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What Should I Look for in a Banquet Hall for Party ?

2023.03.31 08:36 bulbulchauhan1930 What Should I Look for in a Banquet Hall for Party ?

What Should I Look for in a Banquet Hall for Party ?
When looking for a banquet hall for a party, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Capacity: Make sure the hall is large enough to comfortably accommodate all of your guests. Check the maximum capacity of the
hall and ensure that it can accommodate your guest list.
  1. Location: Consider the location of the banquet hall, and make sure it is easily accessible for your guests. You may also want to consider the availability of parking and transportation options.
  2. Amenities: Look for a banquet hall that offers the amenities you need for your party, such as tables, chairs, linens, audio-visual equipment, and catering services.
  3. Ambience: Consider the overall ambiance of the hall and make sure it fits with the theme of your party. Look for a hall that has the right lighting, décor, and atmosphere to create the desired mood for your event.
  4. Cost: Make sure the rental cost of the banquet hall fits within your budget. Consider any additional costs such as catering, decorations, and entertainment.
  5. Availability: Check the availability of the banquet hall for the date and time of your party, and make sure to reserve it well in advance.

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2023.03.31 08:31 tardezyx Overview of good streaming microphones and how to set them up (vocal chain)

At first, you have to decide between the type of the microphone: condenser or dynamic.
Generally, condenser microphones are more sensitive and record more of the room and thereby more color of your voice but are also more sensitive when it comes to general noise, esp. the clicking of your keyboard, mouse or controller. They are easier to drive than dynamic microphones and you can sit further away while still being recorded with enough loudness. They could be a choice when you use them in an acoustic treated room where echoes and modes are already handled or when you want to record/stream non-gaming content where your surroundings are quiet. Especially on the latter you should check out small diaphragm condenser microphones like the Okatava MK-012 which could be used out of screen and which even forgives bad room conditions. There are also so-called shotgun microphones, but their design makes them more suitable for treated rooms and outdoor use, as they cancel out the room reverberation necessary for the voice.
On the other hand, dynamic microphones which mostly come in a cardioid characteristic are less sensitive to bad room conditions and to noise as you need to speak more directly and within a short distance into them. They are also a bit harder to drive than condenser microphones. For the casual gaming streamer, who sits in an untreated room and wants to reduce all noise as much as possible, a dynamic microphone mostly is a better suit. Therefore the focus here lies on dynamic microphones.

Dynamic USB Microphones

Probably the best dynamic USB microphones for streaming (i.e. focusing on voice and speech including filtering of ambient noise) are currently the following, though each comes with a few drawbacks:
  • Deity VO-7U
Has a very low self-noise, is plug & play (no special drivers/software), has some fancy RGB variants (which can be switched off completely) and already sounds quite pleasant when delivered. The gain control works in reverse and triggers a very good internal limiter from about 50 %. It handles plosives relatively well without a windscreen, but is more sensitive to sibilants.
The microphone arm that comes with the set is not much good and is quite wobbly. This arm is sufficient to start with, but should be replaced within a few months, since its table attachment is only glued to relatively thin plastic material on the inside and will simply break in the foreseeable future. The set with the arm is nevertheless worthwhile if you want to use the windscreen or do not yet own any microphone arm.
To adjust it reasonably to your own voice, you should use e.g. Equalizer APO with some VSTs (see below). I also recommend installing Volume² and TorkilsMicMuter so that you can turn off the mic via software (and thus no longer have an annoying red RGB light when it is deactivated). To handle the sibilants, you could use TDR Nova (e.g.) as De-Esser to attenuate the affected frequencies (see below where the vocal chain is explained).
  • Rode X XDM-100
It is relatively heavy and large (especially with the shock mount, which is also necessary as a mount on a microphone arm), which means that a particularly resilient microphone arm is required here. The windscreen unfortunately takes some presence away from the voice, but hardly seems necessary.
You need the Rode X Unify software for this, which - similar to Elgato's Wave Link, Steelseries GG or VoiceMeeter (see below) - creates virtual audio tracks with which you can make various presettings for streaming. However, it is more important that you can/must also make your microphone settings here, since the microphone's own Aphex DSP chip can only be set via this software, with which you can get a lot out of the basic recording, which is good in itself. The software doesn't seem to be fully developed yet, but it runs more stable than it did a few months ago. Unfortunately, this software is only available for Windows.
  • Shure MV7
The little brother of the infamous Shure SM7b which sounds a bit musty and is more suited to metal vocalists and instrument recordings than streamers, but is hyped for its elegant looks while in reality there are better options out there which are not as hard to drive.
The MV7 is also still a bit musty, unfortunately has micro USB (and no USB-C) and reacts very strongly to plosives, which can be dealt with using an alternative windscreen (for example, the Shure RK345). You can also set a limiter here, but it probably doesn't always work correctly or hardly does anything. In addition, some other integrated functions can be set via software similar to the Rode X XDM-100. A big plus is the already integrated XLR connector, which allows a later change to an interface. The bold logo, which constantly jumps into the camera, unfortunately leaves the aftertaste of a permanent commercial.
  • Further notes and settings
There are of course even cheaper dynamic USB variants (FDUCE SL40, FiFine 688, Mackie EM-USB, t.bone MB 7 Beta USB, etc.), even some that are similarly priced (e.g. PreSonus PD-70, PreSonus Revelator Dynamic, Rode Podcaster, Samson Q9U, etc.) but they can't keep up with the above mentioned ones in USB operation, either because they have a higher noise floor or other problems. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to test whether these are better suited to one's own voice, location and handling and whether their tonal disadvantages can be compensated via equalizer adjustments and VSTs (see below).

Dynamic XLR Microphones

XLR microphones usually provide a better recording signal with less noise floor than USB microphones, provided they are suitably amplified. There are no "best" microphones per se, since personal preferences predominate here. However, the following should be singled out here, since you can achieve very good recording quality with these and, in combination with a relatively good entry-level interface (for about $ 150-300), stay under $ 500:
  • Shure MV7X
See Shure MV7 above - is quasi identical, only without the USB functionalities. Requires about +55 dB gain.
  • Rode Procaster
Similar to the Rode X XDM-100 above, i.e. also heavy and clunky. It is also a bit bass-heavy, but this can be remedied using an equalizer. Requires about +56 dB gain.
  • SE DynaCaster DCM8
Already without software extraordinarily versatile adaptable, whereby it approaches the quality of various, partially twice as expensive competition microphones. It handles plosives very well indoors, even without a windscreen, which also makes it stand out visually. The position of the XLR connector might slightly interfere with some microphone arms. Requires about +58 dB of gain. However, you can activate the internal amplifier via 48V phantom power (must be supplied by the interface), which raises the level by +30 dB, but the recording quality suffers somewhat.
  • Further notes and interfaces
Here, too, there are of course cheaper variants, whereby the combination of a Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 with the Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD (delivers up to +51 dB gain) might be the cheapest entry-level combination with acceptable recording results. Also worth mentioning is the Elgato Wave DX, which comes quiet cheap in a set with interface, arm and XLR cable.
Also with the interfaces it depends clearly on the own requirements. For example, with the simple Elgato Wave XLR (provides up to +75 dB gain, of which +23 dB via software) you can use the Elgato Wave Link software, which also allows the integration of VST plug-ins in addition to virtual tracks (see below). The PreSonus Revelator io24 (delivers up to +60 dB gain), on the other hand, additionally offers DSP effects and loopback channels. Furthermore, you can also buy so-called streaming decks like the TC-Helicon GoXLR Mini (delivers up to +72 dB gain).
Attention should be paid here to the possible amplification (gain) and to the phantom power (48V) that may be necessary to be able to drive the selected XLR microphone. If the gain is not sufficient, there is also the possibility to connect additional PreAmp plugs in between (e.g. the TritonAudio FetHead).

Adjustments via equalizer and VST effects

  • Equalizer APO
For Windows users, adjusting the EQ and adding VST effects systemwide for each audio device can be done via the free software Equalizer APO. It uses the "config.txt" file as entry point in which you can include other files where you have your device-specific settings (caution: they all should be in the same folder as the config.txt). Those files are simple text files which can also adjusted via Notepad. You can also write little batch scripts and easily switch between different settings by overwriting the config files. You can either use those scripts as desktop or task bar shortcuts by which you can apply keyboard shortcuts to them or bind them in your stream deck as command.
While you are able to add VST effects to your audio device within Equalizer APO, it has one downside setting those up as you are not able to see live frequency changes on your microphone within Equalizer APO as it adjusts the signal before it is routed to the Windows audio processing. The only thing you can see, are the adjustments to the general frequency band.
  • Steelseries GG (part of Steelseries Sonar)
This little free software provides three additional virtual channels on which you can apply some EQ settings and route your audio for streaming. E.g. can it be used to set up two different audio sources for your live and VOD stream or to adjust the sound of a game (to enhance footsteps) or of your mates (e.g. in Discord). It is simple to understand and to set up but requires a registration.
  • VoiceMeeter
This is an alternative to Steelseries GG as it provides multiple virtual channels and a more complex way of routing those channels from and to different input and output devices. Unfortunately, it is way more difficult to set up and a bit more confusing than Steelseries GG.
  • Elgato Wave Link
This software is only useable with Elgato hardware like the Elgato Wave XLR. It unifies the functionality of Equalizer APO and Steelseries GG as it provides various additional virtual channels on which you can apply different EQ and VST effects on each of them. You can also directly set up plugins like "reafir" as you get a direct input signal from your microphone. It is also more easily to switch effects and to integrate it to your stream deck. Furthermore, you can set up different volume settings between your monitoring and stream channels.
  • Others
Some USB microphones and many XLR interfaces like the above mentioned PreSonus Revelator io24 (and mostly more expensive interfaces) also have integrated DSP chips by which you can apply various EQ or even VST settings and could be an alternative if you are not happy with the software solutions or are not able to use them (e.g. when you are using a Mac).

Vocal Chain: How to set up your microphone

I highly recommend adjusting your microphone to your conditions (voice, room, recording location within the room, surroundings, etc.) as those are very different for each user. Thereby, you can enhance the recording quality of your microphone tremendously but keep in mind that every setting is optional and can be very different for your conditions.
I recommend using the following VST plugins:
When I mention the Q factor in the following sections I mean the corresponding setting for the EQ setting within Equalizer APO (e.g. peaking filter). By that the affected frequency range is meant. The lower the Q factor the broader the range and vice versa.
The vocal chain is generally set up as follows:

1. Noise filter

Remove the noise of the microphone/interface and permanent surround noises (e.g. fan noise, street noise, whatever).
This is the most complex one to set up but you only have to to this once, so be patient.
You need to record a "quiet" signal for about 10 seconds and save this as audio wave file. You can use Audacity for this. Of course, do not speak or breathe into the microphone while recording. Furthermore, cut the first and last 2 seconds of your recording in order to not have any mouse clicks in the final audio file. The purpose is to have a recording of only the microphone ground noise and permanent surrounding noises.
Then open OBS, add the recording as media file and loop it. Now you should see a low audio signal within OBS. Right click on the media file source, click on filter, add an audio filter, select "VST-2.x-Plugin", name it "test123", select the plugin "reafir_standalone", close the window and open the filter overview again to see the button "open plugin interface" on which you click.
You should now see the reafir window with a low frequency signal on the bottom left. Set the "Edit Mode" to "Precise", the "FFT Size" to "4096" and the "Mode" to "Subtract". Then activate "Automatically build noise profile" and wait around 30 to 60 seconds.
Reafir is now setting a frequency filter which corresponds the signal of the audio source (our recording). After you have waited, you can simply close OBS.
Now we need the result which is stored within the corresponding OBS file which is saved under:
  • C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\obs-studio\basic\scenes
Just open the newest .json file in Notepad and search for "test123" (this was the name we gave the plugin within OBS). A bit after the result comes the chunk data of this plugin which contains the filter value that has been generated. This is a very long cryptic string which goes over several lines. We need the whole value within the quotation marks. Copy it to a new file named "ground noise" or something and save it to your desktop.
Now we need to apply this generated value to our real filter.
For Equalizer APO:
  • add the reafir VST plugin and close Equalizer APO
  • open the corresponding config file (within C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config) with Notepad and find the following line: VSTPlugin: Library "C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\ReaPlugs\reafir_standalone.dll" ChunkData ...
  • paste the content of your "ground noise" file within the quotation marks after "ChunkData"
  • save the file
For Elgato Wave Link
  • add the reafir VST plugin
  • the content of your "ground noise" file should then be inserted into the corresponding ChunkData value in one of these files: %appdata%\Elgato\WaveLink\MixerConfiguration.json %appdata%\Elgato\WaveLink\AudioRoutingSettings.xml
  • save the file (and perhaps reboot)

2. Noise gate

Filter all other noises (keyboard, mouse clicks, rustle, coughs, rumble, etc.).
Add the Real-time Noise Suppression Plugin (rnnoise_stereo.dll) and open its interface window.
  • VAD Treshhold: here you set the general filter which is defined by the propability a signal is voice/speech. The lower you set this value, the higher is the chance, that non-speech is getting recorded. The default value of 0.60 (= 60 %) should be good.
  • VAD Grace and Retroactive VAD Grace Period: adds a bit of tolerance time which can add some latency. You need to test this values according to your speaking behaviour (check, if your speech is cut on the beginning and end of your sentence(s)).

3. Low Cut

Filter all low bass frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a high-pass filter. I recommend setting this up at around 63-80 Hz.
Many microphones and interfaces provide one or even two high-pass filters at around 75-150 Hz on the hardware itself or within their software. If so, I recommend using the lower setting.

4. Compressor

This is used to reduce the dynamic of your speech (louder signals are softened and quieter signals are enhanced) and to distort the overall signal (e.g. to get the typical broadcasting sound). This should be set up after everything else but it is the fourth step within the vocal chain processing.
You can use the multiband compressor "ReaXCompX" (reaxcomp-standalone.dll) for this. This highly depends on your hardware and voice, but as starting point you could use the following values:
(Frequency, Threshold, Ratio, Gain, Knee, Attack, Release, RMS)
  • 137, -20, 3:1, 1, 0, 3, 100, 5
  • 1147, -18, 2:1, 0, 0, 3, 100, 5
  • 6910, -25, 2:1, -2, 0, 3, 100, 5
  • 24000, -25, 3:1, 1, 0, 3, 100, 5

5. Main Cut

The main cut is split into 4 sub regions:
5.1. Low and High Cut
Filter all low bass frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a high-pass filter. We already did this on step 3 but we need to do this again as the compressor on step 4 could lead to new low bass frequencies. Use the same setting as you did in step 3.
Filter all high frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a low-pass filter. I recommend setting this up at around 18,000 Hz with a default Q value.
5.2. Handling Room Modes
If you have an untreated room, you first need to find out on which frequencies problematic room modes could be created. The frequency range should be around 80-200 Hz.
To identify the modes, you can use the room mode calculator (, enter your room dimensions and look for spots where where several red lines are closer together. Then play a song on your monitors (do not use a headphone, of course) with bass frequencies (I recommend some electronic music), turn it a little louder and use a peaking filter with a lowemedium Q factor and a moderate gain (+3 to +9 dB). Now scan the problematic region with this peaking filter. When it rumbles, the chance is high you have found a room mode. Apply a notch filter on each of the rumbling frequencies with a gain reduction of -3 to -9 dB and a high Q factor (12.00 to 30.00).
5.3. Handling Nasal Honk and Sibilances
The nasal honk lies between 800 and 1,500 Hz, depending on your voice. You can reduce it by setting a peaking filter around 1,050 Hz with a gain reduction of -3 to -6 dB and either a low or high Q factor (0.5 to 12.00).
Sibilances (s, ch, ts sounds) can be harsh and annoying, depending on your voice and hardware. You can find them by using a test record with many sibilances and using a peaking filter with a moderate gain (+6 to +12 dB). The range you should look at is between 2,800 and 11,000 Hz. Apply a peaking filter with a gain reduction of -3 to -6 dB and a higher Q factor (12.00) to each of the problematic frequencies you found.
5.4. Vocal Enhancements
Until here, we only reduced problematic frequency ranges but now we want to enhance those where our voice shines with moderate settings (+1 to +3 dB and a low Q factor):
  • Increase vocal bass with a low shelf filter around 100 to 150 Hz.
  • Boost the vocal core for more clarity with a peaking filter between 1,000 and 2,000 Hz.
  • Add presence with a peaking filter between 4,000 and 5,500 Hz.
  • Brighten the vocals for air & sparkle with a high shelf filter around 8,000 to 12,000 Hz.
Then we should apply a negative pre amp that decreases the volume with the amount we have increased it via all enhancements. The pre amp should be put before the enhancements are made. This is done for two reasons: to not change the overall volume via our main cut and to not overdrive the audio signal. By the way, this should be done on each step, if necessary and therefore most plugins provide an additional gain setting which should be used to adjust the output volume to the input level.

6. De-Esser

While we already detected and slightly reduced the problematic sibilance frequencies and we can also handle them via a so-called "De-Esser" by which we additionally compress those frequencies.
Therefore we can use TDR Nova (TDR Nova.dll). The general settings could be as follows:
  • Quality: Precise+
  • HP: 40 Hz, 24 dB/oct
  • LP: 22000 Hz, 24 dB/oct
  • EQ Gain: ON
  • Dry Mix: 0 %
  • Out Gain: 3.0 dB
Then we can use up to 3 or 4 frequency bands to handle each sibilance frequency for which we use those settings:
  • Q: 6
  • Gain: -3 dB
  • Treshold: -4.5 to -6 dB
  • Ratio: 2:1
  • Attack: 5 ms
  • Release: 150 ms
Additionally we can handle plosives by applying the following frequency band:
  • Q: 0.5
  • Frequency: 160 Hz
  • Gain: 0 dB
  • Treshold: -3 dB
  • Ratio: 2:1
  • Attack: 5 ms
  • Release: 200 ms

7. Gate

This gate is used to cut all low noises while speaking (e.g. breathing).
We can use ReaGate (reagate-standalone.dll) with the following settings for this:
  • ReaGate: -40 to -30 dB
  • Pre-open: 0 ms
  • Attack: 3 ms
  • Hold: 1 ms
  • Release: 100 ms
  • Hysteresis: 0 dB

8. Limiter

The audio signal is capped at a maximum loudness level. This is used to prevent the recording from clipping and your viewers/listeners ears from bleeding.
Some microphones and interfaces provide an internal limiter setting. As those are not often reliable, I recommend to additionally set an own limiter.
You can use George Yohng's W1 Limiter (George Yohng's W1 Limiter x64.dll) with these settings for this:
  • Treshold: -6.0 dB
  • Release: 250 ms
  • Adaptive Release: active
  • Ceiling: -4.5
Thats it. Have fun and good luck by setting up your vocal chain.
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2023.03.31 08:24 Pushpam_sanskruti Does real estate investment include land investment?

Does real estate investment include land investment?
Yes, real estate investment can include land investment. In fact, land investment is one of the most basic and fundamental types of real estate investment. When you invest in land, you are essentially purchasing a piece of property without any structures on it, such as a house or a commercial building. Land can be bought for a variety of reasons, such as for development or for holding as a long-term investment. Some investors purchase land with the intention of building on it themselves, while others may hold onto the land and sell it at a later date when its value has increased. So, while real estate investment can include various types of properties, land investment is definitely a part of it.
Balibaug-Real Estate Project in Alibaug
Here are some additional details about investing in land as a form of real estate investment:
  • Appreciation: As mentioned earlier, land is a valuable asset that can appreciate in value over time. This is because the supply of land is limited, and demand for it can increase due to factors such as population growth, urbanization, and economic development. When investing in land, it's important to consider factors such as location, zoning laws, and future development plans, as these can have a significant impact on the land's value.
  • Development potential: Land can also be developed for various purposes, such as residential, commercial, or industrial use. Developing land requires significant capital investment, but it can also generate substantial returns if the development is successful. When evaluating land for development potential, it's important to consider factors such as market demand, competition, and regulatory requirements.
  • Passive income: While land generally does not produce income on its own, it can be leased or rented to generate passive income for the investor. For example, a landowner could lease land to a farmer for agricultural use or to a telecommunications company for the installation of a cell tower. Rental income from land can provide a steady stream of income for the investor without requiring active management.
  • Risks: Like any investment, investing in land comes with risks. One of the biggest risks is the possibility of the land's value decreasing due to changes in market conditions or unexpected events, such as environmental disasters or changes in zoning laws. Additionally, developing land can be a complex and costly process that requires significant expertise and resources. Investors should carefully evaluate the risks and potential rewards of investing in land before making a decision.
Resort Home Investment Project-Balibaug
Hence if you are really invested in real estate land investment then I will suggest you a beautiful & unique project in Alibaug that is near Nagaon & Akshi Beaches. Balibaug is a unique theme-based resort home project with 2 & 3-bedroom villas. It is an upcoming emerging villa project hence if you buy a villa here it is as good as investing in a piece of land & getting a constructed, maintenance-free home without any cost. It is also adorned with amenities like a swimming pool, spa, clubhouse, multi-cuisine restaurant, etc. Villas are also built with a private pool & garden. Every element of this project has the essence of Balinese culture. It is not only a luxurious accommodation or a holiday home investment but it is also an active investment option. Once you invest here, you get assured returns every month plus it is like owning a luxurious resort that earns you rental income. This is really a unique option in today's times when you have to wait for a maturity period to get ROI. It is also a RERA registered project hence no concern of legalities plus their team also ensures you all the financial assistance for loans & other formalities.
This is the most dynamic form of real estate investment as of now. Villas or resort homes is the hottest trend that would secure your present as well as future.
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2023.03.31 08:17 antnyb 32 [M4F] Seattle - Reflections on Childhood

The young boy is crying, throwing a tantrum in the parking garage of the upscale hotel where I'm living. He's in the care of his waning patient mother. The boy is inconsolable. He knows with the pure instinct of preconsciousness that something isn't right.
Something just isn't right with the world. It's a schism of the mind, a strange world of self aware conscious animals. There's so many impositions, the meager child can't tolerate it, hasn't learned to tolerate it. God forbid the impositions of this world ever becomes second nature. But little does he know that this is the purest and most steadfast his mind will ever be. Pure rejection of contrivances.
He hates daycare everytime his mom drops him off at this commercial establishment. It is the embodiment of everything wrong in a child's world. Mostly all indoors. The toys are decrepit and all wrong. There's not even any Legos. Its if we were cattle, and not kids. There's no escape.
It's early in the morning and life is an absolute fog. But the kid warms up, conforms to the system, instinctively knows there's no choice. You have to make the best of an artificial situation. And so begins the endless rollercoaster of existential dread and acceptance. Bargaining with the intangible collective forces.
Yet the mother also faces such unimaginable difficulties, the savage burden of a life. A life burgeoning beyond layers, tearing at the sheets, one after the other, after the other, to see what's on the other side, but more and more white sheets, each discarded one bloodied and unmendable. And at the end is of course oblivion.
I was once that boy. But how we learn to cry on the inside, still inconsolable. Yet we still do laugh at the strange ironies. That comes from inside us, not externally. The smile, at that new coat of paint on the brick wall. It's something. But how do we smash through it? The thought of that makes me smile, as a child.
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2023.03.31 08:05 Pushpam_sanskruti How does investing in real estate work?

How does investing in real estate work?
Real estate investment is the best way to invest your money & earn returns on it. The pandemic times was the period when people shifted their paradigms from other forms of investment to real estate investment. One reason for this was people wanted a home away from home to spend a relaxing time with the family. Another reason was as the entire economy was vulnerable it was one thing that has been comparatively stable in all the hard times.
Balibaug- Resort Home Investment Project in Alibaug
But still, you need to look out for some factors that should not be ignored. Investing in real estate involves purchasing a property with the goal of generating income or appreciation over time. Here's a brief overview of how it works:
  • Determine your investment goals: Before investing in real estate, you need to determine what you hope to achieve from the investment. Do you want to generate rental income, flip properties for a profit, or hold properties for long-term appreciation?
  • Identify properties: Once you have your investment goals, you need to identify properties that match your objectives. You can use a real estate agent, online listings, or networking to find properties that fit your criteria.
  • Analyze the property: Once you have identified a property, you need to analyze it to determine its value, potential income, and expenses. You should consider factors such as location, condition, rental demand, and the cost of any repairs or renovations.
  • Secure financing: Unless you have the funds to purchase the property outright, you will need to secure financing from a lender. This may involve getting pre-approved for a mortgage, finding a private lender, or using other creative financing options.
  • Make an offer and close the deal: Once you have secured financing and completed your due diligence, you can make an offer on the property. If your offer is accepted, you will need to sign a purchase agreement and work with a real estate attorney to complete the transaction.
  • Manage the property: Once you own the property, you need to manage it effectively to generate income and protect your investment. This may involve finding tenants, handling maintenance and repairs, and ensuring that the property is in compliance with local regulations.
  • Monitor your investment: Real estate investing is a long-term strategy, and you should monitor your investment over time to ensure that it is meeting your objectives. You may need to adjust your strategy or make changes to the property as market conditions change.

Balibaug Project in Alibaug
If you are looking for some best real estate projects then here I will tell you about an amazing & unique project in Alibaug. Alibaug, Karjat & vicinity areas are experiencing so much development that it is becoming a hub of luxury projects. Balibaug is a match made in heaven for Bali Feel in Alibaug! Balibaug is the villa project design inspired by Bali’s temple & palace architecture. It is adorned with amenities like a spa, swimming pool, banquet hall, party area, open lush green spaces, terrace restaurants, etc. This project is developed by Pushpam Infra, a real estate company based in Pune. They have built 2 & 3 BHK villas with private pools & gardens. The villas, interior, ambiance, decor, flora & fauna, everything has the essence of Balinese culture.
A Balibaug villa is not only a luxury purchase but also an active investment. Having partnered with best-in-class hotel services and a rental program, Pushpam Group's Balibaug not only offers you a no-maintenance holiday home where you can enjoy holidays with your family and loved ones but also earn you an income. It is an authentic experience to own an asset that is free of any liabilities.
Hence I feel you should explore Balibaug before you take any decision of investment in Real estate.
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2023.03.31 07:57 Objective-Clothes740 Adhd sophomore college student worried about traveling on road trip with university organization. No parent to give me advice so I thought this would be the best place

Yes the trip will include fun activities but it’s also a professional meet up with companies looking for internships trip. 1.) Im worried about the long bus ride (about 4 hr) 2.) I’m worried about forgetting to take meds because I will most likely be excited and easily distracted early in the morning for sure (sometimes I forget in my normal day even though I set alarms). We are supposed to be in charge of keeping up with our own meds. Also we will be sharing a hotel room with a partner for two nights.
It was brought up about using my school accomidations…..but as I have never used them for traveling with the school I’m not sure what to ask for
1.)Can anyone help me BRAINSTORM SOME ACCOMIDATIONS I MAY NEED WHILE TRAVELING WITH MY SCHOOL GROUP. ( off the bat I mentioned to them my own seat for when meds wear off and sensory processing issues that could occur) I HAVE COMBINED TYPE ADHD.
2.) Should I keep my adhd meds with me or should I try to get them to figure a way to hold on to them for me even though they said we had to keep up our own meds. ( I’m just worried I will not be able to keep my meds out like I do at home so that’s what started this in the first place. I’ve had a roommate on a band trip take some of my pills before because they were out so that I remembered them) HOPE THIS WAS ENOUGH DETAILS FOR YOU ALL TO HELP ME OUT……young adult doing this on my own… I could really use some parental advice and support on this matter THANKS!
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2023.03.31 07:50 theTEL0S Upcoming family trip looking for advice

Traveling in May (5-13) with my wife and 21 month old daughter.
Looking for any advice for things to do, eat, drink, etc. Driving feedback/advice appreciated too.
Itinerary (AirBnBs, hotels, rental car, trains, planes booked)
5pm Friday-11am Saturday staying near Heuston station for train trip Saturday Morning.
1pm Saturday-midday Tuesday in Limerick (will have a rental car Saturday-Friday). Staying at the Kerrygold Dairy Farm.
Tuesday to Friday morning Killarney
4pm Friday to noon Saturday Dublin staying in Temple Bar.
Thanks in advance for anything/everything! Sláinte!
Some backstory:
My wife and I visited Ireland for our honeymoon in 2015. Our itinerary then was: Dublin for 2 days (checked off most of the Dublin Pass locations) and Cork (sin é and white rabbit are fondly remembered) for 2 days with bus tour day trips to Belfast from Dublin and Cliffs of Moher from Cork back in 2015 for our honeymoon. Missed the ring of Kerry mostly.
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2023.03.31 07:50 GoudaCheeser [FoL] Theorycrafts for each class

Death Knight: Rainbow DK
Overview: Of all my lists, this is my favorite, but also the most subject to change. Paparazzi intrigues me as the potential to discover Marrowgar is insane, and most Death Knight Legendaries are good effects for an attrition deck. That being said there are a lot of neutral legendaries which don't help our deck at all - so maybe vulpera scoundrel is the way to go. But what about School Teacher? Surprisingly, only 4/20 of the 3 or less spells spend corpses - vampiric blood, blood tap, defrost, and shadowforging - vs. 8/30 of the total death knight spells, meaning our odds of hitting a good payoff like Army of the Dead or Corpse Explosion go up drastically with scoundrel vs. School Teacher. Not to mention Vulpera gives us a 4th option. Regardless, We already have a decent amount of corpse spenders as well as Fizzle to try and maximize the impact of Climactic Necrotic Explosion and hopefully turn it into a Denathrius-like effect.

Demon Hunter: Outcast Rush DH
Overview: Finally, Vengeful Spirit rotates (along with 4 mana Kurtrus and Chaos Leech). Looks a bit reminiscent of whirlkick rogue with your big payoffs being a 0 mana 5/5 with rush - not to mention an arcane intellect that tutors with mana cheat and a better version of magnifying glaive. Also Pozzik is probably going to be a staple in any board-based tempo deck as it is comparable to loatheb when playing with a board as it denies your opponent from playing any minion that Pozzik could trade into and denies any removal on Pozzik himself if the opponent wants to deal with the rest of your board. Look out for this guy - he'll be in a lot of these lists since I'm biased towards aggro.
Druid: Tony Jailer Druid
Overview: a 5 mana tutor your win con and reduce its cost by 1? Yes please. Summer Flower Child is an insanely strong card for a combo deck so it makes this list work. Anub'arak+Kael'thas+Jailer = Potential turn 7 21/24 with immune - not to mention only anub'rekan needs the discount for the combo to come online early as long as all the cards are in hand. Tony is an obvious inclusion and a part of the combo people have really been excited (or scared) about. Not sure if renathal is staying so I didn't do a 40 list but with all the tutors and draw and the strong coreset for control neutrals I could see that being the way this deck wants to go.
Hunter: Face Hunter
Overview: Look who it is - I told you he would pop up again. With all the buffs and early minions, Hunter looks to develop a strong early game board with must-kill threats and protect them with buffs, monkeys, and wildseeds - and eventually capitalize off the initiative with Pozzik. K9-o-tron gets significantly weaker without trogg and peasant so I decided to cut it despite being a good aggro card, but Hunter more than makes up for it with Arrow Smith. While I think it's worse than unnerfed Kolkar Pack Runner, it's still comparable to a nerfed card so I think it's strong. Ancient Krakenbane and Dragonbane (may cut after playtesting) add some nice top end burn along with wildseeds to make sure board isn't lost early. Look out for the smorc!
Mage: Spooky Lightshow Mage
Overview: Name could be better but it gets to the point. The new discover mechanics in mage work extremely well with both Lightshow and Deathborne. In essence the deck is trying to generate copies of Lightshow while having a win condition to fall back on if that doesn't work. Notably with rotation mage loses a lot of their spells meaning School Teacher and Vast Wisdom have a pretty good chance of discovering Lightshow. E.T.C. sideboard would be Kel'Thuzad, Zilliax, and Polymorph: Jellyfish as a way to deal with a variety of matchups (Jellyfish serves as a 2 for 1 card with the ability to be big removal or spell damage). Also Rommath is a massive value card that could potentially otk with enough copies of Lightshow or even Deathborne if your opponent has enough minions to kill. I don't think Infinitize the Maxitude is good enough but I didn't study the pool too heavily so maybe it's consistent enough to run or take a spot in E.T.C.'s board. Also Fizzle is a dream card in this deck as it is a draw resource late game as well as a way to generate extra copies of your win cons.
Paladin: Pure Paladin (Yawn)
The Paladin Core Set is strong, but only hand of adal makes the cut in this list. Maybe a control-styled deck would be more interested in the new cards, but pure paladin wants to find order in the court before turn 5 to get a turn 6 Countess. Boogie Down isn't amazing, but it's drawing two cards for us and playing them immediately making the card good for our goal. With all the divine shield support and rotation of many key paladin cards, Buffet Bigum returns to the list as a nice way of setting up Funkfin or Jitterbug. Not my favorite deck to play, but it nonetheless gets some fun toys to play with (ahem, turn 1 Sanguine Soldier into turn 2 spotlight).
Priest: Undead Shadow Priest
Overview: I get it, you could find this list by going onto HS Replay minus a few cards. That being said very little of the deck rotates and the only really impactful rotation is voidtouched attendant. Shadowcloth Needle gets replaced by Idol's adoration and Najak gets replaced by... you guessed it, Pozzik. I'm currently learning Svalna priest and I think there is a control priest deck possible, but 1) I don't know the deck well enough to build that list and 2) Xyrella and Radiant leave standard meaning over half of the minions in the deck are no longer available to use. I'm hopeful for control priest, but I know shadow priest will be good. Sidenote: Shadow Ascendant comes back in the core set and seems like an obvious replacement for the slower Mind Eater. Could also see egg get played .
Rogue: Tempo Secret Rogue
Overview:In a complete opposite direction, I try to build a semi-new rogue deck. Without Mailbox dancer I just don't see Miracle Rogue getting it done. Instead combo rogue looks interesting using the secret package as an efficient way of disrupting the opponent with ghastly gravedigger, fitting in an efficient combo card in private eye, and potentially generating extra copies of high value cards with cheat death making its return. E.T.C. sideboard should be M.C. Blingtron, Shadowjeweler Hanaar, and a second breakdance. Remember that E.T.C. will likely get more than 1 of these cards generated with all the bounce effects the deck has access to and these 3 provide a good balance of value, tempo, and lethality. While I didn't include him, Pozzik intrigues me in rogue as he could potentially break the game if his deathrattle summons all the bots in the opponent's hand, making him a prime shadowstep target to follow up with Shattershambler

Shaman: Overload Shaman
Overview: Pretty simple. Use your tutor to draw Inzah (or school teacher) and play good stats for the cost. Jazz Bass allows you to cheat out an early JIVE INSECT or Pack the House, and Azsharan scroll is a two of since it's a 2/3 chance to get a good card (the fire spells are JIVE, Scalding Geiser, and Blazing Transformation, meaning the card has a 66% of either being 1 mana discover Jive Insect or 2 mana deal 2 add 3 spells to your hand, in which the Sunken Scroll then has a 33% of giving JIVE INSECT as the fire spell.
Warlock: Disruption Warlock
Overview: Self explanatory. Use Plaguespreaders, Dirty Rat, and Rin to disrupt your opponent as much as possible and hope to win the fatigue game with Symphony of Sins or Baron (or both but Rin makes it a question mark). Tour Guide is back and he's warlock's best buddy along with defile. Unfortuantely there aren't any great spell damage minions to use with defile as Thalnos is an undead and Silvermoon arcanist is a 3 mana tax for 1 singular spell damage proc. Nevertheless this is how to piss off your opponent. Also Fizzle makes for a nice insurance policy on one of your wincons.
Warrior: Control Rock Warrior
Overview: Black Rock n' Roll is the only hope warrior got, so I doubled down and build a deck around the effect. Conqueror's Banner is an efficient draw tool which unfortunately never had time to shine due to Control Warrior's abysmal winrate, so I build my deck pretty heavily. Unfortunately warrior could still have an abysmal winrate but I think this is their best shot since enrage warrior loses a few too many pieces (Specifically both Rokara's and Whirling Combatant) for my liking. Deck definitely could use some tweaking but Bladestorm and dynomatic make nice additions to the deck along with Zilliax and One Amalgam Band. Could also see a more combo-oriented route using Jailer + Tony with Tony + Fires as a backup win condition but there isn't quite enough draw to make that work (since the deck is cheaper conquerors banner gets a lot worse).
If you made it to the end thanks for reading and leave your thoughts in the comments! I'm a legend-ish player (peak was Rise of Shadows to Darkmoon - top 100) who plays more for fun now but still likes grinding to legend. I'm not a prophet but I see some interesting decks in the horizon, and I definitely think a few of these newer archtypes are going to see play.
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2023.03.31 07:49 lydiahehe Are Glass Railings Worth It?

Are Glass Railings Worth It?

Are Glass Railings Worth It?

Types of glass railings

According to the division with or without post, the two main types of glass railing are: frameless glass railing and post glass railing. Among them, frameless glass railings can be divided into: hanging glass railing, floor railing and swimming pool railing according to the different ways of fixing.
The first type is hanging glass railing, while glass is fixed by glass fasteners, sometimes called standoffs. Glass fasteners can also be called advertising nails. The common way of fixing is that two glass fasteners instead of a column fixed glass. Each column of two glass fasteners, equal spacing, alignment alignment. Neat and tidy glass fasteners, often hidden in the side of the floor, sitting in the living room to look at the side, you can only see the glass exposed on the ground, very simple and clear view.
The second kind of groove floow railing, is the use of the groove bar fixed glass, front, side and pre-buried three ways are available. Groove bar common aluminum groove and stainless steel groove, not easy to rust, durable, not only for indoor, can also be used for outdoor patio. The square groove railing, like a gift box, is solid and reliable, guarding the plants and trees in the middle and the people in the building, and is a safety line of protection.
The third type of pool railing, held in place with floor-to-ceiling glass clips. This type of glass railing is commonly used around the pool, so it is also called pool railing. Floor glass clips are small and delicate, square, round, oval …… No matter which shape of floor glass clip, as long as it is a reasonable spacing arrangement, you can fix the glass securely. Together with the matching door lock, the whole set of glass railing can not only block the water, but also restrict access, fully functional.

The advantages of glass railings

Glass railings are becoming increasingly popular due to the many advantages they offer. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider adding a glass railing to your home.
Safety: Safety is one of the major advantages of a glass deck railing. The glass panels provide a clear view of the deck and its surroundings, making it easy to spot potential hazards. The glass also provides a strong barrier between the deck and the ground, reducing the risk of falls.
Durability: Glass railings are incredibly durable and can withstand all types of weather. The glass panels are highly resistant to scratches and dents, and they won’t warp or rot like wood or metal railings.
Aesthetics: Glass railings add a modern, sleek look to any outdoor space. The glass panels can be customized to fit any deck design and can be used to create a unique and stylish look.
Low Maintenance: Glass railings require very little maintenance, making them the perfect choice for busy homeowners. The glass panels are easy to clean and won’t require regular staining or painting like wood or metal railings.
Affordability: Glass railings are surprisingly affordable and can be an economical alternative to other types of railings. The glass panels are also easy to install, making them a great DIY project.
No matter what type of deck you have, adding a glass deck railing is sure to add beauty and value to your home. With its combination of safety, durability, aesthetics, low maintenance, and affordability, a glass deck railing is sure to be a great addition to any outdoor living space.

The disadvantages of glass railings

The first disadvantage of glass railings is their cost. Glass railings are typically more expensive than traditional wooden or metal railings due to their complexity and the materials used. Depending on the type and size of the glass railings, the cost can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.
The second disadvantage of glass railings is their fragility. Because of their delicate nature, glass railings are prone to cracking, chipping, and breaking. This makes them a poor choice for areas that are prone to vandalism or where there is a risk of them being tampered with. Additionally, glass railings must be inspected regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and free of any defects that could cause them to break.
The third disadvantage of glass railings is their lack of privacy. Glass railings allow people to see through them and into the building, which can be a disadvantage in some situations. This can be a particular issue for homes and offices, where privacy is important. Additionally, glass railings also allow sound to travel through them, so they should not be used in areas that require soundproofing.
The fourth disadvantage of glass railings is their lack of durability. Glass railings are not as strong and long-lasting as other types of railings such as wood or metal. Over time, they can become scratched, chipped and cracked, which can detract from their aesthetic appeal. Additionally, glass railings are more likely to become discolored over time due to exposure to the elements.


Overall, glass railings are an excellent investment for any home or business. They bring a level of sophistication and elegance that is hard to replicate with other materials, while also providing a secure and low-maintenance option that can last for many years. Plus, their versatility means that they can be used in a range of different applications, both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, if you’re looking to add a finishing touch to your property, glass railings are definitely worth the investment.

#Easiahome- Glass hardware Manufacturers & Suppliers
#Glass railing system
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2023.03.31 07:45 Ok-Willingness-9438 How to Choose the Right Natural Tile for Your Pool

Choosing the right tile for your pool can be a dilemma. There are numerous things to consider while selecting the natural tile for your pool. Pool designers can help you make the right decision. Some essential things to keep in mind are as follows:

1. Longevity

Longevity is a key consideration when selecting a natural tile for your pool. It's important to select pool tiles that can resist continual exposure to water, sunlight, and chemicals while still looking beautiful over time. Porcelain, stone, and ceramic tile are some of the most well-liked choices.

2. Color

The pool tile's color is also a major issue to think about. Pick a hue that works well with your pool and outside space. Remember that lighter colors will assist in keeping your pool cold by reflecting light, while darker hues will help keep your pool warm by absorbing heat.

3. Care

The upkeep of your natural tiles will vary based on the material you choose. However, natural stone tiles may need to be sealed more frequently to preserve them from moisture and stains, whereas porcelain and ceramic tiles are normally low-maintenance. Pool Builder Sterling can assist you in taking care of your tiles seamlessly.

4. Cost

Cost is an issue that must be considered when selecting any tile, even natural ones, for your pool. Higher-quality tiles may be more expensive initially, but they will save you money in the long run due to their durability and low maintenance needs.

5. Size and Shape

Think about the size and shape of the tiles you'll be using. Large-format tiles can be helpful when going for a contemporary style, while smaller tiles can add texture and visual appeal. When going for a classic design, rectangular tiles are a safe bet, while hexagonal or octagonal tiles are a good option for a more modern vibe.

Final Word

There are many aspects to consider while deciding on the best natural tile for your pool. Suppose you want your new pool tile to satisfy your goals and give you years of beauty and enjoyment. In that case, it's important to spend time researching and comparing different possibilities and working with a skilled installer. Contact Perfect Pools, a professional swimming pool designer Sterling, for further assistance.
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2023.03.31 07:42 AeonRemnant Bruh? What even is the Slime Mould running Niantic doing?

I may not know who you are, but whoever you are in Niantic that approved this, you’re an actual goober. Raising raid pass prices was idiotic.
Here’s free ways to make the game better and not piss off everyone so you can claw back some consumer goodwill after you shamefully pull back this stupid nonsense.
  1. Have the breakthrough have a 10% chance at being a high tier legendary from the last year of raiding, and have it have a 30% chance at being a pseudo legendary. Don’t clutter the pool with useless garbage.
  2. Don’t introduce primal reversion and force players to get 300 useless currency within a limited window so they can slowly grind out the primal BS over time, nobody likes FOMO.
  3. Run player polls for the community day, maybe integrate the community somehow, what a revolutionary idea.
  4. Let Pokémon in gyms earn coins if they’re in the same gym for more than one day. If my Charizard gets stuck somewhere for a month I’d like to be compensated for that.
This isn’t a difficult thing to work out, how exactly are you guys screwing up this badly?
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2023.03.31 07:41 Objective-Clothes740 Adhd college student worried about traveling on road trip with university organization

Yes the trip will include fun activities but it’s also a professional meet up with companies looking for internships trip. 1.) Im worried about the long bus ride (about 4 hr) 2.) I’m worried about forgetting to take meds because I will most likely be excited and easily distracted early in the morning for sure (sometimes I forget in my normal day even though I set alarms). We are supposed to be in charge of keeping up with our own meds. Also we will be sharing a hotel room with a partner for two nights.
It was brought up about using my school accomidations…..but as I have never used them for traveling with the school I’m not sure what to ask for
1.)Can anyone help me BRAINSTORM SOME ACCOMIDATIONS I MAY NEED WHILE TRAVELING WITH MY SCHOOL GROUP. ( off the bat I mentioned to them my own seat for when meds wear off and sensory processing issues that could occur) I HAVE COMBINED TYPE ADHD.
2.) Should I keep my adhd meds with me or should I try to get them to figure a way to hold on to them for me even though they said we had to keep up our own meds. ( I’m just worried I will not be able to keep my meds out like I do at home so that’s what started this in the first place. I’ve had a roommate on a band trip take some of my pills before because they were out so that I remembered them) HOPE THIS WAS ENOUGH DETAILS FOR YOU ALL TO HELP ME OUT……young adult doing this on my own… I could really use some parental advice and support on this matter THANKS!
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2023.03.31 07:36 RAKESHRASEO The Most Affordable, Trusted And Best Swimming School For Toddlers

The Most Affordable, Trusted And Best Swimming School For Toddlers
Swimming is an excellent physical activity for children that promotes overall fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. It also helps improve their coordination and motor skills. Swimming is also low-impact and easy on the joints, making it suitable for children who may have physical limitations or injuries.
Babies Swimming School
It is a known fact that otter pups glide next to their mother until they are confident enough to swim on their own. This particular behaviour highlights the unbreakable bond between a mother and her pup. These pups develop unmatched swimming skills and typically take around a year to acquire confidence and swim independently.
Swimming is a natural skill for both humans and otters. OtterSwim is a swimming instruction provider in Singapore that is dedicated to delivering top-quality training and setting new standards. They understand that learning to swim can be a daunting task for some individuals, young and old alike.
As parents, they know the value of each moment and understand that children will cherish feelings of being valued over material possessions. Therefore, they aim to provide expert instruction in a relaxing environment to ensure the best swimming experience for you and your baby.
Teaching your child to swim has numerous benefits. Swimming lessons provide children with the knowledge required to appreciate water and remain safe in it while also enhancing their physical and mental development. At OtterSwim, children develop confidence in a positive learning atmosphere under the guidance of the best swimming instructors in Singapore.
Additional advantages of learning to swim include maintaining physical activity, keeping swimming skills up, and enhancing cognitive and sensory functioning. Swimming also improves motor skills and serves as a social activity that strengthens the brain.
Their trained swim instructors work with you and your child using a gentle approach, focusing on water awareness, confidence, and safety to create a smooth transition into higher levels of swimming. The indoor heated pool is a safe and comfortable setting for your baby to feel at ease.
Enrolling your child in swimming lessons allows them to enjoy a healthy and constructive outlet for their energy. Additionally, continued swimming ensures that their skills and techniques improve with time. Rest assured that your child won't be glued to a screen during swimming lessons or before and after swimming.
In addition to physical benefits, swimming can also have positive effects on a child's mental and emotional well-being. It can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood and self-esteem. Swimming is also a social activity that can help children develop social skills, make friends, and build confidence in their ability to interact with others.
Why Choose OtterSwim as Your Preferred Swim School in Singapore?
Indoor Swimming Pool with a Focus on Cleanliness and Comfort - Our indoor swimming pool offers a warm and hygienic environment, free from external distractions such as the sun, rain, breeze, or insects. This creates a conducive environment for learning, and there is no need for sunscreen.
Unlike outdoor swimming lessons, ours are not affected by bad weather. The pool's warm temperature also adds to the comfort of infants and young children during their lessons.
Lessons Tailored to Each Child - We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach may not work for every student, so we customize our procedures to suit individual needs. We offer programs for everyone, from infants to adults, so that every student can learn at their own pace.
Swimming for Leisure, Fitness, and Fun - Our priority is to teach children valuable life lessons and safety techniques while enhancing their performance and perfecting their swimming techniques. Swimming offers physical exercise benefits that contribute to your child's health and well-being.
Experienced and Skilled Coaches - At OtterSwim, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Our coaches have years of experience and use various teaching techniques to assist your child in achieving their goals. We invest in their continuous professional development, and our swimming instructors who work with infants and young children have undergone special training to ensure both safety and fun.
Our unique teaching methods are a product of years of experience, and we have the best coaches to provide personalized swimming classes for competitions if you aim to improve your abilities and swim like a champion.
In addition to physical benefits, swimming can also have positive effects on a child's mental and emotional well-being. Swimming is also a social activity that can help children develop social skills, make friends, and build confidence in their ability to interact with others.
Moreover, swimming is an important life skill that can help keep children safe around water. Learning to swim can help reduce the risk of drowning and provide children with essential water safety skills. In summary, swimming is a fun and beneficial activity for children that can promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being, social skills, and water safety skills.
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2023.03.31 07:31 Pushpam_sanskruti What is the best option for property investment?

What is the best option for property investment?
The best option for property investment depends on several factors, such as your financial goals, risk tolerance, investment horizon, and local real estate market conditions. Here are some options you may consider:
  • Rental Properties: Purchasing a rental property is an excellent way to generate passive income through monthly rent payments. You can either invest in a single-family home, a multi-family property, or a commercial property, depending on your budget and investment goals.
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): A REIT is a company that owns, operates, or finances income-generating real estate properties. You can invest in REITs through the stock market, and they provide an excellent option for passive real estate investment.
  • House Flipping: House flipping involves purchasing a distressed property, renovating it, and selling it for a profit. This strategy can be lucrative, but it also involves more risks and requires significant capital and expertise.
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding: Real estate crowdfunding platforms allow multiple investors to pool their money together to invest in a specific real estate project. This option provides an opportunity for small investors to access real estate deals that may not be available to them otherwise.
  • Resort Home Investment: It is another emerging & hottest trend in the real estate investment market. I know of one such project called- Pushpam’s Balibaug. Balibaug is an amazing resort home project in Alibaug. It is developed as a luxury boutique resort with designs inspired by Bali’s temples & palace architecture. It has 2 & 3 BHK villas with gardens & private pools with other lavish amenities like a spa, clubhouse, swimming pool, banquet hall, open terrace restaurants, etc. This unique theme-based resort is a gated community with add-on premium facilities. It is an active investment option with assured rental income. Every villa, interior, design & structure replicates the Balinese culture. This is an upcoming lavish project that will fulfill your desire to buy a luxurious second home at a beautiful location. Just go through Balibaug once before making any decision.

Resort Home Investment Project in Alibaug- BALIBAUG
Ultimately, the best option for property investment depends on your specific circumstances, investment goals, and risk tolerance. It is advisable to consult with a financial advisor or real estate professional to help you make informed investment decisions.
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2023.03.31 07:28 HeadlessScubaDiver Why should I go on?

Throwaway for obvious reasons. (M18) Before you think anything, I should maybe add a bit of backstory. From a young age, starting maybe around 1st or 2nd grade, I was bullied a lot. A good amount of the bullying was because of my weight, as I've been a pretty big guy for years. So, as a result, I struggled with my self-esteem. A lot. I moved from my hometown about 6 years ago, possibly offering a new fresh start. Maybe people wouldn't bully me as much, you know. That's not the reason why my family and I moved, but it gave me a slight spark of hope. That was a bit short-lived. I didn't fit in at my new school, at all. I honestly have never really fit in anywhere. Which didn't make sense to me ever because I've been told all my life that I had a great personality, and this and that and yaddyaddyadda. I never believed it for a second because of that low self-esteem. Settling into our move was very difficult as well which certainly did not help. At some point, I kind of was struggling with suicidal ideation but I never said anything. Until one day. I don't remember the exact context because it never became relevant, but I think I got grounded for arguing with one of my siblings, and so that set me off. I wanted to kill myself. I have no idea why, but I told my parents at the dinner table. Which led to a series of events ultimately ending up with my dad being arrested, DCS (Department of Children's Services) ended up getting involved, I got checked for a broken skull (had a hand-shaped bruise on my head going into the next school day), and a bunch more stuff I never should have had to deal with. I'll spare you the rest of the details and leave you to fill in the blanks. From that point on, I would have episode after episode, getting worse and worse every time, regarding my mental state. Maybe every 3 to 6 weeks I would have one. After that first episode, I was in therapy more or less prescribed by my state. Let me tell you, if you're ever in a situation where you have state provided therapy, I feel sorry for you. It absolutely sucks. Big time. They basically ended up telling me that I had problems, not regarding depression, but that I was a judgmental, selfish, egotistical teen. Which, I know myself pretty well, and I'm none of those things. So, that didn't help me very much. Soon after, given me running away from home and all these other events, I eventually ended up in a mental hospital. That may have been one of the worst experiences of my life. I had already gone through some Biblical counseling through my church and other agencies, but none of that helped. The mental hospital certainly did not help either. Those things are more or less only there for the purpose of keeping you safe while they figure out how much and how many of each medication to put you on. They used group punishment to keep us quiet, the food was horrible, I couldn't sleep, I broke the shower and had no way to fix it, it just. SUCKED. I mean, obviously it's not meant to be a five-star hotel. But surely you're not supposed to leave there feeling more suicidal than you were coming in, right? Well, that's what happened. Fast forward to today. Since then, I haven't had any major episodes or anything. I almost had one when I nearly cost my entire education career for the sake of nicotine and weed. Thankfully the principal had pity on me and worked out a solution other than expelling me. I am forever grateful. But, that doesn't mean anything has changed. I knew that if I tried to kill myself, or do something, I'm not a very secretive person. I'm very bad at keeping stuff in. So, I just repressed my emotions the best I could. I had a new Christian counselor whom I was honest with but never really connected with much. Now, I just don't understand why nothing makes me feel any better. I don't enjoy anything I do but for like ten seconds while I'm doing it. And then that feeling is gone. Zapped out of my existence. I also have no motivation to do anything anymore, my sleep schedule is messed up, I constantly berate myself (not as much as I used to but it's still a common issue), and all this stress from school, work (until I got fired, twice, for stupid reasons I'll save for another day), and other places just won't go away. I've tried everything to make myself feel validated to where I don't want to kill myself: drugs, therapy, counseling, friends, video games, music, etc. None of it does anything for me, especially anymore. I have to keep acting happy because I don't want my parents to be suspicious of me. We usually have good communication but they're not much of a help when it comes to understanding me anymore. So, my question is this. If nothing is helping me, and I've tried what seems to be everything, why should I go on? What hope is there for me? Obviously if I'm asking these questions, I'll still be alive to read them. So, take this as you will. At this point it just seems that there's nothing that will help. And I always have a plan if I do decide to end this useless fight, a harmless one at that. But that doesn't mean I'll do it. So please, give me anything you've got. I'm desperate. Signed, a Redditor
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2023.03.31 07:19 The_Blue_Kite Your Guide to Finding the Best Villas in Goa with Private Pools, Pools, and 3 BHKs for Rent

Your Guide to Finding the Best Villas in Goa with Private Pools, Pools, and 3 BHKs for Rent

Luxury Living: Villas with Private Pools in Goa

Consider renting a villa with a private pool in Goa if you're seeking for a posh and exclusive holiday in Goa. Goa vacation rentals with private pools give visitors the utmost in luxury and comfort, offering a tranquil and intimate spot to unwind. These villas with a private pool in Goa include all the latest conveniences, such as private gardens, fully functional kitchens, and roomy living spaces. From your own private pool, you can take in the beauty of the surroundings while having a pleasant and restful stay.

Stay Cool: The Top Villas with Pools in Goa for Your Next Vacation

Villas with pools in Goa provide visitors with the ideal balance of luxury and convenience. All contemporary conveniences, such as fully functional kitchens, roomy living spaces, and private pools, are included in these villas. By taking a cooling dip and basking in the sunshine, you may unwind and unwind. You may appreciate the amenities of an opulent property while taking in the beauty of the surroundings while renting a villa with a pool in Goa.

Stay in Comfort: 3 BHK Villas in Goa for Rent

Probably renting a 3 BHK villa in Goa if you're organising a family holiday or a trip with a group of pals. These homes have three bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen, and roomy living spaces. You can experience Goa's splendour while having a convenient and pleasant stay. Goa's 3 BHK villas give visitors the ideal combination of elegance and convenience, giving them plenty of room for comfort and leisure. With the help of these renting a 3 BHK villa in Goa, you may enjoy Goa's natural beauty in a welcoming and opulent environment with your loved ones.
Source :
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2023.03.31 07:15 aishukri Corporate Travel Booking Engine

Corporate Travel Booking Engine

Why is Corporate Travel Booking Engine a Must for Travel Agents?
The evolution of the Corporate Travel Booking Engine has simplified the trip booking procedure. Business travelers can now easily book policy-compliant flights and hotels through a corporate travel booking tool.
If you want more efficiency and control over your business, a corporate travel booking system is the way to go. Investing in a corporate travel booking platform can help your corporate travel management business become more efficient.
A corporate travel booking platform is self-booking software that travelers can use to schedule business travel online. It makes finding policy-compliant transportation and accommodation easier for employees. It also assists businesses in collecting data from travelers and ensuring their protection.
That is why Global GDS highly recommends a corporate booking engine that will help you streamline your business and increase customer reach.
What is corporate travel booking system?
A corporate travel booking engine is a software platform that enables businesses and their employees to schedule and manage travel arrangements such as flights, hotels, rental cars, and other related services. This type of tool has been designed to meet the requirements of corporate travelers, who frequently require specialized travel arrangements and may have strict budget and policy constraints.
Corporate travel booking engines are usually integrated with a company's travel management system or expense management system, allowing for seamless booking and payment processes. These tools frequently include features such as customized travel policies, preferred vendor choices, and reporting and analytics capabilities.
Additionally, it can provide employees with an easy and user-friendly way to book and manage their travel arrangements, saving them time and reducing the possibility of errors or complications.
Our Corporate Self-Booking Tool is intended to simplify the complex travel process for corporate clients, allowing TMCs and corporations to focus on their core competencies.
Here are some of the reasons why:
· Customized travel policies: Corporate travel booking engines allow companies to set up customized travel policies that reflect their unique needs and budget constraints. A business, for example, may restrict travel to specific airlines or hotels, or require employees to plan travel within a certain budget range.
· Reporting and analytics: Corporate travel booking engines usually provide robust reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling businesses to track expenditures on travel and identify possibilities for cost savings. This data can also be used for obtaining better rates with travel providers and to optimize travel policies and processes.
· Mobile access: Many corporate travel booking engines enable employees to make and manage travel arrangements from their smartphones or tablets. This is especially helpful for employees who are frequently on the go and must make last-minute travel plans.
· Efficiency: A corporate travel booking engine assists travel companies in efficiently managing their bookings. It streamlines the process of making bookings, managing cancellations, and modifying bookings. This simplifies the booking procedure and reduces the workload on the travel business's employees, thereby increasing efficiency.
· Cost-effectiveness: A corporate travel booking engine enables businesses to compare prices and access a broad range of travel options, making it easier to find the best deals. This can help businesses save money on travel costs, which is especially important for businesses with limited travel budgets.
· 24/7 accessibility: A corporate travel booking engine is accessible 24/7, which means that clients can make bookings at any time, irrespective of their location. This is especially essential for businesses with global customers who may need to book appointments outside of regular business hours.
Features of Corporate Self Booking Tool:
Self-booking Tool: A comprehensive self-booking tool simplifies corporate bookings while reducing multiple layers of communication for approvals.
Centralized Data and Reporting: Each traveler’s profile, including detailed travel activity, is kept in a centralized location for easy real-time access and reporting.
Define Corporate Travel Policy: Manage complex corporate travel policies for business travel to enable bookings that are within the business's defined budget.
Establish Multi-level Approval: Allow the band system to set up an approval procedure based on the company's uniform role-based hierarchy.
All activities are tracked in real-time:
Our Corporate Travel Management Software offers your admins, partners, and end users real-time activity monitoring via specially tailored dashboards.
Open or block scheduling: Our Booking Engine enables your customers to submit product quotes and bargain for the best rates.
Prevents overbooking: Our Booking Engine shows real-time tracking of all activities reducing the fear of overbooking any amenities.
Travel Inventory: Our Booking Engine allows you to manage your own and contracted inventory from a unified system, reducing manual work.
Reduced Cost: Our Booking Engine allows travel agents to make direct bookings directly from your inventory without using GDS.
Benefits of a Corporate Travel Booking Platform:
Simplifies Booking: A business travel booking system can help you streamline bookings by combining flight and hotel options into a single package. Therefore, your employees make all their travel and stay arrangements using a single software with just a few clicks.
Enables Direct and Indirect Travel Cost Savings: A corporate travel booking platform can help you do that by enabling direct and indirect savings. In terms of direct savings, it offers an extensive inventory of flights and hotels gathered from a Global Distribution System. As a result, you can select the most cost-effective options on the market.
Streamlines Approval Workflow: A corporate booking tool can assist you in streamlining the approval approach. You can use the software to build a multi-layered approval mechanism based on parameters such as employee level, domestic or international trip type, and trip duration.
Provides 24/7 Support: A cutting-edge business travel booking platform can offer your employees round-the-clock assistance. They can contact the solution provider's support staff through a variety of channels, including phone calls, chats, and emails, and receive the assistance they require.
With all the necessary help available, your employees can enjoy a stress-free business trip.
Facilitates Seamless Data Sharing: A corporate travel booking system can assist in the seamless sharing of data. It integrates easily with third-party software programs such as HRMS, ERP, and expense management software. The integration helps avoid gaps and facilitates the smooth flow of booking data across departments.
Grows with Your Company: A cloud-based corporate travel booking platform grows with your business. The software is scalable on demand and comes at no extra expense. As a result, you can add an unlimited number of users, store all data, and handle bookings with ease.
Find the Right Corporate Travel Booking Platform at Global GDS:
Global GDS provides web-based corporate travel management software that enables your subagents and corporate customers to find and book your inventory online. It is a corporate travel management software designed for travel companies that work with other businesses or travel agents.
Global GDS 's next-generation corporate travel software allows you to manage your complete business from a single platform. We will simplify and automate your day-to-day operations, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of your business while taking your travel needs and objectives into consideration.
Our corporate travel booking system provides business trip planning, management, and assistance through a single channel. Services and information such as booking costs, itinerary info, travel expenses, and emergency information (e.g., weather delays) are all accessible in a single digital platform, making business trips very easy for the traveler.
Look at our various pricing options to see which one is ideal for your business! Schedule a call with our team to learn more about our platform and how it can assist your business.
For more details, Pls visit our website:
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2023.03.31 07:14 emilyemilyyy I f24 went on a date with m21 not sure if it’s a serious thing or fling

I went on a date we played pool and fooled around and ended up hooking up I said I don’t do one night stands and he said he didn’t too but ofc may be lying. He’s been snapping me everyday saying hi and asking how I am doing. But his snap maps are on and he spends every day at a different house random. He’s in the navy and lives on base so just weird that he’s staying places lol I know I’m crazy for stalking it but u just am not sure if I should proceed for a second date or just a hook up. If he’s with a different girl every night then I get it but I just can’t tell. After we hooked up he was embarrassed cuz he came quick and didn’t reach out for a while I said hi first and every day since then reached out.
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2023.03.31 06:55 LaQuinta006 Float in comfort and luxury

Float in comfort and luxury
The La Quinta Dubai Jumeirah is a genuine marvel that impeccably joins the magnificence of the Bedouin Desert with the fiery and energetic energy of Dubai. This brilliant lodging gives a remarkable encounter to each visitor, from the moving hills to the clamoring souks, skyscraper engineering to lapping waves in the shining straight.
Perhaps of the best inn in Dubai, La Quinta offers a plenty of energizing and special encounters that take care of everybody's longings. Experience searchers can enjoy sand skiing, all-wheel desert safaris, title-green hitting the fairway, falconry or skydiving. For those looking for unwinding, spoil your body and psyche at one of our elite spas, fashioner shops, and eminent bars and eateries Hotels near Jumeirah Beach .
The La Quinta Lodging gives different comforts, including a pool, health concentration, and business center. This lodging is situated in the core of Dubai, close to the Retail outlet of the Emirates, and other notable shopping centers. It is additionally one of the lodging condos in Dubai and inns close to Jumeirah Ocean side, making it an ideal objective for voyagers hoping to investigate the city hotel apartments in dubai.
junior suite
With its momentous setting, excellent offices, and exceptional help, the La Quinta Dubai Jumeirah is the ideal spot to enjoy your faculties and find a universe of conceivable outcomes. Whether you're hanging around for business or delight, this inn offers an exceptional encounter that you won't find elsewhere. So come and experience the enchantment of Dubai at the La Quinta Dubai Jumeirah.

#Hotel apartments in Dubai # td {border: 1px solid #hotel deals in dubai #restaurants in dubai #best place to stay in dubai
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2023.03.31 06:48 doglover2254 Should you do easy or hard homework first?

Should you do easy or hard homework first?

The answer to this question may depend on a variety of factors. Generally, it is best to start with the easier homework, as tackling more straightforward tasks can help build momentum and increase motivation for more complex assignments later on. Working through smaller items early in the day also benefits one from the warm-up time before diving into bigger projects.
On the other hand, some people might prefer working through their hard assignments first to have an easier task in front of them if their energy starts fading throughout the day – especially during long stretches of studying or writing papers. This strategy allows one to pace themselves accordingly while still being productive.
Ultimately both strategies will likely yield positive results; however, individuals should tailor their approach according to what works best for them and the material. For instance, if two large essays are due soon but only 24 hours available, then starting with the larger writings could be beneficial since completing those tasks would free up more time for any additional work (i.e., shorter readings).
Do you need homework or assignment help? Then look no further; if you’re feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks, the [assignmentforum](mailto:, as the name suggests, has a pool of experts fashioned to work on all your academic matters from assignments, homework, essays, research, dissertations, thesis just to mention but a few. Visit the website to learn more.
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2023.03.31 06:44 Content-Chard-7022 Type me?

How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
19M. University student studying computer science.
Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
Probably more structured when I was younger. Encouraged by parents to do sports/study hard in school/go to church, but these things became more self-motivated as I grew older.
What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
Programmer. I enjoy the alone time and the fulfillment that comes from turning a design/idea into reality with code.
If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
I do spend a lot of my weekends alone, as my weekdays are usually pretty social. There are times when I wish I were hanging out with someone, but it's mostly relaxing to spend the day alone (i.e. going for a run, podcast, etc.).
What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
Love reading more than anything (getting lost in fictional settings, learning about other people's lives through memoirs, etc.). Played a lot of basketball (stopped because of how anxious the competitiveness made me) when I was younger but do more running/gym nowadays. I usually prefer indoor activities but outdoor is cool too.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
Tend to be a pretty curious person. I enjoy asking myself why I like the things I do (e.g. after books). I don't have that many ideas. I'm the kind of person who gets hooked onto one thing and obsesses over it.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
I don't mind a leadership positions but I'd rather not be in it. I don't usually like being in the spotlight and having the responsibility that comes with leadership. I'll choose a more relaxed position when I can.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
I'd say so. Focus and diligence come pretty naturally to me, so I can usually produce something decent, even if it's something I'm not familiar with.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
Definitely not. The creativity it takes to turn an empty canvas into something personal/inspirational baffles and kinda scares me. I enjoy admiring the creativity of others (often in the form of books), but don't like the pressure I feel from having to be creative myself.
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
The future stands out the most among the three. I often find myself planning for the future and thinking about what I want it to look like. I'll do things in the present that bring me towards that vision. Don't spend much time at all in the past.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
I'll usually ask them what they need from me. As someone who doesn't really like to be told what to do and likes to have their feelings validated first, I'll usually approach help with this mindset.
• Do you need logical consistency in your life?
Not too sure what this means but my gut is telling me no.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
Pretty important. I like to get everything done as early/quick as possible so I can relax later on. Procrastinating is really unenjoyable for me.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
Not really. I'm content with letting people make their own decisions. I tend towards supporting/observing the situations instead of offering my advice.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
Most of them have been said above I think. Reading, running, chess, gym, basketball, cooking.
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
I learn well in things I'm curious about. During most of my university classes, I usually don't have trouble learning via lecture/video/notes/etc. because I tend to be fairly interested in the concepts I'm learning. I like to understanding why things happen, so no matter the original delivery of the lesson, I'll do my own research anyway to fully understand. Tend to prefer subjects that are more logical, but have a soft spot for English/language.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
Definitely prefer breaking up projects into smaller, more calculated tasks. Big planner.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
No particular professional aspirations. Care deeply about creating a small community for myself (e.g. family, friends, neighbourhood, etc.) that I feel connected to. Care a lot about shared experiences and helping each other.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
Confrontation. It's hard for me to vulnerably express my needs in a situation where I'm demanding something from the other person.
Loud settings tend to overstimulate me. Have a naturally quiet voice and I think best in quieter places.
• What do the "highs" in your life look like?
Have made really good progress in just understanding myself better. Came out of teenage hood with a decent amount of baggage and maladaptive thought patterns, so have been working on these a lot.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like?
Am content with some relationships in my life (especially family), but wish it was easier for me to develop close relationships with friends. Have quite a lot of "surface-level" friends that I hang out with and talk with on a daily basis at school, but connecting meaningfully hasn't really happened.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
I daydream a lot and can get really sucked into my head. Sometimes I think about recent events that have happened in reality and other times I make up stories. Not super aware of my surroundings when I do this.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
Probably the people in my life honestly and how our relationship is like right now. Am I happy with them? Do I feel good when I'm around them. I'd probably think about recent interactions with them.
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
Ohhhh a good while. I'll toss and turn for a long time, but I'll usually end up just going with whatever my gut initially told me.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
Emotions are pretty darn important. I'm fairly in tune with how I'm feeling and usually know how to comfort myself if I'm feeling something I want to get out of. It's always been natural for me to look inwards and notice the sensations of my body.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
Almost never. I don't feel a need to have to have agreed on the conversation topic by the end; I'm content with having expressed our opinions. In fact, when I sense that the other person is getting stubborn about their opinion, I'll usually try and get out ASAP.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
I like following the rules a lot. If a rule doesn't make sense to me and I know I probably won't get punished for it (e.g. walking down a closed hiking trail), I might break it but it won't sit well with me.
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2023.03.31 06:40 hiitsaiden what an era (my experience with cmiygl)

This shi boutta be so corny so excuse me for a few mins
I know nobody wants to hear how hyped I am for this deluxe / album, but let me just rant and do this shi real quick. Im boutta write a fuckin essay MLA included in this bitch.
Let me set the setting. A small New York town in 2021. Im just about to graduate 8th grade (shut the fuck up ight) and I’ve been listening to T since I’d say around Flower Boy, only cause I was too young to care about music during 2015 when Cherry Bomb came out. Anyways, I loved IGOR and played it to death during May 2019, and I remember I was in the corner of my room, I don’t know what I was doing but I was just sitting there. I got a notification for Lumberjack and was excited as I knew he was gonna drop something soon, I just wasn’t sure when. It was June 16th. He announced the album to be on the 25th, the day after I graduated. I was so hyped to see he was really back to rapping, even though I love everything about his instrumentation. I’m a producer myself, and at the time, I was trying to find my sound and what I was capable of making. Anyways, that week was hell waiting, calling the number, seeing the billboards. One of the coolest rollouts I’ve seen and been a part of.
It’s June 24th, I’m outside at my high school’s field waiting for my graduation to start. My friend comes up and asks if I heard any of the album. I told him I’ve been waiting but he told me about Wayne’s verse on HOT WIND BLOWS. (He used the lil VPN thing). I decided to listen just to one track and I was so hyped. I really don’t know when I listened to it all the way through the first time, but I remember every single day of that summer because of this album. Biking in the warm weather with my friends, stopping at the ice cream shop and getting a quick small scoop cone, biking to my friends house and going swimming until it’s so dark out we can’t see anything. I spent my whole summer with this album. I remember my cousins, aunt, and uncle were moving from Connecticut to New York, so for 6 weeks they used our house for the summer. They stayed in my room, while I stayed in the office room. I set up my PC and it was a tiny room but for 6 weeks it would be fine. I opened up FL Studio then thought about how cool it would be to have a collective and have a lot of people just have fun and make music as kids. I made a tiktok about it and soon enough, we had our own lil collective starting up. It didn’t get anywhere by the way, it was just a fun project for the summer. I could go on and on but what I’m trying to say here is that Call Me if You Get Lost is one of my favorite, if not my favorite album of all time. I know it’s a hot take for some people, but the memories I have associated with it alone make it my favorite. The vibe. the instruments he used, the pure joy of the album felt so much like how I was feeling. Not giving a fuck, biking every single day with my friends. “Meet at the baseball field” texts, and just getting on my bike and going. We didn’t know what we were gonna do for the day, but the pure joy of 5-6 friends doing whatever for a few months was one of the best feelings in the world, and Tyler really helped capture those memories and feelings. I remember being in the car with my cousins about to go to the pool and I turned out Hot Wind Blows, looked out the window. and just embraced everything. How happy I was. I had graduation money, friends, it was just the best feeling in the world.
I know this shit is super super corny and I know that some or even any of y’all can’t relate to this, but I just wanted to get me story out because I am so excited for this. I could go on and on. Im sure none of y’all read this all the way through, but if y’all did, thanks for reminiscing with me about what it felt to be a kid again.
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