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🍍✰🔑 aloha!🤪🫶🏻♡ 😌☀︎🫐 welcome to preppyRoblox! ☼🦄😝

2023.03.30 19:45 mochaxbubbles Mina Ashido headcanons (?)

Her phone. This was something I saw on TikTok, and couldn't help but to see it as true. She'd defo have a clear, glittery case, with the newest iPhone. Either the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 14. But, she'd have the clear case. Could you see that? LOL.
Clothing style. Crop tops, kinda preppy clothing, pleated skirts, and a lot of pink clothes, cause she's girly like that.
Music. She defo listens to sped up audios. No way around it. I could see her dancing at 2 AM pretending she's in an edit.
Referenced items/merchandise. She has merch hoodies from Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and maybe some others. She defo has a hidden burn book that's filled with Mineta AND Monoma slander. Trash talking them like there's no tomorrow...
Videogames. No denial, there's Animal Crossing, Roblox (to bully children and also because it's cool), Minecraft, FNaF UCN (cause she saw people struggle at beating it and wanted to give it a try), and maybe DDLC... ;)
Online language. No writing quirk, she already has a physical quirk. Instead of the laughing emoji, she says "LMAO 😭💀" because she HATES dry texts (it's one of her pet peeves). She uses homonyms A LOT (i.e. "your so cute" "their so cool") and starts an argument with someone if they correct her. Also, SOMETIMES tone tags.
That's all, sorry if i offended anyone, i love Mina <3
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"'Kay," she said, but remained motionless. I pulled the covers down, and curled next to me on the bed was my naked sister. She opened one eye accusingly. And then her eye swept my body. "You're naked."
"Probably not, but I think it's better this way."
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"Um, I dunno," I said. "Trust me it's not you."
I looked at her pretty face and she was not stirring at all.
I wanted her in front of me. Her hair would be up in its girlish bun while she would be innocently asking me about why the front of my pants looked so big. She would know exactly what it was though. Her mind would be in the same place as mine, but she would mask it completely with unaware curiosity. She would be willing to proceed to the next step, but she wouldn’t initiate it, part of her act. I would need to tell her it’s my cock and I wanted to show her, but for me to show her, she needed to show me something in return.
As we ate they talked and my thoughts were divided between planning the
“And why would you do that,” I inquire.
“I understand,” her daughter agreed demurely.
“You do know you weren't fooling anyone with your fake code talk right mom?” Rita asked.
Where is it. Stolen give us proof. I. Haven't found it. Any. Where. Else
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“I did.” He smiled; aggravatingly unconcerned as he began to scoop out the fruit.
She was puzzled but then saw the condom, “Oh crap I’m sorry.”
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At the sight of the metal item, Colleen gasped with her face as white as the ground outside. “Is this about that nail? The one I found in your car?” she murmured, thinking back to when she met Professor Nelson in the hospital.
"Well," Sara said, "we’re all friends here. None of us feel the way that "society" supposedly does. And Carter here thinks you’re pretty cute," she said, tracing her fingernails from Pete's knee up his thigh, then back down. Pete suddenly felt his heart speed up, feeling both horny and confused at the same time. It seemed like Sara was both hitting on him and insinuating something about him and Carter.
“What do you want to do for dinner before we go to the car show, I’m hungry” Becky asked.
She was on the sofa, her back on the armrest, one leg pulled up, bent at the knee while she daubed polish on her nails. The skirt had slid down, there was barely any cover at the top of her leg. Her fifteen-year-old thigh was smooth, firm, shapely. As I watched her, she lifted her eyes and locked them on me, graced me with a hint of a smile then returned her attention to her toes, making no effort to pull the skirt to a more modest location. Done with the one foot, she straightened the leg then brought the other foot up, the skirt shifted, revealing a glimpse of white lace panties. I could not deny the tremor in my loins as I stared. She again glanced up at me for several moments then began to paint her unpolished toes. She knew I was watching her closely; she knew she was exposed to her panties, but she did not change her position.
End of part 1. Please leave some feedback!
"Hang on what about Ryan and our relationship, you said i'd never get a shot at you?"
Duke did like it. He lapped at Claire’s face, tasting his own jism. Claire opened her lips wide and let him taste inside her mouth, then decided she wanted his fat, warm tongue tasting the inside of her cunt instead.
The preppy kids, who did debate club and student government, wearing their polo shirts.
During our first holiday together, Peter has hosted me in his beautiful home near the sea and after a few days has led me to make major purchases to help improve my feminine side.
Stacy looked up at Richard without responding. She dropped to her knees and tugged on the head of his penis through his boxers before pulling them down as well. Her tongue darted out of her mouth like a snake as she began to lick Richard’s head. It was rough and dry, unlike Nick’s moist pink head.
I looked at her with one eyebrow lowered. “Work with me, dammit!” She practically yelled at me.
Kelsy wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him down for another kiss. She kissed him with a new found of passion that only came when two lovers make love.
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“Wait what?” Jake thought to himself, “I thought this was Chloe’s idea.” He opted to let it slide for now.
“Put the tip of your post at the end of the line, and hold it vertical while I get it started.” Yvette squatted down holding the post low with both hands, and watched as Ric placed the driver over the top of the post. He adjusted it to be more vertical and told her to hold it there. Grabbing the handles of the post-driver, he cautiously got it started a few inches into the clay soil. “OK Yvette, you can let it go now” he said. As she stepped back, Yvette watched as he slammed the driver down again and again, as the metal post inched its way into the dry soil.
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“I don't's too risky.”
The three of us made our way down the campus mall, Lucy and God attracting the hungry eyes of every man, and the hate-filled eyes of every woman. I was still in the baggy sweatshirt and jeans I had on five “days” ago, and every leering eye avoided me in favor of the women at my sides. I felt strangely jealous that was I was being ignored, and I struggled to push the sinful thoughts from my mind.
It didn't take long, but I power up the computer and it starts up flawlessly. Thank God. I didn't want to screw that up. I hear my Mom call my name. I was hoping for some free time with Amy in her room alone. Might as well quit while I'm ahead.
Let me know if you liked this story as it’s the first story I’ve written and maybe I’ll continue this storyline;-)
It wasn't long before all the rest of the girls saw how well Glenn danced, and began cutting in asking for tips. He took it in stride, but always came back to me every couple of dances. He apologized, but I told him it was OK, I didn't own him and it was fine if he wanted to show the girls some of the new steps.
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“Nah, we just like kidding around with each other.” I diplomatically answered. “I don’t mind, really.”
“I’m not into other women jackass,” Nancy growls playfully.
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2023.03.03 03:10 Lydia_adopt_me Trading a very preppy roblox acc ! Includes game passes bbc cash etc....

I am looking for robux ( 2.5-3k)
1.8k with tax and adopt me pets
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2023.02.12 21:53 420cvnt420 Anyone recognize this guy? He steals accounts to go live and do fake giftcard giveaways with pre-scratched cards. Pathetic

Anyone recognize this guy? He steals accounts to go live and do fake giftcard giveaways with pre-scratched cards. Pathetic submitted by 420cvnt420 to whoisthisguy [link] [comments]

2023.02.12 20:39 420cvnt420 Anyone recognize this guy? He hacks profiles to go live and do fake Giftcard giveaways with pre-scratched cards. Pathetic

Anyone recognize this guy? He hacks profiles to go live and do fake Giftcard giveaways with pre-scratched cards. Pathetic submitted by 420cvnt420 to TiktokScammersBeggarz [link] [comments]

2023.01.30 15:06 Creative_Person9999 Introduction!

Hii! Introduction! Name:Sarah! But I prefer you call me Ava! Age:None of your freaking business. Gender:Female! Pronouns:She/Her! Sexuality:Straight! Style Aesthetic:Preppy/Y2k Zodiac Sign:Capricorn! Likes:Tulips, Colour Pastel Pink and All Aquatic Colors! Etc! Dislikes:Roses,Dark Colors,Messy Rooms,Etc! Fav Colour:Pastel Colors & Aquatic Colors! Religion:Christian! Not that religious tho! Fav Emojis:🤪💀🤡💕 Roblox Username:AD0RBSXH3ARTS! Ty for seeing this! Let me know what else you would like to know in chats! <3 ------------------‐---------------------------------------------------------------
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2023.01.23 01:20 Ok_Nose_6252 ⁉️ background info* man was arguing that chimera is worth more than r pot and my offer was horrible .. I mean why can't you just say nty instead of all this 😑😑, he deleted the chats 🥲

⁉️ background info* man was arguing that chimera is worth more than r pot and my offer was horrible .. I mean why can't you just say nty instead of all this 😑😑, he deleted the chats 🥲 submitted by Ok_Nose_6252 to AdoptMeRBX [link] [comments]

2023.01.22 18:22 DakotaSummer Trading the pets with the circles

Trading the pets with the circles submitted by DakotaSummer to AdoptMeTrading [link] [comments]

2023.01.17 04:46 Bright_Bend2778 I love Gacha and Roblox, so why not mix them up in the WORSE way possible (Slenders x Preppys) (NOT trying to break rule 9&7)

I love Gacha and Roblox, so why not mix them up in the WORSE way possible (Slenders x Preppys) (NOT trying to break rule 9&7) submitted by Bright_Bend2778 to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2023.01.10 05:21 Its0hs0qui3t I wish someone would approach me and ask me out

Ik this sounds like a narcissistic tangent but I need to get this off my chest
I’ve never been asked out in my life. I’ve had three boyfriends I asked all of them out. I’ve had three situationships I’ve initiated all of them. And everytime I’ve hung out with women and men romantically intrested I’m I’ve initiated.
I’m not ugly. I’ve had ppl approach me on the street to tel me im pretty and they like my outfit/makeup. I get complements when I walk around in baggy clothes and no makeup on.
Im aware of the men and women in my life that are attracted to me but none of them have asked me out. I’ve had women come up to me from my past and tell them that I was their gay awakening (this happened twice????) I meet a gay man who questioned his sexuality because he found me attractive and now he’s bi.
Whenever I get with someone and get in a situationships fwb or relationship everyone tells me and that person I am out of their league which I don’t think is very true and I don’t like being told that it makes me uncomfortable. One guy told his sister he was “talking” to me and she flat out said that I’m out of his league. I dated one of the objectively attractive guy at my school and I was still appently out of his league. Which I think is apart of the problem is ppl just put me on a pedestal. I thought he was out of my league but I still asked him out bc ik he wanted me but was to afraid
I dress what ppl call goblin core? , green brown black color pallet, strange long and short skirts, baggy pants, tight tops, short dresses, platform shoes, I have dyed white hair and I wear a lot of jewlery. Ppl have come up to me and say I look like a cute elf.
I go to an art school so no it’s not because I dress this way
My best friend is absolutely stunning, but she dresses completely different from me, more indie preppy. Patterned pants, Buffy jackets, plan colorful shirts. She’s more pastels and bright. She gets approached by alot of men on our campus asking her out, a man gave her a mystery Christmas present bc he wanted to ask her out. She’s been single for probably four months now and has had many ppl on our campus ask her out.
I’ll admit it I am jealous.
She came to the conclusion that I’m very intimidatingly attractive and she’s approachable attractive since we dress opposite. (I’m 5’1 I don’t think I am) everyone I meet my freshman year of college said they were scared of me bc I was intimating, dressed cool and I’m pretty. One of my friends thought I wanted to be friends with them as a joke because they put me on such a pedestal.
All my friends told me after having one conversation with me I wasn’t intimidating at all. I’m not mean, I just make stupid jokes, talk about art, history and random facts I learn from video essays (which is what makes ppl think I’m just a dumb little internet addict, which I am) one guy in my major wouldn’t even make eye contact with me (very shy not in a crush way) but we bonded over our love for random videos essays and fnaf and talked about a video I watched on the Roblox oof sound effect 💀
This is my biggest insecurity. I’ll come home from college and my friends all assume I’m getting a lot of action for some reason. I’ll talk about something like oh I was hooking up with my ex, he asked which one, I said the only ex I’ve had at college. And he was shocked?
I am very outgoing and my personality can be a bit much but it tames down depending who I’m talking to. With shy ppl I’m pretty calm and with outgoing ppl I’ve very energized.
Ik my “confidence” scares ppl but I just want to feel wanted. I’m not very confident it’s nice to get a complement from a stranger but most of it is pretty fake. I only act truley confident when I’m manic.
My bipolar disorder is under control but I found that ppl want me more while im manic because im more easily coerced. But I did initiate things but if I wasn’t manic I wouldn’t have done any of that.
From my experience my bipolar doesn’t scare ppl off men fetishize it and women are very understanding.
Ppl flirt with me but never ask to hangout.
I don’t even want anything serious I’m fine with open situationships. I don’t like relationships very much. By ask out I mean to hang out in that way? It’s hard to explain but the people who know, know lmao.
I want to feel wanted but not as a rebound. I’m a rebound girl and I’ve come to terms with that. But I think it’s kinda sad, I don’t think anyone can love me or see me in that way.
I want to be wanted but I don’t think I’ll ever really get that.
I did a tarot reading on my love life (yeah yeah ik most ppl don’t believe but sometimes it’s fun to believe in something and they are weirdly accurate so I believe it ) it was pretty accurate, rundown but it said long term it said reckless and risk taking which is in character unfortunately when I’m manic and with the way my love life is it’s pretty accurate which I hate because I hate feeling out of control.
Ik ppl think tarot is dumb but like I said I do believe it in a way.
I think there’s something I want but ik I can’t have it bc of how it ended and I need to get over it. I just need mind of peace with it but I’ll never get it.
Anyways that was a big side track
Ik I sound narcissistic but this is how I feel. Idk if I’m just so intimidating ppl will not approach me or I’m just being gaslit by everyone that I’m attractive which I’m starting to believe. I’ve hear attractive women don’t get asked on they just get hit on but idk if that true
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2023.01.06 23:41 xXsunnycloudzXx Proof of Robux (recent ver)

Proof of Robux (recent ver) submitted by xXsunnycloudzXx to u/xXsunnycloudzXx [link] [comments]

2022.12.29 20:40 qenericqq Funky little storyline in which I need an opinion on lol

So I'm in a server with my bat dragon, and some guy comes up asking to offer for it
And I'm like.. "sorry, my bat dragon is NFT"
So he then said "well even just tell me if my offer is good or not" so I said sure
So he offered a ride fly newborn owl and he said "I'm over"
So I said "I dont know if owls are particularly fair for bat dragons, but I think you're under! If I were to be trading my bat dragon, I would think this is a nice trade! But I dont like a lot of the more preppier pets as theyre so overvalued and Im sick of them lol."
So he said "um excuse me owls arent preppy and my offer is over."
So I said "I dont think your offer is over!! Sorry :( and I just mean like, with owls and cows being the preppiest pets last time I checked. I could be very wrong as I last checked about 3 months ago, but I still dont like them as of how preppy they are or used to be!! Sorry"
So he said "Owls or cows are not preppy what the hell are you on??? CROWS are preppy."
And then this other guy comes up to us and said "dumb idiot. Owls are not preppy."
So I, a woman with severe anxiety growing uncomfortable with the 2 on 1, said "I'm sorry if they are not preppy, I personally just dont like them either way! And im still not trading my bat dragon. I hope you get a bat dragon someday though and good luck :)"
So then the first guy said "cows are not worth crows by the way" and the second one said "bruh"
So I said "cows are not worth crows! I believe theyre worth turtles from what Ive seen on some subreddits"
So the first guy said "you just said they were."
So I said "I dont think I did :'D"
He said "yes you did. Scroll in chat" (to which nothing was found)
So at this point I'm like trying to keep my composure 💀 lol
So I said "either way, my bat dragon is strictly not for trade. He is my favorite pet. I draw him often and I think of him as my literal child and he is not gonna be traded away for a pet I dont like for a guy whos harassing me."
So the first guy said "loser, i tried to overpay and you declined. Like, you say youve been playing for a while (he means my bio i think lol) but your values suck. This is your last chance for the owl."
The second guy said "beach" which I honestly cannot tell if he tried to curse at me or not but knowing roblox kids, probably.
And then some super nice girl came in saying that owls are still the preppiest pet other than cows and they were both sick in the head and shouldn't be picking on girls and stuff which I think was extremely nice of her because all she did was read the chat before she passed by and stood up for me lol
The second guy left the game I think. Either that or he teleported, but either way he disappeared. So I'm like
"Okay well firstly, ty miss"
"And secondly, I just dont like owls. Im sorry. My bat dragon is still not for trade. Stop talking to be if youre just going to get upset i didnt like my answer"
So he takes out a frost dragon and like runs into my character with it and says ":)"
So I'm thinking he's trying to flex. But like.. I HAVE ONE TOO LOL
So I take my frost out and then say "🤔"
And he's like "lol stop copying me youre poor anyways."
Then he's like "I bet you only have one neon leg at best. Your values suck so people clearly decline your offers more because unlike you they know values."
So I just take out and continously swapped all of my 15 neon legs, and he just stood still and then left the game/teleported away LMFAO
Are owls truly worth a bat dragon? And are they preppy? Because wow. lol
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2022.12.28 09:15 CrystalOfFate Prize given

Prize given submitted by CrystalOfFate to u/CrystalOfFate [link] [comments]

2022.12.27 21:55 ShadowpkayCOD Looking for a builder/decorator that can do it right now since my other builder has not shown up yet.

Looking for a buildedecorator that can do it right now since my other builder has not shown up yet.
Hello I am trying to find someone who is available today to do some (emo and preppy mansion) with or without a tutorial. I also have large plot and premium so I can pay u 30k if I don’t have enough I will work as u build. I am doing this for my gf as a late Christmas present I really want this to be the perfect bloxburg home for us. Also please put your Roblox name in the comments please and thank you.
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2022.12.27 01:11 ShadowpkayCOD I really need an advanced builder/ decorater to build me a mansion

I really need an advanced builde decorater to build me a mansion
Hello I am looking for someone who is willing to take the job of building a mansion (emo and preppy with a pretty back yard) I really want this mansion to be very special to my gf as a late Christmas present :D. I do not have premium yet so I can only pay 10 k a day if that is fine with you. This is also my first time doing Reddit so I have high hopes. Also please put your Roblox username when you reply. You can use these tutorials they are very difficult for me. Thank you.
submitted by ShadowpkayCOD to Bloxburg_Builders [link] [comments]

2022.12.26 04:07 SheluvsRy_ Ive started my first preppy group on roblox

Username is sad_vibes802 (dont ask made this acc when i was like 7 im tryina change)
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2022.12.23 13:50 Cutiemeow2242 POV: After you (Da hood looking like roblox avatar) successfully killed Pearlyn (preppy roblox avatar), I (Emo roblox avatar) was shocked. Wwyd

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2022.11.28 05:35 Ronan7258 I have no hope in society

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2022.11.20 20:14 sxcredBRUH WFL?? VOTE ON POLL PLEASE

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2022.11.17 03:38 yachtya looking for a MAIN MAIN

is anyone looking for a main main? well i am! here are the requirements to be MY main main! ON ROBLOX
not dry
ZoeTheNoobs style(y2k, cnp, grunge, emo) (NOT PREPPY)
makes roblox edits on yt
wont use me
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2022.11.09 02:40 PersonalEffort1356 All of my Gacha Charaters

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2022.11.07 19:07 sxcredBRUH WFL PLEASE

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