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2023.03.31 17:59 MyLastNameIsMartini AITA for making a joke that included “n-word” in it?

I’m in a group chat with six other people, some of which are friends and some are more just acquaintances to me. The other day my friend Ben sends a text to the group saying “man I am retarded high right now”. My acquaintance Matt chimes in and says that in 2023 we shouldn’t be using “retarded” as a descriptor for the sake of humor, which is a fair assessment. Ben makes an argument that he’s trying to take the power of the word back because the true definition doesn’t describe someone with autism or Down syndrome or similar, but rather just someone who is just less advanced mentally. He tells Matt “Idk I just think free every word at this point because when we make it a negative connotation then it has that connotation and we give the people who are mean the power”. To me, this was a HUGE sweeping statement with implications for other, much more taboo words, that I don’t think Ben meant to make. To jokingly poke fun at his argument, I came in with joke saying “Well Ben, would you like to be the first one to do the honors of saying the n-word?”
Three of the other six people reacted to it with the “X laughed at…” iMessage reaction so it seemed like a success, but Matt stepped in and said the following:
“Hey y’all- trying to understand Ben’s place about the r-word. However; multiple people laughed at a racist (n-word) joke right after. This is a very white group (myself included) so I’m going to press to not even attempt to make a race-based joke. We all are funny and can do better than that level of humor.”
This was shocking to me because I did not intend for the joke to be taken as a jab at black people; the butt of the joke was Ben making such a sweeping statement that he probably didn’t think too much about before saying it, and me asking him to jokingly put his money where his mouth was. I explained this to Matt, also saying that I could have replaced “n-word” with any other taboo and the joke would have worked in the same way. Matt did not agree with my stance and replied with:
“Pro tip- if it involves the n word and you are a white person just don’t make the joke- simple. Period. Literally no explanation needed. Now we know.
[Me] you take a lot of comedy classes so I’m assured you can do better than a joke based on the n word.”
At this point I stopped responding because I was getting frustrated with him being fixed on the “n-word” part of the joke and not seeing the bigger picture. I understand and agree with not wanting to make jokes based solely off race and stereotypes, but the “n-word” wasn’t to focus of that joke imo.
I’ve asked numerous other friends from other groups what their opinion of the situation is and they’ve all said Matt was overreacting. Even some of the other people in the group chat texted me privately saying they didn’t agree with Matt’s stance. I’m just trying to see if I live in a bubble, or if this is the common consensus.
AITA here?
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2023.03.31 17:58 flyinghorseduck 120 Baked Goods

Roll Result
1 Monkey's tail is a coil of thin pretzel-like bread that is boiled in soda ash, topped with salt and pepper, and then baked. [camtarn]
2 Cochito, a soft gingerbread in the shape of a pig [D3WM3R]
3 Bacon and Leek Hand Pie, pastry the size of a human hand filled with bacon and leeks [u/FlyingHorseduck]
4 Puffed pastries cooked in meat drippings (think Yorkshire puddings) [dysonrules]
5 Little volcano is a cone shaped jam donut using chilli jam [Micaramel]
6 Small chocolate bars that were prepared using healing potions. When you don't have a druid and want goodberry. [Scumbutcher]
7 Lifeleaf Wafer are small disks of flour, water, salt and finely chopped lifeleaf that are baked till hard. Naturally restorative, unnaturally salty. [MCiph]
8 Twice baked travelers bread provide of tough but crisp foodstuff that is perfect for trail rations. [I_walked_east]
9 Prism dough is a bread that is risen to look like a triangular based prism. It tastes sweeter at the top of the spire and sourer nearer the base. Can feed 2-4 people. [AfternoonBaboon]
10 Sawyers flat, a horrid, matzo-like crispbread cut with maple (best), birch (ehhh), or pine (oh gods) sawdust. Often eaten by unskilled laborers, or during famine/drought. [Norwejew]
11 Fruit Pies (apple, blackberry, blueberry, elderberry, strawberry, etc) adorns with ornate patterns in to top crust. [World_of_Ideas]
12 Pumpkin pie, a creamy orange desert that is best served with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. [World_of_Ideas]
13 Amaranth biscuits yield a subtle nutty flavor that goes well with many spreads. [I_walked_east]
14 Angel food cake, a light and fluffy cake made using angel blood instead of eggs. Often glazed with a light lemon and sugar glaze. Tastes heavenly..... [supersnes1]
15 Cheese Cake, a simple creamy filling of egg, sugar, and cheese within a fluffy pastry crust. Some variants have a coating of fruit jam on its top for added flavor. [World_of_Ideas]
16 A frangipane style baked custard that uses a flour made from exotic, far away seeds. [Norwejew]
17 Almond croissants are flaky croissants sliced in half and filled with dark chocolate spread. [MJspringer & LookITriedHard]
18 Spider bread that was baked by drow. Don’t ask. Seriously. [ElZoof]
19 Nut breads, sweet or savory, baked with whatever nuts are locally grown. [dysonrules]
20 Meat pies, stuffed with various local game, give off wisps of steam and heavy aromas. [supersnes1]
21 Fairy's heart, a pastry twisted into the shape of a heart, with a (magically?) glistening jam centre. [-peachmilk-]
22 A pound cake coated in a sugary lemon drizzle. [supersnes1]
23 Mushroom Muffins, a small savory muffin preferred by halflings. Traditionally served after a larger sweet muffin. [u/FlyingHorseduck]
24 Penis-shaped doces fálicos frosted sweet bread [I_walked_east]
25 Tiny frosted cakes full of spices, nuts, or fruits [dysonrules]
26 Black Molasses Nutbread, made with the strongest molasses and served with salted butter [u/FlyingHorseduck]
27 Small boxes of traveler's biscuit - similar, but more palatable due to the addition of lard and salt, and with a shelf life of only a year [camtarn]
28 Fried funnel cake with sprinkled confectioners’ sugar. [WontLetMeCurse]
29 Stone bread is perfect for adventurers as it will never go stale due to it already rock hard. It can double up as a rather effective improvised weapon. [Daggerbones8951]
30 Dwarven ale bread is a very dense but flavorful bread made from ales and stouts (generally of dwarven make). Despite being baked, the potency of the drinks used in its making can still provide the eater a slight buzz when consumed. Often used as a desert in many northern kingdoms and tribes. [supersnes1]
31 Peasant's breakfast, a barely-leavened flatbread that is split and stuffed with curried chickpeas and a chopped boiled egg [camtarn]
32 Arcane party muffins are chocolate and hazelnut muffins with magical blue sugar (that sparkles) sprinkled on top of them. When consumed you can change your eye colour for a minute. [AfternoonBaboon]
33 Piles of pale-yellow buttery shortbread that are imprinted with various coats of arms [camtarn]
34 Tartines made with spicy sausage and blistered tomatoes. [Norwejew]
35 Chocolate zucchini cakes coated in powder sugar and crowned with strawberries. [supersnes1]
36 Gnomish sourdough made from 4000 year old yeast culture [I_walked_east]
37 Melting Buttermilk Biscuits, savory and tender, served with seasonal jams [u/FlyingHorseduck]
38 Siren’s Tack, a dry and dense bread, that is as hard as a brick. When eaten alone, this hardtack is basically a rock that sits in your gut. They are surprisingly filling, but a bit hard to keep down. It’s traditional to boil them in broth (to soften and flavor it) and serve under fish and gravy in port towns. [MCiph]
39 Six Copper Pie (based on the Sing a Song of 6 Pence song/rhyme) [wynryprocter]
40 Dragon Eggs, large, fluffy puffs filled with sweet custard. [u/FlyingHorseduck]
41 Buttered Crumpet, best served warm to ensure that the butter soaks into the soft and spongy crust. [World_of_Ideas]
42 Miner's pasties, are made with meat and potatoes in one end, jam in the other, and a thick crust 'handle' on one side that is designed to be grabbed with coal-black hands and thrown away after. [camtarn]
43 4 and 20 Shrieker Mushrooms baked in a pie. The pie is baked in a dutch oven and set inside a firepit. When cut a few soft screams escape through the crust. [wynryprocter]
44 Gelatinous cube flan, despite not being made from the creature, is a recipe of Calisham original that is traditionally made in square baking pan. The addition of gelatin helps the dish hold its signature shape. [supersnes1]
45 Red rolls are bread made with pig's blood instead of water, and stuffed with boiled pig stomach or intestine. Very nourishing, if a bit smelly. [camtarn]
46 French-style plain complet with a golden brown egg-wash. [supersnes1]
47 Turtle bread, a round loaf that is hard on the outside, and super soft on the inside [shamanspiff]
48 Fresh cornbread & butter served with a side of honey, maple syrup, and/or fruit jam/jelly. [World_of_Ideas]
49 Vagrant’s Cake, a recipe passed down from Druid to Druid; barley flour, berries, sugar, eggs, goat butter and water, mixed finely and baked until golden. The cakes are sweet and nutritious, perfect for short, day-long journeys. [MCiph]
50 Fruitcake! Can also double as a doorstop or makeshift weapon. [Super_Solver]
51 Tiny dense black rye rolls that are studded with cloves [camtarn]
52 Illithid Brain Pies appears like a common pie, with an uncommon filling. Whether the brains are from or for the Illithid is up to the skill of the adventurer wanting to bake this dish. [MCiph]
53 Jötnbrød (YERT-n-breh), a massive boule of dark rye bread enriched with bone meal, resulting in a beefy, slightly crunchy bread. A large handful is equivalent to a trail ration, but produces horrid constipation. [Norwejew]
54 Bacon, sharp cheese, green onion, and hot pepper scones. [AnGabhaDubh]
55 Flower bread is made from various types of powdered flowers giving it light floral taste and aroma. [AStupidAnnoyingVoice]
56 Goodberry Pie, made with the eponymous berries, grants 5hp when consumed, but must be eaten within a day. [ElZoof]
57 Digger's Delight, a Dwarven bread that is dense and filled with meat, potato, and cheese. Varies by region and season, but always sturdy enough to be kept in a miner's pocket during a morning's work without falling apart. [u/FlyingHorseduck]
58 Small rhubarb pies, made with thin crunchy hot-water pastry [camtarn]
59 Pumpernickel rye baked into rounded loafs that are adorned with caraway seeds. [supersnes1]
60 Fairy fingers are merengue treats, piped in a thinly oblong shape. Often coated in confectioner’s sugar but some recipes call for actual pixie or sprite dust. [supersnes1]
61 Plump-Helm Roast is a unique pie, filled to the brim with minced and liquefied Plump-Helmet mushrooms. The subterranean fungus is rather sweet (which allows it to be brewed into alcohol, among other things), which makes the pie a rather addictive mix of sweet and savory. Often served with Plump-Helmet Wine and fine dwarven cheeses. [MCiph]
62 Goodberry Biscuit are, a light, flaky, buttery biscuit infused with goodberry juice and drenched in a sweet sugary glaze. Eating two has either the healing or satiating effect at random. You can eat four but you are sickened for d4 rounds. [Chalkyteton]
63 Ankheg burrows, a thin but crispy chimney cake made by wrapping a thin strip of dough around a spool and coating the outside with oils and sugar before baking. Often filled with chocolate, nuts, or various fruits. [supersnes1]
64 Mushroom breads, sometimes with unexpected medicinal or recreational properties [dysonrules]
65 Barkskin biscuits have a tough, almost woody, exterior that are often soaked in milk or tea to soften. [supersnes1]
66 A single, dusty, halfeaten cracker just laying on the floor [NickHerag & DenialBirds]
67 Raisin dotted pastries of choux rolled into spirals and heavily glazed. Topped with pistachios. [Norwejew]
68 Rhubarb shortbread bars are a sweet confection made from shortbread coated in rhubarb custard and topped with brown sugar. [supersnes1]
69 Elf's Bread, legendarily filling dense bread that will stay fresh for weeks [u/FlyingHorseduck]
70 Troll Rolls are warm basil rolls, jarred with melted honey butter and sugared flesh (non-human). [BEZERK0xD]
71 Conchas are white, brown, or pink dusted sweet breads with a shell pattern on them [D3WM3R]
72 Small balls of fried bread that are soaked in pistachio-flavoured syrup. [camtarn]
73 Penny treat, a finger-sized roll of brown bread drizzled with blackstrap molasses or watered-down maple syrup [camtarn]
74 Roll and stew is a wooden bowl containing some thin stock (fish, goat, squirrel, etc) and a bread roll to dip in it. [camtarn]
75 Tuppenny treat, like a Penny treat, but topped with a sliver of dry cheese [camtarn]
76 Dwarvish baguette are short and stout like its namesake. [I_walked_east]
77 Swampweed Loaf, an uncommon and generally disliked type of baked good made from a dried aquatic kelp found in swamps. It's unknown who first invented the swampweed loaf or for what reason, but what is known is that it's absolutely dreadful. [Deadly_Bread]
78 Carrot Cake, a moist layered cake covered in a thick layer of freshly made cream cheese frosting. [World_of_Ideas]
79 Fragrant caraway seed buns display a golden brown top glistening with butter. [camtarn]
80 Empanadas and pineapple, apple, or pumpkin turnovers provide a sweet, yet filling treat. [D3WM3R]
81 Fist-sized cups of hard bread, filled with cold pease pudding [camtarn]
82 Devils food cake, a dense and heavy cake made using the blood of devils that is fortified using ground bone devil horn. This cake has a sweet fiery cinnamon aftertaste that leaves the eater wanting for more. [supersnes1]
83 Dragon donuts are twists in the shape of a dragon's horn with a thin sugar glaze and a surprisingly spicy kick. [supersnes1]
84 Fruit Dumplings (apple, blackberry, blueberry, elderberry, strawberry, etc) that have been boiled or fried and coated in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. [World_of_Ideas]
85 Braids filled with minced and roasted fruits. Apple filled braids are particular popular in this season [supersnes1]
86 Seawater bread is a notable staple of coastal markets and bakeries [I_walked_east]
87 Salt-roll are small round rolls of chewy brown bread, topped with a truly alarming amount of flaky sea salt. [camtarn]
88 Churros are long tubes of fried dough coated with cinnamon and sugar [D3WM3R]
89 Gelatinous Pudding - a very, very sticky treat. [ElZoof]
90 Golden pear bread, shiny and egg enriched, contains a generous filling of wine-stewed pears, cinnamon, and brown sugar. [camtarn]
91 Assorted Bagels (asiago, whole wheat, multigrain, blueberry, cherry, goodberry, etc.) are stacked on a nearby platter. [World_of_Ideas]
92 Meat Dumplings, dumplings filled with various meats. Some enterprising creators crimp them to resemble a fat large lizard or dragon. [World_of_Ideas]
93 The Wrong Bread, or the "you weren't supposed to buy THAT one.", is a half-stale loaf of bread containing a plot hook baked into it. This item could be a small magical trinket with a larger meaning, such as a ring, a wand, a small piece of a very powerful spell-scroll, or something more mundane but equally powerful. For example, the item could be a signet-ring or seal of a noble or royal (maybe it's a high-end fake, maybe it's the real-deal that was recently stolen), or perhaps just a small bag of very valuable gems. No matter what it actually is, you have it now, and boy are there people who are going to try to make you regret it. [Neknoh]
94 Halfling Sweetpie, a staple of Halfling dessert that is traditionally filled with some variety of apple and berry. The best examples are to be found at harvest festival sweetpie competitions. [u/FlyingHorseduck]
95 Sourdough rolls glistening with freshly applied butter and a garnish of parsley. [supersnes1]
96 Bowlcaps are a type of round, dense bread rolls made to be crusty on one side but soft and steamed on the other. Typically eaten by laborers, the soft side is usually pressed down over the rim of a wooden bowl to act as a lid, containing and preserving the contents, until mealtime. [_Dthen]
97 Crates of ship's biscuit, barely edible but capable of lasting years at sea [camtarn]
98 Gingerbread Warrior, a hard gingerbread that is heavily spiced, slightly bitter, and covered with icing armor [u/FlyingHorseduck]
99 Black moss cupcake, a jet-black appearance belies an earthy almost charcoal-like flavor that transitions to matcha aftertaste. [[deleted]]
100 Peanut butter cookies, a simple cookie adorned with fork marks and granulated sugar. [AfternoonBaboon]
101 Copper cookies are small sweet cookies that cost 5cp each [shamanspiff]
102 Honey bread, bread but with honey. [Last-of-the-Akbars]
103 Towering bread creations formed in the shapes of fantastical beasts, castles, or scenes, usually for festivals or special occasions [dysonrules]
104 Mutton-bread, a double-fist-sized roll of steamed bread, that is filled with minced mutton spiced with plenty of pepper. The mutton is cooked inside the bread, so its juices leak out when bitten into. [camtarn]
105 Black ooze bread pudding is an acrid smelling, albeit surprisingly sweet, bread pudding that tastes of cinnamon licorice. [supersnes1]
106 Chicken Bread, it's got the chicken baked in! So it's great for those on the go. Developed by humans, of course. [felagund]
107 Owlbear Claws are delicious pastries made with honey and fig. They are a foot across with large ‘claws’ cut out on one side. Will feed a party of five. (Or one certain Dragonborn in my campaign). [aMusicLover]
108 Sweet Potato Pie is a staple of many households during holiday celebrations. Often topped with a powdering or hardened glaze of brown sugar. [World_of_Ideas]
109 Muffins of various flavors--apple, banana nut, blueberry, etc.--,are heaped in a basket on a nearby table. Some are topped with powdered brown sugar, powdered sugar, and/or sesame, poppy, or pumpkin seeds. [World_of_Ideas]
Initial list built by d100. See it here.
Some of my entries were inspired by the Heroes' Feast official D&D cookbook
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2023.03.31 17:58 JustAskingForAnswers Someone help me find the issue with this excel function

=MATCH(B10," ' "&TEXT(AA7,"mmmyyyy")&"'!"&"$B:$B",0)
I am trying to build a model right now and am trying to reference different tabs that contain month to month balance sheet information of a company. I am using the full formula below but I keep getting "#VALUE" or "#N/A" when I play around with the formula I have above^. That formula is what I need to fix, I think, for the whole formula below to work properly and reference a specific line that correlates to a specific line item I am looking at. Please help lol I am going crazy. =INDIRECT(ADDRESS(MATCH(B10,TEXT(AA7,"mmmyyyy")&"!$B:$B",0),6,,,AA7))
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2023.03.31 17:58 SuperHotUKDeals Sony WF-1000XM4 True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Very Good) - £88.34 at checkout @ Amazon Warehouse Italy

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£88.34 - Amazon Italy
20% applied at checkout.
Cheaper with a fee-free card.
Added by @cyberbabenilorac
Smart and intuitive, the WH-1000XM4 headphones offer industry-leading improved noise cancellation and stunning sound quality, and now tailor sound to both your activity and location with Smart Listening.
In-ear headphones produce no sound or sound can only be heard from one side.
IMPORTANT This article only applies to certain products. Please check the applicable products at the top of this article.
After each step, check if the problem is resolved.
  • If this problem occurs when connecting to a computer running Microsoft® Windows® 10, it can be resolved by updating the software to version 1.3.0 or later. For more information on upgrading your headphones, see the support page for your model.
  • Place the earphones in the charging case and close the lid. After closing the lid, wait a few seconds, then remove the in-ear headphones and connect to the desired device via Bluetooth.
  • Charge the in-ear headphones
  • Place the earphones in the charging case and close the lid.
  • Plug the charging case into a wall outlet or computer using the included USB-C cable.
  • Turn up the volume on the connected device.
  • Note The volume cannot be adjusted using headphones.
  • If you're using an app with a connected mobile device and there's no sound, try another app to see if the problem is with the app and not the headphones.
  • Check if the connected device is playing music.
  • Reset the in-ear headphones.
    Functionality and details
  • NOISE CANCELLING: Noise canceling is enhanced thanks to the new V1 processor, the driver, the new generation microphones and the innovative polyurethane ear pads.
  • HI-RES WIRELESS AUDIO: With a 6 mm driver, high flexibility diaphragm and V1 processor, they reproduce dynamic sound without distortion and a rich bass range despite their small size.
  • With Multipoint connection, these Bluetooth headphones can be paired with two devices at the same time. So when a call comes in, your headphones know which device to use and automatically connect to the right one.
  • HANDS-FREE CALLS: Precise Voice Pickup technology allows the earphones to pick up your voice clearly and precisely.
  • LONG LIFE BATTERY: With a single charge you will have 8 hours of autonomy and another 16 hours of recharge using the case. Furthermore, 5 minutes of charge will be enough for 60 minutes of playback.
  • WF1000XM4 vs LinkBuds S: Longer battery life and wireless charging
  • *Firmware update required. The firmware will be available in winter 2022/2023 in the Sony Music Center app.
    Integrated processor V1
    With improved noise cancellation and "System on chip" Bluetooth technology, the V1 processor eliminates more noise and consumes less power.
    Dual Noise Sensor Microphones
    Two high-performance noise-sensing microphones, one for feed-forward and one for feedback, capture more ambient sounds.
    Newly designed drivers
    The new driver, with a 20% increase in magnet volume, improves audio quality at low frequencies and optimizes noise cancellation.
    Isolating earphones
    The soft and elastic earphones made of insulating material improve adherence to the ear canal, reducing noise and ensuring stability.
    This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link:
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2023.03.31 17:58 BanterManSam Need some TV help - UK - £850-£1000 Budget.

I've been scouring the internet for days now trying to research the best 65" TV for my budget of £850 - £1000. I thought I had settled on a Hisense UH8 but it turns out all the great reviews are for the US version and the UK version isn't half as good.
All I really want it for is binging series and movies and the occasional story-driven game on the PS5 in the living room. it doesn't have to be fantastic - it's replacing an old 40-something-inch Panasonic TV that just randomly turned off one day and never came back ok.
I know I can't get any amazing Samsung, Sony, or Panasonic TVs at 65" or my budget but if there are some good Hisnse or TCLs or whatever out there, help would be great.
I also really don't get why I put in a certain model number into amazon for instance and it shows me a slightly different set of letters and I really don't know if I'm looking at the same TV that's being recommended.
Would love to start a discussion and get any tips before I hit order on anything, especially to make sure I've actually got the correct model in my basket!
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2023.03.31 17:57 justkeepsinging Just found out I’m pregnant

Hello friends. My husband and I have been trying for kids for a while. I had a positive pregnancy test this morning.
I’m away from home visiting my parents right now, and won’t be home to tell my husband in person until tonight. I also don’t want to tell my parents quite yet, so instead I’m telling strangers on the internet.
I’m really nervous and excited. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.31 17:57 Liftar3ns Bröder! I need your help.

Bröder! I need your help.
I’m trying to get a grim dark look for my Wolf guards. On a lots of posts you guys have been pointing out that I’m not using any washes, and now I think I want to really try it out. I mean, I’ve watched a lot of YouTube on grim dark but I think there must be some other way to go than just cover the mini in nuln oil or mud? What changes can I make on my wip, because it feels like I’ve hit a brick wall right now..
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2023.03.31 17:57 Zombie_Be_Gone Can BPC-157 help with cranial cruciate ligament?

My dog has a cruciate ligament tear and surgery is is extremely expensive . My dog maybe has 2-3 years left of life as he's a Rotti and 8 years old. He's in great shape right now for his age other than the tear.
We have gotten his weight down substantially to help with his condition to alleviate weight on the tear. Again I'm asking if this could help and not fix him other than giving him quality of life as we don't have money for surgery right now. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.31 17:57 Matt13151 Best budget table?

Hi I’ve owned my x1 carbon printer for bout 2 months now and I’ve loved it. My problem is I have no furniture that is sturdy enough for the movement the machine makes. I have my $1500 printer on the floor because that’s where I get my best results lol. What is everyone’s suggestion on budget friendly table?
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2023.03.31 17:57 CoppeeWriter If you're someone who gets anxious about your mic or video being on during virtual meetings, then I have a gadget to solve your problems that is live on Kickstarter right now. DM me to know more.

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2023.03.31 17:57 Leading_Stonk Hey everyone, basically I just finished developing this thing for you to pleaseee try out <333

Hey everyone,
I promise you this isn't an advertisement, read please <3
I wanted to share my story with you all and introduce you to Chamberly, an app that I've poured my heart and soul into. As someone who's struggled with mental health and finding a safe space to express my emotions, I felt compelled to create a platform where people could come together, vent, and find support in each other.
Growing up, I always felt like I had to keep my emotions bottled up. I was afraid to share my true feelings with friends and family, worried that they might judge me or not understand :/. I wanted a safe, anonymous space where I could share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of judgment or backlash. Tbh, after creating this thing, it was kind off crazy that I knew for a fact no one can find out who I am and I have the ability to seriously let it all out. I want all of you beautiful people to feel the same thing that I did.
This thing that I built is a labor of love, born out of my own experiences and a deep desire to help others. It's a place where you can find comfort, solace, and a listening ear when you need it most. <333
I am not trying to profit from this, the in-app purchase is 1$/month for few not so needed features. I am losing a lot of money on this but I want to help people too :')) Sorry <3333
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you all in the Chamberly community soon.
It's only on the apple app store right now, takes time to build this :'(. Link to the app store:
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2023.03.31 17:57 Jpk5620 day 7

So as mentioned before I am documenting my semen retention/ Brahmacharya journey . It is day 7 and I have been to day 7 many times to I know all the things associated with 1 week of retention.
1) Energy : you will have a greater sense of energy and you will feel slightly more in control of your body. The manifestation of energy are there in many forms like a good posture, shinning eyes, better hair . You will feel like you can do some many more things in your life and you will start planning.
Con: Wandering of mind : As it is rightly said with great power comes great responsibility . When you have more energy you need to be extra careful in how to find an outlet for this energy. The energy is always trying to find the easiest outlet possible and that are sensual pleasure. Suddenly you will feel an extra urge to listen to music for hours on ends or watch youtube for Many hours or daydream the entire day or randomly waste your time and energy in something. This is the first problem of this journey managing the flow of energy. In the Brahmacharaya ashrams in Vedic india they say a Brahmachari should be so busy the entire day in his service that he will fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow , this is the idle case we are aiming for.
Method: there are only two methods which works for this method according to me but the only problem is that you need to be mindful in some key moments in your day.
1) The 5 second rule : first decide what you want to do next according to your schedule and then count 5 4 3 2 1 and immediately move into action. It may sound stupid but it does work for me and yes you need to say 5 4 3 2 1 out loud not in your mind for this to work.
2) being in the present: this one is a little bit of a philosophical method . As soon as you realize that your past and future does not exist except in your head , all you have is this present moment for action so ACT NOW!
So there you have it guys . I hope this was somewhat valuable for you .
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2023.03.31 17:56 sskinner7 Buying new with bad credit?

A little back story….. I work in a restaurant while I’m training for my soon to be career with a job already lined up. Hard to believe but once I am in my career (3-4 months) I will be making 100k bottom end to $200k possibly even more than that as it is an hourly job with a very high ceiling. My car right now is circling the drain and I commute almost 200 miles a day round trip to and from my training facility. I work at the restaurant 3 days a week when I’m not training, and make decent money, more than enough for a payment on the car I want. My credit was very good but then I had to pay for a bunch of tests etc. that put me 5k in debt and while I’ve been trying to pay it off my credit has dropped considerably to just over 600. On top of that I have no one to co sign a loan for me. I have 10k for a downpayment on a car selling for around 40k right now. I want to start speaking to car salesmen with the point of asking what kind of downpayment I’ll need in order to get me in the car and not have a co-signer. And tell them while my income isn’t ideal right now in the next few months I’ll be much more well off. Is this even a reasonable way of thinking? Should I go about it another way? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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2023.03.31 17:56 Holiday-Employment10 AITA for not fasting and calling myself muslim?

I 18F am a muslim girl. I am not a participating muslim therefore I have never claimed to be a good muslim or better than anyone else. I was raised freely and got never told to do things regarding our religion. I was raised to be a good person and I respect everyone and their religions and they way they want to show/ participate. I haven't fasted in 4 years and in our household only my mom fasts. I work in a company with a lot of employees and I don't know everyone let alone their religion or whether they fast or not. When the ramadan started I intended to fast the first day but I got my period so when colleagues asked aren't you fasting I said I'm on my period cause I didn't want them judging me as I get told often that I am a "fake muslim or bad muslim" even at school. After my period I fasted one day and I just couldn't anymore. I was at work and went with break and I brought yoghurt with me. There was no one in the canteen so I just enjoyed my food. Some girls walk in and ask if I'm not fasting and if I still have my period (the same people when Ramadan started). I told them politely "no I am not fasting I actually haven't been raised in that way but I intended to fast last week but got my period". They looked at me with dirty eyes and then at my food and said something like "oh so you're actually not a believer?". I felt really bad cause I do believe but it's just very hard for me to start doing these things when I haven't done it in years and I'm not raised like that. Also I have a shortage of vitamins and I'm always tired I already got prescribed vitamins but they didn't work a bit so now I'm back to start. I also suffer from migraine attacks whenever I'm under stressed (diagnosed 1 year ago). I know it's no excuse but because of this I made the choice not to fast everyday this year as well. But it got me wondered AITA? Am I really a fake muslim and do I have no right to believe in Allah because I don't do what is required by Allah?
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2023.03.31 17:56 MirrorOfTheSun NO STEAM ACHIEVEMENT IN 3.0

Are you f$#&ing kidding me? Even if chaos dwarf dlc will bw amazing update 3.0 will be the same dissapoiting shit like 2.4.. im so fucking done with CA. Its clear as sun that they put skeleton crew on life support to work on warhammer 3...
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2023.03.31 17:56 i_tyrant F For the Early Death of My Time with Midnight Suns

Hey folks. Love the game warts and all, but holy shit this might be the most bug-infested game I've played in a long time. (I'm playing on PC.)
Bugs were consistent (broken textures, funky movements, occasional graphical hiccups and framerate loss), but many were non-disruptive to gameplay and the ones that were weren't so constant the game was unplayable.
But now, it's like I got far enough in the game to where it's become completely unstable. It's right after I fought the Demon-Hulk, and doing pretty much anything causes a crash. Running around the Abbey? Crash. Opening a COIL? Crash. Upgrading cards in the Yard? Crash. Starting a mission? Crash. Changing outfits? Crash. Opening the game and clicking Continue? Crash.
And I feel like an EMT doing useless CPR, because hoo boy I've tried everything. Everything in the pinned bug post, everything in articles I've found online. Removing the 2K Launcher, changing Direct X version, verifying file integrity in Steam, turning all graphics settings down to medium and even minimum, and 2 dozen other tricks.
So despite wanting to see how it all ends, I must bid my time with Midnight Suns adieu. Extremely frustrating and I expected better of Firaxis/2K, but oh well. At least I got it on sale, and I hope the rest of you continue to have fun for me! Kinda reminded me of the old fun times I had with Metal Gear Acid.
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2023.03.31 17:56 idkbitch442 Opinions on Weruva?

looking to change up my cats wet food and bought a few from weruva to try. I like that proteins are high on the ingredients list but I want to do my research before fully switching his food. He eats Earthborn Hollistics right now and mostly enjoys it but for the price there are too many filler ingredients like vegetables imo
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2023.03.31 17:56 dev-hacker Rescued deceased pet dog.

Hello my Pet Dog half pit and lab, recently passed away while I was trying to comfort him till his last breath. I had dreamed I was walking down a gravel road with my father and it’s was turning dark outside. As we approached a corn field I could hear some faint cries that sound like my dog. As I rushed to investigate my dad was shining a flashlight into the corn field and did hear his voice crying out for help. Then suddenly we spotted a rabid coyote that was hunting him. I pulled out my knife and killed the coyote. As I came to my deceased pets rescue I noticed his 2 front limbs where eaten off up to his shoulders. Nonetheless he was alive and I had rescued my pet but the dream ended right there. With all this being said I worry about him in his after life now. Anyone with spiritual expertise have some insight please?? 😢
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2023.03.31 17:56 Ieatmyd0g How can I make my bike less throttle sensitive?

hey, I have my mom's old Yamaha serow x225 from 1999. Right now that bike is not working properly, but I am slowly fixing it. I recently snapped the throttle cable so I am buying a new one. One big downside for me is how to throttle-sensitive it is. I daily drive a 50cc due to legal issues, and I prefer bikes that aren't that throttle sensitive, is there a way to make it less throttle sensitive? if any other information is needed, please ask Thank you for your help.
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2023.03.31 17:56 Jazzlike_Ad4553 Titans mock draft based on player meetings and fit

Player visits are not 100% indicative of who a team is going to draft obviously but it means the organization at least has interest in them. I used a combination of need, draft stock, and the fact that we have hosted them on a visit to make these picks. Thought it would be fun to have a mock draft in a slightly different way and arguably more realistic. I used MDD’s big board to decide if these players would be available at our picks. Boards will vary greatly and change with time so this likely won’t be accurate on draft day. With those caveats and explanations out of the way let’s get into it!
1.11 Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee
Wright has experience at LT and RT but primarily RT. It is worth stating he didn’t change spots on the line due to skill issues, but team need. He is the only player I have seen give Will Anderson fits and make him switch sides. Will Anderson is also said that Wright was “the best tackle he faced” as well as “the toughest player he faced
He also played flawlessly against former #1 overall pick and now divisional rival edge rusher Travon Walker. He could easily fit in at LT or RT for us. Wright met with the Titans at the NFL Combine.
2.41 Josh Downs, WR, North Carolina
Josh Downs is an interesting prospect as he plays way bigger in his size. This is apparent in his contested catch rate and RAS score. He can be an immediate help in the slot and a sneaky outside receiver potentially. With the uncertainty of Kyle Phillips, he could prove to be a hot commodity for the Titans. He was met with at his Pro Day.
3.72 Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati
Scott is all the buzz for the Titans as of late. Teams are allowed 3 private virtual visits with players and the Titans just used one on Scott and his WR coach. Scott has met with the Titans extensively and said that it went well. The scouting department sees something in him and for good reason, despite being undersized he is incredibly speedy. His explosiveness shows on film and he is great at getting separation. He like downs, is incredibly fast and that is just what our offense needs to modernize, speed. Vrabel has also said that’s something he wants to focus on, adding speed to the offense.
Scott is also a threat in the end zone, ranking 19th in the nation for receiving touchdowns. Further to add to his speed traits, he is a former track star. Despite only running a 4.44 forty time, he has an unofficial time of 4.32.
5.147 Braeden Daniels
Daniels is one of the offensive lineman that the Titans met with “Daniels brings some versatility with him to the NFL, as the Utah product has experience playing at both guard and tackle.” -Justin Mello. Another lineman that can move to multiple spots on the line and sporting a 9.65 RAS score Doubling up at the position will greatly aid the line.
6.186 Payne Durham
With the loss of Austin Hooper and the hopeful incoming renaissance of Konk, an addition at TE is needed. Payne Durham fits this need and has been met with by the Titans. With 525 snaps in-line and 612 snaps in the slot, he is a versatile player that can help in blocking and as well as receiving. Coming in at 6’6” and 253 lbs he has the size to be a matchup nightmare as well as a heavy blocker. He also ranks T-9th in contested catches with 8. With sticky hands he ranks in the top percentiles of drops with a slight drop rate of only 3.4%.
7.228 Steven Gilmore
The only player that does not have a visit on this list is Gilmore. He is the brother of Stephon Gilmore and has flied very under the radar. Coming in at 6’0” and 170 lbs he would need to put on significant muscle he “opted to play at Marshall despite offers from Duke, Georgia, Kansas State, Louisville, Maryland, South Carolina, and others”. He shows great technique and IQ, as TheDraftNetwork says “he has a glass ceiling” eluding to the fact that if he can put on some weight he could really shine. He was used as an outside corner at Marshall as well as inside corner at a fair split. With extensive experience in special teams with covering kicks and fine tuning his tackling he could come in as an immediate help on special teams. With bringing Chris Harris onto the staff, a potential defensive coordinator candidate, it would be a travesty to not give him a project.
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2023.03.31 17:55 Weebsome-Guy Bug in chapter 2

Bug in chapter 2
As you can see in the images, Im stuck. And the April Fools thing event is going on right now. Talk about timing.
Can anyone help me? I tried restarting the game already, switch chapters and going in and out of the campaign
This event lasts for a day only and I can’t even do it :(
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2023.03.31 17:55 GwynbleiddK Discord servers right now:

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