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Can anyone help me with making a formal complaint?

2023.03.31 07:33 Fluffy-Corner2574 Can anyone help me with making a formal complaint?

Hi guys,
I was looking for a part-time job I could do while in school, and decided to go ahead with security. I did my training, and got the requirements to able to write the Ontario security test to get the license. I booked my test and paid the $70 fee, and chose to do the test online. Waited about three weeks for the test date, followed all instructions, arrived 30 minutes prior to the test time, and nothing. Never got a link to write the test. It was past 5pm so the customer service line was closed, waited until the next day to call, and was told I had to use the contact us form on Serco's website. Waited around a week to get hear back from Serco and got an automated email saying that they would let me rebook the test free at charge, and to email them a time & date off their schedule.
Ok whatever fair enough mistakes happen. I pick a booking and email them, nothing no reply. I call their customer service a couple days before the test date to see if it is confirmed and nothing. They tell me they can't do anything over the phone, and that they well escalate the matter, and I should get an email in a few business days. I get the same stupid email a week later, and stupidly give them another booking date. Same thing happens no response. I call them again and get the run down that they can't book retests over the phone. I email them one last time asking the person who reads it to specifically look into my problem, and too please help, but what do I get? The same stupid automated message. At this point it's been three months, and I don't even want to write the test anymore. This company is extremely unprofessional, and a joke. It's sad that they somehow manage our driving tests, and security training. Can anyone advise me on how I can make a complaint to a higher entity? I plan on calling my credit card company and issuing a chargeback as well.
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2023.03.31 07:19 Apprehensive_Earth_9 Not sure if I want to stay in BBA

I'm just about to complete my first year in BBA and don't know if it's worth staying in for the next 3 years. As a confused high school student not knowing what to pursue, I chose to do business administration because of the versatility that a business degree holds and the different paths you can take, despite not knowing what exactly I wanted to do in business. But I just haven't really enjoyed first year all that much. The courses that we've taken have not been enjoyable for me, although I don't imagine the majority of students did. I don't like accounting, economics and I don't see myself working a job in finance, which doesn't leave too many pathways for me to pursue. I've done some marketing, primarily for a LazSoc club that I'm in, and I see that to be the only thing out of business I can see myself doing, but still something I'm unsure about--don't think it's something I would want to pursue for the rest of my life.
I've been told that the program starts to pick up in later years, when you can start to specialize in 3rd year and actually choose the courses you take. But in my mind, I feel like I'm definitely taking a gamble now that I've cut down a bunch of the options available for me in business. In 2nd year, I still have to take econ, accounting and finance, so I'm afraid it might be a repeat of year 1.
I do understand that the first 2 years are structured in order to weed people out or just teach courses that are intro/general business courses, everyone knows this. But I can't help and think that I may end up regretting choosing this program as the years go by.
In terms of grades, I am making the cutoff to apply for Co-op, although nothing too out of this world---just fairly content with how I'm doing (electives carried last sem, with BU111, EC120 and MA129 ranging around 8-9)
Some paths I've been considering are UX, CS, SoftEng. Law is also something I enjoyed in high school, and always kept as kind of a backup after my undergrad. I am interested in working in Tech, and pursuing something that allows me to design and be creative, and hone rewarding job prospects--albeit the fact that the above job titles are a lot more than just that and require foundations in other areas such as math. As a matter of fact, math is one of the things that does hold me back from pursuing CS (not the best at Calc lol). I took CP104 and UX100 (both OC) in the summer to help me get a foot into both fields and see if it's something I really want to do, but if I want to switch programs (open to switching universities, which might be a bit late), I do not want to prolong my decision-making.
I think that staying in BBA would still be an asset, due to it just being a remarkable program that can help land a number of jobs, but I want to spend the following years doing something I enjoy and is rewarding. I've booked an appointment with BBA academic advising next week so I'll see how that goes
This post might have been a lil too long, so thank you if you have read up til this far. I'm stuck in a rut and I would really appreciate any insightful advice in helping me decide what I can do.
(Also if anybody is able to speak on the UX program or the UX minor, please let me know what your experience has been like as there seems to be a minority of you.)
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2023.03.31 07:16 BestBaker1049 My (23m) Girlfriend (22f) slept with someone else while "technically" broken up

So me and my girlfriend had been dating for more than a year now. She was my best friend in college, and we started dating during the final year. The last few months were long distance as we both got jobs in different cities. Everything was going well, and I had even started imagining a future with her.
One day, while we were talking, she brought up the "where is this going?" Question and I straight up told her that I love her and if we are together for like 3 more years, I'd definitely marry her. I asked her if she would like that. She said "Yes, but only if you stop treating me like shit". Now I was surprised to hear this, I had made a lot of mistakes in the past, but didn't expect to hear anything like this. This was totally out of the blue. So like a clueless idiot I asked her when had I treated her like shit. She then listed out a very long list of things I've done. Some of them had happened a year ago, when we just started dating, and this was the first time I had ever heard about them. Apparently she had bottled up all these things because once when she tried to talk to me about a problem, I took it in a negative way. I had apologized and thought it was all okay, but it was still bothering her. And she didn't tell me anything about these things ever since. That day everything just came out at once and she said, listing these out just made her realise that she's suffered a lot and that it's not fair as the number of times I've hurt her is not even remotely close to when she's hurt me (this is true, she's barely hurt me once). She said she wanted to take a break. I was heartbroken. I had no idea on what had just happened. One moment we were talking about marriage and the next, everything fell apart.
She said she needs time to really process everything that had happened, and I agreed to it. But a few days later the break turned into a breakup. She told me to move on as she's not sure if she could ever forgive me for the mistakes I've made. I told her I'd wait for her, because knowing me, if I move on completely, I'd never go back with an ex. So I wanted to try everything I could to make it work. But she kept telling me to move on. She wanted us to be friends tho, in fact friends with benefits even. We were both each other's first, so she said she'd be comfortable with me. I agreed to it with a hope of getting her back when we hookup the next time.
As we were friends, I told her about an upcoming beach trip I had with friends from work. She immediately told me to "take my chance" during the trip. She repeatedly pushed me to hookup with someone during the trip as she wanted me to move on. She said it wouldn't be fair on me if I wait for her and she decides she doesn't want me when she's done processing everything. But I was still hesitant. How could I even think of someone else when I'm soo in love with her. But she kept pushing me and told me that's the only way she could be relieved and shit. So I told her "let's see". She was happy to hear that.
I was pretty hurt about this, because if someone really loves you, how could they tell you to be with someone else? I was filled with anger and sadness and came to the slow realisation that our relationship was truly over. So in a desperate attempt at moving on, I hooked up with a colleague during the trip. It was a pure one night stand.
A few days later, my girlfriend calls me and says she's still not processed everything, but wants to try to do it with me. She said she's coming to town the next week and asked if we could meet up. I saw this as a second chance and said I'd take her on a second "first date". Just before leaving my house on the day of the date, she said let's book a room and go there. I was kinda disappointed as I had a whole date planned, but she was traveling back later that day and was out of time, so I went with it. When we reached the room, I asked her what we were. She said let's just be friends with benefits for now. This was in march, I told her I'd be visiting her city in April, so she said let's date again then. Disappointed, I agreed as this is what she wanted, and we hooked up. After hooking up, I told her about my one night stand. She was surprised, but took it kinda well. She said "we'll yeah, I did tell you to do it.". her immediate reaction was "well since you did it, I shouldve probably hooked up with someone too!". I didn't like this as she had just told me that she wants to get back together with me. But she said we're still broken up and that we'll only try again in march. I took this as her anger of me hooking up with someone and left it at that. She had told me before, that she could never hookup with random people as she needs an emotional connection. So I left it at that. Later I dropped her off and she went back to her city.
We didn't talk the next day. But the day after, in the morning, she texted me saying she hooked up with a guy. And not just some random guy, a mutual friend of ours from college! Things got pretty heated and we argued a lot. Later she told me that she did it because of revenge, as she felt "used" because I didn't tell her about my fling before we hooked up. I told her that she said it was just FWB so I don't really owe it to her to tell her that. And besides , I kinda felt like I was being used, as she told me to get the room and stuff. After a few weeks of no contact, we talked stuff through, and realised that there were a lot of miscommunication, and we got back together.
I'm at her place right now, but I just cannot stop thinking about her with that guy. What hurts is that her intention to do that was to hurt me. While I did it, it was a genuine attempt at moving on, she had pretty much told me that the relationship was over. But then she calls me, says wants to try again, sets a definite date in April to try again, and then hooks up with a friend of mine?! I know she didn't cheat on me, as we were technically broken up, but I feel so betrayed. Even now when we have sex, I keep thinking, "so it this what she did with him??" It fucking hurts and I don't know what to do.
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2023.03.31 07:06 dollydagger2 My (40F) husband (41M) doesn't want me to buy a new car

Pretty sure this is a relationship issue, not a personal finance one...
TLDR - I want to buy a car that I have the income and good credit to afford, but my husband expresses a lot of negativity when I bring it up. I'm afraid that if I buy the car any excitement I feel will be soured.
Background - Married 8 years, dated for 7 years before we married. My income - $120k, my husband -$100k. We bought our house at the perfect time so our mortgage is only like $1300 plus utilities. Thus, I have low expenses compared to my income. We have separate bank accounts because we dated so long before we married; we've always paid our own car payments from our individual accounts.
I want to buy a new hybrid SUV - I've never owned a brand new car. I've always bought used, but after owning for a few years, the miles creep up and I start dealing with the inconvenience of mechanical problems. The car I want is not cheap (around $60,000) and I fully admit that I *could* buy something cheaper.
My husband has been making a lot of comments about people wanting nice cars for their ego (my current two vehicles are a luxury brand, but again I bought them used well under original MSRP). He then will start asking me if I *have* to have this particular model, why don't I like X or Y other model. He asked what color I like, I listed a couple, and then he started spouting off about how white or tan is the best choice. Long story short - I don't think he wants me to have this car because he thinks it's too flashy. I almost cried a tiny bit after this conversation because I felt so frivolous. We're not talking about a Porsche, here - it's an American brand SUV.
I've worked hard at my job the last couple years to raise my income from $85k to $120k. I've been grinding away at night to finally earn my bachelor's degree in a few months and I've earned several professional certifications in my field! In the few years since I bought the sedan I currently drive, I've become more physically active, I picked up a new gardening hobby, and I have a tween daughter and Great Dane I like to go places with. Our family likes hiking, camping, and we live in the beautiful desert. All in all, this new SUV is a better fit for my lifestyle, but all I'm getting is reasons why I'm being shallow for wanting this.
How can I explain that I want to pick out exactly what I want and not feel guilt? I am not an attention-seeking person in general. I'm fairly quiet, I don't wear designer shoes, carry expensive purses, or get my nails done. I feel really dejected that I can't enjoy this. There have been times in the past when he soured the mood during events that were supposed to be happy; this feels like it might be another example. I'm almost ready to just forget the whole thing because I don't want to deal with guilt.
I should also add that he bought a brand new truck five or six years ago. It's a fairly simple one without many bells and whistles, but I fully supported him even though it was expensive for what his income was at the time.
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2023.03.31 07:00 priorproject877 my best work stories and worst job

Starbucks outright isn’t a great company to work for, $15 an hour isnt mush especially in my area, and a lot of kids younger than me make more than me right now and i no longer work there. Even worse, if you work at a Target Starbucks you can’t get tips because it’s “unfair” to other employees, even though my job as a barista is 3x harder than standing at a check stand all day scanning stuff. That’s a contract between the two companies. Also, it’s very probable to have a boss that doesn’t like you and can pretty much do anything they can to get you fired. I was reported over the most stupid stuff like “being in someone’s way” while doing cleaning tasks. it’s a one ass kitchen they’ve got us working in to be fair but whatever. Once we got a new boss lots of people left and i stayed long enough to be scheduled a closing shift 5 nights a week. we were so understaffed people left after 5pm and i had to close by myself every night. trying to close a coffee shop inside a grocery store is hard , plus we stayed open an hour later than other places so EVERYONE came here. I got reported by a karen for a customer for closing down to go on lunch (like i was told to do) but they wanted me to wait till the end of my shift to take a break after that. and at that point i will skip a break just to go home early. having a place close at 8 pm and having the only night shift employee leave at 11 pm is insane. they ended up trying to find a way to fire me but i just quit because i truly felt like i was being take advantage of. if you’ve worked as a barista before you would know there’s a lot to do and the messes are pretty bad.
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2023.03.31 06:47 mattwuri Gamewith just updated their support card comparison tool with a design that's very similar to another tool recently developed by Twitter-based content creators

OK, most of you are going to be like, "what's the big deal?" and I get that. Mods, if you think this post isn't appropriate, please don't hesitate to delete. But in a world that's hurtling intractably toward corporate homogenization, I just can't look at an incident like this in our own community and simply shrug my shoulders.


I think many of you are familiar with and have been helped by Gamewith's support card comparison tool (I won't link it here for reasons that will be made clear below). I myself have used it fairly often when I'm thinking of using a card I'm not familiar with. It (used to be) rather basic, telling you the expected stats gains from a card specific to a certain type of training. Really bare bones stuff, but it gave you SOME sense of the relative power levels of different cards.
Next, I want to introduce two Umamusume content creators on Twitter that go by Ogatetsu and Oliver. For those unfamiliar, Ogatetsu runs a website whose selling point is "understanding Umamusume by numbers", with guides on various aspects of the game that are highly data- and calculation-driven. He also has an extremely active Twitter account where he hosts a Q&A where his followers can send him any questions about the game (or not about the game, or not questions at all lol), and it's honestly quite amazing how diligent he is with answering all of them even when they're just memes or complaints about the game or straight up insults directed at him. Oliver on the other hand is known to have hosted monthly room match competitions where the really serious players can put their CM builds to the test and be matched up according to a rating system. Suffice to say, both are highly dedicated to Umamusume in their own ways, and have worked tirelessly on top of their busy lives to enrich the community and help other players git gud.
For no reason in particular, I want to draw your attention to these numbers. Follower count for Ogatetsu: 15,400. Follower count for Oliver: 10,300. Follower count for Gamewith's Umamusume division: 226,800.


Four days ago, Ogatetsu and Oliver announced a collaboration they'd been working on for some time: an all-new support card comparison tool. They, like many other players, had always felt the Gamewith tool to be too basic, and had many ideas for how to make it better, and IMO they succeeded. Some clear improvements over Gamewith's previous comparison tool include:
- ability to visualize card power level on a line graph
- ability to track the progression from 0LB to 4LB of multiple cards at a glance
- ability to compare cards from different stats categories
- ability to compare cards by various parameters such as "overall effectiveness", "SP gain effectiveness", "specialty effectiveness", non-specialty effectiveness", "friendship effectiveness", etc.
Goes without saying that this was extremely well-received by a chunk of the community, with the response dominated by praises and a few words of feedback about additional features they could consider. It gained quite a bit of traction in the Umaverse as a whole, and even as of yesterday, if you Googled "support card comparison", Ogatetsu and Oliver's tool would be the second result right under Gamewith. It was clearly more powerful and useful than Gamewith's offering at the time, and everyone was just happy we had a new tool to help us understand the game and improve our play.
I guess what happened next was only inevitable.
Today, just four days after Ogatetsu and Oliver's tool went live, Gamewith put out their own announcement. Again, I won't link it here for reasons that should now be obvious, but essentially it announced a new update to their support card comparison tool with a list of changes and new features that seem... oddly familiar:
- ability to visualize card power level on a line graph
- ability to track progression from 0LB to 4LB of multiple cards at a glance
- ability to compare cards from different stats categories
- ability to compare cards based on "specialty effectiveness" and "non-specialty effectiveness"
Granted, there are minor differences that preclude the two tools from being perfect copies of each other (IMO Ogatetsu and Oliver's version is still better). And I completely acknowledge the possibility that this had already been in the works over at Gamewith prior to Ogatetsu's and Oliver's announcement, and that no shenanigans took place at all. It's just the timing of it... can't help but feel for the two small-time content creators who must've poured their soul into this for weeks and months only to be almost immediately cannibalized by the big boys.
I'm not about to accuse Gamewith of any shady business without any evidence. Even if this were a copy-and-paste rush job, I doubt there's anything legally untoward here (ethically, sure). Ogatetsu himself has already come out with a few Twitter posts urging everyone not to jump to conclusions or start flaming Gamewith. I guess my sole purpose with this post is to shine a light on these valuable content creators in our little corner of the community. I know English-speaking Umamusume players that frequent reddit is a vanishingly small minority in the grand scheme of things, but my only hope is that the next time you go on Gamewith to compare support cards, just remember that there's an alternative out there (with a few additional features) that two guys took time out of their busy lives to develop and share with the community.
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2023.03.31 06:44 Content-Chard-7022 Type me?

How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
19M. University student studying computer science.
Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
Probably more structured when I was younger. Encouraged by parents to do sports/study hard in school/go to church, but these things became more self-motivated as I grew older.
What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
Programmer. I enjoy the alone time and the fulfillment that comes from turning a design/idea into reality with code.
If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
I do spend a lot of my weekends alone, as my weekdays are usually pretty social. There are times when I wish I were hanging out with someone, but it's mostly relaxing to spend the day alone (i.e. going for a run, podcast, etc.).
What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
Love reading more than anything (getting lost in fictional settings, learning about other people's lives through memoirs, etc.). Played a lot of basketball (stopped because of how anxious the competitiveness made me) when I was younger but do more running/gym nowadays. I usually prefer indoor activities but outdoor is cool too.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
Tend to be a pretty curious person. I enjoy asking myself why I like the things I do (e.g. after books). I don't have that many ideas. I'm the kind of person who gets hooked onto one thing and obsesses over it.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
I don't mind a leadership positions but I'd rather not be in it. I don't usually like being in the spotlight and having the responsibility that comes with leadership. I'll choose a more relaxed position when I can.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
I'd say so. Focus and diligence come pretty naturally to me, so I can usually produce something decent, even if it's something I'm not familiar with.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
Definitely not. The creativity it takes to turn an empty canvas into something personal/inspirational baffles and kinda scares me. I enjoy admiring the creativity of others (often in the form of books), but don't like the pressure I feel from having to be creative myself.
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
The future stands out the most among the three. I often find myself planning for the future and thinking about what I want it to look like. I'll do things in the present that bring me towards that vision. Don't spend much time at all in the past.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
I'll usually ask them what they need from me. As someone who doesn't really like to be told what to do and likes to have their feelings validated first, I'll usually approach help with this mindset.
• Do you need logical consistency in your life?
Not too sure what this means but my gut is telling me no.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
Pretty important. I like to get everything done as early/quick as possible so I can relax later on. Procrastinating is really unenjoyable for me.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
Not really. I'm content with letting people make their own decisions. I tend towards supporting/observing the situations instead of offering my advice.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
Most of them have been said above I think. Reading, running, chess, gym, basketball, cooking.
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
I learn well in things I'm curious about. During most of my university classes, I usually don't have trouble learning via lecture/video/notes/etc. because I tend to be fairly interested in the concepts I'm learning. I like to understanding why things happen, so no matter the original delivery of the lesson, I'll do my own research anyway to fully understand. Tend to prefer subjects that are more logical, but have a soft spot for English/language.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
Definitely prefer breaking up projects into smaller, more calculated tasks. Big planner.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
No particular professional aspirations. Care deeply about creating a small community for myself (e.g. family, friends, neighbourhood, etc.) that I feel connected to. Care a lot about shared experiences and helping each other.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
Confrontation. It's hard for me to vulnerably express my needs in a situation where I'm demanding something from the other person.
Loud settings tend to overstimulate me. Have a naturally quiet voice and I think best in quieter places.
• What do the "highs" in your life look like?
Have made really good progress in just understanding myself better. Came out of teenage hood with a decent amount of baggage and maladaptive thought patterns, so have been working on these a lot.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like?
Am content with some relationships in my life (especially family), but wish it was easier for me to develop close relationships with friends. Have quite a lot of "surface-level" friends that I hang out with and talk with on a daily basis at school, but connecting meaningfully hasn't really happened.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
I daydream a lot and can get really sucked into my head. Sometimes I think about recent events that have happened in reality and other times I make up stories. Not super aware of my surroundings when I do this.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
Probably the people in my life honestly and how our relationship is like right now. Am I happy with them? Do I feel good when I'm around them. I'd probably think about recent interactions with them.
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
Ohhhh a good while. I'll toss and turn for a long time, but I'll usually end up just going with whatever my gut initially told me.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
Emotions are pretty darn important. I'm fairly in tune with how I'm feeling and usually know how to comfort myself if I'm feeling something I want to get out of. It's always been natural for me to look inwards and notice the sensations of my body.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
Almost never. I don't feel a need to have to have agreed on the conversation topic by the end; I'm content with having expressed our opinions. In fact, when I sense that the other person is getting stubborn about their opinion, I'll usually try and get out ASAP.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
I like following the rules a lot. If a rule doesn't make sense to me and I know I probably won't get punished for it (e.g. walking down a closed hiking trail), I might break it but it won't sit well with me.
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2023.03.31 06:43 Hedgehog_5150 Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 2

Credit to u/bluefishcake for writing the original SSB story and building the sandbox for us to play in.
And a big thanks to the authors and their stories that inspired to get off my ass and put fingers to keyboard. RandomTinkerer (City Slickers and Hayseeds), Punnynfunny (Denied Operations), CompassWithHat (Top Lasgun), Rhion-618 (Just One Drop), UncleCieling(Going Native), RobotStatic (Far Away), Kazevenikov (The Cryptid Chronicle).
Super thank to SmolDs1337(Convenient Narrative) he was a massive help in editing this chapter and Grey_bit how has been a big help as well.
as always comments, complaints and suggestion are welcome.

Advocate Listian drove through the remains of a Terran military base that had taken several orbital strikes. They had left the runways intact to be used by the liberation forces. The irony was that most of the human casualties here were families of the military personnel. The combat forces had been deployed throughout the city using the freeway system as improvised runways and underpasses as fuel and ordnance depots. It had been an effective strategy, the marine landing force had been made to bleed, but the heart of the city they were trying to defend, had been leveled in the fighting. She now hoped that her strategy would prove more successful in the long term.
It had taken her three days to get clearance and see her client. She reached the check point where she parked her ground vehicle, after presenting her credentials, she and all of her belongings were thoroughly inspected. They had been very direct about what she could and could not bring inside the perimeter. She waited about ten minutes before another vehicle arrived and picked her up to take her to the hangar facility. Her driver did not speak save for basic pleasantries. The hangar was a standard prefabricated military structure that had been built right after the liberation; it was complete with a barracks that could house over two hundred. The only thing out of place was a pair of human commercial food trucks with “Poncho Panda’s Mobile Kitchen” complete with a stylized panda mascot, wearing a weird hat and holding a plate of food.
The ground vehicle was met by a naval security guard “Ma’am, I will be your escort for the day, if you follow me, I will see you to your client.”
"Thank you.” Replied Lorian as she fell beside the guard. She was led to a secure interrogation room. Her client, Robert sat chained to a table in an oversized chair, while looking straight ahead, hands flat on the table.
Placing her data slate on the table and taking a seat, Lorain spoke. “Guard, I would like those restraints removed.”
“Sorry ma’am I do not have authorization to do that.” the guard said before turning to leave.
Looking up from the table “Then if you would be so kind as to go get authorization.” Lorian said forcefully.
Leaving, the guard responded. “I will forward your request up the chain of commands, is that all?”
“Yes, thank you.”
Taking a deep breath and clearing her thoughts, she began. ” Robert my name is Lorian Listian and I am here to represent you, I am your advocate. Do you understand what that means?”
Robert had lived the last three days in either a cage or chained to a table, only fed once in that time & only because Dr Norroe decided to share some of her lunch with him. She had told him she would make sure that somebody would take care of him. Just another lie. It didn't matter. They were just going to disappear him anyway. Today they had brought him to the interrogation room later than normal, they usually brought him out of his cage as soon as the work crews got busy in the morning. He was close enough to the hanger to pick up some of the more heated conversations.
Robert mused that these people couldn't understand the math and related technical drawing of how the AG fields were set up and their basic interactions with each other, then 'How in God's name did they even get to space before us?' Today’s shouting match was about the AG field control law database and why it was interfaced with a child’s toy. The answer was simple, the analog circuits acted as a poor man’s adaptive field strength controller that allowed the system to adjust the strength, position and shape of the AG field. The analog circuit was cheaper and faster than hacking and rebuilding the existing software. Most of the AG units were dodgy at best, so not cracking the software seemed like the best idea. Add to that, they used three different manufacturers. It was an easy decision. The control law database was simple to modify, the instructions were in the maintenance manuals and were not considered classified material. The database tools were available to the maintenance crew. All you needed was a part number and service tag and the vendor sent it to you.
Robert's attempts to listen to the work crews were interrupted when the door to the interrogation room opened and the female Shil’vita he had met at the other facility entered, followed by one of the guards. Her name was Lorian Listian and she has said that she was his advocate based on their limited conversation last time, she was a lawyer.
He just watched as she entered and took a seat. She engaged with the guard about getting the restraints removed. The exchange got a little terse when the guard said no. Robert wanted to smile and say, ‘good luck with that’. These people were so rigid in their thinking they wouldn't ask how high when told to jump.
She too took a moment and took a deep breath before looking at him. ”Robert my name is advocate Lorian Listian and I am here to represent you, I am your advocate. Do you understand what that means?”
Use his hand to speak as best he could, “Yes, if I understand the term advocate means you represent me in legal matters?”
Smiling and relaxing a little, she continued. “Good, how have they been treating you? Is everything ok?”
Dropping his head in dejection, Robert could only think if she was completely unobservant. He wanted to call her out on it but antagonizing her would not be helpful. choosing his word carefully, he continued. “Their treatment borders on criminal neglect, but this seems to be closer to the norm of how humans are treated by the Imperium. We are a little spoiled here with our governess. She does try to reign the shit in.” He spoke the truth about the local governess from the actions he witnessed and heard. “Nothing is ok, unless you think keeping me in chains since I got here three days ago. In that time, I have only eaten once. The only water I get is when I drink out of the sink in the bathroom. The only person I have communicated with is Dr Norroe. But to her, I am some sort of weird oddity, not a person. You can choose to believe me or not, I expected to be disappeared soon enough.”
Lorian sat in stunned disgust looking him over. He was still wearing his original clothes and visible hair growing in on his face, he was not lying. “ Wait right here” pausing “Sorry, poor choice of words. I am going to get you some food and water.”
Robert smiled just a little “Don't worry I will not speak a word of this foe pax to anybody, it would kill your bill rate.”
Standing and scrunching her brow “ouch, I hope you are not mocking me.”
Robert genuinely smiled slightly, “too bad, I mock everyone.”
Lorian pounded in the door and waited for the guard to respond. When the door opened the guard allowed advocate Listian to leave. Through the door Robert heard “Food truck NOW.” As their footsteps retreated hoped maybe she would remember the water.
Lorian exited the room as soon as the door opened, she controlled her anger when addressing the guard with “Food Truck Now” but her tone was harsh and she walked past the guard heading to the hanger where the food truck.
“Yes Ma’am” was the only response.
The food truck was not a truck, but rather a large, enclosed trailer setup as a kitchen. With a service line set out along the side of the trailer, just inside the hanger door. There were two humans working to clear the service line as she approached. “What do you have left? “ speaking to get the attention of the humans. Without looking up from their work the younger male pointed to the far end of the service line “All leftovers are on the end take what you want they're fair game until lunch time in two hours.” Reaching the end of the service line Lorian grabbed a tray. She loaded the tray up with a cup of fruit and something the size of a loft wrapped in foil and four bottles of water. With a tray fully loaded she indicated to the guard to take ger back to the interrogation cell.
Robert watched advocate Listian leave. Hehad gotten used to be alone. It was not that he liked being alone, but it was safe No feeling out of place except, even here all of the little things were becoming distractions. There was no getting stuck, as he called having so much to say and unable to get it out. At least here he could take the time to continue his thought experiment; trying to figure out if the negative energy state was a result of a negative gravity pulse or did the negative gravity pulse create the negative energy state. Solving this should get him to the point where phase set collapse could be completely mapped out. He was so focused on the problem that he was startled when advocate Listian returned carrying a tray of food and water.
Lorian told the guard thank you, putting the tray down in front of her client, & looking at Robert “You can eat while I talk, ok?”
Robert was not in the mood to be cooperative, but at the sight of the cup of fruit, a breakfast burrito and his growling stomach ended any idea of being stubborn. Robert felt a little ashamed thinking like that, she appeared to be looking out for him. He told her “Thank you” and meant it before tearing into the burrito. On the second bite Robert slowed down to give his stomach a chance. The first bite tasted so good, but it hit his stomach like a lead weight. Completing his second bite Robert put the burrito down and reached for the water.
Lorian waited until Robert had a couple bites of food before beginning. She started with the general state of things, that Thomas and Garquile had been released the same day he had been transferred here. His mom and the rest of the family were fine. The governess had done everything within her power to make sure he was not to be removed from the planet.
As Robert ate, he listened to Advocate Listian describe the situation, everyone seemed to be ok for now. He was worried about his mom, but she had Rufus to keep her from going crazy, he hoped. The part about not being disappeared was good news and he was surprised the Garquile’s mom had gone to the planetary governess for this. Garquile’s mom had always seemed cold and distant or maybe it was pure professionalism for her job that she could never let anybody outside her family see anything but the Governess. He would be adding her to his prayers.
Lorian had completed the explanation of why a corporate structure was needed to protect him and his intellectual property before she noticed that Robert was eating slowly “Why are you eating so slowly? “
Still crewing, “if I eat too fast, I'll get sick…. I would spare you that.” Putting down the remainder of his burrito down” I have a request about MY company.”
Lorian smiled, “So long as it is legal, sure what is it?”
“The parent company should be called ‘Promethean’ . I want to name it after the Greek Titan Prometheus, he defied the Olympian gods and presented mankind with the gift of fire. And for his defiance they chained him to a great boulder and set two giant vultures to devour his liver every day for eternity. “
Mankind was an odd word to hear, a male centric word. Curiosity questioned the name “Do you think you are like Prometheus bringing fire to humans.”
“No, I may be angry and arrogant, but I do not have that much hubris. I would like to believe that I have been given both blessings and curses, so I was given fire and now I must endure what comes. Dr Norroe says I exhibit a non-linear developmental psychosis, Humans call it dyslexia. “
Lorian had never heard of either of the things Robert had mentioned, ”Is this dielesiea common among humans?”
Shrugging “About fifteen to twenty percent of the population have it to some degree. And there is a big discussion by the Imperium health and educational services about whether it should be fixed in utero. ”
It would be an easy choice for Lorian she thought, she would correct it in utero “I think any mother or father would love to have a cure for this.”
Sadly shaking his head no “I would not, what would I lose to be….normal. I would not be me. We know how to identify it and how to work with it. If you take away the struggle, we would be weaker, not stronger.”
“I had not thought about it that way. Something to think about.” Smiling “Now let's get back to business. They can only keep you for thirty days total, but they must pay you, so the bill rate we have decided on is two thousand credits per hour.”
Robert interrupted “ Plus three thousand credits per hour for cruel and abusive treatment! Give them a reason to play nice.”
Smiling wryly “We were going with one thousand but three works just as well. We hope to get you visitors after shel.”
Robert continued to eat as Lorian finished up and excused herself. Robert savored every bit of his meal. He did not know when or if he would get another. He had limited faith in his advocates, he did not want to get his hopes up. Plan for the worse, hope for the best he supposed.
As Lorian knocked on the door to leave she turned to Robert and asked “ Is there any insight or hint you would be willing to give me to pass alone?”
Pausing with the last piece of fruit,” If they had asked me on day one I would have been willing to work with them but now… “ pausing to think about what he wanted to give them “the hint is the name of the car.”

Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch1 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 1 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 3 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Son Of War : Sexyspacebabes (

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2023.03.31 06:38 runninginorbit Coworker is inexperienced and a slow learner, not sure what to do

I started my current job about a year ago and my colleague joined a month after I did.
I’m in my late 20s, born and raised in the US, and have a college degree. My colleague is probably in her late 30s, doesn’t have a college education, was born and raised in another country, and is not a native English speaker. Our responsibilities are different, but she was basically hired to be a project assistant.
The environment is demanding because the organization has a high-profile reputation, but our team is small. I’ve managed since I have prior experience working at a startup. But it’s a different story for my colleague.
From the beginning, she’s said that she’s not good with technology. While that is a bit of a problem at a technology-driven organization, it’s definitely not the worst thing as long as you can learn. But the way she operates tells me that she has very little experience working in an office environment, let alone one where you may need to occasionally multitask. And her learning has been very slow. She is only able to accomplish highly repetitive tasks and if she encounters a problem she’s never seen before, she’s not exactly flexible and has a hard time coming up with a solution. Moreover, she doesn’t take initiative, which can create more work for me because then I need to explicitly ask her to help with something. And even then, I often don’t know if she’s planning on getting it done or where it lands on her list of priorities.
That said, my boss doesn’t make things easy for her. I took this job because I have career goals I want to accomplish and I see it as more of a stepping stone rather than somewhere I stay in the long-term because the work environment can get pretty toxic. My boss doesn’t mess with me as much because I’m better able to understand his motives and persuade him to go along with my plans. But my colleague is somewhat simple-minded and gets wrapped into his often frenetic pace, which isn’t helpful for stepping back and trying to see the big picture.
I’ve tried a few times to help my colleague learn how to do basic things like putting spreadsheets together, but the end result is usually pretty disappointing (like a high school student’s work). I can tell she’s losing confidence because my boss is constantly criticizing her for the smallest of things (and to be fair, she does make a lot of small mistakes on simple tasks, although the criticism could be more constructive), so I do feel quite bad for her because I know she’s trying her best. But her inability to take on more complex tasks and forgetting to do even simple ones creates a lot of extra work on my end.
I’ve talked to my boss about hiring another person to oversee her (because someone who is satisfied by incredibly repetitive work isn’t a bad person to have on the team) but it doesn’t seem like that’s in the cards (budget) anytime soon. On the other hand, it also doesn’t look like she’s going to be fired anytime soon.
TL;DR - coworker’s lack of office experience and know-how is adding to my workload, don’t know how to address.
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2023.03.31 06:36 wootwootshootboot Leaving Japan after 8 years

All of which follows are my opinions and subjective experience. I liked Japan enough to live here for 8 years. I made friends, worked and even got married here.
There were always parts that I liked and didn't like. I felt this was a sign of having a good understanding of the situation. I was working a job that I personally found stressful. After an exceptionally stressful day, I found myself staring at the traintracks wondering if I should throw myself in front of the train. At that moment, I realized that I had to change. It wasn't worth that. Somewhere along the line of being open to new experiences, I had brought myself to a situation that would have been better to not be open to.
I at first wondered how I got there, and if I could have taken other decisions to end elsewhere, but I had chose the best I could do- even though it was not enough. Then, I thought on whether I could do something different from then on. So I went to my place of work and put in a notice of leave.
I had to tell my significant other, to which she was surprised, because the job paid well and I thought I was going to work there forever though I knew it was hard. Then I had to find what I was going to do next. I threw myself into searching for 4 months. Somehow, I ended up getting fullride with a TAship at a really great school in my home country. I got married.
Now, I'm done with work, studying in preparation for classes and attempting to sell/throw away a pair of skis (Second street won't take any of my stuff, haha). All the while, I'm wondering where I messed up, and being excited for what's next.
So, I have a question for people who have lived in Japan for a long time and then had a moment/slowly came to a realization that they were going to leave or decide to stay much longer. What was that moment like, what did you end up doing, and what happened after that?
I'm not really looking for advice, for the most part I'm curious about other peoples' experiences. It's only fair that I give what I ask for by sharing my own experience.
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2023.03.31 06:31 Mediocre_Ad138 Navigating a spouse that was fired from three jobs in 2 years and has managed to earn only $300 in the last 8 months. Every time I bring up work or job or money, he shuts me down by saying I make this relationship only about money.

We are a gay couple married for two years. I always knew what I was getting into as my husband has medical OCD, anger issues, alcoholism and has been in and out of rehab before we met. However, the one thing that struck a deep cord was the yearning to lead a better life. There have been drastic changes in him since we met three years ago. For someone who wouldn’t drive out of his little neighborhood due to ocd has now moved twice with me to different states and traveled the world over. He’s significantly improved from 20 OCD episodes a day to one every week now. He‘s been sober for three years until last week when I had to leave for a work conference for a week. He was drunk all week. He’s also been fired from three jobs in the last two years because he’s very direct at work and doesn’t mince any words. He can come across rude, dismissive and unprofessional. All through this, I have been supportive in asking to him to find a career he truly loves. He’s now a real estate agent (pleasantly surprised he got his license in 2 months, shows if he puts his mind to it, he can do it) but the same problems surface - not getting along with his team, not following instructions and wanting to do things his way. With his clients, he’s very different and super nice to them. Now, within two months, he’s changing his company again as his manager’s feedback was he has not shown the right attributes at work. This lack of consistency and sense of security is getting to me. He’s only earned $300 in the past 8 months. I feel he’s taking my salary and hardwork for granted. My parents sacrificed a lot for my education and I have worked my ass off to get to this point where I am able to earn 6 figures a year. My parents are old now and have very high medical bills that I’d like to support them with. I always wanted to adopt a child which now costs at least $50k. With lack of financial support from him, I feel like I am on my own. I also pay for all his business fees and expenses and everything else he wishes to do like smoking and drinking which he says I have no say in. My life feels meaningless at times. Is it fair to have expectations from a marriage or do I keep doing things selflessly until one day he decides to make something out of himself? Also, his parents don’t talk to me if I bring up anything related to his career even vaguely so zero support from them either emotionally or financially. Infact, they are oblivious to any issues in his life and mostly enjoy their retirement far away from us. I feel stuck in pushing him to give his best with his career of choice during his prime years. Even before he started as a real estate agent, he has forewarned me that he won’t be doing any laundry or dishes which are the only household chores he chooses to do and during his downtime he watches YouTube videos for hours. That seems unfair as I also have a job to do and already take care of 70/80% of other errands/ chores. I never get any downtime for myself as I can’t afford to lose my job so I put in the extra hours, have to pay all the bills, do all housework, support my sick parents who live in a different country. Am I wrong in feeing that a fully capable human beings capacity is just being wasted?
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2023.03.31 06:27 angus04 Advice for 18 year old with growing savings.

Hey, so I currently work casually and have nearly $6000 in savings (growing quickly as I earn a fair bit with my job). I don’t have many expenses thanks to my parents covering mostly everything (yes yes call me privileged I don’t deny it one bit).
So my question is what should I do with my growing savings? Currently it is sitting in my bank account earning 3.6% interest but I feel as though it could be put to better use. I really don’t want to risk losing it and hate spending even a small amount of it.
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2023.03.31 06:11 wumbo497 Is Legend possible casually and with the current state of queues?

I’m pretty decent at PvP on my Frost/UH DK. Climbed up to 1930 rating on Unholy and now I’m working on frost. Only problem is I work two jobs and the queue times are just so rough. I wouldn’t mind all the losses in rating and bad games if I could get back in fairly quick and try again. I’m sure people have mentioned things like this before but is it even possible when I have roughly 10 hours a week to play at most including weekends? I mean sometimes I come home and I have like 2-3 hours to play before I go to sleep and most of that time is just sitting in queue
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2023.03.31 06:01 reeper_bahn Moving / shipping options for less than a room's worth of stuff

I'll keep this fairly brief, pretty straightforward question: I'm moving less than two hours to a new city, and with very little stuff— I have 3 or 4 small (albeit fairly heavy) boxes worth of things I can't bring with me when I move as I'll be going by train. Like, it would definitely all fit in the trunk of a car. The only big issue is I'm moving over the Canada/US border. For obvious reasons I don't want to pay for a POD or something, it would just be overkill, but shipping these boxes individually by mail would be expensive as hell. I've used delivery services like CitizenShipper before, but the ones I've gone with only did domestic jobs within the US. Is there a good moving company that I can hire at a low rate for a tiny job like this? Or some kind of app to connect with individuals who'd be able to do it on an odd-jobs basis? Please advise! TIA
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2023.03.31 05:58 Time_Ad2244 My parents ruined my life after they got divorced

Long story here, so tldr will be at the end. (Sorry for the format i’m on mobile and just need to het this out.) i will change the swearing.
I am leaving out the siblings that dont come into todays situtation.
Dad will stay Dad Bio Mother will be Bm Step Mother will be Sm Twin will stay twin
I (m 17) just moved back to the town I grew up in to try and get my career going as a mechanic. My dad (m 47) is a mechanic like his father before him and bought the family business off of him years ago, and they have their own issues right now.
I started working for my Dad last week, so i havent been on the job long but i grew up at his work so i get the idea. My twin (f 17) is a diesel mechanic apprentice right now also.
My youngest brother (m 3) got a cold and it went around from my Dad to my Aunt (works for my Dad, her older brother) and then i got it. I have been home sick 2 days (yesterday and today) and just been trying to kick this sickness in its ass.
I get a text from my Dad this morning, i assume its to ask how im going, if i needed anything, because i showed up to work yesterday morning and he sent me home right away after making sure i had meds. (I was at work for a solid 30 seconds.)
This is not a hey how are you holding up message, it is him asking me to tell Bm, and i quote:
“Please pass on to your mother she's a complete peice of fecal matter and a forking liar, She's just forked me over via (tax people here) because she's being a shifty low life çūñt”
Now im sick as a dog that needs to be put down, i cant breathe, my throat is like its been forked with sandpaper and im just over all not functioning; but this seemed to put me into im perfectly fine mode. I texted him back quickly, using sarcasm as a defence mechanism saying that his morning sounded like it was going great. I asked if he needed anything and he just said how he wanted to ‘sink the female dog’.
(When my father gets angry you cant listen to what hes saying, he just blurts out the first thing he thinks of, but hes better at dealing with his anger now that hes on antidepressants.)
I said to him that it wouldnt be a good idea because police would know who done it and it would be a waste of time. (You can tell me i could have handled this better but i know that already.)
Ive lived with the consequences of Bm’s actions and financial decisions for a long time so i can understand both sides to the story. They divorced when i was 9 and it was messy. Theres no way i could explain it in few words.
Anyway, he tried to ask me about an old family friend Bm had a thing with years ago who was no longer my fathers friend after that, we will call him steve.
I come from a cars family, as i mentioned, so racing is in our blood. When i moved away from my hometown with Bm i went straight for the drag racing track up there and became pit crew. (Basically answered everyones dumb question’s they has asked 30 times before and ran around like a headless chicken trying to get cars down the track.)
Steve is a drag racer, and i did see him at the drag racing track where i then lived. He was never rude to me or anything and occasionally made fun of my haircuts, which was fine, ive had some pretty bad ones. So dad asked if he had stayed with my mother when he was up there. (Steve is married.) i said ‘up when? I only saw him when he broke his car real good.’ This was a lie, i had seen him, and i knew my mother went to his motel on the weekends he was up there for racing. This would not help mentioning it to my father.
My dad blew it off with an ‘okay’ and i just said i had no insider information due to never really being home. I was either at work, out of the house or hidden in my room. (I dropped out of school at 15 because of special circumstances and have been working since.)
He went on to say how he had plenty of information he could share about her that would ruin our view/opinion of her. I said that i know more than he might think.
He asked if i knew about her trips with her cousin, i said i knew enough. (My twin had told me about how my dad had mentioned their sweet home Alabama things.) he asked what i knew and i said just that, that i knew about their sweet home alabama stuff.
Suddenly i got hit with an ‘okay thank you xxxx love you with all my heart kiddo’ (i talked to Sm after and i think that might have been when she had arrived at his work.) i said that i loved him too and to make sure he actually had lunch today (that man never takes enough breaks. Adhd mechanics i swear.) i asked if he needed anything again and he said no but thank you and thats were the conversation fell off and i called Sm.
Growing up i had a very strained relationship with Sm but before christmas last year we bonded and now we get along fine. So we talked, basically said how we needed to make sure dad didnt pish himself too far with work, (he has to get a major surgery next week), and i checked up on my dad again about an hour ago, asking how is afternoon was. He said it was getting better then i asked if he was okay. He wasnt, shocker, and he started talking again. I told him to block her number and that i could show him how to (hes terrible with technology) and he said he had but had sent her one last long message that i know would be a low blow for her.
I said fair enough and if he wanted to say more to her, to not do it, it would be a waste of time where he could be using that time to be with family and have fun. Hes now just saying that he wants his pound of flesh.
When my parents first spilt me and my siblings were in the middle of everything and used as messengers a-lot. Because of my bad relationship with Sm at the time i had alot of arguments with my dad and started being at Bm’s more. I struggled alot with mental health and trust issues due to their divorce and i still do.
My dad just texted me back as i write this that he wont get me and my twin in the middle again but he will get his pound of flesh. And due to my father knowing many people and having known many bad people on the past i am concerned.
I told my twin all that happened as i knew it and my dad has said to her that he wants to sit us down tonight and talk. Im scared, im sick, im tired, and i hate this situation and i hate that my parents hate each other so much that they will do anything not to talk with one another or deal with child support issues that have been happening for years.
I don’t know what to do. I work for my father and basically moved towns for this job (i have no qualifications to my name due to dropping out of school.) and to live with my twin at her house.
I cant go back and live with Bm because it would be too hard and that town only forked up my life worse.
I hate them, i hate this situation, i want to run away.
Who is writing the book that is my life and why am i always the target of the disasters?
Tl:d my parents cant seem to be functioning adults to support their children and are having another big fight i can do nothing about and have been put in the middle of.
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2023.03.31 05:55 Clear_Future227 [CA] Boss may have promoted coworker over me because she's older than me

I have been at my company for 7+ years. Before I started working here, I worked for 3 years in another job in the same field. I am in a leadership role in my company but not at the top leadership level.
About eight months ago, we hired someone to join my team on the same position level as me. She was very overqualified for the role in terms of years of experience in the overall field we work in, but almost zero aspects of her experience are actually relevant to the role. Our company and our team are very specialized, and she has absolutely no experience in the specialized area we work in. As an analogy, think of someone who has spent 20 years as an ear nose and throat doctor, who suddenly pivots into neurosurgery despite having 0 experience in neurosurgery. When she started, she had the same title as me, and despite her 20+ years of experience, I had to train her for months and months before she even started to get the hang of the role. She's still regularly coming to me asking for training and guidance, and help with her tasks. So in other words, my boss considers her overqualified, but I think in many ways she's underqualified and we would have been better off hiring someone with fewer years of experience but more competence in our specialized field.
I am somewhat young for the role I guess, but not by much. Personally, I don't care about anyone's age as long as they're good at their job. I'm only bringing this up because it's relevant to the situation at hand. I'd estimate that of the people at my position level in my company, I am a few years younger than average. This is only an estimation because I don't know everyone's exact ages. But this particular coworker is about 25 years older than me, which I do know for a fact because she asked me my age when she started, and then she told me her age in response. Even though she only has 10 more years of experience in the field than I do, the field we work in is her second career and she joined the field later in life than I did, as I joined right out of school.
A position recently opened up on our team one level above my current role. This was also one level above her current role since as I said we had the same title. We both applied for the position. I recently found out that my coworker got the promotion instead of me.
When I asked my boss about why they promoted the coworker instead of me, despite my 7+ years of extremely specialized and useful knowledge and considering the fact that I'm still to this day training my now-superior on how to handle her job. The response my boss gave me was that they agree I have more expertise and that they appreciate that I'm still training and guiding my coworker, but it was only fair to promote my coworker instead of me because she has 20+ years of experience in the field whereas I only have 10 years of experience in the field.
He also said that he was worried my coworker would be frustrated being one level below someone so much younger and "less experienced" than her. Apparently, my coworker is already frustrated by a few aspects of her role in our company, and there was some concern that it would cause a problem with morale on our team or maybe even cause her to consider quitting if I was promoted over her. I couldn't believe my ears when my boss said this. I feel like I was cheated out of a promotion just because my new coworker is older than me and it would make her "feel bad" to have someone younger than her in a higher level of leadership, despite me being objectively better at the job to the point that I'm now training my superior in how to do basic tasks in her role.
Any advice for how to handle this? Or am I just overreacting?
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2023.03.31 05:54 BadDongOne This is some bullshit, right? Two contracts because it's the end of the month?? Chicago IL, 2020 Mazda3 with 8K miles.

First up, I walked away because it smelled bad to me.
Here's the deal.Found a low miles car I wanted listed online with a dealer about an hour away at a fair price. Called them on earlier today, spoke to someone who's name I wrote down, asked if they could basically get me a run down of the window sticker with all the fee's and taxes and title and paperwork charges, etc, and email me that so I know what I'm looking at and there's no surprises. No one gets back to me via email about this, shouldn't be hard to do but whatever I guess maybe this is a weird request I'm a first time buyer what do I know.
Turns out my boss knows a guy at another dealer in the network, they talk, friend of boss talks to friend at dealer with the car and asks them to put eyes on it for anything egregiously wrong with it, they come back with it looks good and suggested a particular salesperson they know to talk to about it, cool. I call, ask for that person, he's busy, another salesperson will take care of me. We talk some, I let them know I'm an hour hour maybe more with city traffic but I'll see if I can get off work early to go see it tonight. I was able to get out early, called them and let them know I'd be there in about an hour give or take because ya know city traffic.
Red flag #1. They called at exactly 1 hour as we were pulling in to check if we were still coming to see it. Ok, little bit pushy but what do I know?
Car is out front, it looks great, has a loose window trim on one rear door, a large scratch on the front bumper that's highly visible, through clear and into one color layer or maybe deeper but not into plastic. Two scratches to metal on the C pillar, one small scratch to metal on the trunk. I give the car a thorough inspect and besides those issues it's in great shape. Sales person and my partner are chatting it up while I'm looking it over (used car inspections are part of my job), my partner is usually very shy and this person is very nice and friendly and I looked forward to working out a deal with them.
Red flag #2. Car has a unadvertised $1600 CPO fee on it.
Again, I'm new to buying cars but I didn't think a CPO car would have paint defects like that? I let it slide as we talk about my down payment and hash out some monthly payment numbers. Sales person wants to sell me the car, it seems, maybe they're a good actor. I explain that I can put some down on my credit card to hold the car, I have X in my checking, Y in a saving account with a different bank, and Z is tied in an investment savings account that will take approx 7 business days to wire the funds. They start in about it's the end of the month and they need to have all sales finished before the end of the month and can't carry a sale over from one month to the next like that.
Red flag #3. The end of the month bullshit.
I lay out how much I can have and when I can have it by. $XXXX down to hold the car on my credit card right now. $YYYY is in checking and I can bring a cashier check as soon as tomorrow. The rest which is approximately the other 50% of the down payment is going to take a few days to move across accounts and I can't do anything about that, end of the month or not I can't make banks move funds any faster. She talks to the sales manager and comes back with 'ok we'll just do two contracts'
Redflag #4. The two contracts bullshit.
So what she proposes is I put down a very large amount right now on my credit card (“do you know your credit limit?” I actually do not, I don’t ever charge a lot on it and pay it off in full each month). I repeat that this is how my money is laid out, this is the time frame, I can put some down on the credit card to hold the car, I can even bring 25% of it tomorrow or probably 50% on Monday, but the rest is not liquid for approximately 7 business days. She goes back to the sales manager, comes back with the two contracts thing, she goes back again, comes back and says she’s just going to bring him over because something must be getting lost in translation. Ok.
Redflag #5. Brad the sales manager joins in and I walk.
Brad, who’s name is actually Brad, comes over, we introduce each other and shake hands. I explain, again and very clearly, here’s how my money is laid out. Again he goes into the two contracts and explains more clearly now that they want me to sign a sales contract to take the car home tonight, so they’re protected if I never come back with the down payment in full. I counter with how about I give you money and you keep the car and I bring you the rest of the money then I sign a sales contract and take the car. He’s not listening and repeats that end of the month line and what if I don’t come back. I explain again that he would have both the car and a large amount of my money, he again fails to listen so I move on. About that CPO fee, it wasn’t advertised and the car doesn’t look very CPO. For what they’re asking with the CPO fee I’m basically at a new car price with less warranty and worse finance rate. Brad counters with ‘Ok well just go buy a new car, I’m here to move numbers. I sell Mazda’s inside a Honda dealership, I moved 10 million last year, if you want new go buy new but you can’t find any new in this trim anywhere”. I disagreed and told him that another dealer was getting a new one in this trim next week and maybe I should go talk to them. “Well they’re some podunk dealer, over in nowhere land, I’m here moving metal”
I walked, told him I’m very sorry but I have to put this on ice and go look at that new car. Maybe if it’s still there and he’s willing to actually work out a deal I’ll be in touch. On the way home I talked to my boss and told him my appraisal of the situation in a brief set of words. Sales person was great, Brad was a dick. He said he’d pass it on to his friend at the other dealer. At this point unless they’re willing to sell me this car at their asking price without the CPO fee I’m not interested and the more I think on it I’m not even sure I’m willing to do that because Brad was a dick, they were very pushy about “end of the month”, and that two contract thing stunk of bullshit so bad I had to take a shower when I got home. Thanks for letting me vent, as a first time buyer I feel like I’m at a big disadvantage. I was pretty sure I was buying a car tonight and this was my first experience at a car dealer ship.
Is this level of shit normal? Are they all like this? I know some level of BS is to always be expected in sales.
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2023.03.31 05:48 LeeCloud27 ACT 2-7-4: Dwell Blind Upon the Siren's Song

It was decided that the group would head over to the Cat Cafe next. They quickly departed the house to make their way towards their next location. Sateen decided to accompany the group, mostly due to his developed interest (aka. A Teenage Crush) for Sumireko. Along the way, Satsuko continued to point out each and every single ride, game, snack booth there was, pleading to go on them or try something. Most of the group said no or denied the kid of his requests, Mary however, after ignoring the kid’s cute beady eyes, finally caved and got him cotton candy.
“Mmmm~ This is delicious!” Satsuko said, digging into the pink fluffy cloud of sweetness. “Are you sure you don’t want any Auntie?” He asked Mary.
“I’m good. Thank you though.” Mary said, holding Satsuko by the hand and guiding him along. The others looked at them from behind. Meiling didn’t think too much about it since she wasn’t familiar with either Mary or Satsujin. Sateen was too focused on being next to Sumireko, but Sumireko had other thoughts on the matter.
“She’s having the time of her life, isn’t it?”
“To think, just the other day they were acting more like best friends who got on each other’s nerves… But now it’s this.” Sumireko thought. “Then again I think it’s better than how they were before. It’s nice even.” “I’m sure the real one wouldn’t act like that. But you’re right. Let her have a moment of peace…for now.”
It didn’t take much longer before they arrived at their next location. They knew they arrived when they saw the giant lucky cat statue that could be seen a mile away, sticking out like a sore thumb. It was holding a token down with its left paw, while the other paw was raised up in the air. Below the statue was a regular-shaped building, painted in bright shades of red and blue, decorated with circular windows, and a nicely decorated door. Hanging above the door was a wooden sign, showing a picture of two cats, red and blue respectively, facing away from each other while their tails formed a heart shaped sign.
Looking at the giant maneki neko statue, Sumireko hummed in interest. “Huh,” she commented, “a calico cat. It’s not that common to see a calico maneki neko. Mike would like this place.”
Blinking in confusion, Meiling asked, “Who?” Admittedly, even before the moral gods invaded, she rarely left the SDM grounds, but she was sure she would have heard of a maneki neko being in Gensokyo.
Mary answered, “Oh yeah, Mike! I remember her! She’s that calico maneki neko who freeloads at Kourindou like every other week. Satsu ran into her a few times.”
“Mike… Now that I think about it, I might have heard about her before.” Meiling hummed, scouring her mind. “...I heard a few people in the past bicker about whether or not she was a guy or a girl.”
“Wait, isn’t she a girl though?” Sumireko asked.
“Well, I’m definitely certain… But like with Wriggle it’s a debate that will probably never be settled.”
The door to the cafe suddenly opened up, the sound of a bell singing tipped off the others, taking a look at the person coming out. “Welcome!” cried the figure in a cheerful voice. They rushed up to the group, invading their personal space and stopping mere inches from Sumireko’s face. “I’m Satsunyan, and welcome to my cat cafe!”
Satsunyan was a petite girl, seemingly only about a head taller than Suika. She had black hair in a shoulder-length bob cut, with cat ears sticking out like two cowlicks that refused to stay down. Her catlike eyes glittered in excitement, and small fangs could be seen peeking out from her lips. She wore a skimpy maid uniform that barely hid her modest bust and a scandalously short skirt that showed off her thighs and barely hid her rear. From under her skirt, a tail peeked out and flicked about playfully.
“Cute~” Everyone else thought, except for Sateen, as he stared at her and the cafe with a massive blush before quickly looking away.
“Glad to see you guys like my fashion sense. It wasn’t too hard to slip in a bit of my influence here.” A different voice rang out. Unlike the other voice, which was staticky, this one was layered, as though two people were speaking at once, one voice being deep and the other being higher.
“It’s a bit too stereotypical, but works.”
“You’re the last person I want to hear that from. Didn’t you try to make Satsujin talk like a stereotypical gang member?”
“Wait, who was that? And what did they mean?” Sumireko wondered, glancing up at the sky discreetly.
“Oh crap, you weren’t supposed to hear any of that. Forget about me for now!”
“They’re not stupid by the way, just present yourself.”
“Later, they should take care of this first.”
Satsunyan grabbed Sumireko’s hand, pulling her right into the cafe while saying, “C’mon, let me show you the place!”
“Wha- Hey!” Sumireko said, being pulled into the cafe while the others followed.
The inside of the cafe was quite colorful, looking to be modestly big enough to fit several customers but also feeling small at the same time. There were tables and chairs lined up in rows, chairs right by a wide counter, delightful decorations ranging from lamps to plants, but what definitely stood out the most were all the cat-like adornments. The chairs had cat ears, the cuts had cat-like tails, and of course, actual cats all minding their business over at one corner of the store.
“Kitties!” Satsuko cheered. “Can I pet them!?” He asked in a childish manner.
“Of course, go ahead!” Satsunyan answered. Satsuko went right over and started to pet the cats while Mary watched from afar.
“Hey,” whispered Mary, nudging the esper. “You think there are any more girl personas in here?”
Sumireko responded, “I did see another girl version of Satsujin the last time I was here, but I haven’t seen her at all this time. Why’d you ask?”
“Oh, nothing. Just wondering.”
Satsunyan turned around, a cat-like smile formed on her face almost in a smug fashion. “So… Are you all here for my challenge?”
“Eh? How did you-”
“Because Sateen is with you all! That means you must’ve beaten him in his edge-off!”
Sateen quickly turned to embarrassment, jumping a little upon hearing someone call his challenge an ‘edge-off’.
“I-It wasn’t an edge-off. We were merely showing ourselves our history of suffering, the torment we bore, the devastating power we each wield knowing the burden we must carry in order to not let it control our everyday decisions!” He said in a cool manner. “I had easily demolished them in the challenge, but due to feeling pity for them I decided to let them win.”
“Of course,” teased Satsunyan as she patted Sateen on the head. Heading over to Satsuko, she bent down to speak to him. “Satsuko, sweetie, I need you to listen to me.” As the young boy looked up, the maid continued, “I need you to behave, okay? The pretty big sisters have to do a test, and you can’t talk to them until the test is over or else they’ll get distracted. Can you promise you’ll be a good boy?”
Nodding, Satsuko replied, “I promise I won’t do something to distract Auntie Mary or her friends.”
Looking back at Sateen, Satsunyan continued, “You too, Sateen. Do you promise to behave?” “...Okay.” Sateen said, trying to look away. “Splendid!” Satsunyan clapped her hands, turning her attention over to the others. “You three follow me! I’ll help you get into your uniforms!”
“Uniforms? We just got here though!” Meiling asked.
“The sooner the better as they always say!”
Satsunyan pushed the three into the staff room. The Staff room was small, lined up with lockers for the girls to use and also a break area to relax at. The three were confused as to what’s going on while Satsunyan went over and rolled out a bunch of maid outfits.
“Okay girls! The challenge is quite simple: You’re all going to help me run my little cafe for the day by helping serve the customers, make the food, and give out your best smiles! If you do well, then you complete the challenge!” Satsunyan said. “But first, uniforms. I have a bunch of maid outfits, feel free to wear whatever you please!” “Ooh, dibs!” shouted Mary as she grabbed a uniform, rushing into the dressing room. “Well,” sighed Meiling, “I guess I’ll take this one. At least it won’t be too embarrassing.” She grabbed a qipao and followed after Mary. “Um…” hesitated Sumireko. Looking through the assorted clothing, she felt her face heating up as she kept finding maid uniforms that contributed to specific preferences, with some of the uniforms being the type she knew for a fact belonged in an entirely different kind of shop. “What’s wrong? Can’t decide?” Satsunyan asked. “Here, how about this one right here?” She said, pulling one outfit out in particular. “Is… is there any chance I can put on the cat ears headband and tail clip?” squeaked Sumireko, trying not to faint.
“...” With her cat-like eyes, Satsunyan glared deep into Sumireko, an intimidating glare that sent shivers through her as though she was in a tundra. She didn’t even say anything but one look at her eyes made her realize what may happen if she didn’t comply.
“Gotta be obedient, Sumireko…Unless…”
Noticing something in the corner of her eye, Sumireko grabbed it and exclaimed, “Oh, I’ll wear this one!” She internally cried in relief, having found a normal maid outfit.
“Not bad, not bad. Now, let’s see if you can do your tasks and be charming enough for the customers!”
“This isn’t too bad,” commented Meiling as she left the dressing room, wearing the qipao she selected earlier. “Though it’s a bit of a shame that the colors clash pretty badly with each other.”
“Oh, that’s alright. I’m sure you will do fine!” Satsunyan said. “Now, how about the other girl?”
Mary stepped out of her dressing room. What she wore shocked the others, including Satsunyan. It was a Victorian Era Style Maid outfit. But it was designed with the chest especially in mind, considering the amount of cleavage that was shown. Even though anything genuinely inappropriate was entirely covered, it was still revealing enough that Mary would have been arrested for indecent exposure.
“I almost want to keep this!” Mary said, puffing out her chest. Everyone couldn’t help but stare, their gazes following a certain set as they tried to break free from their restraints.
“Delightfully spicy, I must add.”
“Wow…She’s bigger than me. I’m kinda envious.” Meiling thought.
“How can a sentient blade have so much…mass?” Sumireko thought.
“Oh, and it really compliments my legs!” cheered the blade, lifting up the dress to reveal her stockings, which were held up by garterbelts. “Burn it into your memories,” she boasted. “I’ll have you know that the modern day equivalent of seeing a girl’s ankles back then would be a girl showing off her-”
“Goodness gracious!”
“That’s it, I’m abusing my power to make things move on a bit!”

Sateen and Satsuko were sitting over at one of the tables, both of them minding their own business. Satsuko was petting one of the friendlier cats while Sateen was writing something down on a piece of paper; A poem of sorts.
“A beautiful girl… Her hair short but so pretty… And some nice glasses.” Sateen said to himself while writing. He took the paper, looking at it before crumpling it up and placing it next to the other balls of paper on the table. “No no no. That’s not good either. I need to come up with a better poem to express myself and my thoughts!”
“Maybe you should try a different kind of poem.” Satsuko said. “Like a limerick, a sonnet, or even an elegy.”
“An elegy? How do you know what an elegy is?”
“...I don’t know actually. What do you think, Ms. Fluffles?” He asked the cat on his lap.
“Ms. Fluffles? Why name her that when Dimitri of the Seventh Pit of Hell is a much better name?”
Their conversation got interrupted followed by the sound of the staff door slamming open.
“Hey you pervs, business is open and we are ready to take your orders!” whooped Mary as she kicked the door open, leg raised high.
The mannequin-like customers who were inside the cafe cheered upon witnessing the newcomer maids. Satsuko and Sateen watched them come out one by one. First it was Mary wearing her risque cat maid outfit, then Meiling with her Chinese-Dress inspired cat maid outfit, and finally Sumireko, wearing a fairly normal outfit, but Sateen particularly was delighted seeing her in a cat maid outfit regardless. “To think her beauty is so magnificent she can make even the simplest clothing seem elegant,” he whispered. “Oh, I should write that down.” He said, taking another paper and started writing yet another poem.
Satsunyan came out, telling each of the girls what to do. “Okay, listen up. I’ll be in charge of making all the delicious foods and beverages. You three are in charge of servicing the customers. You don’t need to do anything specific, but do your best in making their days a little more special!”
Raising a hand, Mary asked, “Is this a contest? Because I already know how to win.” She flashed a knowing smile at Sumireko and Meiling, both of them blushing as they realized what she meant.
“Hm, a contest wouldn’t hurt. I always love to see some fiery competition. And I have a certain item for the fortunate winner if that happens…you might want it.”
Sumireko and Meiling looked at each other. “You and I, let’s do our best in showing that Tsukumogami.” Meiling said.
Sumireko nodded in agreement. “Let’s do this!” She said with her newfound confidence.
“Well glad to see you three are eager about this! Let the challenge begin!” Satsunyan said.
The day went and began for the little cat cafe. Customers began to come in little by little, usually by themselves or in groups. Satsunyan took care of all the foods while the others handled taking the orders and providing the service.
Sumireko, though a little hesitant at first, walked up to one table to take their order. The two mannequin customers looked at her with their blank faces.
“Um… W-Welcome to Satsunyan’s Cat Cafe.” Sumireko said, shaking a little. “Would you like to try our Nyan Nyan Peach Drink?” She said, blushing hard.
The mannequin statues stared at her, and she became nervous, worried she did something wrong. She worried that she didn’t say it right, or they weren’t interested in someone like her. But that quickly changed when both of them started squealing with delight.
“Kawaii!!! A Neko Girl with Glasses!” One of them said in a strange voice.
“Kya!!! Her shy attitude is sugoi!” The other said.
Sumireko stared in confusion and slight embarrassment, but for the most part she was doing something right.
Over at another part of the store. Meiling was already bringing out one of the orders for one table. “Okay, I got two Cat’s Paw Cinnamon Rolls, three Whisker Cream Sundaes, a purrrrlicious choco cake, and a fresh hot blend of Black Cat Tea.”
The customers were impressed, seeing Meiling balancing everything she was carrying above her head with perfect balance. She easily took all the dishes and placed them on the table at quick speeds, then using the kettle containing the tea she poured it elegantly into the cups of the customers from a certain height.
“Uuuoooohhh! Strong arms and showing off her toned thighs!” cried a mannequin.
Meiling smiled to herself, a glimmer of praise filled her from all the attention she got. “Hehe, it’s not everyday I get to show off my skills like this.” She thought to herself. “Sometimes I wished I kept my position as a maid back before Sakuya moved in with us.”
Sumireko and Meiling kept it up with their jobs, using their own skills and knowledge to make the customers’ day. But even with their combined effort, the attention they drew was drawn away by the third maid in the store. A loud cheering of several customers over by one area, as though a crowd had been drawn by whoever was over there.
“Wait, are those all the other customers?” Sumireko said. “What are they all looking at?”
“I think I know who.” Meiling said.
Mary was the center of attention for the moment, surrounded by several customers. She wasn’t writing down orders, nor was she bringing in dishes. But she was showing off her body in a very ecchi manner.
Glancing over at Mary, Sumireko choked on her spit. Despite having teamed up with Meiling for their little impromptu contest, the Tsukumogami was playing much dirtier than either of them had expected. “What the…” she gasped, “I thought she’d let the customers get an occasional peek, not do… that! Is she trying to compete with hardcore anime fanservice?”
Over at their table, Sateen and Satsuko continued to mind their own business, with Sateen STILL rewriting his poem yet again and Satsuko playing with a different cat. “No, that won’t do.” muttered the chuunibyou. “What else can I-” He looked up and saw Mary, and his face erupted into a massive blush before he covered his eyes. “Oh my,” said Satsunyan as she walked over to the boys with a plate of cookies. “I see you noticed what Mary is doing. Be a good boy and stay calm, okay?” She set the cookies down and leaned in closer to Sateen. “If you’re having trouble, you can talk to Big Bro Satsunyan and I’ll help, okay?” she whispered into his ear, blowing into it playfully. “Thanks,” squeaked Sateen, quickly pulling away. And then he registered what was said. “Wait, big bro?”
“Yep!” answered the catgirl(?). “Big Bro Satsunyan!”
“You… you’re a boy?” Sateen asked, a feeling of dread creeping up his spine.
“Yeppers!” Satsunyan chirped, nodding enthusiastically. “Got a ‘cat toy’ like any other guy. But unlike a cat’s, mine doesn’t have barbs!” He made a cutesy catlike pose, winked, and stuck his tongue out playfully, fully aware that he may have ruined cats for many people.
Nearby, Sumireko nearly tripped. Looking over, she bewilderedly raised a finger and pointed. “B-b-but… B-bo-boo-boobs!” she exclaimed.
Reaching into his unbuttoned maid uniform, Satsunyan pulled out a bra and removed a few bra pads from them. “Oh, I use these!” Holding it out to the group, he asked, “Wanna take a look?” Meiling instinctively rushed over and covered Satsuko’s eyes, while Mary grabbed the offered items and started inspecting them while occasionally glancing back down at her own cleavage, ignoring how the customers wolf-whistled at the scene.
Sateen took a deep breath, forcing a smile onto his face. He got up and went outside, standing in front of the fountain next to the café. He reached into his cloak, pulling out an MP3 player. Turning it on and scrolling through the playlist, he selected a certain song and pressed the play button.
A few seconds later, the MP3 played the selected song. “Yureta yuganda sekai ni dan dan boku wa-”
Falling to his knees, Sateen looked up to the sky and let out a heart-rending cry. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tears trickled down his face from his eyes, which were hidden by his hair.
Watching in concern, Meiling asked, “Should we go see if he’s okay?”
“He’ll be fine… probably.”
“No. He just got reality checked, he can deal with it.”
Clapping his hands, Satsunyan replied, “Nope, worry about him later. It’s rush hour!” He went back into the kitchen, making more meals in preparation. Calling out from the kitchen, he added, “If you need an extra speed boost, use the roller skates!”
Surprised, Sumireko exclaimed, “Roller skates? Food places where the workers used roller skates went out of style like sixty years ago!!” Nonetheless, she quickly put on the skates, awkwardly navigating the cafe to continue taking and delivering orders.
“An Apple-Cinnamon pie for table eight! A Strawberry Milkshake for table twelve! A Layer Cake for table six!” Satsunyan called out as the order forms arrived in the kitchen. The maids quickly took the pending orders and delivered them, while the recently made ones were sent to the kitchen. Sumireko panted in exertion as she tried to avoid crashing, Meiling elegantly twirled on her skates while pouring tea and serving meals, and Mary… continued to try to outdo hardcore anime fanservice.
As time passed, the girls became more accustomed to the work, and their work efficiency increased significantly. Sumireko smiled as she finished serving another table.
“Try using your psychic powers a little to speed things up. It should help.”
“But wouldn’t that be cheating?” muttered Sumireko.
“And Mary flaunting her body isn’t?”
“But she isn’t using her powers to do it,” reasoned the esper.
“Not like she has useful skills for this right task anyways. Don’t worry, nothing too bad should happen if you use them at your own discretion. Besides, isn’t Meiling using her useful skills to show off?”
“But she isn’t using her powers either,” insisted Sumireko.
“If them using something you don’t have isn’t cheating, then you using something they don’t have isn’t cheating either.” “Agree, and like I said, you don’t need to do anything spectacular with them, just use them subtly.” “Oh, very well.” Sumireko said. With her powers, she was able to start bringing orders directly from the counter right when Satsunyan finished making them. The dishes floated across the store, inducing awe in the customers who didn’t know better.
“Look at that! The Cute Neko Glasses Maid is making the dishes fly right to us! She’s not just a normal neko girl, she’s a magical neko girl!!!”
“Very well done. Now keep yourself focused, the rhythm is about to slow down from here.”
A round of cheers erupted, nearly breaking Sumireko’s concentration. “What was that?” she wondered.
She looked back over, and lo and behold it was Mary. The only difference was she was no longer a cat maid… Just a cat. A Sphynx Cat one might describe her as due to the apparent lack of-
“Good thing I censored Mary just in time,” the second voice sighed. “How did she break free from the script and become this unhinged? She was only supposed to act flirty with the customers, not try to bring fanservice to new levels!”
“Because she can. Now…how are the other mind pieces doing in the backburner?”
Sumireko tuned out the voices, focusing on passing the challenge. She briefly nodded to Meiling, who was starting to feel the exhaustion of working nonstop for several hours.
“Keep going, gatekeeper, the rush hour is almost over! I don’t think you would want to give out the prize after the challenge!” “...Then I’ll just have to push myself harder.” Meiling said. Taking a deep breath in, and closing her eyes, she steeled her nerves, a moment passed while she focused on her energy before she opened them right back up with a new flourishing sense of motivation.
“And as for you Mary, stop fooling around and focus on your work, damn it! Aren’t you a shiv crafted by one of Japan’s most famous blacksmiths?!?”
“But I am,” purred Mary as she pulled her dress back up. “I’m drawing in customers.”
“That’s not how it works, butter knife! Now focus on the things that really matter, this isn’t a strip club!!!” Rolling her eyes in annoyance, Mary grumbled, but returned to her duties.
After some more time, the customers cleared out. Clapping his hands, Satsunyan announced, “Alright, work’s over!” The three girls sighed in relief, collapsing into nearby seats. Looking through the list, the cat boy said, “Okay, listen up. I know you had a mini-contest to see who did the best, so I kept track of who contributed the most to the cafe.” The girls perked up, listening with rapt attention.
“In first place is Mary. She made the most money, bu-” Satsunyan was cut off as Mary cheered with joy. “However,” he continued, “most of the money she made will have to be confiscated to clean and repair the uniform she has been provided. Getting those stains out won’t be easy, you know.” The Tsukumogami's celebration ended, and she fell to the floor in depression.
“So, the one who takes up the first spot is…Sumireko! Your shy attitude really made you popular, and doing that telekinesis trick to move orders gave a boost to that popularity.”
“The new second place is…Meiling! That was a really clean and smooth job, but showing off your strength, balance, and lovely legs wasn’t exactly the most popular among the customers. In fact, it was pretty niche. But still, good job!” “And because you’ve successfully completed my endurance challenge…Here’s your reward!!!” Satsunyan reached into the cleavage area of his maid uniform and pulled out a key.
The key glowed a little, jumping out of Satsunyan’s hand and flying right over to Satsuko instead, adding to the other key which the group already had. The two keys twirled around with each other before a ring formed, linking the two keys together side by side. And then it was followed by more victory music.
“Congratulations! You acquired your second key! You’re now halfway done with your quest!”
“Now, as I’ve promised…here it is a small reward for you, Sumireko.” *snap*
A little item appeared in front of Sumireko. A silver heart-shaped locket floated in front of her face, gently resting down in her hands. She held the locket, opening it up to see a picture that she didn’t expect to see: Her and her sister when they were both young. “It is always good to remember the people that keep you determined to push forward. She would have been so happy you found a new person to share your memories with. After all, people can go away, but the memories and emotions don't. Keep them close to your heart when you feel hopeless. She will bring you back up on your feet.” Sumireko smiled faintly before putting on the locket. Taking a deep breath, she got up and groaned, “Well, I’m pooped. Doing all that work with both my mind and body really takes up a lot of energy.”
“I wouldn’t say I’m exhausted, but I could use some rest too,” said Meiling. “As a master of qi, I have far more stamina than most, but that was pretty hard work even for me.”
“Wusses,” taunted Mary. “I’m a tsukumogami, so I’m totally fine, since I have tons of energy stored up over the centuries.” Stretching, she added, “But that doesn’t mean I only rest when I need to.”
“Hm…Well, since you three had brought so much attention to my store, I’ll let you all stay for the night, free of charge!” Satsunyan said.
“Stay for the night? What are you saying?” Sumireko asked.
Satsunyan clapped his hands again. From the ceiling, a stair ladder dropped down. Everyone was confused. He guided everyone up into the floor above, being presented with a completely different sight compared to the cafe.
The walls were made of a fancy wooden pattern, the floor was a nice shade of green, and there was a feeling of standing inside of luxury that made it all the more appealing.
“Welcome to Lucky Cat Hotel!” Satsunyan said. “A little place where you can all rest up and get your energy back! We offer rooms you can sleep in, services ranging from food to massages, and don’t forget our luxurious jacuzzi!” He said.
“Woah… This is amazing!!!” Meiling said.
Whistling, Mary exclaimed, “Damn! If we get Satsu back and Satsuland is still here, we should see if we can still come to this place.”
“Don’t count on it. The most probable scenario is that all of this mindscape will become one in specific. But that doesn’t mean the others won’t have their little corner on it.”
“But wait…We can’t rest now. What about Satsujin, or the others?” Sumireko asked.
“Ah, don’t worry. One hour in here is only a few minutes out there, you’ll be okay.”
“We COULD make it slower, but it won’t do any good for your mental age and physical age to be too different.”
With that in mind, the group decided that rest was now an option. Satsunyan showed everyone to their respective rooms. Sumireko and Meiling took one room, Mary and Satsuko took another, and Sateen was forced to share a room with Satsunyan.
And eventually, their small rest turned into a night’s worth of sleep.

Satsujin gasped as he woke up. Scrambling to his feet, he looked around urgently, realizing that he could see. “So I’m still in my mind, huh?” he muttered. Getting up, he looked around the room, looking for clues to where he was. Walking up to the window, he glanced outside, only to see what looked like some sort of large village. He checked if the window was the type that could be opened, but frowned when he realized it wasn’t. “Guess I’ll check the door then.”
Walking over, he came to a half when he saw not one, but two doors in front of him. One was in near-perfect condition, while the other was battered, as though someone had tried and failed to break through it. Going up to the doors, he tried to open them, only for the doorknobs to not move. Banging on them, he shouted, “Hello? Is anyone there?” There was no response. Satsujin was about to try again when he heard it.
Raspy breathing could be heard from the doors. Between them, the bricks dissipated, revealing a set of eyes. One eye was gold, while the other was silver. A deep voice growled, “Origin… stay here… me… keep you… safe…” The bricks returned, hiding the eyes once more.
Satsujin shook his head. “I can’t stay here,” he muttered to himself. “I have to go back.”
“Pick one. Time is running up.”
“Huh? Who’s that? Show yourself!”
“Leave the questions for later. Right now you have to find a way out of this place and reunite with your friends.”
An audible clicking was heard, and the doorknobs twitched slightly. Satsujin realized that the doors were unlocked. While he somehow knew that the mysterious figure wanting him to stay was telling the truth, he also knew that he couldn’t stay no matter what. He needed to leave and get back to the others. \Pick. One.\**
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I got hired for a pulse arc position at Hunting Ingalls through PQMS on a two year per diem contract. Looking for insight on what the housing is like over there as well as the work and work environment so I know what to expect. I've never worked in a shipyard so this will be new to me. Going from my rural abode out west to an urban area is new to me as well.
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My knee is swollen and bruised, but only hurts when I press on it, I can walk just fine. It's my hip that's got me a little more concerned.
I can walk, sleep, do a fairly strenuous job without trouble, but I'm experiencing fairly moderate pain from standing up from the sitting position. Regardless of it being a couch, folding chair, computer chair, etc, sitting down is effortless, standing up creates a very sharp sudden pain from the hip through to the groin.
I can walk it off and be fine shortly after, but the pain is disconcerting.
My town has a severe doctor shortage currently, my only way to get seen will probably be to take the day off work to sit in the ER. I guess I just wanted a second opinion before I wasted anyone's time.
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Louise crept out of the hallway, glancing around the front of the house. "It's clear. They're in the bed room," she told her brother. Hunched over, he shuffled quickly toward the door. "We're going!" Louise yelled. There was a distant response which neither stopped to try to make out. Carter pulled the front door open and they both hopped through, nearly slamming it behind them.
“It’s nice to meet you Chase” she said politely. “If you will excuse me however, I am just going to use the washroom. I think I need to splash some cold water on my face to wake me up a little more” she said standing up. He moved out of her way so that she could snake by. She walked to the back of the small jet and walked into the small cramped bathroom. She looked in the dirty mirror at her reflection and turned on the cold water. She let it run for a second before cupping her hands to collect the cold liquid and splashing it upon her face. She did this twice. On the third she lowered herself more towards the sink taking her gaze away from the mirror and let the water drip of her face. She took a deep breath and raised her head seeing Chase had entered the washroom with her. She hadn’t even heard him come in or felt him against her but there he was. She tried to turn around to face him but it was so cramped that it was virtually impossible.
“Whatever, pervert.” Billy lay down on the bed, showing off his gorgeous, teenage ass. He wiggled it, rocking back and forth slowly.
I pulled up my shorts as quick as I could. Just in time, my sister walked in.
“Want another one?” I asked her.
They both fell silent again; Harry felt the awkwardness creeping in. He needed to say something, anything…
I knew I couldn’t hold it for much longer. “Bella I’m gonna cum…”
“Well you give great blow jobs, and I'm sure you’ll keep your mouth shut, it's just I don’t believe you would blow a teacher for a good grade or a student for free.” he said.
I blush and apologize, "sorry..." but then shyly scoot closer, getting on my knees on the cushioned chair and lean over to bite his neck. "I just have a super big crush on you, and I thought... blah, if I acted on it and got it out of the way, the crush would go away."
We came up spluttering and gasping for breath. Bobbie regained her feet before I did, and helped me up. We scampered out of the water and picked our way back to the blanket. We were both shivering, from the effect of the frigid water. For a while, I couldn't catch my breath. Bobbie turned to me with a disappointed look.
“Are you sure you don’t want to come to the party?” she asks looking back at me.
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I told her we had and she asked if I thought we could get by till she and daddy got home some time tomorrow. I told her that I thought we could and if there is any problem we could call Mrs. Yates. She asked to talk to Bobby. I told her he was asleep and I would have to wake him. She said she would hold. I laid down the phone and went over to the couch where I shook him by the shoulder and said, “Mom’s on the phone.” He woke up slow like he usually did so I went back to the phone, “He’s coming but you know how slow he is. We figured at noon that there was no chance you would make it home today.” Mommy told me that she and daddy had already reserved a room at a motel and they were looking forward to having a vacation from us kids.
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“Edgar made a mistake, someone saw that he was vulnerable and caught him alone. They took advantage of him and while he didn’t hurt me he let someone try. Edgar doesn’t need a punishment or a beating, he needs people to help him be stronger and that’s what we do right,” I ask as the end.
With a new sense of urgency, she stepped down and went to work on her towel. It had to hang seductively at the hinge of her legs and groin. She left the bathroom a mess and tiptoed up the stairs. If Evan didn't already have morning wood, he would after she was sitting on him. She eased Evan's door open, stepped inside his room and froze, staring at the empty bed.
We said our good-byes to Mikey and we started off walking towards her house. Living on the out skirts of town KImiko and I had a long walk which we filled up with talking. I found out we shared a lot of things in common. We like the same music, the same kind of movies. It’s amazing what you can learn when you can actually talk to each other for more than 2 minutes. I notices however that Kimiko never really made I contact with me and when she was looking at me and I caught her she quickly looked away. When we got to her house I stopped and I had to ask her.
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'Mmm, that's right Jade.'
“Well, my dad died a couple of years ago, and I’m trying to help Mom take care of the rest of the kids. She says I can’t quit school to go to work full time, but Uncle Jim owns this construction company and he kind of arranged for me to work for him.”
He too was also fully clothed. He still had on his white shirt. It was buttoned properly and his red tie still hung neatly from the clean knot between his collars. His trousers were still fastened under his belt. Of course, the fly was wide open, and his wet eight-inch erection was sticking straight out from the opening. But he thought he would be able to stow it away pretty quickly if someone knocked. Yes, in his reasoning, all of this could be set right fairly quickly.
“No, just following,” he said. “It's amazing you two are on time for once.”
He punched me squarely in the chest, hard. I felt the breath being pushed out of me, and a deep pain shocked my body. I stumbled backwards and slammed against the cubical.
“Don’t worry, I’m cool,” Tyler replied evenly. “I get it. I don’t think we’d be a good match either.”
We arrived at the restaurant on time and took our seats. My sis and I sat next to each other of course, and our parents across from us. We made small talk while we ate, but I was looking for a way to sneak some action with Rita. Since were brother and sister its not like we can do the old “bathroom trick”, especially since we were with our parents. After coming up with nothing for a while, I remembered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear; it was time to have some fun.
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“Yeah… what changed?”
I straightened my arms to look him in the eyes.
“Let me see, Trisha, Lana, Tiffany and some other people. There’s room for you and 1 of your hot dates if you wanna come.” he said, using one of his lame jokes
I shoved her onto the bed and she collapsed with little resistance, her legs dangling off her queen sized bed as I hopped on top of her. I pinned arms down with all of my strength but she didn’t bother resisting, her eyes wide with fear. My anger now coursing through my body like a drug, I hit her, not anything to serious like she would do but I gave her a nice hard slap across her face that could’ve been heard from downstairs.
A few moments of awkward silence ensued. Her smell wafted through my room. I breathed it in quietly, savoring the sweet, sensual smell. I worked to maintain my focus on the game and not on her.
We settled in and traded stories of the years between our high school typing class up until this year when we met again. Where we had worked, places we had been to, things we had done. We shared the classes we had enrolled in at University and others that we thought we might explore next. We talked through most of the previews until the lights went all the way down and the movie started. At some point during the movie I found that Michelle had slipped her right hand into my left. I glanced at her but she was focused on the movie playing on the big screen. I just smiled to myself and let it be. I noticed a short while later though that my palm was now warm and damp from sweat. Perhaps she was as nervous as I was. I tucked that little bit of information away to think about later. The movie was fairly predictable as romantic comedies go, boy meets girl, boy chases girl, girl plays hard to get. They get together only to have some sort of misunderstanding and fall out only to come back together after clearing up whatever confusion there was that happened, then boy and girl move on together… happy ending. A typical feel good movie, of which I was not going to argue about as the feeling carried over to most of the movie goers too. Michelle seemed to be all smiles and wistful sighs after the credits started rolling. She squeezed my hand before releasing me when she and I stood up to make our exit. I didn’t say anything about it but I unobtrusively wiped my sweaty palm off on my jeans. I’m sure Michelle did as well.
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“Ohhhhhhhh…” She moaned satisfactorily, lightly pressing her hips against mine, savoring the moment. She breathed a few times, then quietly managed to say, “That was incredible.”
“True, but you had been going at it with your brother for a year before we did it. You had more experience, but you will have to admit I learned pretty quickly.”
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