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2023.03.30 15:25 mosiacsoml noun modifmodifying form ㄴ/은/는

I’ve recently been going over new grammar topics and I’m still confused on noun modifying form. Why are we modifying the noun?? I feel like everything I’ve read leaves me more confused. For example I know that 여쁘다 꽃would be 여쁜 꽃 for “pretty flowers” but why do that instead of just saying “꽃은 예뻐요.“ ? Is it just another way to say it?
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2023.03.30 15:25 TobakSeller Heritage 9060 , 8080 9D

Getting back into Heritage boots. Can you purchase new from Japan or preferably USA? I know eBay is a source but prices are inflated. Most Japan dealers will not ship overseas. Import taxes I have seen 10-20% Any info would be helpful. Respectfully Heritage freak My first pair were Beckman 9024 in 2014. Still mint condition. Love the dress look.
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2023.03.30 15:24 144p_Meme_Senpai How to reassemble shutter curtains on old Soviet Camera?

How to reassemble shutter curtains on old Soviet Camera?
Camera is a Zenit 12S from a PS12 FotoSnaiper.
So I bought the camera and it didn't work so I pulled it apart to find the shutter curtain ribbons had come apart and jammed into cogs.
Got it all apart but I don't know how to put the shutter curtains back together, I didn't disassemble them (they disassembled themselves lol) so I don't know how they should be.
The shutter curtains are still intact and look ok just the adhesives let go and one of the ribbons is a bit mangled I just don't know how to wrap them around the posts.
First time pulling a camera apart and I kind of just went in dark because I was annoyed and curious lol
If anyone's got a service manual would be super appreciated.
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2023.03.30 15:24 Klutzy-Leg-80 It's morning and I'm lying in bed with my partners arm wrapped around me

I'm pregnant. Our daughter is in the next room. My niece and nephew slept over because my sister got married at my house a couple of days ago and is on her honeymoon so they are staying with us. My daughter and her cousins played until late last night and the rooms are still echoing from their laughing.
No one is awake yet but me. I can hear the birds outside and the day beginning to open up. And my heart is full.
I work on manifestation a lot and visualizing things like financial freedom. But wow, when I look at the individual moments all I can see is beauty and perfection.
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2023.03.30 15:24 MK44King At what point do the servers become a dealbreaker?

I’ve been playing Destiny going on 8 years. Countless times the servers have caused my time to be wasted. Whether it’s when BY dropped and I couldn’t play for days, or a random Wednesday where it is contacting and booting repeatedly. Yet I still am here, and I will get just as angry next time, and still not even consider quitting. When does it boil over? Never?
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2023.03.30 15:24 mangowhitetea I exchanged instagrams with my uber driver and regret it

So basically I was having the worst morning. I had a panic attack in my apartment at my uni and was not having it so I ordered an uber ride to somewhere to clear my thoughts. During the ride he was really nice and he was also in someone with similar career field as me and we had good deep conversations. After the ride he was like "oh I would love to talk to you more" and I was like "sure!" and we exchanged instagrams. I accidentally gave my main account without thinking and removed him as a follower and followed him on my other account instead. I dm'ed him why I did that and wished my good luck on his future endeavors, indicating that was the end of the conversation and we would never talk again. But then he dm's me one day and asks how my day was which got me nervous.
Looking back I regret it because he's a stranger and you know stranger-danger and I did it out of impulse because I was really sad and our convo kinda cheered me up. I ended up blocking him, but the overthinker I am, is still very anxious that it might escalate if he finds out I blocked him. He seems to be a nice guy and I looked at his linkedIn and instagram but still can't help but feel nervous. Should unblock him and dm saying it's uncomfortable with me talking to him and go our separate ways in a polite manner? If so, how would you suggest I word it? Or should I just block him period. Let me know your thoughts and thank you in advance!
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2023.03.30 15:24 Neverchosen Assistance completing StAG 5 application

As of a couple days ago per the advice of persons on this sub I should now have all the necessary documentation for submitting my application for birthright citizenship through my Oma. Still outstanding is my clear background check but I can hopefully figure that out myself. Though any advice is welcome I would like to know more about the notarizing and apostille requirements for documentation, could I say make copies of a single document, have them individually notarized and all, and submit them with each of the applications for myself, my brothers, and mother? The included English translation and my infantile German should be enough for the forms themselves but any best practices I should be aware of?
Really just looking for any tips people have for the application itself to be approved the first time, without delays. Vielen Dank!
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2023.03.30 15:24 e_ritski Don't let anyone tell you that two generics will never affect you differently (Xulane vs. Zafemy experience)

I switched from the pill to the patch back in February, and for the first month I was on Xulane. The entire month I had zero problems- no bleeding, no excessive spotting after a few days, no insane hormonal changes. I've also been using my birth control to skip periods for the last year, so I have one every three months and started the patch after my last period. Everything was fine and dandy.
The second month, when I got my prescription from the pharmacy, I noticed they gave me Zafemy instead of Xulane. No problem, I thought, they've done this before with the pill and I didn't notice any problems, should be fine.
Oh, boy, was I wrong.
Within days of applying the first patch, the bleeding began. Then the bloating, which was Great, Obviously /s. Then my headaches got worse after finally improving with techniques from my physical therapist, I'm still so salty. Then the depression- oh my god, guys, the depression was horrible. I genuinely wanted to die for the first time in a while, since I've started Wellbutrin and have had a major decrease in my bipolar depression. This was bad. I cried every day, my brain just overloaded on worst-case scenarios and horrible thoughts, the world was just so gray and I had no clue what to do.
Then, the bleeding got worse. It got so much worse. I bled for four weeks straight, and instead of staying light or decreasing with time, it only got heavier. I've been wearing super-absorbency period underwear the entire month, along with tampons on super heavy days, and even then I actually bled through my pants for the first time since early high school. For reference, I'm 25.
So, the week I needed to pick up my next box, I emailed my OBGYN and begged him to submit a new prescription with a note to only dispense Xulane. God bless this man, he sent it in the same day with no questions asked.
I started my Xulane box this week, and guess what? As of today the bleeding is gone. The depression is lessening. The bloating is still Not Great, but whatever, I've dealt with so many weight changes from medications, I guess I can deal with this a little longer. Headaches, too. Still salty, but fine, I'll deal with it.
So, basically, "same active ingredients" does not equal "will affect you the same way 100% of the time." If the pharmacy changes up your brand suddenly, which they can and will do if that's all they're stocking at the time, keep a close eye on yourself. Sometimes, everything will be perfectly fine! Fantastic, not a problem. However, if everything suddenly gets so much worse, don't let anyone try to dismiss your concerns, and ask your doctor to add a note to your prescription to only dispense X brand. They can do that! Pester them until they do, if they give you any problems. And the pharmacy may have to order in your prescription, but it's so much better than needlessly suffering.
And good god, I can't wait to finally wear cute underwear again.
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2023.03.30 15:24 oftendreamoftrains I wrote a check two years ago. The recipient cashed it. My bank has no record of the check. The money is still in my account. What happened?

As the title says, I wrote a check to a company for a bill which I owed, and the money was never debited from my checking account after the recipient deposited it. This occurred back in 2021. I don't keep a lot of money in this account, as I prefer to use a different bank for most of my other transactions. So I'm well aware that this sum of money was never debited from my account, and I didn't make an error. I contacted the bank back in 2021, a couple of times within months after the check was written, and they had no record of the check being cashed. It also doesn't appear as an item when I try to search the check using online banking. I recently communicated with the recipient of the check and their records do show that it was cashed and applied to my account five days after I mailed it.
What could have happened? If the bank made a mistake, will they ever come back to me and ask for the funds? Or has too much time passed? I'm frankly not inclined to bring it up with the bank at this point as I don't know where the mistake was made. The recipient insists that they applied the payment to my account and that it is now at a zero balance, and has been for some time. I want to just forget about it, but I've been obsessing a little bit, as you may be able to tell.
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2023.03.30 15:23 brunofone Braking hard at same spot every day

On my drive to work, while on TACC, my car brakes very hard at this same exact spot every day. I've done it in dark and light, heavy traffic or all clear, doesn't matter. If I'm in the right lane, it will still brake, but much more lightly and it resumes after some unsure-ness. But left lane is a hard brake every time.
This road was recently widened from 2 lanes to 4 lanes with a median, it was finished last summer so maybe the car is reacting to something that used to be there in the construction days?
Can anyone guess why this happens?
Braking on route - YouTube
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2023.03.30 15:23 nabarigo change realm name placement

So as far as I was aware, realm name placement changes as you expand and can also be changed if you move your capital but...I started in alodia(?) as a copt and have now captured most of africa, the levant, and italy and yet my realm name is still this weird thing trapped in the corner of abyssinia. I tried moving my capital to jerusalem but that didnt work either
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2023.03.30 15:23 ChangeFunny713 What should I do when he doesn’t want to talk for closure at the moment?

I have been with my boyfriend for more than a year. We weren’t the most compatible in terms of our personalities (he is sensitive and I can be very straightforward, and since we’re both assertive, it has led to a lot of intense fights). We finally broke it off recently because our fights got too intense, he also has been losing hope that this relationship will work out since he feels like I have not properly changed to become a better person. After the breakup, I was very devastated and started envisioning how I could have been a better girlfriend. I realized I love him much more than I did, and I truly want another chance to be a better person. We have not spoken for 6 days now, he wanted space and has been actively avoiding me, which hurts me a lot. I wanted to talk to him so I can tell him I wanna be a better person, and I hope he can forgive me just like how I also put myself in his shoes and forgave him for the things he said to me. The sad thing is we live in the same house so we have to actively avoid each other (we do live with another roommate and we have separate rooms so it’s less awkward). I keep getting emotional breakdowns and severe anxiety because he would avoid me and run away from me if I try to approach him. Our mutual friend said he is hurt and needs space but I also feel like his friends are telling him to move on from this relationship. I’m not ready to move on and still wanted a chance later on in our lives to be together. I know that he needs the space and I need the space to heal and reflect, but this break has been toring me apart rather than healing me. Since we live in the same house, I can’t focus on anything properly without thinking about how much I’m scared of the fact that he will resent me… Deep inside I don’t want to move on, and I think he does. His ignorance towards me and the ways he does thing imply he fully wants to move on. I want a chance to be able to have a civil conversation so I can move on properly, because right now I just keep blaming myself and hoping for a future where I can be a better person. I don’t know if I can ask him to talk because I want to respect his space, but this anxiety and pain is killing me right now. Please help me - anyone who has been in this situation please say something. I’m very desparate
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2023.03.30 15:23 Sp4k1220 Teeth so worn down that food sticks in them

This is kinda gross but, does anyone have trouble eating because their teeth are worn down? I carry dental tools with me to clean out my teeth because they are completely flat and they have little holes in them where the food accumulates. Food also gathers near my gum line and in between my teeth in the pockets. This is a recent development for me. I’m depressed because eating it such a chore but I don’t want a liquid or semi soft diet.
I have worn a custom bite guard for 15 years, and now I have one for top and bottom! But my teeth are still worn down…
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2023.03.30 15:23 ChadEriksen Should I interpret this as a Good or a Bad omen ? (Volume count)

Just finished reading Y2V4.5 and the bad premonitions that it gives are very very ominous that I'm currently shivering... The special exam the teachers talked about in the bar and apparentely, already participated in back in their student days but only one choice now left for me. To keep reading !
Now I know that currently the latest Year 2 volume is Y2V9. Knowing how the author uses 4 Volumes (Excluding the .5 Volume) to cover an arc with the sole exception of the last arc of Year 1 which only covered 3 Volumes (9, 10 and 11). I expected the usual trend of Y2V8.5 but apparently there's no V8.5 which only means that the concerned arc is still on-going.
Is this related to what I wrote in the spoilers is tied to why it is still ongoing or will a V8.5 will be released later at some point and Y2V9 is a new arc ?
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2023.03.30 15:23 Eddies_goat_milk Good morning SEXtion 10, long time listener first time poster hoping for a little fundraising help from the community

Whats up to all my 162 guys and Gals, I am still anxiously awaiting the announcement from Fenway that they have opened the boobie box section. In the mean time I was hoping some of you may be generous and donate to my fundraising effort for the Red Sox Foundation run to home base.
This is to support a great charity that helps our veterans with free care and treatment partnered with MGH. I am a Marine Corps veteran and have personally benefited from there help. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Lets get out those positivity horns. Donation Page
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2023.03.30 15:23 Carasgaladhon2 Message from Tom?

Message from Tom?
Anybody else get this message? If so, what’s it supposed to mean? Tom is still there, Greg is still there, so I guess I don’t know why the game sent it.
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2023.03.30 15:23 Namdnas78 Incredibly bad Desktop lag on R13 system - Nvidia DPC Latency issue-related or something else?

I did make this same post over on the Tech Support Sticky, here, since Alienware is helping folks there...but I also wanted to make a dedicated post outside of that for further visibility.
I have an R13 system that I got back in Feb of 2022. It's a 12th gen i7 12700KF processor, RTX 3080 and 32GB Ram, w/ a 750W Cryo-tek PSU. Windows 11 22H2, with latest updates.
I absolutely loved the system when I got it and added in a 2TB WD SN850 drive to it for gaming. But since the Windows 11 22H2 update back in Oct 2022, I've had incredibly bad Desktop lag. It will be completely random, even when nothing is going on, but I can also trigger it when Steam does and update to a game, when I check Alienware Update or when any type of download is going like that.
I did have a ticket opened and an awesome agent helped me for the better part of 3 months. We eliminated it being Support Assist, as it's been completely uninstalled using Revo and still is. I just have Command Center and Alienware Update still installed. Anyway, we were not able to find a solution after all that time and troubleshooting, sending logs, etc.
Then, I discovered that Nvidia drivers are having a DPC Latency issue in Latencymon. This is noted as a knows issue started with their January drivers and I've seen others that have had similar issues since the Oct 22H2 update, just like me. So, I'm wondering...this Nvidia issue, will that cause the random desktop chugging and lagging? Like, it will slow to a crawl and my Wallpaper Engine and mouse will just draaaaaaaaaaag. I did try the workaround for setting my power management in Nvidia Control Panel to "Prefer Maximum Performance", but that resolved nothing for me.
The odd thing doesn't seem to affect gaming, that I can tell...just anything on my Desktop, web browsing, videos, whatever. I've went from loving this PC to absolutely hating it and just wanting to get rid of it all and just settle with console gaming (PS5/XBSX), as I have a kickass setup there too and hey, I have zero issues. It's just infuriating to pay $3500 for a desktop -I did get the 5 yr warranty- and everything else I've invested in my PC Gaming setup (prob around $8k - $10k USD, in total)...and it not even being able to perform a basic function on the Desktop without slowing to a crawl when you're trying to do something important.
So, is this Nvidia related or perhaps something else? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided on this, because I'm really at my wits end at the moment with PC gaming, thanks to Alienware (Nvidia?) and this issue.
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2023.03.30 15:22 Elegant-Variation-28 how to hack my husband's whatsapp, snapchat, instagram, twitter and mails without touching his phone I Need A Facebook/messenger Hacker HOW TO HACK INTO 'MY EYES ONLY' SNAPCHAT ACCOUNT OF YOUR GIRLFRIEND.

I recently wrote an article exploring the question of whether it is possible to hack an iPhone in the United States.
After researching the topic, I found that while it is technically possible to hack an iPhone, it is not easy and typically requires advanced knowledge and specialized software. Furthermore, hacking an iPhone without the owner's permission is illegal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Website: PEXA[.]ME
Telegram: (@pexame)
Despite this, there have been instances where iPhones have been hacked, particularly by law enforcement agencies. In these cases, specialized software is used to exploit vulnerabilities in the iPhone's security.
While the risk of having your iPhone hacked is relatively low, it is still important to take basic security measures such as using a strong passcode and enabling two-factor authentication.
What are your thoughts on iPhone hacking in the USA? Have you or anyone you know experienced a hack? Let's discuss in the comments below.
I'm grateful that you took the time to read my comment.
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2023.03.30 15:22 bakedrefriedbeans As we are in the final week, what's everyones thoughts on Dakota Kai and her tour?

Considering Kai is possibly going to be the first MLC character i get to 4SS (Corbin doesn't count as he had 2 months) let's have a chat about our first (only?) female addition this year.
Well...i feel "dumb" taking Carmella to 5SS now..if i knew we would be getting a female trickster for free that was this good, i would have waited 3 months. But once the MLC finishes i will take her to 5SB at least, she will be my best Female trickster (and a top female at that) though during the first week or so she did have...the Corbin situation.
at 2sb she's ok that 4MP move to create purple meant you only needed 1 perk boost but once she got to 3SB things got a bit...trickier her sub helps but is hard to recharge as her moves don't make blue HOWEVER..her tour opponent certainly does. Which brings me to...
Now look, I love Asuka she is my fav female wrestler currently criminally underused and booked horrendously so it gives me no joy to say this...I HATE NIR ASUKA! it's my fav asuka look, but the wrestler in game, is she IS on the ETV Seth levels of BS. So, let's get into Dakota's tour and NIR Asuka
NIR asuka is nasty as heck due to to having a 5MP purple sub, which isn't so bad if you beat her quick..however at the 10k range she ups her game and brings out Santa hogan meaning her submission is ready turn one ETV also showed, you need to use your sub move and have it full turn one...thankfully it's trickster jerry needed which isn't AS rare as POP Kofi but if you have the damage you can forgo the sub and just go Black-black-Purple with a good board you can take her down quick..but you also need the AI to be dumb and put her Blue gems next to other blue gems
3SB-3SG is the toughest part as Asuka is feindishly quick, (and lucky) the amount of times i've subbed her only for a blue match to land...oh the fustration. She's almost constanstly recycling and she pretty much needs 1 purple match to make your day a living pain
Once you get Kai to 4SB things get better..but not all laughing to the bank like Corbin and Ridge were, with how much HP you need to knock off (1.5 mil) and how quick Asuka is you still need luck, BUT you have a "every two turns your sub is full" lifeline.
My set up was her belt (optional but helpful) Blue sub - Purple Finisher - Blue Botch turn. with Jerry - Eddie acro - Santa hogan (9K) and Shelton THB (again optional but helps) first turn sub and place of my 5 purple gems on spots that will A: cascade B: set up a blue match or C: line/row break destroying blue - 5th gem get's tucked in a corner
DEPENDING on what Asuka get's you then hit your finisher, Asuka will kick out but now you've got all those botch, hope asuka doesn't get a purple/blue match - next turn Blue move to make botch to blue (a Blue gem damage would be helpful) Asuka will maybe kickout (depending) but it doesn't matter, next turn blue sub is full, use it same strat, next turn Purple finisher SHOULD keep Asuka down!
I'm not a fan of luck being a factor but Dakota is a lot more reliable than Zominik until 4SB and has that purple move that creates purple (Powerhouse dawkins gives it a big boost) but Dakota and her tour has been..pretty good, only mild frustration over "implants head into wall" the ETV seth tours had
the fact at 5SB you can pretty much run triple purple with no issues to MP means she's very easy to use, at 5SB her sub move does more damage than Carmella's WITHOUT trainers and for Feud her 4mp 3x2 Purple create move is gonna be fantastic.
So what did everyone think to Dakota and her tour?
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2023.03.30 15:22 supargoodman Strange relationship with money?

I grew up with very delusional broken caregivers, who (I kid you not) told me that we would "be rich when the world recognized me as king", and were almost happy being in abject poverty. They also told me on more than one occasion that "I just don't have the drive to make money" immediately followed by "you get the parents that you got, and that's that!"
(FYI, one of them is diagnosed as bipolaNPD, and the other is a near catatonic narcoleptic with DID. Both of them are severe abuse victims)
Now that I've grown up, it looks like both of them gave up on life completely and created a sort of "rationalization castle" to keep from feeling like failed incompetent parents.
I somehow escaped all of that despite having next to 0 emotional regulation (the last therapist I saw said I was 'emotionally capped at 6 years old') or support in a foreign country, and made my own business that brought in more money than those two ever could (and I'm still considered poor when I file taxes).
But since December I have started to question why I even make money and have intense feelings of unworthiness. I don't know why I do anything, I see money and the economy as this "thing" I can't understand, and have already blown through all my savings.
I just can't make myself care. Things that would scare normal people into getting their act together (like potential homelessness) just make me stare into space.
Every day I stare at myself in the mirror while my brain sits in an unknown fog, and I lay in the shower until the water runs cold. I just can't do anything.
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2023.03.30 15:22 Patriotatheart21 My cat's death still hurts

I am mainly making this post to seek advice and understanding as well as comfort since these feelings and memories have been plaguing my mind for 2 years. 2 years ago, I had to put my cat down. What is keeping me from getting over my grief is what happened that led to his death. To give some backstory, I found my cat Tux when he was only 3 weeks old. He had been abandoned, and the vet said he probably wouldn't have survived much longer. I thought nothing of why he may have been abandoned and took him and began to care for him. He was one of the best things to ever happen to me. For 2 years, he was my baby. He cuddled with me, and he was always with me. He gave me comfort when I lost my baby at 5 months of pregnancy. He was my everything. Then, one day, he began seizing. It was out of the blue and without warning. I was thrown into a panic and didn't know what to do. I had to take him to the emergency vet, but it would've cost $4000 to run tests. I didn't have that kind of money, so I was forced to take him home and care for him. The next morning, he had another seizure. In hopes of possibly finding a solution, I took him to a non emergency vet, thinking that maybe he could receive medication that would help him. After hours at the vet, I was called in and informed that he had seized again and was practically lifeless. There was nothing they could do, and I would have to think about quality of life. I knew then that this was it...I was going to have to say goodbye to my baby. My fiancé and I then made the decision to end his pain and suffering. I still remember my sweet baby's face as I said goodbye. He still made an effort to look at me as if to say it was okay. That day, I lost my baby. To this day, those images of him seizing and him at the vet still plague my mind. Some nights, I find myself uncontrollably crying. Other nights, I lay awake with a pain in my chest, unable to let those feelings of sadness and guilt go. Why do I also harbor feelings of guilt? While I am proud of going back to college and receiving my degree, I am angry at myself for not getting it together back then. I feel that if I had, I would've had a career, and with that career, money. Then maybe I would've been able to afford my baby's emergency vet visit. I still think about that day and how incredibly guilty and sad I felt taking him back home when I knew that the emergency vet was probably his only chance of living. My heart breaks when I think about how I held him in my lap, helpless and unable to help him. These are the feelings I hold to this day, and I can't seem to escape them. I'm afraid to go to family over this in fear that I might be told I'm being dramatic. My family doesn't understand the bond I had with him. They don't understand the bond you can have with animals in general. I have spoken to my fiancé about this, and he is here for me, but I don't want to bother him. He is still hurting as well, but I seem to be more affected, seeing as how it keeps me up at night. I really wanted to share my feelings and receive support from others who may feel the same.
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2023.03.30 15:22 kzbash How do I convince senior management that email spoofing does not mean we were hacked?!

I'm a manager for a mid-sized non-tech organisation. We get loads of spam emails but usually are able to block them through some firewall and quarantine rules.
Most phishing/spoofing attempts are the name and the 'from' email is still like a random Gmail account. However, our Payroll team recently got a spam email where both name and email fields were spoofed and it seems like the email came from one of the senior managers. It was a request to change the bank account but fortunately, the team realised that it was spam and didn't act on it.
We do cyber awareness training and usual messaging around phishing awareness quite often.
I've told the exec team that is a very common practice from spammers and there's not much we can do except good email hygiene and awareness training.
They are all non-technical and think that the mail server has definitely been hacked and I'm just not admitting it or something.
I've given them a basic rundown of email headers and showed them SPF/DMARC fails, etc. Also confirmed that we've already got SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc. all setup I've shown them how the email was generated outside of our network and it bounced around a couple of servers before reaching us. Showed them the reply-to address was different as well.
Is there anything else I can do to convince them?
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