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Music in Spanish. Musica en Español.

2023.03.31 08:55 AlarmHefty5680 Heliotrope - At the Drive-In (1999)

Heliotrope - At the Drive-In (1999)
Beneath the residue of film Beneath the chemicals That the picture split The ouija board had Spelled its name In tiki torches set aflame Taking rations from the ballet box Cursing like sweet tarts
Increase the dosage Count back from 10
And it was written down Touching earth in a capital faunt Heat seeking gums bleeding Fingers snapping At the catacomb stabbings Taking rations from the ballet box Cursing like sweet tarts
Adhesive she said Don't stick to me
Inseminating motives of lukewarm persistence Let the thieves in Through the front door Let them take what they've been missing
It's as if Someone raised the Price of dying To maximum vend again
Turn slowly for maximum vend.
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2023.03.31 08:55 TriAstrus Youtuber looking for a new skin

Hey, I'm Astrus. A very very small youtuber looking to make more Minecraft content. Ive made skins for myself a while back but I dont feel its recognizable enough. I was looking for a minimalistic Astronaut skin that kinda fits my style (Cyberpunk, Spacecore) Really just an astronaut. If you are able to do anything for me let me know! It would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.31 08:55 AbstractCosmic I don’t know what to title this

Throughout this spring break the lonely has hit the harder that has had before in the past couple of months, I didn’t do shit I didn’t go outside. I texted this one girl which we both had a thing for each other, and before the break started I said that we should make plans and hang out some time during it as she is spending it back in town and she agreed saying she would let me know. Well anyways it’s basically the end of the break I know nothing is gonna happen, I debated wether to text her asking but I’m a little apprehensive as the last time I texted her I got left on delivered for a couple days knowing she was active on social media and overall I don’t want to see like a pushy person. I don’t hold any resentment towards her. I just kinda wish I didn’t beat myself over it and I’m overthinking that maybe her likeness towards me has went away. I know it’s a very minor thing but it just assures me that I wish I could overcome my lonely putting myself out in the world and overall find a way to be happy in my own terms. I don’t know I expected from this, just need someone to talk to as I feel like I have no one I can truly open up to without judgement
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2023.03.31 08:54 Zealous_Intelligence This song actually kinda makes me sad cause it takes me back to a sad time in my life but I still love this song. I hope this link goes through. Let's see. Sometimes we need to remember a thing to remind us why we don't want to go back.

Listen to Skinny Love by boniver on #SoundCloud
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2023.03.31 08:54 toeding 34m asking about 26f wife. Are these acceptable boundaries or is this manipulation and or abuse?

I am am a 34m. I have Been with my wife 26f for 4 years now. She is going through a hard time doing her second part time masters and full time job. I always supported her in her life goals. When she said she wanted to change careers and get her second master I said yes I will be there for you.
We are 1 year into her master's and I have noticed her time with me to be intimate has reached a 0. She relates to me maybe 30 minutes a day and will just be on her phone in the same room. Doesn't talk or ask me about my day or hug kiss and say hi. Then will run off to her office in our house and do what ever she wants when I see her next is when she is already unconscious.
So I asked her if we can work on rekindling our romance and intimacy a bit more, when are you available for us to do something nice and try to rekindle our connection. She said idk Saturday which was a week away.
I waited patiently until that day and it didn't happen. I kept waiting for her to relate to me. But never did. Tuesday came and I went to express how important this is to me and if she can find some time tonight or when we can really spend some time together.
She started saying I need you to respect my boundaries. I said what are those ? She said that you need to leave me alone until I am ready. I asked but I always leave you alone and you never do come spend time with me. She says well you still need to respect my boundaries first.
I expressed that this is rough and hard on me because I feel alone. She then grabbed a knife and said I need control I need my boundaries respected. If you can't do this I will do suicide to get this. Will you be ok knowing that you killed me.
I said no I am not ok with this. I then walked away and left her alone. Later on I asked if I can just chill in the room and she said yes and put the knife away. I tried to talk to her about her work and stuff she is interested in since she is doing compsci masters and I also am in the network architecture side of that field plus 3 years of comsci work too so I understand everything she is studying.
10 minutes later she got the knife and said if you don't leave I will kill my self I left. Next day she goes on campus. I let her be alone the whole day no messages except for responding to any questions she sent me.
Then when she gets home I say hi speak to her a bit. Hug her and then let her go upstairs alone. She then texted me while I was downstairs saying that my behavior yesterday caused her to nearly take her life and is making this house not a safe place. She said I need to respect her boundaries.
I said I haven't been with you all day and I am trying to respect your boundaries I don't know why you keep going to this dark place in portraying me as this person. I then went upstairs and got myself prepared to go to bed because it was bedtime and laid in bed and just asked her how her day was. She then said it was fine but you need to learn how to respect my boundaries.
Then she called the police saying that she doesn't feel safe at home. The police came and the ENT came. I stayed on the couch calm and let them deal with the situation because I didn't want her to her herself. She went to the hospital and I stayed home alone.
Is this what boundaries are supposed to be in a relationship? Where one person can set a boundary that allows them to be alone all the time and have no respect or relate to their significant other ever?
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2023.03.31 08:54 Ill_Study_7361 🙏🏻. Prayer, and hope the next single is great for you all.

After enough joking and disrespect thrown against me and from me as well as just acting stupid for the hell of it, I end my frustration peacefully where it began and maybe, just maybe you all will understand the simplicity of the fact I believe in God and I felt heavily disrespected by my used-to-be favorite music artist, for attacking god, and burning a cross and murdering his followers in his video. That is very simple to understand. If you don’t agree so be it, you should be respectful and leave it be. What’s the golden rule? If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Same as Ronnie should have done, he doesn’t like or believe in God, cool no worries leave it alone, don’t burn and murder his followers in a video for the masses to consume. Very distasteful and disrespectful—very easy to understand. I hope the next single is a great one for you all! It was fun following while I could. Guess I’ll see what the next lyrics and video holds to see whether I’m 100% done with FIR.
God of Heaven’s Armies, we are living in challenging times when the enemy has convinced the people of this world that he does not exist and that you are a harsh God. Many people are rebelling against you because they do not understand who you are. God, help these lost souls to know your Son, Jesus, so that they can start worshiping you in truth. Indwell your Holy Spirit in them. God, remove the evil influences from their lives that are blocking them from accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen. 🙏🏻
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2023.03.31 08:54 homesickforla EVIL IS ONE OF THE BEST SONGS EVER CREATED🌸🍄🪷🧚🏻

I seriously can’t stop listening to it I already know almost all of the lyrics
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2023.03.31 08:53 watasshiwafuyu Need help finding a hadith that might or might not exist

Assalamalaikum wrb, back when i used to study in makkah i remember one of my shuyookhs talking about marraiges, and one of the things idk why I remember it but he said that the prophet warned us from marrying paternal cousins as it brings lots of fitnah in the household i.e fights ect. If such hadith exists let me know and if it doesn't also let me know please? Jazakumullahu khayran
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2023.03.31 08:53 Researcher_1999 Surprise, surprise! (or not) - the Nashville shooting was a false flag

Surprise, surprise! (or not) - the Nashville shooting was a false flag
It was probably done to further the gun control agenda and direct hate at trans activists. Nothing new here.
Ah, I thought it was legit at first, but no. I found a post from someone showing how the shooter is wearing different shoes in the CCTV footage vs. the bodycam footage and I looked into it myself with the footage and sure enough, it's true. The shoes Hale is wearing in the CCTV footage appear to be Pumas of some kind, or a skate shoe that looks like Puma or something similar. In the body cam footage, Hale is wearing Vans with the colored flames.
No, they're not stupid - they do this on purpose.
Let's not forget, Columbine was also partially staged and orchestrated. The shooting was real, people died, but there is solid proof of several key aspects that were staged JUST like this (and I can show anyone). It's there for anyone who cares to look hard enough... but it took me 23 years to see it, so it's not obvious. I stumbled upon it by accident because I never would have thought to look for what I found.
Of course, they're already trying to shut people up and get them to think this is just some kind of camera lighting fluke. Ha! Not a chance. This one is undeniable.
"The lobby camera footage is fairly clear, while the body-cam footage is severely compressed. I think it is the compression artifacts that are changing the appearance of shoe color," O'Brien said.
Actually, it's the other way around. The CCV footage is worse than the bodycam footage, which is actually quite clear footage. But those stripes do not lie. They are completely different in shape, size, and placement proportionate to the shoe. Also Hale's right pant leg is folded FAR more in the bodycam footage.
It is not possible for 'compression artifacts' to alter a black and white shoe to look exactly like the Vans colored flame style where the pattern is an exact match in shape, color, and size AND have it be consistently that same pattern in every single frame AND make the pattern not match the first shoe. If it were 'compression artifacts' then the look of the shoe would change in every frame. It does not. This is an exact match. All the so-called "experts" stating that the shoes in both videos are exactly the same are lying.
This is what they do. They TELL you what to think and most people believe the story.
So I went through the bodycam footage and took screen shots of multiple frames - 16 to be exact - and the shoe colors and design remain the same in every frame. The shoe matches the Van's flame design perfectly, down to the thin line of black around the sole to the size, shape, and placement of the black stripe, and the curvature of the flames, including the colors.
Hale is wearing different shoes - it's absolutely undeniable!
Here's the shoe from the CCTV footage:
The shoes do look like Pumas - but they are not this exact style, if they are Pumas. The white stripe on the side goes further up to the front of the laces, and this style has a shorter stripe. However, the shoes in the CCTV footage are not the Vans flame style.
Here's the shoe from the bodycam footage:

Vans flames
There you have it. Another false flag shooting designed to incite hatred toward LGBT people and get conservatives to support gun control. They have to target different groups to garner support because they need to get everyone pissed off enough to support gun legislation. It can't just be liberals who fight against guns. Usually, conservatives don't support strict gun control measures... but when the perpetrators of these false flag attacks are gay or trans, or gosh, even non-binary, it riles them up and gives them reason to consider supporting gun control legislation... the only way to get conservatives to support gun control legislation is to put the guns in the hands of people they already hate. Like LGBT people.
It's the same song and dance, it never ends. Meanwhile, everyone's arguing and fighting, which is exactly where they want everyone.
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2023.03.31 08:53 wanwaz EPAM's Broken Promises: My Unfortunate Experience and the Cost of Their Dishonesty"

Beware of EPAM! They left me unemployed and are ignoring my requests for compensation #EPAM #Unemployed #CompensationDenied
I want to share a frustrating experience I recently had with EPAM Poland. I was excited to join their team as a Senior Software Engineer and had already left my previous job based on the understanding that the offer extended to me by EPAM Poland was confirmed and valid. However, to my shock and dismay, I received a call from their company stating that the offer has been canceled, leaving me unemployed and in a financially unstable position.
I reached out to their HR department, and they assured me that they would compensate me for the damages caused by this sudden turn of events. But unfortunately, they never kept their word. Despite numerous attempts to contact them, they ignored me and left me hanging.
As a result, I want to share my experience with everyone to let them know and be aware of the treatment I received from EPAM Poland. It's unacceptable to ignore a person in need, and it's crucial to hold companies accountable for their actions.
I'm disappointed that I had to go through this experience, but I won't let it go unnoticed. I will continue to share my story and spread awareness, so others can avoid going through a similar situation.
Please join me in spreading the word and holding companies accountable for their actions. Use the hashtag #EPAMPolandUnprofessional and share this post with your network. Together, we can make a difference and create a more just and fair working environment for all.

EPAMfail #terriblehiringprocess #unprofessionalbehavior #badcompanyculture #poorcommunication #lostjobopportunity #unreliableemployer #untrustworthycompany #epicfail #ghostedbyEPAM #workplaceinjustice #shamefulconduct #unacceptablebehavior #unresponsiveHR #disappointingcompany #jobseekersbeware #spreadthetruth #notreliable

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2023.03.31 08:53 h_m_madhu How do I start learning?

So I think this question might be asked a ton in this sub, but I'm just not sure how to start getting better. Let me first tell you what happened to me.
2017 : Let's try playing RL. Damn this game is fun. I should play this game more often. Wow this game is interesting. Let's try to get better at this. Changed camera settings. Changed a few other settings. Ok now what? Let's see what others are saying. Ohh powerslide is important. Let's see how to use it optimally? This video looks nice. But the practice this guy is telling me to to needs me to know other stuff as well such as diagonal flick or dive(not sure what it is called.). Ok let's see what this is. Ohh I already require how to do airroll and use powerslide for this. Let's check air roll. Arghh this is too complicated. The packs in this video seem too complex. I need some other mechanics complete them.
How long have I been in ball cam? Should I be in ball cam right now? Arghhh I bumped into my teammate. Ohh I can take a shot. Should I do it in ball cam or car cam? Too late already took the shot in ball cam. I missed it. [email protected]%*.
Are the basic packs that come with the game good? What packs I should try? Ohh I saw in an x youtuber's video that y pack is nice for beginners. Let's try this. Loads the pack. This is too complex. Can't do even one goal.
This happened whenever I tried to learn something back then. A lot of things are just too tied to a lot of other things. And I just stopped playing, thinking this game was too complex to understand. Similarly, I started playing in 2020 with some friends cause of the lockdowns. The same thing happened, and I stopped playing. Now, I want to start playing this game again, and I want to learn it properly. So I am asking this question.
I might have some 50 hours in the game, but I don't think I'm that good. On average, I get 2-3 good hits and score maybe 2-3 goals in a 3v3 casual.
How do I start? Where do I start? Is there a timeline I should follow? Is there a playlist(free-10$) that I can watch that will teach different mechanics, strategies, etc., in increasing order of complexity? I found this course on Udemy. I don't mind buying it if it is from a good player. Idk who the coach is. But if a free good playlist on youtube is available, then I would prefer that.
Sorry for the long question. Thanks for the help.
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2023.03.31 08:53 OishikR The UnMagi: Part III

Making reins, Matthias mused, was a silly first lesson. Why, wouldn't it be more engaging to start with something simple, but exciting - like levitating a rock? Or perhaps something useful, like counterfeiting currency by materialising gold out of thin air, or maybe even by attempting to master that first spell he'd cast out of pure instinct. Even as he petulantly clicked his fingers and criticised the UnMage's teaching philosophy in his mind, he knew instinctively that none of those would have really worked. Learning spellery as a cleric or mage was different than... rediscovering it as an UnMage, he remembered. Being thrown into an impossible situation without obvious scaffolding upon which to build a magical solution was very much in keeping with those tenets.
Fortunately Matthias' horse had reacted to being untethered rather cooperatively, picking his way through the poorly paved road of the village behind his packmate, even if he was harrumphing in a manner that would seem disdainful to anyone with more than aa splash of ale between the ears. So while Matthias clicked his fingers, producing nothing more magical than the customary sound, and looked around after every failed attempt with a feeling of increasing foolishness, the peculiar duo trotted away from civilization, along the lakeside and into the forest, headed for parts unknown. Or at least unknown to Matthias.
"You haven't told me where you're taking me." Matthias had largely picked up on the unspoken rule against questions, and his acumen was rewarded with a slight cough.
"Where we are going, student." Matthias realised that this was the first time the UnMage had referred to him as anything except the boy, and it filled him with equal parts appreciation and annoyance.
"I'm not so sure I'm your student, sera. You just kidnapped me-"
The UnMage turned slightly in his saddle. Whether the curl of his lips was mirth or cruelty was almost impossible to discern.
"I don't know that word."
"Legal term," said the UnMage, rather waspishly. The man paused, seemed to reconsider, and then continued. "Your father does not own the land on which his... adequate... alehouse sits. He, or one of his forebears, submitted themselves to the Lakelord-"
"Viscount Merryn isn't called the Lakelord. He's actually-"
"- or one of his idiot brood, it matters not what they style themselves. In any case, the lord of the realm enjoys the vast majority of the wealth generated by the use of the land, and until you or your descendants redeem yourselves from servitude, you cannot choose any other fate than that of innkeep."
"Wait," said Matthias, frowning, perhaps because he hadn't yet figured out how to make reins, or because the finer points of feudal land ownership escaped him. "I wasn't a slave, was I?"
"Villeins are somewhere between freedmen and slaves. Everyone except your lord will treat you as though you are free, even though you really are not."
"So you bought me?!"
"Manumitted. I paid the fine that accrued to the Lakelord -"
"Viscount Merryn."
"Yes, the stupid scion of the watery stock. I paid the fine for removing a villein from his service. Thankfully, you are weak, and scrawny, and a boy, so it was about as low as it could be." He inclined his head to the side in thought. "Unless you were old and infirm?"
Matthias clicked his fingers impatiently, and a shower of sparks burst from where his fingertips struck his palm. He scarcely noticed it, but his steed whinnied in protest, thoroughly unimpressed.
"What do you care? You spin gold from thin air!"
The UnMage twisted around slowly in his saddle, his aquiline nose standing out against the night sky like a wafer of stark ice. "All spellery comes at a cost, student," he said solemnly. "Mark those words. And when it comes to the price exacted upon you by your magic, the paradoxes are rarely in your favour."
"I haven't seen you pay a cost." Matthias grumbled.
"Then trust that I have. I would show you, but I have need of you, and frightening you into imbecility would be irksome."
Matthias snorted, and crossed his arms, and whatever gravitas he attempted to summon up into his diminutive frame was utterly sabotaged by his wobbling in his overlarge saddle.
The UnMage turned forward once more, pensively riding ahead. His shoulders rose and fell slowly, and he relinquished the reins with one hand to raise his hood - his donning of his cowl coinciding with the threshold of the forest, as tamer copses gave way to profuse, threatening foliage.
"You do not trust me, student, and that is wise - but it is also inconvenient." The man's voice was quiet, almost subdued. "I would consult you on how we might overcome this barrier."
The stilted phrasing almost made Matthias sneeze, but he parsed it with difficulty. "You keep calling me student, or boy. You should use my name." He squirmed in his seat, and clicked his fingers again. No reins. "It's nicer. It feels less harsh."
The hood bobbed as the UnMage inclined his head sharply, once. "Matthias, then." he replied. "At least some of the time."
Matthias didn't even question how the man knew his name, instead forging on "And I need to know your name! I can't keep calling you stranger, or sera, or-"
"Captor, UnMage-"
"And I WON'T," Matthias growled, "call you master. You're not-"
"Nor would I have you call me master," declared the UnMage. "Our kind know no masters than the vagaries of Fate herself. Teacher, perhaps. Mentor, in time?"
"No," insisted Matthias. "A n- Your name. A real name."
The hooded figure sighed, and silence fell for a time, punctuated by the hoofbeats of the horses on the leaf-choked undergrowth, and Matthias' clicking fingers.
"Nelaime." It was offered quietly, like an excuse. "I am known to very, very many by that name."
"It's not your real name."
"It is as real as any other name." An expansive shrug accompanied that statement. "And arguably more familiar to me than the one I was born with, and about as much my own as the one I chose. So yes. Nelaime."
"What does it mean?"
The question went ignored. Instead, Nelaime continued, "I must insist you not refer to me by name without including a proper honorific. I am your elder, after all, and no matter what backwater fen you grew up in, you are now and will forever be in the presence of legendary spellweavers." He turned again, slightly. "And you might one day count yourself among those legends. Until then, sage will suffice."
"Are you?"
More silence.
"I didn't know an UnMage could be a Sage, uh... sage Nelaime."
Nelaime made a frustrated noise. "The mages stole our names and titles wholecloth after the fall! They even changed the pluralisation to better suit their leaden tongues! UnMagi -" he pronounced it oon-mah-jai "- were household knowledge at some point, remember - but now, centuries later, they preen and peacock amid the rubble of our knowledge!"
Matthias was struck by a thought. "I would like to know how you survived since the fall of the UnMagi, sage," he said carefully. "Especially since that was hundreds of years ago."
Nelaime chuckled. "Very, very carefully," he replied. His shoulders stiffened. "It is spellery beyond ken, young student. More so for a whelp who has yet to manifest even a skein of rope, let alone a set of reins!"
Matthias recoiled slightly. The rigid figure ahead of him, ramrod straight on the saddle loomed in the dark almost taller than the treetops. Then that tension dissolved, and Matthias could have sworn he heard tutting.
"Reins are meant to lead an animal," offered Nelaime. "Yet they work to restrain them. A conflict."
"A paradox," mused Matthias. He was rewarded with an affirmative grunt. The boy pondered the idea for a few moments, and ventured a cautious guess. "I can't ask for a part of the paradox to happen. I have to take the good-"
"No such thing, good or bad. Simply useful and useless." He tilted his head again, in though for a beat. "A mage or cleric would cause magic, 'ask' for a thing to occur, and such. On the other hand, magic happens to an UnMage, because-"
"How could it not?" said Matthias - or the part of him that knew without knowing. "The only spellery I can weave is the only thing that can happen."
Through the cloak and flesh and bone of the man in front of him Matthias could somehow sense a nose wrinkle in mild distaste. "Overcomplicated," complained Nelaime, "but not incorrect."
Matthias thought deeply for a second. "But I'm not sure that's really a parado-"
"Yes sage!"
Hoofbeats receded into the forest, picking up speed as the clicking of fingers continued for a short while, followed by an excited yell, a panicked whinny, and a suprising array of modern and ancient expletives strung together like an incantation against indignation. Two moons hung over the cold, mirror-bright lake, their radiance balking before the twisting canopy of the forest, and before the flickering glamour that concealed a single magehunter loping along the treetops, grinning as smugly and sneakily as a caterwaal that had got the cream.
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2023.03.31 08:52 lans_px Avoiding medication because of side effects

But basically I am taking Adderall on school days “to help me focus” and I don’t think I’m supposed to experience what I experience when I take it??
In short, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells for several hours after taking it. I’m really shaky and my social anxiety levels are sky-high, especially in the hour after taking it. My pulse is really fast, too, and it’s kind of like that feeling when your leg just came back from falling asleep and you wanna stomp it on the ground because the tingling is insane. You really hate the feeling and want kinda ffw like a bad movie. Well, that’s basically mornings for me.
Currently writing this because I saw a comment of someone’s side effects and others replied that they were symptoms that the dosage was too high.
Also asking this because I am unable to talk with my psychiatrist. I know Reddit isn’t the best place to ask for advice like this, but have already talked to my psychiatristabout it. They just responded with a “let’s wait and see” approach because I almost never remember to take my meds for more than 3 days at a time and don’t have anything to remind me, so I guess I’ll have to wait another month or two.
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2023.03.31 08:52 dogebooch Further Build Ideas Wanted! Or just words of encouragement

Further Build Ideas Wanted! Or just words of encouragement
My roommate got me into pc building about 2 years ago when he gave me his old PC (a 4790k with a 1070). I recently was able to afford to build a new PC from scratch, so I had a blast picking out parts and making my own "first (Kind of not really)" PC. The problem is, now I'm super hooked and don't know what else to do with it. If yall have any ideas to make it look cleanemake it better let me know! Or just feel free to pop in words of encouragement lol.

Here's the build:
CPU: Intel 13700K
Graphics Card: Nvidia 3080 Founders Edition (EEK)
Motherboard: Aorus B760M Elite AX DDR5 (returning this one to get a z series to overclock)
Memory: 32 GB RAM (Viper Venom DDR5 6200MHz)
Storage: 2TB M.2, 2 TB HD (this was from the old build), 1TB SSD (From the old build), and a 500 GB HD I pulled from my 2011 Macbook pro (Lol)
Case: NZXT H1 (love the look of this case, gets a little hot but isn't a big deal)
It's watercooled with an EK Waterblock and a D5 pump. I realize I might've gone overboard, but I absolutely love this thing, and had a blast picking out the parts. Since I could afford it, why not right?
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2023.03.31 08:52 Bigounce116 Nitro Explanation

Nitro theoretically is a curse but at the same time it is a blessing because these powers (when activated) it amplifies
the human body to which extent some people may call the user a superhuman or demonic (depends on what you believe in)
nitro also has a drawback like any other powers that a superhero uses like for instance since it is a curse the more you
use the power the more chance or likelihood that you die from a unnatural occurrence (example) if you were to use the power
in abnormal ways then you will die in a abnormal or impossible way like your driving and all of a sudden a shark comes
out of a truck and crushes your car.Im pretty sure you get the gist of it by now but now the mutations of the nitro power


since the power relies heavily on the nitrogen in the air that we breath in it can mean that heavy use of these power is
going to affect your child during birth but not in a bad way (this is only a theory by dr.wells) if the family (the
Moshimoto family) had intercourse with each other theoretically the baby who has the power can be very dependent on the
nitrogen of the air thus having an irregular amount of air come into their brain (it is a theory that never happened before)
since the mutations does not affect the user instead it affects the way that the users powers are used but anyways I'm getting distracted,
ever since that curse was brought onto this family the old generation of nitro users have not been so dependent on
it sure they might use it to fly or to make their punch hard but they never use it in a abnormal way like the new
generation, these mutations have taken forms in many ways (Yuki) she can make anything that she can imagine but she needs to
imagine the parts as well or else the thing that she generated wont work (Nori) he can stop time and can manipulate time
(Markus)he has an abnormal amount of nitro that has contained (UPDATE: Markus stopped using the powers of his mother due to
the accident) thus making him abnormally strong for his age(Nagata)his nitro is mostly focused in his legs therefore making
him abnormally fast(muteki)his nitro is centralized into his muscles therefor making him abnormally big and strong(Unknown)
his power is focused on his brain thus making him able to telepathically move things but with strength.Now thats out of
way lets head on workout routine for the moshimoto


NOTE:Keep in mind the nitro users are amplified human beings this is nearly impossible for a human to do these



it is theorized that ever since humans have been introduced the concept of death the evil side of nitro was born first but
ever since the first ever selfless human or cave man came into exsitence then the the good side of nitro was introduced

the moshimoto family is mostly Asian dominate in their DNA but when looking further they quite literally have every race in their blood dating back to the Greeks
Spartans, the night warriors of Africa ,the most fiercest samurai's in japan that ever lived, the toughest president's of the U.S and the most fiercest warriors of Mexico
The Aztecs and chichen itza,their blood is very rare considering that it has every race in it and that it is believed to be a super healing alternative to disease's
which also means when looking forward this is a case of reincarnation which also means that not only that the oldest family in the moshimoto family cannot spread it
But it means that as the family tree goes on the reincarnation possibilities gets super low and they can spread it throughout their family and that also that the curse is
not really a curse instead it was the potential of the blood that was activated which also means that the curse can be reverted by(REDACTED)
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2023.03.31 08:51 Serimorph Recommendations for headphones up to $700 - 800 USD

I'm looking for some advice on what upgrade path I should look at for my system/needs. I live in Australia and I want something entirely for PC usage. I got a Fiio K7 amp and intended usage is about 80% gaming, 20% music. I had an old pair of HD600s that I used for years until my dogs decided they needed a new chew toy. Wonderful right? I didn't want to just buy the same pair again and wanted something new and fresh.
So I did some reading of recommendations and settled on a pair of Sundaras. They sound great but they aren't right for me and my slightly larger than average head/ear size. They are too heavy for my neck and this causes my muscles to burn after awhile. Not something I want to have to deal with. Clamp force is also rather excessive and just feels like constant pressure against my head while wearing them. So that leaves me in a bit of an unknown spot in terms of purchase choices.
I really want open back headphones as I don't like feel closed off from everything around me. Sound leaking isn't a problem or issue to worry about. I've found the ATH-R70x and they seem to be light, but they apparently have smaller ear cup size than the Sundaras, something that was already a coming close to being an issue, and replacement ear pads don't seem to be a common thing for this due to their design. So don't think they are a wise choice. Certainly when the places I can get them from seem to be rather iffy about returns and want restocking fees.
The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 pro also caught my attention with how aesthetically pleasing they are. However according to Rtings they are only slightly lighter than the Sundaras so that's not great. Also possible ear cup size problems since I have tried a pair of the DT 990s at a friends house and my ears pressed against the inner speaker wall a bit. Shame, I probably would have bought these since I've seen people rave about them.
So can anyone please help me from here? I'm sort of out of ideas on what to even look at since I consider the R70x, 1990 Pro, Sundara and HD600s the main 4 I see recommended. I decided to up my budget a fair bit since the Sundara purchase to give better options. My budget is about $700 - $800 USD, or $1100 - $1200 AUD. Clearly would prefer not to have to spend THAT much but if I have to pay for something that will last for years to come then so be it. Bonus points if the headphones come with a balanced cable too.
tl;dr - Help me with some recommendations for a larger than average head and ear size. Something not as heavy as the Sundaras so my neck doesn't burn, and isn't more than $700 - $800 US / $1100 - $1200 AUD.
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2023.03.31 08:51 Possible_Ad5461 Investors in BigCommerce Holdings ($BIGC) are sitting on a loss of 61% if they invested a year ago.

The nature of investing is that you win some, and you lose some. And unfortunately for BigCommerce Holdings, Inc. shareholders, the stock is a lot lower today than it was a year ago. To wit the share price is down 61% in that time. BigCommerce Holdings may have better days ahead, of course; we've only looked at a one year period. Even worse, it's down 10% in about a month, which isn't fun at all.
Now let's have a look at the company's fundamentals, and see if the long term shareholder return has matched the performance of the underlying business.
Given that BigCommerce Holdings didn't make a profit in the last twelve months, we'll focus on revenue growth to form a quick view of its business development. When a company doesn't make profits, we'd generally expect to see good revenue growth. As you can imagine, fast revenue growth, when maintained, often leads to fast profit growth.
In the last year BigCommerce Holdings saw its revenue grow by 27%. We think that is pretty nice growth. Unfortunately it seems investors wanted more, because the share price is down 61% in that time. It is of course possible that the business will still deliver strong growth, it will just take longer than expected to do it. To our minds it isn't enough to just look at revenue, anyway. Always consider when profits will flow.

A Different Perspective

We doubt BigCommerce Holdings shareholders are happy with the loss of 61% over twelve months. That falls short of the market, which lost 12%. There's no doubt that's a disappointment, but the stock may well have fared better in a stronger market. The share price decline has continued throughout the most recent three months, down 2.2%, suggesting an absence of enthusiasm from investors. Given the relatively short history of this stock, we'd remain pretty wary until we see some strong business performance. I find it very interesting to look at share price over the long term as a proxy for business performance.
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2023.03.31 08:51 pedals_go_brrr HR Zones vs Power Zones

I’m trying to understand why my HR Zones and Power Zones don’t seem to match up while I’m doing my base mileage riding on my trainer.
I’m finding I’m about 10 BPM high when riding in Z2 power, which pushes me into Z3 HR.
I’m in the middle of Z2 power, not creeping into Z3.
At times it creeps up to a max of 15 BPM high but I can settle down to about 5-10 over, but I’m consistently over.
Other than dropping the watts a bit are there any thoughts here?
I’m trying to actually stick to polarised training instead of letting the child in me push the speed up a bit.
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2023.03.31 08:51 workersright Indian Workers Protest Against JMC Management for Inhumane Conditions

More than 800 Indian workers are currently protesting against the JMC management, demanding basic human rights. The workers are being given rusty water to drink and being fed 2-day-old food, with no medical care provided for the sick. These inhumane conditions are unacceptable and must be addressed immediately.
It's crucial that we support the workers in their fight for justice and call on the JMC management to take responsibility for their mistreatment of employees. No worker should be subjected to such inhumane conditions in the workplace. Let's stand with the workers and demand that they receive the basic human rights they deserve.
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2023.03.31 08:50 miss_guided Yeah, we lost. But these these sick powder blue Zack and Bobby Bobbleheads have me excited for the season!

Yeah, we lost. But these these sick powder blue Zack and Bobby Bobbleheads have me excited for the season!
I’m not going to post a link in case it looks like I’m shilling, but I snagged a Bobby and a Zack powder blue bobblehead this morning. Baseball is back!!! And even if we lost, I’m veryhappy to have these. Zack looked pretty good for being 39. And Bobby is life. I wish there was a Salvy captain one. The season is young. Let’s beat the Twins on Saturday. Go Royals!!!!
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2023.03.31 08:50 Psionatix 31 [M4F] GMT+10.5 - TGIF about to cook, run, eat, and shower, how about you? (nerdy PC/Discord geek within)

Here's a selfie but my hair is since a tad longer than it was then (I also straighten it, it's usually an absolute mess - which is some times okay, and some times not).
PC/Discord geek, software engineer, seeking unlikely connection of wit and humour. I like hiking when the weather permits it, and I've only just recently started running, it's difficult with EIB, but should improve!
Nowadays, I'm just very open and accepting (yes, this implies I once wasn't, because I used to be a bit of an ass). I believe it's important, even in friendship, to develop a safe and welcoming environment, an environment where hiding things isn't necessary. Where you can speak your mind, speak your emotions (and even if you yourself disagree with them, you'll get support rather than hostility). Even if what you're thinking, or what you have to say, is condemning, or not so nice to hear - I value honesty above anything else, and so when someone is open and honest, I see no room for hostility or anger. I don't really get mad and I don't raise my voice, I try to remain respectful, considerate, even when faced with confronting and controversial perspectives. And even deep and personal things, I'm not here to judge you, I'm not here to tease you or laugh at you, I'm not here to kink shame you or think less of you because you're super obsessed with something that others may find strange or odd. I want you to be the most you that you can be, because there's a beauty to be found in that, and if in doing so we don't really vibe or click - that's fine. That is not a reflection on you, or on I, some times that's just the way it is and it doesn't need to be seen as a bad thing.
I don't believe in too much information, and I'm happy to discuss and answer almost anything. Take that as a challenge, if you do happen to cross some line (I doubt there is one), I'll simply say I'd rather not answer, and maybe give a reason why - but may still discuss whatever it is hypothetically too, who knows, try me.
What am I looking for?
Someone to vibe with, get to know, friends, maybe something more? Friendship and trust can take time, and forming something beyond that can take even longer. However I do believe that, if you click and vibe with someone in the right ways, the process can be a little bit faster, more so if you then continue to spend a significant amount of time interacting and conversing throughout the day-to-day. For instance, if you're seeing someone once or twice a week over the course of the year, I would say that interacting and conversing every day for 3-6 months is a potentially higher contributor to trust/bonding. It takes time and consistency to get to know someone, to learn about them. But, in terms of potential relationship, there's a few things you should know, I'm not here to hide anything. Let's chat for a while to start with and see how it goes.
My love language is touch. Intimate cuddles, snuggling, caressing, back scratches, giving massages of all kinds, hand holding, that kind of thing. However I am not a particularly sexual individual, it's something I am happy and open to exploring with someone, but I do not see it as a necessity within my relationship. But, that doesn't mean I don't have my perversions or can't be flirty, but it does mean that if I am those things, it is indicative of interest, but not necessarily indicative of sexual motives.
I want someone I can just share the experience of life with, have consistent attention from, give consistent attention to, watch things, play games with, travel, go on cute dates. Someone who compliments my intelligence, wit, and humor, and I theirs - something that may take some time for me to show. But, mostly, I play on the literal interpretations of ambiguous English in sarcastic jest and I will banter with you. If I was four inches tall, I'd hide in your pocket (just something to test you read through!) For me, I like to text and chat to start with, and grow into potential calls - if it's any condolence on this matter, when I met my online friends throughout Europe, they told me I appear exactly the same in person as I did online. Calls are easier for me initially if it serves an alternate primary purpose, like gaming together, as this shifts the main attention to something else. It's a little less awkward for me. In saying that, I'm terrible at FPS and I have never played the Halo games, so if there is anyone out there in the same boat, I'd live to dive in and play through the games in co-op mode (release order), even more entertaining if we dive in on the hardest difficulty and stream it!
What does a relationship look like to me? Cute dates, walks, hiking, cuddles and watching things together, playing games together, or even just chilling in the same space and doing our own things (with chatter, or even completely undisturbed by one another). Sharing the chore load. Making sure we both have enough time and space to still have our alone and free time. And ultimately... trust, honesty, and communication, and these ones take time to build. It takes time to show someone that it's safe to be open about all the weird and unusual things, to be comfortable being quirky, and it takes time for the other to become comfortable too. I'm not here to judge, and I want to see you as you, be the most you that you can be!
If we vibe, maybe we could watch the original Teen Titans and play some Halo?
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2023.03.31 08:50 throwaway2022444 Kidney problems for weeks - what is wrong with me?

I'm 24F. My birthday was at the beginning of March and I got alcohol poisoning from binge drinking vodka that night. I have barely touched alcohol minus a few sips of my roommate's beer since then. The only things I EVER drink are water, one cup of black coffee in the morning, and green tea. However, ever since that day I have had kidney pain on and off. I went to the hospital a few days after my birthday because I began to have blood in my urine and they ran tests and diagnosed me with a UTI but mentioned that they saw a "spot" near my kidney but said they didn't know what it was and maybe it was an ovarian cyst or something. They gave me antibiotics, I took them for a week, and things seemed to be better. Then I began having daily kidney pain no matter what I drink. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse. Yesterday it was so bad that it was hard to walk in the morning. I have none of the classic UTI symptoms like that awful burning feeling, frequent urge to urinate, etc. My urine is also pretty clear for the most part. My kidneys just hurt, especially my right one. I took some anti-inflammatory stuff yesterday and it didn't help, but AZO did.
All of that being said, does anyone have any idea what's going on?
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