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2023.03.31 16:41 MosquitoSalad 2011 Shaker

I read there is a relatively common problem with 2011. Mine has 137k miles. Every once in a while the engine shakes (violently) for about 10 seconds during startup. It smooths out and works fine afterward. It doesn't seem to be connected to weathetemperature, but it is only when engine is cold or first start of the dya. It has not happened now for a few months, but it has happened a couple times/month in the past. I asked Toyota about this and they gave me the "deer in the headlights" like they had no idea what I was talking about. They offered to charge me $190 to diagnose. I refused. Coolant is not an issue so it shouldn't be head gasket. The car also burns oil, about a quart every 3000. I top it off whenever it needs, and get oil changes every 10k. I may start getting that done every 5k. I live in MN and am original owner (bough new). I am handy and could probably pull out the EGR if that is conclusive, but it is a big job, and I don't want to mess with that if it is not 100% conclusive. Would be nice if the dealer would confirm a symptom and just say "we know this problem and it costs $x,xxx to fix this". I know this is probably somewhat of a repost or frequently asked, appreciate the kindness and understanding.
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2023.03.31 13:41 Rodzp Ajuda a escolher

Na minha busca por um carro até 4000 euros a gasolina aspirado (ou seja, fiável e que tem consumos por volta dos 5-6 a 110 na autoestrada), acabei com 3 opções: Civic e Corolla 1.4 e Almera 1.5. Qual as vossas opiniões? E há mais algum carro que deva considerar? Estou à procura de exemplares com menos de 200.000km e mais novos que 2002
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2023.03.31 13:41 HedgeAppleJoe We have more background from the most explosive part of pretrial. Netlist expert Kennedy opinions of value and Damages and the Statements made in court by Samsungs CORDELL! Judge denied Sammy Motion to strike Kennedy except for Rand(Makes sense cuz Judge Said Rand off the Table) and TI(Texas Instr)

Robcobb after reviewing notes Rob remembered more detail of the discussion Regarding Netlist damage witness Kennedy, Jason, and Samsung's Cordell. This should add more context to the discussion. In Samsungs original document for this motion it's stated it focuses on DDR4, DDR5, and HBM This was a highlight in the Trial and again I can't stress enough that it was a point "So Sensitive That The Judge Asked If He Wanted The Courtroom Sealed" and Cordell said no. This was probably a mistake on his part because now the word is out.
Samsung atty Cordell started off saying that Kennedys analysis was like comparing a Toyota Corolla to a Lexus ,by this he meant that you take Samsungs memory and adding nlst inventions to it would turn a Corolla into a Lexus ,and then he (Cordell)went on to say that he thought that was a crazy methodology, because Kennedy wanted to give nlst 100% the difference between Samsungs old technology and the added nlst inventions turning Samsungs memory into a Lexus instead of a Corolla .That’s when he said this methodology would be worth billions. Also later Jason agreed that nlst wanted 100%the difference and stated case law where other companies got it!
Cordell then stated that "if nlst got those numbers it would be 40% of what the module cost". That’s when Gilstrap asked Cordell if he wanted the room sealed.
Later in another motion Kennedy stated that ,key drivers of the memory market were capacity, time, and speed, he stated that nlst inventions had all three! There was mention of 30% more speed and 30% load reduction and more capacity! That's why he thought nlst patents were worth a lot!
At this point even Cordell admitted that was probably worth something, but tried to lowball it!

Remember Rate talked about was 6$ and that was from Cordell and Jason wanted more said that was an old rate from 2017
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2023.03.31 13:30 tonnie_taller Lamborghini’s high speed hybrid and more autos stories

SCRAMBLED: 1,001 HP Lamborghini Revuelto supercar revealed. Continue reading here TOYOTA IS A TROLL: Automaker teases new Tacoma pickup in a humorous way. Continue reading here NOT DEAD: Chevrolet launching new diesel pickup amid electric push. Continue reading here SMOKING HOT HATCHBACK: The Toyota GR Corolla is the model’s most powerful version ever and we … Continue reading Lamborghini’s high speed hybrid and more autos stories
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2023.03.31 12:55 NationYell Toyota Corolla "Mango" [1084x1355]

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2023.03.31 12:54 NationYell Toyota Corolla "Mango"

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2023.03.31 12:54 NationYell Toyota Corolla "Mango" [1084x1355]

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2023.03.31 10:40 ClinicalChickenProbe Best in class. Nothing else comes close.

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2023.03.31 10:28 ClinicalChickenProbe Been away from Blender for years. Getting back into it now that I have more time.

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2023.03.31 07:45 KrazyKev03 Something sounds loose and rattly in or under my steering wheel when my car goes over uneven pavement. Is this sound normal?

Something sounds loose and rattly in or under my steering wheel when my car goes over uneven pavement. Is this sound normal?
This is a 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid with ~15,500km.
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2023.03.31 07:29 sheikh7361 Major Service for Toyota Corolla SE+ 1.6L 2015 currently at 112,000 Kms.

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing good. I bought my car in 2020, back then it was driven about 48,000 kms. No complains so far, but about a couple months back I started driving about 200 kms a day for work stuff and I thought it’d be better to get a major service done since it’s about time too.
Some issues that I’ve noticed there is a vibration in the inside of the car (not the steering) while driving and there is a sort of shudder that happens while idling sometimes, like the car might turn off at some point.
I wanted to know if there are any reputable places that I can get a major service done that won’t break the bank. I got quotes 1400 from Toyota, which unfortunately I can’t afford right now. I have been doing my oil changes regularly for 5,000 km oil.
Also, my tyres are 2019 tyres and looking a little cracked, so if you can suggest some affordable ones and where I can buy a set, would be amazing.
Thanks in advance to everyone, I’ve heard that you guys are very helpful from other subs :)
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2023.03.31 07:18 WalterClements16 walter

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2023.03.31 06:12 hannamerx Should I get a hybrid?

Hi, first time posting here. Just want to get people's opinion. I'm looking at getting a new Toyota and currently have an offer for a brand new 2023 Camry SE for $28k total and a Toyota Corolla Hybrid $33k total. I know $33k for a Corolla sounds absurd but they keep telling me ~inflation~. I drive about 110 miles per day so I don't know if the Camry (gas) is justified in this case. Does anyone own the same cars I'm looking at and would like to share their input? Please be nice, it's my first time buying a car and I really am confused. I don't know the main things I need to look out for. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.31 05:56 Belatorius Preparing for the worse, hail damage to car, 90% sure it'll be deemed as totaled. More than likely car shopping afterwards

Last week my poor little 2015 kia rio LX was damaged with hail as a tornado passed near by while at work. Cracked windshield, broken tail lights, and dents everywhere. Like someone took a ball peen hammer to it. My car's apparently only worth about 8k at top price but in my state a car can be deemed a lost if repairs exceed 75% of its worth. If my car is valued at $6500, then a repair bill of $4500+ would total it, $6000 if valued at $8000. Coworkers had their trucks "totaled" for less. I wish I didn't notify the insurance company since its a good car and taking the salvaged title sounds like a nightmare. In my state you can't drive the car with a salvaged title until the car is in it's previous condition before the incident. Then it has to pass inspection and it would be classified as rebuild. I work nights so it sounds like I'd be without a car for a while, while forking over $$$ for repairs.
In a nutshell i'm eyeing for a new car, just in case. Normally Id go used but pricing for used cars with 120,000+ miles are hitting the $9000-$13,000 mark and it makes me rather iffy. I drive 80+ miles round trip 15 times a month so it seems like a gamble.
Credit score is around 777-780. 60k in savings and I make about 65k a year, no debt. I also donate plasma for an extra $200-400 as play money/bills. Depending on the pay out for the car (if totaled of course) I would add on to what ever to make it an even $10000 as a down payment. I have my eye on a 2023 Toyota corolla LE for 24k, hoping to talk them down to 22k and insurance quoted me $104 for coverage. Im wondering if shelling out a little more for a comfortable ride would be worth while. A sports car sounds fun but i lean more towards point A to point B type of guy. I'm looking at toyota cause Id like to drive the car into the ground with decent mpg. I am much more well off than when i bought the Kia and I still managed to pay it off after 24 months vs the 60 month loan. Thoughts and opinion?
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