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Info about professional military

2022.09.06 16:03 AnvaxSarer Info about professional military

Barev hayer, I recently saw in the news that The Armenian military will become professional. I’m very interested in serving and I was trying to find official information regarding that, anyone know where to start looking?
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2022.07.11 18:22 armenian491027410 Մաքսազերծում / Customs Clearance / Растаможка

Barev Hayer! I'm travelling from the US soon, can someone please advise where I can learn about what sort of personal items and gifts can I bring to Armenia and how many? I'm mostly interested in learning about cash, jewelry, mobile phones, laptops, watches and consumer drones. Should I take the new items out of their boxes? Is there a limit on how many items I can bring without requiring customs payments? Can I bring the boxes in checked-in luggage?
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2020.10.05 05:50 waret $1000 challenge started. Please join

Barev Hayer,
Today our nation faces the most critical days of its history. This is more important than 24 April and Armenian Genocide. This is about our existence as a nation and as a country. We shouldn't stay silence and watch. We should take actions, serious actions.
I suggested a $1000 donation challenge idea and just made my first $1000. Here is the email I got from

Now, if you want to join this movement, send your receipt email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and I will gild you at reddit, as a small token of appreciation.
This is the moment to act! tomorrow may be too late.
This is only for new donations, make a donation and get your gold. This is our responsibility to our Country, to our children, and to our future.


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2019.07.01 22:23 DavidofSasun How Would a Potential War Between the US & Iran impact Armenia?

Barev sireli Hayer of armenia,
I’m sure most of you are aware of recent developments and heightened tensions between the governments of Iran and the United States. With the downing of an American drone and President Trump ordering (and then calling off) an air strike on Iranian soil, war between the two nations has never looked more inevitable as it does today. However, this is not to say that it will transpire into an actual full-scale military conflict. As of now we are just hearing threatening speech by both sides and nothing more.
Given our geopolitical situation, Iran has been a solid ally since independence in 1991. Given that 2/4 of our borders are closed, our border with Iran is incredibly vital for trade and other aspects of Armenia’s economy.
But in the event that war does indeed transpire (and I hope it doesn’t), how will it impact Armenia?
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