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2015.07.31 03:45 xspacemonkey85x Random Acts of Vegan Food

A place where vegans can commit random acts of food.

2010.03.14 05:35 ricewine slice, dice and combine it with rice!

Welcome to our rice-centric subreddit, where rice is always nice! From sushi to pilaf, we've got it all covered. Share your favorite rice dishes, ask for cooking advice, or simply chat with fellow rice lovers. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice home cook, our community is the perfect place to rice up your life. (Generated by ChatGPT)

2023.03.31 09:15 clalach76 What do you think of this?

So I'm still stewing a bit about our vet visit 2 days ago...I told him she was English ..I didn't buy English budgies intentionally ( the health issues alone but in truth i didnt realise). When I realised there were 2 types and my 2 are 11 and 12 inches each I asked the breeder who seemed genuinely surprised I'd not known (and therefore appreciated the price) but see, they are not especially that floofy... So essentially they maybe a bit mix in there but they are still big old birds (.we had an Australian and he was wee in comparison).
So firstly he picks her up and rubs up and down the keel bone in her chest /belly...now he's a vet, I assume this has got to happen occasionally, but then he gets me and 2 other nurses to all rub her stomach. Just looks at me when I made a joke we not really helping her not be hormonal-which is why we are there.
And tells me she seriously over weight. At 51 g.. but while it all seems strange to me I agree to do whatever and he gives me a diet to get her down to 40g
Now I check at home and he must have basically ignored me telling him she's English and given me a diet for Australian which would get her down 5 g below the least she should ever be.
At 51 she's fine on a measurement of between 45- 62g..I think cos she's got a problem keeping her tail feathers and currently they are dramatically er ..crap in comparison to her brother so he's just ignored me and concluded its an obese Australian budgie..
You think if you pay for a proper Avian vet ( actually considered the best hospital in the larger area) you'd at least get listened too.
Now I'll do the final convert to pellets- I've been meaning to bite that bullet for maybe nearly 6 months.. but I feel totally put off from trusting this organisation. Would you lot phone up and tell them or just leave it? I don't think it'll do any good but ..I feel like , on benefits as I am, that I've been scammed and they don't seem to know what they should
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2023.03.31 09:14 fredsify Sauna makes my sleep and appetite side-effect non existent

I just love Saunas, Ive been doing them for a long time, even before starting medication four weeks ago (vyvanse) for exactly these reasons (mostly sleep).. but I have to say, there is no way Id be able to stomach the side effects without saunas. They make me hungry and sleepy so in the evening its a great way to get that lust for food and sleep back for me. Just a tip! Try it! I guarantee you wont regret it :)
I usually do 15-20 min in a 82c sauna at my local swimming facility. Its fantastic way to unwind from the day and most importantly having zest for food, and we all know how important, but difficult, it is to eat on these meds.
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2023.03.31 09:14 76SUP Respect Hunahpu and Xbalanque! (Popol Vuh)

Respect Hunahpu and Xbalanque!

Known together as the Maya Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque are the central characters of the narrative within the Popol Vuh document, the oldest Mayan myth that we have preserved in its entirety. They went on many adventures together, with their main goal being to avenge their father, who was slain by the lords of the underworld Xibalba, One Death and Seven Death.
For this respect thread, I'll be using the Allen J. Christenson translation of the Popol Vuh. Christenson made both a direct, literal translation of the original K'iche' text as well as one that attempts to be more traditionally readable. After reading both, I'll be using the readable version - trust me, it doesn't add anything in or change anything, it just condenses the text so that you don't need to read incredibly long sections of poetic broken English like this that only explain a few actions.



Strength and Speed


Noticing the Obvious


Slaying Evil


Seen Repeatedly



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2023.03.31 09:13 leandoerliving harm reduction question.

recently i’ve been getting extremely dizzy whenever i get up. this used to rarely happen to me but now it’s to the point where i nearly fall over because of how lightheaded i get. any tips on how to reduce/minimize this?
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2023.03.31 09:13 throwra_lizzzz do i sound like a shitty roommate?

Do I sound like a bad roommate?
All in all I buy mostly all of the cleaning supplies because its only 4-7$ so its fine. My parents also give me some stuff so its all good. We do split the paper towels and tissue and trash bags.
I bought hand soap thats lasted us all year LITERALLY. and didnt charge them. I also bought cute soap dispensers. which i will be taking when i leave.
I bought the shower mat and I also have my desk as a dining table and i bought chairs from my parents.
I also tend to dispute with the landlord about certain issues about the house. Its always me which Im fine with but yeah.
I usually clean and when I clean I deep clean lol…maybe every 2-3 weeks and take out trash regularly although I can be a pain when it comes to washing dishes but most ive ever left them was a week because I was sick and it was finals week and I also went home.
After I came back I washed them all and even washed my roommates
I usually leave my dishes 1-3 days. But yes sometimes its a week but i always wash and again its usually when im sick or finals or just busy.
whenever my roommate has people over she uses my dishes which I’m fine with because shes always offering me food and tea.
I bring people over but most of the time its just quiet. and weekends or fridays. I come home late around 8-9 and lock myself in my room or talk with roommate. Sometimes i do hw in the living area but again im usually in my room.
I’m an architecture student so there are times u have paper and glue EVERYWHERE. But then i clean it all up. Usually during finals week. takes me at least a week to gather myself.
Anyway The last roommate that left owed my current roommate $270.
I fought for her and she paid her back. she owed me some things too but in return i kept the stuff she left.
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2023.03.31 09:13 AnnoyedHaddock Just extended my ed visa and the ‘test’ is laughable.

The lady at immigration asked me if I can speak Thai, I said yes. She then asked me what I like to eat, I replied. That was the end of the test. My friend just did his third and final extension the other day and was asked if he can eat spicy food and to confirm two colours presented too him. I am actually actively learning as I plan to open a business but don’t want to do so without having a decent grasp of the language but I feel that even someone who hasn’t attended a single class could probably pass just from the few tidbits you pick up wandering around Thailand.
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2023.03.31 09:13 Weak-Distribution497 new here, need some help

hey guys
So I've had a binge eating disorder for a few years but it's taken me till my freshman year of college to understand that is, in fact, what I have. It's never been as it is right now. I'm home for spring break and my family is very dysfunctional and I guess that's the reason why I'm relapsing so strongly. I wish I understood the disorder better. But I hate who I see in the mirror, I hate thinking about food all the time, and eating so much I feel my mouth salivating, getting ready to vomit. Is anyone able to chat with me and help me out?
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2023.03.31 09:12 Few-Package8047 A life of experiences, need a safe space/support

Edit: Forgot to add, I'm using a dupe account for anonymity.
Alright, this is something I need to open up with. This is something about which I need like minded people to talk to and piece this all together. It’s ruining my sleep (I got three hours last night because I was so terrified of falling back asleep and waking up to something unpleasant), making me snap into fight or flight responses when I hear the damn crockpot say it’s done because something behind me spoke, and something that is making the stress and worry in my life infinitely worse.
I’m like 99.9% sure I’ve been abducted by aliens.
Now… This is something that I feel has been happening for a while and it’s always kinda been a running gag between me and my family/friends. “There goes *name and address withheld*, how were the aliens last night?” they’d say. “Oh, creepy, as usual, sound based paralysis, keeping me knocked out, the classic” I’d reply. And I’d be off on my next adventure! But it wasn’t a joke to me. I could delve more into previous experiences and I want to since I feel you all could help me. However, I want to jump to what I feel was the turning point in all this because as scary as waking up paralyzed and unable to scream was, sleep paralysis is a real disorder. I wrote a note asking the aliens to stop abducting me and the paralysis stopped for a while but that could easily have been psycho-symatic. I lived in a haunted house (a whole other story but don’t worry the ghosts were friendly) so of course I would be scared of the dark in some way and be worried about seeing faces outside the window or felt myself being watched. Heck, once or twice I kinda felt myself floating a bit waking up at night but that could easily have been me being woozy from having suddenly woken up at night. Things continued like that on and off from childhood to early adulthood.
Before recently, it was only sleep paralysis and maybe a weird dream or two followed by some odd thoughts or sensations like snapping awake and either feeling or having a voice in my head say “it’s okay it’s all over now” (which only started happening a few years after the first few paralysis episodes as a teen/young adult).
Fast forward, past childhood, teenage years, into adulthood having moved out and things began getting more intense (which does not necessarily mean malevolent as I’ll get into). I suddenly had multiple experiences where I “saw” something.
Now... “Saw” is a bit of a loaded term. In my entire life there's really only been a couple moments that I think I could qualify as having "SEEN" them which are the most recent moment, funnily enough.
As of the past year or so, I now have three categories of experiences. The most vivid are waking moments where I can tell I'm not in a dream, although I am sometimes not fully conscious, like having a snippet of something like half waking up from anesthesia and then passing out again (although never experiencing some horrible experimentation thing). These include moments like seeing I’m kinda dangling in the air and thinking “cool! This is happening!! (sudden change in feeling as I wake up more as if my dream state and waking state react differently) wait… Oh shit this is happening okay be calm hold up I’m gonna bump into that window no it’s gonna let me through and dematerialize” that sort of thing. Second is dreams that become more real, like one time I was dreaming normally and suddenly found myself choosing to run into the master bathroom, then it felt more real and I was crying to “please, just leave me alone” and feeling pure and utter shame and disgrace that I left my wife sleeping in the bed while I let my instinctual fear take hold of me before a sudden, short buzz snapped through my forehead and I was calm and walked out and there were two tanish (color not fully remembered) not too short Grey aliens, one leaning in the doorway and another sitting on the bed and then the dream was over. Finally there were just dreams like when I was practicing being a keeper in soccer and was doing well but then when a harder opponent came I got distracted by trying to do nice things instead of being a keeper (like getting the ball when the opponent said don’t because it’s their job to get the ball they kicked too far). That made the opponent feel disappointed in me and I felt bad I failed them but I somehow knew it was aliens training me or something and thus I had to work on my focus because they’re training me and training involves not being perfect. Obviously those dreams are the ones I least expect people to believe regardless of any information I give.
I’m sorry if I sound disjointed or rambling so far. I just have a lot of things about which I have never spoken about so I feel I have to mention this stuff.
But, let's get into the first time that I, in my waking state and no possible super realistic dream, saw something.
There’s been 3 of those where I believe I saw an alien. But the first was back in the middle of last year when my wife was abroad on vacation. I refused to sleep in the bedroom almost the entire time because I was terrified of them abducting me and not having my wife there as ... I dunno, another person to help, comfort me, etc? I think this was after that bathroom dream where I felt shame and another similar incident. But I digress. I slept on the couch with the tv on and facing the bedroom door, ready to pop up at any time and see them (I still fall asleep with a view on the entire room in case I wake up so I can see them). But still, I finally worked up the courage on the very last day before she came home to sleep in there because something told me in my head, or some feeling, that it was important that I slept in there at least once. I felt it was the beings telling me I had to overcome my fear and be able to go with them or that I knew it from somewhere else. So... I left some long ass video playing on my phone and passed out on top of the sheets in my clothes not even laying on the pillows. This was hours after I normally went to sleep because I was procrastinating- I mean getting the courage lololol.
I slept for a few hours, and... At the end of the dream I was having, it suddenly morphed into something of that second kind I mentioned. Say what you want, but the dream had a different feel to it then, more tangible and real but not quite as vivid and in a real location like the bathroom one. For some reason, the submerged school I was in with fish swimming in the halls had a certain presence. I was suddenly trying to influence the fish and water and everything but couldn’t get it. Then some large entity like maybe a whale or shadow of a manta ray was nearby and I said something like “oh, I am slowing down time but only for me because you’re slowing down time around me”. I forget the exact words and looking back they don’t make the most sense but the main idea was that whatever I was doing with time was being counteracted and it was a revelation that I wasn’t fucking up, I “got it”. Then, the “camera” the view of the dream shifted and I saw the “sport model” ufo ( Picture of the "sport model" ) fly from my position into the next room of the school and land on a pedestal near the back with the water all swirling around beneath it. For some reason, I knew this was the ship taking me home and I was getting a glimpse of the craft, allowed to know just a BIT more about what I experienced instead of having my memories wiped.
Okay, bit weird, but like, at that point I was all in the UFOs and UAP legislation rabbit hole. Of course I had a weird dream about it.
Except… When I woke up at dawn and looked out my bedroom door, I saw, half in the hallway bathroom doorway... A Grey. A typical, short, big headed, big eyed alien. Naked though, no jumpsuit, I don’t think, but I guess I could be wrong because it was sort of hazy. I snapped up onto my hands and knees, half leaning forward to get a better look and half trying to fully wake up. Before this I had actually said to my wife that I’m sure plenty of people would willingly go with aliens and let them do some medical tests and all that if they asked nicely so they could learn about us and we could learn about them. I honestly would if they just rang me up and asked so I could see a real life spaceship and help them know more about my species. So, I thought, with the dream I just had, were they finally just gonna come over and not be all spooky and say hello and we can be friends? I hopped up and said “Hi!” in some sort of breathy like thank god you’re here sort of tone which was a HUGE deal for me because I worked for YEARS to overcome my innate TERROR of even a basic DRAWING of a Grey alien and also switch my fight or flight response half because of how I felt during previous sleep paralysis or weird dream experiences. However, the alien was kind of frozen, it was t-posing like a glitched game character for lack of a better word, and it eventually disappeared into the muted blue nothing of the fading night, like it went from 50% opacity to 0. It didn’t feel like a dream then. I was awake and getting out of the bed and I’ve never hallucinated before when in the pre waking twilight. Heck, I never really saw anything when having sleep paralysis and that’s a symptom of sleep paralysis. And then I just sort of... Went about my day from then.
I just sort of knew at that moment for a fact that they were seeing how my waking self would respond to seeing one of them. I feel it may not have even been a real alien but just a projection or a dummy. The feeling of the real me, the dream state self, being totally cool with them but the waking self tied to the fleshy bone sack with animal instincts having that innate “WHOA WTF” feeling I have to deal with is something I’ve felt for a bit.
Still, there are two other waking moments where I saw a Grey alien but never a clear and obvious moment, always obscured in some way, but, so far, I feel that’s the point. I’m not supposed to see them flat out yet, you know? I’m not supposed to be one of those people who claim they got to walk around the ship yet. I’m getting closer as the very last encounter told me, but I’m supposed to wait and go on faith and live out my life without the full confirmation and with the element of uncertainty to fully experience the last few days of this era with all its ups and downs before they reveal themselves and everything changes.
And, I mean, no matter how scared I was or what may have been done to me or if they were teaching me like in that dream... If I was taken, I’ve always been put back and I’m never hurt. Some people claim to have huge cuts or something. But I’ve never had that. I’d lived in the woods for the majority of my life so maybe some of the bruises I thought were just from random branches smacking me while hiking were from them and I did recently have one weird abrasion on me, but I’ve never been really hurt. And if I was helpless and put snuggly back in my bed, they don’t wish me real harm because I couldn’t have stopped them. From what I can tell, all of this fits with the obvious fact that whatever those UAP the government finally admitted exist actually are, we’re not dead yet since nothing we have could counter a ship that can pull 5000gs. So… they’re at least not malevolent and maybe just ambivalent which I’ll take. Or at least some aren’t evil and I’ll take that too.
I have no idea if I’m just crazy like I said before or not. But, just typing all this out I realized with how the UAP legislation talks about so many sightings going into water and how I felt I was being taught and thus the dream was in an underwater school... I mean... I did always have this weird fascination with things being able to just dive into the water and rocket away under there into a whole new world where nothing else could touch them.
And add to that one time my I nodded off on the couch with my head on my wife, then I suddenly popped up, gasping, like I was some veteran with PTSD ready to attack the person waking me up (which I do enough that she jokes about it) to which she replied “boy, that meeting with aliens really fucked you up, huh?” Another reason on top of a few I feel she knows more than she’s telling me and is here to help me through this. To be frank, I wonder if she’s an alien or was abducted too and they let her in on what’s going on because she’s REALLY good at keeping a secret lol.
Holy jeebus I just postulated that my wife’s an alien wow. Maybe I am crazy.
All I can say is this is all exactly what I experienced. I mean, I live in a city (not a big one but still) with a military airbase. Like, how would an alien ship not get noticed? So, maybe my stress is finally getting to me. But it’s just one weird experience on top of another and another. There are other incidents like when I began being taken away from my bed where I saw what looked more like a floating Grey alien doll than a real one. And there was the most recent event where I woke up to my wife cradling me like she did during another waking event telling me it’s okay before I saw what I think was the most clear and true real alien a couple weeks ago. Again, all I know is this is what I experienced, real or not. I mean, I grew up in a haunted house so weird stuff isn't new to me at all. I used to play with the ghost there who I named Gigi when I was a kid. All I can really rely on is the basics. If I'm just crazy then as I get my head more in order this will stop, but if it's real, I'm still here with no ill effects beyond being scared witless sometimes so they at least don't want me hurt or dead when they very easily could do that.
And I mean, hey, if it is real, kinda cool aliens or whatever thought I was interesting enough to visit, right? And I never feel they mean me any ill will, if anything I kind of get the vibe it’s just necessary and unfortunate that I specifically have to go through thisexact thing but I know I’d rather deal with 10 minutes of pain for a year of pleasure than let myself live with a problem forever. If they’re training me and watching me and helping me, that’s kinda awesome and really gives me purpose in life. I just wish they’d be honest with me so I can know to fully devote myself. I’d feel bad if I didn’t succeed in the training or if I disappointed them. I’d love to be good enough for them and myself. But then again, I kinda feel I never got much praise as a kid so maybe that’s what’s contributing to these hallucinations. I wish I’d just know if I’ve finally lost it and I can go see a doctor, lol.
Before finishing typing this though, I did a bit more research and, apparently, according to other people who claim to have been abducted or to have seen Greys, them vanishing into thin air like the one I saw isn't that uncommon. So... There's that at least. Although it's very possible I've heard that before and simply forgot but it was still in my head somewhere and that made the alien I saw disappear in a waking dream. I still feel I saw something and I wasn't dreaming it though. Still that's the only time I saw one disappear like that and the other two I saw when waking, or the other two times I saw them when a dream started to become real, didn't do that either.
Oh well.
The US congress is holding public hearings in April on UFOs so… We'll see.
Anyways, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
Peace, friends. <3
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2023.03.31 09:12 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

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2023.03.31 09:10 AggravatingFroyo4529 Lost cat near 14th and van buren

Lost cat near 14th and van buren
Hey, I found a very friendly and vocal cat (kitten I think) near 14th and van buren. I think it is a lost pet. If this is your cat or you know anything about it please contact me. Thanks
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2023.03.31 09:10 Jane_Doughnut_ How long after opening can I use a white wine for cooking?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. My housemate just gave me a half-full bottle of white that she doesn't like. It's a screw top, been closed and in the fridge, she opened it maybe a week and a half ago. I know it'll taste crap now, but is it safe to use for cooking? I hate wasting food and especially wine! Thanks in advance everyone!
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2023.03.31 09:10 Owl-Team-17 I slapped my girlfriend after she tried to scare me

Okay I know the title sounds bad but it happened. I get spooked by loud noises really easily and my girlfriend knows this so sometimes she will drop something heavy on the floor near me to make me jump. I don’t mind her doing this because it’s all in good fun and she will stop if she does something I really don’t like. Tonight she had the idea to hide behind our bedroom door to scare me when I came home. When I got home and called out her name she didn’t respond so I thought she wasn’t home so I went to the bedroom to change my clothes. When I walked into the room she jumped out behind me and screamed loudly. I let out a yelp and swung my body around and slapped her right across the face. I did not recognize that it was her. I saw a figure and struck it out of fear.
She crumpled to the floor and started holding her face. I got her an ice pack and started apologizing profusely. This was not a light tap. This was full on palm strike to the side of her head and her cheek started to get red. I feel terrible. I have never hit her and never thought to resort to violence with her. Her father beat her as a kid and she still has some unresolved trauma from him so I have tried my best to be mindful of her feelings. She told me to stop apologizing and said she was fine but she didn’t talk to me a lot tonight and went to bed early. I feel terrible. I feel like I broke her trust.
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2023.03.31 09:09 Any-Indication1857 stronger anti depressant medication is working worse than my lower dose

i was recently prescribed bupropion and the first week i was given a low dose because my psychiatrist wanted to see how i reacted. I felt amazing and loved the feeling. She then prescribed a much higher dose and it’s not doing anything to me. I feel absolutely awful and feel as depressed as I was before. Why would a higher dose not work nearly as well?
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2023.03.31 09:09 dozzysCreek Recommendations for the big city.

Visiting New York soon and looking for some good spots to kick it. I’m gonna be staying in Manhattan near People with AIDS Blvd and Nimrod. Steer me right fellas
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2023.03.31 09:09 Jailleo Downsampling to compute differential abundance

Hi, I've been trying to apply differential abundance analysis in scRNAseq in my pipelines. I find myself in a situation that is hardly unusual: the experimental conditions are highly unbalanced. Thus, I can not be sure if the algorithms are truly identifying regions of DA, or just telling me what I already know: that it was a better option to design the study better for the biological question.
As I can not solve it on the bench (I work as computational biologist exclusively), I was wondering if downsampling the condition for which I have many more samples would be nearly correct from a statistical point of view.
Maybe someome has been in this situation and can lend me some advice
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2023.03.31 09:09 Chemical-Pop-8068 I'm realizing I have violent tendencies and I'm struggling with it.

I'm 25(M), but I'm having difficulties with my anger towards people I really don't like. And it's not like they say something I don't like, I'm not like that, it's sick people. Let me give some context.
I was driving home when I spotted a group of kids surrounding an animal. I didn't know what it was but I heard it crying so I got out of my car to see what it was. It was a small puppy and one kid was trying to put big rocks on his head. Let me preface by saying I'm not normally a violent person but I tend to exercise regularly to kinda prepare for confrontation. I immediately grabbed this kid by the back of his neck and tossed him into the dirt. I grabbed the puppy and the kid started shouting like I didn't something wrong. His parents I guess saw what happened and the father came up and socked me saying if I touch his son again he was gonna call the cops. I got angry and shoved him into the ground and told him his son was tryin to kill a puppy. He kinda scoffed and said it's just a stray puppy and it didn't belong to anyone.
Anyone who tortures anything for pleasure, whether it's a kid or an adult, needs to be put down like an animal. That level of sick pleasure needs to be dealt with immediate.
This is what I'm talking about. I have problem with stuff like that. I don't handle situations like that well, shit if I ever caught a pedophile near my little siblings I'd probably kill him. That's what I'm afraid of. I've got responsibilities and people who depend on me, I can't go around like the punisher killing these sick fucks. It's really starting to get to me. Am I just this violent person? It's making me wonder if I'm in some way sick or something. I mean, does everyone have these thoughts? About these people? Please any advice would be grateful cause I'm at a loss here.
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For instance, I'm an Athenian craftsman living in the city and me and my wife just went to the market to buy food for the week. We buy a couple of ounces of olives, some olive oil, a few cups of flour and a cut of pork. What do we or the vendor put this in so we can easily take it home?
I was wondering this since plastic or paper bags and containers are so ubiquitous these days.
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Any advice on what method might be the best and what tools can be used to achieve it? I am new to scraping and browser automation. I've been googling around and there seem to be a ton of tools, so I'm not sure which ones to focus on
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Could you please suggest me such locations nearby? I am okay with 30 min traveling time to 1 hour.
Thank you:)
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