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2023.03.31 17:32 bob8darrell I (20M) seriously messed things up with a girl (18F) I like

So this needs a lot of backstory to it… I’ve never had the best of luck dating from being abused to cheated on. Anyways I thought I had given up bothering dating for serous then I started talking to a friend of mine and we started hanging out more and doing stuff together. This eventually turned into me liking her quite a lot. And it seemed like she liked me so I asked if she wanted to go on a date. And she said yes but not right now. So at first I was a bit confused and upset. Anyways we eventually talked about it and she explained she did like me. But she didn’t want a relationship as she doesn’t trust herself to be faithful. (Now all the backstory really begins) so shes had a very very bad child hood where she was raped at 14 and her mom said she had to keep the child because by the time they found out (as she didn’t tell them because she was somewhere she was somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be) it was too late and her mum didn’t want to kill the unborn child or miss the chance to be a grand parent. Her dad on the other hand who was verbally and I believe (as she didn’t talk about it often)physically abusive to her, said if she kept it he would have nothing todo with her or the child. She then found out her dad had been cheating on her mum and showed her mum the proof. And her mum finally kicked him out. She was then taken out of school because she was pregnant. Also He never spoke to her for keeping the child until recently they have they started to fix the relationship as he learned it was not her decision but her mums. This all happened in a very short period of time and caused her to emotionally shut down as her dad had previously been the only person she could emotionally attach to (being her dad as you do) so for the past 4 years she has also been extremely depressed. And has tried to commit suicide in the past and is still very much struggling. (This is also a reason I believe she does not want to get into a relationship) that sums up sort of her backstory.
I learned all this about her past recently. When we got into a deep conversation about what we both wanted, which she told me in tears that she wanted to open up and felt she wanted to be emotionally available for me but that she didn’t trust herself to be as she would often get drunk and do stupid things like cheat, on nights out. Anyways the other week she started not replying and shutting down. I got upset with her for this and wanted to know what I had done wrong to cause her to not want to talk to me. She said she was just feeling very depressed recently and she wasn’t taking to anyone really. her friends had managed to organise a night out. She never ended up going as she was too depressed to go. I see now (weeks to late) I should have understood that she was feeling depressed and that means some days you really don’t want to talk to anyone. (I’ve been severely depressed in the past aswell) but at the time I didn’t see it this way. I thought I had done something wrong a tried pushing her to talk. Anyway she then got very upset with me for trying to push her to talk to me. And said she needed some space. The following weekend I had a free house and decided that was a good time to get drunk and not think about what I had done. (Now my big mistake) the Friday night I got very drunk and decided to drive over to hers to sort it out. (Yes I drunk drove) this was not a good idea as she slammed the door in my face and message me saying no matter what drunk or sober it was inappropriate and crossed so many boundaries. (I don’t disagree it was not very smart) I tried to apologise but she said that “sorry don’t cut it atm” and she didn’t want to speak to me. So I left it for the weekend. With no contact. When on Sunday afternoon she decided to message me out of nowhere telling me her car had broke. She didn’t want my help or anything just told me about it. So I asked later that afternoon why she wanted to tell me about it if she didn’t want my help or if she wasn’t taking to me. She said she just wanted my opinion cuz I helped her buy the car. Not once did she actually ask for my opinion tho she just got annoyed when I said I can’t help or give you a proper answer unless I see the car. Anyways we’ve not spoken to since Sunday and I’m not sure what todo anymore. As I know I crossed a line and pushed her. Also I spoke to a mutual friend about it and she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. And now I’m not sure if I want things to go back to how they were or what I want anymore. I just want to fix what I broke, but I’m not sure if I’ll even get the chance.
Also I’m sorry if it’s all over the place I have ADHD and Asperger’s so it hard to explain things sometimes. Than you in advance.
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2023.03.31 17:31 djsgribbs The Review of Cadet Antho

The Review of Cadet Antho

It's been way to long since i posted anything here, but i think this one warrants me coming out of discord to report back. a few people have asked me to do so... and this is for you.

Summarizing and cleaning up my stream of consciousness….
I have now had a chance to spin each record at least five times.... did a few A/B comparisons when possible. digital files as well. i have experience/owned/borrowed 10 of the anthos thus far, so my point of reference there is not complete, but very solid. For context I think Philly International is the best yet.
Overall the packaging is excellent. top tier. The style of this box/jackets is matted as opposed to glossy with Motown or Philly International. The colors are more subdued instead of popping out with high contrast. Poly lined inners, no debris or imperfections in transit despite some funky packing. There is a "letter" included from Marshall Chess which is a nice touch
The jackets are all very solid tip-ons.
Overall it's what you would normally expect with an antho… until you get to the content.
There was some complaints that the associated podcast lacked their normal depth. Seems obvious that it’s because they shifted it into more extensive liner notes. There’s plenty here for anyone who wanted more. For me as much as I loved hearing from Marshall Chess on the podcasts, I prefer to digest the information this way in written form. I think I’ll come back to it more than a podcast (but they should just release the a full 8 hours of Chess talking)
Etta James - Tell Mama
mono mono glorious mono
I had forgotten that VMP was going with the mono mix for Tell Mama. 2 points here
  1. The mono is the better mix
  2. The monos on vinyl are more rare/expensive
People out there initially claimed for this one in particular "i can get this one in the dollar bin"..... Not so much.. Monos of this def run $100+ if not well above. I still don’t see it advertised this way and perhaps I missed staff mentioning this. Either way, this was a pleasant surprise that made the box that much more enticing. The mono mix is incredible, so much better than the stereo and Bernie’s cut of it is excellent. I'd Rather Go Blind is probably my fav Etta track ever and hearing it like this in full glory is an experience. This LP is perfection right out of the gate.
Also just this morning happen to find an old Analog Planet article that prophetically summarizes why this reissue is so good: https://www.analogplanet.com/content/records-you-didnt-know-you-needed-4-tell-mama-etta-james-cadet-lps-802
“Original mono Cadet pressings of Tell Mama are cut hot and loud and will rock the house at your next dance party. They're pricey even for moderately clean copies but worth every penny if you can afford them. Stereo originals lack some bass punch and get off your butt and strut urgency but offer more Etta focus. They’re less pricey but still not cheap. The Original Chess Masters reissue from the 80s (CH9269 and mono because the annotation says, some of the tracks were originally mixed to mono turned into "fake stereo" on the stereo original, so the reissue producers chose the mono mix_ed.) sounds good but is less extended dynamically and tonally, very slightly thinner. It’s an excellent “bang for the buck” alternative. My advice is to stay away from the 4 Men With Beards reissue. I heard it and was very unimpressed. “
I felt validated this morning when I found that.
Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harping
This is what I was most excited for when the antho was initially announced. While i don't have extensive experience with AAA / original copies of this release. i've heard an OG once and it was years ago. I remember it being impressive for an older record, so going into that I could only hope to recreate that experience. My main comparison for this exercise would be the VMP Rubáiyát. Rubáiyát always sounded a bit dull to me, honestly. Probably the recording itself. or maybe the tapes? It’s unclear to me, but very few times has Ryan Smith let me down with an original tape cut. I can only imagine that he did everything he could to get that one to sound decent/good. What i can tell you is that Afro-Harping is stunning in comparison. Bernie is always great with those lush sounds and I believe he definitely was the right one to tap for this project. What surprised me was the crisp snapping of the drums and percussion. So clear and present in the mix, adds so much texture than I remember or have heard since. I would hesitate to say that this beats an original, but if not it’s damn near on the same level.
SOB and Harold Land were the two albums I was not familiar with. At all. so i don't have anything to compare to. No issues sounded awesome and now love them both.
Son of a B
Shades of Brown was a nice inclusion to the set. I think it scratches that “lost sounds found” itch. The opening track is killer and the funk is a nice balance to this set overall. Great addition and I’m looking forward to become more familiar with it.
wtf.... why is this so good
Peace-Maker… absolutely knew nothing about this title. one of the great things about most anthos is discovering something new. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. It’s become my second most played from the set so far. And i’m also finding out now that good copies are also difficult to find and/or expensive? Apparently CDs go for $80? Again, nothing to compare to and clearly the source material was excellent. Great soundstage, nice low end as good as any of these high end BN reissues that are out.
New Rotary Connection - Hey, Love
earth wind and riperton
Rotary Connection is an awesome group, but i’ve never been satisfied with how many of their vinyl pressings have turned out. I suspect they were never given the attention and love they deserved in their time. BG’s lush incredible sound here is probably the best fit for this record and the results are incredible. Certainly a huge face lift compared to the original cut, and perhaps the best I’ve heard the group ever sound. Lusting for more of this. Could have gone for a Rotary Connection anthology or bundle on its own.
Ramsey Lewis - Mother Nature's Son
beatles are cool
This one was interesting.... Left this one having more questions that anything else. By far this is the most common record available from the set. I do see this frequently “around” (yes dollar bin divers, this one is for you). You’d have to have a Ramsey Lewis album in a Cadet box set, it just wouldn’t be right otherwise. Why this album? I enjoy it. I believe at the time it was released it was more forward thinking and held up a bit better. Cool album, believe originals are cut really well from my experience. I’m glad this was included but it’s not blowing my mind. But why? Side B has a digital step due to tape degradation. Fwiw I’m not sure I would have known this if not specifically pointed out, so I appreciate the honesty. But if the tapes were already not in great shape, again why choose this Lewis title? It’s interesting. Makes me wonder if all Lewis tapes have issues. Bit of a head scratcher based on my limited understanding. What’s clear is that it was important to someone to include this.
Terry Callier - Occasional Rain
occasionally great
Incredible choice. Love Callier, Love this album and it’s rare enough in vinyl to again make this set worth owning. As a pick for Cadet anthology, it does seem out of place as it was at the tail end of the existence of the label (which didn’t even look like the place it once was just 2 years before). Even the content in the box makes it seem like an afterthought in the history of the label. It has the least amount of content surrounding it, both in the podcast and in the booklet. It’s just kinda there. Again, I feel like it was important for someone to include this album… feels heavily VMP influenced. Maybe it would have fit better as a ROTM. Either way I’m happy people will have more exposure to such an outstanding project.
I have to say this might be my least favorite cut from the set, but mostly in comparison to what I’ve already heard. so i have this one: https://www.discogs.com/release/16258480-Terry-Callier-Occasional-Rain
An aborted Speakers Corner reissue which sounds fantastic.... a bit rare, but only up until the last purchase was pretty cheap even on discogs. I wish it was more available because it sounds amazing, probably the best i’ve ever heard it sound. For the LP in the Cadet set I just dont feel like the disc space was used to the full capacity. The Speakers Corner has more punch and more depth. Finer points that I probably would have never noticed without this previous experience. The title track being one of those moments where differences can be heard. Before I did a straight up A/B i didn't have any complaints so.... fwiw I don't think anyone "normal" would complain. And I think the VMP sounds better than originals, which are pretty good but not exactly top quality. Think this probably was shuffled out the door quickly without much effort. Find this album. It’s beautiful.
Now. the master stroke.
Muddy Waters - Electric Mud
\"i hate this album\"
that snake has always been badass
The packaging for this single LP itself is worth praising. Gatefold with Muddy portrait on the inside. Comes with the original booklet style insert as an add on. LOVE the note to detail and replication of the original, right down to the Cadet logo on the cover. i don't want to spoil the booklet. some awesome pictures in there.
For the sound…. I have 3 other versions of this record. This is THE ONE. finally. finally. this is the one that does recording justice. There are sounds and moments on this cut that i have never heard before. Simply stunning. Stunning. This one will open up your skull and light your ass on fire.
cut as hot as you could get
What was the reasoning behind getting Grint on this cut? was this plated somewhere else? would love to know why this one was done differently. If it was intentional it was a smart move because I think Grints talents are better suited for a recording of this style in contrast to BG’s sound. but holy shit it sounds next level great. harsh. loud. dynamic and snapping. He cut like a rock album. rips the the original cuts to shreds. I have both the Don Holden cut and the Ω cut. Both were decent and tame at best. If you have the original TMR / WG reissue it’s even more worthless now that it was before.
So the elephant in the room is GZ. Fact is VMP said this release wouldn’t have happened right now if it wasn’t at GZ, so in that sense we should be thankful. Was I disappointed when I heard that? Absolutely. But the transparency is appreciated. Still, I pretty much hate GZ and i’m thrilled when their pressings don’t get in the way of the music. That’s the case with the Cadet antho. If i had not know this was GZ I wouldn’t have been able to tell audibly. And that’s the best I could have hoped for. Absolutely I wouldn’t have guessed it was Pallas or Record Industry or QRP at the same time. Occasional Rain is probably the only album where I might have guessed. Of course I still don’t love the GZ profile or even the way it feels to handle. The discs are 180g but absolutely on the lighter side. I’m sure some warps are going to be out there, but that’s why you buy it straight from VMP. But happy to state their are no pressing defects and again most people won’t really care enough in this case. And it does calms my fears in picking up the Miles Davis antho.
For me this is probably a top 3 antho. PIR is just peak execution all around. tough to know if this can ever be beat. The package and content is 10/10, pressings are 8/10 (maybe a 10/10 on GZ scale), sound is 10/10, curation is a 12/10. Highly recommend it. Open to questions and discussion. peace.
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2023.03.31 17:31 iamonlyme416 The type of girls who do the most and pursue you just to end up bored when they get you will be the final death of my heart.

Just a rant- This only happened once two years ago but it still hurts, my friends who've experienced this also share the pain. I'm always careful about people, friends and dating and I guess in terms of dating, some see that as being aloof and wanting to chase. A few months down the line when you think theyre an alright human, you connect, and can accept their past so you reciprocate the affection, they ride the high wave of emotions of "yes I got this person" just to end up slowly distancing themselves for reasons I still cant figure out (but can only assume they got the high they were looking for).
Then you end up panicking cus they barely talk to you, arent as affectionate, so you end up chasing them and they get repelled further. And youre just like damn, I'm a fool, after you realize you weren't as careful as you thought and missed the red flags.
There has never been a single break up, situationship break up, argument with a partner, that hurts more than a situation like this. Cus they rly fooled you by planting seeds in your brain of what a future would look like together, love bombed till you actually liked them and cared.
Anyway... I gotta stop being dumb lol
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2023.03.31 17:31 Old-McJonald Moved during the year and paid taxes to the wrong state?

Hi all! My wife and I have what seems like a fairly tricky tax situation. We lived in CT for a month, and during this time my wife worked in NY and paid NY taxes. We then moved to MA early in 2022, and her employer (the same company) started withholding MA state taxes. Now, she has paid most of her tax to MA, but on her W2 box 16 she has 2 lines of income: her entire taxable income listed under NY, and ~85% of that listed as taxable income under MA. How do I reconcile this? Should she have been paying NY tax this whole time and we will wind up owing NY and filing for a refund from MA? Really appreciate any clarity people can provide, or helpful resources to steer me in the right direction!
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2023.03.31 17:31 SNK_24 Cooper hot water lines cleaning recommendations

Asking here to the experts, is there any way to cleanup internally a hot water line in my home? The previous owner left the HW line filled with water and closed the main valve, I opened the main valve but every time I open the hot water valve the water comes rusty brownish for some minutes, I want to reinstall the heater but would like to get rid of that rust. Also found corrosion in the galvanized pipes attached to the cooper lines, also would like to replace these but what material do you recommend?
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2023.03.31 17:31 nabarigo My girlfriend (22f) says I (25m) don't satisfy her and it's destroying me

I'm sure not a rare problem but...
Every time after having sex my gf becomes very introversive and looks very disappointed and obviously I was able to assume it was my performance but she finally admitted it and frankly I have no clue what to do
We have been dating about 8 months and I have been able to get her to orgasm probably about 3 to 4 times...so yeah, I'm not doing too great. We engage in plenty of foreplay (45 minutes to an hour a time), I finger her and eat her out when she wants but in the end my problems are
1) I can never manage to finger or eat her out long enough for her to orgasm...by 7 or 8 minutes in I feel myself slowing down due to stamina and its no longer pleasurable for her
2) intercourse...is short...me not even being able to last even if I can't bring her to orgasm is definitely a point against me
What can I do...? I understand the anatomy and tried reading some guides online but I just keep failing and it pains me to see my girlfriend disappointed...I really dont want to break up and am honestly terrified she will dump me because of this. All the other aspects of our relationship are great and this is just really messing with me
(If it matters im 5'6 and like 45kg...maybe I have to work out or something?)
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2023.03.31 17:30 sh0ugana1 what do i do if i see any members in public?

ok so i know i’m being delulu BUT this is something i had been wondering. i’m going to the chicago show and i’m spending the day in chicago before heading to the venue. if i by some chance see any of the members out and about or sightseeing, is it out of line to go ask for a photo? i know with american celebrities it’s usually okay to ask, but i’ve never been to a kpop concert and don’t know if there are different codes of ethics or social norms when it comes to approaching celebrities from korea. i’m sorry if this sounds silly but i’m a chronic overthinker and would hate (if it somehow happens) to overstep a social boundary that i’m potentially unaware of.
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2023.03.31 17:30 themysterycow Pro tip! The Tom Bihn cache lines up perfectly with the pen loops in the Evergoods CHZ 26L!

Pro tip! The Tom Bihn cache lines up perfectly with the pen loops in the Evergoods CHZ 26L!
I just got the CHZ, and was packing it up for an upcoming business trip. I decided to grab my cache for a little extra laptop padding, and discovered that the clip loops on the cache line up perfectly with the pen loops in the CHZ.
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2023.03.31 17:30 CardiologistDue4892 About Halfeling

So i'm doing the prep for a new short campaign (about 8 sessions) and for worldbuilding purposes there will not be any Variant of the races (and that make my first time dm work a little bit easier.
The question is... I dont really like the "Lucky" trait of the Halfeling and i was wondering if i homebrew a traits that would be something along the line of
"Curiosity : whenever you see something for the first time and roll a perception or investigation check you gain a 1d4 bonus on it"
Do you think it can be good ? or to strong ? or anything else ?
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2023.03.31 17:29 DoctorWhosOnFirst Discussion: What we can glean from Alabama's spring practices so far

These are just something things I've noticed going off of the photos and video we've been able to see.
Offensive line
We've consistently seen Seth McLaughlin working at center and Darrian Dalcourt at left guard. Elijah Pritchett has gotten work at left tackle with JC Latham staying at right tackle. Tyler Booker would be the right guard.
Terrence Ferguson has played center at least some with the second team unit, which is interesting. Can't draw too many conclusions, but getting him snaps at the position and possibly competing with James Brockermeyer to be the back-up center is definitely a good thing. If Dalcourt remains at LG, I'd guess they'd slide him over to center if anything happened to McLaughlin and bring in a back-up guard; but it's impossible to really say.
I've spotted freshman Olaus Alinen at RG and I believe LT. At least some of the reps were with the ones, but I'm not reading much into that. Kadyn Proctor was next to Alinen at RT in one photo.
Wide receiveQB
Jalen Milroe has been ahead of Ty Simpson in what we've been able to see, but I'm not reading a ton into that either. We're only getting glimpses into practice, and it's still very early.
Milroe had that incredible TD throw to Ja'Corey Brooks that the team tweeted out. Just one pass, but I hope people keep an open mind on Milroe. He needs to improve from what we saw last season, but I don't think it would take a ton of improvement for him to win the battle.
It's been tougher to tell much about the wide receivers. Jermaine Burton and Ja'Corey Brooks have unsurprisingly been first teamers. Isaiah Bond has gotten some work there, too. I'm pretty sure he was the slot receiver on that Ja'Corey Brooks clip, but I'm not certain.
Speaking of that Brooks TD, Kool-Aid is obviously a first string CB. Freshman Caleb Downs and Kristian Story were the two safeties, and Malachi Moore was the star. Can't tell who the far CB was, but I'd guess Terrion Arnold. I also saw Moore lined up at safety in a brief clip on Jaylen Mbakwe's (an Alabama commit) instagram. Maybe Moore is a safety in base defense but moves to star in nickel?
Not going to get too hyped about Downs (yet), but man that's encouraging to see already.
Another five star freshman, James Smith, has worked at second team and apparently first team. A photo from yesterday shows him with Jaheim Oatis and Tim Smith.
Haven't seen a ton on the linebackers or other DL notes.
Thoughts? Noticed stuff I didn't?
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2023.03.31 17:29 begemot_kot “You’ll want to sacrifice everything for your children once you become a mother”

“Just like how my mother’s mother did for her, how my mother did for me, and how I did for you”
It’s not beneficial to anyone if you are just passing down the “duty to sacrifice” over and over again.
Women of previous generations, (and still many women of today) did not have a choice on whether they became a mother. The sacrifice just keeps going down the line.
Which woman ever gets to live?
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2023.03.31 17:29 Benheats2 06 jeep grand Cherokee brake lines

I’m about to buy some flare wrenches to do my rear axle this weekend, does anyone know if the jeep brake lines are standard or metric? I would assume standard but I’ve heard a lot of the jeeps have both, I have a set of normal sockets in both, but I don’t want to buy 2 sets of flare wrenches for this project
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2023.03.31 17:29 FordMustang84 Modest 2.1 System; Cat Friendly Sub; Already have a 5.1.2 upstairs; Speaker Budget maybe ~ $1500

My longer details if you are interested:
So I have an 85 inch TV and 5.1.2 system upstairs in a 10x10 bedroom we converted to our movie room. SB-2000 and tower speakers, probably overkill. The speakers are from an older line called Sapphire through Tweeter (defunct store) that still work and honestly sound great to my ear. I tried an SVS Prime Center and it was about on par with what I have. I can't fit Ultra center in current setup upstairs... though I'd love to but that I guess starts a whole cascading effect of my speakers being not timber matched. I won't say the Center is bad, but when it's really cranked I do feel its not as clear as I'd like. I'm not ready to pull the trigger on converted the entire upstairs and using those parts downstairs though.
Anywho... Downstairs I walled mounted a new x95K 75 inch LED. My wife honestly doesn't notice sound that much I need something soon because this TV sounds awful haha. I'd like just a modest 2.1/3.1 system. My instinct was to go 2.1 because we'd also use it for music. The types of shows/movies we watch down there I'd call more along comedy, silly, etc. We save all the BIG stuff (MI, Star Wars, Big TV shows like Last of Us) all for our 5.1.2 upstairs system.
I was thinking SVS Ultra bookshelves and the Subwoofer... I know I'll get some flack on this one but the Dayton slim 10 inch sub I think it was. The reason being is my cats even with some training still frighten me with an exposed subwoofer at floor level, one curious cat when I'm not around, and boom hole in the woofer... Any other suggestions I'd be open to. I'd much rather get a PB/SB -1000 SVS down there but I can't think of a place to put it to 'hide it' from the cats access.
Or my other option is to go 3.1. I've never not had a center channel, yes I know it's the most important but given the music inclined usage and heavy silly TV show usage (like re-runs of Seinfeld etc). I'm not sure if it's going to be missed. I think a 3.1 would lower my bookshelf budget and I'd get something like SVS prime bookshelves (or Equal) + matching center.
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2023.03.31 17:28 firefox_kinemon How often are sales on Solaris Japan ?

There is a particular figure I’ve been after for a couple weeks and it’s currently on Solaris but a bit outside the range I want to pay. A lot of the other figures in the same line and series are currently discounted. Really I’d like to know if this is potentially something worth waiting around for and if I would be notified that an item on my favourite list has been discounted.
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2023.03.31 17:28 tim_b_er Lab Grown Meat Stocks

I don't know how long it will take for lab grown meat to be a mainstream consumer product, but I do believe it will happen.
This post is about how I am currently positioning myself for that future, given the lack of public equity options currently available.
For those who aren't familiar with the topic, lab grown meat is created through a biotech process called cellular agriculture. As an example, rather than raising a cow for 2 years just to slaughter an butcher it, the meat can be made by taking a cell biopsy from the cow, and then having those cells proliferate in a controlled environment. The result is the same protein and meat structure, but much quicker, and without the environmental, ethical, and time costs.
The main problem currently is that this process is still more expensive than farming a cow.
But a lot is happening to change this, and bring more capital in to the space to scale the production and make the process feasible.
The benefits of lab grown meat are clear to me, and I do believe the scaling issue will be solved, enabling significant revenues.
As an investor that doesn't have ties to silicon valley or the Asia Pacific foodtech startup scene, my options are limited to what is currently available on public markets in North America.
Even though there are over 100 private companies that are well know in the cellular agriculture industry, there are, by my count, only 3 publicly traded companies in North America.
Each company has a unique business model. I won't try to adequately explain them all here, but will link the sites so you can DYOR.
  1. Agronomics: primary listing is in London, but they do have a US listing (AGNMF) and trade at a $153 million valuation. As a simplified description, they act as a publicly traded cellular agriculture fund, and hold equity in many different companies in the space. Shareholders of Agronomics are benefactors of Agronomics' DD expertise and portfolio appreciation.
  2. CULT Food Science: primary listing in Canada (CULT) and also trades in the US (CULTF). Similar to Agronomics, CULT also has a portfolio of private cellular agriculture companies. Where they differentiate, is that they have publicly announced their ambitions to work with these portfolio companies to develop consumer products in a venture studio model, and have acquired product formulations such as Because Animals, a pet food line that is well known in alternative protein circles. The company is currently trading at a $12.5 million valuation.
  3. Steakholder Foods: listed on Nasdaq (STKH). Unlike Agronomics and CULT, Steakholder is an operating company fully focused on their own product development. Specifically, they 'specialize in 3D printed meat'. The company is currently trading at a $12 million valuation.
Agronomics is the clear leader in general market exposure, but as an investor with a higher risk tolerance and experience in wholesale and retail sales, I see the greatest near term upside in CULT Food Science. Brands command value, and it appears they understand this and are working to be first-movers in the space. I love the recent focus on pet food, as I can see this being a great launch point for consumer adoption. People are much more likely to try a new food product on their pet than on themselves, and many vegans and vegetarians would be interested in ensuring their pet gets proper nutrition without needing to slaughter animals to do so.
It needs to be said again that I have already been buying CULT shares, and am therefore biased.
And I am not the only one. In March alone, CULT has traded over 50 million shares, and the stock price is up over 150% since January 1st.
Further, a prominent entrepreneur (Marc Lustig, whom sold his last CPG company for $1.1 billion) has acquired 15% of the company - this is very rare for companies at this low of a valuation. Entrepreneurs of this stature can legitimize early stage companies like CULT, and get them in to meetings and boardrooms that they wouldn't have had a chance at without them.
My thesis is simple:
In the short term (6-18 months) the company should see an appreciation in stock price as more awareness comes to the cellular agriculture space in general, and to CULT's products and brands that begin to have a consumer presence and revenue.
In the long term, CULT and its products and brands become a buyout target for someone like Nabisco, General Mills, or a traditional meat company. Even at $500 million to $1 billion that is a rounding error for them, and in their eyes it would be a wise hedge as this technology continues to improve and take market share away from traditional meat production and consumer products.
Cheers to a more sensible future (and some opportunity along the way)
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2023.03.31 17:28 uncleskeleton Notifying work of potential quitting

Hi friends, I’m the IT director for a small rural k12 district. I’ve been here for 10 years or so but I’m looking to relocate this summer back “home”. I don’t have a job lined up yet. I have a spouse and two kids so this is a total uprooting of our lives (but it’s always been the plan)
I want to notify my superintendent and ask him to be a reference but I’m hesitant to let the cat out of the bag. I don’t want to commit to quitting in case it doesn’t work out, but I also don’t want to be silent about it and quit out of the blue. I have a good relationship with the super and I like the job. (I just wish it was not in the middle of nowhere).
Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation or has any suggestions on how to proceed where I won’t shoot myself in the foot.
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2023.03.31 17:27 ZamiiraDrakasha Reversing a loss streak

Do you guys have any good tips on how to improve mental, or at least reset it during times of losing? Downtrenched in a really bad streak right now (29 straight losses, p2-g3) and I have no idea how to break it. I get ahead almost every game but then the momentum just... shifts and suddenly it feels like the enemy holds all the cards without anything major happening. Can't find many errors while reviewing vods, and I usually keep around a 450-500 gpm, and usually the highest dpm on my team so I have no clue what to do to "fix" this. Thus, It has come into my head and started fucking my mental up. Badly.
I really have no idea how to reverse this and I'm seriously contemplating just uninstalling the game. Started playing last fall and I haven't seen anything like this before. So I'd really appreciate some tips on how to deal with it, because I love the game. I just don't find losing very enjoyable, and that's all the game has been for the past week.
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2023.03.31 17:27 Multicam_Weeb Original Sensha-Do Team Concept: American Football-themed Co-ed team.

Original Sensha-Do Team Concept: American Football-themed Co-ed team.
The idea came to me as I was listening to old NFL Film music by Sam Spence. The music feels so in line with the style of orchestrations that GuP tries to emulate. Themes such as Battleground, Classic Battle, The Defenders, and To Catch The Wind. It really hit me when I listened to The Raiders, the theme for the then-Oakland Raiders and that really got me thinking. What if a Tankery (Westernized Sensha-Do) team was based off of American Football? Here's the rundown...
The Oakland Technical Institute
The team would essentially be a riff of the Oakland Raiders under John Madden. Home to some of the best offensive linemen in league history. Jim Otto, Gene Upshaw, and Art Shell. To represent them and the idea of using these human walls as a shield for the QB (Quarterback) I would set the primary component of their team as M4A3E2 Jumbo Shermans. Armed with the 75mm and some with the 76mm. Thick frontal armor on the hull and turret, impervious to most guns till you get to the longer and larger guns fielded by say Kuro and Pravda. A small weak spot in the MG port serves as a balancer but a tricky one being that precise would be quite the job for a sharpshooter like Hanna, Naomi, or Nonna. They serve as the forward shield for the more nimble and decently armored T23 Medium Tank, our Quarter Back. With M24 Chaffee's serving as our running back and wide receivers.
The school wouldn't be present in Japan long, only for say a few exhibition matches during the summer period before the regular Sensha-do Season. Serving as ambassadors of America and American Tankery. They'd be a slight contrast to Saunders and their standard M4s. Their purpose in the story aside from serving as a mild antagonist would be a way for the Shark Team, specifically Ogin to face a potential rival in the naval-esque theme. This is where the Raiders theme comes into play. The Raider image is a bunch of hearty marauders sweeping and knocking up the enemy. Swashbucklers and mighty captains of their land vessels. This could lead to a duel between the Mark IV and the T23, (the commander of the team) who'll also have a slight pirate motif.
But yeah that's my concept for a fictional team within the show. Please give your thoughts and feedback cause I'd like to spur more ideas like this.
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2023.03.31 17:27 Historical-Age860 Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my partners depression.

Hi all,
I am not sure what I am posting, I guess I just need a space to vent. A little bit of background, we have been together with my fiancee for over 10 years now. She has been diagnosed with depression and OCD over two years ago by a psychologist therapist. She attended therapy for a few months and then she seemingly got better over time. It was very tough for her but we got through it together and I tried to support her as much as possible and she was actively trying to get better.
Couple of months ago she sadly fell into depression again, however this time is different. It almost feels like she gave up on getting better. I am actively trying to talk to her and support her but I just can't imagine how hard it is for her and it really overwhelms me sometimes. I have asked her several times to seek therapy as soon as possible but she always finds an excuse to put it off - work, seeing family etc. It is having a significant impact on our relationship as the past months have been really hard on us - she often comes home in tears and crying. She wants to quit her job and try doing her own business - which I am supportive of and stated that I will support her through this period, emotionally and financially so that she can do what she wants to. However this is not the first time this has happened and she usually gives up on her business few months into it - gets discoureged etc. I have taken on myself nearly all of the home responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of our pets, paying rent, bills etc, shopping etc to relieve her of the pressure.

Am I an asshole for asking her to seek therapy? She gets frustrated with me everytime I mention it and says that there is either no avaliable therapists, no time, she's tired. I try to talk to her but I just don't feel I have the abilities to help her in the way she requires. She often sends me videos and podcasts regarding how SO's should act towards their partners suffering from depression, which I appreciate but it makes me feel so shit that I do not know how to help her. She often points out that I have no clue how depression feels like and I don't know how to talk to her about it - which might be correct, I really don't know what I am doing. Hearing her say things like 'I don't see the point in carrying on' or 'life is not worth living' really has taken a toll on me especially that I don't see any improvement with her mental health.
I can't really talk to any of my friends about this as she doesn't want them knowing about her state and I guess I have been bottling up for a couple of months.
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2023.03.31 17:26 dinerrtha Sexual assault, rape, relationship trauma

Trigger warning ⚠️ Rape
My drink got spiked at a club a couple months ago and whoever did so raped me afterwards in the toilet of that club. I didn't have the courage to tell anyone about that incident since it scared me to my core. I was looking forward to going back to my boyfriend and just being with him ( we were in different countries when this happened). Even though I tried my best to be normal, I couldn't hide the trauma I was experiencing and even though we did have sex a few times after that, he could sense something was wrong but he never asked me and I never wanted to tell him because of how much hurt it would cause him. Also something similar happened the year before ( not rape) and I told him about that and he couldn't think of anything else for months. It created this distance between us and he became detached so I was just afraid it might happen again so I decided to not tell him about what happened but I guess it was evident in my behaviour that there was something wrong. A few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant and even though I'm against abortion, I knew I couldn't keep that baby. So I had to tell my boyfriend the truth when it came to that. I told him I needed to get an abortion but I lied to him telling him it was someone I met in the country I was in ( pretended that it was consensual sex) but I couldn't keep that lie going on for long and soon I had to tell him what had actually happened. It broke him very clearly and he consorted to drinking alcohol regularly and taking opiods among other drugs. We still live together but there's this big disconnect between us. I've tried to get close to him so many times but he pushes me away every single time. I wonder if its because he sees me differently now that I've been raped. I can't seem to understand it and even though I've told him being intimate with him ( including sex) helps me as it gets rid of some of those horrid memories but he thinks I'm just doing this to please him so he doesn't go to another woman for his sexual needs. Just to put it in perspective he has cheated on me recently, it has been some 4 months now and I have forgiven him but I think because of this he thinks I somehow ought to have sex with him else he'll find it somewhere else. Whereas I just want to be close to him and feel intimate and connected and also it helps me get rid of the horrible memories I have of getting raped. I'm at a stage where I have no clue what to do. Any suggestions or advice would be welcome. Thankyou to all who took the time to read this, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
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2023.03.31 17:26 Resident_Warthog4711 So I need to whine, but also need advice

I'm a parish secretary. I can get a lot done and am good with computers, so I also got assigned to help our deacon, who is now head of Religious Education. We're hosting Confirmation for the area this year. We need programs for that. I am expected to make them. I am fully capable of doing so, but if we do with what he wants, I am going to need extra hours. Our pastor is fine with my idea of just listing the book, chapter, and verse of the readings, and the names of hymns and their number in the hymnal. The deacon seems to feel like we have to essentially put the entire Mass in there because it will alienate non-Catholics if we don't. That will take forever, and will have to printed at the local print shop because our printers and copiers are garbage. Would I be out of line to tell them to just let the print shop design them too? I do not have formal training in graphic design, and this will be difficult, especially if I don't get extra paid hours to do it.
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2023.03.31 17:26 Just_y_bro44 They honestly need to add more detail.

Like I’m a bit sick of hearing the same mimic voice lines over and over again. Just add a little verity to the sounds and I’m set to play for another couple of years.
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