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2017.01.21 04:33 Mysticvoid Golf Clash

The sun is shining, it’s time to play the real-time multiplayer game everybody’s talking about! Play on beautiful courses against players around the world in real-time as you compete in tournaments, 1v1 games and challenge your Facebook friends! Available now on iOS, Android, Amazon and Facebook!

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2015.12.21 20:02 apljee Gift of Gaming

Gift of Gaming is a subreddit where people can request games, give games, and post links to things such as giveaways, free games, cheap bundles, etc. This is not a place to discuss gaming, as that is at /gaming. This is simply a place for sharing good deals, free games, and giving or receiving games from the kindness of others.

2023.03.21 21:38 Milieu- What's happening in the tech world? Find out now

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2023.03.21 21:38 Milieu- What's happening in the tech world? Find out now

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2023.03.21 21:38 Milieu- What's happening in the tech world? Find out now

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2023.03.21 21:38 LyndseyFaye19 Should I ask my pregnant best friend/roommate to move out?

When my ex finally moved out in August, my best friend (we'll call her A) agreed to watch my 3 kids on days when I had to work overnight. A had been staying with her sister and they were fighting a lot so I suggested staying with me for a couple weeks since she'd be potentially be there half the week anyway. That quickly led to her staying with me full time and basically being a live in Nanny. She would even make dinner and clean up on my days off so I could spend quality time with my girls. Rather than paying her or her paying anything to live there, I pay all the bills/groceries/let her use my car until her grandpa gave her his then I started putting gas in both vehicles. We both felt like this was a fair deal and it was working great.
Fast forward to the end of November when A found out she was pregnant after going to Urgent Care due to being unable to even keep water down. Her bf and her had already agreed that if an accident happened she would not keep the baby as he wasn't ready to be a dad/didn't want kids and she is not in a place financially or health wise to have a baby. A is a type 1 diabetic with several diabetes related complications including a BKA with a prosthetic so she knew any pregnancy would be high risk for her and potentially the baby.
After her first OB appointment to confirm it wasn't ectopic and discuss options, she decided to keep the baby whether her bf wanted anything to do with the pregnancy or not. I told her I support whatever she decides and we will figure it out. Unfortunately she ended up with hyperemesis gravidarum and the baby has several complications making survival questionable. Obviously she has a ton of appointments now, is exhausted, and struggling with depression. For a while I didn't mind picking up the slack as I have empathy for what she's going through and ultimately the house and kids are my responsibility anyway.
The last week or so I've noticed myself growing more and more resentful and constantly annoyed, especially when she tends to get bossy or says things in a way that sounds like she's looking out for me but is mostly self-motivated for her own needs. My mom died January 7th, I was suspended January 28th and terminated March 1st, then cancelled from the PRN program I had been using for back up last week. Knowing the amount of stress I'm under is probably causing some of the resentment and frustration makes it hard to decide if I'm justified in wanting to ask her to move out or not. My rent is $1700/month, I'm now unemployed, I have 3 kids, and now feels like her to take care of with little to no support from her anymore. Obviously I understand and want her to take care of herself and the baby but I'm also overwhelmed and drowning and feels like I'm doing it alone.
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2023.03.21 21:38 Milieu- What's happening in the tech world? Find out now

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2023.03.21 21:37 iwilleatuup .: ' Looking for Long - Term RP partners { +18 } ' :.

Hello there! Good morning/ afternoon or evening wherever you're at! (,,˃ ᵕ ˂ )✰
I'm going to be straight forwards to what I'm looking for so I won't waste you guys time and the ones that get interested can keep reading.
{ ᵒᵇˢ: ⁱ'ᵐ ˢᵒʳʳʸ ⁱⁿ ᵃᵈᵛᵃⁿᶜᵉ ⁱᶠ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ'ˢ ᵃⁿʸ ᵍʳᵃᵐᵐᵃᵗⁱᶜᵃˡ ᵉʳʳᵒʳˢ, ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ ⁱˢ ⁿᵒᵗ ᵐʸ ᶠⁱʳˢᵗ ˡᵃⁿᵍᵘᵃᵍᵉ }
❦ ════ •⊰❂⊱• ════ ❦
✦ I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner who writes advanced literate to occasionally novella length since that's what I usually write. I do not have nothing against people who like to write one lines or anything like that, I just write a lot and would want someone who matches with me in that area.
✦ I'm pretty much interested in dark romance and I'm looking for someone who's interested on this as well!
✦ My favorite categories to write are : Fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, horror { as you should have guessed by what I said above } specially when they're all mixed together. I don't really enjoy realistic world settings so I'm looking for a partner who enjoys those genres or at least some of them.
✦ Someone who likes to explore the world outside the main characters. I love playing as the main characters { specially when it comes to make them suffer or put them on chaotic situations ¯_(ツ)_/¯ } however it can get tiring if that's the only thing that is done. So I like to explore side characters as well and focus on their stories and the world around the characters. It's always fun to make details about the universe our characters live in and always add something new to keep things going.
If you're compatible with the things you read above, I think that we're going to be great partners ! Also, I'm going to clear up that I won't roleplay with partners who are below the age of 18 since I'm 18 myself.
I'll list another genres I like and my limitations and you can see if we are compatible or not.
❦ ════ •⊰❂⊱• ════ ❦
✧ Romance *{ I'll play mainly as male leads and prefer playing m4f , if you think it'd get repetitive over time or if you're not comfortable with that I don't think we would be a good match. } I like all kinds of romance but as I stated above I have a deep interest for dark romance { for dark ANYTHING tbh }
✧ Drama
✧ Action
✧ Historical Fiction
✧ Comedy
✧ Horror / Triller
✧ OOC I love talking and getting to know more about my partner's x3
✧ Open world roleplays
✧ Oriental culture Specially Japanese, Chinese , Korean and Indian cultures!
✧ Family building I also like to play as my partner's character's family members, friends or enemies, so they'll have people to interact with and there's always situations or even conflicts.
✧ Improvising { I don't like to plan the whole plot/ events before roleplaying, I like to follow the flow of things, most of my characters are made in the spot as well. }
✧ I love describing my character's costumes or the environment they're in, even if I don't have a very extensive knowledge of english grammar and my way to describe is kinda simple I have fun describing stuff like that and can waste a good paragraph or two only describing ba cerimonial dress lol
✦ I won't dive deep into mature scenes, or at least not make it the main point of the roleplay HOWEVER I love writing spicy interactions between characters and wouldn't mind playing kiss and make up scenes.
✦ Godmoddig / Powergaming
It's a very small list but if I feel uncomfortable with anything else during the roleplay I'll let you know!
You can dm me or preferably add me on Discord { i'll pm you my user id } and we can start talking! If you read everything until now thanks! If not please read it because it's important if you wish to roleplay with me!
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2023.03.21 21:37 Milieu- What's happening in the tech world? Find out now

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2023.03.21 21:37 GhostOfNoah University won't put me forward?

So my student teaching thus far has been an absolute f*cking nightmare. My mentor teacher is off the walls insane. I'm a month out from Graduating, and I was told yesterday that because of my inability to "pace my time" in the class and "not get my unit plans in two weeks ahead" she's not going to recommend me for teaching.
I will still graduate with my BA in Education, but without an endorsement from the University. How badly will this affect my ability to get a job???
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2023.03.21 21:37 DrScrimpPuertoRico Is it possible to not use the controllers after initial setup? Quest Pro.

I just picked up the QP to give it a shot VS my Reverb G2 for flight sims. With the G2, I am able to use the headset sans either of the controllers and just use my mouse/keyboard to get my games going. Is there a way to do this with the QP? From what I can see so far, it gets very annoyed when I try and turn both controllers off and won't let me continue to navigate.
Using Quest Link for what it's worth.
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2023.03.21 21:37 moonshot_69 🚨🟣 GameStop Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2022 Results 🟣🚨

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2023.03.21 21:36 BronzeAmzn Not all Dermatologists are created equal...Duh?...

I was diagnosed with HS about 15 years ago. My condition started out mild but has gotten progressively worse (lucky me). I've seen a total of 6 dermatologists during this time. Mostly due to relocations, changes w/insurance etc. I made a recent change because I was extremely disappointed and somewhat traumatized on how I was treated or should I say not treated by a recent dermatologist. As mentioned my condition had become worse than it had been. Not sure what triggered this most recent episode but everywhere I was impacted was on full flare at the same the movie... "Everything, Everywhere all at once!" Sadly for me that was...both underarms, under my breast, my "pocketbook", my buttocks. I've been on Humira at the advisement of the most recent dermatologist since July. By February, not sure why...the attack began. I wasn't certain it a change with my birth control (generic name) or could it be that I'm going through pre-menopause...I'm 48. I went to the doctor in complete distress...thinking that the Humira is the culprit and wanted some type of relief. The dermatologist just examined me...and my makeshift bandages and said ...oh...not much we can do. I'll send a prescription for doxycycline. No cortisone injection, no offer to drain anything, they didn't even clean where they saw blood from my wounds. I left feeling dejected and disappointed. It was at that time I decided to make a change. The depression of feeling that I had to live with this condition in pain daily made me take action. I had seen my primary care doctor that knows very little about HS but is a physician and knew that a second opinion was needed. She referred me to a doctor that happened to be on a list of top HS doctors in my area. I was fortunate to get an appointment right away. The doctor was extremely knowledgeable, explained in detail what I was dealing with and immediately drained a golf ball size cyst under my arm. But...wait...while the dermatologist I was seeing was a top HS doctor, once he reviewed my situation he then recommended me to someone he felt was even more advanced and knowledgeable than him. I felt seen...I felt heard for the first time in years. I went to the next dermatologist (saw another dermatologist in the same practice that I was referred to). I was amazed at how much time this doctor took to discuss a treatment plan of action with me in thorough detail. I had been in constant pain from Jan 30th until last Saturday.
***Currently still taking Humira - I was prescribed prednisone (oral steroid) - declining dosage - pain began subsiding immediately! - another 30 days of doxycycline (stave of infection) - ultimately the plan is to put me on Infliximab infusions. Because of how extreme my HS this was an alternative to another biologic.(once approved by insurance, I will begin and stop the Humira)
Side affects have been explained, along with the fact that my bloodwork has been and will continue to be closely monitored.
So the moral to this story is...get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th....(you get the point)opinion. If you are not getting the care you need, see someone else. It is your right!! Ask another doctor for a referral. This condition is hard enough to deal with. We rely on the medical professionals for assistance but they're not created equal.
Also...if the dermatologist office advertises more info about botox, and other cosmetic procedures...chances are that's all they care about. I found out the hard way...
Hope my rant/story helps someone... We have to advocate for ourselves. Stay strong and empowered HS Warriors💜
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2023.03.21 21:35 hairladyissues99 Dog issues before moving in together

TLDR at the bottom
I (33F) am planning on moving in with my boyfriend (34M) of two years. I have an older female Scottie, who I love more than anything, he has a younger Australian Shepherd. We have introduced our dogs to each other and they get along great, except for the fact that his dog is not fixed and constantly tries to hump my dog. His dog is tall and mine short, so he can't really get anywhere if you know what I mean. Although my dog is fixed, I hate seeing him try to hump her as I can tell she gets upset and tries to hide from him. This happened once when I brought her over to familiarize with the house, his dog went nuts and she hid under my bf's bed and peed :( She also pooped in his kitchen, which she never does as she's trained. I explained to my bf that she was stressed and took her home.
Because of this, our dogs only see each other outdoors (walks, park, backyard). They're always on leash and so far everything has been fine. I had asked my bf a while back if he planned on fixing his dog and he had said maybe. So now that we are planning on me moving in with him, I brought it up again as we need a solution for this. He said maybe again - though I have a feeling he does not want to. We went to a park with our dogs this weekend and they were fine until the very end when we sat down. His dog started humping mine, but this time, he started biting the back of her neck. My dog responded by giving him some warning snaps and growls without biting him. So I grabbed her and walked away, my bf got up and follow us while his dog kept trying to hump her. He said his dog was just playing around. I became upset and told him to hold his damn dog so mine could get some space. Bf was upset that at this.
He left shortly after this and gave me the silent treatment for the rest of the day. Though this is a whole other issue, I did tell him that stonewalling isn't going to fix anything and we do need to have an adult conversation on this. I asked him to give me a yes or no on whether he will get his dog fixed, and he said maybe again. So I said he is free to make whatever choice he wants for his dog, but I have to look out for mine. I won't bring her into a home where she will be constantly harassed and stressed. I won't be moving in as long as his dog is not fixed, he said ok and we left it at that. But I am really bummed and it's driving me insane. Am I overexaggerating?

TL;DR! Bf's dog is not fixed and constantly tries to hump my (fixed) dog. I am not going to move in unless he fixes the dog, bf evades the question when asked. Rethinking the whole thing now.
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2023.03.21 21:35 ositocraf3d file share

Hey guys I'm new around this Reddit. I have a proxmox server setup with turnkey set up and samba file share setup. hopefully I'm asking in the right area but I'm trying to get it to where I can give my buddy in a completely different state than me access to the file share. I do a lot of video editing for him and it would be easier if he could just give me the files that way. how can I go about it I used webmin but I guess I have access to the webdav as well. not sure the steps I would need to take. I know I need to open up a port forwarding and everything I'm just a little lost at the moment.
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2023.03.21 21:35 ositocraf3d file share over internet

Hey guys I'm new around this Reddit. I have a proxmox server setup with turnkey set up and samba file share setup. hopefully I'm asking in the right area but I'm trying to get it to where I can give my buddy in a completely different state than me access to the file share. I do a lot of video editing for him and it would be easier if he could just give me the files that way. how can I go about it I used webmin but I guess I have access to the webdav as well. not sure the steps I would need to take. I know I need to open up a port forwarding and everything I'm just a little lost at the moment.
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2023.03.21 21:35 oneir0naut0 I'm posting this here from the Boost Mobile website because I need it to get local attention.

So if anyone is interested, an update:
Sunday I contacted Boost Mobile and told them I was on the way to the store to start the protest. I was then presented (for the first time after more than 25 hours of customer service chat) with a simple temporary solution - buy a new boost mobile sim card and activate it on my current locked phone with a new number until Boost gets their internal issues resolved so they can unlock the phone -
Simple, right- well, just coming up with the $6 to buy the SIM card at Target took until mid-day yesterday. Once I inserted it, you can guess the outcome- I can't activate it on my current plan- a plan that I once again paid for a week ago just to get them to release my port out pin, a plan that they have since added a credit to for Next months bill. They can't add it to that account or activate this sim card. To activate this sim card, I would have to pay for a whole new plan.
This is insanity, I get that- I haven't responded angrily to the people here attacking me- most everyone is ignorant to the reality of being homeless, and I can't get angry at them for that nor do I hope they will ever have the personal experience to understand -
I am trying here. I am a healthcare worker. I finally got an interview at WakeMed for a position I hope I get - trying to follow up with that is a big part of why I'm so desperate to have active phone service. I had to walk for two days to make that interview as my dog can't walk very far. I had to tie my dog out with a note while I did the interview - the first and last time (I hope) I have ever done that
I get it, my life, practically, would be so much easier without my dog, but she is all I have to live for. To people saying I am putting her in a horrible situation and dont care for her, I angrily object. I recently spent the last of my money on food for her rather than eat myself. 15 years ago I was homeless for 5 years. I tried repeatedly to get out of it, and it only 'stuck' when I got my puppy Arya 10 years ago. For 10 years I provided her with a home. Four years ago I got a job as a Patient Transporter which led to the rent to own situation on the trailer which turned out to be a scam. It is so easy to go back to homelessness once you've been in it, and I would have multiple times over the last ten years if not for her. Now I've been forced back into it.
So I can't give her up. I know I'm close to having to and it kills me everyday- she saved my life, she is my life. She never leaves my side. When I worked at the hospital I arranged a split shift schedule (10-2 and 4-10, 4 days a week) just so I could go home and walk her every day. I keep her warm and safe even when I can't do that for myself. She turns 10 next month.
I had an acquaintance that was letting me use his basement for her while I worked at a theater recently. My dad became deathly ill, I had to step away from that job and when I returned the acquaintance revoked the basement. There is no dog care or any solution that allows me to manage a theater and have a random schedule that bounces between opening and closing at 2am. I know for some people reading this they are screaming in their head to just get rid of the dog- I can't and won't unless I become incapable of caring for her.
The hospital position will be a set schedule that I can get dog care for her and will afford me the ability to get a place to live.
To everyone saying I should cut my losses and move on - in a normal world I would. Right up until I lost my home, I had a Pixel and Google Fi service. That phone was broken when I was hit by a car shortly after leaving the hospital - I was doing Uber eats on a scooter. I had to go to Boost Mobile as I was approved for an ACP plan.
Boost sent emails saying they had accepted the plan but they never sent me a phone and have charged me every month for 8 months for it. I had tried for months to get my ACP ported over to qlink and now that I have and thought I was finally out of Boosts clutches this whole thing started again.
I know, believe me, about the internal issues- these issues predate that by months- still, I was as patient as possible through the hack issues and would have never tried the port out if I hadn't been told last week that my phone was unlocked and finally given the port out pin- well, not given it, they made me pay them for another month of service before they would give it to me. I am not expecting them to ever resolve the hack issues at this point- this is not the issue. The issue is they told me my phone was unlocked.
And now, I've spent even more money - I know $6 is nothing to most, but I have nothing - only to realize once again I'd been offered another solution just to get me out of chat.
And to those telling me about wifi and such, believe me, I know- I had a tablet that I loaned to another homeless person when his phone broke and then he disappeared. I currently can only do any of this in wifi, but that presents one of the unknown issues of being homeless with a dog - to be on wifi I need to be in a public place and every hour I'm sitting outside Panera or Starbucks is another hour where someone may act on misplaced concern about a homeless dudes dog. As of now, when I leave this place and walk 40 minutes back to my tent, I will then spend the night staring at the ceiling, wondering if I'm not hearing about an emergency with my father and just going over the Cruelty that is the Boost Mobile situation over and over again until I finally fall asleep in the early morning
And I know a Hunger Strike is crazy. I know this is insane- I do have mental health issues- depression and serious difficulty sometimes with social interaction, and lately every day has been a bad mental health day- I took that into consideration when putting off the Strike.
I did get the meeting with the Housing guy moved to tomorrow, so my plan now is to return to the Store Thursday for the strike. To the people saying I shouldn't be protesting at a store that can't do anything - I completely agree! Constantly phone and chat customer service at Boost will push this idea that you can just go to a Boost Mobile store and they can help. This is a lie and they know it. I point this out. I point out that it will be a four mile walk to that store. I point out that the nice but frustrated gentleman that owns that store only has the option of calling Boost support - he just sells phones. Yesterday still, I was told multiple times to go to a store for this new issue with the SIM card.
I am desperate. I have no options. I can't protest Boost Mobile by 'sitting' online. The Boost store is the only physical location where I can stage a protest. And I know a protest makes little sense since no one will care. My only thought is that an attack on the PR front is particularly undesirable to them currently since they are trying so desperately to keep the DISH hack under wraps
I never once panhandled in all the time I was homeless years ago- I'm capable of work and hate the idea of strangers helping me when I can correct things myself, so I can't beg now. But, if there is anyone in the Raleigh area (or someone willing to ship one to my mom's or friends address) that could loan or give me an no longer needed, unlocked phone, I could activate my qlink service and be done with this until I get the stability again to sue the crap out of Boost Mobile. I would in theory only need the phone until they resolve the internal issues at boost and can unlock my current phone.
I do encourage everyone here that may be having similar issues with Boost to go to the Better Business Bureau and report them or post to a thread discussing Class Action lawsuits even though our contracts prohibit us from participating in one - they seem responsive in those arenas.
So hopefully, good news about temporary housing tomorrow - I've been reluctant to even pursue that as there are people with children who need it more and despite the stress of it, I'm actually capable of getting out of this. Then Thursday, I go to the Boost store with a tent and signs and start my protest.
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2023.03.21 21:35 vimfinn Do you know someone who wants to learn programming ? If so, can be a great solution. It teaches programming with the help of Notion. Just have a look at it for yourself at

Do you know someone who wants to learn programming ? If so, can be a great solution. It teaches programming with the help of Notion. Just have a look at it for yourself at submitted by vimfinn to Notiontemplates [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:35 AlternativeWindow669 test results confusion

ok so it’s been rlly long at this point since i found out i had ghsv2 but i still wonder sometimes wtf my results even mean LOL. I am 100% sure that I have it bc i had many many horrible awful painful OBs, so I’m not doubting my diagnosis, i just need someone who knows more about the tests to explain it to me. since it won’t let me attach a pic i just copied and pasted what my results said:
hsv (1+2) igg Ab, qualitative, serum: hsv type 1 and 2 IgG combo - 1 Normal <0.90
so I thought i was negative for like a week then my doc calls me and says you tested positive for hsv2. i had both a swab test & blood test done, but here is my confusion; I had been misdiagnosed by a doctor that wouldn’t listen to me back in july 2020 (i know for a fact now that it was my first OB) & so flash forward to june 2022 i’m having yet another horrible OB that i couldn’t just brush off as razor bumps & so i go in to get tested. doc told me my sores were basically closed at that point so it would be hard to tell if I was positive or not. so i’m just confused what test was positive and what this igg test is & why it says normal & where are the other results that say positive? from my understanding, the igg test is the blood test & if i had had it since 2020, wouldn’t it show up for sure on my blood test by the time i was tested in 2022? & if she said that my sores were basically healed & prob wouldn’t come up as anything, is the swab test what came back positive? & if so how tf do I see those results bc all i know is sitting out back by the grease dump at my old restaurant job getting the phone call from my doc that i have hsv-2.
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2023.03.21 21:34 MarlimThePhoenix From The Ashes: Prologue

Memory transcription subject: Sergeant Marlim, Extermination Officer of the Krakotl Colony: Valanar.
Date [Standardized Human Time]: September 8th, 2131
I slowly stand up, pain flashing through my skull as I grip at my head. My fuel tank on my back protected me from the falling debris... falling... debris... "Fuck." The first words to leave my beak since I abandoned my post, the Arxur raid, the failing defenses. The raid was upon us and we were losing badly, most of us didn’t even have times to get to the bunkers or shelters, let alone set up our defense plans. A surprise attack that cost my fellow exterminators their lives, and they were left behind where they had fallen. At some point I left the officially established objective, now my only goal was to save my family.
I let go of my head and look around, seeing only debris which had fallen around me from a building that had collapsed. The fuel tank really must have protected me from being crushed, and it was still sealed. A sigh of relief escapes my beak, filtered through to speakers in my respiration mask. I pick up the nozzle, gripping it as I slowly begin to trail my way through the ruins, was I out for long? Things had seemingly gotten quiet, where were the screams? Where was the gunfire? All I could hear was in the distance.
I trudge forth, avoiding any streets; anytime I came near one, I could see the bodies. My respiration mask filters out the smell of blood and death, but not the purple splashes across the street where the bodies were gone now. The grays must have moved past this area, a blessing hopefully, one that would work in my favor as I picked up my speed.
I needed to get home, I needed to protect my son, I needed to rescue my son. I knew the layout of this city pretty well after being an Exterminator in it for two years of my life. However, I rounded a corner into a lone gray ripping apart a body with its claws and teeth, swallowing what it could. I had made the wrong turn. Fear causes my feathers beneath the flame-resistant suit to fluff up as best they could, only making things more uncomfortable in the long run. A problem for future-me to deal with.
I could go around, but the thing's senses would pick me up. How it hadn't yet I don't know, too engaged in feeding? There was so much blood, and so many ripped-apart corpses, how many of my kind had the damn predator eaten? Were there other nearby predators who had their fill?
Despite the panicking thoughts in my head, another part of me responded, pulling up the nozzle and pressing down on the valve trigger as a spray of fuel shot out and down the side street. The gray was 100 feet away, I had time. Even as the gray roars out at the ruined meal of my fallen kind, it stands up and holds a claw in front of its snarling monstrous face to prevent me from spraying it directly in the eyes with the fuel. The predator starts running forth, heading to the weapon left behind at the first body gray's had torn apart.
I wait, letting it get closer as more fuel leaks and coats the side street, soaking the fallen and the predator down to the scales. Then just as the gray scrambles for its weapon, I pull up my pistol, a heavily-modified standard-issued plasma pistol. I had the advantage, all I needed as it aimed down at me. My pistol already aimed fully at my target, I fire.
Bright hot plasma shoots out, hitting the predator. The heated shot ignites the fuel as the monster screams and roars, in pain. He flails, trying to put out the flames, but the spreading flames of the spread-out fuel just ignite the whole side street in flames. I let my plasma pistol lower, watching as the Arxur collapses to his knees in the flames.
My first kill and it felt... Awful. The smoldering flames, the crackles of the flames as the Arxur's cries quieted… they were quiet enough now to be silenced by the roaring flames. Even through the respirator, I could smell the scent of burning flesh and feathers... My stomach turned. I was broken out of my inner guilt by the loud sound of steps heading toward me. Even if they could be fellow Exterminators, I can't take the chances. I head into what was a store, now slowly catching fire. I hear gunfire erupt around me as I dive down behind shelves of products, bullets tearing out around me as I shelter in place.
Growls and barks of sharp orders are given as I head toward the back. How I wasn't hit, I don't know. Maybe the smoke and flames were good concealments, or maybe I can thank whichever god decided to look out for me. The gunfire stops as I reach the backdoor, racing through it and into the storerooms to head out the back. Then I stop, a lesson ringing in my head: "Predator deception."
If I was a predator, I would be letting them come to me. My steps are slow as I look at the back door. It’s already been opened as if it was opened for me. I do not stop, still taking caution as I take off the fuel tank. I grab it by the handle before I head to the door. I holster my pistol and with both my talons gripping the fuel tank, I chuck it outside through the door as best as I could.
Gunfire rings out as I fall back, just one bullet could end me here and now, and I won't be risking it. I head back into the store room, now free of the fuel tank. I start to rip myself and my wings free of the flame-resistance suit. I grab onto a shelf, quickly clambering up the wooden stock shelves of the store room before I hunker down on the topmost shelf. Once again, I coolly pull up my plasma pistol, aim, and fire.
I knew the Arxur would be coming inside for me, but the hunters had become the hunted. The gunfire had stopped and as soon as my plasma shot through the door it nails the dropped fuel tank, rupturing it with the mark of glowing metal. Barely a second later it detonates, and I bring my head down onto the shelf itself as cries and roars of pain combined with the sound of metallic bits impacting wood and wall tell of my success. I holster my pistol as I spread out my wings and give a couple of strong pushes to slow my descent as I feel myself reach a decision.
I am going to press my advantage. I turn and the talons on my leg scratch the ground as I rush out through the partially exploded doorway. I run through, a roar, a growl, the Arxur too wounded to get back up as I rush past them and around a corner.
I keep running until I am sure I’ve evaded them before I extend my wings out and take off with a couple of strong pushes. I keep low, between buildings. It’s dangerous but provides cover, and by flying I will reach my home in no time.
As I reach my street, it’s obvious the Arxur has been through here. Bodies, blood, and homes were broken into. Silence. I make my way to the door of my home, swooping upwards onto the elevated walkway that connects to the platform that my raised home is built upon. The door is wide open, giving me pause. I unholster my pistol as I lean in and listen. I hear the sharp cracking of bones and tearing of flesh: another Arxur. A pit forms in my stomach. I knew my mate is likely dead but my objective-focused mind keeps me from straying too far from the path. I have to save my son if he is still here. I look around the walkway, only finding a fallen Incineration Exterminator a couple of feet away. My tool cabinet is open right next to my front door. I look past the walkway as I leap off of it and extend my wings forth.
I catch onto a window frame and carefully use my talons, gripping anything I can to climb around my raised home far above the ground. I slowly make my way around the corner of the house, looking through the window to find my mate dead. However, the door to the room of my unhatched son is still closed. A feeling of hope and love rises into my chest as I continue onward, heading to the next corner. With a little jump onto the rain channeler, I manage to get around the corner and to my son’s hatchery. Opening the window, I make my way inside the hatchery.
The incubation unit is on, humming, and warm. The egg inside is a healthy blue color, with no cracks and no evidence of tampering. I check over for any traps just in case, I knew the Arxur were brutally cunning. With myself satisfied I took the mobile incubator, which closely resembles a backpack for a good reason, and unplug it as I turn it on, I gently remove my unhatched son, lowering him into the mobile incubator before I seal it and strap the bag to my back. The humidity won’t be ideal but it's a temporary solution. I head to the window, slowly climbing out before I drop, unfurling my wings as I fly upwards.
My thoughts turn to my mate, she and I were not in a loving relationship, hell it was my father’s idea… However, at the end of the day, the Arxur in there had killed her and in all likelihood would have eaten my son. Anger rises and burns in my chest as I slowly turn back. I glide down to the walkway as I couldn't help but think, my son was now deprived of the one thing my mate and I cared about, we might have been arranged, but she was so excited to raise him. Now she won’t get that and a part of me can’t help but feel anger, hatred, a burning hatred. I knew what had to be done.
I close my door, gently, and quietly, I would roll the tool cabinet in front of it before I engage its breaks, I then head to the fallen exterminator, picking up the fuel tanks and the nozzle as I start to spray down the front of my home, before shoving the nozzle as best as I could through a shattered window and empty the fuel tanks into this grave. I hear the Arxur getting up, investigating the smell of fuel and with a couple of flaps back to the walkway, I turn.
I’m aiming my plasma pistol by the time I land and as soon as I do, I send a couple of shots into my home the fuel-soaked building ignites, fire spreading quickly as the fucking monster within tries to force his way out through the front, the front had quickly became enveloped in flames and anyway else out would be just a drop hundreds of feet below.
The drop is what the Arxur takes, burning, on fire, the shattering of the window is all that alerts me to it as he falls, disappearing through the smoke that covers the ground beneath my neighborhood.

I feel nothing.

I feel nothing as I take off, heading somewhere else.

I feel nothing when I reach a nearby bunker broken open.

I feel nothing when the raid reaches an end and the rescue fleet shows up.

I feel nothing when I leave.

I feel nothing when my father congratulates me, a hollow thanks anyways.

I feel nothing as I sit on the ship to Nishtal.

I feel something when, within the incubator, I can hear chirps, and the egg starts to gently rock back and forth.

I feel love and hope again.
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2023.03.21 21:34 Dry_Bison_7901 Originally, I wrote this wall of text to r/SuicideWatch, but I've decided NOT to post it because it might encourage somebody to actually end his/her life. As for us, we are used to suffering, year after year, so I guess I can share it here

This was the topic name: Lately, I've been having thoughts about suicide
And here is the text, I'll just copy/past it. I've just finished writing, so sorry if some parts do not make sense. I've lost my concentration so I cannot read and edit it. But I still feel like sharing it with somebody.
As a side note, I tend to avoid this subreddit because reading your post makes my hopeless situation even more desperate.

Before you start reading, my situation is not urgent. If you are suicidal, you better do not read this post at all.
Sometimes I did follow those thoughts, sometimes I did not. Either way, as a Stoic practitioner, my view on death is a lot different from most people. I do not see death as something terrible, now did I ever believe in God on such things. For me, death is just death. You stop existing and that all. In fact, it it a good thing, as you get rid of this body which is always a pain in the ass. You have to feed it, clench it's everything for and it still gives up on you. It is a source of so much suffering.
Even writing this here, I am feeling kind of guilty, that's probably because if you knew me, you would think I would be on the other side of the screen, cheering people and not writing this long ass post.
So, the story goes like this. For the record, I am 36 years old, male.
I won't go into great lengths to tell you what got me into my current situation, but I do have to write a short summary.
So...I've always been a problematic kid. Did drugs, alcohol, smoked, basically, was one of the "cool" kids. I've skipped class, was a real pain in the ass to teachers, and that eventually lead to me being expelled from school in my final year of school. Finished it later so at the end of the day, that was not a big deal. However, that is where my issues started.
At that point, I got access to home internet and as I had no obligation, and my parents were ok (they still are) with whatever I do, I've become completely socially isolated. So, from the ages of 16, up until the 26. My days were always the same. I've been spending 16+ hours a day online!!! Rest of the time I was sleeping, most of the time waking up multiple times trough the night to check on my games, because most of that time I've spent playing games, randomly browsing the internet and watching porn here and there.
Life was GOOD. At that point, I actually enjoyed my life. I did not know any better, so I am not the kind of person who regrets my past. It is what it is. Sure, from this point of view, that was stupid, but, I did not know better back then and I could not do better.
Anyway, the real problem was not the addiction to the internet novelty, the real problems started happening when I actually had to leave home and do stuff, which happened once or twice a year. Long story short, every time I went out, I felt like I was about to die- And slowly, but surely, my comfort zone shrunk, and shrunk. Things that I used to do, suddenly become impossible for me to do, because I genuinely believed "something bad was going to happen" if I even try and do stuff.
That was the beginning of my real issue, that is, agoraphobia. Since most people do not know what that is, in short, it is a fear of leaving home. Not because you are afraid of anything in particular, such as dentist, flying or many other fears and phobias that people have. You are afraid of the feeling of fear, of the way you FEEL in particular situations. That is, you become afraid of the fear itself, so you start avoiding and avoiding.
Now, I never actually went to doctor to get diagnosed, because for me, if I could do that, I would consider myself recovered. For me, going to doctor is simply one of the hardest things to do. It is just the way it is. If I ever went, my diagnosis would be, without a doubt: "panic disorder with agoraphobia."
As the day, weeks, months and year went by, I was getting worse, not better. Eventually, I got to the point where all I did trough the day, was hide myself under the blanket, because of how much anxiety I had pretty much all the time, with frequent panic attacks.
At that point, I had enough. I could not live on like that, so I did my best to try and recover. I started by downloading plenty of books about agoraphobia, panic, and generally self-help books. But, I could not actually read them, or concentrate at all, as long as I was online. So, the first step was going offline. After that, I heard that meditation was good and something that might help with anxiety, so I started it. And I've been meditating for 7+ years, logging over 2500 hours of meditation in total. Spoiler alert, it sure is good, it helped with general anxiety so I've started feeling OK, when I was at home. No more constant anxiety and panic attacks at least in my safe zone. Although, if I am being honest, I would not attribute that to meditation, that happened because I was offline.
So, from that point on, I've started caring about myself and my body, for the first time, ever. I did stopped smoking, drugs, and alcohol before, so at last I did not have to deal with that.
Anyway, I've started what I had to do. I've started practicing exposure therapy, and slowly, but surely expanding my comfort zone. And from that point on, until now, I've been spinning in the same cycle. Getting a bit better, than having a massive setback, depression, going back online and wasting few weeks or months online, and that repeat. Restarting the entire cycle.
I had some success and failures, but every time shit got hard, I hid online. That is, until I actually started CRAVING real life, and wanting more of life than what I currently have.
I know exactly what I want from life, I know how to get it, and I am extremely motivated to put in necessary work and get what I want. After all, trough the years, I've put massive effort into recovery. Heck, 3 years ago, I considered myself like 75% recovered. That is when I lost my grandpa. I withdrew at home, and that lead to full blown relapse, once again.
All fine, still. I am still motivated and I still want to get my life back. However, that's when it got from bad to worse. I did some physically activity, and from than on, I've started having issues with my legs. That is, I've been under a lot of pain.
Eventually, it got better (after plenty of internet and inactivity) and last year, at August, after pushing myself day in, day out, I've completely burnt my legs. I did a lot of walking (as part of my exposure therapy) and from than on, my legs are always hurting. Even if I am resting. That is, my hamstrings are killing me.
Because of that, I had yet another setback, was online for like 2 months, but I started hating my life even more and I've decided I am I going to give recovery another go. Give it my all, and if I am not better in 180 days, I told myself, I am going to give up completely. Surrender, spend my days online, and live my life for as long as I have somebody to support me. Once I am out of support, I would finally end my life.
And, I did good during that period. Expanded my comfort zone, once again, leg pain slowly but surely subsides (not completely, but it got a lot better). That was all until I had another setback.... That happened when I had a massive panic attack in situation that I considered "safe." I did not withdraw completely, I kept going out and trying my best. But, my comfort zone got smaller and smaller, until I eventually got back to where I am now. Unable to take public transport, which is MASSIVE for me. Because without it, I have to walk a lot and the more I walk, the more my legs hurt.
The more my legs hurt and the less I walked, the more and more I've become depressed. Until finally, thoughts about just ending it all started creeping in. As someone who did a lot of meditation and who practiced Stoicism, I was able to see those thoughts for what they are. Just fleeting, and impermament. I did not have to follow any of them.
Sometimes I did follow them, sometimes I did not. Either way, as a Stoic practitioner, my view on death is a lot different from most people. I do not see death as something terrible, nor did I ever believed in God or such stiuff. For me, death is just death. You stop existing and that all. In fact, it it a good thing, as you get rid of this body which is always a pain in the ass. You have to feed it, clench it's thirst and take a lot of care of it. It is a source for a lot of suffering and pain, pretty much from the moment you are born. On death, that all just stops.
Before I was born, people existed, our planet did spin, people got married, people got into wars, movies were mad, kids were born, people died, birds sang, books were written...Basically, the world existed. Even Hitler happened and I was not part of it. Once I am gone, people will still exist, our planet will spin, new post on reddit will pop up, people will get married, people will divorce, sun will shine.....everything will keep on happening, whether I am alive or not.
Now, Stoicism, especially Seneca (one of the 3 main Stoic which works somehow survived to this day), actually encouraged suicide to people who cannot bear life any more.
If I were alone, I might have actually done it. However, I know I can still contribute to my family, and they need me. So, doing that, is the least thing I would do. Although, lately it started sounding compelling...
Basically, during my Stoic studies and practice, (I read a lot of Buddhism before that), death has become one very positive topic for me. I used it to motivate me to live my life..

I've been going off topic a lot, because this turned into the rant. I guess I had to get it off, to share it with somebody, so it's fine. I'll try to return to my current situation.
I've been online for the past 2 weeks. Spending 16+ hours online and generally hating it. I want to change it, but I am not ready for all the leg pain I am going to experience as soon as I start working on my recovery once again.
The reason I wrote this post, and the reason I went online once again, was because I started to hate my life, from the moment I woke up, I could not wait to go to sleep. It went on for days and the more it went on, the more thoughts about ending it all I had. I cannot say I was depressed, because I know how depression feel. I am more unhappy about my life situation and my inability to do the things I want to do. I know exactly what I want from life.
I want to fully recover.
I want to rebuild my social circle since I've always been very good at socializing.
I want to IMPROVE my physically fitness, by running, doing body weight exercises, riding a big, swimming...the list goes on. I so want to be pain free and to be super active.
I wan to start working, to have my own income.
I want so much more from life than this.

BUT...I simply cannot go to doctor, and I know as soon as I decide to go offline once again, and start working towards recovery. I'll have to deal with all this shit, shit I can easily hide away from as I am online. But, being online do not help, it just makes things worse.
I also know that just being offline is not the way to go, you have to actually build the life in which relapse will not even be an option. And I know how to do that, but, because of the leg pain, I am extremely limited in that which I can do.
Anyway, this is indeed a rant. Rant is mostly because I really dislike this leg pain, if it were not for it, it would have been much better.
What would Stoic recommend in this instance is something along the lies, "to love everything happens to you, because, it could always get worse." Like, how would it been if I got cancer and I am not able to get and get adequate treatment?
As for doctor in general, I've considered doing it plenty of times during the last 10 years, but that never happened. So, I am feeling stuck, and that sucks the most. I would have a better time if I did not know what I want from life and if I could just waste my life online. But, unfortunately, that is not the case.
Going to doctor, knowing what is actually wrong with my legs, and what I can do, would indeed be a life changer for me. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, yet..

In the next few days, I'll go offline and give recovery another go. I will have to experience plenty of leg pain because of all the walking I'll have to do. It will get better once I get back to buses. But, that will take time.
At the end of the day, this post seems more appropriate for DecidingToBeBetter than this sub. I wrote it here because this was the first time I ever told someone I did actually start contemplating suicide.
Hopefully, things will get better this time. Because, every time I go 120+ days offline, depression creeps in and I have a very hard time.
If anyone read my rant, thank you.
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2023.03.21 21:34 TakingOnWater Couple questions about system sd card size and metadata, etc

So the 16gb Kioxia card my rg353v came with a few days ago already seems to have died.
I have another random 16gb card lying around that is old but should be good quality. But I also have some 32gb cards lying around (gonna keep 64gb and higher cards for the ext2/rom card, or other devices). Would it benefit me to use the 32 gb card? Does anything get stored there, particularly metadata and all those thumbnails and stuff from scraping? Just wanna make sure it won't run out of space down the road.
I just installed Unofficial OS on the 16gb card and got it working (with the v2 screen fix too), and as I'm typing this I'm noticing all my roms already seem to be scraped, so I guess that means all that data is on the second card....
Just wanna be sure how this all works so I can make informed decisions going forward.
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2023.03.21 21:34 findingmyway423 For those who've been financially insecure for a long time, how do/did you move on from personal austerity when you achieve some financial security?

I've been living an austere life for the last decade , saving desperately for a property deposit. I'm on the brink of a promotion that will enable me to achieve the dream I've been suffering for a decade ( the last few years I've had a significant deposit but too low income to get a mortgage and I've stayed away from the hot mess of shared ownership as the cladding scandal roars on).
Examples of extreme personal austerity include that I haven't travelled outside of Great Britain since 2009 and I didn't use any heating at all this Winter or last.
I've never felt financially safe or secure whilst renting, either short or long-term (e.g. landlord could sell up or price tenants out at their leisure and retirement is a fantasy if you're renting privately in your 70s!). Owning my own property would enable me to feel a bit more financially secure, although I would need to build back up my emergency funds in due course.
Looking forward to a more balanced financial strategy I'd like to get advice from this great community:
How do you adapt to feeling somewhat financially secure? How do you turn off the instincts to conserve your financial resources at almost any cost?
PS: As a bargain hunter, I have lots of reduced to clear luxury items (e.g. fancy bath soaps that were going for under £1) that I will use as part kf my 3-month rolling celebration when I'm finally a homeowner!
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2023.03.21 21:34 ositocraf3d file share

Hey guys I'm new around this Reddit. I have a proxmox server setup with turnkey set up and samba file share setup. hopefully I'm asking in the right area but I'm trying to get it to where I can give my buddy in a completely different state than me access to the file share. I do a lot of video editing for him and it would be easier if he could just give me the files that way. how can I go about it I used webmin but I guess I have access to the webdav as well. not sure the steps I would need to take. I know I need to open up a port forwarding and everything I'm just a little lost at the moment
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