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Barry Bee Benson is my hero.

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2023.03.30 15:37 Proud-Reading-7203 The email I’ll never send her.

Back when my wife and I first separated, my therapist pointed out that she had some borderline traits. The more I read about it, the more I saw it. I fell into the persona she created once again. And we broke up. Again. But this time for good. (You can read my posts in the infidelity sub if you’re curious about the whole story)
As much as I want to send her this email, I know it won’t change anything, and she won’t change. So I’m sharing it with you all - I hope it’s as therapeutic for you as it is for me.
“You were happy while you were being chosen by me, among a sea of Hinge matches and dates. While I came back to you and told you I love you, how good it feels to f*** you, how incredibly beautiful, hot, and sexy you are. While I sent you texts when I was on dates. The attention must’ve felt so good, knowing that I was on a date, but still thinking about you.
Then I stopped dating, and that’s when I felt things shifting. You were no longer chosen, you were the “default”. My attention was focused on you. And that stopped feeling good, because it was guaranteed.
You told me you wanted a chill life. You told me that we didn’t need to go on dinnedrink dates all the time. You told me you preferred going home early so that you could enjoy the following Sunday. But when we started doing that, it was not enough. It was not exciting. It was safe.
And so you went looking for that elsewhere. The thrill of being wasted. The thrill of having sex with Chloe. The thrill of potentially being caught with Mike. The thrill of getting away with lies. The exact opposite of what you told me you wanted. Being completely hungover on a Friday because you got wasted the night before and stayed up all night cheating on your “life partner”.
You’re a thrill, attention, validation -seeker. And don’t take this as judgment or criticism. I’m just saying things how they are. But you have two options. You own it and do the hard work to heal it, or you embrace it. Both are legitimate, one will lead you to a better life. But whatever you do, you have to be honest. With yourself and with your partners. So that you’re not claiming to want one thing, while looking for the exact opposite. Because the moment you do, that’s when you kill the relationship.
You wanted to have the “safety”, the “future”, the “family” that I represented, and the thrill that Mike does. What you didn’t see this whole time, is that I was that thrill too. But it takes two to tango. And in your head, those two different facets can’t coexist. It’s black or white. It’s one or the other.
Maybe this could’ve even all worked out. Maybe we could’ve all coexisted happily together. You just needed to be honest.
I hope you truly take the time to get to know yourself, and bring that into your next relationships.”
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2023.03.30 15:31 Mr-Phish [QCrit] The Christmas Cleaver. Supernatural Thriller 105K (4th version)

Hello! Since my last post, I decided to rewrite my query, removing some of the "lore" and focusing on my two main characters, as well as the setting. I also kept author comps instead of using specific titles. My questions is, is this an issue if each of those authors have releases in the last three years? Overall, it's the tone of their writing I'm comping, not a specific story. In any case, if it's better to switch it to titles, I'll do so--just wanted to hear opinions on titles vs author comps.
Thank you!
In the small, wealthy community of Catfish Creek, Pennsylvania, murder is celebrated over the Holidays. A serial killer dubbed “The Christmas Cleaver” has butchered two to five people every season for over two hundred years, and no one seems to care except the town’s detective, Sheamus Black. It makes him feel that the twenty years he spent on the case are pointless—that he’s worthless and a fool for trying to seek answers. Tired of the jokes about whether he’ll catch The Cleaver this year, of the annual Krampus festivals and the extensive Cleaver memorabilia, Sheamus quits, intending to head somewhere where the winters are warm and blood isn’t cheered for, hoping to reconnect with his estranged daughter.
But then he comes home and finds his next-door neighbors—leading members of Catfish Creek’s community—slaughtered. Sheamus shouldn’t be surprised, but he is because a child is one of the victims, and The Cleaver has never killed a child before. It makes him think that’s something’s gone wrong, that there’s a reason for the sudden change, and that, perhaps, there’ll be more answers this time. So when the son of the murdered family returns home and begs for his help, Sheamus cannot say no, because he knows nothing else will provide closure.
Speaking of closure, The Cleaver needs some himself. He didn’t kill anybody (not in this instance anyway), and children have never been on the naughty lists provided to him. It’s a copycat, he thinks, and the gall of it enrages him. Copy him? Shed innocent blood in his name? No one would dare. He swears that he will find this perpetrator, that he will get some answers of his own and punish anyone involved. Problem is, he has no memories outside of winter, and the only people he can question are his employers.
The Christmas Cleaver is a dual POV Supernatural Thriller complete at 105k words. It would appeal to fans of Brom, T. Kingfisher, Grady Hendrix, or anyone who likes a mixing of myth and reality. My name is Mr. Phish, and when I’m not writing I’m either digging holes for money or hanging out with my family.
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2023.03.30 15:28 lukacs24 Can someone help me what is the difference between PK and PK With silk scarf ?

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2023.03.30 15:27 BrokenRegistry rotp-Fusion-2023-03-30 - Auto set the Flags when planets are scouted.
As always, comments and suggestions are very welcome. Especially for other default flag colors! I didn't know which to choose!
Fixes: - Fixed second Map Flag showing black instead of not showing. - Fixed text on buttons some time not following the modifier keys. - Precursor Relic event: - AIs and Player have now the same view of the new created planets. - AIs where accidentally "cheating", to be even: now the player too! - Player is always notified of the planet creation.
Others: Partially Disabled Profiles Manager: - It was not updated to the new menu. - It was not updated for the new options - And it may already be broken! - Almost everything is now more easily available from the GUI. - Every save file is a profile that can be loaded! - You can easily change the parameters in game... - The restart function works better! - Etc... - But if you miss some of its features: Just ask! - I will slowly continue to totally remove it!
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2023.03.30 15:27 cuntpunt2000 I think a couple tried to rob/scam us

My husband and I like to go for walks after dinner. The neighborhood we live in is generally safe, even when walking around after dark, so we’ve never been guarded or felt afraid.
One night during our walk, at around 8:30 pm, a woman coming towards us began arguing with the man she was walking with. It was a pretty heated argument, but something about it felt like they were putting on a show for us. The street we do our nightly walks on has a slight incline, so we could see them coming downhill towards us. I actually noticed her from a little over a block away, because her outfit looked familiar to me. A few months before this happened, a woman wearing a pink fake fur jacket with one of her shoulders exposed and a tank top kept trying to jokingly take my husband’s pizza box away from him when we were waiting to cross the street, saying “oh my God, thank you, I’m starving,” so when I saw this woman up the street coming towards us, wearing a similar style of jacket, also with one of her shoulders exposed, the first thing I thought was, huh I wonder if it’s the same one that tried to take our pizza?
As soon as they reached us, they went from completely quiet to screaming at each other. It was like they hit their marks on the stage and someone yelled “Action!” and they began their rehearsed fight. They were so loud I could see people on the other side of the street looking over at them, so I thought, if they had been arguing like this all along, we definitely would have heard them long before we saw them. The two of them also switched the direction they were walking in. Originally they were walking towards us, but as soon as they reached us and began arguing, they turned around and walked alongside us. They also boxed us in – the woman walking slightly in front of us to the left of my husband, and the guy yelling at her from behind me to my right.
I could tell my husband was freaked out too, because he had a vice grip on my hand.
“Get away from me, Josh!” the woman screamed, “We broke up, God, leave me alone!”
“Why’re you like this, always starting shit in public?” the man yelled.
They kept pace with us. I tried walking faster to get away from them, but they sped up too. When we reached the intersection, even though we had the light, I pulled on my husband to stop for a bit, just to see what would happen. They both did as well. They clearly weren’t anticipating the stop, because they actually continued walking a bit more, and then stopped suddenly when they realized we were standing still. The funny thing is as soon as we all stopped, I saw a brief look of confusion flash over her face, and they stood at the corner for a few seconds, staring at each other, completely quiet, like they weren’t sure what was going on, and then, like they heard someone yell action, resumed yelling at each other.
On top of all that, the man who was with her wore an outfit that was head-to-toe dark colors, like black and navy blue, a hoodie pulled down almost to his eyes and one of those combo neck-face mask things pulled up past his nose. He was basically dressed like a ninja. In 60 degree Fahrenheit weather.
I know we’re in Covid times, but that outfit was overkill. He definitely looked like he was trying to hide his face.
I did consider that maybe she was walking alongside us because she was genuinely scared. It was the reason I didn’t just leave and pull my husband away with me. She’d call out to us every now and then and say "You see what I put up with? He won’t leave me alone." “Hey,” I said after this happened a few times, “come with us to XX avenue (obviously not the real name). There’s a bunch of stores and restaurants there still open, lots of people, so it’ll be safer.” She ignored me every time. Just when I decided this had to be fake, she suddenly asked my husband to tell the masked man to leave her alone, and my husband told him "Dude, I think you should back off and give her some space. Whatever's going on, you're not helping."
And just like that, the creepy ninja guy left. He didn’t put up a fight, he didn’t tell my husband to mind his own business, nothing. He just yelled “I want my stuff back, Jessica!” and ran off. I found it strange he gave up so easily. The woman thanked my husband, but then begged us to walk her back home on YY avenue (also obviously not real name) because she was scared he’d be outside her building waiting for her.
We immediately said no.
Between where we were and YY avenue were a lot of small playgrounds, churches, schools, and parking lots of medical offices that were closed by then, like radiology centers. Basically if we walked her “home,” we’d be passing by a lot of dark, unpopulated places where we could get jumped by ninja guy and his friends, and no one would be around to hear us scream. I suggested over and over to walk to XX avenue instead, which would have us walking through well-populated residential neighborhoods, and we could wait in a store together while she called for a police officer to escort her to a friend's place, but she actually said “Yeah but that’s in the opposite direction of where I live, and that’s really inconvenient for me. I’d end up having to walk so much.” Who picks convenience over not getting potentially kidnapped and killed? Also if you knew your creepy psycho ninja boyfriend was going to be waiting for you outside your home to harass you, why would you go home instead of staying with a friend?
She also kept telling us her address, “I just need you to walk me to my building, number 12-34 on YY avenue, apartment 3B” or something, like she was trying to reassure us that we really would be escorting her to a real place, and that this definitely was not a plan to rob us or harvest our organs.
After several times of us offering to walk her to a restaurant or 24 hour drug store, she finally said she was calling her mother to get her, pulled out her cell phone, and quickly walked away from us.
“Hey, we’ll wait here with you until your mom picks you up!” my husband called out after her.
She didn’t answer, but started running. We watched her until she turned a corner and disappeared.
I know it sounds crazy, but even after that, I still wasn’t completely convinced it was fake. I still felt guilty. Maybe she needed our help, and we let her down. Maybe she was following us because she felt safer around a couple. Maybe they didn’t really “box us in,” maybe she just put us between her and her boyfriend so he couldn’t grab her.
After we arrived home, and for a few days afterwards, my husband and I really struggled with whether we had just left a poor woman alone to contend with an abusive, stalker boyfriend. But the way she – and the man she was arguing with – acted suggested a scam more than someone trying to get away from an abusive partner. She was more concerned with convenience than safety, she wouldn’t take our offer to accompany her down a safer, more populated path to a public place, and she didn’t even want us to wait with her while she called her mother. Plus the guy’s outfit was really suspicious. It seemed like he wanted to be sure none of his features were visible. Pretty much all of my friends thought it was a scam too, but I still wondered. I still felt bad. Like a lot of people who post on this subreddit, I’ve been made to feel unsafe by creepy people in the past, so if I see someone in a similar situation, if I can, I want to help get them to safety. But at the same time, I think it’s important to remember that not everyone who appears to be a victim actually is one. Some people may try to take advantage of your kindness and empathy to steal from you, or worse.
Be safe out there.
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2023.03.30 15:24 BowlOfSoup195 Can a DNS Pokemon get me banned from home?

Around 2012 or 2013, when I was younger (about 11 or 12), I came across a video that taught me how to use the DNS exploit. At the time, I had no clue that it could have been cheating. All I could think of as a preteen was "Wow, I finally got a Victini". Of course, now I could see how it could be seen as cheating; if so, I would rather leave it in Pokemon Black.
When I recently got back on my old Pokemon Black cartridge, I saw that I had the movie Victini and that the date was all messed up (Guessing because I changed the date and time on my 3DS recently to match it now). So if I was to move it over to home, would I get banned?
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2023.03.30 15:23 Fit-Toe4198 40% Off AGPTEK Cable Management Sleeve Cover, 10ft - 4/5inch Cord Management System for Desk PC TV Computer Projector Wires Protection and Organization, Home, Theater and Office, BlackRed KM

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2023.03.30 15:22 Dulcolaxiom Character Traits for a Great Old One Warlock

Hey all. I’m looking for some ideas for possible characteristics or traits that a hidden GOO Warlock would show. The idea of the character is a half-elf on the track to become a professional/bureaucrat Wizard, but an encounter during his apprenticeship tenure plants a symbiotic presence in his mind. Here’s the background.
I’m interested on any advice or thoughts you may have for me. I’m trying to play this Warlock in a hidden way. In his life people see him as a Wizard, and he knows that it is beneficial for him to keep identifying in this way.
“Abram has always been favored. Born to a noble family of well regarded engineers, and predisposed to magic - from a young age his talents and circumstances have always seemed to follow him wherever he went. This included his schooling.
He was an extremely quick learner, and his minders over many years recommended and pushed him toward a career in the magical arts. His family no doubt were very proud of his burgeoning skillset, and in his 20th year - towards the end of his general schooling - financed his way towards living and studying with dwarven architects and engineers in the underground city of Durtûl for 2 years. It was hoped, by Abram and others close to him, that his talents in magic would mature and blossom during his time studying abroad. Learning, applying, and connecting his arcane knowledge with the many arcane architecture and engineering achievements of the brilliant people of Durtûl could only be the highest possible good for Abram. And what was good for Abram was good for his family and the city at large. He was favored.
At some point 8 months into his tenure in Durtûl, Abram was asked to examine the enchantments that secured the foundations of the Estway Bridge - a well traveled route that many traders and citizens used in their day-to-day lives. Commuters had been concerned by an "uneasiness" in the bridge. Hanfar, a high ranking engineer arcana and Abram’s minder for his studies in Durtûl, thought it strange that every citizen seemed to describe the perceived problem with the bridge in emotional terms rather than physical terms. They felt the bridge felt “uneasy", and that it was "unsettled" or "hollow". Nevertheless, assessing any structural problems with the bridge was well within Abram’s capabilities as an apprentice of arcana and its application to structural engineering. Hanfar sent Abram to examine the integrity of the bridge and produce a report of his findings.
As Abram approached the foundation of the Estway, he was called by something remarkable. Remarkable not because it stood out from the rest of the the magically cut stones and cave rocks, but remarkable because of its wholeness and its completeness. Nestled within a seam of the foundation was a small stone. Void black. Speckled with a sparse array of starlight. It fit comfortably in the palm of his hand and he felt as if he were holding the very cradle of worlds. He bent his head to examine it further. He gazed upon it, he listened to the stone, smelled it, felt it between his hands - and in an odd move he licked it. Then he put it in his mouth. Without really understanding why, he swallowed the stone - and when it hit his belly he laughed at the absurdity of it all.
Abram finished his report on the structural integrity of the Estway Bridge and returned to Hanfar.
Abram remembers this experience. It seemed normal to him at the time, but within days he sensed a change in his world.
"Why should he build? Why should he create? The ingredients are happy. Leave them be."
"It's cruel to lock something within the labels of perception. Open your mind."
He told himself. His mind told himself.
His spells lost their shimmer, and he was no longer interested in working the magic that brought him to this place.
Day by day he lost motivation for his studies. Months went by, and Hanfar grew more and more frustrated at Abram and began the bureaucratic machinery to have him removed from his position within the apprenticeship program. Abram’s parents were informed of this failure and - fearing a stain on the family name - paid off the Durtûl bureaucrats so that Abram might "complete" the program early.
And so Abram returned home under the auspices of his new career. He was an Engineer Arcane. Just like his father. A Wizard of Structure. A professional in the service of his city.
And through all of this Abram continued in service of something else.”
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2023.03.30 15:22 Ok_World6738 40% Off AGPTEK Cable Management Sleeve Cover, 10ft - 4/5inch Cord Management System for Desk PC TV Computer Projector Wires Protection and Organization, Home, Theater and Office, BlackRed Fo

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2023.03.30 15:22 danl999 Merry Go Round Broke Down

Merry Go Round Broke Down
Can you speak more on how witches helping others "taints" their results?
It's really not hard to understand, but it's just so different than what we know that people can't grasp it.
I'll animate it!
But in the meantime, when you get far out there on the J curve and can "see energy" in the air, you gaze around looking for anything that stands out.
BUT, please don't think this applies only to a magical situation. Our ENTIRE LIFE is based on this principle. Our noisy internal dialogue just keeps causing stuff (memories of grievances) to take on our awareness (it flows into those old patches of emanations), and we keep "assembling" the same world.
The river of shit one.
So extrapolate this next part to be applicable to EVERYTHING. It's also why "the book deal mind" is such a deal killer for learning sorcery.
No one bent on fame or money, can possibly learn sorcery.
It just can't be done. The very act of seeking stuff from humans, prevents advanced "seeing".
Back to the story. You're WAY out there on the J curve, gazing at "energy".
It looks like a sparkle, or ripple, or some kind of "object" in the air.
Flashes, not so much for this application.
It needs to be steady, so you can gaze at it. Even if it's just a very small patch of tiny little bubbles of light and dark, in the air in front of you.
It can even be a fully formed "magical object".
It's not always just a tiny sparkle.
And in perfect silence, you just keep watching that direction.
It's a "seed".
Now, the complicated part. That seed can remain there for you to witness, or it can pull on you and you get sucked into another copy of yourself.
A cyclic being. Or a rerun of a past event.
So forget that case.
I'm talking about the case where you remain where you are standing, and gaze at it.
If you are silent enough to be in "Silent Knowledge", then watching the seed causes it to grow into whatever it's going to become.
It's a presentation method!
That tiny little sparkle has become a presentation method for silent knowledge.
Don Juan told us about presentation methods when he advised us to become "Readers of infinity". To simplify things.
But what fun is that???
I'll take Netflix over a book, any day.
Now you want to see what the "topic" is, for the "presentation method" you discovered in the energy you can see in front of you.
Maybe it's the entryway to the inorganic being's realm!
Maybe it's a proto-phantom. And will become a real being standing there, as solid and real looking as if you turned on the lights.
Hopefully a zombie in a black hoodie. I love those! Anything that gives you a chill up the spine, is good for moving even further into other realms available to us.
Or it could be the beginning of a cartoon.
I get to watch those lately.
I keep hoping for "Merry Go Round Broke Down" music, but so far there's none.
And there's the problem.
We are NOT perfectly empty.
So whatever the sparkle becomes is highly influenced by what's still latent in our mind.
Just like the talking lizards. Carlos couldn't ask them a single question, so they started answering 2 questions at once, and he couldn't understand the answer.
In my case, when the cartoon begins it's about a "topic of concern" in the subreddit.
I get to watch those cartoon characters act out a "solution" to it.
It's seeing!
As don Juan said, "If there's something my seeing can't reach, than that's just my fate."
Carlos was taunting him with the idea he couldn't avoid a sniper with a telescopic rifle hiding at a distance.
We get that crap in here too.
What the hell?! We've got magic!
But it's not good enough unless you're superman?
Fact is, we're not. And never will be.
We're tainted.
So if a seer's seeing couldn't reach something he badly needed to know, it was likely because he was tainted.
With other concerns. So it couldn't form to warn him.
Don Juan also warned us about this, when he explained seers can fail, when the subject is something too close to their own feelings. Like a relative or such.
That type of thing, a gift of knowledge when you need it, comes from the spirit.
But you have to be so silent you don't add anything to it.
It's "free skimming" of the emanations.
So whatever concerns you have, even ugly ones like someone with a serious health problem putting a burden on this subreddit to help them, "taint" the free skimming.
Altering what forms or even entirely preventing the original "gift" from the spirit, from becoming visible.
We can't possibly sort out the 1 trillion to the trillionth power pieces of "knowledge" available in silent knowledge, on our own. It's too much stuff to look through.
Which would make "seeing" useless, if it was up to us to find things.
But instead, we just get lucky and the librarian, the spirit, finds what you need. For you.
You gaze at the emanations looking for sparkles, and that activates the librarian.
Who finds "what you needed to know".
BUT, it has to be just one thing. If it's a giant mess of needs and left over concern, the librarian gets confused and just hands you a "popular" book from the kids section of the library.
(an analogy)
But witches already know this! That's why men are so disgusting to most of them. Leaving stuff around, never cleaning their floors or sinks, maybe not even brushing their teeth everyday.
It taints reality with ugliness.
So their witchcraft won't work well.
Speaking of which, Cholita was doing a spell last night when I got home.
Pulling cobwebs from the air.
But there's no way to find out what she was up to.
Could even have just been something real she was doing, like pulling hairs off her food.
By the way, here's something worth considering.
How does physical movement "taint" our awareness?
Do the magical passes taint it?
But in a good direction perhaps.
I think there was a lecture or book note about this, flowing through the subreddit in the last week.
That Carlos expected the Tensegrity on its own, to transform people.
Actually it might eventually do that.
But things weren't going so well for the first 20 years after he died.

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2023.03.30 15:21 lemoncat2022 [In progress] [1589] [LITRPG, fantasy, superhero Fiction] Melting Opportunity

I chopped the text into two chapters, hers the first, how is it? New word count of 1589.
Waking up, I felt the beginnings of a throbbing headache in my temples as soon as I opened my eyes. My already constantly mood soured further until vinegar. For one It was quite dark, so my eyes had to adjust to the light, yet I could already tell something had gone wrong. Brown-gray splinters littered a black floor and the periphery of my eyes; light and shadows danced in swinging motion, and the unmistakable smell of burnt hair and flesh filled the air. Huffing, I dove into my disoriented memories for answers as I slowly moved my body in small rotations. Legs-check, torso-check, arms-1/2 shit, head? I might have a concussion. Directive: seek semi-immediate medical assistance.
Breathing slowly through my nose, I waited as my vision flickered until it matched the low light. My head now pounded like a mariachi band with a residence notice inside my head. The notice says 'fuck you'. Groaning like an old piece of oak, I wriggled myself on what I now recognized to be the tile floor of my lab, covered in soot. That’s not good. Struggling to take in fresh air as ruffled bits of sawdust filled the air, a sudden wave of nausea hit me like a ton of bricks, and I had to reconsider my prognoses for my torso as I hurled yesterday's lunch into one of the furthest ash piles. What happened?
But that was only the beginning of my misery. As a sharp pain flared and shot through my shoulder, I cursed under my breath as I slowly maneuvered myself from beneath the battered and worn-out wooden cabinets. If I get out of this, I’m going to strangle gramps for buying it. Jagged splinters grated against my flesh, causing me to wince in agony with every inch of movement.
Yet the world would still mock me as Every now and then, my body twitches as residual electrical charge dissipates in small sparks from my mad scientist static hair. So, there was electricity, fire, and perhaps a chemical explosion, which would explain the soot. Did my last test do this? How? However, my scientific curiosity was momentarily forgotten as I grasped a nearby countertop for support, leaving me breathless and trembling.
Breathing laboriously, my eyes wandered over the slightly charred laboratory countertops until they fell on my sister's old-fashioned chicken clock, still ticking away annoyingly with its head bobbing side to side. Despite the gravity of the situation, I couldn't help but let out a peal of laughter along with a few tears.
Suddenly feeling better, I propped myself up and confirmed my suspicions with pained eyes. My once glories lab, filled with years of my work, was reduced to nothing more than ash and cinders. To be honest, it wasn't that grand—just a renovated basement with whatever villain and power tech I could scrounge off the market for cheap, but now all of it was gone! Gripping the counter top till my knuckles turned white, I breathed through my nose again as I prepared to finish sorting through this mess.
Holding my breath, I looked down at myself, taking in the state of my clothes. My left foot was snugly fitted into a scuffed black sneaker, while my right foot was bare, the other shoe missing in action. My jeans were ripped and filled with soot and wood chips, grating on my exposed skin. The gray wife beater I wore was smeared with black soot, running from my belly up to my chest. Wearing over this mess was my generic white lab coat, now in tatters and stained with black and red; one of the sleeves was even missing!
Choking back bile from seeing the ‘crimson’ fluid, I looked down at myself and saw the culmination of my life's work: a partially liquefied forearm—my forearm—dripped like a leaky roof onto the floor with opalescent goo. Emotionally done for the day, my only reaction was mute shock rolling through my stomach as primitive survival instincts warred with new foreign impulses. Tentatively, I mentally and physically poked at my sloughing bicep and cringed in both abject horror and delight as the remains of my arm twitched.
My mind ground to a halt as the world around me collapsed in chaos. Even my own agony and discomfort paled in comparison to the maelstrom of emotions that flooded my being. I had poured years of blood, sweat, and tears into my research, experimentation, and innovation, all to create the perfect environment for my awakening. But as I stared in disbelief at the twitching remnants of my arm, I was struck with the realization that my quest for power had never been about the greater good, as it is for heroes, or about personal glory, as it is for villains. No, my motives were purely self-serving and driven by an all-consuming jealousy. The realization sent a chill down my spine.
Stopping that train of thought, I took a deep breath of the air, recognizing hints of sharp-ozone, acrid-smoke and sterile plates and willed my new instincts to the forefront of my mind's eye. Eager to leave that personal mess for later and explore the rest of my power set with both arms. Holding my stump outstretched I visualized in painful detail regular human anatomy and pushed the thought into the folds of my new instincts. Feeling a reaction my heart pounded with excitement and apprehension the sensation of a sluggish fluid moving from the center of my being. I watched in wonderment and astonishment as my arm began to piece itself back together, with flesh, blood, and bone reconstituting themselves before my very eyes as opalescent goo polled itself from hidden nooks and crannies of soot.
The whole process took less than a minute but felt like hours as my flesh turned from opalescent to white to grey to brown before finally matching my skin tone. Experimentally, I wiggled and flexed my hand and fingers, noticing a slight delay before even that was worked out seconds later. The only proof that my hand was missing was shredded sleeves. Speaking of which, I turned to my blood-soaked shoulder, fighting back my gag reflex as I shimmied my coat off without disturbing the splinters of wood. Exposed, I saw red, angry flesh intermixed with long shards of wood, peppered with splints, and some bits of glass. Wondering for a moment, I remembered the cabinets having glass windows to see inside. Nodding slowly, I silently promised to send that grisly bastard to the closest retirement home as revenge.
Sighing slowly as to not disturb the wound, I held my hand over the spot and thought of turning my shoulder very slowly to goo, just enough to pull out the unwanted bits without my arm falling off. Can it fall off? Would it even matter though? Blinking those thoughts away, I watched with interest as the red became green and truculent like Jell-O, revealing more fragments trapped deeper than what my eyes had seen. Grabbing hold of the larger bits, I almost stabbed myself as the thing came out like it wasn’t an inch deep. I repeated this without the stabbing part until all that was left were the subdermal fragments, walking over to one of the still-standing lab drawers and taking out a pair of tweezers.
Holding them over my shoulder threateningly, I sighed as I lost whatever steam I had, the idea of doing what amounted to self-surgery not meshing well for me. Sitting down on one of the cleaner spots of the lab floor, I propped my head like a famous philosopher and did my most horrid of tasks: future planning.
It felt like hours passed as ideas were thrown left and right, with lazy solutions popping up like weeds. It had only been like 5 minutes at most. Done with my deep thinking, I stood up and began to monologue. Don’t question it; it helps me think better. "First rule of every Super: keep it in your pants until you make it big." I’ve seen too many schoolmates and friends trying to become would-be heroes or villains and falling like dominoes over their own feet trying to get into the gig without any backing or research.
Walking over to the center of the lab I picked up the remnants of the last experiment and bagged them with my coat to be later dispose of it with whatever remained of my research into the incinerator. Not like anyone would appreciate the research as is, as each awakening environment needs to be fine-tuned for each person. Helps to be cautious as said by, “Rule two of every super: trust no one.” The number of backstabbing girl/boy/them friends is staggering, about 1/3 of all failed beginner supers are ratted out for money with another 1/3 for the prestige. “That’s kind of depressing isn’t it?” The question echoed as I finished collecting the rest of my stuff into one of the Jumbo-Mini Flasks. It’s a novelty lab equipment that can grow or shrink based on the amount of fluids inside.
The guy who made them was a size manipulator villain called Sky-Reaper, guy would steal sky scrapers and ringed the owners for insane ransoms. Most supers leaved him be as he had the nasty habit of throwing relativistic missiles when threatened. Terrifying, and that brings me to “Rule number three of every super: Understand what you got before toy start punching bad guys in the face.” Lest you become the pavement that they walk.
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2023.03.30 15:20 bugbuttz I cant tell if I should break up with my partner

PLEASE HELP!! This situation is so debilitating 🥲
I struggle a LOT with emotions, they are always 100%, black or white. No in between. So I cant trust myself with my feelings, its really hard. But, recently I have been struggling with my emotions regarding my relationship.
I am 20 y/o and my boyfriend is 22, we are living together with my family. At first I was happy about him coming, but I think it is way too much for me. Issue is, he came from an abusive household, and doesn’t really have anywhere else to go. He isnt doing much with his job, not enough to afford his own place. I think we both made this stupid impulsive decision and its not working out.
I have major sensory issues, one major one is smell and men.. Jesus idk if its just him or men in general, but they SMELL. And he also works in a fish department and doesnt change before coming home (though I have begged him to) and our room is small, so its hell. It makes me overwhelmed and I feel like I cant breathe.
Another issue is he has major anger issues and cannot handle my intense emotions, breakdowns, etc. I understand that, but I try to educate him and he just cant adjust. I have recently (and a couple times before) brought up how I think we should split, and it always ends up with him saying he doesn’t care that im like this, he will stay, and that he will change. Spoiler, he doesnt change!
We dont have many of the same interests either and I just dont think we click.. Idk, every time I try to break up I think I get too easily influenced to stay anyway. He cant go anywhere so that adds this pressure onto me, and Im scared my family will be upset with me for wasting their time and space. I feel so selfish, but I know I am also hurting him.
He is stressed with this job he has, being treated poorly by customers and boss, his only joy is gaming, and I am not the best when it comes to emotional support so he doesnt have anyone to go to, and I feel awful.
I have been trying to work on myself so I could be there, but I dont think the best choice is to just wait and hope, because we have been doing that for the majority of our relationship (2 years). I dont know what to do. Im tired of feeling like I cant make my own decisions because I cant tell if they are just impulsive emotional outbursts or genuinely the right thing to do.
EDIT: I also want to add that recently I think I find peace within myself recently, I am starting up old hobbies that give me a sense of purpose and identity, and I love being with my family, I struggle with friendships so I dont have any friends, and that used to gut me (it still kinda does dont get me wrong) but now I think I can cope being alone. Idk, I want to focus on loving myself I guess
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2023.03.30 15:20 DaenerysMadQueen GoT Mythology Iceberg

"A wise man once said the true history of the world is the history of great conversations in elegant rooms."
Daenerys is a tragic heroine
According to Aristotle and all literature, poetry and theater. Daenerys is a noble, a goddess above mortals, with a destiny and a fatality. She is the tragic heroine, like Titus in Berenice by Racine, she must choose between love and power.
"I am not your little princess. I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of Old Valyria, and I will take what is mine. With fire and blood, I will take it."

Jon Snow is a superhero
He is the modern hero, the virtuous chosen one, the saviour. He always makes the right choices, sacrifices himself for the general interest, he is Neo, Iron Man, Superman and even Batman. Because the tragic heroine falls from her pedestal, the superhero also falls before moral paradoxes. Jon Snow is Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight, he is the myth of the modern, fallible and contradictory hero.
“Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.”

Tyrion is just a man
The true savior of the world is not the tragic heroine, it is not the superhero. Tyrion has qualities and flaws. He is not immoral, he is not virtuous. He's just a human.
The savior of the world is mortal, because only mortals can direct their destiny, false gods and false idols will not come as saviors. It is the compromise between passion and reason that triumphs. Between love and duty, between ice and fire.
"Did you bring any wine ?"

Sansa is just a woman
Tyrion is the little man who saves the world, Sansa is the young girl who saves the world. She is the one who wins the battle of the Bastards, she is the one who stands up to Daenerys, she is the reason for Jon Snow's final choice. Sansa is the young girl who makes Daenerys tremble.
Tragic heroes and superheroes do not save humanity. Only men and women have this power.
"What about the North ? It was taken from us, and we took it back. And we said we'd never bow to anyone else again. What about the North ?"

The Iron throne is the symbol of Absolute Power
A pile of cold, rusty, sharp swords. Many fight to sit on it, and gain absolute power over the seven kingdoms. It is not the throne that confers the legitimacy to reign. Legitimacy must already be acquired to sit on it. The throne is just a symbol.
"The Iron Throne. Perhaps you should try wanting something else."

Cersei and Jaime are Shakespearean characters
Daenerys is grey. Morally ambiguous. Cersei and Jaime have very clear reasons and objectives. Protect theirs, and destroy their enemies. They are white and black, good and bad.
They are tragic Shakespearian characters, just humans, not gods, not totally bad or totally good.
"- I want our baby to live. I want our baby to live. I want our baby to live. (Jeoffrey, Myrcella, Tommen) Don't let me die, Jaime. Please don't let me die.
- It's all right.
- Please don't let me die.
- It's all right.
- I don't want to die.
- Just look... Look at me. Look at me. (x3)
- Not like this. Not like this. Not like this. (Jeoffrey, Myrcella, Tommen)
- Look... Look...Look me in the eye. Don't look away. Don't look... Look at me ! Just look at me. (+2; Tyrion/Brienne)
Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. Only us."

Sunset not romantic
It's at the beginning of the series. It is the inversion of ideas and symbolism. A honeymoon, on a beach, at sunset, with the horses as witnesses. It's romantic put like that, but in GoT, the sunset represents the end of the day, the beginning of darkness, the dusk of Dany's innocence, and the beginning of trauma. This image has all the ambiguity and the double game of the story of Daenerys.
"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

The crowd is a character
The death of Ned Stark, the trial of Tyrion or the humiliation of Cersei. The crowd is a character who has a role, sometimes bad, sometimes neutral, sometimes endearing. The crowd is humanity, it is mortals, the tools and playthings of kings and gods. The crowd is the tool that legitimizes the reign of Aegon II in HotD, and does not legitimize the reign of Daenerys. The crowd is us.
"I know you don't care about your people. Why should you ? They hate you and you hate them.
But you're not a monster."

Bran and Arya are characters from the tale
Once upon a time, in a magical world, a brother and his sister embarked on a great quest... The elements of the tale can be found in the journey of our two little heroes, however it's not just that. Bran and Arya also have a mysterious Cinema aura with them. We also find the tale with Daenerys and Cersei, and the prophecies of the witches. Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White, there are many references to the tale in GoT/HotD. Alicent is a lot of Cinderella for example.
"My favorites were the scary ones."

Daenerys, destiny and fatality
She wins the throne, she fulfills her destiny. But the price to pay is heavy, it is fatality, the inexorable fall. She has the throne, and at the same time she imprisons herself in this ruined ark.
Isle of the Dead, Gate of the Underworld, Prison or even a Guillotine, this ark is sinister. It is death that is linked to success.
"- I'm not my father.
- No, Your Grace, thank the gods. But the Mad King gave his enemies the justice he thought they deserved. And each time, it made him feel powerful... and right... until the very end."

Winter is coming
but the wall has stood through it all, and every winter that ever came has ended. The archmaestre of the Citadel had not panicked. The great epic fight of good against evil in fantasy is banal, deja vu. This is not the major issue in the great story of ice and fire. It's just a disturbing element. One spectacular battle. A great victory for good, for the living, but a total defeat for Daenerys, the tragic heroine.
Who's raining ashes on King's Landing ? Winter is the metaphor for cataclysm, and the cataclysm is Daenerys, not the Long Night.

The Night King is Death
Characters in GoT/HotD are good or bad, or grey. The Night King is absolute evil. Silent, unstoppable death. He's not really a character, he's a concept, a real, uncompromising threat. The great villain of the great fight of good against evil. The metaphor of the existential crises of our world.
"What do we say to the god of death ?"

Nymeria is a direwolf
Gray Wind, Summer or Ghost, all stayed close to their "master." We're going to dive below the surface of the iceberg now, let's just remember that Nymeria's story was very...different.
"When the Long Night comes again, I need to be ready."

Daenerys kills the crowd, because of Jon Snow
"People work together when it suits them. They're loyal when it suits them. They love each other when it suits them. And they kill each other when it suits them."
Jon's legacy and his spreading secret is the red thread of season 8. It is Ned Stark's well-kept secret, the original mystery of this series. Daenerys is a chess player, she is several moves ahead of everyone, all the time. When the bells ring... she knows what she has to do to be able to rule without having a revolt. Kill Jon Snow, or kill the crowd.
She is a tragic heroine, these choices are inaccessible to the mortals that we are.
"There is no power but what the people allow you to take."
"I don't want to be his queen. I want to go home."

Love blinds Tyrion and Jon
They are in love with Daenerys, like everyone else. Only Sansa and Varys don't fall for her charms. So Tyrion loses control, makes bad decisions, and Jon only sees the good side of Daenerys, only the dream. Yara Greyjoy is also in love with Daenerys, she still defends her legend at the very end.
"We're all human. Oh, we all do our duty when there's no cost to it. Honor comes easy then. Yet sooner or later in every man's life there comes a day when it's not easy. A day when he must choose."

Drogon is the real absolute power
The throne is the symbol. Drogon is the tool that allows Daenerys to take the throne. Nothing is stronger than Drogon, he is a fighter plane capable of annihilating any army. Drogon is the physical materialization of absolute power. He destroys the throne, because the real symbol is him.
Everyone wanted to have the throne to have absolute power. Everyone except Daenerys, who already had absolute power.

Bran can change the past
There's a scene where Bran calls his father, in the past, and Ned Stark turns around. The old Three Eyed Raven tells him it's the wind. Bran says no.
There are bushes, tree leaves and sand in this scene... and... there is no wind.
"Don't listen to it. Crows are all liars. I know a story about a crow."

Rhaegal's death si the death of Rhaegar Targaryen. The myth of Icarus.
Icarus enjoyed his aerial power and, taking more and more altitude, thought himself the equal of birds. But, unable to resist the intense heat of the star, the wax on its wings began to melt, and the young boy was thrown into the void before diving into the sea which today bears his name.
It is Daenerys' arrogance that is punished with the death of the dragon. A ridiculous ambush, easily avoidable and in a second, it is the death of hopes. Tyrion had told Daenerys that all it took was one arrow to make it all stop. Sansa had insisted that Daenerys rest in Winterfell. The arrogance of the tragic heroine, falling from the pedestal, at the height of her glory.
Just like Rhaegar who was supposed to heal the reign of Aerys II, who could overcome the rebellion, and who dies, foolishly, in a river, his ruby ​​armor scattering in the waters, as Rhaegal's blood splashes upon the waves. Shattered hopes.
"Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile ? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends, in myself. In Daenerys Targaryen."

The Night King is a metaphor
The idea of ​​uniting to face common threats. Jon Snow's great speech on unity, truth and duty. The Night King is the Covid, it's climate change, it's wars, it's asteroid falls.
In Westeros there are people who don't believe in White Walkers, and even when given proof of their existence, they act for their best interests above all else. Yes, it is very realistic.
The Long Night is a message of hope for humanity, it is the idea that by uniting we can overcome hardships. A kind and positive message from Fantasy, which seems flat next to the great philosophical and moral themes.
The Long Night is also a satire.
We are going to dive even further my dear reader, hang on.

Nymeria should have eaten Arya. Bran saved her.
Once upon a time, Little Red riding hood and the big bad wolf, in winter, in a forest, met again...
There is no magical bond between Arya and Nymeria in the series. The beginning of the scene is a real horror scene. The scene ends with a mystery. Impossible to solve before the mystery that followed.
"- I'm going now.
- Go where ?"

Melisandre sacrificed the Dothraki cavalry
The Dothraki are powerful in the open fields. The tension is high, the whole army of the good guys is waiting for the army of the dead. Melisandre arrives, ignites the swords, triggering the charge of the horde, galvanized. Davos' gaze is the only terrified one in this scene.
No one would have given the order, and the army of the dead would have crushed the motionless cavalry. Melisandre did what was necessary, sacrifice the Dothraki, to allow the final victory.
"- Valar morghulis.
- Valar dohaeris."

Willys couldn't hold the door
No one could. Hold the door by being eaten alive by frozen zombies. Everyone would have left the door. Bran's rescue must be through this door. What is old Three Eyed Raven doing with Bran in Winterfell ? The Night King is coming, there is no time to lose, Bran must be saved. Time may be just an illusion, there may be enough time in fact. It's the old man who makes Hodor.
The last act of the multiple life and multiple temporalities of the old Three eyed Raven is to save Bran, and he does it, by making a Hodor, able to hold the door.
"Listen to your friend, Brandon."

No elephants
We wanted to see the elephants. We wanted to see circus games, gladiators and lions. We wanted our big, glorious, epic battle.
The moral of the bells is that war is not a game, war is disgusting and out of control. End of recess.
"I wanted those elephants."

Bran stopped Drogon from killing Jon
In HotD, Vhagar explained to us that a dragon could kill a Targaryen and take revenge easily. And Bran has a long reign allowing him to watch again, and again, and again, the death of Daenerys and the death of Jon Snow. Maybe with enough training and experience, he could act...
"What kind of person climbs on fucking dragon ? A madman ? Or a King ?"

Daenerys could have children
"- I can't have children.
- Who told you that ?
- The witch who murdered my husband.
- Has it occurred to you she might not have been a reliable source of information ?"
The witch tells Daenerys that she cannot have children, and so Daenerys believes her, and does not try to have children. The prophecy is true, only because Daenerys believes in it.

Arya died during The bells
Everything collapses around her, it's the black screen. Arya is dead, and yet gets up, in the middle of the corpses. Nothing that could have saved her is visible.

White tree and black tree
The staging of the mystery. These are clues. One side visible, one side hidden.
There are symbols and codes in this series. The branches, the stones, the shadow and the light, the candles, the columns, the prison, the Y, the X... and maybe others...

Bran destroyed the symbol of absolute power, using the real absolute power
The throne is the symbol of absolute power, and Drogon is a dragon, absolute power physically. Drogon wanted to avenge his mother and kill Jon Snow. It is Bran who destroys the throne, not Drogon. Bran is the guardian of absolute power, he's the keeper of this story.
"The boy who fell from a high tower and lived… He's our memory. The keeper of all our stories."

The death of Missendei
A lifelong slave, Missendei dies like Ned Stark, like a great lord of Westeros. She is a miniature metaphor of Daenerys, starting from nothing with nothing, she falls to the top. With a good heart, she gives up in the face of adversity and her last word will be "Dracarys", merciless revenge. She is the slave who brings down queens. And Gray Worm is the slave who brings down kings.
"The things we love, destroy us every time."

Arya died in the forest
"You're not supposed to be here. No one is supposed to be here."
Bran saved Arya in the forest... the second time. He says it: "I thought you might go to King's Landing." Arya reunites in Winterfell with a Bran who hasn't seen her cross paths with Nymeria. So it's not "this" Bran who saved her, but Bran from the Long Night. The reality that we discover is a second temporal reality, like the reality with Hodor. And so... Arya first died in the forest. The first version of Little Red Riding Hood has no hunter. Nobody was there the first time to stop the wolf.
When Bran gives the dagger to Arya, it's the second try, the second and last chance.
"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."

Dany's suicide
At the start of the bells, there is a conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys. It's the mourning of Missendei and Rhaegal, and yet Daenerys doesn't talk about it. She is fixated on Jon Snow's secret, facing a Tyrion unable to understand the problem. It is the misunderstanding between the tragic archetype and the comic archetype. The symbolism in this scene is the suicide of Dany, the innocent young princess with a good heart, and only the legend will remain.
"- But it doesn’t matter now.
- No. It doesn’t matter now."
It's very hard to explain, I put you the link of the post where I analyze this scene:

Arya & the Waif
"Haven't we been through this already ? That won't help you."
Arya killed The Waif ? Are you sure ? Probably. Did The Waif kill and replace Arya ? Probably too...
The scene of their duel ends in mystery and tension, which will never be completed. At the end of GoT, Arya is still in an uncertain state, alive or dead, we cannot know. It is the same uncertainty as the death of Syrio Forel. It's a Schrodinger's cat. Arya is quantum physics, a free electron. 50% alive 50% dead. The symbol is visible in Arya's final shot, the tension is still there, the mystery too.
Arya's ending is the direct reference to Carpenter's The Thing ending, it's the mystery that's scary.
"- Well, what do we do ?
- Why don't we just... wait here for a little while... see what happens ?"
Here a post that explains the logic with more details:

Lies, Time and Cinema
How to film time and time travel, how to represent different realities, how to stage the invisible ?
“We're all astronauts, really, aren't we; interstellar astronauts, travelling so far into the blackness we can never return.”
GoT shows the lies and hides the truth. "Today is not the day I die." "I am not here to be queen of the ashes." "The past is already written. The ink is dry." Beautiful punchlines, beautiful lies.
GoT's time travel is not the "What happened is always happened" like in Lost, 12 monkeys by Terry Gilliam, or the variant in Final Destination by James Wong. This is the theory of time from The Butterfly Effect, from the same film by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber. Theory of time respected in Source Code by Duncan Jones and also in the Avengers Endgame by Disney. It's the same theory used in Back to the Future by Robert Zemeckis, without the paradoxes.
Infinite time loops are also possible with the butterfly effect theory, which is what happens to Ashton Kutcher's father in the movie. Bran isn't trapped in the loop, it's Hodor. If Bran breaks the loop, he dies, so he can't modify it. Hodor has always been Hodor to Bran and to the viewer. But not for the time traveler, not for the old liar.
Bran is the time traveler, he is the only one who has seen the previous realities. We, poor spectator not omniscient, we saw the last reality. Arya quietly traversing a forest filled with ferocious wolves, the all-too-easy victory of the Long Night, and Drogon burning an iron throne.
"- I'm going now.
- Go where ?"
No more climbing Brandon. But Bran keeps climbing, and doesn't fall, unless someone pushes him. Don't try to alter the past, Brandon, you can't. But Bran keeps going...and doesn't fall...unless someone pushes him. Like Cathelyn Stark, the old Three eyed Raven wants to protect Bran, and the world. Because altering the past is a very dangerous game. But Bran does not fall.
"It means I can see everything. Everything that's ever happened to everyone.
Everything that's happening right now."
Bran learning to partly control a dragon. It must have been years of training and failed attempts. The little boy from the tale facing the dragon on the mountain of the gods. An endless fight.
It's like in the manga All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, adapted as a movie with Edge of Tommorrow by Doug Liman. Except that here, in this story, it's Jon Snow who dies, again and again.
Jon Snow is like Prometheus, who gave fire to humanity, the savior, who is condemned by the gods to be devoured by the dragon every day, and who is reborn every day.
"I fought, I lost. Now I rest. But you, Lord Snow, you'll be fighting their battles forever."

The White Horse
Arya died partly in a cave in Braavos, Arya died once by Nymeria in a timeline, Arya was protected by the God of Light, and Arya died during the bells. Poor Arya. And who saved Arya at King's Landing ?
Those who have the power to make black screens ?
Divine light and camera flare. A small, subtle technical exit from the diegesis, the revelation of the world above. The White Horse gets killed at the start of the battle, and magically reappears at the end, like a too visible Deus Ex-Machina. Like the magician's white rabbit, which disappears and reappears at the end of the trick. This white horse is the materialization of the true gods of this universe: The creators of the series. Arya dies during the bells, black screen, and the creators perform yet another Arya rescue. The white horse is the god of illusion, revealed at the end. It is this same white horse that brings Tywin Lannister to Harrenhal one day earlier than expected, and saves Arya and Gendry. This same white horse that magically appears to allow Daenerys to make her speech of liberation from the unsullied. The white horse is magic in GoT, it is the tool for gods interventions.
"There's plenty of pious sons of bitches who think they know the word of god or gods. I don’t. I don’t even know their real names. Maybe it is the Seven. Or maybe it’s the old gods. Or maybe it’s the Lord of Light. Or maybe they’re all the same fucking thing. I don’t know.
What matters, I believe, is that there’s something greater than us."

The Starbuck cup
Do you really think this stuff was forgotten ? The gods make their cameo in the universe of GoT, come to party among mortals, like Zeus or Aphrodyte among the Greeks. They left an artifact of Olympus, of their true world, on the table.
And as Daenerys began to slide into madness, the people of the kingdom of the gods of GoT also began to slide into madness, furious at D&D for daring to disrupt Westeros' heroes party.
The white horse is a hole in the 4th wall. The Starbuck cup is the destruction of the wall.
It's the satire on the consumer society. Satire on the way we consume stories and mythologies. If we pay attention to moral lessons, or just to "cool" scenes.
"It's not even about the gods. It's about you."

And so begins this story...
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2023.03.30 15:19 jordaette Could this be a deity?

I had a strange dream, where my s/o cheated on me, I got very hurt, and somehow was able to transform into a small dog. I ran away, and someone tried to capture me, but birds (I can't remember what kind) helped me escape the man, so I returned home and this is where the interesting things come in. As I walked towards the front gate of the garden, there where several crows, and everything felt very powerful. As I reached the gate, there was someone in a black cloak, with a hood on, I couldn't see her face. She opened the gate, and inside, our whole garden was sort of withered, dark. The whole thing was ominous. She then said "There is no returning if you enter now. Are you sure you want to do this?" i said yes, to which she answered "I will protect you then. If you need my help, pray to the rye goddess". I entered and the crows all flew in with me.
When I talked to my s/o about this dream, he asked if it could be a deity reaching out? This made me think, and the only one I could think of is Demeter, as she is associated with wheat and somewhat the underworld. Could it really be her? Or does this dream even mean anything?
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2023.03.30 15:18 ExchangeBeginning593 Tabula Rasa, 30-Mar-23

Match Stipulation Result
Clint Macstop v Imagon v Epic v The Earthquake Battle Royale Link
The Shadow & The Plague v Ace Matthews & Crowley Tag Team Link
Dano C (c) v Jackson v Joaquin v Desperado v GSP v Rafael Elimination Chamber for the HardKore Championship Link
Red Hot (c) v Chase Keller v Jerron Finch Triple Threat for the WWC Championship Link

We discover that following last week's instalment of Thursday Night Mayhem Dano C was arrested for the consumption of alcohol in Riyadh and only released recently when Red Hot arrived to clear things up.
The Alliance are seen arriving in a yellow limousine along with an apparent new recuit - Joe the (ex) cameraman! Red Hot spots Joe and has him escorted out of the building.
A montage plays showing Macstop impersonating each of his opponents in the Open the Show Challenge. Imagon doesn't like it, and Desperado hands him a hat to help him prove who he is.
A new superstar is in the GM room finalising a contract, and Red Hot agrees to throw him in at the deep end and include him in tonight's elimination chamber match for the HardKore title.
Red Hot comes out to the ring to confirm the match card for the evening.
Imagon is surprised to get another match against his rival The Earthquake, this time in a battle royale.
A purple video package plays over the titantron, with Epic setting his eyes on taking down Macstop.
Clint Macstop v Imagon v Epic v The Earthquake
Epic scores his revenge! Macstop came so close to finishing his Open the Show Challenge in style but the purple one didn't give him the satisfaction and squeezed him out in the end!
Desperado takes the time to sign some autographs for the fans, for a fee of course.
The Shadow & The Plague v Ace Matthews & Crowley
The camera follows an intense Trent Jackson as he makes his way out to the ring for the elimination chamber match - can he recapture the gold he lost to Dano C last week?
Dano C (c) v Jackson v Joaquin v Desperado v GSP v Rafael
Under the HardKore 24/7 rules GSP had the title for one minute 25 seconds, but it is Trent Jackson walking out of here HardKore Champion once again!
Rick Cole catches up with Chase Keller before his WWC title match, finding the Texan in an ice bath.
A montage begins to play.
My Way by Limp Bizkit begins to play as Cole's distinct voice cries out "Jerron Finch has done it! He is the inaugural WWC Champion, after beating five other superstars in the battle royale!"
~YOU THINK YOU'RE SPECIAL...~ Highlights of Finch's reign are briefly shown, before we see GSP hit Red Hot with a pedigree. "And there we have it, winner of Battle of the Brand, and Number One Contender - GSP - GSP is going to New Year Old Problems to face Finch for the gold!"
After showing Finch's form decline and GSP picking up pace their title match is shown, and GSP walks out of the pay-per-view with the belt. "New Champion! New Champion! GSP has done it!"
The music briefly pauses as Red Hot is shown coming to the ring "WWC universe, I come bearing bad news" he begins as he announces Mr Golds' accident and that until further notice he will be in charge. "Don't you worry, I have some ideas."
~CHECK, CHECK OUT, CHECK, CHECK OUT MY MELODY~ The song resumes and Finch fails to regain form whilst issuing a rallying cry for justice. "I thought I knew how much of a no good son of a bitch you were Red Hot, but even now you surprise me! I guess this is how its going to be ... but in the meantime, I'm going to run right through you and this guy whos wearing my belt!" Before Breaking Point Red Hot announces himself the new Number One Contender, dismissing Finch's rematch claims.
Red Hot defeats GSP at Breaking Point and takes the belt, and the screen cuts to the final two of the Royal Rumble. "It's Finch and Keller, the final men! This is it! This is Finch's time! If he wins the rumble he gets his rematch!"
~JUST ONE MORE FIGHT AND I'LL BE HISTORY...~ The fight goes on and it is Chase Keller that wins. "Keller did it! The new Texan has come in and shook up the existing order! Stand aside Finch, there's a new face of the company!" Keller jumps into the air, punching wildly "They said a lone star could never come out on top, yet here I stand!"
Red Hot declares "Until I've concluded my research ... there will be no challenges for the WWC Championship!" ~THIS TIME I'MA LET IT ALL COME OUT~ Keller defeats GSP with a vicious Deadswift. Another match is shown in which Keller and Red Hot defeat GSP, just for Red Hot to turn on Keller after the match. He roughly beats him down and slides him into the ring for GSP to join, pedigree-ing the lifeless Keller. As GSP brings a chair and Red Hot holds him in place it is Jerron Finch that comes to the rescue, KOing GSP and seeing off Red Hot.
Mr Golds' face is seen on screen whilst Finch and GSP are in the ring - " ...that means next week at Tabula Rasa Chase Keller is fighting Red Hot for the WWC title! But that's not all ... The winner of this match will get their rematch, and join Red Hot and Chase Keller in a triple threat match for the belt at the main event of Tabula Rasa!"
Finch and GSP fight hard as the music reaches it's climax, ~SOMEDAY YOU'LL SEE THINGS MY WAY~ and Jerron Finch lands the Twist of Fate to seal the victory.
As the song reaches the end Cole can be heard screaming over the outro "He's done it! Jerron Finch has finally claimed his rematch! His long pursuit of this match since losing the belt at New Year Old Problems is over! Sometimes the good guys do win!" ~CHECK OUT MY MELODY.~
Fade to black.
Red Hot (c) v Chase Keller v Jerron Finch
"Keller has got the belt! He's done it! He beat Red Hot, he beat Jerron Finch. The terminator from Texas is going home the WWC Champion!"
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