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2023.03.21 22:36 determinedlydepraved 47 [M4F] #Chicago Intelligent, intellectual, internally contradictory, progressive Dom seeking similarly omnicurious, voraciously intellectual sub female match for serious dating, romance, banter, dinners, trivia-,drinking-,and sex- games plus intense TPE-esqe BDSM dynamic

I’m a smart, sexy, extremely kinky, creatively cruel, surprisingly kind, self-aware, unexpectedly witty and seriously over-sexed dominant male. I want a long term, joyful and delightful relationship with a compatible submissive. I have wide ranging kinks, but more than anything I get off on a mix of emotional and physical sadism, serious mindfuck, and seriously rough sex alternated with genuinely affectionate and mutually empathetic aftercare. Ultimately, what I want most is an affectionate, trusting, and intense relationship with a like minded partner who also wants to be in a slightly unconventional 24/7 TPE-esque relationship.
I say "esque" because in the long run, while I require a great deal of control, there are some areas -career and education, forex - what I want is for you to be yourself, in the best, most exciting way possible. More generally, I am very aware that however kinky we are, there are some things in a couples life that simply have to be addressed by consensus if both parties are going to be themselves in the best way possible. Perhaps if I were inclined to life as a backwoods yokel, I might feel differently. But I spent the first eighteen years of my trying to escape the rural nightmare of my birth. I’m a very progressive urban professional by choice — almost by design, even. And I want the same thing in a partner: someone who shares my unabashed enthusiasm for cities and everything to do with them; someone (else) for whom living in dense urban neighborhoods isn’t a brief bit of tourism before retreating to the suburbs and raising a couple of over-privileged brats to repeat the process. It is a vital component of my life and my happiness. And while my personal politics are complex, because I’m a nerd who thinks that discussing policy white papers on the merits of UBI vs a federal jobs guarantee is a perfectly reasonable thing to incorporate into any exploration of kink that hasn’t involved a ball gag.
(And this can go here as well as anywhere: I’m looking for something involving touch; I’m a fan of the slow epistolary burn, and I am very open to meeting someone who isn’t in Chicago; depending on the person and circumstances it is not impossible I might be the one to move if we really, really hit it off. But I want someone to have adventures with, sexual and otherwise. Not talk about the adventures we hope we get to have someday. I’ve done the part of my life where I hope wistfully for what is coming, and I’ve done the part where I’ve been madly in love with a seriously compatible partner. One of those is worth any effort to repeat and improve upon and -notwithstanding the behavior of an alarming number of other men my age - it sure as shit isn’t high school.)
All that said.
I'm looking for a girl who is helplessly driven by her need to be owned, controlled, disciplined and I am by the need to control and degrade and punish. A girl who wants and needs to be micromanaged; who wants her clothing, her grooming, her hair style and her posture to all be exactly what Daddy wants. She feels a little heat between her legs every time she says the word Daddy, the way it is at once filthy and sexy and a little demeaning. A prized possession, a well-trained servant. But no more allowed to rebel against doing what she's told than the couch or the coffee table. She knows that praise is something to be earned; that being called "Good Girl" should be a reward for doing well, not a wage for showing up. She knows that her owner won't accept any excuses, or waste any mercy, and she is grateful: she wants to be perfect for her owner, and the only way that can happen is if she knows that nothing less than perfection will be tolerated.
She knows that punishment can range from a spanking as hard as her owner - who is stronger than he looks (and doesn't exactly look weak) - wants, to being given corner time, to being locked in a closet for hours in the dark, sometimes with a recording of herself or her owner to berate her, sometimes with nothing but blackness and her own feelings of guilt and shame.
She knows that she belongs to someone both loves both the visceral joy of delivering "simple" physical punishment to his plaything and who rarely loves her as much as he does when she is looking at him, bruised and bound and overwhelmed with lust and telling him how much she loves him, suffering for him, being degraded and humiliated for someone who uses her exactly how she needs. Just as much as I love that, I love longer term more cerebral torments just as much: lecturing and writing lines are at the low end (and lines, especially isn't a punishment so much as a normal daily routine), keeping you in sensory deprivation, depriving you of sleep or human contact until you are vulnerable and suggestible and even more frantic to please me. And then, as I comfort you and hold you and give -sincerely - the care and affection and attention you need to build you back up, I'm manipulating and molding you into exactly what I need. Until your desperate eagerness to please fills you so completely that you can't imagine any higher caller: belonging to me and serving me is the only thing you can imagine wanting, and pleasing me is a source of almost transcendent joy to you: a smile leaves you almost light-headed with pleasure and relief, and the words "Good Girl" from me will cause an automatic and intense orgasm. Because in the end, what you are, more than anything, is an art installation. Valued and incredibly valuable, the product of planning and thought and because of that cared for and prized. Because you are a person being shaped into a specific kind of sex and service toy, rather than an inert and inanimate lump of marble to be sculpted, your opinion is frequently sought and seriously considered: one of the things a good girl helps her owner with is figuring out how she can be a better girl, after all. But I'm no more going to be bound by your opinion (on your hair color or hem length, on how tight I should make your waist via corset training or what the best daily schedule to hold you to might be). Because it is my art project, and because my tastes run that way, the end result is going to be a person whose company I immensely enjoy, who I feel is an asset as a bauble on my arm and entertaining companion. I am going to make of you: Someone with whom I can spend one night relaxing at home, lounging on the couch reading while you sit curled up at my feet, working on your lines for the evening or with book of your own but always with one eye on my water glass and another on any intoxicant I I'm consuming: most likely a cocktail, but sometimes a cigar or a joint. No matter what it is, you always make sure that when I reach for a sip, or a puff, or a drag, I can be certain that it is there, whatever, perfectly prepared if it needs preparation.
Moreover, whenever you stand and walk to the kitchen or bar or whatever, your every movement appears effortless and graceful and feminine and sexy; I want you to feel my eyes on you even if they aren't and I want you to know that if I what I see could be improved -if you didn't put enough sway in your walk, or a hair was out of place, or your smile wasn't quite inviting enough that I will make a little note, and perhaps then, perhaps in an hour or perhaps in a week. (I didn't say it would be effortless, btw. This is a relationship that will be profoundly loving, breathtakingly intense, and -for us, for myself and the right partner, satisfying in a way nothing else ever could be. But it is not and never will be "fair" or "equal", and it isn't supposed to be. That is why we like it, after all).
Someone who I can imagine taking out to dinner at some place very nice like Alinia or Per Se and make her dress in a way that is merely obviously oversexed (if you've been good) or deliberately, humiliatingly trashy (if you've been seriously failing to shape up). And all night as enjoy the meal and as we enjoy each others company, you are aware that your skirt is not only so short that anyone looking can see your legs but that with the plug in your ass -one with projection designed to both push it in as you squirm on your seat, each movement affecting both the plug and the balls I'm making you hold in your snatch. And finally, at the end of the night, I'll turn to the waiter or waitress, and I'll apologize for your inexcusable nasty and wanton behavior. And then, with a level voice and gaze but glowing, shame-filled cheeks, you'll do the same and then invite both any of the waitstaff or busboys who want to come watch in the alley, because you are going to be punished by your owner for all the ways you are a nasty little bitch. Someone who I can take out dancing, doing shots in some filthy nightclub and filling your ass with my cock in its bathroom, for any number of reasons (I like to dance, to pick one, and while I'm a bit of a nerd I'm actually not bad) but one of them is that knowing that most of the male heterosexuals in the crowd are thinking about what a sexy piece of ass you are even before it becomes clear that you have a collar on and cum dripping out of you. Because what is the point of making you into art if I can't show you off?
If you've gotten all the way down here, you are probably dripping and certainly curious. I've listed only a fraction of what I might like to, but if you don't have a basic understanding of what I'm after, you never will. For myself: I'm a bright, handsome, white male, 5'10 and 44 years old. I'm active and while I've got a bit more of a gut than I might wish (COVID UPDATE: Considerably more gut. This whole section was obviously premised on being able to leave the house), I'm mostly big in the "can throw you around sense" more than the "morbidly obese". I'd say I'm trying to lose the gut, but that wouldn't be true - what is true is that lately I've enjoyed going to the gym and working out as well as going to the pool and swimming in a way I never before have, and as a result I've lost a great deal of weight and moved some of the rest around. (This was more true when I initially wrote these lines than it is now... lockdown has not been good for me. At all. )
While the forgoing has mostly focused on what you might call the "negative" space of a power exchange dynamic, it is important to know that I'm just as moved and just as driven by the "positive" space as well: I love feeling my partner in my arms, shaking and spent and intensely vulnerable. Being able to make her feel safe and protected in my arms and on my lap, feeling her relax into that space of safety and approval and affection is differently, but exactly equally, as rewarding as it was to put her into subspace in the first place. When we're in deep enough, are compatible enough, and have shared enough and done enough, those moments of affection also mean that when I look into her eyes and see a look of lust and approval and need and adoration that borders on worship. And that is an amazingly power and empowering feeling; a feeling that makes all the work and thought and attention to detail that goes into a project like turning a smart, interesting human being into a plaything who aches for my approval without (and this is important) damaging or disrupting any of the qualities of intellect or ability or confidence that make her both desirable in the first place and a capable of submissive, in the second. And of course, in making you my perfect submissive I'm necessarily causing it to be the case that I'm your perfect dom, and that is a nice feeling. Also in the realm of positive space: I'm a big fan of affectionate touch. Of hugs and kissing and making out, of having my hand rest idling on your thigh or caressing you as I walk by, running my hand along your flank or through your hair. As a dom, it is one thing with which I am almost always unstinting: I'm almost never going to withhold affection like that from you, and the question "Daddy (or Sir, or Whatever), could I please have a hug" is vanishingly unlikely to get a negative response. And, for that matter, the right sub will understand: sometimes, the only kind of safe word you need is my first name — you as a person will always, automatically, be more important to me than you-my-sub. And if we do it right -if we are right, together - the various roles we occupy in relation to one another (As friends, as romantic partners, the D/s dynamic) end up ceasing to be in tension with each other; one just finds oneself shifting to the the best role for the moment without either of us having to think about it. More generally, one of the satisfactions of being someone's dominant is being able to help them push through their anxieties, whether the anxiety is over some punishment I have planned or task I've assigned (on the one hand) or regarding an interview for a job you really, really want or deal with a boss or co-worker who is being an asshole. Some of my favorite moments as a dom, a boyfriend, hell, as a person, have been like that. Have been sitting on the end of my couch, her he on my lap and stretched out along the length. Letting my hand play along the hem of her skirt and idle reaching and pulling it back and playing with the cunt between my sluts legs. Feeling her shift her weight and legs and alter her position slightly to give me better access and seeing her hair spread out and just listening. Intently, interested as she tells me about a worry about her dissertation[1] or anxieties,
I'm successful in my profession, capable and very demanding. I'm a city dweller by choice and am not interested in changing that: I might move to a different exciting major city, but I'll never choose to live in the burbs. I'm intelligent and intellectual, with quite a bit of old school nerd (I like knowing things and trivia and politics and science and ideas) and a little bit of the new school: I read science fiction (among other things; god save me from the sort SF fan who's only fiction after high school was SF) love the idea of space travel and wish I could walk on the moon. Also, glasses. While I like being called Daddy, sometimes by some partners, I'm not really an age player; while a bit of DD/lg type tension can be fun, and the occasional bit of teachestudent, priest/penitent or similar role play is sometimes sexy and entertaining, I am ultimately want my partner to be present as herself. If my adult submissive is coloring in her adult coloring book because it is soothing, that is awesome. But I don't want someone who is going to pretend to be six, or even sixteen. When I scold you or praise you or spank you or kiss you it needs to always be you: an adult human person who has kinks that are twin to my own, who is living her life this way because, in the general case, she is self-aware, intelligent and introspective enough to know that she, for whatever reason, can only be happy in a relationship with a large, constant, and significant power exchange component and (in the specific) is choosing to do that with me as her dom because she believes that she can be a good sub to me and I make a good dom for her: that our kinks and curiosities and ambitions, our sense of humor and hopes for the future line up in a way that means that we are happy and healthy and mutually supporting in our relationship, even though it might look -and be- viciously abusive as well as so regressive in gender norms as to seem positively antediluvian, if stripped of context and consent. But it is what works for us, as individuals and as a couple.
Finally: I have only one solid and specific "must have" requirement: I need a person who has a quick wit, a filthy mind and a very dirty mouth. If you can't turn me on with words and speech, in the long run we simply aren't a good match. I want to be able to hear you beg, in detail. I want to watch you struggle to come up with some sufficiently outre act of deviance to forestall some punishment, and then see your expression change as you come up with and finally delight in the filth that comes out of your mouth and the smile that you wear while it does so. For everything else: I have enough experience, with both kink and relationships, not to have many remaining preconceptions about what the "right" person is. The right person is the one who reads this ad and sends me a thoughtful PM that is interesting and seductive. And respects me enough not to be a single sentence or, worse, not even a sentence. At one point or another I've been massively turned on by women of any number of shapes and a myriad of colors. I've also been left cold by the same. Don't ask me if I like xxx (BBW/black/asian/tall/short --interestingly, I've never had anyone put "white" in that variable. I'm going to assume that this is because I'm white; otherwise the despair will make my brain hurt, and at 3am I'm allowed a comforting untruth). Point is: I have to be interested in you, specifically, and if you can't or won't bother to respect me enough to try and seduce me back I can assure you: no matter what the answer to the PM "Like xxx" is, if you send that I'm going to enter into this not liking you. (Oh. And while a picture may be worth a thousand words, I promise: it won't substitute for any one of them).
[1]My tastes run toward the bright and the competent more than other single thing, which perhaps explains how it is that despite the fact that going to grad school has for me always been more in the way of a pleasant but never very serious daydream (there being no present niche for IT professionals with Ph.ds in either International Relations, nor ones who've written dissertations on the English Civil War and Cromwell's protectorate, nor ones who have made an extensive study of the social history of class mobility and the role played by the American military in hindering or supporting it. To name three things I've wished I might devote myself to understanding at one point or another in the last couple of weeks), I have a surprising degree of experience with the process whereby an almost comically specific question, like "If married Up and Down quark are inadvertently invited to an orgy and have unprotected quantum tunneling with a submissive-Truth quark (who is lying about his vasectomy) a switchy Bottom quark with body issues and a poly-triad made up of two Charm Quarks and a Higgs Boson that may or may not have been a mail order bride, will the baryon later left on the steps of the local firehouse b: a) Closed and Timelike b) Open, and spacelike c) lemon-flavored d) Pope Sixtus the Third?(a) or -on the Humanities side "Unprotected Casual Prose: Exactly When Did It Become Obvious that The Only Explanation for Brett Easton Ellis is Tertiary Syphilis" - and, these things, combined with pile of research about which I will spare the jokes, results in the right to annoy people by making hotel clerks and gas station attendants call you Doctor. (But not me. At least if we're dating; it isn't the kind of insecure I do and one of the points I try and get across above is that my whole approach to kink in an LTR is: if YOU eagerly choose to be MY submissive, then, by the transitive property of awesomeness, I, ALSO, must be awesome.)
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2023.03.21 22:34 haloarh I think there might be more episodes [re-post]

I have copies of scripts for the two episodes that were supposed to air after the final 9th episode that were supposedly never filmed. They are called "Icarus Ascending" and "My Enemy's Enemy." They would've been the 10th and 11th episodes.
IMDB lists those as actually being filmed, plus another episode that I had never previously heard of before it popped up on IMDB called "A Great or Little Thing." The trivia mentions that they aired in Italy. Now IMDB accepts user submissions, but this show is so obscure it seems strange that someone would make fake pages and write fake trivia for it. I know that the show did air in Italy because when looking for info I found a cast list of actors who dubbed the voices for the show when it played there, but I couldn't find anything about what episodes aired.
A Google search of "EZ Streets" + "A Great or Little Thing" found a Russian site with a bio of one of the show's writers that mentions it.
An IMDB poster claimed to have met actor Saviero Guerra, who had a recurring part on the show, and he said that 14 episodes had been filmed.
TV Guide listed the supposedly never filmed episode "Icarus Ascending." The episode description sounded just like the script I have. The episode guide is now gone.
At the suggestion of people on another subreddit when I posted about the show previously, I contacted one of the writers of the "unfilmed" episodes (as well as one of the ones that aired) who's now a college professor. He told me that he wrote two episodes and that he knows for a fact that both were filmed, but he doesn't know if they aired. I have copies of scripts from all of the episodes that have aired. He's only credited with writing one of them, so if he's sure both his episodes aired, one must be one of the "lost" episodes.
I also bought a press kit for the show off of eBay, and it includes a still from a scene that's not in any of the known episodes. Now it could just be from a cut scene, but nothing resembles it any of the scripts I have.
I tried contacting Paul Haggis on Twitter. He (unsurprisingly) didn't reply. Neither did David Shore who's one of the writers of one. I could find no way to contact the last writer, Robert Moresco. I also tried contacting Universal, whom I'm pretty sure owns the show now, but also got no reply.
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2023.03.21 22:34 nosskyline Importance of Portraying Belter Physiques on TV and Can it be done?

I am reading through the books for the second time and have just started Caliban's War (Yay! I remember this one being amazing)
One of the details that really pops out at me in the books compared to the TV show is the description of Belters. They are much taller than Earthers, and they have larger heads, all from a childhood in a low or null gravity environment.
Leviathan Wakes tells us that Naomi is a head taller than Jim. Ditto for Miller when compared to the righteous Earther. So, while I'm reading, I imagine that difference in height whenever the characters are in the same room.
That obviously is not the case with the TV show. While I understand the showrunners' reasons for not trying to make Belters look like they do in the books, I can't help but wonder if it can be done.
The main reason I would like to see this portrayed onscreen (besides my belief that source material should always be respected) is because of the importance of Belter physique when it comes to the story. You can begin to see the reasons why they are treated so badly by the Inners. It's a modern (200 years from now) version of racism. It helps the audience understand why the Earthers look down upon Belters. It's a fantastic parallel to real life and the racism we see today.
Let me give you a personal example. I grew up in Eastern Europe in a country where you will rarely see people of African descent, especially if you live far from the capital like I did. My family was given an opportunity to move to the US for work in the late 90s. I was just about 7 years old. I had never seen anyone in my life who wasn't of either Slavic, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Uzbek, Kazhazh, etc (I think you get the point) descent. However, when I moved to the US, it wasn't long until I saw black (African descent) people for the first time. What do you imagine went through my mind at first? They were so different in the way they looked when compared to me, my family, and anyone I'd ever known. It shocked me to the point that for the first weeks after becoming an immigrant, I had thoughts and feelings that I think can be classified as racist. I say I "think" because I don't remember feeling any hatred, but rather fear of the unknown and total ignorance of who they are. Despite the lack of hatred, it feels immoral when I remember how I felt. That being said, it didn't take long for those feelings to vanish. How? Well ... I went to school and got a chance to talk and interact with the people I considered so different from me. In no time at all, I got past any and all prejudices as I realized these people are just like me on the inside, meaning there was no logical reason to have any negative feelings. I soon became friends with several black students. Today, my best friend happens to be black. The difference in skin color makes no difference to us. We're good friends and are very comfortable discussing any topics, including race and injustice. Since that experience in childhood, I have had a strong dislike towards racists because it makes no sense to treat people differently based on something they did not choose. But I also understand how it happens to people, and what they need to do to get past it.
That's exactly what we see in The Expanse. Most Earthers had never seen a Belter in person. They had never spoken to one. They had never worked together. Just like the young me in Eastern Europe in the 90s when it came to people of African descent. All they think about is what they see, which is a person who looks completely different. If they could just speak to one another, they would realize they have more in common than they think.
E.g. I wonder if Amos first had any initial negative feelings toward Belters? If so, I'm sure it didn't take long for him to reject those feelings and work together with the new people he met.
We all have our own understanding of what it means to be normal, usually based on what we experienced in childhood. When we see someone who doesn't look like what we're familiar with, we start to make hasty, fearful, and irrational assumptions. Due to our fear of the unknown, we assume that the "different" people don't share our values and morals, meaning they might be a threat. Rubbish.
The differences between Earthers and Belters are so much more prevalent than the differences between races on Earth today. That is why the racism in The Expanse is so realistic and helps to explain why the situation in the Belt is so dire for so many. It's easy for Earthers to see Belters as "not human" and justify their cruelty towards them. Not only is it realistic, but the racism towards Belters is a key part of the story throughout the books.
Now, back to the show. Belters are usually shown to have tatoos, have hair that stands up, and shaved sides of their heads. They also have their own language. That does make the audience see a difference, but it's nowhere near the difference described in the books. In fact, there are many scenes in the show where you cannot tell if someone where someone is from. E.g. Doris, Prax's friend in Season 2, who stayed with the injured botanist after the first battle of Ganymede. I assumed she was a Belter until she said, "I'm going back to Mars. I still have family there." She was also spaced with the rest of the Inners who were onboard the refugee ship. So ... apparently, she's Martian. I had no idea because she doesn't look any different from Prax, who's only Belter characteristic is his hairstyle.
Overall, I feel like the show is missing a key component of the story by not having the Belters share the physique of their book counterparts.
I'm curious to hear from others on whether or not you would try to make Belters realistic on-screen and also how it would be done. CGI? Prosthetics? Any other techniques?
Thank you for reading. I hope this opens up a good discussion. Have a wonderful day!
TLDR - Belter physique is vital because it helps explain why they're so oppressed by Earth. It's the same racism we've always seen. The show lacks this element. Would you change this and how?
Tenye discussion gut, beratnas!
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2023.03.21 22:34 Eastern-Garage30 What's the most overrated movie of all time?

If you could switch lives with any movie or TV character, who would it be and why?
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2023.03.21 22:32 Educational-Prompt46 28M - Total romantic looking for deep conversation, sweet [chats], and a consistent flirtatious [friendship]

Hey! Just a single guy looking for a woman to talk to and establish some sort of sweet and flirty friendship with. Something more than just platonic but less than a serious relationship. I’m an open book, I like to travel, see the world, and at the same time I like to stay in and watch TV or movies. I like to stay active as well and I have a thirst for knowledge and science.
I have a lot of affection and laughs to give, I like having a good sense of humor and making people smile :) and teaching you things you probably never knew before. I enjoy voice and video calls too!
Please chat or DM me with your age and a little bit about you, just so I have something to work off of, not just “hey“ or “hello“. No matter where in the world you’re from I would love to get to know you!
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2023.03.21 22:30 _Starry_eyed Looking for friends in London!

I'm 33f, single, work in senior management, live in Central London, dress well. According to personality types, I'm an 'adventurer' (ISFP), it has some truth to it but I think people are more dynamic than myers briggs assessments imply!
Why I'm here: my two closest friends recently moved away from London, one moved to Leeds for work and the other moved to Newcastle to complete a PhD at the university. I would like to meet interesting people who have a sense of humour and can hold a decent conversation. Who knows if I will find this on reddit...worth a shot!
I would eventually like to have 1:1 friendships and groups of friends. Dinner parties, days out, nights out, nights in, movies and takeaway, occasional late night deep chats, being silly together, picnics in the park during summer, you get the gist :)
Some of my interests include:
  1. Exploring new restaurants, I look forward to trying new places, enjoy good quality food and have a list of over 100 restaurants still to work through. Let's try some together?
  2. Music - going out dancing, watching or listening to it, I like everything from drum and bass to latin to classical to world. I have been to see classical orchestras, metal/dnb/other gigs, and into so much more. Let's go enjoy some music?
  3. Fitness - I do yoga, dance classes, always checking out new classes too.
  4. I enjoy painting and do classes regularly. I have an interest in trying DJing at some point...
  5. I go through phases with books. The last book I read was Man's Search for Meaning and currently have yet to read Woman Who Run With Wolves, recommended to me but haven't started yet.
  6. Arts and culture - new shows, exhibitions, museums etc
  7. Travel - I explore quite a lot and get to know locals, try to travel as authentically as possible.
If you think we have things in common, please reach out! 😊
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2023.03.21 22:30 rainrebelx Prevent Premature Ejaculation - Stirling Cooper Books

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2023.03.21 22:29 frawgzzzz M saw dis an finks it was goods, so asks away hehe (has a good day an don’t forget to eats an dwinks) 🤍

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2023.03.21 22:29 delealien Need ya all black fellas some help to identify a TV Show I watched long time ago

A long time ago I watched sum TV Show thats was good asf, but I forgot to take some note what is the name, so now i wanna start the serie and watch all the seasons, but I cant find it, I been searchin for days, tried also usin AI to help me but the suggestions all wrong.
I dont remember very well, but the serie is about a black dude from da hood, that was just released from jail and were tryin to start a new life, reinvent himself, the serie has a lot of funny scenes, I dont remember if its exactly the main story but something like that, he appeared to be in his 30 or 40s, its like humor and drama similar to atlanta, AI says it luke cage but im sure it from way before 2016.
Someone have some clue?
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2023.03.21 22:28 Serious_Fig8422 ZOCD please help me!!

Hey guys
(I’m 15 btw)
So recently I was watching a cartoon movie with animals and then I thought to myself,”what if I am attracted to this?” I did not think much of it but then I was curious so I researched “attraction to animals” and I learnt about what a zphile is. I learnt that most zphile are attracted to dogs and now I can’t get it out of my head! This was about 10 days ago and I feel like it has made a big impact on my life. I started getting this weird feeling about dogs even though I never ever had ever thought that I was attracted to animals before. I always loved animals only as pets and found them “cute” but not in a se**** or romantic way. Now I can’t even look at a dog without thinking if I am a zphile even though I have never had these thoughts before. I feel like I’m always testing myself to see if I am attracted to it. A few days ago, I even got a small groinal response. I panicked, but then I did some research on it and I found that with intrusive thoughts, it doesn’t mean that I’m actually attractive, but my brain is actually tricking me into thinking I am. However, sometimes I have guilt that I am even having these thoughts, and thinking that I might actually be attracted to animals. Again, I have never had this thought before about 10 days ago. I have showed signs of ocd before, and I have had intrusive thoughts, just not like this. In addition, I am disgusted by these thoughts and I would never act this way on any animal. However, I am disgusted that I even have these thoughts. I think to myself, why do I even have them? Does it make me a zphile? Have I lied to myself my whole life? Can I even become a zphile if I have been attracted to humans my whole life? I’m just so confused and I am really just looking for answers and help. Thank you!
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2023.03.21 22:28 Stunning_Pay_4901 What is the most random act of kindness you've ever received?

What's the most absurd thing you've ever seen in a movie or TV show?
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2023.03.21 22:28 Difficult_Ad1903 If you could have any talent, what would it be?

What's your favorite TV show and why?
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2023.03.21 22:27 Powerful_Material Which shows have you found close to, or just as good as BCS?

My personal favorite after finishing BCS is Severance on Apple TV. The cinematography, writing and acting really struck close to the quality of BCS, and it’s the only show I’ve watched that I consider to be just as good (so far). There’s only one season of it, and the second is currently in production.
What shows have you watched that matches the quality of BCS?
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2023.03.21 22:27 GrandZealousideal340 please help with video play back.

Im losing my mind here I cannot for the life of me figure this out. So when I record a video using obs the video records fine no issues but the problem i am having is with my play and video watching applications like windows Movie and TV. The video is Extremely laggy to the point of being unwatchable. i cannot watch the video using any playback device. vlc, obs, movies and tv any of these leave with absolutely horrible choppy out of sync audio and video with cuts and massive frame drops. BUT here's what is driving me insane...If i upload it to youtube the video is literally crystal clear perfectly fine no audio or choppy visual cuts and frame drops like how it should be in windows movie and tv.
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2023.03.21 22:27 SecretDeftones Does Coffee/Caffeine effect you too like American shows/movies presents?

I mean, whenever someone drinks coffee in a USA-related tv, it always keep them energetic, shaking and make them wakeful. Or whenever someone wants to be awake, drinks coffee.
I've never seen anyone in my life getting sleep deprivation or shaking or being hyperactive after drinking coffee or cafeine. In fact, whenever i drink coffee i get sleepy.
So what's your experience with coffee? Does it make you feel like those like in movies or did you see anyone having those?
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2023.03.21 22:27 tommytwothousand Wormhole X-Treme is the best way to bring back Stargate

Is it going to happen? Of course not. But I think a spinoff that's just Wormhole X-Treme would be the best case scenario for a new stargate show.
It is canon so there would be no erasure of existing lore like with a hard reboot.
It would be pretty much impossible to make it a dark and gritty show. You can't make a dark and gritty show with "X-Treme" in the name.
There is less baggage than with the real series. No network is going to put off a show that requires watching 17 seasons and 3 movies prior to watching. But stargate's worldbuilding and overall progression was so deep that you'd have to scrap of ignore a lot of it to make it "newcomer friendly". Wormhole X-Treme on the other hand only has like 15 minutes of footage so they could start fresh for newcomers easily.
It would be really fun. It would be canon. It would be new and old at the same time.
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2023.03.21 22:24 Infinite_Two1173 Best Apps for series/shows

Cinema HD and Cyberflix are great for movies but I find them unreliable sometimes for shows, trying to watch Pretty Little Liars, BEE TV is great but experiencing some problems with it.
Any other great apps like Bee tv for shows ?
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2023.03.21 22:24 Jazzy_Jane250 I'm falling for my FWB. Do I ask him to make it serious?

It's time to get serious kids. I'm in a predicament. But to help you fully understand, we have to go back a bit. I, 19 female, am a University Junior, but I skipped a bit of school, so it's only my second year on campus. Last year, my first, I was SA'd the second week of school, and it has left me struggling with trust and intimacy. I was homeschooled by my Math teacher mother growing up, so I never really had a high school relationship, but every situationship I had been involved in left me hurt and this only added to my trust issues.
This past summer, I started hanging out with a new friend group as a way to emotionally reset from my really difficult year. (I had a serious stalker, a car accident which left me concussed for almost a year, a good friend of mine passed away, and a few other pretty rough things occurred.)
Immediately joining this friend group I fell in love with the vibe. They were all definitely rowdy party kids all a couple years older than me, but extremely laid back. It was mostly comprised of the Men's Ultimate Frisbee team and a few other random kids who knew them from other things. They were immediately so inclusive and fun to hang out with, taking me on river floats, inviting me drinking and to play hours upon hours of party games. Nobody took themselves too seriously, and if you know anyone who plays ultimate frisbee, you know the vibe.
When I started hanging with this group, I got kind of causally involved with one guy, 20 male who we'll call Weed, who everyone warned be against, but I was naive and he gave me attention. One of the other guys, 22 male who we'll call Trojan, became particularly concerned for me. As shit started to hit the fan with Weed, Trojan was always there to take me for a walk to help me process everything and ultimately, I broke things off entirely with Weed after I drunkenly gave him a piece of my mind from attop a table on my 19th birthday that the guys threw for me. (AKA I told him he had a tiny dick and that the best birthday gift he could give me would be to leave.) Trojan gave me the space I needed but made me aware that if I ever needed anything, he'd be there.
Over the course of the next term, (Fall) Trojan and I became best friends. We talked constantly, sent each other hundreds of TikToks and reels on instagram, we'd go on late night McDonald's runs and watch Star Wars movies at 1am on week nights just for the hell of it. We realized how scarily similar we are, which sounds cliche, but it's true. We aggree on almost everything, and have nearly identical senses of humor. The only difference being I'm a bit more jaded than he is. I started causally seeing someone who wasn't part of the group, and Trojan started dating a girl from the next town over, but we remained as close as could be. As the end of fall term rolled around, we spent hours upon hours studying taking breaks to watch How I Met Your Mother, one of the shows we both love. It was on one of these late nights at his house that we were taking a study break, curled up on his heated blanket on his bad that he suddenly turned to me and asked, "You wanna make out?" Knowing he had a girlfriend, I snorted laughter and said, "Nope" and he seemed a little hurt, but laughed it off assuring me he was totally joking. about a week later, we were at my place, and I stood up from the couch where I had fallen asleep with my head on his shoulder to get a drink of water when all of a sudden he stood up and kissed me. I was too shocked to move, and when he pulled away, all I could think to say was "Isn't this a bad idea...?" and he said, "I dont think it is", and kissed me again. This time I pulled away and was like, "Wait, slow down, dont you have a girlfriend???!!" And he said, "No I ended it a few weeks ago. I started to feel things for you and didnt want to feel guilty about wnting to test the waters with you." I wasnt sure quite how to react so I just told him it was a bad idea and we sat back down and for the rest of the night we pretended like nothing happened. When he finally went home around three am, we texted about everything, and he caught me up to speed on the situation with his ex, and he apologized for kissing me so out of the blue without warning. He said he made a mistake and was embarrassed and sorry, and I was just so confused but assured him that it was okay, I was just blindsided and obviously because he hadn't told me he and his girlfriend broke up, I'd be confused when he kissed me.
Thus began almost three months of us being closer than ever, but with me insisting that nothing was going to happen. We'd spend hours texting, an hours of him trying to make me see how we'd be perfect together. And the thing is, he wasn't wrong. And I wanted to just throw every caution to the wind and go for it, but I was also terrified. He was one of my best friends and I was scared that with my PTSD from my SA, and my years of trust issues, that I'd ruin my favorite friendship by making it sexual. He insisted that we didn't have to make it serious, that we could keep it casual and be FWB until we wanted to take it further. I'd just roll my eyes and explain why it'd be too complicated, and eventually winter break rolled around. He went home to California to visit his family, and I stayed here because I live at home in a converted garage studio apartment at my parents'. Over the break, we started face timing each other at night to keep each other company, and it wasn't unusual for us to get high together and talk for hours. It was on one of these nights that I got a little more high than I had before and my filter entirely melted away. I admitted to having some sexual dream about him at one point, and we edged into a more sexual conversation. The next day I was frazzled because I let myself move in that direction, but part of me was excited and giddy.
When he got home from the break, we made an excuse to spend a night together, got high again, and watched movies. We ended up sleeping together, and that was it. We talked about it, and decided to be non-exclusive friends with benefits (For my benefit, so I wouldn't get anxious.) Ive never been in a relationship and wanted to take things slow, and although he wasn't thrilled with the idea of staying so extremely causal, he agreed, just happy I had finally let him in. I was happy too. I had convinced myself that I was annoyed with his persistence, but the entire time I had been subtly encouraging him, almost as if I needed to see if he'd really stay dedicated, and he did. Since then, it's been a firey passionate fling, spending more nights together than not, and having some of the best sex of my entire life. We get each other, and we're still good friends, which has made it my my favorite situationship yet. I've been happier than ever with him.
This past weekend was St. Patricks day, and I spent the entire weekend with him. We had been keeping it a secret, sneaking around and denying everything which only added to the excitement, but this weekend I was too drunk to defend myself when all of our friends started talking about how they knew. Trojan wasn't around because he went with some of our other friends to a bar on St. Patrick's day, so I was left to figure out what to do. But drunk, and weary, I gave up on denying it. Trojan had already told me that people had figured it out and that it wasnt a secret anymore, but it wasn't until that friday night that I realized that pretty much everyone knew. But heres the thing. I wasnt actually unhappy about it. I pretended to be annoyed, and rolled my eyes at it, but I was secretly really happy every time they'd say "Why did you keep it a secret? You know we all love him and think you'd be great together." The whole weekend Trojan was super kind too. We weren't over the top with the PDA in front of everyone, but he'd bring me glasses of water when he'd see me stumble a little, or he'd sit me down and make sure I was eating. He made me hot chocolate, rewarming it when it got cold, and held me every night as we fell asleep. It was so wonderfully comfortable even with everyone knowing and I started to feel that glowy feeling of falling for him. All of our friends noticed how he was taking care of me, and they'd give me this look as if trying to tell me I should just date him, but here's the problem.
We've been friends with benefits for a few months now, and he's talked about how he's told his family he's just having fun right now, and all that, and at first I figured it was just to make himself feel better that I wasn't letting him make it official, but now I'm scared that maybe he does just want to have fun right now, and asking to make it more serious might ruin what we have right now. Additionally, he's about to start a six month internship in another town, so I'll only see him on the weekends. (No, for everyone who's gonna ask, it's not the town with his ex.) I think I'm falling for him but is it a bad idea to start a relationship semi-long distance? Right now I see him almost every day, we go to the gym together multiple times a week and spend the night together regularly, and all of that is about to change. I just want to be able to look at him when we're together and tell myself, "Damn. That one's mine." I'm just really scared because neither of us are big relationship people, so is it better to just be best friends with benefits, or risk it all and see what could be?
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2023.03.21 22:23 what-a-name-24086 22[m4f] Ireland/online. Checking if there’s a spark

Looking to chat and get to know someone either by text or calling I’m good either way. Appearance wise I will send a picture when chatting but for now I’m 5’10 brown hair green eyes and glasses. Will swap pictures when you want A little about me I’m massively into sport love watching and playing anything to do with it. My favourites are football, rugby and formula 1.Finished college and I’m currently working but feel like maybe a move abroad might be something to do. Trying to get through my list of movies and tv shows and would like someone who I can talk about them with.Ive also really taken an interest in cooking so if you got and recommendations let me know. There’s obviously more but I think that gives a good representation of me. If you’ve read this far might as well send a message
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2023.03.21 22:23 Wild-Square1453 24 [M4F] #Germany /Anywhere - will you talk to the waiter for me when he comes to the table?

Okay, I'm so shit at writing posts like this but I'll try my best so please bear with me lol.
I'm looking for a longterm, monogamous relationship with someone who doesn't care about gender roles or maybe even wants them slightly reversed - the kind of person who has one hand on the steering wheel and the other one on my thigh. Lmao I don't know why I'm so oddly specific but these are the kind of things that float around in my head when I think about my perfect relationship.
But here is a bit more about me: I'm 182cm tall and I weigh 68kg - I'm not super muscly or anything like that but I'm in pretty good shape. I have greenish eyes and dark blonde hair which I usually keep pretty long. I dress masculine. Btw I don't have a problem sharing (sfw) pictures I'm just not comfortable with posting them publicly on reddit.
Hobbywise I like hiking in the austrian alps, going to the gym and some gaming on PC every now and then. I haven't been travelling much recently (well, for obvious reasons) but I want to catch up on that. In case you send me a message: what are some places you really want to visit? I'm not a big movie or TV show fan but maybe that'll change once I have someone to cuddle into. 😊
Okay this was kind of all over the place but if you are still interested just send me a message and introduce yourself (you dont have to write paragraphs but at least a few sentences would be nice:))
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2023.03.21 22:22 SolidBandit-6018 Can someone please tell me how to watch urusei yatsura 1981 I cannot find it on any streaming sites the closest thing I can find is the movie I want to find the show and I do not want to use anime websites if anybody can tell me how it would be greatly appreciated

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2023.03.21 22:22 xonxoff111 29 [M4F] MD/USA - Looking for that special someone

Hey there, I'm looking for a long term monogamous relationship. Some things about me: I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, I'm a bit shy/introverted in person but I tend to get out of my shell once I get to know someone better. I like building model kits, playing video games, and watching anime though I haven't seen any new shows in a while. I also enjoy watching F1 even if HAAS always finishes last and brings me pain each weekend though at least they actually finish races unlike Ferrari. I’m also childfree and looking for the same.
Looking for someone that’s near my age and near the DMV area but don't mind traveling further if there's a good connection. Hopefully you'd be up for lounging on the beach, spending weekends in watching tv/anime/anything or just enjoying each others company while we do our own thing.
If this interests you send me a DM or a chat and let's see what happens.
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