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A depository/discussion around Aleafia Health's goal to bring about a revolution in medical cannabis! And sell some recreationally too.

2023.03.31 08:18 philosopher49 I finally did it

I just drank a lethal dose of [redacted because of posting rules]. I weighed myself and drank more than the lethal amount for my size. According to Wikipedia I should be dead 12-36 hours from now. I will experience some discomfort before I die but I am ok with that. I started drinking it at 10:45pm on 3/30/23 and finished the full dose at 11:30pm. I had to run to the store halfway through because despite every source saying it tastes sweet it was quite unpleasant and not quite as bad as taking a shot of alcohol but still bad. If I don't feel unwell enough I may update how the poison takes its course, however I may miss this window to post since I will be sleeping at and past the 12 hour mark so I may not wake up to update.
As for why....
I am not good enough for my dream. I worked really hard to get into a good university so I can become an engineer (materials) so I can make enough money to help people. I also wanted to prove and provide hope for those with mental illness struggling with their dreams and with the question of what them can achieve. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder type 2, on the autism spectrum and PTSD. I really wanted to help people in my position by showing that they can make their dreams work too but I wasn't good enough for that. I went to a community college to prove it to myself first before I set out with a bigger commitment of a university. I did really well and then got accepted into the Colorado School of Mines. I worked hard but it was always a struggle. Any win I got somewhere was a loss somewhere else. I have read books and done online programs to try to make myself smarter and more disciplined and it certainly helped but it wasn't enough. I have since had to do a hardship withdrawal late in the Fall 2022 semester which locked me out of this semester as well. Not that I was healthy enough to attend if I wasn't locked out. I don't believe I am either healthy enough or smart enough to make it work.
I also never understood people. I have been alone most of my life with long periods of no friends at all. Even in early childhood I had few friends and only saw them every few months. I have tried very hard to improve my social skills and people tell me that I have improved but it still isn't enough. This misunderstanding of people often leads to me crossing boundaries or do other social wrong doings that isolate me. I don't mean to do this but I genuinely don't understand how to do better, I understand that people on the autistic spectrum have trouble socializing but that doesn't make it right.
I have sought professional help many times throughout my life. I must admit that it has helped to a degree but I don't believe it can fix me. I doubt I will ever be strong enough to help others and I doubt I will ever understand people well enough to have close friends or close relationships that last. I am Christian, although I am largely ignorant of the Bible and have only gone to church when I was healthy and a believer in my life, I have started to believe that God wants me to commit suicide. I know that anybody who knows God better than I would tell me otherwise it just feels that everything in my life has been leading up to this decision like I have been guided to it all my life. I acknowledge that this might just be delusion but it is hard to fight when it seems like so many things have lead me to this choice of suicide. I genuinely believe that I can do more good by committing suicide. I think that I will have a Curt Coban type effect where I am idealized in death so I in a way become a better person for those that knew me. Showing them the importance of taking care of yourself and clinging to what matters most to you in life by showing them an example of when someone fails to do so.
I don't know what I am looking for when posting this. I initially wanted to provide an account of death by ethylene glycol so others looking to free themselves from pain could have comfort in knowing the process. I am not sure if that would do more harm than good but if I am committing suicide, who am I to judge others by saying it is wrong to do so for doing the same? I also think more likely that I just want someone to talk to that doesn't know me and therefore sound the alarm to get me hospitalized so I can share my final thoughts.
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2023.03.31 08:13 manusiapurba ChatGPT got my back when nobody else is

ChatGPT advices are so INFP-friendly, yall. Ya might want to use it when you have problems about maintaining our Fi, too.
Sharing my session with it, in case it also inspires you

how to stay focus even when you're not optimistic with the chance of success

Staying focused when you're feeling pessimistic about the chance of success can be challenging, but it's not impossible. Here are some tips that may help:
  1. Break tasks into smaller, manageable chunks: If you're feeling overwhelmed by a large task, break it down into smaller, more manageable parts. This can make the task feel less daunting and help you stay focused.
  2. Set realistic goals: Set goals that are achievable and realistic, even if they are smaller than your ultimate vision. This can help you maintain motivation and build momentum towards your larger goals.
  3. Eliminate distractions: Minimize distractions as much as possible by turning off your phone or logging out of social media. This will help you stay focused and avoid getting sidetracked.
  4. Take breaks: Take short breaks every 30-60 minutes to refresh your mind and recharge your energy. This can help you stay focused and avoid burnout.
  5. Stay positive: It's important to maintain a positive attitude, even when you're feeling pessimistic about your chances of success. Remember to focus on your progress, no matter how small, and celebrate your achievements along the way.

Remember that success takes time and effort, and setbacks are a natural part of the process. Stay focused, stay positive, and keep moving forward, and you will be one step closer to achieving your goals.

What if the realistic goal doesn't motivate me?

If your current goal doesn't motivate you, it's possible that it's not the right goal for you. It's important to set goals that are meaningful and inspiring to you, as these are the goals that will motivate you to take action and stay focused.
To identify more motivating goals, take some time to reflect on what's important to you, what you're passionate about, and what you want to achieve in your life. Consider what you want to be known for, what kind of impact you want to make in the world, and what kind of legacy you want to leave behind.
Once you have a better idea of what motivates you, set goals that align with your values and aspirations. These goals should be challenging but achievable, and should stretch you to grow and develop in new ways.
Remember that it's okay to adjust your goals over time as your interests and priorities change. Stay flexible, stay open to new opportunities, and stay true to what truly motivates and inspires you.

Okay, thank you

You're welcome! Remember, setting goals can be a process of trial and error, and it's okay if you don't get it right the first time. Keep exploring what motivates and inspires you, and don't be afraid to adjust your goals as needed. With persistence and a positive attitude, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I think even if I fail this one too, it would still be precious experience in "how to follow complex submission format" exercise so it won't be a waste in long term

That's a great perspective to have! Every experience, whether it leads to success or failure, can be valuable in its own way. Failure can teach us important lessons and help us grow and develop, both personally and professionally. It can also help us build resilience and learn how to handle adversity.
It's important to remember that failure is not a reflection of your worth or abilities. It's simply a natural part of the learning process, and an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve. By focusing on what you can learn from the experience, you can turn any setback into a valuable opportunity for growth and development.
So even if you don't achieve your immediate goal, you can still gain valuable experience that will serve you well in the future. Keep a positive attitude, stay focused on your long-term goals, and remember that every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.

You got a point, okay then I'm more motivated to do it

That's great to hear! I'm glad I could help you feel more motivated. Remember that motivation can come and go, so it's important to keep reminding yourself of your goals and why they are important to you. Stay focused, stay positive, and keep taking action towards your goals, and you will see progress over time. Good luck with your project!

it is ok to not be discouraged by consecutive failures, right?

Yes, it's absolutely okay to not be discouraged by consecutive failures. In fact, many successful people have experienced multiple failures before achieving success.
It's important to remember that failure is a natural part of the learning process, and it's not a reflection of your worth or abilities. Instead of letting failure discourage you, try to view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Analyze what went wrong, identify areas for improvement, and use that knowledge to make adjustments and keep moving forward.
Remember that success takes time and effort, and setbacks are a natural part of the process. Don't be too hard on yourself, and don't give up on your goals just because you experience a setback or two. Stay focused, stay positive, and keep taking action towards your goals, and you will eventually achieve success.

I do feel worthless when I felt like I could do it, then I fail

It's completely normal to feel discouraged and disappointed when you experience failure, especially if you were feeling confident before. But it's important to remember that failure is not a reflection of your worth or abilities.
It's important to practice self-compassion and be kind to yourself when you experience setbacks. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, try to focus on what you can learn from the experience and how you can use that knowledge to improve.
Remember that everyone experiences failure at some point, and it's not a sign of weakness or incompetence. In fact, failure can be a powerful teacher, helping us to learn important lessons and develop new skills.
So don't let failure define you or make you feel worthless. Stay positive, stay focused on your goals, and keep taking action towards achieving them. With persistence and a positive attitude, you can overcome any setback and achieve great things.

what should I base my worth on, then?

Your worth as a person should not be based on external factors such as success, achievements, or material possessions. Instead, it should be based on your inherent value as a human being. You are valuable simply because you exist, and you have unique qualities and strengths that make you who you are.
It's important to practice self-compassion and treat yourself with kindness and respect, even when you experience setbacks or failures. Recognize that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and that it's natural to make mistakes or experience difficulties at times.
Instead of basing your worth on external factors, focus on developing your personal values, such as kindness, compassion, honesty, and integrity. Cultivate positive relationships with others, engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment, and pursue goals that are meaningful and inspiring to you.
Remember that your worth as a person is not determined by external factors, and that you are valuable simply because you are you. Focus on being kind to yourself, cultivating positive relationships, and living a life that aligns with your personal values and aspirations.

Thank you

You're welcome! Remember to always be kind to yourself and focus on your own self-worth and inner values, and you will be able to navigate through the ups and downs of life with more resilience and self-confidence.

Yeah, you're right, I'll keep trying. Maybe being resilient is a good thing on its own?

Absolutely! Resilience is a valuable quality that can help you navigate through life's challenges and bounce back from setbacks. It allows you to adapt to change, manage stress, and maintain a positive attitude, even in the face of adversity.
Resilience is not just about "toughing it out" or ignoring difficult emotions. It's about acknowledging your feelings and experiences, but also recognizing that you have the strength and ability to cope and overcome challenges. It involves developing skills such as problem-solving, communication, and self-care, as well as building a strong support network of friends, family, and professionals.
By building your resilience, you can become better equipped to handle the inevitable ups and downs of life, and develop greater confidence and self-esteem. So keep working on developing your resilience, and don't be afraid to ask for help or support when you need it. With time and practice, you can become more resilient and better able to handle life's challenges.

Is person who keep failing is uncool?

No, a person who keeps failing is not uncool. In fact, many successful people have experienced multiple failures before achieving success. Failure is a natural part of the learning process, and it's not a reflection of your worth or abilities.
It's important to remember that success takes time and effort, and setbacks are a natural part of the process. It's okay to fail as long as you learn from your mistakes and keep trying. Don't let failure define you or make you feel like you are not cool or successful. Instead, try to view failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, and keep taking action towards your goals.
In the end, what really matters is not whether you fail or succeed, but whether you stay true to yourself and your values, and keep working towards the things that are important to you. So don't worry about what others might think of you or whether you are cool or not. Stay focused on your goals, be kind to yourself, and keep moving forward, and you will eventually achieve the success you desire.

yeah... sometimes I just want to keep trying and not think too much about the result... Is this a fool's errand?

No, it's not a fool's errand to keep trying and not worry too much about the outcome. In fact, focusing too much on the result can sometimes be counterproductive, as it can create unnecessary pressure and anxiety, and lead to a fear of failure.
It's important to have goals and aspirations, but it's equally important to focus on the process and enjoy the journey. When you approach a task or goal with a sense of curiosity and openness, rather than an attachment to a specific outcome, you can often be more creative and resourceful in finding solutions.
Of course, it's still important to have a general idea of what you hope to achieve, and to take steps towards that goal. But try to approach each step with a sense of detachment and openness, and trust that the process itself will lead you where you need to go.
Remember, success is not just about achieving a particular outcome, but about growing and learning along the way. So keep trying, keep learning, and stay open to new possibilities and opportunities. You never know where your journey might lead you.

Thank you, ChatGPT, you've helped me so much

You're very welcome! It was my pleasure to help you. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions or concerns. Remember, you have the strength and resilience to overcome any challenges that come your way. Keep believing in yourself, stay positive, and keep moving forward towards your goals.
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2023.03.31 08:10 gendercoconut Two years out of college, bachelors in education, realized I hated teaching and never want anything to do with it. I'm interested in general office jobs like admin assistant. I've applied for hundreds of jobs with no avail. I can't even land a simple office assistant/front desk/secretary job.

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2023.03.31 08:02 OlibrResourcingLTD Top Companies Hiring for Remote Developer Jobs

If you're a developer looking for a job that allows you to work from anywhere, you're in luck. Many companies are now offering remote developer positions, giving you the flexibility to work from home or anywhere else in the world. Here are some of the best companies currently hiring for remote developer jobs.


GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager that provides source code management, continuous integration and deployment, and other features for software development. They are known for their remote work culture and have been fully remote since 2011. GitLab is always hiring for remote developer positions, including front-end, back-end, and full stack developers. They offer competitive salaries, benefits, and a flexible work schedule.


Automattic is the company behind, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and more. They are a fully remote company with employees located all over the world. Automattic is always hiring for remote developer positions, including front-end, back-end, and mobile developers. They offer competitive salaries, benefits, and a flexible work schedule. Automattic is known for its unique company culture, which includes a strong emphasis on open communication and collaboration.


Toptal is a global network of top freelance software developers, designers, and finance experts. They work with companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, to provide them with the best talent for their projects. Toptal offers remote developer jobs in a variety of fields, including web development, mobile development, and software engineering. They also offer competitive compensation and benefits packages, as well as opportunities for professional growth and development.


If you're looking for a remote developer job, Zapier, Automattic, and GitLab are some of the top companies to consider. Zapier is a platform that connects over 2,000 apps, and they're always looking for talented developers to join their team. Automattic is the company behind, and they offer a variety of remote developer jobs, including front-end, back-end, and mobile development. GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager that provides continuous integration and deployment, and they're currently hiring for remote developer positions in a variety of fields.


InVision is a digital product design platform that allows teams to collaborate and create prototypes, animations, and more. They are currently hiring for remote developer positions, including front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers. InVision offers a variety of benefits for its remote employees, including flexible schedules, unlimited vacation time, and a fully remote work environment. If you're a developer looking for a remote job in the design industry, InVision may be the perfect fit for you.
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2023.03.31 08:01 Big-Research-2875 Population Explosion

Population Explosion

A population explosion may be a step-up within the variety of people in a very explicit species.Population explosion offers rise to variety of social issues. It results in migration of individuals from rural areas to the urban areas inflicting the expansion of slum areas.
People board most insanitary and unhygienic conditions. state and economic condition cause frustration and anger among the educated youth.Overpopulation is related to negative environmental and economic outcomes starting from the impacts of over-farming, deforestation, and pollution to eutrophication and warming.

Population Explosion
Without taking action currently, billions of individuals across the planet can face thirst, hunger, slum conditions and conflict in response to droughts, food shortages, urban sordidness, migration and ever depleting natural resources, whereas capability tries to catch up with demand. and therefore the projected growth in demand is staggering.

Effect of Population Explosion On setting

Following square measure the most effects of population explosion:

1.Problem of Investment Requirement

World population is growing at a rate of one.8 % each year. so as to attain a given rate of increase in per capita financial gain, larger investment is required. This adversely affects the expansion rate of the economy.

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2023.03.31 07:56 Rollb0t Call for Speakers - ROS Developers Day 2023

Call for Speakers - ROS Developers Day 2023

Call for Speakers - The 6th ROS Developers Day (ROSDevDay2023)
Hi robotics enthusiasts, if you're a ROS user with an interesting ROS application to share, submit your proposal to speak at ROSDevDay2023 ( and connect with other professionals in the field!

How to prepare & submit your proposal?

Check out the instructions here:

🆕 New this year: Speakers will be paid 300€ + 5% commission on rosject sales!

We value the work of every ROS developer and want to reward developers for their work. To that end, each speaker at ROSDevDay2023 will receive 300€, plus 5% of their rosject’s total revenue from sales on TheConstruct‘s online learning platform.
*Your rosject will permanently appear on The Construct for €39, and the speaker will receive 5% of the total revenue from the rosject as a permanent revenue stream.

Presentation Requirements:

  • ROS-related topics are eligible, including ROS 1 & 2 and ROS basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • You can apply as long as the subject matter is interesting for the ROS community.
  • The presentation must be around a project that all the attendants can execute within a rosject
✅ Examples of successful projects:
❌ Examples that do not apply:
  • Something that can only be applied to an actual device and cannot be demonstrated during the rosject
  • Something that it is at so low a level that attendees barely understand because they cannot relate the relation between that and robots
  • Something that cannot be executed inside a rosject
REMEMBER: This conference is not about showing your latest results (you can if you want). Instead, it is about showing and sharing interesting subjects with ROS to the audience so they can practice, learn and apply it to their projects.


  • Proposal submission deadline: May 5, 2023
  • Evaluation period: May 5 – May 15, 2023
  • Rosject preparation period: May 15 – June 15, 2023
  • Final rosject submission: June 15, 2023
– For any questions please contact us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.03.31 07:56 jamunatbrc 2023 Feed Taste Enhancers Market Industry Outlook, Growth And Trends

2023 Feed Taste Enhancers Market Industry Outlook, Growth And Trends

The Business Research Company’s Feed Taste Enhancers Global Market Report 2023 is the most detailed report available on the market, including broad forecast periods and multiple geographies. The report covers the historic period – 2010-2021, and the forecast period – 2023-2032. The Feed Taste Enhancers Global Market Report 2023 evaluates feed taste enhancers market size, growth rate, drivers, trends, and major companies.
The report provides a global perspective by covering 60 geographies and focusing on major economies in each region – Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa.
Request A Free Sample Of The Report (Includes Graphs And Tables):
The global feed taste enhancers market size is expected to grow from $2.59 billion in 2022 to $2.85 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.0%. The Russia-Ukraine war disrupted the chances of global economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, at least in the short term. The war between these two countries has led to economic sanctions on multiple countries, a surge in commodity prices, and supply chain disruptions, causing inflation across goods and services and affecting many markets across the globe. The global feed taste enhancers market size is expected to grow to $4.09 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 9.4%.
The feed taste enhancers market segments in the report are:
By Type:
Aroma Enhancers
By Source:
By Application:
Other Applications
Get More Information On The Feed Taste Enhancers Market Report:
Top 5 Major Key Players Are:
Kerry Group Ple
Kemin Industries Inc
Kent Feeds Inc Tanke International Group Cargill Inc
Asia-Pacific was the largest region in the feed taste enhancers market in 2022.
Table Of Contents
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Feed Taste Enhancers Market Characteristics
  3. Feed Taste Enhancers Market Trends And Strategies
  4. Feed Taste Enhancers Market - Macro Economic Scenario
  5. Feed Taste Enhancers Market Size And Growth
  1. Key Mergers And Acquisitions In The Feed Taste Enhancers Market
  2. Feed Taste Enhancers Market Future Outlook and Potential Analysis
  3. Appendix
List Of Tables Table 1: Global Historic Market Growth, 2017-2022, $ Billion
Table 2: Global Forecast Market Growth, 2022-2027F, 2032F, $ Billion
Table 3: Global Feed Taste Enhancers Market, Segmentation By Type, Historic and Forecast, 2017-2022, 2022-2027F, 2032F, $ Billion
Table 4: Global Feed Taste Enhancers Market, Segmentation By Source, Historic and Forecast, 2017-2022, 2022-2027F, 2032F, $ Billion
Table 5: Global Feed Taste Enhancers Market, Segmentation By Application , Historic and Forecast, 2017-2022, 2022-2027F, 2032F, $ Billion
........ Table 46: Associated British Foods Plc. Financial Performance
Table 47: Kerry Group Ple. Financial Performance
Table 48: Symrise AG Financial Performance
Table 49: Adisseo France SAS Financial Performance
Table 50: Elanco Animal Health Financial Performance
Learn About Us:
The Business Research Company is a market intelligence firm that pioneers in market, company, and consumer research. TBRC’s specialist consultants are located globally and are experts in a wide range of industries that include healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, chemicals, and technology. The firm has offices located in the UK, the US, and India, along with a network of proficient researchers in 28 countries.
Contact Us:
The Business Research Company
Europe: +44 207 1930 708
Asia: +91 88972 63534
Americas: +1 315 623 0293
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2023.03.31 07:52 Rollb0t Call for Speakers - ROS Developers Day 2023

Call for Speakers - The 6th ROS Developers Day (ROSDevDay2023)
Hi ROS developers, if you know something interesting about ROS and WOULD LIKE TO TEACH IT to the community, present your knowledge at ROSDevDay2023 (!

How to prepare & submit your proposal?

📷 Check out the instructions here:

🆕 New this year: Speakers will be paid 300€ + 5% commission on rosject sales!

We value the work of every ROS developer and want to reward developers for their work. To that end, each speaker at ROSDevDay2023 will receive 300€, plus 5% of their rosject’s total revenue from sales on TheConstruct‘s online learning platform.
*Your rosject will permanently appear on The Construct for €39, and the speaker will receive 5% of the total revenue from the rosject as a permanent revenue stream.

Presentation Requirements:

✅ Examples of successful projects:

❌ Examples that do not apply:

REMEMBER: This conference is not about showing your latest results (you can if you want). Instead, it is about showing and sharing interesting subjects with ROS to the audience so they can practice, learn and apply it to their projects.


– For any questions please contact us at [email protected].
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2023.03.31 07:48 Korommia Expanding The Way Of Digital Marketing Transformation, Meta/ WIMI Seize The AR Commercial Opportunities

Expanding The Way Of Digital Marketing Transformation, Meta/ WIMI Seize The AR Commercial Opportunities
Despite setbacks in 2022, Meta still saw sales of $116.6 billion.
Recently, Alex Himel, vice president of augmented reality at Meta (META), talked about an unprecedented deal, saying that Meta wants to advertise in Metaverse. Using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the company plans to monetize Metaverse through advertising.
Meta plans to launch its AR advertising business
Alex Himel Expected to generate higher revenue per user by combining selling virtual goods with optional add-ons (such as cloud backup and AR advertising).
Himel is particularly bullish on advertising in Metaverse, saying: " It's easy to imagine how ads appear in space when you wear AR glasses, and our tracking conversion rate can be close to 100%.”
Can AR advertising be accepted in the field of view? The success of AR advertising may also depend on the type of advertising. In any case, the development of AR technology will soon make all this a reality. Meta caught the "business business" in the field, which was never seen before.
Looking back in the past decade, with the improvement of chip, 5G and other technologies, AR track once again set off a boom. AR, namely augmented reality, through multimedia, three-dimensional modeling, real-time tracking, intelligent interaction, sensing and other technologies, the computer generated text, image, 3 D model and other virtual information simulation, applied to the real world, so that the two kinds of information fusion each other, so as to realize the "enhancement" of the real world.
China Merchants Securities expects that the global AR / VR industry space will reach nearly 2 trillion yuan by 2025. IDC forecasts that the AR market will grow at a five-year CAGR of 70.3%. The Qianzhan Industry Research Institute expects that the compound growth rate of the domestic AR industry market will reach about 78% from 2022 to 2027. According to reports from several professional institutions, the AR industry is already on the eve of an outbreak.
Why did AR rise? It is inseparable from the improvement of products and experience of AR manufacturers, among which the improvement of easy usability and display ability of AR products is the core. Nowadays, with the AR industry entering the "acceleration belt", the AR industry chain has formed a full chain ecosystem of the upper, middle and lower reaches, including hardware, software, content and application. In the past two years, China's digital economy has developed vigorously, with breakthroughs in 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies accelerating, driving the development of a number of AR software and hardware enterprises, and AR applications have also gradually been accepted by the consumer market.
WiMi Hologram Cloud expand in AR digital marketing
According to the data, the first holographic AR WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) focuses on Metaverse, XR, advertising, cultural tourism, digital marketing and other cutting-edge industries, and its holographic cloud platform presents cutting-edge technological achievements in various aspects, as well as some emerging technologies such as AIGC and ChatGPT have been deeply explored. WiMi Hologram Cloud Adapt to the development of The Times, actively explore the era and business issues, plan the future value of new technology, new business, new model, and work with the era of AR dramatic innovation under the road of light!
It is worth noting that, different from advertisements on mobile phones, TVS and computers, AR ads are ubiquitous and can exist in the 360 space around users, which means that advertisements can be combined with games and more easily accepted by people. Even AR now provides an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to connect with their audience, a win-win situation that will lead to higher sales and customer satisfaction.
According to the data, the first holographic AR WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) focuses on Metaverse, XR, advertising, cultural tourism, digital marketing and other cutting-edge industries, and its holographic cloud platform presents cutting-edge technological achievements in various aspects, as well as some emerging technologies such as AIGC and ChatGPT have been deeply explored. WiMi Hologram Cloud Adapt to the development of The Times, actively explore the era and business issues, plan the future value of new technology, new business, new model, and work with the era of AR dramatic innovation under the road of light!
It is worth noting that, different from advertisements on mobile phones, TVS and computers, AR ads are ubiquitous and can exist in the 360 space around users, which means that advertisements can be combined with games and more easily accepted by people. Even AR now provides an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to connect with their audience, a win-win situation that will lead to higher sales and customer satisfaction.
Specifically, WiMi Hologram Cloud moves the offline retail experience to online, bringing immersive and interesting AR shopping effect, which can allow the upper body to experience AR virtual clothing, accessories and cosmetics. Or home AR application, consumers can view the effect of furniture display in their own home. Some brand advertising campaigns in WiMi Hologram CloudAR can bring virtual product experience to consumers. Although the purpose is advertising and marketing, the interactive experience is interesting and provides consumers with a fresh way to interact with low-threshold products.
For the future prospects of AR industry, consumers always have a certain demand for it. Frankly, WiMi Hologram CloudAR technology, including AR solutions will help advertisers gain insight into the adoption of AR ads. AR was once just a concept in science fiction movies. Now WiMi Hologram Cloud can create more business opportunities for advertisers based on AR, which will have a continuous impact on the subsequent brand marketing and product sales. With the rapid development of AR core technology, WiMi Hologram CloudAR technology will be used in office, design, engineering and other fields in addition to entertainment.
To Sum Up
With the advent of the Metaverse era, it is increasingly expected that augmented reality (AR) technology will potentially improve the convenience of daily life and the productivity performance of the industry. The opportunity for AR advertising lies in innovation, where advertisers and manufacturers can have different forms of content from traditional advertising. More importantly, the advertising content needs to fit the characteristics of AR hardware and software itself, encourage consumers to actively experience advertising, the effect will be better than the direct output of advertising information. And this is the current digital technology in the digital marketing way on a new upgrade.
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2023.03.31 07:45 inkspace1 Increase your skill level and grow with the best Institute for Digital Marketing

Increase your skill level and grow with the best Institute for Digital Marketing
India has emerged as a hub for digital marketing, and the demand for skilled professionals in this field is increasing rapidly. With the growth of the digital economy, businesses are looking for digital marketing professionals who can help them reach their target audience and drive growth. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right institute for digital marketing training in India to acquire the necessary skills and stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we will explore the best institute for digital marketing in India.

List of Best Institute for Digital Marketing in India

Inkspace Academy

They are India’s most reputable and Best Institute for Digital Marketing, offering the most effective online digital marketing courses. Their course’s goal is to educate students about the rapidly changing field of digital marketing. They recognise that many students want to begin working as soon as possible in order to establish themselves as valuable citizens.
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2023.03.31 07:44 MjolnirPants Jerry and the Apocalypse: Part 61

Part 60
Julie Allard, CEO, Divine Crisis Management Group
Julie straightened up, the lines across her hips from the edge of the desk beginning to itch now that they were free. Bill collapsed back in his chair, opening a desk drawer to produce a box of tissues. He pulled a handful out to clean himself with.
"That was good," Julie purred, her knees shaking as she waited for Bill to finish so she could sit on his lap. Bill crumbled up the tissues and she plopped down. "Mmm, this is good, too," she said, leaning back against him.
"We could stay just like this for a while," Bill suggested.
"I wish," Julie said. "I'm going to start leaking soon... And we need to clean your desk." Bill leaned around her, seeing the mess on his desk. He chuckled. "I have to admit, I like the fact that I never have to worry about you faking it."
Julie snorted, then leaned against him.
"You gave me a funny look earlier," she said. "When the guys from the Army were here."
"Well, in my defense, a naked, beautiful woman stood up from under my desk while I was trying to talk shop with an old buddy of mine."
"Mmmhmm," Julie said. "It didn't have anything to do with the... Details of said naked woman?"
Bill looked at her. He reached forward, wiped a finger through the cooling bodily fluids on the desk and stuck it in his mouth.
"That only proves you're a pervert," Julie said with feigned primness.
"I'll drink it straight from the tap, then," Bill said, seizing her hips and plopping her on the desk. Julie squealed. "Not so soon, you ass!" Bill grinned at her.
"You'll make me giggle like a little girl," Julie tried to pout as she said it, but she couldn't stop grinning back at him.
"That only makes it more appealing," Bill said. Julie crossed her legs. "No! We can do that later. I need to go call in the rest of the guys your friend needed, anyways."
Bill glanced over at the potted plant with a small pile of fabric behind it. "Your clothes are over there," he said.
Julie finally managed to pout. "You're not going to get them for me?"
Bill eyed her legs. "Not as long as you've got that ass, no. I will never pick anything up off the floor for you."
Julie chuckled and stood, walking over to the plant and retrieving her clothes. She quickly dressed and arranged herself so as to minimize the evidence of a desktop tryst.
"How do I look?" she asked, turning for Bill's inspection.
"Harried," he said. "Which tracks with what's been going on. Also amazing, but that's par for the course."
She walked over as he finished buckling his own pants to kiss him. "I'll be back if I can. If not, I'll see you after work."
She turned to leave, but stopped when she heard Bill's voice. "Julie," he said. He sounded concerned. She turned to find him frowning.
"What is it?" His look worried her.
"It's Jerry," he said. "I think you might be too harsh on him."
Julie sighed. She tamped down on the twisting in her guts at his words and reminded herself that she needed to be objective.
"Explain," she said, her voice much colder than she intended.
"Julie," he said. "Haven't you noticed that virtually everyone who knows him has stood up for him? I mean, I know that the stuff Dylan told you sounds bad, and I know that you confirmed it. Hell, I know that him going rogue again looks bad... But there's got to be a reason so many people support him."
"He's nice to everyone he meets," Julie said. She had intended to go on, but she caught herself. She was making excuses. She was about to claim that the most awkward, easily-embarrassed wallflower of a man she'd ever met had simply charmed everyone else. And she damn well knew that wasn't the case. Sure, he could turn on an aura that would make women -and presumably gay men- go wild for him, but she was fairly certain he hadn't done so in years. He was self-conscious about even discussing the last time he had, even though she knew he'd had his memories erased at the time and was acting out of character, thanks to some kind of magical illness.
"I'll think about it, Bill," she said, her voice much softer.
"That's all I'm asking," he said. "And I'll support you, whatever decisions you come to."
She smiled at him. That part, she had no trouble believing.
"I'll see you later," she said.
"L- I mean, later, beautiful," he replied. His face twisted a little, but quickly returned to normal. Julie left, wondering what that look was about.
Julie went to the bathroom first. When she was done, she went to her office and sent out the emails to recall the men for the Army. She had just gotten those sent when she sensed a presence and looked up to find a woman sitting in the chair in front of her desk.
"Hello," Julie said, surprised.
"Hi," the woman responded. She wore a nice dress suit, much like Julie's own, except the woman still had her jacket on and buttoned. She had fair features and black hair with a red stripe in it.
"Can I help you?" Julie asked.
"No," the woman said.
They sat there for a moment, Julie edging a finger closer to the alarm rune on the underside of her desk.
"I'm here to help you," the woman said at length. There was something about her voice that seemed familiar, but Julie couldn't place it.
"Okay," Julie responded. "Can you explain how?"
"Yes. Listen to Bill about Jerry," the woman said. She leaned forward and the sense of vague familiarity hit Julie again. She was certain she knew this woman from somewhere.
"What did Bill say about Jerry?" Julie asked, carefully choosing her words to avoid any accidental admissions.
"That you're being too harsh on him," the woman said. She leaned forward some more, putting her elbows on her knees.
"Bill's right. You see, Bill is a very confident man. He's aware that other men might be better in bed, or better fighters, or better at their jobs than him. He doesn't really care. You pushing away Jerry isn't going to make him feel more secure in your relationship. He's not worried about you leaving him to return to the arrangement you had with Jerry and his wife. He knows you well enough to know you wouldn't want that. Being a fifth wheel, I mean."
Julie gasped as the recognition suddenly crystalized. "Jane," she breathed. Jane flashed her a tight smile and a little nod. "more or less," she said cryptically. Julie took that to mean this was an avatar.
"What can you tell me about everything that's happened?" Julie asked.
"Well, General Stanley's fears are justified, so don't hold back aiding him. Some of the gods are dissenting. A few will sit out the upcoming conflict. A few will side with humanity. A few more will side specifically with Jerry. In fact, they already have. Unfortunately, those who've sided with Jerry are probably not going to help us in this fight."
"And why? Why are they turning on us?"
"Because They're afraid of you. You have power now, and Jerry worked out a way to kill a god. They know if he can do it, another human can, as well. Some of the work your wizards are doing is shockingly close to what Jerry did. Most of them have turned against him, though not all. But in doing so, many have turned against humanity as a whole. They don't plan to let you have back the army you've sent to assist them. Most of them think that will be a serious blow to your might. They don't know it's just a small part of one army among many. And when they learn that, well... They're not going to grow any less afraid of you, that's for sure."
"You make out like the gods are a bunch of cowards," Julie said. Jane chuckled and nodded, crossing her arms.
"They are. They're scared of Jerry, scared of Sarisa, scared of you, scared of me and Yarm. Mostly me, but still. They'd be afraid of their own shadow, if they didn't know better. The gods have spent thousands of years being immortal and invincible. Only one god has ever truly died, and that was a massive fluke. They've never been given the chance to develop any courage. They're experiencing a threat for the first time ever, so their reaction is to attack everything until there's nothing left to threaten them."
"Except Yarm," Julie said. Jane nodded. "Except Yarm. And you can guess where he stands."
Yarm would stand with Jerry, no doubt. Julie knew that the two of them were as close as they could be without becoming lovers. "And what about Jerry?" she asked.
"Jerry is doing exactly what he needs to be doing right now. For himself, and for everyone else."
Julie nodded, taking that in. "And you? Where do you sit in this fight?"
Jane shrugged. "I was human until a few years ago. Old loyalties die hard."
Julie leaned back in her chair, relieved.
Jane stood. "I have to go. I have a lot on my plate, lately. There's no certainty, but I want you to know that things are on the right track, so far. As long as Sarisa doesn't have any more tricks up her sleeve, everything's going to work out."
"And if she does?" Julie asked, rising as well.
Jane shrugged again, making a sort of sneer that Julie recognized as a suppressed wince. "Then we'll either adapt or lose."
"And what happens if we lose?"
"The destruction of all the gods and the extinction of humanity. At least in this world."
"So, no pressure," Julie drawled. Jane grinned. "No pressure," she said. She turned to the door and opened it, then paused.
"Oh, one more thing..." She met Julie's eyes.
"Tell Bill that you're in love with him. He's been itching for 'the right time' to tell you, but you know how men are about that kind of stuff."
Julie gaped at the goddess as she left with a wink. A moment later, she returned to her computer and began typing more emails. She had a feeling that pulling out all the stops might be appropriate.
Command Sergeant Major Eric Hale, 5th Special Forces Group
"The president will see you now, Sergeant," the marine guard said. Hale stood and walked in. Hale walked into the conference room to find the POTUS and a Navy Admiral shaking hands.
"Thank you, Fred," the President said. The Admiral nodded and walked out as Hale snapped to attention and saluted his Commander in Chief.
"Knock it off," the President told him, pulling out a chair, and then walking around the table to take one opposite. "Take a seat. I've been on my feet all day."
"Thank you, sir," Hale said as he sat down and scooted his chair in.
"I'm told you have a message for me from General Stanley."
Hale nodded. "Yes, sir. I was to give you his message verbatim. It goes as follows: 'Sir, if this shit goes down and we don't throw everything we have at it in one big mass, right off the bat, I do not think we will survive'. End of message."
The President nodded.
"I expected this, you know," he said. "The folks from the DCM -including that guy from the television show and the woman who produces it- were fairly apocalyptic in their description of events."
The President heaved a big sigh. "That was Admiral Strang. He happened to be in the building, so he personally reported to me that the second and third battalion of the Tenth Special Forces just arrived stateside on naval flights. They're preparing to be deployed as we speak."
"Sir, with all due respect, I think we're going to need more than just two more battalions of quiet professionals. We're going to need a complete mobilization. I just came from the DCM, and they promised me a hundred wizards and over four hundred shooters with magic gear. I think we're going to need more, sir. A lot more."
"A total war footing," the President said. "That's what you're talking about. A return to a World-War-Two era economy."
"Sir, I couldn't speak to economic concerns, but I have the upmost faith in the General's judgement."
"You and me both, Sergeant," the President said with a sigh. He sighed again a moment later.
"Okay, Sergeant. My break is over, I need to get moving. You can tell the General I'm doing everything I can. If you want to return to the waiting room, I'll send a Marine to escort you to the helipad and you can take the chopper over to Fort Carson. I'll send instructions for Colonels Macy and Gibbs to follow your lead."
"Thank you, sir," Hale said, standing up. He snapped another salute, but the President stuck out his hand.
"Thank you, Sergeant. You and every single one of the men out there right now, and all of those heading there today and in the future. Your service is an inspiration to all of us. I know you hear empty platitudes from politicians all the time, but I want to personally assure you that I mean it."
"You served yourself, sir," Hale said, shaking the President's hand.
"I did. In Afghanistan. It seems like forever ago."
"Then thank you, Mister President," Hale said. The President laughed.
"Yeah, thank me, too. Go on. I'm a busy man, Sergeant."
Hale hurried out, back to the waiting room. He had barely sat down before a Marine Gunnery Sergeant walked into the room. "Sergeant Hale?" he asked.
Hale stood. "This way, si- Sergeant," the Marine said.
"Do I have to say it, Gunny?" Hale asked.
"Nope," the Marine responded. "I'm kicking myself already."
President James Carter
James' staff met him as he left the conference room. "Okay," he asked Marcy, to his left. "Who's next?"
"Director Stillman, sir," she said. James sighed with relief. "Good. Hopefully he's got some good news for us."
He followed Marcy through the halls, to one of the secured meeting rooms. Inside, he found Frank Stillman, Director of Central Intelligence.
"Frank, please tell me you've got good news," James said as he shook his old friend's hand.
"Well, that depends on what you need the news for. Word is that we're going to war. Like World War Three. Is that true?"
"Jesus, you guys work fast," James breathed. "I literally just came from hearing about it."
"Ways and means, sir," Frank said. James chuckled ruefully.
"So yeah, I wanted to know about project Hoplite."
"Hoplite is ahead of schedule. We can field the first cadre, already. The second will be ready in a month."
"Good. What about project, uh..." James snapped his fingers. "Project Merlos, sir?"
"Yes, I could never remember that name. We should have just called it 'Merlin'. Or maybe 'Gandalf'."
"We almost called it Project Dresden, sir, but we've had one of those already."
"I don't even want to know. So how far along is Merlos?"
"We have four cadres ready right now. That's about three hundred and sixty men."
"That'll be a big help. How fast can they get organized?"
"They're prepping now, sir. They'll be ready to go within the hour. I had planned to have them travel ahead."
"Good, good. And you know I have to ask about the last one."
Frank's face split into a grin. "Project Tarragon, sir."
"That's the one."
Frank's grin grew wider. "Six," he said. James' jaw dropped. "Six?!"
"Yes, sir. Ready to go right this instant."
"Shit, the NRF riders must be fast learners."
"There's a sort of bonding that happens. By training the riders first, we can have another two ready two months from the next hatch."
"You look pretty pleased with yourself," James noted. Frank winked. "I am, sir. These projects have been my baby for the past few years. Having them come to fruition right as they're needed, well... I'm eager to see them in action."
"Don't be too eager. I'm told that if we don't win this one, we go extinct."
"Extinction has shades of gray, sir. If things get too bad, well, we've got a plan for that, too."
"Oh?" James quirked an eyebrow at him. "Do tell."
"Well, sir. You see, me and Jerry go way back. I was his boss when he worked for the Agency."
"I'm aware," James said. Frank smiled.
"Well, he and I got on quite well. So well, in fact, that neither of us wanted to end our professional relationship when he left for the private sector. As a result, we've been in touch about important matters. The last thing he contacted me about was a sort of extra dimensional bunker, set up by the gods to preserve humanity in the event of some extinction-level event. Except the gods don't really seem to know about it. Well, except one, and I've been given assurances that she's sympathetic to our cause."
"Well, that does sound useful."
Frank's smile turned into a grin that split his face from ear to ear. "We've also taken the liberty of adding some extra defenses, sir. If we can hold out for two more months, in addition to the two new Tarragon pairs, I can provide you with a bunker from which any continuing war effort can be directed in perfect safety."
"Well, shit, don't let me keep you, then. Have your project's soldiers travel to the other side as quickly as possible, and report their capabilities and needs to General Stanley."
"Right away, sir."
Frank walked out without another word. A very efficient man, that one, James thought. He stepped outside to find Marcy and the others waiting.
"Next?" he said with a sigh.
Bill Martin, All in All, Having a Pretty Good Day
Bill finished up the rest of his work and shut down his computer. Eric was as set as he could be. Gear for a thousand DCM security agents was being shipped to the Army camp, and hundreds of wizards and security agents (with their own gear, of course) were heading there as well, some already moving, others heading out in the days to come.
He stretched his back and then angled his desk lamp to be sure he'd cleaned up the mess from earlier. As he nodded to himself in satisfaction, he heard the door opening and looked up. Julie was there, her shirt half-unbuttoned and her hair a bit more of a mess than he remembered leaving it in.
"Everything okay?" he asked.
"Yes, just..." She sighed. "It's been a long day."
"I rather enjoyed lunch," Bill said. "Though I'm still hungry, for some reason..." Julie smiled at him.
"You know, there's probably no-one left in the office who might come knocking..." Bill said, suggestively.
"I know," Julie said, indicating her shirt. "But before we get to that, I need you to do something. In a professional capacity, I mean."
Bill's eager grin faded, replaced by his business expression, which some people tended to find intimidating for some reason. He scratched one heavily cauliflowered ear and idly wondered why as he waited for Julie to go on. For her part, she seemed reluctant to say it.
Finally, she worked up the nerve. "I want you to take a team. Six security, six wizards. The best, even if you have to recall them from the other side. I mean, the best we have. Take them and go find Jerry, and assist him with whatever he needs. Here," she reached into the pocket of the jacket slung over one arm and produced a compass.
"What's this?" Bill asked, accepting the compass.
"It will lead you directly to him. He gave it to me once, in case..."
"In case you needed to get laid?" Bill asked, his expression still all business. "I'm sorry, that sounded bitter. I mean, I don't understand why you'd need to find him."
"In case I needed to have him killed," Julie blurted out. "He made it and gave it to me. I think he made a few and gave them to the people he trusted."
"And he trusted you with one," Bill said. Julie winced.
"I'm not jealous," Bill said.
"What?" Julie asked.
"I'm not jealous, I said. I know you two used to have some kind of a thing going, and I know he's probably some kind of inhuman lover. But I can live with the fact that you were his sidepiece for a while."
Julie winced again.
"Sorry," Bill said. "My mouth is bad at translating what's in my head sometimes. I just mean to say that I've never had a problem with you and him working together, or even being friends. I know there wasn't any... Romance there."
"Are you... Is there romance here?" Julie asked him in a quiet voice.
"I sure as shit hope so, or I'm in for a really bad time," Bill said. He wanted to say something else, but it was hard to just jump to that.
Julie giggled.
"What?" Bill asked.
"Nothing, it was just something someone said to me earlier today."
She stepped forward, her body pressed to his and kissed him.
"I love you, Bill Martin," she whispered.
"I lo- Wow. Uh, I wasn't expecting that..." he muttered, his thick neck turning a bright shade of red.
"Sounds like maybe you were," Julie said.
"Motherfucker," Bill swore. "Julie, I've had a crush on you since the moment we met. At my interview. I saw you sitting there and afterwards, when I went home, I couldn't get that image out of my head. And I... I'm... I've been in love with you since that morning at the diner, when that asshat kept running his mouth."
Julie smiled at him. "So you love me?"
"Yeah," Bill said. Something snapped inside his chest and he seized her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. Her lips felt different, warmer, softer than he remembered. The skin of her cheeks under his calloused thumbs was smoother, fuller. The feeling of her body pressed up against his was...
It felt like coming home, he thought.
They kissed for a long moment before Bill drew back. "I uh..." he stammered.
"You need to get your team together," Julie said.
"Yeah," he responded, looking around as if they were here, waiting for him.
He clutched the compass to his chest. "I saw Michelle's report," he said. "From what she said, he's moving across planes."
"Stacey Compton is probably the most talented plane walker we have," Julie said. "And she's been working on the teleporter improvements. She should still be here."
Bill nodded. "I'll grab her. She got a rave review from one of the security teams when she was doing field work. Cool head under pressure. I still need to figure out the rest."
"You can leave in the morning, you know," Julie said. Bill met her gaze, and saw the twinkle there.
"The door's still open," he said.
"I thought you said there wasn't anyone left to disturb us..." Julie said teasingly. Bill grinned. "In that case, the couch in the lobby is bound to be more comfortable than my desk."
Julie took his hand and led him out of the office.
Bill woke up and froze, the unfamiliarity of his surroundings speeding up his heart. But only for a second. He recognized Julie's bedroom. His hand brushed her sleeping back as the memories of last night returned. His eyes went to the dresser, where his handgun, wallet, and a small compass were laid out.
They'd had dinner, then come back here and enjoyed their third tryst of the day before falling asleep in each others arms. He remembered the words they'd shared, and tried them out again on her sleeping back.
"I love you," he said. Julie murmured something and pulled the hand he'd placed on her hip down over her belly. He gave her a moment to cuddle, then gently extricated his hand and climbed out of bed. He jumped in the shower and washed quickly. A small pump bottle of brightly colored body wash-slash-shampoo and conditioner, obviously marketed to men, sat unopened to one side, so he cracked that one and used it.
He climbed out and dried himself off, and found Julie still asleep when he emerged. She'd rolled onto her back and lay stretched out on the bed, her hair a chestnut halo around her head, like some kind of angel. He considered snapping a picture, but the blankets were tangled around her knees, and he didn't want to do something that would piss her off, like taking nude photos of her sleeping. But he really wanted to remember this, so he stared for a long moment before getting dressed.
"Mmm, leaving?" Julie murmured as he pulled his boots on.
"Was gonna wake you up, see if you wanted to get breakfast before I go," he said.
"Mmmmmmm," she responded, her eyes still closed. She reached out and seized his forearm gently.
"Mmm, I love you," she said. Bill grinned down at her, barely able to stand how gorgeous and adorable she was.
"I love you, too," he said.
Her eyes snapped open. "I wanna get breakfast," she said.
"Okay, then come on," he replied.
She sat up, rubbing her eyes. "I need a shower," she said.
"Clock's ticking," Bill noted. She swung her legs out of bed, then slumped.
"Fuck the shower, you have to go, soon."
"Yeah," Bill agreed sadly.
"Okay, lemme brush my teeth, at least." She stood and padded into the bathroom, so Bill sat patiently on the bed and waited. She emerged a few minutes later. "Clothes," she said, then turned to the closet as if she'd just remembered that clothes were a thing. She dug out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and quickly pulled them on.
"I'll wear sandals," she said, grabbing a pair of large-framed sunglasses from her dresser. "Come on."
They went to a diner two blocks away that they'd visited a few times before. Breakfast was ordered, delivered and eaten, coffee was poured, fawned over, and drank quickly. Finally, Julie settled the bill.
"Bill," she said. "When you get there, tell him I'm sorry, okay? I was... Part of it was personal reasons. I kinda wanted to push him away. So you could..."
"So I could get closer?" Bill asked. she nodded.
"I'll tell him."
They stood and walked outside. At Bill's car, he stopped and turned. "Are you sure you don't want a ride home?"
"Yeah, this is a safe neighborhood. And I've still got that handgun in my purse. And it's only two blocks. You need to get moving, as much as I want to draw this out."
Bill nodded. He stroked her hair, then pulled some of it to his face and breathed deeply.
"Yuck," Julie said. "I haven't washed it."
"It smells like you," Bill said. "Best thing I've ever smelled."
"Ahh, that's right. We haven't been out for tacos yet," Julie said. Bill chuckled.
"You don't have any jewelry on," he said, disappointed. Julie cocked her head at him. "Is that a problem?"
"I guess not, I just... I wanted something of you. To bring with me. I'm damn sure I'm riding into a fight."
"Give me your knife," Julie said. Bill's eyebrows rose, but he complied, handing over the razor-sharp Benchmade he kept clipped to his belt. She unfolded it, seized a lock of her hair and chopped it off in a quick motion. Bill gasped.
"Your hair!" he said. Julie handed him the knife back and carefully began to tie the hair into a complex knot.
"I was about to cut it short, anyways. I like to change it up from time to time. Here," she handed him the small ring of braided hair, and he took it. Bill looked at it, then up at Julie.
"I love you," he said again.
Julie beamed at him. "I love you, too. Now let me go get in the shower. I've got to get to the office." She kissed him once on the lips and spun on her heels, striding away quickly. Bill climbed in the driver's seat and looked up to see she'd stopped and was watching him.
He raised the hair and kissed it. She smiled, blushed and turned away.
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Asiagame99 Merekomendasikan daftar web site formal judi online slot gacor terpercaya enteng menang hari ini bersama dengan insentif dan jackpot terbesar di year 2022. Untuk kamu yang senang bermain judi online terutama web site judi slot inilah saatnya mencoba rasakan sensasionalnya web site slot gacor terpercaya ringan menang hari ini ditahun 2022 yang akan sedia kan bermacam macam game slot berasal dari beragam provider ternama layaknya Pragmatic Play bersama dengan keunggulannya mempunyai taraf RTP slot mencapai 98Prosen dan secara bukan segera akan gampang mengimbuhkan kamu kemenangan yang amat besar.
Slot Gacor yang akan mengimbuhkan sedikit bocoran sebutan provider slot yang tengah gacor dipercaya mudah menang ditahun 2022 bersama menyajikan jackpot slot terbesar hari ini yang mampu kamu mainkan. Bila kamu sebelumnya bermain di web slot online yang lain dan kamu selalu LOSES atau kalah maka disinilah kamu sanggup mencoba mengembalikan kekalahan kamu bersama mencoba daftar slot gacor online terpercaya mudah menang hari ini 2022. Meraih website slot gacor terpercaya tidaklah terlalu sulit akan namun kamu wajib konsisten berhati-hati untuk memilih web site slot remi mana dan udah punya lisensi berasal dari Pagcor. Kesalahan yang kerap dijalankan adalah sembarangan memilih web judi slot yang bukan miliki lisensi dan kebanyakan kemenangan para player slot bukan terbayar. Kebayakan para member slot awalnya yang tergiur bersama insentif dan promo yang besar di tawarkan.
Untuk tingkatkan wawasan terkait judi slot online terutama sltus slot gacor kamu wajib memperhatikan sebagian hal mengenai karakteristik-karakteristik website slot yang terpercaya dan ringan menang sehingga kamu senantiasa nyaman didalam bermain judi slot online kususnya website slot gacor 2022.

Info Website Formal Slot Gacor 2022 Terpercaya Di Indonesia

1. Web site Slot Gacor 2022 Miliki Tampilan Yang Menarik

link slot gacor terpercaya memiliki tampilan menarik baik tersebut berasal dari segi tampilan dan banyaknya fitur game slot yang lengkap. Dikutip berasal dari berita para member slot yang dulu tidak benar memilih agen slot kebanyakan web slot yang asal-asalan punya tampilan yang biasa dan bukan mencantumkan julukan BRAND di Tampilannya. Hal tersebut diperuntukan sehingga pemain sekain interes untuk bergabung. Tampilan web yang elegant senantiasa mencerminkan keaslian berasal dari website slot tersebut sendiri maka bukan heran apabila desainer tampilan berasal dari website slot gacor bukan sembarangan didalam membawa dampak tampilan web site itu.

2. Website Slot Gacor Yang Punyai Tak terhitung Anggota / Member Aktif

ciri kelanjutannya adalah mempunyai berlimpah anggota atau member aktif yang bermain di web slot gacor itu. Website gacor terpercaya dan kondusif tentu sudah memiliki segudang anggota dan hal itu sanggup jadi penentu bahwa sebuah web site itu terpercaya atau bukan. Semakin berlimpah anggota berasal dari sebuah agen, maka semakin besar juga integritas para pelanggan pada mereka. Indikator bermakna ini terlampau membedakan web site palsu dan orisinil.

3. Website Slot Gacor memberi tambahan Pelayanan Yang Baik Dan Responsif Selama 24 Jam

member slot yang beroleh pelayanan yang paling baik tentu akan betah bermain game slot di web itu, bersama dengan pelayanan yang maksimal seta promo dan jackpot terbesar jadi nilai lebih untuk web site slot itu. Tetapi web penipu biasanya mereka cuma bermain-main saja dan idamkan meraup laba sebanyak-banyaknya berasal dari para bettor, agar Kamu wajib lebih hati-hati kembali di dalam membedakannya. Kelanjutannya agen yang telah terverifikasi tentu punya CS yang akan ada selama 24 jam. Para anggota sanggup kenakan fasilitas ini untuk menanyakan bermacam kabar sekiranya belum tahu. Kamu sanggup menghubungi pihak CS via kontak yang sudah ada sebagaimana WA atau telpon.
Pastinya fasilitas ini kan terlampau berfaedah untuk Kamu ketika baru bergabung ke global permainan slot dan inginkan memahami lebih berlimpah kembali serba-serbi terkait permainan itu. Oleh gara-gara tersebut, jangan risi dan sungkan untuk bertanya hal tersebut ke CS yang udah ada.
Didalam bermain permainan Slot Asiagame99 Kamu kudu selalu berhati-hati dan waspada, diperlukan kejelian untuk sanggup memilih website slot gacor terpercaya. Pilihlah web site terpopuler yang udah punya segudang ulasan positif berasal dari para anggota. Berhati-Hatilah tiap tiap inginkan laksanakan transfer uang dan jangan mengimbuhkan kode atau pin ATM Kamu ke sembarang orang. tulah lebih dari satu karakteristik signifikan web site slot gacor terpercaya. Semoga bersama dengan adanya info itu semakin memudahkan Kamu di dalam memilih website paling baik untuk bermain, jangan hingga Kamu mengalami kerugian implikasi berasal dari keteledoran Kamu. Sebab marak sekali penipuan berjalan di internet supaya kami perlu tingkatkan kewaspadaan.

5 Game Judi Online Paling baik Berasal dari Website Slot Gacor Terpopuler Di Indonesia

di tahunan 2022 ini web site slot gacor terpercaya enteng menang hari ini sudah formal meluncurkan 5 game terbesar sepanjang sejarah judi online terutama slot gacor yang kala ini tengah populer di Asia. Maka berasal dari tersebut website slot gacor mengimbuhkan laba bagi para calon bettor yang tersedia. Di th 2022, kamu mampu memilih website judi online terpercaya layaknya Asiagame99 yang udah punyai pengalaman lama melayani para pemainya bersama ramah, baik, dan juga professional. Berikut sebagian game judi online yang sanggup dimainkan lewat web site judi online kita cuman bersama mengenakan 1 akun saja layaknya :
Judi Slot Onlinelive Casinojudi Bolapoker Online dan Dominoqqtogel Onlineslot gacor merupakan persembahan berasal dari game slot online yang menempati posisi pertama paling populer di Indonesia oleh gara-gara tersebut tak terhitung sekali web link slot gacor yang bermunculan untuk menjaring para member sehingga bergabung jadi anggota atau member di suatu web site slot gacor itu namun pertanyaannya 'Apakah seluruh web slot gacor yang ditawarkan sahih-sahih terpercaya ?' pasti saja "Bukan".
Gara-gara tersedia lebih dari satu web slot gacor yang belum terdaftar didalam organisasi website slot online Pagcor. Banyaknya website slot gacor yang bermunculan lebih dari satu adalah web slot gacor palsu yang mesti kamu hindari dan kamu jangan hingga masuk jadi anggota atau member mereka. Dan sesuadah kamu membaca karakteristik-karakteristik web slot gacor terpercaya diatas kita harapkan kamu telah sahih-sahih mengetahui dan bukan keliru untuk bergabung si suatu link web slot gacor.
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2023.03.31 07:38 Desperate_Bag1410 Shark Tank Ideas for Work

Shark Tank Ideas for Work
Shark Tank is an inspiring platform for entrepreneurs, showcasing innovative ideas that can transform the business world. By exploring Shark Tank ideas for work, you can gain valuable insights into successful product development, marketing strategies, and business growth. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to launch a new product or a business leader seeking to inspire your team, Shark Tank offers practical advice and inspiration to help you achieve your professional goals. With its diverse range of innovative ideas, Shark Tank provides a roadmap for success in today's competitive marketplace. Dive in and explore the world of Shark Tank ideas for work today!
Shark Tank Ideas for Work
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2023.03.31 07:36 comradeweb Digital Marketing and SEO Conferences in New York You Should Visit in 2023

Digital Marketing and SEO Conferences in New York You Should Visit in 2023
Attend the best conferences for learning about the latest trends in digital marketing, learning about SEO strategies, and meeting other professionals:
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2023.03.31 07:24 SantaTollimus [GUIDE] Boosted Graphic Artist Designers! (Satire/Discussion)

Attn! Are you... tired ? Are you tired of searching for customers on your own? Are you tired of disappointing projected sales rates?? Are you tired of how difficult it is to find customers? Do you wish customers would just some how come and find you??
Keep reading~
My "Boosted Graphic Designer" Business strategy: The issues are simple:
  1. Graphic Designers face mountains of Graphic Design competition.
  2. Graphic Designers artworks need to be seen to create audience growth.
  3. Graphic Designers are not streamers!
The solutions are simple:
  1. Graphic Designer competion is over customers will contact you in droves.
  2. Graphic Designers can sponsor channels of their choosing to host art.
  3. Graphic Designers don't have to stream with my method! helps but not required!
The secret to my success is foolproof. Instead of soliciting Twitch streamers to buy professional grade art~
Professional Graphic Designers will instead SponsoHire/Employ Twitch Streamers as paid advertisers for their Graphic Design Business! Streamers can show appreciation for Professional Graphic Design Art by dedicated some of their channel space and broadcast time to sharing/soliciting Professional Graphic Design Art and sharing Artist's contact information! Completely eliminates the need for Artist to solicit!
This Method of Boosted Graphic Designer Business growth Will ensure you are hosted pretty much FOREVER!
MILLIONS of potential new customers and friends await! You don't even have to stream! You can succeed! The only person stopping you IS YOU!
I'm going help all incoming graphic designers that visit my twitch page by sending them a link to this reddit post☺problem solved.
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2023.03.31 07:20 ifanogoo Lamudi release highlights to drive property agents competence

Lamudi release highlights to drive property agents competence
Lamudi issued Property Highlights 2022 with the aim to measure the level of agent readiness in responding to new demands from next-generation property buyers. Heaptalk, Jakarta — Lamudi Property Highlights (LPH) 2022 revealed that agents play an important role in driving the growth of the national property sector through digitalization. This finding is the result... Read more » The post Lamudi release highlights to drive property agents competence appeared first on Business News, Marketing and Professionals Talk Indonesia -
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2023.03.31 07:17 wallcommunication SEO Service In Delhi With Affordable Price Wall Communication

Wall Communication Pvt. Ltd. will convert the ideas that can be expertly transformed into a well-known particular brand that perfectly encapsulates the underlying philosophy by our team of professionals. Our highly qualified and experienced team has expertise in SEO services in Delhi for the company's growth. In order for your product to stand out as a unique original concept, we build on your comments and change the design. There are various services under SEO.
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2023.03.31 07:15 iwebdata_scraping How to Scrape Data from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List?

How to Scrape Data from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List?
HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List are well-known and reputable sites that enable professionals to find contact details for potential clients. This site also features customer reviews that post reliable feedback on the service quality provided by the contractors. Contractors targeting these types of businesses are the perfect candidates for HomeAdvisor.
HomeAdvisor is a digital marketplace earlier known as ServiceMagic. The prime role of this company is to connect homeowners with local service professionals to perform home enhancement, remodeling, and maintenance projects. The company headquarter is in Denver, Colorado, and it has offices in Virginia, Illinois, Evanston, Colorado Springs, Lenexa, New York, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Fairfax.
Angi, formerly Angie’s List, is an American home service website possessed by Angi Inc. It allows users to search for contractors to offer paid home enhancement work. It was founded in 1995 by Angie Hicks & William S. Oesterle.
It is free for homeowners and a paid network for service professionals. With iWeb Data Scraping, scrape data from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List to focus on delivering customer value.

List of Data Fields

  • Reviews
  • Contact details
  • Ratings
  • Price
  • Specialization
  • Description
  • User reviews
  • Address
  • Business license
  • Categories
  • Major services, etc.
Data collection from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List is the best option to extract and use data to build a better sales strategy. Scraping data means you are getting verified and updated reviews without any hassles. HomeAdvisor is the best site for business owners and home buyers to track what’s happening in the market. Home buyers and sellers can compare and connect with builders, local contractors, and remodelers. It scrapes data from its website to generate a list of builders, contractors, and remodelers in your area. However, HomeAdvisor acquires Angie’s List to rename itself to ANGI Home Services.

Importance of Scraping Data from HomeAdvisor & Angie’s Lists

In predetermined relationships, people must understand what benefits they will obtain from the service provider. iWeb Data Scraping offers Angi contractor details services to extract and scrape the content of Angi. You can easily scrape data about the contractors in your area, including business addresses, phone numbers, and payment methods.

Scraping Data from HomeAdvisor and Angi

Both these companies are the most renowned online resources for those who are looking for services and products. The data collected from HomeAdvisor and Angi then creates a search engine-optimized website to search by keyword. The data scraping process starts with software that plays a major role in scanning the website pages linked to Angie’s List. It includes the websites controlled or owned by Angie’s List and those affiliated with Angi. After the data collection, it is processed and sorted into categories, allowing easy search and analysis.
The data in the database are available for access by computer programs. These programs use algorithms for analyzing the data and extracting the information necessary for creating the website. It includes keywords, page content, and other valuable information for advertising purposes.

Importance of Scraping Data from HomeAdvisor & Angie’s Lists

In predetermined relationships, people must understand what benefits they will obtain from the service provider. iWeb Data Scraping offers Angi contractor details services to extract and scrape the content of Angi. You can easily scrape data about the contractors in your area, including business addresses, phone numbers, and payment methods.

Scraping Local Business Data from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List

There are several reasons to know why you need to scrape data from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List. Whether you are looking to gather customer data for a marketing campaign or looking for any specific information, there are certain things that you must keep in mind:
Ensure to Have the Right Resources: Before starting the scraping process, ensure to have the tools and resources for successful scraping. You require a scraper, source data, and programming skills.
Planning of Scraping Project: Once all the resources are with you, it’s time to streamline your project. Look for the type of data you want to scrape, how to scrape the data, and how to clean it. The output will be available in dashboard format and is of intuitive design.
Conclusion: HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List scraping services are a great way to extract massive data in a single stretch.
CTA: For more information, get in touch with iWeb Data Scraping now! You can also reach us for all your web scraping service and mobile app data scraping service requirements.
know more :
Tag : #Scrape Data from HomeAdvisor#Data collection from HomeAdvisor#Scraping Local Business Data from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List#Scrape Data from Angie’s List
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2023.03.31 07:14 IvantheGreat66 Scientists have narrowed down the months where dinosaurs died

This isn't recent news, but I didn't see it posted before, so might as well say it here.
Also, I'm not saying they narrowed down the time period (that's still ambiguous), we still don't know the precise year of it all.
Anyway, two studies (one of which apparently might've stolen from the other) were published about fish fossils from the Tanis site. Said fish are widely believe to have been killed on the day of impact due to having silicates and such in their gills and the fact they're in a really violent scene were several were found hanging from trees and such. Scientists used special technology to look into the bones of the fish, realizing their growth could be analyzed to determine what time of the year they stopped. I got several conflicting reports all talking about seemingly the same study (the Nature one), which either state it happened sometime during spring (this is the most commonly cited) or exactly in late May to early June. In addition, another analysis of trees possibly dated to the event yielded early June as well, but at the same time one of the people doing the study I read most on stated it definitely wasn't summer and guestimated April. This may have contributed to their extinction, as dinosaurs in the Northern hemisphere had just emerged from hibernation and were spending time playing with their children and foraging food for themselves.
Personally, it'd be fitting for me if it either occurred on April 4th or June 6th, the later more so-April 4th is 4/4, with 4 representing death in many cultures, and 6/6 would match with it being 66 million years ago. Of course, this being real life, I doubt its that fitting.
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2023.03.31 07:11 Goelina Kings halt playoff drought, Lakers conquer Bulls in NBA action

Kings halt playoff drought, Lakers conquer Bulls in NBA action Two notable games from the recent action include the Sacramento Kings ending their playoff drought and the Los Angeles Lakers defeating the Chicago Bulls.📷

The Sacramento Kings had not made the playoffs since the 2005-2006 season, but that all changed on March 28th, 2022, when they defeated the New Orleans Pelicans with a final score of 117-110. The Kings had been on a roll leading up to this game, winning eight of their last ten games, and their hard work and determination paid off. With the win, they secured the eighth seed in the Western Conference and will face off against the top-seeded team in the playoffs.
The Kings were led by their star point guard, De'Aaron Fox, who had a phenomenal game with 38 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists. He was supported by Marvin Bagley III, who had 17 points and 11 rebounds, and Buddy Hield, who added 16 points and 6 rebounds.
The victory was especially sweet for Kings fans who have been waiting for this moment for over a decade. The team has had its fair share of struggles and setbacks, but they never gave up on their goal of making the playoffs. The players and coaching staff worked tirelessly to improve their game, and it all paid off in the end.
In addition to the Kings' historic win, the Los Angeles Lakers also had a noteworthy game on March 28th, 2022, when they defeated the Chicago Bulls with a final score of 115-107. The Lakers have been one of the most talked-about teams this season, with high expectations following their offseason acquisitions of Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony......
Read more
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2023.03.31 06:56 sumitgusain22 GUILLERMO DEL TORO’S PINOCCHIO (2022)

At some point of the numerous years inside the filmmaking industry, Hollywood studios has had a protracted records of competition, that can on occasion suggest producing a film to outdo and outshine a rival studio. due to this, some studios have every so often create similar films to each other competing studio inside the identical 12 months and with the aid of ways and way to capitalize on a higher product within their respective characteristic movie. this can cause a form of “déjà vu” feeling while moviegoers catch one film in earlier within the year after which see a very strikingly similar one a few months later on, with can consist of same idea, narrative, gimmick, characters, and few other cinematic nuances. every now and then this has been intentional, at the same time as other instances studios just been pure twist of fate. in addition, this unique situation, at the same time as no longer the most not unusual practice, has been achieved several instances and can generate a chunk of inflow / confusion or an exam among the endeavors on which studio produced the better film.
Such instance of this could be located the lively cartoon trojan horse / insect movies in 1998’s Antz and A bug’s existence, the “cease of the arena” by asteroid from deep area in 1998’s Deep effect and Armageddon, the mystifying fascination of illusionary magic hints in 2006’s The status and The Illusionists, the reimagining of the traditional Snow White story in 2012’s replicate, replicate and Snow White and the Huntsman, and terrorist attacking the White house in 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen and White residence Down, just to name a few. Now, after the adverse (and wood) mishap of their Disney’s live-action remake of Pinocchio, as Netflix (in part the Netflix Animation) and director Guillermo del Toro gift the second 2022 characteristic movie that examines a brand new generation of Carl Collodi’s iconic story of a timber boy within the animated venture titled Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. Does this film find advantage inside this present day manufacturing from del Toro’s darkish imagination or is it another “been there, accomplished that” premise that doesn’t warrant a brand new incarnation from the famous wood boy?
THE tale
In Italy at some point of international war I, Geppetto, (David Bradley), after losing his son, Carlo (Gregory Mann), to a current aerial bomb strike, is conquer with grief, with the timber maker suffering to deal with the arena around him. In a match of rage and sadness, Geppetto cuts down a tree unique to him and elects to create a timber boy as remainder of his son, most effective to have a wood Sprite (Tilda Swinton) flip the timber introduction right into a residing component, who is known as Pinocchio and who's pretty curious about the new world he’s come into. Joined with the aid of Sebastian J. Cricket (Ewan McGregor), a journeying cricket who's working on his memoir, Pinocchio (additionally Gregory Mann) begins to experience the plans of people seeking to take advantage of his incredible abilities, inclusive of count Volpe (Christoph Waltz), the owner and operator of a traveling pmake-uppet display who’s looking for the following massive famous person enchantment, and Podesta (Ron Perlman), an formidable military reliable who plans to use the wood boy as a device for warfare, soon becoming a member of his very own son, Candlewick (Finn Wolfhard), inside the fight. finding trouble in coming to phrases with the sector and the way it works, Pinocchio embarks make-upon a journey of self-discovery, learning what it way to be alive, mastering 2e6e3562d9dbc29d194484e1328ef239 and sacrifice, at the same time as Geppetto comes to turns that magical wood boy isn’t the son he lost.
the coolest / THE horrific
It’s no marvel that Hollywood studios have constantly been in opposition with each different, vining for smakeupremacy on the field workplace with a new assets this is either famous in pop culture or the today's and most recent trend. That being said, the jostling for viewership in their ultra-modern task can create that brazenly familiar tones, particularly if the difficulty rely / plot of the movie’s narrative may be pretty similar to each other function movie that became simply launched a few months lower back. As stated above, there may be a “déjà vu” feeling when this happens and (at the least to me) is kind of interesting to look the evaluation to see how one compares to the other. I imply…. some are higher than others as I individually discovered A computer virus’s lifestyles better than Antz, i found Armageddon to be greater of a Hollywood blockbuster endeavor than the extra dramatic individual turn in Deep impact, I regarded The status because the make-uperiormakeup of the 2 in opposition to The Illusionists, I favored the epic / darker take of Snow White and the Huntsman in place of more whimsical reflect, reflect, and that i liked the extra gritter tackle terrorism assaults in Olympus
Has Fallen instead of White residence Down. Of path, there are numerous different “comparable” movies which have pop out pretty close to each other, but those are the ones that right away come to thoughts. ultimately, while some are intentional or just sheer accident, similar film releases can make-up (and still do), with familiar plots and gimmicks take center degree and locating the distinction takes on such beliefs in movie storytelling.
This brings me returned to speakme about, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, a 2022 animated darkish myth movie and the ultra-modern interpretation of the Carl Collodi’s iconic tale of a timber boy. As said inside the paragraph above, similar films do pop out on occasion and 2022 was no special with the discharge announcement of two Pinocchio films from two special administrators. Of direction, the primary one was the generation that Disney had trademark in their release of Pinocchio, a stay-motion incarnation from their loved 1940 animated classic. sadly, whilst a few elements of the function had a several technical deserves and a few exact casting desire, the movie did not meet expectancies, with 2022’s Pinocchio missing appeal, coronary heart, and originality. certainly, I felt that way approximately that movie and ended make-up make- upsetmakeup by way of it, with my interest turning
closer to what director Guillermo del Toro turned into visioning for Collodi’s tale of Pinocchio. Given the director’s beyond experiences, i used to be absolutely going into the film with a lot of darker / mature flourishes and nuances from this project, especially how a number of the film’s stills and marketing campaign that began to appear on-line. With my work time table being so heavily during the time of its release, I didn’t get the chance to immediately watch the movie. I did, however, changed into able to finally see this movie after I went on vacation in February 2023, yet, whilst i used to be still gambling “trap make-up” with some of my other film reviews, I needed to pushed lower back writing my thoughts on this particular animated movie. Now, nearing the give makemakeup of the list of my “unfinished” reviews for 2022, I in the end now have the risk to share my personal mind on the film. And what did I think about it? well, I concept it become good, but no longer as exquisite as a few are making it out to be. Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is a visually stunning animated movie that dances to its personal beat, with a darker and extra mature tale of the conventional timber boy but stalls in some regions. It’s honestly no longer the best generation of Pinocchio, however it's far truly the most exceptional….and that’s form of a great component.
Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is directed by using Guillermo del Toro, whose preceding directorial works include such movies as Hellboy, The form of Water, and Pan’s Labyrinth, and Mark Gustafson, whose previous directorial quick movies, inclusive of Mr. Resistor and Joe Blow. at the same time as i am now not acquainted with Gustafson’s paintings, del Toro I truly recognize of and how he has applied cinematic storytelling to assignment some of his greater splendid elements and visions into his diverse tasks. He is also recognized for his “creature capabilities”, allowing such beings into his narrative in addition to sprinkling nuances of darker tones and tones throughout his manufacturing. So, it truly become curious to see del Toro tackle this type of task just like the tale of Pinocchio and how he could weave his signature. positive, enough, del Toro does control to make the complete endeavor very a lot “in-line” and “in spirt” to his thematically dark version of the wooden boy’s story,
without sacrificing the acquainted beats which can be customary to the tale that many have known for the duration of the years. evidently, this isn’t the Disney version of Pinocchio; some thing that del Toro surely makes his generation of Pinocchio regarded right from the get-go, with a darker and greater mature story to spin. hence, the juxtaposition of such dueling narratives from this precise film and to the 2022 stay-movement feature that the “house of Mouse” (a greater conventional representation) is in reality substantive. Who comes out on pinnacle? properly, for sheer distinction, it’s virtually Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio comes out on top (by a landslide), with new lively feature having a brand new representation of an antique traditional. That’s not to say that del Toro makes his film about Pinocchio absolutely unrecognizable, with numerous familiar tones and scenarios that play out in both films, which include a speakme cricket, a scheming pmake-uppeteer performer, a immense sea creature, and some different nuances.
That being said, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio has a good deal extra new material to say about the wood boy that got here to lifestyles, with del Toro including to the Pinocchio mythos with touches of demise and loss in addition to studying about the arena / growing make-up. those precise factors may be determined in Disney version, but ordinarily buried under the tailor made youngster friendly approach. And that’s no longer a terrible component, in particular for the reason that Disney has made their animated tale of Pinocchio to be the maximum iconic version of all of them. Del Toro is really a near second, which weaves in greater make-upmakeup topics in addition to the director’s signature style and visible thrives into the mixture for a more worldly viewing that both speaks to the kid-like offerings of the classic tale, but nonetheless feels rooted within the darker factors of fairy story cultural representation. Del Toro’s films have usually sparked creativeness and fantasies with more darken motifs of creatures and / or scenarios, with his film about Pinocchio’s adventure having a more spiritual one, particularly since the narrative has a greater rooted human feelings and a better hold close on such massive ideas which includes dying and grief (extra on that under). There’s nonetheless some humorous bit and youngster-friendly amusing that are sprinkled inside and outside of the function, however, simply as word of warning for some viewers obtainable, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, whilst amazingly lively and meaningful poignant, won't be suitable for some more youthful viewers obtainable. And that’s now not a terrific or terrible thing as del Toro himself has always been partial to extra make-up delusion-esque storytelling (i.e., Pan’s Labyrinth) …. just an observation. So, regardless of if one likes (or dislikes) this particular movie, no one can deny how special this particular version of Pinocchio is….and that’s truely a very good issue, in particular to its different 2022 stay-movement counterpart from Disney.possibly the maximum interesting issue that the movie has to provide is in the sturdy and worldly themes / messages that the lively characteristic presents all through its narrative. even as the commonplace Pinocchio subject matters of doing what's proper and the learn to parent right natured vs. evil intentions in the face of naivety are surely provided inside the film, del Toro closely makes use of more mature themes, together with the movie exploring demise and grief in a totally transferring and human way. this may be seeing in Geppetto’s adventure within the characteristic, who, unlike other iterations of Pinocchio, has greater of a component to play within the narrative as the timber boy’s tale, with the elder man confront the power of grief and loss and looking to surmise the state of affairs that he’s in and the way Pinocchio isn’t the boy he just these days loss.
Even Pinocchio’s adventure has a greater mature feeling vibe all through, with the character going through demanding situations of dying (and completely greedy it), the electricity of deception, and going through reality of conflict (the death of childhood innocence). This sort of inspires a feel of darker topics that, whilst significant to all, can be seeing as complicated nature inside the story of wood boy coming to existence. standard, I make-upposemakeup that del Toro definitively made his mark on the Pinocchio trademark staple, with Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio speaking to the director’s style and visible flair and makes a brand new (and liked) revel in in the representation of the long-lasting story of a timber boy and the misadventures he is going thru.
wherein the film honestly does shine is inside the presentation category, with Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio making use of a completely distinct stance on the style of animation for this mission of show new spin on an vintage story. in place of just the use of conventional animation (whether second or 3-D), del Toro is going for something highly old, yet uncommon in nowadays’s film panorama of caricature characteristic endeavors in the presentation of stop-motion animation. Such a technique feels like a welcomed “breath of fresh air”, specifically thinking about the wide variety of lively films coming out which have the “same old” disheveled look to them. although, a recent spike in one of a kind varieties of animation (i.e., Spider-guy: Into the Spider-Verse, Puss in Boots: The last wish, The bad guys, etc.) has begun to surface, with increasingly studio now seeking out new innovations in visual telling an animated undertaking. Del Toro is right make-up inside the area, with his film having such first rate appearance approximately
it, with using clay “prevent motion” animation to deliver his new release of Collodi. Plus, the function layout of the all the characters within the function are pretty distinctive, with a touch of realism in addition to a touch of myth to them, make-up inmakeup some thing unconventional. Even the function’s setting is some thing one-of-a-type, which can be very picturesque and delightful to appearance, even some of the extra darker searching scenes. thus, the film’s “behind the scenes” team, consisting of man Davis and Curt Enderle (production layout), Robert DeSue (art direction), Jesse Gregg, Gillian Hunt, Samantha Levy, Molly light, Laura Savage, Zach Sheehan (set decorations), and Maeve Callahan, Emelia Hiltner, and Katy Strutz (hair / b6fd8d88d79ed1018df623d0b49e84e7), ought to be counseled for his or her notable efforts in making del Toro’s visible vision to life in such an interesting and smart way.
moreover, the film’s cinematography work through Frank Passingham is incredible for the duration of the film and enables build make-upon the visual style for the characteristic and brings the vital taste in del Toro’s masterplan for this undertaking. finally, the film’s score, which changed into composed by using Alexandre Desplat, is also pretty great, with a musical composition that hits all the proper notes in nearly each scenes, no matter if it’s a quiet dialogue one or a bombastic motion collection.
lamentably, there are several portions in the function’s development / task that holds the movie back from accomplishing genuine cinematic glory in a few crucial areas. How so? nicely, for starters, there's no denying how quite precise in trying to positioned a brand new spin on the conventional typically used interpretation of the Pinocchio tale. but, in spite of that belief, del Toro bites off a touch bit greater than he can chunk, with the narrative attempting a bit bit too difficult to be take the tale in a new darker path. on occasion, this can be useful in the film, specifically with del Toro’s tendency to portrayal darkness within a children’s story, however there are instances where that particular component receives stuck makeup a tad too much, which causes the function to make-up a barely distracting in seeking to be each one-of-a-kind and extra mature. Scenes of militaristic ideals and Italian fascism may be a bit bit distracting at a few points, specially since those factors are extra nuanced and don’t play much to the movie’s essential plot. Even the idea of death and how it gets intertwined into Pinocchio’s journey, while poignant and meaningful, comes at the rate of some thing flavored window dressing. again, I do apprehend del Toro’s intentions, with a vision this is just as ordinary and darker as his previous films, but feels now and again undercooked.
there is additionally a touch of inconsistency with the function, specially when the feature attempts to comprise musical songs into the narrative. On the bright aspect, the music facilitates increase a number of the darker tones of the feature and that the songs themselves are special from the ones from the enduring Disney model of Pinocchio (i.e. “whilst you desire Upon a celeb” or “No Strings on Me”). That being stated, the song themselves, whilst light in duration, don’t surely have a memorable impact on the characteristic. Of route, I do understand del Toro’s vision for this inclusion lyrical songs, yet the real execution of it comes off as a touch bit limp. Heck, I don’t even do not forget the songs themselves or maybe bear in mind the song of them. in addition, I felt that the significance of sure matters felt extra flat, with more recent thoughts taking middle stage, which looses the effect on a few.
One best instance is in the advent of iconic speakme cricket that offers Pinocchio advice, who does make an appearance and that i do have to make-upply credit for making the person different from the more 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 iteration of Jimmy Cricket from Disney’s model, but seems alternatively forgetful in several chunks of the feature. accordingly, it sort of feels that del Toro and his crewmakeup and seeking to make the feature very lots one-of-a-kind from beyond portrayals of Pinocchio (of which it does), yet nonetheless appears like a number of the touches to distinguish itself appear a chunk clunky in how it is presentedmakeup inside the film.
The voice forged in Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is stable all of the way round, with an assemblage of recognizable performing capabilities deliver their respective “A” vocal recreation to the proceedings, which allows elevates these unique characters that are each familiar and surprising to the telling of Pinocchio. main the price because the function’s identify man or woman is actor Gregory Mann, who presents the voice for Pinocchio. Mann, who's regarded for his roles in Victoria and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, is not a acquainted / family call that many viewers recognize about, however his skills on this precise undertaking should be noticeably praised. To that make-upmakeup, Mann is remarkable in the position of Pinocchio, with the film make-upplying make-up a new and exciting take on the well-known wood boy come to life. In truth, inside the movie, del Toro imagines Pinocchio as more crude construct (built out of grief and rage / unhappiness), so the layout paintings is more barely misshapen and abnormal searching, which (of route) suits quite well into del Toro’s factors.
Even the man or woman of Pinocchio himself is pretty a unique take on the man or woman within the film, with this generation of the timber pmakeuppet come to life to be more infantile brat in preference to the greater docile and sweet version may have found in past favorites. He’s still naive and curious approximately the world round him (and the humans he meets), however there extra to it than that, with del Toro showing extra of childish behavior in the individual, which reasons frustration in each Geppetto and Sebastian during the film. It absolutely works and Mann is as much as the task via imbuing the person with such brash youth angst and once in a while egocentric conduct, which (in flip) makes the person growth of Pinocchio all the worthwhile by the time it reaches its end.
at the back of Mann, actor David Bradley does a totally spectacular and pretty frankly a memorable vocal overall performance in his portrayal of master Geppetto, Italian woodcarver / Pinocchio surrogate father in the story. known for his roles in recreation of Thrones, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and After lifestyles, Bradley has actually constructed himself a high-quality profession at some stage in the years, particularly man or woman roles that match a elder and grizzled guy. Such is the case in his performance within the man or woman of Geppetto, the iconic man or woman from the Pinocchio story,
yet del Toro breathes new lifestyles on this antique familiar. Geppetto in the movie could be very grief troubled guy, who's full of rage and sadness over the lack of his son, that is some thing of a very human emotion. accordingly, the immediate connection is there and is felt at some point of the person’s journey in the film. Bradley’s voice additionally shares that emotionally weight, together with his portrayal of Geppetto have a touch of sadness and frustration of the conditions that Pinocchio finds himself in in addition to the disappointment the wood boy isn’t like his loved boy, Carlo. together, Bradley is first-rate inside the film because the character of Geppetto, with del Toro and his team giving the person greater to do (and holds a bigger significance) on this retelling of Pinocchio than each earlier than.
In extra secondary make-upportingmakeup roles, actor Ewan McGregor (celebrity Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Moulin Rouge) provides a pleasant illustration in the voice of person Sebastian J. Cricket, journeying / speakme cricket who lives inside Pinocchio’s wood body as his manual and moral sense within the tale. Of path, the character is perhaps the most iconic creation from not simply the Collodi’s tale of Pinocchio, however also inside the form of Jimmy Cricket from Disney’s Pinocchio. From similarities, each Jimmy and Sebastian proportion some archetype position in the story of Pinocchio, with the latter have a chunk extra of small staple subplot of him looking to write down his memoirs of his existence. Plus, McGregor is perfect within the position of Sebastian, together with his voice undertaking the quantity of type-hearted and spoken that many have come to pick out the person of a speaking cricket of a timber boy’s conscious.
The distinction, but, is that he isn’t the main consciousness as Disney imagined him, with del Toro sort of pushing the character aside several times in prefer of introducing new ideas and concepts (as well as characters) into the cinematic cognizance. for this reason, Sebastian J. Cricket, while brilliantly voiced by McGregor, nonetheless is impactful to the overall story, but kind of wander off some times alongside the manner. After that, actor Christoph Waltz (Skyfall and Inglorious Basterds) gives a memorable (yet small) overall performance in voicing the character of count Volpe, a scheming and merciless aristocrat-turned-pmakeuppet grasp / con man. similar to what del Toro had in thoughts for the characteristic, the individual of Volpe is a reimagining of the Ringmaster from the unique Pinocchio tale (Stromboli from Disney’s Pinocchio) and you'll be able to effortlessly tell that Waltz was best for the function. He lays on thick (in an awesome manner), which enables build makeupon the man or woman who is looking to make a fortune off of befriending Pinocchio. All in all, I assume that Waltz changed into ideal as depend Volpe and that i won’t have it every other manner.
different make-up players inclusive of actor Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy) because the Podesta, a stern fascists authorities authentic who desires to use Pinocchio as a soldier within the conflict, and actor Finn Wolfhard (IT and Stranger things) as the Podesta’s son Candlewick are given exciting illustration within the movie as extremely counterpart phantasm to the individual of Coachman from the original tale and to the individual of Lampwick respectfully. subsequent, actress Tilda Swinton (medical doctor unusual and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the cloth cabinet) pulls off a dual position in the film as each the wood Sprite and the individual manifestation of death respectfully. while the wooden Sprite is del Toro’s play on the Pinocchio story because the blue fairy who gives life to the wood boy, the character of loss of life (who's the sister to the wood Sprite) is new idea for the narrative and allows build makeupon the mythos
themes of death inside the feature. Of direction, Swinton handles each roles successfully and gives each one a sort of mystify and otherworldly voice at some point of, which clearly fits their character personas. The only voice talent that I felt became underutilized was in actress Cate Blanchett (Tar and Elizabeth) in her man or woman role of Spazzatura, count Volpe’s mistreated monkey assistant. whilst the general character is excellent within the movie, I felt that Blanchett’s vocal overall performance become very minimum (Spazzatura can only speak via the pmake-uppets he operates) and, while she has any such memorable voice, changed into just giving a completely small function and didn’t completely applied the actress’s skills.
The relaxation of the solid, such as actor Burn Gorman (Pacific Rim and flip: Washington’s Spies) because the nearby priest in Geppetto’s village, actor Tim Blake Nelson (The make-upmakeup Hulk and O Brother, wherein art Thou?) as a flock of skeletal rabbits called the Black Rabbits, actor John Turturro (Barton Fink and Transformers) because the medical doctor in Geppetto’s village the Dottore, and actor Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants and talking Tom and friends) as the leader of Fascist Italy Benito Mussolini, his proper-hand guy, and an unnamed sea caption, are delegated to minor assisting characters within the film. whilst the movie doesn’t make-up these precise characters enough time to completely develop them well (servicing handiest in a handful of scenes), the appearing tale concerned are (despite the fact that) solid across the board.
final thoughts
Grieving over the lack of his son, Geppetto’s wish for his son’s back gets greater than what he’s bargained when a paranormal wooden boy advent is introduced to existence in the movie Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. administrators Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson’s cutting-edge movie takes the 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 tale of Pinocchio and reimagines it for a new target market for a lively feature movie that holds extra heavy (thematic and narrative motive) instead of just a crude timber construct shell of the movie that plays make-upon antique homes. It’s both one-of-a-kind and familiar at the identical time, but in a good and refreshing way. whilst movie does falter in some areas in substance and execution, the characteristic itself is quite first rate in how differentiates it is without dropping the overall common tones that makes make-up the narrative, with del Toro’s remaining vision, a mature representation of the characters, sturdy and palpable subject matters, a top notch fashion of animation, and stable voice performing throughout the board. for my part, I preferred this film. It turned into courageous attempt to reimagine this sort of conventional story, mainly how the loved Disney
animated model made the tale of Pinocchio iconic, and i felt that del Toro made his mark at the story together with his interpretation. turned into a few elements clunky? sure, absolute confidence approximately that. become a bit bit too depressing? yes, it was. may want to it were tweaked here and there? yes, in a few regions. however, the film itself is strong manufactured from the director’s signature vision of darkish make-upmakeup visions of youngsters’s story and locating not unusual floor with it instead of a jarring revel in. It’s not as absolutely stellar as a few are making it out to be, but it’s in reality specific and formidable preference to make and that the gamble itself paid off in the long run. So, the big query….is that this film higher than Disney’s animated classic.
It’s difficult to say. for my part, I nonetheless like the Disney model, however (once more) the brilliance of del Toro’s creativeness (and thematic message) can not be denied. for that reason, my recommendation for this movie is distinctly favorable “noticeably encouraged” one, specifically folks who have been make-up through the 2022’s stay-action remake that Disney had put out, and seeking out some thing different from the story of a timber boy who learns right from wrong. in the end, even as Hollywood will keep (knowingly or unknowingly) to launch comparable films towards their rival studios counterparts, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio captures a brand new imaginative and prescient of Collodi’s tale in wraps it makeup in del Toro’s fashion and visible aptitude for a mature spin on an antique children’s traditional.
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2023.03.31 06:47 Successful-Star-724 The Connection between Cleaning and Health: Keeping Your Home Safe

Cleaning and maintaining a clean home can have a significant impact on your health. By keeping your home clean, you can prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens that can cause illness and other health problems.
Here are some key connections between cleaning and health:
  1. Reducing the spread of illness: Regular cleaning can help prevent the spread of illness by removing germs and bacteria from surfaces that are frequently touched, such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops.
  2. Managing allergies and asthma: Dust, pet dander, and other allergens can trigger allergies and asthma symptoms. Regular cleaning, including vacuuming and dusting, can help remove these allergens from your home.
  3. Improving indoor air quality: Indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality due to factors such as poor ventilation and the buildup of pollutants. Regular cleaning, including changing air filters, can help improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory problems.
  4. Preventing pests: Pests such as rodents and insects can carry diseases and cause health problems. Regular cleaning can help prevent infestations by removing sources of food and shelter for pests.
  5. Promoting mental health: A clean and organized home can also have a positive impact on mental health. Clutter and disorganization can cause stress and anxiety, while a clean and tidy environment can promote feelings of calm and well-being.
To keep your home safe and healthy, it's important to establish a regular cleaning routine that includes tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping down surfaces. You should also make sure to properly store and dispose of cleaning products to avoid accidental exposure to harmful chemicals.
By prioritizing cleaning and maintenance in your home, you can promote a healthy and safe living environment for yourself and your family.
  1. Use the right cleaning products: Make sure to use cleaning products that are safe for your home and family. Avoid harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health, and consider using natural or eco-friendly products instead.
  2. Wash your hands frequently: Washing your hands frequently is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs and illness. Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after using the bathroom, handling food, or being in public spaces.
  3. Keep food areas clean: Bacteria can quickly multiply on surfaces where food is prepared and eaten. Make sure to clean and disinfect kitchen countertops, cutting boards, and utensils regularly to prevent the spread of foodborne illness.
  4. Clean air ducts and vents: Air ducts and vents can accumulate dust, dirt, and other pollutants over time, which can impact indoor air quality. Consider hiring a professional to clean your air ducts and vents periodically to improve air flow and reduce allergens.
  5. Establish a cleaning schedule: Creating a cleaning schedule can help you stay on top of regular cleaning tasks and prevent clutter and mess from accumulating. Divide cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly categories to make it more manageable.
In conclusion, keeping your home clean and healthy is essential for your overall well-being. By taking proactive steps to prevent the spread of illness, manage allergens, and promote a clean and organized living environment, you can create a safe and healthy space for yourself and your family.
  1. Don't forget about high-touch surfaces: High-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls can harbor germs and bacteria. Make sure to clean and disinfect these surfaces regularly, especially during cold and flu season.
  2. Use a HEPA filter: A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter can capture small particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander, improving indoor air quality. Consider using a HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner or air purifier.
  3. Keep humidity levels in check: High humidity levels can promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can trigger allergies and respiratory problems. Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep humidity levels between 30% and 50%.
  4. Don't forget about your bedding: Bedding can accumulate dust mites, sweat, and other allergens. Make sure to wash your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets regularly in hot water to kill bacteria and remove allergens.
  5. Take off your shoes: Shoes can track in dirt, germs, and other pollutants from outside. Consider establishing a "no shoes" policy in your home to prevent the spread of dirt and germs.
By following these tips, you can create a clean and healthy living environment that promotes your overall health and well-being. Remember, regular cleaning and maintenance is key to keeping your home safe and healthy for you and your family.
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