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2023.03.21 21:52 deamonskinner Backpacking through Amsterdam

As I backpacked through Amsterdam, the city's vibrant culture captivated me. I visited notorious weed coffee shops, where locals and tourists indulged in their cannabis delights. With my taste buds excited, I tried various types of cuisine, often stopping at small street-side cafes for a quick snack.
But among all the sights and sounds, one stood out: a beautiful girl, who I saw across the street. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she walked gracefully, her long hair swaying in the wind.
As luck would have it, we ended up at the same coffee shop. She smiled at me as she ordered her drink, and I was instantly captivated. We got talking as we enjoyed our coffee, and I found out she was an artist, who had traveled from Spain to showcase her work in Amsterdam.
We spent the day exploring the city together, taking in the beautiful canals and visiting art galleries. As the sun began to set, we found a quiet spot near the canal and shared a joint, marveling at the beauty around us.
As the night drew to a close, we exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. I left Amsterdam with a lifetime of memories and a newfound appreciation for the city's culture and beauty. And of course, with the hope that someday I would see that beautiful girl across the street again.
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2023.03.21 21:51 nowordsleft Complete newbie question

I had a couple videos on my phone that I wanted to edit together into one longer video, and edit out some parts that didn't need to be in there, etc. The resulting video was going to be about 45 minutes long, so I didn't want to try to do all this on iMovie on my little phone screen. I downloaded Blender and got my videos edited together, but now I can't figure out how to export them in a format that's appropriate for Youtube. I googled, but everything I found seems to be geared towards animation, and this did not seem to be working when it's strictly just an edited video, unless I'm messing something up. There's got to be an easy way to just finish the file and export it. I have some small experience with older video-editing software, but nothing nearly as complex as blender. I realize it's way more software than I need for my little project, but I had heard it was good and it was free.
Can anyone tell me how to get my video file (video only, no animation) from blender onto my computer in a mpeg4 or similar format that can be uploaded to Youtube? Or point me to a simple video explaining this?
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2023.03.21 21:50 AnimalRich1387 20m ,[friendship] looking for a friend, bsf, venting buddy, no relationship pls

i have a couple posts about how ive been depressed n shit but i guess i never really got the chance to talk about everything. and ig people like to know what they’re going into so im 20 from new york, usa. im 6’2 which is cool ig, i cant really describe my looks but ive been told i look like jon snow(game of thrones) or ruby(suicide boys) lol. im mixed mexican and irish and i guess thats for appearance lol. i watch a shit ton of anime, i listen to damn near everything, but im favoriting indie, edm and alot of suicide boys lol. i have anxiety and shit i dont know id thats a deal breaker but just gotta throw it out there. im bad at these kinda things so go easy on me lol. anyways yeah 😂🫶🏼
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2023.03.21 21:50 TheDrungeonBlaster Street Dreams #7: Keep it Quiet

“Alright, shitheads, before we drop, we’re running our way through the plan: our first step entails high tailing it to the center of the building; by my count that means we’re going to have to crack two separate high security gates to enter. The second step will be the simplest—get into the Supervisor’s office; two guards will be outside door, with another pair of patrols in the hallway at all times. We gas the joint, put ‘em out, then use their fingerprints to crack into the office. Finally, we’ll nab the plutonium and jet towards the windows. And remember: above all else, we keep it quiet, I don’t want to have to kill anyone tonight,” I explained.
“Sounds good, boss,” Krieg said, sarcastically.
“One more thing: while we’re inside, I’m in charge. I won’t repeat myself; if I have to say something twice, the second time I’ll say it through a barrel. We clear?”
Whitney rolled her eyes.
“Crystal,” Krieg snarled.
Rain hammered the plascrete, as storm clouds rolled in above Satellite Valley. Every inch of space not consumed by buildings, or the road had been converted into solar panel storage. Thousands of new cameras had been installed throughout the district a month ago, after a heist turned into arson and threatened the entire of the district. The skyway was surveyed by a veritable net of bulky, square combat drones, each of which possessing full access to the security network. I hated working in Satellite Valley.
Locust’s corporate tower was a mighty sentinel of automated aggression, eagerly overlooking the city, waiting to its payload of robotic death upon whoever was foolish enough to be made an example out of. The obsidian spire was framed with lines of streaming neon lights. An immense sign read, ‘Locust Munitions and Automotive,’ perched atop the building like a ridiculous square hat. I glanced to the security monitors atop the enviro-dome: no threat level increase. That in itself was a damned miracle; anytime a vehicle entered from outside the district, the threat prediction algorithm would do a routine threat level increase. Marcel and Maggy must have figured out a way around it, but how?
Finally, we reached the parking garage. The doors opened, but Marcel and Maggy never said a word. I left a credstick on my seat, nothing much, only a couple thousand; it was the least I could do—they’d seen me through so many hard times.
The garage was quiet. I compressed the button on a localized jammer as we all stepped out. The cameras sputtered for a moment before continuing their rotations. Marcel had dropped us at the bottom of the garage, a block away from the maintenance entrance. Krieg and Carol fell into formation, flanking me on either side; Whitney followed a few feet back, with Ursa and Monitor taking up the rear. With a thought my HALO readied my guns. I selected non-lethal rounds, watched the drums spin and clicked on my norepinephrine regulator. This was it; chances like this came along once in a career. This much plutonium would be enough to fund a retirement—if I ever decided to retire.
“Alright, team, load up non-lethal rounds, keep it quiet and stay in formation; on my mark!” I said, drawing both guns.
Whitney’s cufflinks cast sparks to the ground; tasers. Figures, she’d never had a stomach for murder, not outside of the man in her basement who she apparently intended to torture to death. I suppose the world had changed both of us. I could see it in the way she moved: she was leagues above were she’d been before we’d all went our separate ways. She was a professional now.
We wove through the shadows, careful to avoid stepping out of line. The cameras wouldn’t give us away, everything organic in a ten foot radius of the jammer would be masked, refracted like it was never there. Unfortunately, even with the best gadgets the risk of human intervention was still present. I slipped on my rebreather as we crested the garage’s slope. A small door situated between two separate webs of piping and wires sat across the room. The maintenance entrance. I flashed a fabricated security pass and the door slid open.
I emerged into a narrow corridor, the walls lined with hissing pipes and loose valves. We shifted into single file. Humidity drenched the room, accruing on the walls like hackers on an open HALO channel. The heat was nearly unbearable. I couldn’t help but think of how vulnerable we were. I let out a short, crisp whistle and started hustling forward in a quiet jog. All we could do was move fast and hope none of the staff had to leave mid-shift. Finally, we reached our destination: an automated door that chirped a synthetic sounding, “Good morning!” as I flashed the fake security pass.
Immense glass frames were laced throughout the metallic black hallway. The scent of industrial cleaner hung in the air, and the walls were decorated with surrealist art depicting melting faces, distorted objects and psychedelic landscapes. The group slid to a halt as something robotic whirred into the distance.
Carol’s eyes flashed to me, begging for permission.
Unsure, I slowly nodded back. Her cyber-shell tensed up, assuming a crouched position with her head covered by her arms. Her eyes were empty. I’d never seen anything like it; what the hell was she up to?
I waited with bated breath as the whirring slowly drew closer. I pointed my SMGs, but Krieg glanced at me, shaking his head. Finally, a security droid rounded the corner, taking point beside Carol. Whitney rolled her eyes.
The stairs were impossibly wide, apparently designed as the workers primary avenue of transportation, despite the intricate elevator system present; Locust reserved luxuries like elevators, breaks and days off for the higher ups. We clung to the shadows as we ascended the stairwell.
“Hey, what the hell are you doing here?” a guard called out, rapidly levelling a hand cannon towards the group.
Krieg’s finger reconfigured itself, firing a pair of darts into the guard’s neck. He hit the ground almost instantly.
“Poor bastard should have just pretended like he never saw anything and went about his—” Ursa started, before a rocket pierced his chest, detonating from within.
A hail of gore rained down upon the crew. We were helpless; there was no cover, no tactical advantage to be found. I clicked the guns over to lethal, enabling explosive rounds. Whitney dove forward. The shooter launched another missile, landing square in Krieg’s chest. Despite the obvious damage, the cyborg endured, his arms reshaping into miniguns as he bellowed a war cry.
And just like that, the run went loud.
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2023.03.21 21:50 Muted_Appointment735 4th date went AMAZING, how do I proceed?

I 27M went on a 4th date with a 31F and it went better than expected. We ended up getting brunch in my neighborhood after she expressed interest in checking out a place near me. We got brunch and talked. She actually paid for the meal, which was surprising but refreshing.
She expressed interest in watching a movie with with me after. I was like cool and we ended up walking to my place. One thing led to another and after some hours of foreplay, we had sex. We basically cuddled for 7-8 hours while watching movies also.
At this point, I know what I want. I want her to be my girlfriend. I made it clear when we were cuddling that the "ball is in your court" and that she has the power in this situation, because I already know that I want to pursue her.
She said she liked me and that she was happy to be with me that day. She eventually that night had to leave to literally feed her cat for the evening but we kissed goodbye and expressed interest in seeing each other again, with her saying "I will see you soon."
I don't know how to text her about a potential 5th date, but I told her I am available whenever I'm not working and would make time for her. I am thinking about giving her some space and text her scarcely until we figure out the 5th date. Is this the right approach?
tl;dr: Went on amazing 4th date that ended with sex and cuddling. Want her to be my gf. We hopefully will see each other again soon. How should I text her until we meet again?
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2023.03.21 21:49 deamonskinner Backpacking through Amsterdam and enjoying Life

As I backpacked through Amsterdam, the city's vibrant culture captivated me. I visited notorious weed coffee shops, where locals and tourists indulged in their cannabis delights. With my taste buds excited, I tried various types of cuisine, often stopping at small street-side cafes for a quick snack.
But among all the sights and sounds, one stood out: a beautiful girl, who I saw across the street. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she walked gracefully, her long hair swaying in the wind.
As luck would have it, we ended up at the same coffee shop. She smiled at me as she ordered her drink, and I was instantly captivated. We got talking as we enjoyed our coffee, and I found out she was an artist, who had traveled from Spain to showcase her work in Amsterdam.
We spent the day exploring the city together, taking in the beautiful canals and visiting art galleries. As the sun began to set, we found a quiet spot near the canal and shared a joint, marveling at the beauty around us.
As the night drew to a close, we exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. I left Amsterdam with a lifetime of memories and a newfound appreciation for the city's culture and beauty. And of course, with the hope that someday I would see that beautiful girl across the street again.
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2023.03.21 21:49 1_more_reddit_guy 2005 Mini Cooper S engine noise. 75,000 Miles - Looking to buy.

2005 Mini Cooper S engine noise. 75,000 Miles - Looking to buy.
I'm looking at buying this but that engine noise is concerning me. It sounds like an engine knock/tick. What do you guys think?? Sorry for the extra road noise, I'm near a highway. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.21 21:48 GiraffeStill7501 W9, Stock Payout, StartUp

Hi all, long-ish post but I need advice. I am a W2 employee whos company is requesting I fill a W9 in regards to equity and stock payout in the near future. Is this correct for them to ask of me?
One more question- this company was just bought out by another company via stock and cash. Our stocks were immediately vested. The company is now offering to pay us out our stocks based on time served in the company- they’re offering me less than $1 per share (we were bought out at around 4.25/share). In my contract nothing was mentioned in regards to the company eating my stock options, but there is talk about vesting 25% and then vesting the rest over a longer period of time. I feel like I should be getting a pay out closer to the 4$ share we were bought out at. Is that wrong?
Thank you, thank you for your advice and for reading!
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2023.03.21 21:46 grahammygrahams PCOS/PMDD/ADHD (Triple Threat)

CRYING. PAIN. DARK DARK DEPRESSION. It is really scary. I feel like I am a dark hole and then come out with 200 unopened text messages... so I go on my apology tour and apologize to everyone that it was just my PMDD... it's exhausting.

My Psychiatrist...who I really dislike as a human, regardless of his knowledge... told me I should take an antidepressant only when I need to for PMDD... and I really don't like that idea. I am really sensitive to medication and already think my adderal impacts me enough as is. Would a cocktail with an antidepressant only dull me down even more? I already feel like my personality has literally been stripped of me.

Also when did y'all's PMDD even begin? like as you near closer to your thirties I swear the hormone scale tips further to the right and left every time and this only started happening last year.
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2023.03.21 21:46 Comfortable_Slip4067 Wtf Cenfill?

So I left Sunday with all RX's in the queue either CENFILL or Reviewed and the ones that were Reviewed were CENFILL drugs/NDC's. So of course, I thought I was in a good position going into Monday.
Then the fill count jumped from 60 to 130 with pretty much most of them being the damn Monday 12:06 pm's promise time??????? And let me tell you there were not nearly 70 12:06 pm's that were in Reviewed status on Sunday. So my conclusion is that MFC somehow rerouting RX's originally in CENFILL status to us.
Can someone please tell me wth is going on? Is there a cutoff time the day before that the RX's must be reviewed by in order to route to CENFILL? Even with that answered, it doesn't explain the REROUTING of CENFILL back to us.
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2023.03.21 21:45 Bourgois_Billygoat Moving to Seattle for Grad School -- What neighborhood?

I was just accepted into a PhD at UW and am starting the process of figuring out where to live. Would love any advice on good neighborhoods to live in while Im in grad school.
About me: 31, male. Currently living in San Francisco. Active/outdoorsy, but love living in a city for the food, art, culture, bars and of course the weird and wonderful people. I currently work as a science journalist and think that is a nice reflection on my interests – kinda arty, kinda sciency, kinda counterculturey.
Ideal Neighborhood Vibes: I do NOT want to live in a neighborhood mostly of undergraduate college kids nor do I want to live in the busy, impersonal parts of a city. Im looking for something a little on the quieter side of the spectrum, but certainly not boring. A mix between young, "cool" professionals and older people is much more what Id be looking for. I love me a neighborhood full of hidden gems.I like being neighborly and knowing the people I live near. Ideally id be within biking distance to the UW campus and on some sort of public transit.
I currently live in the Inner Sunset of SF, and love it here. It is on the quieter side, but still has a decent little business district for bars and restaurants, with easy public transit access to the heart of SF if I want to go out. I usually hang out in the Haight or Divisadero neighborhoods for anyone that is familiar. When I lived in boston, I was in Somerville and loved it. I also lived near McKaren Park in Brooklyn and loved that neighborhood.
Thanks to any help offered!
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2023.03.21 21:45 brasscup Advice please: has anyone tried using a front or back baby carrier for long-spined dogs?

Hi there, my 14 year old adopted mixed breed dog is recovering from cancer and blind (but still enjoying life!).
I walk Beattie alone, slowly, but want to take her on longer walks with my other senior dog, who can't deal with the glacial pace.
I have tried three strollers and six different front/back carriers/ dog purses. The strollers are bad for most trails (nowhere near the sturdiness and maneuverabilty of comparably priced baby strollers).
As for carriers, even XL are too short. (She is only 15 lbs but shaped like a tall dachshund, with a 19 inch spine from nape to the top of her tail).
That said, babies are very long and while baby carriers do not come with D-rings etc to secure my pups harness, I am a decent seamstress and could add some.
So ... has anyone already tried a baby carrier and can you offer any tips on what type might be best?
The ones with a "hip shelf" are rated most comfy for babies, but I am thinking dogs don't open their legs that wide?
Beattie is not going to be around forever and I want her to enjoy the better weather with me and my other senior instead of leaving her home alone.
Thank you!
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2023.03.21 21:43 1_more_reddit_guy 2005 Mini Cooper S engine noise. 75,000 Miles - Looking to buy.

2005 Mini Cooper S engine noise. 75,000 Miles - Looking to buy.
I'm looking at buying this but that engine noise is concerning me. It sounds like an engine knock/tick. What do you guys think?? Sorry for the extra road noise, I'm near a highway. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.21 21:43 rjason817 Hot Tub Shenanigans

Looking for a couple that has a hot tub and likes to party naked. 40yo married (joining solo on the down-low), dad-bod, but absolutely no shame. Message me with a pic and relative location (don't need an address, but like West Destin, near the Commons, etc.).
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2023.03.21 21:42 romi_la_keh I'm obsessing constantly about detransitioning and it's killing me

I'm FTM (21) and suffering with OCD since I'm 6 yo. I've questioned my gender Since 16, and ocd made things worse, at first I thought I was just a tomboy because my dysphoria was not 'bad enough', but in 2021 it slapped me in the face, I couldn't hide that what I felt was dysphoria, and that I'm not cis.
Today I'm nearly 7 months on T, and I have a consultation for top surgery in August. I'm happy about the changes, but they come with a lot of doubts. For example, when I saw my Adam's apple growing, I was euphoric and worried at the same time, like it was somehow wrong. Everyday my brain doesn't stop thinking 'what if I will regret transitioning?' and its absolute hell. Is there any way of stopping this ? How can I be sure if transition is right for me ?
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2023.03.21 21:42 desert_ghouleh My(28F) husband(30M) and his dad(67M) got into a petty argument and I want his dad to apologize because I want him in our lives… what should I say to his dad/my FIL?

Pride is a thing I’ll never understand. I do understand we’re all about trying to break generational curses now and I also understand that blood doesn’t mean everything, it is ok to cut family off that has wronged you.
2 years ago after our wedding, my FIL bothered us for a week straight about making sure we sent out thank you cards to our guests. He was almost harassing us while we were on our honeymoon, which he knew, so it made no sense to us why he thought we were in the right time or place to be able to send those cards out… it resulted in my husband speaking out and telling him that we’d get to it when we’d get to it and that we didn’t appreciate him bothering us about it on our honeymoon. In response, his dad called us irresponsible and said it looked awful of us to not be prioritizing this. A lot of his dad’s friends and neighbors traveled across the country to attend our wedding so we think he was concerned with the perception or opinions of him by his friends possibly being concerned by us not sending those cards immediately. Which is ridiculous, we highly doubt anyone cared about getting those cards within 2 weeks of the wedding.
Anyway, my husband responded that the whole thing was dumb and that we’d be returning his dad’s wedding gift to him, in which his dad responded don’t bother and to give it to Goodwill instead.
Like I said, petty argument… in the end my husband shouldn’t have responded the way he did but I understand why he snapped on his dad.
Cut to 2 years later, we have had no contact with his dad and we now have a beautiful baby girl who is 5 months old and hasn’t met her grandpa. It weighed heavy on me before that his dad was no longer in our life, but even more so now that I have a baby who’s not going to meet her grandpa.
Today, out of nowhere, my husband’s dad called him and he missed it due to being in a meeting. He called his dad back within a minute and he didn’t answer. I assumed an emergency might’ve happened, so I texted his dad that we tried calling him back to make sure everything was ok. He responded that he didn’t mean to call.
Now that he has responded and I feel like he has opened up communication, I really want to say my peace about our side of things and that I feel like he’s making a huge mistake by not being part of not only his grandchildren’s life let alone his OWN child’s life. He’s older, he doesn’t have any family near him on the other side of the country from us. This is his first and likely his only grand child. I do agree that he was the one in the wrong. My husband does not want to reach out but he is ok with me reaching out. My husband is just as proud as he is but has admitted that if his dad came to him, he would accept an apology and move forward. My father in law has a long history of doing this to all of his children. He has strained relationships with everyone because of his pride. He went 20+ years without talking to his own brother over an argument. When I say this man is likely to take this to the grave, I’m not kidding. How do you ask someone to set their pride aside?
TLDR: my husband and his father got into a petty argument. Neither will apologize. I want to ask his dad to apologize so we can put this all past us and he can be part of our and his first grandchild’s lives. I don’t know how to word my message to him.
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2023.03.21 21:42 TruReyito SANS Masters applicant: GI Bill and Self Paced course questions

Good morning guys. New member to the community
I've already completed my application, and am just waiting on a decision come June. My company has a relatively generous tuition reimbursement program, and I am planning on completing the course with a combination of post 9/11 GI Bill, and my companies Tuition reimbursement.
I only have 6 months of GI Bill left.
From what I understand, Each class is delivered one at a time, and counts as "Full Time" student. Is this correct?
How realistic is it to complete the first couple of classes in a month each? (I've got 5 yearsish SOC/Engineering experience, and my CISSP). I'm hoping to knock out the GSEC, GCIH, GSTRT in just about 3 months, so I can get in an extra 2 classes under the wire. (1 class can take nearly 3 months, and as long as I have a day left, I can pay for one more class).
Is that practical thinking? Or just not doable. I thought the early certs would be relatively easy, but I've never taken a GIAC exam before. Can I pre-game/study so to speak over the next couple of months to make it easier?
Any advice you guys have who have gone through the program would be helpful.
(Let me add, I have no desire to maximize my "BAH" value. I'm too far away for live classes, and am way more interested in maximizing the "Pay for SANS Tuition" rate throught the GI bill)
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2023.03.21 21:41 Professional-Tea-123 T-minus 20 min until D (doodie) time

The time has nearly come. My palms are a little sweaty and mom's spaghetti will soon be in the porcelain throne. Not literally of course, more like yesterday's margherita pizza...I'm sorry, getting off track.
It's been a nerve wracking day. I worked from home, anxiously sipping ensure and low sodium chicken broth while answering mundane Slack questions. Here's a pro-tip: Do NOT get the low sodium broth. You are about to punish your body enough, no need to punish your tastebuds as well. It's like drinking chicken tea.
Now I've logged off work and am painfully trying to finish the last episode of You season 4. The show didn't jump the shark, it jumped the rim of a porta-potty into poo mountain. Suffering really is the theme of the day.
I've mixed the first part of my 2 part prep. It's cooling in the fridge to hopefully make it more palatable. My toilet is clean. Sensitive wipes and Boudreax's Buttpaste are on standby. All that's left to do is finish this shitty (teehee) Netflix dumpster fire.
Wish me luck tomorrow. Hoping for answers as to why I experience near constant abdominal pain with non-infected diverticulosis. When they speak about me in the after-times, tell them I was brave.
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2023.03.21 21:41 mrniceguy78 44 [M4F] WI - Do you like hilarious men in wheelchairs?

Then, my friend, you are in luck!
Not only am I funny, I'm also decent looking, smart, thoughtful, live alone, have a great career, a super-sexy minivan (total panty dropper, I know) AND a second bathroom! What else could anyone ask for?
I'm looking for someone that also has a sense of humor. I tend to gravitate toward sweethearts and I find intelligence to be sexy. I don't have a specific physical type, except I'm definitely attracted to thin or athletic body types. Age is inconsequential to me as I’ve dated both much older and younger than myself. I can handle crazy but not, like, stab me crazy.
I'm open to a lot of things but I'm looking for something more than just platonic friendship, I have friends and I don't want to make out with any of them. If you’re looking for “just a friend”, I wish you luck but it’s not me. And definitely something more than just online. My career is here and I don’t see that changing in the near future so anyone interested needs to be open to distance at first. Madison is a great place to live, though. ;)
I also need to mention that I'm child free and don't see that changing, either. It's best to be upfront as I'm not here to trick anyone. In that same vain of not tricking anyone, I do video/voice verify fairly early on. I'd say a solid 90% of the responses I get are catfish. At least they all find me charming and handsome, though. That part is real, right???
If you think we might vibe, let's give it a go.
Here's a recent selfie to show I'm not a hideous beast: [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/HVmPEg4.jpg)
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2023.03.21 21:41 flowersoflucidity sticks and stones may break my bones, your words they damn near killed me. 🌑

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2023.03.21 21:40 Exotic_Penalty_2621 advice on how to talk to dr. about meds and deal with pharmacies

I have been a bit all over with my adhd prescriptions since I was diagnosed. Started off 10mg adderall and increased to 20mg. 20mg worked but I felt I was irritable at the end of the day. I trialed wellbutrin instead of a stimulant and that went awful. Eventually started back on 10mg adderall and 0.1 clonidine over a few months because I was only working part-time and not in school. Clonidine did nothing for my irritability so dr switched me to 20mg prozac + 10mg adderall and this was going super well. Then I started school again and was studying/working 12-13 hours per day and 10mg was not cutting it. My dr added a 10mg IR in the afternoon which was working but then the shortage hit and I couldnt get ER anymore. She switched me to IR... but then I switched pharmacies at some point and the manufacturer was different and the meds were so incredibly different. The IR was not lasting as long, so I asked my dr about increasing the dose. my doctor said I could take 3 IR throughout the long days. Eventually we couldnt get IR anymore so after much hassle, she switched me to Vyvanse. Because its a new med, she started me off at 30mg when the equivalent would have been 60-70mg of Vyvanse. I was fine with this because it was a new med.
First problem the pharmacy threw a fit when I went to pick up the Vyvanse because it was 5 days sooner than 30 days from my last prescription. My dr had to call in and explain we had increased the dose mid-month from the previous IR because the manufacturer was different and she needed to increase it. Then I started taking the 30mg Vyvanse and the first day was okay but I wasn't incredibly busy. It was been awful since in the sense that I cannot get anything done without a struggle. I am so anxious again, hyperactive, and cant sit still in my seat. I am more impulsive than usual and have been getting into arguments with my husband that I am interrupting him. I have tried to drink more coffee because normally that helps mellow me out and help me focus but my coffee consumption has jumped from 1 cup per day (when on the 30mg IR divided doses), to like 6 cups per day. I emailed my doctor and to ask for her advice and move up my next appt. She did say that its probably due to the lower dose and said when it gets near the end of this prescription we can increase the dose. That is fine but I am really struggling now. 3 weeks is a long time to struggle in my opinion. I dont want to appear "drug seeking" like they call it so I dont know how to go about ask her to increase my dose sooner. I also work in healthcare so I feel like I have knowledge of things that a typical patient wont, so in my head I can come up with a lot of ideas of doing this differently but she is my provider and I'm not intending to self-prescribe. I have a prescription that she put in for me for adderall IR that the pharmacy previously did not have, but they said they will have it 3/31. Im meeting with her the day before and hoping to ask her if I can still fill that and fill in the dosing gaps with it since Vyvanse is chemically similar. She would probably have to justify to the pharmacy why I'm picking up early again.

I am looking for advice about how to navigate this with my dr to express my struggle without her worrying that I am over reacting.
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2023.03.21 21:40 seoultunes My gap tooth came back 4 days after wearing Vivera retainer as instructed. My dentist got defensive and told me that my “body naturally wants a gap tooth” and that the Vivera cannot hold my teeth in place?

I am fuming after meeting with my dentist today. This is a long one so feel free to skip if you’re not up for reading a story time rant… Or let me know if anyone had a similar experience?
I had great teeth as a kid except for having a gap in my front top teeth. As a teenager I got traditional braces and received a retainer to wear. I wore the retainer for years until near the end of college (I know, not great). A couple years later I tried wearing the retainer again but it did not fit so I let it be. My teeth aesthetically did not look different to me. I still did not have a gap tooth and years passed without the gap coming back, so I was content.
About 10 years later I see the gap beginning to come back. My tongue can get caught in it. My dentist said I would be a good candidate for Invisalign and I could be done in 6 months and that I would be his easiest case all year. I go for it. Eight months later I have a beautiful smile again and no more gap tooth. My dentist removes the buttons on my teeth and gives me Vivera retainers at my last visit. He says I have the best bite and end result he has had in a long time. Great! Vivera retainers fit me and I am surprised they are not tight like my trays were, but they’re not loose, so I was not concerned.
Well, within four days of wearing Vivera as instructed (22 hours a day) I notice my gap is coming back. My tongue got caught a bit in the gap and I could slide floss through it without any friction, whereas at the end of treatment the teeth touched and I had to apply a small amount of force to get the floss through.
I try on my last Invisalign tray and I am horrified to find out that the trays are quite tight on both my top and bottom front teeth. I now know that my Vivera retainer was not holding my teeth together properly.
Friday morning I call the dentist. They scheduled me for a Tuesday visit and say I can wear my last Invisalign tray until then, so I do so. After a day of wearing the old trays my gap has gone away and continues to stay away.
Tuesday comes around and I first meet the assistant. I tell her the situation and she is understanding, she wondered aloud if maybe something was a bit off with the last scan they did, or if Invisalign manufacturing had a hiccup. She re-scanned my teeth with extra care and then went to find the dentist.
It took a long time for the dentist to come find me. Right off the bat his tone was negative and he was very defensive. He said that “Invisalign never makes mistakes like this. Out of 8,000 patients I’ve only ever had 2 complain about retainers.” I explain that there must have been a manufacturing error or an issue with the scan because my gap is coming back. I clarify that I am not upset about that, I just want the retainers fixed to hold my teeth properly.
My dentist goes on to say that my teeth want to migrate and that the Vivera cannot perform like my last tray did. My last tray was an “over correction tray.” (Which makes no sense? Why do an over correction tray at all, then?) He said my body naturally wants a gap tooth so it is going to want to move. I tell him I had traditional braces as a child and a normal retainer held everything together for years, and even after not wearing that retainer for years the gap took almost a decade to start coming back. He doesn’t know how to respond to that.
Isn’t the point of the retainer to hold my teeth in place, I ask? He goes on to say he can “ASK if Invisalign will be WILLING to re-do the retainer” but that if I “want to do refinements later to fix it, I will charge you for that.” I explain again I don’t have a need for refinements…. My teeth were perfect, I just need to keep them that way.
He tries to push me toward getting a bar behind my teeth there and then, rather than corrected retainers. He says only a bar will keep them from moving. I tell him no because it’s clear there is simply an issue with the retainer, and that I was surprised he suggested that because in the past he talked a lot about “hating” those bars and not recommending them to me. We agree that I will only get a bar if the next set of retainers still does not work because I am not looking to do a second round of refinements.
He tells me to come back in a week to do another scan before he re-orders the retainers while continuing to wear my final tray.
I am really shocked how this was handled. I only needed an apparent error to be corrected. I was never angry or accusatory or emotional … I stated multiple times that I know these things happen, I just want to make sure I can maintain my nice smile! But I was meant with such an attitude from the dentist.
It’s also worth noting that my hygienist never came back. He was probably upset with her for re-scanning me.
I tend to think that because he does so much work with Invisalign he thinks it “makes him look bad” to send a retainer back for corrections? It is just so silly to me. Anyone who deals in absolutes (“Invisalign NEVER makes mistakes”) is a walking red flag.
Anyway, I just needed a place to rant so thanks for reading… just hoping this past year or so and the money spent has not been a waste. :(
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