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2023.03.31 08:53 shambutennis 3 Month Constipation Story

Hey guys, I wanted to share my story of dealing with constipation and see if anyone could give me some advice or help if they have experienced anything similar.
So at the beginning of 2023, I took a 1 week's trip to London (I'm from the US), and it all started on this trip, I'd never had this problem before the trip. I don't know whether it was the food (airplane food or food I was eating in London) or just the time/schedule change of the regular cycle, but throughout this whole trip I barely emptied my bowels, I got the urge to but nothing came out. Then when I came back to the US, I tried to eat like I regularly ate before I left for London and ate a couple of prunes daily to help me clear out my bowels. It did help temporarily but I was still feeling constipated and it took a lot more effort and time for me to empty my bowel.
Fast forward to right now, I feel like I'm dealing with something completely different. I usually feel bloated after every meal and keep getting the urge to shit throughout the day and I usually end up shitting twice a day (once in the morning, once at night), because I always get the feeling that not everything has come out yet. The weird thing for me is sometimes my bowel looks more like diarrhea and sometimes it's pebbles and usually, the bloatedness goes away after diarrhea, temporarily. But when it's pebbles I usually have to wait till the next day to fully clear my bowel.
It's been 2 months and I still don't understand what root of the problem or a solution to the problem. I drink plenty of water throughout the day and exercise. What do you guys think it may be based on the above story?
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2023.03.31 08:53 OishikR The UnMagi: Part III

Making reins, Matthias mused, was a silly first lesson. Why, wouldn't it be more engaging to start with something simple, but exciting - like levitating a rock? Or perhaps something useful, like counterfeiting currency by materialising gold out of thin air, or maybe even by attempting to master that first spell he'd cast out of pure instinct. Even as he petulantly clicked his fingers and criticised the UnMage's teaching philosophy in his mind, he knew instinctively that none of those would have really worked. Learning spellery as a cleric or mage was different than... rediscovering it as an UnMage, he remembered. Being thrown into an impossible situation without obvious scaffolding upon which to build a magical solution was very much in keeping with those tenets.
Fortunately Matthias' horse had reacted to being untethered rather cooperatively, picking his way through the poorly paved road of the village behind his packmate, even if he was harrumphing in a manner that would seem disdainful to anyone with more than aa splash of ale between the ears. So while Matthias clicked his fingers, producing nothing more magical than the customary sound, and looked around after every failed attempt with a feeling of increasing foolishness, the peculiar duo trotted away from civilization, along the lakeside and into the forest, headed for parts unknown. Or at least unknown to Matthias.
"You haven't told me where you're taking me." Matthias had largely picked up on the unspoken rule against questions, and his acumen was rewarded with a slight cough.
"Where we are going, student." Matthias realised that this was the first time the UnMage had referred to him as anything except the boy, and it filled him with equal parts appreciation and annoyance.
"I'm not so sure I'm your student, sera. You just kidnapped me-"
The UnMage turned slightly in his saddle. Whether the curl of his lips was mirth or cruelty was almost impossible to discern.
"I don't know that word."
"Legal term," said the UnMage, rather waspishly. The man paused, seemed to reconsider, and then continued. "Your father does not own the land on which his... adequate... alehouse sits. He, or one of his forebears, submitted themselves to the Lakelord-"
"Viscount Merryn isn't called the Lakelord. He's actually-"
"- or one of his idiot brood, it matters not what they style themselves. In any case, the lord of the realm enjoys the vast majority of the wealth generated by the use of the land, and until you or your descendants redeem yourselves from servitude, you cannot choose any other fate than that of innkeep."
"Wait," said Matthias, frowning, perhaps because he hadn't yet figured out how to make reins, or because the finer points of feudal land ownership escaped him. "I wasn't a slave, was I?"
"Villeins are somewhere between freedmen and slaves. Everyone except your lord will treat you as though you are free, even though you really are not."
"So you bought me?!"
"Manumitted. I paid the fine that accrued to the Lakelord -"
"Viscount Merryn."
"Yes, the stupid scion of the watery stock. I paid the fine for removing a villein from his service. Thankfully, you are weak, and scrawny, and a boy, so it was about as low as it could be." He inclined his head to the side in thought. "Unless you were old and infirm?"
Matthias clicked his fingers impatiently, and a shower of sparks burst from where his fingertips struck his palm. He scarcely noticed it, but his steed whinnied in protest, thoroughly unimpressed.
"What do you care? You spin gold from thin air!"
The UnMage twisted around slowly in his saddle, his aquiline nose standing out against the night sky like a wafer of stark ice. "All spellery comes at a cost, student," he said solemnly. "Mark those words. And when it comes to the price exacted upon you by your magic, the paradoxes are rarely in your favour."
"I haven't seen you pay a cost." Matthias grumbled.
"Then trust that I have. I would show you, but I have need of you, and frightening you into imbecility would be irksome."
Matthias snorted, and crossed his arms, and whatever gravitas he attempted to summon up into his diminutive frame was utterly sabotaged by his wobbling in his overlarge saddle.
The UnMage turned forward once more, pensively riding ahead. His shoulders rose and fell slowly, and he relinquished the reins with one hand to raise his hood - his donning of his cowl coinciding with the threshold of the forest, as tamer copses gave way to profuse, threatening foliage.
"You do not trust me, student, and that is wise - but it is also inconvenient." The man's voice was quiet, almost subdued. "I would consult you on how we might overcome this barrier."
The stilted phrasing almost made Matthias sneeze, but he parsed it with difficulty. "You keep calling me student, or boy. You should use my name." He squirmed in his seat, and clicked his fingers again. No reins. "It's nicer. It feels less harsh."
The hood bobbed as the UnMage inclined his head sharply, once. "Matthias, then." he replied. "At least some of the time."
Matthias didn't even question how the man knew his name, instead forging on "And I need to know your name! I can't keep calling you stranger, or sera, or-"
"Captor, UnMage-"
"And I WON'T," Matthias growled, "call you master. You're not-"
"Nor would I have you call me master," declared the UnMage. "Our kind know no masters than the vagaries of Fate herself. Teacher, perhaps. Mentor, in time?"
"No," insisted Matthias. "A n- Your name. A real name."
The hooded figure sighed, and silence fell for a time, punctuated by the hoofbeats of the horses on the leaf-choked undergrowth, and Matthias' clicking fingers.
"Nelaime." It was offered quietly, like an excuse. "I am known to very, very many by that name."
"It's not your real name."
"It is as real as any other name." An expansive shrug accompanied that statement. "And arguably more familiar to me than the one I was born with, and about as much my own as the one I chose. So yes. Nelaime."
"What does it mean?"
The question went ignored. Instead, Nelaime continued, "I must insist you not refer to me by name without including a proper honorific. I am your elder, after all, and no matter what backwater fen you grew up in, you are now and will forever be in the presence of legendary spellweavers." He turned again, slightly. "And you might one day count yourself among those legends. Until then, sage will suffice."
"Are you?"
More silence.
"I didn't know an UnMage could be a Sage, uh... sage Nelaime."
Nelaime made a frustrated noise. "The mages stole our names and titles wholecloth after the fall! They even changed the pluralisation to better suit their leaden tongues! UnMagi -" he pronounced it oon-mah-jai "- were household knowledge at some point, remember - but now, centuries later, they preen and peacock amid the rubble of our knowledge!"
Matthias was struck by a thought. "I would like to know how you survived since the fall of the UnMagi, sage," he said carefully. "Especially since that was hundreds of years ago."
Nelaime chuckled. "Very, very carefully," he replied. His shoulders stiffened. "It is spellery beyond ken, young student. More so for a whelp who has yet to manifest even a skein of rope, let alone a set of reins!"
Matthias recoiled slightly. The rigid figure ahead of him, ramrod straight on the saddle loomed in the dark almost taller than the treetops. Then that tension dissolved, and Matthias could have sworn he heard tutting.
"Reins are meant to lead an animal," offered Nelaime. "Yet they work to restrain them. A conflict."
"A paradox," mused Matthias. He was rewarded with an affirmative grunt. The boy pondered the idea for a few moments, and ventured a cautious guess. "I can't ask for a part of the paradox to happen. I have to take the good-"
"No such thing, good or bad. Simply useful and useless." He tilted his head again, in though for a beat. "A mage or cleric would cause magic, 'ask' for a thing to occur, and such. On the other hand, magic happens to an UnMage, because-"
"How could it not?" said Matthias - or the part of him that knew without knowing. "The only spellery I can weave is the only thing that can happen."
Through the cloak and flesh and bone of the man in front of him Matthias could somehow sense a nose wrinkle in mild distaste. "Overcomplicated," complained Nelaime, "but not incorrect."
Matthias thought deeply for a second. "But I'm not sure that's really a parado-"
"Yes sage!"
Hoofbeats receded into the forest, picking up speed as the clicking of fingers continued for a short while, followed by an excited yell, a panicked whinny, and a suprising array of modern and ancient expletives strung together like an incantation against indignation. Two moons hung over the cold, mirror-bright lake, their radiance balking before the twisting canopy of the forest, and before the flickering glamour that concealed a single magehunter loping along the treetops, grinning as smugly and sneakily as a caterwaal that had got the cream.
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2023.03.31 08:53 PhilosophySudden8480 Manager got promoted and is now acting more serious and 'bossy'

I am looking for advice on how to deal with the changing attitude of my "manager." a person at my company who is younger than me, knows very little about the product we sell, constantly bouts about how "AWESOME and AMAZING" they are and has zero ability to take any feedback or be questioned. This manager acted all "buddy buddy" at first and then after they got promoted (people above them simply left for other jobs) they started acting all "managerial." For context, I have been at the company over ten years and am able to achieve my job working on my own. Every now and then when we have "team talk" where I have to meet with this person, they always have to use the word "manager" so I don't forget it. I am seriously thinking of quitting to just get away from this person. Makes me feel like an egomaniac coward. I'm not used to their new attitude and I am thinking maybe I cool off with trying to think they are my friend and realize they are just not cool. Each time I've watched this person get into a power position (we had to direct a cheesy internal commercial once) and this person started acting like they were cecil b. demille. How do you deal with people like this?
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2023.03.31 08:53 Pure_Schedule1927 Me(34M) and my wife (45F) are most likely done after 15 years.

I don't usually post on here but I've been feeling like I have no one to talk to about this. It all started a year ago when I lost my job and was going through a nervous breakdown. My wife got a job to help with the money situation, atleast I thought that was she was doing. Basically to make a long story short, she used the job as a cover so she could cheat on me. The only way I found out is because she cheated on the guy she had an affair with and he got mad and called me. At the same time I found this out, we were being evicted from our house and forced to move in with my grandmother (we have 3 kids btw). Well it all came to a head one day and I hit her and tried to choke her. I feel terrible about it but something inside my mind snapped, I didn't think about it just split second reaction. I was charged with domectic assualt and we have been separated for the past 8 months. Once this happened my wife had no where to stay so she has been homeless for the past 8 months and I moved in with my mom and stepdad, the kids have been with me as well. This is just scrathcing the surface of our history. I just want people's opinion on weather, or not people can come back from this and still have healthy relationships? We were together for 15 years and now everything has changed. I'm back to square one, gotta find another house and take care of my kids but it's extremely difficult. If anybody has been through a similar situation was there anything that helped?
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2023.03.31 08:52 lans_px Avoiding medication because of side effects

But basically I am taking Adderall on school days “to help me focus” and I don’t think I’m supposed to experience what I experience when I take it??
In short, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells for several hours after taking it. I’m really shaky and my social anxiety levels are sky-high, especially in the hour after taking it. My pulse is really fast, too, and it’s kind of like that feeling when your leg just came back from falling asleep and you wanna stomp it on the ground because the tingling is insane. You really hate the feeling and want kinda ffw like a bad movie. Well, that’s basically mornings for me.
Currently writing this because I saw a comment of someone’s side effects and others replied that they were symptoms that the dosage was too high.
Also asking this because I am unable to talk with my psychiatrist. I know Reddit isn’t the best place to ask for advice like this, but have already talked to my psychiatristabout it. They just responded with a “let’s wait and see” approach because I almost never remember to take my meds for more than 3 days at a time and don’t have anything to remind me, so I guess I’ll have to wait another month or two.
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2023.03.31 08:52 rishalo uneven second lobe piercing - live with it or repierce?

I got my second lobe piercings today by a pro with a needle (my first non-mall experience). One looks perfect—and the other feels slightly off, almost like it’s facing a different angle. Part of me wants to take the stud out and re-pierce later, but the whole thing was so expensive that the thought of wasting the money makes me feel even worse.
Whenever I look in the mirror, all I can do is compare the two sides. It unfortunately feels most noticeable straight-on. I can’t tell whether I’m just hyper-aware since this is my first appearance change in years. I also think it’s drawing attention to whatever natural asymmetry I have.
Once they’re healed I plan to primarily wear small hoops in both. Could this make the uneven-ness less noticeable?
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2023.03.31 08:52 BMD04 Ridiculous pet peeves?

What completely ridiculous thing frustrates you more than it should?
For some reason, when I go into a "Finish a No-Hitter moment", such as the Bob Feller Weekly moment, I don't want to see Chicago (the opposition) with 6 hits in the box score...
(Upload due to spelling mistakes)
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2023.03.31 08:52 Lixsymone97 Okay I’ll say it..

The 1996 storyline is INFINITELY more interesting than the current one, and S2 Ep 2 really solidified that for me. I found myself almost groaning every time they cut back to the adult characters this ep.
Idk, adult Shauna and Jeff are great but I just don’t find myself that interested in whatever murder mystery they’re trying to create with Adam at the moment, including Callie’s suspicions.
Taissa and her wife are so far the most intriguing part of the season 2 adult storyline. Her hallucinating being with Sammy and the final car crash scene were genuinely chilling.
I know Misty is up to some shit but sorry, I don’t find her lurking fake Reddit with Elijah wood that interesting at the moment 🤷🏽‍♀️
The adult Lottie plotline is new so I’ll cut it some slack.. but idk please give us more. We’re 2 episodes in and we all have to wait a week for these things to come out… they could have given us a bit more with her in 2 eps. Her and Nat are still just walking through the woods and Lottie says something about Travis and Nat basically says “well I don’t believe you”.
TLDR; Everything interesting and cool in this show is happening in 1996 and I wish we just spent more time there!
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2023.03.31 08:52 mudclip Where do we go from here?

As a day one Dragalia player, I was left reeling after that game shut down. It honestly felt like a family member was dying as silly as that sounds. Luckily I had also been a day one Princess Connect player and found comfort in that game as it replaced Dragalia in my routine. This past week I had finally come to terms with the end of Dragalia. I watched both seasons of the priconne anime this week and was planning out my pulls and builds for the coming years, excitedly eyeing the distant banners. Needless to say, this recent announcement of Priconne EOS feels like I've been kicked in the stomach. I feel like an empty husk. This leaves me with the question, should I be trusting these games not to waste my time? I'm honestly stuck in this weird limbo were I love the genre but am terrified of investing myself into another one. I'm terrified I'm going to choose a game and then get blindsided all over again. Any of you Priconne players feeling similarly? Or perhaps you have a game that's not too old that you think is gonna last?
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2023.03.31 08:52 wallyback alex turner’s real height

i was having this discussion with a friend and he swears alex is 5’11, the internet says he’s 5’7 but other sources say he’s 5’11. I’ve seen him live and so has my friend but I couldn’t really tell. Can someone who has met him confirm his actual height to end this debate once and for all?
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2023.03.31 08:52 Boring_Knowledge9991 Feeling Discouraged

Feeling Discouraged
Hi guys. Im feeling very sad tonight because im 3 weeks post op and have significant muffin top. For a little back story, Ive been constipated for the past 8 or 9 days only pooping pebbles and taking laxitives. I was going normally the second week of my recovery but all of a sudden im having trouble. I also am about 75% still hunched over. Im not sure if its a mix of swelling and bloating or if I just dont look good.... because I see some peoples 3 week post op pictures and theyre completley flat but I am not. As you can see in the picture I added, the muffin top is as clear as day and it even pokes out at the ends of my incisions by my hips. What do you guys think? Is it swelling/bloating? I figured if it was it wouldent poke out at the sides of my incions and only in the middle. Let me know your guyses thoughts!
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2023.03.31 08:51 issabloke 25 days, come here daily to remind myself

Still having urges, especially as I just got a big pay this week from alot of overtime. Keep trying to convince myself to have a small punt but I know it'll lead to me repeating that and back to throwing money away stupidly.
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2023.03.31 08:51 medinyx-tech Full Body Health Checkup – All you need to know

Full Body Health Checkup – All you need to know
As busy individuals, most of us tend to forget that our health should be our top priority. We get so caught up with our daily routines and obligations that we forget to pause and consider our body's condition. That's where a full body checkup comes into play. This comprehensive health checkup should be done regularly to ensure our overall well-being.
A full body checkup is an essential part of maintaining good health. It allows you to be proactive in identifying potential health issues and preventing them from getting worse. Through a full body checkup, you can assess the state of your health and make necessary adjustments to your lifestyle, diet, and exercise regimen. This ensures that you are always in top condition and can continue living life to the fullest.
Full Body Health Checkup - All you need to know

Benefits of Regular Full Body Checkup

The benefits of a full body checkup are numerous. It allows early detection and prevention of diseases, reducing the risk of complications and saving you more considerable health costs in the long run. It also gives peace of mind that your health is in good shape, avoiding undue stress and anxiety. It's crucial to prioritize your health and make it a part of your routine. Schedule a regular full body checkup at least once a year, or more frequently if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Don't wait until symptoms start to show or a health scare arises. Take proactive steps towards your health with a full body checkup, and stay on top of your overall well-being.

Where to go for a Complete Health Checkup

You can either go to a nearest health centre, a hospital or you can book complete health checkup online at mymeds247 website. The benefits of online book full body checkup is you not need to visit at health centre, clinics or hospital. MyMeds247 sample collectors visit at your home, collect your sample and send report on your mail id & contact no. via sms. At MyMeds247 you can book full body checkup package such as Full Body Checkup Package - Basic 1.0, Full Body Checkup - Basic 1.0 with HbA1c, and Full Body Checkup - Advanced with Vitamin Screening and Iron Studies.
So, if you're due for a full body checkup, make sure you schedule one soon. It's time to take control of your health and ensure that you're always in tip-top shape. Remember, your health is your wealth!
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2023.03.31 08:51 butterwuth New location idea

A Garden location that gives you vegetables that are needed for many quests like corn, watermelon, carrots ect. There is a lot of quests that need a crazy amount of veggies, and without grape juice or the farming perks it can take weeks to get certain items.
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2023.03.31 08:51 pihkal78 Steam deck stability - with Ubisoft games

Anyone else notice their deck crashing or having major performance issues playing for a little while on FarCry titles? I’ve yet to try Assassin’s Creed but FC is crashing consistently the past few weeks after 20 minutes of play. I’ve heard it could be an update to the Ubisoft Connect app - anyone know how to downgrade that to a previous version?
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2023.03.31 08:51 avendusgroup Investment Banking: Plan for a 5-Year Horizon of Wealth Management!!

Did you know that investment banking can help you plan your client's wealth over a 5-year horizon?
As an investment banker, you can help your clients develop a personalized investment strategy that takes into account their financial goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and time horizon. By analyzing market trends and investment opportunities, you can create a diversified investment portfolio that aligns with your client's specific needs and objectives. Regular reviews and adjustments can ensure the investment strategy remains relevant and effective over a 5-year horizon. Investment banking offers the expertise and resources to help you create a successful investment plan for your clients.
Investment banking companies and finance companies in India offer a range of services to help you plan your client's wealth over a 5-year horizon. These services can include investment research, financial analysis, and investment advisory services. By working with these companies, you can develop a comprehensive wealth management plan that takes into account your client's financial goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and tax considerations. Investment bankers can also provide guidance on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and strategic planning. With their expertise, you can help your clients achieve their financial goals and objectives, while also managing risk and maximizing returns.

  1. Understand Your Client's Financial Goals and Objectives:
To effectively plan your client's wealth over a 5-year horizon, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of their financial goals and objectives. This means understanding their short-term and long-term financial goals, such as saving for retirement, funding their children's education, or purchasing a home. It's also important to take into account their risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and tax considerations. By gaining a thorough understanding of your client's financial situation and goals, you can develop a comprehensive wealth management plan that is tailored to their unique needs and objectives.
2. Conduct a Financial Analysis:
Conducting a comprehensive financial analysis is a crucial step in creating any wealth management plan that you curate for your client. It involves analyzing their current financial situation, including their income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Additionally, investment banking companies should consider any potential sources of income, such as investments, pensions, or social security. This information will help you gain a clear understanding of your client's financial health and develop an investment strategy that aligns with their financial goals and objectives.
3. Develop an Investment Strategy
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4. Monitor and Adjust the Plan:
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5. Consider Investment Banking Services:
Investment banking services can provide a range of resources and expertise to help plan your client's wealth over a 5-year horizon. These services include investment research, which provides valuable insights into market trends and investment opportunities, and financial analysis, which helps to identify risks and opportunities in your client's current financial situation. Investment advisory services provide expert guidance on investment decisions and strategies, while investment bankers can assist with mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and strategic planning. By working with investment banking companies and finance companies in India, you can access a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help you develop a comprehensive wealth management plan for your clients.
In conclusion, planning your client's wealth over a 5-year horizon requires a comprehensive understanding of their financial goals and objectives, as well as the financial landscape and investment opportunities. Investment banking companies and finance companies in India can provide a range of services to help you develop a comprehensive wealth management plan for your clients. By following these key points and working with investment banking professionals, you can help your clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.
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2023.03.31 08:51 penicmcgee Beep on start-up, arm won't move

Hey all. I'm having some trouble with my elegoo saturn - on start-up it make a 1 second beep, and once started, the arm is unable to move.
If I try to print it just sits idle, if I try to home it, the bed also won't move. If I try to lower or raise the bed, nothing happens.
Any ideas? Many thanks in advance 😁
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2023.03.31 08:51 OishikR The UnMagi: Part II

The nobleman - the UnMage? - took the stairs, two, three at a time, his slender fingers gripping Matthias' wrist with unnatural strength. As he trailed along, more a satchel of man-leather than a youngling, he noted the intricate braiding in his ... captor's.... hair, and the silvery trinkets woven between each lock. He wondered why even now he could not hear them jingle with every frenetic step, and where on earth in that cloak was there a poche big enough for such a large roll of parchment as he'd seen only moments before.
As the UnMage alighted upon the tavern floor, his steps were no less silent than the padding of a sly caterwaal as it darted from shadow to shadow. Nevertheless, an audible silence fell upon the patrons, the clatter of cutlery, the murmur of voices and carousing drunkards falling away like so many trees under seige from a tornado. All eyes turned towards the strange man - not to meet his eyes, of course, most of the people in the village had had quite enough of that - but to his now naked head, crowned with a hillock of white hair, surmounted by glowing circlet. If the UnMage noticed, he gave none in return; He paused for a moment as if to ground himself, then spun on his heel to stalk over to the bar, where Matthias' father - and cousin, apparently freed from the scullery for the time being - watched warily and goggle-eyed respectively.
"I have need of the boy. I will take him with me." It was not a question.
Matthias noted the working of his father's jaw, the subtle swallowing that belied the difficulty of resisting the UnMage's... authority? Charisma? It mattered not. To his credit, the tavern-keeper crossed his burly arms across his alegut , trapping the furthest strands of his beard underneath his forearms. His face, normally an unctuous mask of hospitality, morphed steadily and rapidly into the rictus of disapproving anger that Matthias recognised much more readily.
"And what will you do widdim?" he demanded, still managing to maintain a facade of professionalism. Matthias did not admire his father much, but even he would have to admit this was impressive tonguing for a lowborn man.
"That is not your concern, villein. Name your price."
The ruddy-faced man carved his frown deeper as he replied slowly, "Sera, what do you want wi' my boy?" He began to uncross his arms, revealing a stout cosh he had clearly palmed before. The silence of the tavern floor was broken by the muffled scraping of chairs as patrons began to distance themselves. "I'll warn you, we don't tolerate gwor-"
His eyes widened as the UnMage spoke, a faint whisper emanating from his lips and manifesting as a subtle but definite tremor in the gorund below. It probably also had something to do with the feeling of the unevenly sanded, warm wood of the cosh in his hand turning cold and smooth as veins of wood fibre gave way to pure, solid gold. It was spellery of an ilk few had seen before, and a few strangled cries, or yelps, did ring out from the hushed crowd. But none advanced in defense of their tavern-keeper, for while the strange mage with the Lotus brooch had not menaced anyone, his frightening prowess was apparent, and terrifying.
Matthias' father breathed hard, nostrils flared, mouth pressed so tight as to disappear into a thin scar across his face. His grip on the solid gold cosh was tight, but whether for its weight or for his panic, none could surely say. Matthias saw the defiance cower and flee from his father's eyes, and while he was not stupid enough to be surprised, he was still soft enough to be sad.
Perhaps because he sensed this, or because he thought he had won, the UnMage loosened his grip on Matthias' wrist. He pre-empted the boy's wavering words with a simple finger upon his lips. "Time is of the essence," he intoned, words slipping like honey from around his fingers, thick, cloying, too-sweet, as he continued: "And what you may leave behind I can furnish tenfold."
Matthias nodded numbly. His fingers fumbled with his kamarband as he extricated the knife within, years of beatings reminding him to keep things where they were supposed to go in the bar. The UnMage noticed, snorted, rolled his eyes and his fingers at the same time, and another stack of harts materialised in his palm, which he set down with a satisfying clack on the countertop. Each coin was followed by at least a dozen pair of eyes.
"Keep the knife," he advised the boy. "You might need to stab me in the soft bits."
Matthias met his cold, fulgurant gaze for a single second, then slowly bowed his head.
The UnMage acknowledged nothing and no one else, save to pour a mess of harts and hinds into the half-open tunic of a travelling merchant near the door. "Your wares and horses," he said, his words receding with him as he stepped through into the chill evening breeze, Matthias shivering at his waist. The merchant started upward drunkenly - the coins in his tunic clinking, even as his bodyguards gawked - a bleary look in his eyes that betrayed no cognition; Whatever little he thought to say, he thought better of, and returned to his stupor. The gentle thump of his turban coming to rest on the table was drowned out by the slam of the door, and so while it was Matthias' last sight of hme, it was not the last thing he heard.
"Why do you need me, Sera?" asked Matthias. The stranger gave no answer, no acknowledgement, striding energetically towards the stables instead. As he neared the gate, the door to the tavern opened once more, and the stablehand - by force of habit - stepped out to yell, saw the UnMage's silhouette, and promptly withdrew. The gate opened noiselessly, without the UnMage laying even a finger upon it, clearly by spellery. Matthias wondered why his captor had forgone the use of magic until then - surely they were far enough from the Cathedral that even the swiftest deer would have taken a fortnight to deliver a message, to say nothing of the month it would take for magehunters to descend upon the countryside.
Inspiration bloomed, and he asked again. "Why do you need me." A statement, not a question. There was a pause, and he hastily added "Sera."
The UnMage had by then located the horses and their tack, and was engaged with the hitchknot on their lead - bizarrely - with his fingers. Matthias watched him struggle as he answered the boy's question.
"You know what a mage is - One who practices spellery, without invoking the divine as the focus of that spellery. You know what a cleric is - a member of any chapter, order, or chantry of the Black Cathedral, who enforce the -" he spat out the next word "- inherent divinity of magic by way of orthodoxy, and of course their pet magehunters. What you don't know is what an UnMage is - one who is attuned to the reality of the world in a way that other mages are not, and can thus perform spellery freely, requiring neither complex and -" another gob of sputum "- heretical formularies, nor faith and dogma." He sighed, as if stymied by the knots, and clicked his fingers - and the leads disintegrated into leathery dust, while the horses nickered slightly due probably tot he unnatural wind. He opened the gate, the tack floating from the wall of the stall and onto the horses, who for their part tolerated the unseen hands saddling and bridling them rather well. The UnMage motioned to Matthias, and as the boy approached he grasped him firmly - but not roughly - by the waist, raising him onto the saddle with alacrity that was at odds with his slender frame.
As Matthias stared down, at the UnMage fiddling with the stirrups, the man continued: "If the mage follows the law of the mind, the cleric follows the law of the soul. The essence of unmagic - the Kwid - is to follow both, and yet neither, all at the same time. It is to embrace magic as the unreal in reality, the impossible in all possibility. So while we can do or make anything other spellweavers can -" he looked up, teeth bared in another smile "- so too can we unmake."
Matthias met his gaze, unevenly, but without fear. "Are there more UnMages?"
The corners of the man's eyes twitched, as if offended, but whatever had irked him he did not reveal. Instead, he exhaled slightly, and began to answer. "There are many, many UnMages," he said listlessly, "but most, if not all, are singularly useless. UnMages cannot be made, frustratingly enough , so they are born - but they cannot be told they are UnMages, so they must know. It used to be that you'd hear about UnMages in some way, shape, or form - stories from a grandparent, books and manuscripts, stories carved into mountainsides - but the Black Cathedral has spent the better part of a thousand years stamping out every source of knowledge on UnMages -"
"Why couldn't you have just told me." Matthias remembered the custom.
"Pay attention, boy, I'm an UnMage like you. If I told you a story, say, even in passing, it would be telling - because the moment I look in your eyes I know what you are! How would you gain knowledge from ignorance then? How would you awaken to your abilities?" He grabbed Matthias' feet and slipped them into the shortened stirrups. "The paradox is the point!"
Matthias had no idea what that meant, but he liked the way it sounded.
The UnMage jumped onto his horse with a standing leap, settling perfectly - uncannily - into the saddle, both feet in the stirrups even as his cloak flared to cover the top of his mount's rump. He clicked his fingers and his heels at the same time, and a pair of silver reins snaked their way from his fingertips to the bridle as his horse broke into a lazy walk.
Matthias started, and then began: "How am I supposed to -"
"Make a pair of reins, boy!" called the UnMage over his shoulder. "Your first lesson! And if it seems impossible, remember -"
"The paradox is the point." grumbled Matthias.
The night was broken by the first laugh the boy had heard the silver-haired stranger with the Lotus brooch utter.
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2023.03.31 08:51 koredae Set bonus

Is there a way to get the set bonus PvP gear without waiting 4 weeks to get all the pieces from vault? Seems weird that this is time gated for new/returning players...
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2023.03.31 08:51 bwinters100 Problem with follow mode link not responding on certain pages

If you go to this web page:: https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=MSFT&ty=c&ta=1&p=d Scrolling to about 1 page from the bottom you'll see three links that look like this:: """ income statementbalance sheetcash flow """
Try going into follow mode, the hints will show up and then choose the link for any one of those three. What happens usually is that nothing happens. Sometimes, the link will work, and sometimes it will not. Once in a while, you get taken to a totally different link it seems. The behavior also is that sometimes one of those links work but not the other two, or 2 of them work, but not the third. It's very random Another interesting thing to note, as a fix, it seems changing the zoom level might make it work. Also, if you try this using pointer mode, it also doesn't work when you place the cursor over it and hit enter. However, if you use the mouse, just clicking on the links always works. I have seen this from time to time on various web pages, usually complex ones, but this particular web page was the one that I can remember. And I remember that altering the zoom level sometimes made it work on the other pages as well
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2023.03.31 08:50 Psionatix 31 [M4F] GMT+10.5 - TGIF about to cook, run, eat, and shower, how about you? (nerdy PC/Discord geek within)

Here's a selfie but my hair is since a tad longer than it was then (I also straighten it, it's usually an absolute mess - which is some times okay, and some times not).
PC/Discord geek, software engineer, seeking unlikely connection of wit and humour. I like hiking when the weather permits it, and I've only just recently started running, it's difficult with EIB, but should improve!
Nowadays, I'm just very open and accepting (yes, this implies I once wasn't, because I used to be a bit of an ass). I believe it's important, even in friendship, to develop a safe and welcoming environment, an environment where hiding things isn't necessary. Where you can speak your mind, speak your emotions (and even if you yourself disagree with them, you'll get support rather than hostility). Even if what you're thinking, or what you have to say, is condemning, or not so nice to hear - I value honesty above anything else, and so when someone is open and honest, I see no room for hostility or anger. I don't really get mad and I don't raise my voice, I try to remain respectful, considerate, even when faced with confronting and controversial perspectives. And even deep and personal things, I'm not here to judge you, I'm not here to tease you or laugh at you, I'm not here to kink shame you or think less of you because you're super obsessed with something that others may find strange or odd. I want you to be the most you that you can be, because there's a beauty to be found in that, and if in doing so we don't really vibe or click - that's fine. That is not a reflection on you, or on I, some times that's just the way it is and it doesn't need to be seen as a bad thing.
I don't believe in too much information, and I'm happy to discuss and answer almost anything. Take that as a challenge, if you do happen to cross some line (I doubt there is one), I'll simply say I'd rather not answer, and maybe give a reason why - but may still discuss whatever it is hypothetically too, who knows, try me.
What am I looking for?
Someone to vibe with, get to know, friends, maybe something more? Friendship and trust can take time, and forming something beyond that can take even longer. However I do believe that, if you click and vibe with someone in the right ways, the process can be a little bit faster, more so if you then continue to spend a significant amount of time interacting and conversing throughout the day-to-day. For instance, if you're seeing someone once or twice a week over the course of the year, I would say that interacting and conversing every day for 3-6 months is a potentially higher contributor to trust/bonding. It takes time and consistency to get to know someone, to learn about them. But, in terms of potential relationship, there's a few things you should know, I'm not here to hide anything. Let's chat for a while to start with and see how it goes.
My love language is touch. Intimate cuddles, snuggling, caressing, back scratches, giving massages of all kinds, hand holding, that kind of thing. However I am not a particularly sexual individual, it's something I am happy and open to exploring with someone, but I do not see it as a necessity within my relationship. But, that doesn't mean I don't have my perversions or can't be flirty, but it does mean that if I am those things, it is indicative of interest, but not necessarily indicative of sexual motives.
I want someone I can just share the experience of life with, have consistent attention from, give consistent attention to, watch things, play games with, travel, go on cute dates. Someone who compliments my intelligence, wit, and humor, and I theirs - something that may take some time for me to show. But, mostly, I play on the literal interpretations of ambiguous English in sarcastic jest and I will banter with you. If I was four inches tall, I'd hide in your pocket (just something to test you read through!) For me, I like to text and chat to start with, and grow into potential calls - if it's any condolence on this matter, when I met my online friends throughout Europe, they told me I appear exactly the same in person as I did online. Calls are easier for me initially if it serves an alternate primary purpose, like gaming together, as this shifts the main attention to something else. It's a little less awkward for me. In saying that, I'm terrible at FPS and I have never played the Halo games, so if there is anyone out there in the same boat, I'd live to dive in and play through the games in co-op mode (release order), even more entertaining if we dive in on the hardest difficulty and stream it!
What does a relationship look like to me? Cute dates, walks, hiking, cuddles and watching things together, playing games together, or even just chilling in the same space and doing our own things (with chatter, or even completely undisturbed by one another). Sharing the chore load. Making sure we both have enough time and space to still have our alone and free time. And ultimately... trust, honesty, and communication, and these ones take time to build. It takes time to show someone that it's safe to be open about all the weird and unusual things, to be comfortable being quirky, and it takes time for the other to become comfortable too. I'm not here to judge, and I want to see you as you, be the most you that you can be!
If we vibe, maybe we could watch the original Teen Titans and play some Halo?
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2023.03.31 08:50 Glittering_corn chances of permanent ear damage

M, age 30, not going to parties only once in a while. Was talking with some guy at a loud party so we had a conversation for around 5-10 min where he was talking loudly into my ear so I could hear him good, it was not so pleasent but the music was loud.. what are the chances of permanent damage?
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