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2023.03.31 07:43 magnumXXXXL CS:GO Launches on a guest desktop user but not the main profile.

For the past month, I have tried everything: check for updates, delete and reinstall, shift install paths, relocate steam + cs:go, re-verify account data, clear %temp%, update windows, run as administrator for both/either steam + cs:go, verify integrity of game files, reinstall directX, scan all hardware drivers, test other games in my steam library (they all work, except cs:go), and the most advanced solution of them all - restart my computer. Nothing has worked except switching desktop profiles which is far too inconvenient. Whenever I run my CS:GO with administrator permission, I get the FATAL ERROR: Failed to connect with local Steam Client process!
Any proven solutions, ideas, or even advice? I have to get rid of my FPS urges somewhere, and it's not gonna be Valorant.
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2023.03.31 07:43 EquivalentPair7461 Am I good enough to apply for ivy leagues?

Currently, I am a junior with the following academic and extracurricular achievements:
Also I moved to the US in the middle of my sophomore year and was not allowed to take any AP classes until my junior year.
Additionally, I have applied to research programs such as NASA SEES and PAN, and am hopeful that I will be accepted into at least one of them.
Currently, my SAT score is 1440, and I achieved this without putting in any effort so, if I work hard, I can raise my score to a 1500.
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2023.03.31 07:42 Hot_Importance8676 do you also have problems with the omv5 to omv6 upgrade?

Since I updated with the omv-release-upgrade command I have had a lot of trouble. omv extra appears but does not work (I only have the default plugins), docker and portainer do not want to open on browser, I have GUI bugs etc. do you have similar things? should I reinstall from scratch? if so, how do I keep my raid and my files?
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2023.03.31 07:42 wilmingtonbraces Braces – A Conventional Yet Effective Way To Align your Teeth

Braces have been the go-to solution for straightening teeth for decades, and for good reason. They are a proven and effective method for correcting a variety of orthodontic issues, from crooked teeth to overbites and underbites. If you're in Burgaw and looking for a qualified orthodontist to provide braces, there are many options to choose from.
One of the biggest advantages of braces is their versatility. Braces can be used to treat a wide range of orthodontic problems, and they can be customized to fit each patient's unique needs. Whether you have mild or severe misalignment, your orthodontist can create a treatment plan that will work for you.
Another benefit of braces is that they are a relatively affordable option compared to some of the newer, more advanced treatments. While the cost will depend on the severity of your case and the type of braces you choose, many patients find that braces are a cost-effective way to achieve a straighter smile.
Of course, there are some downsides to braces as well. They can be uncomfortable, especially in the first few days after they are put on. They can also make it more difficult to clean your teeth, which can increase your risk of cavities and gum disease if you're not careful. And, of course, they are visible, which may be a concern for some patients.
Despite these potential drawbacks, braces are still a popular and effective way to straighten teeth. If you're considering braces in Burgaw, the first step is to schedule a consultation with an experienced orthodontist.
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2023.03.31 07:42 ThrowRA191819181981 If you were homeless, car is on its way out, but you’re receiving $12,000 soon what would you do with it ? You’re working but not enough to make it for an apartment yet

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2023.03.31 07:42 Ok-Principle-4738 Dell Simps Try To Hate on Apple Even Though This Is My 3rd Dell XPS Repair In 2 Months.

Recently made a post on dell (check out here: (9) My Terrible Experience with Dell Support and the XPS 17: Why I'll Probably Never Buy Dell Again. : Dell ( ) On how horrible my Dell experience has been compared to Apple. I'm not a Apple fanboy just sharing my experience on how they could do better but out of nowhere a Dell simp comes out and trashes Apple. He really had the audacity to put Dell and Apple in the same sentence. One is a reliable tech company that you can trust with your life and the other makes crappy devices that fail in a matter of months as seen by the countless forums including mine of how bad it is. He comes at me with a list of rebuttals as gottcha moments on how horrible Apple is and manages to find like 5 bad things for a company that has existed for decades. Now I got to make a reply since I can't let this simp slide and need some help getting dirt on Dell and ingrain into his head how hilariously dumb and exceptionally stupid his defense and hate of Apple is.
This is his comment:
" From 2016-2019, Apple used butterfly switches in their keyboards which were highly prone to failure. This has lead to a class action lawsuit.
My sisters 2017 MacBook Pro 13 was affected by this, and just last year, the display on the device died. A new display would cost roughly 400-500 USD in todays market which is ridiculous.
I own a 2013 27 inch iMac which has been solid, however, the HDD is dying meaning I’d need to remove the adhesive holding the display on to replace the hard drive. This process is much harder than it would be on a Dell or HP all in one computer.
iPod Nano 4th generation was poorly designed as the engineers did not take into account that batteries may swell. The swelled battery pushed against the display, causing display damage. The devices would be so tight that disassembly and repair would be near impossible. I own two of these, and the flaw is present on one.
The iPhone 7 has a class action lawsuit concerning audio loop in which an ic chip comes loose from the motherboard.
And as pointed out by Louis Rossmann of Rossmann Repair Group, Apple very much so likes to put data lines next to high voltage lines which results in problems if they happen to intermingle.
Roadkill Incorporated has done many videos on iPads and iPhones that need to be recycled ONLY because they are iCloud locked. Many come from schools or large corporations in which the admin does not unlock the device prior to recycling, effectively turning a perfectly working device into ewaste.
On all new MacBooks made after 2018, RAM and SSDs are not user upgradable. If either of these parts fail, the MacBook is over. From a longevity standpoint, being able to upgrade these two components is critically important.
Let’s not forget dongle hell due to 2016-2019 MacBooks only featuring USB-C and iPhones being the first to ditch the headphone jack which I still find invaluable.
Need I say more?"
I'm literally on my third repair in 2 months trying to get my Dell laptop working, their service is crap, compared with 8 years with only one issue with my Mac. Even the battery life lasts longer on my old 2016 MacBook Pro than 2021 XPS 17. I don't understand why they hate Apple so much when its clearly superior, is it jealousy?
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2023.03.31 07:41 Creepyy_Cattyy Need advice for leaving a friend due to dangerous circumstances

Hi, might guilt delete later, but I (24F) have a friend around my age that's been my friend for years. About 6 months ago we started getting close again. We started working together. Since then, she's tried to leave her abusive baby daddy who laid hands on her. He went up to our job, tried to fight someone who she was talking to and he spilt his face with a punch, she was hiding over here at my place. He showed up to my house, an argument started in my yard and he started putting hands on her and I unfortunately had to pull a gun on him.
The cops have been called multiple times, against her wishes, and he kept coming to our job to see if she was there, but the part that really drew the line for me is when we decided to take a smoke break with a guy who worked with us at our job, just as I was getting into the car, her baby daddy pulls up beside us and runs out and tries to pull open the door, so work guy drives off before baby daddy busts out windows, he chases us in his truck, running stop signs, trying to drive into us, riding in the turn lane beside us, and he throws a full beer can at the window busting it right beside me all while dispatch is on the phone. I feel bad for her because now she's back with him and I feel like I emotionally exhausted myself to get her away from him only for her to take herself right back to him.
I don't want to be around her, I'm not victim blaming because I know abuse isn't as simple as upping and leaving, but I literally will not allow myself to be around her while she's in a relationship with him. Neither will my boyfriend. I feel so awkward to even be around her at work, it doesn't help that she's abusing drugs and anything I try to say or if I show any type of anxiety she jumps down my throat like she's just annoyed with me at this point over any situation. It makes me want to quit my job so I don't even have to subject myself to another scary/emotional/dramatic situation because I feel like I'm watching her destroy her life everyday. It feels like she's not even considerate for all the help I've given her or trauma I've been subjected to, or the fact that we probably won't be able to continue to hang out. Any advice is welcome.
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2023.03.31 07:41 nocar_nofriends How can I start online sex work?

I (23f) am in desperate need of extra income and job hunting isn't going very well and I can't get anyone to commission my art. I've been considering online sex work ( selling nudes, tease streams, onlyfans) for a while now and I've decided to just do it but I'm not sure how to get started. I don't want to show my face. That's my only boundary. Please give actual advice and don't DM asking for nudes or anything. Also please don't try to convince me otherwise unless you have a legitimate alternative side hustle for someone with like no skills 😓
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2023.03.31 07:41 blamphsgamer I'm sick of women complaining about "mental load"

I don't care if I'm going to be posted to one of those subreddits that criticize me.
For the men that don't know what this is, I asked chat gpt cause I'm lazy:
"Feminist "mental load" refers to the invisible and often unpaid labor that women are expected to perform in order to manage household and family responsibilities. This includes not only physical tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and childcare, but also the mental and emotional labor required to plan, organize, and coordinate these tasks.
Examples of mental load might include keeping track of family members' schedules, remembering important dates and events, making sure there is enough food in the house, and anticipating and planning for potential problems or challenges.
Feminist scholars and activists argue that the mental load disproportionately falls on women, and that this can lead to stress, burnout, and a perpetuation of gender inequality. They advocate for a more equitable distribution of household and caregiving responsibilities, and for greater recognition and support of the unpaid work that women perform"
I completely understand. I truly do. It is a struggle. I'm not a house wife. I'm a girl in my 20s that lives with my mom and two brothers but still experience it but I truly think that women act like it's the worst thing in life, when women are in India are literally getting raped by men. It's like the most pure example of what's wrong with western feminists. We are concerned with this? Out of all things? When other women die for being a woman I. Other countries.
Anyways, I post on here because women blame this on men all the time. But do they even communicate their issues to them? If I'm being ignorant please enlighten me but this is not that bad and should not be treated as such. To me I'm sick of women complaining about this instead of fixing it in person with the people they have an issue with, because they do not reflect on the impact this creates. Constant complaining like this creates a narrative, an agenda. This whole "mental load" thing portrays men and fathers as "lazy", "ignorant", and a plethora of other negative traits that can seep into decision making on a large scale relating to custody and family law. Stuff like this can reinforce morally detrimental views like how domestic violence doesn't happen to men. Women just need to do better but talking to them about their issues is scary.
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2023.03.31 07:41 Ready-Substance-5561 Mining issues

Morning peeps.
So i have been using Nicehash to mine with my GPU and Using XMRig for CPU monero mining.
It was all working nice and i was mining but the hash rates were shite, so i looked up and found a Config.Json file, reset everything and now not mining Monaro on GUI.
I am still mining monaro, but on Nicehash via my cpu. I dont want this. I want both to work.
I reset and reinstalled GUIwallet but still not working.
What am i missing or am i smoking too muc weed? Or not enough?
Any help would be splendid
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2023.03.31 07:40 littlewhitevicodin23 Escorts working out of hotels by airports

The title is worded a little funny but my question is how common is it that escorts work out of hotels by the local airport? Not asking for myself just wondering. I would imagine these are like hot spots for men who are traveling?
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2023.03.31 07:40 StepwiseUndrape574 Alarming GTA Online Exploit Enables Cheaters To Corrupt Accounts But A Fix Is Inbound

Rockstar Games is a studio that invokes feelings of enjoyment and feelings of ire, the latter primarily for opponents of the studio's works, often parents. That's thanks to the studio's reputation as the creator and distributor of games that often contain sexuality, violence, and swearing. That has drawn them some legal attention over the years, though the one lawyer who was usually on the crusade, Jack Thompson, is now disbarred. The issue lately, though, is that the popular Online portion of Grand Theft Auto 5, GTA Online, has a very nasty exploit crop up that can allow for remote code execution (RCE).
The exploit can allow cheaters to remotely add, remove, and modify stats. It could also permanently corrupt the data on another player's account. Any of these issues, in turn, means that Rockstar's systems could permanently ban or delete an innocent player's account on GTA Online.
Just modifying the games files is bad enough, but some say that this RCE could potentially allow for code execution at the system level. The issue is has created so much concern that the current advisement by the community for PC gamers is to either ensure a certain firewall rule is in place, or just not play at all. We'd opt for the later. If, for some reason, your game data does get corrupted, though, there is a fix. Find the "Rockstar Games" folder on your PC's Documents folder and delete it. The files should refresh upon reloading the game.
Rockstar was made aware, rather rapidly, thanks to the subreddit for the game and are working on a fix. This has prompted the Rockstar Support Twitter to make a post indicating a Title Update is coming to GTA Online. The company has even posted a job listing on LinkedIn for a Cheat Software Analyst to add to its staff.
gta online car Image of a vehicle from Grand Theft Auto Online
As the Tweet says, if you feel you have been affected by cheaters, make sure you contact Rockstar Support. We're hoping this doesn't take too much of Rockstar's attention from from Grand Theft Auto 6, because we're pretty excited for it with all the leaks so far. Still, an RCE exploit is a big concern, and resolving it should be of the highest priority.
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2023.03.31 07:40 Kooky-Shock Having sick guinea pig while working as a nurse. Struggling

This is more of a off my chest as I am riddled with anxiety and frustration right now. I have two younger ladies, and a soon to be 6 year old boar. The boar isn’t doing too well. He lost some weight. 2 days ago he underwent sedation because his teeth were bad and he needs to be able to eat, they gave him extra fluids as he was having mushy poops and the bloodtest showed elevated liver value. I’m going to get a referal for that. The thing is I work as a nurse in a different town, takes me two hours between doors. My SO works from home so he can keep an eye on them and feed them and such. The piggie was fine but a bit out of it after sedation, it’s expected. He ate his veggies with enthusiasm. But when I got home yesterday, 24h after sedation, he looked like he was in pain, his stool was like puddles and he didn’t want to eat hay. He really had an apetite for critical care tho and his pellets so that’s something. I have stopped giving him veggies for now, and I gave him critical care with fresh poo from my healthy pigs along with vitamin C (+the metacam according to the vets order). I expressed my concearns to my SO that the pig is in pain, having diarrea is very bad as they can lose blood volume and he is not eating hay and SO thinks I’m just getting ahead of myself and that we should wait. This was last night, now it’s friday morning, our only chance to see an exotic vet before the weekend in case he gets worse. I can’t take the day off as we are low staffed and we would have to send every booked patient home. I’m talking about cancer patients and such that have been waiting for their exam for weeks and months. I really want my SO to just listen to me and let me book an appointment so he can take him to the vet, it’s just an 8 minute drive from home. I’m very worried his health will deteriorate, and that we would have to go to an emergency vet during the weekends where there are no exotic vets. Last time I took a guinea pig there, we waited for hours, I KNEW that the window where a possible bounceback to health if he gets the care now, was closing. Yet when I told the nurse this, she just said ”he isn’t dying so you have to wait for your turn” if he was dying it would be too late to do anything. They know dogs and cats, they don’t know cavies. I’m also googling how other people can have guinea pigs while having a job like I do, and everyone says it’s fine. In truth it is absolute HELL when you have a sick guinea pig, and they get sick often especially the elderly, and the conflict between that and not being able to take time off work as much as you need in those situations. It’s just really difficult right now and I am so worried. I really want him to pull through it and atleast get to experience the fresh grass when the weather turns
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2023.03.31 07:40 TheOnlydani_ds3 static ip cause high latency

I have tmobile business with static ip i get good speeds 500+on download and 80+ on upload but my issue is latency. From what I read the reason why it could be is bc of the location of the static ip. I live in california and soemthing about my static ip location is Minnesota I'm not really sure how taht works someone might in the forum. But does any one know a way to go around this latency and if it is possible to improve on static ip. b4 I was on static I had regular tmobile hoem internet and the ping was 20-50
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2023.03.31 07:40 Autoplanetwheels Benefits of Professional Brake Repair Services

Benefits of Professional Brake Repair Services
When it comes to car maintenance, brakes are an important system that requires regular attention. Professional brake repair services are one of the best ways to ensure that your brakes are in good working order and that you can keep your car safe on the road. This article will discuss the benefits of professional brake repair services, and why it is important to make sure that your brakes are regularly checked and maintained.
The most important benefit of professional brake repair services is safety. If your brakes are not in good working order, it can be dangerous to drive your car. This is especially true if you need to stop quickly in an emergency situation. Professional brake repair services can help to identify any potential issues with your brakes, and make sure that they are working correctly. This can help to keep you and your passengers safe while you are on the road.
Another benefit of professional brake repair services is that they can help to save you money. If you do not regularly maintain your brakes, it can lead to more expensive repairs down the road. This can include replacing worn brake pads, replacing rotors, and even replacing the entire brake system. Professional brake repair services can help to identify potential issues early on, which can help to reduce the amount of money that you will need to spend on repairs in the future.
In addition to safety and cost savings, professional brake repair services can also help to improve the performance of your car. By ensuring that your brakes are regularly checked and maintained, you can help to keep your car running smoothly. This can help to improve your fuel economy and help to reduce your emissions. Regular maintenance can also help to extend the life of your brakes, which can help to reduce the amount of money that you need to spend on replacing them.
Finally, professional brake repair services can also help to provide a sense of peace of mind when you are driving. Knowing that your brakes are in good working order can help to give you confidence when you are behind the wheel. This can also help to reduce stress, which can make your overall driving experience more enjoyable.
Overall, professional brake repair services can provide a variety of benefits to drivers. From improved safety to cost savings to improved performance, professional brake repair services can help to make sure that your car is in good working order. It is important to make sure that your brakes are regularly checked and maintained in order to keep your car safe on the road. With the help of professional brake repair services, you can be sure that your brakes will be in top condition for a long time to come.
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2023.03.31 07:40 bookishbunnie I can’t stand having a roommate anymore

I’m (26F) very fortunate with who I’ve lived with so far, an ex and my current roomie who were both really easy going to live with, but I can’t STAND having a roommate anymore. I desperately crave having my own place and space that I have complete control over so badly.
I’m so tired of seeing someone else’s things everywhere, the things that I organize never staying organized, rewashing shared dishes because they’re also so fucking greasy, sharing fridge and pantry space (this is the bane of my existence right now. I can never find anything I buy or everything is so hidden it goes bad because she takes up like 75% of the space in the kitchen.) I’m so tired of having places in my home that aren’t safe for my kitten because she’s teething (my roomies room and her bathroom, obv she’s not going to kitten proof those areas. She also NEVER sweeps and my kitten goes for every little thing on the floor).
I feel really uncomfortable in the presence of someone else that’s not family or a significant other because it’s just so awkward and intense for me. Do I awkwardly just do my own thing quietly? Do I have to force small talk? If I never talk to her will she think I hate her or she hates me? Because of this, I tend to avoid going in to shared spaces. If I hear her in the kitchen, I just want until she’s done and goes back to her room before I go out to make myself something to eat. And then I have to deal with the strong smell from her cooking in the apartment and she cooks a lot of seafood and it just makes me so nauseous.
I feel like I’m being so picky and over exaggerative or like I’m an entitled bitch but I just want to live freely in my own space and be able to modify my home in a way that works for me and my brain that won’t be destroyed in a week. Plus it’s just really hard to organize things when it’s double the amount of stuff.
Also idk if it’s different but it wasn’t as bad living with my ex because there was so much agreement and it wasn’t like everything in the apartment was one persons or the others. Plus it seems like there’s more compromise and agreements and understanding.
Am I the only one who feels like this???
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2023.03.31 07:39 EggsAndSpanky We're fated

I'm psychotic, so take this with a grain of salt.
I'm very spiritual, and this started before the psychosis. Honestly, in those times, it was the only thing keeping me going. Since I can remember, I knew I had a promise to keep. There was someone I had to find, no matter what. Even little, I had trouble forming attachments, so I didn't have anyone I was close to besides my mom. I clung to this person I didn't know, and I thought of them every night. I wasn't even interested in any gender or romance, at this point. I just had this deep well of devotion I didn't know the source of. If I concentrated, I could FEEL them, always reaching out. Like they were screaming, "I need." started reaching back, concentrating on my own energy, towards them.
And then the dreams started. The brown haired boy. A boy my age who looks like my husband. In the first dream, he was naked in the snow. I gave him my jacket, held his hand, and we walked together. He was often naked, and I unfortunately know why, now. (The reason we weren't able to meet, sooner.) He always needed help in the dreams. Comfort. Guidance. I became increasingly protective. I felt like he needed me. I HAD to find him. I had promised. I knew in my heart I had promised him. In one dream, he was drunk and I put him to bed. I saw his back, and it ingrained itself into my memory. We were both far too young for alcohol, but more than likely he was high. I couldn't tell the difference. Another dream became a how-to instruction on his panic attacks. (Don't touch. Stay near, but a safe distance away. He'll want you when it's over. Low stimulation. Don't talk at him too much. Just guard, and don't let anyone come near him. Don't look at him if he cries. Just hold him when you can.) In another one, I had written "What's your name?" on a piece of paper, and hidden it under my pillow, hoping for an answer. In that dream, dozens of meetings flashed by, different people meeting for the first time, one always recognizing the other. (Meeting my husband was much the same.) I didn't get an answer, but written on a piece of paper in the dream read, "This is why I love you." I woke up with tears in my eyes. There were countless others. I always had nightmares. Really bloody, twisted, horrible nightmares. These dreams were my only reprieve, and I cherished them with my whole heart. I don't think I had any pleasant dreams that weren't about him.
I dreamt about him for a little over six years, and then I met him when I was eighteen. He was a friend of a friend of a friend, meeting up at a McDonalds to go downtown together. I fell immediately, and I fell hard. I KNEW him. He knew me. We spent a while trying to figure out how we knew each other, but came up short. (I kept calling him a completely different name, by accident, one I thought I remembered.) He was nothing like I imagined. To be frank, he was a man whore. He plucked cherries like he worked on an orchard. He was VERY experienced. More experienced than anyone his age should have been. He was energetic and excitable and practically vibrated with nervous energy. He made friends easily and got attached to people way too quickly, while still being aloof and catlike. He always wanted my attention when I was around, and kept trying to impress me (and making an endearing fool out of himself in the process). And I was totally taken by him. We both learned very quickly that I could read him like an open book. His feelings stabbed me like knives. I knew if he was sad, anxious, happy, angry, upset, stressed, because I felt it, too. It wasn't my own, but I also felt it. I used this to give him outs when he needed breaks, to comfort him when he wasn't well, to give him anything he needed. I lost my virginity to him two years later, and he had the same distinctive marks on his back. He's also the only one I've ever been attracted to. I had one boyfriend before him (and I cried and cried and apologized to my mystery person who couldn't hear me, but I was lonely) but I wasn't attracted to him. I loved him, but I didn't even know what attraction WAS. I still had the dreams when my boy as away, always running, never in one place, but they were him now. The boy had a face and name. I still felt his pull. "I need."
We dated on and off for the next ten years. It was... A very bumpy road. His anxiety only got worse with time, and life jaded him even more. I was always there when he needed me, just a text away. We were never on bad terms. He was just a kid, and was convinced he wasn't good enough for me. So I waited. I didn't want anyone else if it wasn't him. I had told him that, once, when he had come back to me again after a bad relationship left him in pretty bad shape, both physically and mentally. (He was so thin it looked dangerous, he had new medical problems, he always looked miserable and exhausted, and he had a lot of new baggage.) He eventually moved away to another state. He came back to visit family on his third year out of state, and decided to move back when he saw me again.
We moved in together, and that's that. I spoil him. I can't help it. He's just so cute. He's getting needier over the years. He still never asks me for anything unless he has to, too shy to ask for help, but not too shy to be an absolute pervert. So I just offer. All the time. Anything and everything. Or I just do. He showers me in affection and attention, so I am LIVING. Most importantly, he's patient with me when my head goes funny. No one's ever been this good to me. It's so nice. We've been living together for three years, now, and the less-than-pretty parts just make me wanna hold and love him even more. (His attacks are far more frequent than they used to be, and he has sensory meltdowns that I didn't know about. Sometimes he gets really listless and tired for a while, or suddenly gets clingier. He's really moody at times and it frustrates him. He doesn't get sick often, but when he does it's bad, and he can't sleep at all, unless I stay up all night, myself, to keep him asleep, which I always do. He drinks too much, if I let him. I'm making sure it doesn't go too far.) I wanna protect him. I want to coddle and spoil him. Buy I wanna keep him safe, like I promised, so I have to be stern, too. Make sure he eats right, that he goes to his doctors appointments, that he showers, I got him to stop smoking cigarettes... He's honestly a lot to care for, but so am I, and I love doing it. He's gotten so much healthier. I keep feeding him, and he keeps getting bigger, but I can't keep fat on him at all. It's just muscle. On anyone else, I'd find it scary. But he just looks so soft to me. I'm... I'm doing a good job caring for him, I think. I hope so.
So yeah, I still feel him. He says it's like I can read his mind. (I can't.) It really comes in handy, because speaking up is hard for him when he needs something. He's absolutely shameless, until it comes to asking for help, so I'm glad I always seem to know what he needs.
Anyway, I rambled on, but honestly I just always wanna talk about him. He's just so special to me. Fate and the spirits themselves brought me to him, at the earliest possible time. My life honestly hasn't been great, but I can't help but feel like the luckiest person alive. I found him. My person. My literal dream guy. He's my purpose. He's my everything. I'll die before I let him go.
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2023.03.31 07:39 chonkyzoo Feels like I have tried everything

For three months I've been treating my warts daily and nothing has worked. I've used duct tape, compound W, freezing my warts, heck even nail polish, and I always file the warts down before treatment. It's been almost 100 days of diligent daily effort with no meaningful results.
For the smaller warts, anything above the surface of the skin came off, but deeper than that and nothing helped. I don't even understand why, it's as if the roots of the wart regenerate quicker than any treatment can act. I stopped treating them four days ago just to check and, sure enough, they all are growing back even bigger than before.
As for the big plantar wart, forget it. The first few weeks were magical, the wart halved in size, then suddenly just stopped. I have not stopped treating that one, but no matter how aggressively I try nothing makes a change.
Ive spent countless hours reading testimonies from others all over this subreddit about how their warts fell off in two weeks and I only feel more discouraged.
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2023.03.31 07:39 NightmaresFade Can you say that a person seeking to change their personality still keeps being themselves?

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea which is the right flair for this, so I ask the mods to change it into the appropriate flair if needed.
Well I don't really know if my post breaks any of the rules(because frankly I had a hard time paying attention to them and understanding them, even though my Enlgish skills are decent), but I am willing to risk a ban because I am curious.
To keep it short:
My question is in regard to something I was reading(books about "working on yourself" and etc.), about doing work to "change into who you want to become" which might or might not imply a subtle or severe change in personality in someone.
So, if the person trying to change themselves achieves their goal of partially or completely changing their personality into what they desire it to be(regardless of the possibility of it or the ramifications of it), can it still be said that they're themselves?
Wouldn't a change in personality imply that the person is no longer themselves but someone else?
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2023.03.31 07:39 Rooftoptile2 I figured out how to make opponents concede the game.

Not to worry, it was a relatively involved process to develop the code to exploit the bug and easily fixable - so don't expect to see this in your games any time soon.
I do apologize to the poor players I did it to in casual while testing, but I only did it because I couldn't get challenge matches to work! I kept running into this error:
Hopefully both bugs will be patched soon :)
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2023.03.31 07:39 Brave_Performance_83 “I love our dogs so much!” Oh really? Then why can’t you fucking take care of them when I’m gone??

TL;DR at the bottom.
My (32f) husband (34m) and husband’s daughter (16f) have 3 dogs. We each “own” one. I’ve worked from home for 3 years, and all of the dogs have been adopted since Jan 2022.
I was under the impression that the dogs were a shared responsibility, but since I worked from home I took a bigger role on their care without hesitation since I LOVE dogs and was already with them day in and day out.
The “mandatory” care includes feedings (morning and evening), baths, vet appointments, basic manners training, kenneling at night/letting them out in the morning, making sure trash is picked up so they don’t eat something they shouldn’t and die, kenneling/putting the husky mix (my dog) outside in our fenced backyard when no one is around to supervise because she has separation anxiety and chews when alone (shoes, sentimental items, the fucking couch, EVERYTHING). The “fun” care is giving them a million bajillion kisses, cuddles, scrunches, stupid songs I make up about them and sing to them, treats, etc. I’ve known the majority of their care has fallen on me, but had no complaints because working from home made it no biggie and brought me joy to love on them throughout the day.
Over the last year, my husband and I have gone out on many date nights. Before leaving, I feed and put the dogs in the backyard because I know they’ll be unsupervised without me there. Numerous times we come back home to a chewed couch cushion because daughter decides to let them in while we’re gone and then locks herself in her room and forgets that they’re inside. I get chewed out because the husky mix is “my” dog and my responsibility. In my mind, I did my due diligence by putting her in the back yard away from things to chew, and it’s not my fault she was let back inside.
Daughter loves sleeping with “her” dog (chihuahua mix), and I think it’s sweet. Problem is, is that she lets her sleep in the bed, then goes to school, leaving her on the bed with her bedroom door closed. Her bed is tall, so the dog could injure herself if she tried to jump off the bed to the floor because of how small she is. The only reason she would try to jump off the bed is if she needed to relive herself. When working from home, before logging in to work (which is about 15-30 mins after husband takes daughter to school), I would go into her room, grab the dog, smother her in kisses, take her outside, and feed/water her. It silently bothered me a bit that she does none of the “mandatory” care and only participates in the “fun” care, but figured since I was home it wasn’t that big of a deal, and I love the dog so didn’t mind caring for her in the slightest. Just wished his daughter would provide more care and practice some responsibility since it’s “her” dog.
This week I got called into the office indefinitely. The first few days I did my normal care in the morning (outside, food, water, good morning smooches and pets), and came home and did the evening routine. Last night I came home later than anticipated, rushed out for date night with my other partner (poly, don’t judge and has no impact on scenario) and spent the night there. I went to work straight from my partner’s house. Came home and one of the dogs (husband’s dog) wasn’t hanging out with me like he normally does. I didn’t think much of it until a few hours of not seeing him, so I looked around for him. Found him staring at his food bowl outside, looking sad as fuck. Immediately fed him and he was back to his normal self. He’s very food motivated, but normally he’ll come whine for food vs be absent, so was definitely weird.
I texted our family chat asking if either of them fed the dogs this morning, and the response I received was “No I don’t think so.” I responded with “K. My bad I didn’t say anything about it, but now that im in the office i need yall to feed/water them when I’m not home. I.e. staying the night at [partner’s] house, a trip, ect.” I feel that was a chill response, but I’m honestly boiling inside and really angry.
Im thinking back to every time they’ve bragged about “their” dogs being awesome and how they love them so much, but have 0 to do with their “mandatory” care and can’t even feed them without me asking them to in my absence. I’m not even sure if they were fed last night, meaning they went 24 hours without eating because I wasn’t home for them like I normally am.
I’m angry that every time any of the dogs does something bad (chewing, accidents in the house, etc.) that it’s my fault, even though I’m the only one actually trying to find solutions and train them.
I’m super sad that I can’t spend all day with them like I did when I worked from home (which is all they’ve know) and feeling like no one else in this house cares about them enough except for me.
I feel mad at myself for assuming my family would feed the dogs at the bare minimum because I have taken on that duty.
This can’t happen again, and feel like unless I send reminders to care for the dogs every time Im away that it’ll happen again. I feel my original text is too nice and won’t elicit change, trying to figure out what to say/do from here. Any suggestions are welcome! Also, if you think I’m irrational and unfair, please explain why and provide feedback. Yeah I’m venting, but also looking for solid advice on what to do from here.
TL;DR I take care of my family’s dogs, was gone for a night and discovered that since I didn’t remind others to feed the dogs that they went hungry and I’m pissed off. What should I do?
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2023.03.31 07:39 IllClub226 I believe Lilo and Stitch to be cursed but I still love the movie

 Before the pandemic, my dad would usually go to a bar or bars many Thursday nights and get home really late. When I was in elementary school, around 4th grade I think, my mom had the idea to hide out in the patio before he got home to see how he would react because usually when he did come back he would say things to her, bad things. I was excited at the idea because it sounded like we were being detectives so the day of, when my mom was getting cold feet about it, I talked her back into it. It was night and we were eating dinner (hotdog and cabbage soup) and watching Lilo and Stich when my mom suggested that we went out now. We hid our bowls in a cabinet in the kitchen and went into the patio to hide. I brought out the blanket because it was cold and two of my dolls. After some time he came home. It was silent for some time before we heard breaking. He was breaking things. It was so loud and scary. My mom was scared for our safety even, and so was I. We climbed over the fence and walked over to my aunt's house. I still had the blanket with me when we got there. My mom to my aunt and whoever else who was there and instead of like words of sympathy or something, she was only berated (maybe not) for leaving my sister and cousin there (they were in our bedroom). But how could she have when her phone was still in the living room and the bedroom windows were right next to each other? I forgot when and how my sister and cousin got to my aunt's home but when me and my mom went back home to get a few things (we were staying at my aunt's) while my dad was at work, the apartment was destroyed; a hole in a wall, things broken, even outside in the patio. One of my cats was somewhere outside, but my other one was under a nightstand in my room. I don't think my dad even remembers that night and I don't know if my mom remembers either, but I can't bring it up. This is actually this first time I've even talked about it, even if it is just typing it. The second time I don't remember when exactly but it could have been the 6th grade. I was hesitant on watching Lilo and Stitch again but thought it would be fine, like "what were the chances of it happening again". But, low and behold, not even half way into the movie when my dad comes home drunk. He sits down next to my mom and says some really bad things to her. The movie is still playing but I can't bring myself to pause it or even turn the volume up, I'm just frozen with fear. Fear that if I made even the slightest of movement that he would notice. It was an eternity before he finally left to go to sleep. I miss Lilo and Stich, I loved all of the movies. But now I can't even watch a video about it because it's now associated with what happened for me. But really it isn't even about the movie, it just sucks how my views of my dad changed because it it. When I was younger, he was literally my hero; the coolest person I knew. And we were close, classic father daugher bond. Now I don't even know. When I was younger I had a dream where he saved me and my mom from an evil giant monster and now, in a more recent dream, he was the monster. And between then and before the pandemic, I would always get anxious if my dad was even a bit late getting home and down right terrified when he came home drunk. When the bars closed down, I was ecstatic. I wanted the pandemic to last forever, not even caring if it meant others would suffer, just so the bars would remain close and for my dad to never go into one again. 
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