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2023.03.31 17:27 0Free1 Korean Teen - A Nice Couple Gets Fucked In A Hotel Room

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2023.03.31 17:26 Tall_Disk_5375 Need to convince my friend she deserves more/better help!

Y’all. My bestie lives in Charlotte NC. She used to work for a wholesale company that sold vapes and vape cartridges. The company was sold and the owner of the company asked her to be his nanny/assistant. He has (at the time a 5yr old girl) she’s worked for him for 4 years as a nanny/assistant now. This is all she does: - cleans the house regularly - cooks meals regularly - takes NK to and from school, to and from dance, Nk regularly stays at her house overnight during the week and weekends - takes care of NKs dog - errands related to NK, DB, household
Now after hearing all of her duties I asked her what her hours are.
She said they can vary with us usually starting at 7am and ending between 6p-8p unless NK sleeps over. Saturdays and Sundays can vary as well and often include overnights. Sometimes NK will go 5 days in a row without seeing her dad.
Here’s the kicker. She makes 20/hr at 50GH a week. If she works more than 50hrs it doesn’t matter. She still gets paid for 50hrs.
This is wrong on SO MANY LEVELS yet she says “well he only charges me 400/mo rent for his 3 bd house when he could easily get 1500-200/mo, and I drive his new car all week and weekend if I’m working.”
Y’all. Those little perks do not outweigh what she’s doing. Please tell me she deserves much much much more. I am beyond upset for her! I know she’s the only one that can change things but damn.
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2023.03.31 17:26 bleezyblack_ [WTS]Geissele 14.5 pin welded Super duty in ODG.

Bought this upper from a seller on here(post linked below) shot about 5 rounds through it and sat in the safe ever since. Moving overseas and need to rehome this beauty. Light and scope clean. Rehoming fee $1200 PP G/S
Original post:
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2023.03.31 17:26 Arrenddi Friday Fun Poll You can spend the weekend at any hotel in the country but it can only be in San Pedro, Placencia, or San Ignacio. Which do you choose?

Feel free to elaborate in the comments section.
View Poll
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2023.03.31 17:25 therealjerseytom Surprisingly good nigiri at a small, unassuming shopping center restaurant. Charlotte, NC.

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2023.03.31 17:24 BraveAd8224 Female muscle Charlotte is in the gym getting fingers and toys

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2023.03.31 17:22 AdaptableNorth My young co-supervisor throws me under the bus to feel good about themselves

Whenever there is a third collaborator present during a meeting with me and my co-supervisor, they throw me under the bus to, most likely, feel good about themselves. They seem like they have some sort of confidence issues, and probably low self esteem, nothing wrong with that and I understand their behavior as I myself suffer from it but throwing me under the bus is a super no no. Especially not in the presence of my senior supervisor.
By throw me under the bus I mean, presenting a new research idea and passive agressively hinting why I'm not doing it while I'm just hearing about it for the first time. Always reminding me that the time is running and I don't have much time left in my grant, passive agressively hinting that I'm slow or not doing enough, etc.
They were nice at the start and appreciative for me joining the team but they slowly changed to this passive agressive, nice from the outside sort of person. And after a year I got to know them better. They are not the supportive kind, not at all, and it is affecting me very much. They never appreciate my work them provide criticism, they go straight at it in a very condescending way. Note that they are a postdoc and just had their PhD a year or 2 ago. So clearly inexperienced.
Thanks heavens that I'm working remotely with them and can protect myself and energy. But the day we met in person for a meeting I got to see the full spectrum of their personality. They just have a negative and gloomy outlook about everything, research, the project we're both supporting, their life, the road, the buildings, the organisation of the meeting, the 5 Star's hotel food servings, every freaking thing!!
I'm the kind of person that deals with anxiety, depression, all sort of imposter syndrome and low self esteem but fuck if a sun is shining and the weather is good that day, that's all I want to talk about, appreciate and just feel good because of it because everything in my life with this PhD is going down the drains anyways so why focus on it even more.
I am starting to feel exhausted and with no way out! After every meeting I feel furious against them. The issue is that I feel like there is no way to discuss this with them because they - you know - are already empty from any positivity to give from.
What should I do? How would you deal with this?? I'm in 2year EU PhD in the sciences
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2023.03.31 17:22 Spiritapo0 hot bondage in hotel room

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2023.03.31 17:21 send_cat_pictures Is this wild garlic? Located in NC

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2023.03.31 17:21 Easternost4349 Recent Video Ashley HD Fucking In The Hotel Room On Vacation With HD Overhead View Huge Bouncing Tits Tattoos & Big Ass

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2023.03.31 17:21 gabbyItgirl [SELL][US] All New! Tarte, Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury, Tarte, Llamasqua, Lancôme, skincare, and more

💕 I'm the original owner of all items. Everything is brand new!
💸Payment in PayPal G&S.
📬 Shipping is thru Pirateship (I'll quote you via dm) and usually starts around $4. US only, tracking included, via USPS. Pay today, ships tomorrow!
................ 🔎Thank you for looking!🔎
Pick one freebie per order!
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2023.03.31 17:19 EffervescentRain Customising user lookup

Is it allowed to hide neohome and NC mall modules in user lookup? What exactly do "stats" include? Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.31 17:19 CaptnQuesadilla 2 days in Irving for an interview - where to explore to get a "feel" for the area?

In 2 weeks I'll be in Irving for a final round interview. I've never been to DFW and will rent a car for 2 days to explore the area for potential neighborhoods and generally soak in the vibe. Where would you suggest I go to be efficient with my time? I'm trying to get a realistic feel for what it's like to live there and want to totally avoid touristy areas.
Should I visit more areas for a shorter time or select a few neighborhoods and hone in on the details? Where can I experience the worst traffic for an Irving commute so that I know what to expect? (Office near U of Dallas)
I'm early 30s M, single no kids. I'd like to live somewhere relatively dense with a good social scene. Based on my research it seems like Uptown, Lower Greenville, Carrolton are good options? I am not an upscale yuppie and don't care about trendy restaurants or art galleries or avocado yoga. I wouldn't avoid somewhere "hip" but it's not a priority. I like sports / biking / archery / video games and want to find an area that's relatively chill with down to earth people. Semi-close access to a swimming lake and/or bike trail would be a huge plus.
I'm looking for a 1BR for $1,300+/- with a pool and gym and there seems to be a ton of options so it's overwhelming. I will prioritize apartment amenities over neighborhood amenities so I don't necessarily need to live IN those dense areas but the closer the better. There will be a lot of travel so good access to DFW / Love is important. I'd like my daily commute to be <30min but longer to the airport is fine. Easily taking the DART to DFW would be a dream scenario.
I realize this is pretty open ended but I don't know what I don't know and you're the experts! It's an incredible job opportunity but I'm slightly hesitant & totally ignorant about DFW so I want to know / see the good, bad, and ugly so I have realistic expectations. It seems like north Dallas is generally where I want to be but I'm very much open to any and all suggestions. Thank you!!
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2023.03.31 17:18 Historicap6480 hot bondage in hotel room

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2023.03.31 17:15 Savagesavi21 Sexually Harassed at work

I (23F) work at a hotel and last Sunday was sexually harassed by two young men (around my age). They asked me to show them a room late at night and in the time span of walking down the hall, getting to the elevator, and getting to the room; I was asked numerous forceful sexual questions.
“Do you have a boyfriend?” I have a husband
“Can I have you phone number?” I don’t think that’s appropriate
“Why not?” Because I’m married
“He doesn’t have to know, I can give you the best 10 minutes of your life.” “We can go into the room and it can be an hour if you want or I can take you to my car.”
“I’ll give you money if you want it.” I don’t want your money and no that’s not happening
“Listen we all need a little bit of fun in our lives and you spend 10 minutes with us, it’ll be the best time you’ve ever had.” No not happening
Going back down after showing the room and not going in with these guys after these comment were said, when we headed back in the elevator they kept asking me for my number and if I wanted 10 minutes with them. When we go into the hallway I was stopped by them and they kept trying with these sexual advances.
One guy said “I’ll give you money.” Which I told him I don’t want your money “Yeah look at her she doesn’t want our money she’s not some broad off the street.” The guy saying this beings rubbing my arm and telling me; “Listen you tell me no then no (I’ve already said no 5+ times) but if you want I’m sure I can give you the best 10 minutes of your life with both of us and no one has to know.” I pull back, scared for my life at this point. I say no again and we continue walking which they stop me again before we get the front desk and they say, “You let me know before we leave, it’ll be amazing, I promise.”
At this point I’m freaking out inside since this has never happened. One of the guys puts his phone down on the desk which I tell him no I don’t want it and he forcefully put it’s in my hand. I type my husbands phone number which has no network and they call it right then and there (freaking weirdos) I finish checking them in (yes I realize I should have just called the cops I have never been in a situation like this so my mind was exploding and I wasn’t sure what to do) and they had the audacity to say in front of my manager might I add, “Can you show us the room one more time, take us up and show us where it is.” Which I told them no you can find it yourself I already showed you.
I tell my manger what happened and she’s not happy. She tells me to wait in the back office and don’t come out since my shift is ending soon anyways. They come back down and ask my manager where I went and stared into the back room looking for me. She told them I left and in this time I called my husband. These guys go to the gas station we have right down the street and when they come back they look into the office once again trying you see if I’m there. I end up going home ASAP. Get back the next day and apparently everyone that works there knows because my manager told everyone. I didn’t even get the opportunity to explain to my general managers who are also the owners about situation and when they see me all they could say was wow people are wild.
Another front desk employee was talking with my manger and my manger said to the general managers we are putting them on the do not rent list right? Which the other fd person says no they’ve never even stayed here before and my manger said yes they have they just stayed her last night and messed with our staff. And both the fd agent and the general managers decided not to put them on the list. So I took it upon myself to ask since no one knows my side of the story but everyone knows apparently and I still have yet to get a response which they usually take less than 5 minutes to text back.
I was told these guys came back by my manager yesterday and was told I don’t have to serve them and can just call the cops when this can be prevented by putting them on the do not rent list so not only myself but other workers aren’t asked this as well as guest.
This hotel has been proven to be unsafe we call the cops maybe once a week due to guest. And my general managers have shown me they don’t care about me even though I have been a major asset to the company for 7 months now and have taken on other task that front desk agents don’t have permission to do. I’m already in the process of quitting just have to do it. But I needed a general opinion am I tripping to much about this and the lack of my safety that is being shown or am I valid in thinking this is bull and I should just quit to put my safety first since my managers won’t?
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2023.03.31 17:14 Abo0o0o Need Weddit Input: How Far is Too Far to Walk to Hotel?

Our hotel(s) are both like 7 minute walks to the museum we’re getting married & having our reception at. Because it’s northeast Ohio in early November, I’m assuming I should go for a shuttle service any way? The drive is like 3 minutes long, so it seems like a waste of money? Would an Uber discount code be better? What do y’all think? Anyone in a similar boat? TIA. :)
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2023.03.31 17:14 ChrisGaines_ PSA for Soccer Watching Sickos

If you are a true soccer degenerate this is the first sickos weekend. That's a weekend with early USL starts that lends itself to a complete day of watching soccer. Between USL1 and USLC you have 15 matches occurring between 1pm and 9:30pm. All times Central.
1pm Hartford Athletic vs. Orange County SC (USLC)
3pm Detroit City FC vs. Rio Grand Valley Toros (USLC)
3pm Loudoun United vs. Colorado Springs Switchbacks (USLC)
5pm One Knoxville vs Union Omaha (USL1)
5pm Richmond Kickers vs Charlotte Independence (USL1)
6pm North Carolina FC vs Lexington FC (USL1)
6pm Indy Eleven vs Las Vegas Lights (USLC)
6pm The Miami FC vs Memphis 901 (USLC)
6:30pm Chattanooga Red Wolves vs Central Valley Fuego (USL1)
6:30pm South Georgia Tormenta vs Northern Colorado Hailstorm (USL 1)
6:30pm Tampa Bay Rowdies vs Birmingham Legion (USLC)
9pm Monterey Bay FC vs San Antonion FC (USLC)
9pm Oakland Roots vs New Mexico United (USLC)
9pm Sacramento Republic vs Louisville City FC (USLC)
9:30pm Phoenix Rising vs Sand Diego Loyal (USLC)
Now you take these games and pair them with the MLS schedule and you could in theory catch 5 full soccer games on Saturday (again all times Central). 1pm and 3pm USLC, 5pm USL1, 7:30pm MLS, 9:30pm USLC. Abandon your family, abandon your responsibilities, believe in yourself, and believe in your liver.
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2023.03.31 17:14 oronteme Birding Locations?

I have a friend visiting in a couple weeks who is currently obsessed with birding! Does anyone have suggestions of where we can go while they're here? We're already planning on Latta Nature Preserve. Anything on the east side of Charlotte would be great, but open to any ideas!
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2023.03.31 17:13 0aprobar Amber Rayne and Charlotte Stokely 69 In The Kitchen

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2023.03.31 17:13 Spiritapo0 Homemade Amateur wife tagteamed in a hotel 3way with our friend Part 1

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2023.03.31 17:12 Easternost4349 Delicious Puerto Rican Teen Kira Perez Fucked in Hotel

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2023.03.31 17:12 Shmikken Am I being oversensitive/unreasonable?

A couple of the bosses in my department who don't care much for me (one did everything they could to stop me being promoted for five years) have decided on where our staff Xmas party is going to be this year... The same hotel where I will be getting married four weeks later. I'm fairly certain they are aware of it, and we live in a very touristy area with lots of other hotels, so I can't help but shake the feeling that it's a passive aggressive way to fuck with me. Could be a coincidence and me just being petty but I'm fairly sure if they were the ones getting married they'd have picked literally anywhere else.
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