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2023.03.21 22:30 Real-Ad-2765 Is this normal?

So a bit of a random question. We have family friends with a nearly 3-year old. We don't see them often, but were talking to them recently and they were complaining that their 3-year old went from previously sleeping from 7-7 to waking up at 5:30AM. To deal with this, they got him one of those "okay to wake" clocks/lights where he's supposed to play quietly until the light says it's "ok" to come out at 7AM. Our first question was, why not just put him to bed later? This was followed by some eye-rolling, and so we didn't get into it any further.
Later, we found out that he's also no longer napping, but has a 2-hour "quiet time" alone in his room instead of a nap.
So, by my calculations, he's spending about 26% of his waking hours alone in his room. Is this a normal modern parenting approach?
For context, we have a relatively low-sleep needs 18-month old, so we've just sort of adapted to always having them around, as we don't feel like they're old enough for independent "quiet time".
Just hoping for some perspective here - I feel bad for the kid, and would never say anything, but was just wondering if my gut feeling is off the mark.
Thanks, parents!
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2023.03.21 22:30 FeelSexy How badly did I injure my shoulder?

23M, 177cm 72kg. Works out frequently. Currently on 1mg finasteride daily.
I was doing an overhead press today when I started feeling sharp pain in my left shoulder. doesn't feel like it's a muscle, feels much deeper than that on the top/front side of the shoulder(might be the joint?). however, I was able to complete the rest of my workout with little to no pain.
8 hours later, it still hurts but ONLY when I lift my arm about 45 degrees to the side. raising my arms to the front and back feels pretty okay and I can still do pushups, pull ups, and chin ups with pretty much no pain, just some discomfort probably caused by me constantly rubbing the area.
clearly I need take a few days off from training my upper body but how serious is this? should I see a doctor or can I just take a week off and it'll get better?
thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 22:29 WonderfulBack8542 Anyone else really scared of setting boundaries with people?

I'm scared of setting boundaries and saying no, because in the back of my mind I can't help but doubt my right to do those things. I'm scared of being self-centered and hurting other people's feelings unintentionally. I'm just generally scared of actually being in the wrong without knowing
My brain knows that everyone has the right to set boundaries and do right by themselves (e.g. saying no when someone is asking to see you because you don't want to/are too exhausted to socialise) , but my feelings say otherwise. I'm just scared of being an asshole without realising😭
I think I'm pretty okay at noticing when I've offended someone, but then again how would I know if I actually have but didn't pick up on it😩 Most of my friends and family are people who don't necessarily like to bring up or point out things that bother them, because they don't want to make it into a big deal (this might also be a cultural thing). I've had friends who have just stopped inviting me to things without a word instead of telling me why they stopped wanting to spend time with me
I've recently been trying to build my confidence and put my foot down sometimes instead of agreeing to everything and doing everything I can to be as unintrusive as possible (I'm a people pleaser🧎‍♂️I can't handle rejection) but it's very very difficult sometimes. I can't stop getting anxious about it and thinking that I'm being really cold and horrible to people and the right thing to do would to just do what they want me to
Is this relatable to anyone? How have you dealt with this? Some peer support would really help
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2023.03.21 22:28 ImamotherUser Is it okay to sell a diamond given by one's mother in law?

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2023.03.21 22:28 Schoubye Using ChatGPT to guess Mark Rosewater's teasers

I've used chatGPT to try and guess some of the cards hinted at by Mark Rosewater.

Legendary creature - Elder Giant Dog:
One Elder Giant Dog from the Magic: The Gathering universe lore is Fangren. Fangren is a legendary creature that belongs to the creature type "Dog" and the subtype "Beast." It has an impressive 5/5 power and toughness and the ability to regenerate, which means that if it would be destroyed, instead, it is removed from combat and all damage is removed from it, making it very difficult to get rid of. Fangren first appeared in the Mirrodin expansion set.
Okay, slightly confused but he got the spirit. Pretty sure Fangren is not a specific creature, more a race.

A creature capable of dealing eleven poison counters
In Magic the Gathering lore, there is a creature that is capable of dealing 11 poison counters, and that is Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon. Skithiryx is a legendary dragon from the Mirrodin Besieged expansion set. It has a power and toughness of 4/4, with flying and infect, meaning that any damage it deals to creatures or players is dealt in the form of poison counters.
Additionally, Skithiryx has an ability called "Pump", which allows you to pay black mana to give it +1/+1 until end of turn. With this ability, Skithiryx can deal a total of 11 poison counters if it is pumped with black mana.
Maybe some version of Skithiryx with a limited pump ability? Probably more likely with a new Colossus imo.

The tenth __ & __ sword:
"Sword of Secrets and Shadows"
Honestly a very good guess

A legendary creature returns not seen since Homelands
One legendary creature from Magic the Gathering that has not returned since the Homelands expansion but is still feasibly alive in the story is Grandmother Sengir.
Grandmother Sengir is a powerful vampire and the progenitor of the Sengir bloodline. She was featured on a card in the Homelands set and has not been seen since. However, her bloodline continues to be a significant presence in the game's lore, with her descendants being featured in numerous sets, including the recent Innistrad: Crimson Vow set.
Although Grandmother Sengir has not been confirmed to be alive in the current storyline, it is entirely possible that she is still alive and exerting her influence behind the scenes. The Sengir bloodline is known for its longevity, and it would not be surprising if Grandmother Sengir were revealed to be alive in a future Magic the Gathering set.

A transforming token
I don't have the ability to predict the exact details of upcoming releases. However, based on past transforming tokens in the game, it's possible that the transforming token in the new Phyrexian expansion could represent a creature that undergoes a transformation, possibly from a non-Phyrexian creature to a Phyrexian creature, to reflect the theme of Phyrexian corruption and assimilation.
The transforming token could take the form of a double-sided card with the non-Phyrexian creature on one side and the Phyrexian version on the other side. Alternatively, the token could be a special artifact token that represents a Phyrexian machine or device that transforms a creature into a Phyrexian creature. Ultimately, the exact nature of the transforming token will depend on the creative direction of the expansion and the specific mechanics and themes that the designers choose to explore.
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2023.03.21 22:26 jayareil Googling in online tournaments?

I got absolutely murdered by one particular cross in this week's Boswords puzzle. I was thinking that it would have gone so much better if I had just looked up one clue, then it occurred to me: could I have done that? Is that considered OK in online tournaments? I don't see any actual rule about it, but maybe it's just assumed that you won't. I don't know if I would have but damn, the temptation would have been there. Would have saved me at least 300 points.
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2023.03.21 22:26 AbdulazizUgas We must Destroy, Abolish and Eliminate Psychiatry from the face of The Earth

One of the biggest things that frustrates me about psychiatry, is that it makes our Precious and Invaluable lives, trivial.
Ever tell a psychiatrist, nurse or their team about a certain side-effect you may be experiencing? Often, the response is one of indifference, and mock-sympathy. And when I say mock, its the fact that they are not truly--in anyone shape or form--that heavily invested in our well-being; despite the very premise of this Evil, Sickening and Damaging industry being that they are here to supposedly help us with our minds, and "problems;" PROBLEMS, that they often have been inflicted on us, by these very same criminals.
I personally will never tolerate, and think it to be okay, to tie an individual to a bed, Chemically sedate them--and then tell them in the politest way possible, upon waking up traumatized: "A doctor will be here to see shortly." Ofcourse, after we've been forced into their hospital outfits: Even our clothes, are stripped bare from our bones. But losing individuality, and self-expression is but the least of our problems. What I am truly frightened of us, my cognitive-functions drastically slowed down so that I may always be tired, lethargic; tolerable, suddenly complacent with no drive, motivation or JOY. I am numb, I am fed-up, and the world still spins, still goes on without so much as a care about my declining health, and those of the many patients around the world, forced to unwillingly take mind-altering drugs that change the very fabric of our being and who are.
Yesterday, when I'd been casually browsing Instagram; I'd come across a video of Supermodel Gisele BÜndchen dancing happily, her enigmatic smile, radiant and joyous. I'd opened the comment section, thinking that there'd be just as delightful feedback, commentary at her dancing, and perhaps, her obvious beauty as well: but no, there was a whole world of outcry; people felt personality attacked, it seemed, heated and frothing at the mouth, due to perhaps what could be described as both self-hate and jealousy. I am proud of this woman and her success, but the point I am getting at is here: While some of us our bed-ridden at times, developing all sorts of world-shattering and devastating side-effects that are literally wreaking havoc on our lives, even DEBILITATING some of us; some are getting riled up about a random woman, dancing. This really puts into perspective for me, how some people's lives are so easy-going, that they are blind to the suffering of the millions right in the nook and cranny, of their own fellow-citizens.
We are made to be second-class citizens. My psychiatrist in particular even telling me that; "We are essentially taking away your basic human rights," Oh thank you for further enlightening me on my circumstance and unfair treatment. I've lost my some of my health, my dignity and within me rages a storm that will some-day let loose; creating chaos, and global awareness of the horrors that happen in mental "Hospitals." I am quite unsure of how the medical world, the actual sciences truly functions; but I've lost all faith in a subject I once loved: Psychology. As a teen I read thick-textbooks on the subject of the mind; read article after article on Psychology Today. I was intrigued by the mind. But anyone who is on the other side of this proverbial fence; the one's who aren't the patients; have a more, sugar-coated, comfortable position; their world of psychiatry is not the same as the horror we have had the misfortune of experiencing. I mean, these people, are literally profiting and making a comfortable living and salary; from our continued suffering.
Some of the side-effects of the medication I'm on (Abilify) are immensely uncomfortable, debilitating and progressively damaging the longer you're taking taking this pharmaceutical; but one of the most horrifying of these side-effects, is, Suicidal ideation. Imagining someone taking their life, and ending their very existence, because something someone had forced them to unwillingly take. That is called RAPE; yet everyday, people have to endure this unfair circumstance. I myself, never thought of suicide until I was put on Abilify. In fact, I would never end my life, because I love myself too much; but the numbness, lack of emotion and extreme physical fatigue, dramatically lowers my Quality of Life, to the point I lost sight of what's important and of my goals, dreams, ambitions. And these very goals I'd just mentioned, help me to End the Crime Against Humanity that is known as Psychiatry:
Why did I mention Gisele BÜndchen earlier? Because imagine for a moment a Supermodel worth a mind-boggling $400 Million having had the mistreatment and history of Forced Psychiatry. I am 28 years old right now, and By age 30 or 31, I plan to move to New York; find a well-established and respected modelling-agency; network; expand my Instagram presence; get my story, face and MIND recognized by the masses. I practice Yoga, Swimming, Dancing, Weight-Lifting, Run in the warmer seasons; and walk endlessly about town; a true daily marathoner: Why am i telling you this? Because my efforts, and continued self-discipline to be at my very best, and slowly but surely improve; will not be wasted. I will further develop my mind's sharpness by reading books, practicing drawing and learning random new things; an article of knowledge here, an article of wisdom there: Its the small, incremental progression that adds up to a lot.
I will walk the world's best and most coveted Fashion shows; artistically displaying luxurious fabrics, designs and clothing made by fellow artists and Fashion Designers. My walk is both elegant, and powerful; neither feminine nor masculine; but like the sheer power of a lions gait; purposeful, precise. I am angry, even when I am happy; and I will use this as fuel, to come alive further, to embody the lion's majestic, and strong presence. When a potential job declines me; no worries, I will not sob, cry and feel rejected; but politely say my farewells; and onto, the next potential job offering; This is New York, after all; jobs are aplenty. I just have to get there first. I just have to save $20,000 first; which is why I will likely start at age 31, still young and in my prime, and not at age 30: I need security and a safety net, for when I first get to New York, and for times where I am not book jobs. Slow days and weeks are possible. As you can see, I am driven, and I have a goal.
Each of us are an integral part to end this lack of respect for the sanctity of human lives; to take advantage of people, at their most vulnerable; is sadistic and immensely sad. Think of the domino effect; a chain-reaction emits with the fall of one Domino, cascading down. One individual, can have a big impact. Think Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Aristotle, Bruce Lee; they will forever be known through-out human history and have had a big impact on society and the world as we know it. Often, most of the individuals I'd mentioned had overcome and experienced a lot of strive, struggle and challenges; but they used that to be heard, and have a voice. And I too, will get there some day: through Modelling, Acting, Writing, and anything else that may come along this life journey, devoted to raising awareness of The Evils of Psychiatry.
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2023.03.21 22:25 ricvrdx Sukuna’s CT

I’ve been thinking since Yoruzu asked Sukuna to use Malevolent Shrine when fighting her. I’m not going to add on to theories about Sukuna’s CT being related to his tattoos, but more about how some oddities stick out. I want to preface this by saying I have no clue how to read or speak Japanese so I mainly rely on the unofficial and official releases of the chapter’s translation.
Two things stick out to me about Sukuna’s CT: 1. When his initial CT is revealed it was never stated to be CTs but a slashing attack. 2. Yoruzu referring to Sukuna’s CT as Malevolent Shrine, which was introduced to us as his Domain Expansion
  1. I know that the translations can easily be mistranslated and all the other things that go into translating a language into another one. I think his slashing ability could just purely be a Cursed Energy property (Hakari jagged energy, Kashimo electricity for example). I don’t think it’s completely out of the realm of possibility for a sorcerer of high caliber to add a trait to their Cursed Energy. Sukuna states to know the truth of Jujutsu which I can assume allows him to use another technique outside his ‘innate’ one. I’m pretty many of us seen the theory about how Malevolent Shrine stores CT so this idea would be mainly backpacking off one of those many theories.
  2. Why would Yoruzu ask Sukuna to use his DE when she realizes he’s using Megumi’s CT? I can’t imagine Yoruzu goading the King of Curses to use his DE when it’s been stated multiple times that the sorcerers from the Heian period love the thrill of a fight so why would she potentially want to end a fight so soon before it’s even started ? Since Yoruzu is Sukuna’s stalker fan, I’m pretty sure she has some good intel on Sukuna, even how Uraume cooked humans and other animals for Sukuna. So I can’t wrap my head around why she would asked. for a DE to be used so early on in a fight she’s waited over 1000 years for.
Malevolent Shrine is Sukuna’s CT and his DE allows him access to other CTs (very original i know).
P.S : Im at work right now and I typed this while taking a break so sorry if it’s not as concise as it needs to be
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2023.03.21 22:25 MasonCricketon I'm not sure what to do with my time off anymore

So the past few months I've been very excited to go on a trip to visit some friends during my spring break. I used that anticipation to help carry me through really difficult periods in school. But there was an emergency with my friend at the last minute. It sounds like things will be okay with them which is a relief, but based on what I know, there is a good chance my trip will be cancelled (im still waiting to hear). So i have this entire week with nothing but my own thoughts to hangout with. I sucks because i only get 1 vacation period a year to do what i want to do and this was going to be my first vacation without family on my case stressing me out, which means i would have ACTUALLY relaxed and enjoyed myself. Summer and Christmas i always have to give up to visit home and family. There is very little to do where i live. A different friend suggested i go on a day trip to the city by myself. I was going to, but i realized i had very little money to work with. I don't want to dip into my savings because i don't have much of that left. Also, i don't like being by myself of the outing is supposed to be for fun. It just makes me feel kinda lonely. So idk what im supposed to do now. I dont want to spend my break bored and miserable again, but i also dont see what my options are.
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2023.03.21 22:24 Inky_fingeys Quick question. How do i get the nifty lil brand picture on my name? 😅

Ive seen more than a few sporting Pilot and Lamy ones. Lil pics of the company logo by their name. Any clues how to do that?
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2023.03.21 22:24 Jazzy_Jane250 I'm falling for my FWB. Do I ask him to make it serious?

It's time to get serious kids. I'm in a predicament. But to help you fully understand, we have to go back a bit. I, 19 female, am a University Junior, but I skipped a bit of school, so it's only my second year on campus. Last year, my first, I was SA'd the second week of school, and it has left me struggling with trust and intimacy. I was homeschooled by my Math teacher mother growing up, so I never really had a high school relationship, but every situationship I had been involved in left me hurt and this only added to my trust issues.
This past summer, I started hanging out with a new friend group as a way to emotionally reset from my really difficult year. (I had a serious stalker, a car accident which left me concussed for almost a year, a good friend of mine passed away, and a few other pretty rough things occurred.)
Immediately joining this friend group I fell in love with the vibe. They were all definitely rowdy party kids all a couple years older than me, but extremely laid back. It was mostly comprised of the Men's Ultimate Frisbee team and a few other random kids who knew them from other things. They were immediately so inclusive and fun to hang out with, taking me on river floats, inviting me drinking and to play hours upon hours of party games. Nobody took themselves too seriously, and if you know anyone who plays ultimate frisbee, you know the vibe.
When I started hanging with this group, I got kind of causally involved with one guy, 20 male who we'll call Weed, who everyone warned be against, but I was naive and he gave me attention. One of the other guys, 22 male who we'll call Trojan, became particularly concerned for me. As shit started to hit the fan with Weed, Trojan was always there to take me for a walk to help me process everything and ultimately, I broke things off entirely with Weed after I drunkenly gave him a piece of my mind from attop a table on my 19th birthday that the guys threw for me. (AKA I told him he had a tiny dick and that the best birthday gift he could give me would be to leave.) Trojan gave me the space I needed but made me aware that if I ever needed anything, he'd be there.
Over the course of the next term, (Fall) Trojan and I became best friends. We talked constantly, sent each other hundreds of TikToks and reels on instagram, we'd go on late night McDonald's runs and watch Star Wars movies at 1am on week nights just for the hell of it. We realized how scarily similar we are, which sounds cliche, but it's true. We aggree on almost everything, and have nearly identical senses of humor. The only difference being I'm a bit more jaded than he is. I started causally seeing someone who wasn't part of the group, and Trojan started dating a girl from the next town over, but we remained as close as could be. As the end of fall term rolled around, we spent hours upon hours studying taking breaks to watch How I Met Your Mother, one of the shows we both love. It was on one of these late nights at his house that we were taking a study break, curled up on his heated blanket on his bad that he suddenly turned to me and asked, "You wanna make out?" Knowing he had a girlfriend, I snorted laughter and said, "Nope" and he seemed a little hurt, but laughed it off assuring me he was totally joking. about a week later, we were at my place, and I stood up from the couch where I had fallen asleep with my head on his shoulder to get a drink of water when all of a sudden he stood up and kissed me. I was too shocked to move, and when he pulled away, all I could think to say was "Isn't this a bad idea...?" and he said, "I dont think it is", and kissed me again. This time I pulled away and was like, "Wait, slow down, dont you have a girlfriend???!!" And he said, "No I ended it a few weeks ago. I started to feel things for you and didnt want to feel guilty about wnting to test the waters with you." I wasnt sure quite how to react so I just told him it was a bad idea and we sat back down and for the rest of the night we pretended like nothing happened. When he finally went home around three am, we texted about everything, and he caught me up to speed on the situation with his ex, and he apologized for kissing me so out of the blue without warning. He said he made a mistake and was embarrassed and sorry, and I was just so confused but assured him that it was okay, I was just blindsided and obviously because he hadn't told me he and his girlfriend broke up, I'd be confused when he kissed me.
Thus began almost three months of us being closer than ever, but with me insisting that nothing was going to happen. We'd spend hours texting, an hours of him trying to make me see how we'd be perfect together. And the thing is, he wasn't wrong. And I wanted to just throw every caution to the wind and go for it, but I was also terrified. He was one of my best friends and I was scared that with my PTSD from my SA, and my years of trust issues, that I'd ruin my favorite friendship by making it sexual. He insisted that we didn't have to make it serious, that we could keep it casual and be FWB until we wanted to take it further. I'd just roll my eyes and explain why it'd be too complicated, and eventually winter break rolled around. He went home to California to visit his family, and I stayed here because I live at home in a converted garage studio apartment at my parents'. Over the break, we started face timing each other at night to keep each other company, and it wasn't unusual for us to get high together and talk for hours. It was on one of these nights that I got a little more high than I had before and my filter entirely melted away. I admitted to having some sexual dream about him at one point, and we edged into a more sexual conversation. The next day I was frazzled because I let myself move in that direction, but part of me was excited and giddy.
When he got home from the break, we made an excuse to spend a night together, got high again, and watched movies. We ended up sleeping together, and that was it. We talked about it, and decided to be non-exclusive friends with benefits (For my benefit, so I wouldn't get anxious.) Ive never been in a relationship and wanted to take things slow, and although he wasn't thrilled with the idea of staying so extremely causal, he agreed, just happy I had finally let him in. I was happy too. I had convinced myself that I was annoyed with his persistence, but the entire time I had been subtly encouraging him, almost as if I needed to see if he'd really stay dedicated, and he did. Since then, it's been a firey passionate fling, spending more nights together than not, and having some of the best sex of my entire life. We get each other, and we're still good friends, which has made it my my favorite situationship yet. I've been happier than ever with him.
This past weekend was St. Patricks day, and I spent the entire weekend with him. We had been keeping it a secret, sneaking around and denying everything which only added to the excitement, but this weekend I was too drunk to defend myself when all of our friends started talking about how they knew. Trojan wasn't around because he went with some of our other friends to a bar on St. Patrick's day, so I was left to figure out what to do. But drunk, and weary, I gave up on denying it. Trojan had already told me that people had figured it out and that it wasnt a secret anymore, but it wasn't until that friday night that I realized that pretty much everyone knew. But heres the thing. I wasnt actually unhappy about it. I pretended to be annoyed, and rolled my eyes at it, but I was secretly really happy every time they'd say "Why did you keep it a secret? You know we all love him and think you'd be great together." The whole weekend Trojan was super kind too. We weren't over the top with the PDA in front of everyone, but he'd bring me glasses of water when he'd see me stumble a little, or he'd sit me down and make sure I was eating. He made me hot chocolate, rewarming it when it got cold, and held me every night as we fell asleep. It was so wonderfully comfortable even with everyone knowing and I started to feel that glowy feeling of falling for him. All of our friends noticed how he was taking care of me, and they'd give me this look as if trying to tell me I should just date him, but here's the problem.
We've been friends with benefits for a few months now, and he's talked about how he's told his family he's just having fun right now, and all that, and at first I figured it was just to make himself feel better that I wasn't letting him make it official, but now I'm scared that maybe he does just want to have fun right now, and asking to make it more serious might ruin what we have right now. Additionally, he's about to start a six month internship in another town, so I'll only see him on the weekends. (No, for everyone who's gonna ask, it's not the town with his ex.) I think I'm falling for him but is it a bad idea to start a relationship semi-long distance? Right now I see him almost every day, we go to the gym together multiple times a week and spend the night together regularly, and all of that is about to change. I just want to be able to look at him when we're together and tell myself, "Damn. That one's mine." I'm just really scared because neither of us are big relationship people, so is it better to just be best friends with benefits, or risk it all and see what could be?
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2023.03.21 22:23 Dismal_Advantage_388 Testosterone cypionate and liver function

I just switched to cypionate from compounding cream (and gel before that). The gel had been working fine - too well even at one point so that I had to cut my dose.
I originally switched to cream when I got a new job with insurance that did not properly cover the gel. For the four months I was on it, my testosterone levels apparently slowly tapered down to about 100 (was more like 600 before).
I just happened to get this test before my annual checkup, and my doctor instantly implicated the cream, saying he knows it to be worthless. I'm a little preplexed by this, as I've seen plenty of anecdotal reports on Reddit and elsewhere that the creams work fine. This has me wondering if the local compounding pharmacy's cream is a scam. But that's a question for another post.
Not a full 24 hours after injection I started getting relief from problems I either didn't realize I had developed or didn't attribute to low t - as far as I know right up to the test the cream was working just fine.
Now 4 days after first injection I feel great. I was thrilled to welcome the injections into my life - they actually work unlike the cream and are dirt cheap on my insurance.
However I randomly stumbled on a potential issue that concerns me - the possibility for liver dysfunction.
I know most responses are going to pile on the "testosterone does not harm the liver or raise enzymes" - and most likely you are right! About straight testosterone, that is.
Dig a little deeper and you will see that cypionate is NOT pure testosterone. It has extra chemicals bonded to it that your liver has to chop off before your body can make use of it. This is what slows the absorption and metabolism of cypionate and makes it a viable treatment. If you injected pure testosterone, you'd probably have to inject every few hours to maintain something resembling normal, steady concentrations (okay I pulled that figure out of the air; I don't know how much more often you'd have to inject. But it would be more often)
I basically just want to gather some anecdotal evidence about how liver enzyme levels have been affected in other cypionate users. I have had elevated enzymes in the past and also have a mass in my liver that was diagnosed as a large hemangioma (basically a big, MOSTLY harmless birthmark in the liver). Such a diagnosis is never 100% certain without a biopsy, however.
Liver levels were normal in my most recent test maybe 5 months ago and I'd like to keep it that way.
So... How are your liver enzymes on cypionate?
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2023.03.21 22:21 TempJustforToday I (M25) find myself uncomfortable with the idea of being involved in sexual situations in which I derive pleasure from. Any advice as to how to look at things differently?

So I've lurked here for a bit, couldn't quite find any advice for a situation like mine and so I made this throwaway account and am making this post.
Sex is cool in theory. The intimacy and connection it can provide between partners is beautiful, plus it is meant to feel good. However, thinking of myself in sexual situations makes me deeply uncomfortable. It isn't sex as a whole, but rather the idea of myself deriving any pleasure or physical enjoyment from it. I love the idea of pleasuring my partner and being there with them on an emotional level. Whether that be performing oral, massaging them, using my hands or toys or whatever, all of that is fine. But the idea of having any part of my own body touched and stimulated in any way by another person makes me nauseous. I end up demonizing myself for even thinking about finding enjoyment from it, like it would make me a terrible and selfish person for it. It just feels like I'd be using them, like I'm getting something I don't deserve from someone who probably doesn't want to be there. Which then makes things that would make us both feel good, like PIV sex or anal with another guy (I'm bi), feel like a contradiction. I want to make them feel good in ways that they would like, but the act in question also involves my own pleasure, which then makes me feel awful and thus would make me not want to do it.
When searching for discussions of situations similar to mine, I saw posts about people wanting to take time to just exclusively focus on their partner's body and making their partner feel good, from an outside perspective that is sweet as hell and I would encourage that. But the thought of a partner wanting to focus on my sexual wants and needs just seems so foreign and strange, in turn making me feel anxious and nauseous. From the perspective of the person giving, I completely understand. So I just don't understand why my thoughts and feelings immediately shift negatively when I put myself in the perspective of the receiving partner.
From a logical standpoint, I know this way of thinking is bullshit. I know that it doesn't make sense for me to think like this. Overall I consider myself a very sex-positive person barring this one issue, I can masturbate just fine and feel no guilt, I think and feel that it is completely normal and okay to have sexual thoughts and desires as well as to act on them between consenting adults. It's just this one thing makes me feel ill.
I have never been in a relationship (just never really let myself pursue one i guess). And while I am not at all bothered by that fact, nor by the fact that I am a virgin, I do worry that my issue will negatively impact any relationship I may find myself in sometime in the future, and if it does I don't know how to navigate it.
Any advice? The obvious answer is probably therapy, which I do plan to look into, but I'd also appreciate some other views.
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2023.03.21 22:20 TheBossManHuggerWoo My device 😅

Okay, so you know how you unlock your device by entering your store number ? Do you ever accidentally start typing in your store number when you are unlocking your personal phone ? I did that so many times today and got mad at myself 😭🤣
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2023.03.21 22:19 Background_Ad2198 Finally in the Light.

I’ve been abusing adderall for a year now on and off. I wrote a post about 6 months ago saying I was done for good. And I was. For about a month. I’ve been sober from alcohol for over a year now, but I kept my adderall addiction in the dark. I’ve hurt my girlfriend, the one I love the most, so many times. I cheated on her, we broke up for about 7 months, i moved away 12 hours to start a new life and I told her I had left behind all the porn and all the drugs all the things getting in the way of my love for her. But I was covering up. I believed I was done but I wasn’t.
Just two days ago I opened up and told her, and told my family. I’m getting professional help now and counseling, i’m done trying to do it by myself. I’m so unbelievably sad that I could betray her trust again and do this behind her back, but I had to tell her. I love her so much, but it’s time to put in the work and get to the roots of why I abuse drugs, it’s time to love myself again.
It’s time to be free. I’m finally on the track to freedom. I took the first step which is bringing this to the light and not keeping it in the dark.
I encourage all of you who are in a cycle of abuse and deceit, just open up. we are human, we aren’t perfect, your path to freedom starts with being honest with yourself and being honest with those who love you. Please keep me and my girlfriends relationship in your prayers. she’s heard me say this so many times, i’m done i’m done i’m done.
But this time, i’ve finally sought help , i’ve finally given up the self fight. I’m doing this for myself, so that I can love her fully how i’ve always wanted to, no strings, no drugs, no deceit attached. I’m ashamed of what i’ve done to her, but i’m hoping she will see i’m serious about getting help. I’m finally going to be free guys. finally. i’m in the wilderness but Jesus is right there with me and right there with you fighting your battles for you when you can’t. Just believe.
Open up, even when it’s the most embarrassing and scary thing you can possibly do. Step in to the light, it’s going to be okay.
Love, William Hoffman
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2023.03.21 22:19 AtomicKiwi8 I want to seek out professional help but I constantly hold myself back and am too scared

I (24m) have had a pretty chaotic life over the past couple of months, I'll try to summarize here...my father passed away from cancer early in January, ever since then my already pretty unstable mental went to shit, I've had plenty of days even still where I can't help but think about them or my mom and sister who were also deeply affected by this and just sob, I sob and it just feels like it's never enough, and like nothing will ever get better.
During the time leading up to all of this, my dad was unable to work, and so it fell on me to try and find a job in order to continue helping my mom keep our family afloat. It's worth mentioning my dad never finished highschool, so while he worked hard, the money he brought in for the family didn't always reflect this, but I never resented the fact that we were poor, just that money is an important thing when you already have so little and finding out the hard way that dying is expensive definitely made my outlook on the world just that much more gloomy.
So I got my first job, my first because I'd always used college as an excuse to not have to look for a job, my parents took care of me, and I took advantage of that. I feel awful about it, especially now when there was so much riding on my shoulders. I took the first job that would take me, a call center job, and if you know anything about call centers you know that they are stressful and known for just utterly crushing people's spirits, which couldn't be more true.
I'm miserable, day in and day out of listening to people be hostile and complain at me, and having managers grade my interactions, it just feels like it drains me and leaves me as a sad husk, I want to walk away but, how else would I support my family? It feels like it's making each day worse, and slowly and slowly each day I just feel like I'll spiral into inevitably getting myself fired for freaking out..
I've thought about contacting mental health services a few times, but every time I do I think about all the things that hold me back and all the things that could possibly go wrong. I don't have insurance, so paying for this would leave a sizeable dent in my wages that I want to save for my family and emergencies. I don't have a car to be able to drive myself to appointments or anything, so I'd be burdening my mom with having to use our only car which she needs for work and my sister needs for school. Even then, what if my family doesn't understand why I'd want something like this? Would medication actually make things better? Etc.
I understand this comes across as more of an organized vent post but I really did want to get everything here off my chest for my own sake, and maybe it'll help other people relate. More than anything though I just want to know everything will be okay, I want my life to change and I just want to feel like not everything is hopeless and that I'll be able to feel happy again. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.21 22:18 Sasquatch-d Rented moving truck from large company, left me stranded in the middle of the country

Sorry this is a long explanation.
I rented a moving truck and a car trailer from one of the large corporations that specializes in so to move from coast to coast. About halfway through my journey my car trailer gets a flat tire and starts shooting sparks all down the highway. I limp into the next closest town and call the company to inform them about the breakdown. Now I understand things happen, that's not the issue. Their handling of the breakdown is why I'm here asking for advice.
When I call, the roadside assistance team dispatches a local company to replace the tire, ETA 11pm. They never show up. I call back the next morning and they eventually show up about 9am, say the axle is sheared and I would need a new trailer. I call roadside assistance back and start asking for a replacement trailer. They said they'll start looking for one. I wait about 5 hours and call them back at 3pm. They said they haven't found one. I asked if at least while I'm waiting they could remove the broken trailer so I can have the option to leave with only the truck if it's taking too long. This is where all the trouble starts.
The rep says they can't just come remove the trailer. Either I have to have a replacement show up and THEN they can remove the trailer, or I have to refuse a trailer for the rest of my journey and they'll send a tow truck to remove the broken one. I explained how I am trying to beat a storm through Wyoming and if it gets too late I would eventually need to leave without it, but I really want a new trailer first and if I have to I will leave at the last minute without the car and drive the truck through so I would like the trailer off my car now. The lady says that's not an option. She says I have to wait for a new trailer to show up or I have to verbally refuse the trailer and then they'll dispatch someone to remove the old trailer within 2-4 hours. I continued to explain that doesn't work for me but they didn't budge. I said I would then just disconnect the trailer and leave it in the hotel parking lot and they could come get it. She told me back that if I abandoned the trailer I'm responsible for it and for any theft or damage. Essentially to the company, even through this breakdown is their fault, I was to be this broken trailer's babysitter. I said I'd wait for a new trailer for a little longer. I booked an additional hotel night and right after, around 4:30pm, they called me back and told me they couldn't locate a new trailer within 200 miles of me and the inventory team went home and they'd resume looking for a new trailer the next morning. I was pretty pissed but then told the rep I would then refuse the trailer and continue on with just the truck. A tow truck was dispatched and picked up the trailer and I would resume driving early the next morning. I was given access to the dispatch chat and noticed after the trailer was picked up it was fixed within 30 minutes and ready for service. I called back and asked if this trailer could be brought back to me and reattached to my truck and they said since I refused the trailer it's no longer mine, and the inventory team was the only one who could assign it back to me and they wouldn't be back until the next day. I thought this was absolutely absurd but I was left with no choice but to drop it and deal with customer service after the drive, but I took my car and parked it at the airport of that city and would have to come back and drive it separately the next week.
I got my car to Wyoming and missed beating the storm, and the roads were shut down for a couple days. I decided to drop my truck in Denver and leave it at the airport there for a couple days and fly to my new house and wait for the storm to pass. I called customer service and told them I would be holding the truck for a few more days due to the storm and they said no problem, and I also called the roadside assistance line and told them my truck is now in Denver, where they confirmed there are plenty of trailers, and would like a new trailer for my truck there since now I have the option where I would only have to drive my car from Nebraska to Denver and could then make the trip with both of them together. Initially they said they would hold a trailer for me and I could pick it up when I flew back in 3 days. But.....
I got a call back the next day and said my contract had expired because I'm now past my original drop-off date and they couldn't issue me a new trailer. They said I had to call customer service in order for the rental to be extended and only then could I get a new car trailer. I already called them before and told them I'd be holding the truck a few days longer because I couldn't get past Wyoming and they said it was okay. I called them back and they said that when I called them about that that they'd just be charging me for the additional days but it wasn't an official contract extension and they weren't able to do that. The only ones who would be able to extend my contract was the location that I picked up the truck. A very small operation in a small town on the east coast.
I called them 36 times over 3 days and no answer. I continued to call customer service and roadside and explain how it can't be possible that only one person in the entirety of the company has the capability of extending my contract, and I'm essentially stranded because they won't answer the phone. No solutions were given for 3 days as I sat with my truck and car in Denver with no way of moving both of them. Eventually I spend around $1,500-$2,000 additional in hotels, rental car for my wife at home because of our delay, hotels, extra gas for the car, and airfare for a family member to come get the car as I would not be able to return for another few weeks to drive it myself.
The company stranded me due to their faulty equipment and offered no solutions both when I was in Nebraska, trying to get a new trailer (and eventually get my old fixed one back that only took 30 minutes to repair, why didn't they just do that in the first place?), and in Denver where there was a plethora of replacements but they wouldn't give me one because my contract expired, however it expired because their broken equipment kept me stranded in the middle of the country in the first place.
Sorry for the long explanation, but I'm essentially trying to recoup my additional expenses, my lost time of 5 additional days having to move the car and truck, and maybe damages from the stress of being stranded by this company with no offers of help to replace my trailer to continue my journey without having to leave my car behind. I placed over 50 phone calls to roadside and customer service, and that's not counting the 36 unanswered calls I attempted to make to the pick-up location to extend my contract. I asked for additional phone numbers to the pick-up location, an email address, and they said those don't exist. They don't even have the option to leave a voicemail. When it rings 4 times, it forwards the call to a corporate phone chain where customer service answers, and I already got told a dozen times they can't help my situation at all. No supervisors were available at any time that I could talk to when I asked for them. I have a few hours of phone conversation recorded where they confirmed I was S.O.L. if the pick-up location wouldn't answer. I have recordings of roadside confirming I couldn't get a new trailer without customer service emailing them saying my contract got extended, and recordings of customer service saying my only option for the extension is the one or two employees in this small town to answer the phone, which they never did. I was stuck for 3 days trying to get my contract extended, all being told by everyone that the company couldn't do anything.
All the company is willing to compensate is the cost of the trailer and not charge me for the extra days I kept the truck, but they won't cover my additional expenses. It's absolutely their fault I got stranded and spent this extra money, and they outright refused to take responsibility for my contract and give me a new trailer where they had a bunch of them.
So is this enough to file a lawsuit against this company for expenses and damages? Thank you for any help!
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2023.03.21 22:17 ChampionsFarmLillian Trying to decide between ducks or rabbits for my farm

Hey guys, I posted a few days ago about starting a farm in my late husband's honor. Everything on the farm is going to be free for the public to come and pick, and I also plan on starting a community garden on the land if anyone is interested. There's lots to do on the farm as far as planting crops go, but I'm also looking to add a new animal at some point in the next few months.

I have plenty of land, but my fence was destroyed during the last major hurricane here. I plan to get an electric fence because we have loads of coyotes and deer in the area that I can hear hunting every night, around dusk. We also have a decent amount of large birds, including vultures, eagles, HUGE owls, hawks, and more. Also, as previously mentioned, I live in a hurricane hotspot, so whatever animal I get will need protection in the event of a bad storm.

I currently have six animals, three dogs and three cats. Two of cats are kittens who we've only had for a few month, but they love the farm and all the animals get along really well. My oldest dog, Odin, is 19 years old and completely blind, if that matters. Want to make sure whatever pet we get won't harass him, although he's old, stays inside, and mostly keeps to himself. I also have another dog, a basenji, who is my service dog. She's very well trained but is a hunting dog. I think she'd get along okay with the animals given her training, but I'll definitely have to introduce them slow and make sure they're all safe.

As far as animals go, I think it'd between getting a few ducks or getting a few rabbits. Whichever animal I get would be kept outside, but I would of course get it a coop or hutch or whatever needed, along with fencing in the area for their protection. My concern is, how do I go about making sure they're safe? If I let them roam around in a outdoor grassy area surrounded by a fence, will that be okay, or will other birds mess with them? Which animal would be more useful for the farm considering my situation? I've heard rabbits make great compost and that would be extremely useful given how much food I plan on growing. On the other hand, ducks would produce eggs and I'd love that. Even if I start with a few and add more later, having another source of food would be very useful to the community. I think I prefer ducks to chickens, although I'm open to learning the pros and cons of both.

I also plan to add a koi pond to the property in the near future, so that's another thing to consider. Right now I'm thinking it's going to be in a completely different area on the property, although I know ducks need water. I could build them a pond or get them a pool if needed.

If anyone has any advice or knowledge they could share with me, it would be much appreciated. This is all a learning experience to me, but I love animals, love to learn, and am absolutely loving this farm life. Thanks for your time & have a blessed day.
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2023.03.21 22:16 autobuzzfeedbot 21 Facts That Are So Interesting, I Know They Will Live In My Brain For All Of Eternity

  1. While Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" is probably one of the crooner's best-known songs, it was originally very different. Turns out, we have Robert De Niro to thank for it! Composer John Kander and lyricist Fred Ebb were tapped to write music for Martin Scorsese's 1977 film, New York, New York, which stars Liza Minnelli and De Niro. When the duo previewed the songs they had written, De Niro thought the title track, which was connected to his character, was too lighthearted. Although Kander and Ebb said they thought De Niro seemed "pompous" in telling them to rewrite the song, they took the criticism to heart and ended up penning their new version of the song in just 45 minutes.
  2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is my favorite movie of all time, so it's honestly criminal that I've never done a deep dive into some behind-the-scenes moments from the film! John Hughes, known for his teen movies, ended up writing the script in just a few days in order to get a draft finished before the Writers Guild of America went on strike. The script was reportedly so strong that it was barely edited before filming started. The movie is widely considered to be a love letter to Hughes's Chicago hometown and is filled with references to his own upbringing and shots of the city's skyline. In fact, Hughes even gave Ferris the same address as his childhood home, and his bedroom reportedly resembled Hughes's.
  3. If I had to learn about this giraffe mating ritual, then it's only fair that you do too, okay? Unlike other animals, giraffes don't have a set mating season. Instead, they have an estrous cycle, which resembles a human menstrual cycle, except this cycle swaps blood for urine. When a male giraffe approaches a female giraffe, he begins to rub against her, which she takes as a signal to begin peeing. The male giraffe then tastes her pee to see if she's fertile, and thus, the mating ritual begins. A typical giraffe pregnancy lasts for 400–460 days. Male giraffes typically have no role in raising their offspring.
  4. In 2007, Lisa Nowak became the first NASA astronaut to be arrested when she drove across the United States to confront a woman who was dating a fellow astronaut with whom Nowak had also had a relationship. About a decade after graduating from the US Naval Academy, Nowak was selected to be an astronaut at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, where she specialized in robotics. Nowak said she was deeply affected by the 2003 Columbia space shuttle explosion because her best friend, astronaut Laurel Clark, died. Nowak told NASA that her children convinced her to continue on with her space career despite her unease.
  5. Despite what you might believe after watching The Greatest Showman, P.T. Barnum was not a good guy. He had a long history of animal cruelty and was known for mistreating enslaved people and people with disabilities. He even reportedly hated the people who paid money to come see his exhibits. Barnum was allegedly frustrated that people were taking their time during visits to his museum, so he decided to post signs reading "This Way to the Egress" all over the place. He (correctly) believed that most of the visitors wouldn't know that "egress" meant "exit," so when they followed the signs, they ended up unknowingly leaving the entire museum. As a result, many people paid to reenter, bringing home even more money for Barnum.
  6. Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" is essentially History 101 in song form. The track name-drops 118 historical events from 1949 to 1989, including everything from pivotal moments in the civil rights movement to details from sports and pop culture history. Joel was inspired to write the song after having a conversation with Sean Lennon, who was then in his 20s, while in the recording studio. One of Lennon's friends allegedly said that it was a terrible time to be a young person. Joel, who was about to turn 40, reportedly said that his own younger years hadn't been that easy either.
  7. Coney Island's skyline looked a lot different back in the 1800s. The Brooklyn boardwalk was once home to a 200-foot-tall elephant-shaped hotel! The hotel, known as the Elephantine Colossus, was built in 1885 and contained 31 rooms, a concert hall, and a museum. The elephant's head housed an observatory, and its eyes served as telescopes. The real kicker was that the hotel was built several years before the Statue of Liberty was completed, so the giant elephant was often the first thing immigrants saw when they reached New York. At some point, the hotel was seen as gimmicky and lost most of its clientele. Soon, sex workers began moving in. In 1896, Elephantine Colossus burned down and was never rebuilt.
  8. During Ronald Reagan's 1966 California gubernatorial campaign, he began eating jelly beans in an attempt to curb his pipe-smoking habit. His jelly beans of choice were the Goelitz Mini Jelly Beans from the Herman Goelitz Candy Co. Once the company caught wind of Reagan's love for the treat, they began to send the politician a monthly shipment of candy and even gifted the governor with a custom jelly bean jar. After Reagan's two terms as governor ended, the company continued to send him jelly beans. In 1976, Goelitz debuted their latest creation: the Jelly Belly. Within two years, Reagan's entire jelly bean shipment shifted to include only Jelly Belly jelly beans.
  9. There are two main groups of whales: baleen whales, which include species like the blue whale and the humpback whale; and toothed whales, consisting of orcas, belugas, and sperm whales. While you probably guessed that toothed whales are named as such because they have teeth, baleen whales have baleen plates in their mouths, which help them filter out krill and other food. Toothed whales also have a "melon" in their foreheads. The melon is a mass of tissue that helps with communication and is crucial for echolocation, which they use to find food and to navigate underwater.
  10. In 1997, construction on Disneyland's California Adventure Park was halted after Princess Diana was killed in a limo accident in a Paris tunnel on Aug. 31. California Adventure was supposed to include a ride called Superstar Limo, which involved guests boarding a limo and embarking on a high-speed chase through some of Los Angeles's biggest landmarks in order to get to the Disney offices in time to sign a huge movie contract. Riders also had to evade the paparazzi. Once the ride ended, passengers were encouraged to buy mock tabloids featuring the pictures the "paparazzi" had taken of them. Following Diana's death, Disney knew they could no longer debut the ride. Soon, they began to brainstorm alternative ideas to replace the limo theme.
  11. Donald Gorske, who is known as the ultimate Big Mac fan, has reportedly eaten at least one McDonald's Big Mac every day for the past 50 years. As of May 2022, Gorske believes he has consumed about 32,340 Big Macs. He told Guinness World Records that he typically eats two Big Macs a day, although he revealed that at one point, his daily diet included nine burgers! "May 17, 1972, was the day I got my first car," Gorske said. "I drove to McDonald’s, ordered my first three Big Macs, went in the car, and ate them. And I said right there that I’m gonna probably eat these the rest of my life, and I threw the cartons in the backseat and started counting them from day one." Despite his Big Mac diet, Gorske and his wife say that doctors have given him a clean bill of health.
  12. Although you probably picture Queen Elizabeth II wearing one of her signature colorful skirt suits, her fashion history is actually quite fascinating! Elizabeth was photographed wearing pants only once during her entire reign. In 1970, she was reportedly interested in updating her look, and asked her tailor for a custom pantsuit to wear during her royal tour in Australia. It's safe to assume that Elizabeth wasn't too fond of the outfit, as she was never again seen wearing pants in public. In order to maintain professionalism and avoid any type of fashion mishap, her dress hems were always cut below the knee.
  13. In 1986, Clint Eastwood ran for mayor of Carmel, California, in part because he wanted to overturn the town's strict law regarding ice cream sales. Eastwood announced his intention to run for office in 1985 after he reportedly found the City Council very difficult to work with when he wanted to turn property he owned into office space. He also cited a 1929 law in Carmel that banned the sale of ice cream cones as another reason for his campaign. In April 1986, he defeated incumbent Charlotte Townsend. His first order of business? He removed from office all of the people who supported the ice cream ban, thus allowing the sale of ice cream cones in Carmel for the first time in decades.
  14. Chances are, you read George Orwell's Animal Farm in school. In the novel, a group of animals team up to rebel against the farmer who owns them, only to end up living in a communist dictatorship led by pigs. Although Orwell said that the book was the first time he had successfully been able to blend politics and art, he had a hard time finding a publisher. Several publishing houses turned down the book because they felt uneasy about its political stance. Secker & Warburg ultimately agreed to publish Animal Farm, and the book became a hit and was even used by the CIA as a propaganda tool during the Cold War.
  15. In 1928, Huey Long was elected governor of Louisiana on a promise of helping people who had been neglected by the federal government. He soon had his sights set on Washington and won a Senate seat. But before leaving for DC in 1932, he had the lieutenant governor replaced by two successors who promised to follow Long's commands. In the Senate, he created the “Share Our Wealth” program, which many thought was part of his bid for the presidency. In 1935, Long was assassinated by a political rival. Despite his death, his impact in the state lived on. In 1940, a study showed that rural schoolchildren not only had no idea that Long had been killed but also believed he was president.
  16. The Real Housewives franchise put Bravo on the map for its depiction of the wild and wacky antics of wealthy women around the country, but it originally looked like a much different show! Scott Dunlop, the original producer of the Real Housewives of Orange County, got the idea for the show in 1986 when he moved from Los Angeles to Coto de Caza, one of the world's largest gated communities, located in Orange County, California. Dunlop began to notice that many of his female neighbors spent their days shopping and playing golf while their husbands went to work.
  17. The first meal eaten on the moon included bacon bits, peaches, sugar cookie cubes, and a pineapple-grapefruit beverage. Bacon reportedly had a long history when it came to space travel. It was a staple during the Gemini missions and became a favorite among many astronauts. Despite all of the bacon love, it's since disappeared from space menus. Now the closest thing to bacon is a sausage patty that has to be rehydrated with warm water before being eaten.
  18. Oscar Gamble, a baseball player who spent over 20 years in the major leagues, was known not only for his on-field play but also for his Afro, which sparked quite the controversy. In 1973, Gamble arrived at the Cleveland Indians training camp sporting an Afro. Although many Black basketball players had Afros, the hairstyle wasn't too popular among baseball players. Baseball was often seen as more conservative, and during the 1970s, the Afro was associated with the Black Power movement. Gamble's hair quickly became controversial. "People took one look at that hair and thought I was a bad guy," Gamble said in 1979. "There were some sportswriters who wouldn’t talk to me. They thought I was some kind of militant, with my beard and my hair."
  19. In December 1990, Iben Browning, who claimed that he was a climatologist, predicted that a major earthquake was going to hit the St. Louis area on Dec. 3. In New Madrid, a Missouri town located on a fault line, people began stockpiling supplies, while others left town completely. Browning reportedly used weather patterns to make his predictions, although his exact methods were never publicized. Although scientists didn't vocally deny Browning's claims, it was believed that they didn't support his prediction, since it's impossible to predict an earthquake. The earthquake never happened. In fact, the area has not faced an earthquake at the magnitude Browning predicted in the three decades since.
  20. While kangaroos are known for their hopping abilities (they can jump about 25 feet in one go!), they are unable to go backward because their big feet and long tails prohibit any backward movement. This anatomical hindrance has since been used by their native Australia as a symbol. The kangaroo was reportedly included on the Australian coat of arms to represent the idea that Australia is a nation that is always moving forward.
  21. And finally, Elouise Cobell, who was also known as Yellow Bird Woman, fought for Native Americans to have control over their land and finances. Cobell was born on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, where her family did not have running water or electricity. Her great-great-grandfather notably stood up to the US government in the 19th century. When Cobell was 4 years old, her father built a one-room schoolhouse that she attended until she was in high school. Cobell reportedly took notice of her family's complaints about the Bureau of Indian Affairs, an agency that many suspected mismanaged the profits from land and trusts owned by Native Americans.
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2023.03.21 22:16 mrkat12345 MIL and boundaries with our finances - is this normal?

DH and I recently made a purchase that we had been talking and thinking about for the past few years. Currently they are not selling well due to the current economy and people are selling them to afford their loans so we found a second hand one at a very good price. We are very careful financially so it’s something we thought about and decided we could most definitely afford it even though it really wasn’t a crazy amount of money (under $15k).
DH went to see his parents and I forgot to warn him like I usually have to about boundaries and her invasive questions. When he told her about our purchase she immediately wanted to know how much it was, how we paid for it and anything financial. And because we never consulted her OF COURSE she knew someone selling a much newer one for a much cheaper price! Like I said, we got this for a really good price and she has absolutely no idea about anything to do with what we purchased so she would not have any clue about them. They also had no interest in our plans with it, which for us and our kids is exciting and something we are really looking forward to.
Please go easy on DH as he knows he messed up and he’s very apologetic but it makes me so angry that he told her all the details of how we paid, how much it was and where we are at financially. I am soooo angry. I know how manipulative she is and I know how she would have questioned him to get all the information, she is very good at getting out all the at kind of info.
Is it normal for in laws to question and be involved in all these details? I am angry at DH for telling her because in my opinion that is mine and his private life and should be kept between us. He knows that and he is angry at himself for getting manipulated by her again. But it like I said she is very good at how she does it.
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2023.03.21 22:15 olivekittenz My (F21) sister (F28) is constantly upstaging me and trying to one up me in pregnancy? Due dates are 17 days apart

Me and my older sister are both pregnant at the same time. Our due dates 17 days apart. This is my first child. This is her second. She's 7 years older than me.
It started when I announced my pregnancy to my family. She announced hers a day later and ever since then it's been about her and her baby. I genuinely think that they forget that I'm also pregnant and having a baby. She herself didn't say congratulations to me and couldn't wait to announce her own pregnancy, it didn't matter about mine. She couldn't bare for that (what? less than 24 hours?) that somebody else was getting my parent's attention because she's so used to having it. I think she knew exactly what she was doing by announcing her pregnancy. She hadn't had her 12 week scan at this point so it really was because she wanted to upstage me.
Ever since then, whenever I try and have conversations with my parents and other sisters about my pregnancy she involves herself. The conversation always has to be about either her pregnancy or her baby. She dominates conversations and without fail makes it about herself or her baby every single time. It's always about her. She will not let me or anyone else talk about my baby.
Then there was the whole thing about a baby showegender reveal. Just bare in mind that my parents/family have thrown some kind of celebration for each one of my sisters when pregnant and through their multiple pregnancies. She said to my parents that she didn't want one and because she didn't want one, I wasn't allowed to have one because "it's not fair to do it for one and not the other". But I said that I wanted one as this was my first pregnancy and I wanted the same kind of effort and excitement and celebration for my baby that everyone else has gotten. So they've begrudgingly agreed to do this (which is shitty in itself) but they've said it has to be a joint one so that my sister isn't left out. I had already said that I don't want a joint baby showegender reveal for the simple fact of that she's upstaged me at every chance that she's gotten during my pregnancy and I want one day to be about me and my baby. I had also said that I didn't want her there for that exact reason.
To make this whole thing worse, I had a fall the other week when it was snowing and icy. I slipped walking down the steps out of my house and I obviously panicked and went to hospital. (Just going to add in that not one person answered my calls or texts about this when I was scared and upset and my boyfriend's sister ended up coming to the hospital with me as my boyfriend works away during the week). During one of the scans, the ultrasound tech accidentally used a gendered pronoun and revealed the gender. So now I know the gender of the baby. At the time I was just thankful everything was okay (and still am) but I'm upset and frustrated that the surprise was taken away.
So because I know the gender, everybody has said that it's pointless to have a gender reveal now. So now she's now going to upstage me again by having her gender reveal at what was supposed to be my gender reveal when she didn't even want this in the first place. Now it's just completely been taken over by her. It's not even half about me and my baby anymore. No one is going to give a shit about me or my baby (because they're not allowed to if she's around).
I'm just so over it all now. She's ruining everything about my pregnancy. I don't get to celebrate anything because she takes all of those moments away. Like when I felt my baby kick for the first time she "suddenly " got really "dizzy" and "faint". Anything that I buy for my baby, she has to buy bigger and better and more expensive. If I buy car seat, it isn't as good as the one she's bought. If I get a 4D scan, she'll book one too. I got a recording of the heartbeat so she bought one of those machines so people can hear it whenever they want. I've had enough of it. I've never wished that she wasn't my sister more than I have since getting pregnant and I did it a lot growing up. I just know it's going to continue to when I give birth too.
I just feel sorry for my baby because if this is how they're acting now, I can only imagine what it's going to be like once they're here. There's a clear favourite between the two and it's just sad for my baby. I also have a strong feeling that they're going to be the same gender too which will make it worse.
It's really sad because I thought I would get to bond with my mum during my pregnancy as my other sisters did. Me and my mum aren't really close and don't have the best relationship and I thought that this might help but it seems that my sister has always been the favourite and will always be.
TLDR: My sister keeps constantly upstaging my pregnancy and ruining my pregnancy
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2023.03.21 22:12 Spiritual_Affect_177 Honda type R brakes problem

I recently changed the brake pads on my CTR. After I picked it up I noticed an electronic whine coming from the rear passenger tire from inside the car. Has anyone had this happens to them. It’s sounds like a hybrid electric brakes but this is not possible. I turned the rotors and they have a slight grove on them. I hoping this will be worn away by the aggressive nature of the brake pad on the rotor. My mechanic is confused. He doesn’t believe it’s the rotor or the pad and I took it Honda and they want to replace the rotor but they are okay. I’m hoping the pad will wear down the grooves in the rotors. Has anyone had their rotors Re-surfaced and faced this problem Any help will be appreciated
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