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2023.06.11 02:38 Maximum-Rabbit-31 Remember how much Trump would suck Putins dick while he was in office? Remember him wanting to can NATO and withholding aid from Ukr? Anyone thinking of voting for that embarrassing orange buffoon in the next election - if America is fucked up enough to let that happen - is a tier-1 A-grade moron

This isn't about politics. This is about defence, good values and common sense...and that's what NCD is all about.
Trump, Farage, Le Pen, Orban and all the other post-truth, fascist, populist politicians are the greatest internal threat to Western security architecture. The popularity of a certain post yesterday leads me to believe there are quite a few MAGA shit-for-brains types among us. Just know I will find you, beat you like a vatnik, shove a Kamala Harris bumper sticker so far up your arse you choke on it, and then skull-fuck your corpse.
Namaste. Peace and love! This post has been pre-approved by the Mods XOXO
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2023.06.11 02:38 HumanPersondotexe lgballtart will be going dark *indefinitely* starting June 12th as part of the Reddit-wide blackout in protest of the absurd API pricing

Blackout? What Blackout?
If you haven't heard yet, over the past week and a bit Reddit has been organizing a platform-wide blackout where thousands of subreddits (including huge and default ones with tens of millions of subscribers like aww) will be going private and/or restricting posts so no new ones can be made.
A list of participating subreddits can be found here.
This is in protest of Reddit announcing its new API pricing for its previously free API, which is extremely expensive to a ridiculous degree.
Some subreddits will only go dark from the 12th to the 14th of June, while others like lgballtart will be going dark until Reddit actually does something.
Why participate?
There are two key reasons;
  1. This sucks for third party apps and their users (many of which are subreddit mods or Reddit's most active contributers)
This API pricing is forcing third-party apps to shut down. The developer of the extremely popular third-party app Apollo announced that Reddit's API pricing would cost him $20 million per year to run the app. Since then, he has announced (along with the developers of other popular apps like Reddit is Fun) that he has to shut down the app on June 30th to prevent being charged huge amounts of money.
For me and many other avid users, the official Reddit app is borderline unusable with its horrid loading times and video player that lives in my nightmares. So instead, I use a third party app which is significantly smoother and has additional features. This makes moderating and just being on this platform much easier.
If these apps go away, so do many mods. And Reddit without moderation could result in rampant spam and potentially illegal content being posted.
Most Reddit users are lurkers or occasional commenters -- the people who actually submit content, who are most active, are much more likely to use third-party apps. And I don't know about you, but I think a platform focused on content would be pretty boring without content.
2. This sucks for the visually impaired
Reddit's official app is awful when it comes to accessibility. It does not support iOS's native text-to-speech tool.
A lot of third-party apps, on the other hand, do. This is what allows many blind people to use Reddit.
By forcing third-party apps to shut down, Reddit is forcing these users to go away.
I don't think I have to explain why that's bad.
Why indefinitely?
To be frank, it's because two or three days won't do anything.
If Reddit knows that we'll all come back after a small amount of time, they can just continue like we did nothing at all. If we keep going at it until they change, that's not something they can ignore.
Why do you think that will work?
Because Reddit hates negative press. And the past two Reddit blackouts that have occured - the first against Aimee Challenor, the other against COVID misinformation subreddits- have both worked because of this.
And in this situation, we do have bad news coverage. The BBC has covered the situation. That's massive attention all pointed at Reddit.
If the other two have worked with similar situations to this one, I have hope that we can force Reddit to change this time as well.
How will this affect me, a simple gay ball connoisseur?
Well, you probably won't be able to see most of your favorite subreddits.
But more importantly, we on lgballtart highly encourage you to stay off Reddit during this time. The point of this blackout is to make Reddit lose money to show our dissatisfaction, because they thrive off advertisements. Less users, less money, more incentive to change.
Reddit needs to remember that it's us, the users, who make their content. So we need to show them.
Yes, it sucks that this is all happening during Pride month, the time where our little gay ball oasis should be at its most active. But I think that if we have a chance to stop Reddit from getting worse, we should take it, and that means participating in a blackout at an inconvenient time.
So, LGBallTarters, citizens of LGBallTart, homosexual sphere enthusiasts - I wish all of you a very pleasant 'please stay off Reddit, because we won't be open and neither will almost anywhere else'.
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2023.06.11 02:38 Bennieandtourettes Don’t be embarrassed…

I was thinking tonight about how even though I’ve gotten out and been out for about eight months now, and luckily we didn’t have kids or get married or cohabitate (even though he heavily pushed all three from extremely early on), I still don’t want people in my life who don’t already know what I went through to ever find out. And with some people, that’s smart. But I don’t even want supportive family to find out. And I’ve been trying to sit with that feeling and figure out why. I think it’s because a part of me has believed that because someone was mean to me, I AM someone who people want to be mean to. Like there is something inherently wrong with me that invited bullying and abuse and brought out anger and meanness, the most vile and evil words of rage and hate I’ve ever heard, in the person. And that it meant that I must be something shameful to be the target of it all, instead of the countless others this person would be pleasant to throughout the day, when he was wearing his “normal, nice charming quirky guy” mask.
That I must be a little evil, too, to have fallen for him and then become the object of so much anger and criticism of everything about me.
But it’s not true. This person likely targeted me BECAUSE of my kindness and open mindedness with people being different, or slightly off. That it was my good qualities that allowed them in, and my awareness and bravery in calling out his lies and manipulative behaviors when I saw them happening to me, even when I was at my lowest in that relationship, I never lost sight of reality. That chilling, nauseating feeling of watching someone devalue and manipulate in real time… I never stopped calling it out. And it was that strength that enraged the malignant narcissist. Not my bad or human qualities… but one of my good ones… my resistance…that made him attack so violently.
And whether or not I choose to share what I’m be gone through with anyone in my life, I know I have nothing to be ashamed of for having gone through it.
Edited: I mistyped a word on my phone
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2023.06.11 02:37 Improving1727 I’m going to be deaf again soon and I’m scared. Any advice?

I was born deaf due to some abnormalities with my ears. After two surgeries, I was able to hear at age 4. For my whole life I’ve been told by every doctor that my hearing is not permanent and due to the way my ears are shaped and how scarred they are from the surgeries, I will lose my hearing faster than those my age. So I knew I would lose it eventually, and I’ve slowly become more and more okay with the idea of being completely deaf at maybe age 40. But Im 24 and my hearing has taken a turn for the worst. Suddenly I’m having a rapid decline and my doctors no longer think I will make it to 40 being able to hear. The new prediction is I will most likely be deaf before I’m 30. I’ve done it before so I know I can do it again, and I’m willing to learn sign language (have been learning), but I’m still scared. I have so much trauma from my childhood and from being deaf (mainly an abusive mom who saw me as less than because of me being deaf, she said she never wanted a disabled child).
What can I do to ease the nerves? To make it easier to live like this? How can I not be terrified?
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2023.06.11 02:37 feefechaaa I got my tooth extracted on Tuesday and I am so terrified of getting dry socket. I’m just anxious and need advice

I am so worried for my mental decline if anything gets worse with my tooth. I don’t know how to talk to anybody about the embarrassment of not being able to take care of myself well enough and it already resulting in an extraction and more. My health anxiety is just pounding through the roof and gettinf dry socket is all I can possibly think about . I just want to know I’m in the clear so I can rest, but then something happens and I set off all over again. I just got a piece of rice wedged in the extraction site (stupid enough of me to even eat rice) but everybody was just saying I was overreacting when I was being extra careful about soft food and drink. I don’t know what is going on I just am so terrified and I don’t know . I’m salt water rinsing as much as possible after meals and brushing my teeth as much as possible. But the fact that the risk is there is so scary, I feel so scared . The food won’t wedge itself out and I’m just so scared the pain will begin any minute now and I just will not cope. I’m sorry that this is a lot I’m just a little loopy in the brains and cannot rest ❤️ yippeeeee
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2023.06.11 02:37 Chickon How can I get over the initial hurdle of just getting started?

I feel like I've been stuck in a rut with this for years now.
For some background, I've been in to tech and have been interested in learning programming for years. Basically since I got out of high school and realized all the cool shit you can do I've been interested. However, I couldn't afford college or even just some basic classes at the time and back then it wasn't as easy to learn on your own.
Now that I'm 30, I kind of lucked into a position where I actually do a combination of IT and networking, electrical, and a good bit of programming. The programming aspect I have picked up very well and I actually handle most of the programming work for my team. The catch is that this is industrial programming, ladder logic for those who know, far away from coding in traditional programming languages. It's definitely helped me build some problem solving skills and I've actually picked up some very small amounts of C#, SQL, and OOP concepts as a part of it, but the jump to actual coding and writing programs from just code and not ladder logic has been difficult still.
Since I have some experience now and learning on your own is supposed to be much easier, I've given it a few tries over the last 5 years or so(about as long as I've been doing this job), but I just can't get myself past the first few hours of most tutorials I find. Every one I find is just hours and hours of explaining what variables are and how to do basic tasks like adding variables together and printing them to the console. Things that don't actually accomplish anything. I get that they're trying to teach you the basics, walk before you run, but for me it just causes me to lose interest immediately and then nothing sticks.
The reason I've been able to learn ladder logic so well is because I'm working with running programs on a daily basis. I was able to start by making small changes and seeing the results. Troubleshooting issues and figuring out why some things work and others don't. Learning to code on my own doesn't really offer any of that. I can't jump in to someone else's program and just start making changes and see what happens.
Anyway, before I ramble forever, did anyone else have this issue? If so, what did you do to overcome it? Do you have recommendations of tutorials that are hands on and dive right in without hours and hours of learning basic programming concepts?
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2023.06.11 02:37 Cubbance Do enemies get tougher after you beat the story, even if you don't change Tiers?

I'm having so much trouble with the difficulty of this game. I am playing a sorcerer, and it's hard to tell what's worse: my defense or my damage output. I'm extremely squishy, and I have a hard time doing enough damage. I was on World Tier 1 and having trouble. So I upgraded a bunch of gear and it got better. I decided to give Tier 2 a try, since I want to play this game with a friend, and he's on Tier 3 already.
So, after upgrading everything, and going to Tier 2, I was surviving. It was taking a long time to get through battles, because my damage output was still not great, but I was surviving, anyway. Somehow, I made it all the way through, and killed Lilith and beat the game's story.
I'm now level 48, and I was told I need to be level 50 to do the Capstone Dungeon to get to Tier 3. So I figured I'd clean up some side quests to get to 50. I go to the Bear Clan, where I've already done all the quests to unlock the final dungeon, where you accompany the chief into the ice cave. And holy shit. Suddenly these enemies are all hitting WAY harder than before I beat the story. I struggle all the way through the dungeon, and even though I have a bad feeling about it, I decide to take on the boss. No other enemy has hit as hard as this one. One hit completely strips off my Ice Armor. I'm running around like a madman, tossing out a hydra and the occasional chain lightning, managing to stay alive, with some near misses. I finally get the boss down to his last health bar segment. He sends out a swarm of his little homing fireball things. I can't dodge all of them. One immediately takes out my ice armor. The second hit takes me down to only about a third of my health. I hit the potion, but before it can even really heal me, a third hit kills me.
Was the difficulty supposed to spike so high? I didn't even gain a level between Lilith and this dungeon boss. He hits so much harder it's not even funny. I know I'm not great at the game, but this difficulty seems impossible to me. How is everyone else managing so much easier? I must be doing something wrong, but I literally have no idea what it is.
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2023.06.11 02:37 Rbowman023 Lonely and don’t know how to change it

I know some guys that I’d consider friends but the only problem is that we never hang out. I know them because I play in a club sport at college. We have practices every week and we play against other schools sometimes. But we only practice during the fall and spring semesters. During summer I never see them because there’s no practice and no tournaments. It’s so strange because we all get along and nobody ever talks about hanging out in the group chat. I seem to connect better with some of the guys but they never reach out and ask if I want to hang out. They’re pretty outgoing so I can’t figure out why they wouldn’t bring up hanging out sometime. Maybe they think I’m not interested in them? I’m very much the opposite. I’m introverted and socially awkward. I did some adhd testing and feel pretty sure that I have it. They’re just something off about me and I think it shows. But some of the guys still engage in conversation with me during practice. The issue is that I never know what to say in a conversation because I’m so self conscious about what to say and don’t want to come across as awkward so I tend to say little and stay quiet. My therapist thinks that I should reach out to them and ask if they want to hang out sometime. She says if they think I’m weird for doing so, then they’re not the right people for me. And I agree with her. I don’t really think that they’ll think I’m weird for wanting to hang out. But the only issue is that I’ve known these guys for going on four years and never brought it up before. So I keep telling myself that they’ll think I’m weird for just now bringing up hanging out. Idk it’s very very frustrating how my thoughts work. I hardly ever take action because I’m constantly overthinking things to the point where I need a break and never take action. I’m so done living this way. Every day is miserable. Weekends are even worse because I want to be out doing exciting things with friends but I’m always stuck at home in my bed on my phone because I have no friends. But… I kinda have some though. I just never reach out to them. So I guess what I’m trying to ask is what should I do? Should I listen to my therapist and just take the leap and if they say yes they say yes and if they say no then they’re not the right friends for me? Ugh, I just don’t want to face the possibility that they’ll say no and then I’ll start telling myself I’m weird and I’ll be forever alone. I’m so trapped. I can’t take the leap but I know I should. This is my life 247. I feel sorry for anyone else that has to deal with this shit.
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2023.06.11 02:37 Miya0w How much is your usual budget for groceries and food?

Just started working here and curious. Especially for the single individuals like me, how much do you usually allocate for groceries and food? And how often do you think would be the best time to do the groceries? Is it weekly or monthly?
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2023.06.11 02:36 hxlxyxlyssx being raped at 4 years old by another 4 year old

This is a lot and I’ve only told one other person. I just want to know if anyone else had this happen and how they are dealing with it. I’m a 25 year old women btw.
My first friend I ever made convinced me to have sex with her when we were 4 years old and I had no idea that’s what we were doing. I literally thought we were just playing and it was normal because she convinced me thats what friends do.
We were both being neglected by our parents leaving us to ourselves for hours with the door shut.
It started at age 4 and ended around 6 because she moved. I’m very certain she was being raped by someone in her family because there’s no way a 4 year old would think to do that as a form of playing
Because she did that to me, I became a very hyper sexual child which came with its own separate trauma. She literally ruined a period of my childhood until I figured out it’s NOT normal to have sex with your friends around age 11
All the time I think about how if that hadn’t happened how different things would be in my childhood and even now. I have so much resentment towards her and adults in my childhood who neglected me.
I just want to stop thinking about it honestly and move on from it. It’s hard
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2023.06.11 02:36 Pokemoss Enough about voicelines you love. What’s a voiceline you HATE? (Bonus points if it’s from a character you otherwise love)

For me it’s the Wanderer’s- I mean Steve’s- “There’s no such thing as pure freedom in this world. Even the wind cannot blow on forever” idle line. I have him out all the time in the overworld because of how useful his skill is and how much I like him as a character but that line in particular just annoys me. I don’t feel the same way about his other idle voicelines so idk what’s up with that one in particular
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2023.06.11 02:35 YorkshieBoyUS Jill Biden is a fake physician?

Jill Biden is a fake physician?
Greg Gutfeld is not smart but he’s on Fox News so subnormal intelligence is a requirement. She has a PhD in Education.
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2023.06.11 02:35 BigRedCowboy Is there any kind of data showing how much the usage of Apollo went up after this whole fiasco was announced?

I’d be very curious to see just how many people have switched to third party apps because they either didn’t know about them or wanted to spite Reddit. Is there anyway we can see this information?
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2023.06.11 02:35 Cole-Spudmoney Fixing Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith with only minor to moderate changes

Since rewatching Revenge of the Sith about a year ago I've come to appreciate it more in a lot of ways. In particular I've warmed up to the idea of Anakin's fall to the dark side being motivated by wanting the power to save Padmé, because of his own fear of losing people, rather than being a simple "seduced by power for power's sake" situation as it was presented in the original trilogy. It's a much more interesting concept... in theory, anyway. There are still two major problems with its execution:
  1. It overshadows everything else motivating Anakin's choice to turn against the Jedi and join the dark side.
  2. Anakin goes full-on evil far too quickly, leaping right from panicked despair over helping kill Mace Windu to slaughtering little kids in the space of an hour or so.
  3. Anakin seems to lose his original motivation almost immediately, as is particularly shown in his last conversation with Padmé on Mustafar.
What I want to do here is not a complete rewrite or reimagining. It's just an adjustment of all the stuff that's already there in Revenge of the Sith but not used to its full potential.
The first really important change I'll make is in the scene where Palpatine reveals himself to Anakin as the Sith lord. Rather than just being like "Join me and I can save Padmé", Palpatine should be doing everything he can to reinforce the trust they'd already established with each other: saying "All I want is to bring order and security to the galaxy", and "In all the years we have known each other I have never lied to you", and so on. Anakin is still conflicted, so he still reports Palpatine to the Jedi, but he needs to be able to have genuine loyalty to Palpatine rather than just making it an obvious deal-with-the-devil situation.
So when Anakin walks in on the Mace-vs-Palpatine duel, it should be Anakin himself who kills Mace Windu outright rather than just cutting his hand off and having Palpatine finish the job with Force-lightning. It needs to be Anakin's deliberate choice to side with Palpatine over the Jedi Order, out of the genuine belief that the Jedi had been holding him back and manipulating him, and that they'd been plotting to take over the Republic (which, as we see in the movie, isn't entirely false) and so need to be completely purged root-and-branch. Anakin should not appear to be throwing himself on Palpatine's mercy: he's long believed Palpatine to be wise and just, and now he's going all-in on that existing loyalty.
So Anakin (who notably doesn't have his Sith name yet) is sent to the Jedi Temple – but his role is to destroy the defences on the Temple gates, so that the clone troopers can pour in and do the dirty work of massacring everyone inside. As I said before, Anakin isn't that far gone yet: he's only been a Sith apprentice for about an hour.
We'll then have the brief scene that night with Anakin and Padmé before he leaves Coruscant to go slaughter the remaining Separatist leadership (who are not on Mustafar, but elsewhere). And the next day, Palpatine announces the founding of the Empire.
And now, crucially, we'll skip forward in time a few months. Anakin is now hunting down the remaining Jedi who initially escaped Order 66, and now he's progressed to killing kids: we'll actually see him cut down a Master and Padawan. He's using the Sith name of Darth Vader and fighting with a red lightsaber – and he's wearing the familiar Vader mask with voice-changer, but with a black hooded robe rather than the suit and stackhat. Meanwhile, Padmé is now very close to being due, and has formed a secret political alliance with Bail Organa and Mon Mothma. She and Anakin have grown distant; their last conversation is not unlike their last one from the movie except with no Force-choking, and it ends with them at an impasse. Anakin also leaves his old blue lightsaber with her now, saying that their unborn child can wield it in the glorious new society they will build.
Anakin has to leave now, though, because Obi-Wan has been on the run all this time and has just been tracked down to Mustafar. Anakin starts off wearing the Vader mask but takes it off almost immediately. He thinks that Obi-Wan has been sadly misguided by the Jedi Order all his life, which makes him dangerous to the security of the Empire regardless of their personal history together. Their duel ends a bit differently, as they make their way up to the rim of a volcano – Obi-Wan ends up stabbing Anakin right though the chest, pretty much destroying his lungs and severing his spine; Anakin then falls into the volcano, lands on an outcropping in the crater and is motionless as he catches fire, making it seem to Obi-Wan that he's got to be dead. When Palpatine arrives and sees the state of Anakin he says something like "We'll salvage what we can". Then, when Anakin is revived in the Vader suit, Palpatine says something like "Do you remember who you are?" and Vader replies "I am... Darth Vader." It's a more subtle sign that despite Anakin's original motivation being his fear of loss, his actions have caused him to lose everything including his own identity. It also preserves a bit of mystery for the viewer watching chronologically: exactly what is the deal with Vader anyway? Does he remember his life as Anakin at all? Was he saved from death by Darth Plagueis's thing that Palpatine had been talking about earlier? Given that Palpatine said "salvage", could Vader just be Anakin's clone? These questions are set up to be answered in The Empire Strikes Back confirming that he is Anakin and remembers everything.
Speaking of preserving mystery, the twins are not named on screen in this movie. Well, Luke can be, but Leia definitely isn't. Padmé is quickly taken away from Coruscant as soon as the Mustafar duel happens. She doesn't die, but after Anakin's apparent death she's in a deep depression and just reacts numbly when she's told that the twins need to be separated for their own protection. We know that Luke will go to his uncle and aunt; we don't explicitly find out where Leia and Padmé will go into hiding, only that Bail Organa will arrange it.
Some other points:
(I originally posted this fix about a year ago, the day after rewatching Revenge of the Sith for the first time in years, but it was soon removed because it was the wrong day of the week. I've only made a few changes to wording: the ideas are the same. Before the original post was removed a commenter explained the intention behind how the actual movie structured Anakin's fall to the dark side, how it was all about his fear overcoming his capacity for love and how his immediate leap to committing atrocities was an expression of his self-loathing et cetera et cetera – and okay, I understand, but I honestly think that was dumb and melodramatic and not how people actually behave, so I'm changing it.)
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2023.06.11 02:35 SAJewers Shawn Simpson Twitter Thread on the Sens Sale

I can confirm that the Steve Apostolopoulos bid didn't contain any out clauses. They were very close on a deal and agreed to allow the girls to keep 10%. But the board was also asking that they be protected from any losses or cash calls.
Another wrench was the board asking that the Steve Apostolopoulos bid pick up the tax bill for one of the girls. From what I'm told this has been a crap show.
I'm also told the Kimmel bid is heavily leveraged, and they are still looking for more cash. Andlauer as I mentioned is most likely the new owner of the Sens.
Groups have talking about merging, but everyone involved knows that is very difficult to do. Ultimately you need a person in charge vs a group.
I'm also told Steve Apostolopoulos was by far the cleanest bid, and the group with the most cash. Everyone knows this won't be a money maker, so you better have deep pockets to make this a Cap team.
On the one year out clause. It was actually the Melnyk girls who wanted that clause. Their ability to cash out on the 10% after one year.
I should also say. This is all being handled by the Sens board. This has nothing to do with the bankers or NHL. I have no idea how much the Melnyk girls are involved. All communication is with the board. Who in the end decides the owner.
If you are Sens fan you have to hope Andlauer wins the bid or they circle back to the Apostolopoulos group. Otherwise financial trouble will come sooner than later.
As I said from day one, the NHL has very little say. They just rubber stamp the new Sens ownership.
This almost mirrors the LeBreton process. I have way more info that I won't share.
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2023.06.11 02:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Latest Edition)

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Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.11 02:35 alrabi88 If you chose not to return to nursing, do you have any regrets?

If you started EP early and never went back to nursing, even if you could, do you regret it at all?
My daughter had a tight, tense little jaw that made for a painful, shallow latch from the beginning. Less than a week pp, I switched to EP because my nipples were destroyed, I was dreading each feed, and I found pumping easy.
I'm currently 7 weeks pp and I keep having friends and family ask if I'm going to try to nurse again (assuming my baby's jaw has chilled out a bit with time and age). I just feel so weird admitting that I don't even want to anymore. I have briefly tried once or twice over the past few months and I didn't like it at all. One side was fine and one was still kind of painful, but the whole thing just felt weird as heck. At the end of the day, I just I like the ease of a bottle and knowing exactly how many ounces my baby is taking in each feed and each day. I like being able to go places with just my pump and leave my husband or parents to watch and feed her. I like knowing that the transition will be seamless when I go back to work in a few months.
Every EP'er I know in real life has been more of the "EP is so terrible and difficult; I did everything I possibly could to return to nursing" mindset, and I don't know if I'm missing something because I don't feel like that at all. The idea of trying to nurse and starting over in terms of getting used to everything just feels daunting and pointless. And as much as it bothers me to say it, direct feeding now feels kind of ick and unnatural to me.
But I also recognize that I'm only two months into EP with a goal of 12 months. Will EP wear me down more than I'm expecting? Am I being shortsighted here? Or do I just acknowledge that this is unconventional but it works for me and I might as well roll with it?
Would love to hear other experiences.
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2023.06.11 02:34 Alive-Television Guy used me for his own financial benefit, back at his grandma’s house.

so I met this guy a couple of months ago and we really hit it off at first and I thought that he really liked me. He even invited me on a trip with him and offered to pay for the accommodations. So this guy was traveling all around, so it wasn’t anything serious. I was meant to go to this place with him and then he go to the next place on his list and I go back home where we met. But while we were there, he didn’t like the place that we went to, and he asked me if he could stay at my apartment and stay back in the city for a few days (where I live). I said yes, because I felt like I owed him because he had paid for a lot of our dinners and he let me stay at the hotel that he had booked in the city that we had went to.
But then he started acting more distant with me. We were hanging out every day before i let him stay at my place, and suddenly he wanted to only go out with the friends that we made together by himself, and he basically dis invited me all future hang outs. (i introduced him to these people) One night they were doing something cool and I asked if I could join and he said yes and when we got there the whole entire time he was flirting with this girl and not talking to me at all. Like yeah we weren’t together it was just a fling but common decency to not try and hook up with a girl in front of the girl you’ve been hooking up with.
it was then I finally realized that the guy was an asshole and i lost all interest in him. but he was only staying there for a few more days, so I just didn’t say anything and stayed civil. Luckily for me he was only at my house to shower and to change his clothes but I’m pretty sure he spent all the nights at this girls house. The day came for him to go and we said our goodbyes , after he left he pretty much ghosted. but I didn’t really care because I already knew he was an asshole.
But then one day he started talking to me more and he was calling me every day. We were texting every day. I entertained it because the conversation was good and then it was nice to have someone there whenever I was bored to talk to you, but that’s all it was to me just someone to talk to you when I was bored. Then he asked me if I would go with him to another city that he had next on his travel list , and if I would split the hotel with him because he had to get a tattoo done in the city.
Now, he had previously told me that he went too crazy with his money when he was in my city and had run out and wasn’t living off of so much. He had his mom sending him 100 bucks every few days for food. He has been expecting a few thousand dollars from some money from insurance but he had planned another two months of travel so it wouldn’t be enough. He also asked me if he could come back to my city and stay with me for a month because he really liked it. I then realized that he was giving me all this attention for the past two weeks just to warm me up because he thought that he could benefit off of me to help fund his travel costs. meanwhile, the past two weeks we had been talking every single day he was also a dick to me a lot.
So I told him yes, that I would go with him and that yes he could stay with me in my city. But of course, I had no intentions to. I let him believe that for another week or so while we have been talking every single day and he had also been a dick to me a lot, and didn’t treat me well at all. When I finally got enough of pretending. (about 2 weeks before “our trip”)I told him that I don’t wanna talk to him anymore because I don’t like how he treats me. Suddenly he starts panicking and trying to call me (because he needs me at this point) and I just tell him nope, good riddance. And then i block him.
I just looked at his Instagram story , today he was supposed to be in the other City to get the tattoo that he told me he had been excited about for a year. But instead he’s at his grandmas house :) I’m guessing that he couldn’t afford to go. Maybe next time be a genuine person and don’t use people while being a dick to them and the odds will go in your favor.
Maybe some of you see this and think I was too harsh. But i’ve been used so many times before, and this is the first time i’ve been able to recognize it and I was fed up. He wasn’t going to get away with insulting my intelligence like that.
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2023.06.11 02:34 krismodo Ok everyone I got a couple questions I wanted to hear multiple opinions on

First are the battery upgrades truly just grinding zonaite or is there a quicker way I have over 100 hrs into it and I have my original battery you get and a quarter of one I’ve upgraded. I see people with 8 double charged batteries. I will say I kind of stayed out of the depths till I felt I was strong enough after my initial 2 forced trips to the depths but I’m definitely strong enough now but it seems like it’s going to take a crazy amount of time to get 8 full double layered cells it hasn’t even been explained to me how to get the double cells yet. Another small question I had is it better to keep a royal shield for the small amount of time because of its defense or better to have a knights shield that the durability is much higher on? Tia for any response.
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2023.06.11 02:34 Heated_head AITA for getting mad at my friend for copying my content?

This girl moved to my rental place 2 years ago. We are both immigrants from the same country. We connected over culture and same ethnicity. I would talk to her about my dreams and aspirations and we bonded for a while. I very specifically used to talk about how i stopped posting on social media because my own friends wouldn’t stop making profits out of my original ideas and copying my content. She didn’t really have much to say in that regard but would always push me to post anyway. She was supportive and encouraging, at least on the surface. Then she moved out and didn’t really care to keep in touch like before. When she came here i would take her to different places, talk to her when she needed help and was supportive to her at every cost. I introduced her to different unique locations and brands that i had discovered over my years of staying in the country and helped her navigate personal relationships. Now when i finally started posting again on SM, she is deliberately doing everything that she is well aware of that it bothers me to the core! When i have tried to call her out, she never responds to my replies! I even defended her on one of her youtubes where she was being bullied by a guy. But after knowing everything, she is doing exactly what she knows i don’t like!
Everyone keeps telling me it’s SM and you can’t conteol what people do. Which i understand. But being close to someone and knowing exactly what bothers them, sounds like disregard, disrespect and borderline bullying to me.
AITA for being mad?
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2023.06.11 02:34 JunToast IG vs CMC vs Pepperstone vs IC Market

I'm new in forex trading and created a demo with and IC Market.
I just realized how the spread was giving me most of the time red numbers so I've been looking for smth with a low spread even though it has some low commission and these 4 fell into my radar.
CMC and Pepperstone seem to be the "best" but there's rlly not much information about comparison between these.
I want to hear your opinions regarding which is better.
Extra Data: Small Initial deposit (250€) I see that Im mostly day trading. Im residing in Spain, EU
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2023.06.11 02:33 Super_Abalone778 Self revoking bond Colorado

I'm self revoking bond on Monday and just going to serve my time. Frankly, I just can't afford probation anymore. I have an M1 DV case. DA is asking for 6 months. How much time do you think the judge will give me?
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