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2023.03.30 15:46 NylesRX Difficulty changes poll

Since this is a pretty volatile issue, I thought it would be a good idea to have some more information on it. I made a poll in which you can voice your opinion and specify how you engage in the game. The point of this poll is to provide a starting point for future discussions.
That way we'll be able to narrow down the issues more step by step, instead of making countless complaint posts. Hopefully it will provide a clear image for everyone. All changes are afterall meant to help the game in the long run.
I'm sure Bungie has a way of gathering this data but I also think it's good for the community to be able to clearly communicate with itself. So, cast your votes for everyone to see. Let me know if you have any ideas for improving if I missed anything. Share this poll beyond reddit if you can, we'd want to avoid as much bias as possible.
M&K stands for mouse and keyboard, if that needs clarification.
Veteran players, you know who you are.
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2023.03.30 15:46 RedditIsForSports Dear Diary, I'm 6 months into my credit card journey and while I made some good choices, I made more bad choices (long post)

About me: 30-something CPA living on Long Island with a low-800 credit score. I'm a home owner, a 5% equity partner in a CPA firm, a 5% partner in the building the CPA firm operates in (3 other offices being rented to outside businesses) and the only financially literate person in my family and it took a while for me to truly understand personal finance. Also, while I like the cash back, I got into credit cards as a game for my math brain and also for aspirational travel. Here's my history.
About 11 years ago, I had used a single Capital One card but due a dispute with them, I closed my account and opened a Bank of America Card where I paid absolutely no attention the any rewards perks.
About 9 years ago, I got a Freedom Flex. I don't remember why.
About 4 years ago, I realized that instead of earning 1% cash back, I could earn 1.5% cash back on the Freedom Unlimited. Why not get .5% more on all my spend since I charge everything that can be charged without an additional fee? Sweet!
A little over two years ago, my firm decided to take a trip to Disneyland (thanks PPP!). Since we had to book two separate groupings for flights, I was offered the chance to get a free Jet Blue CC just to get the rewards, which I did. I only use that card when I book Jet Blue flights (not often) and I'm saving those miles for a future event when one arises.
That brings us to 6 months ago. Now a partner in a business, a building and accustomed to owning a house, I decide to try to track my spending to really see exactly my spending and savings (I'm a CPA so I had a ballpark idea but I wanted to know exactly). This brings me to thinking about my credit cards.
I decide I don't want to pay any annual fees and I want to maximize my percentage return on spend (excluding what you could redeem points for when traveling). It's a balance between wanting higher rewards but preferring points and all the while, avoiding any annual fees. If possible, not carry a million cards too.
First card is the Citi Custom Cash. I use it as a gas card because I never spend more than $500 on gas so I don't have to think about it. Custom Cash = Gas is easy to remember. Plus, my firm reimburses me for gas so it's easy to submit that statement for reimbursement each month. Good Idea
Second, I realize I spend a lot on Amazon. After all, if it's not food or clothing, I buy it on Amazon. I even buy my household cleaning products there. However, I sign up for the Synchrony version and it's like using a website from 1999. Whatever it's 5% so win, right?
No! I quality for Bank of America Preferred Rewards Platinum Honors, which would give me 5.5% on online purchases up to the limit (which I don't exceed). Amazon is a idea but it works out later as you'll see later
That leaves me with a hole at groceries and streaming services. I cut out cable so all my streaming (including Spotify), total $135.79/month. Not a lot but considering I cut out cable to save money, better rewards would mean even more savings from this choice. Accordingly, I sign up for Savor One. At that time, I had planned to get the Venture X eventually so if I put streaming/grocery/restaurant on the SO with the VX being my catch-all, I'm good. Good idea but doesn't work out
Last month, I get the opportunity to open my own Chase Ink Unlimited business card so I do and meet the spend in 1 month. Now I have over 100,000 UR points from that. Plus last month I used my Flex on groceries so I'm racking up Chase UR points.
Now my set up looks like this:
So ultimately:
I'm sitting at 4/24 with all my categories covered. If a nice SUB bonus arises or a new card comes out that enhances my situation, I have the space for it. Otherwise, I'll just continue with this route until something arises.
Considering I do have Bank of American Platinum Honors, I am considering a card that I product change into a second Customized Cash Card. I am also considering a card that I can product chance into a second Citi Customized Cash Card but considering it's a $500 spend cap, it's much less likely.
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2023.03.30 15:45 EstablishmentNew7113 I Climbed to Infinite with a Good Doggo. Here’s What I Learned

I Climbed to Infinite with a Good Doggo. Here’s What I Learned
Welcome to Part 3 of the “Here’s What I Learned” Series. Usually for these posts I go into depth on my gameplan, deckbuilding strategy, and general tips for using this deck, but given we’ve all seen some sort of flavor of Lockjaw before I figured I might just go over why I chose the cards I did in this deck rather than some other, better alternatives. If you are interested in learning more about my general though process when it comes to this, I’ve posted about it in the past if you wanna check it out (sorry for the shameless plug).
Anyway, the main differentiator of this deck is the inclusion of Storm, which mainly serves to help prevent Shuri from getting a super powerful lane. Where most decks would have someone like Nightcrawler, who is very versatile and when pops out of a Lockjaw you can move out of the way to make space, I used M’Baku, mostly because I wanted to and he’s a really fun card that in general makes me really happy when I see him goofily pop out.
As for 6-costs, a big omission is America Chavez. I originally tried using her, and even though she’s important for drawing your pieces like Lockjaw and Jubilee early, I found that the difference wasn’t that noticeable, and the fact that I would never play her on turn 6 more than offset the slight increase in consistency for me. Plus, most of my climbing success came from big surprise wins, and that didn’t happen as often with her. So I subbed her out and saw a pretty substantial increase in cubes. In general, the rest of my deck was relatively standard Lockjaw stuff.
Overall this was a fun deck to use this season. The last months have been personally pretty rough for me, so it felt nice to redownload this game and find success with a deck that really embraced the randomness of the game and have the potential for really high highs. It was exhausting at times though given it’s vastly less consistent than the other decks of climbed with in the past, but it was good t switch things up a bit and I’ll be working on some new homegrown decks over the next week or so to get ready for next season. I guess the main takeaway from me this season is “Too much of a good thing can be bad.” I’ll be around in the comments if you have any questions, suggestions, or just wanna chat. I’d especially love to talk more about what I would change if I wanted to use this deck competitively. Happy Snapping!
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2023.03.30 15:45 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Charlie Morgan - EasyGrow Contact to my Telegram Username--->PcAssets

As it says DM for this courses:

I have the new Charlie Morgan Easy grow course
If you are interested in any of those, write me, it doesn't matter if you don't have anything to trade, just write me
THIS IS MY TELEGRAM USERNAME THERE: t. me/Pcassets (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name Pcassets).
Do not send a dm to this reddit user please.
Over there, I'll share more than +600 comments with positive reviews from telegram users who have gotten assets from me in the past. And when I mean users I mean people you can ACTUALLY verify and message directly and ask... no fake reviews, from random youtube videos or reviews that are impossible to verify if they're actually real people, bots or multi accounts. I'll also send you proof that I have what you're looking for in a way that NO ONE else on reddit will be able to send you.
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2023.03.30 15:44 AcademyRuins [MOM] Bloodfeather Phoenix (translated)

Bloodfeather Phoenix {1}{R}
Creature — Phoenix
Bloodfeather Phoenix can’t block.
Whenever an instant or sorcery you control deals damage to an opponent or battle card, you may pay {R}. If you do, return Bloodfeather Phoenix from your graveyard to the battlefield. It gains haste until end of turn.
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2023.03.30 15:44 kygotfanss i am in shambles

firstly would like to say that i love this community and similar ones like it. i work for the I R S and im pre-t. I am openly out bcus I dont "pass" but even if so, i would still inform them { just bcus my gender identity is much harder to explain (im transmasc non-binary for those who didnt see my initial "hi, my name is" post) so most of the time i just say im ftm and hope to the heavens they use my correct pronouns ( which i also explain to them) bcus it is honestly just harder to explain these things to most older ppl }. but anyways this community helps me keep up with a lot of things. so my manager clearly doesnt care that most of our older team members dont use my correct pronouns. she said " you have to understand not everyone is going to have your beliefs". and she was also taking up for my co workers by saying its new to our section. which is understandable but if i thoroughly explain myself and answer all questions that is asked by them then i think they should have a pretty good understanding. or at least an idea. and fuck her bcus me being trans isnt a "belief". its big chunk of who i am especially bcus i'll be starting my transition soon.
with that being said, people are starting to talk and look at me extra hard. (ppl know im trans w/o having to actually talk to me bcus i wear pins that have my pronouns or trans colors on them to work and occasionally out in every day life) especially with the school shooting thing going on. thts what people are mostly talking about. i keep reading in some threads ab it that people are looking more at the shooter being trans than him possibly being mentally ill and the casualties. but i personally havent seen anything about it nor am i looking for it (makes me physically feel sick.) this morning i was on my spam page on instagram and finally saw my first post on this matter. this whole thing has been a slap in the face. it said "tucker carlson says trans people are the 'natural enemy' of christianity as he reacts to nashville school shooting". on the screenshot in the bottom right corner is a trans flag w guns on them and it say "guns (for some). i feel so defeated. it feels like we've lost. the media has so much influence on people around the world. how much longer til we see more of trans men being robbed, killed, assaulted etc etc ? i personally havent seen as much transmen/masc assaults as much as our trans sisters over the past years ( im sure they happen ofc but you dont really hear about it. well at least i havent). i hope everyone stays safe during these times. im honestly scared for the future and would like to know your feelings on everything going on. how's everyone's mental health?

edit : sorry the post was kinda rushed. and my brain is literally everywhere rn. so if there is some errors or things i said that aren't understood, feel free to comment that also.
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2023.03.30 15:44 AuthorDDLewis Prayer based on Revelation 20:11-15

Prayer based on Revelation 20:11-15
Jesus will return seated on a great white throne. Heaven and earth will pass away, and the dead, great and small, will be raised and stand before the throne and receive there just due. The millennium is over, and the eternal state will begin.
Farther, We praise You for this terrible and glorious DAY. On that DAY, You will righteously judge all sin and defeat death forevermore.
John sees the great white throne descending from heaven. The earth and heavens disappear in the presence of the one sitting on the throne. Death, Hades, and the sea must give up their dead, for all who died apart from Christ must stand before the great white throne and receive all they are due. The books are open, including the Book of Life. God will righteously judge each one according to what they have done. Anyone whose name was not in the Book of Life will be thrown into the lake of fire along with Death and Hades. The lake of fire is the second death awaiting all who will not live for God.
Let us read and meditate on Hebrews 4:12-13 and 1 Corinthians 3:9-17
Father, may we not refuse You and perish but turn to You and live. Cause us to walk in Your ways so we may dwell in Your presence now and forever, free and secure from the second death. Amen.
Questions for reflection and meditation: 1. Does the thought of receiving all you are due cause you to tremble? Why or why not? 2. What is the second death, and who will not be harmed by the second death?
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2023.03.30 15:43 Foreign_Plantain_687 Pure hate

Man, I’ve been rereading tomo game and I’ve finally caught up to the current arc and everything and it’s ridiculous - I truly hate shiho so much. This person is the absolutely worst character to follow in this manga.
She is so naive/stupid, plays the victim all the time after hitting or punching someone like she’s weird to me I’m sorry. You can’t kick someone in the head and be sad they lost/died or been knocked out (yuichi in friend hunt game)
You can’t know you’re seen as a traitor, and know you’re in the middle of reasons as to why two of your friends fathers died and then act high and mighty when you see those two friends and talk down on them (poker game) and then apologize like it’s okay
I have more reasons but I’m tryna keep myself from going full rant mode
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2023.03.30 15:43 throwawayaltalttt Another day, another "does Hunter pass" post

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2023.03.30 15:43 texchange07 Overview of the Textile Design Process for Textile Companies in India

Even though everyone appreciates wearing printed and designer apparel, your favorite outfits likely took a lot of time and effort to create. Quite a bit of work is done behind your back for your favorite clothes. As one of the leading textile companies in India, we take pride in providing customers with apparel that is crafted with great attention to detail and the highest level of quality. So let’s learn about the process.
Textile design is the process of developing patterns and designs for textiles and other materials. Hence, this process takes place behind your back, but it is not as straightforward as it may seem because numerous steps must be taken. But first, let’s examine whether you have the proper piece of fiber for your manufacturing procedure. The best marketplace for you is TEXchange. It’s a place where you can locate the ideal supplier for your textile requirements and can buy fabric online in India.

What is the design process for Textile companies in India?

Inspiration and research
Research and inspiration collecting are steps in the process of designing textiles. Textile companies in India designers must be aware of the most recent design fads, color palettes, and fashion trends. They might look to culture, nature, or art for inspiration. To determine the demands and preferences of the consumer, the designer may also perform market research.
The online fabric store India designer begins sketching out designs on paper after gathering inspiration and research. Sketching is a crucial step in the textile design process since it enables the designer to see the design in their mind’s eye and spot any potential errors.
Development of Design
After finishing the sketches, the designer advances to the design development phase. Here, the designer chooses hues, materials, and patterns to produce a unified look. This stage may involve experimenting with different fabric types and printing techniques to achieve the desired outcome.
When the design is created and accepted by the whole team the final step begins. The design is sent to the manufacturer to produce the accepted design. When the product is produced it is then supplied to an online fabric store in India.
The method of developing a new textile design is challenging and involves multiple steps. To create a unique design, textile designers utilize a wide range of methods and technologies. Textile design is continuously changing as a result of technical developments, and if cotton fabric stores online want to stay competitive in the market, they must keep up with the most recent trends and methods.
Read more blogs
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2023.03.30 15:43 VladGoose A shiny new knife. You can see your reflection in the blade.

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2023.03.30 15:42 unisonnn [OFFER] 𝕀ℕ𝕊𝕋𝔸ℕ𝕋 ℙ𝔸𝕐𝕆𝕌𝕋𝕊: Earn $𝟔! $5 from 𝙍𝘼𝙄𝙎𝙀 and $1 from me! [Deposit Required] [US Only] [Over 300 𝙲𝙾𝙽𝙵𝙸𝚁𝙼𝙴𝙳 transactions!]

By $bidding you agree to my terms.

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To get your bonus:

Please $bid if interested.

Please click on my profiles to see I pay daily, and have good ratings.
Active SLRep Profile Most Recently Archived SLRep Profile Older Archived SLRep Profile Credo360 Profile
My Newsletter All of My Current Offers
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2023.03.30 15:42 Lightliquid Low-stakes Sandbox style of gameplay (close to West Marches style). Looking for a low-mid crunch Fantasy game suggestion.

I am looking to create a sandbox style campaign where it is low-stakes. I have some ideas for this which I have highlighted below. I have done a little bit of research on this as well, but haven't had time to play them all yet, so I am looking for suggestions and advice. What I am looking to do is close to West Marches gameplay, but not specifically defined as that. Please see my notes below.
Looking for a low-mid crunch Fantasy game suggestion.
The Idea
RPG systems I have looked at
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2023.03.30 15:42 Ornery_Dependent5815 [ipad][2013-2016]defense game that you can merge your animals or beasts and it had a card game mode

The play style is that there was two towers yours and the enemies tower. you would earn points to spawn your troops and destroy the enemies tower
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2023.03.30 15:42 Redirect2001 Does Activision support actually ever help

Does Activision support actually ever help
I bought the battle pass under a 30% off offer back in season 9. Transaction went through, email confirmation received but in game still didn't show it as bought. I raised a complaint and was told to refresh the game, reboot phone and if issue persists, wait 24 hours. Two days later I raised the issue again, they said they'll look into it and then never replied. I stopped playing for a few months due to exams and now I opened the game and demanded answers why I didn't receive my battle pass or refund.
I get this reply saying I'll receive a compensation. Guess what? I didn't receive any What do I do next? The same charade of restart game, reboot phone, wait 24 hours?
At this point I feel like Activision support is trolling me.
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2023.03.30 15:42 BleetingGoatman Don't send your kids to school with armor panels in their backpacks

You should simply not send children to any location where the potential of them being assaulted is high enough that you consider passive measures like armor. Only competent adults who can weigh and accept the risk themselves should go to such locations.

The armor panels will do very little to protect them. The panels are for trained adults going to dangerous situations to give them a chance to either fight back or flee if they make a mistake or get ambushed. Confined in a small room or open hall, with no cover, and no chance to fight back is not one of the situations armor panels help much with.
It's terrible for their mental health. How would you feel if you were small and entirely dependent on adults, but they are telling you, you have to go to the place where you might get horribly injured or killed. But hey here's a heavy panel to put in your backpack. Would you be happy and ready to learn and socialize in such environment or would you be on your toes the entire time?
First check yourself, determine if this is a realistic threat or were you just scared by the media. It happens to all of us.
Then check the environment where you child is going to. If it's a place that makes a lot of enemies like many public schools, see if they have mechanism to keep your kids safe. Or if they will use the same treatment that created those enemies in the first place on your kids too.
If you determine the situation is not safe after checking those two, find an alternative that's not ppe with very dubious effectiveness. Same way if the school had a bully problem, you wouldn't just strap a bike helmet on your kid and send them back in.
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2023.03.30 15:42 Greasol A few suggestions on how to make the Ranked better (and the game overall)

Doubt this will get read by anyone at IW/Treyarch/SHG/Activision but it's worth a shot.
  1. Allow players to only match +/-3 of their rank. So a Silver III can only player Bronze III to Gold III. Depending on the distribution of players in each Division, may need to be adjusted to +/-2. u/TreyarchCM please share distribution of players in each rank at end of each Season. Or, allow it to be based a total MMR of a party, with boosts/deductions based on the opponents. Give us our HPR value so we see how it changes overtime & from title to title.
  2. Solo/Duo Queue and a Full Party Queue. During long matchmaking times (low server population), these can play each other. However, some notification/UI change to show solo/duo players are playing against a Full Party. Solo players receive 2x SR. Duo players recieve 1.5X SR. Full Party will be at a 0.50x if against solo players, and 0.75x SR against 2x Duos. Solo/Duo players can disable this option for matchmaking (Discuss?). Matchmaking also needs to be determined based upon role.
  3. Just give us a new Treyarch game already. Better maps, movement, mechanics, dead silence as a perk, red dots, visibility, skins, challenges, "classic COD Feel", less bugs/crashing, pick 10, and so much more.
  4. Re-iterating point #3 because that is how important this is.
  5. Release a COD every 2 years. However a new map NEEDS to be added every month. With up to 6 maps released on the "1 Year Anniversary" This will allow the CDL to test more maps & change throughout the season. Keep your $20 skins if you do this though. Maybe even lower to $15 and sell more? Ask your Accounting nerds to do the math. The 1 Year Cycle just isn't worth it anymore and we're seeing it collapse just over the state of release over the last 5 titles. Also would need new weapons as well. Also helps the pubs players with content. Perhaps 1 new map, 1 remaster, 1 from previous game. Or just keep fan favorites in the game every release (Like Raid & Terminal) but adjust what maps are in pubs queue. Or 1 developer each can make their own map and it be put on a rotation. Not sure, you have people to figure this out. Lots of pros/cons with this one that it could be a post on its own.
  6. History of ranked progress from previous games and seasons. I want to see if I have improved over the years or have gotten worse. You'll have to keep a similar ranking system moving forward, so no 4 Divisions like Cold War had.
  7. Detailed Stats separate from Pubs/DMZ/Warzone stats. These stats are viewable by anyone.
  8. Theatre mode & sharing of games. Important for pubs too. Watch your gameplay to learn from your mistakes, watch other players, and record possible cheaters. Needs to be a good theater mode though and works properly (how did BO1, MW3, and BO2 all have a better theater mode than Cold War? We've had 10 years to IMPROVE on this?). The bug in Cold War where you couldn't even spectate 75% of the players was annoying and the fact that it included your own POV as even more annoying at times.
  9. Listen to the community and provide communication besides some awful Trello board. The fact I see Treyarch responses here & on Twitter more often than IW regarding MW2022 is shameful. It's honestly just disrespectful to long time fans when we have some major competitors in the FPS/Shooter industry doing some fantastic things to move the genre forward- such as Fortnite Creative 2.0, CS2, and so many more. But Activision is over here removing playlists, modes, content, and more.
  10. Paid skins be transferred over to the next release. So any skins on MW2022 would work on COD2024, but not COD2026.
  11. Allow teammates to see what equipment their team has in ranked in the first 10 seconds (or match countdown). I'm sick of solo queueing and seeing that all 4 of my teammates are running Dead Silence, despite 2 of them being ARs. Or seeing 4 subs on a map like El Asilo. I know you can see their character model with the weapons but still.
  12. There are so many more suggestions but I haven't seen most of these posted before (besides the 2 year release, better communication, and the stats page).

I personally have refused to give Activision any additional money besides the original $60-70 for the release. However following even some of the suggestions listed above, in particular the 2 year release & skins being carried over may interest me in buying them. Right now, it's really only for WZ2 & DMZ. Because in 7 months anyhow, your skins won't be available for the next title. And how often do people actually see your skin compared to a 6v6 match?
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2023.03.30 15:40 ThinHair_ThrowAway Guidance needed on dyeing new, thin hair. Will "peach fuzz" dye?

Top of the morning male hair advice aficionados. I'm a 39 year old man who's been balding since 19 years old (and have always had a five head but that's a bit less relevant.) Over the last few years I've been on a journey of taking better care of myself mentally and physically. During that time, I've been using minoxidil and after years I'm seeing real results. My hair actually connects all the way across the top for the first time in a decade.
My question to you all, can I dye this "peach fuzz" (peach fuzz may be the wrong word as the hair grows to the same length as the rest of my hair)? I have salt and pepper hair and it would look much fuller if these fine, light colored hairs were darkened. Will dye help or will I just end up staining my head and not the hair?
I've put a lot of googling into this topic and still don't have a clear answer. Anyone with advice or experience, I'd very much appreciate your feedback or guidance.
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2023.03.30 15:40 AutoModerator [Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint

[Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint
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2023.03.30 15:40 kanani_nirav AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Free Practice Exams

Utilize these free practice questions to assess your understanding. Test your knowledge with these free practice questions which will help you before the exam. Simply go through the below tests. you can see sample questions with the correct answers.
Website: Practice Exams Short Notes
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2023.03.30 15:40 a_girl_has_no_name21 Rx Coverage

Hey I’m not sure if anyone else was having this experience but up until now my insurance wouldn’t cover brand name adderall at all. However due to the consistent shortages of the generic, they’ve informed me they are approving brand Adderall now. 30 days for $38. Ask your pharmacist if they can look at what your insurance covers again (if they are out of the generic) in case it’s changed for you too. I hope this helps.
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2023.03.30 15:40 Zealantonski Why do Radical leftists participate in speedrunning?

I was thinking about why so many in the radical left participate in "speedrunning"
The reason is the left's lack of work ethic ('go fast' rather than 'do it right') and, in a Petersonian sense, to elevate alternative sexual archetypes in the marketplace ('fastest mario')
Obviously, there are exceptions to this and some people more in the center or right also "speedrun". However, they more than sufficient to prove the rule, rather than contrast it.
Consider how woke GDQ has been, almost since the very beginning. Your eyes will start to open.
Returning to the topic of the work ethic...
A "speedrunner" may well spend hours a day at their craft, but this is ultimately a meaningless exercise, since they will ultimately accomplish exactly that which is done in less collective time by a casual player.
This is thus a waste of effort on the behalf of the "speedrunner". Put more simply, they are spending their work effort on something that someone else has already done (and done in a way deemed 'correct' by the creator of the artwork).
Why do they do this?
The answer is quite obvious if you think about it. The goal is the illusion of speed and the desire (SUBCONSCIOUS) to promote radical leftist, borderline Communist ideals of how easy work is.
Everyone always says that "speedruns" look easy. That is part of the aesthetic.
Think about the phrase "fully automated luxury Communism" in the context of "speedrunning" and I strongly suspect that things will start to 'click' in your mind.
What happens to the individual in this? Individual accomplishment in "speedrunning" is simply waiting for another person to steal your techniques in order to defeat you.
Where is something like "intellectual property" or "patent" in this necessarily communitarian process?
Now, as to the sexual archetype model and 'speedrunning' generally...
If you have any passing familiarity with Jordan Peterson's broader oeuvre and of Jungian psychology, you likely already know where I am going with this.
However, I will say more for the uninitiated.
Keep this passage from Maps of Meaning (91) in mind:
"The Archetypal Son... continually reconstructs defined territory, as a consequence of the 'assimilation' of the unknown [as a consequence of 'incestuous' (that is, 'sexual' – read creative) union with the Great Mother]"
In other words, there is a connection between 'sexuality' and creativity that we see throughout time (as Peterson points out with Tiamat and other examples).
In the sexual marketplace, which archetypes are simultaneously deemed the most creative and valued the highest?
The answer is obviously entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and others.
Given that we evolved and each thing we do must have an evolutionary purpose (OR CAUSE), what archetype is the 'speedrunner' engaged in, who is accomplishing nothing new?
They are aiming to make a new sexual archetype, based upon 'speed' rather than 'doing things right' and refuse ownership of what few innovations they can provide to their own scene, denying creativity within their very own sexual archetype.
This is necessarily leftist.
The obvious protest to this would be the 'glitchless 100% run', which in many ways does aim to play the game 'as intended' but seems to simply add the element of 'speed' to the equation.
This objection is ultimately meaningless when one considers how long a game is intended to be played, in net, by the creators, even when under '100%' conditions. There is still time and effort wasted for no reason other than the ones I proposed above.
By now, I am sure that I have bothered a number of you and rustled quite a few of your feathers.
I am not saying that 'speedrunning' is bad, but rather that, thinking about the topic philosophically, there are dangerous elements within it.
That is all.
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