Brother sister tattoos


2020.01.20 04:25 steph-was-here siblings_irl

siblings............... ............. who knows.

2021.12.03 22:15 Rubypet Surprise Incest

A person enters a relationship with someone, only to later find out they're related. Usually a cousin, a long-lost sibling, or the person’s parent from the past (in cases of time travel).

2022.02.28 04:12 pahrumpnugget BigBrotherBigSister

Welcome! This community is dedicated to the Big Brother Big Sister program but is not directly affiliated with the organization. Come here to discuss ideas for outings, share sweet moments (no photos of minors), and anything else related to being a Big/Little or parent.

2023.03.31 08:29 CoolBreeze222 Prayer for mom

My mom has a bacterial infection called c diff that keeps coming back and we suspect she may have pneumonia again, my brother and sisters decided to discharge against hospitals recommendation, I feel like there making reckless decisions so in prayer for God wisdom and sound mind about my family to make the best decisions for what's best for my mom thank you all .
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2023.03.31 08:20 ClarKent84 To show solidarity with our brothers & sisters, decided to rename my buddy pokémon. I also use Leek duck for remote raids.

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2023.03.31 08:18 Rare-Wash1201 My dad might have cheated on my mom but i don’t know if i should tell her

basically what the title says but a long backstory to explain why I’m in a predicament.
My mom works closing shifts so she gets home late. My dad was home today while my sister was out with her friends and I was on campus. I got home around 5 today and saw his keys so I knew he was home but after about an hour I go out to eat and don’t see his keys.
My mom calls me to ask me about my sister's plans and to see who will be picking her up, that’s when I mention to mom that my dad isn’t home. She questions me about it but I’m unsure because I didn’t hear him leave.
Now, I have my dad's location for unrelated reasons and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know this. After the phone call, I decided to check and see that he was at a hotel. I don’t mention this to my mom because I assumed she would know. I’m not sure why but I decided to keep it to myself.
This conversation took place around 7 pm and I get a call from her again at 9:30 pm, this time she asks me more questions about my dad and if my aunt stopped by today. I let her know that I didn't hear him leave or anyone else come home so I genuinely don’t know. My dad's location still showed that he was at the hotel.
She then tells me that she’s been calling him and he’s not answering. While we are on the phone my sister tells me that she spoke to our dad and he’s on his way to pick her up. I tell my mom this and she asks me to go to my aunt's house as she lives super close and see if she’s home.
I understood why she wanted me to do it but I still decided to not mention anything about my dad's location to her. I did what she asked me to do and my aunt was home.
When my mom gets home, my dad was still driving home with my sister. She didn't say anything to me till I had to move her car so my dad could park in the garage. She comes out with me and while I'm in the car they both drive off.
My mom gets back home an hour later and she’s crying. I go outside and I can see her mentally breaking down, I console her first and then decide to ask what happened.
She was hesitant but told me that my dad and my aunt were out together and my dad lied to her saying that he was at the barber. But she saw messages between them while they were driving and my dad and my aunt did make plans to meet up so my dad confessed that they were indeed together.
My dad told my mom that they were at a park, and my aunt said they were looking at properties.
She’s deeply upset but this is not the first time my dad has done something like this. My aunt is my dad’s brother's wife who my mom thought was her friend.
I don’t have the heart to tell her what they were actually doing. I’m assuming the worst because well, my dad has a history.
I was thinking about asking her to access his email or bank details or anything that will eventually lead to us finding the charge or confirmation but I’m scared and I’m not sure if I want her to know.
I also don’t want to mention having his location because as I said, it’s for unrelated reasons and has a story behind it on its own
I had to get this off my chest because it hurts.
I genuinely have no clue what to do next.
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2023.03.31 08:07 Mysterious-Advance73 My graduation speech to my little sister. What do you guys think?

This is copy-paste directly translated from Norwegian btw, so if there's any errors, sorry.
"[name], you weirdo, rabble, and son of a bitch, now you've gotten yourself into trouble I don't like at all! Now you've become a big kid! * I remember the little girl who took all the attention from her brother when she came into the world; * the same girl who would bite the thumb of her older brother who was too stubborn to share his video game; * the same girl who tormented her brother by bringing wild strangers to visit her; * and the same girl it was impossible to share a bed with in the caravan because it was so cramped and you needed all the space and the duvet.
The person I see now, however, is not the same tormentor I had to deal with. Now I see a tormentor who, in a couple of years - a maximum of 10-30 years - will become society's problem. - This is not the girl whose brother wanted to ask lots of questions about My Little Pony after one more episode. - This is not the same girl that the brother wanted to "borrow" money from to buy a video game you barely got to play yourself... Yeah, about that... - This is not the same girl who would show the world that she was better than everyone else!
Over the years that I've gotten to know you, I've learned that, despite the snobby attitude and profanity, you're really not as cruel to have as I thought you were. You have been my rock, helping me through hard times, still doing it even now, and being my best friend that I could talk to about anything (Except for the nasty stuff because, Come on!), and actually be sure and proud that you have my back through thick and thin. Without you by my side, I don't know what would have happened or not, so I am infinitely grateful for that. I thought it was the big brother's job to look after his sister, but really I think you've been looking after me.
You're a weirdo, hopeless, annoying, and I'm so proud of you, and I can't wait to see what great things get out of you, and all the bad choices you're going to make — but still stick with Pepsi Max and Samsung! - that will make mom or me worry about you. When it comes to you and guys, which you've probably noticed I haven't said anything on, then you get to hear my opinion through my gift (Pepper spray) to you. [name], for others when they are going to spend the night with me, then I prepare the mattress on the floor for them to sleep on. But for you, the sofa/bed is free (just let me know first so I can clean it up, because, you know me). - Everyone cheer for this hopeless kid! CHEERS to [name]!"
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2023.03.31 08:05 Becca_beccs1997 Will they every want to get to know me?

TLDR - Family are estranged from me and I feel powerless that I’ll never get to know them
I (25F) am the product of an affair. My mother was seeing my father although he was married to another woman and claimed to be separated.
I was told he came to visit from time to time until I was 3 and an then took nothing to do with me or my mother.
I have contacted him a handful of times over the years and he wants nothing to do with me and claims my mother got pregnant to keep my father even though I was told he was happy. Couple that with seeing me when I was younger and signing birth certificate which in my country your not obligated to do, it didn’t make sense why he just dropped us as if we were nothing.
I had seen he had an online friend with the same surname and had speculated them to be my half sibling, but not wanting to find out for sure in case their mother was the women my father was married to. Today I got their birth certificate and turns out he also never married my half sisters mother - she was the product of an affair as her mother was married at the time and only got divorced 15 years after her birth
It frustrates me we both were born from an affair yet my father chose to raise her, let her have his surname. I just don’t get what I’ve done to be estranged from their family, he wants nothing to do with me, she did at least reply to my message but just tells me to ask her father questions
It’s messing with my head, why not just block me on social media so I could never have found them.
I’m not in a good place mentally, I have lost my sister and mother in recent years, all I have left is my brother and my own family but just feel adrift from everyone and powerless to the other family I’m trying to seek out. It makes me wish I wasn’t here sometimes that I’ll never get any closure from them
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2023.03.31 08:02 Brooookeeee Mother in law worst experiences..

So I’m living with my now fiancé’s parents due to some complications with our last living situation. This was a last resort to live with his parents as we did not and I mean did not want to be around his mother. We had no choice. Idk why I’m just now posting about this it’s a lot to unpack. So since being with him 4 years now, when we first met she would say things like “you can find someone prettier and better than her.” And like “she dressed like a whore when you first went over there.” She would tell me to my face that I couldn’t wear a certain pair of leggings around the house because it makes me look like a whore. Also that she didn’t want me dressing like that around her husband, my fiancés dad…They were plain simple workout leggings. This was in late 2019…so when I’d have to spend the night with him or something I’d do some laundry cause I’d typically spend a whole week with him you know how it is. And anyways I’d wash my underwear with all my stuff, my thongs would go missing or I’d hear her telling him that she doesn’t like the thought of me wearing thongs around her son. That it’s not moral. That it’s not right. I’d been wearing that type of underwear since I was 14…as to prevent from lines in my pants.. welll ladies and gentlemen jt gets even worse, fast forward awhile and I’m staying the night, I just went to Victoria secret with my own money. MY money and I got myself a few nice pairs. Well I walked in and left the bag on the desk in the bedroom…….we had to go somewhere and get something I came back ready for bed and wanted to try them on finally and I open the little pink tissue paper and what do I find? HER underwear! And then I’m like what the fuck and I open another one to find HIS DADS boxers. I’m so mad so I tell my bf and he’s confused as fuck and goes to talk to her and her excuse is “I’m drunk.” He found the underwear she hid which it didn’t matter much cause they went missing over there anyways but to this day I’m anxious to do laundry and wash my underwear as a almost 20 year old. Another scenario…so we were having to temporarily sleep on the couch in the living room, now his mom stays up all night everynight…don’t know why probably to listen in on us but we were out in the open so therefore we can’t do nothing if you know what I mean so we would sneak out to his car to do a lil makeout sesh seeing as we were newly engaged and ya know. Well all hell broke loose when we would come back inside. She got mad because “I don’t want to think about what you’re doing out there son.” “You don’t need to be going and having sex out there I’m gonna be up all night thinking about it now.” And much much much more…like weird right?? Well now we have a bedroom but what does she do when she hears the tv up a little loud usually for no reason, she bangs on the door and tells us to turn the tv down..or she will sneak in the back hallway and stand by our door, you know the little floor creak sounds…yeah.
Oh so she would go and use the bathroom while he was showering in there… like last summer recent as a 22 year old adult male. And a 53 year old mother thats weird. So like she also walked in while his brother pantsed him as a joke and she seen his … you know and looked at it , didn’t walk away or cover her eyes and says “ew I didn’t want to see that jamen….can you come help me with something.” Didn’t address it anymore but it was just a weird reaction. If I had seen my adult sons member I would for sure be apologizing and walking away with my eyes slammed shut not just casually look away like it’s another day. She goes to the bathroom with the door open completely with Her 2 sons doors right by, she walks around the house in her underwear with a shorter t shirt on like it’s no big deal but only when her husband is either sleeping or not home. Pretty weird to me honestly…she gets mad at everything I do, if I take a shower, go to the bathroom too long, do laundry, make food or eat, drink anything like sprites and water…the only thing I do drink. I don’t drink caffeine so she will go and buy only caffeine drinks which like okay that’s whatever I’m fine with my own waters. She will push all my sprites to the back of the fridge and put a bunch of stuff in front of it so I can’t see it. Or she will throw them away full. Ummm what else let’s see…she got mad because I put her clean clothes on the top of the dryer completely dry and everything she just idk expected me to fold her clothes or something..idk. When she gets mad about something small like tonight it was the fact that I didn’t get my fiancés laundry for him because Im scared to go in there alone. She blasts the tv and surround system playing a bunch of videos that are talking about people who use others for their benefit and one sided love and talking about people who are with people only for money. Which I’d been with my fiancé when we both had no money homeless and Im still here with him. Oh so I’m religious, I believe in god and she will mock him, play videos about people preaching on how he is fake and all of this other stuff. One night she said “crucify me like Jesus on the cross.” She also always says she is god. Which is such blasphemy. To anyone who has beliefs it’s such disrespect on another level it literally breaks your heart hearing people talk that way to you or around you. So another thing, it’s gonna switch a lot cause I’m remembering as I go. One night the same night she was mocking my beliefs in my face she shoved me against the wall when things got somewhat physical between my fiancé and his brother, (brother was just tryna get my fiancé to go to the room so nothing else happened.) they weren’t actually fighting but she turns to me outta nowhere and shoved me against the wall and I said “what did I do, I’m tryna stop them.” She said “you know you’re the problem here.” Also one time a few years ago, my fiancé had to use his moms phone to message me and logged into messenger to text me, well he forgot to log out because she called him later that night telling him she seen his messages to his sister. Which also meant she seen the messages of me and him, including lots of pics and videos of us ….spicy pics. So I had to change my password a few times because of that. And he would delete it off her phone and it would randomly be back on there. Ohhhh oh my goodness I almost forgot, so I helped him get his license righttt, and she got mad because I didn’t help her other son, who isn’t my responsibility…also he had just gotten his social security when he turned 21 so he could update his license. Which was magically “lost.” For years but turned up randomly.
Lemme know what you think and if you want a pt 2…. Am I crazy or is this really all weird…
P.s. when I say I don’t feel safe here I mean in a sense of safe from screaming and verbal abuse.
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2023.03.31 07:58 Superb-Company-2735 How DGG (and this subreddit) saved my life

I was just eating lunch in the cafeteria today minding my business when one of my classmates suddenly starts to shit talk me. Things get kinda heated and I decide to end it with a final blow about fucking his mom.
I thought the confrontation ended (with me being the obvious victor) when at the corner of my eye I see an egg shaped object hurtling towards me. Luckily, being the expert gamer I am, I easily dodge it.
However, I am utterly shocked by my peer's actions. I read on this subreddit about how eggs are an incredibly lethal projectile, and how his actions are legally classified as assault.
So as a true American, I take the only logical course of action. I pull out my glock and shoot him right in the head in self-defense.
Everyone around me is mortified and screaming, but they have no idea about the moral calculus I just performed in my mind.
How was I supposed to know that it would just be an egg? What if it was an egg shaped rock? What if after he throws an egg at me it causes a food fight and I'm pelted with even more food (lethal weaponry)? What if he secretly hid a bomb in the egg that would explode only upon touching me? What if he hired a hitman who's only task was to execute any student who had egg on them? In any case, I did the only thing I could.
Even though I'm in jail for the time being, I know I'll get out. After all, I'm morally justified. I'd like to thank my Daliban brothers and sister for saving my life today. If not for you, I could be critically injured or even dead.
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2023.03.31 07:52 stoopkid4 I confirmed my suspicion and I have no right to say anything, but I’m so affected??

I (25F) have been with my boyfriend (26M) for 5 years now. Within this span, we along with my sister (32F) and my bf’s brother (21M) are now a group of four who like to hang out pretty frequently when my bf comes back home to visit from grad school. We all became pretty close friends during COVID when we started playing video games together, but now we go out to eat, play games, and go to the gym. It’s like we’re all best friends.
My sister has been with her bf (let’s call him Santi) for about 7 years. Theyve been in a long distance (2 hours) relationship this whole time though, and while she’s wanted to get married to him, multiple things have seemed to have hindered this. Honestly most things within Santi’s control. She still hasn’t met her bfs parents due to differences in religion, they don’t know where they would live if they were to be engaged, and I frankly don’t think Santi is ready to get married. They’ve broken up once before bc of being stagnant in the relationship, and now they’re currently on a 2-week break before moving forward.
My sister (let’s call her Addie) has become very close to my boyfriends brother (let’s call him Larry). She lays on him when we’re all watching TV, they text privately beyond our group chats, and you can just tell there’s something there. I told Addie privately back in January when she fought with Santi that she needed to think really deeply if she wants to remain with him based on how she feels about him and all of the time they spent together, and not from any extra attention that she’s been getting elsewhere to fill the void of her relationship. She stated it sounded like I was slut shaming her for something that hasn’t happened, and for just a crush between her and Larry. I left it be, but she was so hurt that I was judging her and stated that she can’t share things with me bc I get so mad so easily and don’t understand because my boyfriend and I have a perfect relationship.
I completely admit that I was in the wrong for doing so, but I looked through her phone today. She’s on a break with her bf but I see that she and Larry text like they’re clearly in a relationship. They send each other kissy faces, hearts, call each other baby, say I miss you, etc. The most jarring thing I saw was her mentioning that they had had sex. Larry was still a virgin from my knowledge.
My sister and her bf’s two-week break is up so she’s going to travel to visit him this weekend. Because they’re on a break I’m sure she won’t mention what she did with Larry, but I feel as though it is still so dishonest regardless of the state of her relationship with her bf. It was not my business to go into her phone, but I could tell how close they are and was so mad she was painting me out to be a bad person for suggesting she should be fair and level-headed when she clearly is doing whatever she wants. I don’t think it’s my place to say anything as they’re making their own choices, and my bf states that what goes around, comes around. I’m just so hurt because we grew up seeing infidelity through my dad, and I know it’s not the same thing but the deceit just makes me so upset. She’s my older sister and I’m so disappointed in her. I feel like I’ve been looking at the world with rose colored glasses and feel stupid for doing so.
I’m not even sure what advice I’m seeking here, tbh. I know I should’ve never looked and it was an invasion of privacy. Ignorance really is bliss.
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2023.03.31 07:51 kaajukatla Wedding shopping woes, help out guys

Here it goes. I have to shop for my sister's wedding and I'm clueless about shopping and fashion. The wedding is planned for early May and the temperature is gonna be soaring through the roof for sure. Keeping that in mind, I'm thinking of wearing an Indo-western dress for the wedding and a two piece suit for her engagement which is 3 days before the wedding. I have this weekend to shop, maybe next weekend too but not more than that.
It would be really helpful if you guys can drop in some suggestions on what to wear and where i should go shopping this weekend. In case you can specifically suggest a shop, it'll be even better. Any personal references are welcome. Help out a brother now and earn a free buffet ;)
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2023.03.31 07:47 freyjas_cats Nmom not invited to the wedding

My nmom was all around a pretty terrible mother. Physically & mentally abusive, a drunk, literally beat her six kids like dogs & used gift giving as a way to simultaneously make up for the beating & use as leverage. Very much the “if I did it, no I didn’t, if I did, I didn’t mean it, if i meant it, then you deserved it” type of narcissist.
Well, she’s always been a perfect angel, if not an enabler, when it comes to the grandkids. Not enforcing any rules my sibling set for their children, spoiling them, etc. My mother has always adored my niece, lying & saying she “raised her” for years because my oldest sister was a teen mom, but in reality my sister was very involved.
Well, my niece is getting married next month, & the whole family’s invited… except for my mom. My niece figured that it was not worth putting herself plus all the aunts & uncles through the stress of dealing with our alcoholic, deranged mother. I guess either a close family friend or my brother told her that she’s not invited & she’s going off the deep end, calling every child she had that doesn’t have her number blocked & harassing them. We all just try to ignore her, but 3 out of 6 of us live in the same town.
It may sound terrible, but i hope she croaks soon, so we don’t have to be put through this anymore.
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2023.03.31 07:39 A_devout_monarchist I can relate to Aemond and Tywin now.

To the Seven Hells with the Riverlands! Those whiney little * Lords can all burn!
Long story short, as per my last post I had Eddard usurp the throne after his brother Petyr died. Had to continue House Baelish and their traditions of being backstabbing scumbags.
Eddard died so his son Steffon became King, a proud and Arrogant brat, he was still clever enough to know that his brother-in-law/cousin Joffrey was his greatest threat as the single remaining male child of King Petyr. Had him imprisoned, humiliated and tortured to death as it is logical.
Now, I am Lord of Harrenhall and the Riverlands as well as the King, Harrenhall pretty much became the equivalent to Dragonstone and seems to be a good idea to leave it to the heir (Eddard gave it to his son Steffon). Naturally I wanted to give that to my son with the daughter of Lord Arryn of the Vale. But the Riverlords kept demanding that one of them became the Lord, bunch of ungrateful and ambitious little-
I could have given to the son of Joffrey and my Sister, but my wife was pregnant so I didn't do that, I wanted to give it to him! So one of the Riverlords decided to gift me a portrait, only for it to be ruined and show me as this weird Monster. Naturally I demanded his arrest. Turns out he got every single Lord of the Riverlands AND most of the Crownlands AND the Lannisters AND Martells to rebel against me. The traitors of the North, Reach and Stormlands remained neutral while only my father-in-law brought the Vale to my side.
A year of war and the coffers depleted from recruiting every Mercenary under the Stars, I lost and my son was made King at the age of 1, with my DEAR sister as his Regent. Of course she was behind this, for some weird reason she loved her cousin! So I was taken as prisoner by the Lord who gave me the portrait and tortured to death while my nephew was given Harrenhall and my son became a puppet.
TL;DR - The Riverland Lords are greedy bastards who mocked me, rebelled against me and tortured me to death.
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2023.03.31 07:31 jlig18 Looking for a room to rent in Cork. Somewhere around the 10th of April.

Hi guys!
I’m looking for a room to rent in cork. There’s been a few people message me on the Facebook groups. However they all seem to be middle aged women with a cat. Now one or two of a similar style okay, but I’ve had 5 “middle aged women” message me about having a spare room. This for me seems a bit fishy. Not sure whether I’m being to cautious here.
So I deceived to turn to our brothers and sisters on Reddit. If anyone has a spare room, or knows anyone with a spare room, I’d really appreciate some contact.
Newcastle fella, moved around Europe for work, which now brings me to Cork. 32 year old, will be working for an Engineering company.
Look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.03.31 07:16 Carrieme5 Should I go to bf’s birthday party in a different city?

Bf’s sister is gonna be 30 this year, and all the family live in Auckland. We share a house and live together. But she decided to have a birthday party in Christchurch to celebrate her birthday. I don’t really want to fly to a different city to celebrate her birthday. It’s a lot of time, energy and money spending. She has some friends and some relatives living in Christchurch but all her siblings and parent live in Auckland. I don’t quite understand why she wants all the family to go to a different city and just to celebrate her birthday. She asked whether I would come, then I said maybe and depends on my job. Then she said the party is in weekend and sounded like it should be very easy just to fly a different to attend her birthday party I don’t want to go but I don’t want to make her feel bad.I think my partner (her brother )will go.Is 30 birthday a big deal in the west? Should I go to her birthday party?
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2023.03.31 07:11 EveryNameWasTakenSad AITA for treating my little sister the same way she treats me?

So to start things off my household has always been peaceful besides the few arguments here and there ( we usually talk it out and apologies or made to apologies if someone goes to far, on purpose or by accident by our dad) My household contains me, my little sister, my little brother and our father. My siblings used to live with our mother about a year ago but wanted to live with us due to certain issues. My father, sister and I all have jobs.
Now....for a few months my dad and i have been trying to get my younger siblings to help us out with house chores, bins, gardening, washing and wiping up etc. So far since my dad works all week and tries to get somethings done on weekend while still trying to have down time, my little brother does schoolwork, the bin and wipe up, my sister works whenever she is offered a shift and nothing else. I currently cant work due to car being out of order. Now I've always been taught to never be lazy and not to leave a todays job for tomorrow and not to be a slacker. So since I've been home a lot, I've been doing everything.....and when i say everything, I mean everything. From simple chores to driving my sister to work on weekends (with dad's car) and to the point I've been doing their laundry for my dad and sister. And I'll admit that I am someone that doesn't like asking for help (and yes i know that can be unhealthy, I am working on it)
Hence me asking for help as of late. Dad asked if i could tackle the weeding out the back since we are getting a new fence put up soon and he will take care of everything else. I said sure and went and asked my siblings for help when i noticed it was a bit. now this is when things went south. My brother and I ended up doing the entire garden ourselves and my sister sat in her room reading doing nothing. Reminder, she does nothing around the house even before when i was working, only pays bills. So i had enough, I immediately stopped making her dinners or lunches when she wasn't working, i stopped doing her laundry for her, I stopped giving her art advice (its my job, so she asks me all the time) told her to figure it out on her own. and every time she asks for help, advice, meals. All i say is figure it out yourself or straight up "no" i even make sure to put aside the dishes she uses so that it her washing up to do. (I understand I might be a little petty for this
My dad says I'm being too mean to my sister and that I've gotten my point across so should stop but I really don't think I have since she hasn't done anything and just "promised" to do more things from now on.
Actions speak louder then words.
I also get my car back next week and don't plan on driving her to work or anywhere when she asks me. Am I the a-hole for this?
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2023.03.31 07:02 Clear_Veterinarian13 How do you feel better about death and loss?

My mom died suddenly in a car accident 3 years ago. Whenever I think back on the moments when I found out, it all feels so surreal and awful and makes me break down. I’ve always had anxiety about losing people I love suddenly, and when this happened it felt like my worst nightmare coming true. I remember it was so sunny, golden hour beautiful sunny, and my dad and I were standing in the hospital carpark and through his tears he said “you never think this will happen to you, it seems like something you only see in the movies.”
There was a brief period of time where my mom’s death made me jaded and a little stronger, thinking that the worst thing had happened and nothing else could hurt me. Until I realized the only worse thing would be losing others I love like this (or at all) again. After my mother passed, her sister and brother passed of cancer in the next 2 years. It’s been really horrible for our family, and I just feel all grieved out—I feel like if I think even a little about death/losing someone I will simply fall apart. I don’t understand how we can keep loving and losing for the rest of our lives, how we have always been doing this, how we will always do this.
As a result I’ve been projecting this fear and anxiety of loss on everything/everyone, the most recent being a really intense fear of my boyfriend’s cat dying—which sounds really silly now that I’ve typed it out, but it is what it is, and it’s what’s keeping me up tonight and making me write this.
I’ve been working through it, I’ve been in therapy, and a thought that comes up a lot for me is this: I wish I had a better relationship with or outlook on death/the afterlife that could quell this fear and anxiety.
Like recently, I walked through a cemetery and was struck by how many tall, old trees there were there. Since then I’ve been thinking about trees and how they talk to each other through the fungus in the earth, about how I am—we are all—of the earth, and we all find our way back to it. It will take some unpacking, but maybe there is something in that cyclical nature, that connectedness, that reciprocity, that will hold me through this fear and grief.
TL;DR the only way I know how to hold grief and death is to think of how it can be beautiful—help me out here?
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2023.03.31 06:59 aquinas_sunset How to prove St. Peter’s celibacy as Pope and 1 Cor 9,5

I’ve been having very interesting conversations with a devout protestant friend, and I think he might be willing to convert.
Of course, he’d been trying to counter many of the arguments. A spicy one was this versicle from 1 Cor 9,5, in which St. Paul asks if it is not legitimate for them (the Apostles) to take their wives with them, just as Peter supposedly did.
Well, I believe the Church teaches us Peter lived in celibacy after he decided to leave everything to follow Christ (Luke 18, 29-30; Matthew 19, 27). But how could I respond to this argument? Might his interpretation of the text be equivocated?
With the bless of Our Lord and the Holy Mother. Thank you all, brothers and sisters. 🙏
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2023.03.31 06:56 sumitgusain22 GUILLERMO DEL TORO’S PINOCCHIO (2022)

At some point of the numerous years inside the filmmaking industry, Hollywood studios has had a protracted records of competition, that can on occasion suggest producing a film to outdo and outshine a rival studio. due to this, some studios have every so often create similar films to each other competing studio inside the identical 12 months and with the aid of ways and way to capitalize on a higher product within their respective characteristic movie. this can cause a form of “déjà vu” feeling while moviegoers catch one film in earlier within the year after which see a very strikingly similar one a few months later on, with can consist of same idea, narrative, gimmick, characters, and few other cinematic nuances. every now and then this has been intentional, at the same time as other instances studios just been pure twist of fate. in addition, this unique situation, at the same time as no longer the most not unusual practice, has been achieved several instances and can generate a chunk of inflow / confusion or an exam among the endeavors on which studio produced the better film.
Such instance of this could be located the lively cartoon trojan horse / insect movies in 1998’s Antz and A bug’s existence, the “cease of the arena” by asteroid from deep area in 1998’s Deep effect and Armageddon, the mystifying fascination of illusionary magic hints in 2006’s The status and The Illusionists, the reimagining of the traditional Snow White story in 2012’s replicate, replicate and Snow White and the Huntsman, and terrorist attacking the White house in 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen and White residence Down, just to name a few. Now, after the adverse (and wood) mishap of their Disney’s live-action remake of Pinocchio, as Netflix (in part the Netflix Animation) and director Guillermo del Toro gift the second 2022 characteristic movie that examines a brand new generation of Carl Collodi’s iconic story of a timber boy within the animated venture titled Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. Does this film find advantage inside this present day manufacturing from del Toro’s darkish imagination or is it another “been there, accomplished that” premise that doesn’t warrant a brand new incarnation from the famous wood boy?
THE tale
In Italy at some point of international war I, Geppetto, (David Bradley), after losing his son, Carlo (Gregory Mann), to a current aerial bomb strike, is conquer with grief, with the timber maker suffering to deal with the arena around him. In a match of rage and sadness, Geppetto cuts down a tree unique to him and elects to create a timber boy as remainder of his son, most effective to have a wood Sprite (Tilda Swinton) flip the timber introduction right into a residing component, who is known as Pinocchio and who's pretty curious about the new world he’s come into. Joined with the aid of Sebastian J. Cricket (Ewan McGregor), a journeying cricket who's working on his memoir, Pinocchio (additionally Gregory Mann) begins to experience the plans of people seeking to take advantage of his incredible abilities, inclusive of count Volpe (Christoph Waltz), the owner and operator of a traveling pmake-uppet display who’s looking for the following massive famous person enchantment, and Podesta (Ron Perlman), an formidable military reliable who plans to use the wood boy as a device for warfare, soon becoming a member of his very own son, Candlewick (Finn Wolfhard), inside the fight. finding trouble in coming to phrases with the sector and the way it works, Pinocchio embarks make-upon a journey of self-discovery, learning what it way to be alive, mastering 2e6e3562d9dbc29d194484e1328ef239 and sacrifice, at the same time as Geppetto comes to turns that magical wood boy isn’t the son he lost.
the coolest / THE horrific
It’s no marvel that Hollywood studios have constantly been in opposition with each different, vining for smakeupremacy on the field workplace with a new assets this is either famous in pop culture or the today's and most recent trend. That being said, the jostling for viewership in their ultra-modern task can create that brazenly familiar tones, particularly if the difficulty rely / plot of the movie’s narrative may be pretty similar to each other function movie that became simply launched a few months lower back. As stated above, there may be a “déjà vu” feeling when this happens and (at the least to me) is kind of interesting to look the evaluation to see how one compares to the other. I imply…. some are higher than others as I individually discovered A computer virus’s lifestyles better than Antz, i found Armageddon to be greater of a Hollywood blockbuster endeavor than the extra dramatic individual turn in Deep impact, I regarded The status because the make-uperiormakeup of the 2 in opposition to The Illusionists, I favored the epic / darker take of Snow White and the Huntsman in place of more whimsical reflect, reflect, and that i liked the extra gritter tackle terrorism assaults in Olympus
Has Fallen instead of White residence Down. Of path, there are numerous different “comparable” movies which have pop out pretty close to each other, but those are the ones that right away come to thoughts. ultimately, while some are intentional or just sheer accident, similar film releases can make-up (and still do), with familiar plots and gimmicks take center degree and locating the distinction takes on such beliefs in movie storytelling.
This brings me returned to speakme about, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, a 2022 animated darkish myth movie and the ultra-modern interpretation of the Carl Collodi’s iconic tale of a timber boy. As said inside the paragraph above, similar films do pop out on occasion and 2022 was no special with the discharge announcement of two Pinocchio films from two special administrators. Of direction, the primary one was the generation that Disney had trademark in their release of Pinocchio, a stay-motion incarnation from their loved 1940 animated classic. sadly, whilst a few elements of the function had a several technical deserves and a few exact casting desire, the movie did not meet expectancies, with 2022’s Pinocchio missing appeal, coronary heart, and originality. certainly, I felt that way approximately that movie and ended make-up make- upsetmakeup by way of it, with my interest turning
closer to what director Guillermo del Toro turned into visioning for Collodi’s tale of Pinocchio. Given the director’s beyond experiences, i used to be absolutely going into the film with a lot of darker / mature flourishes and nuances from this project, especially how a number of the film’s stills and marketing campaign that began to appear on-line. With my work time table being so heavily during the time of its release, I didn’t get the chance to immediately watch the movie. I did, however, changed into able to finally see this movie after I went on vacation in February 2023, yet, whilst i used to be still gambling “trap make-up” with some of my other film reviews, I needed to pushed lower back writing my thoughts on this particular animated movie. Now, nearing the give makemakeup of the list of my “unfinished” reviews for 2022, I in the end now have the risk to share my personal mind on the film. And what did I think about it? well, I concept it become good, but no longer as exquisite as a few are making it out to be. Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is a visually stunning animated movie that dances to its personal beat, with a darker and extra mature tale of the conventional timber boy but stalls in some regions. It’s honestly no longer the best generation of Pinocchio, however it's far truly the most exceptional….and that’s form of a great component.
Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is directed by using Guillermo del Toro, whose preceding directorial works include such movies as Hellboy, The form of Water, and Pan’s Labyrinth, and Mark Gustafson, whose previous directorial quick movies, inclusive of Mr. Resistor and Joe Blow. at the same time as i am now not acquainted with Gustafson’s paintings, del Toro I truly recognize of and how he has applied cinematic storytelling to assignment some of his greater splendid elements and visions into his diverse tasks. He is also recognized for his “creature capabilities”, allowing such beings into his narrative in addition to sprinkling nuances of darker tones and tones throughout his manufacturing. So, it truly become curious to see del Toro tackle this type of task just like the tale of Pinocchio and how he could weave his signature. positive, enough, del Toro does control to make the complete endeavor very a lot “in-line” and “in spirt” to his thematically dark version of the wooden boy’s story,
without sacrificing the acquainted beats which can be customary to the tale that many have known for the duration of the years. evidently, this isn’t the Disney version of Pinocchio; some thing that del Toro surely makes his generation of Pinocchio regarded right from the get-go, with a darker and greater mature story to spin. hence, the juxtaposition of such dueling narratives from this precise film and to the 2022 stay-movement feature that the “house of Mouse” (a greater conventional representation) is in reality substantive. Who comes out on pinnacle? properly, for sheer distinction, it’s virtually Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio comes out on top (by a landslide), with new lively feature having a brand new representation of an antique traditional. That’s not to say that del Toro makes his film about Pinocchio absolutely unrecognizable, with numerous familiar tones and scenarios that play out in both films, which include a speakme cricket, a scheming pmake-uppeteer performer, a immense sea creature, and some different nuances.
That being said, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio has a good deal extra new material to say about the wood boy that got here to lifestyles, with del Toro including to the Pinocchio mythos with touches of demise and loss in addition to studying about the arena / growing make-up. those precise factors may be determined in Disney version, but ordinarily buried under the tailor made youngster friendly approach. And that’s no longer a terrible component, in particular for the reason that Disney has made their animated tale of Pinocchio to be the maximum iconic version of all of them. Del Toro is really a near second, which weaves in greater make-upmakeup topics in addition to the director’s signature style and visible thrives into the mixture for a more worldly viewing that both speaks to the kid-like offerings of the classic tale, but nonetheless feels rooted within the darker factors of fairy story cultural representation. Del Toro’s films have usually sparked creativeness and fantasies with more darken motifs of creatures and / or scenarios, with his film about Pinocchio’s adventure having a more spiritual one, particularly since the narrative has a greater rooted human feelings and a better hold close on such massive ideas which includes dying and grief (extra on that under). There’s nonetheless some humorous bit and youngster-friendly amusing that are sprinkled inside and outside of the function, however, simply as word of warning for some viewers obtainable, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, whilst amazingly lively and meaningful poignant, won't be suitable for some more youthful viewers obtainable. And that’s now not a terrific or terrible thing as del Toro himself has always been partial to extra make-up delusion-esque storytelling (i.e., Pan’s Labyrinth) …. just an observation. So, regardless of if one likes (or dislikes) this particular movie, no one can deny how special this particular version of Pinocchio is….and that’s truely a very good issue, in particular to its different 2022 stay-movement counterpart from Disney.possibly the maximum interesting issue that the movie has to provide is in the sturdy and worldly themes / messages that the lively characteristic presents all through its narrative. even as the commonplace Pinocchio subject matters of doing what's proper and the learn to parent right natured vs. evil intentions in the face of naivety are surely provided inside the film, del Toro closely makes use of more mature themes, together with the movie exploring demise and grief in a totally transferring and human way. this may be seeing in Geppetto’s adventure within the characteristic, who, unlike other iterations of Pinocchio, has greater of a component to play within the narrative as the timber boy’s tale, with the elder man confront the power of grief and loss and looking to surmise the state of affairs that he’s in and the way Pinocchio isn’t the boy he just these days loss.
Even Pinocchio’s adventure has a greater mature feeling vibe all through, with the character going through demanding situations of dying (and completely greedy it), the electricity of deception, and going through reality of conflict (the death of childhood innocence). This sort of inspires a feel of darker topics that, whilst significant to all, can be seeing as complicated nature inside the story of wood boy coming to existence. standard, I make-upposemakeup that del Toro definitively made his mark on the Pinocchio trademark staple, with Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio speaking to the director’s style and visible flair and makes a brand new (and liked) revel in in the representation of the long-lasting story of a timber boy and the misadventures he is going thru.
wherein the film honestly does shine is inside the presentation category, with Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio making use of a completely distinct stance on the style of animation for this mission of show new spin on an vintage story. in place of just the use of conventional animation (whether second or 3-D), del Toro is going for something highly old, yet uncommon in nowadays’s film panorama of caricature characteristic endeavors in the presentation of stop-motion animation. Such a technique feels like a welcomed “breath of fresh air”, specifically thinking about the wide variety of lively films coming out which have the “same old” disheveled look to them. although, a recent spike in one of a kind varieties of animation (i.e., Spider-guy: Into the Spider-Verse, Puss in Boots: The last wish, The bad guys, etc.) has begun to surface, with increasingly studio now seeking out new innovations in visual telling an animated undertaking. Del Toro is right make-up inside the area, with his film having such first rate appearance approximately
it, with using clay “prevent motion” animation to deliver his new release of Collodi. Plus, the function layout of the all the characters within the function are pretty distinctive, with a touch of realism in addition to a touch of myth to them, make-up inmakeup some thing unconventional. Even the function’s setting is some thing one-of-a-type, which can be very picturesque and delightful to appearance, even some of the extra darker searching scenes. thus, the film’s “behind the scenes” team, consisting of man Davis and Curt Enderle (production layout), Robert DeSue (art direction), Jesse Gregg, Gillian Hunt, Samantha Levy, Molly light, Laura Savage, Zach Sheehan (set decorations), and Maeve Callahan, Emelia Hiltner, and Katy Strutz (hair / b6fd8d88d79ed1018df623d0b49e84e7), ought to be counseled for his or her notable efforts in making del Toro’s visible vision to life in such an interesting and smart way.
moreover, the film’s cinematography work through Frank Passingham is incredible for the duration of the film and enables build make-upon the visual style for the characteristic and brings the vital taste in del Toro’s masterplan for this undertaking. finally, the film’s score, which changed into composed by using Alexandre Desplat, is also pretty great, with a musical composition that hits all the proper notes in nearly each scenes, no matter if it’s a quiet dialogue one or a bombastic motion collection.
lamentably, there are several portions in the function’s development / task that holds the movie back from accomplishing genuine cinematic glory in a few crucial areas. How so? nicely, for starters, there's no denying how quite precise in trying to positioned a brand new spin on the conventional typically used interpretation of the Pinocchio tale. but, in spite of that belief, del Toro bites off a touch bit greater than he can chunk, with the narrative attempting a bit bit too difficult to be take the tale in a new darker path. on occasion, this can be useful in the film, specifically with del Toro’s tendency to portrayal darkness within a children’s story, however there are instances where that particular component receives stuck makeup a tad too much, which causes the function to make-up a barely distracting in seeking to be each one-of-a-kind and extra mature. Scenes of militaristic ideals and Italian fascism may be a bit bit distracting at a few points, specially since those factors are extra nuanced and don’t play much to the movie’s essential plot. Even the idea of death and how it gets intertwined into Pinocchio’s journey, while poignant and meaningful, comes at the rate of some thing flavored window dressing. again, I do apprehend del Toro’s intentions, with a vision this is just as ordinary and darker as his previous films, but feels now and again undercooked.
there is additionally a touch of inconsistency with the function, specially when the feature attempts to comprise musical songs into the narrative. On the bright aspect, the music facilitates increase a number of the darker tones of the feature and that the songs themselves are special from the ones from the enduring Disney model of Pinocchio (i.e. “whilst you desire Upon a celeb” or “No Strings on Me”). That being stated, the song themselves, whilst light in duration, don’t surely have a memorable impact on the characteristic. Of route, I do understand del Toro’s vision for this inclusion lyrical songs, yet the real execution of it comes off as a touch bit limp. Heck, I don’t even do not forget the songs themselves or maybe bear in mind the song of them. in addition, I felt that the significance of sure matters felt extra flat, with more recent thoughts taking middle stage, which looses the effect on a few.
One best instance is in the advent of iconic speakme cricket that offers Pinocchio advice, who does make an appearance and that i do have to make-upply credit for making the person different from the more 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 iteration of Jimmy Cricket from Disney’s model, but seems alternatively forgetful in several chunks of the feature. accordingly, it sort of feels that del Toro and his crewmakeup and seeking to make the feature very lots one-of-a-kind from beyond portrayals of Pinocchio (of which it does), yet nonetheless appears like a number of the touches to distinguish itself appear a chunk clunky in how it is presentedmakeup inside the film.
The voice forged in Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is stable all of the way round, with an assemblage of recognizable performing capabilities deliver their respective “A” vocal recreation to the proceedings, which allows elevates these unique characters that are each familiar and surprising to the telling of Pinocchio. main the price because the function’s identify man or woman is actor Gregory Mann, who presents the voice for Pinocchio. Mann, who's regarded for his roles in Victoria and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, is not a acquainted / family call that many viewers recognize about, however his skills on this precise undertaking should be noticeably praised. To that make-upmakeup, Mann is remarkable in the position of Pinocchio, with the film make-upplying make-up a new and exciting take on the well-known wood boy come to life. In truth, inside the movie, del Toro imagines Pinocchio as more crude construct (built out of grief and rage / unhappiness), so the layout paintings is more barely misshapen and abnormal searching, which (of route) suits quite well into del Toro’s factors.
Even the man or woman of Pinocchio himself is pretty a unique take on the man or woman within the film, with this generation of the timber pmakeuppet come to life to be more infantile brat in preference to the greater docile and sweet version may have found in past favorites. He’s still naive and curious approximately the world round him (and the humans he meets), however there extra to it than that, with del Toro showing extra of childish behavior in the individual, which reasons frustration in each Geppetto and Sebastian during the film. It absolutely works and Mann is as much as the task via imbuing the person with such brash youth angst and once in a while egocentric conduct, which (in flip) makes the person growth of Pinocchio all the worthwhile by the time it reaches its end.
at the back of Mann, actor David Bradley does a totally spectacular and pretty frankly a memorable vocal overall performance in his portrayal of master Geppetto, Italian woodcarver / Pinocchio surrogate father in the story. known for his roles in recreation of Thrones, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and After lifestyles, Bradley has actually constructed himself a high-quality profession at some stage in the years, particularly man or woman roles that match a elder and grizzled guy. Such is the case in his performance within the man or woman of Geppetto, the iconic man or woman from the Pinocchio story,
yet del Toro breathes new lifestyles on this antique familiar. Geppetto in the movie could be very grief troubled guy, who's full of rage and sadness over the lack of his son, that is some thing of a very human emotion. accordingly, the immediate connection is there and is felt at some point of the person’s journey in the film. Bradley’s voice additionally shares that emotionally weight, together with his portrayal of Geppetto have a touch of sadness and frustration of the conditions that Pinocchio finds himself in in addition to the disappointment the wood boy isn’t like his loved boy, Carlo. together, Bradley is first-rate inside the film because the character of Geppetto, with del Toro and his team giving the person greater to do (and holds a bigger significance) on this retelling of Pinocchio than each earlier than.
In extra secondary make-upportingmakeup roles, actor Ewan McGregor (celebrity Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Moulin Rouge) provides a pleasant illustration in the voice of person Sebastian J. Cricket, journeying / speakme cricket who lives inside Pinocchio’s wood body as his manual and moral sense within the tale. Of path, the character is perhaps the most iconic creation from not simply the Collodi’s tale of Pinocchio, however also inside the form of Jimmy Cricket from Disney’s Pinocchio. From similarities, each Jimmy and Sebastian proportion some archetype position in the story of Pinocchio, with the latter have a chunk extra of small staple subplot of him looking to write down his memoirs of his existence. Plus, McGregor is perfect within the position of Sebastian, together with his voice undertaking the quantity of type-hearted and spoken that many have come to pick out the person of a speaking cricket of a timber boy’s conscious.
The distinction, but, is that he isn’t the main consciousness as Disney imagined him, with del Toro sort of pushing the character aside several times in prefer of introducing new ideas and concepts (as well as characters) into the cinematic cognizance. for this reason, Sebastian J. Cricket, while brilliantly voiced by McGregor, nonetheless is impactful to the overall story, but kind of wander off some times alongside the manner. After that, actor Christoph Waltz (Skyfall and Inglorious Basterds) gives a memorable (yet small) overall performance in voicing the character of count Volpe, a scheming and merciless aristocrat-turned-pmakeuppet grasp / con man. similar to what del Toro had in thoughts for the characteristic, the individual of Volpe is a reimagining of the Ringmaster from the unique Pinocchio tale (Stromboli from Disney’s Pinocchio) and you'll be able to effortlessly tell that Waltz was best for the function. He lays on thick (in an awesome manner), which enables build makeupon the man or woman who is looking to make a fortune off of befriending Pinocchio. All in all, I assume that Waltz changed into ideal as depend Volpe and that i won’t have it every other manner.
different make-up players inclusive of actor Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy) because the Podesta, a stern fascists authorities authentic who desires to use Pinocchio as a soldier within the conflict, and actor Finn Wolfhard (IT and Stranger things) as the Podesta’s son Candlewick are given exciting illustration within the movie as extremely counterpart phantasm to the individual of Coachman from the original tale and to the individual of Lampwick respectfully. subsequent, actress Tilda Swinton (medical doctor unusual and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the cloth cabinet) pulls off a dual position in the film as each the wood Sprite and the individual manifestation of death respectfully. while the wooden Sprite is del Toro’s play on the Pinocchio story because the blue fairy who gives life to the wood boy, the character of loss of life (who's the sister to the wood Sprite) is new idea for the narrative and allows build makeupon the mythos
themes of death inside the feature. Of direction, Swinton handles each roles successfully and gives each one a sort of mystify and otherworldly voice at some point of, which clearly fits their character personas. The only voice talent that I felt became underutilized was in actress Cate Blanchett (Tar and Elizabeth) in her man or woman role of Spazzatura, count Volpe’s mistreated monkey assistant. whilst the general character is excellent within the movie, I felt that Blanchett’s vocal overall performance become very minimum (Spazzatura can only speak via the pmake-uppets he operates) and, while she has any such memorable voice, changed into just giving a completely small function and didn’t completely applied the actress’s skills.
The relaxation of the solid, such as actor Burn Gorman (Pacific Rim and flip: Washington’s Spies) because the nearby priest in Geppetto’s village, actor Tim Blake Nelson (The make-upmakeup Hulk and O Brother, wherein art Thou?) as a flock of skeletal rabbits called the Black Rabbits, actor John Turturro (Barton Fink and Transformers) because the medical doctor in Geppetto’s village the Dottore, and actor Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants and talking Tom and friends) as the leader of Fascist Italy Benito Mussolini, his proper-hand guy, and an unnamed sea caption, are delegated to minor assisting characters within the film. whilst the movie doesn’t make-up these precise characters enough time to completely develop them well (servicing handiest in a handful of scenes), the appearing tale concerned are (despite the fact that) solid across the board.
final thoughts
Grieving over the lack of his son, Geppetto’s wish for his son’s back gets greater than what he’s bargained when a paranormal wooden boy advent is introduced to existence in the movie Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. administrators Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson’s cutting-edge movie takes the 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 tale of Pinocchio and reimagines it for a new target market for a lively feature movie that holds extra heavy (thematic and narrative motive) instead of just a crude timber construct shell of the movie that plays make-upon antique homes. It’s both one-of-a-kind and familiar at the identical time, but in a good and refreshing way. whilst movie does falter in some areas in substance and execution, the characteristic itself is quite first rate in how differentiates it is without dropping the overall common tones that makes make-up the narrative, with del Toro’s remaining vision, a mature representation of the characters, sturdy and palpable subject matters, a top notch fashion of animation, and stable voice performing throughout the board. for my part, I preferred this film. It turned into courageous attempt to reimagine this sort of conventional story, mainly how the loved Disney
animated model made the tale of Pinocchio iconic, and i felt that del Toro made his mark at the story together with his interpretation. turned into a few elements clunky? sure, absolute confidence approximately that. become a bit bit too depressing? yes, it was. may want to it were tweaked here and there? yes, in a few regions. however, the film itself is strong manufactured from the director’s signature vision of darkish make-upmakeup visions of youngsters’s story and locating not unusual floor with it instead of a jarring revel in. It’s not as absolutely stellar as a few are making it out to be, but it’s in reality specific and formidable preference to make and that the gamble itself paid off in the long run. So, the big query….is that this film higher than Disney’s animated classic.
It’s difficult to say. for my part, I nonetheless like the Disney model, however (once more) the brilliance of del Toro’s creativeness (and thematic message) can not be denied. for that reason, my recommendation for this movie is distinctly favorable “noticeably encouraged” one, specifically folks who have been make-up through the 2022’s stay-action remake that Disney had put out, and seeking out some thing different from the story of a timber boy who learns right from wrong. in the end, even as Hollywood will keep (knowingly or unknowingly) to launch comparable films towards their rival studios counterparts, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio captures a brand new imaginative and prescient of Collodi’s tale in wraps it makeup in del Toro’s fashion and visible aptitude for a mature spin on an antique children’s traditional.
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2023.03.31 06:53 throwaway77667349 Crying during Salah/Namaz

Hello Brother and Sisters,
This is a question that I am finding different answers upon. So I hope coming to the Islam will help.
I cried while doing Salah/Namaz. I don't know if depending on the type of crying it will invalidate my prayer? Sad crying as opposed to happy crying? If such a thing makes a difference in the acceptance of the Salah/Namaz to Allah?
I read in some places that disturbance in your prayer can invalidate it. Although they were meaning disturbance of the mind heavily, or talking, etc. So I am not sure if the type of crying will affect my Salah/Namaz, or if all crying does?
At the same time I thought that Allah knows what we are going through. So, if someone prays Salah/Namaz while crying, that Allah will understand. I am not quite sure though.
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2023.03.31 06:40 Spiritual-Walk-9126 Sidemen or Ubud area suitable for older parents with mobility issues?

I’m trying to plan a week’s holiday in Bali over Christmas for my family - there are six of us, including me and my sister (30), my brother and his wife (34) and my parents (63 and will turn 70).
While my siblings/SIL and I would be fine pretty much anywhere, my mum has foot pain that effects her mobility, and my dad has bad sight issues, severe anxiety/depression, and was recently diagnosed with alzheimers. We’re trying to find a balance between relaxation and activities (mum wants to do cooking classes and loves historical sites and markets but also wants a spa day or two!)
They’re interested in Ubud, but having been there myself I know that downtown Ubud is not really doable for them to wonder around. I’ve told them about the crowds, narrow and uneven streets and traffic! We know about Sanur as an option - they’re going their on a seperate trip themselves so don’t really want to go there again for Christmas.
I wondered if anyone had suggestions for an area close to Ubud with the same vibe where we could stay that would allow them to walk a bit and do some shopping etc., while being close enough to downtown and the sites in that area?
Alternatively, I wondered if Sidemen would be a good option, being a quieter village. It’s further away from some sites though, and I don’t know what the vibe is like at all. Is it lively? Are there many shops and restaurants? Is it walkable?
Thanks in advance for any advice!
Ps. If anyone has recommendations for a good spa with great hospitality that would be great - baring in mind my dad’s condition, we’d need someone kind and understanding with great English.
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2023.03.31 06:35 master_debaters Day 90/90!!!

Feels like a new me as a son of GOD. I've been getting a lot of compliments about my looks and mentality all the sacrifices I have endure just to beat this constipation. I am finally free from POO toilet-squatters!!
If i can do it you can do it too my brothers and sisters this is my 90 days journey and I also say may thanks to the people in this community who encourage me to never find out what Brown can do for me again salute to you toilet-squatters and that's all. :]
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2023.03.31 06:34 Lonewolf149 Fantasy series for children/YA. Brother and sister collect legendary swords.

I'm looking for a fantasy series I read when I was a kid where a brother and sister travel to a fantasy world and they have to collect these legendary swords like Excalibur, Durandal, Gram etc. Everywhere I look just comes up with The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, which is NOT the series I was looking for.
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2023.03.31 06:28 snappycrabby college admissions...

ivy day just came out and got rejected from all of them and didn't get any of the boston schools I was excited about. I'm fine going to my current top 2 schools but man Asian parents make it worse. My dad is calling me stupid and shit, condemning the schools I got into as if I had a choice of where I was going to. My brother is pretty supportive but still it just feels like shit to be seen as the lazy ones the dumb one who couldn't be on the same level as their brother going to MIT or sister at cornell. Blaming it on me gaming and overlooking how much of a stress cooker im in one daily basis and how difficult the college process has gotten.
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