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2019.08.19 00:46 pll_superfan_-A TamagotchiTinder

This subreddit is for anyone who wants to find a certain Tamagotchi to marry. Please list what kind of Tamagotchi you want to marry and put your invite code. If anyone has that Tamagotchi they can pm you and send a picture of their Tamagotchi.

2020.08.06 07:20 Western-Text Wife Hacking

How to get women, how to get women with technology how to get girls on tinder how to get thousands of women Using technology and psychology to be able to experience as many women as possible before we die. A combination of growth hacking(creative 0 cost marketing techniques) and "Wife" a woman you marry.

2016.06.10 08:55 kimonoko Old Footage New Music

A place to marry new music with old [vintage] footage. The older the better, and with a focus on electronic music. The bigger the contrast, the better the effect. [This]( is the paramount example - haunting, beautiful. Funny mash-ups can be found elsewhere. You can submit video mash-ups you've found, or create your own using GifSound/YoutubeDoubler.

2023.02.21 05:41 Mdc-Pas Income Tax Planning Strategies For Physicians

Income Tax Planning Strategies For Physicians
A physician’s life is super busy, and sometimes they cannot complete tasks like retirement planning or tax planning on time. Undoubtedly, they serve humankind. That is the reason they get less time for themselves. So, to help them, some healthcare consulting firms frame tax planning for physicians.
If you are a physician, complete the post, as it will give you all the necessary information related to tax planning. Let’s explore the topic!

Significance Of Tax Planning For Physicians

Tax planning is significant for all individuals, using tax-saving strategies one can save a lot of money. Whether you are a doctor, an advocate, an employer, or an employee, you must do tax planning on time.
But, the post talks about the importance of tax planning for physicians. So, here are some specific reasons why tax planning is significant for doctors:
  • A physician has multiple sources of income, deductions, and exemptions, contributing to a complex tax situation. So, they should have some consulting firm or an agency that can navigate them regarding the complexities and ensure their compliance with tax laws.
  • If a physician does tax planning in advance, they can take advantage of tax-saving opportunities and deductions. For instance, they can invest in tax-saving accounts, claim deductions for business expenses, and reduce their tax liability.
  • Undoubtedly, doctors are affluent and thus they require adequate retirement planning. Proper tax planning can help them choose the right retirement plan to provide tax benefits.
  • Well-planned tax strategies can help an individual in estate planning by providing options for estate tax minimization. Furthermore, estate planning is significant for all individuals, including doctors, as it helps transfer wealth to the next generation tax-efficiently.
Overall, tax planning helps doctors as it maximizes their after-tax income, reduces tax liability, and ensures compliance with tax laws. Additionally, it helps in retirement and estate planning which is most important for individuals with high earning potential.
Understandably, physicians and dentists are very busy, so they can take the assistance of healthcare consulting firms. Healthcare consulting firms will tailor the plans as per the requirement of doctors, and in this way, doctors can conduct their tasks of planning for retirement, tax, and estate on time.

Difference Between Tax Loopholes And Tax Planning Strategies

Before starting the main talk, It is important to discuss the difference between tax loopholes and tax planning strategies, as both terms are different. Let’s read how!
Tax loopholes are the legal ways to reduce the amount of tax one owes. It can be done by taking advantage of loopholes or exceptions in the tax code. One can lower their tax bill through it. However, some people consider it unethical; this is why it can be closed by the government in the future.
On the other hand, tax planning strategies are the legal methods individuals can use to minimize tax liability through maximum deductions, making strategic investment decisions, or deferring income. Unlike tax loopholes, tax planning strategies are considered ethical to take advantage of tax laws and incentives.
In short, tax loopholes are a way to lower taxes by taking advantage of loopholes or exceptions in the tax code; however, tax planning strategies are a way to minimize tax liability by making informed decisions based on the tax code.

Tax Loopholes For Doctors

The definition of tax loopholes is already discussed above. Now is the right time to discuss the usage of them to lower taxes, so here are some tax loopholes that doctors, as well as self-employed individuals, can utilize:
  • Home used as an office deduction: There is a provision for physicians that if you use a portion of your home for business purposes, you can deduct a portion of your rent. So, to avoid paying a huge amount in the form of taxes, one can use this method and can get benefitted.
  • Vehicle expense deduction: If a person uses any vehicle for his business, they can deduct the business-related amount from their income. Expenses can include gas or depreciation.
  • Health insurance deduction: If you are self-employed, you can deduct the cost of your health insurance premiums and lower your taxable income. Whether you are a physician or any other professional, you can take good insurance and qualify for this deduction.
  • Business equipment and supplies: It would be wiser if you deduct the cost of business equipment and supplies you purchase for your practice from your income. You can lower your taxable income and buy business equipment and supplies.
  • Travel expenses: If you are traveling for work purposes, you can deduct the cost of transportation, meals, and lodging from your income. Generally, people use such deductions to lower their taxes.
  • Education: If somebody is continuing education courses related to their medical practice, they would be eligible for deduction. Mostly, physicians earn their livelihood and, side by side, pursue their masters.
Overall, it can be concluded that these tax loopholes are subjected to specific rules and limitations; hence, you hire a tax professional or financial advisor who can understand your eligibility and ensure that compilation with the tax laws is also maintained.

Tax Strategy For Physicians

If there is any issue, there is a remedy as well. If, as a physician, you are facing difficulty paying the tax or do not want to contribute the amount in the form of tax, you can think about tax-saving strategies.
Here is the list of tax planning strategies that can be utilized by physicians and doctors and minimize their tax liability and maximize their savings:
  • Deductions: The first and the most obvious way to lower taxable income is that go for the deductions for which you are eligible. One can deduct income from medical expenses, student loan interest, and charitable donations.
  • Increase retirement contributions: Better to contribute your hard-earned money to a 401(k) plan or an individual retirement account. This way, you can lower your taxable income and provide tax-deferred growth on your savings.
  • Sell your practice: Physicians can consider incorporating their medical practice into a company or corporation, reducing their taxable income and protecting their assets.
  • Defer Income: One can use a tax-deferred retirement plan or by deferring billing or collections and lower their taxable income. Mostly, people use this as a popular way to reduce taxable income.
  • Record: Before planning anything, the most important work is to keep an accurate record of all the transactions. Keep good records to support your tax deductions and ensure that you are not overpaying on taxes.
It is advisable to consult a tax professional for specific advice that fits your unique situation and goals.

Summing Up

The life of a physician is hectic, and they need more time for themselves. This is the reason healthcare consulting firms are rapidly growing. Such a popular healthcare consulting firm is MDcpas, where special attention is given to the financial life of physicians and dentists.
We ask for the financial record of our client and then analyze it completely. After analysis, we make strategies that fit their requirements and, thus, make life a little smooth for physicians.
One can check online reviews from our official website. So, in case you want to learn more about tax planning for dentists or physicians, visit our website!
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2023.02.21 05:21 OverRatedProgrammer Samsung HW-S60B Connectivity Issues

First a couple of days ago the audio was going through the TV, so I just changed the source a cycle back to digital audio in and then everything worked
Now today the soundbar wouldn't play audio from the TV (connected hdmi arc), and if you selected the "receiver" from the samsung tv speaker list, nothing would play from the soundbar, and if you tried to change the volume with the TV remote it would just say receiver, not Receiver - or +. So I had to unplug and plug back in the soundbar twice, then it randomly decided to work.
Now a couple minutes later it randomly starts doing the no - or + thing when trying to change the volume, but it was still playing the tv audio. I turned off the tv and soundbar and turned it back on and everything is working..
I tried changing cables, seems like it made no difference. What is happening here? Is it slowly breaking or something? Don't think it's still covered under warranty unfortunately.. I got it 2 months ago on Amazon and it has worked perfectly until now. It's not even wireless so I don't get what is happening, since when it doesn't play the tv audio you can still navigate the soundbar menu and everything just fine, which makes me think it's not freezing..
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2023.02.21 05:00 Traditional_Law_3965 New Members Intro

If you’re new to the RGFY Subreddit, Try introduce yourself! After That You Can Start Posting!
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2023.02.21 04:55 AquaticCropping Crypto Merch: The Future of NFT and Crypto Fashion

The world of NFT and crypto art is constantly expanding, with new platforms, artists, and fans emerging every day. But one area that has been relatively underdeveloped until now is fashion. Enter Crypto Merch, the upcoming online store that aims to change that.
Owned by Zena Ltd., a web3 tech company that has already made waves in the crypto space with multiple released developments, Crypto Merch is a highly anticipated project that has been in the works for some time. The domain was acquired in 2021 for a considerable amount of money, although the exact figure remains unknown. What we do know is that similar two-word domains have sold for tens of millions of dollars, making this a major investment for Zena Ltd.
But why is Crypto Merch generating so much hype? For one thing, the company has already established partnerships with top-tier digital artists from the crypto and NFT communities. These collaborations will result in exclusive merchandise drops that are sure to attract the attention of collectors and fans alike.
In addition, Crypto Merch will be offering a unique feature that allows privileged users who hold the $ZENA token to create custom apparel using TEXT-TO-IMAGE AI technology. This is a game-changing innovation that will give fans a new way to express their love of crypto and NFTs. If you haven't heard of the $ZENA token yet, it's worth checking out website to learn more.
The team behind Crypto Merch is very selective about who they work with, choosing only the most promising projects and artists to collaborate with. This means that each merch drop will be exclusive and highly sought after, with limited quantities available. But it's not just about creating buzz – the Crypto Merch team is committed to supporting the wider crypto and NFT communities by offering their brand, domain, and marketing expertise to up-and-coming projects.
As for the release date of Crypto Merch, the company is keeping tight-lipped for now. However, interested fans can sign up for email updates and stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks and months. The $ZENA token sale is already underway, giving early adopters a chance to get involved with the project before it hits the market.
In short, Crypto Merch is set to revolutionize the way that NFT and crypto enthusiasts express themselves through fashion. With its high-profile collaborations, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to supporting the wider community, it's no wonder that so many people are eagerly awaiting the launch of this exciting new venture. If you want to be a part of the future of crypto and NFT fashion, be sure to keep an eye on and get involved with the $ZENA token sale
Website : Telegram: Discord :
Buy $ZENA on GemPad:
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2023.02.21 04:48 CoachAppNow Coach App Now Can Help You GROW!

Today's consumers are continually connected to their devices, and many businesses have realized the significance of customer engagement. By developing a branded app that enables consumers to connect with their brand simply and effortlessly, businesses are gaining engagement.
Building a connection with your clients is the key to increasing customer engagement, and a customized app can be a great tool for this goal. With and app you can give targeted messaging that appeals to their needs and tastes and provide consumers with a mobile platform through which they can engage with your business. The customer journey can be streamlined, making it simpler for customers to use your goods and services, contact customer care, and make transactions.
Customers are likely to interact with your business more frequently if they have an app that links them to your brand on their smartphone. Remember they are taking an action to download your app. Once they have downloaded your app you are in the palm of their hand at all times. Now using push notifications you can create engagement and quickly share updates and other key information. Push notifications have an 88% open rate vs ~47% email open rate. Consumers are also more likely to use apps than mobile websites because they offer a smoother user experience and are easier to use.
One of the biggest benefits of customer engagement through an app is the ability to collect data and gain insights into your customers' behaviors and preferences. By analyzing user data, you can personalize your marketing efforts and improve the customer experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.
But building a branded app can be a challenging, expensive and time-consuming process, which is where Coach App Now Comes in to help. We are a SaaS (Software as a Service). CoachAppNow provides a platform where businesses can quickly and easily create, launch, and manage their branded app without the need for extensive technical knowledge or a large investment. We utilized your existing website to build and publish your app in minutes. Using SaaS will save time, money, and effort, allowing you to focus on your core business operations while still creating a powerful customer engagement tool.
Coach App Now offers scalability, which is essential for businesses that want to grow and expand their customer base. With our SaaS platform, the functionality of your website is the same as the app. By keeping your website up to date, your app will remain up to date.
Customer engagement through a branded app is an effective way to build relationships with your customers, gain valuable insights into their behaviors and preferences, and improve the customer experience. Coach App Now's platform can help your business quickly and easily create a branded app that meets your needs and provides scalability for future growth. By leveraging the power of SaaS, you can create a robust customer engagement tool that will help them stay ahead of the competition in today's digital landscape.

Visit to learn more!
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2023.02.21 04:44 Queensbowl The Best 4k Tv On The Market 2023

The Best 4k Tv On The Market 2023
Nowadays, you can only get a handful of models with resolutions lower than 8k, including 720p or 1080p. A 4K TV removes the need for upscaling since there is already so much 4K content accessible through streaming providers. Among the many factors to consider when selecting a 4K TV is where you want to place it for viewing. After sifting through many TVs and doing thorough research, here are a few of the best 4k tv on the market.
Link More:
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2023.02.21 04:43 TheBrave-Zero Had a strange problem with 100% usage on my C drive

Hello all,
My specs are:
32GB Corsair ram
ASUS ROG mobo (I can dig up the exact model if you need)
3 x 1TB SSD (2 nvme and 1 sata)
So I was downloading a game and went to eat some pizza and returned to find my pc was just…crazy sluggish and was struggling with basic tasks. I open up the performance tab of task manager and low/behold C drive is 100% usage. I panic and slam my virus softwares into scan mode, I’m clean thankfully (MWB and bitdefender), I run chkdsk as well as SFC /scan now, nada. I close a ton of processes and things kinda get to where I can manage but still running like turds. The only indication I have is system running 33% (100% on C I’m assuming windows divvies the total pool) anyone have any clues as to what is happening/caused this? It just…went away on its own but this was a whole new thing. My pc has been perfect for several months since building it.
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2023.02.21 03:46 Mintou help needed with Openconnect

Hello , unfortunately I have to switch to openconnect because of my country policy,
do you know where can I buy a openconnect-ssl vpn subscription with my credit card ?
Best regards.
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2023.02.21 02:52 ViralDecadent The Greyhound Cannabis Club

I'd like to introduce my project, The Greyhound Cannabis Club. We are a collective bringing together the joys of crypto, cannabis, and good art. I have launched my OG pass collection on LMNFT. The OG passes get you access to subber, giveaways, NFT drop that is incoming for OG holders, and more. You can find me on launch my NFT by searching for us. If you have any questions, feel free to join the discord and I'm more than happy to text or voice chat.
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2023.02.21 02:48 Createjackal 24 [M4F] Connecticut/USA- Looking to get to know someone and potentially start a relationship.

Hello there. I’m a 24 year old guy who is looking to make a long term connection. I enjoy things such as going to the movies, anime, video games and sports. I currently work at a movie theater, so feel free to ask me about some of my favorite movies of this year. I’m a chubby guy so I definitely want work on losing weight and would love someone to join in every now and then. Very open to long distance because you never know where that special someone could be located. There’s definitely a lot more to me and I hope some of you message me so that we can get to know each other.
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2023.02.21 02:41 DeerBig5425 [H] Mango Languages One year Subscriptions/ Upgrades [W] $5 PayPal/BTC

Are you bored in the quarantine? Want to do something productive??? My service gives you a 1 year subscription to Mango Languages, a language learning app.
Order: You Can BUY HERE
We can also upgrade existing account as long as you’re not under a subscription
Mango is the award-winning language learning resource for individuals and organizations around the world. The only single solution that combines quality content, intelligent technology, and an adaptive algorithm that delivers practical phrases from real situations. This is language learning centered around you.
Unique features:
Linguist-approved language courses
Practical, real-world conversations
Native-speaker audio
Essential cultural insights
Designed with ADA standards in mind
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2023.02.21 02:30 caerolle How to remove names from Direct/Share page in Instagram???

I have tried and tried to find an answer on the net with zero success. Instagram Help is useless and unlike a lot of companies it seems there is no user forum where you can ask for help.
I want to remove some names from the list that pops up when you click the Direct/Share/whatever icon (the little paper airplane thingy) and cannot find how to do it. Knowing Instagram my guess is that it can't be done. However, if someone knows a way please let me know!!
I have people who have blocked me showing up in my list plus a couple people who are at the top with whom I often share posts unintentionally and I would like to edit this list.
Thanks! 😊
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2023.02.21 02:25 bacondrivez John Anthony Lifestyle - The Leads Machine (High Quality)

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2023.02.21 02:25 AndyJ4yCandy How do you approach someone you like?

I would like to collect some ideas.. I recently felt ready again to meet new people and start dating again. Now I‘m in vacation and there‘s this really cute waiter. I thought this would be a good opportunity to exercise to talk to someone I like as I know it won‘t be more than some flirting, I‘ll leave in a few days and live 12 flight hours away. So my very first problem is, how do I keep eye contact? Is small talk with someone you like the same like with others you‘re not flirting with or what do you say? How do you even smile in a situation like this? What do you do im general? Can someone help me please?
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2023.02.21 02:10 hamburgerapplepie StubHub Mariners Discount Code

Here is the StubHub Mariners Discount Code. By using the promo, coupon codes or discount deals from this website, you can save money on your next purchase.
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2023.02.21 02:06 mayonnaiseteajuice Monica Vinader Coupons & Promo Codes - 20% Off

Here is the Monica Vinader Coupons & Promo Codes. You can save on your purchase by using the one of the promo and coupon codes or discount deals on this website.
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2023.02.21 02:04 hamburgerapplepie StubHub Phish Promotion Code

Here is the StubHub Phish Promotion Code. By using the promo, coupon codes or discount deals from this website, you can save money on your next purchase.
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2023.02.21 01:50 Rare_Cauliflower_693 [F4M] [B4T] Arranged marriage rp (Historical or modern)

Contains sensitive topics/kinks
Arranged marriage, age gap, dubious consent, dubious consent, possible forced sex, slight misogyny, breeding, lactation, maybe some raceplay or interracial relationships, maybe other kinks as well I can't think of.
No underage, animals, gore, feet, bathroom stuff and maybe other thinks I can't think of right now.
Basically I was thinking your character (preferably 25-50) asks my ocs parents to marry her. They agree, maybe in exchange for money, power, or even just so they don't have to take care of her any longer. Who knows. I'm open to other ideas as well to how the mariage could start but this idea is pretty generic and could fit more characters.
Here's my starter. Please send your character as well as kinks and limits before you reply to it though: Eka/Jane gulp softly as she hears her parents tell her the news- she is to be married soon. "Wh...what? What do you mean by that?" She asks in a shakey voice. Her face pales some in surprise, her hands starting to shake a bit in either nervousness or fear.
"Yes. Married. He's coming to meet you today before the wedding coming up next month. Oh how exciting." Eka/Jane's mother says.
"You better go hurry and get dressed. Put on your best clothes. We can't to make a good impression. Hurry now." Her father tells her shooing her off to her room.
Jane/Eka nods lightly, slowly moving to her room to change. After changing she comes back to the living room to see a man talking with her parents. He seemed more wealthy then her family and a lot older then herself. She already knew that he would be the man of the house and have power over here, but now everything about him seemed stacked in his favor. There was definitely no way she'd be able to talk her parents out of this marriage. She'd be under his full control.
~BASIC INFO~ Name: Eka Ramu Age: 19 ~GENDER & SEXUALITY~ Sex: Female Gender: Female Pronouns: She/her Sexuality: Heterosexual Position: Submissive/bottom ~APPEARANCE~ Nationality: Indonesian Height: 5'3 Body type: Skinny Glasses, scars, tattoos, piercings, etc: Wears glasses and hijab, has freckles Eye color: Brown Hair color: Black Physical health issues: Farsighted ~PERSONAL~ Personality: Kind, hard-working, honest, Likes: Gardening, music, reading, school, coffee, rain Dislikes: Crowds, drama, people who say she shouldn't follow her dreams, people who disrespect her or her religion Mental health issues: None Background: Her family moved to America from Indonesia when she was 13 years old. She finished school with good grades and a scholarship. She works at a flower shop part time while she studies to get a botany and buissness degree. She really loves plants and studying them. She hopes to run her own shop one day, selling flowers and produce.
[History] (Colonial-American Revolution)
~BASIC INFO~ Name: Jane Baker Age: 18 ~GENDER & SEXUALITY~ Sex: Female Gender: Female Pronouns: She/her Sexuality: Heterosexual Position: Submissive/bottom ~APPEARANCE~ Nationality: British Height: 5'1 Body type: Skinny Glasses, scars, tattoos, piercings, etc: Freckles Eye color: Blue right eye and brown left eye Hair color: Brown Physical health issues: Heterochromia ~PERSONAL~ Personality: Kind, tomboyish, bold, honest Likes: Baking, cooking, reading, writing, hunting Dislikes: Being told what to do, people teasing her, sewing, the dark, getting lost Mental health issues: None Background: Her parents moved to Jamestown with a Jane as an infant. Jane was seen as a bit strange as a child, loving to play with both the boys and the girls in colony. But as she got older the boys didn't really seem to want to play with her any more. She started working at her parents bakery when she was about 13 and enjoys doing that as well. She hopes to one day find a husband and settle down, but it seems doubtful due to her boyish personality and different looks.
Here's my rules:
Only semi lit/literate rp.
Third Pov only.
No one liners.
No * for actions.
Use " " for speaking.
Only ocs for this rp.
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2023.02.21 01:32 Severe_Tennis_4073 Dude can you at least pretend to be a guard dog? (These are not our neighbors and he has never met them before)

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2023.02.21 01:11 Commander_Drg ⚡️[For Hire] Math Homework and/or Assignments help! Discord: Commander_drg#5595 ⚡️

Hello there! If you need math help, I'm here to assist!
You can Hire me to help you with your Mathematics homework, assignments, exams, guiding you on how to tackle similar problems and/or provide solutions!
I have studied Mathematics and Physical Sciences and have a lot of experience tutoring college students during the last three years and in a school before that.
Don't hesitate to PM me with your problem(s), questions or any queries you have regarding my services.
You can also contact me on:
🟪 Discord: Commander_drg#5595
📩 Telegram: @Co_Drg
Thank you for your time!
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2023.02.21 01:03 Commander_Drg ⚡️[For Hire] Math Homework and/or Assignments help! Discord: Commander_drg#5595 ⚡️

Hello there! If you need math help, I'm here to assist!
You can Hire me to help you with your Mathematics homework, assignments, exams, guiding you on how to tackle similar problems and/or provide solutions!
I have studied Mathematics and Physical Sciences and have a lot of experience tutoring college students during the last three years and in a school before that.
Don't hesitate to PM me with your problem(s), questions or any queries you have regarding my services.
You can also contact me on:
🟪 Discord: Commander_drg#5595
📩 Telegram: @Co_Drg
Thank you for your time!
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2023.02.21 00:58 Bodega7 Clean car solutions?

Adhd-combined here, and I’m really trying to get my stuff together, but I can’t figure out how to keep my car clean. A big problem is my workplace doesn’t have a breakroom, so I end up eating in my car a lot. I’ve tried keeping a trash bag in my car, but I always forget to replace it when it’s full. How do you guys keep a clean car?
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