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2023.03.31 08:11 ThrowRAselfdestruct I, 23M ended a perfectly good relationship with my gf who's 22F for what feels like a mental problem and fits a pattern i desperately want to break out of....

hey, i understand this isnt the typical post here, but ive been in about 6 relationships that all never lasted longer than 2 months. i always mess things up by either saying something rude, going one joke too far, being too forward or being too distant or i just randomly get nervous like things are going too well and break it off immediately. my last relationship i broke up with a perfectly good pretty nice kind hearted girl for absolutely no reason, i just woke up one morning felt like shit and just told her i didnt like her anymore and to move on in one simple text and blocked her. later recieved a voicemail from her saying "i used her" (which i didnt use her for anything). anyways i struggle with bipolar depression and i grew up in a really bad family dynamic, my mother resented my father as he "forced her to quit her job to raise us" so she would always talk about how she threw her life away to rot at home to raise my sister and i for us to turn out like shit, and that marrying my father was the worst mistake of her life. ive never once seen my parents hug in my entire life. the arguments were daily, loud, and often violent. i dont know, im very up and down emotionally, happy one minute wishing i would die the next minute, and the worst part is i always instantly regret the breakup i thought was a good thing in the moment, and feel shitty about the lonliness again when its 1 AM and im drinking/smoking to numb my brain from the regrets and desired death and have nobody to talk to and nobody that gives a damn (i have very few friends). but i dont know i feel like i turn cold on people fast, like i dont trust a good relationship ever, and the thought of marriage scares me because its the commitment to someone you think you love in the moment only to grow to resent eachother over time and spit venom at eachother every day like my parents did. i know its irrational since im a completely different person than they are, but i guess im deathly afraid of ending up as miserable as they are, and having a kid who grows up the same way i did. i guess my question is, how do i learn to be more comfortable in a relationship and how do i enjoy the present moments more without paranoia?
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2023.03.31 08:06 jhncclo 26 [M4M] oh no!

Friday, wake up, give me a cigarette. Everyday I feel the same, stuck and I can never change. Sucked into a black balloon. Got bubble wrap around my heart, waiting for my life to start. I haven’t lived life, I haven’t lived love. Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope. I’m living dead. Enough with the drama (LOL). Looking for someone who can drink/hangout with me at midnight. I want to drink until I ache, I wanna make a big mistake.
About me: 1. Taurus (Stubborn) 2. Lives in BGC 3. 5’10 4. An Acquired Taste 5. Average Body Type 6. Not Femme, Not Masc 7. Fashion Guy 8. Weird and Out of My Mind 9. Delusional 10. Loves Lana Del Rey/Lady Gaga/Kim Petras/Caroline Polachek/Rina Sawayama
About you: 1. Not Scorpio or Gemini 2. Lives around Manila 3. 5’7 or taller 4. Spontaneous 5. Average Body Type or Skinny 6. Can be Femme or Masc 7. Into Fashion, Arts, Films and Music 8. Crazy 9. Also Delusional 10. Gentle and Sensitive
Hit me up if you think we clique! We can drink tonight around BGC or Makati. You can message me here or on Telegram. My handle is @Jhncclo. See ya!
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2023.03.31 08:06 0y0_0y0 How likely is it that my second flights gets delayed too, so I make my connection?

Original itenerary: AA 2193 5:15 am Tucson 9:26 am Dallas/FortWorth
AA 1786 11:00 am DFW 12:47 pm Nashvilla (BNA)
I got notified an hour ago that my first flight has been delayed (due to weather) and the new times are: 6:45am Tucson 10:56am DFW
If I arrive literally 4 minutes between posted arrival and departure then I'm going to miss my flight - unless there's some miracle. It should be noted that 2193 is assigned to gate A22 and 1786 should depart from A23. Next to eachother. If I had any more time, I would try to make it.
The thing is I'd really like to get in to Nashville earlier, and the next flight is four hours later. What do we think the odds are that my second flight gets delayed, too? Should I just suck it up and change to the later flight? They offer one free change. I don't want that flight to fill up and have to arrive even later.
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2023.03.31 08:05 StepwiseUndrape574 Another exciting possibility for GTA 6 is the inclusion of more advanced weather and environmental effects

Another exciting possibility for GTA 6 is the inclusion of more advanced weather and environmental effects, including more realistic lighting, water, and weather patterns. Fans are hoping for a game that feels even more immersive and dynamic than any other game in the series.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.31 08:04 givingowner It's a win-win

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2023.03.31 08:02 AbMavruke Cake YouTuber accuses me of lying/hate for saying Mohammad married Aysha when he was almost 50

Cake YouTuber accuses me of lying/hate for saying Mohammad married Aysha when he was almost 50
BakeMyDayMimo made a YT short / TikTok about the massive age gap in her marriage, so I didn’t bring this up out of nowhere. This was my original comment “Muslims are not allowed to question a marriage based on the age gap or age of the woman because Mohammad married a 6 year old when he was almost 50 so it will sound like you have a problem with what Mohammad did which is a big no no in islam and of course punished by death under sharia” and she responded as you can see saying she doesn’t know where I am getting this information 😭😭 idk from Bukhari and Muslim. I had to post this here because they make me feel crazy sometimes.
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2023.03.31 08:02 Waste_Percentage7000 Everyone told me I would get into at least one T20... Heading to my safety (not that unhappy but still disappointed)

Note: I actually posted another one a few months ago (this one is just more detailed), but I changed my common App a bit and decided to re-post. This also happens to be a semi-comfort thing.
Intended Major(s): Biological sciences (pre-med)
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Bio Research with professor (actually performed experiments at the lab)—published on two journals as co-author (2nd and 3rd). Presented on one international conference and accepted to another. Was writing first-author paper.
    1. Note: basically, the professor loves taking on students and he chooses one every year to be a part of a research team and I was chosen. Umm... became disappointment personified but oh well.
  2. Writer—published book on Amazon (through actual, certified publisher). Self-published five more books by the time of submitting my app
    1. Note: This is very embarrassing but the self-publications were... *cough FF *cough I would like to point out that I had over a million views total
  3. Art Teacher Assistant + art—Not at school; it was at an academy. Basically I helped teach around 50 students. It was like a job that wasn't really a job because I wasn't exactly paid; I just happened to be really close with the teacher. I also included that I did art as a hobby
  4. Volleyball (Captain)—I was in the varsity volleyball team, but I also was in another youth team that competed in national tournaments (I was captain there). Also, bunch of awards for volleyball.
  5. Art clubs (officer)—I only included one club my early rounds, but later decided to include all the other ones that I was a part of. They're all clubs that revolve around publishing art/writing.
  6. Summer Scholars @ Notre Dame—Cancer biology research. Basically, I panicked junior year and applied to the first summer program I found (it was so freaking expensive what the heck). BUT I would like to say that the experience was worth it; I genuinely learned so much in two weeks.
  7. AI Development Company + Apple Development Program Intern—The AI Development Company worked on the AIs and sent them to me (and a few others) to see how it worked. We would test it in various ways and send reports/reviews. It seems simple but I spent so much time on this thing.
  8. Global Health Leaders Conference @ Johns Hopkins—Did it for two years because I liked it so much. Honestly, there wasn't much I did here, but I guess the experience was kind of worth it.
  9. NHS + Other clubs—Also included only NHS my early round, but decided to include some other volunteering clubs I was a part of (volunteered at soup kitchens, animal shelters, tutoring places, etc)
  10. Tutoring—Tutored underprivileged Vietnamese children (like 30) in English and a few from my school (around 5). I tutored in chemistry and biology to kids in my school.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. International: Presenting (virtually) at an International Conference hosted in Paris, France as a keynote speaker Created presentation with abstract
  2. International: Invited as keynote speaker to another International Conference in Japan
  3. National: Art Award (20 selected in nation) issued by the gov.
    1. Note: I do not live in the U.S. This art award is something I am 100% sure no admission officer would know about, but trust me when I say it's prestigious
  4. National: Art Award (10 selected?? From my age group) Got money for it, but didn't include it on my Common App.... I don't know why.
  5. National: Art Award Physical art competition (not submitted). Pretty selective.
Letters of Recommendation
I didn't read them so... I don't know.
Counselor (10/10?) Literally came to tell me that the recommendation he wrote for me was the best one he's written for the entire class
Math Teacher (8/10?) She's super nice and we talked a lot with each other.
English Teacher (9/10?) We talked a lot I suppose.
Note: the counselor reads over all the recommendation letters and makes sure that they're good.
n/a except for duke which was just... the most basic thing ever
Personal Statement: Decent. Not bad. Everyone that read it says it was strong (nothing about it was controversial)
Supplements: Again, nothing bad, nothing good.
I would like to note that my Brown supplements were so good... like they were REALLY good. Everyone complemented them, and they were the only ones I was genuinely happy about.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Limited to 12 applications.
Additional Information:
Gave more information about my first extracurricular
My two cents:
If I took a guess as to what went wrong, I would say my essays. HOWEVER, they were not at all bad. No red flags at all, in my opinion. Or perhaps it was my AP scores, but I was told they don't matter much... so I don't know. Perhaps it was just me being unlucky. Or perhaps I just wasn't as strong of an applicant as I believed myself to be. I shot my shot, and it didn't work out. It happens I guess.
I love my safeties and they're all affordable. I understand the main goal of a pre-med is... to not go to medical school with debt, so there we go. But while I do love them, it does feel a little disappointing.
To be honest, the worst part is the disappointment of others lol.
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2023.03.31 08:01 weluvmusic Beatport Top 100 Trance Tracks: March 2023

Artist: VA Genre: Trance Album: Beatport Top 100 Trance Tracks: March 2023 Year: 2023 Number of tracks: 100 Playing time: 11:20:33 Audio file format: MP3 Sound quality: 320kbps Size: 1.5GB
  1. John Askew - Aces Hi (Extended Mix) [8:19]
  2. Eelke Kleijn - Transmission (Armin van Buuren Extended Remix) [6:04]
  3. Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Andrew Rayel & Achilles Extended Remix) [3:45]
  4. Ruben Karapetyan - Meteorite (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [6:29]
  5. Sean Tyas & Abstrakt - In The Dark (Extended Mix) [6:41]
  6. Ben Gold - I'm In A State Of Trance (Extended 2023 Edit) [6:11]
  7. David Forbes & Paul Denton - Bang (Extended Mix) [5:35]
  8. Rank 1 feat. Shanokee - Such Is Life (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Remix) [8:24]
  9. Allen Watts & Rene Ablaze feat. Cari - On My Way (Extended Mix) [6:33]
  10. Kenny Palmer - Temple Of Storms (Extended Mix) [6:05]
  11. Roman Messer & Alex M.O.R.P.H. - CYBERIA (Extended Mix) [5:31]
  12. Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor - Found (Roger Shah Uplifting Extended Remix) [7:55]
  13. Nicolas Menicou - What's Left Of Me (Extended Mix) [6:22]
  14. Stowers & Cooper feat. That Girl - Us Against The World (Extended Mix) [7:41]
  15. Sneijder - In And Out Of My Life (Extended Mix) [5:43]
  16. The Doppler Effect & Carol Lee - Beauty Hides In The Deep (James Dymond Extended Mix) [8:10]
  17. Factor B & Arielle Maren - Connected (Lostly's Change Of Season Remix) [7:16]
  18. Daxson - Who We Are (Extended Mix) [6:19]
  19. Solarstone - Leap Of Faith (Allan Morrow Extended Remix) [7:26]
  20. BiXX - Anthems Of Life (Extended Mix) [6:30]
  21. Aly & Fila x Chapter 47 x Richard Bedford - Edge Of Tomorrow (Extended Mix) [8:57]
  22. Ashley Wallbridge & John Weber feat. Bodine - Flashing Lights (Robbie Seed Extended Remix) [5:51]
  23. Talla 2XLC & Alpha Breed - Missing Link (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  24. Kaimo K vs. Cold Rush & Katty Heath - Here I Am 2023 (Extended Mix) [7:46]
  25. Dan Miles (US) - Away (Extended Mix) [6:47]
  26. Lostly & Jetason - Start A Fire (Extended Mix) [6:24]
  27. Alessandra Roncone - Unkonsciousness (UNK23 Anthem) (Extended Mix) [7:27]
  28. Talla 2XLC - Phenomena (Extended Mix) [6:14]
  29. Nikolauss - Rewind (Extended Mix) [6:38]
  30. Roger Shah & JES - New Horizon (Extended Mix) [7:51]
  31. Paul Clark (UK) - Bedlam (Extended Mix) [5:22]
  32. John O'Callaghan feat. Josie - Out Of Nowhere (Connor Woodford Extended Remix) [6:58]
  33. DIM3NSION - Funktionlust (Extended Mix) [6:58]
  34. York & Taucher - Infinity (Patrik Humann Extended Remix) [5:29]
  35. Man With No Name - Teleport (Save The Robot Remix) [8:16]
  36. Bryan Kearney & Karney - Compromise (Original Mix) [7:09]
  37. Talla 2XLC & DJ Tandu - Velvet (Talla 2XLC Extended Mix) [7:06]
  38. BT & JES - Every Other Way (Adam Ellis Extended Remix) [8:53]
  39. Christian Millan - Ella (Yoshi & Razner Extended Remix) [7:53]
  40. K90 - Breathe (Venetica Extended Remix) [6:37]
  41. Sean Tyas & Cari - Anywhere (Extended Mix) [9:03]
  42. UDM - Melodia (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  43. Driftmoon - Addicted To Love (Extended Mix) [6:44]
  44. York - The Awakening (NRG Trax Extended Remix) [5:46]
  45. Obie Fernandez - Gliding (Extended Mix) [7:06]
  46. LÜRUM feat. That Girl - Fall Or Fly (Extended Mix) [6:55]
  47. BarWall - Light In The Tunnel (Extended Mix) [6:47]
  48. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Conscious Mind (Extended Mix) [5:53]
  49. Mark Sherry & David Forbes - Galvanizers (Extended Mix) [5:54]
  50. Steve Hill & Technikal - Another Chance (Extended Mix) [7:02]
  51. Dreamlife & Aleksey Gunichev - In Search Of Myself (Extended Mix) [7:51]
  52. David Elston & Elle Mariachi - Higher State (Extended Mix) [7:04]
  53. Ronski Speed & Lucy Saunders - Calm Before The Storm (Ferry Tayle Extended Remix) [5:57]
  54. Amos & Riot Night + Adrian Boland - So Far Out Of Reach (Extended Mix) [7:58]
  55. Danny Eaton - The Vision (Extended Mix) [7:05]
  56. Dan Stone & Sarah Mark - Paralyzed (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  57. ReOrder - L'amour Et Moi (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  58. Markus Schulz x Paul Oakenfold - Pendulum (Extended Mix) [6:14]
  59. Maywave - Revolt (DJ Version) [7:30]
  60. Mark L2K & Norman Van Thee - Beyond Our Earth (Extended Mix) [6:43]
  61. Richard Durand & Christina Novelli - Fall Through The Earth (Extended Mix) [7:42]
  62. Lisa Louder feat. JODIE POYE - Safe Place (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) [6:59]
  63. Prism - Alchemy (Focus FL Extended) [7:06]
  64. Steve Brian - Cali (Extended Mix) [4:38]
  65. Andrew Peters - Evolve (Extended Mix) [6:59]
  66. Basil O'Glue & Nomas - Mission (Original Mix) [7:22]
  67. Maarten De Jong - Bamboo (Extended Mix) [5:52]
  68. Cosmic Gate & Gid Sedgwick - Emotions Of Colour (Extended Mix) [8:10]
  69. SØNIN - Affection (Extended Mix) [5:56]
  70. The Elite - 5 Seconds To Terminate (ADM Extended Remix) [7:38]
  71. Kenny Palmer - Raven Hill (Metta & Glyde Remix) [7:15]
  72. Claas Inc. - The World's Monster (Extended Mix) [6:11]
  73. Marco V & Vision 20/20 - RI/OT (Extended Mix) [5:42]
  74. Mike Zaloxx - Tranceaxxion (Extended Mix) [6:10]
  75. Maratone & Lyd14 - Heart By Heart (Extended Mix) [7:01]
  76. Dylhen - Mind Rewind (Extended Mix) [7:34]
  77. Alphed Le Cornett & Dropper Vampire - Closer To Heaven (Extended Mix) [5:45]
  78. TrancEye - Uriel (Ben van Gosh Extended Remix) [6:19]
  79. Mark Sherry meets Smith & Brown - Tambores De Carnaval (Extended Mix) [6:02]
  80. Peter Miethig - Metropolis (Extended Mix) [7:06]
  81. Adam Taylor & Tara Louise - Life (Extended Mix) [6:45]
  82. Frank Dueffel - Atardecer De Eivissa (Extended) [7:48]
  83. MuenX - Promise (Original Mix) [6:18]
  84. Allan Berndtz & N-sKing - Boost (Extended Mix) [5:09]
  85. Kiki Solvej - Royal (Original Mix) [5:33]
  86. Deepcry - Alpha (Original Mix) [7:49]
  87. Something Good feat. Yotto - Rhythm (Of The Night) (Extended Mix) [6:36]
  88. Hide & Seek & Jan Johnston - Because Of You (Extended Mix) [7:04]
  89. Ciaran McAuley & Audrey Gallagher - If This Is How It Ends (Stoneface & Terminal Extended Remix) [6:12]
  90. Alan Morris & Elixus - Come With Me (Extended Mix) [5:48]
  91. Racoon - Elements (Original Mix) [7:31]
  92. RNX & Matter - Underwater (Extended Mix) [8:00]
  93. Alex Wright - Awestruck (Extended Mix) [7:11]
  94. Dominant Space - XTC (Original Mix) [6:34]
  95. Elite Electronic, Dmpv & Anveld - Sumeru Sunrise (Extended Mix) [5:41]
  96. Victor Special - Arc Of Love (Original Mix) [7:55]
  97. Philippe El Sisi & Smaz - Better Off As Lovers (Extended Mix) [6:24]
  98. Mind Of Us - Behind Her Eyes (Facade Remix) [9:12]
  99. Frank Spector & DIM3NSION - 1000 Miles Away (Extended Mix) [6:21]
  100. Cubicore - Bifrost (Extended Mix) [6:31]
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2023.03.31 07:59 hermione888 Lease renewal

I'm a first time renter so this is probably a bit of a silly question but I am currently 6 months into a year lease on an apartment and I'd really love to renew my lease for another year at least. I'm wondering how I should go about letting my property managelandlord know. Do I wait until my lease ends or can I let her know that I'm looking to renew now? I know it's a bit silly but I'm a very anxious person and Im just wondering what sort of social etiquette applies here and what will give me the best chance of getting to stay.
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2023.03.31 07:57 zombieasuicude22 Just started

Watched the first 6 episodes and I had to stop because my face hurt from laughing so much, I'm shocked it took me this long to find this show and I'm so happy I did.
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Pros -the light tickets are you much (I owe $600+ since 9/22) -insurance to much -maintenance to much -parking is to complicated (I have a garage spot but would love to turn it into a home gym!) -no car payment -No more going out and spending money I should be saving (!!!) -walking is healthier -you can have anything delivered nowadays Cons • can't work from home, but can apply places that are closer and can use uber -my doctors office is far and I also have a kid, what about medical emergencies (but again uber?) -weather sucks and walking to store might not always be a good idea Anything else? What are some issues you've ran into and didn't think of?
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2023.03.31 07:56 pewisamood Hot take: part 6 is over hated

I don’t understand why people dislike part 6. I liked the lupin vs Holmes which is a great concept and witch and gentlemen for trying something new. I loved how each connected slowly. It had some cool ideas and examined the gangs relationship by the final episode something I can’t remember seeing done really well since Mamo and first contact. I can’t say I like part 5 from what I’ve seen this appeals way more to me with the creative elements serialized but also episodic story. I see people constantly hate on this show when in actuality it really isn’t that bad. But that’s just me. I have loads of personal gripes about the fanbase and how it’s evolved but I don’t think I’ll say much. What do others think of part 6
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2023.03.31 07:55 Great_Proof3860 To new things🤙

To new things🤙
My new obsession
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2023.03.31 07:55 Parsnip Diamantenhände 💎👐 German market is open 🇩🇪

Guten Morgen to this global band of Apes! 👋🦍
The news seems to have slowed a bit heading into the close of another week in the GME Saga. The SHFs continue their attempts to drive the price down, with the borrow rate creeping upward again. There is a fresh push to make people question the effectiveness of DRSing and holding shares on the books of ComputerShare. However, there is nothing that is going to change my excitement for the future of GameStop.
Thank you all for your continued participation each day!
Today is Friday, March 31st, and you know what that means! Join other apes around the world to watch infrequent updates from the German markets!

🚀 Buckle Up! 🚀

  • 🟩 15 minutes in: $22.35 / 20,53 € (volume: 54)
  • 🟩 10 minutes in: $22.34 / 20,52 € (volume: 6)
  • ⬜ 5 minutes in: $22.34 / 20,52 € (volume: 6)
  • 🟥 0 minutes in: $22.34 / 20,52 € (volume: 6)
  • 🟩 US close price: $22.50 / 20,67 € ($22.39 / 20,57 € after-hours)
  • US market volume: 3.47 million shares
Link to previous Diamantenhände post
FAQ: I'm capturing current price and volume data from German exchanges and converting to USD. Today's euro -> USD conversion ratio is 1.0886. I programmed a tool that assists me in fetching this data and updating the post. If you'd like to check current prices directly, you can check Lang & Schwarz or TradeGate
Diamantenhände isn't simply a thread on Superstonk, it's a community that gathers daily to represent the many corners of this world who love this stock. Many thanks to the originator of the series, DerGurkenraspler, who we wish well. We all love seeing the energy that people represent their varied homelands. Show your flags, share some culture, and unite around GME!
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2023.03.31 07:54 starmydisaster I think I was wrong to get pregnant again

I am a woman (22F) I have a partner (34M) I met him when I was 16, I got pregnant when I was 17 and had my first child at 18, I was a young woman with no experience, even what they call nowadays being a child at that age, he was my first time at everything after escaping from a very abusive home, he was a very bad partner, he hit me, insulted me and was unfaithful at one point, when I was diagnosed with bipolarity, my youngest son ( 4M) was diagnosed with brain damage in the broca area, which was going to prevent him from having a development like that of any child, at least not like that of a normal child, at the end of last year I got pregnant, I was using contraceptives at that time and all the time after having my son, I collapsed, when I saw the positive test I made a really disgusted and worried face, my partner on the other hand seemed happy (I blamed myself for that until now) because he knew that being sick, having a sick child and a very unstable economic situation was a terrible idea, I cried a lot and thought about ending the pregnancy, I even asked on the internet in help groups specialized in that. I didn't have the courage to end the pregnancy, I talked to my partner and he seemed to have changed in terms of all the violent behaviors, honestly at this point I was thinking of ending the relationship when my son was older and didn't need so much help, this ruined all my plans, adding the fact that I am not married to my partner despite having been together for 6 years, this pregnancy has been very sad, with suicide attempts and a lot of depression, I have tried to put everything aside and take care of my baby, take the Necessary medicine, look for things like clothes, a crib, go to get studies and ultrasounds. I have done everything alone, even when I found out that I would have another baby boy, I was alone in the gender reveal, no help from my partner's relatives or from my partner himself, I talked to him and told him that I wanted him to be a pregnancy different from the first, where I spent crying and suffering all the time, besides having another baby I thought it would be even more difficult to leave it since I have no help, no family, I do not hate the baby I have in my womb, On the contrary, I love him as much as my son too, I just hate the situation I'm in, I have a partner who doesn't love me, doesn't care for me and seems to have no interest since he found out he was a boy, I've given him years of my life, my virginity, care and feed this man for years, he only seems to hate me more and more, I really want to die at this point, only my little son It is the only one that keeps me going, I have no dreams or hopes and I feel dead in life, I am trapped in a relationship without love, without trust and with the thought that he will probably leave me as soon as he is satisfied. I can't forgive myself for bringing another baby into this relationship knowing that it will probably be growing up in a loveless relationship between his parents, because he will never let me keep either of them.
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2023.03.31 07:52 jakobrockon630 Aly & AJ: "With Love From" Set List 2023

[Oakland, CA March 30, 2023]
Started at 8:00pm, on stage at 9:05pm
Open to Sometihng and that Something is You
With Love From
Pretty Places
Love You This Way
Talking In My Sleep
Take Me Out
[Crowd work]
In Your Dreams
Into the Sun
Don't Need Nothing
Potential Breakup Song (!!!)
[Crowd work]
Slow Dancing
Like Woah
On the Ride
[Crowd work]
Tear The Night Up
Break Yourself
Personal Cathedrals
After Hours
Way of Nature Way of Grace
Into The Rush
Ended at 10:38pm
[Encore] Blue Dress
6 Months of Staring Into the Sun
Full ending 10:52pm. Amazing set design, wonderful performance!!
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2023.03.31 07:52 HarsH_DA_TrolL How would you guys rank Goodbye and Good Riddance?

Juice’s first album, in my opinion was his finest work. literally all of the songs on it are so good and this is my personal ranking of the songs.
  1. All Girls are the Same
  2. Used to
  3. Lean Wit Me
  4. Candles
  5. Wasted
  6. I’ll be Fine
  7. End of the Road
  8. Lucid Dreams
  9. Armed and Dangerous
  10. I’m Still
  11. Scared of Love
  12. Hurt Me
  13. Black and White
  14. Long Gone
Literally so many of the songs past number 5 are interchangeable with one another, just goes to show how damn good this album is.
What are your personal rankings of the songs of this album?
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2023.03.31 07:51 ramyagr AITA for asking my husband and BFF to not drag me in the middle of things?

My husband and best friend get along. I've known my best friend for 12 years now and husband for 6, married last year. But they both want me to do what they want (I am a people pleaser) and expect me to choose between them when events clash. I love them both but I can't choose one over the other neither do I know how to say 'No'. I've asked them both to not drag me in the middle and make me "choose" but both are head strong and will not let things go. I've tried talking to them individually, but have ended up with anxiety and panic attacks because neither are ready to listen. Am I the asshole for not being able to choose? Am I expected to choose the husband or the best friend over each other every time?
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2023.03.31 07:51 Letmeplsyou4 25 M4A femboy looking for jo buds 💕

Looking for Str8 or curious fit guys who don’t mind having a sissy jo buddy. Let’s be dl friends, and jo 💕 fit or slim guys ONLY pls.
I’m 5’6, slim fit, 140 lbs and smooth. Love wearing lingerie/stockings or dressing up 💋
I can host in downtown. Have pics to share and I’ll respond with mine. Message me if you’re down!
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2023.03.31 07:49 StepwiseUndrape574 Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to add-on content,

Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to add-on content, but the latest in a long line of leaks suggests Rockstar might be taking a bit of a different approach for the long-awaited sequel — splitting up parts of the game to repackage as DLC.
The rumor comes from established Rockstar leaker Tez2, who says Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently targeting a release in holiday 2024 “which has been pushed back multiple times.” Tez2 adds the game may be pushed back again, into to 2025.
Furthermore, Tez2 claims Rockstar is considering breaking up the game’s content into post-launch DLC, to ensure the game can meet a release date. If GTA 6 launches in 2024, it will be a whopping 11 years since the last release in the franchise.
This wouldn’t be an unprecedented move from Rockstar, considering the approach the studio has taken with GTA Online, incrementally releasing massive updates and new story content. Notably, however, GTA 5 didn’t feature any additional story content, just updates to the Online portion of the game.
GTA Online GTA Online has managed to stay relevant for a decade with consistent updates, and it makes sense Rockstar would pivot to that same approach to single-player content.ROCKSTAR Taking this approach would let Rockstar more easily hit whatever internal timeline is established for GTA 6, and provide a road map of content to make post-launch more appealing to players. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this kind of rumor has been brought up by Tez2, as last August the leaker reported GTA 6 would “expand over time,” adding on new cities after launch.
The easiest approach would be to create content that ties into both the single-player and multiplayer aspects of GTA 6, and creating new cities in-game could do just that. New locations could be fully playable in the online portion, while also adding on hand-crafted stories and missions. This would allow Rockstar to continue the overwhelming success of GTA Online, while story content could help attract new players or those that might not care to engage with multiplayer.
This tactic of splitting up elements of the game as DLC is something Nintendo has been using for years, to great success. Mario Strikers: Battle League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Nintendo Switch Sports, have all seen scheduled add-ons for new content, even years after their initial release. At this point, it’s not clear how much of a live-service element there will be for GTA 6, but this Nintendo-like approach would allow Rockstar to retain players who are primarily interested in single-player experiences.
GTA 5 Although GTA 5 never received single-player DLC, Rockstar’s director of design said in a 2017 interview the studio would “love to do more single-player add-ons for games in the future.”ROCKSTAR Nintendo stands apart from other developers, though, in that typically these updates are free or bundled with a Switch Online subscription. It’s a smart move, as games like Mario Strikers, which would typically have a very short shelf life, suddenly provide players with more of a reason to stick with it for the long haul. It also allows Nintendo to continue to sell its older, first-party titles with minimal discounts.
There’s no video game property in existence bigger than Grand Theft Auto, and a report in 2020 estimated GTA Online made a staggering $600 million in 2019. Even in 2023, it continues to hold an enviable place in the sales charts month after month. The popularity of GTA Online has only continued to increase over the years, and that mainstream success is exactly what’s poised to make GTA 6 such a massive success.
Breaking up content into DLC lets Rockstar bring GTA 6 back into the conversation every six months, year, or whatever release timeline suits the studio and the community best. Seeing a big GTA 6 update in a State of Play or other presentation will likely bring thousands of players flocking back to the game, and considering GTA 5 and GTA Online are still alive and kicking a decade later, it’s easy to say Rockstar is hoping for lightning to strike twice with GTA 6.
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2023.03.31 07:48 Korommia Expanding The Way Of Digital Marketing Transformation, Meta/ WIMI Seize The AR Commercial Opportunities

Expanding The Way Of Digital Marketing Transformation, Meta/ WIMI Seize The AR Commercial Opportunities
Despite setbacks in 2022, Meta still saw sales of $116.6 billion.
Recently, Alex Himel, vice president of augmented reality at Meta (META), talked about an unprecedented deal, saying that Meta wants to advertise in Metaverse. Using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the company plans to monetize Metaverse through advertising.
Meta plans to launch its AR advertising business
Alex Himel Expected to generate higher revenue per user by combining selling virtual goods with optional add-ons (such as cloud backup and AR advertising).
Himel is particularly bullish on advertising in Metaverse, saying: " It's easy to imagine how ads appear in space when you wear AR glasses, and our tracking conversion rate can be close to 100%.”
Can AR advertising be accepted in the field of view? The success of AR advertising may also depend on the type of advertising. In any case, the development of AR technology will soon make all this a reality. Meta caught the "business business" in the field, which was never seen before.
Looking back in the past decade, with the improvement of chip, 5G and other technologies, AR track once again set off a boom. AR, namely augmented reality, through multimedia, three-dimensional modeling, real-time tracking, intelligent interaction, sensing and other technologies, the computer generated text, image, 3 D model and other virtual information simulation, applied to the real world, so that the two kinds of information fusion each other, so as to realize the "enhancement" of the real world.
China Merchants Securities expects that the global AR / VR industry space will reach nearly 2 trillion yuan by 2025. IDC forecasts that the AR market will grow at a five-year CAGR of 70.3%. The Qianzhan Industry Research Institute expects that the compound growth rate of the domestic AR industry market will reach about 78% from 2022 to 2027. According to reports from several professional institutions, the AR industry is already on the eve of an outbreak.
Why did AR rise? It is inseparable from the improvement of products and experience of AR manufacturers, among which the improvement of easy usability and display ability of AR products is the core. Nowadays, with the AR industry entering the "acceleration belt", the AR industry chain has formed a full chain ecosystem of the upper, middle and lower reaches, including hardware, software, content and application. In the past two years, China's digital economy has developed vigorously, with breakthroughs in 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies accelerating, driving the development of a number of AR software and hardware enterprises, and AR applications have also gradually been accepted by the consumer market.
WiMi Hologram Cloud expand in AR digital marketing
According to the data, the first holographic AR WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) focuses on Metaverse, XR, advertising, cultural tourism, digital marketing and other cutting-edge industries, and its holographic cloud platform presents cutting-edge technological achievements in various aspects, as well as some emerging technologies such as AIGC and ChatGPT have been deeply explored. WiMi Hologram Cloud Adapt to the development of The Times, actively explore the era and business issues, plan the future value of new technology, new business, new model, and work with the era of AR dramatic innovation under the road of light!
It is worth noting that, different from advertisements on mobile phones, TVS and computers, AR ads are ubiquitous and can exist in the 360 space around users, which means that advertisements can be combined with games and more easily accepted by people. Even AR now provides an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to connect with their audience, a win-win situation that will lead to higher sales and customer satisfaction.
According to the data, the first holographic AR WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) focuses on Metaverse, XR, advertising, cultural tourism, digital marketing and other cutting-edge industries, and its holographic cloud platform presents cutting-edge technological achievements in various aspects, as well as some emerging technologies such as AIGC and ChatGPT have been deeply explored. WiMi Hologram Cloud Adapt to the development of The Times, actively explore the era and business issues, plan the future value of new technology, new business, new model, and work with the era of AR dramatic innovation under the road of light!
It is worth noting that, different from advertisements on mobile phones, TVS and computers, AR ads are ubiquitous and can exist in the 360 space around users, which means that advertisements can be combined with games and more easily accepted by people. Even AR now provides an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to connect with their audience, a win-win situation that will lead to higher sales and customer satisfaction.
Specifically, WiMi Hologram Cloud moves the offline retail experience to online, bringing immersive and interesting AR shopping effect, which can allow the upper body to experience AR virtual clothing, accessories and cosmetics. Or home AR application, consumers can view the effect of furniture display in their own home. Some brand advertising campaigns in WiMi Hologram CloudAR can bring virtual product experience to consumers. Although the purpose is advertising and marketing, the interactive experience is interesting and provides consumers with a fresh way to interact with low-threshold products.
For the future prospects of AR industry, consumers always have a certain demand for it. Frankly, WiMi Hologram CloudAR technology, including AR solutions will help advertisers gain insight into the adoption of AR ads. AR was once just a concept in science fiction movies. Now WiMi Hologram Cloud can create more business opportunities for advertisers based on AR, which will have a continuous impact on the subsequent brand marketing and product sales. With the rapid development of AR core technology, WiMi Hologram CloudAR technology will be used in office, design, engineering and other fields in addition to entertainment.
To Sum Up
With the advent of the Metaverse era, it is increasingly expected that augmented reality (AR) technology will potentially improve the convenience of daily life and the productivity performance of the industry. The opportunity for AR advertising lies in innovation, where advertisers and manufacturers can have different forms of content from traditional advertising. More importantly, the advertising content needs to fit the characteristics of AR hardware and software itself, encourage consumers to actively experience advertising, the effect will be better than the direct output of advertising information. And this is the current digital technology in the digital marketing way on a new upgrade.
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2023.03.31 07:45 Msrules14 @Financial Planners - Career Advice

Hi Financial Planners,
I hope this message finds you well. As someone who is interested in exploring a career in the financial planning industry, I would love to learn more about your journey and your insights into the industry. For background, I’m a final year accounting student expecting to graduate end of this year.
I have a few questions that I believe you would be able to provide great insights on:
  1. What made you want to transition from accounting to FP?
  2. From my understanding, the career path in FP includes Graduate, Paraplanning, Senior Paraplanning, Financial Advisor etc. Is this the typical path? If so, approx. How much experience/time is required in each of these positions?
  3. At what point did you need to do a diploma in FP (transition from accounting) to progress in your career?
  4. From my research, I can see that almost everyone does their graduate diplomas with KLAPN, is there a reason/benefit for this?
  5. How are clients allocated when working at a firm (William Buck, Findex, BDO etc)? How does this impact compensation/remuneration?
  6. Have you thought about starting your own practice/business? What are the implications for this? Are there any restrictions (legal or not) that prevent you from having your own practice whilst working at a firm? (obviously other than burnout ;)
  7. Do you think you are fairly compensated for the work you do? Is there strong career progression in FP?
  8. Would you say the industry is growing? Any risks or concerns posing a threat to your work?
  9. If you were to start again, would you do a grad program or do you think it makes more sense to apply for another position to get relevant experience?
  10. Any advice for someone like myself trying to break into FP?
I would greatly appreciate it if you could take some time to share your experiences and insights on these questions.
Thanks in advance!
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