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2023.03.21 22:05 pugluvr67 experience with /that/ group

hi! for personal reasons i’m going to keep me and what show i went to private, but it was one of the september shows on the NA tour. these people know me, i know them, and i’m friends with some of them still (thankfully the ones i gravitated towards didn’t go to the aus/nz shows).
i flew across the country for my (SINGULAR) show because they weren’t coming to my city. i want to start this off by saying i know i’m privileged, there’s certain circumstances that make travelling east for me, and i’ve travelled for bands before, but never followed them. my parents were with me on this trip and staying in a hotel a street down from the venue, so as soon as we got off the plane, we hopped in an uber and RIGHT as the uber pulled up to the hotel i went to the arena. this was 6pm the day before my show, and there was a show happening that night.
before this i had never camped out, but i saw posts online of people camping out for two days beforehand so i really wanted to secure a good spot in line as i just got off an 8 hour flights and spent my life savings on this trip. i like waiting in line as is, so camping out was cool with me because mcr is like the one band i’d do it for.
get to the venue, there’s one other person in line. we introduce each ourselves and stick together that day/night, at this point it was 6pm and nobody else got in line until that night BUT when people started lining up.. they were going in front of us. i know they saw us because we were right beside the door with a blanket, the other person was on an air mattress, etc. but walked right past us. so yknow, i go up and introduce myself, tell them i had been there since 6 pm and already started a numbering system for when people show up. they start kinda pushing on me being like “well if you were here since 6 why weren’t you sat here” so i let them know security told us to sit there, as there was a show going on…………i could tell they were REALLY annoyed despite only being two of us. the people who came after they were so nice and we chatted but this group of people specifically did NOT like me telling them “what to do”. of course we got our spot and the numbering system in place, but that night /i/ was kind of cast out while everyone else talked to each other. at that point i thought it was just my social anxiety making me think they were giving me attitude, casting me out, etc. which honestly really upset me because i love making friends at concerts!!!!! until i saw these recent posts about them.
the next day they were a lot better, i spoke with them a good majority of the day but still kind of got that outcasty feeling and didn’t know why.. new people kept on coming up to them and they were treating them so nicely but i wasn’t receiving that same energy? because i kindly let them know we were in line before them i guess???? there was one person who made me feel really at home within that group, so much so they invited me to come with them to their next shows (i didn’t because i was BROKE after that trip alone) so i thank them, but their friends did not. like at all.
it comes to the point where we’re getting let into the venue and they are LITERALLY shoving past me, who was already in front of them, to get a better spot, running, getting really pissy at security for being slow, etc. and it got SO overwhelming because before this the only shows i’ve been to were small ones and i had no clue what i was doing. at one point i got lost trying to find my way to floor because we had to go through so many doors so i asked one of them for help and THEY TURNED BACK, LOOKED ME UP AND DOWN AND IGNORED ME. i also want to specify i am autistic and once again, riddled with social anxiety, so i was on the brink of tears trying to figure all this out but ofc they had an advantage because they were doing all of this the night before.
i don’t know how but i somehow ended up making it to the floor FIRST by the help of security and plopped my butt down at centre barricade. all of them came out, i don’t know if they reacted to me being there first or anything because i was too busy freaking out i was actually about to see my favourite band, but guess what happened!!!!! same exact thing that happened in line!!!!!!!!! i got alienated. i was no longer around the person i originally sat with either and i was surrounded by the brigade, so i kinda had to just sit there silently and awkwardly until the openings came on, which they QUITE LITERALLY SLEPT THROUGH. like not even on their phones. they had their head down in their arms on barricade and they napped.
no issues with them during the concert, it was fine, but i recall talking to one of them about how i wanted a setlist that night because within the 40 shows i’ve been to in my life, i’ve never gotten one. the girl told me she’s gotten multiple set lists from mcr ALONE and that she’d try to get me one.. but when the time came, the security guard was coming up to me to hand me the setlist, but she grabbed it out of his hands :-)
so yeah, that’s my experience with the brigade. i genuinely believe if i hadn’t started the numbering system, which i somehow managed to keep going until the line made its way around the building, they would’ve pulled the shit they were doing in aus. i would also like to specify that this was one out of four of the shows my country got, similar situation w the australian tour, and once again; they didn’t let the locals get barricade. i know i wasn’t a local as i was across the country, but at least i was a citizen LOL.
TLDR; the brigade is mean and extremely passive
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2023.03.21 22:03 ooh-aah-cantona 10 Reasons to believe Elon Musk is a CIA Operative

10 Reasons to believe Elon Musk is a CIA Operative
Here are the 10 main reasons to believe that Elon Musk is a CIA Operative:
First of all: Elon Musk is a False Counter-Culture figure
Elon Musk has always acted as though he is 'anti-establishment' - doing things such as questioning the C-19 official story, amongst others. Yet Tesla produces machines for a C-19 vaccine. How is this 'anti-establishment'? It is likely he has been planted by the CIA to appear to be 'fighting the machine' whilst he's actually working for it. (And making it, too)
2. Elon Musk in the early '00s.
Q-Tel, the CIA's venture capital firm, were interested in Elon during 2001/2002. Mike Griffin CIA executive, travelled to Russia with Musk during this time and their intention was to buy ICBMs. But they never made this deal with the Russians and so Musk decided to form SpaceX. His prospective business partner Mike Griffin from the CIA was then appointed as NASA administrator, and was awarded a $400 million contract to SpaceX - before it had even launched a rocket.
3. Elon Musk's Businesses Are the CIA's Wet Dreams
Elon Musk has three main companies:
A satellite grid that completely covers the globe. If everyone is on the 'grid' of satellites (which will most likely happen eventually) everyone will be completely trackable at all times, anywhere. Especially if people are linked to NeuraLink. They are basically 'spy satellites'
A chip surgically planted into your brain that can upload and download information, turning you into a transhuman. This will not only create trans-humans but also a divide between trans-humans and humans. The trans-humans will have many advantages due to the downloading and uploading of all information whilst the humans will remain organic, but will be heavily disadvantaged in a capitalist society as a result.
Elon Musk has never mentioned that these two technologies will be 'linked' - but since they have the names StarLINK and NeuraLINK, and Starlink provides internet whilst Neuralink requires it, you can be damn sure these things will be linked.
Remotely-hijackable cars that can be controlled by internet connection (and by StarLink eventually I am sure) you go of course? Tesla realigns it. You break the law? Tesla drives you to the police station. Speeding? Tesla slows you down. You do anything that isn't within the rules of Tesla and the law and you no longer have choice, your choices are controlled.
These 3 business have CIA written all over them.
4. Further NeuraLink Breakdown
NeuraLink is the true beginning of transhumanism, which will be the final step that turns us from being human into becoming something other than human. It will finally connect us to the 'hive mind' - through StarLink - and ultimately disconnect us from the soul.
One of the main reasons for this is that more people these days are finding spirituality. People are realising how bad technology is for the soul and are steadily starting to distance themselves from it - deleting social media, using phones less, following spiritual teachers, gurus, religions etc. If they convince us to install tech such as NeuraLink into our minds, it pulls us as far away from spirituality as possible and turns us into transhumans. Transhumans cannot ascend or go to heaven. The more people who have Neauralink, in their eyes - the better.
5. 'Elon Musk Is Not Your Friend' Documentary Removed From Rumble
There was a documentary on Rumble that gained a huge amount of traction but has since been removed.. why was it removed?
It explained how Elon Muskis a fraud and CIA/WEF puppet who never actually invented anything and got rich from elitist money.
If anyone has a copy of this documentary anywhere please let me know as it needs to be reposted.
6. Elon Musk and the New World
Elon called for a one world government in January 2022
"Elon Musk and the WEF"
In his talk at the WEF, Elon Musk discussed how society needs to work together to create some kind of world government. He stated that this would be necessary to address the challenges currently posed by climate change and artificial intelligence.
Bloomberg article from 2008 confirming Elon Musk is a Young Global Leader
Elon Musk, the chairman of Tesla Motors, the much-publicized electric sports-car company, is a new YGL.
Wikipedia archive confirming Elon Musk became a Young Global Leader in 2005
Here here here says via Twitter "we've been working on mRNA vaxx tech for four years" in 2020
"Hacking Humans: How Neuralink May Give AI The Keys To Our Brains"
(links from user: Thick_Maybe_1819)
7. Elons Ex-Partner Grimes
By now most of us know about the music video she released pre-covid of people in pandemic masks as well as her cryptic photo of an ancient stone artifact with some additional symbols added: vaccine needles and UFO's.
There has also been mentions of her being a witch, ties to the occult, elitist parents, CIA background etc although this is all speculation and nothing has been proven. But due to her cryptic postings prediction COVID and the jab, I wouldn't be surprised if some, if not all of this is true.
And then of course Elon Musk tweets and image about finding out his partner was a CIA actor planted to dissuade him from being part of the counter-culture movement.
This not only screams "my ex was CIA" but when we keep in mind everything else, it also screams "I am a shill for the CIA fronting as a counter-culture figure"
8. Elon Musk is a Pentagon Contractor
Elon Musk's SpaceX won 2 Pentagon contracts for nearly $160 million in order to launch missions with its Falcon 9 rockets.
"The Pentagon announced Tuesday that it had signed two contracts with Elon Musk's space company, SpaceX, for more than $159 million.
Under the agreements, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets will launch two separate missions, the US Department of Defense said in a statement.
The two contracts come to $159.7 million and are expected to be completed by the end of 2023, the Pentagon said. It did not disclose the cost of each individual mission." -Source
9. Elon is a Department of Defence Contractor
Kash Patel, Trump's top advisor, confirming Elon is top DoD contractor:
10. Elon Musk Wore a Satannic Suit of Armour at an Elite Halloween Party (Image of Baphomet on the Chest)
Now fair enough, this could be a joke. But when you consider all the other craziness he's clearly up to, I don't think it's that far-fetched to suggest that he wore this suit for 'a reason'....
Elon Musk at a Red Carpet Event
Elon Musk and Greg Abbot doing the 'horns' symbolic handsign:
Elon Musk and Greg Abbot
Thanks for reading,
Cantona Lynx 1084
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2023.03.21 22:02 Realistic-Caramel808 Broke up with my girlfriend of 11 months

I dont have anyone to talk about it so I thought I'd drop it here.
First of all, i believe in traditional values. Man should work and provide, woman should take care of him & home and kids, so if that's triggering you don't read it.
We were together for over 11 months and she was my first girlfriend ever. [i'm 18]. We had our differences but I believe that you can always work it through, but unfortunately at the end I didn't believe we could.
She was 16, and it was great at first but after some time I've started to be unsatisfied with our sex life. (age of consent in my country is 15, so don't worry). I've talked to her about it several times, that I crave sexual satisfaction from her and it's bothering me. Something changed but just a little. I didn't feel it was enough for me, but I tried to forget about it.
We had several talks about the future and how we wanna live our lives. I told her I'd like my s/o to stay at home, take care of it and i'll provide her with everything she needs. Then called me "toxic" because I wanna keep her inside of the house (I've told her that what I mean is, I want you to be free, you will have all the time for your passions or whatever tf you wanna do, just take care of the house when im working). I know it's far from now but I like to have these conversations because they show you a lot about the other person and you don't waste time.
Time goes on and I feel drowned by everything. I see that she is kind of lazy person, mostly sleeps, no passions or anything. All what she does it sleep, spend all the time on social medias (instagram, tiktok, snapchat). She started going to the gym but no discipline in it either. I could just feel that she won't be a good mother and a good wife. Sex life getting way worse than at the beginning of the relationship, she cooked me something maybe twice. Once she was doing it for herself and did for me too. Why do I expect her to do it? Well, even tho im young I've tried to secure her with everything she needed. I dont come from rich family and every penny I have i've made it myself. I've taken her out to cinema, for New Year we spent in different city, when I was going out to eat something and she was with me I always bought her something, even tho she said she didn't want (she wanted, but she didn't have money), bought her some clothes once, and in general, I've tried my fucking best to provide her with everything. Tried to be the best provider she had because she doesnt have a good father figure in her life.
And it all ended on Sunday. It was too much for me, I just couldn't handle the fact that we aren't a good match.
She want to be the one leading in the relationship and I can't let that happen. Even tho she doesnt said it you can feel it that a woman isn't submissive.
She changed a lot and she is a wonderful person, but I just couldn't handle her lazy energy. I couldn't love her to the full because I knew one day we are going to breakup. I've broke up with her in my head some time ago, but I was just waiting for her to show me I'm wrong. I was waiting for her to show me that she will be able to care of me and our future kids and home. But she didn't. She never pay attention to the details, no ambitions or any goals. She's just existing and I couldn't handle it. I gave her so many opportunities to prove herself and most of them she missed.
I love her with all my heart and it broke me in half when I met up with her to tell her that we aren't a good fit. I walked away and told her goodbye and the last hug crushed me. Im still missing her and I know she is too. I know if I tried to take her back I'd probably work but I don't think I want to.
It's so fucking crushing to know she is just out there crying like me rn. Terrible feeling. The fact that I hurt her innocent soul is drowning me. But I have my standards too, I don't wanna live a life below my standards. Am I a horrible person?
No one will read it probably anyway, but I had to leave it here.
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2023.03.21 21:11 chinadigital_agency Remote Business in China: Overview on Chinese Cross-Border Platforms

Remote Business in China: Overview on Chinese Cross-Border Platforms
Since the beginning of the 20th century international trade has been a major driver of China's GDP growth. The liberalization of trade associated with free trade zones is now supported by the development of cross border ecommerce and online retailers business. There are some famous examples of Western online retail sites such as Amazon. China, however, is now a leading country in the field of online shopping development.
Today we have prepared a detailed article for you with an overview of the TOP 9 popular and working cross-border ecommerce online marketplaces in China for remote business. In this article, you will learn why cross-border ecommerce is one of the most convenient ways for global brands from other countries to do business in the world's second largest economy using the potential of today's largest ecommerce market.
Author: Alexander Sabantsev, China Digital Marketing Agency
The benefits of working with Chinese customers through cross border e-commerce are a driver for any Chinese company to increase revenue, as leading e-commerce platforms and online shopping help to improve the connection between Chinese sellers and Chinese shoppers. Chinese shoppers are mostly online shoppers, as the average Chinese spends more than 5 hours a day on mobile services. Modern Chinese consumers consider online retail as the most convenient way to easily select goods from both Chinese businesses and international sellers, who in turn are interested in online sales as a way to reduce costs and benefit from the flash sales effect.
Nowadays, the cross-border Chinese ecommerce system allows foreign companies to conduct business activities through a global supply chain and enter China's complex market without having to establish a Chinese legal entity, open an account in a Chinese bank, and create a very expensive operational infrastructure such as opening an office, a warehouse, hiring employees, etc. In order to attract as many foreign brands as possible, most of China's major marketplaces, interested in increasing the number of third party sellers, have launched cross-border trading sections on their platforms in recent years.

Tmall Global

Founded in 2014, Tmall Global is a leading cross border China online marketplace and one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms with a large market share among other online marketplaces in China which are engaged in international trade. This China marketplace is a special online platform for trading imported goods of the flagship Chinese online marketplace – Tmall owned by Alibaba Group. 800 million people are active Tmall users, and one in eight of them shop on Tmall Global. About 30% of the more than 100 million audience belong to Generation Z, the most active group of Chinese consumers on China market.
On the other hand, Tmall Global sells 35 000 international brands from over 90 countries through its online marketplace market. For 80% of them, Jack Ma's online marketplace has become the first sales channel in the Chinese market with one of the highest transaction volumes.
Such popularity of this China marketplace is explained by the fact that Tmall has never had a clear specialization in the sale of goods related to a very narrow product niche. As a result, Tmall Global generally attracts a wide variety of shoppers with a wide variety of needs. However, unlike Taobao mall which operates on the consumer-to-consumer model, Tmall is not an online marketplace for small businesses. Entry requirements are high for both domestic companies and international merchants. Chinese online marketplaces Tmall and Tmall Global are more attractive for global brands specializing in manufacturing high quality products, the probability of buying counterfeit products on one of the largest chain store in China is minimal. We should note that manufacturers of beauty and health products and light-weight snacks with medium and high margins should pay special attention to this platform.

Home page (left), product card (center) and Tmall Global online store page (right)


Kaola is another leading Chinese marketplace and is one of the largest online marketplaces engaged in cross-border ecommerce. The Kaola platform attracts over 30 million users with a 25% market share of all cross-border Chinese marketplaces trade transactions in China. The name of the Chinese marketplace (consonant with the word "koala") suggests that it was originally focused exclusively on Australian brands. But a little later, the scope of the Chinese online marketplace expanded to include the sale of imported goods from all over the world.
However, unlike Tmall and some other Chinese marketplaces, Kaola is positioned as a slightly more "prestigious" China online marketplace for the Chinese middle class whose representatives often go to the platform for shopping. The loyalty of this demanding group of consumers is ensured by a strict system of product selection and quality control. The online marketplace has even developed its own system that helps shoppers track the customs history of goods using QR codes. Thanks to this, users have no doubts about the authenticity of the goods sold. As a result, the brand's presence on Kaola increases its appeal in China.
The main product categories on the Chinese marketplace are infant formula and other children's products, snacks, health foods, cosmetics, apparel, accessories and home appliances.

Home page (left), product card (center) and online store page (right)

J.D. Worldwide

JD Worldwide, the import section of another popular third party marketplace, is seen as an alternative to the top online marketplaces such as Tmall Global for exporters looking to generate revenue from cross-border trade.
JD has become a famous China marketplace for having the most developed system of its own warehouses and delivery of goods. The company is also trying to maintain its brand by working with foreign merchants. JD Worldwide has partnered with global (DHL) and regional (Australia Post and Yamato) logistics leaders. In addition, the Chinese online marketplace has 32 warehouses for cross-border trade. In January 2022, JD announced a partnership with western e-commerce giant Shopify. This allowed Shopify sellers to enter the Chinese market through JD with little to no effort.
As with Tmall, almost every conceivable category of B2C products is sold on the JD platform. However, manufacturers of goods for automobiles, home appliances and electronics should pay special attention to JD Worldwide. The majority of Chinese consumers look for such goods on JD, expecting the high quality approach and effective after sales services. Today, it is difficult to consider JD as one of the pure play marketplaces because its scope is quite broad.

JD Worldwide home page (left), promotional offers section (center) and product card (right)

Duoduo International

The Pinduoduo marketplace (PDD) became a major Chinese ecommerce sensation in the second half of the 2010s due to two reasons. First, unlike other popular Chinese online marketplaces, Pinduoduo is a group shopping system that allows users to buy together at very deep discounts. The second is its focus on consumers from China's affluent hinterland. But it has also become a source of vulnerability in the e-commerce platform's business model. Although Pinduoduo's active users are on par with the market leader Tmall, the total sales of goods on the site are significantly lower than those on Alibaba's marketplace and some other Chinese online marketplaces.
In order to somehow solve this problem, Pinduoduo launched its own cross-border section - Duoduo International in 2019. As a newcomer in this business, PDD started to attract foreign brands with favorable conditions for entering the Chinese marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces, the owners of online stores on Duoduo International do not have to pay an annual service fee, and the registration deposit and order commission are noticeably lower than those of competitors.
However, cross-border from PDD has a significant drawback – the marketplace does not have its own warehouses and logistics solutions, so sellers have to deal with these issues themselves.
Pinduoduo is actively developing the trade of foreign cosmetics and perfumes. Taking into account the main audience of the site, we can recommend Duoduo International to manufacturers of conspicuous consumption products.
Pinduoduo home page (left), product card (center) and online store page (right)

Douyin Cross Border

Douyin, the Chinese twin brother of TikTok, has become a symbol of the convergence of social media and online retail in China. Douyin has many of the elements needed to succeed in e-commerce. On the one hand, it has the most engaging content formats – short videos watched by 900 million Chinese on various platforms, and live broadcasts, which became one of the main profit-making tools in Chinese online commerce in the 2010s. On the other hand, there are more than 600 million active users and an army of influencers who have earned the trust of their subscribers.
Therefore, in 2018, Douyin entered the e-commerce market, initially by actively collaborating with Alibaba marketplaces. Two years later, Douyin broke off its partnership with Tmall and built its own infrastructure to provide full-cycle in-app trading. And in 2021, it began to attract foreign brands for cross-border trade.
On the whole, cross-border trading on Douyin is still in the early stages of development, which allows even small-brand product sellers to carve out a significant niche on the platform. However, when choosing which products to display and how to promote them, it is very important to remember that Douyin is the territory of wealthy Gen Z consumers.
Video (left), product search (center) and online store page (right) on Douyin

Kuaishou Cross Border

Kuaishou, with its 400 million viewers, is often metaphorically called "TikTok for the Chinese village". The majority of its users are young residents of provincial cities who prefer to watch short videos about people similar to themselves, rather than about the daily lives of rich KOLs.
Although Kuaishou is still playing catch-up with Douyin, the social network began to engage in e-commerce much earlier than its main competitor. As a result, about 20% of the company's revenue now comes from e-commerce (while Douyin still relies mainly on advertising revenue).
But at the same time, like Douyin, Kuaishou only announced the start of its cross-border business last year. Therefore, this part of Kuaishou's business is still in its infancy, which may be even more beneficial for exporters - the platform will offer more favorable cooperation terms and additional services at this stage. However, it is not so easy to get on Kuaishou now - the site only accepts manufacturers of cosmetics, food, watches and luxury goods, and then only by invitation from Kuaishou itself.

Video (left), online store page (center) and product card (right) on Kuaishou

VIP International is one of the oldest Chinese marketplaces, as well as the world's largest flash-sale marketplace (the main method of sales on it is discount offers that are valid for no more than 24 hours). The products that are sold on this Chinese marketplace are mainly related to the fashion industry – clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc.
While is no match for the largest marketplaces in China's overall e-commerce market, its cross-border division, VIP International, is among the market leaders, accounting for approximately 10% of China's cross-border B2C commerce.
Buying popular brands at low prices is what its users come to the platform for. Therefore, unless you are a world famous brand, is unlikely to be your first sales channel in China. main page (left), product card (center) and online store page (right)

Little Red Book Cross-Border

If Douyin and Kuaishou are Chinese versions of TikTok, then Little Red Book (or simply RED) can be loosely described as the local Instagram. On this platform, ordinary users and influencers talk about their lifestyles and write reviews on the products they use (mostly these are clothes, cosmetics, skin care products). Other users can purchase the products shown in the photos with just a few clicks. This can be done both in stores within the application and by clicking on links to third-party marketplaces (for example, Tmall). In this way, a business account on Little Red Book can serve two functions at once – an independent sales channel and a tool for promoting products on other platforms.
It is worth noting that RED has a very unusual demographic profile – about 90% of the platform's 100 million audience are women.

Little Red Book home page (left), shopping section (center), and product card (right)

Suning Global

Suning was originally known in China as a large offline retailer of various electronics. Later, it began to expand both in terms of the breadth of the range of goods in various categories, and in terms of its presence on the Chinese Internet. One step in Suning's e-commerce push was to attract cross-border brands from overseas.
However, Suning is not only waiting for brands of foreign electronic equipment to enter its marketplace. The company writes on its website that it primarily would like to see foreign manufacturers of baby food, cosmetics, shoes, bags and food products on its platform. In addition, while other major e-commerce platforms prefer to deal with brands that have not yet entered the Chinese market, Suning explicitly states that brands that are already listed on Tmall or JD are more likely to open an online store.
To date, Suning is the least significant of the major players, with its marketplace accounting for approximately 1.5% of the total cross-border market in China.

Home page (left), product card (center) and online store page (right)


Today, more than 1400 categories of various products can be exported to China through cross-border channels (a complete list of these categories can be found at the link – a document in Chinese). Today cross-border ecommerce gives numerous opportunities to purchase inventory directly, buy consumer products from foreign brands, etc.
You can open your own cross-border online store on a dozen Chinese platforms and become a successful online retailer. Some of them are traditional marketplaces, while others are social networks with e-commerce features. But despite the differences, their requirements for exporters are similar:
● Entity registered outside of China
● Foreign registered trademark
● Statement from a foreign bank account
● Copy of passport of company's representative
● Payment of a refundable deposit (from $1.5 thousand on Pinduoduo to $10-47 thousand dollars on Tmall, depending on the category)
● Payment of an annual service fee (from $1 thousand for JD to $4.7-9.4 thousand for Tmall)
● Platform commission on orders (from 0.6% on Pinduoduo to 2-10% on Kaola)
Trading through cross-border makes it much easier to do business in China. The absence of the need to open a legal entity and a bank account in China helps reduce the risks of entering an unfamiliar market. Thus, small brands have the opportunity to test the demand for their products in China or prove to investors that they are promising without large initial investments.
China is closer than you think.
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2023.03.21 20:52 ByTheHolyWaffle 31 [M4F] MD/US- How My Dating Profile Would Look On Amazon! Prime Shipping Available

Just Some Guy Trying To Find The "One" Utilizing The Internet

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazon Dating Screenshot(4 total):> Images may not be mobile friendly so obligatory posting content below.
Pictures of ByTheHolyWaffle:
Eye Color: Hazel Height: 6'0" Myers Briggs: INFJ Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff Resides Near: Rockville Maryland
About this item
Product Information
Main Information
Education Bachelors in Networks and CyberSecurity
Future Education Potential Masters in IT or begin something in teaching.
Job IT EngineeSystem Administrator. Glorified Googler.
Dream Job He is trying to find that. He wants to have a sense of purpose and gratification from his job. He plans to start volunteering to find that.
Additional Information
Favorite Food Bulgogi. Loves Korean food. Mexican & Indian are both excellent. Loves all food.‎
Religion Agnostic
Children None. He is snipped.
Pets No pets at this time. He will get pets once he buys a house and settles somewhere.
Settle Locations Canada, California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado! Though he is open to relocating to most areas for the right person. As long as it's close to nature and the city.
Favorite Games Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts, The Witcher Series, Mass Effect
Currently Playing? World of Warcraft (WotLK), Minecraft, Rocket League, Phasmophobia. Whatever the friend group is playing really.
Drink/Drugs? He is a social drinker. Super social. Drugs, none. 420 Friendly.
Customer Questions & Answers
Question: Is he religious? Answer: He is not. He's agnostic and cool with whatever you practice/follow. He is willing to attend church on some Sundays if that's your thing.
Question: Does he want kids and to have a family? Answer: He currently has no desire to have kids. But that may change. He can't predict the future and how he may feel. In the past, he thought he'd have a family or adopt.
Question: What is he looking for in a potential prospect? Answer: He is looking for an individual who he vibes with honestly. He has dated nerds in the past and those who weren't nerds. Someone honest, down-to-earth, and semi-healthy. It's all about chemistry. He tends to have the best chemistry with gamers/nerds who enjoy the outdoors. For long-distance dating, he prefers to date someone who is into games. Makes spending quality time easier when it's something we both enjoy doing.
(New) Question: How does he spend his days? Answer: He lives the normal 9-5 on weekdays. Remote most of the time thankfully. With his free time on weekdays its usually just gaming or watching hockey. He goes to the gym 2 times a week and wants to start doing 4 times a week. Slow and steady. On weekends (warm days) he tries to go out backpacking or out in nature. Also enjoys the lazy days in. Enjoys cooking and trying all the good foods.
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☆☆☆☆☆ The best son I've ever had. -Mother A blessing from god. You're down to earth and never ask for anything in return. You could stop by and visit more often, but I understand you're living your life.
☆☆☆☆☆ Truly an amazing person. - Old Army Friend Thank you very much for taking this trip with me. I truly appreciate you and all you have done with me and for me since I first met you at WLC 2 years ago. Stay wonderful and beautiful you! Try your best to find joy in everything you do.
☆☆☆ Why don't you visit more often? -Crazy Family Who Loves Drama You live 2 hours away?! Why don't you drive up here every day and visit us?!
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2023.03.21 20:52 ByTheHolyWaffle 31 [M4F] MD/US- How My Dating Profile Would Look On Amazon! Prime Shipping Available

Just Some Guy Trying To Find The "One" Utilizing The Internet

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazon Dating Screenshot(4 total):> Images may not be mobile friendly so obligatory posting content below.
Pictures of ByTheHolyWaffle:
Eye Color: Hazel Height: 6'0" Myers Briggs: INFJ Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff Resides Near: Rockville Maryland
About this item
Product Information
Main Information
Education Bachelors in Networks and CyberSecurity
Future Education Potential Masters in IT or begin something in teaching.
Job IT EngineeSystem Administrator. Glorified Googler.
Dream Job He is trying to find that. He wants to have a sense of purpose and gratification from his job. He plans to start volunteering to find that.
Additional Information
Favorite Food Bulgogi. Loves Korean food. Mexican & Indian are both excellent. Loves all food.‎
Religion Agnostic
Children None. He is snipped.
Pets No pets at this time. He will get pets once he buys a house and settles somewhere.
Settle Locations Canada, California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado! Though he is open to relocating to most areas for the right person. As long as it's close to nature and the city.
Favorite Games Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts, The Witcher Series, Mass Effect
Currently Playing? World of Warcraft (WotLK), Minecraft, Rocket League, Phasmophobia. Whatever the friend group is playing really.
Drink/Drugs? He is a social drinker. Super social. Drugs, none. 420 Friendly.
Customer Questions & Answers
Question: Is he religious? Answer: He is not. He's agnostic and cool with whatever you practice/follow. He is willing to attend church on some Sundays if that's your thing.
Question: Does he want kids and to have a family? Answer: He currently has no desire to have kids. But that may change. He can't predict the future and how he may feel. In the past, he thought he'd have a family or adopt.
Question: What is he looking for in a potential prospect? Answer: He is looking for an individual who he vibes with honestly. He has dated nerds in the past and those who weren't nerds. Someone honest, down-to-earth, and semi-healthy. It's all about chemistry. He tends to have the best chemistry with gamers/nerds who enjoy the outdoors. For long-distance dating, he prefers to date someone who is into games. Makes spending quality time easier when it's something we both enjoy doing.
(New) Question: How does he spend his days? Answer: He lives the normal 9-5 on weekdays. Remote most of the time thankfully. With his free time on weekdays its usually just gaming or watching hockey. He goes to the gym 2 times a week and wants to start doing 4 times a week. Slow and steady. On weekends (warm days) he tries to go out backpacking or out in nature. Also enjoys the lazy days in. Enjoys cooking and trying all the good foods.
Customer Reviews
☆☆☆☆☆ The best son I've ever had. -Mother A blessing from god. You're down to earth and never ask for anything in return. You could stop by and visit more often, but I understand you're living your life.
☆☆☆☆☆ Truly an amazing person. - Old Army Friend Thank you very much for taking this trip with me. I truly appreciate you and all you have done with me and for me since I first met you at WLC 2 years ago. Stay wonderful and beautiful you! Try your best to find joy in everything you do.
☆☆☆ Why don't you visit more often? -Crazy Family Who Loves Drama You live 2 hours away?! Why don't you drive up here every day and visit us?!
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2023.03.21 20:51 ByTheHolyWaffle 31 [M4F] MD/US- How My Dating Profile Would Look On Amazon! Prime Shipping Available

Just Some Guy Trying To Find The "One" Utilizing The Internet

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazon Dating Screenshot(4 total):> Images may not be mobile friendly so obligatory posting content below.
Pictures of ByTheHolyWaffle:
Eye Color: Hazel Height: 6'0" Myers Briggs: INFJ Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff Resides Near: Rockville Maryland
About this item
Product Information
Main Information
Education Bachelors in Networks and CyberSecurity
Future Education Potential Masters in IT or begin something in teaching.
Job IT EngineeSystem Administrator. Glorified Googler.
Dream Job He is trying to find that. He wants to have a sense of purpose and gratification from his job. He plans to start volunteering to find that.
Additional Information
Favorite Food Bulgogi. Loves Korean food. Mexican & Indian are both excellent. Loves all food.‎
Religion Agnostic
Children None. He is snipped.
Pets No pets at this time. He will get pets once he buys a house and settles somewhere.
Settle Locations Canada, California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado! Though he is open to relocating to most areas for the right person. As long as it's close to nature and the city.
Favorite Games Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts, The Witcher Series, Mass Effect
Currently Playing? World of Warcraft (WotLK), Minecraft, Rocket League, Phasmophobia. Whatever the friend group is playing really.
Drink/Drugs? He is a social drinker. Super social. Drugs, none. 420 Friendly.
Customer Questions & Answers
Question: Is he religious? Answer: He is not. He's agnostic and cool with whatever you practice/follow. He is willing to attend church on some Sundays if that's your thing.
Question: Does he want kids and to have a family? Answer: He currently has no desire to have kids. But that may change. He can't predict the future and how he may feel. In the past, he thought he'd have a family or adopt.
Question: What is he looking for in a potential prospect? Answer: He is looking for an individual who he vibes with honestly. He has dated nerds in the past and those who weren't nerds. Someone honest, down-to-earth, and semi-healthy. It's all about chemistry. He tends to have the best chemistry with gamers/nerds who enjoy the outdoors. For long-distance dating, he prefers to date someone who is into games. Makes spending quality time easier when it's something we both enjoy doing.
(New) Question: How does he spend his days? Answer: He lives the normal 9-5 on weekdays. Remote most of the time thankfully. With his free time on weekdays its usually just gaming or watching hockey. He goes to the gym 2 times a week and wants to start doing 4 times a week. Slow and steady. On weekends (warm days) he tries to go out backpacking or out in nature. Also enjoys the lazy days in. Enjoys cooking and trying all the good foods.
Customer Reviews
☆☆☆☆☆ The best son I've ever had. -Mother A blessing from god. You're down to earth and never ask for anything in return. You could stop by and visit more often, but I understand you're living your life.
☆☆☆☆☆ Truly an amazing person. - Old Army Friend Thank you very much for taking this trip with me. I truly appreciate you and all you have done with me and for me since I first met you at WLC 2 years ago. Stay wonderful and beautiful you! Try your best to find joy in everything you do.
☆☆☆ Why don't you visit more often? -Crazy Family Who Loves Drama You live 2 hours away?! Why don't you drive up here every day and visit us?!
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2023.03.21 19:53 sylv30nn someone i trusted made a comment on my body that worsened my dysphoria

a friend commented on a photo i posted on social media that my chest being too large to look masculine and i have really, really bad chest dysphoria. i don't know what to do with this feeling, i want to punch a hole through a wall but my rental security deposit was pretty expensive so i won't i know that i don't owe anyone masculinity, but certain aspects of being afab give me a lot of dysphoria and having a friend stab me in the back like that sucked. I'm going to go through a serious surgery that will incapacitate me for months and put me in 10k debt just for cis people to befriend me and flirt with me just because of my feminine traits. I'll just be one of those girls that use they them pronouns to them cis people are kind of all the same, I'm yet to meet one that is truly accepting. if you're cis please don't try to change my mind, i literally don't care
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2023.03.21 18:58 a15minutestory [WP] You are a student in the most prestigious magic academy in the kingdom. No one knows how you got in, sure you have amazing magic potential, but you’re “magic blind” meaning you can only feel the presence of magic and not see any magic. [Part 64]

A slave-driving murderer had just publicly declared war on us. The cheering and applause of the people standing around us was an eerie and ominous accompaniment to the feeling of dread swelling in my chest and radiating down to my stomach. He'd captured all of them thus far. I swallowed and dropped my gaze down to the pavement as it dawned on me that all of those people had tasted freedom, and were then immediately and mercilessly hunted down and dragged back to hell.
But there was an interesting caveat there. He called us by the names O'Malley had erroneously wrote down in his ledger. The men that were chasing us that day had picked up our actual fake aliases, but then we'd killed them at the inn. It seemed that knowledge died with them– a drop of good luck in a raging downpour it seemed.
"William," I said just loud enough to catch his attention.
He turned and eyed me. "Huh? Were you talking to me?"
I lifted an eyebrow. "Yeah. Who else would I be calling William?"
He narrowed his eyes, "It's Tovin, you spaz."
I glanced around nervously. Nobody appeared to have been listening to us. I took him by the shoulder and led him away from the crowd gathered around the picture boxes. "What are you doing?" I hissed.
"What am I doing?" he scoffed. "What are you doing? You know my name. What, are you playing a game right now?"
"Our aliases," I said through my teeth. "We're using fake names, remember?"
His expression changed from annoyed and confused to forlorn and somber. He swallowed and looked away. "... I'm losing it again, aren't I?" he asked.
I remained silent. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want him to feel worse about it, but that would have been a dangerous slip-up in front of the wrong person. Before now, I was starting to think that Tovin back home had overblown how quickly the mental decline would be.
"Don't worry about it," I said finally, passing him on the sidewalk further into the city. "Come on. We need to find a way to make some money."
"And fast," he added, trailing behind me. "We need food, clothes, and a couple of beds. And more cigarettes, too. I've only got a few left and I'm trying to make them last."
We walked the mazelike streets of Bronzegirder looking for work. I wasn't used to Diesel society yet and often found myself hung up on storefront windows that marketed all kinds of gadgets and technology. I would do my best not to stare when people walked by wearing metallic pieces on their persons.
Some wore gadgets on their forearms, some on their wrists, and others in various other areas. I wondered what purpose they served, where they were sold, and how expensive they could be. And it wasn't just the gadgets. There were far more dark-skinned people here than we had in Galgia. It was something I had read about but never experienced. They ranged from light tan all the way to almost black, and it just added to the culture shock.
There appeared to be people living in the buildings above the storefronts. The tall towers we had seen in the far distance earlier served as housing as well as business space. Diesillians stood on their balconies, some hanging wet laundry, others leaning over their railing while they enjoyed a drink or a smoke. We passed so many things I would have wanted to stop and look at were we not being hunted. DuPonte seemed awfully sure of himself when he said he'd find us, but for the life of me, I couldn't imagine how one would find antything they were looking for in this city.
"I'm totally lost," I admitted. "We need a map or something."
He remained quiet. I turned to speak to him more directly only to find that he wasn't behind me anymore. My stomach dropped as I looked around at the sea of people.
"William?" I called out. "William!"
It was no good. I'd have to literally scream if I wanted to breach the drone of the crowd, and I couldn't afford to draw too much attention to myself. There was also the possibility that he'd forgotten his name again anyway. I adjusted the straps of my backpack and sighed deeply before doubling back. He couldn't have wandered too far away, and he'd be easy to spot against the horde of people in more modern clothing.
I kept close to the storefronts as I picked up my pace. I began to peer into each store as I passed them. The longer I searched, the more I worried. He wasn't in his right mind. He'd get himself noticed and captured if he let too much slip, or pulled down his hood. I came to the turn we had taken after we'd left the picture boxes. He was with me at this point, I was sure of it. I turned around and swallowed as I scanned the crowd.
This was really, really, bad.
"William?" I tried again. I decided to cross the street and nearly got run over by one of their vehicles. It screeched to a stop and when I lowered my arms, I found the front of the metallic machine inches from my face.
"Git the fuck oudda da road!" shouted the pilot, shaking his fist in the air. I quickly scurried onto the opposite sidewalk and made my way down the street with the flow of the crowd. I kept my eyes peeled as I walked. It was difficult to see over everyone's shoulders. Diesillians were a good deal taller than Galgians as a rule, and it made it a nightmare for an average-sized guy like myself. Just when I was about to start asking around, something caught my ear.
Something I never expected to hear– music.
I stopped in my tracks and the public parted around me like a river around a boulder. I turned toward the sound and followed my ears to a large silver pavilion nestled between two tall buildings. It looked like an empty lot that had been designed for another tall building but instead served as some sort of inner-city courtyard where live entertainment performed.
I slowly approached as a woman stood in front of a mic stand singing while a band performed with shining metallic instruments behind her. She had black hair styled in a way I'd never seen hair styled. It was pulled up and around under a hat and shined the same as her red lipstick did. But what awed me the most was that she was singing.
No danger; no combat; no sign of beasts being summoned forth. She sang beautifully, adding something to music that I had never in my life once considered because in Galgia, to sing was to slaughter. Music was a tool of war and forbidden entirely outside of such circumstances, for if one of us were even to hum, anything could come crawling out of the resulting portal.
But here she was, singing what I presumed were the words to a poem in perfect rhythm and harmony with the band that played behind her.
"You're my machine, my heart's ignition. The gears that keep my love in motion. You're the engine that never tires– the pistons set my soul on fire."
I was completely taken in. It was therefore no surprise to me that here in the crowd, I spotted Tovin watching her with equal admiration from the edge of the stage. I weaved through the crowd as politely as I was able and then stopped next to him. He glanced at me before quickly returning his eyes back to the stage. I didn't say anything to him; no words needed said so long as she was singing.
"You, my dear, a love machine, the one that keeps my bearings clean– I'm addicted to your engine's roar, your power's what I'm living for."
I wasn't a hundred percent sure what she was talking about, but it was clearly a love song written for one lucky guy. When the song was finished, she ever so slightly lifted her ruby-red dress from the sides and took a bow. The crowd clapped, a few whistles coming from somewhere behind us.
"Thank you," she said softly into the mic. "It's important to remember that love conquers all," she said, passing her deep black eyes over us. "Hatred fades over time, but love lasts; it endures. This next song is about a long lost love and reconnection."
We stayed and listened to a couple more songs before she left the stage, and the band with her. She disappeared on promises of returning tomorrow for a second show. Of all the things thus far I had seen in the land of our enemy, something so sweet as non-weaponized music ranked among the most surprising and awe-inspiring.
As the crowd began to disperse back onto the main street, I turned to Tovin. "Hey, do me a favor and don't disappear like that. I didn't know where you were and we've got to stick together."
"Can we come back here tomorrow?" he asked, completely ignoring what I'd said. He stared at me with hopeful eyes, a small smile on his face. It still felt strange of him to ask me permission for anything, but I couldn't deny that it was a pretty magical performance.
"Only if we live that long," I answered with a heaping helping of snark. "We need money so we can get off these streets tonight. Come on, we're losing daylight."
He looked past my shoulder and suddenly pointed. "What about that?"
I turned to see a bulletin board posted on the side of a building not far from us. On it were several posts, but one of them specifically read, "200 Octim Sign-On Bonus." The two of us walked up the board and looked over the job.
"There's a sign-on bonus," Tovin said as his eyes moved down the paper. "The Empress needs you. Galgian dogs sent monsters to run amok in our fair empire. Officials are spread thin amidst heightened tensions with Galgia's military. Find and kill monsters for bounties. Seek employment at the Hunters' Barracks at 443 Alloy Avenue on the north side of town. Look for the men in uniform."
"Monsters?" I asked. "There aren't any monsters in Galgia. None in all of Aurii if our textbooks are accurate."
"You want to at least check it out?" he asked.
"I think we'd be wasting our time," I said dismissively. "We hiked through a bunch of wilderness closer to the Galgian border and we didn't see anything all night."
He folded his arms. "Then let's get our sign-on bonus and leave."
That was such a fantastic point that I pushed my palm against my forehead and visibly cringed. "Oof. Why am I so dumb?" I whined.
"I don't think you're dumb," Tovin said as he moved down the bulletin board to look at other flyers. "I think you're just honest to a fault. It never would have occurred to you to do something so underhanded."
I would never get used to compliments from Tovin. It was like watching a different person wear his body and speak with his voice. Had life at ENU really been such a drag on him?
"None of these other jobs are offering money upfront," he added, turning to face me. "Let's head to the north side of town and see if we can find Alloy Avenue."
x - - x - - x - - ★ - - x - - x - - x
The walk was long and difficult– not because it was too far, but because we had to pass so much delicious-smelling food along the way. I hadn't been sure before if Tovin was as hungry as I was, but the north side of Bronzegirder was quiet enough to hear both of our stomachs growling in concert with one another. The buildings were made of brick in the district we wandered through, and the walkways were closer to cobblestone like the kind we had back home. The roads were three times as wide, there were benches along the walkways, and they had planted trees caged in black iron gates at the trunks. The few people that strolled the sidewalks on Alloy Avenue were well-to-do, dressed in expensive-looking suits and wearing high hats with wide brims.
"I like this side of town better," Tovin said as we looked for building addresses. "Though I have to say, I'm surprised to see trees in the collossity."
"Goes a little against what we were taught doesn't it?" I asked.
"I don't recall being taught anything," he grumbled. "It's just another thing I somehow know."
I cast him a sympathetic glance and he didn't seem to like it. He scowled at me, "Don't you pity me."
"I'm not," I rolled my eyes. "I'd never feel bad for you Tovin, not in a thousand years."
"Just shut up," he snapped. "We're here."
He stopped in front of a brick building with an impressive stone staircase that had bronze handrails running up the length of them. At the top were two men in uniform just as the flyer had indicated. He was the first to start up the steps and I quickly followed behind him. As we passed them I took a good look at their uniforms. I could have sworn that I'd seen them somewhere before. We walked up to the glass doors and pulled them open.
A blast of warm air blew over us as we entered the building and it was a welcome reprieve from the cold. Inside was smaller than I had anticipated. I was expecting high ceilings, murals, metal artwork, and all kinds of stuff from how nice the outside looked. Instead, we found ourselves standing in a dirty lobby about the size of a headmaster's office. There were several rows of chairs dotted with people filling out forms on clipboards. At the back of the lobby was a little window with a man sitting on the other side. He was dark-skinned, had a shaved head, and bore a grisly pink scar across his cheek. He waved us forward when he noticed us.
"Let me do the talking," I whispered to Tovin, taking the lead in front of him as we made our way over; he didn't protest.
"Afternoon, gentlemen," he spoke into a microphone that relayed his voice to us through a little black device on the window. "Thinking about joining up?"
Before I could even speak, Tovin leaned onto the counter. "So when you say monsters," he adopted a skeptical look. "You mean like the ones that don't exist?"
The man behind the counter rolled his eyes. "Oh, great, another conspiracy theorist."
"What did you call me?" Tovin shot back.
"Ahhh, ha ha," I called out loudly, pulling Tovin back by his shoulder. "My brother is better at fighting than talking," I covered quickly. "Just talk to me from here on in."
He cast me a disinterested glance before handing us both clipboards with forms attached. "Whatever. Just read the whole thing and sign the liability waiver at the bottom. He's free to deny their existence while they're chewing his face off, but the empire won't be responsible for it."
I took both of the clipboards and passed one to Tovin. The two of us sat down and began going through them– and immediately, we faced a problem. They wanted first and last names, home addresses, medical history, and something called landline numbers. Tovin and I exchanged glances; this wasn't going to work.
I stood up and slowly walked back up to the counter as I looked over the document. Every time I looked, it seemed more and more ridiculous. Blood type? Social security number? Insurance provider? I didn't know what any of this meant. It might as well have been in an entirely different language.
"Did you have a question?" asked the man behind the counter.
"Yeah, I don't have most of this information," I said, setting the clipboard down on the counter. "Sorry, but we're gonna have to just go."
"Well, hang on now," he said, reaching under the little pass-through window and retrieving the clipboard. "I take it you boys are homeless then?" he asked.
"Uhh... Yeah," I answered tentatively. Did they really have such a homeless problem that he was able to jump to that conclusion so quickly? "We don't know how to answer these questions, so thanks anyways."
"I said hang on, dammit," he called through the mic before swiveling around in his chair and pulling some kind of lever underneath it that caused it to sink lower to the floor. He opened a cabinet and began rifling through it. I peered through the window at his chair– it was on some kind of ball axis that allowed him to spin in it freely. I felt like every couple of minutes I was seeing something I'd never seen before. He swiveled back around and lifted his chair back up before he handing me a new form. It was more like a strip of paper with three questions on it.
Shirt size, shoe size, and pant size.
There was a second slip of paper underneath it. I looked back up at the window attendant as Tovin appeared next to me. I handed him the slip of paper and we exchanged glances.
"The empire isn't being picky right now," spoke the man through the speaker. "You'll be assigned a number, a gun, and a uniform. You won't be eligible for emergency care, and you can't be assigned to a party. It'll be just the two of you. If you're still interested, we need all the help we can get."
I shrugged at Tovin, and he got to work filling out the information. I leaned on the counter and jotted down my uniform size before signing the waiver and handing everything back. He took both of the documents and then nodded toward the door on his right. "Come on back."
He reached under the table and did something that caused the door to make a whirring sound. It popped open on its own, and he thumbed us over to it. "Close it on your way in. Walk straight down the hall and through the third door on your left. Your hunter number is 27B and his is 28B."
We walked down the hallway and found the designated door already opened and with a sign on the inside that read, "Uniforms HERE" with an arrow pointing into the room. We were met by a portly woman with bouncy curls that hung down to her shoulders. She sat behind a desk absolutely surrounded by hanging uniforms, all kept in clear covering. She sized us up with a retractable ruler– the coolest ruler I had ever seen. After she took our measurements, she began sifting through uniforms.
"Why did they ask us for our sizes if they were going to measure us?" Tovin grumbled.
"I don't know," I whispered. "Just be quiet."
"Don't tell me to be quiet," he shot back, elbowing me in the ribs.
She turned around holding two suits by the hangers, one in each hand. "Your uniforms will come out of your first bounty collected," she announced. "No money needed upfront. Change into them and make sure they fit." We took them from her and she breezed past us. "Holler out here when you're changed." She closed the door behind her.
We turned away from one another and began getting dressed. I pulled back the crinkly clear material and looked down at the uniform. Now that I was seeing it closer, it was actually an extremely dark shade of blue, rather than black as I had thought prior. I looked down at the hat and held it in my hands. I had seen it before. Then, all at once, it came rushing back to me.
These were the uniforms of the men that had come to the mine. They had come carrying guns to inspect the worksite after what had happened to Hammer. Skully must have thought a monster had gotten to him based on the state of his body. I stared down at the uniform in disbelief. Could monsters really be running around in Diesel territory?
"You better not be looking over here," Tovin warned.
They had mistaken what Tovin had done for a monster attack. Skully's "fonekall" wasn't a pilgrimage. It was some form of long-distance communication. She reached out to the capital to request aid from someone, and they sent these guys. I began to wonder if I was making a mistake. If we could be dispatched like that, then we could feasibly be sent back to the camp.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. We were only in it for the sign-on bonus. Once we had that in our hands, we'd be outta here. We could even jump to the next town. They knew nothing about us other than our clothing size. We could be dust in the wind by tomorrow morning.
I shoved those thoughts to the back of my mind and quickly got dressed. The uniform fit perfectly, it was comfortable, and best of all had been designed with a high collar. It covered our neck markings perfectly. I turned to see Tovin with the hat on already. He looked like a classic Diesel villain from a comic book I had read as a kid.
"It fits nice," he said, testing the range of motion he had in his arms. "I think this will work."
"Yeah," I nodded. "Let's get our money and get the hell out."
"Speaking my language," he smirked.
He moved for the door and leaned out, calling for the attendant. I looked at myself in the full-body mirror and did a quick turnaround. I had to admit, I looked pretty darn stylish. The white gloves, belt, and hat looked pretty good against the dark blue and gold buttons.
The woman returned and smiled at both of us, her curls bouncing as she tossed her gaze cartoonishly left and right between us. "You two look good!"
"Thanks," I smiled back. "When do we get our sign-on bonus?"
"Oh, don't worry about that just yet," she said, moving back to her desk. "Do you boys know how to shoot?" she asked as she sat down.
"Shoot?" Tovin asked.
"A gun," she clarified, her smile fading. "Have either of you shot a gun?"
"No, ma'am," I answered. "Our parents didn't let us near them growing up."
"That's no problem," she said, lifting her hands. "We're happy to teach you the basics. You'll just exit the room and go left down to the very end of the hallway. I'll buzz you through the double doors at the end, and Old Mitchell will take you from there."
Tovin audibly groaned, and I took him by the arm, leading him out of the room. We walked down the hallway as he bellyached about what a waste of time it was. It was unlike him to turn his nose up at the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a new weapon. In fact, he'd been acting weirdly childish lately. I didn't like it. It beat dealing with Tovin-Classic, but it was still a hassle. As we neared the end of the hallway, we began hearing the sound of guns being fired one by one.
The doors buckled and hummed the same as the first door had, and we pushed them open. We passed into a large room with Diesillians shooting at targets a good distance away. This was why the building was so large and the lobby was so small. The brick walls were covered in informational and safety posters, as well as what appeared to be schematics for the weapons themselves.
I looked across the large room to see a man striding toward us. He was wearing shiny black boots that were laced tightly to his calves. His pants and jacket were hunter green, and he bore perhaps the silliest mustache I'd ever seen; It was long and curled at the tips. I had to be careful not to snicker– his eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses, and I couldn't tell if he was watching me.
"New recruits?" he called out to us from entirely too far away.
"Yes sir," I called back. "My brother and I just signed up."
"Brothers!" he exclaimed. "I love it, dammit!" He stopped in front of us. He was chewing on something and was being as obnoxious as he possibly could about it. He was wearing perhaps the stupidest hat I had seen of the Diesel yet. It had no visible brim and was high on one side while sloping down toward the other. For the life of me, I couldn't discern the purpose of it.
"You boys know how to shoot?" he asked.
"No sir," I shook my head. "We're new at this."
"Good," he smiled widely. "That means you haven't formed any bad habits yet. I love newbies," he said before waving for us to follow him. "Come on, let's get you your rifles. I'm Mitch, but folks around here call me Old Mitchell."
"James," I said as I followed after him. "This is my brother William." It was difficult to talk over the noise of the weapons. I occasionally jumped when someone shot their gun nearby– a reflex I couldn't wait to be rid of. He led us to a small room; so small that it might as well have been a glorified safe. He disappeared inside and came back out holding two guns. The same long metal tubes Tovin and I had been attacked with at O'Malley's inn.
We each took one and promptly inspected it. Suddenly, Old Mitchell stepped forward and grabbed both of our guns by the barrel, lifting them so they were pointed at the ceiling.
"You boys ever even held one of these?" he barked. "Careful where you aim. Never point one of these at anything or anyone that you're not prepared to destroy."
"They sweep you, Mitch?" asked a man as he passed behind us.
"Pointed 'em right at me," he called back with a laugh. "We'll get 'em straightened out, don't you worry about that." He looked at us both, chewing aggressively. "Now I'm gonna let these rifles go. You keep 'em pointed up, you understand?"
"Yes, sir," I answered.
"Sure," Tovin said in a disinterested tone.
He let go of our rifles and we kept them pointed at the ceiling as we were told. I looked up and down the length of the tube before turning it over and inspecting the area under the barrel. It was split underneath with what looked like some kind of spring running along the length of the tube.
"They're not loaded," Mitch said, waving for us to follow him to the other side of the room. "But you will always treat them like they are. I'm going to show you how to load them over here. Set them down on the desk, I'm gonna stand between the two of you so I can watch you both."
I set my gun down in front of me and looked to my right. There was a box of what I presumed to be bullets. I expected them to be round pellet-like projectiles, but they were tubular with roughly textured heads on them.
"Turn your weapon over. You'll notice you can see a spring inside the bottom of the barrel. Close to the other end of your gun, you'll find a little round tab there. Take that tab and push it with your thumb all the way up toward the tip of the barrel. You'll then pop it out to the side there."
I did as he asked, and sure enough, the barrel popped out to the left at the tip of the weapon. I glanced over at Tovin who was struggling with the spring. Old Mitchell moved over and helped him with it. "Sometimes they get stuck," he muttered as he got Tovin to the same step I was at.
"Now," he shouted. "Take your ammunition right there in the box next to you, and begin placing the rounds into the underside of the barrel, flat side first. Then, you'll load more bullets into the gun overlapping one another. Be careful not to let the rounds collide with one another too heavily, or you could have a little accident."
I loaded the bullets carefully one after another until the barrel was about full. He checked on Tovin's rifle, and then inspected mine.
"Good. Now realign the barrel, there and come with me to the bay," he said, starting toward the practice range. I carefully lifted the weapon and rested it against my shoulder, turning with Tovin to follow him. When we stopped at the range, he motioned for Tovin first. "Come on, Will, we're gonna start with you."
"Pass," he said nonchalantly.
Old Mitchell blinked twice. "What?"
"I want to see Gill do it first," he said, stepping out of my way.
"It's a nickname," I said quickly, stepping up to the range. "Anyways, I'll go first, I don't mind, what do I do here?"
Mitch remained silent for a couple of seconds before clapping his hands once. "Okay! Well, go ahead and pull the hammer back."
I looked down at the weapon and then back up at him. Sensing my confusion, he carefully reached forward and pulled back a little tiny lever on the top of the rifle until it clicked. "That's called pulling the hammer back," he said. "Will, you watching this?"
He didn't wait for a response. "Next thing you're gonna do is pull that lever out underneath the gun. That's going to load the weapon with a fresh cartridge. You're gonna do that between every shot, now. Lift it up against your shoulder like this; get it snug in there." He pulled it against my shoulder. "Look down the iron sight there at the tip of the rifle and line it up against your target. Your weapon is primed and ready to fire. You're good for fifteen shots before you've got to reload. You can always flip it over to see how many bullets are left. Go ahead and aim carefully, and try and hit that target paper down there."
At the end of the range, there was a piece of paper with a silhouette of a human head, shoulders, and torso. I closed one eye for better aim and held the gun tightly as I lined up my shot.
"Don't pull the trigger," Mitch advised in my left ear. "Squeeze it. Squeeze the trigger until it doesn't move easily anymore. Then when you're sure about your aim, squeeze with just that little bit of extra strength you need."
I did as he said, and felt what he was referring to. With my target in sight, my hand steady, and my aim as true as I could hope for, I fired the weapon. The shot rang out right in my ear, but interestingly enough, it wasn't so bad when I was the one firing. I was ready for it, and expecting it.
"Holy smokes!" exclaimed Mitch. "You put one right between the eyes!"
"Beginners's luck," said a man from behind me. "I did the same thing first time I shot, and never did it again."
"Let's prove him wrong, James," Old Mitchell laughed. "Now use that lever under the gun to eject the casing and load a fresh bullet."
I pulled the lever and the shiny little bullet casing popped out the top and flew over my shoulder. It was a really satisfying feeling.
"Do I pull the hammer again? I asked.
"Nope, it'll pop back down. You'll only pull that hammer back the first time. Go ahead and fire again, only this time, aim for the neck."
"Alright," I said, closing my eye and tightening my focus. I squeezed the trigger just as I had the first time and shot a hole straight through the center of the target's neck. I lifted my head and smiled. "I hit it!"
"No way," said the man behind me. "Ain't never shot before, my ass. He's taking you for a ride, Mitch."
"You're sure you're new at this, son?" Old Mitchell asked, one eye half shut. "That's really impressive, kid. Seriously, if this is your first time holding a rifle, you might be cut out for the military. Had a staff sergeant with worse aim than you."
"Alright, alright," Tovin pushed me aside. "My turn. Let me show you something you'll never forget."
The two of us took turns shooting for hours. We hadn't even noticed the time going by. For once, it seemed Tovin had found something he wasn't naturally amazing at, and it was infuriating him to no end.
Conversely, I found something I was really, really good at. I hit my target almost every time, and to be honest, I couldn't figure out what was so difficult about it. A crowd had gathered to watch me shoot. I got really swift with the lever, and could shoot out both of a target's eyes, and put one in its forehead in a matter of seconds.
Tovin wasn't a bad shot, but I knew how he felt. If he wasn't first, he was last as far as he was concerned, and at one point he about threw his rifle. Old Mitchell had to talk to him about how some things come naturally to others, and how he shouldn't be discouraged from coming to the range and practicing.
It was rich hearing Tovin get that talk of all people. The natural genius that outshined everyone, struggling with something for the very first time. I almost couldn't believe I was better than him at something, and of course, it just had to be the thing that we'd never do again once we found our friends and went back home.
Our friends.
We were wasting time here. "Hey, Mitchel," I turned toward him. "When do we get our sign-on bonus? It was supposed to be something like 200 octims."
"You get your sign-on bonus when you bring back your first bounty," he responded quickly.
"What?" Tovin shouted. "That's not fair! We signed on, now where's our money?"
I was equally upset. We were lied to. But it made sense that they couldn't just hand us uniforms, cash, and a gun, and let us go. They wanted to make sure we at least killed a monster.
"It's fine," I said with a sigh. "Where can we find bounties?"
"It's not fine," Tovin protested.
I yanked him by the collar of his shirt and looked him in the eyes. "It's fine," I said slowly and firmly. "We'll run out, bag a monster, and be back before dark."
He held eye contact with me for several seconds before shrugging me off of him and walking away. He stormed across the bay and left through the double doors at the other end of the room.
"My brother was the same way," said Mitch. "Hard-headed. Stubborn as a mule. Loyal as anyone you'd ever meet though."
He had no idea. Tovin wasn't just difficult, but he was turning into a walking liability. I didn't know how much longer I could take him acting like this. Suddenly, Mitch extended his arm, pointing to a door adjacent to where he'd gotten our guns from.
"Bounty board is in there. Come on, I'll show you."
It was a medium-sized room with several corkboards wall to wall filled with bounties. Every monster was named and almost all of them were sketched to a professional degree. You could find how much money the monster was going for, which hunters it had killed, where it was last seen, as well as whether or not there were hunters currently after it.
They had a system where you would notate which monster you were going after, and if you didn't return, they'd add your name under the list of hunters that died searching for it. There were so many monsters I couldn't believe it, and according to Old Mitchell, these were only the monsters within a five-mile radius of Bronzegirder.
I learned the process of choosing a bounty and chose a smaller monster with no names under its fatality list. Mitch agreed it was a good monster for beginners, and offered a few pointers for tracking it. I submitted the bounty request and got it approved before leaving the bay and heading down the hall in search of Tovin. I entered the lobby and didn't see him. I left the building and found him at the top of the steps staring out into the street where a couple of vehicles were hauling something massive together under a tarp.
Several uniformed hunters were walking slowly next to the vehicles. Their uniforms were tattered and bloodstained, and a few of them walked with a limp. We watched as the exhausted men passed the building on their way down the road. Two of them were sobbing silently, but we could tell by their exposed teeth and wrinkled expressions that they'd lost someone.
From beneath the tarp, a scaly limb fell off the side of the vehicle and dangled lifelessly. It was a reptilian-looking arm with an open wound, and the shredded remnants of a uniform hanging from its claws.
"Gill," Tovin said quietly. "Is that..."
"Yeah," I answered.
"That's definitely a monster."
Writing Prompt Submitted by u/My-Last-Hope
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2023.03.21 18:53 foxxyfafalove99 What is her type?

My mother is 50yrs old as of August 4th. She is still conventionally attractive (well, I suppose some would say she is average since she is overweight and also honestly bc we’re black) with enough makeup but doesn’t wear makeup around the house anymore like she used to (I’ve noticed that ever since the whole my older brother having a mental break+going to rehab she has steadily begun to take worse care of her appearance. She used to wear makeup around the house or look more presentable. I remember her as having been notably nice looking when I was little.)
My brother is in rehab in part due to her and my father’s negligence. I can admittedly have trouble not resenting her these days - she had an abusive childhood herself (sexual abuse, physical abuse from her dad, was put out of the house w her sister when she was 12) but I feel like even though she seemed v healthy when I was a child she has not made serious steps to overcome it. I’d say she’s manipulative and she tends to mostly stay home and watch I guess conspiracy videos against the vaccine (she is rlly anti vaccine and masks. To an annoying extent.)
She is a “housewife” but I would not say she is a good mother (she mentioned she used to “hit” my brother when he was little.) She is very cynical but can also come off kind of bubbly or joke-y (she does have a sense of humor.)
I would not say she has made good life decisions. She never completed college, started her family at 27 but still ended up being a not-so great parent overall, and chose a man who doesn’t make good money, is unintelligent, is not actually terribly attractive… just a myriad of bad decision making.
She can kind of give off the energy of someone who was once above average, like the kind of confidence that someone who was once above average tends to have.
She does not actually take good care of her health and still talks a fair amount abt her childhood.
When she is angry she develops this very intense energy - starts yelling loudly, it’s like her energy quite literally changes? It almost feels abusive in a way idk how to explain it, it’s just a body language thing. You’ll feel threatened by her. But when she is healthy and especially when I was younger she was nothing like that at all. I’ve been surprised as I’ve grown older by how she really is
Before I was born she was apparently trying to be a rapper and met Tupac. She has old photos of it, she was rapping w her sister. Obviously, nothing came of that.
She is anti-abortion now and complains about “whores” even though she had multiple abortions herself when young, and admitted to me once that she used to be promiscuous.
She has talked abt “indoctrination” before and tells me to “do research.” She is like this bc of how my grandpa raised her I guess, she tends to rant abt how he didn’t raise her to be stupid sometimes (in arguments w my father too.) But I don’t think she’s as smart as she likely believes she is anyway. If she were, I don’t think she’d have ended up w a man who makes below average money and without any kind of way to support herself if she and that man divorced.
Her job other than being a housewife that I remember was being a social worker. I remember a few months ago she was talking abt having been a social worker to my dad w great importance (saying they hired her due to her “speaking skills” or something. You could tell she really believed it.)
She smokes marijuana to “destress.”
I get the impression when she talks abt the city she grew up in that she perceives it or thinks of it as being like the same as it was back then, even though it obviously wouldn’t be now? I feel like she made a huge mistake by raising my brother and I in a primarily white and Asian environment, but she seems to deal w internalized racism so that likely has smthn to do w it
She is colorist… sort of? Like I remember she made a comment (not to the girl’s face of course) abt how my former best friend was “dark” and I have gotten the impression that she has made comments abt my older brother’s skin tone in the past (abt him being dark skinned.) Bur said she thought my cousin who is dark skinned was nice looking (the one on my dad’s said of course) even though I’d argue my former best friend was undoubtedly better looking than my cousin.
She is religious and is annoying abt reading the Bible (always tells me to do it even tho I don’t care)! but still walks around the house swearing like there’s no tomorrow.
She mentioned she used to be “crazy” according to others and would start throwing things when upset. She has no money saved up, and we still live in an apartment complex. I find it fair to suggest that she has made awful life decisions.
She is presently still trying to find online work to save up some money for my birthday (I’ll be turning eighteen.) I am astounded by how bad her life decisions have been.
She actually once filmed a video of me in like summer 2022 bc I asked her to (would have been 49 at the time.) She sounds sort of fake yet simultaneously bubbly. We did take pictures after, she was wearing makeup and looked happy but also sort of nervous (they’re on my profile if you want to get a feel for body language.)
In spite of the fact that she likely has undiagnosed mental health issues she does come off more “normal” between my father and herself.
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2023.03.21 18:48 EDCMod EDC Las Vegas 2023 Tips, Tricks, and FAQ

EDC Las Vegas 2023

Official EDC Las Vegas 2023 Trailers:

Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway 7000 N Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89115
Dates & Times:
May 19, 20, 21, 2023
Box Office:
Expo at World Market Center 435 S Grand Central Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89106
Box Office Hours:
Wednesday, May 17: 2PM – 12AM Thursday, May 18: 11AM – 12AM Friday, May 19: 11AM – 3AM Saturday, May 20: 2PM – 2AM Sunday, May 21: 2PM – 2AM
Camp EDC Hours
Thursday, May 18th, 9am – Monday, May 22nd, 5pm. All campers must be fully packed and vacating the campground by 5pm on Monday, May 22nd.
Camp EDC Check-In
  • Thursday, May 18: 8am–2am
  • Friday, May 19: 8am–2pm - please note festival traffic begins arriving at 2pm so wait times could be longer
  • Saturday, May 20: 8am–2pm - please note festival traffic begins arriving at 2pm so wait times could be longer
  • Sunday, May 21: 8am–2pm - please note festival traffic begins arriving at 2pm so wait times could be longer

Other informative other posts --


electricdaisycarnival Discord chat

electricdaisycarnival 2023 Reddit meetup info -- (COMING SOON!)

Roommate Megathread

CampEDC/tent-mates Megathread

Rideshare Megathread

EDC Las Vegas 2022 Playlists by Stage Lineup -- (COMING SOON!)

Useful Quick Links:

Purchase festival passes -- LIMITED GA+ & VIP PASSES REMAINING (GA SOLD OUT)!

Purchase shuttle passes -- LIMITED STOPS REMAIN!

Purchase Moon Glow camping -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase Desert Rose camping -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase RV camping -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase Premier Parking -- SOLD OUT!

Hotel EDC

Purchase Locker Rental

Lineup Flyer (COMING SOON!)

Lineups by Stage (COMING SOON!)

Lineups by Art Car (COMING SOON!)

[CampEDC Activities Schedule](COMING SOON!)

CampEDC Party Schedule:

  • CampEDC Pre-Party (COMING SOON!)
  • CampEDC Pool Parties (COMING SOON!)
  • CampEDC After Parties (COMING SOON!)


CampEDC The Mesa Map (COMING SOON!)

Opening Ceremony Lineup (COMING SOON!)

Parking Map (COMING SOON!)

Festival Map (COMING SOON!)

Shuttle Map (COMING SOON!)

Shuttle Schedule --

  • Departure Times: Shuttles will operate continuously from 7:00pm–11:30pm from all Standard Shuttle stops
  • Return Times: Return shuttles will begin at 3:00am and conclude 60 minutes after the music ends at kineticFIELD PLEASE NOTE: Shuttles will not run between 11:30pm and 3:00am.

EDC Wedding Info

Table & Bottle Service info

Helicopter Booking

Lost & Found Information

Basic Festival & Ticketing information

When can I check in to the campgrounds?
Insomniac put together a handy entry guide for camping that is available here
What are the guidelines for camping? I have more questions related to camping!
Insomniac put together their camping guidelines and camping FAQ pages related to camping and they are very informative. I'm not going to re-type all this information here, so use the links provided.
My wristband/parking pass/shuttle pass hasn't come yet!
Be patient, they will be shipping out over 100k+ packages when they go out. You can also call Front Gate Tickets to see where your shipment is and/or set up will call pickup @ 888.512.7469. Also here's the Front Gate Tickets Support Site.
If you are coming from outside of the USA, you have no choice but to go to will call for your tickets. Please see the above event information for the box office location and hours.
I have tickets/shuttle passes/parking passes to sell!
Check out EDCTickets! Remember, even though our community is friendly, caring, and kind, there are ticket scammers out there that are willing to take advantage. Be vigilant, if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts.
Where can I register my Wristband? Do I have to register my wristband?
You can register it here. The only way to recover your wristband if it is lost or stolen is to have it registered. Additionally, there is emergency contact information stored in your wristband as part of the registration process, if anything should happen to you. There is a $40 fee for a replacement wristband.
Well this is embarassing, I didn't listen to everyone and put my wristband on early/on the wrong hand, how can I get it off? I sold my wristband after I attended one of the nights, how can I get it off without damaging it?
Here's a short how-to video to remove the wristband without damaging anything. DON'T PUT YOUR WRISTBAND ON UNTIL FRIDAY BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOTEL! It goes on your right wrist, and should be able to fit a finger underneath for breathing room.
I'm going solo to the fest, how can I make friends, I need a place to stay, etc.
There are several ways of doing this. You can use the search function on the subreddit. There's also some Facebook groups dedicated to solo journeys to EDC. Once again, trust your instincts here and only stay with people that you can properly personally have vetted ahead of time.
Also, check the useful links above for ride shares, hotel shares, and tent shares!
Live sets just aren't doing it for me, I need a feel for what this place is like before I attend!
Check out Electric Daisy Carnival 2000, Under the Electric Sky, or The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience trailer from when the festival was still in L.A. If you can find The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience online for free somewhere or even for a couple bucks to stream it, I think it's a much better movie than the Under the Electric Sky movie.


When do the set times drop? When does the app update? I can't find the app on the app store, what gives?!
Set times and app updates usually happen the week of the festival. The Insomniac app will update the week of the festival, so go ahead and install it now if you want to.
What about pool parties or other EDC Week events?
Official site here for a list of events and tickets. There's also going to be parties and pools at the campground.
What time should I leave the strip? How long does it take to get to/from to the speedway? What time should I leave the event to beat traffic?
EDC is not like a local DJ show and Las Vegas traffic SUCKS. Parking lots open at 2PM, so I would strive to leave the strip right around that time. Without traffic it will take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The longer into the night you wait to leave the worse off traffic will be and the longer it will take to get to the show. I have heard nightmare scenarios of 2 or 3 hour shuttle rides, so don't let it happen to you!
Typically, you can leave before the sunrise sets or about halfway through it and not have too bad of a wait in traffic back to the strip in the morning! At the end of night 3, keep in mind normal people are also heading to work since it will technically be Monday morning. That's just going to add to the cluster fuck of traffic on I-15 and Las Vegas Blvd. Plan accordingly! If you are driving have a cooler in the trunk with water bottles!
Are we doing the Reddit meetup again this year?
We sure are. Check out the links up top regarding information on where and when we are meeting up. We are going to have two simultaneous meetups, one for campers and one for people on the Strip. All information is contained in the post linked at the very top!
What can I bring into the festival? What can't I bring into the festival? What are the searches like?
The searches could be TSA style, or you could barely get touched at all. It's pretty random. Consider stash boxers or compression underwear to get your favors inside or items that are disallowed like LED gloves, etc.
If you take your time to observe the security, you can usually get a feel of who is being a hard-ass for a dime raise for busting someone and who is just doing their job quickly and efficiently.
As for allowed and disallowed items, here's a link to those lists as well as totem guidelines.
Bring a gallon zip lock bag and put all of your belongings that you want to bring into the festival in it while you are waiting in line. All three days last year security complimented me on being organized and how easy I made their jobs because they could just scan the items in the bag, check my camelbak, give me the pat down and I was on my way.
Seriously, if you make security's lives easier in this way, they will not hassle you at all as long as you aren't trying to bring in stuff that isn't allowed. I didn't even get pat down on Night 2 because I was so up-front about all my belongings.
Any further questions, feel free to comment below, or visit the EDC Las Vegas Guide page!

Tips and Tricks!

  • Put an Emergency Contact Information (ICE) on your phone's lock screen. Android or Apple. This serves as two things.. One, if you lose your phone, someone can try to get it back to you. TWO, if you get hurt or fall out, the medics on site can get in contact with someone you know.
  • Call your bank/credit card companies and let them know you will be traveling to Vegas to avoid holds on your account.
  • Be vigilant on the Strip. Everyone is trying to hustle. Street performers will expect tips if you take pictures!
  • Hit up a Vegas buffet at least one day.
  • Stretch beforehand in your hotel room. Your muscles will thank you in the morning!
  • Wear comfy shoes and/or get insoles to replace the "stock" insoles that come with your shoes. Also, consider moleskin if your feet are prone to blistering from rubbing against your socks. Your feet will thank you!
  • Get to the festival early. Stop by the merchandise tent first thing. Items sell out fast. Consider a mobile charging locker to store your merchandise in! Additionally, if you bring all of your sealed items in on the first day (wipes, chapstick, cigarettes, gum, tampons, etc), you can keep them all in your locker overnight and not have to worry about getting 3 of each sealed item to bring in every single day. REMEMBER! Hide your lock combo from people that may peer over your shoulder or look at your combination wristband and try to get into your locker. Remain vigilant inside the festival!
  • After you get your merch and put it in your locker, you next stop should be one of the free water stands to fill up your hydration pack or water bottle. It's very important to remain hydrated, especially while the sun is still out and bearing down on you! If you tip some of the vendors, they will give you ice if the warm water turns you off.
  • If you need to eat something, consider the food trucks instead of the concession stand food. The food trucks have their company name out there and on the line when compared to the generic concession stand stuff, the quality of the food is unparalleled. Don't make the same mistake as I did a few years ago and get a raw onion sandwich masked as a "cheese steak".
  • Bring earplugs! Tinnitus sucks!
  • Wear sunscreen! Remember, if you are staying all night the sun is up at like 5AM and starts beaming down on you almost immediately.
  • If you want to ride the rides, get there early or risk missing sets while standing in line! Some rides you will be waiting for an hour or more at peak times.
  • Time-stamp your texts! There will be cell service congestion. Stamping your texts will help your friends know whenever you truly sent a message!
  • Bring an external battery pack in with you to charge your phone if you are someone who likes to take a lot of photo and video!
  • Bring cash. Credit and debit cards could possibly be hit or miss if the speedway's internet network would happen to shit the bed! Don't be stuck without a way to pay for something you need!
  • Remember to take it easy night 1! EDC is a marathon not a sprint!
  • Emergen-C packets are a lifesaver. Take one before the festival every night in order to help you recover from the night before and prepare for the festival ahead!
  • Take some time to look up and enjoy the fireworks!
  • Don't forget about the EDC parade down Rainbow Road every night! You should at least try to check it out one time out of the three nights you are there! Check the app for times, but it should be around midnight every night!
  • Follow your favorite artists' social media so that you know if they may show up unannounced, or if they are doing any surprise sets on one of the art cars, etc.
  • Send a post card to back home at the EDC Town Post Office. Mine took until October in 2017 to land, but it was a nice surprise when it finally did! Check out EDC Town in general. It's pretty sweet.
  • If you are feeling at all dehydrated or anything else medical related, visit one of the medical tents. Staff is super friendly and you WILL NOT get in trouble for seeking medical treatment, no matter your condition. If you can't make it to the medical tent, look for a Ground Control staff member to assist you or any of your friends! Look out for your fellow ravers. If you see something, say something! This will keep everyone safe and having a good time.
  • If you are going to do drugs, and especially MDMA, I suggest only doing it 1 out of the 3 nights and finding something else for the other two days. Just to let you know as an example of responsible use, in 2017 we did edibles and shatter the first night, rolled night 2, and just chilled with some shatter night 3. Everyone is different, but be safe, and TEST YOUR SHIT. Do not buy drugs at the festival. Not only do you risk getting bunk shit, but undercover cops are everywhere!
  • If you are going to drink alcohol, do so in moderation and stay hydrated! For every alcoholic drink you have, you should drink 8-16oz of water!
  • If you are a lady, bring wipes! Usually the porta-potties run out of toilet paper. It's just a fact of the festival and usually they don't get resupplied until the following day. You will thank me if you get caught in this situation.
  • Bring a hand fan for the water lines! They can get pretty hot and people will love you!
  • Try to catch at least one sunrise set one of the nights. I recommend night 2, since everyone and their mothers will be staying on night 3. Plus, Monday morning rush hour traffic on night 3 is no bueno.
  • If you have a large crew and need to split up to see different sets, plan a meeting spot! Try to pick something that is stationary, like the locker area, the cooling area, one of the buildings in EDC Town, etc.
  • Buy a smoothie or a lemonade. They are a nice change of pace from warm hydrant water.
  • Get a bandana and tie it around your neck for each night you are out there. Put it over your mouth and nose when the dust gets to be too much. Your lungs will thank you, plus you get to look like a bandit. Win/win.
  • Trains of people going in and out of the crowd are going to happen, so use them to your advantage. Become the caboose to go into or out of the crowds and use your manners! Excuse me, thank you, etc go a long way when navigating the crowd!
  • Bring good vibes, leave the judgement at the gates, and most of all, enjoy yourself and smile! EDC is a glorious wonderland of fun. Extrude the vibes you wish to receive back to you and you will have a great time, I promise!
If you have other tips, tricks or questions, comment your thoughts below!
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2023.03.21 18:40 virtualpostmail Open a U.S. Business Bank Account for Your LLC As A Non-Resident

Option #1: Open a Business Bank Account with Mercury

Once upon a time non-residents were required to hop on a plane and fly back home to open a U.S. business bank account for their LLC.
Now, Mercury makes it possible to open a bank account 100% online from the comfort of your couch. It takes just minutes to sign up on their easy-to-use platform, and you can do so from almost anywhere in the world.
Though you’ll need to have a U.S. incorporated LLC to get started, you don’t need a U.S. address, making it an ideal option if you’ve already relocated.

Benefits of Opening a Bank Account With Mercury

When you open a business bank account with Mercury, you’ll get access to a virtual debit card that can be used to make purchases immediately.
As a business owner, you likely order some of your office supplies online. Your virtual debit card can come in handy if you want to buy items from a U.S.-based e-commerce platform, like Amazon or eBay.
Other advantages include:
Learn more about the benefits of a Mercury business bank account.

How to Open a Business Bank Account with Mercury

In order to be eligible for a bank account through Mercury, you’ll need a U.S. incorporated company with a federal employer identification number. Mercury does not allow their services to be used by sole proprietorships, trusts, or businesses involved with the following industries: money services, adult entertainment, marijuana or internet gambling.
To open your business bank account through Mercury, here’s what you’ll need to do:
Tip: Not sure if Mercury is right for your business? They offer an online demo that allows you to get a feel for the platform and how its features work.

Option #2: Open a Business Bank Account with Brex

If you don’t have a U.S. residence or social security number, a Brex Business Account may be a good fit for your business. With your cash management account, you’ll be able to send checks, deposit payments, and manage all of your transactions via a user-friendly portal.
The application process can be completed online, however, you must have a U.S. incorporated company in order to sign up.

Benefits of Opening a Bank Account with Brex

Although Brex isn’t a bank, a Brex cash account offers most of the perks of a traditional business bank account. In addition to a fully online application, you’ll be able to deposit funds and schedule payments to or from any account (you can create up to 8 accounts!) at lightning speed.
Other advantages include:

How to Open a Business Bank Account with Brex

Don’t have a U.S. address? No worries – you won’t need one with a Brex business account. However, there are a couple of key documents you will need to get started.
To open a bank account through Brex, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Option #3: Open a Business Bank Account with Relay

A Relay Business Bank Account is another viable option for your business if you don’t have a U.S. residence or social security number. Relay is an online banking platform that allows you to manage your money, collect U.S.-based payments from customers, and send and receive checks, wires, and transfers.
Like Mercury and Brex, Relay also requires you have a U.S. incorporated business to apply.

Benefits of Opening a Bank Account With Relay

A Relay business bank account allows you to open up 20 individual business checking accounts, making it a great choice if you plan to hire additional employees.
Other advantages include:

How to Open a Business Bank Account with Relay

The registration process is slightly different for each U.S. business entity. Since you have a single-member LLC, here’s what you can do to get started:

How to Open a U.S. Business Bank Account In-Person

Many traditional banks will allow you to open a business bank account as a non-resident. As long as you have a U.S. incorporated business, you’re good to go. However, there is a catch: You’ll need to physically visit one of their branches in order to open your account.
If you have the ability to visit a bank in-person, you may find that one of the following options is a good fit.

Option #1: Open a Business Bank Account with Bank of America

Established in 1930, Bank of America is one of the more popular financial institutions in modern-day times. It’s an excellent choice for small-to-midsize business owners, offering a ton of benefits and little risk. However, as noted above, you will need to complete the process in-person.

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How to Open a Business Bank Account with Bank of America

To open a business bank account with Bank of America, you’ll have to visit one of their in-person branches. You will need to provide both your foreign (if you have one) and your U.S. address.
Here’s what you’ll want to bring with you:
You should also be prepared to provide the following (this applies to all traditional banks listed in this section, not just Chase):

Option #2: Open a Business Bank Account with Chase

Chase is another well-known financial institution that caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you’re able to visit an in-person branch, this could be a great option for your business.

Benefits of Opening a Business Bank Account with Chase

One of the best things about a Chase business bank account is the ability to choose from many different business credit cards with all sorts of rewards. If you’re a frequent traveler, this could save you a ton of money in the long haul!
Other benefits include:

How to Open a Business Bank Account with Chase

To open a business bank account with Chase, you’ll have to visit one of their in-person branches.
Be sure to bring the following with you to your appointment:
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2023.03.21 18:37 chefs-do-that I'm cishet. Birthday party theme problematic?

Hi, friends. I'm an ally and actively spend as much money as I can supporting trans and non-binary causes (affirming surgeries, fundraisers, gofundme's, queer-owned biz, etc.), sharing posts and events, and generally keeping my mouth shut so others can talk. I hope to do even more as I make more income (? a gal can dream, right) This is gonna be so long, I already know. Sorry, guys.
I don't want to put responsibility on any friends to help me think this through so I'm reaching out for input here. My intentions are fully altruistic, so if you'd like to help figure out the best way to achieve my goal... kindly... I really appreciate it. If the whole idea is crap, I accept that as well and will pivot to another way to support.
I have a big birthday coming up, and live in a city recently affected by a tragedy committed against the queer community. It's f***ing insane that that does nothing to identify the city, but here we are. My idea would be to have a party where everyone is invited to dress in drag, and I don't need gifts so I'd ask for donations to a verified local entity that's giving donations directly and immediately to the people affected by what happened.
Maybe it's better not to include the drag part, though I think it could be a useful show of support and statement against the ridiculousness going on there right now? My friends are NTA and I'd make it very clear this is a supportive and fun way to celebrate and raise money, rather than a caricature. I can't imagine anyone involved would participate in a disrespectful manner.
All this said, I don't generally throw large parties (v old, v v old) and while I do have many trans, non-binary, and queer friends and acquaintances in my social circle, a gathering of my closer friends would include a smaller percentage of queer folks. Here are some main thoughts/concerns I'm having...
I don't *need* to say one thing or post one photo publicly. A lot of my giving is anonymous and I show public support in other ways. It *would* be nice to publicly share in order to say hey, I'm straight and this current drag controversy, and ongoing treatment of LGBTQ+ people is absolute garbage so I created some money about it to help someone.
It also seems like having a drag party and NOT sharing at least *something publicly might make it seem like the support aspect was pointless? Or like it was a secret joking thing with no purpose?
If a drag party is okay, where is the line drawn between a bunch of mostly cishet people wanting to show that we're supportive, and people in the community potentially being offended? I don't care if straight cis people are bothered, unless it's because I'm unknowingly being a jerk and they want to tell me that, which I would accept.
Am I... am I already talking myself out of it? I love drag. Even won a show many moons ago. It would be such fun, but not at the potential expense of those I care for with the rightful ownership. Is there too much potential for upset and people coming for me? I honestly don't even need a birthday party, just realized it might be a fun opportunity to add more funds to the pot. I... I dunno??
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2023.03.21 17:52 Lanky_Foundation_940 Data security?

Hi! Thank you for starting this sub. I signed up for a consult with Joyous and they want me to send in a photo of my drivers license. With so many data breaches (in a class action suit now - a former insurer got hacked now millions of people have their patient data (birthdates, social security # etc probably being sold on the dark web right now). Anybody get around sending in their drivers license? Happy to show it to the doctor during the consult.
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2023.03.21 17:50 Jcb112 Humans Don't Hibernate [Part 38/?]

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Patreon Official Subreddit
Instead of the chirpy voice of the AI continuing on with some great, all encompassing plan, all I was met with after those few uplifting seconds was a strange silence.
Though that silence didn’t last for too long.
“I don’t think I can do this.” The AI blurted out with his equivalent of an uneasy tone of voice.
This sudden shift in tone after an unexpected silence as we sat idly above the moon was nothing short of disconcerting, but it wasn’t long before the AI continued on his train of thought.
“I’ve done the calculations, I’ve run several simulations, the way things are going, if we do both operations at once, should we be caught off-guard… It's too risky. Seeing as we need to manufacture the specific materials needed for the interloper’s interrogation, I’m planning to take this opportunity to actually start repairing myself. This isn’t a request either, this… this is something I must do.” The AI uttered out with an exasperated, almost exhausted breath. “Before you ask, Lysara, I’ve been barely holding myself together throughout this entire ordeal. It's difficult to explain… but whilst we’re standing here oblivious to it, I can feel this gash getting worse and worse with each passing minute. Whilst I could tolerate it at first, it wasn’t like I was ever not aware of it. Unlike a human’s whole fight or flight adrenaline fueled state of mind, or whatever your version of that would be, I don’t have the luxury of having a brain that has pre-coded tolerance subroutines that literally turn off certain aspects of perception and sensation of one’s own form at any given time. In fact, that honestly sounds outright horrifying to me to be perfectly honest. To not be hyper acutely aware of every aspect of your form… from the blood flowing through your veins like the lubricant and hydraulics throughout my body’s pipes, to the flow of air into every single alveoli bud in your lungs like the air circulation nodes within my body’s life support centers… to live without knowing every aspect of your body is truly frightening to me on an existential level. Which is why throughout this entire ordeal, from our getaway from the second interloper flotilla to the encounter with future humanity, to this whole moon fiasco… I’ve constantly been aware of the growing threat that is the hull breach on deck 9, and the distinct lack of an atmosphere down there. It feels wrong, Lysara. The loss of sensor readouts there feels like a part of me is now numb and empty. The lack of ventilation and atmosphere feels as if there’s a gaping hole in what should be my form.”
This entire talk, the unrelenting cavalcade of topics broached by the AI, was as concerning as it was necessary to hear. It gave me the necessary context to reevaluate my entire frame of reference. It gave me pause as it made it clear that I needed to put forth accommodations and certain considerations to Vir… as up to this point, perhaps somewhere at the back of my mind, I was still incapable of truly comprehending what a consciousness of his nature would be going through as opposed to my own. I needed to expand my organic-centric sense of empathy, which was difficult to do since I had no real context for it. Regardless, it was clear at that point that I was pushing the impromptu mission too far, that I didn’t truly realize the actual state of our ship, and by extension, the state of Vir’s existence.
“This means that whilst I’m taking the time to begin production on the specialized equipment for the interloper, I’d suggest placing the operations on the planet on hold. At least for now. I apologize I didn’t make that clearer earlier.” The AI quickly added.
“No no, that’s, more than reasonable Vir. We need the ship, I mean you, in working order before we attempt anything else.” I paused, taking a moment to gather myself before continuing. “Vir I’m so sorry for having overlooked this.” I responded in kind. “I… I understand you’ve already discussed how the ship is an extension of yourself, but because my mind has been so preoccupied with what feels like an impossible number of developments around us… I, I apologize. I am by no means attempting to excuse myself or my inaction in this case. I should’ve known, should’ve been more aware, and I should’ve asked.” I admitted with a strange mixture of both guilt but also a sense of resolve. If only to be supportive for the AI as he’d done so for me.
“I don’t fault you, Lysara.” The AI responded in kind, his tone on a path to recovery back into that chipper voice. “Organics… even the ones who are trained and educated with the express purpose of understanding AI, sometimes just lack that intuitive understanding that comes with our fundamentally different state of being. It’s something that can’t really be taught, but rather, understood by virtue of empathy over a prolonged period of time in peer to peer social interactions.” Vir paused, clearly in an attempt to make a point here. “Which is why just you being super compassionate here really does mean a lot to me, Lysara. It’s way, way more effort than what most organics are willing to put in. Besides, you’re going through a lot yourself, so there’s no need for that. I’m still doing fine, I just wanted to… I mean, I guess I just wanted to vent as well I guess?” The AI snickered out awkwardly, returning to a more colloquial-leaning manner of speech as evidenced by the shift in his tone and choice of vocabulary. “I just see as we’re more or less in this together, that I might as well be open about these sorts of things you know?”
I nodded several times in response, smiling with an even stronger resolve now. “I appreciate the frankness, Vir. I really do.” I stated simply, knowing well there wasn’t much else to be spoken on the topic that wasn’t already out in the open. “I’m glad that you were there when I woke up.” I quickly added. “I can only hope to contribute to this partnership as much as you have, Vir.”
It was with that, that the pace of our overall operations within the system started to take a drastic turn. Not towards a blind acceleration, but instead, towards a significant downtick in frontline actions. Focusing almost all of our efforts instead into the logistics and backline operations that was necessitated by the state of our ship.
The modern battlefield was as much about the impressive show of force and tactics, as much as it was about the logistics and systems behind it all, after all.
Which was especially true at this level of complexity.
Though supply lines and an industrial base would’ve been ideal, it was clear that the designers of this vessel had intended for what was in effect, an end-of-continuity scenario. One which operated on the assumption that any and all outside aid would be all but impossible. It was with this logical assumption, that the various overly engineered ‘accessory’ systems of the ship started to make sense. From the oversized minifactory through to the various drones, workshops, and repair bays that weren’t typical of your run of the mill ship, it was clear the vessel was designed to run completely independently from any preexisting logistics network.
Not even vessels designed for long term exploration came close to this degree of over preparedness, with this vessel more comparable to what you might find on a pre-FTL generational ship that would’ve warranted long term means of self-sustainability.
Coupling this with the humans’ propensity for designing everything with a liberal take on size and scale, this vessel acted more akin to a mobile mining, processing, and production facility all neatly packaged inside of a frame comparable to a Vanaran battlecruiser, with the weapons loadout of a Vanaran battleship.
The whole notion being more akin to something taken from the eccentric mind of a science fiction author, and should’ve had no place in the practical limitations of reality.
And yet here I was.
Sitting patiently within the spacious confines of the ship’s bridge, watching as drone after drone started on their lengthy diagnostics cycles as we began our trek across the solar system.
We left the moon and its prisoner behind in the safe embrace of a potent nuclear device; a contingency should we ever come to need it. With that extra bit of security and assurance in mind, my focus shifted squarely to that of what Vir had calculated as a near week-long venture, one that would see us mimicking the development of a fledgling interstellar civilization’s first tentative steps to stellar industrialization.
Except we were doing it at a much faster pace, on a much smaller scale.
Having positioned ourselves squarely within the orbit of one of the larger ringed gas giants within the system, we began our operation in earnest. Or rather, it was Vir who began performing what in his words were “The job that no self-respecting AI would want to do, save for those who actually enjoy self-inflicted mind numbing spreadsheet work.”
Yet that spreadsheet was far more impressive when seen in action. Not just from the bridge, but in-person, through the viewing ports situated in a sectioned off control room within the drone bay.
What amounted to hundreds upon hundreds of drones ranging in size from small family cars to something bordering on the smaller end of a proper cargo shuttle left one by one, organized into neat rows and columns as they set forth like a flock of birds. Though I would later rectify this analogy in the following days, as I returned to the bridge and started viewing everything from a more top-down, administrative scale.
The analogy that had started as a ‘flock of birds’, was accurate enough at first. As most of the drones acted like scouts, casting a wide net and flying wingtip to wingtip, in effect maximizing their effective scanning radius compounding off of one another’s networking arrays. Eventually however, once the asteroids or moons of interest were ascertained and logged, things started to shift to something I was more accustomed to seeing; as the once ‘wide’ formation quickly condensed to that of small, narrow lanes of a continuous stream of drones.
More analogous to a convoy of locomotives now.
These convoys would ferry the hastily mined minerals towards the ship, dumping them within the ship’s mass stores, eventually leading to more specialized minifactory drones to begin the process of sorting, transportation, and eventual processing within the various modules clustered within the minifactory.
Once again, seeing everything from an administrative view didn’t truly do this whole system justice. It took me that ten minute walk down to the minifactory to see the sheer scale of operations we were currently undertaking.
Breathtaking would be but one of the words I’d use to describe it.
For what was being accomplished by an entirely autonomous system within the span of these few days, was something which would’ve taken months at best to do under a traditional Vanaran operation. Sure, it could scale larger with time, but the fact that this lone ship had gone through the entire industrial process: from the sourcing of the necessary raw materials through to the processing and eventual production of the components in question was nothing short of incredible. Especially when considering this was being done in the span of a single week.
In fact, we did the impossible task of accomplishing everything within schedule. Something that even the largest of megacorporations back at home seemed to always have trouble with, especially with government contract work…
At the end of it all, after an entire week of a constant flurry of work that had seen nonstop progress around the clock, we’d finally done it.
Deck 9 was completely repaired. The various systems and subsystems that had been malfunctioning or had been completely inoperable, were likewise mended or completely replaced.
In fact, Vir had even taken the time to produce spares in the event we needed them in an emergency. Indeed, parts of the ship I didn’t even know needed sprucing up, were done so whilst I was either away from that given area or simply asleep.
Even the bridge seemed different.
Gone were the scorch marks left by that fire from our first jump, and in were these sheets of factory-fresh metal plates and screens that I could’ve sworn had a slightly different tint to the rest of the bridge, perhaps due to the variations in their composition being just slightly off from the original factory-spec.
Gunmetal blue now blended with starker grayish whites, glistening with a new coat of whatever protective buff was applied to them in the final production process.
As I stood on the bridge at the end of this week of housekeeping, datatab in hand with all of the various documents I’d been dissecting, I looked on towards the mystery planet in front of us and the signal that continued emanating from it in a continuous unending stream.
“Ready, Vir?” I asked the AI with a mix of anticipation and nervousness.
“Ready, Lysara.” The AI responded with a similarly anxious tone of restrained excitement.
“Let’s take her out then, and let’s determine where we stand along the way.”
First Previous Next

(Author’s Note: We finally get to address a lingering question, that being the state of the ship! :D The next chapter is already out on Patreon as well if you want to check it out!)
[If you guys want to help support me and these stories, here's my ko-fi ! And my Patreon for early chapter releases (Chapter 39 of this story is already out on there!)]
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2023.03.21 17:09 4BDUL4Z1Z 💀

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2023.03.21 17:07 MjolnirPants Jerry and the Apocalypse: Part 53

Part 52
Glenda Wilmington, Kinda Digging This Whole Cop Gig
"If you hear anything else, give me a call," Glenda said, handing the woman a business card with her cellphone number on it. The woman accepted it and then squinted skeptically at it.
"Cooperation with an investigation is the sort of thing that parole boards like to hear about," Glenda said in response to the woman's look. That seemed to do the trick. The woman slipped the card into her ample cleavage and met Glenda's eyes.
"I will call. I have no loyalty to that man." Her sing-song Norwegian accent, as well as her tall, thick frame and bright, yellow-blonde hair contrasted with the environment; a run-down housing project in the heart of Compton. But housing for convicted felons on parole was limited, and she'd had few choices in this area. Glenda wondered idly why the woman hadn't elected to return to Norway, where they tended to be a bit more sympathetic to ex-cons. The woman, Duke's one-time head channeler, didn't seem prepared to answer any more questions, however.
Glenda nodded and stepped back. The woman took a step outside, careful to keep the foot with the ankle monitor inside the door and took a look around before withdrawing back into the house. Glenda turned and walked down the steps off the creaky wooden porch and back to the rental car, where Jack dozed lightly in the passenger seat, his cowboy hat pulled low over his eyes. She climbed behind the wheel, trying not to wake him, and started the engine.
He woke anyways. Jack had always been a very light sleeper. He turned his head slightly towards her, not adjusting the hat at all.
"Anything?" he asked. Glenda shook her head. "Nobody's heard from him. I think it's safe to say he's not looking to connect with any of his old associates, at this point."
"Ayup," Jack agreed. Glenda pulled away, heading north, towards the 105 that would take them back to the airport. They were done here. As she drove, she couldn't help but note the scowling, suspicious faces that turned to watch them. She took in the low, chain-link fences that separated yards, the equally low concrete block walls that surrounded paved driveways. The odd mix of Spanish colonial and more traditional American architecture was like a sign. It told her that she could find a bag of the white lady, a bag of weed, or a bag of something more exotic here. She could find a gang, beefing with another gang, and maybe convince one side to pay her to make someone on the other side vanish.
It was almost nostalgic.
They passed a tan-painted Spanish colonial house with a faux wrought-iron fence, and she knew right away that a dealer lived there. The child's play set in the front had never been touched by anything more careless than the wind and rain. The SUV in the driveway might have belonged to a small family, except for the large speakers she could see through the rear window. The tint on the windows of both car and home added to the effect. The kicker, though, was the white-haired, middle-aged man stepping out the front door to squint suspiciously around before heading back up the street in the direction of the channeler's home, where Glenda had spotted him walking this way just a few minutes ago.
Without bothering to ask anyone, she could say with confidence that whoever lived there sold mainly cocaine, but he also had cheap weed for those who couldn't afford the prices at the dispensary. He'd have rocks too, but he probably wouldn't sell them to you if you knew where he lived. He'd sell them on the weekends, manning a street corner, alongside a thug from whatever gang he ran with or paid tribute to.
Everyone knew they were cops, of course. Years of living in rural Canada had faded Glenda's tan and affected her fashion choices. Once, she'd have moved through an area like this in gym shorts, sneakers and a faded old t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. Showing off enough muscle to make the usual idiots think twice about harassing her, but not showing off so much skin than people might take her for a street worker with a schtick. Today, she drove in blue jeans, hiking boots and a flannel shirt. Next to her, Jack wore the same, complimented with a denim jacket. Only a couple of cops would dress like that in this neighborhood.
Though that wasn't strictly true -Jack's jurisdiction ended many hundreds of miles north of here- it might as well be. They were private investigators, working on behalf of the federal government, who was footing the bill for Dylan's recapture. Whether or not they were technically considered law enforcement officers depended entirely upon their needs and some paperwork. So far, they hadn't needed any LEO powers.
As she turned onto the 105 and marginally sped up in the dense traffic of the highway, Jack's phone rang. He begrudgingly lifted the brim of his hat up, squinting in the bright daylight at his screen. Apparently satisfied with what he saw there, he hit the accept button and pressed the phone to his ear.
"S'Jack," he said, then he listened for a bit.
"Ayup," he said. He glanced out the window, then covered the tiny mic at the bottom of the phone. "Get off the highway," he said to Glenda. She nodded and put on her turn signal, eyes searching for a chance to get over. A minivan in the next lane, slightly ahead of them, promptly slowed down to pace them.
"Awwright," he drawled into the phone. "We'll check it out. 'Preciate the heads up. Take care, now."
He pulled the phone away from his ear and tapped the screen again before slipping it back into his pocket jacket.
"That was intel. Said that a bank account belonging to one Dylan Boucher just got emptied by a wire transfer to one Derek Garcia. Just a hair over ten grand. Transfer woulda taken place about a week ago, intel didn't pick up on it until it cleared."
"Garcia, that's the one that calls himself the 'Planewalker', right?"
"Ayup," Jack said. Glenda finally got tired of trying to get behind the minivan and sped up to cut him off, instead. Jack could see that it was being driven by a heavily tattooed white kid with dredlocks. He honked and flipped them off, but she ignored him. She'd had her turn signal on, and tried to get behind him, but he had slowed down and sped up to block her.
Out of pure spite, she tapped the brakes a few times.
Jack bounced forward against his seatbelt as she did and gave her a dirty look. She smiled sweetly at him. "What? That's how you drive around here. You used to live in Atlanta, you've got to know this by now."
"We didn't generally make an effort to piss people off in Atlanta," he grumbled. Glenda turned onto the ramp to get off on Crenshaw, heading south.
Glenda scoffed. "Now you're just lying. I've been to Atlanta. Worst drivers in the bottom half of the country by far."
"You sure about that?" Jack said, eyeing the rear-view mirror. Glenda glanced up to see the minivan still behind them, the driver jabbing his finger at them and ranting.
"Huh," she said. "Maybe this fucker's about to prove me wrong."
"Well, we need to get gas anyways, if we're driving all the way down to San Clemente," Jack said. "Might as well pull over at the first station we see and get it over with."
Glenda chuckled, mostly at what the angry man behind her was about to experience and kept her eyes peeled for a gas station.
The minivan never wavered, staying behind her through multiple lane changes, all the way down to Artesia Boulevard, where she finally found a Shell station. She pulled in and pulled up to a pump.
"You wanna have a white knight moment, or is today an 'equality of the sexes' day?" Glenda asked as the minivan pulled in behind them and stopped, blocking the entrance.
"Sheeeit," Jack drawled. "I mean, I guess I'll handle him if ya want..." He unbuckled his seatbelt and opened his door as the irate young metalhead stomped towards them. He made sure to be outside the car by the time the kid got within angry dick-measuring distance.
"What the fuck is your bitch's problem, asshole?!" the young man demanded. Jack didn't answer, he simply strode forward, within striking distance. Normally, Jack liked to deliver a good, bone-chilling threat, followed up by taking a more reasonable tone as he continued to stare through whomever was causing problems and imagine himself blowing their head off as he de-escalated the situation. It was a tactic that had served him well, many times. But today, Jack was tired.
He'd been hunting Dylan down for weeks now, and only just got their first promising lead as this little shit had gone out of his way to stop them from changing lanes for no discernible reason. So Jack simply slugged the kid right in the nose. He caught him off guard and sent the kid sprawling onto his ass. Before he could gather himself back up, Jack kicked him in the chest with the sole of his boot and drew his large revolver. He crouched down, boot still pinning the kid to the ground, and held the gun casually where the kid could see it.
"You know what a turn signal means?" he asked calmly. The kid's eyes went wide as he spotted the gun.
"Y-y-yeah," he stammered.
"Good. Ya had a little lapse of judgement there. Ya might wanna see to that." Jack stood, holstering his gun and walked back over to open the gas cover and insert the company credit card into the pump. He picked the mid-grade and inserted the fuel handle, locking the valve open before he turned back.
The kid was still sitting there, wiping blood from his mouth where his nose was bleeding. "They oughta have napkins inside," Jack told him mildly. "They're usually by the hot dogs."
Jack filled the tank while the kid picked himself up and went inside. A cop arrived a few minutes later, stopping in the entrance that the kid was blocking and turning his lights on. The cop stepped out and walked around the minivan and into the gas station.
Jack waited for the tank to fill, then replaced the nozzle and climbed back in the car.
"You wanna stick around?" Glenda asked. "Shoot the shit with the locals, make sure the kid gets the short end?"
"Naw," Jack said. "Read about the LA cops. Not exactly whom I'd like to consider comrades-in-arms, if you catch my meaning."
Glenda shrugged and they pulled out right as the kid and the cop both emerged back into the parking lot. Glenda thought the cop look pissed and the kid looked dejected.
They got on the 405 and drove it down to California 73, then took that south to Interstate 5, which brought them to San Clemente an hour later. Glenda got off the highway and turned into a neighborhood full of upscale, tightly-packed Spanish colonial homes. Unlike Compton, most of the yards weren't fenced, and those that were tended towards white picket fences. The lawns were universally well-cared for and nobody looked twice at them as they drove through the neighborhood and up to the address highlighted on the GPS.
It was a small, modest-looking home with a distinctly 70's asthetic. It didn't match most of the tile-roofed, square walled homes around it, but it hardly stood out, either. A BMW sat in the driveway, framed by a pair of shaped topiary trees. It looked like something off the cover of some homemaking magazine, Glenda thought.
They parked on the street and climbed out.
"The air is crackling with magic," Glenda said. "He's in there, doing something right now."
Jack walked up and pounded on the door. Glenda held up a hand, fingers splayed. Jack would understand what she meant. The magic was currently at a five, and she'd let him know if it diminished, and by approximately how much.
She kept her hand still for a while as nobody answered the door. Five minutes passed before Jack turned to her.
"Okay, this is your gig, now," he said. He walked back to the car, opening the trunk to reveal the bound, squirming and sweating Caliope there. He yanked her gag down and fed her from a water bottle.
"Been a long drive, ain't it?" he asked, conversationally. Caliope sucked greedily at the bottle, managing to drink every drop that didn't get splashed into the trunk.
"Fuck you," she muttered weakly. Jack smiled. "Looks to me like you're the one what's fucked, darlin'. Guess you shouldn'ta gone and fucked with your sister's collar like that. I mean, if you'd played by the rules, we'd have overlooked the whole issue of you not actually being any help whatsoever, and taken your good faith efforts as enough to fill your end. But ya had to go behind our backs, causing trouble. So now you're stuck in a trunk until we get back to the airport."
"Fuck you," she gasped again.
"'Scuse me," Jack said, reaching past her for an armored vest. He pulled it out and tugged it over his head, getting the flaps velcroed in place and adjusting it. When he was done, he pulled Caliope's gag back up.
"Awright, girl, you jes sit tight while we check this out. Won't be but a little bit, then we'll be heading to the airport."
She tried to say something, but the gag turned it into a muffled wail. Jack smiled as he closed the trunk and returned to the front door. Glenda stood there, watching him, fully kitted up with her armor and a carbine in her hands.
"Ready," Jack said. Glenda turned and, without preamble, kicked the door open with a thunderous blow. She rushed inside, rifle up and leading the way, Jack hot on her heels. Neither made it very far, though.
The living room had been converted into a ritual chamber. The walls were festooned with runes and the twisting lines that connected them. The floor had a large, ornate circle in the middle, runes etched into it and twisting, spiral designs encasing the whole thing. But that wasn't what gave them pause.
In the middle of the circle hovered a shimmering mirage, through which Glenda could see a city. It looked like something out of a sci-fi film, all rounded corners and smooth, off-white concrete. The windows in the buildings were mirrored, or else none of them had lights on inside, because they all reflected a sunrise coming from behind the view.
"What the hell's that?" Jack asked. Glenda carefully felt the magic around the apparition. "I think it's a portal."
"Okay, so where does it go, do ya think?"
"I haven't got a clue. I don't recognize that city."
"Kinda looks like Mos Eisley, a hundred years after they found oil or something," Glenda said.
"Think that's what Dylan was paying for? A trip to wherever that is?"
"Looks like," Glenda mused. "We're gonna need to call this in."
"Ayup. Let's clear the house, first."
They did just that. They found a den set up in one of the bedrooms, an obviously-lived-in kitchen and a master bedroom used for its intended purposes. In the last bedroom, they found an arsenal and storage space. It was full of survival and camping gear, weapons and ammo.
"Missing rifle," Jack said, peering at a gun rack.
"Yup," Glenda agreed. She opened an ammo tin. It was only half full.
"Somebody geared up here," she said.
Jack sighed. "Let's call it in, then. We'll hand over our little helper when the backup gets here."
It took two hours to get a team there, mostly because the LA regional office was all the way up in Burbank. But they eventually arrived. Two security officers took Caliope off their hands, to bring her back to prison. They brought another collar, to replace the modified wet blanket spell Glenda had been holding since the riot. It hadn't seemed like a lot of effort to hold the spell in place, but as soon as she finally let it go, she felt a wave of relief.
"Julie sent some extras along," the leader of the relief force told Glenda once Caliope had been seen to. She'd already spotted the two middle-eastern men in different uniforms than the rest. She thought she recognized the older one.
"We'll take all the help we can get. Any of you boys willing to go jaunting across reality with us?" The man chuckled. "No, thanks. Besides, we've got orders to secure this building and wait for the feds. Gonna see if there's anything illegal here, so we can nab this Garcia fellow as soon as he gets back."
Glenda nodded, then looked at the two middle-eastern men. She jerked her head in a 'come here' gesture and they stepped forward.
"Glenda, right?" the older one asked, holding out a hand.
"Yup," she said as she took it. He shook firmly, then let go. "I am Aqib, and this is my assistant, Mateen. We've been running around, helping out where we can for months now. It seems it is your turn to accept our assistance."
"Either of you got any magic?" Glenda asked. Mateen hefted his rifle and then tapped his body armor. "All of our gear is enchanted. We have rings, as well," he held up a hand bedecked with silver bands. "They will help us heal from injuries and allow us to see in the dark and other such useful things."
"Good, good," she said, then stopped. Aqib. That name rang a bell. She squinted at the middle-aged man.
"You were at the Wyrm facility when we took it," she said. "About six years ago." He nodded.
"I was with your friend when she fell. She saved my life," he said. Glenda nodded. "I remember that. I'm glad you're still here, then. Glad you're with us. I, uh..." She stopped speaking before she got choked up and cleared her throat.
"Are you two ready?" she asked.
"We have our gear," Aqib said, nodding at a pair of large backpacks leaning against one of the DCM branded trucks. "Camping gear, food and water for three days. Spare ammo, tools. We were told you had much more supplies yourself."
"Yup. I've got fresh food, enough for a couple of weeks for the four of us. Plus a couple months worth of dehydrated foods, MRE's and other food that'll keep for a while. I've got water and other shit to drink, camping gear, etcetera, etcetera. As long as you guys brought your own tents, we're golden."
"That is good," Aqib said.
"Do you have battery packs?" Mateen asked.
"Battery packs?" Glenda responded.
"Yes, for phones and other electronics. To keep them charged. I have a solar recharger, but it takes a long time, and it isn't always convenient to set it up."
Glenda shook her head. "Nope. Never been much for carrying a bunch of electronics around. Besides, I doubt our phones will work, where we're going."
Aqib grinned at his companion. "No video games until we're done, Mateen," he said. Mateen rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah."
"Mateen is still a child at heart, even though he has children of his own," Aqib explained as he stepped forward to get a good look at the portal, still hovering in the middle of the room.
"As long as he can fight," Glenda said. Jack approached, finished with the field paperwork. He had a backpack slung over one shoulder, and a rifle slung over the other. He still wore his armor.
"He fights like a cornered dog," Aqib said mildly. At Glenda's quirked eyebrow, he clarified. "He is very fierce."
"Good," Glenda said. She turned to Jack and gave him a quick kiss. "We ready?"
"Ayup," Jack confirmed. "All the paperwork's done, we're good to go."
Glenda pushed past Mateen and Aqib as they moved to pick up their packs. "I'll take them," she said. Mateen frowned, but Aqib simply nodded and stood back. She grabbed both packs and sent them to hammerspace, accepting Jack's pack and giving it the same treatment. Mateen shook his head slowly, but Aqib seemed unimpressed.
"Okay, let's boogie," Glenda said and strode through the portal before she could work up any doubts.
"None of 'em rotted," Jack said. "They're all mummified. All the plants are dead, but none of them are rotted, either." He stood in what seemed like a small park, a few trees growing in clusters at the four corners, and an open field of dead grass in the middle. Bodies lay strewn about, adults and children alike. Many lay draped over the benches, or slumped in a pile in front of them. One cluster of small bodies had a large, rubber-ish ball laying next to them, as if they'd died in the middle of some sort of game.
Glenda eyed the surroundings. They hadn't encountered a single living being in the hours they'd been moving through this city. "What do you think happened here?" she asked.
"I'll be honest, I ain't got a fucking clue, darlin'," Jack said. They stood in silence for a bit, reflecting on what they'd seen and wondering about it. An entire city, dead. No signs of decay, except for rusted metal. Glenda had seen large piles of rust that she took to be cars, based on the plastic and ceramic components still in them, along with the bodies. An entire city, dead. And yet the bodies remained. They'd held up better than the metal, for sure.
Mateen came around a corner at a jog and made a beeline for them. "Aqib has found something, a fresh body. Recently killed."
"Lead the way," Glenda told him. They followed him back around the corner, two blocks down and then around another corner, where they found Aqib standing over a bloody, headless corpse, resting against a building under a sign written in a language Glenda didn't recognize.
"Sheeit," Jack said as they drew up. "That's certainly out of place. Wonder where his head got to."
"Over here," Mateen said. He gestured to what looked like a bus stop with a trash can next to it. There, fetched up against the trash can was a severed head. A sparse trail of blood led from the body to it. Glenda walked over and crouched down, peering at the head.
"I think this is Garcia," she said. She pulled the photo she had of the man from hammerspace, checking it against the head.
"I think you're right," Jack said, peering over her shoulder. "And the chopped off head. That sounds like something Dylan would do."
"I think we're on the right track then," Glenda said. "But how do we know what direction he went?"
She straightened up as they all looked around. Nothing stood out to them.
A moment later, a terrifying roar sounded from off in the distance. They all turned towards it, weapons rising.
"I do not like that, but I think we know what direction to check now," Aqib said.
"'Fraid I gotta agree with ya," Jack said.
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2023.03.21 16:52 Waterhamster00 How to get past the "Right I'm getting over them now" stage??

All my life I've only had 3 crushes (now mid 30s) the last two were huge and lasted 10+ years, on people I cannot be with. So I tried to force myself to get over them but time, distance and keeping busy just do not work at all for me. I've only gotten over one crush when the next on came along and was even stronger. Then, it's instant.
I accept the crush isn't going to work, and spend years in the "Alright NOW I'm moving on" phase. Moving cities, jobs, having a million hobbies, an active social life etc. Zero contact with the person and zero looking at photos of them etc. Every day thinking "Right today is the day I stop thinking about them." But no day ever is. Now I'm on my 3rd and it is driving me insane. I haven't even seen or heard from this person in 6+ months.
If I developed crushes easily, this wouldn't be an issue, because I could just find someone else. But despite being very sociable I just do not develop crushes on anyone.
How can I get out of this annoying limbo stage, where I've fully accepted that it needs to stop, and am doing everything possible to make it stop? Ive taken up multiple martial arts courses and am learning 2 languages, going out all the time and reading/playing video games. Nothing is working.
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2023.03.21 16:41 Consistent-Relief742 The Daily Update

March 21, 2023
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Good morning,
The Daily Upside
Laxman Narasimhan, who was slated to take the reins as Starbucks' CEO on April 1st, is already in control of the global coffee giant, outgoing chief Howard Schultz told staffers in a surprise goodbye memo on Monday. While Schultz's two decades as the most caffeinated exec in America ended in a finely-ground fog of labor disputes that will put him before Congress in the coming weeks, Narasimhan apparently couldn't wait to get started, and must have been pounding ventis in the wings.
Morning Brief

The banking crisis is crashing The Fed’s inflation fight.

Microsoft keeps sweetening the antitrust pot.

China gets creative trying to boost its birth rate.
Fiscal Policy
The Fed Weighs Inflation, Banking Crisis Ahead of Possible Rate Hike
Here we go again. The Federal Reserve will decide on Wednesday just how aggressively it wants to pursue its rate-hiking, inflation-fighting campaign, only this time it will do so against the backdrop of a roiling bank crisis.
Addressing one crisis may only exacerbate the other, and (surprise, surprise) pretty much all of Wall Street has an opinion on what Fed Chair Jerome Powell and his board should do.
Powell’s Sophie’s Choice
It’s less a question of what Powell will do than what will happen when he does it. The smart money is on yet another 25 basis point increase, an acknowledgment that inflation — as well as the high consumer spending and a strong labor market — remains persistent. A month ago, another small hike may have been met with optimistic predictions of a soft landing. But that crash-free fantasy has been harshed by the reality that many mid-tier, regional banks are at risk of becoming overleveraged if rates continue to increase, potentially sending them the way of Silicon Valley Bank.
The Fed is already at work mitigating the spread of SVB’s collapse, offering some banks one-year loans on more friendly terms than the current 4.75% interest rate, and sources told The Wall Street Journal that Fed officials could continue to utilize emergency lending tools if the banking sector continues to falter. But inflation is likely to persist whether or not banks are properly prepared for rate hikes. That leaves Powell fighting a war on two fronts, putting him in a position of potentially having to pick between his two mandates: maximum employment and price stability.
Suddenly everyone is turning to their personal crystal ball to see where the Fed falls:

“I would advise them to go ahead with the 25,” Richard Clarida, Fed vice chair circa 2018 to 2022, told the WSJ. “If they pause, you can get into this ‘what do they know that we don’t know.’”

Eric Rosengren, former Boston Fed president, offered a different perspective to the WSJ: “One 25-basis-point increase now will have a fairly modest effect on inflation, but it could have an amplified effect on financial conditions.”
Have Your Rate and Eat it Too: Some rate-hike doves have raised an alternative viewpoint: the prospect of becoming the next SVB may be scaring banks into self-consciously tightening their own lending policies — which is the intended effect of a rate hike anyways. “You would want to say, ‘This is doing some of our monetary policy job for us,’” former Fed Governor Jeremy Stein told the WSJ. “If you can communicate that well and effectively, the choice between 25 and 0 is less consequential than how you explain it.”
- Brian Boyle
Microsoft Says It Wants To Launch App Store Rival
(Photo Credit: Ed Hardie/Unsplash)
As if Microsoft weren’t already all up in Google’s grill with its gussied-up new Chat-GPT-powered Bing, now it wants to make an app store too.
Xbox head Phil Spencer told the Financial Times Microsoft plans to launch an app marketplace to compete with Apple and Google as soon as next year, so long as antitrust authorities wave through its proposed acquisition of game maker Activision Blizzard.
Press F To Persuade Regulators
Xbox’s owner announced its intention to buy Activision Blizzard for $69 billion in January 2022 and if it goes through it will be the biggest deal in video game history. But it’s faced some full-throated objections from Xbox’s rival PlayStation. The fear is that ownership of game titles means Microsoft could potentially make them Xbox exclusive, and execs at both companies have publicly bickered over whether Microsoft could seal PlayStation gamers off from wildly popular games like Call of Duty.
Microsoft has already run into some sticky patches with regulators. The UK Competition and Markets Authority said last month the deal raises concerns, and the company has been trying to convince the EU of the deal’s soundness by notching licensing deals with competitors (though not PlayStation).
Spencer’s comments about launching a Microsoft app store are not entirely out of the blue as the company started laying the groundwork in October, but the timing is important:

The new EU Digital Markets Act is expected to come into force in March 2024, and may compel Apple and Google to allow access to each others’ app stores on their devices. For Apple especially, that’s a big hole being blown in the side of its walled garden.

Regulators in the EU have previously targeted Apple and Google’s control of their app stores with antitrust investigations, so Spencer’s comments seem geared towards portraying Microsoft as a competitive force to challenge the Gapple duopoly.
Candy Crushing It: Microsoft opening up its own app store for mobile games would come with some distinct advantages. The Activision Blizzard deal would bring mobile game maker King, which makes the era-defining phone game Candy Crush, under Microsoft’s umbrella. Plus a bespoke app store would mean being able to side-step the in-app payment taxes both Apple and Google impose.
- Isobel Asher Hamilton
The Power DenseEngine Revolutionizing a $400B Market
With an engine that supplies up to 10x more power and 30% more fuel efficiency than today’s internal combustion engines, it’s no surprise that LiquidPiston already has $30M in funding from the Department of Defense.
But their X-Engine™ is just the beginning. This innovative tech startup is aiming to revolutionize power of all kinds in the $400B mobile power market.
It all has to do with what could be the most important change to propulsion over the last century:
LiquidPiston’s patented High-Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC), which stretches the limits on power and efficiency with a broad range of fuel types.
This company is right on track to meet soaring demand for hybrid electric vehicles (which are expected to increase 377% by 2030), hydrogen-powered engines, power storage, and much more.
And they’re giving our readers a special opportunity in the meantime…
Become a shareholder in LiquidPiston now.
Chinese City Launches State-Sponsored Dating App
What’s more romantic than a candle-lit dinner? A candle-lit dinner organized by your local city officials.
Guixi, a city in China with a population of around 640,000 inhabitants, has launched its own dating app with the aim of boosting the marriage rate in the region and, implicitly, the birth rate.
Baby Un-boom
Local Chinese authorities have ramped up their interest in boosting China’s birth rate since the nation’s population was found to have fallen in 2022 for the first time in 62 years. Declining birth rates have long spooked sovereign states, as they portend aging populations with more retirees and a proportionally smaller workforce to pay into state pension pots.
China has tried to clamp down on a tradition it views as partially responsible for young people’s reluctance to get married, where a prospective husband pays a sum to his bride-to-be’s family. In recent years, the prices have shot up:

One local official told Bloomberg families charge suitors as much as $43,000 as a betrothal gift.

China has added a raft of other policies to encourage marriage and kids such as promoting marriage leave, increasing subsidies for newborn babies, and making it easier for unmarried couples to register children.
China isn’t the only nation pulling the Tinder card. Japan has also used state-sponsored matchmaking services to combat a now three-decade-long decline in births. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said in January the nation was "on the brink of not being able to maintain social functions." So, no pressure, kids.
The Wrong Approach? Pronatalist policies are not necessarily a good solution to declining birth rates. Prof. Feinian Chen, a professor of sociology at Johns Hopkins University, told Bloomberg that the increasingly entrenched expectation that women will stay home and raise the children means “the opportunity costs of having more children or having children at all are simply too high.”
- Isobel Asher Hamilton
Extra Upside

Not So Prime Time: Amazon is laying off another 9,000 employees.

Eager for Beavers: London wants to introduce a beaver couple later this year.

These throwback shoes will have you lookin’ like a snack – Dunkaroos, to be specific. Everyone’s favorite childhood comestible is making a triumphant return via sneaker customizer Katty Customs, who will be dropping a limited run of exclusive 90’s inspired kicks. These “Dunk-A-Shoes” (talk about a name) will only be available via the NTWRK app, which you can download right here.*
Just For Fun
Cool camouflage.
Two sport athlete.
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2023.03.21 16:20 mmwg97 Getting my lashes done for the first time, but I have bad anxiety. What should I expect?

Hi everyone! Getting a beauty service done (nails, hair, lashes etc) is very out of my comfort zone because i have bad social anxiety. I’ve always wanted to get my lashes done, so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make an appt. The appointment is in a few hrs!
I booked with someone local via social media based on her work on her page. I paid the deposit, secured the appointment, and she gave me directions to her location. She seems very nice, but she didn’t ask me what I wanted done. I have no knowledge about lashes, so I was going to just going to show her the photos of her work that I liked, and let her help me decide when I get there. Will that be annoying to the lash tech? And will she be annoyed that I didn’t disclose that I wanted a full set through messages? (Granted, she didn’t ask me either)
I may just be over thinking things, but I honestly just want to be a good client. Any tips for my first time are greatly appreciated!!
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2023.03.21 15:48 sajw98 AITA for not deleting old social media posts of my ex?

My GF and I have been together for around 7 months and live together (she moved over to my city and started a new career).
Here is the first problem, when we met I was 3 months single and on my Instagram had old photo's and videos of holidays I had been on with my ex, some of which had her hand in the background or on a table in-front of me. My current partner was really upset when she saw these on my social media and it was made worse by me saying "they're just holiday memories."
Fast forward to yesterday she talked about breaking up after seeing videos of my ex on a social media account i rarely use and forgot about. She had been through my phone as she thought she had seen these but wanted to make sure. I have never seen her this upset about something before. Again I explained that I didn't realise and deleted the videos and apologised.
AITA for keeping these photos of my ex online or is my new partner being too insecure?
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