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2023.03.31 18:11 stephie2o We had to put my childhood dog down last night and I feel so lost today. What do I do to feel better?

We got my dog as a rescue when I was 8 and he was 3 or 4 (no paperwork so we got an age range). Chuck was a rescue so he had some fears we worked around until he became a full fledged member of the family. For the last 15 years he has always been there. The good, the bad and the ugly…my little guy had been there through school, relationships and every up and down that comes with life.
6 months ago I moved out and in with my boyfriend. I went back home 3 times a week and would cuddle him as I talked to my mom. I took him for walks a couple more times and would play with him and his toys.
On Tuesday I had to cancel one of my regular visits and my sister came to see me saying that our mom said chuck was coughing. He had a vet appointment booked for Thursday and no one had a good feeling.
On Wednesday I went to my parents after work and sat there playing with him, I took him for a walk but he had to keep stopping to cough (so hard, to the point he was throwing up). He kept grabbing his toys wanting to play but we got him calmed down so he could breath. I left late and in tears afraid of what the vet would say.
On Thursday, something told me to leave work early so I did. I was going to go over to my parents after work anyways before the appointment but, some feeling told me I needed more time. I went over and knew he was done. He was having trouble breathing so we gave him lots of bacon and icecream. Kept him calm with his favourite toys. Cuddled him and told him we love him. We took him for a final walk. He kept trying to play and go outside but he’d go into coughing fits. He kept trying to run but couldn’t.
We cried the whole way to the vet. At 18 years old, his trachea was collapsing. The vet said that it was due to age. His body was done but his mind wasn’t. If we didn’t put him down he’d continue trying to be active till it finished collapsing and he suffocated. We couldn’t let that happen to him.
He kept trying to hide from the vet. We could tell he was scared. They gave him a sedative to calm him. We said our goodbyes and all pet him while he passed. We cried back to my parents place. When we could my sister and I went home. I took his collar and favourite toy to be buried with him at the family cottage when we get his ashes.
I feel so lost today…today would’ve been a day to go see my parents and him but…I’m afraid to walk in and burst into tears again. I called into work because I couldn’t stop crying while doing my makeup. I’m getting a paw print cast to keep, and we’ll say goodbye like a funeral. I know he’s only a dog but…he’s been my family for the past 15 years and now he’s gone. It feels wrong to do anything but, all I wanna do is hold him and take him out but I can’t do that. I feel lost and don’t know what to do. What do I do?
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2023.03.31 17:54 OurQuarterMaster 6th Moon of 200AC Recap


News from the Crownlands was unfortunately lost in the noise of all other events happening around Westeros.


The starbreaker's attack on the village near highpoint turned out to be a ruse and an apparent assassination attempt on dale whitehill, castellan of highpoint. The attack was enough to draw the attention of the garrison, which an unknown infiltrator exploited to bar closed and burn the castle sept, where much of the family, including almost all of the children, had sheltered to pray during the attack.
Gared Whitehill returns from Essos and exile, after a chance encounter with Lord Dale Whitehill in Braavos. He arrives with three loyal mercenaries in tow, to speak with Dale and the Whitehill family at Highpoint
Hearing the news of an attack on Highpoint and death of his kin, Lord Harmond Umber full of wrath. Pledging his support to Whitehills, he mobilizes his men and rides there.
At the isle of Skagos, Jormar of Magnar bids goodbye to his family and prepares to set sail North, while his eldest daughter attempts conversation with her now-betrothed.
Meanwhile, Lord Manderly sends the ravens to all high lords of the realm, offering his scion's hands in marriage.
Down in the swamps, Rickard Reed prepares an ambush for the faith of the seven pilgrims traveling through the Neck.


Gretchel Waxley has made a new friend through letters to the Lord Commander of the Crownsguard Davos Doggett. Gretchel and Jasper Corbray have found the beginning of a romance in unexpected places. Four young noblemen-Ethan Redfort, Willem Royce, Asher Egen, and Roderik Tully-go on a hunting trip through the Vale of Arryn. House Redfort arrived at Gulltown for the funeral of Lord Robar Grafton in force, both the number of family members and soldiers. Ethan Redfort swears an Oath to the Warrior with Lord Jasper Arryn as witness before being appointed as a military liaison to the Riverlands. Arwen Arryn at last arrives at Gulltown for Lord Robar’s funeral.


The Stormlands have been quiet this moon, a scattering of movements between the lords and ladies have seen many arrive at Storm's End, largely for communication and friendship.
Meanwhile others plot marriages and pacts and friendships between the leading houses of the realm in the city of Kings


After the tourney at the beginning of the sixth moon, Ser Bors Rowan approached Lady Cynthea Tyrell to speak on the preparations for Barba Tully’s arrival, his choices for commanders in the army and to tell her about the clandestine meeting Ser Raymund Tyrell held where he had declared her unborn child Tommen Blackwood’s and said it was treason.
Lady Tyrell then ordered Ser Bors to arrest Ser Raymund Tyrell under suspicion of treason.
Moving quickly, Ser Bors did so but not before summoning Lord Peake to speak on the precarious nature of the situation.
Ser Bors assured Lord Theodore, who had since accepted a position in the army, that Cynthea would not find out about Lord Peake’s attendance at the clandestine meeting from him.
Upset with Ser Bors for telling Cynthea about Raymund’s meeting, Lord Athos Rowan argued with his twin about the implications and consequences of courtship his actions.
After the twins ended their argument badly, Lord Athos would write a letter to Ser Victor Hightower, asking for permission to visit Oldtown in order to continue the courtship between Ser Victor’s nephew, Ser Olyvar Hightower, and Lord Rowan’s oldest daughter, Cersei.
Early in the month, Ser Paxter Rowan, heir of Goldengrove, elopes with Baela Manderly, marrying her in front of a septon and witnesses. One of which was his younger brother, Franklyn Rowan. Franklyn recounts the night as he travels to Coldmoat to court Lady Rohanne Webber as was agreed upon by his lord father and Lord Webber. Upon arriving Frankly is informed that Lord Webber had passed a few days before his arrival and that Rohanne is now the Lady of Coldmoat.
Ser Bors and Cynthea would also confer on the importance of keeping Bitterbridge in the fold. Lady Tyrell agreed and told Ser Bors to offer the position of Lord Treasurer of the Reach to Theo Caswell, on top of the command position within the army Bors wished to offer as well.
Having befriended Ser Wendell Westbrook during training in the hopes of having him become one of his sworn swords, Ser Bors and a brigade of men accompanied the young knight as he escorted Lady Sirella Caswell back to Bitterbridge.
Hoping the show of good faith and strength would encourage Caswell to renew faith with Highgarden, Ser Bors was surprised to find Bitterbridge’s levies had been raised and were in force at their arrival.
Delivering Sirella Caswell safely to her brother, Ser Bors extended the generous offers to Theo Caswell, who refused them and warned Ser Bors that if Cynthea’s child should prove to be his then he would come for it, by force if need be.
Ser Bors then said farewell to Ser Wendell, who had chosen to stay at Bitterbridge. Upon arriving back at Highgarden Ser Bors immediately set on bolstering scouts and defenses. Upset at the lack of knowledge Cynthea had sent him to Bitterbridge with, he went to confront her only to find her bedridden and contemplating abdication.
By the time Ser Bors had returned to Highgarden, Lord Athos had left with Cersei. A difficult decision to leave behind his youngest children warding in Highgarden, Lord Athos is plagued with nightmares on the road before arriving in Oldtown and being greeted by Ser Olyvar and Ser Víctor Hightower.
Barba and Oscar Tully arrive in the Reach, and Eden Oakheart is sent to greet them. Marya Florent reveals to Eden the truth about Cynthea's pregnancy, and Theo Caswell talks to him about his anger towards Lady Tyrell and his doubts regarding the paternity of the future newborn.
Eden, recognizing the gravity of the situation and the fact that the region finds itself deeply divided by almost unbridgeable cracks, goes to Oldtown to confront Urrathon Hightower about matters both political and deeply personal.
Meanwhile, Lord Garmon Oakheart is proposed by Lady Cynthea for a position on the Small Council, and he is offered an important role in the Government of the Reach.
At Brightwater, Lord Nyles Florent talks with his bastard son about his legitimization. Worried about the future, Nyles talks with Cynthea Tyrell about the next steps and coming marriage.
At Oldtown, ser Harrold Hightower hosts a practice tourney outside city gates to find capable jousters. Meanwhile, Lord Urrathon Hightower attempts to lure Cynthea Tyrell to Oldtown but fails: Cynthea discovers his forgery of the Queen's seal. House Hightower convenes at the Great Hall and informs all the lords present of the bigamy of Cynthea Tyrell and Nyles Florent. Ravens are also sent.
Wendell becomes the new lord of Westbrook with the passing of lord Toman Westbrook.
At Highgarden, ser Ryam Florent writes a poem about himself. He is approached by Lucia Tyrell to have a chat. Lucia has been stressful lately, writing off letters to Eden Oakheart, who she is being threatened to marry by Cynthea. Lucia collected flowers, so that she and Yanda Redwyne could make Flower Crown. Yanda was having a chat with Brandon Flowers, when Lucia entered the quarters and was making little small flirtatious action towards Brandon whilst shipping him and Yanda.
At King's Landing, Chief Diplomat Daven Chester represents Reach at court. There, he gets rejected for a loan despite his maester Grunwald's effort and masterful negotiating skills. Before his departure back to the Reach, Daven goes shopping with lady Fiona Mullendore, with whom he suffers mental breakdown at the reminder of his childhood. Desperate for the ships, Chester tries to purchase Florent's but his letter is ignored. Back in Reach, Chesters try to buy more wood for the construction of their ships. At last, Daven puts his skills to use, managing to secure a trade agreement with iron bank for the supply of construction materials to Greenshield.
Tired of all scheming against her and failure to control her vassals, Lady Cynthea Tyrell decides to abdicate her seat and titles in favor of her uncle, ser Harrold Tyrell. Cynthea invites lords to Highgarden to swear fealty to the new lord Paramount of the Reach. When the abdication was announced, Ser Bors was one of the signatures honoring the binding document of Lady Cynthea’s abdication.
Nyles Florent is displeased with Cynthea's abdication and decides to no longer marry her, nevertheless, he pledges his fealty to the new lord of Highgarden.
Ser Brandon Flowers visits Raymund Tyrell, who gad been under house arrest, to tell him of his cousin’s abdication and his father’s ascension to lordship.


Following the marriage between his heir and Della Tully, Rycherd Lannister and the rest of the Lannisport Lannister head home to the West, leaving his son Edwyn in Lady Tully’s care.
Lady Tully recalls simper times with her children and her ward, Gaemon. She then writes to the Queen and meets with Lords Bracken and Piper to discuss the King’s intent to back his daughter Gaelyn should she try to contest her brother’s ascension to the throne.
An unwanted guest attempts to eavesdrop on the confrontation between the King and his son, Lady Tully dispatched him.
Finally, the King decides to clue in the Riverlords to the deal he offered to Lady Tully, which she refused.

Iron Islands

While sailing the seas due to a bout of boredom, Harmund Drumm stumbles across a whale, he plans to hunt it.
Eurona Greyjoy calls a council of her Ironborn to discuss the state of the realm, and the mess that is the Targaryen family. They discuss the looming threat of war, and the concept of plundering Esoss for all its riches.
However, before this council, the absentee lord of Blacktyde, Sauron Blacktyde, decides to arrive at Seagard with a large number of ships. Lady Greyjoy, understandably, sees this as a threat, though the Blacktyde is dismissive and rude about his liege’s objections, leading to him being stripped of his titles and lordship. Not that it made much difference, given that he had been off playing pirate for five years.
Finally, to avoid being offered up to some Greenlander by her ‘father’ the King, Eurona agrees to take Sigfryd Farwynd as her Rock Husband.


Ser Tywald Lannister receives another raven from Lady Arwen Arryn, inviting him to Gulltown. Ser Tywald agrees to come and writes back to Lady Arwen, professing his enthusiasm to marry her. With a new look, the now-supposedly-faithful Mina Marbrand makes an appearance at the sept, denouncing her sister as faithless and promising the people of Ashemark that she will restore the gods to her family’s seat. Even as the rumours of her sister's speeches reach the Lady of Ashemark, she is unconcerned, convinced that there is little Mina could do to move against her.


Where sands are soaked through with blood, the lord Dayne buries his predecessor. The funeral draws visitors from the Stormlands, Dorne and beyond, all paying respects to a great man, leading a tenuous realm.
Soon after the burial of Gerold Dayne, Arthur is quick to move to dismantling the sedition and tension that plagues the land he is charged to protect. Starting with Vaith.
Meanwhile, the fractured remnants of the red cultists continue to hide and rally, gathering their strength once more.
And lady Toland and Morgan Uller chat over their concerns.


The Faithful lie in wait this moon.


All seems quiet from across the sea, in Essos.

The Wall

All remains quiet in the lands North of the North.
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2023.03.31 17:43 Sami_AA Help support a greiving family who lost their breadwinner.

Help support a greiving family who lost their breadwinner.
My friend lost her dad a few days back and I've decided to help her out by sharing her fundraiser wherever I think help is possible. It's so heartbreaking, and I wish I could do more. I've personally donated ofc, but she needs more than what she can earn to be able to send her dad back home and give him a proper funeral. She has elaborated it better than what I can say right now, so please check her fundraiser, and if possible, donate, even if it's a dollar. Or even share her fundraiser with people or a group that you think will lend a hand in this. Thank you. Am sure she'll appreciate every support she can get.
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2023.03.31 17:24 Rorz92 Am I (30M) the asshole for ghosting my BF (31M)?

I (30M) and my now Ex (31M) have been trying to patch things up between us for the last six months. We've both made mistakes and have trust issues within our relationship. Last week I had to travel interstate for my grandfathers funeral, everything was fine, he was somewhat supportive and cute. The night before he was not being himself and quite short. I said he wasn't being himself and asked what was wrong when he said he was fine. I explained that I know when something is up and I don't believe him when he replies that we need to have a talk when I get back. It was sudden and suspicious so I asked what it was about when he said 'if you didn't do anything you'll be fine!. Obviously I was confused and a little taken back. He just repeated the same thing and said 'Night. Hopefully tomorrow isn't too sad! I felt that was rude and condescending so I just said 'Goodnight x' The next day I never got a good morning message like I normally do and I didn't hear from him until lunchtime when I was in the middle of the funeral service. The funeral hit me harder than I expected and I was still pissed off about the night before so I didn't bother replying. I was busy with family and reminiscing so I never replied and then the next day I got a message saying ' hope you have fun with your friends' (as I was to see my best friend who lives an hour away from where I was) and I again, never replied. I flew back home the next day and got a message saying 'Hopefully a safe flight :)' I never replied again because at this point I just thought 'fuck you' - he clearly doesn't care enough to be sympathetic or even fake it and why start being nice now? I've had three messages in the last 5 days with the final one two days ago basically saying it's harder with me not replying and if I want to end it I should just tell him. I know that I should but with the complicated and extensive history that we have, if I was to engage I know that it would be a drawn out process and either result in a fight and him blocking me on everything again or me taking him back and wondering if it was the right thing to do. While I do feel like the asshole - is it valid??
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2023.03.31 17:04 dataweebo Top 20 most popular serialized manga series of r/manga 20 march - 26 march

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2023.03.31 17:01 normancrane The Rattle & The Hum

[Begin translation source I]
There was be one magic trick I used to pull. Good one trick it was too, ha, yeah. Made em all clap mighty. This trick could be done only at the golden hour. Do you rember that boy? Ha, yeah, I was be lifting my hands into the air and touching be the sun with tips of my fingurtips, ha, yeah, and pulling out a coin from behind, and all em clapping and laughing, rember that boy? Rember you be clapping and laughing too?
He lay there on the hospital bed, emaciated, words rolling slowly off his heavy tongue, punctuated intermittently by the harshness of cleared throats and swallowed phlegm, as I held one of his rough, bony workingman's hands, a hand much like my own, like holding my own hand in that sterile odorless room, observing him for what the past numberless days had felt each time like the last, observing him as a man and as my father and as my fellow countryman, with tears rolling down my cheeks, thinking, when was the last time I cried? Thinking, don't leave me you bastardfuck. Not fucking yet.
Was be a good trick, wasn't it?
Yeah, I said, recalling all the times he'd reached toward the sun and through sleight of hand extracted a single gold coin from behind it, recalling laughing, recalling his smile and his embrace, true and powerful, as if he were hugging me with the force of two, his own and of the mother I never knew, recalling the texture, smell and weight of those perfect coins which as a boy I never could wait to go into the city to spend. On some trifle. Some semblance of luxury. Yes, it was a good trick, I said, mindful of the clock on the wall and the relentless, silent movement of its hands. In one direction always.
Midnight had come and gone and I had to be at the docks by dawn. A shiver ran through me and I felt a longing for my wife, who at this late hour is mending clothes for our daughters, who are asleep in a single bed because we've no space for another, and in the flickering candlelight, sole illumination for the needle piercing threadbare cloth, I feel the regret of a life amounting to but a child's handful of failed dreams slipping insignificantly, like grains of sand, like grains of salt, between my thick fingers, burying the ruins of the once great illusion that I am destined, that any of us are destined, even as perfumed in silken robes my boss sluices warm brandy down his throat, which is like my throat, but whose soft hands are unlike my hands, unlike the hands of my father, which twitch, and I am imagining the taste of brandy when my father said, What if, ha, yeah. What if it wasn't be a trick, huh boy?
[Several lines here temporarily omitted. Reason: Transcription failure. Note: Attempt with updated identification model once completed.]
The Thames flows golden.
Flows forever.
Unloading we. Dying embers of the yester- become kindling for the new day, as the ships come and ships go, into the illuminous space formed by the sky and the sky-reflected, timeless and deep, upon the canvas of whose pale brilliance we all are rendered featureless and black, silhouetted, man, woman and ship alike.
Gulls cut across the brightening sky.
Having shut my eyes, I rub my swollen face and spit blood into the river.
[Note: Provisional placement of marked lines. Reason: Chronological dilemma. Does one prefer faithfulness to original writing or to events described? Note: Consultation may be advised.]
What do you mean, I asked.
But if I expected some reaction from him, some change from the pallid staticity of his dying, none came. His dull eyes kept their blank upward vigil. He merely cleared his throat and said, Wasn't be any trick about it, ha, yeah. The pull be real. I wasn't be having no coin in hiding ken? The pull be real boy. Ha, yeah. The coins be existing there always behind the sun. So many coins. I shouldn't be touching, but the way em clapped, the way you laughed boy. The way you laughed.
He swallowed phlegm. Letting go of his hand, I rose. What are you saying?
I wasn't be knowing any trick but I could be doing this one thing, ha, yeah. I could pull ken? I was be lifting my hands into the air—
I grabbed him by the collar and shook him. The coins, you mean they're really there?
Behind the sun, he said. The pull be real, he said, as I shook him and shook him and he offered no resistance. There wasn't any strength left in him at all. He was light as non-existence. How many? I demanded, still crying, Tell me! How many coins are there behind the sun!
More than all, he said. Ha, yeah.
Why didn't you—Why did we live like we did? If you could've pulled money from the fucking sky, why did you—We were so goddamn poor! We didn't have anything. I don't have anything, I sobbed, and thinking of my wife and daughters lifted his fragile body and drove him back into the hospital bed, trying to push him through it. Blank-eyed he cleared his throat, gargled and sucked down phlegm.
Rattle, he said. Rattle boy. Rattle and hum, and for a moment I thought I saw something fill his eyes. Something golden. something flowing forever. and reflected in the Thames I saw a long ago memory of the two of us on the banks watching the merchant ships. it was, i remembered, the day after i’d been caught spraying graffiti on the school walls. the city skyline shadowlike. there be two sounds only in the world boy, i heard him say in the memory or in the hospital room or in my own pulsing head, the rattle and the hum, highlit by the pink setting sun, this be your education boy. this be wisdom ken? that, he said, pointing at the shadow buildings, be not your world. hollowed rattlescum. hear boy? hear the rattle? but i didn't, and every night i dreamed about living in the city with all its luxuries, with everything modern and easy, and do you hear that? he asked, listening. listen be under the rattle. listen be to the sun. the hum, ha, yeah, that be the real life, the hard life. the sun, the hum, ahem, I let him go, backed away, terrified I might have killed him.
[End translation source I]
[Begin translation source II]
But no, he still clung to life, coughing and wheezing even when I left the room, the hospital, too furious to go home, too awake to sleep. I looked for another kind of familiar instead, down by the dockyards where I knew I could find the pain I needed. To give and to receive. I went into a bar, downed drinks and insulted some out of town scabbie just to get into it with him, and that felt good. The anger. The scabbie didn’t have a chance, not because I was good at brawling but because what I wanted was for him to hit me. Hurt me. Heads I win, tails me too. Punch after punch. He beat the snot out of me, broke my nose. I beat what was left of my father’s life out of him, cracked a few ribs, all while telling myself my father was out of his mind with dying man's delirium to be talking about coins behind the sun. But that wasn’t even what had pissed me off. It wasn’t that I believed him. It was that he believed himself, and still thought he’d done right by keeping us poor when all he had to do was pull fucking coins from the fucking sun until we had everything we’d ever dreamed of!
What finally put the scabbie down was a chair to the face.
I slinked out of the bar sore to moonlight uncomfortably louder than it had any right to be, then swung at the moon too. I missed. It wasn’t until the next day, after a shift on the docks on no sleep and too much Adderall, that I found out my father had died.
Crawling home I was sure my wife was going to kill me, but she didn’t. Bless her heart and curse mine. Instead she wrapped her arms around me, kissed my cheeks and offered her condolences. Then she pulled me to the bathroom before the girls noticed I was home, and I washed the blood and sweat and stink off myself so that I'd be more presentable when they inevitably decided to snuggle with me. As presentable as anyone could be with a cracked nose and puffed out face turning all the bruised colours of the rainbow. Predictable as clockwork, I broke down.
[End translation source II]
[Note: Inferring existence here of unlocated paragraphs presumed lost.]
[Begin translation source III]
[Note: Uncertain temporal relationship between preceding and following paragraphs. Estimation: 2-4 years. Note: Estimate open to revision.]
I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve spent more of my free time reading my old notebooks and journals. Truthfully I’m ashamed of much of what I wrote before, yet there’s something that prevents me from destroying it: it’s a reflection of who I was at the time, what I was. I want to remember that. I don’t want to forget myself. Reading, I feel again the stress I was under, the drugs I was taking, the thoughts I started and never finished.
I miss my father.
I took the girls to a movie tonight. It wasn’t very good, but we had a lot of fun. They’re getting older. They’re starting to lie to us.
I injured my arm on the docks. Two days off, then pain meds and back to work.
My wife and I celebrated our tenth anniversary by going out to dinner. We walked past the hospital where my father died. It was early evening and I couldn’t help glancing up at the sun in the sky. (In the air, as my father would have said.)
My boss died yesterday. It was unexpected. He was 61. Unmarried, no kids. For five minutes the entire docks stopped and stood in silence, then the whistle blew and we went back to work. There are articles about him in all the newspapers, some of which he owned. His funeral is scheduled for Saturday and they say it’s going to be one of the largest ever. There was almost no one at my father’s funeral, just the few living people who knew him.
I’ve been feeling increasingly indifferent to things I used to care about.
Midlife crisis: check.
I keep listening to music from my youth. I do it on headphones because it's fucking shameful. Sometimes I feel so much nostalgia it hurts. What exactly am I trying to find? I grew up poor. I'm still poor. I'll die poor. My life is stillborn. It never really started.
I stayed out all night again doing nothing. Haunting the city, I guess. I take the bus in then walk. I told my wife I was drinking, looking for drugs. She believed me but didn't have the decency to get fucking mad. She's just concerned. Not just saying the words but actually meaning them. I was looking for a fight and all I got was empathy. How much of a loser am I, right? My kids tell me they love me every day and I spend my days feeling like absolute shit. Maybe it's because I pretend all the time that I don't believe in the sincerity of others.
I bought some spray paint today. Recapturing lost youth, but at least it's artistic!
There's so much noise in the world.
One of my daughters is sick. Not caught-a-cold sick. Running tests to figure out the damage sick, and: planning to buy meds we can't afford on my salary sick, and: being on a waitlist for a procedure for seven fucking years (!) sick.
Walking tonight I kept thinking about my old boss' funeral. So many interviews and TV specials and it's like no one rembers (*) him anymore. At the same time, his daughter wouldn't be dying because her dad was too much of a terrified fuckup to get anywhere in life.
[Note: Link to Soho Stone? Plan: Attempt precision dating. Outcome: Plausibility passed. Note: Begin formal write-up of hypothesis to present at Symposium. Note: Inform Norq and query opinion .]
Went out to the city tonight and did my first spray job in twenty years. Felt good despite the hands being rusty. Nothing major, just a quick poem I'd written a few weeks ago, but then I crossed it out anyway and wrote something else. Something true. Something sincere. You know what was good about the whole thing? (Other than not getting caught, because how embarrassing would that be.) It's not me anymore. I'm no graffiti artist. After I was done and the adrenaline had gone down, all I wanted was to be home again.
The Universal Archivist Pix disconnected from the central mainframe and telecommunicated to the Universal Archivist Norq. The two Universal Archivists were good colleagues, despite that Norq had achieved greater scholarship-fame than Pix because his research activities concerned a planet exponentially more interesting and universally significant than Earth.
"Good eon, Norq" said Pix.
"Good eon, Pix," replied Norq. "Do you possess useful information to submit?"
"I possess it," said Pix.
"Please make submission," said Norq.
"I submit I have developed a plausible hypothesis about the identity of the creator of the Soho Stone," said Pix.
"The Soho Stone," said Norq, referencing briefly the central mainframe. "One of the few surviving physical artifacts from the obscure planet you have determined to study. Who do you hypothesize is the creator?"
"He is unnamed," said Pix, for the digital files he was studying never identified their writer.
"The currently stated creator of the Soho Stone is Unknown," said Norq. "Is it your intention to appear before the Symposium to make rational argument in favour of amending the creator to Unnamed?"
"That is my intention," said Pix.
"Do you not believe such a change is quite minor?" asked Norq.
"Not all archival revision must be radical," said Pix. "In addition, I believe that names are not always of primary significance. The information I have gathered, collated and transcribed provides great insight into an individual Earthling and by linking such insight to the Soho Stone I believe I will add much scholarship-value to the Archive's exhibit."
"I support your submissions. They are well founded," said Norq.
"Thank you," said Pix.
"Goodbye, Pix" said Norq.
"Goodbye, Norq," said Pix and ended the telecommunication. After reconnecting to the central mainframe, he navigated to the entry on the Soho Stone. It read:
Origin: Earth (dead), c. 17th-22nd century A.D. (local time). Description: Fragment of presumed larger structure composed of limestone and clay being overlayed with the following symbols:
the only gold is the setting sun
all else amounts to none
coins clatter in a purse
as the rich man with distinction passes by
decomposing in the rattling hearse
[The above is obscured by a large X and several irregular lines, below which the symbols continue:]
i fucking love my wife and daughters
[The above is underlined.]
Significance: One of three surviving physical artifacts from its planet of origin. Creator: Unknown.
Although Pix had long ago memorized the entire central mainframe entry about the Soho Stone, he still enjoyed viewing its submissions. It kept his scholarly spirits up. He turned now to the only remaining information in his research he was sure succeeded the entry which he hypothesized described the creation of the Soho Stone.
I got home so late last night it was early. I thought everyone would be asleep, but my wife and daughters were all up. They were sitting in the living room together and hadn't noticed me come in. The sun was just beginning to rise, filling the room with a gorgeous light, and they were talking, all three of them, whispering: about what I don't know and it didn't matter. The words didn't matter. These words don't matter. Because what I heard then, I'll never forget. It was a sound. Pure, simple, and beautiful. It was the hum.
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2023.03.31 16:34 ThrowRAMyHeart27 My (27m) wife (21f) and I have been together for 4 years. She has been sleeping with another man (50ishM) for the last 2 months or so.

It is currently 4:45AM as I write this, I haven't been able to sleep a wink since I confirmed my suspicions. I am at a loss because I love this woman more than anything in the world but I know I have severely failed to show that to her. My wife and I have been married for less than a year at this point, which makes things worse to me. We've been together for 3.5 years. We met while she was in college, I fell in love with her on our very first date. I've been a severe introvert my whole life and I finally found someone I could open up with
Let me give you some story
When we first met we hit it off, then I had to leave for 8 months for basic training and tech school. She decided she wanted to stay together that whole time. I was so happy she did though I knew it was not going to be easy. For the first couple months we had practically no contact because of Basic. When I graduated COVID was in full swing and things were crazy. She was stuck home with her parents, which was torture for her. When I reached my tech school I was so entranced with the newness over everything I was experiencing, I severely neglected paying attention to her. I was so focused on what I wanted to do and not on her as much. I feel so shitty about how I behaved (this will be a common theme and I hate that too) She was in college stuck in her dorm at this point thanks to COVID, that presented a whole heap of stress and troubles that added up. As time progressed and my training went on, we reached a point where she wanted to see someone else. So we took a break, although we still ended up talking basically every day. She began seeing another guy during this time, things eventually fizzled out between them and she realized she didn't want him but me. We talked things through and continued our relationship.
Come the day I fly home. I was so excited to see her and she was super excited to see me. I remember vividly the moment I stepped off the plane, walked down the terminal, and SOON as she saw me she was jumping up and down with joy. Not just little hops but full on jumps. I was soooo happy to give her the biggest squishiest hug and kiss. We cuddled together all night as we were sleeping.
After I got home we discussed moving in together and how we were going to manage that, as her parents are super strict about dating due to religion and didn't know about me this whole time. Her brothers knew and kept it secret too. Well her mom did but also assumed we had already broken up. Come the day we finally get our own place together. It was a whole charade of her going to live at one of her other friends places, where I met her and we moved everything to our new place. During the time we lived there, there were many ups and downs, mostly having to do with me being lazy and not carrying my own weight in ways. Also not putting in as much effort to go out and do things together like a couple should.uch having to do with work stress and being exhausted all the time. I certainly could have put A LOT more effort in. We had many arguments about it and about how I needed to step up, I always said I would, and I did, but I would revert back to my old ways shortly after, I would catch myself and try again.
Christmas time came around and I had a very special gift for her. I had her search the tree for her special gift, when she found it, I had her close her eyes, I got down on one knee, she opened her eyes, and I proposed. It was the most heart warming time of my life. We were so ecstatic to share with everyone. Other than her father at this point because he was the most strict of all. Our solution was my conversion to the religion, which I was completely for and wanted to do, after which I met with her father and asked to be allowed to marry her. Thankfully he agreed.
After this time, I had planned a trip to NYC to see her favorite artist of all time. We went to the Empire State Building and what a sight that was. We then went to the concert, which was amazing! We prepped to leave the next day for a 7hr drive home. Full of her getting frustrated about my habit of complaining about other cars as I'm driving. We stopped at this amazing restaurant we found once before and had a great meal, afterward was a continuation of our journey. She eventually took over driving as she felt she wanted to. We finally made it home and practically just crashed in bed after cleaning up.
As the day drew closer my wife and I started planning our wedding. That was a hassle in on itself as we did everything. Which led to arguments about me not doing as much to help or what I supposed to be doing, but we managed it. Her parents somehow convinced us to get married earlier then our actual ceremony day we were planning to hold at my mother's. We were married by a JOP (Justice Of the Peace), then had the religious marriage for her family and FINALLY our actual ceremony, done by the same JOP, with everyone. In one of my many escapades to fuck up, I told my mother about about our early marriage and she was not happy about it, which lead my wife to be mad that I even mentioned it to her since she wouldn't have known otherwise. This is one of the many things that my wife did not like my mother for (there's more but that's a different story). I agree I shouldn't have said anything, I'm an idiot it so many cases. During the actual ceremony my wife looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, although she complains sometimes how I didn't cry, which I did, but it was a sweltering July summer day directly in the sun, I was drrryyyy. The ceremony went great and the meal after was lovely, along with photos and everything. We were happy
We also decided we wanted to get a bigger place around this time, so almost immediately after our wedding we were packing our place. Which she did a lot of at first, and I finished up quite a bit too. We employed the help of some of my friends and her brother and we got everything moved. Another sweltering day, but a good day. We started settling in to our new place. Her family was super gracious in buying us a new TV for our place, her mother even more so with buying us a bedroom set and dining table set.
As the days go on things started to get mundane and bleak in a way. Partly because we weren't doing as much as a couple because I'm terrible at these things. I'm not sure what is consider couples time. I always felt happy being around each other and watching shows together, but she enjoys going out more, I have a hard time still seeing as I'm introverted, I want to break out of my shell somehow. This type of behavior leads us to depression where we're both feeling ick. At this time I finally finished building ym very own PC from scratch, something I always wanted to do. She was excited for me, however I started spending waaaay too much time on that and none on her, neglecting her. I realize it now and feel like an absolute piece of shit.
Christmas came and went again and I got her presents she always wanted and she loved and she got me the same. We had a good Christmas, my best friend I've known since kindergarten was up and visited, we all went out for new years and had a great time, she got plastered and it was funny. Picked up dominoes as the ball was dropping. We made it home and as she was getting out of the car she passed out for a bit, falling right in a puddle, I rushed to put the pizza down I was carrying and pick her up, get her inside, and dry her off and cleaned up. Afterward we all laughed and ate.
My buddy left a little after new years and headed back to his base. Things seemed to be going well. Until I was on call one weekend, I was driving 3.5hrs away, was 3hrs in and I got the worst call of my entire life....
My best friend died in a motorcycle accident
I was distraught, I immediately called my wife who was at work and she wanted to rush out and meet me as soon as she was done. I had her meet me at home instead. I somehow managed to get home through all the tears. She wasn't home immediately when I arrived, she had gone for a drive to think/feel herself. When she got back, she cuddled up with me and let me cry. As the days go by we're waiting to hear when his service will be and come to find out, it will be the day after she's supposed to have a sizable surgery. We went to her surgery, had it done and everything went great. Her mom was with us and helped get her home. She watched over her so I could go meet some of my buddies friends to have a drink or two. I came home semi late and she was doing well, sleeping as she could. The next day was the real kicker, she got herself all dressed up and went with me to my best friend's funeral THE DAY AFTER her surgery. She was in a fair bit of pain, not terrible thanks to her pain meds at the time. At the ceremony I spoke about my friend, when I sat down I cried and cried as she held me. When the service was done we went home...
And this is where things start to turn imo...
After I got home I changed, made sure she was ok, and headed to the after reception. I ended up staying there until 11pm or so, really late. At one point she called me crying because she was having so much pain. I asked if she wanted me to come home... I shouldn't have asked, I should've just gone... I was so caught up in being with everybody who new my friend that I neglected her. I'm such an ass yet again. What's worse is the next day they had a gathering for close friends and family at their home and I stayed later then I should have AGAIN. I should've been home taking care of her. She was livid with me for not being there for the worst time for her, and she has every right to be, especially after she was there for me after having surgery! (Things that make me want to kill myself for my behavior) This is a common anger point for a while now and a cascade of her realizing how shitty I've been, and calling me narcissistic. I knew I fucked up and I tried my best to fix it and still am. That's why when she said she was going to get drinks with her lady friend, I was excited for her to get out and have fun and enjoy something. Come to find out, this is my demise. While they were out she saw someone she knew from her work at the bar and they talked. Problem is she only told me they had a glancing hello. Her behavior over the last couple months was so off and I could sense it. I eventually overheard her talking to her friend about him and how they talked and he seemed "down" which made me realize she lied about the meeting at the bar.
I know this is wrong of me, but I started overhearing some of her therapy sessions she has, she's had them for 7 years so nothing new there, HOWEVER I overhear her talking about how she was confused with how she felt about this guy. I confronted her later claiming "something feels off" and we had a discussion, at NO TIME did she mention this guy. She in fact denied there being anyone. We've had a few heart to heart conversations and I have made massive improvements so I thought things were going well. Come to find out, not so much. Turns out this made things almost worse according to the session I heard again (I know, bad me), because now she feels like why wasn't I doing this from the beginning and it is off putting. I'm such a fuck up for not doing it sooner. Tonight, or I should say last night, I overheard the session again and how she was talking about her and the guy having sex. After hearing this I couldn't sleep, while she was sleeping I scrolled through her phone, which she was constantly hiding her messages everytime I came near her. Well I saw their loooooong line of text and sexy talk, how she wants his dick in her mouth and to be fuck rough and senseless. All things I never wanted to know, let alone have my wife saying to another guy. Today I also overheard her saying how confused she was.
It hurts knowing the cheating started near when my friend passed, even though everything was from years prior.
I'm hoping if I can keep at the way I've been behaving, she will shift back to me and things will get better. Hopefully she'll come clean. Even though this is something so wrong, I still love her to death and would do anything for her. I just want her back and to be back to how happy we were before my fuck ups.
I want to keep her in my life even after all this. What can I do to make that happen? Please anything and everything helps.
I'm honestly just so lost with nowhere ahead of me at this point
TL:DR After years of being a neglectful asshole, even trying to fix it. I searched my wife's phone and found a text log with a guy she's been sleeping with for the last 2 months.
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2023.03.31 15:55 Loose-Plantain-3570 Never Go Looking For Giants (Part 1)

Have you ever heard of a small Welsh village called Afon Fach? No, of course you haven’t. Why would you? In fact, the only reason why I know of it at all, is because my friend Dylan has been obsessed with it since we were kids.
Let me start from the beginning.

Dylan and I have always been a pair of oddballs and two unlikely companions. Him a Jimmy Eats World t-shirt wearing and jaffa-cake obsessed X-Files fan. Me, a stubborn introvert, with unruly dark corkscrews, round glasses that were way too big for my oval face and an affinity for loud punk music. The one thing we had in common was our mutual love for unsolved mysteries and unexplained phenomena.
In our little Welsh town, which is about an hour from Cardiff and its only notable landmark a Norman castle long past its age of glory, as well as a wide river with its waters whirling all the way down to the Bristol Channel, we stood out like sore thumbs. We didn’t care, though and the first time I met Dylan still remains a vivid memory in my mind even though it’s almost fifteen years ago now.
While other kids were busy playing football on the tarmac playground which consisted of nothing more than a couple of questionably stable swing sets and a seesaw nobody ever used anymore or gaping over their new Furbys, Dylan always sat with his back against his peers on a rock at the far end of the playground. It wasn’t that the other kids bullied him or made fun of the way he dressed when he was out of uniform or excluded him from playing with them, it was more that he chose to be alone. You’d have thought that a twelve-year-old kid wanted to play with his friends, but Dylan had always been a little more precocious than what would be considered “normal” for a twelve-year-old.
That day, I finally plucked up enough courage to go and speak with him. I was new to the school myself as my family had recently moved from a larger city in England back to Wales where Dad grew up. Back then, before racism became a more openly talked about subject, it wasn’t easy for a kid like me to make friends. Now that I’m older, I think maybe that’s why I wanted to get to know Dylan; because he seemed to be the most like me. An outcast.
“The Loch Ness monster isn’t real.” I said with the kind of cockiness that only a twelve-year-old kid could have.
“It is too!” Dylan protested and turned around to me, his big blue eyes wide and curious as he studied the person who’d dared make such an outrageous claim. “What makes you so sure he isn’t real?”
“What makes you so sure it’s a he at all?”
“Well, for one thing, Loch Ness is over 220 meters deep and scientists haven’t even explored the whole thing yet. Besides, don’t you know that we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the oceans?”
My eyebrows furrowed as I crossed my arms, studying this strange kid who seemed so sure about his words. Yet, there was something about him that I liked.
“That’s not true!” I countered with a pout and sat down next to him. It was lunchtime and a rare day when the sun decided to bless us with its presence in the otherwise grey and rainy Welsh landscape. “Is it?”
“It is! I watched this documentary on the telly and they said the reason why people believe in sea monsters and stuff is because we don’t know what’s down there! People aren’t able to explore that far down so it makes sense that there would be things like giant squid and who knows what else. It’s terribly exciting isn’t it?!”
For some reason, the way he said that with such excitement a chuckle erupt from inside me until we both sat there, giggling hysterically as if we’d both been smoking something we shouldn’t. By the time we finally caught our breaths and the noise from the playground faded away behind us, we sat in silence for a few moments. A brisk wind ruffled his unkempt fringe, but Dylan didn’t care.
“You’re strange.” I told him, “My name’s Megan. I just moved here with my family.”
“I’m Dylan! Oh are you the ones who live by the chippy! My gran told me a new family moved in. You could come over after school if you’d like, I have more of these books if you’re into that sort of thing that is...”
“You mean strange mysteries? I love that stuff. Sure, I’ll ask my parents if I can come over.”
A smile tugged at Dylan's lips and as he was about to say something else, the bell rang for the end of break and I knew we had to hurry otherwise Mrs Harris would tell us off for being late to English.
That’s how it all began. That was the day Dylan and I became best friends. We spent almost every day after school hanging out in his grandmother’s house, playing on his brand new Playstation 2 gifted by a relative at Christmas or ploughing through as many articles or books we could find related to mysteries man had yet to solve. My favourites were always stories about UFO abductions, spontaneous human combustion or ghostly sightings in old castles. Quite frankly, anything that would send a chill down my spine and keep me up late at night would do. Dylan’s grandmother was much more relaxed than my parents and allowed us to stay up late as long as we were quiet. Our houses stood on opposite sides of the town’s only Fish n’ Chips shop called “Oh My Cod!” and so it was easy to visit each other.
Dylan on the other hand, loved stories that were more human in nature; serial killers creeping around in the dark of the night praying on unsuspecting victims, unethical experiments and strange stories of cannibalism in remote places of the world. It was no wonder really that his favourite book of all time was Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
The first time I ever heard about Afon Fach was one Friday night, during that first year of our friendship. I was staying over at Dylan’s house and his grandmother’s friend was over for a visit. It wasn’t unusual at all for her to have guests over, especially in a small town where everybody knew each other. Dylan and I usually played Final Fantasy X or Kingdom Hearts in the living room, while his grandmother and friends were gossipping over a cuppa or the occasional glass of wine in the kitchen. As the two of us were focusing on a particularly difficult challenge at Hercules’ coliseum in Kingdom Hearts, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation in the kitchen that caught my attention.
“Dreadful what happened and you’re sure it was Afon Fach?”
A small spoon tapped against a porcelain cup, followed by loud slurping and then a moment of silence. Somewhere outside a wild goldfinch chirped cheerfully as the last of the evening sun set behind the grey bricked houses.
“Yes, that’s what said and you know Martin, he’d never make up such a thing.” said Dylan’s grandmother, “Poor love, his face was white as a sheet. He told the police, you know and they did nothing and you know why don’t you? They’re scared.”
Something about the way she said the word “scared” sent a shiver down my spine. Dylan’s grandmother was a woman of authority who was well-known and respected throughout town. There wasn’t a person who didn’t know her name and knew that if you ever crossed, there wasn’t a force on heaven or earth that could help you. As an adult, I realise of course that the reason why Dylan was never bullied in school was because people were afraid of his grand and rightfully so.
“What’s Afon Fach?” I asked quietly, as if I knew back then that I wasn’t supposed to be talking about it.
“It’s nothing,” Dylan replied and turned back to the TV, “Just some local legend.”
“So, tell me then?” I demanded, “I thought you loved those stories?”
Dylan paused the game just as we were about to complete the Hercules’ Coliseum challenge. He glanced behind him as if to make sure his grandmother couldn’t hear him and then gestured for me to come closer. By now, I was used to his strangeness, but there was something different about this.
“About a century ago, some settlers moved into a place somewhere in the countryside, far away from the cities and towns and built a community there. The area was surrounded by a dense forest with huge green trees that was guarded by hills.” Dylan began, “Long ago, even before the people moved in there, they say giants lived in wales. The villagers all thought it was just folklore, until they noticed a great number of children began to go missing in the area. Strange noises were heard at night and the villagers thought the stories of giants must be true. Of course they didn’t want to lose their own children, so they came up with a plan. They tricked travellers passing by to come and spend the night and sometimes, they went to bigger cities and told people that there was work in Afon Fach in a mine that needed more workers. Some people believed this and went to Afon Fach, but were never seen again.”
“What happened to them?” I asked in a whisper, completely absorbed by the mystery of Dylan’s story. Usually, he jumped at a chance to tell people about some new cryptid he’d read about a horrible human experiment somewhere in America, but now he seemed almost reluctant to talk about this.
“People say they were sacrificed to the giants of the valley, but the weird thing is that people have gone out to look for Afon Fach and it’s never been found.”
“So what happened to those people?”
Dylan shrugged and as we heard his grandmother’s footsteps coming towards us, that was the end of that conversation.
The next day, I sat at the kitchen table, picking at my dinner when Mum asked what was wrong. She always had a way of knowing, which I suppose is just one of those sixth sense parent things.
“What happened to Dylan’s parents?” I wondered as I swallowed a bit of now cold chicken, “Has he always lived with his grandmother? He never talks about his parents.”
I’ll never forget the way Mum and Dad looked at each other. There was a sort of sorrow in both of their faces that filled me with fear and sadness at the same time. Dad released a sigh as if he’d been waiting for this question to come while Mum squeezed his shoulder and removed our plates from the table.
“We hoped that maybe Dylan would tell you himself at some point,” Dad started, “But, his grandmother told us and said that if he doesn’t share it with you, then she doesn’t mind us telling you.”
“You see, Darling.” Mum took over, “A few years ago, when Dylan was barely five years old, his Dad went missing. He’d been offered work in a village further into the valleys for a week, but never came back. The police searched everywhere and just never found him again. Dylan’s mum took it very badly and when she realised her husband wasn’t coming back, well….she took her own life. That’s why Dylan lives with his grandmother.”
“Didn’t the police look for him in the village he went to?” I asked
My parents exchanged yet another glance that told me I was asking questions about things that I shouldn’t know about in the first place.
“It’s difficult to explain,” Dad said as he leaned back against the chair and wiped his glasses, “Sometimes people say they’re going to do things and then, they don’t. The police think that maybe Dylan’s dad never found work and that he chose to leave.”
“That doesn’t make any sense. What was the name of the village?”
I already knew the answer before my Dad revealed it to me.
Afon Fach.
I never asked Dylan about Afon Fach again, at least not directly. A couple of years passed and the last years of our childhood transformed us into teenagers whose personalities remained unchanged, but puberty became a constant antagonist. Dylan still wore his band t-shirts and ripped jeans and instead of being ashamed of my tomboyishness, I grew into my identity and eventually came out to my family and to Dylan of course.
We still shared a mutual passion for unsolved mysteries and were still a couple of outcasts, but every now and again we did make an effort to not completely alienate ourselves from our peers. By the time we were sixteen-years-old, Dylan even told me about his parents and how his Mum died. I confessed that I’d known for years because my parents told me and felt a bit of shame tighten as a knot in my gut.
About a year later on a Friday night in late spring, we decided to go to this party in a nearby abandoned quarry. For years, local kids used the area as a meeting place where they could get some privacy from the prying eyes of parents and usually it was all fine. In fact, I think parents took a great deal of comfort in knowing where their children were and that it was somewhat of a controlled environment. That’s what I loved about growing up away from the large industrial cities where it was so easy to disappear in a crowd; a sense of community. Sure, Dylan and I were known to be introverts, but people still knew us and when we grew up there was always a feeling of being looked after.
That night, when most of the party had died down, a few of us stayed behind and lit a fire. Up above, constellations of stars were twinkling and around us, the wind whistled in the trees. There were six of us; me, Dylan, Tez, Hazel, Niccy and Mark. Mark sat with his arm around Hazel while Niccy warmed her hands over the fire and Tez opened a can of cheap beer. It had been a good night, but Dylan wasn’t quite himself and as the light of the flames lit up his face, I saw that he was staring into the woods.
“What’s that noise?” Niccy asked, “Can you hear that?”
“It’s just birds, love.” Tez replied, “That’s all.”
“Those are some bloody large birds,” Niccy remarked, “Are you sure? Just listen…”
Niccy was right. Around us, I became aware of something that sounded like a very big animal moving through the trees. I thought it was going around in a clockwise circle, but then I realised it wasn’t just the trees on one side making noises - it was all of them. What sort of animal could make the trees create noises like that? Almost as if….as if they were alive. Pure fear trickled down my spine like a jolt of electricity and I immediately became very alert. For what seemed like ages, we just listened to the noises of whatever it was moving around us, until suddenly it stopped just as quickly as it
What followed was an unnatural silence. The usual sound of crickets chirping in the bushes ceased to exist and tirely and there was no wind. I looked at my friends, each of them with the same terrified expression in their eyes.
All of them except Dylan.
While the rest of us were scared shitless, Dylan’s face remained unchanged as he poked around in the slowly dying embers of the fire.
“Can we go now,” Hazel asked, “Please. I don’t think I want to stay anymore.”
“It’s alright,” Dylan said quietly, “They won’t come any closer.”
“They?” I echoed and raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean ‘they’?”
“Oh Christ, not this again.” Tez sighed as he folded his arms across his chest “We’re not kids anymore, Dylan. Nobody believes those stories.”
“What stories?”
I wanted Dylan to reply, but instead it was Tez who continued.
“Giants.” he said matter-of-factly, “When we were kids, people used to say that long before humans lived in these parts there were giants. Or nature spirits or whatever the hell you want to call them. People used to say that if you wandered too deep into the countryside, you would eventually end up at this place where villagers supposedly made sacrifices to the old gods. All bollocks of course.”
“Can we go?” Hazel said, her voice more desperate this time, “I’ve had enough.”
“You’re not scared are you? It’s all nonsense, Haze. Just bedtime stories parents tell their kids to make sure they don’t get up to mischief. There’s no such thing as giants or old gods. It’s all fairy tales.”
“So what was that noise then?” Niccy demanded, “It was something.”
“Sure, it was. Probably an animal or something scouting out the area and looking for prey.”
When he said the word “prey”, Tez made an ‘ooooh’ sound and pretended to tickle Niccy who playfully punched his arm.
“You’re such an idiot.” she said “I’m with Hazel though, can we please go home. It’s getting cold and I’m tired.”
“I suppose you’re right.”
With that, Tez, Mark and the girls said their goodbyes and drove off, leaving Dylan and I alone with what was left of the fire. Something in his eyes told me that his thoughts were far away and I couldn’t help but wonder where that was. If I’d learned one thing about Dylan over the years of our friendship, it was to never pressure him into talking and so we sat there in comfortable silence for a while, until he finally broke it.
“I think I’ve found it,” he told me
“Found what?”
“Afon Fach,”
Almost immediately my heart began to beat much faster than before and for a reason I couldn’t quite explain, a lump of anxiety grew inside me.
Afon Fach - a place that probably didn’t exist, but yet had its claws so deeply rooted in this small town that even now people still told stories of its horror. Not once in the years that I’d lived there had there ever been any proof that Afon Fach was nothing more than a boogeyman story told by parents at bedtime. Yet the look in Dylan’s face told me something different and that’s what scared me.
“Isn’t that just a story, Dyl?” I asked, “Something parents tell kids to make sure they don't wander off alone, just like Tez said.”
Dylan shook his head and then exhaled a defeated sigh, as if he was disappointed in my reaction. Sure, I loved unsolved mysteries, but that was the whole point of them: they were scary because they were unsolved. Up until that point, I’d always just assumed that Dylan had come to terms with the terrible fate of his parents, especially as he was so young when it all happened. As we sat there listening to the silence of the woods behind us, I began to wonder if maybe Afon Fach is what started it all? Maybe that one legend is what made him absorb all the others.
I don’t know why, but something about that realisation frightened me. As if I understood then that we were no longer children absorbing whatever media outlets on the paranormal that we could find. This was very real, or at least it was to Dylan.
“Come on, Dyl.” I said in an attempt to change the subject, “Let’s go home. My parents will kill me if I’m too late.”
“You don’t believe me.” Dylan whispered, “I thought you of all people would understand. You love this stuff.”
“It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just….we were kids then and now...well we’re not anymore. I think I’d like to keep my mind in the real world.”
By the time I realised what I’d said, it was too late. I saw Dylan’s eyes grow darker and when we drove back to town, he didn’t say a word to me.
After that night, Dylan and I grew apart. Slowly, at first, but then more noticeably. I was focused on getting good enough grades to apply for Uni in Edinburgh and during my A-Levels, I met my first girlfriend; Sarah. To say that I was head over heels in love with her was an understatement and we spent almost all our free time together. In fact, by the time we left Sixth Form, Sarah received an unconditional offer from Glasgow University and I got into my Media Studies and Journalism BA at Edinburgh, which was pretty much perfect.
I hoped that Dylan would find a way to move forward and do something good with his studies. Maybe a degree in Anthropology like he often talked about, but instead, Dylan never went to Uni. He stayed behind in that small Welsh town and looked after his grandmother, who as the years went by got older and less...healthy. It was during my last year at Uni when my Dad phoned me to say that Dylan’s grandmother passed away. Old age combined with sickness. She left everything to Dylan, including that old house next to the chippy and according to Dad, Dylan still lived there. I could tell he sounded worried, though, because nobody had really seen him for a few days and nobody answered the knocks on the door. Dad asked if I could call him, just to check if he was alright and I tried to tell him that we weren’t really friends anymore, but in the end I promised.
“Hello,” said a voice on the other line, but even though I knew it was Dylan it was different. He sounded much older and a bit like a person whose voice was hoarse after not drinking enough water.
“Hi? Dylan?” I replied, ignoring the quiver in my voice, “It’s me, Megan. I’m just calling to see how you are. I….I heard about your nan and I’m so sorry.”
“What do you want?”
“Well, like I said. I wanted to know if you’re alright. Look, I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but I still care about you, Dylan. You’re still my friend.”
“If you were my friend, you would have been at the funeral. She loved you like you were her own granddaughter, you know.”
Those words pierced through my heart like sharp shards of glass and it became clear to me that Dylan still held a grudge.
“I’m sorry things have been...different. That’s just life, though, Dyl. People change and sometimes we just have to deal with that.”
Don’t talk to me like that.” Dylan snapped, “Don’t talk to me like you’re better than me, just because you became one of them.”
“That’s not fair! I didn’t become one of them, I just...I made friends. That’s what kids do! And you were always welcome, you just chose not to. It’s no wonder other kids stayed away from you, you were always so bloody …”
My words trailed off and I stopped myself just in time.
Go on.” Dylan challenged me sharply, “Say it.”
“No. No I won’t. Look, I just wanted to call and check in on you because people are worried. My parents are concerned. Just make sure to look after yourself, yeah? Maybe I’ll see you when we come home for Christmas.”
Don’t bother, I’ll have left before then.
I shouldn’t have asked, because asking never leads to anything good. Unfortunately, curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t help myself.
“What do you mean?” I asked, “Where are you going?”
Honestly, I’m not even sure why I bothered asking because I already knew the answer long before Dylan said it. I’m ashamed to admit that I never called him back after that and my parents must have figured we argued because they didn’t ask. I did come home for Christmas that year, just as I promised. Despite living in the countryside, having actual snow in Wales was a rarity and maybe you could blame that on global warming, but that Christmas it snowed. Huge, white flakes with intricate patterns melted in my hand and I felt like a child again. My mind flashback to a Christmas when Dylan and his grandmother came over to our house for dinner on Christmas Day and I felt a pang of guilt in my chest. As I stood there on the street, I gathered courage and walked to the house on the other side of the chippy. I rang the doorbell and then knocked, but when there was no reply I grew worried. I don’t know why I didn’t just turn around, but instead I gently pressed down the door handle realised to my surprise that it was open. All the lights in the house were off, but when I flicked on the lounge light, I almost stumbled back into the wall.
The living room was in an absolute state. Newspapers lay haphazardly spread across the table, and just like in conspiracy thrillers, there was a whiteboard with old maps pinned to the whiteboard. I called out for Dylan, but he didn’t answer and I felt that same almost primal fear as I had a few years ago, when I first heard the stories.
I think he’s gone there, to Afon Fach and I have to find him.
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2023.03.31 15:14 Soloanubis Mental Health advice

Please help I’m not sure what direction to go. I joined later in life already have a career, family and I’m married just turned 30 while in basic and Tech. A week before I left my wife gave birth to our daughter which was tough. While I was in tech school my grandmother passed away and I had to miss the funeral. I returned home in Sep. of last year and was able to take some paternity leave to bond with my daughter. Although I’ve been struggling mentally to connect back with my wife and children. I haven’t really been happy or “myself” since I returned home. To add onto things I was mentioned as a primary for a last minute deployment for my unit coming later this year.
Mentally for me this has been a lot to unpack. I don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone in my unit because I feel like I’ll get the “you signed up for this” or “suck it up” response. I’ve had several mental breakdowns and anxiety going to the remainder of our drills. I’m just at a loss. I feel like joining was a mistake and if I could take it all back I would in an instant. I have an appointment with an Mental health specialist this coming week. But I just don’t know how to approach things. I really want to get out if possible. I have a previous bout with severe mental health where I had serious thoughts of suicide when I was a teenager but that was never disclosed at MEPS. (Not sure if that would matter) I also have a family history of bipolar and depression).
I’m just unsure what to do and afraid of repercussion from my leadership if I mention anything about wanting to separate.
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2023.03.31 15:01 jookco Death - Obituary : Debbie Galliott, Lydbrook community member, passes away. Funeral info on next thread..

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2023.03.31 14:42 Content_Call5083 NSB (Straud Legacy) Gen 7 Ep. 49: Tears and Fears

NSB (Straud Legacy) Gen 7 Ep. 49: Tears and Fears
The Story of a Family Told in Web Comic Format
Ed left Kori’s side temporarily to come back home and visit the growing farmstead family, while in town for his father’s funeral.
He and Xavier had been estranged for awhile as Ed established his independence from the controlling man, but had reconciled not long after. He had hoped for at least one more dinner with Kori and both their fathers, but it looked like it wasn’t to be in this life.
It felt like a cruel joke that his childhood cat died right while he was visiting his grieving family.
The old friends and new faces back home at the farm went a long way to healing Ed’s sad mood. He got to read a book Kori had picked out for their twin “nieces” and he caught up with their father over a game of basketball.
Privately he was a bit taken aback by seeing Steven in all his pregnant glory up close, but high society habits of reserve helped him smoothly congratulate the proud parents-to-be under the watchful eye of their guard llama. He had Spencer get a picture of him with Gabby and Steven for Kori, a memento he knew she’d appreciate.
In a fit of temper, Tori underscored their urgent need to visit Moonwood by giving Daddy a taste of her tiny baby fangs.
Hope worried her wolfish labor had pushed her daughters closer to their own beasts, but Spencer convinced her all children were beasts sometimes. Taking after Mommy was the most natural thing in the world, but they needed to tell the others about that trip.
They agreed to tell Steven and Gabby about the “Moonwood plan” today, while Ed was here to help smooth it over. They knew Steven would take the loss of his twin, and the girls he was counting on to keep his “lonely only” company, very hard.
No matter how poorly Steven reacted, Spencer’s girls needed the help that only The Mill could offer.
It went precisely as expected. Steven said he understood, but the quiver of his lip and the tears in his eyes made it clear that his heart was breaking. Spencer promised to stay until the baby was born and return as soon as his ladies felt safe with their beasts.
Steven dashed off to pour his feelings into his work, leaving the others to chat about Ed’s plans for the fizz side of their business.
Gabby promised to make sure to keep their regular buyers in stock with the basic juices. Her own freelance endeavors could wait, there would be plenty of gigs when she was ready to get back to it.
Ed told them it was great to see everyone again, and he looked forward resuming farming and fizzing when Kori’s tour ended.
Gabby took her knitting into Steven’s study to keep him company when the house emptied out. Ed was rejoining Kori at her next destination, and the others were off to a playdate with Gene and Taryn’s twins in Newcrest.
Their comfortable domestic routine relaxed them both, until Gabby ran low on yarn and asked her husband to pass her some more. His altered center of gravity turned a casual stumble into a hard tumble, sending him to his hands and knees where he burst into deep uncontrollable sobs.
Gabby got down to help him sit up as he wailed out his woes. What if the fall had hurt the baby!? What if his wrist, which was aching dully, was broken again!? Spencer was leaving them all alone and their poor only child wouldn’t have any other kids to play with! Everything was all wrong and he couldn’t fix any of it!
As her husband cried out the fears that pregnancy had left him physically and emotionally vulnerable to, guilt and an irrational fear of her own took root in Gabby’s heart. Steven wasn’t really up to this; she had forced him into it by refusing the role that was supposed to be hers.
She was the strong one, she should have taken the hard job of pregnancy, but for now all she could do was help him deal with it.
She called their OB and had their 2nd trimester checkup bumped up to make sure the fall hadn’t harmed the baby. She soothed Steven and rushed him to the clinic, but never fully escaped the tiny cloud of guilt circling her as she kept him company.
The tests and ultrasound showed the baby and Steven were both fine. Nothing appeared amiss with the pregnancy, while Steven’s wrist was as well as it could be for protecting them from the fall and would heal on its own. The doctors recommended some exercises to increase his stability and generally stay healthy.
The fuzzy outline of the little person sleeping safely inside the rounded curve of his abdomen brought a smile to Steven’s face. He’d begun feeling tiny flutters, and the tech told them bigger and stronger movements Gabby could feel too were coming soon.
Steven headed home with his fears for himself and their baby relieved, unaware Gabby had interpreted the looks and words of their doctors as secretly judging her for not being the one who could feel and care for her baby. Her fears had settled deeply.
I started this series to share my sim story, and I love hearing from you. Please consider dropping me a comment or a vote, its always great to get your feedback.
Thank you for your time!
Want To See More? View The Full Story of My Not So Berry Challenge Here
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2023.03.31 14:33 SentinelRoogi Made a moodboard

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2023.03.31 14:31 zidcsznglj 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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No way will Hailey date Chris, he’s not her type. Even with the new haircut and clothes, he‘s still a nerd underneath it all. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m overreacting.
“Do you mean…like…do this, again?”
Mackenzie woke up the next day and looked at her clock, 11:00 AM. Crap! She thought, I overslept, Josh is going to be here in an hour. She got up, stripped,and jumped into the shower. Afterwards, she through plenty of clothes and toiletries into a bag. She then put on some black lace panties, sweatpants, a bra, and t-shirt. She figured she might as well be comfortable while she was at his house. She watched as Josh pulled into her driveway as she walked out to get in the car with him. Mackenzie then opened the door and kissed him hello.
''Will you stay the night?'' I gave her puppy dog eyes.
Tyler laughs loud, and says in this terrifyingly senseless manner, "Oh, it’s fuckin’ hilarious. You’re gonna laugh at this. This chick thinks she’s his girlfriend!" He comes to Adrianne and slaps her in the ass. "Oh, that’s fuckin’ nice!" He checks her. Even bigger confusion crosses her face, and she makes two little steps toward us, still looking at me, and instinctively covering her slapped ass with one of her palms.
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I squeezed his manhood, hard but not too hard, and continued, my voice never rising above a whisper. “It’s hot in there, hot and wet and begging for a man to thrust in and penetrate it. It wants to be full of hard man-meat, stretched. Your penis could fill my aching, gaping chasm. I would clamp down on you so hard when I came, pulsing on your rod. Fuck me. Yeah, fuck me. Are you ready to come? Are you ready to fill your sister’s vagina with your sweet, slick seed? Then do it. Jizz for me. Spurt!”
“Okay, okay.” I shifted her so that her rear was more or less level with mine and slowly slid into her. “Oh, fuck!”
“How was school today Michael? Did you have detention again?” His mother looked up from her book and smiled at him before returning to her ‘reading’. He stepped off the stairs, desperately thinking of how close he was to being safe in his room. He moved slowly over to the table and sat down next to his father.
Will’s dream was unusual. He saw himself in his room, lying naked on his bed when in came Pierce, also naked.
Her mother said get dressed and come to the lounge room – we have to do some talking.
My father was critically ill and, after a constant vigil at his bedside between me and other family members, he died. I was devastated and filled with a desperate feeling of loss, to the point that I dropped out of Uni and returned home for the next six months. Rene was fantastic throughout the whole thing, giving me exactly the kind of support I needed, and our relationship solidified off the back of the ordeal, turning into something that we both knew was going to be long term. We didn’t have sex the whole time. My other housemates, Steve and Roberta, both sent me messages of support and came to the funeral; I let them know afterwards how grateful I was.
And just to confuse things even more, lunch period and fourth class switch with each other every other day.”
"No, we can feel if our mate it close, but when we're really close our mark starts to get really warm." Rock said. "But we don't know exactly who they are." I thought back to when I first met Tommy. J was defensive of me and his arm got hot. And when we went to the diner, the mark on Rock's arm started to show because of Tommy. Tommy seems to really piss them off.
“Like you wouldn’t believe.” He said as I moved away from my car. “Hear you are moving out?”
“Me too… keep going… ooooohh shit!”
"Yes, we are all fine here. I just got into bed and I'm wearing the nightgown you love so much, I wanted to show you." She said.
“Hey Ashley.”
She nearly throws up again when he slides his cocks out of her throat as it bends to touch her uvula. She spits his cock completely out so that she can cough and swallow to keep from puking. He strokes his cock a few times to make it harder before pressing the tip to one of her nostrils. "No, not again," she barely manages to complain before he has started peeing straight into her nose. The warm liquid washes the mucus down into the back of her throat.
deep trouble! Dan began to move his dick back and forth in her,
What was I supposed to say? Forgive him? Tell him everything was a-okay? His fingers traced along my jaw line, and a worried look creased his brow. Here I was, my shirt up, bunch under my armpits, my older brother sitting on me, but still felt so far away.
Izial’s movement returned her mind to a state of heavy arousal. His dark, arrowed tail darted back and forth in the air behind him as he placed kisses down her neck to her full, yet youthfully perky breasts. He glazed up at her naughtily as he lightly raked his claws over their delicate surface, leaving tiny scratch marks. His lips pecked at a hard nipple, pulling it into the suction and territory of his teasing tongue while his hand groped her other sensitive handful. Jasmine squirmed under him, playfully dragging her well groomed nails down his back and rubbing him with her snowy feminine fingers. One quick hand grasped around his tail just as he switched to her other breast and made him give out a low moan before continuing. Once he was satisfied with her stiff pink nipples, he slid back further and kissed just below her belly button. She couldn’t stop her heartbeat and breathing from increasing or her pussy from producing a large amount of slimy wet discharge; she was drugged on his love, his touch.
I spent the next week just moping around the house and just barely getting through school, all I could think about was that night in the car outside her house and how bad I made her feel. I had to move on since I didn’t want her to have to deal with me, especially after the choice she had been forced to make.
“Just be kinda gentle ok, I’m a little sore back there.” She winced, shifting her hips and shooting a venomous glance at Brook.
‘Harry....thank goodness........Harry, where’s Ron?’ Hermione stammered. Harry’s eyes glazed over with tears as he looked down at her.
I leave, and drive off to work…on my day off. Honestly, when you have a day off from work, and then get called in, that’s just a complete buzzkill. I get to work 10 minutes after I left home, and before I walk in, I call Alyssa. I knew I had to try and act as if nothing happened, even if I couldn’t be convincing of it. All I asked her to do was to get my gym shorts and t-shirt that were on my bed in the bathroom by her future room by the time I got home. She said she would, and ended after she called me big brother. What really bugged me was that she said big brother in a flirtatious and seductive tone.
"Ok." I said, standing up.
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Well this year, one of the two people that are going this year is you. I hope that's fine with you."
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Immediately the butterflies swarmed up inside me as I quickly closed the bag and stood up to meet her. “Uh…yea,” I responded in a half startled tone. “As ready as I will ever be.” Man did that ever sound stupid.
I lived with my Mum, Dad and 2 sisters Diane, 16 and Mary 11. The time is the long summer holidays and in my memory the sun shone for the whole 6 weeks. As our house was situated on the edge of a small village, surrounded by open countryside and some woodland I spent most of my time outside. There were no other boys my age in the village and we were miles from the nearest town where most of my school friends lived, I spent most of my time playing alone. I didn’t mind as I liked my own company and could always find something to keep me occupied. I also had a new found freedom; my parents reckoned that at 13 I did not need Diane to look after me.
"Sorry, I was just thinking", she smiled.
The last two weeks have gone about as good as any time we've had together. We didn't get another whole day alone, but we were alone some days more often than not. We also still got talked into sex by mom and Aunt Lisa, but that's something I don't think is ever gonna change, and we always ended the night with Rita hugging into me and falling asleep, and me right after her. It seemed as we were an actual couple for a change, and we were finally glad things took a turn for the better.
I got hard immediately. I hated my mind sometimes. “Uh, I guess if we have food, we don’t have much of a choice.”
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Next: The impromptu pool party
“I think it's sweet. You two are perfect together.”
“We figured we’d take care of it this time, but don’t get used to it,” Rita joked.
“I know how you feel”, he replied, stroking her arm in an attempt to comfort her. “At least we have each other, right?”
“I am still a virgin and have been saving myself for when the right man shows up to make sweet, tender love to me. I believe you are that man.”
“Lots,” I said, simply.
"Hey, you aren't mad at me are you?" I asked when I was next to her. She didn't speak. "Well things must be better with you and Joe."
Nikki called me two days ago with a question, “Did you ever think I was cheating on you when I was dating Dante?”
“Wow good morning to you as well Mrs. Broderick,” Katie said
An hour before curfew she asked me to come over to her room. I got there in ten minutes. Excepting to just talk to her for a while. I really was confused about what had happened. We talked about what happened last night. We decided that we shouldn't tell Cody but that doesn't mean it can't happen again.
Faith gave a cocky smile. “Hey look, emotion,” she teased. “See? It’s not that hard to care.”
and changed and was off with my sister. Hey Noah she said? Yeah? What doyou want for your birthday? Nothing comes to mind I said. OK well let me know. Will do I said.
No. She couldn’t go to sleep. Not at that time, not with all the rage she had in her. She needed to grab something and throw it miles away, to scream and swear about Draco Malfoy. That little spoiled brat, Malfoy , she thought bitterly.
“Please Kit, I was careful not to get close to you and you have a big cover, I’m warm and we haven’t fought over the blanket.”
“Besides, we never finished our little game from earlier out on the lake.” She said, and with that her robe fell to the ground around her ankles and I was left looking at a totally naked and turned on hot Abby.
I pulled Karly to me and kissed her cheek. “I think I’d like to take your daughter shopping if you don’t mind!”
"Yeah go for it." I said.
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Dudley just continued walking alone. The funeral had finished an hour ago and everyone had made their way back to private drive for the reception. He'd seen all the people making their way into the house and he'd knew straight away that he couldn't face it yet. So he'd turned al walked of without saying a word to anyone, retracing the footsteps of his younger self and making his way to the local park.
Zoe stood half-drowned as the stall wall opened away from her, revealing a lighted ramp leading down under the kitchen; she was already shivering in the cool air wafting up the passage.
He sat down behind her, back to back. “Freud believed that early childhood experiences dominated the shaping process of the human mind, and that most inner conflicts stemmed from the instinctive desire to have sex gone wrong. Many of these issues deal with the parents of the opposite gender. To be frank, you’re Freud’s wet dream. He got a lot wrong, but not everything.”
Dave and I sat by the pool at his place, chilling in the sun, with some reggae kinda shit in the background. I hadn’t really noticed any particular song; I was just enjoying hanging with my bro instead of spending every free second with my girlfriend 7 days a week. She was shopping today with Colleen, and surprisingly didn’t want me to tag along. Dave had a cigar sticking out of his mouth while lying on his stomach on the chair; I was on my back and was doing nothing of the sort. We weren’t high, weren’t drinking, nothing. My phone vibrated on the ground next to me, but I didn’t feel like checking the text.
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I ate and cleaned up my dishes. I went to Ean’s room to check on him. I opened his door and looked into the dark room. He was already in bed. I walked in leaving the door ajar a bit to let some light in. I didn’t know why he was going to sleep this early but he certainly wasn’t going to keep me from sleeping with him.
“I’ve got a few ideas, Dad…”
"Sure Ashley, what is it?" Nina asked. I gave a nervous look to her asking myself why she had to ask that question. I had a strong feeling I knew where Ashley was going with this conversation. "Do you girls think I can borrow Jeffrey to get me pregnant?" Ashley asked. There was a long awkward silence, as Ashley sat there with dried tears, waiting for an answer. "Give us a minute Ash." Nancy said. "Sure." She said.
On the drive back to California with my dad was long and he kept trying to change my mind. “Lena, you don’t have to go. I know you love it here but with Jaime in the house too, things can get a little complicated.”
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“I guess I never mentioned it . . . but I have a Black Belt in Taekwondo.”
I sat up, and she sat up with me, curling her knees up to her chest and hugging them.
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