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2023.03.31 08:35 YoungKindred Why do different tabs of acid feel so different?

Obviously it’s hard to tell how much is in a tab and a lot of the times all u have to go off of is what the seller tells you but I still get the feeling some tabs are more visual than others. I’ve experimented with many different dosages from 50 to 400ug and the experience with the most vivid hallucinations was one that I did off a single 250ug tab. While I didn’t feel necessarily less high off 400ug, it felt significantly more euphoric and paranoid, I defineatly didn’t experience close to as hard hallucinations. I’m wondering if there’s any concrete explanation for this as I can’t seem to find anyone talking about this. Obviously things like environment, company, and mental state all will have an effect on the trip so that’s not what I’m referring to here.
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2023.03.31 08:35 ApplicationAgile8229 Why you should opt for professional truck wash service?

There are several reasons why you should opt for professional truck wash services:
  1. Saves time: Professional truck wash services are equipped with advanced washing equipment that can clean your truck faster and more efficiently than washing it yourself. This means that you can save a significant amount of time and get back on the road sooner.
  2. Better quality cleaning: Professional truck wash services have trained professionals who know how to clean a truck properly. They use specialized cleaning agents and equipment to ensure that every nook and cranny of your truck is cleaned thoroughly. This ensures that your truck is not only clean but also free from harmful bacteria and germs.
  3. Prevents damage: Washing your truck incorrectly or using the wrong cleaning products can cause damage to the paint and other parts of the vehicle. Professional truck wash services use products that are specifically designed for trucks and have the expertise to clean your truck without causing any damage.
  4. Compliance with regulations: Many states and municipalities have regulations regarding the washing of commercial vehicles. Professional truck wash services are aware of these regulations and can ensure that your truck is washed in compliance with them.
  5. Cost-effective: Professional truck wash services may seem expensive, but in the long run, they can save you money. Regular washing can help prevent rust and corrosion, which can lead to expensive repairs down the road. Additionally, a clean truck can improve fuel efficiency, which can save you money on gas.
Overall, opting for professional truck wash service can save you time, money, and ensure that your truck is cleaned properly, and comply with regulations.
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2023.03.31 08:34 iiat2023 What are the Trending Courses in 2023!

Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, and Web Development are three popular courses in 2023. These courses have become popular because they are in high demand in the digital age, and they can help individuals and businesses create and maintain an online presence.
Graphic Designing is the art of creating visual content that communicates a message to a target audience. Graphic designers use their creativity and technical skills to create logos, brochures, banners, website layouts, and other visual elements that are used to promote a brand or product. The demand for graphic designers is high because businesses need to have an appealing visual presence to attract and retain customers.
Digital Marketing is the process of promoting a product or service using digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites. Digital marketing professionals use a variety of strategies and techniques to create and execute campaigns that increase brand awareness, drive traffic to a website, and generate leads and sales. With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, the demand for digital marketing skills has increased significantly.
Web Development is the process of creating and maintaining a website. Web developers use coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create and design websites that are functional, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. The demand for web developers has increased as more businesses have moved online and require a strong online presence to attract and retain customers.
One of the reasons why these courses are trending is because they are relevant to the digital age we live in. The world is becoming increasingly digital, and businesses need to have an online presence to remain competitive. As a result, there is a growing demand for professionals who have the skills and knowledge to create and maintain websites, design visual content, and execute digital marketing campaigns.
Another reason why these courses are trending is because they offer career opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of graphic designers is projected to grow by 3% from 2020 to 2030, the employment of digital marketing specialists is projected to grow by 10% from 2020 to 2030, and the employment of web developers is projected to grow by 8% from 2020 to 2030. This growth is higher than the average growth rate for all occupations, indicating that there will be plenty of job opportunities for individuals with these skills.
Furthermore, these courses are often accessible and affordable. Many courses are offered online, making them accessible to individuals around the world. In addition, some courses are self-paced, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace and convenience. The cost of these courses can vary, but many are affordable and offer a good return on investment in terms of career opportunities and earning potential.
In conclusion, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, and Web Development are trending courses in 2023 because they are relevant to the digital age, offer career opportunities, and are accessible and affordable. These courses can help individuals and businesses create and maintain an online presence, which is essential in today's digital world. If you are interested in pursuing a career in one of these fields, there are many resources available to help you get started.
If You are Interested in These courses So You Can check out these Sites and Give Wings to Your career!
Skillift —
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2023.03.31 08:33 N_a_m_a_n010 15 Things You Should Consider When Buying an Electric Vehicle

15 Things You Should Consider When Buying an Electric Vehicle
Since the electric vehicles (EVs) turn out to be more popular, it's important to carefully consider what really are the factors to weigh when purchasing one. you can get the best ev vehicles to buy in dubaionce you explore the options thoughtfully.
If you are looking forward to purchase an electric vehicle but you are not sure what you should consider then this post is a good read for you. the post is going to share with you important things that ensure you make the right choice.
Range of the car
Range is the maximum distance an EV can definitely travel on a single charge. You should consider your daily driving requirements and the distance you may need to travel on longer trips. A longer range EV may be quite more expensive, but it can provide you with greater level of flexibility and reduce range related to anxiety. Of course, you can check out the type of electric car that gets you a huger range.
Check the Battery Capacity
Battery capacity decides the range and performance of an electric vehicle. A larger battery provides you with a longer range, but may add weight and even expense to the vehicle. you have to be sure that the capacity of the battery is huge as per your requirement.
Charging Time
Now, you know what, EV charging times vary depending on the type of charger and even the EV's battery size. A fast charger can provide an eighty percent charge in as little as 30 minutes, while a standard Level 2 charger can simply take up even several hours. so, you have to be figure out this part for sure before you purchase an electric car. Check out which model has which type of battery and how much does it take to charge it.
Type of Charging
You should know that there are three types of charging: Level 1, Level 2, and even DC fast charging. Level 1 makes use of a standard household outlet and can take eight to twelve hours to fully charge a vehicle. Level 2 chargers need a special outlet and can completely charge a vehicle in 4-8 hours. DC fast charging is somewhat the quickest, providing an 80% charge in just thirty minutes or even less. So, keep this aspect in mind.
Charging Infrastructure matters
It is important for you to consider the availability of charging stations in your area, especially if you plan to simply take long trips. Check if there are charging stations close to your home, work, and other common types of destinations.
Cost is crucial
The cost of an electric vehicle can vary greatly depending on the make and model. In general, you know EVs are more expensive than traditional gas-powered vehicles, but can provide you with long-term savings on fuel and even maintenance. After all, you cannot simply spend through your nose for a car. Check the options and go for the one that you feel is apt for you and you can afford.
Peep into the Warranty
Make sure that you do review the warranty offered by the manufacturer for both the battery and even the vehicle itself. EV batteries can be quite expensive to replace, so a good warranty can provide you with peace of mind. what is the point if the battery has no warranty and it gets out of order in no time?
Safety Features of the car
As with any type of vehicle, safety should be a top priority. Look for EVs having proper safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and even automatic emergency braking. After all, when you are out on the roads, you do want utmost safety for your vehicle and people riding inside.
Consider Tax Incentives
Many governments offer tax incentives to encourage the buying of EVs. Check with your local tax authority to find out what types of incentives are available in your area. this way, once you consider the tax incentives, you can figure out how much you are saving in a way.
Driving Experience
Well, eVs offer a unique driving experience with instant torque and even quiet operation. Take a quick test drive to see if an EV is perfect for you. of course, the test drive is going to get you a good idea about the entire experience you may expect it once you buy it.
Resale Value of the car
Indeed, as EVs become more popular, their resale value may simply grow. However, resale value can differ greatly depending on the make and even model. So, be thoughtful about the resale thing.
Brand Reputation
Consider the brand's reputation for proper reliability, quality, and even customer service. Choose a brand having a proven track record for building dependable EVs. You have to go for an electric vehicle that is absolutely reliable for you. once the brand is dependable, the vehicle should be good only.
Maintenance factor
EVs have fewer moving parts than that of gas-powered vehicles, which can simply reduce maintenance costs. However, some components such as the battery and even electric motor may require to be serviced or replaced with time. after all, maintenance is a big thing.
Energy Efficiency
EVs are much more energy-efficient than gas-powered vehicles, but some models are out there that are more efficient than others. Look for EVs having the high level of energy efficiency ratings to save money on charging costs.
Environmental Impact
It is also right to state that electric vehicles produce zero emissions while driving, which can definitely reduce your carbon footprint. However, the production of EV batteries can somewhat have a significant environmental impact, so consider the entire life cycle of the specific vehicle. this would get you a better idea about the whole thing.
To sum up, you can buy the best electric vehicles once you know what exactly you are looking for. after all, purchasing an EV demands careful consideration of many factors. Take the time to research and even test drive different models to find the one that best fits your requirements and lifestyle.
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2023.03.31 08:33 velassarugirl Does anyone know what’s going on with the ‘double reduction’ policy?

I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher and was working for VIPKID for many years. My job basically ended after the government implemented this ‘double reduction’ policy.
VIPKID has since rebranded to ‘VIPTEACH’ and is now more or less back in operation.
Well, by a strange turn of events, I have my old job back now - I am now fully booked again and the majority of my students are in mainland China.
Does anyone know how this is possible? Has the policy changed? Or are parents finding loopholes?
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2023.03.31 08:33 Zizonga Starting as a Junior Network/ System Admin Monday. First gig. I start Monday and would love input!

So - background:
I graduated 11 months ago with a BS in IT. I did have a desktop support sort of internship at a small firm where my biggest project was running around installing Windows Admin Center on the endpoints there to collect CPU/RAM statistics (was even a little bit tricky, had to do a powershell command on some systems that didn't want to play nice with it). Other then that I basically replaced keyboards, dealt with end users, changes ink cartridges, and did some phone VOIP zoom provisioning. I tried to learn proper scripting/coding at this time but I think it being an internship sort of depressed me.
My first gig out of college was a Data Center Technician gig at a start up cloud services provider. I ended up carrying literal tool bags and well - was lifting systems more than a third of my weight racking and stacking and building DCs endlessly. I did learn a lot about the network topography there (spine/leaf config for switches, what an EDGE network was, diff types of cabling like MTP, how OOB worked, ) and learned some basic troubleshooting (pinging, traceroute, etc) and did some some bash scripting even and built myself some tools for easy SSH access to grab stuff like MAC address info, automating pinging from IPs listed in a file, checking how many GPUs were still working, etc. I also did the patch panel manual work, running cables both ethernet and fiber, etc. This job didn't last because It was sort of physically killing me - lol.
My second gig was in mainframes/enterprise servers doing HP NonStop/Tandem. A whole bunch of FTP and command line interface stuff was being done in this role, and that linux/bash background I had actually helped a bit. Problem with this job was that it was quite literally a dead end job. I got really frustrated with finding normal IT work and kept getting harrassed by recruiters coming to me with posting demanding 25 years experience (despite me being 25 years old... lmao). I basically ran command line jobs and did tedious tasks in this role. During this time I get my Certified in Cybersecurity certification from ISC2. I also started my CCNA studies but ended up stopping because I had a lot of interviews and it made it really difficult to focus. I will be returning to this soon
I am now on my third gig. Junior Network/System Admin - and I start monday. I have been doing the Windows Server Admin 2019 course on udemy and I plan on finishing it this week. I then plan on doing a Udemy course on specifically AD, finishing up my CCNA, then DNS, and then DHCP to really get a solid foundation on that stuff. Hopefully I can bang out AWS Cloud Practicioner and Azure Fundamentals.
Do you guys have any advice regarding studying or career stuff? I have been checking out the wiki and spending time here and I am starting to at least understand *some* of the questions asked here (a lot seem to be a bit over my head). The office I am going to be supporting is about 80 users and 100+ endpoints. I would be ofc under a normal/non junior sys admin. There is formal training but I am really trying to not just rely on that and really push myself.
The job entails AD/Hyper-V/DHCP/DNS duties as well as end user stuff.
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2023.03.31 08:32 bignippy How do I deal with a difficult coworker?

Hi everyone. Sorry for the long post!
Tldr; boss treats me different to others when doing jobs together (negatively), boss and coworker are condescending and make me feel inadequate at my job, how do I deal with this?
So I started a kind of dream job as an arborist almost 5 months ago, everything job wise is going great, I love the work and the potential of what comes next, it's super fitting for my personality. I've struggled a lot with being surrounded solely by men and the feeling of needing to prove I belong in my job, that I'm good enough/have the drive to become good enough to keep up. It's hard, but feels super accomplished. When I started I definitely wasn't up to scratch with what everyone else can do but I've become so much stronger and more competent in my role, I have a long way to go but I've come so far and I'm really proud of myself.
The issue I'm facing is a couple of my co-workers cause my brain to do a serious backslide on my confidence with so many of our interactions. It's nothing sexist or anyone outright saying I don't belong where I do, it's a bit more regular difficult/annoying coworker.
When I started I had this great boss who made me feel super comfortable with my progress and any mistakes I made, they left and now another guy has taken over his role. And don't get me wrong, the guy in question is fantastic at his job, I aspire to be as capable as him one day. But the way he treats me is confusing and to me feels degrading. He's extremely sarcastic and snarky in the blokey bloke kind of way, passing off harsh comments about my work as humour. He either won't let me have a go or when I do try something new he'll nitpick everything I do, won't let me just figure new things out, or legit take the tool off me after 5 minutes with no feedback so I don't know if he's taking it off me because I'm not doing a good job (which I think would be shit anyway) or he's just sick of watching me doing something, I have 0 idea it's really odd to me.
The job I do also requires a lot of communication to make sure everything is safe (key fucking point, it's a dangerous job, we NEED good communication), but when I do a job in tandem with this guy he gets very blunt and huffy whenever I ask for clarification or communication. For example, while rigging (i.e. lowering big branches to the ground using a rope) I always try make sure I know how big the branch he's going to cut will be so I can figure out if I can rig it down without extra tools or I'll need the friction device. When I ask he'll either speak to me like I'm an idiot or just won't reply. The kicker for this is I've watched him with the other guys and he enthusiastically answers any of their questions and allows them time to adjust themselves and do what they need to do on the ground. This is one example of many, it blows my mind.
A major problem with this is I'm a very socially anxious person, if I'm around someone I feel doubts me or puts me down a lot it seriously stresses me out, leading to me becoming really flustered and I end up making really simple mistakes or missing simple things, essentially making me look shit at my job. (It only happens in front of these two guys because everyone else makes me feel comfortable enough).
There's also just a lot of snarky comments veiled as humour that make me feel like shit or that I'm some kind of joke. This is usually enjoyed by the other problem guy at work who's extremely condescending towards me (he'll cut me off mid sentence to say hurry up with what I'm doing even though there's no rush and he stands around and chats half the time, then runs over to me and PULLS THINGS OUT OF MY HAND to do the job I'm already doing, that I would say I wasn't doing that slowly), he also does the same behaviour with not letting me have a go or figure things out, or just tell me what to do when it's completely unnecessary in a very condescending tone.
These two are definitely the "fan faves" of the workers, one of which is still an apprentice and I feel gets unfair advantages over the other apprentice that's been there similar time (but that's just my opinion). Usually if both of them are there, I'll be having a shit day. One on one time with either is usually fine too, so idk if they're just trying to show each other up/peacock their position of power.
All of this isn't made easier by the fact I'm not super comfortable around men, there's maybe 1 or 2 men in my life I feel completely relaxed around (who aren't my dad), I'm not sure why I'm like this but it's a big player in feeling comfortable in my environment. Talking to guys is way harder than talking to women for me (in a platonic way I mean, not intimately or whatever), and building friendships seems to take way longer with men than women for me (which isn't for a lack of trying, I've tried very hard to be friends with everyone at work, go to every work event for outside socialising, we've even worked away together and slept in the same house for up to a week at a time, but I still feel I can't break that barrier with these two).
Basically the comments and the behaviour make me extremely anxious and feel inadequate, like I'm the village idiot who can't do anything right and that I'm as incompetent as when I first started, like I haven't made any progress (which I know isn't true). It's hard to ignore them because one of them is my literal boss, if I don't look like I'm doing a good job in front of him I won't progress and I'll get left out of opportunities that further my skills. The only way I can think to resolve this is by having a one on one chat (very carefully) to basically ask him to stop making me feel like shit and give me a better shot at figuring things out.
So essentially I'm here to ask, with some of the details, what the fuck do I do about this? I really don't want my dream job to be tainted by people who make me feel less than. Just to be clear as well, I don't think any of this is motivated by sexism or anything, I've seen him act this way to other apprentices and new people. I just wanna be able to enjoy my job again and focus on becoming better at what I do.
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2023.03.31 08:32 Doing_Just_Peachy Why couldn't you be sorry.

my dad passed away today at 50. i am 18. it's just me and my mom now and im so lost. we never really had a relationship beyond fighting. he was abusive for most of my life, but it's hard to speak ill of the dead. he was sick for months, years even, and he knew he was dying. threw that fact back in my face more times than i can count. i begged him over and over to make amends, to change the way he treated me, to just to be kind to me, even if it was just pretend. i wanted some semblance of good memories of him before he was gone, before i lost my chance and was left without even the ghost of a loving parent. he went through all the motions in his last days, said all the 'i love you's' to convince the people around him, but i knew they weren't real. he never did anything other than speak empty words then turn around and show me exactly why he didn't really mean it. i just wanted him to change for me. for all the years of struggle and abuse to mean something finally. something to finally make it all worth it. to lay it all to rest.
i just wanted for him to apologize for the hurt he knew caused and for him to hug me one more time and to tell me how sorry he really was. to finally resolve all those years of pain at his hands.
but he didn't bother. and now he's gone, and my life will always be missing a piece.
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2023.03.31 08:31 Karbounopsinos I (M34) love my girlfriend (F37) but I'm not attracted to her body nor have been in love with her

When we started dating, almost 3 years ago, she was married and living with her husband for 12 years. They were mostly like friends at that point, having separated sexual lifes. I started seeing her and there were kisses in a growing "erotic friendship". I enjoyed our conversations a lot, our kisses, our companionship and at a certain point she wanted to have sex with me. I refused because I didn't feel that kind of attraction. With the pandemic and the restrictions we started spending more time together, she left her husband and eventually we started having sex. Before that I let her know I wasn't interested in anything serious. I told her she would find a wall at the end of that path, but she agreed anyway (I think she thought she could change my mind in time through true love), so we started to become more affectionate to eachother. Her life situation was pretty bad, her father just died and she had all kind of problems. I helped her with all of them and I was there for her always. But regarding sexual drive... It was frustrating. I really like her as a person, she's wonderful and I felt a superficial scumbag. I was missing that in my life and realized how much I was looking at other women. In order to numb my feelings and make it all more enjoyable I used weed on many of our sexual encounters. Our relationship was very good in some aspects and I thought I could work that out. After almost 3 years now it turns out I haven't. I decided to stop using weed some time ago and live with what there is. And there is frustration still. I feel attached and also a bit attracted to her, but once she gets naked I lose the drive. 5 days ago we decided to break up because she started being so insistent with the idea of moving together and having kids, and I found that too much for me in a relationship were I lack a fundamental principle. Yesterday we saw again and spoken about our inner conflicts one more time. The love and the will to be together is undeniable, she thinks she can work on being more attractive but it's her body I don't like, not the state of it (wich isn't at its best right now either). I wish I could change that or make it less important for me, because regarding other aspects I feel great with her and really love her. We must decide this weekend what our final move will be. I wonder... Is it worth it? Would I be able to change my mind in time if we move together and live as a couple? Or will the lack of attraction become an even bigger problem by finding myself in a golden jail? We do love eachother and I'm not sure what to do. Please help.
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2023.03.31 08:31 tardezyx Overview of good streaming microphones and how to set them up (vocal chain)

At first, you have to decide between the type of the microphone: condenser or dynamic.
Generally, condenser microphones are more sensitive and record more of the room and thereby more color of your voice but are also more sensitive when it comes to general noise, esp. the clicking of your keyboard, mouse or controller. They are easier to drive than dynamic microphones and you can sit further away while still being recorded with enough loudness. They could be a choice when you use them in an acoustic treated room where echoes and modes are already handled or when you want to record/stream non-gaming content where your surroundings are quiet. Especially on the latter you should check out small diaphragm condenser microphones like the Okatava MK-012 which could be used out of screen and which even forgives bad room conditions. There are also so-called shotgun microphones, but their design makes them more suitable for treated rooms and outdoor use, as they cancel out the room reverberation necessary for the voice.
On the other hand, dynamic microphones which mostly come in a cardioid characteristic are less sensitive to bad room conditions and to noise as you need to speak more directly and within a short distance into them. They are also a bit harder to drive than condenser microphones. For the casual gaming streamer, who sits in an untreated room and wants to reduce all noise as much as possible, a dynamic microphone mostly is a better suit. Therefore, the focus here, lies on dynamic microphones.

Dynamic USB Microphones

Probably the best dynamic USB microphones for streaming (i.e. focusing on voice and speech including filtering of ambient noise) are currently the following, though each comes with a few drawbacks:
  • Deity VO-7U
Has a very low self-noise, is plug & play (no special drivers/software), has some fancy RGB variants (which can be switched off completely) and already sounds quite pleasant when delivered. The gain control works in reverse and triggers a very good internal limiter from about 50 %. It handles plosives relatively well without a windscreen, but is more sensitive to sibilants.
The microphone arm that comes with the set is not much good and is quite wobbly. This arm is sufficient to start with, but should be replaced within a few months, since its table attachment is only glued to relatively thin plastic material on the inside and will simply break in the foreseeable future. The set with the arm is nevertheless worthwhile if you want to use the windscreen or do not yet own any microphone arm.
To adjust it reasonably to your own voice, you should use e.g. Equalizer APO with some VSTs (see below). I also recommend installing Volume² and TorkilsMicMuter so that you can turn off the mic via software (and thus no longer have an annoying red RGB light when it is deactivated). To handle the sibilants, you could use TDR Nova (e.g.) as De-Esser to attenuate the affected frequencies (see below where the vocal chain is explained).
  • Rode X XDM-100
It is relatively heavy and large (especially with the shock mount, which is also necessary as a mount on a microphone arm), which means that a particularly resilient microphone arm is required here. The windscreen unfortunately takes some presence away from the voice, but hardly seems necessary.
You need the Rode X Unify software for this, which - similar to Elgato's Wave Link, Steelseries GG or VoiceMeeter (see below) - creates virtual audio tracks with which you can make various presettings for streaming. However, it is more important that you can/must also make your microphone settings here, since the microphone's own Aphex DSP chip can only be set via this software, with which you can get a lot out of the basic recording, which is good in itself. The software doesn't seem to be fully developed yet, but it runs more stable than it did a few months ago. Unfortunately, this software is only available for Windows.
  • Shure MV7
The little brother of the infamous Shure SM7b which sounds a bit musty and is more suited to metal vocalists and instrument recordings than streamers, but is hyped for its elegant looks while in reality there are better options out there which are not as hard to drive.
The MV7 is also still a bit musty, unfortunately has micro USB (and no USB-C) and reacts very strongly to plosives, which can be dealt with using an alternative windscreen (for example, the Shure RK345). You can also set a limiter here, but it probably doesn't always work correctly or hardly does anything. In addition, some other integrated functions can be set via software similar to the Rode X XDM-100. A big plus is the already integrated XLR connector, which allows a later change to an interface. The bold logo, which constantly jumps into the camera, unfortunately leaves the aftertaste of a permanent commercial.
  • Further notes and settings
There are of course even cheaper dynamic USB variants (FDUCE SL40, FiFine 688, Mackie EM-USB, t.bone MB 7 Beta USB, etc.), even some that are similarly priced (e.g. PreSonus PD-70, PreSonus Revelator Dynamic, Rode Podcaster, Samson Q9U, etc.) but they can't keep up with the above mentioned ones in USB operation, either because they have a higher noise floor or other problems. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to test whether these are better suited to one's own voice, location and handling and whether their tonal disadvantages can be compensated via equalizer adjustments and VSTs (see below).

Dynamic XLR Microphones

XLR microphones usually provide a better recording signal with less noise floor than USB microphones, provided they are suitably amplified. There are no "best" microphones per se, since personal preferences predominate here. However, the following should be singled out here, since you can achieve very good recording quality with these and, in combination with a relatively good entry-level interface (for about $ 150-300), stay under $ 500:
  • Shure MV7X
See Shure MV7 above - is quasi identical, only without the USB functionalities. Requires about +55 dB gain.
  • Rode Procaster
Similar to the Rode X XDM-100 above, i.e. also heavy and clunky. It is also a bit bass-heavy, but this can be remedied using an equalizer. Requires about +56 dB gain.
  • SE DynaCaster DCM8
Already without software extraordinarily versatile adaptable, whereby it approaches the quality of various, partially twice as expensive competition microphones. It handles plosives very well indoors, even without a windscreen, which also makes it stand out visually. The position of the XLR connector might slightly interfere with some microphone arms. Requires about +58 dB of gain. However, you can activate the internal amplifier via 48V phantom power (must be supplied by the interface), which raises the level by +30 dB, but the recording quality suffers somewhat.
  • Further notes and interfaces
Here, too, there are of course cheaper variants, whereby the combination of a Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 with the Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD (delivers up to +51 dB gain) might be the cheapest entry-level combination with acceptable recording results. Also worth mentioning is the Elgato Wave DX, which comes quiet cheap in a set with interface, arm and XLR cable.
Also with the interfaces it depends clearly on the own requirements. For example, with the simple Elgato Wave XLR (provides up to +75 dB gain, of which +23 dB via software) you can use the Elgato Wave Link software, which also allows the integration of VST plug-ins in addition to virtual tracks (see below). The PreSonus Revelator io24 (delivers up to +60 dB gain), on the other hand, additionally offers DSP effects and loopback channels. Furthermore, you can also buy so-called streaming decks like the TC-Helicon GoXLR Mini (delivers up to +72 dB gain).
Attention should be paid here to the possible amplification (gain) and to the phantom power (48V) that may be necessary to be able to drive the selected XLR microphone. If the gain is not sufficient, there is also the possibility to connect additional PreAmp plugs in between (e.g. the TritonAudio FetHead).

Adjustments via equalizer and VST effects

  • Equalizer APO
For Windows users, adjusting the EQ and adding VST effects systemwide for each audio device can be done via the free software Equalizer APO. It uses the "config.txt" file as entry point in which you can include other files where you have your device-specific settings (caution: they all should be in the same folder as the config.txt). Those files are simple text files which can also adjusted via Notepad. You can also write little batch scripts and easily switch between different settings by overwriting the config files. You can either use those scripts as desktop or task bar shortcuts by which you can apply keyboard shortcuts to them or bind them in your stream deck as command.
While you are able to add VST effects to your audio device within Equalizer APO, it has one downside setting those up as you are not able to see live frequency changes on your microphone within Equalizer APO as it adjusts the signal before it is routed to the Windows audio processing. The only thing you can see, are the adjustments to the general frequency band.
  • Steelseries GG (part of Steelseries Sonar)
This little free software provides three additional virtual channels on which you can apply some EQ settings and route your audio for streaming. E.g. can it be used to set up two different audio sources for your live and VOD stream or to adjust the sound of a game (to enhance footsteps) or of your mates (e.g. in Discord). It is simple to understand and to set up but requires a registration.
  • VoiceMeeter
This is an alternative to Steelseries GG as it provides multiple virtual channels and a more complex way of routing those channels from and to different input and output devices. Unfortunately, it is way more difficult to set up and a bit more confusing than Steelseries GG.
  • Elgato Wave Link
This software is only useable with Elgato hardware like the Elgato Wave XLR. It unifies the functionality of Equalizer APO and Steelseries GG as it provides various additional virtual channels on which you can apply different EQ and VST effects on each of them. You can also directly set up plugins like "reafir" as you get a direct input signal from your microphone. It is also more easily to switch effects and to integrate it to your stream deck. Furthermore, you can set up different volume settings between your monitoring and stream channels.
  • Others
Some USB microphones and many XLR interfaces like the above mentioned PreSonus Revelator io24 (and mostly more expensive interfaces) also have integrated DSP chips by which you can apply various EQ or even VST settings and could be an alternative if you are not happy with the software solutions or are not able to use them (e.g. when you are using a Mac).

Vocal Chain: How to set up your microphone

I highly recommend adjusting your microphone to your conditions (voice, room, recording location within the room, surroundings, etc.) as those are very different for each user. Thereby, you can enhance the recording quality of your microphone tremendously but keep in mind that every setting is optional and can be very different for your conditions.
I recommend using the following VST plugins:
When I mention the Q factor in the following sections I mean the corresponding setting for the EQ setting within Equalizer APO (e.g. peaking filter). By that the affected frequency range is meant. The lower the Q factor the broader the range and vice versa.
The vocal chain is generally set up as follows:

1. Noise filter

Remove the noise of the microphone/interface and permanent surround noises (e.g. fan noise, street noise, whatever).
This is the most complex one to set up but you only have to to this once, so be patient.
You need to record a "quiet" signal for about 10 seconds and save this as audio wave file. You can use Audacity for this. Of course, do not speak or breathe into the microphone while recording. Furthermore, cut the first and last 2 seconds of your recording in order to not have any mouse clicks in the final audio file. The purpose is to have a recording of only the microphone ground noise and permanent surrounding noises.
Then open OBS, add the recording as media file and loop it. Now you should see a low audio signal within OBS. Right click on the media file source, click on filter, add an audio filter, select "VST-2.x-Plugin", name it "test123", select the plugin "reafir_standalone", close the window and open the filter overview again to see the button "open plugin interface" on which you click.
You should now see the reafir window with a low frequency signal on the bottom left. Set the "Edit Mode" to "Precise", the "FFT Size" to "4096" and the "Mode" to "Subtract". Then activate "Automatically build noise profile" and wait around 30 to 60 seconds.
Reafir is now setting a frequency filter which corresponds the signal of the audio source (our recording). After you have waited, you can simply close OBS.
Now we need the result which is stored within the corresponding OBS file which is saved under:
  • C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\obs-studio\basic\scenes
Just open the newest .json file in Notepad and search for "test123" (this was the name we gave the plugin within OBS). A bit after the result comes the chunk data of this plugin which contains the filter value that has been generated. This is a very long cryptic string which goes over several lines. We need the whole value within the quotation marks. Copy it to a new file named "ground noise" or something and save it to your desktop.
Now we need to apply this generated value to our real filter.
For Equalizer APO:
  • add the reafir VST plugin and close Equalizer APO
  • open the corresponding config file (within C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config) with Notepad and find the following line: VSTPlugin: Library "C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\ReaPlugs\reafir_standalone.dll" ChunkData ...
  • paste the content of your "ground noise" file within the quotation marks after "ChunkData"
  • save the file
For Elgato Wave Link
  • add the reafir VST plugin
  • the content of your "ground noise" file should then be inserted into the corresponding ChunkData value in one of these files: %appdata%\Elgato\WaveLink\MixerConfiguration.json %appdata%\Elgato\WaveLink\AudioRoutingSettings.xml
  • save the file (and perhaps reboot)

2. Noise gate

Filter all other noises (keyboard, mouse clicks, rustle, coughs, rumble, etc.).
Add the Real-time Noise Suppression Plugin (rnnoise_stereo.dll) and open its interface window.
  • VAD Treshhold: here you set the general filter which is defined by the propability a signal is voice/speech. The lower you set this value, the higher is the chance, that non-speech is getting recorded. The default value of 0.60 (= 60 %) should be good.
  • VAD Grace and Retroactive VAD Grace Period: adds a bit of tolerance time which can add some latency. You need to test this values according to your speaking behaviour (check, if your speech is cut on the beginning and end of your sentence(s)).

3. Low Cut

Filter all low bass frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a high-pass filter. I recommend setting this up at around 63-80 Hz.
Many microphones and interfaces provide one or even two high-pass filters at around 75-150 Hz on the hardware itself or within their software. If so, I recommend using the lower setting.

4. Compressor

This is used to reduce the dynamic of your speech (louder signals are softened and quieter signals are enhanced) and to distort the overall signal (e.g. to get the typical broadcasting sound). This should be set up after everything else but it is the fourth step within the vocal chain processing.
You can use the multiband compressor "ReaXCompX" (reaxcomp-standalone.dll) for this. This highly depends on your hardware and voice, but as starting point you could use the following values:
(Frequency, Threshold, Ratio, Gain, Knee, Attack, Release, RMS)
  • 137, -20, 3:1, 1, 0, 3, 100, 5
  • 1147, -18, 2:1, 0, 0, 3, 100, 5
  • 6910, -25, 2:1, -2, 0, 3, 100, 5
  • 24000, -25, 3:1, 1, 0, 3, 100, 5

5. Main Cut

The main cut is split into 4 sub regions:
5.1. Low and High Cut
Filter all low bass frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a high-pass filter. We already did this on step 3 but we need to do this again as the compressor on step 4 could lead to new low bass frequencies. Use the same setting as you did in step 3.
Filter all high frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a low-pass filter. I recommend setting this up at around 18,000 Hz with a default Q value.
5.2. Handling Room Modes
If you have an untreated room, you first need to find out on which frequencies problematic room modes could be created. The frequency range should be around 80-200 Hz.
To identify the modes, you can use the room mode calculator (, enter your room dimensions and look for spots where where several red lines are closer together. Then play a song on your monitors (do not use a headphone, of course) with bass frequencies (I recommend some electronic music), turn it a little louder and use a peaking filter with a lowemedium Q factor and a moderate gain (+3 to +9 dB). Now scan the problematic region with this peaking filter. When it rumbles, the chance is high you have found a room mode. Apply a notch filter on each of the rumbling frequencies with a gain reduction of -3 to -9 dB and a high Q factor (12.00 to 30.00).
5.3. Handling Nasal Honk and Sibilances
The nasal honk lies between 800 and 1,500 Hz, depending on your voice. You can reduce it by setting a peaking filter around 1,050 Hz with a gain reduction of -3 to -6 dB and either a low or high Q factor (0.5 to 12.00).
Sibilances (s, ch, ts sounds) can be harsh and annoying, depending on your voice and hardware. You can find them by using a test record with many sibilances and using a peaking filter with a moderate gain (+6 to +12 dB). The range you should look at is between 2,800 and 11,000 Hz. Apply a peaking filter with a gain reduction of -3 to -6 dB and a higher Q factor (12.00) to each of the problematic frequencies you found.
5.4. Vocal Enhancements
Until here, we only reduced problematic frequency ranges but now we want to enhance those where our voice shines with moderate settings (+1 to +3 dB and a low Q factor):
  • Increase vocal bass with a low shelf filter around 100 to 150 Hz.
  • Boost the vocal core for more clarity with a peaking filter between 1,000 and 2,000 Hz.
  • Add presence with a peaking filter between 4,000 and 5,500 Hz.
  • Brighten the vocals for air & sparkle with a high shelf filter around 8,000 to 12,000 Hz.
Then we should apply a negative pre amp that decreases the volume with the amount we have increased it via all enhancements. The pre amp should be put before the enhancements are made. This is done for two reasons: to not change the overall volume via our main cut and to not overdrive the audio signal. By the way, this should be done on each step, if necessary and therefore most plugins provide an additional gain setting which should be used to adjust the output volume to the input level.

6. De-Esser

While we already detected and slightly reduced the problematic sibilance frequencies and we can also handle them via a so-called "De-Esser" by which we additionally compress those frequencies.
Therefore we can use TDR Nova (TDR Nova.dll). The general settings could be as follows:
  • Quality: Precise+
  • HP: 40 Hz, 24 dB/oct
  • LP: 22000 Hz, 24 dB/oct
  • EQ Gain: ON
  • Dry Mix: 0 %
  • Out Gain: 3.0 dB
Then we can use up to 3 or 4 frequency bands to handle each sibilance frequency for which we use those settings:
  • Q: 6
  • Gain: -3 dB
  • Treshold: -4.5 to -6 dB
  • Ratio: 2:1
  • Attack: 5 ms
  • Release: 150 ms
Additionally we can handle plosives by applying the following frequency band:
  • Q: 0.5
  • Frequency: 160 Hz
  • Gain: 0 dB
  • Treshold: -3 dB
  • Ratio: 2:1
  • Attack: 5 ms
  • Release: 200 ms

7. Gate

This gate is used to cut all low noises while speaking (e.g. breathing).
We can use ReaGate (reagate-standalone.dll) with the following settings for this:
  • ReaGate: -40 to -30 dB
  • Pre-open: 0 ms
  • Attack: 3 ms
  • Hold: 1 ms
  • Release: 100 ms
  • Hysteresis: 0 dB

8. Limiter

The audio signal is capped at a maximum loudness level. This is used to prevent the recording from clipping and your viewers/listeners ears from bleeding.
Some microphones and interfaces provide an internal limiter setting. As those are not often reliable, I recommend to additionally set an own limiter.
You can use George Yohng's W1 Limiter (George Yohng's W1 Limiter x64.dll) with these settings for this:
  • Treshold: -6.0 dB
  • Release: 250 ms
  • Adaptive Release: active
  • Ceiling: -4.5
Thats it. Have fun and good luck by setting up your vocal chain.
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2023.03.31 08:30 AutoModerator [Get] Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp Instant Delivery

Get the course here:
[Get] Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp Instant Delivery
Description of Google Ads Bootcamp
Google Ads in an Incredible Marketing Tool to Grow Your Business
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However, Google Ads can quickly become overwhelming and confusing with many different optimization options. Then you have to learn the language of Google Ads with terms like search impression share, CTR, cost per click, and so on. Furthermore, many courses and certifications teach the “why” and “what” of Google Ads but overlook the most crucial step—the how!
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2023.03.31 08:30 throwaway_1_234_ My depression ended up being autism

My depression ended up being autism. I wanted to share it here in case it resonates and helps anyone else.
I struggled with what was labeled depression since I was a teen. It never felt like professionals really looked into what caused my depression, they would just say it was odd I had struggled with it for so long because apparently for the majority of people with depression it is not chronic. I had heard usually in such cases it ends up being co-morbid with something else but there appeared to be no investigation into possible causes for me, just treatment that never fully worked.
So I struggled with this for over a decade and I’m now diagnosed with autism and most of the symptoms of depression I’ve come to realize were my autism (although for a period of time it did cause me to truly struggle with depression and medication did help me crawl out of that deeper pit.)
How did these symptoms get written off as symptoms of depression?
Often people with autism struggle with properly identifying what is going on inside. I knew I felt terrible and I couldn’t function, but I didn’t know why. This also meant I couldn’t explain to professionals well what was wrong since a person can’t explain what they don’t know.
Looking at it now something that went under the radar was this. To be diagnosed with depression it needs to go on for a prolonged period of time. In hindsight this didn’t accurately describe my experience. If I didn’t dread the day, I could start my days feeling okay, I could enjoy moments and have fun. As the day went on I would reach a point of feeling terrible and not being able to function and would spend the rest of the day trying to recover, often in bed and isolated and I often wouldn’t be able to recover until I slept. The cycle of the day was not properly realized so on paper because every day I ended up in bed struggling and feeling horrible I appeared to be struggling with ‘depression’. Also I struggled to get out of bed because my bed was a ‘nice’ sensory’ place and outside my bed was not. Sometimes I couldn’t bring myself to face the cold, loud sounds, and bright sunlight outside my bedroom. I recognize NOW that is why it felt so terrible outside my bed/bedroom but I didn’t realize it then that was what why it felt so bad leaving it.
In hindsight and contemplating how some others have describe their depression I realize some describe never being able to enjoy anything, nothing brought them joy. This was not my experience because I often had things I could enjoy but I felt so terrible that things I enjoyed doing were not worth doing.
I also had a cycle with work that apparently many of people with autism share. Beginning a job and at first it is okay and then over time being able to function less and less until it reached a point where I had to quit for my own mental health. I would have to spend longer and longer each day recovering from work until there was no recovering, I just persistently felt terrible and horrible with no relief ever, of course like that it wouldn’t take long to lose all hope and not want to exist. Once I quit it was relief and it felt like it wouldn’t take too long to reach a place of feeling relatively okay. I often thought if only the world didn’t expect so much of me I could function fine. It was just the amount that the world demanded from me that would slowly drag me down into depression as I tried to accomplish what everyone else seemed to be able to do. Once I would recover enough I would then find a new job and it would start all over again. I hopped between different types of jobs thinking maybe I just hadn’t found the right one to fit me yet.
If any of this sounds like your experience, possible consider autism and learn more about it. I struggled my whole life with ‘depression’ and finally the last year I’ve found real relief from these symptoms for the first time and now received a professional diagnosis of autism this last month. That relief was brought by addressing and reducing sensory information from my environment that I couldn’t identify were causing how terrible I felt (as I said people with autism often struggle with not being able to properly assess what is going on inside).
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2023.03.31 08:30 neklaru Do you really want to end this? OR are you just saying you want to end this?

C+ math guy is back, bitches - explaining how the Double Down theory works at the casino and how this theory is recognized as the only way to beat the casino...or at least increase your chances of f'king shit up.
First, I have been waiting to post this for some time....waiting for the perfect time when people expect great things to happen while doing absolutely f'king nothing - this is me...been waiting, and waiting, and waiting....So, first, listen up:
  1. This post is a rant based on nothing but the actual truth of casino theory.
  2. We are not actually playing blackjack, but the theory of doubling down is based on a solid thesis.
Double Down Theory:
The Double move in blackjack simply means to increase your stake if the situation calls for it. However, if you take a look at a basic of blackjack, you’ll notice it‘s an essential part of a winning game. Many pros consider simply hitting instead of doubling to be a loss in some situations.
Doubling down is rule that allow a player to increase your bet based on information you did not previously have (ie. seeing your hand of a royal flush - yes, I know, not a blackjack reference)
What does this mean in the game we are playing?
Most casinos adjust the rules or when and how you can double down...basically increasing THEIR chances of f'king you over.
Go into any casino and the rules are different based on their factors (how may decks, how many players, blah, blah, blah)
Yes, we have all seen this first hand...the SEC is adjusting the rules as we go.
When should you double down?
There are many charts indicating hands you should double down on, HOWEVER, I would preface it by the general statement: The more information you have about YOUR HAND (ie. royal flush), the more you should double down.
How many of us have learned information in the last 84 years?
- GME profitability
- GME building wallet and other technologies
- GME streamlining retail brick and mortar to be PROFITABLE!!!
- GME Insiders HODLing
So the question really becomes, am I, and GME holder for 84 years willing to Double Down?
Yes! Are you?
By April 15 I plan to double my position via CS.
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2023.03.31 08:29 subakseoltang Lottery ranking for housing to be an aplicant

I am looking at the lotteries for purchasing a condo and am wondering how many of the people applying usually meet all the preference rankings percentage-wise?
For say ten condos, what lottery ranking would provide a chance if you meet all the preference rankings, but have a relatively low lottery number.
Is it wildly different for each lottery?
Is there anything else you can do to improve your chances, seems like many people on here have been applying for years with no luck.
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2023.03.31 08:29 Matusaprod Some tricks from a senior dpdr guy

Hello everyone, I have dpdr since more than 6 years now, what I'm going to share is the most effective thing I found up to this day, what I'm going to share has been learned trough much suffering and I hope these things can help you to alleviate symptoms.
  1. Accept There will be days where you don't even remember you have dpdr, there are days where it'll be really tough. Do not be scared about when those periods will happen, it has no purpose. Appreciate those brief moments of clear mind, think "Wow, this feels amazing, I'm grateful for this moment". Tough periods will always come, be prepared, when you see first signs maybe try to alleviate your work/study load, try to relax; no matter how many things you have to do, mental health comes first.
  2. Focus This is a thing I've never saw online. When you are in those tough periods in order to alleviate the feeling do a simple thing: stop for a moment and try to focus with all your energy on what's in front of you. For example, find a bottle of water and unscrew the cap from the bottle, but do it like you are doing the most important exam of your life, pay attention to the sound, the feeling of touch, the water inside the bottle etc... And then take a sip :) This always help me in all situation, just use all the focus you have to watch your surroundings or feel your body. That's the most effective thing I found to this day.
  3. Ignore it This is a bit hard and some mindfulness can help, everytime you get stuck into tough patterns like: "Oh now dpdr is hitting stron", "I feel like a robot", "who is controlling my body?" and so on, stop! Realise these thoughts are there, let them go, ignore them, think of something else or better: do point 2, this is the best situation do it.

I think these are the most important things to my experience, hope they bring some value to you. Notice I did not mentioned exercise, everyone mentions it and it does indeed help, I think everyone should exercise but I understand that it's hard finding the willpower, try to do it at least once a week.
Exercise works because it relax your body, so even if you do not exercise try to relax, lean on the couch and appreciate it's softness and cozyness, listen some music, do what relaxes you.
Please notice: leaning in bed/couch torturing yourself by thinking how much you're miserable/focusing on dpdr symptoms does not mean relax, it's the opposite.

I really hope everyone reading this can find relief by trying those methods, even if it's just for a second.
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2023.03.31 08:28 thusacanthus 43 F4M - FA seeking FA - Seattle, USA, Earth, Milky Way, Virgo Supercluster, Laniakea Supercluster, Pisces–Cetus Supercluster Complex, Universe

If my life was turned into a map, it would look like the classic kind of newspaper labyrinth puzzle, with a lot of attempts in smudgy pencil, and my current path a hesitant series of dots and question marks. I think I might have more luck describing the kind of relationship and person I'm looking for, and using that to also show what I'm like.
I'm looking for the kind of person that gets lost in their own head a lot. The whole maladaptive daydreaming shenanigans, forgetting your bus stop because you were staring out the window, absent-minded professor stereotype, literally forgot my glasses on my head, probably adhd? That's my jam, baby. ( That we left out on the counter for two days and had to toss )
But at the same time that imagination engine in your brain is on amazing overdrive. You write, your create, you envision. Even if it's only within the confines of your own hard drive, never to see the harsh light of someone else's eyebulbs, you create. Books are gateways. You especially love movies, tv shows, books and comics featuring a main character transported somewhere else, whether an alien or monster to regular Earth or a regular person to somewhere fantastic or horrific or both.
You've thought about doing a Youtube channel and or podcast so many times...
You usually like people but they are difficult to understand, you think perhaps you struggle with that more than most. You usually empathize more with the alien than the Earthlings. You found it easier to make friends when you were little. Or perhaps you have a natural knack for the charming gab and can easily socialize with most anybody, but actual friends? That's a different, much more difficult thing.
You're not an athlete. You're probably not at a good weight, whether too much or not enough, and your health is not in good shape either, whether theoretically fixable, permanently damaged or sinking like the Titanic.
You're not good looking. You might have some charming points ( amazing hair, eyes, voice, array of puns ) or maybe you just have all the appeal of lint in glue, but either way you have a face fit for radio at best.
You don't have a career, you're probably paycheck to paycheck or maybe a neet or something else outside of the commonly accepted work path. Maybe you'd like to go back to school but can't afford it, money and/or time and/or energy wise, or maybe you're content as is right now.
You're not desperate for a partner. You like the idea, the theory, but you're content to wait until you find the right one. There's no rush.
You're somewhat to extremely isolated. You've somehow drifted apart from the regular social network of family/friends/acquaintances, partially or wholly. You can see how easy you could become completely alone. You might be frightened by that, resigned or simply accepting of it, but you'd prefer to have more connections, even if just one or two.
You're older than most of the posts you see on here. Your twenties were a while ago, you're at least in your thirties, forties, maybe fifties or more. You don't really know where all that time went. Sometimes you could swear it was yesterday that you turned 21. Other days it feels like the river of time is glacial and you have always been the age you are, and you feel every hour of it in your achy bones.
In the subject of your reply, please add your favorite monster and band name so I can filter out spam.
You're such a geek, such a nerd, and those are the kinds of people you like the most. All the classic stuff, scifi, fantasy, board games, video games, comics, miniatures, you love it all, and you probably have some kind of collection ( stamps, rocks, first edition novels, obscure movies etc), and you wish you had more geeky and nerdy t-shirts.
You might have always been a forever alone kind of person, or perhaps something happened whether gradual or abrupt that caused your life to change in that direction.
You are very non-judgemental. You are accepting of other people no matter their looks, ethnicity, culture, sexuality etc. You probably consider yourself a liberal, socialist, communist or similar as far as politics go.
When you think about being in a relationship you long for having someone that not only accepts you for who you are but also wants a partner like that. Someone that you can talk with for hours, and spend time with together. Someone to build a future with, however small and humble that may be. Someone that you feel has your back, and that you're a team together, the two of you.
tl;dr female nerd geek specimen seeks male equivalent to get to know. Flexible re: what supercluster you originate from.
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2023.03.31 08:27 Educational-Nose223 Perpetual Income 365 Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam Or Legit⚠️ Does Perpetual Income 365 Work

Perpetual Income 365 Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam Or Legit⚠️ Does Perpetual Income 365 Work

Perpetual Income 365 Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam Or Legit⚠️ Does Perpetual Income 365 Work

The Perpetual Income 365 program is designed to help you generate income. It was created by Shawn Josiah who got into contact with the special algorithm used by this online marketing tool.
Perpetual Income 365 Reviews

Perpetual Income 365 Review

The Perpetual Income 365 program is designed to help you generate income. It was created by Shawn Josiah who got into contact with the special algorithm used by this online marketing tool.
The Perpetual Income 365 program is designed to help you generate income. It was created by Shawn Josiah who got into contact with the special algorithm used by this online marketing tool.

What is the Perpetual Income 365 program?

The Perpetual Income 365 program is designed to help you generate income. It was created by Shawn Josiah, a developer who once worked at Netflix, where he first got into contact with the special algorithm used by the online marketing tool. To what extent this story - which is also told in a video on the official website - is true cannot be verified.
However, the fact is that Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing package. It is supposed to be characterised by its simplicity, which is achieved by means of a step-by-step guide. Thus, Perpetual Income 365 consists of the following parts:

  • two ready-made squeeze pages of your choice
  • Web hosting for these two websites
  • an e-mail follow-up sequence (for 31 days)
  • a guide for solo ad traffic
  • According to the inventor, this is a tool that can help create great wealth - if it is used consistently.

Who is the Perpetual Income 365 suitable for?

Already in the video on the start page of the online marketing program, inventor Shawn Josiah specifically addresses his target group - namely people who:
are tired of working in a job they hate
feeling trapped in the so-called hamster wheel
who fear the next recession and therefore already want to earn a lot of money for bad times
see your job in danger and long for a second (more secure) foothold
In general, Perpetual Income 365 is thus aimed at people who want to generate a (second) income - and preferably online.
The prerequisites for this are of course a computer or laptop - although a smartphone or tablet may also suffice under certain circumstances -, an Internet connection and the desire to learn something new, as well as motivation and the willingness to invest some of their free time.
Technical knowledge is not required according to the provider. This means that even lay people who have had little or no previous contact with affiliate marketing can generate a respectable income with Perpetual Income 365. At least that is what Shawn Josiah promises in his video. Click here to discover the current discount!

What about the time required?

Perpetual Income 365 is designed for people who have little time to generate a (passive) income during the day through work, family and social events. In the first 31 days, the daily email follow-up sequences require a little more time than in the following months, but you don't have to take a holiday.

Perpetual Income 365 program explained

If you opt for Perpetual Income 365, you will receive two pre-designed squeeze pages, web hosting of these pages, a 31-day email follow-up sequence, and instructions for solo ad traffic.
The two squeeze pages are websites with their own URL where visitors to the site can sign up. By signing up, you will receive their email address and can use it for your email campaign. The site visitor, on the other hand, will be redirected to the PI365 Revenue Generation Program page and will have the opportunity to purchase Perpetual Income 365. If they invest their money, you will receive 50 percent commission.
The web hosting is necessary for your pages to go online. More precisely, web hosting is a space on a server that is available to your site.
The e-mail follow-up sequence is sent to you for 31 days. This is an email campaign from the person whose website brought you to Perpetual Income 365.
Solo ad traffic instructions are required to enable you to bring people to your site. After all, you can only earn commissions when people come to your site and sign up - which is impossible without advertising.

What is the Perpetual Income 365 process?

At the very beginning of course a registration is necessary. This is done at ClickBank, the affiliate network you will use as part of the affiliate program. You will also need to register with GetResponse, an email marketing service. All this is done with instructions, of course.
Once the registration is done on both platforms, you can connect them to your PI365-Squeeze page with one click and you will receive the page URL, which you can then promote.
The goal of this squeeze page is to collect as much contact information - such as email addresses - as possible from people who are interested in your product. In this way, you build up a permanent email list that can later serve as the basis for your email marketing campaigns. People who come to your site are also called traffic. The people who also provide their contact details afterwards are leads.
You have to pay the costs for the traffic. Perpetual Income 365 recommends several solo ad traffic services. They cost between $40 and $100 per 100 visits.
The purpose behind your squeeze page is for a visitor to sign up and then be automatically redirected to the Perpetual Income 365 sell page. When your lead makes a purchase, you automatically receive 50 percent of it as commission. At the same time, the lead that became a buyer will immediately receive your email campaign, which you manage through your GetResponse account. The new PI365 user will receive your e-mails for the next 31 days - unless he/she unsubscribes otherwise. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

What are the advantages of the product?

  • good entry into affiliate marketing
  • no previous knowledge necessary
  • easily understandable
  • has potential (if the right products are selected)
  • Fast support via e-mail
  • Facebook Group
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

What does the Perpetual Income 365 income plan look like?

How much money you will ultimately earn with PI365 depends heavily on you. According to the provider, he himself was able to earn more than 500,000 US dollars within one year. However, this is only possible if enough people sign up on your squeeze page and then buy PI365 to generate income.
In order to get as many people as possible on your site, you need to invest in solo ad traffic - so you have some expenses before you start earning money. But with the right strategy you can recoup these expenses - at least that's what the inventor says.

Are there unique Perpetual Income 365 features?

According to Shawn Josiah, Perpetual Income 365 is a tool whose strategy is completely unknown. So few people would use it. This small number of users should help to generate greater sales and thus profits. However, there are already many similar programs on the market. Thus the advertised uniqueness is more appearance than reality.
But what is really unique about exactly this system: It is ideal for beginners, eg. for people who have never dealt with affiliate marketing before. The reason for this is that every step is predetermined by Perpetual Income 365. This means that you can learn in practice and earn your first money with a little effort.

Perpetual Income 365 Quality Features

The quality of Perpetual Income 365 is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. This means that you can cancel Perpetual Income 365 even two months after the start if the software does not suit you.

Perpetual Income 365 reviews

Opinions differ widely on the PI365 income generation system. Some - including CyberCashWorldWide and One More Cup Of Coffee - claim that this is a solution that already exists in a similar form in many places. In a way, this may be true, although most other affiliate solutions are only slightly or not at all suitable for newcomers. Vents magazine, on the other hand, considers PI365 to be a software that is "incredibly useful and helps you run your business efficiently and almost easily".

Where can I buy Perpetual Income 365?

You can buy the online marketing software from the Perpetual Income 365 website, which can be accessed through squeeze pages from other PI365 users, or simply directly. Click here to watch an introductory video that gives you some basic information about Perpetual Income 365. Afterwards you can enter your name and e-mail address. You will then be redirected to the payment area of PI365 and can then generate your first income.
Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!


Q: Can I Cancel The Order?
Suppose you don't like Perpetual Income 365 or getting difficulty understanding it so that you can cancel your order within 14 days of your trial period.
And if you pay the program's full-time fees and want to refund it, you can apply for a refund within 60 days of your purchase and get the entire amount back.

Q: How Many Methods Does Perpetual Income 365 Include?
In this program, you may learn 10-12 product or service selling methods through affiliate marketing and digital marketing.

Q: Can I Become a Full-Time Affiliate Marketer?
Yes, many users confirmed that they started their businesses and worked as full-time online marketers by learning these affiliate marketing methods.
Many waiters, plumbers, and teachers leave their jobs and start adopting this profession, which can be confirmed by reading user reviews on their official product page.

Q: Does It Required Hard Work?
The answer is Yes and No. In starting, you have to work hard to understand affiliate marketing methods and build the website as instructed. It takes time and hard work but after making it, you don’t have to do anything; wait and see how money flows your way.

Q: Does Perpetual Income 365 Works?
This program helped many people worldwide as per user reviews on social media. They also have a Facebook Group where members meet and discuss the strategies that work for them. Check out real customers reviews on the official website.

Q: Do We Have To Quit Job?
It depends on a person's ability, you can start this business part-time and after getting success, you can hire people or do it on your own and quit 9 to 5 jobs which only give you limited money to fulfill the basic needs not luxury needs.
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2023.03.31 08:26 Arafasus How to know which offset i need for the liquid custom

Hi everyone,
I'm planning to build a new PC with a custom liquid, but i've seen that depending on the motherboard, case.. etc you may need an offset to connect the tubes correctly.
I've built many PC to friends but this will be my first time building a PC with a custom liquid loop i have the following question.
How can I know which offset to buy and how many of them (if i need one) to connect properly everything?
Here are the specs of the PC and the custom liquid i want to build:
Case: Lian li 011 Dynamic EVO Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z790-A Gaming WiFi CPU: I9 13900K CPU Waterblock: EKWB EK-Quantum Velocity 2 D-RGB 1700 Nickel + Plexi Distro plate: EK-Quantum Reflection² PC-O11D EVO D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi Radiator: EK-Quantum Surface P360M X-Flow
I won't be using GPU Waterblock on this build, only CPU.
If you need anything else to know which offset just let me know.
Thanks for everything!
submitted by Arafasus to buildapc [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 08:26 cressi_black Friends as an Adult

Hi All,
Post is not so much about making friends but interacting with new friends.
For the majority of my life I’ve had a very similar group of friends, a few of us have known each other for 25 years. And while we have all got careers/families and many have left our hometown whenever we are together it’s still very close. I think a few people in our group our neurodivergent so we have probably flocked together.
I am one of the few left in our hometown and over the last year or so I have been getting involved with some work industry groups and local community groups. Through these I have met some new people, a few of which I have even done social stuff with.
I am so used to having the same group of people around me it feels weird to have new friends, it’s even weird to consider the idea of having new friends.
Is it normal to feel this way??
I am so unsure about how to communicate with new people, what is a normal level of interaction, is it even friendship. Anything outside of my ‘normal’ makes me so unsure and confused.
I know it’s good to have a range of friends it’s just so foreign.
Another reason I’m so unsure is that a few people have assumed/asked if one of my new friends is my girlfriend. She is not, we just have some common interests so have formed a friendship. I identify at heterosexual and have no issues with those who are queer, but it feels like I can’t have a new friend without it being labeled.
I think my broke brain just is on a new stage of life and needs to rant or wants reassurance.
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2023.03.31 08:26 MinigunL5 How to Convince Parents to Let me Try ADHD Meds? I want to get better sleep and do my school work in a timely manner.

So I guess I'm technically diagnosed with ADHD and I do have a lot of ADHD symptoms but I'm not entirely convinced I have it. But that being said, I am still really struggling with getting schoolwork done (which is a whole other issue that I can't go into rn) and I would like to at least try some sort of ADHD medication to aid with focus. My doctor pretty strongly recommended to my parents that they at least try ADHD medication (specifically Vyvanse iirc) with me but my Mom was adamantly against it and my Dad just backed her up (the doctor was empathizing with me in private about this situation as she was appalled by my sleep😭). I told them that if they don't get me medication then maybe we could explore other options like some sort of CBT or whatever but that's gone nowhere.
So essentially my question is, how do i convince my parents to let me try ADHD medication to see if it helps me focus and get schoolwork done? Also I am not the type to sleep with an assignment not done (hence why I am writing this at 2AM my time) so the way I do homework has completely destroyed my sleep schedule this school year and the last (some weeks averaging 3 hrs of sleep a night but doing better this year).
There's no reason I can't try it, I do have an addictive personality but it shouldn't be an issue as long as my parents give me my medication. Also we can probably afford it, but my parents didn't even ask about the price. My mom does kinda have a bad opinion on any sort of mental health medication bc her dad (my grandpa, may he rest in peace) was prescribed something for anxiety and it changed him as a person according to my mother (I can't speak to him before the medication but he did act peculiar and rather slow in a weird way). Plus they are both influenced by the stereotypes around mental health medication and I think all of us are somewhat skeptical about if I actually have ADHD. They also might be worried about the addictive potential of ADHD medication but idrk.
There's more I could write here and this is kinda a jumbled mess but could y'all pls help me out here?
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2023.03.31 08:26 brattyoutlaw [M4A] The Walking Dead RP!

Hi there!
If you're reading this you're probably interested in my post! Well that's a no brainer, but anyways, I'm looking for a one on one romance RP within the world of The Walking Dead! I've recently started watching the show and am currently in season 7 and I absolutely love it! So much I've decided to do a RP based off it. I've been role-playing for a good 4 years now, and I'm hoping that someone would be interested enough to RP with me and craft an original story within the early first year of the outbreak!
Plot and story wise, I'd say I'm looking for extremely early in the outbreak, when people first started to leave big cities and such, when most people would start relying on themselves and on their groups (if they had one) to survive on their own. Maybe around 6 months into the outbreak, so it could definitely have already had an effect on the characters mental stability and their humanity, I would like this RP to have dark, gritty, and more serious themes while also being light hearted at times and kinda witty too. I'd like it progress from meeting someone on the road, falling in love with them, and getting either harsher and colder towards other people or going to extreme lengths to keep them safe and out of harm's way. I'd really love character growth! The plot is really up for whatever you're up for! We could just do a sort of slice of life of just surviving in the apocalypse or we could have a plot planned out, maybe an evil group or two that our characters get bad blood with, anything! It's up to how creative we can be! I'd really appreciate if you came with a plot in mind!
Speaking of characters, I'd like an OC x OC pairing! My character's name is Parker Arlgrand, 19 year old boy who has just barely getting by in the apocalypse, he isn't necessarily the strong and aggressive type (just yet, it depends on where the story goes to change how he is) he was quite the weak boy and still is, the outbreak though has made him had to grow in strength to survive, once a lighthearted boy is now just more of a quiet, almost apathetic, shell of a person, spending so much time, alone, travelling by himself really got to him when the only company he had were the walkers trying to kill him. He had to adapt and get used killing such things. It got to him, but I'm hoping your character could give the lost boy some hope in surviving and that there will be a happy ending, to make him happy and bring back that witty, snappy, sort of nerdy, and yet sarcastic part of him back out!
About writing length, I'll keep it relatively short here, I can write from 1-3 small paragraphs, or 1 or 2 really long ones, either works! It really depends on what your writing length and style is, and what I'm given to work within your responses, I'd love if you could write short, quick replies, while also getting into a lot of detail during high tense parts of the RP.
Thank you for reading this far! I'm excited to RP with whoever replies! I hope to have an amazing time roleplaying with you!
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2023.03.31 08:25 coolestsp00n How gekko could get a fair nerf that wont happen. (to be taken lightly)

Gekko, A very over powered agent if used properly. Most could say the same about Breach, Astra, Brimstone, Killjoy, jett, and many other agents. But Gekko is to easy to be used properly. Low floor, Low Ceiling.
To Start off, His ultimate. Basically killjoy on wheels and in a much smaller area. This also makes it very hard for defenders or offensive players to hold a spot. Most agent types are affected since it moves faster then the player and takes 4ish shots kill it I believe. It is also too easy to earn as an initiator.
How this can be fixed. Decrease movement speed to player speed, Decrease its health and Ult points 7->9(or 10).
You might think 9/10 is hard to get but. If you play Gekko his combination of flashing, concussing and damage is very simple to get 5 kills and 5 deaths that's 1 kill a round and 1 ult a half on the bare minimum.
Which leads me to the blind. There is no avoiding the blind ability. You cant turn away from it. It covers your screen, theres no high limit, range limit, enemies affected limit. And you can pick it back up.
The fix is easy. Decrease the time its up for, add a range from Gekko limit, Height limit like Cypher's camera, add a enemies limit to something like 2 or 3 because unlike an actual flash this thing shoots little goo droplets at you. It shouldn't be able to be picked up again as well. It should be regenerated or have a 50 second timer to pick it up. There should either be a 100 credit increase or limiting enemies.
I think the utility to plant and stun enemies is fine, its actually the most balanced item of his kit.
Mosh needs to be increased so players don't use it as freely and so it can be used in more applicable situations. This should also not be pickup able so soon as well should have a 35 second timer.
This should be tested in PBE, then Riot should take feedback if the nerfs are too much, too little or just right. Only some of these should be added due to the agents ability to push site and clear it much higher then it should be.
thanks for reading
submitted by coolestsp00n to VALORANT [link] [comments]