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For when you come across "that thing" on the Facebook Marketplace that makes you cringe or even scared!

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Discussion for all the strange items found on the glorious Facebook Marketplace. It can be strange combination, odd homemade items that people try to sell, or people that just don't have a general grasp of the concept of it all.

2023.03.31 17:52 upforgrabs87783 does anyone have an old box tv?

I am currently looking to buy an old box tv near dayton ohio. I want to plug in my Xbox original and play the original halo games as well as other games that is stuck on the original Xbox. I checked Facebook marketplace had no luck and I can't seem to find an adapter to fit my tv to make it work.
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2023.03.31 17:52 kennyiseatingabagel Want to get rid of my entire knife collection (nothing spectacular), but I am uneasy about selling them and have no one to give them to. What to do with them?

When I was younger, I was into knives and bought way too many knives than I should have. Thankfully it's not an ungodly amount, only about 15 or so, but that's still too much for my liking. I've since lost interest in knives and want to get rid of them.
Normally, I would sell something if I don't want it, but I feel really uneasy selling knives for some reason. It's just way outside my comfort zone. But I also don't have anyone to give them to, and again, posting them online for free makes me nervous.
Posting "YO, SOMEONE TAKE MY KNIVES FOR FREE," on Facebook Marketplace is not really something I want to do, lol. So... I'm at a loss to what to do with them. Any suggestions? Ugh. x.x.
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2023.03.31 17:31 uninsane Couch deposit scam

I saw a couch listed on FB marketplace. The price was really good (but not totally unbelievable) for that particular couch. I asked if I could come see it when the first red flag came. The seller said, “I’ll be home at 4 tomorrow but this couch is in high demand so I recommend a deposit.” Then red flag two: The Facebook profile was created in 2023. I said I wasn’t comfortable sending money without seeing it so tell me if it sells before I come to see it. The next day it was “sold” and the profile of the seller was gone from Facebook. I wonder how many deposits they got. This sub has reinforced two key things that just saved me some money. 1) If it looks too good to be true, it is. 2) Never send money.
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2023.03.31 17:09 Electra100 Had my vivera retainers a staggering 5 days before my dog chewed threw them 🙂🙂🙂

She somehow knocked the case on the floor, opened it and got to work. I am restraining throttling her right now or alternatively putting her up for sale on Facebook marketplace.
Anyway, I still have my final tray set and with the £250 replacement fee for a new retainer set I think I’ll be using these. They fit exactly the same as my final retainers did barring where an attachment once was, will this be okay?
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2023.03.31 17:08 Hypnojooze BDSM Facebook Marketplace

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2023.03.31 17:00 Ebb3ka94 How quick do you think this will be? 1995 5.0 GTS

How quick do you think this will be? 1995 5.0 GTS
I'm going to pick this up on Sunday as a summer cruiser. Just trying to get an idea of what to expect performance wise versus stock
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2023.03.31 16:58 zibicik Second Hand Verkauf über DPD/UPS - ist sowas ein Scam?

Hallo alle,
zum ersten Mal wollte ich ein Paar alte Möbel über Facebook-Marketplace verkaufen. So viele anfragen, ob sie das Geld über UPS schicken können und UPS holt die Ware von mir ab. Sowas hab ich noch nie gehört und bis jetzt über Willhaben hat niemand sowas angeboten. Ist es scam oder ist sowas ganz normal? Diese Leute bieten auch viel mehr an, als was ich als Preis angegeben hab. Danke für Antworten schon Vorhinein!
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2023.03.31 16:53 Beneficial-Air3115 Need tips for sourcing wood

Need tips for sourcing wood
I’ve got an OK Joe offset smoker I use wood splits for. Last year I was using store bought bags like what’s above but it’s expensive, Home Depot recently raised the price to $30/bag.
I see a lot of posts on Facebook marketplace or elsewhere for firewood; if I want to go with one of these vendors what should I look for to make sure it’s adequate for smoking? Aside from kiln dried, the right tree type, and size, anything else? I’m also fine with going to the store, but $30/bag is more than I’m willing to pay. In Northern VA if anyone there has someone they recommend.
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2023.03.31 16:49 Vashuzzdi Kijiji scam?

Hi all,
I've recently posted something on Kijiji and immediately got 2 texts from phone numbers outside of Canada (first red flag).
Now they are saying they'll do a certified cheque, and then figure out meeting details.
Getting some scam -type vibes here, can anyone explain if this is a scam and maybe how?
Also, is there another good buy and sell place other than Facebook marketplace? I don't have Facebook. Thanks!
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2023.03.31 16:33 Complex_Item247 Facebook Marketplace Scam

Hi everyone! My sister loves Facebook Marketplace and it has treated her very well recently until now.
Her wedding is coming up and amidst all the stress, she was trying to get a neon sign of her and her fiancé's names made. The "merchant" asked for two payments of $20 and then $10 shipping. When there were no red flags, my sister paid the $40 and gave the person her address + phone number for shipping. After the sign was supposedly made, this is when things got weird...
  1. They said that a remote for the sign (which was not mentioned before) was an additional $10. When my sister refused to pay it, stating that that was not part of their initial understanding, the person said that they would cover it themselves.
  2. The person sent a picture of the completed signs but it was most definitely computer generated and not an actual picture of the sign.
  3. They said that they would send a tracking number but the next day, asked for an additional $10 because there was a problem activating it.
  4. The person changed their cashapp and their venmo is no longer functioning. They said to pay the additional $10 they requested to the new cashapp name.
TL/DR: My sister has given this likely scammer her money, address and phone number. Is there anything she can do to feel safer? Is asking for an address just part of the scam or do they do anything with it?
Edit: Not looking for ways to get money back, just wondering about how much of a security concern it is that they have her address!
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2023.03.31 16:12 Seren-hitty This has to be a joke? (On Facebook marketplace)

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2023.03.31 16:08 Sunbuttershine TikTok profile Jr. high school mentality 🤣🤣

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2023.03.31 15:55 AlpsOrganic8592 Building a mid-range PC on a Entry level budget using hardwareswap and FB Market.

(I want to prefix this by saying the only new items are the motherboard and the air cooler.)
I wanted to build this rig to prove with a little hard work and patience anyone can piece together a formidable gaming/production rig for the price of an i3 system. I want to show y’all how I was able to assemble such a pc on a limited budget using a second hand marketplace like hardwareswap or Facebook Market.
The specs are as follows :
3060 12 GB, $210.
I7-10700K, $140
Z590 Aorus Master, $130 - Newegg special.
32 GB G.Skill Rip Jaw 3200, $55
The case was a free curbside pick up on Facebook market page. It’s an NZXT but which one is beyond me. On a tight budget I recommend spending the smallest amount of your budget as possible on a case. Performance over looks imo.
The power supply was a hand me down from a family member, 700 thermal take gold rated -$50 is a probable price to pay for an adequate PSU..
The storage I’m running is WD 770 M.2 1TB - $60
To top it all off I’m running the Thermalright Phantom Spirit. Same as the Peerless assassin just one extra heat pipe. $40 -Amazon special.
Coming in right around $700 with tax and shipping costs.
Opting for a i5-10400/f brings the cpu price down to $70. A non Z-series mobo would cut the price down to roughly $60. I hope this inspires and encourages new builders who are working with small, crunched budgets to open the door and take a walk on the wild side!
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2023.03.31 15:49 wuatr Apartment rental application

My husband and I found an apartment that we love via a realtor that posted about it on Facebook marketplace. We met the realtor at the apartment to view it and decided to take it. The realtor sent us a super old scan of a paper application for us to print and fill out.
I’ve been the victim of identity fraud before via my SS# and I’m just feeling anxious about filling out this paper and handing it off with literally all of my sensitive info on it. Asks for my SS# and bank account #. Is there any safer way to share these details with a potential landlord? It makes me nervous not knowing how this info will be handled and stored.
Edited to add: I just googled and something called “Checkpoint by Experian” came up as a potential solution. I can pay $15 for a credit report on myself that I can then share with potential landlords where all the details they need are visible except for my ss# and bank#. Is it reasonable to offer this as an alternative to the landlord?
TLDR; basic paper form for apt rental application asks me to write all my sensitive financial information and I’m wondering if there’s a safer way to share these details.
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2023.03.31 15:10 notafan6486 How do I know if I am falling for a rental scam?

I am moving out of the country so currently looking for a rental - sight unseen. As I am not there in person to make sure the unit is legit, what are some of the steps I can take / red flags to look out for to make sure I am not being scammed?
For example, there is a unit I have my eyes on that I found on Facebook marketplace. Rent seems quite low for the area, but the seller says it’s because “they are missionaries looking for someone to take care of their house while that are away”. The name on the Facebook ad doesn’t match the name on the WhatsApp account that I am talking to, which they say is cause the Facebook ad was made by the listing agent and now I’m talking with the owner. I’ve investigated the building and the photos line up with other units in the building (but with different furnishings and decor) so that seems to check out. But something seems a little off about it…
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2023.03.31 15:06 verser233 Facebook Marketplace használata

Facebook Marketplace használata
Ebben a cikkben megvizsgáljuk a Facebook Marketplace használata mennyire egyszerű, előnyeit, és azt, hogyan használhatod a legjobb ajánlatot a szükséges termékekre. A Facebook Marketplace 2016-os indulása óta egyre népszerűbb online vásárlási platformmá vált, így a felhasználók könnyen megtalálhatják a legkülönfélébb eladók termékeire vonatkozó nagyszerű ajánlatokat. A több mint 800 millió havi aktív felhasználóval és a világ minden tájáról származó termékekhez való hozzáféréssel a Facebook Marketplace soha nem látott kényelmet kínál az új vagy használt árut kereső vásárlók számára.

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2023.03.31 15:04 thatcoloradomom My own interaction with a CB.

My own interaction with a CB.
I was selling some of my daughter lightly used in excellent condition clothing that didn't fit her anymore. At the time I was living in another state away from my partner. No issues, he was under contract for work in another state and I moved to be closer to my mom/sisters and for better doctors for my disability. So money was tight and I figured I would sell them on Facebook Marketplace before I took them to a consignment shop. Never again. I took all clothing to consignment after this and donated what they didn't take. I think I had the whole lot of about 40 pieces of clothing listed for $30.
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2023.03.31 15:04 reduff Beauty and the Beast

I have a good chunk of the Disney animated movies on VHS in a box in my office closet. Saw a woman asking for Beauty and the Beast on Facebook marketplace. I told her I would sell her my copy for $5. Told her where I worked and that she could pick it up there (about 10-15 minutes from where she lived.) She gave me a very sad story about her financial woes and asked if I would simply give her the tape. I said, "Fine, come get it." She then asked if I would deliver it to her. Um...no.
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2023.03.31 14:33 Chibbs11 Best place/platform to sell?

I have a nice condition Honda Fury I’ve been waiting to sell as Spring approached, with not much luck on Facebook Marketplace.
Has anyone used any other online platform with success, now that Craigslist seems to be a way of the past?
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2023.03.31 14:32 philomathresearch What are the challenges to market research?

Today, there are many great resources available that can help you when it comes to conducting market research. For one, the internet is a wonderful place with millions of pages to comb over for valuable information about any given topic. For example, Google has an incredible search engine that not only lets you find content on your favorite search topics but will also provide links to other sites with even more specific answers. Additionally, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook enable you to reach out to so many people in a short period of time or simply message other people based on whatever criteria you feel like filtering. Lastly but certainly not least, YouTube is another amazing resource when it comes to finding video content discussing popular topics or specific websites and their capabilities.
Market research is no longer a job that only inspires insight, it has become the strategy base on which the marketer is able to support an organization’s entire business model. Market research & analysis have become a vital component of every company’s growth and development.
These are of course, early days, and many organizations are still finding their footing — but those that are aware of and combating these challenges are the leading the charge.
1. Agility is essential
We are living in a period of rapid change, where new products and services are appearing almost instantly. The business decision-influencing power of survey results and analysis is not dependent on waiting weeks or months. It is imperative that market research agencies can conduct surveys within hours so that business owners can target new opportunities as soon as possible, and results need to be available on demand. To deliver quick turnaround times, feedback platforms that are simple and flexible are needed from the initial idea all the way through to the end of the sales funnel at the speed that modern businesses require.
2. A crowded market requires you to stand out
Having a research provider is not as difficult as one might think. The main barriers of having any kind of business or organization is getting funding and understanding some logistics which are necessary in maintaining a set level of demand amongst the market. It’s important to understand how to find your niche and how to keep up with marketplace trends when it comes down to any type of business because at the end of the day, consultants are essentially in demand regardless of what industry they choose to work in.
Traditional agencies are currently threatened by a growing number of rivals, which means that they need to separate themselves in some new ways. Research agencies need to become “data chefs” who know how to combine different approaches in order to get the best result. The solution involves the implementation of new technology platforms that can easily be adapted as needed according to specific needs, as well as data mobile web and social media data that third party sources provide. This allows them to launch new services and solutions much more quickly without being slowed by legacy systems that might not be able to keep up. Locking this into place means they will have an edge over other research firms and an opportunity to prove their worthiness and expertise in people’s minds!
3. Automating and cutting costs
In many cases, departments across businesses are under pressure, as there is a demand to do more with less. This means that agencies and departments need to increase efficiency by focusing on high-value elements of their business such as research design and insight delivery at the expense of low-yielding manual and operational tasks where possible.
When it comes to managing your business’ finances, more often than not it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to manage the number of accounts and the data from them because there are so many different tools being used. Not only do you have to spend money on acquiring the best tools and hiring staff for maintenance and training but integration between each tool is a hassle as well.
Not only does it take up unnecessary time but reduces quality data as well.
We would recommend replacing all of your tools with a single comprehensive platform that is maintained externally from here on out. This option has the potential to dramatically reduce costs while ensuring access to the most modern technology. Research experts can focus on what they are good at – planning campaigns or delivering data and insight to businesses and customers, rather than having to divert attention to working with outdated technology that impedes their ability to work effectively.
4. The protection of consumer data
Consumers aren’t the only ones who are becoming more wary about their personal information. Businesses are too! These days, companies understand that if they don’t protect their client or customer’s personal data from hackers and thieves – then they may be facing a hefty legal fine to pay for all the damage their negligence might have caused. That’s why we should take extra precautions to social media about how our business does things in order to stay compliant and legitimate with our clients. We all know there’s always one person piping up whenever we’re asked, “how do you know where my credit card details go?” However, having a team of people who genuinely know what they’re doing is not enough to say “we don’t have anything to hide” because no matter how transparent we are there’s still going to be doubt swirling around in people’s minds until they can see your potential weaknesses clearly and completely explained!
5. Consciousness Of Data Is Entirely Consultative
We live in an information age. Most of the information we have available to us in our daily lives is not derived from books or other written documents, but rather data that is generated by either computers or smart mobile devices. Traditionally, such data was used primarily to try and solve large-scale problems like curing disease or putting humans on Mars. But with the rise of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the amount of data being produced has increased so dramatically that researchers are struggling to use it all effectively. The danger here is that many companies rely on inaccurate information because they aren’t able to process their large amounts of IOT and Social Media data effectively any time soon – which means making bad decisions for their company and potentially missing out on lucrative opportunities because of poor timing.
Market research is moving at an increasingly fast speed these days and it’s become necessary for the profession to get much closer to their audiences, who are either customers or employees in organizations. We all know how crucial market research can be when making business decisions, but only if it can overcome the challenges that hinder its efficiency, particularly when it comes down to improving speed of reporting along with a heightened ability to process massive amounts of information from multiple sources. However, if we’re going to do this successfully there needs to be a re-evaluation on technology’s role in safeguarding data against problems like system crashes and other security-related issues. This is the best way to make sure that these tools are up-to-par with today’s standards and will continue making strides forward in meeting future challenges too while also keeping us efficient enough as researchers.
We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the different challenges to market research. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your market research by being aware of the challenges and overcoming them. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step and contact us today by visiting www.philomathresearch.com .
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2023.03.31 14:29 yzuqmjvcvx 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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