Western store in boone nc

Boone, North Carolina

2009.08.31 06:36 shumizzle Boone, North Carolina

Everything about Boone, North Carolina. Come and join this wonderful community. Subscribe today.

2011.02.17 02:55 phinnaeus7308 Appalachian State University


2012.05.18 19:32 Western North Carolina - Land of the Sky

Western North Carolina - the Land of the Sky! Home to the most beautiful mountains, forests, and streams in Southern Appalachia. Come for the hiking, stay for the beer. Come share some local news and photography with us!

2023.03.31 09:18 Chemical_Intern_8749 [H] UNiDAYS Student Account 1 Year Membershıp --- $6 [W] Paypa/BTC

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2023.03.31 09:18 megamartventures1 Supermarket Franchise Store Offered By Megamart Ventures.

Supermarket Franchise Store Offered By Megamart Ventures.

supermarket franchise
Open A Supermarket Store in your city, and make your dreams come true to become an independent business owner. Megamart Ventures offers Budget-friendly and convenient Supermarket Franchises Stores in your city, which allows you to become a financially independent person. We are India's fastest-growing supermarket franchise business spreading across India. A mini store for all kinds of daily need grocery items available under one roof, that fulfill the requirement of all daily need items of a household person.
#supermarket #Franchise #business #grocery #store #minisupermarket #megamartventures
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2023.03.31 09:17 Difficult_Steak2813 First train ride with Barbara the Brompton - any tips for train storage?

First train ride with Barbara the Brompton - any tips for train storage?
First time taking newish Brompton on a train adventure (3.5 hour with 10+ stops). Stored her in the luggage rack at the end of the car and secured with a basic cable lock. Sat about 6 rows away and facing it/the door. Overhead space a bit too small and no space between seats.
Any tips for avoiding theft/damage? Horror stories from same train service of expensive road bikes being taken just as train is about to leave a station. Realise better option is to sit next to it but not always possible.
On a similar vein, how do people manage bus/coach journeys? Far too nervous to put her in the hold!
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2023.03.31 09:17 Juan-Tamod Felt a bit emotional lately, so I wrote a poem

It's been a while since I last wrote to deal with my emotions, but let me know what you think!

What do you live for?
Is it to buy that thing you've always wanted from the store?
Or is it getting to say you've had the highest score
Maybe you breathe to party and go crazy on the dance floor

Considered rocking your job for your name to be among corporate lore?
Or turned down the city life in favor of the calm and serene shores
Perhaps it's giving back to both the foreign and those you adore

Day by day - whatever you think, feel and say
Ensure your focus is fervent, and that it never sways
Your life is yours - cherish and enjoy it
Only you know how to enjoy it, as you see fit
Shoot for the moon, make sure it hits
The world is vast - don't believe that it has a limit
And while I'm at the end: this is the last of my wit

Cherish your time, always live in the moment!
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2023.03.31 09:16 rslvn How to use GPT to write an app idea with a sentence

How to use GPT to write an app idea with a sentence
I couldn't go to bed last night thinking about gpt making guides on how to make apps, then using those guides it made
Prompt below to copy, let me know what you guys think!

CONTEXT START I'm going to paste a template below, and you will only respond by using the acceptable ranges (and this is extremely important), and you will only reply within the gpt brackets. Your response will look like this -> without any quotes, and with the [] like this [hi im gpt] 1. I'm going to write an idea for a simple python script in my reply at the very end in brackets like app_idea["my idea"] 2. Take that app_idea["create me simple website scraper using bs4"] and then return that app_idea as a list of steps 1, , n with exactly the template shown above. Your response must be like this: TEMPLATE START --------- Task Name --------- [create me simple website scraper using bs4] ----------- Task Action ----------- [The task assigned will be to create a simple python script that will use the library Beautiful Soup4. The complete list of steps is outlined below, one by one being as detailed as possible Step 1: ..... Step 2: ...... Step 3: .....] ------------------ Task Action Output ------------------ [The output of this must be .py] TEMPLATE END app_idea[user_request] VERY IMPORTANT, YOU MUST not provide any additional whitespace or text in your response aside from what the template has. I will provide instructions right after finishing the template CONTEXT END TEMPLATE START {{object: TEMPLATE FORMAT}} Task [description] Task Action [describe what the task is asking you to do, be as detailed as possible and imagine you are feeding these instructions to another machine] Task Action Output [The output of this must be a {filetype} file.] TEMPLATE END EXAMPLE START TEMPLATE START Task Name [Tool that lets me see prices of graphics cards and tells me using a forecasting method the best time to buy] Task Action [The task assigned will be to create a Python script that retrieves the prices of graphics cards, analyzes historical data, and predicts the best time to buy using a forecasting method. The following are the detailed steps to be followed: Step 1: Scrape graphics card prices from reliable sources (e.g., online retailers, price comparison websites) using web scraping libraries like BeautifulSoup or Scrapy. Step 2: Store the historical price data in a structured format, such as a CSV file or a database. Step 3: Preprocess and clean the historical price data to prepare it for analysis. Step 4: Choose a suitable forecasting method (e.g., time series analysis, machine learning algorithms) to predict future prices. Step 5: Train the chosen forecasting model on the historical price data. Step 6: Use the trained model to predict future graphics card prices and identify the best time to buy. Step 7: Create a user-friendly interface that displays the graphics card prices and the predicted best time to buy. Step 8: Implement a notification system to alert users when the best time to buy is approaching.] Task Action Output [The output of this must be a .py file.] TEMPLATE END EXAMPLE END EXAMPLE START import pandas as pd import numpy as np EXAMPLE EN I will now respond with this file + app_idea["my idea"], app_idea["a youtube monitor for seeing when tech products are about to get released so i can always grab the new iphone"] 
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2023.03.31 09:16 SealedJohn_Veil Since the update, the background of the deck library section in the Play tab seemed featureless and darker than usual. It feels so off-putting, so I once again made an edit in hopes of making it better to look at. Feel free to throw in more suggestions on improving this improvement!

Since the update, the background of the deck library section in the Play tab seemed featureless and darker than usual. It feels so off-putting, so I once again made an edit in hopes of making it better to look at. Feel free to throw in more suggestions on improving this improvement!
First image is the current Play tab look. Last one is the edited version.
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2023.03.31 09:15 couponsclouds Best Bevzilla Coupon Code in 2023 - Coupons Clouds

Bevzilla is one of the best online Beverages Stores in the Market. The variety of products they have to offer is immense. Get The Best Bevzilla Coupon Code At Coupons Clouds. Bevzilla is crafted with the thought of bringing beverages that are instant and on the go. It was launched in the market in 2020 with a vision to have a healthier and no preservative alternative. Bevzilla is a brand that sells a variety of instant drinks in powder and cube form, hot chocolates, iced teas, milkshake cubes, mocktails, instant coffee and more. Use Bevzilla Coupons To Save More.
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2023.03.31 09:15 BlackG91 ChatGPT generated background story

Maia had always been a bit of a homebody. As a child, she loved spending time in her family's basement, where she would play video games and tinker with electronics. She was also an active kid, playing sports throughout her school years and even earning a scholarship to play soccer in college.
After graduation, Maia moved back home with her parents and began working at a local electronics store. She was content with her life, but felt like something was missing. Then, the outbreak happened.
At first, Maia was scared and overwhelmed. She didn't know how to defend herself, and the constant threat of zombies made her feel trapped in her own home. But she refused to give up. She began using her skills as a gamer and electronics enthusiast to fortify her basement, turning it into a safe haven from the undead.
As she learned to survive on her own, Maia also began to explore her interest in medicine. She had always been fascinated by biology and anatomy, and with the outbreak causing so many injuries and illnesses, she saw an opportunity to help others. She scoured abandoned pharmacies and medical clinics for supplies, and spent hours studying medical textbooks by candlelight.
Maia's unbreakable spirit allowed her to push through even the toughest challenges. Whether it was fighting off hordes of zombies or treating a serious injury, she never let fear or doubt hold her back. Her athletic background and survival skills also helped her stay strong and agile, allowing her to avoid danger and navigate the dangerous world around her.
Despite the dangers of the apocalypse, Maia knew she could always rely on her unbreakable spirit to keep her going. She was not invincible, but she was determined to keep fighting and avoid injury at all costs. Her knowledge of medicine and her fortitude in the face of danger made her a valuable member of any survivor community. And she knew that as long as she had her wits about her and her makeshift medical kit at the ready, she could keep herself and her fellow survivors alive.
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2023.03.31 09:15 Extra-Training-290 Loss of family member

Don't really need advise, just a place to share my pain. I have no idea if I am doing this right, but I could not find another sunreddit to share. Back ground story: may be very long, sorry, please be patient. When I was born, my parents had 2 children 9 & 10 years older. (boy & girl) sister was daddy's girl, until I came along. My closer brother was 13 months older then me. Then there was me, then my mother got pregnant with my next brother. Mom got very Ill during this time, so it was decided that 2 small toddlers were too much to take care of, so I was sent to live with my grandparents. Well, for whatever reason, my sister decided to tell me that "Mommy & Daddy didn't love you anymore, that is why they are giving you away." This devistated me. And my sister proceeded to torment me & tear me down for the rest of my life. As I grew, my father malested me. When I was older, I asked my mother why she let him get away with it. She told me that my sister told her that he was only doing it to make her (mom) jealous, so it was no big deal. As the years went on, our parish priest told my dad that what was being done to me would cause me all kinds of problem. My sister turned that around and for 60 years, she told everyone that Father R said that I was going to cause everyone all kinds of problems. When my sister & her husband was stationed in Japan, she & my mother corresponded by cassette tape. After mother died, we found the last tape where my sister told my mother that she needed to keep a closer eye on me because I was "doing" all the boys in the neighborhood. I was 13 years old. I was always trying to get my sister's approval & love, it was just not there. No matter what I did, it was always wrong. But her criticism was always passive aggressive so no one would know how she treated me. She would lie to me, then deny it to the family. Not blaming my sister, but I became an alcoholic. That just gave her more fuel for her fire. She convinced my other brothers & sister that I was not good enough to be a part of this family, so I was shuned. (I sobered up 35 years ago) A year ago, my health became very bad. Stress was not good, so I made the difficult decision to go NC not only with my sister, but with the entire family. As I became healthier, I worked on my issues, with all intentions of making MY amends with my sister. Well, 2 nights ago, she passed away unexpectedly. Other family members have reached out to let me know how much I hurt my sister. So, of course, the demons are in my head, making me wonder if maybe I WAS wrong to NC my sister. I do feel guilty, but mostly for not sharing my thoughts with her. That sadly, she passed away with many unresolved issues left to be taken care of.
Am I the a$$hole (is this the right sub?) if I choose not to go to her funeral? Already the others are making me feel (no, they can't make me feel what I feel, that is on me)like the a$$hole, so I want to protect myself from those new attacks. They don't understand why I did what I did. They don't understand that it was so painful to me because I always wanted her to love me, but she couldn't. Will I be able to ever turn this over, and let her rest in peace? I hope so. I still love my sister. And I will miss her terribly. But I knew at the time, that I had to take care of myself. Even if it turned out to be the last year of her life.
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2023.03.31 09:14 Catvac-u-um_adnase Protests Intensify in Europe Amid Public Mistrust Against NATO "NO NATO NO WAR" "Why is the Western media ignoring the anti-NATO protests taking place in Paris?"

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2023.03.31 09:14 Player91sagar Is it possible to utilize a rewarded ad within a view holder, but have it loaded in the MainActivity instead?

what I am doing is when a button is pressed for the rewared ad (the button is not a part of the RecyclerView placeholder activity but is a part of the main activity that I have referenced in the view holder for my requirements), I want to replace some ImageView with another ImageView and store some shared preferences after the reward is granted. To replace the ImageView for all items in the list of the view holder, I am using a for loop which is also inside the rewarded ad method.
The code I am referring to is shown bellow. Is there a way to load the ad in the main activity instead of the view holder?

 public class MemeViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder { TextView memeTextView; ImageView copyImageView; ImageView lockImageView; MaterialButton adBtn; CardView adSpace; YourClass yourClass = new YourClass(); public MemeViewHolder(@NonNull View itemView) { super(itemView); memeTextView = itemView.findViewById(R.id.trollface); copyImageView = itemView.findViewById(R.id.copy); lockImageView = itemView.findViewById(R.id.lock); View root = binding.getWindow().getDecorView().getRootView(); adBtn = root.findViewById(R.id.watchAdBtn); adSpace = root.findViewById(R.id.adSpace); if (mSharedPrefs.getBoolean(REWARD_GRANTED_KEY, false)) { adBtn.setVisibility(View.GONE); adSpace.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); } else { adBtn.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); adSpace.setVisibility(View.GONE); } adBtn.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View view) { if (yourClass.isNetworkConnected()) { adBtn.setVisibility(View.GONE); Toast.makeText(context, "Loading Ad.....", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show(); // Use the test ad unit ID to load an ad. AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest.Builder().build(); RewardedAd.load(context, "ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/5224354917", adRequest, new RewardedAdLoadCallback() { @Override public void onAdFailedToLoad(@NonNull LoadAdError loadAdError) { // Handle the error. Log.d(TAG, loadAdError.toString()); rewardedAd = null; } @Override public void onAdLoaded(@NonNull RewardedAd ad) { rewardedAd = ad; Log.d(TAG, "Ad was loaded."); if (rewardedAd != null) { Activity activityContext = (Activity) context; rewardedAd.show(activityContext, new OnUserEarnedRewardListener() { @Override public void onUserEarnedReward(@NonNull RewardItem rewardItem) { // Handle the reward. Log.d(TAG, "The user earned the reward."); int rewardAmount = rewardItem.getAmount(); String rewardType = rewardItem.getType(); rewardGranted = true; mSharedPrefs.edit().putBoolean(REWARD_GRANTED_KEY, rewardGranted).apply(); rewardedAd.setFullScreenContentCallback(new FullScreenContentCallback() { @Override public void onAdClicked() { // Called when a click is recorded for an ad. Log.d(TAG, "Ad was clicked."); } @Override public void onAdDismissedFullScreenContent() { // Called when ad is dismissed. // Set the ad reference to null so you don't show the ad a second time. Log.d(TAG, "Ad dismissed fullscreen content."); rewardedAd = null; adBtn.setVisibility(View.GONE); adSpace.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); for (int i = 0; i < memeList.size(); i++) { // Get the corresponding view holder for this item RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder = recyclerView.findViewHolderForAdapterPosition(i); // Update the icons for this item if (holder instanceof MemeViewHolder) { MemeViewHolder itemHolder = (MemeViewHolder) holder; itemHolder.copyImageView.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); itemHolder.lockImageView.setVisibility(View.GONE); } } mSharedPrefs.edit().putBoolean(REWARD_GRANTED_KEY, rewardGranted).apply(); } @Override public void onAdFailedToShowFullScreenContent(AdError adError) { // Called when ad fails to show. Log.e(TAG, "Ad failed to show fullscreen content."); Toast.makeText(context, "Failed to load Ad", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); rewardedAd = null; adBtn.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); adSpace.setVisibility(View.GONE); } @Override public void onAdImpression() { // Called when an impression is recorded for an ad. Log.d(TAG, "Ad recorded an impression."); } @Override public void onAdShowedFullScreenContent() { // Called when ad is shown. Log.d(TAG, "Ad showed fullscreen content."); } }); } }); } } }); } else { Toast.makeText(context, "No network connection", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); adBtn.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); adSpace.setVisibility(View.GONE); } } }); } } 
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2023.03.31 09:13 Either_Nail_2215 Koofr, not really a backup?

Definition of backup is for me something taking care of storing copies of my files at a safe place. F.ex my invaluable photos should be backup up regurarely. Now I read here that Koofr on my mobile does not sync automatically to cloud, you have to do it manually. So if your phone crash or are stolen before you had time to run the upload to cloud, the last photos are gone.
So in fact, if you require auto upload to cloud, it's maybe only Google Photo that works?
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2023.03.31 09:13 iqingdao What is the difference between a purchasing agent and a drop shipping ?

Purchasing agents are responsible for buying goods and services on behalf of their company or organization. They research and evaluate potential suppliers, negotiate prices and contracts, and ensure timely delivery of goods.

Drop shipping, on the other hand, is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. The store never sees or handles the product directly.

In summary, purchasing agents focus on buying goods for their company, while drop shipping is a fulfillment method used by retailers to sell products without keeping them in stock
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2023.03.31 09:13 EliotLeo So I accidentally nuked my WiFi ... wait what is "Matter" ?

So, long story short I have AT LEAST 20 smart home devices running on my network at all times. Lights, nest cams, nest locks, smart outlets, cleaning robots, thermostat, etc, etc.
I've spent maaaaaaybe 10+ hours reading about wifi 2.4 VS 5/5-2 and why my family keeps coming to me complaining about connection issues.
I know i'm not the only one who suddenly found themselves with issues after barraging their wifi bandwidth with a million 'wifi-enabled-doodads'. I'd REALLY like to not have to swap out all these google-home devices. Is "Matter API hubs" my solution to de-clutter hub?
Here's my setup: A bunch of smart lights Google Thermostat (Learning, 2nd Gen) 3 Shark Cleaning Robots 2 Phillips Hue Bluetooth Lights 4 Google Nest Minis 2 Wemo Smart Plug Minis 2 Nest X Yale Locks ( + bridge) 1 Samsung Smart Things Oven 1 Harmony Hub
My WiFi: Synology Mesh AX6000 Router Feeds: - 2 Synology RT2600 (1 in office, 1 in home theater) - 1 Synology MR2200ac (yes i'm aware i have a wifi 6 device backhauling wifi 5 devices)
Things I've done to alleviate so far: - I've Disabled "Smart Connect" where 2.4/5 share same SSID so now I have separate 2.4 and 5ghz wifi. - Disabled 'AP Isolation' and enabled 'Multicast DNS Relay' - Made family's phones 'priority devices' so they don't get those disconnected (QoS stuff).
I still get outtages and complaints from family members. I'm usually on a hardwired connection and don't use my phone much ... so please help me out! I've done TONS of reading and I feel like I've done all I can aside from "advanced router settings" involving modifying packet timings/sleeps and limiting channels?
What solutions have you come up with?
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2023.03.31 09:13 msthbe Richlite fingerboards

Do they feel good? Are they more resistent against scratching from roundwounds?
It's a synthetic material designed to be like ebony. Kinda like ebonol, but that one never seemed to have gotten popular. The new Ibanez EHB1005F has one. I would really like to get that bass, but it will probably not be in any store to try out.
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2023.03.31 09:12 Gromieee PLEASE REMOVE DRIVER PIN!!!

So my store just got the driver pin update and it’s absolutely driving me up the wall! Okay well the pin idea itself is a smart idea, but the rescanning of the labels is what’s killing me. It just doesn’t make sense why we have to scan all the labels to get the order together, type in the pin, scan all the labels once again, and scan one label for each order AGAIN for batch orders. And all of this is somehow suppose to be done in under 5 minutes for our store target? On top of that I’ve discovered now that prepped orders will randomly disappear off the screen so you have to manually add them to the queue and scan all the labels all over again. So yeah…needless to say I hate the new update lol.
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2023.03.31 09:12 Stelrio [Mobile] [2009-2015] 2d, Side scroller POV without the scrolling/survival(?)

Platform(s): iPad/iPhone (maybe android too but I got it from the app store)
Genre: Survival I think
Estimated year of release: 2009-2015
Graphics/art style: 2d Side scroller POV without the scrolling. I think most of the game was black and white with exceptions like the background and some enemy attacks.
Notable characters: I think there are people that defend your tower but they don't have names.
Notable gameplay mechanics: Obtain gold when you killed enemies, day and night cycle, maybe a campaign that kept track of the levels by using a level/wave 1 day 1 format (1-1 would appear at the start in white text) and when it reached 1-5 or 1-10 (I don't remember which) you would have to fight a boss.
Other details: There was no ground for enemies to walk on because the place you fight is on water. Most of the enemies were flying creatures like dragons but some of the creatures were water creatures that only traveled in the water. Aside from the main game/button there was a second button to fight enemies/bosses. There was about 3-8 bosses to fight before you actually fought them within the story. When you selected a boss to fight you would have the options of easy, medium, or hard. Once you went into the first wave you would have a predetermined amount of gold to spend before the actual fight starts. This amount of gold was much higher than the regular amount you would get in the story. I believe the gold you obtain gets used on your tower that's to the very left of the screen. When dragon/sea creatures get close to your tower, there's like an invisible force field that makes them stop and hit your tower. Enemies can either appear from the far right, at the bottom, or from the top. The first and most common enemy is a small black dragon that shot pretty slow fire balls at the tower. The second button that let you choose 3-8 bosses to fight had a boss that was blacked out mysterious and said "COMING SOON" with something about Facebook being said. When the enemies overwhelmed you, the tower would sink into the water. The tower had like 4 sections you had to defend and if you had the gold, you could repair the sections that got damaged. The indicator for when a section of the tower was damaged was black smoke coming from it and the more smoke there was, the more damage it took. I know I'm missing some sort of big part of the upgrading system but I really just can't remember it.
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2023.03.31 09:10 ThunderAlright09 No sources but claims Israel teargassed a Palestinian soccer match

No sources but claims Israel teargassed a Palestinian soccer match
No sources, but this topic always brings out AmericaBad with mixture of calls for genocide for Jewish people and calls for US and Israel to be banned from soccer tournaments. Difficult topic for sure. But again Brits and Western Europe forget their major role in all of this.
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2023.03.31 09:10 Puzzleheaded-Swim349 Sicilian 23ANDME RESULTS SO FAR (Waiting for an update for Italian to keep increasing up to 100% Italian or 98-100% Italian), from a person from modern GenZ.

Sicilian 23ANDME RESULTS SO FAR (Waiting for an update for Italian to keep increasing up to 100% Italian or 98-100% Italian), from a person from modern GenZ.

These are my 23andme results. Keep in mind that I am showing the minimum potential estimate of how Italian my DNA could be. I believe I could be more because whenever my results update, my Italian keeps increasing while everything else decreases. I also did deep ancestral and genealogical research from ancestors in the early 1800s. Through geneanet records, I was able to reach as far back as a pair of potential 13th great-grandparents from 500 years ago. Every single person in every single generation in my family up until at least a pair of my 13th great-grandparents from both sides of my family is very deeply Italian. I found absolutely no sign of any other ancestral origin besides Italian in my family. I might have found some evidence of some of my ancestors being married as first or second cousins due to having an Italian family living in a small communal area in Italy isolated from many ethnic groups and mingling with one another and with some other native Italians from nearby rural Italian towns and villages. I also look a little white to be Sicilian, due to having no ancestral connections to Egypt or the Middle East, and just Italy in Europe. My brother has tan and Mediterranean skin, however, this is because he goes out in the sun more and Sicily is the hottest place in Europe where people most likely have a little brunette skin from having ancestral origins closer to the Equator in Sicily, where it is hotter. No sign of any Egyptian and Arabic ancestry. I think since 23andme is not 100% accurate/perfect, it might have mislabeled some of my DNA as coming from other Mediterranean places since I find no evidence of non-Italian ancestry, and the Mediterranean regions have ethnic groups with some genetic similarities due to perhaps ancient migration and living nearby around the Mediterranean. However, once again, my family is all native Italian, was not influenced by immigration, and did not marry and mix in with people of other national or ethnic backgrounds. Even if I had a non-Italian ancestor from 1500, 1600, or 1700s let's imagine, in this scenario, I would still just be about 100% Italian since I was born at the end of 2006 and my DNA after at least many and countless generations and centuries of deep Italian ancestral origin and connection, would have already diluted to pretty much just Italian and no real ancestral connections to anywhere else. So, therefore, no matter what, my DNA is very likely to be 100% Italian or at least somewhere between 98% to 100% Italian, due to having a very deep and profound ancestral origin in Italy only.

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2023.03.31 09:10 nupower I can’t stop going through the past

It’s eating away at my brain rn.
I’m 25 with no ambition for life because of how my own blood squeezed every once of good fruition from my life before it even began.
I remember when I first got out of high school at 18 and my cousin sent a text to me trying to get me a job at Nike and my mom ended up sending me to a shoe store in my mall.
Another instance is her opening a credit card in my name and buying things under my name because her credit was screwed. One day she bought me things and didn’t want to tell me she did with my credit card and ended up leaving the due on there. This later grew to become a problem.
I was unaware how credit worked and trusted her to help me but she didn’t and used the my naiveness against me.
When I got back from school I wanted to take out a loan but my credit was so bad I couldn’t.
Same thing with school as well. I remember one instance it was finals and I had to study she ended up guilt tripping me into going to a funeral out of all places over my studying for the terms. I ended up getting into a fight and came back with a broken nose and no support.
I am completely pissed off. She ruined my life and I guess it’s a way of saying since I ruined her she wants to put that energy back on me
Now I am homeless, i cousins deal with her so much until I got kicked out. I don’t have a job and my bank account is empty.
I hate that woman. If hell existed she’d belong there.
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2023.03.31 09:08 stork83 Life DeFi Wallet platform

The Life DeFi Wallet platform streamlines the transfer of digital assets to usernames and reimagines what is possible in the digital assets space. By having our app available on the Apple App Store and making it easier for users to participate in this new and exciting industry – which includes everything from crypto assets, utility tokens, NFTs and metaverse assets – we hope to lower the onboarding and implementation hurdles that currently stand in the way of the mass adoption of cutting-edge blockchain-based technologies and bring fast, secure, and simplified asset transfer services to a global audience
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2023.03.31 09:08 techgeek2030 Quickly Delete Junk Files on Your Android

Quickly Delete Junk Files on Your Android

Over time, your device accumulates junk files that can take up valuable storage space and slow down its performance. Cleaning your device regularly can help remove these unnecessary files and keep your device running smoothly. In this guide, we will walk you through some simple steps to quickly remove junk files from your device.
Use Third-Party App
While these solutions can help remove junk files, sometimes it can be time-consuming to go through each app and clear the cache or remove data. To make the process quicker and more efficient, consider using a third-party Core all-in-one data manager app specifically designed to remove app data, cache files, and old downloads. These apps can scan your device for unnecessary files and remove them with just a few taps. With the right app, you can save even more time and keep your device running at optimal performance.
Manual Steps in 2023
Here is the Step-by-Step Guide for beginners, which includes Clear app cache files, Go to "Settings, Apps and notifications and App info." Select the app you want to clear the cache for and tap on "Storage & cache." Tap on "Clear cache" to delete the app's cache files. Delete old downloads: Open your file manager app and navigate to the "Downloads" folder. Select the files you want to delete and tap on the "Delete" button. Remove app data: Go to "Settings" > "Apps & notifications" > "App info." Select the app you want to remove data for and tap on "Storage & cache." Tap on "Clear storage" to delete the app's data.
Follow Guidelines Accurately
By following these simple steps, you can quickly remove junk files from your device, freeing up valuable storage space and improving its performance. It's a good idea to do this regularly to keep your device running smoothly.
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