2007 honda accord value package

Ghost Hunters

2019.06.30 04:05 fpreston Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters on A&E

2023.03.30 16:19 No_Entertainer_4469 If your still having symptoms

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2023.03.30 16:19 No_Entertainer_4469 If your still having symptoms

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2023.03.30 16:17 Marc4770 My post that got me banned in /canadahousing

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2023.03.30 16:16 ddonger In the market for an EV around 47k or less.

I've read through several threads here and they've been incredibly helpful. Hopefully it's okay for me to post this as well, but I'm currently looking to get rid of my 160k mile 2011 WRX Limited in favor for a Electric vehicle. but I'm torn between full EV and Plug in.
I feel like Plug in hybrids are cheaper and I don't really take many trips, and if we do I have a 2019 Honda Odyssey to lug around my 3 kids. This car would be to mainly be a commuting vehicle for my wife and I. She works maybe 5-10 miles from our house and goes in 1x a week. I start a new job, but I'll need to go to the office 1x a week but it'll be 70 miles round trip. I've driven both the Kona and Niro and I firmly liked the Niro over the Kona. I've also looked into but have not looked at the Polestar 2(which is slightly out of budget) and the Solterra (I've read the mileage is not as good as the sticker shows). I haven't looked into many others except the former 3 that I mentioned.
I've never been a huge fan of getting european cars, though I'm not sure if my reasoning before still apply. I gravitated toward Korean/Japanese/ Domestic in the past because of maintenance costs. I'm not sure if that still applies as I acknowledge my reasoning may be slightly antiquated. So I guess my question is are there other cars I should realistically give a chance? I'd ideally like to stay under 600/ mo with about a 10k DP. My credit score is near perfect with a relatively good salary so I'm not too concerned about getting the Tier 1 rate.
Also last question. I know the answers may be biased, but what is everyones thoughts on the resale value? Google seems to think it's awful which is making me consider a lease. Which I really really dislike the idea of.
Thank you in advance for all the help!
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2023.03.30 16:15 IronKing_art I am incredibly lost in life, I don't know who I am, and I am ignored. A comprehensive autobiography of my life thus far (not really, but be prepared for A WALL of text).

So hi I'm Darren, 22 years old, and wanting to pursue my dreams as an Artist, working on concept art and illustrations, but whenever I hit a wall and found nonconclusive solutions, I try to ask for help and get ignored. And with a lack of any resources to better improve my craft, I don't know what to do and I get stuck. I do not have a good relationship with my parents, because we have very different values they do not agree with, and very much disallow me from putting my focus on art. They spent their entire lives working, trying to have a "better" life. They have this mentality that as long as I have enough money for my family to be comfortable and nothing else, it is enough and my children should be eternally grateful for it. As much as they have sacrificed their time for work, I didn't understand why they chose to slave away at work than spend more time connecting with me and my brother, but that may partly be that I was considered a "demon child", often getting on my parents' nerves.
My self-esteem has taken a lot of hits throughout my life, partly due to abuse in my early years as a child. My mother was stressed at work and would not be available to me when she got home, and would often beat me severely whenever I misbehaved or didn't act according to how she would like me to. My father, who I thought was the man of the house, has never stood up for me when I had to suffer an onslaught from my mom. (In recent times, the more I reflect the more I start to resent his lack of action in the past as well, not acting as a role model for me, but I know I cannot change my father. But I feel incredibly disappointed and find it hard to take him seriously or respect him. However, I love him dearly and try to accept his disposition.)
And from there I grew to fear and wanted to be feared, becoming a bully (though it was not my intention at all to do so, it was just an outlet for my misplaced anger, which I wished I could have put all that energy into martial arts and combat sports (Super Important)). But later down the line, in my teens, I discovered that I love art, and enjoyed creating and deconstructing everything, it was like playing god and my character's story, mine to determine. But then during my 1st year of middle school, my grades plummeted, out of nowhere. This was because something within me had clicked. and I no longer gave 2 shits about education and understood it was all pointless if the information learned was merely to qualify my worth as an academic and how I would fit into society (I don't know how this happened, I can't even regret it, it didn't even felt like it was my will to control, but maybe I'm just giving an excuse. There is no definite answer in my mind.)
This has caused me immense grief and suffering, and I had fallen into an incredibly deep depression. My teachers were not understanding, and due to the culture here in my country, I was considered a hooligan. (Part of me thought so too, but it was just an attempt to fit in with other rejects and escape my prison of education.) I got kicked out of plenty of school clubs and was generally disrespected, and I often reciprocate with violence and intimidation, because I am a coward and would crumble if I did not do so otherwise. But during this stage of grief and uncontrollable and unmanaged anger, I had a huge heartbreaking fight with my mom (funny that I can't even remember what it was about) When my mom tried to give me a hug, I moved away and strode back into my room in anger.
As time goes on in high school, I grew downright suicidal, constantly muttering about killing myself, but was much too much of a coward to do it. Everyone around me thought the same as well. (But this worked well as a coping mechanism) And being so depressive, my art no longer spoke to me anymore, and without any device to explore the internet, nor any resources really, to inspire me, I was trapped. But during my final year, I managed to pull myself and got passing scores across the board, earning me my certificate and graduation.
Chapter II
After graduation, I worked in a small little food stall and was humbled by the hard work (was still a general, but subtle dickhead) moved on to study for a Diploma in Animation, since it was cheaper but still art related. This made my mother furious, as she completely did not understand my connection with art and its importance as my lifeline in life, for without it, I would've ended myself.But I could not express this to my mother clearly, due to the cultural difference (This may seem incredulous, but I myself do not have a complete understanding of these circumstances, as is)
My first year in college, however, was the best year of my life socially. I moved to a new city, and a clean slate to work with, I have more family members here, and just experiencing things that I could not do due to my parent's careful nature with how they spend money and transport availability. Things may seem great but I had built up a facade during my time here because I wanted to experience the most in my life, and that meant being all that I am and that I am not. (Thought there were some experiences that had benefitted me from this).
The Second year into the third, however, the world saw its 1st global challenge which sparked mass hysteria and tore down all I had built the past year... it was the coming of Chri-
It was COVID, and the world was certainly not prepared for it. Right before the knowledge of this pandemic's existence, my parents, unfortunately, decided to move to the city where I had been studying, since it was their hometown. Moving back with them into their old home, it was incredibly far from downtown where the institution was located. Which now had severely limited my options for transportation, and I would need to buy more own car, we will return later on this. During this period of self-isolation, all of the self-doubt, crippling depression, the low worth of self had set me back from all of my efforts to build and improve. I was so down emotionally it would bleed into my surroundings, gave my peers non-intentional death glares, ruined all my friendships, and pushed plenty of people away. The quality of my work was sloppy, made horrible decisions, wanted to tackle group projects alone because I was resolute that I would drag everyone down with me, which would later bite my ass, and I was back to how I was in high school, miserable and lost.
It was my final year project that really ate me alive because animating as a 1 man crew is miserable and unforgiving if you weren't well-equipped and true to heart on the goals one wants to achieve from it. My friends ghosted me, everyone was busy, and I made a fool out of myself trying to salvage what little dignity I had left me (I at the time was a real piece of work, sheesh) But I had slogged through everything, and through the grace of my professors and a LOT of corners cut, what should've been me failing a year turned out to be saved, and without my professors help I'd still be studying and amassing huge debts.
After graduation, I was still stuck between a rock and a hard place, and took me half a year of self-isolation and suffering in silent rage for me to move back to my home town, and found work in a local sign craft workshop as a designer, which then management decided to chuck me into manual labor because I was not a designer and did horrible in that class, and the work environment was awful and unsafe since we had to climb dangerous heights with no safety gear. I decided to quit, and yet again moved back in with my parents, now figuring out what in the world am I going to do.
So, my current dilemma, I have no definitive goals in life, and I am left as a wee baby adult, to figure that out alone (Albeit with a roof over my head), with restrictions due to parental standards.
I always wanted to be an artist, since it is what I had grown up with that had gotten me through my worse of times. But in recent years I have gotten heavily into Mixed Martial Arts by way of the UFC, and I had fallen in love with the sport. I would constantly imitate the greats of the sports and practice on moves, techniques, and understanding of the sport. To a point that dreams had been seeded within my depressed noggin, of fighting in and bloody glory of the octagon basking in the light and a crowd so electrifying it makes my skin crawl.
Not only was this sensation thrilling, but the people that do this for their work are also the most inspiring, motivating, and downright baddest people on the planet! It gave me a breath of much-needed air that brought me back to my senses within this world, and what it had to offer, but it was not mine for the taking, not yet in all my hope at least.
But to give context, I live in Malaysia, a country of heavy and blatant corruption (sorry for bringing up politics, but the economy has tanked for many decades, relevant) I need a car, buying a car and putting a down payment requires a super stable job, and the training I am able to afford is merely through the internet with no coaching. And even with a proper arsenal to compete, the nearest promotion in Singapore, and compare the competition here to the guys in the promotion, they are some scary mfers, so the difference in training quality is something to be said.
That said, the solution would be to fInD A jOb U lAzy 5hEaD. Bad experiences and living in a place, which was said to be by foreign workers, filled with lazy people, I will never be able to get ahead in this environment that does not support the individual, but the utilitarian nature of industrialism. And to those that would argue that I am just weak for quitting only 3 months into the job, I planned to quit 3 days in, stuck around a few months' worth! Applicable on 3 jobs I had found myself in. However, this pattern does make me think, perhaps I do lack willpower... I guess currently, what I'm looking for are answers and help, because I can't seem to find it wherever I go, not a lot of people think like I do where I'm from. Like-minded people are few and far in between, especially in the eastern region of Malaysia.
Currently, I'm looking into freelancing if it's a possibility, and some tips on gaining a following for work opportunities would be greatly appreciated. Do give me a follow if you are kind enough <3: erlo_trix on Twitter, iron.king_d.c on Instagram (Do tell me to remove this section if it is prohibited to share, I am understanding)
Sorry for taking so much of your time, reading a dumb kid's, stupid post about being self-absorbed, privileged, and unappreciative of what he has in life. Such are my woes but do know that I had an incredible amount of fun and reflection while writing all this down, might give me some ideas for becoming a writer as well in the future!! Though again I feel like I need to apologize since this isn't necessarily an orthodox post.
If you had read thus far, I thank you and bid you adieu.
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2023.03.30 16:13 BourbonGod Let's dissect the new form: Form 424B5

I'm super smooth, so I'll just post the "important" stuff I understand with my limited knowledge.
BBBY acknowledges the SHF crime on their stock: "Our shares trade on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (“Nasdaq”) under the symbol “BBBY.” From January 3, 2022 to March 27, 2023, the market price of our common stock has had extreme fluctuations, ranging from an intra-day low of $0.77 per share on March 20, 2023 to an intra-day high of $30.06 on March 7, 2022, and the last reported sale price of our common stock on Nasdaq on March 27, 2023, was $0.79 per share. From January 3, 2022 to March 27, 2023, according to Nasdaq, daily trading volume of our common stock ranged from as low as approximately 2,121,088 to as high as approximately 395,319,906 shares."
BBBY acknowledges the MSM crime: "While the market price of our common stock may respond to developments regarding our liquidity, operating performance and prospects, developments regarding COVID-19, and developments regarding our industry, we believe that recent volatility and our current market prices reflect market and trading dynamics unrelated to our underlying business, or macro or industry fundamentals, and we do not know if or how long these dynamics will last. In addition, as a result of the anticipated new sales of common stock into the market pursuant to the sales agreement or otherwise, including under a committed equity facility discussed below, current common stockholders may experience significant dilution and the value of their shares may decrease."
When to expect 10-K: "Upon filing our annual report on Form 10-K, which is due by April 26, 2023."
Possible bad news about bankruptcy (that we usually only see in forward-looking statements): "If we do not receive the proceeds from the offering of securities covered by this prospectus supplement, we expect that we will likely file for bankruptcy protection, in which case holders of our common stock will likely receive no recovery at all for the securities offered by this registration statement."
B. Riley Securities (BRS) letting you know that upcoming "people familiar with the matter" posts are bullshit: "We are responsible for the information contained or incorporated by reference in this prospectus supplement and the accompanying prospectus and any related free-writing prospectus we prepare or authorize. We have not, and the agent has not, authorized anyone to give you any other information, and we take no responsibility for any other information that others may give you."
Not yet sure when Reverse Split Stock: "[...] a proposal to effectuate a reverse stock split of the Company’s common stock to be presented to shareholders at a forthcoming special meeting of shareholders."
Someone needs to help me verify this, because a quick google search of "who is Jefferies LLC?" is not enough. Another 'possible' hedge-fund had an agreement with BBBY, but this was terminated: "In connection with our entry into the sales agreement with BRS, we terminated the Open Market Sale Agreement, dated August 31, 2022, with Jefferies LLC (the “Jefferies sales agreement”), on March 27, 2023, effective immediately. The Company has sold approximately 22.2 million shares for approximately $115.4 million of net proceeds pursuant to the Jefferies sales agreement." - Page S-2
Need help understanding this. We entered an agreement with B. Riley Principal Capital II, LLC (BRP) to sell 1 billion shares? Check it out: "On March 30, 2023, the Company entered into a common stock purchase agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”) and a registration rights agreement with B. Riley Principal Capital II, LLC (“BRP”) (collectively, the “Committed Equity Facility”). Pursuant to the Purchase Agreement, subject to the satisfaction of the conditions set forth therein, including the effectiveness of the registration statement on Form S-1 that the Company intends to file, the Company will have the right to sell to BRP, up to the lesser of (i) $1,000,000,000 of newly issued shares of the Company’s common stock, and (ii) the Exchange Cap (as defined in the Purchase Agreement) (subject to certain conditions and limitations) from time to time during the term of the Purchase Agreement. Sales of common stock pursuant to the Purchase Agreement, and the timing of any sales, are solely at the option of the Company, and the Company is under no obligation to sell any securities to BRP under the Purchase Agreement." - Page S-2
The offering: Up to 807,845,459 shares, based on 428,098,624 shares outstanding as of March 27, 2023 and assuming sales of 379,746,835 shares of our common stock in this offering at an assumed offering price of $0.79 per share, which was the last reported sale price of our common stock on Nasdaq on March 27, 2023. We have 295,411,477 shares available for future issuance. The actual number of shares issued will vary depending on the sale price under this offering.
Yeah i think i'll stop here. I'll just wait for the wrinkled ones to show up cause this is getting depressing. Check all my posts and all my comments, i'm pro BBBY, been here since April. Maybe i'm understanding wrong, but i don't think so.
At this point and by the shit looks of it... i think if BBBY goes into bankruptcy then i hope they sell BABY to RC or someone who always wanted it and can take care of it. After doing that maybe they come out of bankruptcy with the money and resume activity, but honestly i have nothing to add. I'll just wait for the wrinkled ones. Peace.
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2023.03.30 16:10 iulianac I got a Saint Laurent bag from FarFetch and it came without its original box, should I return it?

As the title say, I got a bag from FarFetch and I was super excited to open the package today. The price was 10% lower than normal but it didn’t say why. As you can imagine, I was unpleasantly surprised and pretty disappointed to find that the bag came in it’s dust bag alone, not it the original box. Everything else looks fine, all the cards are there and the bag has all protections on. I absolutely love the bag tho! I’ve been dreaming, lusting and waiting for it for a very long time but I cannot suppress the feeling of dissatisfaction. I’m also thinking the absence of the box will probably hurt the resale value down the line, if I ever want to part with it. What do you think? What would you do?
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2023.03.30 16:09 bumpingcorn 2021 Honda Accord 2.0 Touring: Front Brake Rotor Size

Hi there...
Can anyone confirm the front rotor size on said model? I've called up two Honda dealerships and they refuse to provide me with the part numbers. Please note I'm in Ontario not sure if that makes a difference to options etc between Canada and the US given the car is made in the US.
Appreciate any and all responses.
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2023.03.30 16:07 No_Entertainer_4469 If your still having symptoms

If your still having symptoms
Good day, everyone,
I’d like to provide some information to possibly ask your healthcare providers if you are still having symptoms and testing negative and are worried you could still be infected. Here are some more reliable exams you can ask your medical professional to perform.
Culture on A8 agar
Culture on a7 agar
These can also provide susceptibility.
Here is a study that shower agar is 100% sensitive where pcr can be a little less sensitive at detecting for many reasons
“A negative PCR result indicates the absence of detectable U urealyticum and U parvum DNA in the specimen, but it does not rule-out infection as false-negative results may occur due to inhibition of PCR, sequence variability underlying the primers and probes, or the presence of U urealyticum or U parvum in quantities less than the limit of detection of the assay.”
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2023.03.30 16:06 Mecha_Derp If I had to choose one, which should it be? (I'll feel less bad about myself paying $10 on a mobile game vs $20 🫣)

If I had to choose one, which should it be? (I'll feel less bad about myself paying $10 on a mobile game vs $20 🫣) submitted by Mecha_Derp to LegendofSlime [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 16:06 7861279527412aN Liberals Successfully Turn Entire Nation Gay

In a shocking turn of events, liberals across the nation have successfully converted the entire population into being gay. The move comes as part of their ongoing mission to destroy the traditional values of the country and usher in a new era of rainbow-colored progress.
According to sources close to the liberal agenda, the conversion process has been underway for several years, with progressive activists working tirelessly to promote the LGBT lifestyle and undermine the heterosexual norm. They have apparently succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Reports indicating that not a single person in the entire nation remains straight.
The last holdout, an eight-year-old boy from Kansas, was reportedly converted just this morning. The boy's parents, who had previously raised him in a conservative household, were said to be devastated by the news.
"We just can't believe it," said the boy's mother, wiping away tears. "We thought we were doing everything right, teaching him about God and family values, but apparently the liberals got to him."
The boy himself seemed to take the news in stride, happily skipping around in a tutu and glitter makeup. He reportedly told his parents that he was now "proud to be gay" and excited to join the rest of the nation in the LGBTQ+ community.
Reaction to the news has been mixed, with some celebrating the victory for tolerance and diversity, while others lamenting the loss of traditional values. Conservative groups have already begun planning protests and campaigns to reverse the trend, but many experts say that it may be too late.
"We've been warning about this for years," said one conservative pundit. "The liberals have been brainwashing our children with their rainbow propaganda, and now we're seeing the consequences. It's a sad day for America, now we're all gay!"
Despite the outcry, the liberal activists behind the conversion have remained defiant, vowing to continue their mission of spreading the gay agenda to every corner of the globe. They have reportedly set their sights on other conservative strongholds, such as the Middle East and Russia, and are confident that they can bring their message of tolerance and love to even the most resistant populations.
As for the newly gay nation, life seems to be going on much as before, with rainbow flags flying from every building and same-sex couples holding hands on every street corner. The only difference, it seems, is that everyone is just a little bit happier, a little bit more fulfilled, and a little bit more fabulous.
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• Auto123 reviews the 2023 Porsche Macan T. Here's what you need to know.

• Fit, quality, dynamics and the driving experience are all beyond reproach, or just about.

The Porsche Macan compact SUV was updated last year. What didn’t change during that update is its fidelity to the Porsche brand’s sporty philosophy, this while the SUV offers more passenger and cargo space than the company’s legendary cars.

What's new for 2023?
Porsche has added a new version to its range. The Macan T (for Touring, not Turbo) is equipped with a Sport Chrono package that offers several driving modes as well as a hot start mode. Dark titanium 20-inch wheels add visual dynamics. Up front, the T's fascia is Agathe Grey, the same colour found on the contoured mirrors.

LED headlights are also standard and incorporate the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), which includes adaptive LED headlights that automatically adjust according to driving conditions. It allows for effective illumination of the road without the risk of blinding other drivers. There are also features such as cornering lights and automatic high beam function. The goal is to improve visibility and driving safety by adapting the lighting according to driving conditions.

At the rear, the four tailpipes and a large black diffuser are immediately noticeable.

The interior
Standard features include a 10.9-inch touchscreen, 10-speaker audio system and LED headlights. Overall, the standard equipment is limited, though. To get more, you have to open the big options catalog and start checking off items.

Our model had $10,900 worth of these options, including, among other things, heated front and rear seats, 20-inch wheels, a carbon elements for the interior, a dedicated fuel filler cap (at $190) and an adaptive suspension.

All that aside, the Macan is a beautiful, well-designed and well-built SUV. The quality of materials is impeccable and everything you touch is well-made. You're inside an exceptional environment and the materials, feel, comfort and soundproofing, even in this ‘lower-end’ Porsche, stand out from the competition.

Strong points

Quality of materials
Layout of controls
Soundproofing on board

Weak points

List of options
Narrow seats

The exterior
No change here since the introduction of the new model in 2022. The model is racy and gives off a fairly ‘sporty vehicle’ vibe. The wheels, which are firmly planted at the ends of the car, contribute to the model's sporty and rugged character.

Our tester had a very nice Speed Yellow paint job available only by special order... at $13,050! That's not cheap, and you should know that Porsche offers a total of 59 colour choices at that price. If you want to be a little more conservative, you can opt for two free colours that are white and black or 8 metallic colors at $790 each.

Strong points

Sporty character
Unique exterior design
Choice of colours

Weak points

Gaping mouth at the front
Backup camera located too low
Price of some colours!

Safety and Technology
As mentioned, the Porsche Macan is a sporty looking SUV, and that's the case inside as well. And as mentioned, the list of options is very long. So, despite the high price of the entry-level Macan, many options that are usually included in other brands' models are not included here.

So, while you get ParkAssist, cruise control, lane departure warning and hill descent control, that's more or less where it ends. For everything else, check out the options list!

The drive
The T version of the Macan is powered by a 261-hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. If you're looking for performance, don't bother. The S model with a 375-hp V6 engine is more for you.

That said, the Macan T with the base engine is very fun to drive. It has all the makings of a sports car. The 8-way adjustable front sport seats made of durable sport-Tex fabric and leatherette upholstery are very comfortable and supportive for front passengers. In the rear, the bench seat is also comfortable, although it’s not very deep. Legroom in the back is also quite limited.

Behind the wheel, however, there are many ways to have fun. The 7-speed PDK gearbox is a marvel! With the help of all-wheel drive, it's impossible to miss on dry roads. The little knob that engages the Sport mode available in the "T" version gives a boost to the 'little' engine.

We had the opportunity to drive through a storm that left nearly a foot of snow on the ground, and never have we felt as safe in such conditions as we did inside this Macan. With great tires, in this case Michelin Pilot, the car literally clings to the road.

We couldn't help but fiddle with the gas pedal to get the car going sideways several times on isolated roads where snowplows hadn't yet passed. There's no snow mode in the Macan, but the power is perfectly adequate on slippery roads.

Some of your questions about the 2023 Porsche Macan:

Which version of the Porsche Macan 2023 is recommended?
For us, if you want to drive a Porsche Macan, stay with the basic version and add the premium package to have at least the benches and the heated steering wheel. The rest is just accessorizing.

What is the fuel consumption of the Porsche Macan 2023?
Officially, the 4-cylinder Macan consumes 12.2L/10 km city and 10.2 highway. In our case, with winter temperatures and a snowstorm during our week of testing, we finished at 13.2L/100 km, which is frankly high for a 4-cylinder.

The final word
The Macan T model we drove came in at $91,150, which is still a lot to ask for a Macan. The $65,000 base model is just as likely to meet your needs, if you’re set on driving a Porsche.

All the elements that make the brand what it is are in the Macan. Assembly quality, refinement and a dynamic driving experience are strong points of this SUV. The only disappointment has to do with the engine, more specifically its output. You may find that 260 hp a bit lacking, and you joy would be assured if only that number could be in the neighborhood of 300. That would have positioned the T variant as a very good value proposition, right between the entry-level Macan and the fiery S.

We like

Ride and handling
Exterior design
Interior design

We like less

Fuel economy
Could use more horses

The competition

Acura RDX
Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Audi Q5 / Q5 Sportback
BMW X3 / X4
Genesis GV70
Infiniti QX55
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Lexus NX
Mercedes-Benz GLC / GLC Coupe
Volvo XC60

Source: Auto123
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2023.03.30 16:02 HockeyMod Game Thread: Vegas Golden Knights (46-22-6) at San Jose Sharks (20-39-15) - 30 Mar 2023 - 07:30PM PDT

Vegas Golden Knights (46-22-6) at San Jose Sharks (20-39-15)

SAP Center at San Jose

Thread Notes:

Posting and User Conduct Guidelines
Visitors Guide
2022-23 Regular Season Ticket Exchange
/SanJoseSharks Discord


07:30PM 08:30PM 09:30PM 10:30PM 11:30PM
Listen VGK - SJS
Other-Away Preview - Boxscore - Recap
Other-Home Preview - Boxscore - Recap
GameCenter On NHL.com

Season Series

Date Away Home Time Network/Result
25 Oct 2022 07:30PM PDT VGK (4) - SJS (2)
15 Nov 2022 07:00PM PST SJS (5) - VGK (2)
16 Feb 2023 07:00PM PST SJS (1) - VGK (2)
30 Mar 2023 07:30PM PDT NBCSCA, ATTSN-RM

Projected Lineups

Left Center Right Left Center Right
Andrew Agozzino Logan Couture Fabian Zetterlund Ivan Barbashev Jack Eichel Jonathan Marchessault
Jacob Peterson Tomas Hertl Martin Kaut Pavel Dorofeyev William Karlsson Nicolas Roy
Noah Gregor Nico Sturm Kevin Labanc Mike Amadio Chandler Stephenson Phil Kessel
Oskar Lindblom Steven Lorentz Jeffrey Viel Brett Howden Teddy Blueger Keegan Kolesar
Left D Right D Left D Right D
Marc-Edouard Vlasic Erik Karlsson Alec Martinez Alex Pietrangelo
Mario Ferraro Matt Benning Brayden McNabb Zach Whitecloud
Radim Simek Jacob MacDonald Nicolas Hague Ben Hutton
Goalies Goalies
James Reimer Laurent Brossoit
Kaapo Kahkonen Jonathan Quick


Player Date Injury Status Details Return
SJS Alexander Barabanov 28 Mar 2023 Lower Body DTD Barabanov (lower body) is considered day-to-day and won't play Tuesday versus Winnipeg, Sheng Peng of San Jose Hockey Now reports. unknown
SJS Andreas Johnsson 20 Mar 2023 Lower Body OUT Johnsson (undisclosed) is considered week-to-week, Sheng Peng of San Jose Hockey Now reports. 04 Apr 2023
SJS Evgeny Svechnikov 16 Mar 2023 Lower Body OUT Svechnikov (lower body) is considered week-to-week, Sheng Peng of San Jose Hockey Now reports. 04 Apr 2023
SJS Jonah Gadjovich 22 Mar 2023 Upper Body IR Gadjovich (upper body) isn't close to rejoining the San Jose Sharks, coach David Quinn told Sheng Peng of San Jose Hockey Now. unknown
SJS Luke Kunin Knee IR Surgery 15 Sep 2023
SJS Markus Nutivaara Lower Body IR-LT Not Specified 01 Apr 2023
-- -- -- -- --
VGK Shea Theodore 28 Mar 2023 Undisclosed OUT Theodore (undisclosed) won't go with the Vegas Golden Knights to San Jose for Thursday's contest against the San Jose Sharks, according to Jesse Granger of The Athletic. 01 Apr 2023
VGK Reilly Smith 23 Mar 2023 Lower Body OUT Smith (lower body) has been ruled out for the team's next three contests, Jesse Granger of The Athletic reports Tuesday. 03 Apr 2023
VGK Logan Thompson 23 Mar 2023 Lower Body OUT Thompson (lower body) is not expected to return to the lineup this week, Jesse Granger of The Athletic reports. 03 Apr 2023
VGK Adin Hill 08 Mar 2023 Lower Body OUT Hill (lower body) hasn't resumed skating yet, Ben Gotz of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. 03 Apr 2023
VGK William Carrier 03 Mar 2023 Lower Body OUT Carrier is out indefinitely after suffering a lower-body injury Friday, Danny Webster of the Las Vegas Sun reports. 03 Apr 2023
VGK Nolan Patrick Upper Body IR-LT Not Specified 01 Jul 2023
VGK Mark Stone Back IR-LT 13 Apr 2023
VGK Robin Lehner Hip IR-LT 15 Sep 2023

Team Stats

Sharks 74 20 39 15 55 37.1 2.85135 3.78378 17.5 83.3 29.83783 31.85135 50.6
Golden Knights 74 46 22 6 98 66.2 3.27027 2.82432 21.0 77.1 31.71621 31.2027 52.4

Team Leaders

Stat Player Value Player Value
G Timo Meier 31 Jack Eichel 27
A Erik Karlsson 69 Chandler Stephenson 43
P Erik Karlsson 91 Jack Eichel 59
+/- Jaycob Megna 6 Alec Martinez 24
PIM Jonah Gadjovich 57 Keegan Kolesar 64
TOI Erik Karlsson 25:46 Alex Pietrangelo 23:52

Goalie Breakdown

James Reimer 38 37 11 18 8 3 3.30 0.89522
Kaapo Kahkonen 33 33 8 18 6 1 3.89 0.87809
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Logan Thompson 37 36 21 13 3 2 2.65 0.91519
Adin Hill 27 25 16 7 1 0 2.49 0.91539

In-Game Updates

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2023.03.30 16:00 DaddieModi Thoughts?

Thoughts? submitted by DaddieModi to DharmikEdits [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 15:58 Banished_Privateer Main points TL;DR for the new fillings

Main points TL;DR for the new fillings
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. enters into a Sales Agreement with B. Riley Securities Inc. to sell shares of common stock. They may offer and sell shares of common stock having an aggregate offering price of up to $300,000,000 from and after the date of the prospectus supplement.
  • If we do not receive the proceeds from the offering of securities covered by this prospectus supplement, we expect that we will likely file for bankruptcy protection, in which case holders of our common stock will likely receive no recovery at all for the securities offered by this registration statement.
  • BRS will act as the sales agent using commercially reasonable efforts consistent with its normal trading and sales practices, and will be entitled to compensation at a commission rate of up to 3.0% of the aggregate gross proceeds of any shares of common stock sold.
  • Termination of At-the-Market Sales Agreement with Jefferies LLC - in connection with our entry into the sales agreement with BRS, we terminated the Open Market Sale Agreement, dated August 31, 2022, with Jefferies LLC (the “Jefferies sales agreement”), on March 27, 2023, effective immediately. The Company has sold approximately 22.2 million shares for approximately $115.4 million of net proceeds pursuant to the Jefferies sales agreement.
  • Termination of the Preferred Stock Warrants - After the Company anticipated that it would not be able to meet the conditions to force the exercise of the Preferred Stock Warrant in the future and receive cash proceeds therefore, on March 30, 2023, the Company and the Holder entered into the Exchange Agreement (the “Exchange Agreement”). Pursuant to the Exchange Agreement, the Company exchanged the Preferred Stock Warrant to purchase 70,004 shares of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock for 10,000,000 shares of common stock and rights to receive 5,000,000 shares of common stock upon the receipt of shareholder approval of a proposal to effectuate a reverse stock split of the Company’s common stock to be presented to shareholders at a forthcoming special meeting of shareholders.
  • Due to Default Event, the total revolving commitment was decreased from $565 million to $300 million, the letter of credit sublimit under the revolving credit facility was reduced from $225 million to $175 million, the Interest Payment Date (as defined in the Amended Credit Agreement) with respect to both the total revolving commitment was decreased from $565 million to $300 million, the letter of credit sublimit under the revolving credit facility was reduced from $225 million to $175 million.
  • Our shares trade on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (“Nasdaq”) under the symbol “BBBY.” From January 3, 2022 to March 27, 2023, the market price of our common stock has had extreme fluctuations, ranging from an intra-day low of $0.77 per share on March 20, 2023 to an intra-day high of $30.06 on March 7, 2022, and the last reported sale price of our common stock on Nasdaq on March 27, 2023, was $0.79 per share. From January 3, 2022 to March 27, 2023, according to Nasdaq, daily trading volume of our common stock ranged from as low as approximately 2,121,088 to as high as approximately 395,319,906 shares.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. warns that recent volatility and current market prices reflect market and trading dynamics unrelated to their underlying business, or macro or industry fundamentals, and they do not know if or how long these dynamics will last.
  • As a result of the anticipated new sales of common stock, current common stockholders may experience significant dilution and the value of their shares may decrease.
  • The sales agreement only provides for sales made pursuant to an effective registration statement on Form S-3, and they expect all sales made pursuant to the sales agreement will cease by April 26, 2023.
short squeeze warning
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