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2023.03.31 08:04 NyugenBits20 Female manager being excluded and not taken seriously, I partially know why but need advice.

I’m a woman whose worked in tech as a SWE for the last 7 years. Took years to learn how to keep my own emotions in check and how to get taken seriously after many negative pasts experiences of dealing with bias and accused of having an attitude, despite being lucid.
Manager, however, is fairly new to programming and is utilizing my expertise to learn, grow, and help troubleshoot alongside me, which has been great. However, she is treated differently (actually poorly) by upper management and I think it’s because she shows frustration, angry, annoyance, etc. rather than checking her emotions at the door. I believe it’s because of this, it’s why upper management has bypassed/overlooked her and are reaching out to me directly for status updates and assigning tickets to me without her nor my consent. She and one of her other subordinates are now on the verge of quitting, which would really puts me in a tough spot as I’m fairly new to this company and am still ramping up and I’m stressing out.
It’s put me in a tough spot as a woman too. A director sent me a private message calling my manager “sensitive”. This has me feeling helpless. I hate drama, I don’t like being involved in. I just want to make my money and go home lol.
My manager has asked to be included in all conversations and for upper manager to go through her when tasking me, but they’ve since ignored her request and still reach out to me directly. Manager has coached me on how to redirect a conversation to include her but it’s not working.
My family thinks I should step over her and play the political game to get promoted faster. My friends think I should start looking for another job and quit in solidarity. I just want to get paid and go home. How do I deal with this? I’m scared to go to HR for fear of retaliation.
TR;DL: Non-technical female manager being excluded by upper management and treated differently from other female employee with tech experience. Possibly because she’s emotional. Need advice on how to deal without facing retaliation.
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2023.03.31 08:03 SicP4rvisMagna 35 [M4F] EU / Online / Partner in crime

A 30-ish man is looking for a female partner in crime who is willing to chat while avoiding work deadlines, business partners and responsibilities. Let's loose track of time together on this evil app.
My cats are staring at me, which means I've already successfully avoided my first responsibility while on here: feeding them. I mean, jeez, get a job and feed yourself already.
On a more serious note, let's chat if you're an entrepreneur or a book writer! I'm both and would love to exchange inputs and experiences!
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2023.03.31 08:02 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA Online Fans Discover Possible Hidden GTA 6 Assets Rockstar Added Years Ago

It's only been a few days since some interesting GTA VI gameplay was leaked. The leak, which was authenticated by Rockstar Games, confirmed the location to be Vice City, and that there would be male and female protagonists. Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed something about GTA Online, though. What they found was an art asset that seemed quite familiar. A texture asset specifically.
Those viewers of the leak video noticed a Vice City Metro sticker in the Arena War update for Grand Theft Auto Online that hit a while back. ViceCityMetroMule GTAO White Back Art Asset from Grand Theft Auto Online showing the Vice City Metro Mule Logo
The original tweet no longer displays the side by side imagery, unfortunately. The Arena War Update for Grand Theft Auto Online was release four years ago after all. While this is interesting, it is not uncommon for developers to re-use assets, especially if there isn't a significant change to the artwork. Asset re-use can shorten development time in most cases and it is not limited to video games. Many people are familiar with the "Pixar Easter Eggs" in that film studio's pieces. It's an excellent way to not waste development cycles on things like debris and common texture work that is repeated throughout the virtual worlds -- whether in games or movies.
It is also not uncommon for Rockstar to hide Easter eggs in their games that may reference other games in the same series, or different titles altogether. Bully even included a Grand Theft Auto vehicle asset in its shop class. Sometimes the developers just throw in things to drive community interest, such as the inclusion of Bigfoot in a later patch of GTA V. Another fun Easter egg is known as the "Mount Chiliad Mystery." When it was found, players suspected it meant there was a jetpack somewhere in GTA V -- there wasn't -- but one eventually appeared in a GTA Online Mission
gta online arena war t shirts T-Shirts from the GTA Online Arena War Update
It's definitely an interesting inclusion, but it's certainly not the only reference to Vice City within GTA V and GTA Online. There's an entire wiki article on Vice City related Easter eggs on the fan wiki for Grand Theft Auto. Still, this particular metro logo was not seen until GTA Online, and now in the unauthorized leak, so in a way, players had confirmation Vice City would be used in GTA VI, if they were paying attention and connected the dots.
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2023.03.31 08:01 _zZz_3 Deciding to be sober

After my last hospitalization I knew being sober was really the only fighting chance I have to deal with BPD. I am a 31 year old female, have struggled with alcohol abuse since my early teenage years and more lately drug abuse also. I have been sober for a month now and whilst the initial weeks were horrible due to withdrawals I can see the stabilization that is now happening in my life. I still have my intense mood swings but I am able to let them pass without grabbing onto them and doing irreparable damage especially to personal relationships. I also decided from now on it is an absolute must that I live alone. I need one place that is a safe space as I have a pattern of escaping households when living with housemates or with partners. Choosing to be sober has been hard for me and continues to be when many of your friends socialize through alcohol use and it is around you all the time. But I truly believe it is the ONLY way forward for me and for a chance at a happy and content life.
Anyway just my experience that I wanted to contribute to the feed <3
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2023.03.31 08:01 weluvmusic Beatport Top 100 Trance Tracks: March 2023

Artist: VA Genre: Trance Album: Beatport Top 100 Trance Tracks: March 2023 Year: 2023 Number of tracks: 100 Playing time: 11:20:33 Audio file format: MP3 Sound quality: 320kbps Size: 1.5GB
  1. John Askew - Aces Hi (Extended Mix) [8:19]
  2. Eelke Kleijn - Transmission (Armin van Buuren Extended Remix) [6:04]
  3. Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Andrew Rayel & Achilles Extended Remix) [3:45]
  4. Ruben Karapetyan - Meteorite (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [6:29]
  5. Sean Tyas & Abstrakt - In The Dark (Extended Mix) [6:41]
  6. Ben Gold - I'm In A State Of Trance (Extended 2023 Edit) [6:11]
  7. David Forbes & Paul Denton - Bang (Extended Mix) [5:35]
  8. Rank 1 feat. Shanokee - Such Is Life (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Remix) [8:24]
  9. Allen Watts & Rene Ablaze feat. Cari - On My Way (Extended Mix) [6:33]
  10. Kenny Palmer - Temple Of Storms (Extended Mix) [6:05]
  11. Roman Messer & Alex M.O.R.P.H. - CYBERIA (Extended Mix) [5:31]
  12. Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor - Found (Roger Shah Uplifting Extended Remix) [7:55]
  13. Nicolas Menicou - What's Left Of Me (Extended Mix) [6:22]
  14. Stowers & Cooper feat. That Girl - Us Against The World (Extended Mix) [7:41]
  15. Sneijder - In And Out Of My Life (Extended Mix) [5:43]
  16. The Doppler Effect & Carol Lee - Beauty Hides In The Deep (James Dymond Extended Mix) [8:10]
  17. Factor B & Arielle Maren - Connected (Lostly's Change Of Season Remix) [7:16]
  18. Daxson - Who We Are (Extended Mix) [6:19]
  19. Solarstone - Leap Of Faith (Allan Morrow Extended Remix) [7:26]
  20. BiXX - Anthems Of Life (Extended Mix) [6:30]
  21. Aly & Fila x Chapter 47 x Richard Bedford - Edge Of Tomorrow (Extended Mix) [8:57]
  22. Ashley Wallbridge & John Weber feat. Bodine - Flashing Lights (Robbie Seed Extended Remix) [5:51]
  23. Talla 2XLC & Alpha Breed - Missing Link (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  24. Kaimo K vs. Cold Rush & Katty Heath - Here I Am 2023 (Extended Mix) [7:46]
  25. Dan Miles (US) - Away (Extended Mix) [6:47]
  26. Lostly & Jetason - Start A Fire (Extended Mix) [6:24]
  27. Alessandra Roncone - Unkonsciousness (UNK23 Anthem) (Extended Mix) [7:27]
  28. Talla 2XLC - Phenomena (Extended Mix) [6:14]
  29. Nikolauss - Rewind (Extended Mix) [6:38]
  30. Roger Shah & JES - New Horizon (Extended Mix) [7:51]
  31. Paul Clark (UK) - Bedlam (Extended Mix) [5:22]
  32. John O'Callaghan feat. Josie - Out Of Nowhere (Connor Woodford Extended Remix) [6:58]
  33. DIM3NSION - Funktionlust (Extended Mix) [6:58]
  34. York & Taucher - Infinity (Patrik Humann Extended Remix) [5:29]
  35. Man With No Name - Teleport (Save The Robot Remix) [8:16]
  36. Bryan Kearney & Karney - Compromise (Original Mix) [7:09]
  37. Talla 2XLC & DJ Tandu - Velvet (Talla 2XLC Extended Mix) [7:06]
  38. BT & JES - Every Other Way (Adam Ellis Extended Remix) [8:53]
  39. Christian Millan - Ella (Yoshi & Razner Extended Remix) [7:53]
  40. K90 - Breathe (Venetica Extended Remix) [6:37]
  41. Sean Tyas & Cari - Anywhere (Extended Mix) [9:03]
  42. UDM - Melodia (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  43. Driftmoon - Addicted To Love (Extended Mix) [6:44]
  44. York - The Awakening (NRG Trax Extended Remix) [5:46]
  45. Obie Fernandez - Gliding (Extended Mix) [7:06]
  46. LÜRUM feat. That Girl - Fall Or Fly (Extended Mix) [6:55]
  47. BarWall - Light In The Tunnel (Extended Mix) [6:47]
  48. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Conscious Mind (Extended Mix) [5:53]
  49. Mark Sherry & David Forbes - Galvanizers (Extended Mix) [5:54]
  50. Steve Hill & Technikal - Another Chance (Extended Mix) [7:02]
  51. Dreamlife & Aleksey Gunichev - In Search Of Myself (Extended Mix) [7:51]
  52. David Elston & Elle Mariachi - Higher State (Extended Mix) [7:04]
  53. Ronski Speed & Lucy Saunders - Calm Before The Storm (Ferry Tayle Extended Remix) [5:57]
  54. Amos & Riot Night + Adrian Boland - So Far Out Of Reach (Extended Mix) [7:58]
  55. Danny Eaton - The Vision (Extended Mix) [7:05]
  56. Dan Stone & Sarah Mark - Paralyzed (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  57. ReOrder - L'amour Et Moi (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  58. Markus Schulz x Paul Oakenfold - Pendulum (Extended Mix) [6:14]
  59. Maywave - Revolt (DJ Version) [7:30]
  60. Mark L2K & Norman Van Thee - Beyond Our Earth (Extended Mix) [6:43]
  61. Richard Durand & Christina Novelli - Fall Through The Earth (Extended Mix) [7:42]
  62. Lisa Louder feat. JODIE POYE - Safe Place (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) [6:59]
  63. Prism - Alchemy (Focus FL Extended) [7:06]
  64. Steve Brian - Cali (Extended Mix) [4:38]
  65. Andrew Peters - Evolve (Extended Mix) [6:59]
  66. Basil O'Glue & Nomas - Mission (Original Mix) [7:22]
  67. Maarten De Jong - Bamboo (Extended Mix) [5:52]
  68. Cosmic Gate & Gid Sedgwick - Emotions Of Colour (Extended Mix) [8:10]
  69. SØNIN - Affection (Extended Mix) [5:56]
  70. The Elite - 5 Seconds To Terminate (ADM Extended Remix) [7:38]
  71. Kenny Palmer - Raven Hill (Metta & Glyde Remix) [7:15]
  72. Claas Inc. - The World's Monster (Extended Mix) [6:11]
  73. Marco V & Vision 20/20 - RI/OT (Extended Mix) [5:42]
  74. Mike Zaloxx - Tranceaxxion (Extended Mix) [6:10]
  75. Maratone & Lyd14 - Heart By Heart (Extended Mix) [7:01]
  76. Dylhen - Mind Rewind (Extended Mix) [7:34]
  77. Alphed Le Cornett & Dropper Vampire - Closer To Heaven (Extended Mix) [5:45]
  78. TrancEye - Uriel (Ben van Gosh Extended Remix) [6:19]
  79. Mark Sherry meets Smith & Brown - Tambores De Carnaval (Extended Mix) [6:02]
  80. Peter Miethig - Metropolis (Extended Mix) [7:06]
  81. Adam Taylor & Tara Louise - Life (Extended Mix) [6:45]
  82. Frank Dueffel - Atardecer De Eivissa (Extended) [7:48]
  83. MuenX - Promise (Original Mix) [6:18]
  84. Allan Berndtz & N-sKing - Boost (Extended Mix) [5:09]
  85. Kiki Solvej - Royal (Original Mix) [5:33]
  86. Deepcry - Alpha (Original Mix) [7:49]
  87. Something Good feat. Yotto - Rhythm (Of The Night) (Extended Mix) [6:36]
  88. Hide & Seek & Jan Johnston - Because Of You (Extended Mix) [7:04]
  89. Ciaran McAuley & Audrey Gallagher - If This Is How It Ends (Stoneface & Terminal Extended Remix) [6:12]
  90. Alan Morris & Elixus - Come With Me (Extended Mix) [5:48]
  91. Racoon - Elements (Original Mix) [7:31]
  92. RNX & Matter - Underwater (Extended Mix) [8:00]
  93. Alex Wright - Awestruck (Extended Mix) [7:11]
  94. Dominant Space - XTC (Original Mix) [6:34]
  95. Elite Electronic, Dmpv & Anveld - Sumeru Sunrise (Extended Mix) [5:41]
  96. Victor Special - Arc Of Love (Original Mix) [7:55]
  97. Philippe El Sisi & Smaz - Better Off As Lovers (Extended Mix) [6:24]
  98. Mind Of Us - Behind Her Eyes (Facade Remix) [9:12]
  99. Frank Spector & DIM3NSION - 1000 Miles Away (Extended Mix) [6:21]
  100. Cubicore - Bifrost (Extended Mix) [6:31]

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2023.03.31 08:00 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Fan Made 4K Concept Trailer Rendered In Unreal Engine 5 Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Rockstar Games can't release Grand Theft Auto VI fast enough, though as we eagerly (and impatiently) await for the next installment in the long-running GTA franchise, fan made trailers have us drooling at what the actual product could look like. The latest one comes from TeaserPlay, which used Unreal Engine 5 to render several different locations in stunning detail.
The actual game isn't likely to use UE5. Rumor has it that Rockstar Games is leaning on its own proprietary RAGE9 graphics engine, and that's both plausible and, in our opinion, very likely to be true. TeaserPlay acknowledges this in the description to its concept trailer, suggesting it wanted to render several possible locations in UE5 so we'd have something to compare with down the line.
Check it out below...
In the order they appear, the trailer showcases Vice City, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Liberty City. The shots inside what appears to be a high-rise apartment complex in Las Venturas look especially crisp as the camera pans over a carpet and into a kitchen island with some veggies and pasta in the background, though it's far from the only scene that stands out.
"I/we use the most powerful features of Unreal Engine, such as ray tracing, lumen, nanite [virtualized geometry], screen ppace reflections, and MetaHuman so that the graphics are as close as possible to a next-gen sandbox game," TeaserPlay states.
There are a ton of leaks and rumors surrounding GTA 6. One of the more recent ones suggest there will be at least two playable protagonists, one of which is a Latina woman. The franchise hasn't featured a playable female character in a long time.
Rockstar Games has been rather short on details for the next installment, though it has at least confirmed that GTA 6 is in development.
"With the unprecedented longevity of GTA V, we know many of you have been asking us about a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series," the devloper shared in a blog post last February. "With every new project we embark on, our goal is always to significantly move beyond what we have previously delivered—and we are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway."
No release date has been mentioned, though Rockstar Games will share its next earnings report in early August. It's possible we will get an update at that time.
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2023.03.31 08:00 RochamCity What card should I get next? - short history, decent spending (travel/shopping)

Hi. Thanks for helping.
I just started studying in the US last year as a PhD student. I am looking for advice on which credit cards to get, and at what rates. I spend way more than the sign-up bonuses from new accounts, but getting new cards is relatively difficult due to my short history.
My goal for now is to fill Chase 5/24 ASAP and get other cards - But I'm also worried about the velocity as well.
Since CSP has an excellent branch offer now(90k), I would like to have it as my next card if possible. My cohort that was a replica of mine got it last month, so I think there's a good chance I get approved.
I would like to do a MDD if possible. Can I do it with only 8 months of history? Should I wait 6 more months? Should I not do it at all?

Here are some plans that I have in mind. Could you share your thoughts on the choices?
Plan 1. Apply for CSP
Plan 2. Apply for CSP + UE
Plan 3. Apply for CSP&CSR (MDD)
Plan 4. Apply for Hyatt + UE
Plan 5. Apply for CSP + Apply for cards from other banks (C1 VX, Citi,... ?)

I travel a lot for the following purposes :
- Short vacations : currently living in a depressing area (upstate NY), I plan to fly to NYC, Fl, Cancun, or drive to Toronto several times a year for vacation. The more the better.
- long distance relationship : Fiancee living in another state (1hr~2hr flight away), plan to visit her place or meet in a vacation spot 3~4 times a year.
- International trip to Home-country : Round-trip to Asia. 0~1 times a year. May stop over in Europe for vacation.
I spend quite a lot on appliances, office furniture, shopping on average. 1.5k+ / month

< Credit history >
AAoA : 8months
Current credit cards / Loans :
- Discover it : $3500 limit, 08/2022 - first card
- Chase IHG : $4000 limit, 02/2023
- (Loan) Penfed SSL : 91% paid off, 10/2022
FICO scores : Experian 754, Transunion 751
Bank relationship : Chase, 10months : checking/savings accounts
Annual income $: 30k + 140k(Income from home-country)
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2023.03.31 07:58 SepticEpidemic 23rd Day of Quitting Smoking/Vaping. Are These Symptoms Still Normal?

Hey there, I am a 22-year-old Hispanic female, around 5'2 and 205 lbs, I drink a single cocktail maybe once a month. Been smoking around a pack every 8 weeks since I was 17, and in the last year, switched to vaping. I heavily used it since it was easy to access, and tasted way better than a cig. Randomly had a huge heart palpitation that lead to severe dizziness after taking a hit one day, spiked my BPM heavily and I was convinced I was gonna pass out, happened around early February. Decided to quit for a few days since I figured it was the nic, but went back after 5ish days, after another few days, I decided to cold turkey quit entirely. I don't really have severe cravings, early on I had headaches and bad bowel movements (first 5 or 7 days). However, my biggest symptom, and the worst one is severe anxiety. It had reached a point where I went to the ER because I believed I was having heart attack symptoms and left with a clean bill of health. I later learned I was experiencing panic attacks. Now, I have always suffered anxiety throughout my life, but never experienced an actual panic attack where I had been feeling chest pressure, trembling, and a racing heart. I always take my BPM during these times, and a resting (sitting or laying down) rate avg would be between 100 to 115, never usually higher since I tend to stay very stationary during these times.
Thankfully I have recently been prescribed anxiety meds (Xanax 0.25mg), which help a ton. However, this leads me to my main concerns.
I know everyone is different with withdrawals, but is this severe anxiety normal? Even for this long? Moreover, I know the body changes a lot when quitting, but even without panic attacks, I can't help but feel very small smidgens of pressure in my chest once or twice a day for anywhere between a few seconds to maybe a minute with varying "intensity." It is not pain at all, on a scale of 1 to 100 in terms of pressure, it's maybe a 10% lowest to 30% highest. I do not have this in any other location on my body, but it ranges to around my heart, to the upper areas of my collarbone.
Is this type of chest pressure normal? This last month of nic quitting has left me severely paranoid regarding my health, or if I may have an underlying heart condition. I even had Pleurisy as of late on my right side, my body is going through a lot and the unknown of it is making me overthink. I have been also recently prescribed Adderall (10mg) for my ADHD and I worry that it may increase my anxiety, which I cannot immediately take my anxiety meds with I can't take those two medications within close times of one another.
Sorry if I sound scrambled, but it's very hard to put all that's happens into words so easily, please help me out.
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2023.03.31 07:55 -SpaghettiCat- I Made a Maison Charles Daiquiri

I Made a Maison Charles Daiquiri
From Difford's Guide: Garnish: Sugar & mint rim How to make: Lightly MUDDLE (just to bruise) mint in base of shaker. Add other ingredients, SHAKE with ice and fine strain into chilled glass. Garnish: Sugar & mint rim How to make: Lightly MUDDLE (just to bruise) mint in base of shaker. Add other ingredients, SHAKE with ice and fine strain into chilled glass. 8 fresh Mint leaves 2 fl oz Light white rum (charcoal-filtered 1-4 years old) 1/2 fl oz Lime juice (freshly squeezed) 1/2 fl oz Sugar syrup 'rich' (2 sugar to 1 water, 65.0°brix) 1/2 fl oz Chilled water (omit if using wet ice)
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2023.03.31 07:54 newplantimal [FS/FT] - Fort Lauderdale, Fl - $7 - 3/4+ in. stems Emmersed Alternanthera Reinekii Mini

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2023.03.31 07:53 itsmepingu Are my symptoms potentially pregnancy related?

Female, 26. Going to get an hCG test done tomorrow **
Had unprotected sex the week of February 20th mostly all the days. Period before that was February 10th to the 16th. Normal bleeding.
Ever since then I have been experiencing the following, including a new symptom. These symptoms aren’t easing up. My MP came march 10th but was lighter by comparison and bleeding wasn’t as dark red as usual.
Took an hpt before my period this month was due, negative, but four days after the bleeding stopped I got a faint positive, but negative the next day. Cramps and bloating started well before my March period.
For reference: my PMS symptoms don’t happen until it’s a day or two before my period arrives, and they only last 1-2 days into the menstrual cycle.
Pooping is normal, I don’t have IBS, Endo, PCOS or cysts. I eat a healthy diet and bowels move regularly.
And the new symptom: nipples leaked colostrum two nights ago (yes I know what it looks like. I’ve been pregnant before) when I played with them
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2023.03.31 07:52 GoddessOfMayo Alakazam breeding issue

I'm currently trying to breed two alakazams, a level 18 male, and a level 26 female. I put them in the day care and have all of the required items. It accepts the eyes of ender and the bookshelves, but not the clocks. I've tried with vanilla clocks and the pixelmon clocks. I've also checked the wiki page about breeding requirements, but nothing seems to work. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just bugged?
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2023.03.31 07:52 Ok_Significance7370 Annex Summer Sublet

Hi, im subletting my room in Annex from May 1st to August 25th for $750 a month! Must be a female post-secondary student. It is a private room in a 4-bedroom apartment. It is only an 8 minute walk to campus. The room comes with a bedframe, a mattress, a desk, a chair, a side table, wardrobe, and ensuite bathroom. Kitchen, living room and laundry space shared with three kind roommates. DM for pics or more info!!
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2023.03.31 07:52 Officer_Woods How To Make a Papers, Please Style Game?

I've tried scouring the internet on how to make a papers, please style game - but can't find anything at all. Here's what I want to make.
I want to make a game that looks exactly like Papers, Please. However, you're a detective at his desk who is trying to solve unsolved murders. On the right, you have the investigation files that you can look at and connect the dots (like the matching data thing) which is where you check the passports and permits and whatnot. Then, on the left, you have a computer you can look at DNA results from the crime scenes and search up names in the criminal database to see if they have records.
Honestly, if I could pay someone to make it and just talk to them about what to do, that'd be great. But trusting random strangers online could be risky. I think Lucas Pope used OpenFL but I can't even install it correctly. I really want this game idea I have to be a reality. It's something I've been thinking about for a few years now.
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2023.03.31 07:52 burdubaigirlmodel Escorts In Baga Goa【+⓽1】➈➀371Ѳ8107 Baga Goa Escort Girls Pics

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Call/WhatsApp :- 91371O81O7 {24*7 Available}
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2023.03.31 07:51 shivy_shivi Is my(22F) bf(24M) right when he said I am not supposed to recieve someone else's calls and should adjust with hus anger issues ?

I am 22F and my bf is 24M and we have been in a 4 year old relationship. My male friends called me and I recieved that call. It was around 11 pm at night, they were just catching up and we were talking about old memories. My bf called me and found my phone busy. I texted him that my friends called and he got angry he said to cut the call. ( It has happened before as well when even my female friends calls he demands to cut the call instantly, I have explained him that I cant just cut calls like that ) When I didn't he messaged me that our relationship is over. He called next day and apologized but when I was still sad and didn't accept his apology, he said he doesn't want to drag it and I always drag things. He told me he had high bp ( he does have medical issues ) and that made his anger uncomfortable and he kinda expects me to adjust with it. This is not the first time all this happened. He says I dont give him importance and he is not my priority. My friends called me after around 6 months and I dont get calls from other people as well. He says my time at night is only his. There have been many other incidents where he just doesn't listen to me he keeps talking about how he is hurt and when i explain why I am sad he says I am being a victim and playing the female card. When I cry he calls it drama.
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2023.03.31 07:51 Loonkaata I 23M and my gf 23F have been fighting alot due to our friend circle

So I’m 23M and I have been in a relationship with my gf 23F since 5 years now, We have seen ups and downs, we support eachother in hard times and fight very badly over silly things but we do take care of eachother alot when it is needed even when we have had the intense fights. I never had any friends whom I could connect on emotional level as I had a very abusive and traumatic past , I had found it always difficult to maintain friendships or even be Like able. So I started getting along with my gf’s friends (all female) and few of my colleagues, and we formed this well connected group , I was loving the company of friends , My gf started getting really jeolous she would track me and would start fights and she turned into a crazy person , she would literally threaten me that If I met them behind her back she’ll treat me really badly , due to some issues she wasn’t with us for 2-3 months and I being a lonely person had no one to spend my time with but that group , my gf was mad about it , her point used to be , if u can be nice with them how can u get rude with me over anything and it would kill her if we had a fight and weren’t on talking terms for the moment and I was enjoying with the group . So I used to either refrain from doing that or hide it . I was connected to all the friends on emotional level , I don’t know why but I told them alot about my abuse in past and it used to feel great in their company , but after sometime, My gf started fighting with me really badly because of how I had joked or behaved with the group friends . So I told the group friends to talk to me if they had any problems with me and not bring my gf into it , after an Event we were having an intense fight and she cited how her friend whom I regard alot complains about me infront of her and how I shouldn’t regard her , due to the fight I was mad I lost it and went to that friend and said never ever talk to my gf about the problems u have with me , come to me to talk or stop talking to me . Anyways she created a whole lot of mess about it and portrayed how she was a victim by exaggerating things anyways I apologised and at that point some of other group friends started their propaganda, It wasn’t a big deal but that particular friend who had no stakes involved used this incidence to malign my image and started portraying me as an abuser , (now this friend was my gfs roommate and was a spoiled brat she used to torture my gf over little things , so I never liked her and it was displayed in my behaviour )my gf was hurt she used a strong language about me infront of my gf and she broke into tears when she told me , I lost it , I lost it very bad , so I deployed a plan , repaired my friendship with those fake friends and then I started treating them the way they treated me never obliged them again and they then turned against eachother and whole group collapsed. I used every chance to get back at those people who caused my gf pain and gave them a dose of their own medicine , I made them turn against eachother and made sure they had shit time whenever they were around ,Now we all were just passing time and finding moments to tear eachother apart . Now I only spend my time with my gf but I don’t have any friends left so it gets lonely as we don’t live together and often she has to live away for months due to some issues ,but now my gf sometimes get sad about how I chose those friends over her (I sometimes did as she wasn’t with me all the time but that group was so it was natural to feel connected to them and it was evident in my behaviour) I don’t know what to say to her during these times and Please let me know if the things I did were right or not and also would love your insight about this all .
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2023.03.31 07:44 MjolnirPants Jerry and the Apocalypse: Part 61

Part 60
Julie Allard, CEO, Divine Crisis Management Group
Julie straightened up, the lines across her hips from the edge of the desk beginning to itch now that they were free. Bill collapsed back in his chair, opening a desk drawer to produce a box of tissues. He pulled a handful out to clean himself with.
"That was good," Julie purred, her knees shaking as she waited for Bill to finish so she could sit on his lap. Bill crumbled up the tissues and she plopped down. "Mmm, this is good, too," she said, leaning back against him.
"We could stay just like this for a while," Bill suggested.
"I wish," Julie said. "I'm going to start leaking soon... And we need to clean your desk." Bill leaned around her, seeing the mess on his desk. He chuckled. "I have to admit, I like the fact that I never have to worry about you faking it."
Julie snorted, then leaned against him.
"You gave me a funny look earlier," she said. "When the guys from the Army were here."
"Well, in my defense, a naked, beautiful woman stood up from under my desk while I was trying to talk shop with an old buddy of mine."
"Mmmhmm," Julie said. "It didn't have anything to do with the... Details of said naked woman?"
Bill looked at her. He reached forward, wiped a finger through the cooling bodily fluids on the desk and stuck it in his mouth.
"That only proves you're a pervert," Julie said with feigned primness.
"I'll drink it straight from the tap, then," Bill said, seizing her hips and plopping her on the desk. Julie squealed. "Not so soon, you ass!" Bill grinned at her.
"You'll make me giggle like a little girl," Julie tried to pout as she said it, but she couldn't stop grinning back at him.
"That only makes it more appealing," Bill said. Julie crossed her legs. "No! We can do that later. I need to go call in the rest of the guys your friend needed, anyways."
Bill glanced over at the potted plant with a small pile of fabric behind it. "Your clothes are over there," he said.
Julie finally managed to pout. "You're not going to get them for me?"
Bill eyed her legs. "Not as long as you've got that ass, no. I will never pick anything up off the floor for you."
Julie chuckled and stood, walking over to the plant and retrieving her clothes. She quickly dressed and arranged herself so as to minimize the evidence of a desktop tryst.
"How do I look?" she asked, turning for Bill's inspection.
"Harried," he said. "Which tracks with what's been going on. Also amazing, but that's par for the course."
She walked over as he finished buckling his own pants to kiss him. "I'll be back if I can. If not, I'll see you after work."
She turned to leave, but stopped when she heard Bill's voice. "Julie," he said. He sounded concerned. She turned to find him frowning.
"What is it?" His look worried her.
"It's Jerry," he said. "I think you might be too harsh on him."
Julie sighed. She tamped down on the twisting in her guts at his words and reminded herself that she needed to be objective.
"Explain," she said, her voice much colder than she intended.
"Julie," he said. "Haven't you noticed that virtually everyone who knows him has stood up for him? I mean, I know that the stuff Dylan told you sounds bad, and I know that you confirmed it. Hell, I know that him going rogue again looks bad... But there's got to be a reason so many people support him."
"He's nice to everyone he meets," Julie said. She had intended to go on, but she caught herself. She was making excuses. She was about to claim that the most awkward, easily-embarrassed wallflower of a man she'd ever met had simply charmed everyone else. And she damn well knew that wasn't the case. Sure, he could turn on an aura that would make women -and presumably gay men- go wild for him, but she was fairly certain he hadn't done so in years. He was self-conscious about even discussing the last time he had, even though she knew he'd had his memories erased at the time and was acting out of character, thanks to some kind of magical illness.
"I'll think about it, Bill," she said, her voice much softer.
"That's all I'm asking," he said. "And I'll support you, whatever decisions you come to."
She smiled at him. That part, she had no trouble believing.
"I'll see you later," she said.
"L- I mean, later, beautiful," he replied. His face twisted a little, but quickly returned to normal. Julie left, wondering what that look was about.
Julie went to the bathroom first. When she was done, she went to her office and sent out the emails to recall the men for the Army. She had just gotten those sent when she sensed a presence and looked up to find a woman sitting in the chair in front of her desk.
"Hello," Julie said, surprised.
"Hi," the woman responded. She wore a nice dress suit, much like Julie's own, except the woman still had her jacket on and buttoned. She had fair features and black hair with a red stripe in it.
"Can I help you?" Julie asked.
"No," the woman said.
They sat there for a moment, Julie edging a finger closer to the alarm rune on the underside of her desk.
"I'm here to help you," the woman said at length. There was something about her voice that seemed familiar, but Julie couldn't place it.
"Okay," Julie responded. "Can you explain how?"
"Yes. Listen to Bill about Jerry," the woman said. She leaned forward and the sense of vague familiarity hit Julie again. She was certain she knew this woman from somewhere.
"What did Bill say about Jerry?" Julie asked, carefully choosing her words to avoid any accidental admissions.
"That you're being too harsh on him," the woman said. She leaned forward some more, putting her elbows on her knees.
"Bill's right. You see, Bill is a very confident man. He's aware that other men might be better in bed, or better fighters, or better at their jobs than him. He doesn't really care. You pushing away Jerry isn't going to make him feel more secure in your relationship. He's not worried about you leaving him to return to the arrangement you had with Jerry and his wife. He knows you well enough to know you wouldn't want that. Being a fifth wheel, I mean."
Julie gasped as the recognition suddenly crystalized. "Jane," she breathed. Jane flashed her a tight smile and a little nod. "more or less," she said cryptically. Julie took that to mean this was an avatar.
"What can you tell me about everything that's happened?" Julie asked.
"Well, General Stanley's fears are justified, so don't hold back aiding him. Some of the gods are dissenting. A few will sit out the upcoming conflict. A few will side with humanity. A few more will side specifically with Jerry. In fact, they already have. Unfortunately, those who've sided with Jerry are probably not going to help us in this fight."
"And why? Why are they turning on us?"
"Because They're afraid of you. You have power now, and Jerry worked out a way to kill a god. They know if he can do it, another human can, as well. Some of the work your wizards are doing is shockingly close to what Jerry did. Most of them have turned against him, though not all. But in doing so, many have turned against humanity as a whole. They don't plan to let you have back the army you've sent to assist them. Most of them think that will be a serious blow to your might. They don't know it's just a small part of one army among many. And when they learn that, well... They're not going to grow any less afraid of you, that's for sure."
"You make out like the gods are a bunch of cowards," Julie said. Jane chuckled and nodded, crossing her arms.
"They are. They're scared of Jerry, scared of Sarisa, scared of you, scared of me and Yarm. Mostly me, but still. They'd be afraid of their own shadow, if they didn't know better. The gods have spent thousands of years being immortal and invincible. Only one god has ever truly died, and that was a massive fluke. They've never been given the chance to develop any courage. They're experiencing a threat for the first time ever, so their reaction is to attack everything until there's nothing left to threaten them."
"Except Yarm," Julie said. Jane nodded. "Except Yarm. And you can guess where he stands."
Yarm would stand with Jerry, no doubt. Julie knew that the two of them were as close as they could be without becoming lovers. "And what about Jerry?" she asked.
"Jerry is doing exactly what he needs to be doing right now. For himself, and for everyone else."
Julie nodded, taking that in. "And you? Where do you sit in this fight?"
Jane shrugged. "I was human until a few years ago. Old loyalties die hard."
Julie leaned back in her chair, relieved.
Jane stood. "I have to go. I have a lot on my plate, lately. There's no certainty, but I want you to know that things are on the right track, so far. As long as Sarisa doesn't have any more tricks up her sleeve, everything's going to work out."
"And if she does?" Julie asked, rising as well.
Jane shrugged again, making a sort of sneer that Julie recognized as a suppressed wince. "Then we'll either adapt or lose."
"And what happens if we lose?"
"The destruction of all the gods and the extinction of humanity. At least in this world."
"So, no pressure," Julie drawled. Jane grinned. "No pressure," she said. She turned to the door and opened it, then paused.
"Oh, one more thing..." She met Julie's eyes.
"Tell Bill that you're in love with him. He's been itching for 'the right time' to tell you, but you know how men are about that kind of stuff."
Julie gaped at the goddess as she left with a wink. A moment later, she returned to her computer and began typing more emails. She had a feeling that pulling out all the stops might be appropriate.
Command Sergeant Major Eric Hale, 5th Special Forces Group
"The president will see you now, Sergeant," the marine guard said. Hale stood and walked in. Hale walked into the conference room to find the POTUS and a Navy Admiral shaking hands.
"Thank you, Fred," the President said. The Admiral nodded and walked out as Hale snapped to attention and saluted his Commander in Chief.
"Knock it off," the President told him, pulling out a chair, and then walking around the table to take one opposite. "Take a seat. I've been on my feet all day."
"Thank you, sir," Hale said as he sat down and scooted his chair in.
"I'm told you have a message for me from General Stanley."
Hale nodded. "Yes, sir. I was to give you his message verbatim. It goes as follows: 'Sir, if this shit goes down and we don't throw everything we have at it in one big mass, right off the bat, I do not think we will survive'. End of message."
The President nodded.
"I expected this, you know," he said. "The folks from the DCM -including that guy from the television show and the woman who produces it- were fairly apocalyptic in their description of events."
The President heaved a big sigh. "That was Admiral Strang. He happened to be in the building, so he personally reported to me that the second and third battalion of the Tenth Special Forces just arrived stateside on naval flights. They're preparing to be deployed as we speak."
"Sir, with all due respect, I think we're going to need more than just two more battalions of quiet professionals. We're going to need a complete mobilization. I just came from the DCM, and they promised me a hundred wizards and over four hundred shooters with magic gear. I think we're going to need more, sir. A lot more."
"A total war footing," the President said. "That's what you're talking about. A return to a World-War-Two era economy."
"Sir, I couldn't speak to economic concerns, but I have the upmost faith in the General's judgement."
"You and me both, Sergeant," the President said with a sigh. He sighed again a moment later.
"Okay, Sergeant. My break is over, I need to get moving. You can tell the General I'm doing everything I can. If you want to return to the waiting room, I'll send a Marine to escort you to the helipad and you can take the chopper over to Fort Carson. I'll send instructions for Colonels Macy and Gibbs to follow your lead."
"Thank you, sir," Hale said, standing up. He snapped another salute, but the President stuck out his hand.
"Thank you, Sergeant. You and every single one of the men out there right now, and all of those heading there today and in the future. Your service is an inspiration to all of us. I know you hear empty platitudes from politicians all the time, but I want to personally assure you that I mean it."
"You served yourself, sir," Hale said, shaking the President's hand.
"I did. In Afghanistan. It seems like forever ago."
"Then thank you, Mister President," Hale said. The President laughed.
"Yeah, thank me, too. Go on. I'm a busy man, Sergeant."
Hale hurried out, back to the waiting room. He had barely sat down before a Marine Gunnery Sergeant walked into the room. "Sergeant Hale?" he asked.
Hale stood. "This way, si- Sergeant," the Marine said.
"Do I have to say it, Gunny?" Hale asked.
"Nope," the Marine responded. "I'm kicking myself already."
President James Carter
James' staff met him as he left the conference room. "Okay," he asked Marcy, to his left. "Who's next?"
"Director Stillman, sir," she said. James sighed with relief. "Good. Hopefully he's got some good news for us."
He followed Marcy through the halls, to one of the secured meeting rooms. Inside, he found Frank Stillman, Director of Central Intelligence.
"Frank, please tell me you've got good news," James said as he shook his old friend's hand.
"Well, that depends on what you need the news for. Word is that we're going to war. Like World War Three. Is that true?"
"Jesus, you guys work fast," James breathed. "I literally just came from hearing about it."
"Ways and means, sir," Frank said. James chuckled ruefully.
"So yeah, I wanted to know about project Hoplite."
"Hoplite is ahead of schedule. We can field the first cadre, already. The second will be ready in a month."
"Good. What about project, uh..." James snapped his fingers. "Project Merlos, sir?"
"Yes, I could never remember that name. We should have just called it 'Merlin'. Or maybe 'Gandalf'."
"We almost called it Project Dresden, sir, but we've had one of those already."
"I don't even want to know. So how far along is Merlos?"
"We have four cadres ready right now. That's about three hundred and sixty men."
"That'll be a big help. How fast can they get organized?"
"They're prepping now, sir. They'll be ready to go within the hour. I had planned to have them travel ahead."
"Good, good. And you know I have to ask about the last one."
Frank's face split into a grin. "Project Tarragon, sir."
"That's the one."
Frank's grin grew wider. "Six," he said. James' jaw dropped. "Six?!"
"Yes, sir. Ready to go right this instant."
"Shit, the NRF riders must be fast learners."
"There's a sort of bonding that happens. By training the riders first, we can have another two ready two months from the next hatch."
"You look pretty pleased with yourself," James noted. Frank winked. "I am, sir. These projects have been my baby for the past few years. Having them come to fruition right as they're needed, well... I'm eager to see them in action."
"Don't be too eager. I'm told that if we don't win this one, we go extinct."
"Extinction has shades of gray, sir. If things get too bad, well, we've got a plan for that, too."
"Oh?" James quirked an eyebrow at him. "Do tell."
"Well, sir. You see, me and Jerry go way back. I was his boss when he worked for the Agency."
"I'm aware," James said. Frank smiled.
"Well, he and I got on quite well. So well, in fact, that neither of us wanted to end our professional relationship when he left for the private sector. As a result, we've been in touch about important matters. The last thing he contacted me about was a sort of extra dimensional bunker, set up by the gods to preserve humanity in the event of some extinction-level event. Except the gods don't really seem to know about it. Well, except one, and I've been given assurances that she's sympathetic to our cause."
"Well, that does sound useful."
Frank's smile turned into a grin that split his face from ear to ear. "We've also taken the liberty of adding some extra defenses, sir. If we can hold out for two more months, in addition to the two new Tarragon pairs, I can provide you with a bunker from which any continuing war effort can be directed in perfect safety."
"Well, shit, don't let me keep you, then. Have your project's soldiers travel to the other side as quickly as possible, and report their capabilities and needs to General Stanley."
"Right away, sir."
Frank walked out without another word. A very efficient man, that one, James thought. He stepped outside to find Marcy and the others waiting.
"Next?" he said with a sigh.
Bill Martin, All in All, Having a Pretty Good Day
Bill finished up the rest of his work and shut down his computer. Eric was as set as he could be. Gear for a thousand DCM security agents was being shipped to the Army camp, and hundreds of wizards and security agents (with their own gear, of course) were heading there as well, some already moving, others heading out in the days to come.
He stretched his back and then angled his desk lamp to be sure he'd cleaned up the mess from earlier. As he nodded to himself in satisfaction, he heard the door opening and looked up. Julie was there, her shirt half-unbuttoned and her hair a bit more of a mess than he remembered leaving it in.
"Everything okay?" he asked.
"Yes, just..." She sighed. "It's been a long day."
"I rather enjoyed lunch," Bill said. "Though I'm still hungry, for some reason..." Julie smiled at him.
"You know, there's probably no-one left in the office who might come knocking..." Bill said, suggestively.
"I know," Julie said, indicating her shirt. "But before we get to that, I need you to do something. In a professional capacity, I mean."
Bill's eager grin faded, replaced by his business expression, which some people tended to find intimidating for some reason. He scratched one heavily cauliflowered ear and idly wondered why as he waited for Julie to go on. For her part, she seemed reluctant to say it.
Finally, she worked up the nerve. "I want you to take a team. Six security, six wizards. The best, even if you have to recall them from the other side. I mean, the best we have. Take them and go find Jerry, and assist him with whatever he needs. Here," she reached into the pocket of the jacket slung over one arm and produced a compass.
"What's this?" Bill asked, accepting the compass.
"It will lead you directly to him. He gave it to me once, in case..."
"In case you needed to get laid?" Bill asked, his expression still all business. "I'm sorry, that sounded bitter. I mean, I don't understand why you'd need to find him."
"In case I needed to have him killed," Julie blurted out. "He made it and gave it to me. I think he made a few and gave them to the people he trusted."
"And he trusted you with one," Bill said. Julie winced.
"I'm not jealous," Bill said.
"What?" Julie asked.
"I'm not jealous, I said. I know you two used to have some kind of a thing going, and I know he's probably some kind of inhuman lover. But I can live with the fact that you were his sidepiece for a while."
Julie winced again.
"Sorry," Bill said. "My mouth is bad at translating what's in my head sometimes. I just mean to say that I've never had a problem with you and him working together, or even being friends. I know there wasn't any... Romance there."
"Are you... Is there romance here?" Julie asked him in a quiet voice.
"I sure as shit hope so, or I'm in for a really bad time," Bill said. He wanted to say something else, but it was hard to just jump to that.
Julie giggled.
"What?" Bill asked.
"Nothing, it was just something someone said to me earlier today."
She stepped forward, her body pressed to his and kissed him.
"I love you, Bill Martin," she whispered.
"I lo- Wow. Uh, I wasn't expecting that..." he muttered, his thick neck turning a bright shade of red.
"Sounds like maybe you were," Julie said.
"Motherfucker," Bill swore. "Julie, I've had a crush on you since the moment we met. At my interview. I saw you sitting there and afterwards, when I went home, I couldn't get that image out of my head. And I... I'm... I've been in love with you since that morning at the diner, when that asshat kept running his mouth."
Julie smiled at him. "So you love me?"
"Yeah," Bill said. Something snapped inside his chest and he seized her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. Her lips felt different, warmer, softer than he remembered. The skin of her cheeks under his calloused thumbs was smoother, fuller. The feeling of her body pressed up against his was...
It felt like coming home, he thought.
They kissed for a long moment before Bill drew back. "I uh..." he stammered.
"You need to get your team together," Julie said.
"Yeah," he responded, looking around as if they were here, waiting for him.
He clutched the compass to his chest. "I saw Michelle's report," he said. "From what she said, he's moving across planes."
"Stacey Compton is probably the most talented plane walker we have," Julie said. "And she's been working on the teleporter improvements. She should still be here."
Bill nodded. "I'll grab her. She got a rave review from one of the security teams when she was doing field work. Cool head under pressure. I still need to figure out the rest."
"You can leave in the morning, you know," Julie said. Bill met her gaze, and saw the twinkle there.
"The door's still open," he said.
"I thought you said there wasn't anyone left to disturb us..." Julie said teasingly. Bill grinned. "In that case, the couch in the lobby is bound to be more comfortable than my desk."
Julie took his hand and led him out of the office.
Bill woke up and froze, the unfamiliarity of his surroundings speeding up his heart. But only for a second. He recognized Julie's bedroom. His hand brushed her sleeping back as the memories of last night returned. His eyes went to the dresser, where his handgun, wallet, and a small compass were laid out.
They'd had dinner, then come back here and enjoyed their third tryst of the day before falling asleep in each others arms. He remembered the words they'd shared, and tried them out again on her sleeping back.
"I love you," he said. Julie murmured something and pulled the hand he'd placed on her hip down over her belly. He gave her a moment to cuddle, then gently extricated his hand and climbed out of bed. He jumped in the shower and washed quickly. A small pump bottle of brightly colored body wash-slash-shampoo and conditioner, obviously marketed to men, sat unopened to one side, so he cracked that one and used it.
He climbed out and dried himself off, and found Julie still asleep when he emerged. She'd rolled onto her back and lay stretched out on the bed, her hair a chestnut halo around her head, like some kind of angel. He considered snapping a picture, but the blankets were tangled around her knees, and he didn't want to do something that would piss her off, like taking nude photos of her sleeping. But he really wanted to remember this, so he stared for a long moment before getting dressed.
"Mmm, leaving?" Julie murmured as he pulled his boots on.
"Was gonna wake you up, see if you wanted to get breakfast before I go," he said.
"Mmmmmmm," she responded, her eyes still closed. She reached out and seized his forearm gently.
"Mmm, I love you," she said. Bill grinned down at her, barely able to stand how gorgeous and adorable she was.
"I love you, too," he said.
Her eyes snapped open. "I wanna get breakfast," she said.
"Okay, then come on," he replied.
She sat up, rubbing her eyes. "I need a shower," she said.
"Clock's ticking," Bill noted. She swung her legs out of bed, then slumped.
"Fuck the shower, you have to go, soon."
"Yeah," Bill agreed sadly.
"Okay, lemme brush my teeth, at least." She stood and padded into the bathroom, so Bill sat patiently on the bed and waited. She emerged a few minutes later. "Clothes," she said, then turned to the closet as if she'd just remembered that clothes were a thing. She dug out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and quickly pulled them on.
"I'll wear sandals," she said, grabbing a pair of large-framed sunglasses from her dresser. "Come on."
They went to a diner two blocks away that they'd visited a few times before. Breakfast was ordered, delivered and eaten, coffee was poured, fawned over, and drank quickly. Finally, Julie settled the bill.
"Bill," she said. "When you get there, tell him I'm sorry, okay? I was... Part of it was personal reasons. I kinda wanted to push him away. So you could..."
"So I could get closer?" Bill asked. she nodded.
"I'll tell him."
They stood and walked outside. At Bill's car, he stopped and turned. "Are you sure you don't want a ride home?"
"Yeah, this is a safe neighborhood. And I've still got that handgun in my purse. And it's only two blocks. You need to get moving, as much as I want to draw this out."
Bill nodded. He stroked her hair, then pulled some of it to his face and breathed deeply.
"Yuck," Julie said. "I haven't washed it."
"It smells like you," Bill said. "Best thing I've ever smelled."
"Ahh, that's right. We haven't been out for tacos yet," Julie said. Bill chuckled.
"You don't have any jewelry on," he said, disappointed. Julie cocked her head at him. "Is that a problem?"
"I guess not, I just... I wanted something of you. To bring with me. I'm damn sure I'm riding into a fight."
"Give me your knife," Julie said. Bill's eyebrows rose, but he complied, handing over the razor-sharp Benchmade he kept clipped to his belt. She unfolded it, seized a lock of her hair and chopped it off in a quick motion. Bill gasped.
"Your hair!" he said. Julie handed him the knife back and carefully began to tie the hair into a complex knot.
"I was about to cut it short, anyways. I like to change it up from time to time. Here," she handed him the small ring of braided hair, and he took it. Bill looked at it, then up at Julie.
"I love you," he said again.
Julie beamed at him. "I love you, too. Now let me go get in the shower. I've got to get to the office." She kissed him once on the lips and spun on her heels, striding away quickly. Bill climbed in the driver's seat and looked up to see she'd stopped and was watching him.
He raised the hair and kissed it. She smiled, blushed and turned away.
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2023.03.31 07:43 sabsechupkar Looking for therapist for my mother.

Background: my mother is 55F she is having depression from last few years and we shifted to gurgaon 4 months back. We are from tier-3 city so its kind of challenging for her to talk around because you can’t see much people outside. So i am thinking to take her to good female therapist to get someone for thoughts sharing. We live in sector 17a so looking for therapist nearby to the house.
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