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2023.06.11 02:38 SonnyTx Wiggly field dog park hours

Maps has hours listed as 8-5 Mon-Fri and closed on weekends. Does anyone know if these are accurate hours?
I’m not seeing hours listed elsewhere.
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2023.06.11 02:37 Cautious-Newspaper35 Passed 3AT!

Passed 3AT!
I passed 3AT this morning! Quite literally the best feeling ever.
Started studying in February. I already received my CAPM in 2021, so I was not brand new to project management. Really just needed a refresher on Agile and Scrum.
Study materials: 1. AR course on TIA 2. David YouTube videos 3. SH Essentials (most important resource) 4. @thirdrock’s notes were a lifesaver.
As for the test: •1 PERT (not straightforward), 7 multiple answer, 2 drag and drops. •Questions were moderate to difficult, with a sprinkle of difficulty. •Mindset, mindset, mindset! Learn it, breathe it, become it for the purpose of the test. That is the key to the test. •I finished with an hour remaining. I felt like o was rushing, but when you think with the mindset first, it does help. •The test is not super difficult, but can be challenging. •Test is mainly agile and PMBOK7
I was nervous going into the test, but I’m SO GLAD it’s over.
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2023.06.11 02:37 loganh98 Bridal hair recs for Maine Elopement

I am getting married in a small ceremony in Acadia National Park next year and was hoping to wear my natural curls. I was wondering if anyone on here lives near Bar Harbor, ME and has a salon or stylist they recommend that does bridal services!
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2023.06.11 02:37 Accomplished_Bar_96 I've asked this before but gotten mixed answers, if an AO or someone very familiar with the process would help me out it would be very much appreciated.

I lost a close friend in a freak accident this past school year, which resulted in stress + lack of sleep + bad mental & physical health + ultimately bad grades in school too. My GPA will drop from a 4.0 last year to a 3.85 this year. I have also not opened up to anybody about this except for a few close friends and family, so my teachers still do not know. It's been difficult on me but I plan to open up about it more and more as I recover mentally and physically.
Will the typical AO see my transcript and look at this lower GPA with leniency?
How bad does it look that the death hit me hard? Will it seem like I cannot process bad news and therefore a bad candidate?
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2023.06.11 02:37 Kratzk214 Denver Tickets Question

Hi friends, I recently bought resell tickets for the Sept 29th show in Denver and they are in the section called "VIP Box." The details on the tickets state I have access to a VIP entrance and a VIP lounge, but don't specifically say anything about the meet and greet portion. When I checked the BO official site, the meet and greet portion is listed (a photo opportunity), but my tickets were not directly purchased from their official site because they sold out within minutes lol.
Does anyone know if meeting the band is included in the resell tickets I purchased? If not, do you know how I would go about finding this out? For reference, I paid about $325 per ticket so I'm hoping everything is included. Thanks everyone!
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2023.06.11 02:37 Tuirvaris Want to marry boyfriend and begin PR process.

Hoping to get some perspective on several aspects of the process given our situation. I have a lot of questions, so this is quite long. Thank you anyone who takes the time!
Background: I'm a Canadian citizen and my boyfriend is a US citizen. We want to get married in Canada and begin the PR process and get him an open work permit as soon as realistically possible. I've bounced back and forth on the government websites and seen a lot about the different tracks for spousal sponsorship and I have a few questions. I'm also overwhelmed by the density of information and I'm sorry if some of what I'm asking should be easy to figure out.
(1) First off, if someone comes into the country on passport (which I gather gives them 6 months max stay), and we get married and apply for PR, does that application allow for that 6 months to be extended? Or is there another additional process to do that? I gather people outside US need a TVA, but I can't seem to find clarification on whether that's needed here. As an extension of this, does a submitted application then allow for an open work permit application?
(2) If we did an inland sponsorship as above, could he return home to visit or retrieve possessions during the processing period?
(3) I'm also uncertain about getting him in for the visit we want to be the long one. We're nervous about what to say when he's asked at the airport this time. I was thinking of getting him to say, "I'm here to stay with a friend for the summer to go camping on the west coast a bunch," or something to that effect (which is basically true). I'd appreciate any guidance for this bit.
(4) Another question is, if we intend to extend the stay and he gets a return flight, is it a problem if we "decide to change when he returns later"? or does he have to absolutely leave on that return flight? And if he does, what does it do to our application? I gather that having the return flight in place reduces the chance of him getting turned around by the officer upon arrival, so should we book the return for like five and a half months out to maximize our time to get paperwork through, or do a more modest time like two months to reduce risk?
I appreciate any info and feedback provided. We're both working like mad right now and trying endlesses searches to find relevant posts (specific to inland + passport) has been futile so far.
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2023.06.11 02:37 janedoebreakin (23F) I want to be Catholic but I’m afraid my sexual history will prevent it, or make things worse.

Hello, everyone.
I was raised agnostic. I am very interested in Catholicism and I attend mass every Sunday, although I am not baptized. I find deep comfort and community in this. I want to convert, but I’m facing very strong struggles in my personal life that I want to resolve first.
I am with a man who I love very much. He is not religious, but he does not believe that religion is bad. I want to marry him. I’m afraid that if I were to join the church, I would not be allowed to marry him. Or, if I asked him to convert, he wouldn’t. I’m afraid I’ll have to choose between him and the church.
If I do have to split from him, I’m afraid I will not be able to find love within the church. I’ve been in bad sexual relationships with many men, and rightfully so, no good men in the church will want to be with me. This is my own fault and I accept it. I don’t want the hottest young guy there, I’ll take what I can get. I’m okay with my dating pool being limited to divorced or widowed men, but I’m not sure they’ll want me. I just hope that maybe one man would be able to see some good in me and forgive me for my disgusting sins.
Can any of you help me? I’m really down and need help. I had a miscarriage a while back and I’m hoping that the church will help me heal and reunite with my baby one day. Can anyone here give me hope and insight on what I can do next?
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2023.06.11 02:36 cannibalisticmidgets ⚠UPDATE⚠: /r/DoneDirtCheap will be going restricted effective immediately. We will not comment as to if this will end at the planned date of 6/15.

Update to our post from a couple days ago announcing our plans to participate in the blackout.
Hi everyone,
I'll be frank, a shutdown of this magnitude is new territory for us. Also things keep changing. Most recently there was a very bad faith AMA put on by the Reddit CEO which only made things worse. Several subs have responded to this by planning to go private indefinitely. /iphone being a large one and the inspiration for this sticky and the change in approach to how we'll handle the blackout.
Reddit does not give a good means for us to lock the subreddit and inform users of why. On new Reddit the full message doesn't even display. Not only that but it encourages users to message us which only results in us getting TONS of frankly annoying spam messages from users asking to be let back in. Ultimately we feel it's best to leave a sticky up with our message and allow all current posts remain visible.
This was not an easy decision to make, given a variety of factors, but it's one we feel comfortable making. Anything that was posted before the restricted mode came into effect earlier today will essentially be the final front page of our community before we privatise the subreddit entirely. In the (somewhat unlikely) scenario that Reddit's leadership has a change of direction that sees the reversal the recent API policy change, we will reopen the subreddit. Many other subreddits are doing the same, and we support them for taking a stand.
Q: What does making /DoneDirtCheap restricted mean, in this case?
A: Taking /DoneDirtCheap restricted means that no-one, except moderators and approved submitters, can post or comment on the subreddit.
Q: When will this end?
A: Originally, the protest was planned to be 48 hours. However, after a shambolic AMA held by Reddit's CEO, it has become clear to us that Reddit doesn't intend to act in good faith. When the CEO is willing to lie and spread libellous claims about another third-party developer, and then try double down by vilifying them, again, in an AMA, despite being proven as a liar by the developer through audio recordings, that's when we knew what we were up against. Therefore, the subreddit will be privatised until such time as a reasonable resolution is proposed.
Q: Won't Reddit just remove you as moderators and force open the subreddit?
A: This is very possible. Reddit has made it clear on various occasions that they will do what they need to do in order to keep the site running. We, as mods, are prepared for this outcome. None of us want to moderate for a site that continues to gaslight its user-base, disrespect third-party developers and moderators, or do volunteer work for a site run by a CEO who spreads outright lies and libellous claims against those who helped build it into the front page of the internet.
Q: Where else can I go to find casual online work and get jobs done well below market rate?
Feel free to join our Discord server. This server is supported by, and run by, members of the subreddit mod team. It's newly created in response to recent events. Please bear with us while we get it up and running.
Lastly, thank you. Whatever happens to us moderators, we want to thank you for helping make /DoneDirtCheap the place it is today. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching this community grow, and we understand it wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today without you, the users. We haven't always got stuff right, but we hope you understand we've always wanted what's best for the community. Hopefully we'll be back together soon, but the ball is in Reddit's court. What happens next is down to them and them alone. Let's just hope they do the right thing, and come to us with a proper resolution.
See you soon, hopefully.
/DoneDirtCheap Mod Team.
Edit: Punctuation and grammar.
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2023.06.11 02:36 DigitalApolloLove I'm catching up on Johto

Does Weezing even make an appearance? I'm on season three.

Also, why is Bulbasaur in the team the entire time, when Heracross isnt at all?
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2023.06.11 02:36 CharlieOak86868686 Have no idea how exactly dating works.

Explain like i'm five is useless on here. How does dating really work? What is involved? How does it work exactly?
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2023.06.11 02:36 OkaySuzieQ I (24F) am unhappy with my boyfriend (25M) of 4 years.

*sorry for my grammar * So just a quick story, I've known my boyfriend (I will call him D) since 2012 and got into a relationship with D back in 2019. Everything was all nice at first as any other relationship would be... but I've been feeling very unhappy with him lately. In late 2020, D and I rented our first apt in Miami and we were living very happily with our lives. D would always buy me flowers once a week and try to do things to make my day better. Everything was going very well until June of last year.. Things got down hill between me and my family and this was when his parents bought a house In Tampa. I made a decision where I now regret on doing so and wish I can go back in time and tell myself NOT to do it. That decision was moving in with his crazy Cuban parents. Everything was really nice at first with them until I got to see what his stepdad's true colors were. He is the most obnoxious, psychotic piece of shit I have ever met. He has no respect towards women at ALL and he talks shit about D's mom all the time, he screams at D's grandma calling her an old mess, good for nothing old lady. And don't get me started on his mom, which by the way, I caught her cheating on D's stepdad with a person who he helped out that came from Cuba (stepdad doesn't know anything to this day). That lady does NOT respect her own mother at all! It's always constant fighting between them and I really feel bad for D's grandma because she is the sweetest person out of all the assholes that lives here. So getting back to my miserable life, D has CHANGED a lot. He's gotten very comfortable with his family and isn't the same person I fell in love with. (Yes, I know people change after a while but this isn't a good change.)He's back with his old habits of playing video games all freaking day. From waking up after heading to work, to coming home from work, to his days off. There isn't a single day that he will set aside just to spend some time with me. Ever since we moved out here, fights are happening constantly and all his response is "okay". He says that he's happy, he's stress free and living a good life. But what about me? Sometimes when I try to talk to him it's like I'm talking to a wall. I tell him that I want to move out, I don't want to be here, etc. etc., and all he says is, "the door is right there, you can leave if you want to". He doesn't want to leave his parents house at all. I love him and I want I be with him but I don't even know what to do anymore. People tell me to find myself and start loving myself but I've been so attached to him that I forgot to keep myself on my mind.. I don't even have money to move out so basically I'm stuck at this point... What advice do y'all want to give me?
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2023.06.11 02:36 snowprincess444 2 weeks

does anybody have any advice on how to put in your 2 weeks ? this is my first job and i’ll be leaving soon but i’m not sure what’s the best way to just leave lmao
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2023.06.11 02:36 Jthaprohet For anyone wondering about streaming the show.

For anyone wondering about streaming the show. submitted by Jthaprohet to Killtony [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 02:35 wisconsin_pitbull Parts?

1982 gs650gl
Does anybody have any recommendations on where to get parts? Ebay has some stuff, Dennis kirk is pretty slim pickings tho.
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2023.06.11 02:35 Obvious_Ad_8767 DEA Mj question

Apologies for the millionth MJ question on here but does having a history of being a former frequent smoker within the past 3 years, last smoked 8 months ago, pretty much a sure bet at getting denied a clearance for a DEA subcontractor position ? Thank you in advance
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2023.06.11 02:35 Sufficient_Spread522 I hate my dad

I hate my father for a reason and here's why. My parents have been married for almost 11 years, and since then a lot has happened. My father cheats on my mother and has two other families. Yes, my mother knows about it. She can't do much because she's financially dependent on him. My father is an abusive and toxic man that I despise. My entire family knows about it and does nothing. My mother isn't allowed to have social media and post anything. His other woman, whom we call M, posts everything on her social media. She also sent me and my sister messages daily. What did my father do? NOTHING. She slashed my mother's tires, and what did he do? NOTHING. But now to the present. He has four children with M and four children with my mother. In the last year, he slept with other women, contracted an STD, and didn't care about our birthdays except for his other children's. He went to his own country/family with us and with M's family (embarrassing). Went to Disneyland with them, etc. M also shared this on social media and embarrassed my mother again. I confronted my mother about it and she started crying and had no answers other than defending him (which I don't understand). My father knows that I know this and has never said a word about it. My father and I also have no bond, but that doesn't mean you can treat one of your families like that because he treats us like garbage and can only bother us when he needs money for his other families, etc. I want to confront him about it, but I'm afraid it will become physical again and that it will ultimately lead to nothing.
So opinions? And what should I do?
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2023.06.11 02:35 -Tren10- anyone want to join my realm? (18+)

if you want to join just comment your name and ill inv you. do whatever youd like its a brand new world pvp is on! no cheats!!
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2023.06.11 02:35 MsHollywood1967 Spots in dogs ear

Spots in dogs ear
These spots come and go. And I looked it up on Google and it said they could be mites. I don't see anything that looks like a mite. I'm wondering if it's blood spots from itching. Although it doesn't look like blood. Does anybody have any ideas ?
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2023.06.11 02:35 miopotassium Moving in with friend group for 2nd year - as bad as people say?

Hi, keep seeing people say that you shouldn't move in with your friend group for 2nd and 3rd year of uni. Is this true or just another case of only seeing the negative side as people don't need to post when it's positive.
For context, I am moving in with 3 out of 4 people in our friend group (including myself, 4th person is already staying somewhere else). We are decently close, and are also neurodivergent (I am autistic). Very worried that we will all hate each other by the end of the year, as it seems everyone who does move in with their friends end up doing so? If it's relevant, 2 of us have slept together (people seem to be very against that) before we knew we would move into the same house, but we are very chill with it atm.
But IMO, who else are people supposed to move in with if it's not their friends?
Would love to hear some perspectives from people who did move in with close friends, and also tips on keeping the peace if possible :)
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2023.06.11 02:35 Cole-Spudmoney Fixing Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith with only minor to moderate changes

Since rewatching Revenge of the Sith about a year ago I've come to appreciate it more in a lot of ways. In particular I've warmed up to the idea of Anakin's fall to the dark side being motivated by wanting the power to save Padmé, because of his own fear of losing people, rather than being a simple "seduced by power for power's sake" situation as it was presented in the original trilogy. It's a much more interesting concept... in theory, anyway. There are still two major problems with its execution:
  1. It overshadows everything else motivating Anakin's choice to turn against the Jedi and join the dark side.
  2. Anakin goes full-on evil far too quickly, leaping right from panicked despair over helping kill Mace Windu to slaughtering little kids in the space of an hour or so.
  3. Anakin seems to lose his original motivation almost immediately, as is particularly shown in his last conversation with Padmé on Mustafar.
What I want to do here is not a complete rewrite or reimagining. It's just an adjustment of all the stuff that's already there in Revenge of the Sith but not used to its full potential.
The first really important change I'll make is in the scene where Palpatine reveals himself to Anakin as the Sith lord. Rather than just being like "Join me and I can save Padmé", Palpatine should be doing everything he can to reinforce the trust they'd already established with each other: saying "All I want is to bring order and security to the galaxy", and "In all the years we have known each other I have never lied to you", and so on. Anakin is still conflicted, so he still reports Palpatine to the Jedi, but he needs to be able to have genuine loyalty to Palpatine rather than just making it an obvious deal-with-the-devil situation.
So when Anakin walks in on the Mace-vs-Palpatine duel, it should be Anakin himself who kills Mace Windu outright rather than just cutting his hand off and having Palpatine finish the job with Force-lightning. It needs to be Anakin's deliberate choice to side with Palpatine over the Jedi Order, out of the genuine belief that the Jedi had been holding him back and manipulating him, and that they'd been plotting to take over the Republic (which, as we see in the movie, isn't entirely false) and so need to be completely purged root-and-branch. Anakin should not appear to be throwing himself on Palpatine's mercy: he's long believed Palpatine to be wise and just, and now he's going all-in on that existing loyalty.
So Anakin (who notably doesn't have his Sith name yet) is sent to the Jedi Temple – but his role is to destroy the defences on the Temple gates, so that the clone troopers can pour in and do the dirty work of massacring everyone inside. As I said before, Anakin isn't that far gone yet: he's only been a Sith apprentice for about an hour.
We'll then have the brief scene that night with Anakin and Padmé before he leaves Coruscant to go slaughter the remaining Separatist leadership (who are not on Mustafar, but elsewhere). And the next day, Palpatine announces the founding of the Empire.
And now, crucially, we'll skip forward in time a few months. Anakin is now hunting down the remaining Jedi who initially escaped Order 66, and now he's progressed to killing kids: we'll actually see him cut down a Master and Padawan. He's using the Sith name of Darth Vader and fighting with a red lightsaber – and he's wearing the familiar Vader mask with voice-changer, but with a black hooded robe rather than the suit and stackhat. Meanwhile, Padmé is now very close to being due, and has formed a secret political alliance with Bail Organa and Mon Mothma. She and Anakin have grown distant; their last conversation is not unlike their last one from the movie except with no Force-choking, and it ends with them at an impasse. Anakin also leaves his old blue lightsaber with her now, saying that their unborn child can wield it in the glorious new society they will build.
Anakin has to leave now, though, because Obi-Wan has been on the run all this time and has just been tracked down to Mustafar. Anakin starts off wearing the Vader mask but takes it off almost immediately. He thinks that Obi-Wan has been sadly misguided by the Jedi Order all his life, which makes him dangerous to the security of the Empire regardless of their personal history together. Their duel ends a bit differently, as they make their way up to the rim of a volcano – Obi-Wan ends up stabbing Anakin right though the chest, pretty much destroying his lungs and severing his spine; Anakin then falls into the volcano, lands on an outcropping in the crater and is motionless as he catches fire, making it seem to Obi-Wan that he's got to be dead. When Palpatine arrives and sees the state of Anakin he says something like "We'll salvage what we can". Then, when Anakin is revived in the Vader suit, Palpatine says something like "Do you remember who you are?" and Vader replies "I am... Darth Vader." It's a more subtle sign that despite Anakin's original motivation being his fear of loss, his actions have caused him to lose everything including his own identity. It also preserves a bit of mystery for the viewer watching chronologically: exactly what is the deal with Vader anyway? Does he remember his life as Anakin at all? Was he saved from death by Darth Plagueis's thing that Palpatine had been talking about earlier? Given that Palpatine said "salvage", could Vader just be Anakin's clone? These questions are set up to be answered in The Empire Strikes Back confirming that he is Anakin and remembers everything.
Speaking of preserving mystery, the twins are not named on screen in this movie. Well, Luke can be, but Leia definitely isn't. Padmé is quickly taken away from Coruscant as soon as the Mustafar duel happens. She doesn't die, but after Anakin's apparent death she's in a deep depression and just reacts numbly when she's told that the twins need to be separated for their own protection. We know that Luke will go to his uncle and aunt; we don't explicitly find out where Leia and Padmé will go into hiding, only that Bail Organa will arrange it.
Some other points:
(I originally posted this fix about a year ago, the day after rewatching Revenge of the Sith for the first time in years, but it was soon removed because it was the wrong day of the week. I've only made a few changes to wording: the ideas are the same. Before the original post was removed a commenter explained the intention behind how the actual movie structured Anakin's fall to the dark side, how it was all about his fear overcoming his capacity for love and how his immediate leap to committing atrocities was an expression of his self-loathing et cetera et cetera – and okay, I understand, but I honestly think that was dumb and melodramatic and not how people actually behave, so I'm changing it.)
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2023.06.11 02:35 IgnoramusPolymath Another "One-Way Speed of Light" post for your dissection (apologies!)

Preamble (feel free to skip)

Firstly, I would like to apologise for posting a topic like this; I have read through many of the "Is this the solution to the one-way speed of light?" threads already posted on this subreddit and have seen the comments gradually growing more exasperated at having to deal with yet another thread about this, so I would like to say sorry for adding to that. I promise that, if I was smart enough to figure out myself why this wouldn't work, then I wouldn't post it here.
Secondly, I would like to clarify that I don't think that this is a solution. I have posted it here because the people here seem to be better-educated than me and have a more indepth knowledge of the physics surrounding the problem, and so would be more likely to help me understand why this wouldn't work, if that makes sense?
Thirdly, this doesn't contain a way to measure the one-way speed of light, just an attempt to try and determine if there is a discrepancy in the one-way speed of light in different directions. (See point 6 below)

The Problem™ (or my understanding of it)

In the video that Veritasium posted, he set up a hypothetical scenario, within which there were some guidelines on what is possible within this hypothetical scenario:
(1) There is a way to fire a laser over 1km of perfect vacuum
1:47 - "Imagine you have a laser that can fire a beam through a perfect vacuum for 1km."
(2) Electronics that are "together" can be synced perfectly.
2:42 - "Start with the clocks together and sync them up first."
(3) Clocks can react instantaneously to the presence of laser light:
1:53 - "Start a timer the instant you fire the laser beam, and then, exactly when it hits the end, stop the clock."
2:08 - "OK, so you need two clocks: one at the laser and one at the end which stops automatically when it detects the laser light."
There are also guidelines on what is not possible within this hypothetical scenario:
(4) Electronics cannot be synced "remotely"/at a distance.
2:19 - "You could connect them via a wire and send a pulse from one to the other, but that pulse will travel at the speed of light so it will arrive with a time delay."
(5) Electronics that move relative to one-another are no longer synced.
2:53 - "The clock at the finish line was moving with respect to the one at the start, and special relativity tells us: moving clocks tick slow relative to stationary observers."
10:42 - "How about starting with synchronised clocks in the middle and moving them apart with equal and opposite speeds? [...] This only works if the speed of light in each direction is the same; if the speed of light depends on direction, then so does time dilation."
Finally, there is the question being posed:
(6) The broader question is whether or not you could figure out there was a discrepancy in the one-way speed of light in different directions, rather than what the one-way speed of light is in a given direction:
4:21 - "What if the speed of light in this direction is from the speed of light in this direction?" 4:33 - "The question is: could you figure it out?"
Therefore, any "solution" proposed should be compatible with these guidelines.
I acknowledge that some of these are impractical (like a km of perfect vacuum) or otherwise not actually possible (such as the "instantaneous reaction" of clocks, etc.), and their impact on any actual measurements in the real world might be more than negligible (although I'm not sure to what degree this is true).

Some thoughts on a possible "solution"

Here is a rough diagram of the "solution" that I am suggesting.
(Credit to Veritasium for the graphics!)
On the "start" end of the 1km stretch, there is a pair of lasers:
  • The lasers are identical in specification.
  • They are positioned alongside one-another, with their beams parallel to one another.
  • The lasers are synced to fire their beams at exactly the same instant.
  • The lasers, once synced, are not moved with respect to one-another.
At the "finish" end of the 1km stretch, there is a pair of clocks/timers:
  • The timers are identical in specification.
  • The timers can react instantaneously in the presence of laser light.
  • The timers are positioned alongside one-another and are lined up to match the two lasers 1km away.
  • The timers are synced so that their clock measurements are identical.
  • The timers, once synced, are not moved with respect to one-another.
In the 1km stretch itself:
  • The stretch is exactly 1km.
  • As in the video, there is a perfect vacuum between the laser and the timer, and this remains the case for the first of the two laser beams.
  • For the second laser beam, rather than a vacuum, there is a medium placed inbetween the laser and the timer:
    • The refractive index of the medium is greater than one.
    • The medium is flawlessly homogenous, giving it a constant refractive index along its length.
    • The laser is lined up with the medium in such a way that the angle of incidence/refraction is 0° (such that the path the laser follows is the same as if the medium were not there).
Finally, for the complete setup:
  • It has 3DoF (can be rotated/reoriented freely in space).
  • It can be locked securely into any orientation selected for the duration of the experiment.
The experiment would then be to fire both lasers, note the time difference between the two timers, then repeat in different direction(s) to see if the time difference is the same across all of them or not.
NOTE: This is based solely on my understanding that the speed of light through a medium is a fixed fraction of the speed of light through a vacuum (e.g. for a medium with a refractive index of 2, the speed of light through the medium would be 0.5c). This may be entirely incorrect.
For these examples, the refractive index of the medium is 2.
SCENARIO 1: In the case where the speed of light in a vacuum in the measured direction is c, the time difference measured would be 3,335.641 ns
SCENARIO 2: In the case where the speed of light in a vacuum in the measured direction is 0.8c, the time difference measured would be 4,167.008 ns
SCENARIO 3: In the case where the speed of light in a vacuum in the measured direction is 1.2c, the time difference measured would be 2,779.805 ns
Basically, if there is a difference in the speed of light between two given directions, then there should be a difference in the time difference measured between the two timers in each of the directions.
This solution has been stuck in my head for about a year now and I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work (outside of the practical stuff like constructing a 1km freely-rotating perfect vacuum chamber, etc.), so I have decided to post it so that I can find out why it won't work and free up the part of my brain that's been occupied by this solution.


Shoot two synchronised lasers parallel to one-another simultaneously -- one across a vacuum and the other through a medium -- towards two synchronised timers and measure the difference in time it takes for the two beams to arrive at the timers. Reorient the whole setup and repeat. If there's a disparity, it may be due to differences in the speed of light in different directions. If not, then I guess the speed of light is the same in the two directions?
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2023.06.11 02:35 StonejawStrongjaw Is Blizzard spell just garbage?

So I switched from Ice Shards to Blizzard since I found some good items to build on it. However, it does not seem to crit - at all, ever.
How are you supposed to scale the damage on this ability? Is it just dead because it can't crit and does not get any bonuses from Crit/Crit Damage? I've 30% crit with 82% multi. The damage it does just isn't enough.
Is scaling Chill/Cold/Frozen/CCd/Vuln enough to make the damage... not be doo doo? It's basically only doing damage via Freezing and then procing Ice Shard projectiles.
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