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It never gets easier, you just get stronger.

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2023.03.30 17:28 KittenDealinMama My Coworker Who Misgenders Me Found My Deadname And Told Everyone

Originally posted by u/appulfox in TrueOffMyChest on Mar 21, '23, updated March 23rd.
Trigger Warning: Transphobia, bullying in the workplace
Original post
My Coworker Who Misgenders Me Found My Deadname And Told Everyone
So I [24m] just found out some uncomfortable information. So, a while ago, I talked about the lady who had been misgendering me at my job, and she still has been misgendering me, but I've kind of just been putting up with it and ignoring her. Come today, and this really nice pregnant lady that I work with, comes to me at the end of my shift and whispers to me if I'm okay with Ebony (the transphobic coworker) misgendering me and using my dead name.
My heart dropped down to my chest because I knew Ebony was misgendering me, but I didn't know she was using my dead name, let alone even knew what it was. Everyone pretty much calls me Leo. I've only told one person my dead name, and he hates Ebony. The only way that she could have known my dead name is if she was looking over my shoulder while I clock in, or some other way. Either way, that was an invasion of privacy.
I asked the pregnant lady what did she mean by Ebony has been using my dead name, and she tells me that apparently, Ebony had been talking behind my back and had said, "Oh yea, I saw her REAL NAME," and kept saying it and telling the people she was talking to what my dead name was. Not only that, but the other day when I was working, I'd thought that I'd heard her call me by my dead name, but I couldn't tell because I'd only caught a little bit of what she said since I have audio processing issues and she was not fully within earshot. Now I know for a fact that she had.
I ended up going to my boss about this, since he's always been respectful of me and he's going to talk to Ebony. But I'm just so upset and so hurt because who would do this? I've been nothing but nice to her, and I've only tried to be polite to her and she's only been nasty towards me going so far as to tell people private information about myself. Information that I haven't told anybody and that she has no right to tell people. She has no right telling other people's business. And the fact that I had to hear this from somebody else tells me that she knows what she's doing is wrong. If she continues to do this after my boss talks to her, I'm escalating it to HR, I'm not going to tolerate disrespect like this.
EDIT: to clarify the company is UPS, I'm a package handler. All I do when I work there is listen to my music/podcasts and load/unload packages. occasional I engage in conversation with coworkers, but that's a select few, most days I work in silence. she has no viable reason to be harassing me
EDIT 2: someone in the comments was trying to kind of start a bit of a race war so I just want to reiterate that both me and Ebony are black. race has nothing to do with this situation, she's literally just being a bigot. And even if I wasn't trans, this would still be an invasion of privacy. I don't know her like that, why is she trying so hard to get into my business?
EDIT 3 (imsosorry): For those of you that have only something negative to say.... mm I don't care, you're objectively wrong, and I'm not open for discussion about WHY my coworker is terribly in the wrong. And yes my mother and whole family supports me. My dead name is just as dead to them as it is to me and my mother has my current name tattooed onto her. catch this block and argue with the wall :D
OP posts a picture of himself to his profile
EDIT 4: for those wondering if I even pass. I do. I've been happily on testosterone for 2+ years. my voice is decently deep and masculine, I have visible facial hair, and I dress in very baggy clothes. I very much LOOK male. My Face
In the comments:
I agree that I shouldn't have to tolerate this, but I don't really want to escalate it to HR unless she continues to do it after being talked to by my boss. I believe that people can change and, aside from being a nasty transphobe, for the most part she tends to be nice, except to me. I just don't want to cause somebody to lose their job just because of my own comfort
As soon as I found out I went straight to my boss and he said he would take care of it. I'm letting him do that, he's always been respectful of me so I'm trusting him with that. if she continues to misgender me and spread my dead name, then I'll take it to HR
All I do when I go to work is work. most of the time I don't really even talk to anyone, I just do my job and go. if somebody misgenders me I usually politely correct them and they usually end up quickly apologizing and we both go on about our day. The only reason people at work tend to misgender me anyway is because of the fact that she misgenders me. I literally look like a cisgender male. I have a mustache and a beard, the only thing that really gives me away is my chest area since I'm heavy-chested and I sometimes don't wear my binder to work since I sweat. I've asked her two different times very politely if she could stop calling me a girl. she's turned it into an argument both times so I've just put up with it for months. and then she goes and somehow finds my dead name and spreads it around to people. The private information that I never told anyone. I literally only asked for basic respect.
Why don’t you ask her if you can have a chat. Let her know how her behavior makes you feel and that you would like to have a civil work relationship.
OP: I've tried. The first time I tried talking and she made it a fight, the second time, I expressed that it makes me uncomfortable and that I'd like my identity to be respected and for things to be civil, and she treated that like a problem too. She's also bad mouthed trans ppl outside of just me before. She doesn't like trans ppl, so she doesn't like me
Why not just legally change your name? Wouldn't it be easier than having to explain to everyone why your name is different?
OP: that costs money that I currently do not have at the moment. it's not that easy, it's a very extensive process with a LOT of paperwork.
Do they not have an option to allow you to use a "preferred name"?
OP: yea! on all of my documentation except my W2s and the clock in screen, they have "Leo [Last Name]" put in.
What is a dead name? I'm guessing it's your old name before you transformed?
OP: "Before you transformed" pls that's the best phrasing, imma start calling myself a transformer, specifically a decepticon 💀💀
A dead name is the name that a trans person was given at birth. a lot of time, trans ppl change their first name, first socially, then legally.
My manager is reporting this to HR. I have realized that, in most places, this would absolutely be grounds for termination. there's also the fact that she has potentially put me in danger and as a target for even more discrimination by outing me and my dead name. I very much visibly pass as a man since my voice is fairly deep and I have a mustache and beard, so there is no reason she should be doing this and people at my job are constantly confused when she refers to me by the wrong pronouns. I am not the only person who sees this as a problem
In a comment:
This is the message I got from my manager "Report ID is [REDACTED] They advised, I will hear from someone from UPS in the next 3-4 days and the full HR investigation may take 30 days."
2nd Update 2 days later
A transcript of the text between OOP and his coworker (scroll to the 🔴 to skip the transcript):
Hi it's Leo! can you guys send me y'all's experiences with ebony in one or a few messages?
as well as her history of transphobia?
She butted into a Convo I was having that I wasn't even with her about trans suicide, and she just butts in saying she said they should commit suicide cause "They are an affront to God"
She then went on a tangent about the entire community basically also throwing me in and made very clear people like me and you that should just not exist
Safe to say she isn't a very kind person after all, soon as the attention turns to trans and queer people then it gets nasty and "insult Gods plan"
It sucks cause I thought she was cool, but now I can't even look her in the eye without feeling like she's burning a hole into my skull, if you don't like us keep it to yourself. This is work, not a church
So I'd been getting a lot of comments about wanting an update if anything happens so, here's that update! I wanted to update on the original post, but it was already atrociously long, so I linked this one to the OG.
Before I start, WOW I was NOT expecting my post(s) to blow up the way it did. Honestly had to turn my notifications off ;;7;; I'm not equipped for that kind of attention. Thank you to everyone who gave me helpful advice! Onto the update!
So my manager texted me stating that a person from UPS security would be contacting me to schedule a time to discuss things and give my statement. When the person contacted me, I let her know when I'd be available. My manager then stated that he'd need to see me after sort (my shift) so I could grab some forms.
During break, I waved over the nice pregnant lady (we'll call her A) and the coworker whom I had trusted with my deadname (we'll call him T). I'd asked them if they could give me their numbers so they could each detail their own experiences with Ebony. below is a screenshot of T's statement.
Afterwards, I finished my shift and met with my manager who informed me that T had given a statement of his own experiences with Ebony.
I'll admit, I was super super nervous. I HATE conflict, and any time I have dish out consequences, I end up feeling guilty no matter how much the other person deserves it (trauma is a powerful thing).
My manager then sat me down, read me the policy review, and explained that me, him, the UPS security person, and a union steward would sit down with me and take my statement. Funnily enough, my boss mentioned that, usually Ebony would be the person they'd have as the union steward, but he understood that, with this situation, it would be "grossly inappropriate" (his words).
He must've noticed have stressed and antsy I was, because he then highlighted that, he feels that this shouldn't backfire on me since no one has ever come to him with problems about me. He mentioned how he respected the fact that I came to talk to him about this.
I then mentioned how this situation made me extremely nervous and he said that I don't need to be. He mentioned how mine and T's statements about Ebony's behavior lines up with past issues he's had with her (outside of being transphobic, she's very confrontational, a gossip, and tends to be very VERY petty).
He also said that I'm not doing anything wrong and that, whatever happens with her is NOT my fault and that I'm not responsible for her actions. He said he wants to have a safe environment for his employees and to come to him if problems arise from others.
I was then given the paper to write my statement on and the policy review to sign and give to him tomorrow.
I'll be honest.. I'm terrified. I've never done this before. Reported someone to HR, that is.
Verifiably, I am somewhat of a doormat sometimes, and my loved ones tell me that I'm too nice or forgiving (my partner explicitly stating that it took both my mom and him to convince me to escalate this to HR instead of just leaving it at my boss, solely because I just didn't want to be the reason that she possibly loses her job).
All of this being said, I feel some form of confidence as well. My manager told me, before I left his office, that he's proud of me for standing up and advocating for myself. I think I'm proud of me, too, but still scared shitless of the outcome. I'll update with whatever happens!
If you'd like to leave some love and support for our OOP, please do so in the comments here, not on the original post. I will let him know i have shared his story here.
Reminders: This sub does not tolerate homophobia, transphobia or bigotry. DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.03.30 17:27 camb37 Good morning!! Just wondering if you guys have seen this Starbucks cup around Astoria. I have been trying to find it but it’s been sold out :(

Good morning!! Just wondering if you guys have seen this Starbucks cup around Astoria. I have been trying to find it but it’s been sold out :( submitted by camb37 to astoria [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 17:26 hubatish What if cats were a taming companion?

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2023.03.30 17:25 Sapphhyra Records of Eashes: Tamiri, my egyptian themed adventure is in the final 48 hours of the kickstarter campaign

Records of Eashes: Tamiri is in the final 48hours of the kickstarter campaign, and is also almost funded. We are so close!
Records of Eashes: Tamiri is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for a group of characters of level 9 to 15. The party will have to survive the harsh weather of Tamiri, fight the deadly threats of the ruins and race against other groups of mercenaries to be the first ones to find the Ultimate Weapon, an artifact deemed so powerful it can shape the world.Inside you'll find an adventure of the same size, if not bigger, of official adventures. It comes with its own setting, new monsters, magic items and new mechanics.
Four things to know about the adventure:
  1. It brings fresh and new ideas, defying some common tropes of fantasy. There's no good and evil, but different point of views, and the characters are able to take choices that no other adventure would let them.
  2. It's one of the few, if not the only one, adventures for dnd5e that is inspired by egypt, but the BBG is not a super evil mummy lord that wants to kill everything
  3. It's designed so that the master doesn't require to do any additional work. Read it and play it.
  4. What the characters do have concequences, for better or worse. The adventure can be completed in many ways, and failure is a possible outcome with interesting results. There are multiplle endings and even a secret one.
Bonus. It's a passion project I developped in the past two years. This book is everything I want from D&D books: immersion, ease of use, and a lore that people can care for.
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2023.03.30 17:25 Pretend-Inspector222 No season 9 chest???

Bruh I made a post yesterday about how there is no season 1,2 and 9 chests but now seasons 1 and 2 are in the store but not season 9???? wth hirez give me my chest. Is it just me or is it not in the store??
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2023.03.30 17:25 shaharush am i crazy for thinking my ex is still curious about me?

im 21f my ex 23m, for the record i know it doesn't matter in the slightest but i want opinions for my peace of mind. we broke up 2 months ago and he started dating a new girl a week or 2 after we broke up and posted her immediately on instagram. i initiated from day 1 and we aren't on speaking terms till now, when he posted the new girl i decided to deactivate my instagram and take a break from social media and i disappeared for a month. when i came back i stopped following him. he's still following me which I'm not surprised by because he's still following another one of his exes i know of if not all of them and i know he probably didn't notice i unfollowed him. the thing is he has 2 accounts he uses regularly and he keeps watching my story only from 1 account which is making me feel like he's actively checking on me and not mindlessly swiping otherwise he would watch it from both accounts? idk am i really overanalyzing this or does it make some sense
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2023.03.30 17:25 Kharapos [LFM][D&D5e][Roll20][P2P-15$/session] Recruiting for Multiple Nights/Adventures (Mon/Thurs/Fri 8pm EST)

Hello, I am a DM who has been running 5e since the start, and who has been running P2P games as a full-time job for about 3 years. I have multiple campaigns using third-party Kobold Press adventures currently recruiting. Follow the link to the Roll20 post for more details on the specific campaign!


-8:00pm Eastern. Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Level 5-20. Classical Megadungeon full of different biomes, factions and mysteries to bring together an extremely well paced adventure! The party is currently level 6 and consists of a Hexblade, RangeRogue, Peace Cleric/Druid and a GOO Warlock. They are mostly newer players and currently are on floor 2/23 of the dungeon. Looking for two more to fill out the party!
-8:00pm Eastern. Scarlet Citadel. (By Kobold Press). Level 1-10. Classical Megadungeon. Currently at 4/6 players for the campaign! Session 0 3/30 @8:30pm EST https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/363376/scarlet-citadel-thursdays
-8:00pm Eastern. Empire of the Ghouls (By Kobold Press). Epic Campaign for levels 1-13. Currently at 3/6 players for the campaign! https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/361929/empire-of-the-ghouls-fridays

Basic Info

-We will hold a Session 0 to get to know each other, and work on character creation/party formation. Session 0 will be free.
-New Players are welcomed and will be assisted, whether you are new to Roll20 or 5e!
-Sessions will last 3-4 Hours.
-Discord for Voice Chat.
-15$ Per Player Per Session (Excluding Session 0), paid via Paypal in advance.
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2023.03.30 17:24 sygma__ I want to manifest a new love in my life but can't let go of rage against ex gf

I've broke up my relationship of 3 years due to a lot of disappointment and low effort from the other part. 2.5 months since the breakup and there were a lot of drama and things she said, did and made me feel that I realize I don't want her anymore.
But, in trying to manifest the love I want in my life I'm struggling to let go of the anger at ex for her screwing up something that was so nice for both of us.
I know I can't really manifest anything if I don't fully let go of the past. I know that are good and bad days but I've been struggling to believe in love and let go of anger.
For a long time I wished she would really apologize for everything and make a enormous effort to get us back together, but as the drama and immaturity from her part showed up post break-up, I don't feel the same anymore. I deserve someone better but I don't feel like it. My emotions only want to blame and live in past.
I would appreciate any any input or help on this. I really feel alone and isolated.
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2023.03.30 17:24 Hefty_Tumbleweed8178 My Maladaptive Daydreaming

I still maladaptive daydream a lot.
It started around the same time as my depression, which i am slowly (emphisis on SLOWLY) overcoming. I do the run around my room thing. Mine isn't triggerd by music though. I mostly do it with tiktoks playing in the background.
Here's my maladaptive daydream plot i can't get out of right now.
  1. I have a boyfriend In the MD. He's a character from a movie, so obviously he doesn't exist. It's an actor who has already grown up, and the MD boyfriend is younger him. In the MD he's super sweet. He's a hockey player, and he has nice hair lol.
  2. In the MD I am also sort of an influencer? Not a really popular one but an influencer. I have a tiktok and a youtube in the MD, both verified. I post a lot of ditl's i guess. Vlogs. And vids about said boyfriend.
  3. I don't look too different in my MD. I just have a summer tan, i'm thinner, and my hair is styled really pretty.
  4. It's still my house. I'm not rich in the MD or anything. It's my same old house, just with decor in my room.
So yeah. It used to be a lot worse, I think. I used to have a way more outragous plot. I lived in a totally different STATE in the MD, I had an entirely different past, I was constantly staying in fancy hotels for some reason, me and my older cousin were best friends, I had a bunch of other friends, it was a totally impossible thing.
At least my maladaptive daydreams are becoming less outragous. Most of the things in this current plot could come true. I could get a sweet boyfriend with good hair in the future, just not that one, lol. I could become a small influencer in the future, who knows. I am loosing weight, i could style my hair, i'm already asking for room decor for my birthday, so, at least it's a possible MD.
I just wish all of my maladaptive daydreams didn't revolve around a boyfriend. I'm only in middle school. I'm obviously not going to be in a steady relationship at my age. No boys are even mature enough at this age. I sometimes feel like my brain is too old for me. It wants me to have a boyfriend and everything while i'm only in 7th grade. I need to settle down.
I want to stop daydreaming all together. I'm greatful it's slowing down though. I hope as i finish my battle with depression, and my life improves little by little, i won't need a dream world anymore. I can only hope, though.
I hope I can update soon with positive news and get out of this daydream. Reality is just so hard to face when your brain chooses to ignore it.
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2023.03.30 17:24 Goo_6 ChexSystems account problems

Hi. I don't know if it's okay to post this here or if anyone can help.
So I've just made a ChexSystems account and logged in successfully. I then accidentally swiped the web browser off my Recents tab on my phone a few times, causing me to logout. I just tried logging in again and it's not letting me. It's saying "CC0299: Your maximum login count has reached its specified threshold."
I called ChexSystems 3 different times at 800-428-9623
They all told me different things. One said to wait 2 weeks to try again? One said wait 24 hours. And the last said wait 15 - 20 minutes to try again?!
Sorry if this is the wrong community to post in.
Has anyone had this happen to them before or able to give me any ideas?
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2023.03.30 17:24 nh_app New version 2.0 of NeuroHub released: rate and discover sensory friendly places!

Hey everyone! I've been working on an app for discovering (and rating) sensory-friendly locations around the world as a side project for some time now, originally to help my own family and others. I'm excited to share the latest update with you all.
Version 2.0 introduces AI-powered suggestions, making it easier to find sensory-friendly places nearby when there aren't reviews available in a given area.
Besides the new feature, this update also comes with enhanced speed, responsiveness, and some bug fixes. Please give it a try and spread the word! Together, let's shape a world that's friendlier for neurodivergent individuals and families.
As you can see from our previous post (New free app to discover and rate sensory-friendly places : Autism_Parenting (reddit.com)), NeuroHub was made in consultation with the neurodivergent community, and I genuinely hope it helps you and/or your loved ones.
Download here: NeuroHub on the App Store (apple.com)
Important notes: I know there is demand for an Android version, and its in the plans. This was actually a project that involved learning Swift (Apple’s programming language for iOS) and many sleepless nights! A way of doing my part for my family and the community. Android release will depend on time (and energy), but I will get to it - just please be understanding. Since I only learned Swift to do this, going to android is like starting again from scratch.
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2023.03.30 17:23 Lower_Kick268 Govment took muh pet squirell

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2023.03.30 17:23 Previous_Practice155 Lift your spirits this spring with a hot-air balloon ride. We checked out favorite balloon festivals across the world and included which 9-day event held in March?

Lift your spirits this spring with a hot-air balloon ride. We checked out favorite balloon festivals across the world and included which 9-day event held in March?

  1. Canberra Balloon Spectacular
  2. Saga International Balloon Fiesta
  3. International Hot Air Balloon Festival
  4. European Balloon Festival

The correct answer is https://www.letsaskfor.com/lift-your-spirits-this-spring-with-a-hot-air-balloon-ride/
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2023.03.30 17:23 infiniteoffset [Bulk] Cheap Coiled Aviator USB Cables

Hello fellow humans, so from the last available materials that I had I made last batch of cables. Selling them at discounted price €20 per cable. As usual, cables are double coiled with paracord and MDPC-X, USB-C connector, GX16 aviator, premium thin heatshrink. No commissions for custom cables anymore.
Price for shipping is €8,00 within EU for tracked and €5,00 for untracked. Shipping stays the same when shipping multiple cables. Shipping to US is €12,00 tracked (I'm not shipping untracked outside of EU, within EU untracked is fine). Shipping to UK is €6,00 untracked and €9,00 tracked.
Payment by PayPal.
Before contacting me, please leave a comment "PM" on this post. Please use message instead of chat.
Coiled: Coil is 17cm long and host side is 150cm long.
ID ColoTheme Description Photo Price
1 Jungle Grand-Atomic MDPC-X, green-blue Paracord, Green Heatshrink https://imgur.com/GJWlctt €20 + shipping
2 Green-Black Atomic-Green MDPC-X, Lime Paracord, Black Heatshrink https://imgur.com/ANZP6Pv €20 + shipping
3 Purple-Yellow Vivid-Violet MDPC-X, purple Paracord, Yellow Heatshrink https://imgur.com/Nj7Xs44 €20 + shipping
4 Green-White Atomic-Green MDPC-X, Lime Paracord, White Heatshrink https://imgur.com/uPH6Wta €20 + shipping
5 Orange Carbon Carbon-O-Juice MDPC-X, Orange Paracord, White Heatshrink https://imgur.com/BuXoqIf €20 + shipping
6 Raspberry Purple MDPC-X, Red Paracord, White Heatshrink https://imgur.com/9sDurao €20 + shipping
7 Ecru Liquid-Gold MDPC-X, Sand Paracord, Black Heatshrink https://imgur.com/tf2XJdI €20 + shipping
8 Army Commando-Green MDPC-X, Army-Green Paracord, Black Heatshrink https://imgur.com/JdZ9MK5 €20 + shipping
9 Blue Rivera-Blue MDPC-X, Blue Paracord, Blue Heatshrink https://imgur.com/EDxVvI9 €20 + shipping

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2023.03.30 17:23 Conscious-Cupcake131 Srilankan Postal International Direct Shipping Cost Calculator - for iPhone

Srilankan Postal International Direct Shipping Cost Calculator - for iPhone
Hey everyone! I wanted to give you all an update on the app I posted about previously. I'm thrilled to report that it received a huge welcome response from you all, so thank you so much for your support!
🌍📦 Find the International Postal Delivery Rates from Sri Lanka! 🚀 Srilankan Post : srilanka (reddit.com)
Since my last post, I've made several updates to the app to make it even better for users. Here are the updates:
  1. The app is now mobile responsive, so it's easier to use on any device.
  2. I've added EMS rates, although not fully yet.
  3. The app is now available on iPhone. -> (3) Mastering Sri Lankan Post Shipping Fees: The Ultimate Guide for Any Device [2023] - Watch Now! - YouTube (Video on how to have web app on iphone)
  4. I've also created a website that explains step-by-step how to post international mail using the Sri Lankan Post.
I would love to hear your comments and suggestions for new features to add to the app. I truly believe that this effort will benefit small exporters and e-commerce sellers in Sri Lanka. Thanks again for your support!

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2023.03.30 17:23 trapaholic400 Carnivore Diet 30 Days

Hi all,
I tried the carnivore diet for 30 days and just wanted to share my experience with it.
I heard about this diet helping with autoimmune diseases so I decided to try it out and I have been pretty satisfied with the results. I feel I have more energy than I used to before I tried this. Lost about like 8-10 pounds that I gained from the prednisone that I have been taking and noticed my joint pain has gone significantly down, probably from a 7/10 to around a 2/10. I’m a lot more mobile and able to lift heavier than I used to. One thing I was worried about was my blood pressure since it was usually high but since I’ve started this diet I have been able to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Definitely worth trying and seeing how your body responds if nothing else is working for you. I think the main thing is the amount of sugar it cuts out of your diet.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Or if you want some sources I built my diet (from a doctor) I would be happy to supply that as well but just wanted to share something that seems like it’s working for me that might work for someone here.
Have a blessed day all.
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2023.03.30 17:23 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – The Operating System-Grow & Monetize

[Get] Justin Welsh – The Operating System-Grow & Monetize
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/the-operating-system-grow-monetize/
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What’s Inside?


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  • Learn about the 80/20 rule and how to apply it to make sales on LinkedIn…
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2023.03.30 17:23 trapaholic400 Carnivore Diet 30 Days

Hi all,
I tried the carnivore diet for 30 days and just wanted to share my experience with it.
I heard about this diet helping with autoimmune diseases so I decided to try it out and I have been pretty satisfied with the results. I feel I have more energy than I used to before I tried this. Lost about like 8-10 pounds that I gained from the prednisone that I have been taking and noticed my joint pain has gone significantly down, probably from a 7/10 to around a 2/10. I’m a lot more mobile and able to lift heavier than I used to. One thing I was worried about was my blood pressure since it was usually high but since I’ve started this diet I have been able to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Definitely worth trying and seeing how your body responds if nothing else is working for you. I think the main thing is the amount of sugar it cuts out of your diet.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Or if you want some sources I built my diet (from a doctor) I would be happy to supply that as well but just wanted to share something that seems like it’s working for me that might work for someone here.
Have a blessed day all.
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2023.03.30 17:22 aussie_asian Skipping half of the JB4 install?

Skipping half of the JB4 install?
So I’m getting my JB4 this Saturday, and I wanted to see if there are other fellow JB4 user that skipped these steps since they’re optional (I plan to run mostly map 1 and at most map 2.)
Am I missing anything feature wise by not plugging these in? I don’t have a lift for the EWG install so I’m for sure not able to that one for a while. Just wanna see the consensus on this.
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2023.03.30 17:22 goddesssexysouthern #GodessRules

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2023.03.30 17:22 KeyAd556 Cycle advice for a fat guy

I hope I'm posting in the correct place if I'm not I appologize.... I don't use reddit all that much... That being said I gained a shitttttt ton of weight for many reasons during covid, depression, lack of doing anything, treating my body like shit. Getting addicted to drugs... Again... After 4 years clean... Ill try to make this Long miserable story short as possible and spare the theatrics as I am truly just looking for the best cycle to get some semblance of my normal body back. I've always been an athlete l, a little on the thicker side but always athletic. And in recent years in the best shape of my life. My average build when I'm lifting and taking care of myself I'm 5'6" (unfortunately that doesn't fluctuate) and around 170-180... This last disaster I've tapped that to the absolute highest I've ever tipped the scale at fuckin 265 lbs. Ideally I wanna cut a hundred lbs and she'd this extra whole person I've picked up. Unlike most people who do stimulants, I gained a shit ton of weight some how, and still currently do them daily. I'm not trying to take a chance with my life but in order to get my life back on track and feel confident enough to function in the real world again to me the first step is cutting this weight so I am willing to deal with some side effects and take some risks to a certain extent. But Ive literally done one cycley in my entire life. And that's when I was already in shape and cut up... Not the current blob physic I'm in. I REALLY could use some advice on what to cycle. Like for someone who barely knows anything about steroids other then the very basics... Thanks in advance for anyone who took the time to read and respond especially.
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2023.03.30 17:22 thegoalie Best actions to set up a future job search?

Hi all! I'm a VP of Marketing and my career has been heavily performance marketing (e.g. running Google/FB/Display ads, designing landing pages, SEO, a/b testing, running MMM regressions, etc.).
My industries have been primarily huge, well-known entertainment brands.
I'm currently at a PE-backed company executing a "turn around". Once the company is sold I'll look to move on, and that time frame is about another 2 years.
What can I do to put myself in a great position to find another VP or SVP role in two years? Create posts/engage on LinkedIn? Periodically touch base with people in my network?
My thoughts are that I should concentrate on networking, but I'm not sure how to intentionally network. It's always been a weakness of mine but I want to turn my network into a strength over the next two years.
Any other activities I should focus on?
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