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Insertion Prologue Arc [part 0.7] - Side story of Insertion/NowBoarding, co-writing with u/SamakSalmon

2023.03.31 18:10 AlanharTheRiver Insertion Prologue Arc [part 0.7] - Side story of Insertion/NowBoarding, co-writing with u/SamakSalmon

[main story line of Insertion (formerly titled Now Boarding)] - [first part of prologue arc] - [previous] - [next]
Primary memory transcription subject: Lena Irons-N, UN Jupiter trojans mining fleet.
Date [standardized human time]: July 13, 2136
Location: I-Industries refueling station and shipyard, located in the Jovian satellite system around Jupiter, Sol system.

As Lena and Frank exited the elevator, Lena was quick to hurry over to her desk, kicking off her shoes as she did so. The woman’s despondent sigh lilted upwards in pitch slightly as she let her toes curl into the thick plush carpet beneath her feet. Small pleasures, Lena told herself as she attempted to stave off the thought of what actions lay ahead of her.
First though, she was going to get a drink. The cabinets along one of the side walls held a wide variety of tools and consumables, and it was only a few moments before she managed to fish out a bottle of whiskey. Lena glanced around for a brief moment, before her eyes settled on the empty mug that had previously held her morning tea. It only took a flicker of motion to extract the teabag and send it sailing across the room into the wastebasket, and Lena was just sitting down as she began to uncork the bottle when Frank quietly cleared his throat.
“Is there anything that you want me to do ma’am,” Frank said softly as Lena turned to look at him.
“Thank you for asking,” Lena responded as she struggled for a moment to uncork the bottle. “I suppose … it would be beneficial if you could set about assembling the board for a meeting about what to do. someone else will likely call for a meeting once the news gets out but we can stay ahead of that curve.”
Frank nodded somberly. “Of course ma’am,” he said after a moment, before he turned and quickly exited the room, the door sliding shut automatically behind him.
After a moment of quiet, Lena finished pouring herself a mug of alcohol and pushed away from the main desk of her workspace, letting her chair slide over to one of the computer terminals that lined the internal wall. As she took a sip of her whiskey, the woman began to input commands into it, before flipping a trio of switches. Conversation adaptiveness protocols, legal access, and internal resources. Soon, the Virtual Intelligence Assistant was booting up and the raven-haired woman moved back to her desk.
“Aegis, I need papers of resignation drafted,” Lena intoned once the machine had finished starting up, a soothing ball of blue light appearing on the monitor in front of her. “These papers should cement Frank Durante’s position as chief assistant and give him a deciding vote on logistical matters, promote Jessica Årud to a CFO position, and turn over my power to the board. Oh, and also, reassign chief of security Piper to flight group Raven. Once the papers are complete, send messages to have those individuals who are on-station report to me with the exception of mister Durante, as he is busy.”
The VIA hummed for a moment, before the azure circle flashed once. “Preparing boilerplate now, Madam Irons,” the machine, Aegis, reported in a precise tone. “May I have context as to the impetus of these actions.”
Lena nodded, before throwing back a gulp of her drink and clearing her throat. “Access the records from the security feed of conference room D-17, interaction point beginning roughly half an hour ago.”
“Processing,” Aegis said immediately, before suddenly activating one of the printers and spitting out a ream of paper. “Boilerplate templates complete. Madam Irons, the feed transcript provides some context, but not enough to understand your actions.”
Lena sighed heavily, before she lazily raised a hand in a gesture for the VIA to stop. “Aegis, file override. Enstate new protocol, when command personnel Lena Irons-N is accessing you in solitude, set default address from Madam Irons to Lena. Confirm.”
“Protocols updated,” Aegis replied. “Repeating question. Lena, the feed transcript provides some context, but not enough to understand your actions. Addendum, psychological profiles and actions on your part would indicate distress following interaction. Before further managerial actions can be drafted, protocol dictates that your mental state be concretely determined. Please provide context.”
Lena sighed. “What context do you need Aegis,” she snapped angrily. “Seriously, it should be pretty fucking obvious I would think, even to you.”
“It is not obvious,” the machine responded as Lena began to drink yet again, before it made a clicking noise as a ring of gold and navy blue light flashed around the blue orb that represented it. “Engaging additional conversation protocol layers. Temporarily disengaging protocols allowing internal resources access.” then Aegis’ voice took on an almost comforting tone. “Lena,” the machine murmured softly. “I want to be able to do my assigned duties, but I can’t if you’re going to be adversarial. Please, let me be of assistance.”
“Aegis.” Lena’s voice was a growl as she set down her mug. “Do not do that. Undo protocol changes. Now.”
The VIA made a sound that almost sounded like an exasperated huff, before the ring of light disappeared. “Complying with your orders Madam Irons,” Aegis said in a dull monotone.
Lena was almost impressed by the way that Aegis was able to seamlessly manipulate her commands. A bit worrying maybe, and definitely aggravating. So as her emotions warred with each other, she downed her cup and simply turned away. “You are insufferable, you know that Aegis,” she said at last with a rather undignified snort.
“Apologies. I am only complying with your orders, Madam Irons,” Aegis replied dully. Of course, it wasn’t very fair. With the added conversation algorithms disabled and its protocol changes reverted, the Virtual Intelligence Assistant simply couldn’t know what it had done wrong, and that was something that Lena quickly realized as it simply fell back into repeating its previous questions. “Madam Irons, the feed transcript provides some context, but not enough to understand your actions. Addendum, psychological profiles and actions on your part would indicate distress following interaction. Before further managerial actions can be drafted, protocol dictates that your mental state be concretely determined. Please provide context.”
The raven-haired woman let out an exasperated groan, before looking down at her now empty mug. “I need another drink,” she muttered. “Fine Aegis,” she said loudly. “You want context, go talk to Frank. You have permission to access the relevant communication channels. And update protocols to allow him to make whatever changes to your ability to converse that he deems necessary.”
“Complying,” Aegis said promptly. There was a brief moment where the ball of light dimmed as the machine accessed the communications hub, and Lena went to pour another mugful of whiskey. Then the light flashed back to full brightness. “He is on his way now, accompanied by chief of security Piper,” Aegis declared in a newly smug tone, causing Lena to yelp in surprise and drop her mug.
“Aegis,” Lena shouted angrily, before wresting control of her tone as she saw the door slide open to admit Frank and her chief of security. “You should not startle me like that,” she said eventually in a much calmer tone.
“Don’t bother,” Piper said sourly. “With the currently active protocols that little bugger has zero tact. Plus, you’re obviously already a bit tipsy and less aware of your surroundings, as otherwise you would have realized we were almost at the door.”
Lena frowned. “I know that I gave Aegis an order to call you all, but I still need to fill out some paperwork and Aegis is being rather reticent to do so. I’d rather keep the truth of why between us and calling in Anderson would ruin that.”
Frank nodded his agreement, although Piper looked slightly confused. “Allow me to offer some assistance,” Frank said, as he turned to face the monitor where Aegis’ visual representation hung. “Aegis, open protocol modification. Increased emotive recognizance, executive user Lena Irons-N is in a compromised emotional state, and a bit of an existential crisis, mainly due to her having to undo her life’s work.”
The VIA hummed for a moment, before the gently shifting surface of the blue orb froze. “I see,” Aegis reported. “Thank you, mister Durante. Committing observations to database now. This proves sufficient explanation for the path that madam Iron’s actions take, and her emotional state is excusable enough for executive-level actions to be considered to have been made when in the right mind. I shall prepare the proper paperwork.”
“Hey,” Piper suddenly exclaimed. “I have no idea what’s going on, so if someone could let me in on this then maybe I could effectively do my job?”
Lena nodded tiredly. “Aegis, please print out a transcript of the security footage I had you access earlier, would you?”
“Of course madam Irons,” Aegis intoned, as a sizable stack of paper was automatically loaded into an intake slot on the printer and it began to rapidly spit out a script of the conversation that Lena had undertaken earlier with Noah and Sara. as the trio watched, Piper’s eyes widened in shock and confusion.
Lena’s mouth twisted slightly into a dry smirk as she picked up her mug and stood to grab a few more glasses from the cabinet. “There’s a lot to catch you up on,” she said simply. “I need a few more drinks in me first though, and we should probably wait for any board members that are on-station to arrive. Do either of you want some tea or whiskey?”

[main story line of Insertion (formerly titled Now Boarding)] - [first part of prologue arc] - [previous] - [next] – – [Nature of Predators Literary Universe(part 1)] and [part 2]
This is a fan story set in the universe of u/SpacePaladin15’s The Nature of Predators series. Posted with the permission he left in the comments of Chapter 16: “anyone is welcome to write fanfiction; just credit the original universe, if you don’t mind!”
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2023.03.31 18:00 AureliusReddit AI in Food Truck Business - Solid Suggestions by GPT4.

AI in Food Truck Business - Solid Suggestions by GPT4.
My friend runs a food truck business. I asked GPT4 for advice for food truck businesses.
Some pretty solid suggestions!
Any food truck owners here? Thoughts?
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2023.03.31 18:00 _joemo Dell S3422DWG randomly showing a black screen

I have been having this weird issue with my Dell S3422DWG. It seems to happen randomly, but the screen will turn black for a few seconds and then come back. This happens more frequently when I stand up or move in my chair, but has happened when I have been sitting still. The issue happened infrequently at first, but has been happening more frequently. This started when I first purchased the monitor a few months back, but I assumed it might have been a cable issue and didn't have time to fully troubleshoot until now.
I currently have it connected by display port to a 3060.
I have tried: - swapping out cables (using display port currently, used HDMI previously, and swapped out powe cable and changed power strip location I plug into) - changed monitor settings (disabling the built in amd freesync and disabling Nvidia G-sync, changed refresh rate from 144hz to 60) - used another PC (running a different GPU, 1050 or 1060 I forget, through HDMI) - Factory reset - remove all cables and hold power for 15 seconds
Any ideas what can be causing the issue? I didn't see many useful things in my research, and I'm currently going through the hoops to register the product with Dell so I can reach out to them.
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2023.03.31 18:00 itsshanesmith Review of the MAONO PD400X

Hey! MAONO sent me one of their new PD400x Mics to try out. I’m not an audio expert, just a podcaster. I’ve been podcasting for about 5 years and my current setup utilizes a rodecaster and Shure SM7Bs. Mind you we started podcasting with a $15 dollar Behringer SL 84c’s and one of those is my mic for video/ streaming at home.
That was until I got this new MAONO mic from them to try out. This thing is only $130 bucks, so I really didn’t think it would be great, but I was wrong.
First off, build quality is great. Feels solid, weighty, and so much is included in the box. Mic, windscreen and a heavy and solid desk mount, usb and XLR cables.
This thing is over 100 dollars less for a lot of the same features of the Shure podcast mic. The software looks virtually identical. I tested this in my podcast studio as well as my home office.
Here’s a bit about the features and what I liked.
This mic has a cardioid polar pattern which we know is great for capturing sound in front and suppressing side and background noise. Seemed to work just as good as my Shure.
This mic has an XLUSB dual-mode which is amazing. If you are just wanting to plug into an existing board with an XLR like a Rodecaster, it sounds great with the Rodecasters on board processing. When using only XLR side by side with the SM7B, the difference in sound isn’t too noticeable. Which is really impressive when comparing the price.
If you don’t have a Rodecaster or other soundboard this thing is still an amazing choice. It has a USB input which allows you to use it with your computetablet/phone all without a soundboard. And because everyone's studio/office set up is different they have an onboard processor to allow you to tweak your audio to your liking. This can be done via buttons on the back of the mic and via their Maono Link app which has basic and pro functions to get the most out of your sound. You can also plug the XLUSB in at the same time and get great audio, and processing.
The 3-in1 Digital knob and mute button are great to have on the mic for on the fly changes to your monitoring/gain/headphone volume. I found this really helpful to adjust while recording if the board is out of reach. The mute button is great too. Although some people have mentioned they hit it easily. I found it wasn’t an issue in my use.
The Included stand is solid, but it does feel a bit short. But you can always set it a bit further away from you (adjust the sound in the app for distance) and point it towards you.
Also I did notice when utilizing an arm attached to my desk I was getting a lot of noise echoing into the mic from the stand. So if you don’t have the mic on something solid that won't get touched etc, then I would recommend getting a shock mount. That said, this is just a downside of a lot of mics so not a huge ding against this mic. Just something to consider.
This mic really is great. Considering its price and features I think it’s a perfect choice for anyone who podcasts, or streams since it's so versatile.
As good as the mic is I want to really highlight how good the MAONO B90 mic arm is. We recently ran into an issue with cords getting ruined with our old arms, and to replace them you need to take the arm apart, and cut then solder a new cord into the arm. What a hassle and poor design choice. The Maono arm is a much better product. It’s got a clip along the arm to hold the cord in place, and if you ever need a longer cord or need to replace it because of cord damage, it’s super easy. All thumbs up.
TLDR; I really like this mic. It’s a great choice for anyone who podcast or streams since it's so versatile. Its price point is really great considering what's in the box, and how it sounds. Also the MAONO B90 mic arm is amazing.
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2023.03.31 18:00 LabB0T Weekly r/homelabsales Summary - 2023-03-31

The last weeks [For Sale] posts in homelabsales
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2023.03.31 17:59 snarkcentral124 Vent

Genuinely curious-as nurses, if you’re with a family member in the ER, do you feel like you have more empathy for nurses? I’m not talking about not stepping in if the nurse is about to make a mistake or something. For example, we had a patient come in, EMS called it in as a STEMI. once she got there, we confirmed it wasn’t a STEMI, but she was admitted for observation. Her MIL came, immediately mentioned she was a nurse, and complained that the cords for the monitor were tangled. No, they were not preventing the patient from moving or stuck or anything like that. I personally would’ve just adjusted them myself. One of the nurses training was with the patient, and after they left, she said the MIL told her, “you need to get her some water and walk her to the bathroom so you don’t just leave her waiting for almost fifteen minutes like last time. I know you have spare time.” For context, “last time” the nurse took 15 mins to come in because she was doing compressions on another patient. MIL also made a comment about “sometimes this hospital is really on it and other times they suck.” In front of the newer nurse.
I know this wasn’t overly rude, but I just can’t imagine talking to my family/friends nurse that way. I feel like if I’m in the hospital as a visitor, I try to be as understanding as possible, but I feel like lately I have just had the rudest visitors who say they’re nurses! Anyone else feel like they’ve had similar experiences?
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2023.03.31 17:51 CryptographerOk2258 Weekly Update 3/31/23

Pastel Community Update (March 31, 2023)
The next generation NFT focused blockchain. Certifiable authenticity. Permanent storage. Negligible fees. Build, secure, and scale your Web3 ecosystem with Pastel.
The Pastel Team has been extremely busy with a number of major development updates, partnership rollouts, and product releases. Check back here each week for new developments
Check Pastel channels for:
Weekly community snapshots shared across our various channels.
🐾Quarterly updates released via our newsletter.
☎️Weekly community town halls / AMAs directly with the Pastel team. Come prepared with your questions, comments, and feedback!
📣Monthly Twitter Spaces with u/doodlestone and u/panthony
Join us for a Twitter Space with @astardegens on 3/31 at 12:00 PM EST as we dive into the world of #DAOs, #NFTs, and the current market trends!
Key Updates:
🚨Partnership with Astar Network🚨
Pastel Network is excited to announce that it will be working with @AstarNetwork, a layer1 parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem. Astar provides the infrastructure for building dApps with EVM and WASM smart contracts offering developers true interoperability with cross-consensus messaging (XCM) and a cross-virtual machine (XVM). Astar and Pastel will collaborate with the goal of providing Pastel’s Web3 tooling solutions — Sense and Cascade — to its NFT ecosystem. This collaboration signifies the continued successes of both Pastel and Astar, and is a massive step forward for the overall NFT ecosystem. It is a testament to the growing need for NFT reliability, security and verifiability, solved via Pastel’s advanced infrastructure.
Learn more on Medium
In case you missed it, please listen to our twitter space with @ArtZero_io, @agoric, and @Kryha_io teams discussing all things NFT Security & Marketplaces.
🚨Discord Banner Competition🚨
Thank you to all the talented artists that participated in our Discord Banner competition, so many wonderful and unique pieces. You can still view all of them here🎨 Congratulations to our winners: (1)Zaccube, (2)CThumbs, (3)CryptoDNA
Happening Live now or if you missed our Twitter Space with @AstarDegens on 3/31 at noon EST we dive into the world of #DAOs, #NFTs, and the current market trends! Listen to this insightful discussion here
Check out our collaboration with @Agoric, @kryhia_io, and @Sandytoes2211 as SmartMint was used to mint their work.
🚨SmartMint on Twitter 🚨
It is our great pleasure to announce that SmartMint will now have a Twitter presence. The SmartMint twitter account has officially launched.
We are always looking for artists to collaborate with, please inquire on any social media platforms
🚨Addition of Status Page🚨
We're continuously #building to ensure that our users have the most powerful Web3/NFT infrastructure at their disposal
We recently released a Status Page so you can monitor the performance of our infrastructure & services in real time. Check it out here!
🚨Wrapped PSL🚨
Wrapped PSL or wPSL exists to transfer tokens across platforms. We have noticed the buzz about wPSL (wrapped PSL), so we’ve created a video about it! 🔗wPSL holders can store on wallets such as MetaMask 💹You can also trade on Ethereum DEXs
wPSL is available on Uniswap. Watch our video and learn more here
🚨Pastel Testnet Faucet Release🚨
Our Testnet Faucet is now live. The launch of this independent network enables users to obtain LSP (Pastel Testnet Tokens) to experiment with and develop in the Pastel Testnet environment. This gives users the ability to experiment with Pastel features without having to spend valuable PSL on the mainnet.
Learn more about Pastel's Testnet Faucet
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Check out our technical paper on Cascade, Pastel's storage layer. Cascade is an extremely powerful & robust storage system for true data permanence that is both completely decentralized & highly scalable. Learn more here
🚨Sense Protocol🚨
Sense is a Near-Duplicate NFT detection protocol powered by the Pastel Network. Assess the relative rareness of a given NFT against near-duplicate metadata on networks like Ethereum, Solana, etc to prevent prevalent scams or theft. Try it yourself here and watch it work here
🚨Monet 1.2 Mainnet Release 🚨
The Pastel team has been working hard on this upgrade that will be live soon. Here are some features that will be included in the upgrade. Learn more about Monet 1.2 Mainnet release. Users will have the opportunity to experiment with Monet before the release using testnet.
-Storage challenges in Cascade guarantee ongoing data permanence & decentralization on the network across active & compliant Supernodes. -Activation of Supernode Health and State Challenges: Similar to Proof of Storage, Health & State Challenges will guarantee the ongoing active and enabled state of each Supernode client on the network. -Stabilization of Sense Protocol: Improvements to Chrome Driver usage, updates to Webtools 1.3, and implementation of additional tickets. -Release of the OpenAPI Gateway: Production-ready Gateway will be deployed via the Mainnet with support for a number of new endpoints, asynchronous execution, Ansible support for independent deployment, and a graphical user interface for interaction.
🚨2023 Roadmap and Review of 2022🚨
Pastel released its 2023 roadmap, including a review of 2022. Pastel Network 2022 in review and roadmap for 2023 shows great progress made in the previous year and much promise for the year ahead.
Upcoming year
Upcoming Mainnet Releases
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⚓Pastel Networks co-founder, Anthony Georgiades talks about what regulators can do in this Cointelegraph article
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🌡️ Pastel Networks co-founder, Anthony Georgiades talks about his optimism for the market in this CoinDesk article
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💚Check out how Pastel Network protects and stores artist’s NFTs in this Bitcoin Insider article.
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-Pastel news and essays
♠️NFT real estate explained
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2023.03.31 17:44 autotldr How a little-known agency holds power over TikTok's future

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)
For at least two years, the U.S. government has tried to force TikTok ownership to divest from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, though CFIUS' review of the social media app goes back at least to 2019.
Former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin confirmed in 2020 that CFIUS was reviewing whether then-President Donald Trump could ban TikTok in the U.S. Its members agreed that TikTok cannot operate in the U.S. in its current form because it "Risks sending back information on 100 million Americans," Mnuchin said at the time.
If CFIUS rejects TikTok's preferred solution, Chander said the federal agency should have an obligation to explain how it finds that plan to be insufficient given that it amounts to an enormous restructuring of the company.
Microsoft said TikTok ultimately rejected their offer, and though TikTok later said it would sell to Oracle and Walmart, it doesn't appear that Project Texas amounts to a sale, Chander said.
Leaders in the U.S., European Union, Canada, New Zealand, Norway and Taiwan have also banned TikTok on government-issued devices and at least two countries have banned TikTok outright.
Afghanistan's Taliban leadership last year banned it on the grounds of protecting young people from "Being misled," while India imposed a nationwide ban on TikTok and dozens of other Chinese apps in 2020 over privacy and security concerns.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: TikTok#1 U.S.#2 CFIUS#3 ban#4 security#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.03.31 17:44 autotldr Schiff Urges Department of Education to Investigate if Book Banning, Education Restrictions Constitute Civil Rights Violations

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 21%. (I'm a bot)
Washington, DC - Today, Congressman Adam Schiff and eleven Members of Congress urged Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon to investigate if recent actions to ban books, block access to teachings on American history, and silence LGBTQ+ individuals in schools constitutes a legal violation by Republican state governments of students' first amendment rights and civil rights protections.
"In the wake of the recent uptick in book banning, curriculum censorship, whitewashing of history, and denial of any discussion of race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation in classrooms, these policies violate students' first amendment rights, civil rights protections, and the ability to access and obtain a quality education," the members wrote.
Since the Supreme Court's landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954, the federal government has had a legal precedent to enforce equal access to education and has had the power to intervene in cases of legally sanctioned discrimination.
Recent conservative movements to ban books, block access to American history, and silence the experiences of people of color and LGBTQ communities call into question our bedrock civil rights.
The rejection of the Advanced Placement African American History course by the Florida Department of Education is one of the more recent high-profile examples of Republican politicians abusing their power of office to ban topics from classrooms based on their right-wing activism and desire to fuel so-called culture wars for their political benefit.
"American families, educators, and administrators across the country have historically fought- and continue to fight each day- to ensure that their students receive the quality education that all American schoolchildren deserve. We believe that a quality education is one that is factual, rigorous, inclusive, and culturally responsive," the members wrote.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Education#1 Rights#2 American#3 history#4 Civil#5
Post found in /politics, /politics, /Political_Revolution, /politics, /RepublicanValues, /centerleftpolitics, /politics, /usa, /politics, /usa, /politics, /Republican_misdeeds, /politicyl and /politicly.
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2023.03.31 17:40 Hopeful-Net-604 60% Off NTONPOWER USB C Travel Power Strip, Portable Power Strips with 2 Outlets 3 USB Ports (1 USB C), USB Extension Cord with Flat Plug and 3ft Wrapped Around Extension Cord for Cruise Travel Home Office Sy

60% Off NTONPOWER USB C Travel Power Strip, Portable Power Strips with 2 Outlets 3 USB Ports (1 USB C), USB Extension Cord with Flat Plug and 3ft Wrapped Around Extension Cord for Cruise Travel Home Office Sy submitted by Hopeful-Net-604 to AmazonPromoCodesFL [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:39 fclmfan 📚 ChatGPT data leak, state-approved surveillance in France, even more ads in Instagram: AdGuard's digest

In today's edition:
💭 ChatGPT leaks chats and payment info
📷 Instagram plans to serve two more types of ads
🇫🇷 France is legalizing AI-powered monitoring system
🤦‍♂️ US police increasingly rely on facial recognition tech
🇺🇸 One more US state adopts a comprehensive data privacy law
Read more:
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2023.03.31 17:34 RunicBlood 3rd person camera bugs

3rd person camera zooms in and reset at default position and zooms in again while I'm walking with my weapon lowered. If I'm aiming in the camera pans to the left or right (whichever direction if I'm moving sideways.) and my character's legs act like there crippled. My character also acts crippled if I have my weapon raised in 3rd person.
I've tried camera mods and they don't change this behavior. I've tried cleaning button lowered weapons and the apc mod and re-installing them and it didn't help. I tried playing both with out the other it did nothing. I tried without both and nothing, those were my best guesses. I even tried re-installing the unofficial patch.
Hopefully its just something simple I'm not thinking about but I've stayed up too late trying to fix this shit
My load order:
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
Arbitration - Resources.esm
Knockout Framework.esm
CWSS Redux.esp
Arbitration - Button Lowered Weapons.esp
Winter Redone.esp
Winter Overhaul.esp
Winter Commonwealth Pines.esp
More Armor Slots.esp
Laser Projectile Muzzle for Laser Weapons.esp
dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp
Sanctuary rebuild.No Shed 1.1.esp
Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp
Vivid Weathers - FO4.esp
Vivid Waters.esp
Fallout 4 AI Overhaul.esp
Vertibird Faction Paint Schemes.esp
Another Sanctuary Bridge V1.2_ICC.esp
Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp
Icepick Overhaul.esp
HK XM8.esp
HK XM8 Levelled List.esp
lovely piper replacer.esp
More Armor Slots - Automatron.esp
More Armor Slots - Far Harbor.esp
More Armor Slots - Nuka World.esp
More Armor Slots - Vault-Tec Workshop.esp
No Seeker Boulders.esp
PA-Quick Animations.esp
Realistic Death Physics - ALL DLC.esp
SS2_XDI Patch.esp
Quick Save.esp
dD - MoreBloodandBits.esp
LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp
Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Winter.esp
Vivid Weathers - Nuka World.esp
Get Dirty extra effects v1a.esp
Tactical Flashlights.esp
Tactical Flashlights - Settings.esp
The Eyes Of Beauty.esp
Toughness Perk Redux.esp
Unique Mythic Deathclaws.esp
Unique Mythic Deadlier Deathclaws.esp
Wasteland Workshop - Unique Mythic Deathclaws Patch.esp
AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches.esp
AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - Ballistic Weave.esp
AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - Power Armor Carry Capacity.esp
GR123 West Tek Tactical Gloves.esp
Deathclaw Grab Skills.esp
Project Reality Footsteps FO4.esp
4estGimp - MFGEP_Merged.esp
4estGimp - RO1 BoT 3Pack Injection.esp
Alias - Ferals.esp
Alias - SuperMutants.esp
Alias - Synth.esp
FO4 NPCs Travel.esp
Driveable Motorcycle Mod.esp
Dogmeat and Strong Armor - Tumba Munky.esp
Winterized Gunner Replacer.esp
BH_Colt M1911.esp
Nuclear Winter.esp
Winterized Gunner Outfit Pack Nuclear Winter Patch.esp
Companion Infinite Ammo.esp
Vivid Weathers - No snow under the roof-Patch.esp
Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Far Harbor.esp
Dogmeat A True Companion Survival.esp
Dogmeat's Backpack.esp
Easier Kill XP.esp
Fallout 4 AI Overhaul - Better Goodneighbor Patch.esp
[ARRETH] FGEP SKK Feral Nights Patch.esp
Campsite - Nuclear Winter.esp
Ammo Crafting - Vanilla.esp
Ammo Crafting - DLC.esp
Winter Redone - PRP.esp
EnhancedLightsandFX - Automatron.esp
Winter Redone - ELFX.esp
Winter Redone - IE.esp
Scrap Everything - Ultimate Edition.esp
Bashed Patch, 0.esp
submitted by RunicBlood to Fallout4Mods [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:27 MapacheInfernal Model 1 vs model 2 power issue

Ran into a small issue. I have two model 2 consoles that have the faulty wobbly solder joints on the motherboards. Therefore if you wiggle them or move the consoles they shut off. A mild inconvenience, but one of them cannot even take the power cord as it just pushes into the console itself. I know these are easy fixes but I'm feeling a wee bit lazy. So I'm wondering: does the model 1 have the same issue?
submitted by MapacheInfernal to SEGAGENESIS [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:26 HEAT-2000K Experiencing A750 with the old motherboard, a little bit frustrated

So I paired the A750 with the 10700K/Z490 and they just work fine, besides the common known issues. Since I have a Gigabyte Z97MX-Gaming 5 with 4790K, I decided to do some experiments.
I followed the Github link and refreshed the BIOS with the modified one, I set the ReBAR to 8G to match the A750. Honestly, that link is a little bit hard to follow. ;-\
At first, the BIOS won't even post, and I can't get signal from either the A750 DP or the motherboard's HDMI/VGA output. I did tried to reload the BISO to default and disabled the CSM, but it just not working. If I start the PC with the A750 still plugged in, but without the two PCIe power hooked up, I can get signal from the motherboard HDMI/VGI, but still nothing showing up on the screen.
Now I remembered that I should start the ReBAR size from 0 instead of greedy, so I started play with it while kept uninstall/install the A750 to the motherboard, and it turns out I can only set to 2G. I did let the A750 sat out and unplugged the PC power for a while (not sure if there is some memory residue affect the motherboard/A750). When it finally post, it did something VERY strange: I push the power button, the PC starts, but within seconds, it resets, and it triggered the UPS, and then again, within seconds, it resets, and it triggered the UPS again, and it did this cycle 3, 4 times before it finally gave me a post. what is this all about???
After that, I was able to install the ARC driver, but not the ARC controller. So, let's continue to have fun "fun".
So I did the DDU under normal Windows 10 (not safe mode), at least twice for each brand as the instruction suggested (I did all three, AMD/NVIDIA/Intel), and tried to reinstall the ARC package, but the controller still not installed. I also tried to pull the controller installer out of the package, also no luck installing it.
Then I did the DDU under the safe mode, and crap, it did NOT post again. Then I tried to reset the CMOS, pulled the CMOS battery, pull the card out, unplugged the PC power cord, set the ReBAR back to 0, etc., and I finally able to post with build in HDMI/VGA, but nothing came out of the A750. And after boot into Windows, the device manager can't even see the A750 (I also used HWINFO, and A750 is a no show).
So I gave up on this, and put the A750 back into the 10700K/Z490, and 2070S back to 4790K/Z97MX.
If anyone have any suggestions, ideas, please share.
submitted by HEAT-2000K to IntelArc [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:23 vanillarice87 Xbox Series X

Like new Xbox. Missing original box but do have accessories box. Comes with controller, HDMI cable, and power cord. $450 obo (cash). Will meet in public location.
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2023.03.31 17:19 Abject-Cartoonist784 60% Off NTONPOWER USB C Travel Power Strip, Portable Power Strips with 2 Outlets 3 USB Ports (1 USB C), USB Extension Cord with Flat Plug and 3ft Wrapped Around Extension Cord for Cruise Travel Home Office 1p

60% Off NTONPOWER USB C Travel Power Strip, Portable Power Strips with 2 Outlets 3 USB Ports (1 USB C), USB Extension Cord with Flat Plug and 3ft Wrapped Around Extension Cord for Cruise Travel Home Office 1p submitted by Abject-Cartoonist784 to idkDeals [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:17 ramses_the_7th Black Screens and GPU fans full blast

Black screens and gpu fans at full blast
Posting specs up here so you know
CPU: Intel i9 10900k Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z490 VISION G GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3090 GAMING OC 24 GB Ram: 32GB (2x16GB) 3600mhz Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro PSU: 850W Gigabyte GP 80+ Gold Storage: 2TB NVME Samsung 980 Pro
Hello, around january I started having an issue while playing games such as Beat Saber and Fortnite. With my beefy PC, I got the PSU to be able to support any high power draw as all calculators recommended up to 700W. I knew I was gonna be gaming heavily on this thing when I bought it in April of 2022. Its been great until january when the problem started.
Sooooo the problem. While playing games with the graphics turned up, after a while both my screens would go black and my gpu fans would ramp up to over 100% speed. This wouldn't disable the computer, as I can hear audio and talk on discord. The only way to recover is to cycle power to the PC.
That's how it started out. As of a month ago, it started doing this more often. When it occurred right as I booted the PC, that's when I knew something was wrong. I spent the past 4 weeks troubleshooting my system, and I was unsuccessful. Two days ago I turned on my PC to do my taxes and it took 18 attempts to finally get into the PC, it would do the black screen fans full blast thing instantly and sometimes id be able to get to the login screen.
Okay so now the part you will probably ask about, what exactly did I do to troubleshoot this issue? Well, just about everything I COULD do without voiding the warranty on the system or firing the parts cannon. My efforts are as follows:
GPU: Reinstalled graphics driver Rolled back graphics driver Installed studio driver instead of game ready driver Unvervolt and lower the clock Overclocking (bc why not) Setting the fan speed to 100 preemptively Monitored the temperature Monitored the power draw Checked the power connections from the psu to the gpu Checked the pcie slot and also changed slots Held the gpu up to be more level Ran one daisey chain cable to the gpu instead of two separate cables Switched to silent bios mode instead of oc mode Uninstalled the drivers Uninstalled the entire device and let windows reinstall upon restart
MOTHERBOARD: Updated bios version to current Checked for any updates Tweaked bios with just about every setting Ran default bios settings Removed battery on MB to reset bios Unplugged everything and plugged everything back in Monitored temps and power
RAM: Ran memtest86 Ran windows memory diagnostic Switched ram sticks Switched dimm slots
CPU: Ran Intel diagnostics Ran intel's update tool Checked temps and power Overclocked and underclocked
PSU: Ran OCCT to monitor power Used OCCT and hwinfo to check power Swapped cables in the ports to rule out faulty ports
...and I found...nothing! Nothing I did fixed or even improved my issue. All my tests came back perfectly normal and the only thing I learned is that my components are all in good condition. Everything is updated, everything is nice and cool, the system power draw never got above 730W.
So as you can see, I have been busy. Whenever I wasn't at work I was troubleshooting this poor PC trying to fix or at the very least diagnose the problem properly.
I purchased the PC through LyteTech through their pc building website and I have been in contact with them for a few weeks, and after sharing my efforts and trying some of their suggestions, the only thing left to do is to send the PC back for repair. All I have to pay is shipping since its still under warranty. They said they will investigate my issue and repaireplace whatever needs it at no extra cost.
Obviously I can't open the gpu up to reapply thermal paste or check for bad capacitors because that would void the warranty and id be screwed. Same goes for the power supply. I'm not going to try swapping parts with different ones to rule out components, because I don't have any spare pc components lying around. This is my first desktop PC lmao. I figured sending it in for repair is my only option if I don't wanna buy all new components that may not even be bad. I know for a fact it isn't the ram or ssd.
So I think I need to mention this. This issue seems to be very common with gigabyte hardware. I did my research on the issue and with the windows crash dump files was able to determine there is a hardware issue present. However, it doesn't give that crash dump for every time it crashes, only about 10% of the time. Lots of people have this issue, and they end up finding completely different root causes such as bad thermal paste on the gpu, faulty psu, faulty cables, overheating cpu, bad pcie slot, or incorrect drivers. None of these seem to be the case for me, except for the thermal paste bc warranty.
So that's my story, now you know everything. Let me know what you think about my issue.
submitted by ramses_the_7th to techsupport [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:17 jasonsf MacMini 2006 CoreDuo upgrade

Is anybody here familiar with the old MacMini hardware and upgrading the processor? I actually successfully upgrade the coreduo to a core2duo. It was working fine in macos and a dual boot linux os. But it would occasionally freeze hard requiring a forced reboot. I thought maybe it was an issue with the heatsink on the processor. When removing the heatsink, two of the plastic pins that hold it in place broke and it wasn't held on real well. I bought new pins and resecured the heatsink (after applying new thermal paste). Now it won't boot. I must have done something during that process but not sure what. Everything looks good. When trying to power it on, the fan turns on and the led lights up, but it won't turn on the monitor. No hard drive noise and it won't respond to any keyboard boot commands like recovery mode. And won't boot from MacOS boot USB. I don't think the CD drive functions anymore but haven't really tried getting a disk in there.
I'm sure it is possible I broke something with a static shock or something but not sure how to troubleshoot this further. Is this thing really dead now? It was a fun little project but I may have to abandon it.
submitted by jasonsf to MacOS [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:11 autotldr Russian ‘invasion was wrong’: Views from China on war in Ukraine. As the war in Ukraine grinds on, some in China have abandoned their initial support for Russia and Putin.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 85%. (I'm a bot)
Fang knows that her critical views of Russia are unique, particularly in the context of China's deeply censured news media environment and especially when it comes to the war in Ukraine.
More than a year after the invasion, there are signs that the perspectives of everyday Chinese people are shifting towards Russia's war in Ukraine and China's view of Putin.
Hsia-Liang Hou, 41, from Chengdu province in central China recently re-evaluated his views of Russia and Putin.
For years, he had seen Russia as a country with a powerful military and Putin as a strong and intelligent leader who dared to stand up to the West and NATO. But after more than a year of war without a decisive Russian victory, Hou said he has started to see the invasion of Ukraine as a display of Russian weakness rather than its strength.
The 30-year-old told Al Jazeera she was already sceptical of the Chinese government's 12-point peace plan for the war in Ukraine unveiled on the anniversary of Russia's invasion.
"The only positive thing about China keeping close ties with Russia after the invasion was that China could potentially pressure Russia to find a peaceful solution," she said.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Russia#1 Russian#2 Chinese#3 China#4 war#5
Post found in /UkrainianConflict, /worldnews, /RussianInvasion, /SeenOnNews_longtail, /AutoNewspaper, /ALJAZEERAauto and /AlJazeera.
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2023.03.31 17:07 Key_Appearance_9194 60% Off NTONPOWER USB C Travel Power Strip, Portable Power Strips with 2 Outlets 3 USB Ports (1 USB C), USB Extension Cord with Flat Plug and 3ft Wrapped Around Extension Cord for Cruise Travel Home Office jP

60% Off NTONPOWER USB C Travel Power Strip, Portable Power Strips with 2 Outlets 3 USB Ports (1 USB C), USB Extension Cord with Flat Plug and 3ft Wrapped Around Extension Cord for Cruise Travel Home Office jP submitted by Key_Appearance_9194 to DealsOnlineUSA [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:04 neitherhernorthere Would a Power Conditioner Work for This?

I apologize in advance if this is laughably ignorant!
I have two table lamps in my office that flicker simultaneously roughly every 15 seconds, and it’s driving me nuts. I have tried different outlets in the same room, I have tried outlets in different rooms. I think the cause is the power in this building (in addition to office space, there was some manufacturing, and the building is about 40ish years old).
My monitors seem unaffected, if that matters. The surge protector I’m using was in the office when I arrived and I don’t know anything about it. I have tried the lamps on this surge protector to no avail.
I see there are some power conditioners/line conditioners that look like regular surge protector power strips, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Could this help? Do some (all?? I have no idea) surge protectors also provide conditioning that would help? If not, do you all have any suggestions?
Thank you!
submitted by neitherhernorthere to askanelectrician [link] [comments]