”
The trees started to open up ahead of us.
“I think I’d like that.”
The smell of campfire around us grew stronger, and smoke started to drift around the tops of the trees near us. In the clearing we saw a small White House with a couch on the porch. The paint was chipping, and the couch was torn and dark. The steps to the large porch were crooked. The door was green, with old mud stains. As we got closer we saw the smoke rising from just beyond the porch, behind the house. A mousey-looking woman peeked out at us from behind the curtains. A old brown lab lay in a patch of sand next to the broken steps. He rose, and stretched, and wandered up to see us.
Sam crouched, taking off his hat. The old lab had silver hairs on his face, and his tail wagged limply as he came up to smell sams hand.
“Look at this old guy,” Sam smiled. The golden sun washed over them.
I looked wearily past them to the side of the house to where the smoke was rising. Sam rose and we walked cautiously around the edge. The woman inside followed our progress at the window. Sam raised his hand to motion for her to be still.
The first thing we saw was the trash. Broken glass and bottles. Broken wooden legs of an old table jutted out like pilars, and cardboard and plastic and old tires were piled sporadically. In the middle of this dump was a rusted fire pit, with a small fire burning, and next to the fire pit stood a man, naked. His hair was gray and as wild as the woods around us. His skin was deep with weathered wrinkles. His feet were bloody and bare. He had a smear of blood down the cheek, and his eyes were furious.
When he saw us he picked up a red can of gasoline, and poured it over his head. The gas splashed around his feet and pooled in the well of an old worn tire.
“Woah!” I said firmly, “we’re only here to help.”
We froze where we were. He turned to the woman inside.
“You bitch!” He screamed.
The woman squeaked and disappeared behind the curtains. He turned back to us. Sam had his hands up over his head, harmlessly, while mine hovered near my hips.
“Frank, right?” He started, “were just here to help. Talk to me.” He smiled at him.
Frank looked back and forth at us, still holding the gas can. He started pacing around the fire pit.
“Frank, can you tell us what’s wrong?” Sam said.
“She called you here huh” Frank said viciously, “she called you here to kill me.”
“She’s just worried about you Frank. She wants to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.”
“We’re here to help.” I said.
When I spoke, Frank’s head snapped around. His eyes were black, bloodshot.
“You want to take me away, huh?” He said, pacing. Gas spilled from the red can, splashing down his leg. Sam sat on a tire, and ran his hands through his blonde hair.
“Look, I don’t want to take you away. She called us to help you. Can you just put the gas down and talk?”
I backed away. Frank looked nervously at me, then sam. He put the can down next to the fire pit. He was pacing over the broken glass, leaving bloody footprints with every step. “What’s your dogs name?” Sam asked lightly.
“That’s...that’s Lee,” Frank said, “General Lee.”
The dog was back on the porch, sleeping. I glanced around the yard. Trash was scattered everywhere. An old truck sat on flat tires by the trail we came up on. Frank was standing still now, listing as Sam spoke soothingly. The woman was still behind the curtains. The air was still calm and the monarch still danced above our heads. The birds no longer called, watching solemnly with the squirrels at the drama beneath. The sun still glowed and washed the yard in golden light, hanging on the thin smoke from the fire pit. General Lee rose again from the porch, and walked back towards Sam happily. Sam rose with a bright smile, and turned to pet the General.
“We’ll need a dog like this for Colorado.” He said smiling at me with his blue eyes.
Then Frank dropped the old, gas-doused tire around Sam’s shoulders, who was still smiling at the thought as Frank pulled him backwards into the licking flames.
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2023.03.31 06:45 _Triple_ [STORE] 900+ KNIVES/GLOVES/SKINS, 50.000$+ INVENTORY. M9 Fade, M4 Poseidon, Kara Gamma, BFK Freehand, BFK Bright Water, Spec Gloves Kimono, Nomad Fade, M9 Doppler, Skeleton, BFK B.Steel, AWP Fade, Stiletto Fade, S.Gloves Slingshot, BFK Ultra, Kara Damas, Bayo Lore, Bayo Gamma, Flip Fade & A Lot More

Everything in my inventory is up for trade. The most valuable items are listed here, the rest you can find in My Inventory

Feel free to Add Me or even better send a Trade Offer. Open for any suggestions: upgrades, downgrades / knives, gloves, skins / stickers, patterns, floats.

All Buyouts are listed in cash value.


★ Butterfly Knife Freehand FN #1, B/O: $1867

★ Butterfly Knife Bright Water MW, B/O: $1098

★ Butterfly Knife Blue Steel BS, B/O: $907

★ Butterfly Knife Ultraviolet FT, B/O: $789

★ Butterfly Knife Stained FT, B/O: $695

★ Bayonet Tiger Tooth MW #1, B/O: $888

★ Bayonet Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $727

★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 2) FN, B/O: $608

★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $521

★ Bayonet Rust Coat BS, B/O: $253

★ Bayonet Night FT, B/O: $251

★ StatTrak™ Bayonet Lore MW, B/O: $751

★ Karambit Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $1343

★ Karambit Damascus Steel FT, B/O: $774

★ Karambit Rust Coat BS, B/O: $537

★ Karambit Boreal Forest FT, B/O: $488

★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN, B/O: $1523

★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN, B/O: $1523

★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $1008

★ M9 Bayonet Blue Steel FT, B/O: $534

★ M9 Bayonet Rust Coat BS, B/O: $449

★ Flip Knife Fade FN, B/O: $703

★ Flip Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) MW, B/O: $509

★ Flip Knife Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $406

★ Flip Knife Freehand FT, B/O: $228

★ StatTrak™ Flip Knife Bright Water FN, B/O: $332

★ Falchion Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN, B/O: $292

★ Falchion Knife Doppler (Phase 3) FN, B/O: $264

★ Falchion Knife Marble Fade FN, B/O: $258

★ Falchion Knife Bright Water MW, B/O: $133

★ Stiletto Knife Fade FN, B/O: $822

★ Stiletto Knife Slaughter FN, B/O: $569

★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $530

★ Stiletto Knife Crimson Web FT, B/O: $396

★ StatTrak™ Stiletto Knife Scorched FT, B/O: $172

★ Gut Knife Doppler (Sapphire) MW #1, B/O: $830

★ Gut Knife Fade FN, B/O: $204

★ Gut Knife Tiger Tooth FN, B/O: $138

★ Gut Knife Bright Water MW, B/O: $104

★ Gut Knife Freehand FT, B/O: $92

★ Gut Knife Urban Masked FT, B/O: $82

★ StatTrak™ Gut Knife Rust Coat BS, B/O: $93

★ Shadow Daggers Fade FN, B/O: $258

★ Shadow Daggers Doppler (Phase 3) FN, B/O: $165

★ Shadow Daggers Blue Steel FT, B/O: $82

★ Shadow Daggers Bright Water FT, B/O: $82

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★ Ursus Knife Marble Fade FN, B/O: $405

★ Ursus Knife Night Stripe MW, B/O: $162

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AK-47 Fuel Injector BS, B/O: $76

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AWP Fade FN, B/O: $864


AWP Containment Breach FT, B/O: $69

AWP Containment Breach FT, B/O: $69

AWP Wildfire FT, B/O: $59

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M4A1-S Printstream MW, B/O: $204

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USP-S Kill Confirmed MW, B/O: $65

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StatTrak™ USP-S Kill Confirmed FT, B/O: $123

StatTrak™ USP-S Neo-Noir FN, B/O: $106

AUG Flame Jörmungandr FN, B/O: $218

P2000 Ocean Foam FN, B/O: $139

Souvenir SSG 08 Death Strike MW, B/O: $81

CZ75-Auto Emerald Quartz MW, B/O: $61

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2023.03.31 06:44 Hedgehog_5150 Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 3

Credit to u/bluefishcake for writing the original SSB story and building the sandbox for us to play in.
And a big thanks to the authors and their stories that inspired to get off my ass and put fingers to keyboard. RandomTinkerer (City Slickers and Hayseeds), Punnynfunny (Denied Operations), CompassWithHat (Top Lasgun), Rhion-618 (Just One Drop), UncleCieling(Going Native), RobotStatic (Far Away), Kazevenikov (The Cryptid Chronicle).
Super thank to SmolDs1337(Convenient Narrative) he was a massive help in editing this chapter and Grey_bit how has been a big help as well.
as always comments, complaints and suggestion are welcome.

When Lorian left Robert, she was in a foul mood. This bunch of clam digging flotsam needed to be investigated for criminal negligence and abuse. If things did not change before she left, she would be contacting naval criminal investigations. She could not go to the interior due to the classified nature of the evaluation for being declared a strategic asset. She asked the guard to take her to the facility commanders office.
When she entered the facility commander there were three naval officers waiting for her, the only one she had met to this point was Lt Cmdr Ashix, the security officer that had cleared her and her team for entry into the facility, she was seated to her left as she entered. To her right appeared to be an Edixi Lieutenant Commander also from naval intelligence with medical insignia and the woman behind the desk was and was a full commander from engineering.
Taking the last seat, the guard closed the door and remained outside “before we get started, I would like to know why I should not be in contact with NCI to investigate the abuse my client has endured at your hands” The stunned looks told her they were not prepared for that.
Commander Vashini was many things, but a boy bashing child abuser was not one of them. This sand clamed piece of turox shit dared to claim that she was … she did not complete the thought she pushed her temper down growling, “Explain yourself.”
Smiling predatorily, “Certainly, a fifteen-year-old human child kept in chains and in solitary confinement for three days. Also, there was no food or water at that time. Other than a few pieces of food he took from your lunch your lunch” pointing at the woman with the medical insignia, “and no basic hygiene since he was taken into custody. Now if you do not believe me, ask the guard outside if she is allowed to remove my client’s chains.”
“I am Dr Arandis Norroe and if that is the case then why did he not speak up?” Arandis realized just how moronic her statement was out of her mouth closing her eyes, ”He does not vocalize and none of the guards knows hand speak.”
Lorian continued, “add in the Fact that that a large number of young males from this world disappear all the time and believe he is next on the tragic list. The only reason I would not get the interior involved is because if I did, the odds of him ever going home drops below fifty-fifty.”
The woman to Lorians right, Lt Cmdr Ashi, spoke next.” I had heard stories that it was happening, but I thought it was an exaggeration, you know, just stories. Is it really that bad?”
Looking at Lt Cmdr Ashi, ”In the almost five years since the imperium liberated this world there has been a loss of almost six hundred million people and those are the planetary governesses own numbers and if you ask an human that would give you and honest number it would be closer to a eight hundred million. With either number I would start calling it a genocide or a mass enslavement. When I first arrived, I came to get a man and make a ton of credits. I naively used to believe that we in the Imperium were the righteous and virtuous ones, not anymore. The interior and the nobility are all out of control of this world. Now there are some who are doing the Empress's good work, but there are not enough of them.”
Zirlyn turned to Cmdr Vashini “This changes things, we are going to need to protect him from not just external but internal threats. I will take care of the boy, Robert and make sure safe and not abused and has everything he needs. I will make sure he has access to communicate with family and other involved persons. Once my background investigation is complete.”
Cmdr Vashini was reeling, she was complicit in boy bashing, almost. She had fucked up now she had to fix it. “Advocate, LtCmdr Ashix will see to all of the issues you have raised” Raising her voice “Guard Please get in here.”
The guard replied as she entered, ”Yes Ma’am”
“Please get our guest fully kitted out with the exception of weapons, armor, and electronic devices he will not need for now. And return any personal items again with exceptions identified. All personnel that need to interact with our guest will be equipped with a translation program for terrain hand speak. Once kitted out you and two others will escort our guest to an area where he may take care of his personal hygiene needs without intrusion. Per naval protocol our guest will not be restrained unless he is being interviewed by a technical person. That means leave the restraints in the interview room. Dismissed.”
When the guard acknowledged her orders and left, Cmdr Vashini “That should improve his treatment. The restraints are required, unless overridden by a flag officer. Advocate is there anything I can do right now to correct his mistreatment.”
“That should be sufficient for now. When this meeting is over I will check in with my client and see if he needs anything else and coordinate with LtCmdr Ashix ”, Lorian replied, relieved that there was no fight or recrimination, just fix the problems and more on.
Cmdr Vashini turns to Dr Norroe, “Doctor you're up.”
Dr Norroe sat up and began her presentation, ”I start with a complete review of his medical and educational records which are interesting to say the least. I was able to verify four items identified by a human psychologist from before the liberation, any one of these if he were not human, he would have been institutionalized with the expectation of a pending psychotic break and becoming a danger to himself and others. In curd terms he is a defective and was labeled as so when his mother moved him to Prescott. Fortunately for us his mother chose to parental educate.”
Lorian broke in “Don’t you mean fortunately for him not us?”
Bemused by the interruption” Yes you are correct. Where was I,” looking back to her notes “parental education option. To say I am impressed with her success is an understatement. He completed the imperium basic primary education curriculum in less than three terrain years with exceptional marks in every subject except language related courses. This shows his raw intelligence is very high and my cognitive test confirms he is at least a one in a hundred thousand intellect.”
Dr Norroe paused to let the good part sink in,” Now the four items I mentioned earlier Dyslexia, digraphia, low latent inhibition, and manic depression. We have different names for them, dyslexia is called ‘non-linear developmental psychosis’, digraphia is called ‘limited developmental cognitive articulation’ these a both defined by humans as learning disabilities and the humans have been aware if this for some though most of the time it is miss diagnosed. When correctly identified there are several strategies to work around and adapt the educational environment for this. For low latent inhibition or hyper process stimulation, this is so rare for us there is almost no research on the subject, except to indicate that it is a death sentence by the age of ten and mostly affects boys.
Cmdr Vashini broke in, “Are you telling me that humans deal with this all of the time.”
Dr Norroe had to laugh,” Hardly, with the learning disabilities they do not just deal they have used it a s a species to drive their technological advancement without dyslexia I do not think the human would have gone from the first powered flight to their lunar landing in one human lifetime, research in the subject showed that half of the engineers involved had the condition. The condition affects about fifteen to twenty percent of the population, so I believe there was an evolutionary advantage. About the same number of humans are left-handed, for the Shil’vita left handedness is about three percent.”
Lorian remembered something Robert had said: it is a blessing and a curse.
“With humans there is a very diverse spectrum of these learning disabilities.” Dr Norroe continued. “ In His case the manic depression is directly tied to his limited ability to articulate what he is thinking. This may be why he produced so many abstract art pieces, he is expressing an idea the only way he can.
Back to the testing I did with Robert showed not only is he very intelligent, but he is very creative as well and like all the others who have dyslexia, he just thinks differently.”
Dr Norroe paused waiting for any questions and pulled up an example, “Here we have two images one titled rain drops on glass next to one titled gravity lensing optical distortion. The first one would be considered art the other science. This is an example in true non-linear thinking, it is clear that the first triggered the second.”
Cmdr Vashini rubbed her forehead.” I do not understand how somebody could go from rain drops on a piece of glass to an understanding of gravitational lensing. There is no logical way to connect the two.”
Lt Cmdr Ashix countered “No, it is a form of pattern recognition. I am trained to see things that do not belong, and that took years, he connects things instinctively. I bet if he did speak, he would be finishing your sentences for you, and be correct better than half of the time.”
Cmdr Vashini,” Now that we have taken Dr Norroe up a side stream, the idea of pattern recognition begs the question if that thing out in the hanger is a piece of a pattern, if it is, then is it the start or the end. If this is the end of the pattern, the kid will be rich off all the things that come out of it. We have figured out about ten percent of what he created but no real idea why. From that ten percent the team has identified six or seven applications for just the navy.”
Lorian had to smile at the commander’s admission. Six or seven new applications in just a few days, this was very good news. “I will need that information in basic concept form, no technical data. It is legally his, is it not?”
Advocates, Cmdr Vashini though bemused, always looking for a quick credit,” Yes, it is all his if we ever figure out what it is. Now if we are done with this subject Doctor please continue.”
Garquile was as close to his happy place as the situation would allow. His ankle monitor chaffed as he tried to move around the kitchen. Two things in his life brought him great pleasure. Cooking and barrel racing. Cooking was a creative passion, a chance to tune out the world and concentrate on the creation of a flavor and texture, a single note of a song that would make up a meal. He had prepped all of the fruits, vegetables and was now working on the main dish, two large Copi, fresh from the upper Mississippi River. Deboning and deveining was the tedious and delicate part. If you rushed, you could leave the meat unpresentable. Finishing his cleanup of the filets, he surveyed his handy work, perfect he thought.
Three perfect filets for the adults doing their important adulting stuff, even with all four advocated here. The kids, himself included, would have the other filets with the gill meat and the trimming from the other filets that were too thin to be cooked the way he wanted. The Copi was covered in a mango lime jerk chutney to give the fish a delicate crusted glaze, when cooked in an outdoor brick oven. Waiting for the Copi, would be individual bowls of pad thai, served with a reduced coconut milk jerk spice reduction.
The kids, himself and his siblings would get fish tacos. Fish tacos were not something he made very often for dinner, it was finger food, it was not appropriate for the evening family meal in the dining room, but they were not having a real family meal tonight, so guilty finger food was on the menu.
Tonight’s meal would have been fun if not for the fact that he and Tommy were both wearing ankle monitors and Robert was locked in a cage and was being treated like an animal, from what he had overheard. Afterwards, the adults sealed off the dining room so they could talk in private. The family dining room was the only place in the house that could double up as a conference room.
Tommy had been pretty freaked out over the three days they had been detained. Tommy had explained it to him the day after they got back. Humans until very recently were not citizens of the Imperium and had no legal status for due process, so if he did anything the powers that be could just ship him off to the marines. It was a favorite tactic of the interior to deal with the troublemakers. Now he was a muted version of himself. Tommy always seemed to want to protect Robert, mainly from family shit with his grandfather.
He had met both Robert and Tommy about a month after they had moved to Earth in a Kung fu class. One of his mother’s security detail had started training long before he and his family arrived and suggested it as a way to integrate into the local community in a controlled environment. His sisters loved it from the start, mainly to interact with boys. It was not until he shifted into the Tia chi that he began to enjoy the Kung Fu. The only thing he still dreaded was sparing, the human boys would take the opportunity to hit him a little harder just to piss off his sisters. He remembered that early on Robert never attacked when he spared only using counter strikes.
He remembered his father telling him that every young woman should defend their family and every young man should have the poise and confidence to allow them to do it. Having confidence in your wife’s ability to defend you showed in how you presented yourself, you would never cower because you would never have to. Public displays of confidence in your wives are one of the most powerful displays of love and devotion the world can ever be shown. At least according to his father, he had eleven wives in his forty-six years and his youngest wife, Lalania, was almost twenty.
The timer on the oven pulled Garquile out of his thoughts the Copi was done and needed to be plated. Presentation was important, mother had an image to maintain, he could not and would not serve anything that was just thrown onto a plate. He and three of his sisters would serve the adults restaurant style since this was working dinner. Tommy would be serving the wine, he had the advantage working as a server in the local casino’s restaurant. Servers worked with the waiters to refresh the drinks and bring out the food for the waiters to present to customers. The server position was just a dodge to get around the law requiring waiters to be eighteen human years old to serve alcohol.
Garquile’s mother only tolerated having a large household staff to serve official functions. She had been very forceful when she had become governess. So that her children would not become lazy bottom feeders, all of the children had chores. Garquile had traded his sister Valenlina, laundry for cooking. She hated both chores, but laundry took less time than cooking the family meal four nights a week.
Garquile had chosen a pair of white wines from the Sonoita region, a Albarino and a Verdejo. Tommy had suggested these because they were very popular with fish at the restaurants. The guests would get to choose, and the family would get the leftovers. Garquile had Valenlina call their father and tell him that dinner was on its way. When they arrived with the food the table was not cleared but all the papers and data slate had been moved to the side of their owners. Garquile sighed. So much for his proper presentation, they were too engrossed to really care, but the show must go on. As his sisters presented the meal to their guests and family, Garquile described the meal, detailing each aspect. Tommy picked up with a well-practiced description of the wines when Garquile finished.
With the meal served, the children retreated to the outdoor patio. Garquile and Tommy brought out the tacos and chips and set them up near the fire pit. Valenlina came out last carrying the blender and margarita mix, the only thing missing was alcohol. Garquile intended to fix that at least.
Tommy had been looking out for Robert ever since they had met, not that Robert needed protection. Tommy acted like a filter, keeping the B.S. to a minimum and keeping him engaged with the people around him. When Tommy had asked him and Valenlina to help with the car,both of them had been excited. For Valenlina, a classic human car was a maybe someday dream, but time with Tommy was time with Tommy. Tommy explained that Robert had really started engaging with people when they started the car. It was something he could talk about that others could understand…. right up until the motor that had taken the six months of hard-core scrapping to buy. When the motor had turned out to be a worthless boat anchor, Robert had reverted to being disengaged. Lost in his data slate shell as he had been before, Garquile still did not know what had gotten Robert to re-engage so to speak.
As everyone was chowing down on the tacos, Garquile got the mixer going on the drinks. Valenlina started giving Tommy a back rub in to hope he would relax for a little while when she asked, “So Tommy, I never asked, whose idea was it to make the car fly?”
Sighing in pleasure Tommy replied, ”You keep that up I will tell you all of my secrets and maybe a few lies to make you believe in Santa Claus.”
Garquile brought over a tray of drinks, ”Mother would be aghast if she saw you handling a boy like that, and what do you mean Santa Claus isn’t real? You have destroyed my innocence!” He chimed in mockingly.
Tommy grabbed the drink when offered, Garquile made sure it was the one that was spiked. Tommy noticed the special ingredient, “Trying to help your sister loosen my resolve to her charms I see”.
Garquile feigned ignorance about the fact Tommy and his sister had been having sex for over a year now. Valenlina had told him, as soon as it happened, because she had to tell somebody, and he could keep a secret. There was a problem with the secret as it was not a secret. All of the parents knew and let Tommy and Valenlina believe they were being discreet. Valenlina had explained to him that Tommy was amazing, but he was also safe, and he felt the same way. They were not using each other, just enjoying what they had. Knowing it would be over in less than a year, when she would travel to Shil for University. “Please, my sister has no charm, as well as limited manners, but if you are going to spill your secrets…. I am listening.”
Valenlina worked her hands from the top of Tommy’s shoulders to just below his shoulder blades, ”As I am putty in Valenlina hands, I will tell you it was all Bobby’s idea. The reason he withdrew was he was afraid Granddad would get pissed about wanting to do a Shil’vita based retro mod on a sixty-nine Charger.”
Garquile finally getting his own drink “I would have watched Granddads reaction. I bet he blew a gaskit?.. I think that was the right way to say that.”
“It was, but not the way you would think. His first reaction was to snarf the beer he was drinking right his nose laughing. The guy he got the car from, Martinez, had a couple requests, ‘make it cool, fast and no shit purple shil metal on it’. ates the purple metal because it is a pain to shape by hand.” Pausing for another sip of his drink. “It took my Granddad a good five minutes to stop coughing while Robert was sitting there waiting for him to lay down the hammer on him, but then granddad said something neither of us were expecting.‘show what you have.’ Robert just sat there stunned then like a dam breaking. Bobby asked are you sure and my granddad just said show me what you have. “
Getting up to sit next to him, Valenlinaleaned over to wrap her arms around him. “It took Bobby about three hours to explain what needed to be done to make the car fly, with a top speed that he guessed was around two hundred and fifty miles an hour. When Bobby dropped that little tidbit about going faster granddad asked how much faster. Bobby only said that if he didn't deal with the heat, the car would melt. My granddad couldn'tthink how fast that would be and just told Boddy "let's just make it fly first then go for speed records.”
Garquile then asked, “So how long did it take to design all of this, to me it seemed that it was all in his head?”
Tommy rolled head back and laughed “To be honest, I have no idea, he could have been thinking about it since we started. He is like a dog playing fetch and then suddenly he sees a squirrel and off to the races, then ten minutes later he comes back with a rabbit and toy boat.”
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch1 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 2 : Sexyspacebabes (

Janissary: The Son Of War : Sexyspacebabes (

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2023.03.31 06:31 hannahbowie Has anyone used Plushify or Blender to create patterns from 3D models?

I found a website ( that helps you create sewing patterns from 3D models. There also seems to be a free plug-in on Blender called “Seams to Sewing Pattern” that seems to do the same thing. Online content I can find on it are few, and close to none that I can find for Plushify.
I’m just wondering if anyone has used these and how was your experience like?
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2023.03.31 06:30 Appomate Top mobile app trends in 2023.

Mobile app development is a dynamic field that constantly evolves with new technologies and trends. In 2023, we can expect to see several new trends in mobile app development that will shape the industry in the coming years. Here are some of the most significant trends to watcg out for:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) have been a significant part of technology for quite some time now, but their usage and importance are expected to increase exponentially in the mobile app development industry in 2023. AI-powered mobile apps are designed to analyze vast amounts of user data and provide personalized recommendations and experiences. This technology has already been incorporated into several popular apps such as Netflix and Spotify, where they offer recommendations based on users’ watching or listening history.
AI can also be used to create chatbots and virtual assistants that can communicate with users and provide personalized support. These virtual assistants can understand users’ queries and provide a tailored responses, which makes them an essential tool for customer support in the mobile app industry.
Moreover, machine learning can also play a crucial role in enhancing the accuracy of predictive algorithms used in mobile apps like weather and traffic. By analyzing large data sets and patterns, ML algorithms can improve the accuracy of predictive models, providing users with more accurate forecasts and predictions.
Additionally, AI-powered mobile apps can also enhance security measures by detecting and preventing potential threats in real-time. This technology can analyze user data and detect suspicious activities that can be flagged and prevented before they cause any harm.
AI and ML are expected to become even more critical in the mobile app development world in 2023, offering benefits like personalized recommendations, accurate predictions, improved security, and more. The integration of these technologies will undoubtedly revolutionize the way mobile apps are designed, developed, and experienced by users.
Some examples of apps that use AI and ML are:

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a network of interconnected devices that can communicate with each other to perform various tasks. Like with AI and ML, the trend of integrating IoT in mobile apps is expected to grow in 2023. IoT-enabled apps can control smart devices, monitor energy usage, and provide users with real-time updates on their connected devices. Some benefits of IoT are:
  1. Improved efficiency: IoT-enabled mobile apps can help users streamline their daily tasks by automating them. For instance, a user can set up a schedule for their smart home devices such as lights, thermostats, and appliances, which can be controlled through the mobile app. This not only makes life easier but also helps save time and energy.
  2. Enhanced user experience: With IoT-enabled mobile apps, users can get real-time updates on their connected devices, which can help them make informed decisions about their usage. For example, an energy monitoring app can display how much energy each device is consuming and suggest ways to reduce consumption, thereby helping users save money and reduce their carbon footprint.
  3. Security concerns: With the increased adoption of IoT, security concerns have also risen. As more devices become connected, there is a greater risk of cyber attacks. Therefore, it is important for IoT-enabled mobile apps to have robust security features that protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.
  4. Integration with other technologies: IoT-enabled mobile apps can also integrate with other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide users with personalized experiences. For instance, an app can learn a user’s habits and preferences and suggest ways to optimize their smart home devices accordingly.
  5. Industry-specific applications: IoT-enabled mobile apps have a wide range of applications across industries such as healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation. For example, in healthcare, IoT-enabled devices such as wearables can transmit vital health data to mobile apps, which can be used by doctors to monitor patient health remotely.
The integration of IoT in mobile apps is expected to grow in 2023 and beyond, providing users with enhanced efficiency, real-time updates, and personalized experiences. However, it is highly important for these apps to address security concerns and integrate with other emerging technologies to provide the best, and safest user experience.
Some examples of IoT-enabled apps are:

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is a technology that allows digital objects to be superimposed onto the real world. In 2023, AR is expected to become even more mainstream in mobile app development. AR-enabled apps can provide users with immersive experiences, such as trying on virtual clothes or placing virtual furniture in their homes. Some of the inherent benefits in AR technology are:
Improved marketing and sales: AR-enabled mobile apps have great potential for marketing and sales. For instance, retailers can use AR to offer virtual try-on experiences for customers, helping them visualize how a product might look before making a purchase. This can lead to increased sales and reduced returns.
Enhanced education and training: AR can also be used in educational and training contexts. For example, medical students can use AR-enabled apps to study anatomy and practice surgical procedures in a simulated environment. Similarly, employees in fields such as manufacturing and construction can use AR to learn new skills and practice them in a safe, virtual environment.
Improved navigation and way-finding: AR-enabled mobile apps can provide users with improved navigation and way-finding experiences. For example, an AR-enabled map app can overlay directions and points of interest in the real world, making it easier for users to navigate unfamiliar surroundings.
Integration with other technologies: AR-enabled mobile apps can be integrated with other technologies such as AI and IoT to provide even more immersive experiences. For instance, an app could use AR to display real-time information about an object in the user’s environment, such as the temperature of a device connected to an IoT network.
Increased social media engagement: AR can also be used to create fun and interactive experiences for social media users. For example, Snapchat and Instagram both offer AR filters that allow users to add digital objects to their photos and videos, making social media interactions more engaging.
AR is expected to become even more mainstream in mobile app development in 2023, offering a wide range of applications across industries such as retail, education, and navigation. As AR continues to evolve, it is likely to be integrated with other emerging technologies, leading to even more immersive experiences for users.
Some examples of AR-enabled apps are:


Chatbots have been around for a few years now, but their popularity is expected to grow even further in the coming years. In 2023, they are expected to be even more prevalent in mobile app development, due to their ability to provide users with instant customer service, answer questions, and provide recommendations.
Chatbots are computer programs designed to mimic human conversation, using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms. They can be integrated into various platforms, including mobile apps, websites, social media platforms, and messaging services, among others.
One of the main advantages of chatbots is their ability to provide instant customer service. Users can get help with their queries or problems without having to wait for a human customer service representative to become available. Chatbots can handle a large volume of queries simultaneously, making it possible to provide round-the-clock customer support.
Moreover, chatbots can answer questions and provide recommendations based on the user’s interests and preferences. This can be especially useful in e-commerce apps, where chatbots can help users find the products they are looking for or recommend similar products based on their browsing history.
Another benefit of chatbots is that they can help businesses save time and money. They can handle routine tasks such as booking appointments, ordering food, or making reservations, freeing up human employees to focus on more complex tasks that require their expertise.
Chatbots are set to become even more popular in mobile app development in 2023 due to their ability to provide instant customer service, answer questions, and provide recommendations. They offer businesses the opportunity to save time and money while improving their customers’ experience and engagement.


Blockchain technology has gained significant attention and popularity in recent years due to its unique features of decentralization, immutability, and security. In simple terms, a blockchain is a distributed ledger that records transactions across multiple computers in a decentralized network. Each block in the blockchain contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, along with a timestamp and transaction data. Once a block is added to the blockchain, it cannot be altered or deleted, making it an immutable record.
In 2023, blockchain is expected to become even more important in mobile app development due to its ability to provide secure and transparent transactions. Mobile apps that incorporate blockchain technology can enable users to conduct secure transactions without the need for intermediaries or middlemen, which can reduce transaction costs and increase transparency. For instance, cryptocurrency exchanges can be built on blockchain technology, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies securely and transparently.
Another example of a blockchain-enabled mobile app is a digital voting system. Using blockchain technology, voting systems can ensure the integrity and transparency of the voting process by providing a tamper-proof record of all votes cast. Blockchain-based voting systems can also prevent fraudulent voting and improve accessibility by enabling voters to cast their ballots remotely.
Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize mobile app development by providing a secure, transparent, and decentralized way to conduct transactions. As such, we can expect to see an increase in blockchain-enabled mobile apps in the coming years, particularly in areas such as finance, healthcare, and voting. Some examples of blockchain-enabled apps are:

Voice-enabled apps

Voice-enabled apps have revolutionized the way people interact with their mobile devices. They have become increasingly popular in recent years and are expected to gain even more popularity in the future. The technology behind these apps is voice recognition, which allows users to communicate with their devices through voice commands.
One of the primary advantages of voice-enabled apps is that they offer a hands-free experience. This means that users can access the features of their devices without having to physically touch them. For example, users can make phone calls, send text messages, play music, and even control their home appliances by simply using voice commands.
Voice-enabled apps are particularly useful for people who are visually impaired or have mobility issues. For these individuals, the ability to control their devices through voice commands can be life-changing. Additionally, voice-enabled apps can also be used to enhance the safety of drivers by allowing them to use their devices without taking their hands off the steering wheel.
In terms of mobile app development, voice-enabled apps are becoming increasingly popular. Many startup owners and entrepreneurs are integrating voice recognition technology into their apps to offer users a more convenient and personalized experience. As the technology continues to improve, voice-enabled apps are likely to become even more sophisticated, offering users a wider range of features and capabilities.
Overall, voice-enabled apps are transforming the way we interact with our mobile devices. They offer a hands-free, convenient, and safe way to access the features of our devices, and they are expected to continue to gain popularity in the coming years.
Some examples of voice-enabled apps are:
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2023.03.31 06:25 ritzcracked Fun, fast, and creative project recommendations to reduce my yarn stash 🧶🤍

I’ve been a lurker for about a month or so and I have been loving everyone’s projects!
I started crocheting around December and advanced pretty quickly, but also went a bit overboard with buying yarn 😅
Now, I have almost no space and would love to make quick/easy things to give away or have them be functional around the house!
The yarns that aren’t really sparking inspiration in me are two skeins of Bernat blanket yarn (super bulky) and one skein of Lion Brand’s fisherman wool.
I would love to make a blanket/throw type thing using only the 2 skeins, if possible, if anyone has a pattern they love that can accommodate the amount of yarn.
Thank you and mods if this type of post isn’t allowed, feel free to remove!
Happy Crocheting 🤍
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2023.03.31 06:09 AbbyHut My grandfather gave me a letter six months before his death. He knew that I would cause it.

Throughout the last few years, I have made numerous attempts to document the events that followed my 17th birthday. I haven’t been very successful: memories elude me like butterflies through my bare hands, and what I do manage to catch dies on its way to the page. As time passes, my recollection has continued to fade, and that scares me. I believe my story deserves to be told, and I think I owe it to myself to tell it before I lose it forever.
When I was 16, my grandfather gave me a letter. This was not necessarily the beginning of my story, but I am starting with it for the simple reason that it has already been written.
Dear Abby,
I’m writing you this letter to say goodbye. I’m not expecting to die before you read it, or anything like that - no need to rush downstairs and call an ambulance.
I just have a feeling, of a sort. Maybe it’s a premonition, or maybe I’m just recognizing a pattern. Whatever it is, I just know that sometime soon - maybe tomorrow, maybe next year - you are going to go off somewhere, and when you do, I will die. No sooner, no later. I’m not saying it will be your fault - I’m not going to die of a broken heart from your absence, if that’s what it sounds like. It will probably be a heart attack, maybe a stroke, it could even be an accident. Again, it won’t be your fault, and you don’t need to stay on my account - I’ve already lived many long, happy years, and I don’t have any business sticking around for much longer.
I am writing you this goodbye as a letter so that you will have it with you when you decide to go. I doubt I’ll be given any warning before you leave, and frankly, I don’t want it. I know you don't like goodbyes, and neither do I. If you come to say goodbye before you go, then once you leave I will die sad and alone, knowing how terrible the ordeal ahead of you will be. Instead, please just take this letter with you. You can read it again on your way, and I’ll be able to die in blissful peace and ignorance.
I wish you would stay. I used to think that if your Grandma Abigail and I loved you enough, it might keep you from that awful place. I know now that it was a futile hope, but I still implore you to stay away from it. You’ve endured more pain than most kids your age, and while I won’t say that this place is worse than what you’ve been through, it carries a different type of suffering - one that is unrelentingly malevolent and sadistic.
I've seen enough signs for me to know there’s probably nothing I can say or do to keep you here, but if you find yourself in a situation where you have a conscious choice to stay or go, please stay. You’re a bright girl with a long and happy life ahead of you, no matter how grim things seem right now.
I figure this is the part where I should gush about my feelings. I’ve never been much for feelings, but I do okay with stories, so I’ll give you one of those instead, and I hope you’ll get what you can out of it.
I think I always suspected what you had ahead of you, but the first time it became real for me was about twelve years ago.
When you were four years old, I would take you to the park in our neighbourhood almost every day. It wasn’t much of a park, but it was what we had, and you seemed to like it well enough. You might have been too young to remember it properly, so I’ll fill in some of the details. At the entrance of the park, there was a nice little playground with gravel surfacing. It had some monkey bars, swings, a slide, and a sandbox. There was a nice bench attached to the frame that held the gravel in, and I would sit there and watch you do your thing. I wish I had been spry enough to join in, but even back then I couldn’t move around very well. A kid ought to have a father who can keep up with them, and I’m sorry that I was all you got.
Behind the playground, there was a field with enough room for kids to play soccer, which they often did. You wanted to join, of course, but the kids there were quite a few years older than you, so instead you’d sit on the swingset and watch them. There was a nice pair of siblings, brother and sister - I think they were twins - who would sometimes kick a ball around with you when a game wasn’t in progress. I met their parents once or twice; they didn’t seem too remarkable, but evidently did a good job. That’s not particularly relevant, but I figure it’s never a bad idea to remind you that a little act of kindness can stick around in someone’s life for a long time.
The soccer field was surrounded by a treed area. It was mostly evergreens. I have it in my head that spruce trees are the ones with the short, dense needles, and pine trees have long, soft needles. If that’s correct, then these were spruce trees. There were a few leafy trees mixed in there as well - ash and aspen, probably, the type you’d expect to see in our city. It was more of a thicket than a forest - it couldn’t have been larger than a city block in total area - so I didn’t think anything of it. There certainly wasn’t enough room for anything to be lurking in it - the thought that it might not be safe didn’t even cross my mind.
When there were other kids around, you’d often run through the woods and play a game called “forest people.” I’m not sure what the game entailed beyond a lot of hollering and waving sticks around, but it seemed like the kind of good-old-fashioned fun that kids these days don’t get enough of, where the only rules are the ones you make up and you don’t need any fancy toys or equipment. I would say “it’s just like when I was a kid” except that wouldn’t really be true.
You used to brag to me that you and “Wormy” had come up with the game, and that all the other kids loved it. That’s all I ever heard about this “Wormy” character - it seemed like he was an imaginary friend of some sort. The idea of imaginary friends has always put me off a little bit - I'm not sure if it’s normal for a parent to worry that their child’s imaginary friend might actually be a real-life child predator, but I sure did. I scoured the trees to make sure there weren’t any signs that someone had camped out there, and I asked around to see if there’d been any vagrants in the area - nothing turned up. I felt a lot better after you showed me that “Wormy” was what you called the worms and caterpillars. You’ve always been a creative kid, and I hope you never lose that.
One day, you and I went out to the park with a bucket of sidewalk chalk that your grandma had just bought for you. There was a coupon for chalk in the supermarket flyer, and she had a bad habit of buying just about anything when there was a good deal on it. You were so excited about the chalk, though, that it seemed to be worth it.
You started out by drawing on the sidewalk next to the park, but then a couple of kids your age showed up, and you all ran off to play “forest people,” taking the chalk with you. I don’t know if you still remember that day, or if it left an impression on you, but I just want to say that I’m sorry for the way I acted. If you don’t remember, you and your friends came back out of the trees with your faces covered in tree sap and coloured in with white chalk, sporting big grins. I immediately picked you up, with strength I didn’t know I still had, and hauled you home. I made you scrub your face until all the gunk was gone - it must have taken an hour - and threw out your sidewalk chalk. I don’t think I spoke a word the whole time.
You were just a kid - a perfect, precious kid - and I should not have made you suffer for my issues. You couldn’t have known how viscerally horrifying it was for me to see you with your face painted like that. I should have let you know how I was feeling - I wasn’t mad at you, I was terrified for you. At the time, the fear seemed irrational, so I was embarrassed about it, and that kept me from telling you how I felt. That night, I laid awake and cried uncontrollably. I almost never cry, as you know. It took Abigail hours to calm me down, but if it was up to anyone other than her I think I would have been inconsolable for weeks. She gave me a very stern talking-to the next day, of course, and you got extra dessert for a little while after that.
In retrospect, I think the severity of my reaction was appropriate, though I should have handled it differently. If anything, that day should have affected me even more. I still took you to the park after that, and still let you run around in the trees. You started spending time alone in there, as well. I always made sure to keep an eye on you, of course - the thicket was small enough that I could see almost all of it from my bench - but I still wish I was more careful. I know there’s something to be said for giving children some freedom, letting them make mistakes, and not being a helicopter parent, and I know things probably wouldn’t be much different even if I’d kept you out of the forest, but even so, if I could do it over, there is no chance I would let you anywhere near that park.
Two months after the chalk incident, I happened to fall asleep at the park while you were off in the trees alone. Now, I know a certain amount of narcolepsy tends to come with advanced age, and I’m not immune to it, but I was sure that I could always keep myself awake when I needed to. I had never felt myself close to nodding off while watching you before, and if I had any inclination that I might fall asleep, I would not have taken you to the park without additional supervision. I firmly believe that my error was taking you there in the first place, not inattention. The things I dreamed there all but confirm it, in my view.
I woke up sharply and suddenly, as though something had shaken me awake. Awakening to the sight of the forest was profoundly unpleasant - moreso when I realised I couldn’t see you. The first instinct of any normal parent would be to call the police or search the vicinity, but I got up and sprinted towards the thicket without a second thought - the thicket that was visibly empty. If sitting on the bench instead of playing with you allowed me to save all my energy for that moment, then it was worth it, because I tore through those trees faster than I could have as a young man. Branches whipped past my face as I ran deeper and deeper into the forest. What struck me in that moment was how terrified I was for myself. You were in danger - maybe lost forever - and yet I still felt this horrible terror as if I was plunging into an abyss, and every fibre of my being screamed for me to turn around and save myself. I am ashamed at how hard it was to suppress that feeling and continue onwards.
I began to panic when I saw a creek snaking through the forest in front of me. I turned to continue along the creek’s edge, but found myself hesitating. Again, I was filled with selfish concern for my own life. At that point, I was convinced that you were already gone. Did I really need to throw my life away? I could turn back instead, and live the rest of my days in peace. I am terribly ashamed, but those were the thoughts that crossed my mind at the time. I stopped for almost a full second before I started again along the creek’s path.
I finally caught up about five minutes later. You were standing in the middle of a clearing, ringed by birch trees. Your head was tilted upwards, watching and listening. I kept my gaze towards the ground and put on a burst of speed towards you, grabbed you and slung you over my shoulder - you didn’t resist - and took off in the direction I came.
It only took a minute to cover the distance to the park and leave the forest behind us. I didn’t look back or slow down until we reached our house.
That was the night that we got a call from the hospital saying your Grandma Abigail had passed away. It happened while we were at the park - she had suffered a heart attack while at the grocery store. The hospital had been trying to reach me while I was out, but my cell phone didn’t start ringing until we got back to the house. It feels wrong to mention this without saying more about it, but I’m going to leave it there anyway.
I know it’s in poor taste to state the moral at the end of a story, but in case it hasn’t come through clearly enough, the moral of this story is that I am so sorry for all the ways I’ve failed you, but I love you more than anything, and there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do to keep you safe and happy and healthy.
I love you, Abby. You’re a wonderful young woman, so brave and selfless and smart. It’s hurt me so much to see all that you’ve been through in the last few years, but I’m so proud of how strong you’ve been, and I know your Mom and Dad and Grandma all feel the same way. I promise that things will get better, even if they have to get worse first.
I wish I could tell you more about what’s out there. I tried for a few years to write an account of it, but I just can’t seem to dredge it up. I can remember a collection of feelings, facts, and vague ideas, but no proper memories. I’ve been putting what I can on paper when it comes to me, and I’ll attach my notes to this letter.
Feel free to talk to me about any of this if you’d like, I’ll be around as long as you are. Just remember not to say goodbye, and please don’t talk about wanting to leave or when you might do it - if you go, just go.
Grandpa Peter
For the record, I never blamed my grandfather for anything, not even the chalk. I knew what kind of man he was, and he never broke my trust. I knew that if he made mistakes there were usually reasons behind them.
In the months after my grandfather gave me the letter, I talked with him a few times about his life, what he’d been through, and what he thought I might go through. I think I might write those conversations down next. I don’t have recordings or anything like that, so I’ll have to write from memory. I think it’ll be a good exercise: my writing, someone else’s story. I hope that might help me feel more comfortable with finally sharing my own story.
It seems I lost the sheet of paper that was attached to the letter, where my grandfather wrote down those notes he mentioned. I wish I had it, as it would be helpful to have a little more than just memory to go on.
I can’t promise that I’m going to write more, since this was just the easy part. But I hope that I can.
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2023.03.31 06:02 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023 Download Course on

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It’s All About Pattern Recognition!
There is a pattern for success – a blueprint – even in times like these. Tony has spent his entire 44-year career studying these patterns. He is a student of history , learning from those who have been through this before.
When you know these patterns, you can USE them, too.
The world has faced inflation and recession before. So we know the patterns that will lead to pain, and the ones that will provide us with certainty and an ability to find a strong center even when all hell is breaking loose in the world.
During the free Become Unshakeable Challenge, Tony is going to condense decades of expertise into 5 days so that you can fast-track your path to utilizing these patterns in your own life.
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.03.31 05:53 meghand28 Curiosity did anyone have updates on this post from about a year ago? I’d love to know if they got a finished project

Curiosity did anyone have updates on this post from about a year ago? I’d love to know if they got a finished project submitted by meghand28 to crochet [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 05:48 LeeCloud27 ACT 2-7-4: Dwell Blind Upon the Siren's Song

It was decided that the group would head over to the Cat Cafe next. They quickly departed the house to make their way towards their next location. Sateen decided to accompany the group, mostly due to his developed interest (aka. A Teenage Crush) for Sumireko. Along the way, Satsuko continued to point out each and every single ride, game, snack booth there was, pleading to go on them or try something. Most of the group said no or denied the kid of his requests, Mary however, after ignoring the kid’s cute beady eyes, finally caved and got him cotton candy.
“Mmmm~ This is delicious!” Satsuko said, digging into the pink fluffy cloud of sweetness. “Are you sure you don’t want any Auntie?” He asked Mary.
“I’m good. Thank you though.” Mary said, holding Satsuko by the hand and guiding him along. The others looked at them from behind. Meiling didn’t think too much about it since she wasn’t familiar with either Mary or Satsujin. Sateen was too focused on being next to Sumireko, but Sumireko had other thoughts on the matter.
“She’s having the time of her life, isn’t it?”
“To think, just the other day they were acting more like best friends who got on each other’s nerves… But now it’s this.” Sumireko thought. “Then again I think it’s better than how they were before. It’s nice even.” “I’m sure the real one wouldn’t act like that. But you’re right. Let her have a moment of peace…for now.”
It didn’t take much longer before they arrived at their next location. They knew they arrived when they saw the giant lucky cat statue that could be seen a mile away, sticking out like a sore thumb. It was holding a token down with its left paw, while the other paw was raised up in the air. Below the statue was a regular-shaped building, painted in bright shades of red and blue, decorated with circular windows, and a nicely decorated door. Hanging above the door was a wooden sign, showing a picture of two cats, red and blue respectively, facing away from each other while their tails formed a heart shaped sign.
Looking at the giant maneki neko statue, Sumireko hummed in interest. “Huh,” she commented, “a calico cat. It’s not that common to see a calico maneki neko. Mike would like this place.”
Blinking in confusion, Meiling asked, “Who?” Admittedly, even before the moral gods invaded, she rarely left the SDM grounds, but she was sure she would have heard of a maneki neko being in Gensokyo.
Mary answered, “Oh yeah, Mike! I remember her! She’s that calico maneki neko who freeloads at Kourindou like every other week. Satsu ran into her a few times.”
“Mike… Now that I think about it, I might have heard about her before.” Meiling hummed, scouring her mind. “...I heard a few people in the past bicker about whether or not she was a guy or a girl.”
“Wait, isn’t she a girl though?” Sumireko asked.
“Well, I’m definitely certain… But like with Wriggle it’s a debate that will probably never be settled.”
The door to the cafe suddenly opened up, the sound of a bell singing tipped off the others, taking a look at the person coming out. “Welcome!” cried the figure in a cheerful voice. They rushed up to the group, invading their personal space and stopping mere inches from Sumireko’s face. “I’m Satsunyan, and welcome to my cat cafe!”
Satsunyan was a petite girl, seemingly only about a head taller than Suika. She had black hair in a shoulder-length bob cut, with cat ears sticking out like two cowlicks that refused to stay down. Her catlike eyes glittered in excitement, and small fangs could be seen peeking out from her lips. She wore a skimpy maid uniform that barely hid her modest bust and a scandalously short skirt that showed off her thighs and barely hid her rear. From under her skirt, a tail peeked out and flicked about playfully.
“Cute~” Everyone else thought, except for Sateen, as he stared at her and the cafe with a massive blush before quickly looking away.
“Glad to see you guys like my fashion sense. It wasn’t too hard to slip in a bit of my influence here.” A different voice rang out. Unlike the other voice, which was staticky, this one was layered, as though two people were speaking at once, one voice being deep and the other being higher.
“It’s a bit too stereotypical, but works.”
“You’re the last person I want to hear that from. Didn’t you try to make Satsujin talk like a stereotypical gang member?”
“Wait, who was that? And what did they mean?” Sumireko wondered, glancing up at the sky discreetly.
“Oh crap, you weren’t supposed to hear any of that. Forget about me for now!”
“They’re not stupid by the way, just present yourself.”
“Later, they should take care of this first.”
Satsunyan grabbed Sumireko’s hand, pulling her right into the cafe while saying, “C’mon, let me show you the place!”
“Wha- Hey!” Sumireko said, being pulled into the cafe while the others followed.
The inside of the cafe was quite colorful, looking to be modestly big enough to fit several customers but also feeling small at the same time. There were tables and chairs lined up in rows, chairs right by a wide counter, delightful decorations ranging from lamps to plants, but what definitely stood out the most were all the cat-like adornments. The chairs had cat ears, the cuts had cat-like tails, and of course, actual cats all minding their business over at one corner of the store.
“Kitties!” Satsuko cheered. “Can I pet them!?” He asked in a childish manner.
“Of course, go ahead!” Satsunyan answered. Satsuko went right over and started to pet the cats while Mary watched from afar.
“Hey,” whispered Mary, nudging the esper. “You think there are any more girl personas in here?”
Sumireko responded, “I did see another girl version of Satsujin the last time I was here, but I haven’t seen her at all this time. Why’d you ask?”
“Oh, nothing. Just wondering.”
Satsunyan turned around, a cat-like smile formed on her face almost in a smug fashion. “So… Are you all here for my challenge?”
“Eh? How did you-”
“Because Sateen is with you all! That means you must’ve beaten him in his edge-off!”
Sateen quickly turned to embarrassment, jumping a little upon hearing someone call his challenge an ‘edge-off’.
“I-It wasn’t an edge-off. We were merely showing ourselves our history of suffering, the torment we bore, the devastating power we each wield knowing the burden we must carry in order to not let it control our everyday decisions!” He said in a cool manner. “I had easily demolished them in the challenge, but due to feeling pity for them I decided to let them win.”
“Of course,” teased Satsunyan as she patted Sateen on the head. Heading over to Satsuko, she bent down to speak to him. “Satsuko, sweetie, I need you to listen to me.” As the young boy looked up, the maid continued, “I need you to behave, okay? The pretty big sisters have to do a test, and you can’t talk to them until the test is over or else they’ll get distracted. Can you promise you’ll be a good boy?”
Nodding, Satsuko replied, “I promise I won’t do something to distract Auntie Mary or her friends.”
Looking back at Sateen, Satsunyan continued, “You too, Sateen. Do you promise to behave?” “...Okay.” Sateen said, trying to look away. “Splendid!” Satsunyan clapped her hands, turning her attention over to the others. “You three follow me! I’ll help you get into your uniforms!”
“Uniforms? We just got here though!” Meiling asked.
“The sooner the better as they always say!”
Satsunyan pushed the three into the staff room. The Staff room was small, lined up with lockers for the girls to use and also a break area to relax at. The three were confused as to what’s going on while Satsunyan went over and rolled out a bunch of maid outfits.
“Okay girls! The challenge is quite simple: You’re all going to help me run my little cafe for the day by helping serve the customers, make the food, and give out your best smiles! If you do well, then you complete the challenge!” Satsunyan said. “But first, uniforms. I have a bunch of maid outfits, feel free to wear whatever you please!” “Ooh, dibs!” shouted Mary as she grabbed a uniform, rushing into the dressing room. “Well,” sighed Meiling, “I guess I’ll take this one. At least it won’t be too embarrassing.” She grabbed a qipao and followed after Mary. “Um…” hesitated Sumireko. Looking through the assorted clothing, she felt her face heating up as she kept finding maid uniforms that contributed to specific preferences, with some of the uniforms being the type she knew for a fact belonged in an entirely different kind of shop. “What’s wrong? Can’t decide?” Satsunyan asked. “Here, how about this one right here?” She said, pulling one outfit out in particular. “Is… is there any chance I can put on the cat ears headband and tail clip?” squeaked Sumireko, trying not to faint.
“...” With her cat-like eyes, Satsunyan glared deep into Sumireko, an intimidating glare that sent shivers through her as though she was in a tundra. She didn’t even say anything but one look at her eyes made her realize what may happen if she didn’t comply.
“Gotta be obedient, Sumireko…Unless…”
Noticing something in the corner of her eye, Sumireko grabbed it and exclaimed, “Oh, I’ll wear this one!” She internally cried in relief, having found a normal maid outfit.
“Not bad, not bad. Now, let’s see if you can do your tasks and be charming enough for the customers!”
“This isn’t too bad,” commented Meiling as she left the dressing room, wearing the qipao she selected earlier. “Though it’s a bit of a shame that the colors clash pretty badly with each other.”
“Oh, that’s alright. I’m sure you will do fine!” Satsunyan said. “Now, how about the other girl?”
Mary stepped out of her dressing room. What she wore shocked the others, including Satsunyan. It was a Victorian Era Style Maid outfit. But it was designed with the chest especially in mind, considering the amount of cleavage that was shown. Even though anything genuinely inappropriate was entirely covered, it was still revealing enough that Mary would have been arrested for indecent exposure.
“I almost want to keep this!” Mary said, puffing out her chest. Everyone couldn’t help but stare, their gazes following a certain set as they tried to break free from their restraints.
“Delightfully spicy, I must add.”
“Wow…She’s bigger than me. I’m kinda envious.” Meiling thought.
“How can a sentient blade have so much…mass?” Sumireko thought.
“Oh, and it really compliments my legs!” cheered the blade, lifting up the dress to reveal her stockings, which were held up by garterbelts. “Burn it into your memories,” she boasted. “I’ll have you know that the modern day equivalent of seeing a girl’s ankles back then would be a girl showing off her-”
“Goodness gracious!”
“That’s it, I’m abusing my power to make things move on a bit!”

Sateen and Satsuko were sitting over at one of the tables, both of them minding their own business. Satsuko was petting one of the friendlier cats while Sateen was writing something down on a piece of paper; A poem of sorts.
“A beautiful girl… Her hair short but so pretty… And some nice glasses.” Sateen said to himself while writing. He took the paper, looking at it before crumpling it up and placing it next to the other balls of paper on the table. “No no no. That’s not good either. I need to come up with a better poem to express myself and my thoughts!”
“Maybe you should try a different kind of poem.” Satsuko said. “Like a limerick, a sonnet, or even an elegy.”
“An elegy? How do you know what an elegy is?”
“...I don’t know actually. What do you think, Ms. Fluffles?” He asked the cat on his lap.
“Ms. Fluffles? Why name her that when Dimitri of the Seventh Pit of Hell is a much better name?”
Their conversation got interrupted followed by the sound of the staff door slamming open.
“Hey you pervs, business is open and we are ready to take your orders!” whooped Mary as she kicked the door open, leg raised high.
The mannequin-like customers who were inside the cafe cheered upon witnessing the newcomer maids. Satsuko and Sateen watched them come out one by one. First it was Mary wearing her risque cat maid outfit, then Meiling with her Chinese-Dress inspired cat maid outfit, and finally Sumireko, wearing a fairly normal outfit, but Sateen particularly was delighted seeing her in a cat maid outfit regardless. “To think her beauty is so magnificent she can make even the simplest clothing seem elegant,” he whispered. “Oh, I should write that down.” He said, taking another paper and started writing yet another poem.
Satsunyan came out, telling each of the girls what to do. “Okay, listen up. I’ll be in charge of making all the delicious foods and beverages. You three are in charge of servicing the customers. You don’t need to do anything specific, but do your best in making their days a little more special!”
Raising a hand, Mary asked, “Is this a contest? Because I already know how to win.” She flashed a knowing smile at Sumireko and Meiling, both of them blushing as they realized what she meant.
“Hm, a contest wouldn’t hurt. I always love to see some fiery competition. And I have a certain item for the fortunate winner if that happens…you might want it.”
Sumireko and Meiling looked at each other. “You and I, let’s do our best in showing that Tsukumogami.” Meiling said.
Sumireko nodded in agreement. “Let’s do this!” She said with her newfound confidence.
“Well glad to see you three are eager about this! Let the challenge begin!” Satsunyan said.
The day went and began for the little cat cafe. Customers began to come in little by little, usually by themselves or in groups. Satsunyan took care of all the foods while the others handled taking the orders and providing the service.
Sumireko, though a little hesitant at first, walked up to one table to take their order. The two mannequin customers looked at her with their blank faces.
“Um… W-Welcome to Satsunyan’s Cat Cafe.” Sumireko said, shaking a little. “Would you like to try our Nyan Nyan Peach Drink?” She said, blushing hard.
The mannequin statues stared at her, and she became nervous, worried she did something wrong. She worried that she didn’t say it right, or they weren’t interested in someone like her. But that quickly changed when both of them started squealing with delight.
“Kawaii!!! A Neko Girl with Glasses!” One of them said in a strange voice.
“Kya!!! Her shy attitude is sugoi!” The other said.
Sumireko stared in confusion and slight embarrassment, but for the most part she was doing something right.
Over at another part of the store. Meiling was already bringing out one of the orders for one table. “Okay, I got two Cat’s Paw Cinnamon Rolls, three Whisker Cream Sundaes, a purrrrlicious choco cake, and a fresh hot blend of Black Cat Tea.”
The customers were impressed, seeing Meiling balancing everything she was carrying above her head with perfect balance. She easily took all the dishes and placed them on the table at quick speeds, then using the kettle containing the tea she poured it elegantly into the cups of the customers from a certain height.
“Uuuoooohhh! Strong arms and showing off her toned thighs!” cried a mannequin.
Meiling smiled to herself, a glimmer of praise filled her from all the attention she got. “Hehe, it’s not everyday I get to show off my skills like this.” She thought to herself. “Sometimes I wished I kept my position as a maid back before Sakuya moved in with us.”
Sumireko and Meiling kept it up with their jobs, using their own skills and knowledge to make the customers’ day. But even with their combined effort, the attention they drew was drawn away by the third maid in the store. A loud cheering of several customers over by one area, as though a crowd had been drawn by whoever was over there.
“Wait, are those all the other customers?” Sumireko said. “What are they all looking at?”
“I think I know who.” Meiling said.
Mary was the center of attention for the moment, surrounded by several customers. She wasn’t writing down orders, nor was she bringing in dishes. But she was showing off her body in a very ecchi manner.
Glancing over at Mary, Sumireko choked on her spit. Despite having teamed up with Meiling for their little impromptu contest, the Tsukumogami was playing much dirtier than either of them had expected. “What the…” she gasped, “I thought she’d let the customers get an occasional peek, not do… that! Is she trying to compete with hardcore anime fanservice?”
Over at their table, Sateen and Satsuko continued to mind their own business, with Sateen STILL rewriting his poem yet again and Satsuko playing with a different cat. “No, that won’t do.” muttered the chuunibyou. “What else can I-” He looked up and saw Mary, and his face erupted into a massive blush before he covered his eyes. “Oh my,” said Satsunyan as she walked over to the boys with a plate of cookies. “I see you noticed what Mary is doing. Be a good boy and stay calm, okay?” She set the cookies down and leaned in closer to Sateen. “If you’re having trouble, you can talk to Big Bro Satsunyan and I’ll help, okay?” she whispered into his ear, blowing into it playfully. “Thanks,” squeaked Sateen, quickly pulling away. And then he registered what was said. “Wait, big bro?”
“Yep!” answered the catgirl(?). “Big Bro Satsunyan!”
“You… you’re a boy?” Sateen asked, a feeling of dread creeping up his spine.
“Yeppers!” Satsunyan chirped, nodding enthusiastically. “Got a ‘cat toy’ like any other guy. But unlike a cat’s, mine doesn’t have barbs!” He made a cutesy catlike pose, winked, and stuck his tongue out playfully, fully aware that he may have ruined cats for many people.
Nearby, Sumireko nearly tripped. Looking over, she bewilderedly raised a finger and pointed. “B-b-but… B-bo-boo-boobs!” she exclaimed.
Reaching into his unbuttoned maid uniform, Satsunyan pulled out a bra and removed a few bra pads from them. “Oh, I use these!” Holding it out to the group, he asked, “Wanna take a look?” Meiling instinctively rushed over and covered Satsuko’s eyes, while Mary grabbed the offered items and started inspecting them while occasionally glancing back down at her own cleavage, ignoring how the customers wolf-whistled at the scene.
Sateen took a deep breath, forcing a smile onto his face. He got up and went outside, standing in front of the fountain next to the café. He reached into his cloak, pulling out an MP3 player. Turning it on and scrolling through the playlist, he selected a certain song and pressed the play button.
A few seconds later, the MP3 played the selected song. “Yureta yuganda sekai ni dan dan boku wa-”
Falling to his knees, Sateen looked up to the sky and let out a heart-rending cry. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tears trickled down his face from his eyes, which were hidden by his hair.
Watching in concern, Meiling asked, “Should we go see if he’s okay?”
“He’ll be fine… probably.”
“No. He just got reality checked, he can deal with it.”
Clapping his hands, Satsunyan replied, “Nope, worry about him later. It’s rush hour!” He went back into the kitchen, making more meals in preparation. Calling out from the kitchen, he added, “If you need an extra speed boost, use the roller skates!”
Surprised, Sumireko exclaimed, “Roller skates? Food places where the workers used roller skates went out of style like sixty years ago!!” Nonetheless, she quickly put on the skates, awkwardly navigating the cafe to continue taking and delivering orders.
“An Apple-Cinnamon pie for table eight! A Strawberry Milkshake for table twelve! A Layer Cake for table six!” Satsunyan called out as the order forms arrived in the kitchen. The maids quickly took the pending orders and delivered them, while the recently made ones were sent to the kitchen. Sumireko panted in exertion as she tried to avoid crashing, Meiling elegantly twirled on her skates while pouring tea and serving meals, and Mary… continued to try to outdo hardcore anime fanservice.
As time passed, the girls became more accustomed to the work, and their work efficiency increased significantly. Sumireko smiled as she finished serving another table.
“Try using your psychic powers a little to speed things up. It should help.”
“But wouldn’t that be cheating?” muttered Sumireko.
“And Mary flaunting her body isn’t?”
“But she isn’t using her powers to do it,” reasoned the esper.
“Not like she has useful skills for this right task anyways. Don’t worry, nothing too bad should happen if you use them at your own discretion. Besides, isn’t Meiling using her useful skills to show off?”
“But she isn’t using her powers either,” insisted Sumireko.
“If them using something you don’t have isn’t cheating, then you using something they don’t have isn’t cheating either.” “Agree, and like I said, you don’t need to do anything spectacular with them, just use them subtly.” “Oh, very well.” Sumireko said. With her powers, she was able to start bringing orders directly from the counter right when Satsunyan finished making them. The dishes floated across the store, inducing awe in the customers who didn’t know better.
“Look at that! The Cute Neko Glasses Maid is making the dishes fly right to us! She’s not just a normal neko girl, she’s a magical neko girl!!!”
“Very well done. Now keep yourself focused, the rhythm is about to slow down from here.”
A round of cheers erupted, nearly breaking Sumireko’s concentration. “What was that?” she wondered.
She looked back over, and lo and behold it was Mary. The only difference was she was no longer a cat maid… Just a cat. A Sphynx Cat one might describe her as due to the apparent lack of-
“Good thing I censored Mary just in time,” the second voice sighed. “How did she break free from the script and become this unhinged? She was only supposed to act flirty with the customers, not try to bring fanservice to new levels!”
“Because she can. Now…how are the other mind pieces doing in the backburner?”
Sumireko tuned out the voices, focusing on passing the challenge. She briefly nodded to Meiling, who was starting to feel the exhaustion of working nonstop for several hours.
“Keep going, gatekeeper, the rush hour is almost over! I don’t think you would want to give out the prize after the challenge!” “...Then I’ll just have to push myself harder.” Meiling said. Taking a deep breath in, and closing her eyes, she steeled her nerves, a moment passed while she focused on her energy before she opened them right back up with a new flourishing sense of motivation.
“And as for you Mary, stop fooling around and focus on your work, damn it! Aren’t you a shiv crafted by one of Japan’s most famous blacksmiths?!?”
“But I am,” purred Mary as she pulled her dress back up. “I’m drawing in customers.”
“That’s not how it works, butter knife! Now focus on the things that really matter, this isn’t a strip club!!!” Rolling her eyes in annoyance, Mary grumbled, but returned to her duties.
After some more time, the customers cleared out. Clapping his hands, Satsunyan announced, “Alright, work’s over!” The three girls sighed in relief, collapsing into nearby seats. Looking through the list, the cat boy said, “Okay, listen up. I know you had a mini-contest to see who did the best, so I kept track of who contributed the most to the cafe.” The girls perked up, listening with rapt attention.
“In first place is Mary. She made the most money, bu-” Satsunyan was cut off as Mary cheered with joy. “However,” he continued, “most of the money she made will have to be confiscated to clean and repair the uniform she has been provided. Getting those stains out won’t be easy, you know.” The Tsukumogami's celebration ended, and she fell to the floor in depression.
“So, the one who takes up the first spot is…Sumireko! Your shy attitude really made you popular, and doing that telekinesis trick to move orders gave a boost to that popularity.”
“The new second place is…Meiling! That was a really clean and smooth job, but showing off your strength, balance, and lovely legs wasn’t exactly the most popular among the customers. In fact, it was pretty niche. But still, good job!” “And because you’ve successfully completed my endurance challenge…Here’s your reward!!!” Satsunyan reached into the cleavage area of his maid uniform and pulled out a key.
The key glowed a little, jumping out of Satsunyan’s hand and flying right over to Satsuko instead, adding to the other key which the group already had. The two keys twirled around with each other before a ring formed, linking the two keys together side by side. And then it was followed by more victory music.
“Congratulations! You acquired your second key! You’re now halfway done with your quest!”
“Now, as I’ve promised…here it is a small reward for you, Sumireko.” *snap*
A little item appeared in front of Sumireko. A silver heart-shaped locket floated in front of her face, gently resting down in her hands. She held the locket, opening it up to see a picture that she didn’t expect to see: Her and her sister when they were both young. “It is always good to remember the people that keep you determined to push forward. She would have been so happy you found a new person to share your memories with. After all, people can go away, but the memories and emotions don't. Keep them close to your heart when you feel hopeless. She will bring you back up on your feet.” Sumireko smiled faintly before putting on the locket. Taking a deep breath, she got up and groaned, “Well, I’m pooped. Doing all that work with both my mind and body really takes up a lot of energy.”
“I wouldn’t say I’m exhausted, but I could use some rest too,” said Meiling. “As a master of qi, I have far more stamina than most, but that was pretty hard work even for me.”
“Wusses,” taunted Mary. “I’m a tsukumogami, so I’m totally fine, since I have tons of energy stored up over the centuries.” Stretching, she added, “But that doesn’t mean I only rest when I need to.”
“Hm…Well, since you three had brought so much attention to my store, I’ll let you all stay for the night, free of charge!” Satsunyan said.
“Stay for the night? What are you saying?” Sumireko asked.
Satsunyan clapped his hands again. From the ceiling, a stair ladder dropped down. Everyone was confused. He guided everyone up into the floor above, being presented with a completely different sight compared to the cafe.
The walls were made of a fancy wooden pattern, the floor was a nice shade of green, and there was a feeling of standing inside of luxury that made it all the more appealing.
“Welcome to Lucky Cat Hotel!” Satsunyan said. “A little place where you can all rest up and get your energy back! We offer rooms you can sleep in, services ranging from food to massages, and don’t forget our luxurious jacuzzi!” He said.
“Woah… This is amazing!!!” Meiling said.
Whistling, Mary exclaimed, “Damn! If we get Satsu back and Satsuland is still here, we should see if we can still come to this place.”
“Don’t count on it. The most probable scenario is that all of this mindscape will become one in specific. But that doesn’t mean the others won’t have their little corner on it.”
“But wait…We can’t rest now. What about Satsujin, or the others?” Sumireko asked.
“Ah, don’t worry. One hour in here is only a few minutes out there, you’ll be okay.”
“We COULD make it slower, but it won’t do any good for your mental age and physical age to be too different.”
With that in mind, the group decided that rest was now an option. Satsunyan showed everyone to their respective rooms. Sumireko and Meiling took one room, Mary and Satsuko took another, and Sateen was forced to share a room with Satsunyan.
And eventually, their small rest turned into a night’s worth of sleep.

Satsujin gasped as he woke up. Scrambling to his feet, he looked around urgently, realizing that he could see. “So I’m still in my mind, huh?” he muttered. Getting up, he looked around the room, looking for clues to where he was. Walking up to the window, he glanced outside, only to see what looked like some sort of large village. He checked if the window was the type that could be opened, but frowned when he realized it wasn’t. “Guess I’ll check the door then.”
Walking over, he came to a half when he saw not one, but two doors in front of him. One was in near-perfect condition, while the other was battered, as though someone had tried and failed to break through it. Going up to the doors, he tried to open them, only for the doorknobs to not move. Banging on them, he shouted, “Hello? Is anyone there?” There was no response. Satsujin was about to try again when he heard it.
Raspy breathing could be heard from the doors. Between them, the bricks dissipated, revealing a set of eyes. One eye was gold, while the other was silver. A deep voice growled, “Origin… stay here… me… keep you… safe…” The bricks returned, hiding the eyes once more.
Satsujin shook his head. “I can’t stay here,” he muttered to himself. “I have to go back.”
“Pick one. Time is running up.”
“Huh? Who’s that? Show yourself!”
“Leave the questions for later. Right now you have to find a way out of this place and reunite with your friends.”
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